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September 2012

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August Meeting Our August meeting was our picnic meeting that we held at the Trout Ponds in Newark Valley, New York. We had 23 members present. As per usual the bring a dish to pass resulted in something for all to eat and no-one went away hungry. We were able to go over the final preparations for the car show as well as make a list of all the leaders of crews and positions to be filled during the show. For the second year in a row we were treated to a driving rain during the meeting but the pavilion sheltered us enough that there were no wet heads to my knowledge. We were all a bit concerned that this rain might signal another washout for the car show, but as you all know we had

a picture perfect day for the show. Speaking of the show we had two expected participants who did not show. The first no show was our commercial food vendor, I guess we were not important to a vendor who had not needed to put up any of his own money. When he bought the concession from the people from upstate he contacted me that they informed him he would be able to use the deposit from last year to pay for this year. The second no show was the Owego Fire Department. This was a big disappointment as this left us with no quick response team if there was an emergency on the field during the show. Next months meeting, our thank you dinner at N.V. Depot September 24 at 6:00PM

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September Meeting It’s that time again, our annual “Thank You Dinner” is about to happen. We will be meeting at Newark Valley Railroad Depot. The date is September 24th at 6:00PM. The menu is Lasagna with salad and desert. Our relative success at our car show means that once again the club will pay the

$12.00 per person cost. You might notice that this is the fourth Monday rather than the normal third. The Women of the Newark Valley Historical Society already had another dinner during the third week and wanted to be sure to make our meal special, so they

asked that we give them a little more time to prepare. If you are planning to attend, Please call Cheryl or myself at 607-785-8867 by September 20 so we can get a count to the N.V. Historical Society for their information.

Thank You

This Is Your Newsletter

Dinner Monday September 24, 2012 6:00PM Good Food !

Each month I try to find new and interesting topics to include in your newsletter. Sometimes it is more difficult than others just to convince myself to even start. With all that has gone on in my life during the

past summer, YES SUMMER IS GONE, it has been a challenge to find the time for the newsletter. As a result of this struggle to find interesting and timely subjects, I invite you

all to consider creating your own stories for inclusion. Don’t worry about the neatness or spelling, Cheryl corrects me all the time. Send your story and I will print it.

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President’s Ponderings The song came out many years ago, some of you will remember; “Oh it’s a long long time, from May to December. But the days grow short, when you reach September. And the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame, but I haven’t the time for the waiting game. And the days dwindle down to a precious few. September, November And these few precious days I’ll spend with you. These golden days I’ll spend with you”

we age, not that I admit to being “OLD”. But I still am looking for a way to tell our youth about the time when life traveled at a slower pace. I know there are some of our members who think of the difficulty of producing our car show and think it is time to discontinue our efforts to make this event happen. There was also a time when I wondered if it was all worth it.

It’s easy to look for ways to When Maurice Chevalier avoid the tedium of the besang this romantic song all hind the scene work when the women swooned think- you aren’t sure that you ing he sang it just for them. have accomplished the goal Of course there were oth- you were trying to do. Sure ers who also sang this I had many compliments on song but it still was the our show this year but did Frenchman who made it so we do what we set out to popular. do? Isn’t it a shame that we no As a routine process Bill longer have music that can Clark, the editor of Antique so perfectly transmit so Auto News, the newsletter strong a feeling? Think of Iroquois Region and I though of the fact that this exchange copies of our song also described life as newsletter. This month’s

copy of Bill’s newsletter contained an article written by Laura Burd, a 10 year old girl from Vestal. As luck would have it Laura had been in one of Cheryl’s classes that she did last school year. Bill had other obligations during our show and was not able to attend but he chose to include the well written piece that he also gave me permission to copy in our newsletter. You will find the coverage of our show by this young lady on the following pages complete with her pictures and impressions. Laura obviously had more time to talk to the car owners than I had, but the main point of my musings is that YES,

WE WERE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS SHOW. Yes, it is necessary for us to continue as we are still waking our youth to the beauty of cars from the past.

Oh, it’s A long, long Time From May to December

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What IS This?

A Big Family Learning How Cars Were Made Back In The Day.

Sept 2012 Newsletter  

Sept 2012 Newsletter

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