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The Malvern Carriage, Harness & Accoutrement Sale Tuesday 29th May 2012 Viewing from 10am Sale to commence at conclusion of the Horse Sale Sale to be held in the Severn Hall.

Purchasers Please Note:1 A Buyers Number must be obtained before the com mencement of the Sale. 2 The Description of lots is correct to the best of the Auctioneers knowledge but cannot be guaranteed. 3 There will be a 10% plus VAT Buyers Premium on all lots. 4 Lots must be paid for on the Sale Day. 5 Lots must be collected on the Sale Day.

Sale to commence at conclusion of horse and pony sale. Lot Description 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

English shire driving bridle, complete with bit. English shire driving bridle, complete with bit and riding reins and solid brass buckles. English driving bridles with brass buckles. English shire breeching. Brown Cob Harness Black Shetland Harness Black Pony Harness Black Full Size Harness Small Black Shetland Harness Brown Full Size Harness Black Cob Harness Brown Pony Harness Black Cob Harness Brown Shetland Harness Black Shetland Harness Brown Cob Harness Black Shetland Harness Black Pony Harness Black Cob Harness Cob Driving Bridle Driving Reins Driving Whip Patent Collar 10 Lead Ropes Private Driving Jacket, Tartan Green, Size 14 Private Driving Jacket, Black & White Check, Size 14 Private Driving Jacket, Fawn, Size 16 Private Driving Jacket, Black Velvet, Size 12 Private Driving Jacket, Black Velvet with Gold, Size 14 Private Driving Jacket, Brown Wool, Size 14 Private Driving Jacket, Brown Check Tedman Tandem Harness for the Leader Pony/Cob Huskisson Tandem Harness for the Leader Pony/Cob Huskisson’s Tandem Reins, Pony

Sale to commence at conclusion of horse and pony sale. Lot Description 35 36 37 38 39 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

Huskisson’s Show Collar, Excellent Condition Large Tartan Apron Small Tartan Apron Tweed Jacked for a Groom, Small Huskisson’s Patent Show Collar, Excellent Condition, 18” Huskisson’s Patent Leather Show Collar, Excellent Condition, 19” Driving Whip 5½” Liverpool Bit Breaking Roller Pair Long Reins Rubber mouth Liverpool Bit 2 Whip Thongs 6” Liverpool Bit Wicker Basket Collar Liverpool Bit with Port and Rollers Pair Lamps Wilson Snaffle with Horse Shoe Rings Horn & Pony Liverpool Bit Pair Traces Driving Reins Driving Whip Breast Collar and Traces Brass Rein Rail Brass Shaft Fittings Brass Whip Holder Black cob harness by Huskisson. Brass furniture. Hardly used. Boxed keepers. Patent panels. Pair 2 wheeler shafts. Pair metal shafts Driving apron Stable rug to suit 14hh pony Stable rug to suit 14.2hh pony Brass Lamp Brackets White Metal Rein Rail

Sale to commence at conclusion of horse and pony sale. Lot Description 69 70 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95

White Metal Shaft Fittings White Metal Whip Holder White Metal Whip Holder White Metal Lamp Brackets Brass Rein Rail Brass Shaft Fittings Brass Whip Holder White Metal Lamp Brackets White Metal Whip Holder Full set of good condition black patent leather and brass show harness, with breast collar to fit 12/13hh (single set) 18” Black patent collar, with brass hames and box keepers. Very good condition. 50” long holly whip. Stamped London (warranted) A lovely old whip needing new thong and leather. Black plastic coated metal foot stand for carriage foot well. 21” Black and brass collar Driving Whip The Carriage Journal, Volume 1, no1 1963 -1969 The Carriage Journal 1969 - 1975 Carriage Driving Magazine 17 copies 26 copies of Horse & Driving, and Heavy Horse & Driving Arthur Ackermann & Son Ltd catalogues of sporting paintings. 1967 - 1982 Thimbleby & Shorland Catalogues, 1969 – 1976 Black silk top hat by Joshua Turner of London. Medium sized. With its leather hat box. Fly Vale. Black Pair Fly Vale. Maroon Pair Fly Vale. Yellow Pair Full Sized driving apron. Black maroon lined. Leather fastenet. Grey driving apron. Leather fastener. Brown two tone ladies driving apron

Sale to commence at conclusion of horse and pony sale. Lot Description 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111

Waterproof driving apron. Waxed, plaid lined. Waterproof driving apron. Waxed small. Full size army reversible driving/riding bit 6 Triple link curb chains. Stainless steel Galvanised auto drinkers. 7 singles and one double Pony leather breast collar and traces and pair of hames Pair pony check reins/bearing reins Pair Victorian carriage lamps (Clarks of Wolverhampton) Set of pairs black leather, white metal 21” full collar. As new bridles and collars never used. The rest used twice. With brown leather reins. Light pony carriage wheels and axle/brass hubs. 40” black paint, gold lining. Good rubbers. Zilco, black synthetic extra large harness Black patent breast collar set. Brass furniture. Suit 13.2hh. Single. Full breeching complete with new spare trace and breeching strap. Made by Huskisson of Walsall. 8 years. Little used. Excellent condition. Full black patent collar. Brass furniture. Size 20”. New and unused. To match above lot. Excellent condition Black patent false breeching brass furniture complete with Trace Carriers. New and unused. To match above lots. Excellent condition. “Ideal” Pairs pony harness. Tan leather. Excellent condition. Never been used. “Zilco” Pairs pony harness. Synthetic black, with white metal fittings. Suit up to 14.2hh. Used very little. Excellent condition. LOTS 112 – 150 Spare

Carriages & Vehicles 151 Ralli Car (Photo on website) Two wheeled, built by Jacks of Hay. To suit 15.2hh – 16.2hh Single. Black finish with black upholstery. Smart condition. Renovated in 2008

152 Wagonette (Photo on website) Four wheeled, built in 2009. To suit 11hh pair or 12.2hh single or pair. Sold with pole, shafts, lamps, brakes. Green with blac upholstery. Clean condition. Never used, stored in a barn.

Carriages & Vehicles Cont... 153 Bennington Presentation Vehicle (Photo on website) Four wheeled, built in 1985 approx by Bennington. To suit 13.2hh pair or 14.2hh – 15hh single. Sold with pole and shaft, brakes. Blue with blue upholstery. Usable but not show condition. A useful 4 seater vehicle with brakes, pole and shafts. Always stored dry and serviced annually.

154 Bennington Intro Exercise Vehicle (Photo on website) Two wheeled, built in 2010 by Bennington. To suit 15.2hh to 16.2hh single. Yellow with black upholstery. As new condition. Bought for my 15.3hh mare but never used.

Carriages & Vehicles Cont... 155 Governess Cart (photo on website) Two wheeled Irish cart. Geaney Nenagh on Brass wheel hubs. Suit single 13hh – 14hh. Varnished body, with red upholstery. Complete with brass fittings. In need of slight repair.

156 Pony Trap In very good condition. To suit 13hh – 13.3hh 157 Presentation Vehicle Four wheeled. Built by Fenix of Devon in 1980. To suit 12hh – 13hh approx. New pole, fitted cover x2, running loops. Blue paint with grey vinyl. Smart condition. 158 Ralli Car Two Wheeled. To suit single 14.2hh-15.2hh. Dark Blue/Yellow lines with Red lining. Show/smart condition.

Carriages & Vehicles Cont... 159 Malteze Taxi Two wheeler. To suit single 11.2hh – 12.2hh approx. Traditional yellow and red varnish, in show/smart condition. To be sold with traditional set of harness with bells. 160 Spindleback Gig Two Wheeler, to suit single 13.2hh -15.2hh. Painted British green and Black with yellow lining. Newly upholstered green seats. Resored and repainted 4 years ago. In show condition. 161 Governess Cart Two wheeler. To suit single 12.2hh- 14hh. Restored and repainted 4 years ago and un-used since. Navy blue body with grey upholstery. In smart condition. 162 Manchester Trade Cart Two wheeler. To suit single 14hh – 15.2hh. Black and Green in show condition. Wooden spoke wheels with solid rubbers and back to back seating. 163 Four Wheeled Trolley To suit single13hh – 14hh. Wooden spoked wheels with iron rims. Green and cream colour in good condition. 164 Ladies Phaeton Carriage 4 wheeled. Single. Maroon with gold edging. Black fabric. Smart condition. Brake linkage. Glass missing in one lamp. 165 Polish Four Wheeler Four Wheeled carriage to suit single 15hh – 18hh. Varnished wood with painted metalwork with dark green interior and black leatherette upholstery. A very comfortable vehicle to carry up to 8 passengers. In needs of some care and restorative attention.

Carriages & Vehicles Cont... 166 Gig Two wheeled. To suit 15hh – 17hh single. Green finish. Gold lining. Tan upholstery. In need of some repair and paint. Well sprung. Lovely ride. 167 Country Cart Restored 2007. To suit 10hh to 12hh. Green with new basket work. Smart condition. Originally made during WW2 from a bath chair but fully restored 5 years ago. 168 Pleasure/Cross County 4 Wheeled. Built by Saxon of England. To suit 15hh to 17hh single or pair. Includes shaft and pole, disc brake, handbrake and delayed steering. Gloss black finish with gold lining and New Alacantara upholstery. Smart just repainted. A nice tidy carriage, very strong and well made. 170 A Montford Carriage



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