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L AL E U Q R TO GUST 2012 U A / Y L U J ISSUE 94

The Porsche Show 2012 Easy DIY 944 door lock replacement

Curborough sprint with Central Region

Prescott Speed Hill Climb



- and everything in between CARRERA GTS

March 2010 www.911porsc

Only 15 were built , we find 3… together



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£4.50 US$8.99 CANADA $12.95 No.204

Driving the ultra rare 924 GTS Club Sport
















No.4 Winter 2011







WALDEGÅRD ON THE HISTORIC MONTE Plus: Porsche 914/6 the ultimate road-ra GT: cer?

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SMOOTH OPERA TOR: 964 CARRERA Destined for greatn2 Porsche’s slipper ess: y 911

£4.75 Classic



Porsche No 4 www.911porscheworld. com


2.7 CARRERA RS IN THE LIMELIGHT Looking inside Porsch iconic air-cooled e’s six

Chairman’s Chat Our club’s new logo has been well received, however it is fair to say that it’s not quite a unanimous thumbs up.

TIPEC (0845 602 0052) All Torque is published bi-monthly by TIPEC (The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club) Text & images are © their authors/photographers. Front cover image: The Porsche Show 2012 at Hatton Country World, photographed by Paul Bird. All Torque is based entirely on submissions from TIPEC members. This is your magazine and we need your involvement! Please submit via email, or on CD/DVD (or paper!) to the address below. Submissions for issue 95 (September) must be in before Monday 6th August 2012. Editor & designer: Tony Blow All Torque, 23 Squire Street, Glasgow G14 0RP Printed by: The Lavenham Press Ltd, Suffolk (01787 247 436) Advertising in All Torque is managed by: TIPEC club office, 10 Whitecroft Gdns, Woodford Halse NN11 3PY (0845 602 0052) TIPEC Chairman: Sean Smallman (07500 332 790) Vice Chairman: Jim Hearnden (07930 353 232) Treasurer: Paul Bird (01922 428 409) Advertising & Club Liason: Clive Gosling (07791 480 999) Membership Secretary: Steve Potter (01327 263 516) TIPEC Membership, 28 Mallard Drive, Woodford Halse, Daventry NN11 3EJ Communication Director: Derek Flanagan (07767 254 820) All Torque & TIPEC are entirely independent of Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG, Porsche Cars GB Ltd and its dealers. All registered Trade Marks owned by Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG, including the word ‘Porsche’, the Porsche Crest and Porsche Script are acknowledged as such and are their property. Whilst all due care is taken in the production of All Torque; neither TIPEC, its officers or the editor can accept responsibility for the advice, information or opinions expressed herein. Opinions contained in any article published herein are of the author or editor and do not reflect the official position of TIPEC, its management or membership, unless clearly stated by a club official.

We are and always will be an all model car club, do not forget that we evolved from the 924/944 Club. The front engined models are in our DNA and are more important to the overall balance of the club than they have ever been. Just this week, there has been several new posts on the forum, advertising the breaking of 944s and parts for sale. Three less 944s in the world is sad, though the recycled parts will help to keep others on the road. Back to the logo. To use an outline of a car as a logo for a car club is a cliché but it does work. We chose the 1973 RS because it is the classic, instantly recognisable Porsche shape. It looks good in print, on the new clothing range and on the new flags. The old logo will be replaced over the coming months and there is no issue with wearing the old logo. Think of it like a football shirt, it is still your team just in the old colours. I really enjoyed the AGM and the Show went to plan (even the weather), feedback for both was extremely positive. There are summaries and pictures inside this issue. At the AGM we discussed what we should do to celebrate our 20th Anniversary next year. There were lots of suggestions, including using a racing circuit as a show venue, trips abroad, maybe a Northern and Southern event, a show with an overnight party, etc. We have a few months before we need to start organising and making bookings. If you have any ideas please drop me a note or discuss with your RO. We will pull all the ideas together and share our plans in the September issue. A warm welcome to all those that joined the club recently. You have parted with your money and we want to make sure that you are not short changed. Your local club night is where you will find the best advice in terms of how to fix something, where to go locally for the best expertise and discounts, what events are open for you and your car to join in with, etc. Going along to a club night for the first time can be a little daunting, you ask yourself all sorts of questions: • • • •

will they all have beards and be over 60? will they know all the part numbers and talk Haynes Manuals all night? will all the cars will be perfectly polished and unmarked? will they all know more about the marque than me?

The answers to those questions is NOT AT ALL. It is the people that make a car club and it is these great sports cars that bring us all together. We all love driving our cars and the social side of ownership is the most rewarding aspect of membership. You are entitled to attend any event that is taking place anywhere in the country or overseas. If you like the look of something, drop the RO a note to find out the details and get your name down. All the upcoming events are listed at the back of this magazine. The North London and Herts Region are getting a good few Porsches to the monthly meet at The Goat Inn. We are delighted that Vince Dallimore has accepted the position of Regional Organiser. Good luck in your new role, I will be along to another one of your meetings soon. All our love and best wishes for Craig Moore who is undergoing a course of treatments for a tumour. We are all here for you mate and it was nice to see you in such good spirits at the Thames Valley club night.

All Torque 93 page 3

Club news Sean Smallman reports on the club’s Annual General Meeting and Sue Simmonds explains a little about TIPEC’s new logo and first steps into the brave new world of online social media.

TIPEC AGM I really enjoyed the AGM. To see so many members looking back at me at the start of proceedings made me think we were going to have a riot … or we had oversold the event, with the promise of a free lunch and a walk around the museum.

We booked a larger syndicate room for this years meeting and with over 30 members attending we had just enough chairs. As in previous years the meeting was light hearted and informal, (a social event in its own right). The new logo was introduced as was the Regalia from Limegecko. The highlights of the meeting are as follows: • Membership renewal fees remain £33 1 year, £50 2 years • 1 years free membership issued for continuous membership on 10th, 20th anniversaries and Life Membership after 25 years • National and European events to celebrate the Club’s 20th year in 2013 • Social Media used to promote the Club. Twitter and Facebook set up • Finances are in good shape, the surplus being used for show equipment • Committee Members to visit Regions • RO/ARO meeting to be scheduled after the show season.

TIPEC goes social

Silverstone Classic 20th–22nd July

As many of you may now be aware, TIPEC launched a new image at the recent AGM in Gaydon Motor Museum back in April This modern image can be used white on black, or black on white, and great quality club regalia is available from Limegecko ( Also at the AGM it was decided to spread the word using Facebook and Twitter. Now many of you may shudder at this, but believe me times have changed. Social media is not just for teenage gobbledegook! Whilst you may not want to become an ardent user of Facebook or Twitter to reveal your every move, there is no doubting they are a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in organisations you are interested in.

This includes clubs like ours, so take a look! Facebook and Twitter offer a way to remind you of upcoming events, share photos, remind you of monthly meetings, etc, etc. You can find our national Facebook page at The-IndependentPorsche-EnthusiastsClub/394038423960591 And our national Twitter account at

Join us at this three day motoring event, which is a combination of motor racing and club displays. Buy one get one free tickets and an infield pass to join our club display available to TIPEC members (if you’re quick!) until 31st May using code C12114.

Club Branded Clothing 01926 859 370 Email or phone to order TIPEC shirts and caps from Limegecko. A good quality polo shirt delivered will cost around £16. The range includes T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, soft shell jackets, caps and beanies. A full order form is available for downloading online at Download the form, fill it in and email it back to Limegecko.

Prescott Revival Sunday 12 August The Bugatti Owners’ Club, Prescott Hill, Gotherington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL52 9RD A new event at the Bugatti Owners Club. Special Club offer of £20 a car which includes parking in the club display and a run up the hill, additional runs available at £12.50. There is a meal with live music on the Saturday night at a cost of £20 a ticket. This is a great opportunity to drive your Porsche up the famous hill at your own pace. Viewing is very good for taking photos or shooting of your run. There is also a show and shine competition for those that like polishing. For a booking form email

2012 TIPEC Inter-Regional Karting Tournament

The 14th annual Inter-Regional Karting Tournament was held on Sunday 15th April at the outdoor circuit at Filching Manor in East Sussex, and it must have been the only dry day in April, although 10 degrees cooler than previous years, and this was even evident on the circuit as the tyre grip was not as good as prior years. Many of the 36 drivers in the nine teams are now regular attendees of this annual event and the competition is intense. David Moore’s SELNK team were attempting to retain their title and managed P2 on the grid but Derek Flanagan’s Crazy Gang were just as determined

and grabbed the P1 position. This lead was short as Daryl Flanagan spun on the first hairpin and initially dropped down to third place but later regained the lead which they kept throughout the two hour race thanks to some clever pit lane strategy. However, David Moore’s team produced the fastest lap again this year and there was less than 0.25 sec between the fastest lap times of the top four teams. Brighton & Hove’s Motor Club entered three teams this year and had ‘The Stig’ in an attempt to improve upon their runners up position last year, but slipped down one place into third position on the podium. Fastest Lap



The Crazy Gang

Team The Flanagan Family, SE Region





David Moore’s team, SELNK Region




Bums on Seats

The Stig’s, Brighton & Hove Motor Club




The Bug Hill Racers

Terry Rockall’s team, SE Region




Cunning Plan Racers

Terry Booth’s, Brighton & Hove Motor Club




The 94 Nutters

Alex Willis & James Garrard’s team, SE Region




Piston Broke

Brighton & Hove Motor Club




The Hill Billies

Jason Brown’s team, SE Region




Ultimate Downforce

Dan Engledow & Steve Perrin’s team, SE Region



Karting report writing & photography by Derek Flanagan All Torque 93 page 5

A glorious weekend in May

I was busy planning Central region events at the beginning of the year when I received an email from my old pal John Brookes from the Marcos Owners Club. He wanted to know if I would be interested in putting together a club ‘head to head’ event at Curborough sprint circuit and after a number of phone calls and emails to sort various elements we agreed a format for the event. I contacted David Patterson (Curborough Club Secretary and agreed a booking for 26th May. This was to prove a little bit of a faux pas on my part as the club’s national event was later confirmed as the 27th and so I had created as very full weekend for myself and the club!

The morning progressed at pace and whilst marshalling it was becoming obvious the cars were lapping at increasingly quick times as everyone got used to the track and almost as quick as we started we hit 1pm and had to close down the circuit for a forced one hour lunch break. Maggie & Diane from Marcos Owners Club had offered to cater and a buffet lunch was laid out for everyone to dive in. Soon everyone was relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying the best lunch we’ve ever had at a regional event. The food was worthy of a decent wedding and was devoured with gusto. There was even a selection of deserts including a Turkish delight cheesecake to die for! Absolute heaven.

The cars were lapping at increasingly quick times as everyone got used to the track …

Bookings were taken in advance and it was good to have a few new members along for the day, all eager to see what the event had in store. A few bookings arose at the last minute and John invited a small group from the Westfield Club along as the Marcos guys had not filled their allocated spaces. Then we just had to hope for decent weather and pray the sun god was kind to us. I needn’t have worried as I was woken at 5am on the day with blazing sun through the bedroom window. I loaded the car and set off around 7:30 getting to Curborough in plenty of time to set up. John and a few of the Marcos guys were already waiting and being veterans of many a club event we soon had gazebos erected, tables and chairs out and the kettle on! Folks started arriving around 9:15 and with around 10 minutes to go before the circuit could be open for cars we had a safety briefing. I walked the circuit with all the first timers to point out the ‘do’s and don’ts’. Briefing over we opened the circuit for lapping and the air was soon filled with with the smell of hot brakes and oil with a tad of rubber from those that had over-cooked on the bends!

John and I took turns to marshall and when off duty I wandered around talking to old friends and new, listening to the tales of fishtailing, turn in points and braking points with everyone swapping tips for the various corners on the track. A fairly brisk breeze was blowing throughout the day and this kept it feeling pleasantly warm but not oppressive—something many of us found out to our cost by around 9–10pm that night when the sunburn kicked in!

With appetites sated everyone had a chance to natter and catch up with high tales of the morning session before 2pm arrived and again the circuit was opened. We had changed the format over lunch and ran the cars in batches during the afternoon to limit the queuing times to get on track and it worked well with the afternoon session running much smoother. Charlie (MOC) was timing laps during the afternoon and John got one of the Westfield guys to take her out for a hotlap and to be honest I’m amazed she didn’t lose her lunch as he really pushed the car hard and proably recorded the quickest time of the day! The afternoon flew by as quickly as the morning and by around 4pm some of the drivers called it a day and headed off for home, leaving the die hards extra circuit time towards the end of the day. Glorious weather and

great company made for a really perfect club event and I would extend my sincere thanks to John Brookes from Marcos Owners Club (MOC) for all his efforts and help with the event, Maggie & Diane for the catering and Paul (MOC) for his commentary over the PA. Thanks also to Geoff and Charlie (MOC) for their help with timing and set up. We packed up and headed off for home and I sorted everything out again ready for an early start the next morning Again the sun gods were kind as Sunday morning started with a glorious sunrise and I left home at 7:45am to head off down to Hatton, meeting up with John & Maggie Brookes on route as he had a display stand at the show for the Prescott revival event in August. Sean & Clive were both in evidence when we arrived, rushing around sorting last minute details and organising the traders and early club attendees. I set up a gazebo for Variety, The Childrens Charity, and gave John a hand with his gear before heading over to the regional parking area to get ready for the arrival of Central region cars. The new Coleman shelter to replace the club gazebo had never been out of its box so we had some fun figuring out how it all went together and it was clear the other regions were having similar issues with folk going backwards and forwards asking for advice. Eventually it went up and I have to say it’s a massive improvement over its predecessor, offering much more shelter in a much easier to transport pack. Shelter in place a brew up was in order and we didn’t even have to wait for the kettle as Carol Waller had brought along flasks of hot water. She had also brought along several home-made cakes that went down very nicely

later in the day! There is a real buzz to the National Show and I’ve never been able to get my head around it. Perhaps its because you get a chance to see cars and members from other regions or see a field with literally hundreds of Porsches or perhaps it’s because of the traders, the demo’s, the new members asking lots of questions or all of the above. Whatever it is I love it and have since I attended my first back in 2004 before I even joined the club. Scouting around the rows of cars it was great to see almost every model represented from early 924s, 944 and 928s as well as pretty much every 911 evolution. I even spotted a Panamera parked up and it’s a testament to the club that we continue to attract and welcome every Porsche enthusiast—even those that don’t yet own a Porsche! I spent my time walking around under a club brolly to keep out of the sun as the back of my neck was seriously sore from the day before and I didn’t think it would take any more rays! I got lots of “It’s not raining you know” comments but I’m happy to report that the brolly prevented any further damage to an already ravaged neck. The rest of day was spent walking around the show looking at the huge array of cars and catching up with friends from other regions that I see all too infrequently. The demos in the show ring, the Car is the Star and the Pride of Ownership all contributed to a brilliant day out that was over too quickly. A massive thank you to Sean & Clive who, yet again, put together a great show for everyone to just turn up and enjoy. Thanks also to everyone that helped out with car- parking and in club office during the day. Events like this are very few and far between and I suspect that in years to come Hatton 2012 will be looked back on fondly by everyone that attended. A wealth of Porsche cars, traders, practical demonstrations, money raised for charity, a family fun venue and a great bunch of enthusiastic owners all under a cloudless blue sky—surely it doesn’t get any better. To paraphrase Mr Shakespeare: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he that shared his sunburn with me shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile. This day shall gentle his condition. And club members in England now elsewhere shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhood’s cheap while any speaks that was with the club that glorious weekend in May.” Writing & photography (all from Curborough) by Paul Bird All Torque 93 page 7

SP Autobahn Car Clinic Day The Scottish region spent a very informative day at former member Stuart Paterson’s new garage in Stirling.

Cast your mind back to before Porsche ownership and if you were anything like myself, you would have been initially working out your budget, deciding what model, doing your research on parts, servicing, things that went wrong, etc, etc. Well the dilemma for someone like me is that I was, and still am not, that mechanically minded compared with others at the club. So having joined TIPEC some nearly ten years ago now, I had a good club but no Porsche to go with it. As a younger man my heart seemed to rule my head … if you have ever been there you will know exactly where I am coming from. So having rushed into a heart-rules-head situation you often make a spontaneous purchase that turns out to be the wrong one—and that was the case for me.

So what’s the point you’re trying to make? I hear you saying. Well it’s this, at the beginning of this season, having just taken over as the RO for Scotland, I was looking for new events or venues for the club and it was Alan Neilson, ARO, who had suggested a visit to see a former member Stuart Paterson. Stuart is a lovely chap and a real Porsche petrolhead. Through the grapevine Alan was of the understanding he was set up in business as a Porsche and German cars specialist and was fairly local to everyone. Without hesitation and thinking back ten years ago or there about when I was contemplating my first Porsche purchase a visit to see Stuart and his premises got Alan and I thinking. Alan phoned Stuart up and booked us a slot to go and pay him a visit to see what he was up to.

Stuart worked, every tool and piece of equipment seemed to have its correct place. Stuart crawled from underneath a 996 when we arrived and took us into his office which was also freshly painted, neat and tidy. Now both Alan and I know Stuart from the old days and it was nice to catch up on a personal level as well as a club visit so to speak. Stuart was asking how the region was doing etc and as always you could tell his Porsche enthusiasm was shining through and you sensed even from the first minutes of talking to him he still had that genuine love for Porsche. Alan and I said to Stuart we were looking for new ideas and direction for the Scottish region and between us we came up with a Porsche Car Clinic day on his premises. Stuart was keen to host such a day and I got the impression he was more excited than us about the whole idea and he pencilled a Saturday in his diary. He explained he would open the workshop exclusively giving up his own day off and host the day from start to finish.

Stuart offers a 10% discount on labour rate to TIPEC members …

A week went past and Alan and I set of to Stuart’s place of work, SP Autobahn. Upon arrival I was surprised to see a good sized workshop and I got the impression there was a bit of an OCD about the way

At the next club meet Alan and I explained the Porsche Car Clinic day and it was received with that equal amount of enthusiasm. Stuart had asked for a varied range in cars and they ranged from 944s, air cooled ’80s 911, air cooled ’90s 911, 968, Boxsters and even a 996 Turbo. The day in question came and in the end something like 13–14 cars turned out at SP Autobahn. The place was littered with Porsches from all decades. As the cars went onto the ramps one by one, you could not help but notice Stuart’s enthusiasm and passion for each individual car, that is something that all the members commented on to me and you sensed that SP Autobahn was not just a business but almost a hobby and favourite pastime. The big shock for me on the day was the ever lovely 964 Cabby owned by James McLauchlan, now James is one of

these fastidious owners and you never ever see the car dirty and the whole car always gets anything it needs mechanically. James is very handy with the tools between him and his old sparring partner Martin Whitelaw (another mechanical genius who often has technical articles within these pages). As the 964 hit the ramps I was pretty convinced not much would be wrong with the car nor did he think that also. Well Stuart as ever going over the car with a fine tooth comb spotted a hole behind the bumper then a fault with the steering rack, basically it was shot! Also it turned out to needing new suspension bushes and wish bones. Well James had to have a cuppa tea and digest what had been found! The day was supposed to be from 10am till 2pm but went on well past 4pm. Stuart was so knowledgeable and informative I think he got a bit carried away, hence the day going on for such a long time. The members were shown their own car and told in detail what to look out for and often the Achilles’ heel of their particular model and how to prevent it and fix it. Stuart was real mound of information and all the members loved his rapport with them and the cars. So what do SP Autobahn and Stuart Paterson offer in terms of you or I, the potential owner and keeper of our beloved Porsches? Well pretty much everything I would say folks. He has a comprehensive pre-purchase scheme and there is nothing he does not do or will undertake. SP Autobahn is also the official Revo Technic dealer/tuner offering remapping on all Porsche and VAG group vehicles. Stuart offers a 10% discount on labour rate to TIPEC members if they show proof of current membership Stuart and SP AUTOBAHN a massive thanks from all the Scottish region for your generous hospitality on the day, members were so impressed with the services you offer and everyone there on the day could not praise you and your business enough. If ever you are passing by Stirling, pop in and see Stuart. He will be only to happy to see you and your Porsche, or why not visit his website:


01945 465508

Up to 20% off for TIPEC Members 2Gether Insurance appreciate that insuring your Porsche requires expertise and knowledge. 2Gether can offer some of the cheapest insurance in the market today without compromising on quality. We know your requirements and we have designed products to suit you.

Agreed Value Limited Mileage Discount Salvage Retention Specialist Breakdown Cover Regulated by the FSA

4 Bridge Street, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 1AF

Writing & photography by Neil Fraser All Torque 93 page 9

The Porsche Show 2012

Over 500 Porsche owners joined us for our annual bash at Hatton Country World. The centre parking area looked absolutely amazing, with all models of the marque represented in row after row of gleaming paintwork.

Some Porsche colours just look better in the blazing sun!

It was great to see so many cars make the journey down from Scotland. They joined the other regions including Central’s V8 Panzer Division which arrived in convoy and rumbled down the meadow to the Regional Section. We had hoped to have displays of 924/944/968/928. The 924 Club did not show up, so the space we had reserved for the anniversary models was not filling up as we had planned. We decided to use the space for Porsche Parking instead and parked all models as they arrived as we have done in previous years. We were joined by members from the 911UK website and the Speedster and Spyder Club. The latter joined us in front of the marquee for a Q&A with their cars and to talk about how to go about building your own ’50s replica.

The Speedster and Spyder Club joined us for the day

The Pride of Ownership Special Award went to Mark Saving

There were demos by Meguiars on using a polishing machine to remove paint imperfections and Chris from Exel Wheels discussed wheel refurbishment with the audience. There were lots of entries in the Pride of Ownership. All the owners should be applauded, to get the cars to this standard takes a great deal of effort especially after a long drive. Dominic judged the cars, he represented Meguiars who sponsored the competition. The winners were: Best in Show......................Colin Bailey (944) Runner Up...........................Cavin Hulbert (944) Third Place...........................Rich Salmons (968) Special Award....................Mark Saving (993)

Best in show winner, Colin Bailey

During the awards it gave me great pleasure to present Stewart Gordon with a Lifetime Membership. He recently retired as RO for the Scottish Region after 13 years at the helm. To say he was taken by surprise is an understatement—it was the first time I have ever known him to be speechless! Clive was MC for the day and did a great job on the microphone asking questions and keeping everyone updated during the day. Clive and I have pulled the show together for the last few years and I would like to thank him for all of his support. A big thank you to the car parking marshalls from the Central and South Central regions. It was a very hot day and you all did a great job keeping things moving. Next year is our 20th anniversary. News on what we are planning for 2013 in the next issue of All Torque!

Runner Up, Cavin Hubert

Third Place winner, Rich Salmons

Writing by Sean Smallman, photography by Jim Hearnden and Paul Bird All Torque 93 page 11

The Scots hit Hatton Neil Fraser gives the Scottish region’s take on our national day

Gordon Spence’s stunning DP Motorsports 911 Turbo Flatnose brought the Pride of Ownership’s Visitor’s Choice Award back to Scotland, against tough competition

Well the weather was like you were in Spain or better, the setting was excellent with 100’s and 100’s of Porsches all over the place and the show and company were awesome. This was a weekend that I would say exceeded most people’s expectations in terms of content, volume and entertainment. The Scottish region are always totally committed to the National Show, as are moany other regions, and this year was no exception. Having travelled down on the Friday during the day for most of us it was soft tops down and full steam ahead. We were, in total, 11 Porkers and 17 bodies for the weekend and for those that couldn’t make it, you missed a cracker! Upon arrival at the show on the Sunday morning there was Sean handing out programmes and doing his customary meet and greet slot. We parked up with all the region together then set about the task of collecting the new gazebo—and I have to say it is a fantastic gazebo—as promised by Sean and the gang, it is lightweight and compact. (It fits perfectly in the back of a Boxster folks!) The new club banner also is compact and lightweight.

The new gazebo with our region’s cars beside it

Writing & photography by Neil Fraser

The show delivered in every sense of the word. There were various models and topic slots, wheel refurb demo, concours event, visitor’s choice award and much more. The new club clothing etc went down well also. The fact that the Hatton Country World Village was 50 feet away was perfect for a visit to all the arts and crafts, garden centre, gift shops, toy shops, kids play area, food outlets and much, much more—it had something for everyone, for all ages. The feedback from everyone I spoke to that day was nothing but positive and the sun beating down on everyone just enhanced the day. Well done to Stewart Gordon for his special award: Stewart was presented a lifetime membership to TIPEC by Sean Smallman, for services to the Scottish Region that had spanned over 13 years. Stewart retired as the Scottish RO in February this year. It was a fantastic gesture by the club to recognise Stewart’s efforts over the years and he never knew anything about it on the day—I think he was a little overwhelmed when being presented to by Sean! On the topic of awards, well done to Gordon Spence who picked up the visitors choice with his DP 911 Turbo Flatnose! It was under stiff competition from a rare 928, a replica 1973 911 RS and an exceptional looking Boxster. Well done Gordon, yet another award for the region to take home!

Stewart Gordon’s lifetime award from TIPEC

Thanks have to be said as I often think the fantastic efforts of Sean Smallman and everyone else who put the National Show together go unrecognised. It takes hours and hours of time effort and dedication to put such a great show together and from everyone from the Scottish Region a big thank you for the day. It delivered superbly and we look forward to next year already. Well done everyone!

SYNNer’s run to the Cotswolds and visit to Prescott Hill Climb Each year Cheltenham Cleeve Vale Rotary Club hold a two day event at the Bugatti club owned Prescott hill climb. The Saturday consisted of a run around the beautiful Cotswolds via a route drawn up by one of the rotary club members. This would take in quite a few miles of virtually single track roads but leading to some chocolate box lid style villages. Three, out of our group of seven, cars took up this offer, the other four after the late arrival of our RO set off following one of our members to explore the area on our own. We went to the stunning village of lower slaughter, where the church bells were ringing to let all around know that a wedding was taking place. As the wedding guests had filled any chance of parking in the village and rightly so. The other big event taking place in the village that day was a cricket match … on pulling on to a spare piece of grassed area at the cricket ground we all turned off our engines, only to have a local coming down his garden path waving and muttering the immortal words “you can’t park there as the cricketers won’t like it”. Not to be beaten our guide for the day drove his car around the boundary (I would like to see someone get away with this at Lords) and pulled up adjacent to the club house, where he found the next and only batsman all covered in whites ready to give his all for Queen and country. Asking very politely and crossing his palm with a crisp five pound note he had no problem with us parking on the grassed area and told us to take no notice of the earlier busybody. He did ask Bob our guide if he had any whites with him as all of us could have hung around and had a game; such is village life I suppose! We left the cars and went around the village stopping off at the wedding on our way back to what I can only describe as the male contingent of our day drooling at the bride and noticing the very large age difference between the young lady and her ‘getting on a bit’ new husband.

Again, such is village life I suppose! We had been led to the rather tasteful village café/tourist shop by our guide, which is set in an old water mill, well worth a visit. We did also visit Bourton-on-the-Water, another beauty spot, rather nice but a few too many tourists. Of course we don’t consider ourselves to be of that nature. The day was finished off by an evening meal at the Cotswold Water Park hotel where we all gathered for food, drinks and the day’s stories. An early start on the Sunday morning for our RO and ARO as they had booked to run up the hill climb and they had to be at the drivers brief by 8:30. The rest of us trundled our way there, ignoring some of the boy racers (even the Cotswolds have them). We did come across two drivers one in a Z4 and the other an MR2, both open top and both must have been enjoying their morning drive until they both ran a red light and rearranged their cars’ body work. This is always a wake up call. After arriving at Prescott we were directed to our alternative parking as the normal orchard parking had suffered from the recent global warming and been rather damp. We had a good day watching the myriad of cars running up the hill. The rain held off, so a bit of sunshine was felt on one’s rather thinning hairline. We had the pleasure also of watching Sir Sterling Moss drive his famous Jag about the area and hill climb. This he did in fine fashion only to be marred by backing into someone’s pride and joy … and nearly backing over yours truly while I thought he was driving forwards, but suddenly stuck it into reverse just as I ran around the back of the Jag to get a photo. The bit of tragedy on the day also concerned our 80 plus ex-racing driver—Sir Stirling drove a rather stunning BMW sports car up the hill to officially close the event and drove straight into a wall; this resulted in the only trip up the hill for the ambulance and a somewhat embarrassing journey down the hill for Sir Sterling. We do wish him well and I think it was more of a caution then anything else. Not so for the passenger and probable owner of the car that drove it away very slowly wiping away the tears as he went. This is an event that is well worth a visit and hope they get a better attendance in the future as all the monies go to charity … or to the owner of the BMW towards the repairs!

Writing & photography by Mick Charlesworth All Torque 94 page 13

944 door locks Jim Hearnden explains how to fix a common failure for only a couple of pounds!

Figs 2, 3 and 4, top to bottom

A common problem on 944s as they get older is failing door locks, by this I mean when you press the central locking button the door pin doesn’t move and the door doesn’t unlock or lock. This is quite frustrating & also means the security of the car is compromised. What actually happens is a link (Porsche call it an Operating Rod) in the central door locking has a ball joint socket in it which weakens and breaks with age. The fix takes around 20–30 minutes per door and costs the sum total of £1.41 for each side! And those prices are from an OPC … I’d suggest doing both doors as they seem to age at the same rate. Mine both broke within a couple of weeks of each other. Tools: A no. 2 Phillips Screwdriver and an 8mm socket & ratchet. You may find it useful to have a few plastic bags around or dishes as the screws are different lengths. Parts: 944 537 511 00 Listed as ‘Operating rod’ One per door, same part does either door. They are not handed left and right. A Good Tip: Always before working on central locking wind a window down, that way if something goes wrong at least you can still get in the car!

Dismantling Ok the first stage is taking the door panel off. Get your screwdriver and then start by removing the screws at the front and rear of the door at window switch level. (Nos 1 and 2.) Then remove the two screws in the bottom of the window switch module (Nos 3 and 4). Unless you need to completely remove the switch panel it can stay connected. Carefully remove the screws in the speaker grille (5, 6, 7 and 8), remove the speaker grille and ease the speaker off the door; this may need a small amount of force as it may be Writing & photography by Jim Hearnden

tight in the door. Disconnect the speaker wires by pulling off the spade terminals. Place the speaker somewhere safe where you won’t spear it with a screwdriver.

solenoid. Mark the position of the screws, by scribing around the screws with a flat bladed screwdriver or a nail, so you can reassemble everything back in the same place. Remove the two screws and slide the solenoid out and forward. Once it is in your hand (Fig 3) there is a piece of white plastic held on to the solenoid by a clevis pin and spring clip. Note which round the link and clevis is fitted. Remove the spring clip, withdraw the clevis and then remove the plastic link. The new link slips on and the pin and clip get replaced.

Carefully pull the door release pull as if opening the door and behind it you’ll find screw No 9. This is a machine screw so don’t mix it up with the rest. The escutcheon will now slide forwards off the handle.


There are six screws in the door pocket, one right at the front and five along the bottom. Remove these and pull the door pocket down off the handle. There is a small plastic bracket at the front with another screw in that to remove. The final three screws are under the armrest and are angled upwards. The armrest will drop down at this point but stays attached to the door panel.

Before you start reassembly clip the catch on the ball joint end of the link (Fig 4). On a new link there is enough flexibility in the ball housing to reassemble it. You will not be able to reach the catch once it is all back together. Now reassemble the solenoid to the door and clip the ball end of the link onto the door latch assembly. I would suggest you test the door locking before you reassemble everything.

Having got all the screws out, unclip the door panel from the door by pulling it off the door. Porsche clips are pretty good quality so they don’t generally break. Once this is complete, lift the door panel off the door itself. Lower it down at the back edge and it’ll gently hang from the window switches. Peel back the plastic membrane over the door by the back edge of the door.

If all is okay then reassembly is the reverse of the way it all came apart. When you replace the door panel make sure the hook at the top of the panel has properly engaged into the door itself. A thump with the side of your fist will re-engage the clips.

You’ll see the central locking solenoid held in by two 8mm hex headed screws (Fig 2). Attached to this solenoid is the offending piece of plastic! Unless you have hands the size of a small child the easiest way to change the plastic link is to remove the

Be gentle with the speaker and make sure the leads are reconnected before inserting it into the door. Ensure the screws go back from where they came out. There are subtle differences in lengths and diameters of them and you will give yourself a headache if you get them mixed up. Do not over tighten any of the self tapping screws; otherwise you will strip them out.

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

After Market Tuning Parts All Porsche Parts Supplied Comprehensive Service Facilities Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster, 944, 928, 968, 911 & 996/997 Geometry & Tracking Guaranteed Power Packages Performance Upgrades A/C Repairs and Gas Replenishment Bilstein & KW Suspension Kits SHOW SPECIAL Free Autologic OBD2 Diagnostic Check of your car – come and see us

Tel: 01296 714856

ProMAX Motorsport The Warehouse Sunnyhill Farm Little Horwood Road Great Horwood Bucks MK17 0NZ

Gruppe North Scotland RO Neil Fraser 07946 616 782 (mobile) ARO Alan Neilson 07793 234 096 (mobile) ARO Mike Stevens Meetings are held first Wednesday of every month 8pm for an 8:30pm start in the 007 bar, upstairs at Bo’Ness Motor Museum, Bridgeness Road, Bo’Ness EH51 9JR. Well folk’s the National Show was a great success once again this year at Hatton it has to be said. The weather and the weekend was totally fantastic from start to finish, for the most of us meeting up at Abington Services just of the M74 and travelling down during the Friday and although I missed it on the Friday Night the traditional Indian night out was adhered to, as per the norm. The Saturday was a visit not far from where we were staying to the old Autobahn showroom now called P.C.T Porsche Specialists, where a fair selection of Porsches were on show. Saturday evening was a nice relaxed meal within the Duncow Hotel and I always enjoy the group together for a meal, with the usual banter at the table. Martin Whitelaw and myself were being slated for having a starter as it delayed the main course for everyone else—unlucky! Sunday evening after the show was a return to the Indian Restaurant once again and as always totally delicious! The season is obviously underway and so far we have had the SP Autobahn Porsche Clinic day and that went down very well with the members. A very enthusiastic and knowledgeable Stuart Paterson

(owner and host) who took careful time to explain each Porsche as it went on the ramp and all that had to be known on that particular model. I know James McLaughlan (964 Cabby) took a lot from the day including a little mental scaring from various faults that the day uncovered. I have the feeling an article will be at some point explaining that in detail, so watch this space for those 964 owners amongst you! Also we have had the Glasgow Transport Museum visit, The East Kilbride Museum of Rural Life show and the ever popular Bridge of Allan show in recent times and a big thank you to everyone who attended those events. 4th July (Wednesday) Club Night at Bo’Ness Motor Museum 8th July (Sunday) Glamis Castle Transport Extravaganza, Angus 22nd July (Sunday) TIPEC Scotland concours and fmaily BBQ day Bo’Ness Motor Museum 1st August (Wednesday) Club Night at Bo’Ness Motor Museum 4th August (Saturday) Ten pin bowling, Deer Park, Livingstone 19th August (Sunday) Lunch run to Culcreuch Castle Hotel, Fintry 5th September (Wednesday) Club Night at Bo’Ness Motor Museum 9th September (Sunday) Bo’Ness Hill Climb Classic Car Show 23rd September (Sunday) Transport Show, East Fortune

North West RO Andrew Lane 01772 740 625 07949 167 698 (mobile) ARO Dave Hallett 01254 876 374 07595 071 392 (mobile) ARO Richard Sholl 07970 147 779 (mobile) Meetings are held first Monday of every month from 8pm at The Dressers Arms, near Wheelton, Chorley PR6 8HD. When this falls on a Bank Holiday, we meet on the second Monday instead. Since the last report our region has a quite a busy start to the events season. However, before all that I would like to give my sincere thanks to Richard Sholl our ARO. Due to some unforeseen family business he stepped in at the last minute to put a report together for the last edition of All Torque. Thanks once again Richard. We had a couple of outings in April that I was unable to attend, on which Richard will now enlighten us. He writes: The NW Region organised a trip to the Big Breakfast Meet at Specialist Cars of Malton which was held on the 8th April. An early start saw Debbie and Andy in their 996 Turbo S, Dave and Corrine in their 911 Carrera 3.2, Diane and Richard in their 997 Carrera S and Pete and Jo (aka ‘the Fat One’, because she’s pregnant ...) in their 993 Carrera enjoy a pleasant country drive from a meeting point just outside Clitheroe through to Malton. They were joined by Porsche Club GB renegade Rob in his Boxster Spyder. The morning weather was a little changeable, but mostly dry. After soaking up the delights on offer at Specialist Cars’ and the obligatory photoshoot, Debbie, Andy and Rob all ran out of time and had to dart for home. Everyone else pottered off to Wetherby for lunch. Which was nice. Isn't it great when the weather turns out better than the forecast suggested? Dry and bright weather with a little sunshine (though the forecast was for rain) greeted a fleet of five 911s at the Dressers Arms for the first ‘Chippy Tea Run’ of the year on the 20th April. A 3.2 Carrera, a 996 Turbo S, a 997 Carrera S, a 996 Turbo and a newcomer in the shape of a 996 Carrera with GT3 bodywork additions all joined the run over to Lytham. ‘Group Researcher’ Diane ’phoned ahead and the staff at Whelan’s Fish Restaurant very kindly re-arranged the seating in their upstairs restaurant to give us a table for ten. I didn’t hear any complaints about the food, which is a good sign.

Scottish region members settling down for dinner whilst in England for TIPEC’s annual show at Hatton

After tea, we ventured over to the nearby Queens Hotel for a drink. Andy didn't bother with his drink, instead he (accidentally) poured it over Brian’s leg. Oh dear, sorry Brian, not a good start to your involvement with TIPEC. I hope we’re forgiven ...

Parked up with the new gazebo at Hatton Country World

North West members at Banny’s for their chippy tea!

I think this May has been one of the busiest starts to the season we’ve ever had. However one of the usual visits, Gawesworth Hall Classic Car Show, was postponed from its regular slot of Mayday to midJune due to waterlogging. A report will follow next time on this one. The following week (w/c May 14th) had a flurry of activity. We started off with our club night as it was the Monday after the Bank Holiday. I must say Derek Flannagan’s logo quiz went down very well creating plenty of banter across the room with Cully and Harry Marginson coming out on top. No prizes for this one just a bit of fun, however Debbie (Tyledsley) had some rather nice tea cakes on her table that we tried to wangle from her but they were for later (Booo!) Next up was the annual visit to Jasmine-Porschalink for their open evening. Once again proprietors Brian and Sue Goff didn’t disappoint. This is a favourite within our region, and pretty well attended by our members. I think based on the fact that last year was such a good night, by 7:45pm the car park was virtually full. Later in the evening we would learn that nearly 100 Porsches made the trip. Not to mention owners that didn’t go in their cars. A lovely display of 964RS, 964 (or 965 if we are splitting hairs) Turbo 3.6, 991 Carrera S and 930 Turbo greeted us inside the building. Not to mention the excellent chilli and drinks. Both PCGB and TIPEC got a mention and we had a few enquiries on the night. The evening was rounded up with a raffle. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything but it was for a local charity so no one minded. Our sincere thanks go out to Brian and Sue for a great evening. As if we hadn’t enough to take in that week, Friday rounded things up with the second of the ‘Chippy Tea Runs’. This time it was to Banny’s at the end of the M65 in front of Boundary Mill. I must admit the weather was really closing in by the end of the week and thoughts were turning to a two car event. How wrong can you be? We kicked things off from the Dressers with Debbie and Andy and their 996 Turbo S, Andy in his Cayman, Brian and family in his 996, Dave Hallet in his 3.2 Carrera, Bob in his 3.2 Carrera

North West members’ cars lined up for the Yorkshre Big Breakfast at Specialist Cars of Malton

and Richard and Dianne in their 997 C2S. Once at Banny’s we were joined by the Rochdale contingent, Anthony Richardson in his 996 Turbo S and John & Marie Pye and son Ryan in their recently acquired 996 Turbo. We had a total of 18 at the table which as I mentioned, based on the weather was a real surprise. Thank you all for making the effort. We chose to eat in the restaurant which greets you with a lovely deep fish tank (no you don’t pick your own from it!) and very smart dining area. Service was swift, the food excellent and considering the surroundings reasonably priced. The evening was finished off by a drive into the Ribble Valley and a cuppa at chez Sholl. Last, but by no means least for May, was the trip down to the National Day at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire. Meeting up at Poplar services we had a slightly disappointing turnout from our members however this was bolstered up by a couple of Cheshire members and also two new potential members who had got wind of our plans. May I extend a warm hand to Paul and Tina Judge who made contact with me by email earlier in the week. They had recently purchased a 987 Boxster S and seemed to have a great day and said they would be joining up immediately. Much hilarity was had putting up the event shelter (thank you TIPEC). I think a big well done is due to Sean and his team for putting on a great day for all concerned and would also say to the North West members that you missed a good do! We will be down again next year. By the time you have read this we will have had our June meeting, and also some of the guys are doing the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans. As I mentioned earlier we will let you know how we got on at Gawesworth and will also have firmed up plans for our annual Concours. Finally, I have had word that the Woodvale Rally held in Southport, has been brought forward from the first weekend in August to Saturday & Sunday the 28th & 29th of July. It has also changed venue and will now be held in Victoria Park, Southport. More details will follow soon. Now for something a little different from the North West members.

North West Region Car of the Month

The Grimes’ ‘Sunglass Special’ 964 Carrera

First up is the now infamous ‘Sunglass Special’ 964 Carrera of Mike and Sheila Grimes. Both Mike and Sheila have been members now for a good few years and are always at our meetings and classic car shows. Mike has just treated his car to a bit of restoration tlc so we took a picture of it at one of our recent meetings to share with you. This is Mike’s daily driver and has also done many a mile on the Continent. There can’t be many an orange 911 on the roads, so if you see this car chances are its Mike and Sheila so give them wave! Here’s what is happening over the coming months. June 11th (Monday) Club Night with the usual banter that ensues June 16th (Saturday) Gawesworth Hall Classic Car Show. A report will follow next time June 22nd (Friday) Knott End Chippy at (you guessed it) Knott End, probably followed by a run back through Blackpool, with the now traditional photo-stop outside the Pleasure Beach. July 2nd (Monday) Club Night may include Concours or will be held as a stand alone event. Maybe with a picnic or BBQ. TBC.

All Torque 93 page 17

July 20th (Friday) Chippy Run to Hollingworth Lake at Smithy Bridge. Good food and a nice setting. Followed by a drive maybe over the tops to Ripponden and/or Sowerby Bridge. Should be a good photo opportunity. July 28–29th (Saturday–Sunday) Woodvale Rally Southport. Note the venue has changed to Victioria Park. August 6th (Monday) Club Night

Cheshire & Staffs

29–30th September (Saturday–Sunday) Passion for Power, Event City Manchester

RO Steve Taylor 07774 912 069 (mobile) ARO Dave Watson 07889 804 598 (mobile)

North East

Meetings are held third Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Whipping Stocks, Stocks Lane, Over Peover, Knutsford, WA16 9EX.

August 19th (Sunday) German Classic Car Show. A first time event last year but was very attended and just on our doorstep. August 25–26th (Saturday–Sunday) Tatton Classic Car Show. Contact either myself of Steve Taylor (Cheshire R.O.) for further details.

14–15th July (Saturday–Sunday) Oulton Park, Sports Car Show 17th July (Tuesday) Club night, The Whipping Stocks

Finally to reiterate Richard’s words from the last report please feel free to come down to the meetings. It really is the best way to get involved and keep up to date with whats happening and have your say. Everyone is welcome. The North West pages of our Club website are now constanlty being updated (thanks again Richard) so there’s no excuse to not get involved!

Meetings are held first Sunday of every month 7:30pm at The Sporting Lodge, Low Lane, Stainton Village, Cleveland, TS17 9LW, just off the A19. In June and July we are meeting on the SECOND Sunday of the month.

Yorkshire RO wanted

5th August (Sunday) Mouldsworth Motor Museum

September 3rd (Monday) Club Night.

RO wanted! ARO Andy Blythe 01642 809 031

18–19th August (Saturday–Sunday) Tatton Park Classic Car Show 21st August (Tuesday) Club night, The Whipping Stocks 18th September (Tuesday) Club night, The Whipping Stocks

Meetings are held first Monday of every month 7:00pm at The White Rose, Wide Lane, Morley, West Yorkshire, LS27 8PL (Tel 0113 252 3720). The White Rose is situated just off the M62 J28, just before you reach the White Rose Centre. RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and the committee and to attend/organise local events.


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Gruppe Central East Midlands New RO & ARO wanted! Regional Co-ordinator Graham Waller Meetings are held third Tuesday of every month 7pm for food (meeting proper begins 8:00pm) at The Field Head Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9PS. July 6–9th (Friday–Monday) Le Mans Classic: Need I say more? Those who haven’t booked this, well it’s too late and you’ll miss out on a fantastic trip out with petrolheads in tow and watch some classic racing with possibly a beer. Maybe two. July 10th (Tuesday) Ashby Folville 17th July (Tuesday) Club night at the Field Head Hotel July 20th–22nd (Friday–Sunday) Silverstone Classic Classic car racing at this, the home of the British Grand Prix. Infield parking, discounted tickets, camping availability. August 14th (Tuesday) Ashby Folville August 21st (Tuesday) Club night at the Field Head Hotel August 25–26th (Saturday–Sunday) C4r-Fest: Join the inaugural CarFest on Jody Scheckter’s farm with Chris Evans. Music, cars, food, hill climbs, auctions. FULLY BOOKED)

September 1st–2nd (Saturday–Sunday) Shackerstone Family festival: A true family festival, not just cars at this one, but memorial flights, clown town, motorcycle jumps, marching bands, chariots of fire, shootouts, sheepdogs, falconry and much, much more. October 5–7th (Friday–Sunday) WotY. Joint event with Central. Details tbc. November 16–18th (Friday–Sunday) NEC Classic car show at Birmingham’s NEC December 1st or 8th TBC (Saturday) Christmas social December 27th (Thursday) Not the Boxing Day Drive A run out in the winter countryside. Feel free to pop along to our club nights where you will be made to feel most welcome, and have a meal and a pint and chat about all things Porsche, or not, whatever takes your fancy. The monthly Ashby Folville events are held in a small village in Leicestershire (pop: 400), with a diverse array of cars and over 4,000 people descending on the village to view the cars and motorbikes. If you want to attend any of the events listed, then please contact the Regional Co-ordinator who will put you in touch with the relevant event organiser. Please don’t forget you can renew your membership online at With a two year deal of £50, it must be one of the best value car clubs in the country. Please also let me know if you have changed/are changing you email address or your residence. This is essential to keep the database up to date, and to ensure continuity in the delivery of your All Torque magazines. You can let me know, or direct to Steve Potter (membership secretary on

Bristol RO Sue Simmons ARO Mick Simmons 07793 905 918 (mobile) Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Fox, Easter Compton, BS35 5RA, one mile West of M5 J17 (Cribbs Causeway). Well what a lovely start to all our activities for 2012. First a weekend in Prescott—with the Cotswold Tour on the Saturday stopping for a lovely lunch at The Mill Inn in Withington, and then the Hillclimb on the Sunday in a gorgeous setting just north of Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. Then came the weekend that lots of our members had been looking forward to—a weekend in Dorset with the Poole Quay event on Friday—more than 100 Porsches alongside Poole harbour, a nostalgic steam train trip visiting Corfe Castle and Swanage on Saturday, followed by a scrummy meal at La Lupa in Poole on Saturday evening. One of our best supported outings with a total of 28 people joining in the trip. Most recently to round off three weekends of lovely sunny weather we had a great turnout for the TIPEC Porsche Show at Hatton Country World near Warwick. It was the first outing for our new club gazebo— ably erected by a willing group of people and most appreciated as a sun shade by all the girls and ‘Banksy’ our new club mascot—a lovely little Jack Russell who thinks she’s a greyhound and runs round in circles! Really good show—well done to all those involved in the organisation. We also signed up two brand new members for our region so we look forward to seeing Tim and Geoff very soon!

Pete heading up the Prescott hill

Older models at Hatton Country World for the TIPEC national event

Billy with Sir Stirling Moss at Prescott

So whats next on our TIPEC Bristol agenda? July 1st (Sunday) Dursley Rotary Club Classic Car Run July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Le Mans Classic July 8th (Sunday) Queens Square July 15th (Sunday) TIPEC Bristol Summer BBQ at Backwell August 7th (Tuesday) Monthly TIPEC Bristol meeting at The Fox, Easter Compton August 27th (Bank Holiday Monday) Porsche Championship at Castle Combe, supporting our very own Stuart Ings We’d love to see new members, or those of you who haven’t been along before, at any of the above events—just get in touch with me (Sue) on or call on 07530 312 700. The Bristol region is a really friendly bunch of Porsche enthusiasts and we have some lovely times together so come and make some new friends—I promise you won’t regret it.

South Central RO Pete Garrett 07804 030 695 (mobile) Meetings are held from 9:30 am on the first Sunday of every month at The Red Lion, Evenley, Nr Brackley, Northants NN13 5SH and on the fourth Monday of the month at The Old Talbot, Potterspury NN12 7QD from 19:15 to 22:00 May’s Sunday morning meeting was again blessed with lovely sunshine, a good turnout from SC with a nice selection of Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and a converted BMW motorbike. Now that more classic cars turn up the bacon rolls don’t get a look-in!

July 20th–22nd (Friday–Saturday) Silverstone Classic at Silverstone Circuit July 27th (Monday) Club meeting at the Old Talbot August 5th (Sunday) Club meeting at the Red Lion August TBC Outdoor karting at Daytona, Milton Keynes

TIPEC show, Hatton Country World South Central had a good number of members at the show with three cars in the concours competition, Clive with his daily truck the 996 X50 Turbo, Mark’s 993 C4S and Rich with his 968 Clubsport. Mark and Rich got through to the last four with Mark picking up 4th and Rich 2nd, well done lads. On behalf of the South Central Group I would like to say thank you to Sean, Clive and Haley and Jo for another great National Show and all the months of hard work that goes into just the one day.

RO Vince Dallimore ARO required

Monday 28th was our May evening meeting at The Old Talbot, Potterspury. This was a joint event with our local Porsche GB group, it turned out we were sharing the same venue but on different evenings so it made sense to meet up. It was a great evening with no “you’re not in our gang” behaviour! The two groups mixed and we have a new member (for the record he is joining both gangs).

Meetings are held first Sunday of every month from 10:45am at The Goat Inn, Vicarage Causeway, Hertford Heath (Nr. Hertford), Herts SG13 7RT.

We are also looking to share our event lists throughout the year to help with numbers attending and hopefully variety.

ARO required, to assist the RO with hosting monthly meetings and attending/organising local events.

July 1st (Sunday) Club meeting at the Red Lion

North London & Herts

July 15th (Sunday) Car show at Kimbolton Country Fayre This is a great day out, SC have been going for the last couple of years and it never disappoints with a great mix of cars and a Country Fayre. If anyone outside the SC area would like to join us please let me know, it’s at Kimbolton Castle, Kimbolton, Bedfordshire.

August 20th (Monday) Club meeting at the Old Talbot

South Yorkshire & North Notts. RO Dave Warren 07403 117 012 (mobile) ARO Dean Lancashire 07860 198 627 (mobile) Meetings are held first Sunday of every month 5–5:30pm (meeting proper begins 7pm) at Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor, Retford, Notts, DN22 8QS Well what a busy month we’ve had, now that the seasons started. First of all we kicked off with the Donington Historic Festival on the 5–6th. The Saturday was like winter all over again–hats, gloves and eskimo jackets were needed! We couldn’t even erect the new shelter as we’d been moved to gravel hard standing due to the

Vince Dallimore, new RO for North London & Herts!

BMW trike at the May South Central meeting

Ferrari also at the May South Central meeting

All Torque 93 page 21

amount of rain we’d had in April. It didn’t dampen our spirits though to watch some good old fashioned racing (Don’t tell that to the girls though, who spent a lot of the time reading their books sat in the car). Dave and myself had booked on for the parade laps which were a bit disappointing due to the snail’s pace that was being set by the pace car. Some interesting cars kept us all entertained and it was interesting to look behind the scenes in the paddocks. Saturday night involved a meal and drinks out in Ashford de la Zouch. Sunday was a much better day weather wise and included a lot more club cars all round. Bob C and Mick C hit the track for the parade laps for crawl round the fantastic circuit. Hopefully we’ll get chance of a track day later on in the year. The following Monday was our usual trip to Thorsby Hall Classic show and a chance to try out our new shelter which was great if a little longer to erect, the weather held off till the afternoon and made for a great show as usual. The weekend after on the 12–13th was our Cotswold weekend Prescott Hill Climb. We all travelled down on different days and times,. Me and Joanne met up with Judith on the way down on the Friday evening after work but had a few problems when Judith’s accelerator pedal kept coming off—not good on the M1 when there’s artics flying by at 60mph! Anyway we survived and made it down and met up with the rest of the crew for plenty of real ales and pies (mmmm, pies). The next morning was the usual shopping spree into Cirencester before meeting up with Dave and Roy who’d travelled down that morning. Some of the group enjoyed the Cotwolds tour organised by the Rotary club and the rest of us took a leisurely tour in the afternoon round the Cotswold’s villages with lunch in Slaughter. The evening meal was enjoyed at the Four Pillars hotel where Bob C and Mick C were staying. The weather all weekend behaved itself and was even better for the Sunday at the Hill. Stirling Moss signed plenty of autographs in the day as well as doing numerous hill climbs, (Not bad for a guy at 82) although he did have a few dramas in the day, one

of them reversing his Jag into another car and on one of his final runs losing a 1930s BMW into the tires, luckily he was unhurt, just his pride and some light damage to the old Beemer. The next event on the calendar is one that I’d been looking forward to, 15th May, Cadwell Park track evening with Javelin. The weather looked a bit iffy in the day so I chickened out and dug out the Proton Satria GTI (The old Top Gear Challenge car from Rick Marot’s stag do). On arrival a few others had done the same. Mike was in the Fiesta ST but did fetch along Sue’s Cayman for a few laps, Clive was itching to get stuck in with his tuned 944 Turbo, Rick fetched his newly acquired daily driver Honda Integra Type R (awesome piece of kit) and Dave was in his 944 S2 (looking for revenge after being lapped by the Proton on a previous track event). The weather held off for another great track event with everyone leaving with a smile on their face. (Dave you nearly held off the Proton this time, maybe next time boyo!) On the 19th of May we joined PCGB at an open day at RPM Specialist cars Harrogate to show us their new Beissbarth eight camera alignment machine and to have a poke around customer cars. It was a great turn out even though it was a bit wet in the morning. A very laid back event with demos on the machine and a leather specialist on site sorting seat problems out. What made it even more interesting is the Gmund cars showroom is next door and Swissvax detailing centre across the estate. I had an interesting chat with some of the guys and agreed to book my cars for alignment checks when I get time. I also had a chat with Mark Jessop, the RO of PCGB Yorkshire, what I found amazing that their Yorkshire region has around 850 members alone, but they still have similar numbers to us attend events. It was agreed that it would be a good idea for the two clubs to meet up at one of their/our regional meetings. (TBD) The following weekend was our National show at Hatton Country World. On arrival Clive P took us on tour round the field looking for a place to park, 10 minutes later and a gallon of juice lighter he found a

spot ... decisions, decisions. (Only joking Clive.) The new shelter was out again but this time to shade us from the sun. The show was a well enjoyed and the weather a real roaster, even the girls enjoyed the day. I got a surprise when the RS Replica was one of the four cars chosen for the Car is the Star and narrowly missed winning, after being beat by a whisker with a lovely Black DP motorsports flat nose turbo. Thanks must go to all involved including Sean and Clive for putting together such a great free show. After looking through the usual forums the show was a great success and I’m sure we signed up a good few new members. Let’s hope the SYNN region can get a better turn out for the show next year. (Dave can you turn up in the Porsche next year instead of a white van?) On another note, one of regular members has being taken very ill in hospital and is fighting for his life after contracting a rare viral infection. I’m sure anyone who has been to any of the events over the last few years will have met Pete, Claire and their daughter Erin. Peter remains very ill and in hospital, in intensive care. Peter has been an active and loyal member in the region for a while now, so during the June meeting we held a collection to assist Claire and Erin in this difficult situation. Donations were given throughout the meeting, even by our new members who do not actually know Pete & Claire, which was a lovely gesture. By the end of the evening £230 had been raised with one or two absent members still promising donations. This is a fantastic achievement from such a small group and makes me proud to be a member of such a thoughtful group of people. Get well soon Pete and hope to see you soon at the future events. July 15th (Sunday) Doncaster Deaf School Show A regular on our calendar and always a good day. July 15th (Sunday) Harley Village Fete with classic car show A new one for us, so some members are thinking of attending, to see if it can become a regular feature on the SYNN calendar.

Dean winning second place in the Pride of Ownership

A cracking day at Hatton Country World

An arty evening shot out in Derbyshire

We have lots coming up over the next few months starting with Cars in the Park over the weekend of 30th June/1st July. This is a really laid back classic car show with hundreds of stunning cars on display in Beacon Park, Lichfield. To attend you must contact Paul Keeling on 01543 271 116 and confirm a booking. You will not be able to attend without pre-booking so please ring Paul now and confirm your place. Over the remainder of July we are heading off to Le Mans for the ‘Classic’ and so club night in July is being pushed back a week to accommodate. Club night will therefore be on the 3rd Monday on 16th July as a break from our normal 2nd Monday regime.

SYNNers preparing to hit the track for parade laps at Donington

Central RO Paul Bird 01922 428 409 07831 877 983 (mobile) ARO Brian Rowledge SYNN visit to RPM Specialist Cars in Knaresborough

July 21st–22nd (Saturday–Sunday) ‘Garden’ Weekend – Essex Again, organised by Mick Charlesworth. A trip down to Essex in the Porsches then a couple of garden centre visits. Should be a cracking weekend. Get Booked! July 29th (Sunday) Ashover classic show, Derbyshire An old favourite, organised by Stuart Bradley. Always well attended. July 29th (Sunday) Cannon Hall Classic, Barnsley A great show last year which again promises to be a good one. Well attended last year. August 5th (Sunday) PCGB show at Lotherton Hall, Leeds Details yet to be arranged, but a great show with lots of cars & stalls. October 5–7th (Friday–Sunday) WotY down in the Cotswolds and visit to Haynes motor Museum and various other visits (Please enquire if interested). Check out our website ( for details and join us at our monthly meetings and on our events. All welcome. Come along, make a difference and be heard! Regular emails, meeting notes and website updates are all part of 2012, so you have no excuse! All the best to all TIPEC & SYNN members. We hope to see you soon.

Meetings are held second Monday of every month 7:30pm onwards at Westmead Hotel, Redditch Road, Hopwood, Birmingham B48 7AT. Since my last write up we’ve had a couple of disappointments! Firstly our chip shop run at the end of April was a non-event due to the weather. I went out to the meet up point in case anyone had decided to brave the elements, but nobody else turned up. To be fair the weather was probably the worst I have ever seen on an event day with the possible exception of Thoresby in 2007. Blowing a gale and driving, horizontal rain are not ideal and everyone had sensibly opted for a lie in so I went back home! The weather was pretty appalling all that week and our trip to Catton Hall on 6th May was cancelled as the ground was waterlogged. The organiser has rescheduled this event for 19th August so please don’t throw your passes away—they will be honoured. Brian had been due to lead a small group to Donington for the Historic racing the same weekend festival but he was ill and so our members tagged along with East Midlands. Happily the weather changed for the end of May and we enjoyed a great weekend at Curborough and Hatton on 26th/27th, both of which are hopefully covered in detail elsewhere in this issue. If you missed Hatton you really should be kicking yourself about now as it was a really great show. There was plenty to occupy your time if you were a Porsche nut and lots for the family to look around whilst you were browsing Pork. The weather was stunning and it was a great atmosphere. If you were unlucky enough to miss Hatton make a mental note that you MUST attend the National Show in 2013 when the club celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Looking ahead to August we have two fabulous events planned. Firstly on the 12th August we’re heading off to Prescott Revival. If you haven’t already got a ticket for this you must act quickly or miss out. Visit the website at and contact John Brookes via the enquiries section. Tell him you’re with TIPEC to qualify for the discounted entry price of £20 (to include one hill run) and he will sort your booking. As well as the opportunity to visit this historic motor sport venue and take a run up the famous hill there is also a concours event for the polishers out there! That’s being run by Paul Keeling and sponsored by Meguiars so there will be nice prizes for sure. The Concours is free to enter provided you have booked and paid to attend the event. Just note on the entry form you are entering the Concours and send me an email so I can liaise with Paul Keeling. If you missed Hatton for heaven’s sake don’t miss this one as well! On 22nd August we are holding our now traditional sprint day at Curborough using the full circuit. Arms and legs must be covered and helmets worn but there is no noise limit for the cars. At the time of writing I have some places left but this will be sold out so act quickly if you want to join us. Costs are as previously emailed so please get in touch with me if you want a place. To round off August we’re off to the Plum Festival in Pershore. I’m still trying to agree details for this so please watch your emails for further details. This is another family event with food vendors, market, street entertainers etc and cars parked up around the Abbey. July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Le Mans Classic weekend July 16th (Monday) Club night at the Westmead. Please note this is a change from our normal second Monday to accommodate our Le Mans trip. July 22nd (Sunday) Silverstone Classic (Multi region event). Event runs from Friday–Sunday but Central Region will attend on Sunday. August 12th (Sunday) Prescott Revival with the Marcos Owners Club. A chance to drive the hill and/or chill out and watch everyone else. To book tickets and hill runs visit from middle of January 2011. Also concours event for the polishers! August 13th (Monday) Club night at The Westmead

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August 22nd (Wednesday) Central Sprint Day at Curborough A chance for a blast around this great sprint circuit with bacon butties thrown in at no extra cost. The cheapest and safest track day event available anywhere. Arms and legs must be covered and helmets worn. No noise limits. August 27th (Monday) Pershore Plum Festival. Classic cars parked around the Abbey, street entertainment, food stalls etc etc. See Paul for entry application. September 2nd (Sunday) Himley Hall classic car show. (See Ragley above for details) October 5–7th (Friday–Sunday) Weekend of the year (WOTY). Details tbc. November 16–18th (Friday–Sunday) Classic Show at the NEC

TIPEC Anglia region members

December 10th (Monday) Christmas Dinner andClub Night at the Westmead

Anglia RO Trevor Read 01473 684 876 ARO Colin Clarke 01284 706 247

Parked up at the Bawdsey radar station

Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of each month from 7pm at The Bunbury Arms, Ixworth Road, Great Barton, Suffolk IP31 2NX. Our latest trip out was on Sunday 29th April, when Peter Ashford kindly arranged a pub lunch at The Sorrel Horse at Shottisham in Suffolk, followed by a trip to the world’s first operational Radar Station which is located at Bawdsey. The day started off very wet, with some of the country roads part flooded. We had an excellent lunchtime meal at The Sorrel Horse which is one of only a handful of pubs in the UK which is in Gmund qs 30/6/08 16:49 Page 1 ‘community led’ freehold ownership ... well worth another trip!

Anglia members’ cars by the estuary

As we arrived on the coast at Bawdsey the sun greeted us, and we had a very interesting tour of the radar station’s Transmitter Block which was built in 1936 on the beautiful Bawdsey Manor Estate ... the station provided long range early warning for the North Sea and Channel approaches, and played a critical role during the Battle of Britain in 1940. Finally we went down to the estuary overlooking Old Felixestowe and the ferry boat, for a cream tea ... the weather had really improved and we spent the rest of the afternoon with quite pleasant weather. Our next get together (which will be long passed by the time you read this) is our annual BBQ on Saturday 12th May ... no doubt we will be using our newly issued gazebo unless the weather of the last two weeks drastically improves!

July 21st–22nd (Saturday–Sunday) Swavesey Steam & Classic Car Rally July 24th (Tuesday) Club night, Bunbury Arms. August 5th (Sunday) Helmingham Classic Car Show (This is our Annual Regional Show) August 26th (Sunday) Little Gransden Air & Car Show August 28th (Tuesday) Club night, Bunbury Arms. The internet's largest collection of Porsche memorabilia.

DVD’S & CD’S C’était un rendevous - £14.99 The new RUF DVD - £55.00 Best Motoring - The Porsche 996 Turbo - The King? - £19.99 Porsche model info CDs - £10.00

PHONE FOR LATEST MODELS WORKSHOP MANUALS Original Porsche workshop manuals available for all models, most ex-stock


SALES BROCHURES Porsche Sales Brochures from the 1960’s/70’s/80’s to present day are now available. From £10

ORIGINAL DRIVERS HANDBOOKS These handbooks are what would have been supplied with every new car that left the dealership. They contain lots of very useful information - almost every model is still available with prices starting from £25.00

w w w.g m u n d co lle c t i o n .co m email: tel: 0870 20 20 911 fax: 0870 20 20 959

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Join us behind the wheel of the world’s greatest Porsches 25%

discount for all TIPEC members

All TIPEC members will receive a 25% discount on the price of a 12 month subscription to GT Purely Porsche. To claim your discount contact our subscriptions department at or call 01732 748084 and quote your TIPEC membership number. GT Purely Porsche is published on the second Thursday of the month preceding the cover date. Should have any difficulties finding a copy of GT Purely Porsche in the shops, please contact: Seymour Distribution Ltd on 0207 386 8000 or email:

Gruppe South South East London & North Kent RO Jim Hearnden 01634 869 658 07930 353 232 (mobile) ARO Paul Greer 07799 412 870 (mobile) Meetings are held first Friday of every month 7:30pm at The Harrow, Maidstone Road, Hadlow TN11 0HP. Tel 01732 850 386 (Google Map: Our new club meeting location is pretty easy to get to, it is about 15–20minutes from J4 M20 and has a massive car park as well as being large inside, and the landlady has given us our own area. This one is a couple of miles closer to the motorway so even easier to get to. Partners are more than welcome and it is not all car chat. The venue does great, reasonably priced food so if you do not want to cook, you can have a meal before the meeting starts. More and more members are doing that now. We now have 48 people on the SELNK list and a lot of these Paul and I have never met. It would be great to see some of you in the forthcoming few months. The latest calendar is now out and you should have a copy in your inbox. Paul and I have worked on the calendar and this year should be better than ever so please try to support events when ever you can. I have two or three members that I don’t have email addresses for. If you have an email address and do not see mails from me, then please send me a mail to and I’ll add you to the list. That also applies to people in adjacent areas who would like a copy of our calendar. Please also ensure that you update address, car and email details when you renew.

April The Karmann Ghia Owners Club (South East Area) invited Marden Motor Club and TIPEC (London & SE) to join them for Drive it Day. Twenty five cars, their owners and passengers met at Orchard View Classics Garage, Yalding, for doughnuts and coffee. After inspecting and discussing the wide variety of cars, they set of for a 25 mile scenic drive for lunch at Newenden, followed by a visit to The Mill model and toy museum where the owners were most welcoming. The close proximity of the KESR steam railway allowed some to take a short train ride. Many of the group completed the day discussing cars, and much more, over a drink and an evening meal. May Great club meet, good turnout. A bit scary when Paul & I arrive at the venue and the Landlady says “You have three new members over there waiting for you.” And around an hour later another new member joined us, Catherine who had driven a long way in a VW Camper to be there, thanks Catherine I hope we weren’t too scary for you. A lot of people are coming to the venue and eating so the Harrow must be doing something right. Prescott Hillclimb As we were due to be away for the Sunday a few of us thought it would be good to do something on the Saturday. After a few drop outs it was just David Lawrence and I who went to La Vie En Bleu: A celebration of French cars. There was a mouthwatering turnout of cars, ranging from some veteran cars dating back to the beginning of motoring some of which struggled to climb the hill, through to a Bugatti Veyron bought over by the factory with a works driver. It was scorchingly hot and shade was at a premium but it was a fantastic day’s motorsport. As always my pictures are at if you want a look.

The Porsche Show After a restless night in a hotel because of the temperature it was a sensible start time for the 20 minute drive to Hatton. Not in a Porsche today (sore subject). The breakfast at Hatton is fantastic, highly recommended. I will leave coverage to the main magazine article, suffice to say fantastic show, brilliant weather, great turnout of stunning cars. Well done Sean & Clive. June Great club meet, good turnout. A repeat visit from Jason with his 09 plated Boxster, also good to see so many faces at a club night. A shame the weather wasn’t on our side, Mr Smallman had threatened that the Speedster would be bought out if there was no threat of rain. Unfortunately it was dark and overcast so that didn’t happen, maybe sometime in the future Sean? July 6th (Friday) Club night at the Harrow July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Le Mans Classic Book with Travel Destinations: /le-mans-classic/5/ July 26th (Saturday) Prescott Hill Climb A celebration of French vehicle design. August 3rd (Friday) Club night at the Harrow August 5th (Sunday) Hop Mog Classic Car Meet at Ashford, with Sports Car Club South Eastern Section. Names to Jim ASAP. August 25th (Saturday) Visit to Pragon at Five Oaks. Names to Jim & Paul ASAP. August 27th (Monday) Ace Café, 18:00. September 1st (Saturday) ’50s, ’60s & ’70s Night on the paddle steamer Kinswear Castle. Names to Jim. September 14th (Friday) Comedy Club, Bridgewood Hotel. Names to Paul.

SELNK trip to Orchard View Classics Garage on Drive it Day

Heading up the hill at Prescott

South East RO Derek Flanagan 01342 717 754 07767 254 820 (mobile) Meetings are held second Wednesday of every month 8pm at The Bolney Stage, London Road, Bolney RH17 5RL, just off the A23, 10 miles south of Crawley. For those of you who haven’t made it along to a monthly meet yet, we always welcome new members and prospective members, come and see if you like us, we’re a friendly bunch no matter what model of Porker you own or desire and you will be guaranteed to receive a hearty welcome. You also have the opportunity of winning our own regional lotto with all SE Region members going into the hat each month, but you have to be at the meeting to win if your name is drawn out.

South East region members’ cars parked up at Symonds yat on the Weekend of the Year

SE Region member Brian Hilliard offered to give a demo of orbital polishing at our June club night, subject to weather and light. Alex Willis was the lucky member who’s 944 was to be the donor car for this demo. Full report in the next issue. Bob Stephens brought his new 2004 996 C4S cabriolet along to club meetings and we also welcomed new member Steve Harman from Guildford with his Boxster S in May. The May car logo quiz (69 logos) was won by Bob Stephens (53 correct answers) narrowly beating Dan Engledow & Steve Perrin (51 correct answers). Amazingly some members even got the Porsche logo wrong (although it was only a partial logo of the prancing horse and was intended to fool some members into thinking it was a Ferrari logo!) James Garrard continues his quest for a 930 Flatnose and took the opportunity whilst on holiday in Yorkshire to test drive a rare red 930 flatnose for sale at Malton Cars that you will find in most books with the Reg No. 4444KO. He also sat in the rarest first ever 959 that just sold for £750K ... a Sport version with delivery mileage on it, with 001 on the factory plate. Weekend of the Year The SE Region’s 2012 Weekend of the Year (WotY) 18th–22nd May was a long weekend break at the four star Royal Lodge hotel at the idyllic Symonds Yat on the banks of the river Wye in Herefordshire. The SE Region group of 15 welcomed Bob Stephens back onto the wWotY with his newly acquired 996 C4S Cabriolet. The Royal Lodge was a great place to unwind with long relaxing walks along the river banks with outstanding scenery and wild life, and a walk across the Bilbin suspension bridge. For the more adventurous there was a walk to King Arthur’s Cave. The Royal Lodge hotel not only met all our WotY standards but exceeded them. We couldn’t fault their service, facilities, accommodation or food.

South East region members on their Weekend of the Year at Symonds Yat

The hotel manager was also a Porsche owner driving a speed yellow 986 Boxster S, so gave us a preferential reserved parking area. On our way to our destination we visited the Ross Cider farm as Herefordshire is the cider centre for the UK. I even managed to uphold my reputation and tradition for finding a long narrow grass centred lane that challenged some of our Porsches. This was the approach lane to the cider farm. The weather was better than forecasted by the weathermen and after a damp Friday afternoon remained dry thereafter. However, the Friday rain did identify a leak in Nick Barnes 928 sunroof, that made the passenger seat wet, so Jane took advantage and became a passenger in Bob’s 996 C4S for a day. Colin Bonner’s car repairing skills soon fixed the sunroof. Sadly on Sunday the 928’s electrically operated side windows decided to stop working with the passenger window open slightly, but fortunately it remained dry. It’s the friendliness of the members that always make the WotY a success and it was great to have ex SE Region members Ray and Sue Wickens join us this year to reminisce, ( as they live nearby to our hotel in the Wye valley at Coleford). On the Saturday we took a 60 mile circular tour starting at Symonds Yat rock to admire the view over seven counties before our tour around the Forest of Dean ending at Caldicot Castle before returning to Symonds Yat for a cruise down the river Wye. On Sunday we toured around the Brecon Beacons.

Heading up the hill at Prescott

The Porsche Show at Hatton Country World was attended by seven S.E. Region members and their cars. James Garrard displayed his Black prototype 944 Turbo SE which he has recently refitted with the original electric controlled Recaro Sports seats which were a factory option. July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Le Mans Classic July 11th (Wednesday) Monthly SE Region meeting at The Bolney Stage July 20th–22nd (Friday–Sunday) Silverstone Classic August 5th (Sunday) Goodwood Breakfast Club Meeting: Thoroughbred Sunday August 8th (Wednesday) Monthly SE Region meeting at The Bolney Stage

All Torque 93 page 27

August 18th (Saturday) Capel Classic Car & Bike Shot This is one of our favourite local car shows with around 400 cars and bikes on display in a very friendly country style atmosphere with beer tent, hog roast and BBQ to satisfy our hunger pangs. We have reserved a club space for 12–15 cars and gazebo again this year. Please let me know if you want to attend and display your Porsche. This year’s featured marque is American cars & bikes. For more details go to August 19th (Sunday) Cranleigh Classic Car Show & Autojumble If you can’t get enough of classic car shows, then the day after the Capel car show we have the Cranleigh classic car show which also has a huge autojumble and entry is free if you register your car. Go to Last year there were 1,700 varied and interesting vehicles to see and a full day of action in the arena. Brooklands Museum Trust had a popular stand and ventured into the arena with a 1914 Stanley Steamer transporting actress Trudie Goodwin and Brooklands are returning in 2012 and have promised to bring a selection of interesting and varied vehicles with them again. I’m sure we will also have a good selection of members’ Porsches on display. August 19th (Sunday) Annual Boat Trip Every year we park our Porsches up for a day and go on to a narrowboat on the canals travelling at the relaxing speed of five mph enjoying the rippling water and a slower pace of life, leaving the rush of driving on busy congested roads behind us as we take in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. This year we are going to do a variation on this theme and go boating on the River Thames starting from the marina base at Datchet (near Windsor Castle) where we can go either upstream or downstream. There are many wonderful riverside towns, villages and riverside homes along the river with mooring spots for a picnic or riverside restaurants and pubs.

We will be hiring two ten-seater self drive motor cruisers if we get sufficient members sign up. There is free parking at the marina, and if this is full there is free parking (on Sundays) at the station car park only two minutes walk from the marina.

July 15th (Sunday) Sherborne Castle Classics

The cost is £28 per person to be paid when booking.

July 20th–22nd (Friday - Sunday) Silverstone Classic

July 20th (Friday) Poole Quay Porsches

August 26th (Saturday) Visit to Paragon Porsche at Five Ashes Joint visit with SELNK Region.

August 5th (Sunday) Wilton House Supercar Day

September 12th (Wednesday) Monthly SE Region meeting at The Bolney Stage

August 7th (Tuesday) Club Night at The Angel Longham

September 14–16th (Friday–Sunday) Goodwood Revival Festival

August 12th (Sunday) Southern Region BBQ in The New Forest


September 4th (Tuesday) Club Night at The Angel Longham

RO Nick Snook 07929 113 390 (mobile) ARO Jim Tarrant 01202 601 886

September 14th-16th (Friday- Sunday) Goodwood Revival [Advance tickets only]

Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm at The Angel, 188 Ringwood Rd, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9AP For our first visit to Poole Quay this year over 100 Porsches turned up. The enthusiasts enjoyed an evening chatting and taking in the atmosphere of the event. It was excellent to see the Bristol group who made a weekend of it. Friday the 20th July is another chance to see the Porsches on Poole Quay. On a sunny Sunday Morning in May Southern Region headed for the TIPEC National Show at Hatton Country World. The region would like to say thanks to Sean and the organisers for a great show. Phil Hughes from Southern was asked to display his lovely early 928 in the main arena and describe to the onlookers some of the features of his classic.

October 2nd (Tuesday) Club Night at The Angel Longham

Thames Valley RO Craig Moore 07748 733 000 (mobile) ARO Jason Gibson 07958 459 725 (mobile) Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 7:00pm at The Novello, Bath Rd, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, SL6 3RX. I guess many of you will have heard by now that life has taken a different turn for me recently. Unfortunately, I started to have some memory problems a few weeks ago, and had to check into hospital for an investigation. As it happens, I was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumour, scheduled for surgery to take a biopsy and relieve the pressure in my head, and help relieve the symptoms of my condition. Well, it all went OK, and I’m pleased to say the surgeons managed to chop out a pretty large tumour without costing me too much in terms of normal strength and movement, although I am permanently knackered at present! Unfortunately, that won’t be the end of it, as I’m now facing several weeks of daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy lasting six weeks, then a months break before six more months of chemo. It’s going to be tough, but it's either do this, or see my condition start to affect my lifestyle quite quickly, as my condition is the most aggressive form (type 4) of ‘glio glastoma multiforme’.

Phil Hughes explaining some of the details of his classic 1978 Porsche 928 to Clive Gosling and the audience at Hatton

I’m pretty much resigned to the physical cost of the treatment in the hope it’ll give me more time to enjoy life a bit later on, and we are going to keep positive that it’ll pay off. Sheila and I have also reconciled (hooray!)

and we are hoping to get away for a Med cruise before my treatment starts in about a month. I’m also off to Le Mans Classic in early July with a gang of mates— can’t wait for that! I’m just hoping it’s not too hot as that sucks the strength out of you, and there’s a lot of walking to do every day to see all the action. Anyway, that’s the update. I’m going to have to step aside from TIPEC duties as the treatment will wipe me out for the next few weeks. If anyone would like to step up to take on the RO role, please let me know asap. It’s not that onerous really—just keeping up to date with the events calendar, making sure we remind people of our meeting dates and writing a column for All Torque once every couple of months. And you get a free T-shirt! Can I also thank everyone again who came along to The Southcote for a drink and a steak/burger etc shortly after I was diagnosed—it was good to see everyone and I really hope that throughout my treatment I will be able to continue to attend the Novello, as I intend to do on Tuesday. Annoyingly, my doctor has banned me from driving! This is far and away the worst thing that has resulted so far, but I’m afraid I have to put up with it for the time being ... Here’s hoping for a trackday that’ll let me drive a few laps at some point.

July 3rd (Tuesday) Club night at the Novello

November 6th (Tuesday) Club night at the Novello

July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Classic Le Mans

December 4th (Tuesday) Club night and Christmas dinner at the Novello

July 8th (Sunday) British Grand Prix Silverstone

Cornwall & Devon RO wanted

July 23rd–25th (Friday–Sunday) Silverstone Classic

Meetings are held third Sunday of every month 12:00–2:30pm at The Winds of Change, South Petherwin, Near Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7LP.

August 5th (Sunday) Goodwood Breakfast Club: Pre-‘66 Classics August 7th (Tuesday) Club night at the Novello

RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and the committee and to attend/organise local events.

August 27th (Bank Holiday Monday) Ace Café Porsche night from 6pm


September 4th (Tuesday) Club night at the Novello

RO Pete Blackler 07779 203 278 (mobile)

September 8th (Saturday) Brighton Speed Trials

Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of every month from 8pm at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Braishfield Road, Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QE.

October 2nd (Tuesday) Club night at the Novello

Curry or a burger, curry or burger?!

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I’m as passionate about your Porsche as you are, which is why I think you’ll love our insurance deals. Adrian Flux Insurance Services has been built around the enthusiast markets. We have specialist teams dealing with your request so we can provide you with a tailor-made policy based on your own personal requirements and driving history. Call us today and get a no obligation quote for your Porsche.

FREEPHONE 0800 089 0035 Quoteline hours: Mon to Fri 9am-7pm | Sat 9am-4pm

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Independent Porsche Specialists

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Fibreglass body styling upgrades, service kits, pumps, bearings, belts, brakes, clutch kits, steering, etc.

Used Parts Thousands of good used parts, engines, gearboxes, trim parts, wheels and many more.

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General repairs, restoration, updates, backdates, all types of work undertaken. Call for a quote. Full fitting and repair service with over 25 years experience Unit 58, Weights Farm Business Park, Weights Lane, Redditch B97 6RG • 24hr delivery


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The Insurance for Classic & Modern Porsches Run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts since 1965

Up to 15% discount for TIPEC members

Call us now on

0845 373 4777 Our policies can include: cover for unlimited UK club track days, agreed value with free certificate for Porsches more than 10 years old, up to 90 days European cover, UK & European breakdown cover, discounts for limited mileage, and more.

Quote & buy online at

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Classifieds 1989 Porsche 944 LUX 2.7L £5,250 ono 5 speed manual, 1989, low mileage: 70,000 miles. Only three owners from new, with full service and records history. Always garaged and with 11 months MOT & TAX. Full 12,000 miles service, brake fluid change, cam and balance shaft belts replaced at 69,403 miles in May 2012.

1973 Porsche 911T, 2.4L 107,000 miles. Extensive engine rebuild costing £18K with all receipts. Drives like a dream. Front fog lights, Original leather seats, brand new ‘Becker’ stereo with iPod adapter, Piranha alarm, original steering wheel and gear knob. Contact Chris Cook on 01273 842 937 (West Sussex) or 07840 984 196. Email

2005 (05) Porsche 997 C2 Carrera £23,000 ono Very attractive 997 6-speed manual Carrera in Guards Red with black leather interior with some very desirable options and extras. 52,000 miles. Four previous owners. Full service history (OPC & Tech 9). Options and extras include: PCM Navigation Module, Telephone Module for PCM, PSM Stability Control, 19" Carrera S wheels, Sports Seats, Electric Tilt and Slide Sunroof, Leather dash & trim with white stitching, Rear Parking Assistance, Rear Wiper, 6 CD Changer, Top Tinted Windscreen, Cruise Control. A fabulous motor car that has had an engine rebuild by Tech 9 following an intermediate shaft bearing failure in 2010. These people are engineers and not fitters and this car is now not the same car as I bought! The engine is now very sweet and does not miss a beat and you can rest assured that the same problem will not recur having had this work done. This inherent fault does not come up on AA inspections or an OPC 111 point check so unless you have warranty to cover this you could be exposing yourself to a large bill if you are considering another 996 or 997 (or Boxster with those engines)! All my Service records, receipts, MOT (to 16th May 2013) and tax discs (taxed to 31st October 2012) available for inspection. The number plate is NOT included in the sale but could possibly be included if the buyer wishes to buy it. The car is located in Northwich, Cheshire. Contact Chris Nowell on 07970 496 948. You can use the TIPEC website to register or renew your club membership, advertise cars and parts for free, download old issues of All Torque, and keep up-to-date with events in your region. If you look to the bottom-left of the homepage, you will find a link to TIPEC’s online discussion forum. This is the place to trade banter with fellow club members on a day-to-day basis, ask questions and share knowledge, up and down the UK (and worldwide!)

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All Torque 94  

The magazine of The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) in the UK. Issue 94, July/August 2012.

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