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Published by: Tiny Living Productions Ltd, Glasgow UK Editor: Pamela Palongue Design by: Gilmour Graphics Email: On the cover: House in the Forest Photograph by Heidi Vilkman


The Enchanting Forest Cottage This tiny house made of cob at the edge of a forest, was built by an artist who knew very little about building! It’s not surprising that the artist who created this enchanted little world, often creates paper art which extends beyond the borders of the flat surface and steps into the foreground of our imaginations. But her tiny house may have been the ultimate creative expression in 3D. Heidi Vilkman grew up at the edge of a forest in Finland, and this early connection with nature has inspired both her art and her lifestyle. “I have always been creating, and loved making art since I was very little”, says Heidi, who grew up in a family of creative women. Her grandmother did embroidery and designed sewing patterns for a company. Heidi’s mother was a seamstress, and she often fell asleep to the humming sound of her mother’s sewing machine. She came to the UK, twenty-one years ago to study film and photography at Edinburgh Napier, before going on to receive a Masters in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths College in London.


But film was just one creative outlet for Heidi, who began to create spherically in many different directions, including printing, gemstone and woodcarving, illustrating, paper cutting and natural building with cob. The little cottage is appropriately named, ‘The Tree of Life’ which is reflected in the artwork traced in its walls, and its purpose as an art studio, summer house, teaching space, and a quiet place to think -the beginning of all creative endeavours. Heidi explains that it’s a place to be an eternal ‘child’ which is evident in the oftentimes whimsical artwork she creates. There’s a sense of wonder and fun in her art and the cottage has this same magical feel. The Yorkshire resident would gladly live in the little cottage full-time in the right conditions.


“I would live in a cob house permanently if I could [in the right kind of climate]… For me there is no comparison between a natural build and a modern house – the first one has so much more character and scope for personalisation, in addition to the health benefits of living in a natural, breathable space”. Heidi read a lot of books and researched natural building techniques online before starting her building project. She completed a one-day, oven building course offered in the UK, and joined some natural building groups on Facebook, which were helpful for offering specific advice. But at the end of the day, she just started building, guided by intuition and the inspiration of creating something in the place where she had spent her childhood playing in nature. Much like the amazing art she creates, she learned by the experience of doing, and made adjustments along the way. Made of earth and structurally solid, ‘The Tree of Life’ cottage may be one of Heidi’s most enduring works of art.


Would you like to see more of Heidi’s art? Fix a nice cup of tea and visit her site for a joyful experience at Or visit her shop on Etsy at

“The impossible is possible. -Just build!” -Pamela Palongue

Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show 7th – 10th February 2019 Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow This event will provide lots of inspiration for small space living, and holidays focussed on nature. In addition to caravans and motorhomes, there will be marine products, tents and camping accessories. Tickets will be going on sale shortly! So bookmark this page for more information.

Happy Hutting Reforesting Scotland is an organisation based in Edinburgh. As the name implies, they do plant trees, but this is only one of many activities they take part in throughout the year. The group encourages the traditional practice of hutting, “the building and enjoyment of simple structures (usually wooden) for living, working and recreation in the countryside”. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your hutting experience for the spring. The website contains links to a guidance on the legal and safe practices with regards to hutting in Scotland. For more information, visit

Small Can Be Beautiful! 06

A “Tiny” Piece of Heaven Twenty years ago, Chris March became a builder, like many people in his family before him. But around 2005, he began receiving an education in how to build a tiny house without even realising it. Vendors began asking him to build timber chalets for vendors – the kind you see at music festivals and fun fairs. Their requests could be fairly quirky, since they wanted their huts to reflect their business theme. But he found he had a unique talent for listening to what people wanted and then being able to create it from just a verbal conversation or a rough sketch. This placed him in high demand for building the huts, which in many ways were very similar in construction to tiny houses. “One of the biggest challenges I faced early on, was in finding ways to make the buildings mobile,” Chris explains. They had to be moved quickly and frequently, due to the


rigorous schedule of the vendors during show season, and they had to stand up to all the bumps and twists the roadways delivered. He built the trailers himself. And he figured out ways to secure doors and interior space so that it didn’t get damaged during transit. This unique skillset served as the perfect training ground for building tiny houses. It was a natural transition to creating the small living spaces he has crafted for dozens of people. Though the tiny houses look like idyllic little cottages from the outside, they feel much larger inside! The high ceilings add lots of interior space and provides a separate area for a loft space for sleeping. The bespoke houses can literally be any style or colour that people want, which gives a lot of room for individual design choices.

Although the homes he builds can be static, most people prefer to be able to take their home with them. But mobile doesn’t equate to temporary. These homes are carefully constructed and should be able to last at least 40 to 50 years according to Chris. With more mobility in the job market, a home which can follow you to your new location is ideal. Also, many people are working from home, which means they can work from just about anywhere. Another important subject for people considering a simpler, more efficient life, is sustainable energy. Many of the homes Chris has built are completely off-grid, with solar energy panels and wood-burning heat. Although many people are interested in solar shingles, Chris advises that the solar panels outperform the shingles, several times over. The cost of the shingles is also fairly prohibitive if you’re looking for an economical option. The big question is: “Does Chris live in a tiny house himself”? -He has lived in a tiny house for a couple of weeks at a time, but in the near future when he moves to his new workshop location, he will be a full time, tiny house dweller. The new location will be more convenient with his workshop, the tiny house gallery, and offices all in one place – and Chris’ new home, although home may be somewhat of a relative term. Chris often finds himself traveling to locations all over Europe to construct the tiny houses onsite.

He’s built them in Norway, Belgium, Ireland and other countries. Though it can be a lot of work, his favourite part is the delivery. “I love it when they find their ideal spot and get it all set up, and hand them their keys. It’s a life-changing moment for people to have their own home”. To learn more about the tiny houses which Chris builds, visit



“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit”. -Greek Proverb

Trees invade our consciousness from our earliest moments on the planet. As young children, it’s one of the first things we learn to draw. We walk on a carpet of them in our local park every autumn. -And we seek their shade in the hot, intense sun of the summer. Their presence is so pervasive, it’s easy to take them for granted, like an old faithful friend. But like a precious friendship, they have to be nurtured and protected. An organisation which helps ensure trees will be around for our future generations is the Woodland Trust. They have created new woodland areas in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for over 40 years. Their mission also includes educating others on the planting and care of trees, and protecting ancient trees, such as the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire. This remarkable tree has been estimated to be somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 years old! Besides just being lovely to look at, trees provide essential habitat for birds, animals and insects. When this vital


link in the chain is broken, many animal species find themselves without food or shelter. And of course, one of the most important aspects of trees for us, is their ability to produce oxygen and clean our atmosphere. We can help protect trees by using paper that is produced by responsibly managed forests (look for the FSC symbol on the product, which ensures that the forester is growing more trees than what is being used in order to prevent loss of forestation through harvesting. We can also use recycled paper. (Tiny Living Magazine UK is printed on recycled paper) If you would like to help the Woodland Trust in their mission to protect our trees, you can become a member of the organisation here There are also many volunteer positions available in a wide range of opportunities. There are many ways we can nurture our relationship with trees. They do so much for us every day!

The Big Issue

Plan Your Canal Trip! has an excellent canal route planner which has over 10,000 different points of interest to plan a personalised canal trip! The information includes the routes, location of bridges, locks, restaurants, pubs and local attractions. After you’ve planned your trip you can download a PDF of the route you’ve chosen. To plan your trip, visit

Have you ever passed by a person selling a magazine called The Big Issue? If you have, they likely were a homeless person. Purchasing The Big Issue from them will help support them in their quest to become self-sufficient. The Big Issue has been around for 27 years. More than just news about the homeless situation, it contains information about cultural events, topical news, and inspiring stories of those who have overcome poverty. The next time you see someone in the familiar red vest, consider purchasing a copy. Photography - Martyn Richards, ‘Autumn fog’

Sustainable Shipping Container Homes

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A non-profit based in Sheffield, REACH Homes, is building homes from converted shipping containers and offering them for as little as £35,000. The homes are made from 60% local, recycled materials and also feature the use of solar energy, rainwater collection and other sustainable practices.

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The firm has won awards for its homes, and its designs are bright and open, with a clean contemporary look. You can view a prototype home by appointment. For more information visit

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Cosy Kitchens By Pamela Palongue 11

The kitchen is sometimes the most daunting area to think of in terms of small spaces. -But before you break into a cold sweat at the thought of giving up your mega appliances, when was the last time you cooked with all four burners simultaneously?? -And if you moved all the expired food in the chiller over to the dust bin where it belongs, how much space would you really have in your refrigerator? -Seriously, no one should be eating peri peri sauce from 2012!

It may actually be that your lifestyle is more suited to small space living than you think. There are companies in the UK that specialise in smaller appliances for tiny houses, studios, and student accommodations. They even have kitchens that fit neatly into a cupboard, about the size of an armoire. There are also clever space hacks which can make life easier with a more organised, functional space, allowing you to turn out a handsome soiree for family and friends. One of the best suggestions for any room, is using vertical space. Items that are used infrequently (like that Yorkshire terrier cookie cutter) can be stored away until needed. A shelf above the door works well for larger pots and pans. A small, collapsible step or folding ladder can give you access to the high places, and can tuck neatly away in between cabinets. If the space is extremely small, try open shelving rather than cupboards with doors. This will not only save money, it will save headroom, and encourage tidiness since everything’s out on display.

Another area to stretch the space without losing efficiency, is a tall, skinny refrigerator such as Smeg. It will provide lots of storage, but won’t take up any more floor space than a small unit. If your kitchen has limited drawer space, try hanging utensils on the wall, or inside a cabinet door. Silverware can be placed inside a drinking glass or vase on the counter. Two companies that specialise in compact kitchens are and Both companies offer specialised kitchens that can work in micro spaces in a variety of styles and colours. And finally, don’t forget the aesthetics. Just because the space is small, doesn’t mean that it can’t have phenomenal style. Just take a look at the narrowboat kitchen on the right. Beautiful tile work done by Tiles of Stowe has turned this tiny kitchen into a showplace! Customised tile work can really make the space your own. You can see more of their work here So go ahead and invite the entire football team over for hors d’oeuvres. You’ve got this!


Santa comes to the Chesterfield Canal Santa has decided to diversify a bit this year, and is no longer traveling exclusively by sleigh. He will also be available by boat on the Chesterfield Canal! This will give the reindeer a much needed rest prior to the main event on Christmas Eve. In Chesterfield, the tripboat John Varley will be doing Santa Special cruises every Saturday and Sunday from 24th November - 23rd December, and on Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th and Friday 21st December. All cruises leave from Tapton Lock, on the Tesco roundabout, S41 7JB. For bookings, please call 01629 533020. In Retford, Santa will be on the tripboat Seth Ellis every Saturday and Sunday from 24th November - 23rd December, and on Monday 24th December, departing from the Hop Pole on the A620, Welham Road, DN22 6UG. For bookings, please call 07925 851569. Hollingwood Hub on Works Road, Staveley, S43 2PF, will see the tripboat Madeline running Santa Special cruises on every Saturday and Sunday from 1st to 23rd December. For bookings, please call 01629 533020.


Tripboat Hugh Henshall will be running Santa Special cruises on every Saturday and Sunday from 8th to 23rd December from Shireoaks, S81 8LP. For bookings please call 0114 360 0460 and leave a message. Santa will be on the canal in Worksop for just one weekend - Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December - when the Hugh Henshall will be running Santa Special cruises from the Lock Keeper pub, S81 1TJ. For bookings, please call 0114 360 0460 and leave a message. On every trip, Santa will be welcoming children and adults. The trips are operated by volunteers of the Chesterfield Canal Trust. There will be a present for every child and a mince pie and drink for every adult for a flat rate of £7 per person. The cruises are very popular and attracted thousands of people last year, so it’s essential to book in advance to avoid disappointment! -To be enjoyed by kids, ages 1 to 92!

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Tiny Living UK NOVEMBER  

From a tiny house on wheels to an artist's cottage made of cob, explore the world of small space living!

Tiny Living UK NOVEMBER  

From a tiny house on wheels to an artist's cottage made of cob, explore the world of small space living!