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TIPEC (0845 602 0052) All Torque is published bi-monthly by The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC). All text & images are © their authors & photographers. Front cover image: TIPEC ’09 at the Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon. Photographed by Brod Purdy. All Torque is based entirely on submissions from TIPEC members. This is your magazine and we need your involvement! Send in running reports, Porsche-related stories, how-to articles … anything you think might interest other TIPEC members. Please send text and images via email, or on CD/DVD (or paper!) to the address below. Submissions for issue 78 (October) must be in before Friday 4th September 2009. All Torque editor & designer Tony Blow Flat 1/1, 47 Greendyke Street, Glasgow G1 5PX Printed by The Lavenham Press Ltd, Suffolk (01787 247 436) Advertising in All Torque is managed by TIPEC club office 10 Whitecroft Gdns, Woodford Halse NN11 3PY (0845 602 0052) TIPEC Chairman Sean Smallman (07500 332 790) Vice Chairman Jim Hearnden (07930 353 232) Treasurer Brian Rowledge Advertising & Club Liason Clive Gosling (07791 480 999) Membership Secretary Dave Doherty (01423 504 086) TIPEC Membership, Alexa House 26 Ripon Road, Harrogate HG1 2JJ Gruppe North Director John Oakes (01132 827 512) Gruppe Central Director Eric Finley (07971 594 211) Gruppe South Director Derek Flanagan (07767 254 820) All Torque & TIPEC are entirely independent of Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG, Porsche Cars GB Ltd and its dealers. All registered Trade Marks owned by Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG, including the word ‘Porsche’, the Porsche Crest and Porsche Script are acknowledged as such and are their property. Whilst all due care is taken in the production of All Torque; neither TIPEC, its officers or the editor can accept responsibility for the advice, information or opinions expressed herein. Opinions contained in any article published herein are of the author or editor and do not reflect the official position of TIPEC, its management or membership, unless clearly stated by a club official.

Chairman’s Chat So much has happened since the last issue, I am going to struggle to fit it all in this month. ‘The Porsche Show’ received a big thumbs-up from all quarters and the 1,400+ people that attended had a great time in the sunshine. The 750 cars parked on the tarmac in front of the museum and on the grass in the regional area made for a great display, a fitting tribute to the diversity and longevity of the Marque. The Scottish Region turned up en masse once again, made a long weekend of it and looked very organised under their gazebos. Although some do not approve I really enjoy seeing the cars parked as they arrive, which jumbles all the models up. It is nice to see the owners appreciating each others Porsches and having a chat as they lock up before heading off to see what there is to do. I would like to thank the members of South Central who made the event possible by helping to run things on the day. My partner in crime Clive Gosling; I do not know how Clive found the time to organise the event as well as bag Best in Show with his stunning 993. Ken Coad who helped with the traders and last but by no means least, Jo and Haley who have to put up with Clive and I during this very busy time. For some time now I have been debating buying another 911. I decided to bite the bullet in June and bought a 996 C4S cabriolet in midnight blue. This meant that the cabby had to go and was soon sold to a very nice couple from the Midlands. I must admit I was very sad watching the 944 disappear out of sight and hope that I do not regret the decision to sell a very reliable car which we had loads of fun in. The new toy was taken for a shakedown with our annual trip to France and I have to say, it was a joy to drive both on and off the auto-route. The 600 mile drive home on Saturday felt effortless and the noise made from the sports exhaust in the tunnel near Rouen had me grinning for miles. The 4S attracted lots of attention whenever we pulled up, Porsches seemed to be a bit of rarity. Saying that, whilst sitting on the terrace outside a cafe in the square at Le Fleche enjoying the warm morning sunshine and an espresso, A stunning early 928 cruised majestically by. Another great holiday was had with friends and we are already planning our next assault on the Euro Zone for the Autumn. That’s enough about what we have been up to. The South East Region put on another successful Goodwood Festival of Speed. The pictures of the display look fantastic and a warm welcome to all the new members that joined the club over the three days and also to those that signed up at Gaydon in May.

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RUF Greenster When will Porsche develop and market an Electric Porsche? The German tuning specialist RUF, have beaten Porsche to it.

RUF showed the latest development in its plan to sell electric cars based on the Porsche 911 at Goodwood Festival of Speed: the RUF Greenster, which will go on sale next year from €180,000 (£160k). The RUF Greenster builds on last year’s eRUF, improving the car’s power and range and cutting weight with new, lighter lithium Ion batteries. With 300kg cut from the drivetrain, the Greenster weighs around 1480kgs, much the same as a conventional 911.

The Greenster is a targa top 911 in the old style with a chopped speedster-type windshield. In the back sits a 270kW Siemens electric motor with 695 lb-ft of torque. The battery pack system has been improved and is now 30% smaller in volume, restoring the front trunk space that was lost on the original. The battery pack also has greater power capacity allowing it to release and absorb power faster, enabling more regenerative braking capacity. The battery can apparently be charged in only one hour from a 400V outlet increasing to six hours with a 240 volt supply. The next iteration will switch to a twin motor setup and the company is planning a small series production. Acceleration is equal to a 911 Carrera 4, with a 0–62mph time of 5.0 seconds, and top speed is claimed to be 250km/h. There’s no word on the car’s range though, although a larger capacity battery pack will eventually be offered as an option.

Curborough Sprint Day Those of you that would like to push your car that little bit harder than you dare on the roads but don’t fancy a full blown track day might find this interesting. Central Region have booked the Sprint circuit at Curborough for Wednesday 9th September.

This is an ideal opportunity to have a blast in your car without the worry of Gatso cameras or other cars on the track and so is probably a perfect introduction to track driving in your Porsche! That said even a seasoned track day enthusiast will have a great day pushing their car around the tight circuit. Our last trip to Curborough in 2007 was one of the best events we have held in the region so don’t miss out this time around. The format of the day will be as follows: Arrive from 9.15am to meet and greet. Gordon Cardew will provide a safety briefing at 9.30am and we will walk the circuit so that Gordon can point out clipping points etc. The circuit will open from 10am and only one car will be on circuit at a time—you will wait on the start line until the car on circuit passes you which is your ‘green light’ to go! Arms and legs must be covered and helmets must be worn. A disclaimer must also be signed for the circuit and club. This applies to all drivers and passengers going out on circuit. There is no noise limit on cars. The circuit will be open for lapping from 10am till 1pm and 2pm till 5pm with a one hour forced lunch break. Cost for the full day (six hours driving) is £55 or a half day (morning or afternoon with three hours driving) at only £35. At this price you will not find a cheaper track event anywhere! The event is open to members from all regions. To book a place email Paul at or contact him on 07831 877 983

The Ultimate Owners’ Guide: Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Gordon Wingrove, PMM Books, £16.95, ISBN 978-1-906712-02-0. If you’re thinking about buying a 1980’s 911, this book is a very thorough and practical guide. If you already have one, then even better—this book acts as the manual Porsche should have written for you in the first place. After a very brief introduction and history of the 3.2, Gordon Wingrove goes into detail on all those little things an owner really needs to know; like where to safely put a jack, what fuse does what, how to troubleshoot common problems, and what tools belong in the standard roll included with the car. Everything is clearly written and illustrated with sensible colour photographs. This is an invaluable basic reference for any owner. At the price, it’s hard to think of any reasons not to buy a copy.

The Ultimate Buyers’ Guide: Porsche 911 996 Grant Neal, PMM Books, £16.95, ISBN 978-1-906712-10-5. In contrast to the owners’ guide above, this buyers’ guide to the 996 series shies away from troubleshooting and niuts and bolts practicalities, keeping that sort of thing to a single chapter at the rear of the book which explains (and illustrates with clear photography) what problem points to check for when viewing a potential purchase. The meat of this book instead is full of detail on the differences between each model in the range and the myriad of factory options available. Essentially it functions as a spotters’ guide—helping you identify exactly what you are looking at when you view a car in a dealer’s car park. Whilst of little interest to the casual reader, this could be a very useful pocketbook for anybody lucky enough to be seriously planning to buy a 996.

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Tatton Park

Perfect weather, perfect Porsches, perfect show! Tatton is the best show in the calendar of the North West and Cheshire & Staffs regions. Yes it was hot but with over 40 different cars and a tractor our stand was hotter. There were over 2,000 exhibitors at the show, with 84 different club stands, and we did TIPEC proud. Yes we were short of space and the diamond patterned grass which was lovingly mown into shape could not be seen, but with a little organising we managed to get all of us on the stand, plus a Scalectrix. The flags were up and we waited for the cars and we were not disappointed. We had some amazing cars there. Stephen Taylor had his mint Silver Rose 944 Turbo there, something he should be proud of as it has definitely been worth all the effort to get it into that condition. Stephen Kings brought his Riviera Blue RS, and Phil Wignall his silver GT3. We had everything from a 914 to new 911s and all models in between. The best of Porsche was on our stand, the polishing cloths were out in force we definitely had the best stand we have ever put together. We won 1st highly commended club stand on the Saturday and on the Sunday we won best Porsche of the day; and no it wasn’t the silver GT3 or Barrie & Lyn Weights’ 911 Turbo … much to the surprise of the commentator, who did a double take when Writing & photography by Brenda Marginson

reading out the winner, it went to the Porsche Junior Tractor! A worthy winner, the amount of interest this little red tractor brought was amazing. People followed it to where we kept it overnight just to look at it. A big thank you to Rob for bringing it to the show for us, and even going to the trouble of having it valeted beforehand. He certainly made my husband Harry’s show as he got to drive it and look after it. My car was left dusty and open to elements while the little red tractor was covered up for the night—something sadly wrong there I think! Thank you to all who made the effort for the show, I look forward to seeing you in August: same time, same place.

The Under 17 Car Club

Two Years ago I heard about the Under 17 Car Club, where children from the age of 12 learn to drive in the safe environment of various race circuits across southern England. The club’s emphasis is on safety, not racing. They learn all the extra skills necessary for the roads they will face when they reach 17 years old, such as hazard awareness, skid pan training and night driving. Our two children, Beth (15) and Charlie (14) are now both very competent drivers, they can parallel park perfectly and reverse through tight slalom courses with an accuracy that many experienced motorists would fail to achieve. The catch is that they drive your own cars without any hope of insurance cover! This means that everyone takes the safety aspects very seriously. In our case they normally drive my BMW 5 Series estate or my wife’s Saab convertible. Every year the club organises ‘Magic Day’ at Castle Combe, where the children pay £1 per lap to go around the circuit as a passenger in exotic cars bought along for the day. Money goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust. The array of cars is always breathtaking and the highlight for many this year was the arrival of a Porsche Carrera GT; one of the few cars that could upstage the usual stars of the day (Ferraris and Lamborghinis). I took along my 1988 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet for what was a gloriously hot day and was kept busy driving the youngsters and some of their parents all day, until the brakes began to smell hot.

Kids pay just £1 for hot laps in a Carrera GT at Castle Combe

This year’s array of cars included; a split windscreen VW camper, a trike, Ford GT40, E Type Jaguar, a beautiful pre-war Bentley, an ambulance, various police cars, lots of TVRs, Caterhams, Porsches and a good selection of Ferraris and Lambos. The kids wandered around excitedly jumping from car to car. The queues for the Carrera GT never ended all day. I would have liked a passenger ride too, the £1 fee seemed too low for such a thrill. The children who have passed the higher tests are encouraged to swap vehicles with other members and half way through the afternoon one of the Grade 1 children asked if he could drive my 911. Now if I were reading this article without having been in the club, the thought of letting a spotty teenager loose in my precious 911 around Castle Combe would be a non-starter but these kids really know how to drive. To get to Grade 1, they will have driven hundreds of different vehicles, including buses, coaches, articulated lorries, rally cars etc. I took a deep breath and handed the keys over to the youngster who I didn’t know, who drove the car perfectly and when encouraged by myself he was not averse to driving the car with a little more zest. Later on in afternoon, my son Charlie took to the wheel of my 911, with his cousin Ollie in the back seat, for five laps of the circuit. Charlie drove the car very well, without stalling or missing a gear, in what is a reasonably difficult car to drive as there is no power steering etc in 911s of this era. Imagine going into school on Monday morning, aged 14, to tell your mates what you’d been doing for the weekend. It certainly beats sitting in front of a Playstation! More details on the club can be found at Writing & photography by Geoff Cox

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Pride of place amongst the display of 917 variants at Stuttgart is reserved for this Le Mans winner, driven to victory in 1970 by Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann


With an unbeaten record of 16 victories in the Le Mans 24 hours race, the reputation of Porsche has been founded on success in the high speed, high pressure motorsport environment. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 917, the first Porsche to win Le Mans outright, and it was therefore appropriate that the theme for the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed was ‘True Grit: Epic Feats of Endurance’.

To commemorate this birthday occasion in style, a stunning selection of examples of the 917—many on loan from the new museum in Stuttgart—were present at Goodwood, including the 1970 Le Mans winner and the distinctively-liveried 917/20 ‘Pink Pig’; its colour scheme the work of artists at the Porsche design studio, who came up with the pink finish and marked individual areas butcher-style, from snout to jowl and from ham to tail. Another, the only ‘legally’ road-registered 917, was the handsome version once owned by Count Rossi. Its sole outing came at the 1971 Zeltweg 1000km World Championship race where it was entered by the factory. Featuring an experimental anti-lock braking system about which Porsche’s engineers were highly secretive, the car was disguised in Martini trim. Used as a test-bed for the aforementioned ABS braking system, it next emerged featuring a silver paint finish and a few rudimentary modifications for road use. These included exterior mirrors, an exhaust with silencers, plus one or two cabin tweaks for comfort. However, this wasn’t enough to satisfy the powers that be in Europe so when Count Rossi took delivery he registered the car in the U.S.A. A novel feature of the Festival of Speed is that it seeks to reunite famous drivers with cars of the type they raced in period. Those Porsche enthusiasts visiting Goodwood were able to see Richard Attwood, former F1 driver and 1970 Le Mans winner for Porsche, driving a 917; sports car racing legend Brian Redman was behind the wheel of the 917/30 CanAm racer; David Piper, who bought his 917 new from the factory in 1969, drove his own car; while Jackie Oliver, who won Le Mans in 1969, was reunited with the evocative Gulf-liveried 917. Naturally, there were many other examples of the Porsche marque in action at Goodwood, notably a glorious and remarkably well-preserved Glöckler-Porsche of 1952 vintage. This car, identified by Porschistas everywhere as the forerunner of the iconic 550 Spyder, was designed and built by Walter Glöckler, an independent constructor and proficient amateur racer.

Two exclusive debuts came in the Sunday Times Supercar Run, a renowned showcase of the fastest and most exclusive road-going sports cars. The latest Porsche 911 GT3 made its first UK appearance, while drawing attention at its first public unveiling was the new four door four seat Porsche Panamera Gran Tourismo. This has a 400bhp 4.8–litre V8 engine which, in combination with the seven-speed PDK transmission, can accelerate to 62mph in 5.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 176mph. With its efficient lightweight engineering and optimised aerodynamics it delivers an impressive combined fuel consumption of 26.2 mpg. Driven on the hill it glided as silently as a whisper, while demonstrating clearly all the qualities of a sporting car in grand touring style. Needless to say, our very own TiPEC exhibition area appeared to the casual onlooker as busy as bees around a honey pot. It is to their great credit that this, probably the only one-make car club stand to weather the storm of recession and remain faithful to the spirit of the Festival, was a positive beacon for all Porsche enthusiasts. Here’s to the next year!

Lord March, the power behind all of Goodwood’s impressive motorsport activities

The new four door Panamera, Porsche’s answer for the driver who wants sporting performance and superior comfort—in style! Writing by David White & photography by Phil Jones

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Glorious Goodwood Derek Flanagan reports on the view from the TIPEC stand at the Festival of Speed

The TIPEC stand, with Ken Coad’s 924S track car nearest the camera

RUF Greenster prototype electric sports car

356 Glockler Special prepared for its run up the hill

Gulf 917 celebrating the model’s 40 years

Glorious Goodwood certainly lived up to its name this year with temperatures approaching 30 degrees and glorious sunshine during all three days. The cars, celebrities and entertainment never fail to disappoint us. Once again we were amazed by the Red Arrows display each day. This was the 17th Goodwood Festival with Audi celebrating their centenary and the Porsche 917 celebrating 40 years. Porsche were well represented this year with the usual Porsche Café, the Cayenne 4x4 off-road experience, plus their Human Experience 48 Hour World Record achievement and of course the TIPEC stand again. The first Panamera to visit the UK was on display and did the hill climb, and we had the largest ever collection of 917s in the UK celebrating their 40th anniversary as well as many other Porsche models and replicas such as the Chesil speedsters. I was especially impressed with the beautiful little 356 Glockler Special and the RUF Greenster (a 911 coupe converted into an electric Porsche Targa). The TIPEC stand looked fantastic, our best looking stand ever, with a stunning line up of members cars. The new floor tiles inside the gazebo were great and made a fantastic difference. Like Wimbledon and their roof, the tiles were great even though it didn’t rain! We had our best ever location this year, which with the combination of the new flag and flagpole, large special offer membership posters (artistically created by Richard Harris) the display cars and the new floral display (superbly presented by Rachel) all resulted in a great stand. The stand was longer and wider than we ordered, through some clever (or devious) grass cutting! As a bonus Rachel managed to sweet talk the English Heritage building company opposite our stand to park her 993 in their open fronted oak garage/building opposite our stand to effectively give us four display cars instead of three.

The new 435bhp GT3: 0–60 in 4.3 secs

Firstly, Ken Coad’s Guards Red track prepared 924S, Alan Cordery’s rare and immaculate white Carrera CS, Rob Pettifer’s Guards red 964 (with its shining new paintwork) and not forgetting Rachel Barnard’s 993 Zenith Blue 993 C2S. All four cars were looking perfect and had hundreds of admirers taking photos during the festival. Goodwood certainly raised our profile even higher with some very interesting discussions and possibilities such as a TIPEC stand at MPH Live at Earls Court, some bespoke TIPEC group opportunities at the new Porsche Experience Centre in Silverstone and a potential visit to the Chesil factory. 31 new members signed up—The TIPEC stand was a great attraction. Special thanks to the following members who helped out both settingup and over the three days of the event: Rob Pettifer, Ken & Fay Coad, Alan Cordery, Rachel Barnard, Terry Rockall, Elaine & Ivor Heading, Chris Cook, Jason Brown, Keith Funnell, Peter Rowe, Richard Harris, John Wallin and Derek Flanagan. I am delighted to report that Porsche Centre Mid Sussex generously offered to put all new members signed up at Goodwood Festival of Speed into a free prize draw to win a Cayman or Boxster for a weekend of their choice. The winner drawn out of the hat was David Kirkwood from Littlehampton who is currently searching for a Porsche 964.

Writing by Derek Flanagan. Photography by Derek Flanagan & Phil Jones

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NATIONAL EVENT TO DATE The week leading up to this had fantastic weather and the forecast suggested that this was in for the weekend. Could the forecasters be right for once? Jim Hearnden hoped so. Based on the number of people that recently asked about buying a 944 both in my personal mailbox and on the forum, I’d volunteered to do a session at Gaydon with a microphone. I started writing just one liner prompts for this which became a set of notes for this as a memory jogger, these notes became a six page epistle which took me around three weeks of evenings to generate. Also I was arranging club members to man the stand through the day so together these activities had kept me busy in the weeks leading up to the show. By the time the Gaydon date arrived I was more than aware of it whereas I think Becky had pretty much forgotten. Like a lot of TIPEC wives, I suspect she awaits being told when the next event is and what clothes she (we) need to take. For TIPEC ’08 there had been the ‘Back to School’ fancy dress party. It had been fantastic so I hoped we could do something similar, but in the end it was only my SELNK group that ended up in the hotel, with other regions doing their own thing, some in local hotels and others camping. Support from my SELNK group had been quite good, so we had four couples going up from Kent and quite a few others who would just be doing the Sunday. As the 944 lives outside, I had the Friday off to clean and polish it. I didn’t start until around 10:30 and by then the heat was colossal. Not being that enthusiastic at car cleaning I gave up mid morning! On the Saturday the fantastic weather continued, dawning bright and very hot. We left Kent at just after Noon. The interior cooling on the 944 isn’t too bad with the sunroof open and sitting in a non-air conditioned car was fine until we hit the inevitable traffic jam! Sitting in a boiling hot 944 was not pleasant and it felt like we were standing still for hours but in truth it was only 20 minutes or so.

We were the first Porsche to get to our hotel and after checking in, went and found lunch in the village of Southam, the other two Porsches arrived after we got back to the hotel so it made the three: a 944, a Boxster and a 996. The compulsory English brekkie was undertaken early in the morning and we left the hotel as a group at 9:30. The roads from Southam to Gaydon are great roads, thumbs up for TomTom finding the shortest route. I tried to remember I was leading two others and not to enjoy the hoon too much … We arrived at Gaydon for 09:45 or so and there were already a large amount of cars parked up. Last year at the same time we were in the first row, this time we were a row back—so lots had started out very early. It promised to be a very busy day. A few admin tasks were sorted out and after that it was a quick trip around some of the stands. This year appeared to be a much better mix than ’08 with seemingly less car cleaning products. This appeals to me, as I said earlier I don’t do a lot of car cleaning. One area that had been criticised in ’08 was the lack of things for the kids to do. This year the children’s entertainment appeared to be unrivalled and I just had to check out the GameZone wagon, a truck with three big screens and Playstations. Having been completely thrashed by my ARO Paul and his son, I went off to do something I was better at! Photography by Brod Purdy, Clive Gosling & Paul Hardiman

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Within the hour the car park had started to fill at a very rapid rate, with both sides of the museum entrance filling and the regional parking stacking up as well. I managed a very quick tour of the regional stands. It was good to meet some of the people I talk to on email and the TIPEC forum and put faces to names. Apologies to those I missed. I will try to get to some more regional meetings this year. I moved my car up to do the 944 buyers guide and kicked off to a fair size audience, around 30% of whom already had a 944. No barracking ensued so everyone appeared to be happy. I had printed 20 or so copies of the notes and they rapidly disappeared. I did a further tour of the cars and enjoyed a huge mix, including some stunning 997s. By now the numbers were fantastic with both car park areas pretty full and regional parking heaving. When my alloted time on the test track came around I was quite surprised that my wife relinquished the passenger seat in our 944 to Paul, my ARO. Was the experience last year that bad, I wondered? We drove up to the briefing which is around the back of the main museum. As absolutely no photography is permitted on track so you have to hand in cameras and camera phones. This takes a short while and everyone kicks tyres, chats and admires each others’ cars whilst waiting. Yet again the red and yellow Jag was to be the leader and sat there looking strangely menacing. I’m not sure of the car specification but it has a police style light bar and no back seat! In its place is a huge fire extinguisher system. I just hoped we didn’t need it. The briefing was given by the guy driving the Range Rover sweeper and first aid vehicle at the back. The briefing was pretty much the same as last year. We were told that: A) no one was to overtake the Jaguar at the front, and B) no hanging back either. The ticket stated that max speed was 70mph but at

the briefing we were told if we were “good” boys and girls we might be going a bit faster! This time the drive into the circuit was more sedate and we had a chance to view more of the vehicles on the run in. In the various compounds were lots of Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Jags with various camouflage systems, weird wheels and lots of panels with switches and instruments inside. As a Jaguar owner I’d love to wander around that lot, especially with a guide! The track format starts with a drive into the circuit and a fairly fast three quarters of a lap, then stop in three abreast formation. Pictures are taken by the resident photographer and then you are OFF! You then do two fast laps and then are led off the circuit. The first lap was done quite rapidly with a lot more overtaking than the previous year. At the end of the straight I managed a quick look at the speedo and my 944 2.5 Lux was showing 115+mph. Paul was a lot quieter than Becky had been the previous year, Becky had been threatened with a Gaffer tape gag if she didn’t keep quiet. After the photo session we then took off for a further two laps which were pretty much as quick as the previous one. Paul is quite a trusting passenger, I would not trust me that much! Before leaving Kent I’d raised the tyre pressures a little, to around the 40psi mark all round. This had actually unbalanced the car, so not one of my cleverest moments. In future it will be back to 32psi, which the year before had felt very good. My car is a 2.5 Lux with S2 brakes and suspension, I find it amazing that it handles so well and feels so planted at 100+mph on the track. For a 22 year old car it feels quite quick and handles very well. No wonder that they are becoming popular as a track day tool. After the track session, Paul and I took our turn manning the club stand. It is always interesting to meet the visitors to the show and our own new and existing members. After this I met up with our friend running the GameZone wagon and we then started touring the museum. Some

of the exhibits are fascinating, many being cars I’ve only read about in books. Interesting to have our friends’ two lads of 15 & 16 with us and seeing which things that they were fascinated by. One thing that really got their interest was the Mini sectioned down the middle; all of it, including the engine! One of the things that fascinated me as an engineer was the Jaguar XK ‘body in white’ which is all aluminium and includes all of its pyrotechnic safety aids. These included such bits as pop up roll bars and a bonnet that pumps up automatically to protect pedestrians when they hit it. As Becky & I wandered across the car park we spotted the photographer’s caravan. These were the guys who had taken the pictures as people had arrived and also while on the track sessions. We decided we liked a couple of them and ordered prints which were going to take around 30 minutes or so. We headed back to the museum for a much needed drink. The pictures were great and as soon as I get some frames will be put up on the wall. Our personal view? A great show. Better than last year. I don’t think I heard any negative comments through the whole thing. A straw poll of our SELNK region members revealed that all really enjoyed it. Lots of my guys are new so did not go for 2008 and it was all new for them. My wife, whom I normally poll for the ‘Would we go again’ question, was unreservedly YES; she thought it was a great show.

Writing by Jim Hearnden. Photography by James Fielding, Clive Gosling and Paul Hardiman

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Pride of Ownership Clive Gosling won Best in Show at TIPEC ’09 with his immaculate 993 and kindly decided to share his experience in getting the car to that level

Rinsing off the snowfoam five minutes later

Spraying on the snowfoam—see, cleaning can be fun! I bought my 993 in late 2006 for daily use but she was soon, through unplanned circumstances, promoted to garage queen status. Someone, who shall remain nameless, suggested that I put the car in for Pride of Ownership at Thoresby national day 2007. As many will know that was the monsoon show and to be fair on the day she did okay, coming somewhere on the podium. All I had done was give her a bit of spit and polish and when I put her next to some of the stunning examples I knew she was not in the same league as them. Nonetheless, I had a great, if not soaking, day and the bug had bitten. In 2008 I tried again at the National day but for some bizarre reason the standard had got even higher and the cars were superb. Needless to say I came nowhere and rightly so. Now its not often that I get obsessed about anything, but for some reason, back in late 08, I decided that 2009 Pride of Ownership would be the one time that I would get the car as good as it could possibly be. It wasn’t about being obsessive (although many claim I was) it was just to see what I could get the car looking like if I really gave it some attention. I had always been interested in some of the car detailing sites so I thought why not, I can do that. Little did I know, it’s not as easy as it looks! Every now and then throughout the winter months I would pick up tips, try out trial size products on the trusty daily run about, and stock up on the ones that worked. What follows is the month leading up to

Halogen lights show up any tiny scratches National day and just in case people think I took it off the road and hid it away, I did indeed thrash it up Prescott Hill Climb just a few weeks before the big day. I still maintain, despite this mildly obsessive period, that driving the car as hard as you can is what Porsches are really all about; getting them to look nice is always the second priority. Clearly we all have our own ideas to cleaning and favourite products, ranging from rainwater to uber expensive wax and of course none are wrong. Well, maybe Fairy Liquid is a no-no. What follows is what works for me and is only based on me testing and trialing. No-one, unless they are mad, will contemplate the following in entirety but just maybe there is an occasional useful snippet? All the products I use are available from online stores and, as I say, I find them to be the ones that work for me. In the following, the detailers amongst you will notice the engine bay was not done. I had done this about six months earlier and it was still okay. Plus on the day I wasn’t going to be around for any judges to have a look at the oily bits, in any case. Rather than a single long ramble, I have split the elongated process in to sections so you can read anything of interest and ignore the ones too boring to contemplate.



I started by removing all four wheels and cleaning with ‘Bilberry Wheel Cleaner’. It’s a bit like cleaning your wheels with powerful Ribena but it does the job and, like most of the products, when bought in bulk and diluted lasts for years. A good clean and hand polish followed off with ‘Smartwax Rimwax’ both inside and outside meant the alloys were done. I cleaned many years of muck and tar off the arches with ‘Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner’ (APC) and where it was baked on used ‘B&Q brick cleaner’. Powerful stuff and not for paintwork but good where things are seemingly beyond cleaning. Just make sure you rinse it off very well! All the arches were protected with ‘Chemical Guys Bare Bones’ which works very well on the plastic liners bringing them back to black and keeping them that way. Finally the tyres were degreased and cleaned using ‘Meguiars Degreaser’ mixed with warm water and wiped over with ‘Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel’ This stuff lasts ages and doesn’t spin off when you do finally get to drive the car. If like me you despair at the quality of Porsche wheel nuts, now is a good time to spray Hammerite them all (use an old cardboard box, make a small cut for each nut then screw the nut in to the box: bingo, one wheel nut painting station). Just make sure that when you bake them off at 80 degrees in the oven to save time, your wife doesn’t find out because you left them on the cardboard box!

Well this tends to be what it’s all about so I guess I spent about 16 hours on the following. I am not obsessive, I am not obsessive … repeat 500 times!

Washing Clearly it’s the washing that puts most of the swirls in paintwork and my view is the less I touch the car the less I put in and therefore the less I have to take out. So I tend to spend longer in this area than is the norm. I start by snow foaming the car through a special lance attached to the pressure washer and given that I wanted to strip the car as much as was possible of old wax, polish, etc I threw in a bit of ‘APC’ to the Snowfoam mix. Leave this to dwell for about five mins and power wash off making sure the jet is never flat on to the paintwork (best to rinse off at an angle). This has the effect of removing most of the grit, muck, etc that will scratch paintwork before going near it with a wash mitt. A brief spray with APC in all the nooks and crannies then for the next stage I don’t use shampoo, I use a product called ‘Optimum No Rinse’. This is the one product that I would not be without, it’s designed as a minimum water wash, but a great side effect is that it traps dirt in any wash mitt, etc and makes it much less likely that you will scratch or inflict any damage on the paint. It’s an odd one for sure in how you use it, but I did a test before and after on paint swirls and it’s by far and away the best option. Wash a panel at a time, dry it and bingo. To aid the drying process I use the Optimum No Rinse also mixed as a spray detailer, just seems to dry more quickly and less streaky.

I started by ensuring the car was totally dry and free of any polish, wax etc and then did any stone chips. Dab on the paint so it is proud of the existing paint, leave 24 hours and then clay bar the paint flat. To do this I needed hard clay, not a soft one, so the one that works best for me is Bilt Hamber clay. It does leave the paint touch up a little flat in colour but a quick polish by hand or machine brings it up to par. For the rest of the paintwork I use softer clay called ‘Sonus Green’ to remove anything bonded to the paintwork. Despite doing the car late in ’08 the heat generated over the rear wings means anything sticks easily in that area, so it really did need doing again less than a year later. After claying I use a Halogen lamp to assess all the swirls and mark with blue masking tape where deeper scratches appear (as seen in the picture). In daylight such swirls are difficult to see, it’s only direct sunlight or under certain direct artificial light that they show up and when they do they can look horrific. I spent about 12 hours masking off all the trim then machine polishing the car with a Random Orbital Polisher. This is the fool proof version rather than the rotary, as at the time I did not have a working paint depth gauge to assess paint depth. (Orbital goes in a more random pattern than a pure rotary, meaning that it’s much harder to burn through the laquer/paint as the pad is in contact a lot less time with a single section of bodywork). Machine polishing takes a bit of time to get right, but there is no magic science. I find that best results come with the right pressure, not speed, and passing over areas slowly, enabling the polish to break down. As such I travel the polisher at one inch per second and I mark the backing pad with a thick black line. If this takes one second to go round (or rather appears to) then bingo, that’s the right pressure and it’s more than you would think. In any case the process was broadly as follows: 1) Go over the deeper scratches, marked with tape, with higher cut polish, always ensuring I start with the least aggressive combination of pad and polish—working up in aggressiveness until the scratch has gone. You work out the best combination after a few scratches.

Paint correction: polishing the paintwork, with masking tape showing the deeper scratches Writing & photography by Clive Gosling

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2) Do the whole car with the least aggressive finishing polish. 3) Do the whole car again with a glaze. This has not cutting power at all, it just adds oils and depth. 4) Leave for a few hours and then give the car a final wipedown. 5) Apply your choice of wax/sealant in two or three coats. I tend to switch products non stop in the last category. I have tried so many it’s boring. As a rule of thumb I find sealants like Zaino, last years favourite, provide a ‘bling’ look bringing out the flake in any paint and the wax based ones seem to give a deeper look, almost swimming pool like (I know, I need to get out more … I know) My favourite and the one I now stick with is ‘Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax’, it does seem to get the most comments on those that see different panels prepared with each on my daily driver test mule.

goes to a deep shine or wiped off soon after leaves a nice satin sheen. I polish all the glass, and machined polish the plastic reflector. In a nutshell if it was not paintwork it all got taken back to bare material and

For topping up between waxes I use a spray detailer. The best two I have found are ‘Zaino Z8’ and ‘Dodo Juice Red Mist’, both make a huge difference if used as a spray detailer on a dry car.

treated. Time consuming but the overall effect, in my view, made the car. I also covered the corner of a business card in sellotape and then ran this between rubber trim and glass/bodywork. It gets all the old polish out and provides a distinct edge between trim and window etc. I am still chanting “I am not obsessive”, by the way.

Reflection: Almost like a mirror

Interior Not much time spent here, the interior is in good condition and does not get the wear and tear. However, for carpets I use the Degreaser in a warm water bottle, spray, brush and then let dry. Far better than any foamy so called shampoo I have found. A quick clean of all the door shuts, sills etc and we are done … all in all one month of every other evening.

Conclusion Finished: Ready for judging

Exterior trim Boring and painstaking, but worth it as it does set the car off. I spent ages degreasing all the window rubbers and black bits until no more black muck came off and believe me you wonder if you will ever stop. I also found out by accident that WD40 makes a really good trim cleaner. Don’t ask how I found this out, but it does indeed work a treat. This leaves the most of the trim in a somewhat dull matt state, but once no more muck comes off its clean. Most rubber trim tends to go mottled or differing colours mainly because we never really clean it and just keep layering on the trim detailer, wax from the car etc. Getting it back to basics means it’s clean and can then be protected. Again I use ‘Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel’. A small amount left to dry on its own

Overall I was happy with the result, I felt the car looked the best I could make it and I was happy with the big day itself. I very much doubt I would do it all again, it was a one off just to see what I could do. However keeping it looking good is a lot easier than getting it there, for sure. So whats next? Who knows…… it’s unlikely I would do it all again as mentioned, but it means at least I know what to do every now and then when the mood takes me. Of course, I now know that ridicule and merciless mickey-taking will be heaped upon me for owning up to such lunacy. However if, like me, you are prepared to come out of the detailing closet then feel free to contact me on as I am happy to point anyone in the direction of where to acquire these mystical cleaning and polishing products. If you do start to get in to this madness remember the chant: “I am not obsessive, I am not obsessive”. Clearly you are but say it enough times and some people might believe you.

A first timer’s view Ben Rodrigues entered his daily driver 944S2 into the Pride of Ownership contest for the first time at TIPEC ’09 My fears were unfounded really as the other competitors were friendly and were very helpful on cleaning tips and advice. I learned a lot from the experience. I thought that my car did show well compared to the other cars there. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of interest my car generated. The verdict of the day seemed to be that the 944 was the most useful practical everyday car that Porsche had produced (unless you count the Cayenne of

I’d never really given much thought about entering my 944 S2 into a concours competition until I recently saw an article in All Torque with details about the annual TIPEC show at The Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. I thought it would be a bit of fun to enter the car into the competition. I had no expectations of winning anything so I wouldn’t be disappointed if I came away empty handed. I do admit that I like to see a clean car and do tend to wash my 944 every fortnight or so. The 944 gets a good clay bar and polish in the autumn in readiness for the winter months, and again at the beginning of spring.

course). Speaking of everyday, I do use my 944 as my daily driver which seemed to astound a lot of people given its condition. At the time of judging and prize giving, I had gone into the museum to get out of the scorching sun. Amusingly, I had pretty much missed the highlight of the day. I emerged from the museum to find a number of cars had gone from the concours area. It dawned on me that my car had obviously not been chosen on this occasion. I think I just about saw Clive collecting his prize for his stunning 993. Having entered the concours competition for fun this year, I’ve decided I’m going to be back with a vengeance next year and take it a bit more seriously (but only a little more seriously than this year!) I’d like to thank Sean Smallman for his words of encouragement after the show. He gave me a lot of pointers on areas to improve the car’s appearance. If anyone is thinking of entering next year’s concours competition, Sean’s advice is to work on a small area of the car each time you clean it. It eventually builds up to a very tidy and presentable car. Also, I’d like to thank Dave Doherty (Siggy) for encouraging me to write this article. This was my first annual TIPEC show and I found it extremely enjoyable.

My wife thinks I’m absolutely obsessed with washing my 944. But the reality is this doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg compared to the time and effort enthusiasts put into preparing their cars for Concours competitions. On the days running up to the show, I cleaned the car thoroughly inside and out. I felt I’d cleaned the car to the best of my abilities in the time available. Arriving at the show however, I felt my efforts may not have been enough compared to the presentation of the competitors’ cars. I felt I was out of my depth when I saw the competitors’ professional cleaning kits. My cleaning kit had been cast into an old cardboard box the night before! Nevertheless, I started polishing the car again after the drive down from West Yorkshire. Writing & photography by Ben Rodrigues

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944 Sunroof repair Ben Rodrigues offers his advice on tackling the most common cause of sunroof problems; the white plasic gears. With summer in full swing now, it’s great to open the sunroof or even take out the roof panel for that open topped Targa driving experience. However, the common faults of the 944 sunroof can all too often ruin the experience. I’m sure we’ve all been there: opening the sunroof and hearing that terrible crunching sound of the gears loosing their teeth. Many of us may have inherited a car with a dodgy sunroof when we bought it. I’ve written a brief ‘how to’ guide based on the post1986 944 sunroof, with some useful part numbers. Be warned though, the 944 sunroof is anything but simple. I work on anaesthetic machines that are easier to service! The sunroof panel on a 944 is raised and lowered by two lifting arms at the rear edge of the roof panel. On 944s post February 1986, the lifting arms are operated by two white plastic gears; one for each lifting arm. The white plastic gears are made up of two sets of teeth. The smaller sets of teeth operate the lifting arms. The larger sets of teeth are driven by a flexible cable. The cable itself is driven by the sunroof motor. The motor assembly is located in the boot behind the left hand section of carpet on the passenger side. The motor assembly may have a black plastic cover over it, secured with six Phillips head screws. If you’re unfortunate enough that the sunroof has completely failed electrically, it can be operated manually at the motor. Remove the cone shaped dust cover over the adjusting nuts for the slip clutch. Using a socket and ratchet, the nut for the slip clutch can be turned to raise or lower the sunroof.

The sunroof has three micro-switches at the motor assembly. Two of the micro-switches are joined together and can be seen from the front of the assembly. The switches are identified by roman numerals. The top switch is number II and the bottom switch is number I. If the micro-switches are out of alignment, this can cause problems with the sunroof. However, the micro-switches themselves are pretty reliable. The other micro-switch, switch III, is on the rear of the motor assembly and cannot be checked unless you remove the assembly. Switch III stops the sunroof in the fully raised position. Switches I and II can be moved forward or backward to adjust where the lifting arms stop in the locked position. Over time, the tabs that the switches are mounted on bend. This stops the switch making contact with the cam resulting in one or both of the switches not closing. This stops the arms from stopping in the locked position. It may also prevent the arms from moving into the locked position when the ignition switch is in position 1. There is also one other micro-switch that is extremely important for the operation of the sunroof. Located under the triangle shaped cover between the sun visors, the switch detects if the sunroof panel is installed or removed. If for instance the roof panel was installed but the lifting arms were retracted (as if you were going to remove the roof panel), the system would detect the presence of the roof panel and raise the lifting arms to lock the panel in position when the car begins to move. Failure of this micro-switch is common and causes the sunroof to fail to move in any direction. Also, it’s worth mentioning at this point to check the sunroof motor fuse and centre console switch as this can cause similar symptoms. Access to this micro-switch is via a plastic cover. The plastic cover is hinge mounted to the micro-switch mounting plate. Pry off the cover gently to see the Phillips head screws underneath. When the Phillips head screws have been removed, the mounting plate can be moved to expose the micro-switch which is soldered in place. The most common problem is the white plastic gears at the lifting arms. These often get stripped when the lifting arms are moved to the retracted position for roof panel removal. No one seems to know why this happens. It could possibly be due to age and fatigue of the gears themselves.

Reference I obtained my parts from my local OPC. They were surprisingly the best on price after a quick shop around. Gate Guide – Right P/N 944-564-162-00 Gate Guide – Left P/N 944-564-161-00 Lifting Arm Right (Drivers side) P/N 944-564-502-01 Lifting Arm Left (Passengers side) P/N 944-564-501-01 White Plastic Gear P/N 944-564-430-01 Prices include VAT. Parts obtained from OPC Leeds.

£12.07 £12.07 £8.66 £8.66 £4.56

For further reference, check the Pelican Parts technical articles:


It’s also worth applying some grease sparingly to the lifting arms as well.

Approx time to perform task: two hours 1) You’ll need to remove the roof panel to begin with. Put the ignition into position 1 and press the UP button for the sunroof to retract the arms to release the roof panel. If you’re unable to do this, see above for manual operation.

Fig 1 2) After removing the roof panel, it’s worth inspecting the gate guides in the roof panel at this point. I found that both gate guides on my car had spilt (Fig 1). The gate guides are the part which the lifting arms slide into to push the roof panel up and pull it back down. These are cheap and easy enough to replace. To replace the gate guides, remove the three screws. Ease the sunroof seal off the roof panel. This allows you to extract the gate guide easier and negates the need to remove all the plastic clips to get access. (Fig 2). Reassemble the new gate guides in reverse order.

8) Replace the access cover and CAREFULLY tighten the self tapping screws up so as not to strip the plastic mount. Fig 3 4) Fig 4 shows the access cover to the lifting mechanism. A word of warning here. Only strip one lifting mechanism down at a time. If you’re fortunate enough that one side of the lifting arms are still working, you can use the working side as a reference point to position the lifting arm after disassembly. (The lifting arm is officially called a ‘Segment’ by Porsche).

10) It’s worth giving the sunroof a check now before reassembling all the headlining. Refit the roof panel and check the sunroof operation. Everything working as it should be? 11) You don’t really need to remove the roof panel again. If you raise the roof panel up you can refit the roof lining, the weather shield and the roof lining cover with the seven screws. Jobs a good un’. Now get yourself a nice brew and admire you’re handiwork (Fig 6).

Fig 4 5) Carefully remove the five self-tapping screws and remove the cover to expose the lifting arm and gear (Fig 5). Be careful these items don’t drop out when you remove the cover. Ease the lifting arm out. You should now be able to remove the white gear cog. The white gear has a washer above and below it. Make sure you keep both of these as you will reuse them again with the new gear.

Fig 2 3) Next we need to remove the interior roof cover and lining. The roof cover is held in place with seven screws. Simply pry off the cover caps and remove the screws (Fig 3). To remove the lining, carefully pull away the weather shield around the rear hatch. Once this has been done, you can gently pull down the lining to allow you access to the mechanism. (My sunroof must have been worked on before at some point. Someone had simply cut the lining neatly to access the mechanism. The roof cover hides this lining anyway so this part was a little bit easier for me).

9) Repeat the process for the other lifting mechanism if necessary.

Fig 6 Fig 7 shows the difference between the new and old broken plastic cog. I was driving around for months, oblivious to the fact that the roof panel was only locked down on the passenger side, causing a chronic creaking noise in the car. Once I’d replaced the plastic gears and gate guides, not only does the sunroof work much better, but the terrible creaking has now gone. Visually, the sunroof panel also seems a much tighter fit when closed now.

Fig 5 6) Meticulously clean the teeth of the lifting arm and the surrounding area from which you have just removed the white gear. I found a large amount of debris left behind from the broken gear. 7) Put plenty of grease on your new gear ensuring you refit the two washers top and bottom. Realign the lifting arm using the working lifting arm for reference.

Fig 7 Thanks to Jim (TR7V8 on the TIPEC forum), Derreck (Zola1 on the TIPEC forum) and Lindsay Brown for additional information, help and advice. Writing & photography by Ben Rodrigues

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Gruppe North Scotland RO Stewart Gordon 01698 841 692 (evenings) 07974 808 342 (mobile) ARO Alan Neilson 01324 871 543 07793 234 096 (mobile) ARO Neil Fraser 0131 660 0143 07946 616 782 (mobile) Meetings are held first Wednesday of every month 8pm for an 8:30pm start in the 007 bar at Bo’Ness Motor Museum, Bridgeness Road, Bo’Ness EH51 9JR. It seems that the path the region has been going along is the right one, the strength of the membership has continually increased since the beginning of this year. We have an average attendance of 20 members at the Bo’Ness Motor Museum monthly meetings, along with a marked increase over previous years in members requesting a space at any of the shows. We used to book 12 to 15 spaces for most of the shows we attended in the past, now we are finding that the spaces required has gone up to between 20 and 25. This increase in show spaces is not something that we had foreseen but we have taken this on board where we can for the remainder of this year. The membership has also seen a significant increase over last year to the point where the region has now achieved, for the second time in its 15 year history, the magic figure of 100+ members. We are the only region to have ever achieved this figure, so thank you all very much for the support. We have always had one aim in the Scottish region and that is to bring members ideas to the forefront as much as possible. All we can do is try our hardest to make your membership as enjoyable as we can. We have also secured a much needed additional (unbranded) gazebo from the club, which gives us increased space for those attending shows and also facilitates more space for the catering area. Along

Twin Speedsters at our monthly meeting at the Bo’Ness Motor Museum with that we have recieved a new TIPEC elevated banner flag and pivot pole to compliment our TIPEC Scottish Region banner flags—although we have had to modify it to fit into a car, otherwise we would have to resort to putting on a tow bar and trailer to carry it all. We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following new members who have joined the Scottish Region recently: Alastair Lobban (996T + 964RS) Clive Guyton (944) Craig Anderson of CALC Motherwell (944) Dave Wilson (Boxster) David Gander (911T) Douglas McDougall (Boxster) John Boland (924 Turbo) Murray Grubb (944) Naveed Mohammed (Cayenne S + 997 4S) William McBain (928) Raymond Boyd (964 Speedster) Reg Curzon (928 S2) Samuel Balmer (911 Carrera) Colin Cunningham (944) James France (944 Turbo) Sunday 7th June Thirlestane Castle Show Having met up at Dreghorn Services on a fairly cool morning, it was questionable what the weather had in store for us but I assured everyone that the sun had been booked at the same time as the show. Just as the local PCGB crowd started to arrive at the same meeting point, we set off in an a 20 car convoy across country to Thirlestane

Castle. By halfway we were starting to see large patches of blue sky appearing and had to use the sun visors, with Pete Weston in the lead car doing a grand job of getting us there on time. We put the stand together and the sun was getting hot, just as we had booked.With all the helpers feeling a bit peckish, Spud Mitchell was producing bacon rolls by the dozen. From then on the day was brilliant. Good banter, plenty of visitors in and around the stand, and six new members joining the Scottish Region on the day. The range of models on our club stand was varied and absolutely gleaming, they certainly did the region proud with a total of 21 cars from a 924 through 944, 928 993, 911, 966, and Boxsters. The surprise of the day came when Steve Taylor from the North East Region arrived just after lunch, what an Enthusiast and supporter of TIPEC. Thanks Steve. In summary, everyone had a really good day out, plenty of pink heads and faces by the end of the show and many have already put their name down for future events. Thanks so much to everyone who came along. Sunday 14th June Tayside Classic Motor Show, Errol We met up at Kinross services for a coffee and a chat before setting off on the 12 mile drive to the show. We have only been to this show once before and although not the

biggest show it was certainly busy enough. We had a good drive in great weather all the way and a bit of fun on the drive as the convoy sailed past some very surprised motorists seeing 18 Porsches overtake them in succession. Once we were in and set up it was busy all day with members of the public coming over to chat. We were also visited by Raymond & Faye who phoned us on the offchance that they could come along to the show with there gorgeous Speedster. The day turned out to be lovely and sunny up to about 2.30, then black clouds appeared on the horizon. We quickly decided that it was time to get packed away, but didn’t get the chance. It absolutely chucked it down and that put a very quick end to the day. I sat in the car dripping wet—no, it was worse than that; the water was running out of me and some of the other guys as well. When I left the show and drove down the motorway about five miles it was bone dry. Nearing my house some 30 miles further west, I was caught up in an even worse downpour, not of rain but hailstones—so much that the traffic was at a stand still on the hard shoulder and I was ploughing through inch and a half deep ice, with a bow wave in front of the car. By the time I got home it was a lovely warm night. What a country! Still we all had a great show while it lasted. Big thanks to everyone who came along and to Raymond & Faye for joining TIPEC Scottish Region. Sunday 28th June Moffat Classic Car Show & Autojumble This is a show we have been to on a couple of occasions and as in the past it didn’t disappoint us. We were all directed to our area quickly which is great when you have 18 cars to be parked in some sort of display, always a nerve racking time. Fortunately the other group from the east side of the country arrived 10 minutes after the group from the west, which made the job a little less stressful. We soon had the area filled with 23 gleaming Porsches. We followed the usual format and the bacon rolls were

TIPEC Scotland cars at Thirlestane Castle …

soon being polished off at the same time as the cars were being polished. The show had a great attendance considering that it is in the Borders. We had a lot of visitors to the stand and did manage to gain five new members at this show, which was a surprise. We even had Jim France with his lovely 944T from the north of England came up to this show and join us, so much so that he wants to stay a member of the Scottish Region! What surprised Jim was that when he said he was looking to borrow a screwdriver, five minutes after he arrived and not knowing anyone yet, four screwdrivers appeared immediately. Another keen member travelled from the NE area; Steve Taylor and family in his newly resprayed 928GT. All in all we had 21 cars on show for the day, the sun was hot right through, and some six cars (12 people) finished off the day with a bar meal at Auchen Castle, owned by another Scottish Region member Pierre Alban Guy (PAG Hotels). Thank you Pierre for looking after us, the staff and food were superb and the setting was excellent. I thoroughly recommend it. Sadly the day had to come to an end, eventually travelling home at around 8:30. A big thank you to all our members who helped make it a brilliant day. Sunday 5th July Scottish Ford & Classic Car Day Having assembled 18 cars at the service area near Stirling, we all set off in lovely sunshine to meet up with three other members at the showground. After a hectic 10 minutes trying to fit all the cars in a reasonable display arrangement whilst also allowing space for the two club gazebos, we were finally parked up with still two more members to arrive a little bit later (not quite used to our early starts yet). That ended up giving us a total of 23 cars on display, fantastic! This has now set a pattern that we had not allowed for in the earlier part of the year when we had to book these show places in advance. Finally we were

… again at the Tayside Classic …

well settled down with the bacon rolls in abundance and our newly purchased large pressure delivery system flasks delivering much needed tea and coffee. The sun was by this time fairly hot, what a difference from last year when we were an inch deep in mud. The show went very well with plenty of visitors. Not a lot of new members signed up at this show, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. We did have a good stand layout and plenty of food to keep us going. The day finally ended around 5pm and it was sadly time pack up again and head for home. Thanks so much to everybody who came along. We hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did and hope to see you back at some of the other events we have planned before the end of the season. Sunday 23rd August BBQ at Kinshaldie Beech (FREE) 4–6th September Autumn Weekend Trip to Yorkshire Sunday 13th September Bo’Ness Hill Climb and car show Sunday 20th September Selkirk Show & Scottish Region Annual Concours (six trophies up for grabs) Sunday 27th September National Museum Of Flight (new show) 3rd October Saturday Club suggestion: Curry & bowling night joining in with our local PCGB region 18th October Sunday Club suggestion: East Lothian Car Museum Visit and lunch run 15th November Sunday Club suggestion: Karting (day/evening) with PCGB TBC 12th December Saturday Christmas party night TBC

… and the Scottish Ford & Classic Car Day

All Torque 77 page 25

Cheshire & Staffs RO Steve Taylor 07774 912 069 (mobile) ARO Dave Watson 07889 261 825 (mobile) Meetings are held third Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Whipping Stocks, Stocks Lane, Over Peover, Knutsford, WA16 9EX. The weeks are flying by. Already we are more than halfway through the year. So far this year we have had some great shows, I am really pleased with the support from members. At our Tatton show at the end of May with North West Region we had 27 cars each day and Rob Andrews kindly brought along his 1956 Porsche Junior Tractor for the weekend, which won best Porsche on the Sunday. The club stand also won best display on the Saturday, so thanks to everyone who gave there support over the two days. On Fathers day we joined up with Central Region and East Midlands at Trentham Gardens. Between us we managed a splendid display of 30 cars. We were enjoying a Bar-B-Que until the spoilsports called security asked us to put it out because they were not allowed in the park land … or was it was because the catering vans had complained due to most clubs having the same idea?

A group of 10 lead by Barry Stenhouse using Baz Nav headed down to Gaydon on the 31st May for the National day. Unlike previous years the weather was kind to us, in fact too kind! A great day was had by all and our thanks to Sean and his team for organising this event, we look forward to next years show. Over the next couple of months we have Capesthorne Hall Sports Car Show and Cholmondeley Castle Pageant of Power coming up as well as the Tatton Classic and Sports Car show at the end of August. I have also learnt today that Unit 11 are to receive back the shell from the paint shop for the £150k RSR replica they are building for a customer in Hong Kong, which was recently featured in 911 & Porsche World. I will be working with them to organise the open day later this summer as promised. I am also working away towards finalising dates for a trip to Morgan Cars in Malvern, clay pigeon shooting in Delamere, karting at the Speed Karting arena in Warrington and a curry night at the Bengal Dynasty! We will also be organising a drive around the Skipton, Hawes, Ribblehead and Ingleton areas towards the end of summer, so I’ll keep you posted. I recently carried out an email test which was a great success and as a result from the 60+ members on the list I received replies from over 50, so if you are reading this and are not receiving my emails pleasedrop me a line at and I will update your details.

944 line up at Trentham Gardens … we managed a total of 30 cars between three regions!

Yorkshire RO John Oakes 01132 827 512 ARO Dave Doherty TIPEC Membership office 01423 504 086 (12noon–9pm) Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 7:00–7:30pm at The Windmill, Hull Road, Dunnington, York, YO19 5LP. John’s report June’s meeting at the Windmill saw most of the meeting being held outside due to the sunny weather which makes a change. I hope it stays like that for rest of the summer. We had a selection of cars on show 944/911/928. Andrew Ford had just bought a very nice looking 911 3.2 from Specialist Cars of Malton to add to his beloved 993 Turbo. Andrew must have very deep pockets or works a lot of hours. Gren & Ben had come along in one Porsche after they got chatting at last month’s meeting and found out that they only live a few streets apart. Also thanks to Edward, Steve, Dave & John for coming along for the night. For those who haven’t been to a meeting yet, all are very welcome. After doing many track days in the 928 but never having been to Donington, which is the circuit nearest to me, I looked on the internet and booked a full day there in June. I did almost 100 miles in the day and again the car ran faultlessly. Edward Pierce came along for the afternoon to watch and enjoyed a ride or two. There where plenty of garages to park your car in which I did. A few garages further up I got talking to a very nice chap called David Mason who had a 996 Turbo S and a 996 ex-cup that had been raced in a championship. He took me out for several laps in each car. Then the final icing on the cake was to go out with a chap called Derek Johnston in a Radical. Should I sell the 928 and buy one?

Derek’s Johnston’s Radical at Donington

Dave’s report I missed the June meeting, due to me forgetting what day it was. I hope that this is not a sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s. July was a busy month. Sunday saw me attend R3’s club night and the following night Brenda Marginson invited me to visit R5’s concours. Many thanks for the warm reception. I did not enter my 3.2 as I did not want to show them all up. Next was our Club Night at the Windmill, good turnout of 911/944s but sadly NO 928s? Come on John, the rain wont shrink it. Welcome to new member Mark Rowley, from Harrogate, and his stunning Cayman S. It was good to see Steve from R20 at the meeting who was on holiday from Oxford. Congratulations to Ben Rodrigues and his wife on the birth of their new baby boy, Elijah. Born on Saturday 11th July at 13:28 weighing in at 7lb 8.5oz. Saturday 19th September York Autograss Event The circuit is situated at Green Hammerton on the A59 between York & Knaresborough. Friday 2nd–Sunday 4th October We have had an invitation from Brain and Paul of Central region to join them for their annual WOTY (Weekend of the Year) in north Wales. 2–4th of October.

North West RO John Pye 01706 712 491 07957 818 636 (mobile) ARO Brenda Marginson 0125 483 1766 Meetings are held first Monday of every month 8pm at The Thatch & Thistle, Chorley Road, Blackrod BL6 5LA. When this falls on a Bank Holiday, we meet on the second Monday instead. Sunday 16th August Knowsley Hall Car & Bike Show Sunday 6th September Run out to Lakeland Motor Museum Monday 2nd November Quiz Night Friday 4th December Christmas do at The Viking

Andy’s race car at Croft for it’s debut

North East RO Simon Poole 07759 694 059 ARO Andy Blythe 01642 809 031 Meetings are held first Sunday of every month 7:30pm at The Sporting Lodge, Low Lane, Stainton Village, Cleveland, TS17 9LW, just off the A19. Well, what have we done since the last All Torque? In May Andy has made his debut as Croft as a racing driver! The car survived both days and some pretty wet weather despite an untried engine acquired from a breakers yard only a few weeks earlier. Andy even managed not to get distracted by the ‘special salute’ from his friends watching from the embankment as he finished his final race. Full moon over Croft anyone? Also in May we attended the North East American Car Club’s Fins and Chrome Show at Preston Park. This year we only joined them for the Sunday and although there were some nice cars of all kinds on display I think that next year we may give this show a miss as it is tucked away in a field out of the way and I think that the Fire Engine and Classic Car Show may be a better local event for us to support and it is in the main show field in the Park. In June, we had a run up along the Northumberland coast to visit the Barn at Beal, which is run by fellow TIPEC member Rod Smith. We set off in glorious sunshine from the Sporting Lodge, Phil with the top down his 911 cabbie and had a scary moment near Alnwick when black clouds and a few spots of rain threatened to spoil the fun, however the rain held off until we were inside enjoying lunch. The original plan had been to head north of the border after lunch and visit

Parked up at the Barn at Beal in June the Jim Clark museum, but as the weather had deteriorated somewhat we headed across the causeway to Holy Island for a wander around. I had hoped that this trip might encourage some of the members from the north of our region to join in, but sadly only three cars from around Teesside made the journey. The following Sunday saw us visiting the Fathers Day Classic Car Show at Harewood House. After queuing for over half an hour to get into the grounds we were again treated by a wide and varied display of cars ranging from a surprisingly rot free Maestro to a classic Mach 1 Mustang. TIPEC was represented at the show by the SYNN region and a couple of our members expressed an interest in showing their cars, so we may well join in too next year. The monthly meetings still continue to be well attended although we were a little thinner on the ground than usual in July. We did have a prospective new lady member turn up, but she said she may return next month with her brother who is also a Porsche enthusiast. Sunday 30th August Swainby Village and Classic Car Show Sunday 13th September Cars in the Park at Harewood House Sunday 20th September PCGB North East Show at Raby Castle Saturday 10th–Sunday 11th October Tees Cottage Pumping Station Autumn Gala

Lincolnshire Joint meetings with the local PCGB are held second Sunday of every month 11:30am at The Dovecote, Newark Road, Swinderby LN6 9HN. RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and attend/organise local events.

All Torque 77 page 27

Gruppe Central South Yorkshire & North Notts. ARO Dean Lancashire 07860 198 627 (mobile) Meetings are held first Sunday of every month 5–5:30pm (meeting proper begins 7pm) at Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 8QS. Due to holidays and other commitments I have been unable to attend many events these last few months. A big thank you must go to Ray & Kath for keeping it all together. Another big thank you must go to Jeff & Edith for organising another great day at Kexby House and let’s not forget the Lady of the house for putting on such a good spread of food and allowing us all to park on the front lawns. If you haven’t been to one our regional meets or events please come along as all new members are made very welcome. RECENT EVENTS Sunday 31st May Wonderland Classic Sunday 7th June Car & bike show at Cusworth Hall

Wednesday 10th June (a very wet) Classic car & bike show at Renishaw Hall

Friday 21st August A few members are making a trip to Poole Quay. (Porsche Night)

Sunday 14th June Lunch at Kexby hall and Gardens (another chance to see Edith’s art class and a superb lunch to top it off) with a visit to look round some antiques at Hemswell Cliffe.

Sunday 30th August Cheshire Classic Car & Bike Show, Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Pre 1994 cars are £3 and need to be pre booked with post 1994 full admission £6 if we all go in as a club. Send details to Ray if you intend to go. Deadline is 14th August for booking.

Sunday 21st June Harewood Classic car show Wednesday 24th June Track evening at Cadwell Park (Only spoiled by some numpty wiping out the barriers on the sighting laps losing us all 45 mins on a limited 2½ hour session, put it this way he soon disappeared with a beetroot red face) Wednesday 24th June Meet up with the MG owners Club at the Elms Hotel Retford FUTURE EVENTS Sunday 2nd August Regional get together & Annual Concours for the Paul and Judy trophy, The Olde Bell, 7.00pm for meeting. Hoping to beat the record turn out that we had last year of 19 porsches. Sunday 16th August National Speed Car & Motorcycle Speed Hill Climb Olivers Mount, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. This will be spectator only.

Sunday 6th September VSCC Meeting (Vintage car racing) See Red at Donington Park. This will be spectator only. Sunday 13th September Cars in the Park at Harewood House. (Includes entrance to the house) Sunday 27th September NORMOUS Newark Autojumble 2–4th October Weekend of the Year (WOTY) North Yorkshire Coast Sunday 11th October Regional get together The Olde Bell, Note this is a week later because of the WOTY. Sunday 1st November Open Day at Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 3QT Saturday 12th December SYNN Christmas Dinner/Dance Venue is the Olde Bell, £34.95 per person for the meal (deposit £10 pp). Rooms at approx £90 per night, to be confirmed (deposit £10). Please pay deposits directly to The Olde Bell, payment in full for the meals before 1st December.

The SYNNers at Renishaw Hall, before the rain started

GT3 makes an appearance at Cusworth Hall

Bristolian Targa on the Prescott hill climb

The South Central Region’s 1–2–3 clean sweep at the TIPEC ’09 Pride of Ownership contest

South Central


RO Geoff Cox 01235 815 880 07740 452 586 (mobile) ARO Mark Saving 07976 749 344 (mobile)

RO Paul Harrison 07884 116 971 (mobile)

Meetings are held fourth Monday of every month at Whittlebury Hall Hotel, which is very close to Silverstone. See South Central were out in force for the main TIPEC event at Gaydon, many of our members were kept busy organising the various bits that make such a big event run smoothly and our thanks go to them all. The Pride of Ownership was a clean sweep for members from our region, with Mark Saving’s 996 Turbo, Clive Gosling’s 993 and Mike Holmes’ 3.2 Carrera Supersport taking all the top three places, well done to all three of you guys. Many members were back at Gaydon for the Supercar Sunday event, where Sean Smallman had arranged a number of free passes. The range of exotic cars was as good as ever. Sunday 12th July we enjoyed a drive out to the PCGB event at Blenheim Palace. Saturday 18th July the South Central Region enjoyed a drive out to the Ace Cafe for their Porsche meeting, the only one being held during the day rather than on the evening.

Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Fox, Easter Compton, B35 5RA, one mile West of M5 J17 (Cribbs Causeway). First of all, it is with great sadness that I must announce that Mike Welch, a keen member of the club and a proud Porsche owner, passed away recently. Our thoughts are with Antoinette as she comes to terms with this very sudden loss. She would like his 944 to go to a good home so if you fancy one, get in touch. Well, here we are well into the summer, with a few events under our belt, and it’s all going very well!

and great organisation, more good weather, and 10 cars from the region made it a memorable event. The stones on the test track were a bit unsettling as they came at you from all directions, however all enjoyed the experience. The real surprise of the day came when yours truly was awarded RO of the year! What I will say is that it wouldn’t have happened if all of you didn’t support the region and didn’t renew your membership every year. Keep it up! In June at short notice, we had a day at Castle Combe to see the Classic car meeting. We kicked off the day with a good hearty breakfast before driving up to the circuit where we had a reserved parking space and complimentary paddock transfer tickets. Fantastic weather and some top class racing made for an enjoyable day out. It was just a shame that the 928s ended being beaten by the TVRs in the ’70s sports car races! The following weekend, we met up for a treasure hunt which, of course, ended up at a pub for lunch … Thanks to Rich Failey for putting together a nice route and some really tricky clues—all the more difficult because one of the answers was the colour of a pub en-route which the landlord had repainted a different colour following the clues going to print. It was all very close, however Mick & Sue pipped everyone else with only a couple of slip-ups.

The second event of our year was at Prescott in May, with four of us entering the classic hillclimb and a fair few others coming along to cheer us on. Beautiful weather, big crowds, and lots of enthusiasm made for a great day on the hill. The smooth running of the event allowed those that wanted to get extra runs up the championship course with yours truly completing five adrenaline filled runs! The dates for next year are already out (8/9th May 2010) so start planning right now!

We’re now heading into holiday season with the next event being a visit to Castle Combe for some historic racing on the Bank Holiday Monday 31st August. It should be a nice day out and there’ll be some Porsches on the track to boot! Further afield, we’re off to the Circuit des Remparts in Angouleme, France in mid-September. This looks like being a great weekend—we have five cars at the moment … anyone else fancy it?

Two weeks after Prescott, we attended Gaydon for the TIPEC Show and what a day it was! A few of us camped on the Saturday night and we enjoyed a beautiful evening under the stars, complete with barbie and beer! Down to the venue the next morning

Finally, we still meet on the first Tuesday of the month at The Fox in Easter Compton. Come along and meet your fellow members! The July meeting saw 10 members along with their cars—we need you along as well next time!!

All Torque 77 page 29

East Midlands RO Graham Waller ARO Alan Fuller Meetings are held third Tuesday of every month 7pm for food (meeting proper begins 7:30pm) at The Field Head Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9PS. RECENT EVENTS 24th May Ragley Hall Classic Car Show A first-time visit (for me) to this new venue. Nice event, where the weather held up albeit a little blustery. We met TIPEC members from Cheshire & Staffs who then moved on to our display. 31st May TIPEC National Day, Gaydon A fantastic and very busy day. 800+ cars, each and every one a Porsche (nearly!). We weren’t let down by the organisers as there was plenty to see and do for all the family. Regional parking was excellent as we could buddy up with our neighbours for a bit of cross-regional banter, and got to put names to faces to. The track was used also, managed to get over 70mph out of the old girl! The museum was open, and prizes given out for those ‘normal’ daily drivers that were kept well. Not concours, just daily drivers with their proud owners. Top of the tree went to Clive with his 993. Keep ‘em peeled for the write up and photos elsewhere in All Torque. Tuesday 9th June Ashby Folville, Car/Bike lovers day All kinds of vehicle displayed for perusal. Not as busy this time, but still a full cricket field. Cars ranging from the 1930s, up to an ’09 plated Ferrari California. One very brave owner there! Some nice bikes too for those so-inclined. Sunday 21st June Trentham Gardens An excellent show with Central and Cheshire & Staffs with over 1,200 cars on display. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour, so we were dodging rain showers all day. Neverthelesss, a great event with 27 Porsches on the TIPEC stand making it one of the largest club displays there. The BBQ police told us off for having a BBQ, so we could not savour Paul/Brian’s

Burgers-a-la-flambé and had to pay the extortionate rates for hot food. Oh well, gives them something to do. Sunday 28th June Chatsworth House This was an addition to the program of events. We attended PCGB’s region 8 concours. Some nice cars there, and we were reliably informed that brand new cars could not win. The raffle resulted in your RO winning a weekend in a Boxster or Cayman (courtesy of Nottingham OPC), and your RD (Eric ‘shame about the T-shirt’ Finlay) winning a wash mitt. Sunday 5th July Cars in the Park, Lichfield This is a classic car show and the Porsche stand was hosted by Central’s Paul Keeling. 23 Porsches gathered and some were selected to tour the ring with their proud owners grinning. Paul gave a brief description of the different models available covering all budgets. Monday 6th July Evening meal Some of us gathered at a lovely restaurant to dine. We were treated to some humour, and had a wonderful carvery at the Cooper’s Arms. This is a ‘must-doagain’ event. Wonderful food, wonderful company. FUTURE EVENTS Tuesday 11th August Ashby Folville classic vehicle meet Sunday 23rd August Arbury Hall classic car and transport show

Anglia RO required ARO Keith Strudwick 01449 744 060 Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of each month 7pm at The Bunbury Arms, Ixworth Road, Great Barton, Suffolk IP31 2NX. I’m sure that there will be many mentions of it elsewhere in this magazine, but what a great show at Gaydon on 31st May. Most of the members from this region attended and I’ve heard nothing but complimentary remarks. Congratulations from Anglia to all the people who planned and worked so hard to give us all such a good time. However it was crunch time for one of our members. Mark Flintham has been struggling to combine his duties as our RO with an excessive workload in his day job. Reluctantly, he has decided to relinquish his position with the Club, but intends to support our activities whenever time permits. Thank you Mark for your past leadership, and we look forward to you taking part in as many of our future events as possible. We’ve now had three monthly club-nights at our new venue, and there’s been a tremendous attendance on each occasion. For example in June, eleven of us decided to arrive early, at about 6pm, and have a bite to eat before the meeting. As more members arrived for the meeting itself, it was no surprise to wander out into the

Tuesday 8th September Ashby Folville classic vehicle meet Friday 2nd–Sunday 4th October Weekend of the Year Joint event with Central (Wales). Fantastic time last year. NOW FULL. Tuesday 14th October Ashby Folville classic vehicle meet

Patrick Wigg’s Alfa Romeo …

Friday 13–Sunday 15th November NEC classic car show Tuesday 17th November Club night with RO/ARO elections TBA December Saturday Christmas social

… incapable of cornering on all four wheels

car park later during the evening and see 14 various Porsche cars lined up. Ours is geographically a large area and it’s great that some members travel over 50 miles to support our region. The other very satisfying thing is that we’re developing into a real family based unit. Fortunately TIPEC members are bringing along partners and younger members of their family, which adds greatly to everyone’s overall enjoyment. Long may it continue. On a question of distance travelled, I must say how pleased we were to welcome Derrick Wiltshire and his friend Heinz again. I know it was a lovely evening, but for them to have motored all the way from Bedford was taken as a great compliment to our group! At the end of May, Patrick Wigg took his 928 to join 43 others for a meet at the historic Brooklands track. He sent me a very iconic photograph of all the cars lined up on the famous banking. How amazing it must have been to see cars racing around that circuit in it’s heyday!

‘show’ as a region and we owe Colin Clarke a big thank you for organising and bringing together our effort. Most years they have way over 500 cars on display at Helmingham, and with over 5,000 members of the public attending, we’re looking forward to flying the flag for the Club. Everything seems to be in place, so all we’re hoping for now is some decent weather. If it’s as good as it was for Gaydon we’d have no complaints! Hopefully, a full report and photographs in the next issue of All Torque.

Central RO Paul Bird 01922 428 409 07831 877 983 (mobile) ARO Brian Rowledge Meetings are held second Monday of every month 7:30pm onwards at The Red Lion, Lady Lane, Earlswood, B94 6AQ.

Not content with looking back at the good old days, he then sent me more shots of him campaigning an Alfa saloon at a track day held at a local Airbase! He tells me, “I was told off for having one or two wheels off the ground around most of the corners.” With an Alfa what do you expect Patrick?

In the last regional write up I suggested that details for this year’s WOTY were all but finalised and this year we’re off to Wales. Our chosen hotel is Lion Quays near Oswestry and we will be driving the EVO triangle and some other stunning driving roads over the weekend as well as visiting a few places of interest.

We now have 20 members who have committed to showing their cars at The Helmingham Festival of Classics and Sports Cars on 2nd August. This will be our first

I will not include any more details that might whet appetites for the event as it is already sold out! Based on the number of couples that attended our WOTY’s in

2007 and 2008 I concluded a deal with the hotel for 12 rooms and these were all taken within days of emailing details out to the region. Whilst I am delighted the event has filled so quickly I am aware that some folk may have missed out on the chance to join us this year. I will ensure next year’s venue has more rooms set aside for us! Early May saw us down in Gloucestershire for the event at Prescott; a glorious venue and perfect sunshine to boot! The hill climb attracts a myriad of classic cars and it’s a really pleasing way to pass a Sunday watching cars take their runs up the hill. Every type of car from the 1920s to the present day were there to be seen and the weather just rounded it all off. Those of us not taking runs up the hill lounged around in the club’s orchard display and took part in a slow cavalcade after lunch. If you missed this one you should put it in the diary now for 2010. A few of us were booked up for a run down to Poole at the end of May for the Poole Quay event but work and family commitments forced some to cancel leaving just myself & Andrea (my better half) to race down to the south coast on a Friday afternoon in the 928. We met up with Steve & Julie Michael on the Quay and enjoyed a few drinks in the hotel bar before heading to the local Ghurkha restaurant for a splendid meal to round off the day. Club night in June was another well attended evening even though the weather was very wet early on. Always a pleasure to chat with friends and meet those that come along for the first time. Welcome to new member Dave Whitehouse and his stunning Guards Red Boxster—hopefully the first of many visits to the Red Lion! There was limited enthusiasm for our visit to Harewood House on the 14th June, possibly the 125 mile drive was the issue, but Derek Cashmore and I headed off up the A38 bright and early in his 928 S4 to enjoy a good run out.

Patrick Wigg’s burgundy 928 in th eline up on the famous Brooklands embankment

We stopped off in Derby to meet up with Adrian Langford and the two 928s cruised up the motorway in the sunshine to Harewood. Not as big a turn out of cars as the last time I visited but a magnificent setting and well worth the trip north.

All Torque 77 page 31

The following Sunday the sun gods deserted us and it was decidedly chilly on and off throughout the day at Trentham Gardens. We met at Hilton Park services and travelled up together in our usual style. As ever there were some delays getting into the venue but the Cheshire & Staffs crew had already laid claim to our pitch and we slotted into the remaining space along with the East Midlands folk. There is some conjecture as to the number of cars we had on display but 27 seems to be the accepted figure so we’ll go with that—certainly we had one of the largest club displays at the show. The rain arrived by the middle of the day and fell quite hard at times to take the edge off the event. As I write this I am looking over the remaining events for the year and some that seemed ages away now suddenly seem to be looming near. It’s a sign that the year is passing by quickly so don’t let it pass without coming along to a club night whilst we still have the benefit of warm light evenings or to an event before the summer is over.

Whilst the events list is set early in the year there are sometimes additions later so please keep your eyes on the forum and my emails to ensure you don’t miss out on something. I mention this as I am currently trying to put together an event that will be an addition to the events list for the year. Provided it comes together it’s likely to be in mid October and will be an event that no self respecting Porsche enthusiast will want to miss—watch this space! August TBC Yeatsall Farm Charity Fun Day 23rd August Sunday Arbury Hall Classic car show. See website for Transtar Promotions or phone 01922 643 385 to book your place with TIPEC. Entry fee is £2.50 per exhibited vehicle for TIPEC Members

20th September Sunday Atherstone Car Show 2nd–4th October Friday–Sunday Weekend of the Year (WotY) Full details with Paul or Graham, if you wish to go. 13–15th November Friday–Sunday Classic Show at the NEC 28th November Saturday Curry Night 14th December Monday Christmas dinner at the Red Lion

North London & Herts

6th September Sunday Tour of the Peak District

Meetings are held third Thursday of every month 7:30pm at The Three Horseshoes, Hooks Cross, Watton-at-Stone (near Stevenage), Hertfordshire SG14 3RY.

9th September Wednesday Sprint day at Curborough. Contact Paul Bird direct if you wish to go. Full and half day places are available; first come, first served.

RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and attend/organise local events.


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Gruppe South SE London & North Kent RO Jim Hearnden 01634 308 062 07930 353 232 (mobile) ARO Paul Greer 07799 412 870 (mobile) Meetings are held first Friday of every month 8:00pm at The Crown Point Inn, Sevenoaks Rd, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0HB. Email If you have not been along to a meeting please come along. Partners are more than welcome and it is not all car chat. The venue does good, reasonably priced food so you can have a meal before the meeting starts.

The SELNK Region stand at the Bromley Pageant of Motoring

The latest calendar is now out and should be in your inbox for those with a valid email address. It is in Excel format and I know some have a problem viewing it. You can download a viewer from the Microsoft site. Please advise if you are interested in any events so Paul & I can advise the venues.

Comedy Club Rachel Greer had found about this on the internet and then co-ordinated booking for the 12 that wanted to go. This was dinner, two comedians and an MC & disco at a local Chatham hotel. This was a fantastic evening, when you laugh so much that your face aches then it is good comedy! I’d repeat some of the jokes here but this is a family publication! They have another date in September we may see if we can book again. Thanks to Rachel for booking this.

P.S. There are two or three members that I don’t have email addresses for. If you have an email address and do not see mails from me, then please send me a mail to and I’ll add you to the list. That applies to people in adjacent areas who would like a copy of our calendar. Please also ensure that you update details when you renew.

Bromley Pageant This is a very big car show, in fact the biggest one day classic show in the world and yet we have never attended as TIPEC. The organisers logistics leading up to this was a nightmare but we had the 11 tickets on time in the end. This had to be a very early start as traffic for the venue is horrendous.

May Another great turn out this time with 17 people. One couple had driven their 928 up from Brighton after hearing about the meeting on the 928 register, nice to see you Tony & Mel. We also had a good turnout from SELNK at TIPEC 2009, all the members enjoyed the show (write up elsewhere).

After an early meet at the Sainsbury’s in Locksbottom, we rolled straight into the show just after 8 and had set up the stand by 8:30 More importantly we had the kettle on. The special club pitches are a fair size and the 11 cars & gazebo fitted very easily. The gazebo plus the new club flag looked great.

June A good turn out with 16 people. June was certainly a busy month for events. Getting a calendar together has been a struggle for Paul & I, we seem to have finally got there.

Lots of shiny Porsches certainly attracted great interest from the general public and during the day we spoke to many Porsche owners and non-owners, handing out lots of leaflets. We could not get anyone to sign up for the special deal for new

Lovely orange RSR at Bromley members, despite our best efforts. The show is absolutely huge and has a selection of classics that is just amazing. The fact that we had booked fantastic weather was even more of a bonus. Everybody had a great day and the feedback is that everyone wants to do this one again. Kentwell Hall This was suggested and organised by Nige & Pat Feddon. This was a relatively early start, meeting at nine o’clock sharp at the Dartford Tunnel. The first hiccough occurred because they had coned the lay-by off that we arranged to meet up in. I arrived soon after Nige & Pat. Added to which we had no sooner stopped than we were instructed by the tunnel police to move on. Thanks to the wonders of mobile phones we eventually all meet up and had a good run up to Long Melford. What is Kentwell Hall all about? Kentwell Hall is a manor house near to Long Melford, Suffolk. On five or six occasions a year they lay on historical Tudor re-enactments. This involves 300+ people living, dressing and

acting in period. Each of the dozens of little encampments has a theme; one area being soldiers for hire, another area was a foundry casting bells and so on. A lot of the encampments had the complete family there, so young children right the way through to Gran & Grandad. In the main kitchens the food for the day was being prepared ready for the gentry in the main dining hall. It sounds a bit cheesy but because it is so well done it is actually very good. We actually decided to picnic here and a very nice spread was had, including freshly cooked burgers on the portable cooker. The whole day was certainly very educational, my wife now knows what a codpiece is and also what ‘courting teeth’ are! July The very hot weather, plus holiday commitments at this time of year are, we think, a few of the reasons for the poorer turnout. Still 10 people cannot be bad and everyone had a good chat. We had met Paul and his son at Bromley— Paul & Bernice turned up as their son has just bought a 924 Turbo which is a non-runner and we were discussing the technicalities of the ignition system and where it differs from a non-turbo 924. Sunday 23rd August Amberley Living Museum, near Arundel A fantastic 35 acre site with lots to see and do, for children and adults. I have agreement that we can take our cars onto site but we need to be there before 10 and can’t leave before 16:00. This will mean an early drive if you take the scenic route down which seems to be the preferred option. I’ll mail out more later. Please mail me if you wish to go!



RO Pete Blackler 07779 203 278 (mobile)

RO Nick Snook 07929 113 390 (mobile) ARO Jim Tarrant 01202 601 886

Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Braishfield Road, Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QE. Club nights continue to be well attended, with a few more Porsches venturing out in the good weather. A couple of events have taken part in the last month, the first being an open day at Brookspeed International Motorsport in Southampton, our local independent garage. A great day was had with some real exotica on the rolling road, very loud and very powerful! One of the race Ferraris returned 450bhp and a standard Boxster 3.2S recorded 280bhp. Thanks to Martin, Mike and the rest of the team at Brookspeed for a great day and a lovely BBQ. The next event was at Poole Quay, which is a great event to attend, the weather was perfect and the organisers recorded 103 Porsches of all shapes and sizes on the Quay. Please have a look at our events list and let me know if you wish to go to anything.

Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 7:30pm at The True Lovers Knot Pub, Tarrant Keyneston, Nr Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 9JG. On Sunday June 14th a selection of Porsches headed out across Dorset for Portland Bill. The cruise route took us on a mix of great roads from narrow twisty bits to open stretches. Upon arriving at Portland the seventeen people enjoyed the sunshine and the views from the Bill. Some chose to climb the 153 steps to the top of the lighthouse, others enjoyed a bite to eat. Thanks to Jim Tarrant for organising the weather and a great day out. 21st August Porsches on Poole Quay Organised by Poole Tourism, a chance to relax on the quay and chat to other owners. 23rd August Southern BBQ at The True Lovers Knot 12:00 (fun event)

Sunday 30th August Broadlands show, Romsey Friday 23rd October 10 pin bowling Friday 11th December Wessex Region Christmas meal at the Hunters Inn, Swanmore with the TR Drivers Club at 7.30pm

The stunning view from Portland Bill

Saturday 29th August Kingswear Castle 50s 60s & 70s Night Starts at Chatham Maritime at 19:30. I’ll book a table for those that want to eat straight after. Note: I need to know about this ASAP as it books out fast! Saturday 12th September Visit to Paragon at Five Ashes, East Sussex They have some mouthwatering cars so this should be good. Refreshments are being laid on as well. So I need to know if you are coming so we can ensure there will be a bacon roll and a tea or coffee for you!

Wessex Region members’ cars parked up at Poole Quay in the blazing sunshine

All Torque 77 page 35

Members’ cars at our June meeting Membership has been increasing month on month this year and with 11 new SE Region members joining at Goodwood we are getting close to the magic 100 target.

The South East Region’s Members Choice award was won by Dan Richard’s Chesil Speedster

Cornwall & Devon RO Steve Switzer 01208 816 397 07867 556 869 (mobile) Meetings are held third Sunday of every month 12:00–2:30pm at The Winds of Change, South Petherwin, Near Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7LP. Please contact Steve in advance so that he can advise the pub of probable attendee numbers. A ‘best ever’ group came up to an excellent TIPEC 2009 and managed to meet and park up together. Steve S. (RO) & Pauline, Andy Myles, Myles & Sally Sutherland and new members Steve & Sue Newman made the long trek to be part of the excellent day. By the time you read this the July meet at Wheels 2009, Wadebridge will have taken place and we will be looking forward to our August meet, third Sunday at the Winds of Change. Details are on the Club website, in our Regional section. Hope to see you there.

Cornwall & Devon members at TIPEC ’09

South East RO Derek Flanagan 01342 717 754 07767 254 820 (mobile) Meetings are held second Wednesday of every month 8pm at The Shipley Bridge Inn, Antlands Lane, Burstow, RH6 9TE, on the B2037, off the A23, one mile North of Crawley M23 J10. For those of you who haven’t made it along to a monthly meet yet, we always welcome new members and prospective members. Come and see if you like us, we’re a friendly bunch no matter what model of Porker you own or desire and you will be guaranteed to receive a hearty welcome. You also have the opportunity of winning our own regional lotto with all SE Region members going into the hat each month, but you have to be at the meeting to win if your name is drawn out. Our events calendar continues to expand and our regional monthly meetings are becoming a real buzz of activity with details of our numerous regional and national events, general Porsche news and members stories as well as holding the monthly lotto. Yet again we had over 30 attend the June meeting with the added attraction of the members choice competition which certainly filled the car park with extra Porsches and a fantastic line up. We were pleased that new member Nick James (Cobalt blue 964) from Guildford came to his first meeting and we also welcomed potential new member Nick James( Boxster 987) from Horsham. I am pleased to report that SE Region

The green Cayenne in the photo above? David Green has added to his car collection with the purchase of a rather special Cayenne S that has been converted to LPG at a cost of 43p per litre. During my visit to Gaydon I took a phone call from ex SE Region member Brian Hilliard (924 Turbo and regular track driver) who was interested in Porsche ownership again and seeking a 944. Whilst strolling around the show I spotted a white 944 Lux in excellent condition with many mods (including chipped, Turbo side sills, etc, etc). Brian arranged a trip to view the car in Coventry before the owner Bob emigrated to Australia and has now purchased the car and already started bringing it upto concours condition. Brian promises to rejoin TIPEC soon. The SE Region Lotto has rolled over in June and now stands at £50 for July Members Choice competition The 2009 members choice competition was held at our June meeting, where members get the opportunity to vote for the Porsche in the car park that they would most like to drive home in. Fortunately the rain held off and we have a fantastic turnout of cars. There were four 964’s in the line up in force making a strong challenge for this year’s competition but the clear winner was the Blue 356 Speedster (Chesil replica) belonging to Dan Richard. 2009 WOTY The SE Region’s 2009 Weekend of the Year (WOTY) from 8–11 May was a 178 mile Porsche convoy from Crawley to the outskirts of the village Overstrand, near Cromer, North Norfolk. We had chosen a grade II listed elegant Edwardian mansion steeped in history, 3 star, 26 room hotel called ‘Sea Marge’ that has been lovingly restored to create a luxurious family hotel.

We stopped at The Thursford Steam collection en-route and enjoyed the spendour of the worlds largest steam collection including an amazing Wurlitzer organ played daily. We were even able to go back to our youth and take a fairground ride on the original roller coaster. Nick Barnes’ after dinner musical revue Original features are combined with every modern comfort and impeccable service. Five acres of well-terraced lawns run down to the coastal path and open beach.

On Saturday we took a 100 mile circular scenic tour and went to Sandingham for tea with the Queen and saw the royal vehicle collection.

Thames Valley RO Craig Moore 07748 733 000 (mobile) ARO Jason Gibson 07958 459 725 (mobile) Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 7:00pm at The Novello, Bath Rd, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, SL6 3RX.

Forthcoming events A message from Nick Ramsay:

We celebrated Claire Taylor’s birthday during our weekend and Nick Barnes can be seen in the photo as our after dinner entertainment. We were fortunate during our stay to visit the largest private collection of motor vehicles in Great Britain at Caister Castle, with vehicles from 1893 to the present time, including: the first real motor car in the world; the 1893 Panhard et Levassor, Jim Clark’s Grand Prix ‘R14’, Christine Keeler’s Cadillac Eldorado, the 1st Ford Fiesta and the last drophead Morris 1000.

Sunday 2nd August Goodwood Breakfast Club (Soft Top Sunday) Wednesday 12th August Club Night & photo competition results Saturday 15th August Capel Classic car show Sunday 16th August Narrowboating on the river Wey Sunday 30th August Goodwood Breakfast Club (Thoroughbred Sunday)

Due to a change in my circumstances, I have stepped down as R.O. with immediate effect. The new R.O. is Craig Moore, a longstanding and enthusiastic member who has kindly agreed to take over the role. Don’t forget the 911 & Porsche World picnic at Wellington Country Park on Sunday 20th September. Thanks, Nick.




0845 811 8118 BT Local call rate - immediate cover available by telephone

All Torque 77 page 37 The TIPEC website is now one year old! You can use it to register or renew your club membership, advertise cars and parts for free, download old issues of All Torque, and keep up-to-date with events in your region. If you look to the bottom-left of the homepage, you will find a link to TIPEC’s online discussion forum. This is the place to trade banter with fellow club members on a day-to-day basis, ask questions and share knowledge, up and down the UK (and worldwide!) Here’s a recent examples. Forum: Porsche models; 911 Aircooled Topic: 1987 Carrera—Replacement Exhaust Back Box For More Vooooom diamondbluetarga: The exhaust on my motor is just beginning to blow—as the back box is going to need replacing, thought now would be a good time to swap it for a slightly funkier one which makes a slightly louder “vroom” then the current standard one. Any suggestions of what to buy, how much to spend, and where to get it from, etc? I don’t want to spend too much money on something that is crap.

Have seen several online with wildly 601 - All Torque_Artwork:Layout 1 5/9/07 differing prices. I’d rather not spend £2k on a full s/s system as I think that

is overkill, given the age and value of the car, but £300–700 for a rear box would be perfect. If this isn’t realistic, please tell me what I need to consider. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Sean Smallman: Geoff Booth bought a new back system last year for his Speedster that sounds very good and from what I can remember it was reasonably priced. grbspeedster: Yes, I replaced mine with an M&K exhaust from the US, very pleased with fit and sound. From memory about £300 + duty. Can find details for 09:44 Page 1 you if you want. You can have a listen at the next club meeting.

coxy: Did you get sorted? diamondbluetarga: I did indeed, thanks. Went for a Dansk one in the end, due to time deadlines. Not as much vroom as I would like, but as the other one had started to blow and the car was in for major surgery. It was the only thing I could get delivered in time. I’m pleased with it, but it isn’t quite what I wanted. Should have paid attention to the old Heinz television advert: “Best things come to those who wait”, which in this case would have meant importing from the US. Still, I know for next time …

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Services General repairs, restoration, updates, backdates, all types of work undertaken. Call for a quote. Full fitting and repair service with over 25 years experience Unit 58, Weights Farm Business Park, Weights Lane, Redditch B97 6RG • 24hr delivery


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