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Pearl and the PolkaDots Local friends pick their way into the hearts of Texas bluegrass lovers

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Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+



Friday, May 11

Happy Birthday, Texas Butane

Keno Night Fundraiser The 20th Century Club of Weatherford, 321 S. Main Street, 7 to 9 p.m. First card is $10, second is $5. Refreshments available. Special blackout prize to be awarded. Proceeds go toward a fund to replace the roof.


Clark Gardens Celebrates

Historic Downtown Weatherford, 5 to 8 p.m. Pink flags will pinpoint merchant participants. Specials and extended hours at some locations.

Thursday, May 17

Saturday, May 19

Book Club

Ms. Senior Parker County Pageant

Weatherford Public Library, 6 p.m. Adults of all ages are welcome to attend and discuss this month's selection, "Salt to the Sea," by Ruta Sepetys. Copies of the book are available at the library's reference desk while supplies last.

Pearl and the Polka Dots is a bluegrass group featuring Weatherford residents Rachel and Larry Bates. Pictured on the cover, from left to right, are band members Charlie Day, Anji Pearl, Rachel Bates and Larry Bates. The group has performed at venues throughout the state. Turn to P. 4-5 to read what Rachel and Anji had to say when they sat down with Hoopla recently. Follow the group on Facebook to be notified of upcoming performances: https://www.facebook. com/pearlandthepolkadots.

At left, Mary Kemp, Morris White and wife Judy Kemp White celebrate 60 years in business. Judy and Morris currently operate Texas Butane. The two met in 1964, when Morris started working there as a teenager. The two married a year later.

Friday, May 25

Ladies Night Out

Public Gardens Day at Clark Gardens includes special activities to be announced, 567 Maddux Road, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Regular admission prices apply.

n On the Cover

April 2018

Gold Star Prayer Garden & Memorial Monument Dedication Soldier Springs Park, 200 Thrush Street, 4 -5 p.m. Mike Viti, a founder of Legacies Alive Organization, will be the guest speaker.

Monday, May 27

Weatherford College Alkek Auditorium, 7 p.m. Ladies 60 and older will vie for the title of Ms. Senior Parker County in a contest that includes evening wear, talent and interview. Tickets $10 with all proceeds benefitting the local Meals on Wheels program.

Honoring of the Wall The National Vietnam War Museum, 12685 Mineral Wells Highway, 9:45 a.m. Eight men will be added to the Vietnam Wall replica. Gates open at 8 a.m.

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Member SIPC

April 2018

Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Adults 55+

n Club News

Zonta goes the distance

Spring into Great Rates! COURTESY PHOTO

Zonta's Go The Distance 5K Race had a big turnout in Hudson Oaks with 55 registrants. The money raised will go toward the group's service projects. Zonta is planning an event called Sip and Shop from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 28th at the 20th Century Club, 321 S. Main Street in Weatherford. Admission is free. Enjoy a glass of wine and check out the many vendors.

Klassy Kloggers


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Klassy Kloggers took centerstage at the Weatherford Blooms Festival. The Kloggers perform at a variety of venues throughout the year and have weekly practice sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. For more information on those classes, e-mail instructor Shirley Anderson at shirleyandersonclog@ gmail.com.

15 month CD term with $100,000 minimum opening deposit required

Our current customers with additional banking relationships may also qualify for added rate incentives. Ask for details. Penalty for Early Withdrawal May Apply. This offer ends April 30, 2018. *Annual Percentage Yield

901 Santa Fe Drive Weatherford

(817) 596-9998



Pearl and the

Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

April 2018

PolkaDots Local friends pick their way into the hearts of Texas bluegrass lovers

Anji Pearl plays upright bass


It began as a bluegrass jam session. Now, the four friends are inseparable, spending their time traveling and entertaining together. Meet Pearl and the Polka Dots, a unique name for a unique quartet, proving that it's not when you start something in life, but what you do with the opportunity. "Pearl and the Polka Dots came in a magical night after we had already performed as the Pearlie Girlies," said Anji Pearl, from who the band's name came. "We were pickin' in a room at Pearl Bluegrass Jam, the best place for bluegrass music, which is where we were 'discovered,' and talked about wanting a better name. "We were playing and singing and I said, 'Hey, look, I am getting polka dots from the music." And I then looked down at my polka dot pajamas and laughed and said, 'It's Anji Pearl in Polka Dots.'" After a laugh, they realized they had their catchy name. "We all came up with our name at the same moment. We knew in that instant we were Pearl and the Polka Dots, and I knew something magical was happening," Anji said.

April 2018

Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Adults 55+





Larry Bates plays guitar

Rachel Bates plays fiddle and guitar

Charlie Day plays lead guitar and mandolin

The "Polka Dots" are her husband, Charlie Day, and their good friends Rachel and Larry Bates. Anji and Charlie live in Clyde, while the Bates live in Weatherford. The wives are in their 50s and the husbands in their 60s – and the music they play is timeless. Anji plays upright bass, Rachel plays fiddle and guitar, Charlie plays guitar and mandolin, and Larry plays guitar. They all sing, which Rachel said includes "harmonies as sweet as stolen watermelon." The quartet has been together four years since that night at the Pearl Bluegrass Jam. The stage director overheard them and asked if he could put them onstage the next day as part of the main show. Without hesitation, they said yes, and the group was on its way. Their next gig was at a church revival three weeks later, and they have been steadily busy ever since. "It's been a huge snowball," Rachel said. "We've been all over Texas, recorded three CDs, and have been blessed exponentially. "We are pretty diverse, but bluegrass is what brought us together. Bluegrass is a genre that is inclusive, allowing musicians on all levels to join in the music and learn as they go. All acoustic, with harmonies and a grass roots feeling, the music speaks to the heart, and has a familiarity that makes you want to be a part of it." They also sing gospel, oldies, country, silly songs, and are writing some of their own. Most of their covers are songs folks remember and can sing along with.

"Everyone loves to sing, even if they think they can't," Rachel said with a laugh. Anji's father, Bill Spann, was an avid Chet Atkins song picker and was, in fact, good friends with the country legend. He was the MC for the Chet Atkins convention for 30 years in Nashville. When Charlie Day was 15, his uncle Jimmy Day loaded him up onto Willie Nelson's bus. He toured with him for a year until Willie found out how old he was and told him to get back in to school. At that point, music became Charlie's life and has been for over 50 years now. He has played on the Grand Ol Opry, was a regular on the Louisiana Hayride and has played with several legendary country musicians. The group never misses a chance to perform. "We sing at festivals whether they hire us or not. We sing at wineries, breweries, cafes, birthday parties, even funerals. We sing. Everywhere we go." Their mission is to have fun and encourage people to do things they consider hard, things they never thought they could do, Rachel said. "We came to this music late in life and never dreamed we'd be doing what we do now," Rachel said. "We hope to be an inspiration to anyone that wants to learn something new." Along with the music are the memories. And though they've only been together less than a handful of years, there are so many. For example, the hours spent around campfires with friends. And they've made many new friends while on the road.

"We were unloading our instruments from the car to go into a hotel in Midland, and we were stopped at the door by some guys from the oil fields. They wanted a show, so we played for these gentleman who ended up getting into a fight because one tipped us bigger than the other," Anji said. "We made enough money before we ever stepped foot into the hotel to pay for our entire weekend of gas, hotels and food." Charlie said his favorite memory is when they all piled in the car and went to a big bluegrass awards show and jam in Nashville. "We ended up busking in the sidewalks and had a great time. We drove there, played and had a great time in just two days," he recalled. They also find time to be charitable. Anji and Charlie work with special needs individuals. He takes them to appointments and shopping while she helps with employment and independence. The group has fans of all ages, including children, whom they call Polka Tots. "Children love our dots, and we include them in our shows whenever we can," Rachel said. "You never know how you can change someone's life and future with a little song or encouragement." The group is working on a children's CD and coloring book, along with a gospel CD. "Nothing in the world is better than doing what you love with those you love," Anji said. "Pearl and the Polka Dots have proven to be so loved because we are all about kindness, friendships and music.. in that order – and, of course polka dots."


Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

April 2018

Now is the time to plant hot-weather flowers This is a great month for getting gardening things done around Parker County. I’ve highlighted a few to whet your enthusiasm. Plant: • Turfgrass. Bermuda from seed, sod, plugs or by hydromulching. St. Augustine and zoysia from sod or plugs. • Trees and shrubs for landscape improvements. Watch for sales in local nurseries. Hand-water new plants a couple of times weekly for first couple of years to help them establish deep roots. • Hot-weather color from trailing lantanas, purple fountaingrass, firebush, angelonia, pentas, copper plants, moss rose and hybrid purslane, periwinkles (later in month to avoid disease) and for shade, coleus, caladiums, and wax and Dragon Wing begonias. Prune: • Spring-flowering shrubs and vines to reshape. • Shrubs to remove strong, erratic shoots. However, try to avoid formal

Timely Tips

by Neil Sperry Gardening Expert

shearing whenever possible. • Pinch growing tips out of Mexican bush sage, coleus, copper plants, fall asters, mums and other plants that tend to grow lanky. Fertilize: • Shrubs, trees, vines, groundcovers, lawns with all-nitrogen fertilizer that has half or more of that nitrogen in coated or encapsulated, slow-release form. • Same all-nitrogen fertilizer will probably be best for annual and perennial flowers and even vegetables unless a soil test dictates otherwise. • Container plants with water-soluble, high-nitrogen fertilizer that also contains trace elements. On the lookout: • Cabbage loopers chewing holes in

n 'How can I get rid of nutgrass?' “How can I get rid of nutgrass? I pull it, but it comes right back.” Nutsedge (not a true grass, as distinguished by its triangular stems, where grasses have round stems) is tenacious, as you have noted. It spreads from its swollen underground storage roots that resemble NEIL SPERRY tiny coconuts, hence the name. Nutsedge in Bermuda grass Two products offer the best hopes of eliminating nutsedge. One is the original form of Image herbicide, and the other is Sedgehammer. Both should be applied during the warm months mid-May through mid-September. Both should be followed by a deep watering immediately after application. Both are rather slow-acting, but they do work. Read and follow label directions for best results, and be prepared to treat one or two more times. leaves of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower. Control with B.t. biological worm spray or dust. • Snails, slugs, pillbugs chewing tender new vegetation. These pests feed at night and leave slime trails across ground, also on foliage. Apply Sevin dust or bait to plants and on the

ground around plants. • Fire ants. Use individual mound treatment product to eliminate colonies in high-traffic areas. Use areawide bait products containing Fipronil or Amdro for long-term control of 6 months or longer.

n Sperry's Plant of the Month Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower


This is a well-known native Texas wildflower, but improved types are popular perennials in Texas gardens. Those are the ones we’ll discuss here. • Lavender-pink is the original color, but a creamy white form is also sold. More recently, many other rich colors have been bred into the plant. • Well-suited to all of the state. • Does best in sun or part sun. • Grows to 15 to 18 inches while flowering. • Forms clumps that divide into small new plants suitable for dividing and replanting. • Plant into highly organic garden soil, the same as almost all other perennials. Space plants 6-8 inches apart. Plant in clusters rather than formal rows. • Butterflies and bees will flock to this plant. • Once it has finished blooming you can trim off the dead flower stalks. • Dig and divide in September as you see fit. Individual plants are somewhat short-lived perennials.

Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Adults 55+

Master Gardeners maintain gardens to promote better gardening practices

News & Entertainment For

Parker Co. Adults 55+

Find Your Cup of Tea Many service and social organizations, like the Women’s and Newcomer’s Club, offer fun and fellowship in Parker County. Look inside to find a group right for you.

Local Postal Customer

Poppy scarves offered by DAR

Members of the local Daughters of American Revolution chapter are selling beautiful poppy scarves in honor of the 100th anniversary of WWII. If you'd like to purchase one, contact Harriet at harriethelm@gmail.com or by phone or text at 817-247-9957.

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MAY 26th • 3pm MANDY BARNETT & CHARLIE McCOY JUNE 23rd • 7pm SHENANDOAH featuring Marty Raybon

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City and ZIP

Common Ground



Parker County Master Gardeners have established a number of demonstration gardens throughout the county with the purpose of showcasing horticultural information and improving the quality of landscaping in Parker County. n The AgriLife Extension Demonstration Gardens, located at 604 North Main in Weatherford, include a variety of drought-tolerant, native and adapted plants that do well locally. These by Thresea Tabor include perenParker County nials, grasses, Master Gardener shrubs, and many other types of plants, which require little or no water once established. n The Neil Collins Memorial Rose Garden on the Aledo City Hall property contains 30 labeled varieties of roses and won second place at the Texas Master Gardener Association Conference in 2007. n The City of Annetta has a designated Monarch Butterfly Waystation at 450 Thunderhead Lane. n Azle Central Park is located at 263 West Main Street in Azle, next to the Azle Public Library. n Chandor Gardens is a hidden treasure nestled away in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Weatherford. This 3.5-acre garden, located at 711 W. Lee Avenue, designed and built by Douglas Chandor. n The National Vietnam War Museum Memorial Gardens, which are about a mile east of Mineral Wells on Mineral Wells Highway, provide a living memorial to honor the lives of veterans who served in the Vietnam War. n Plants at the Weatherford Public Library Gardens on Charles Street are labeled with common names, Botanic names, and a literary reference. n The Cross Timbers Demonstration Garden is located on Ranch House Road in Willow Park, across from the current City Hall. All of these gardens are open to the public to provide examples of native and adapted plants that thrive locally.


Street Address

April 2018



Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

April 2018

Purchased your raffle ticket yet?

Beverly Lindsey can bring you one step closer to winning by Paula Hunt Parker County Quilter's Guild

Beverly keeps him busy quilting her creations. Family is very important to Beverly. If you attend local community She is often on the road to visit her events in Parker County, chances are daughter's family in Worland, WyoBeverly Lindsey has asked you to buy ming. When traveling, Jerry makes it a ticket for a Quilter’s Guild of Parker a point to stop at all the quilt shops. County raffle quilt. Beverly has been Sometimes he will check out the merchandise, but the “face” of the most of the time guild raffle quilt he finds a rocking for many years. chair and visits According to Beverly, “My greatest with, as Beverly pleasure for the puts it, "anyone guild is the selling that will talk to of raffle tickets him.” and being able to The raising of brag on the fine novelty goats is work of our lanow one of Beverly’s hobbies. dies.” Beverly has She and Jerry just COURTESY PHOTO been married to went through Members of the Parker County Quilhusband Jerry the adventure of ter's Guild create a quilt to raffle off at for 61 years. She having 13 baby describes him as the group's annual quilt auction. This goats born in the one will be up for grabs in September. “her best cheerspan of just one leader.” Jerry, a loweekend. As she cal pastor, has also been bitten by the says, “It’s fun but you need a lot of patience.” quilting bug. He bought a long arm Since retiring from Radiology Asquilting machine a few years ago and


Beverly Lindsey heads up the local quilt guild's annual raffle. sociates of Tarrant County after 39 years, she has been able to devote more time to quilting and the quilting community. Even though she grew up with a mother who quilted for “warmth, not show” and made clothes for their large family of seven daughters and four sons, Beverly did not begin quilting until the 1990s. Her quilting journey began, unlikely enough, when she and Jerry joined a camping club. It was during camping trips that the quilting ladies of the club taught her so much. The hardest quilt of the many Beverly has completed was The Bali Wed-


JOB OPENINGS FOR AGES 55+ Businesses needing employees CALL Express! Send resumes to junell.mauch@expresspros.com, go online to apply at expresspros.com or come see us in person

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ding Ring by Judy Niemeyer. When asked if she thought bees were important to the guild she replied, “I do think quilting bees are very important to our guild. This is how you get to know other quilters, share ideas, and do projects for the community.” Currently, Beverly is a member of the Crazy Eight Bee, the Library Bee, and the Piecers and Quilters Bee. Keep an eye out at local events and you most likely will see Beverly with the raffle quilt display selling tickets to all that pass by. Stop by to say hello and buy a ticket.

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April 2018



FINALLY a way to fix the PAIN of a BULGING DISC Are you suffering from back pain, arm or leg pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arms or legs? Then it’s likely you’re suffering from a Bulging DISC. That’s when one of your spinal discs are bulging and causing these, sometimes severe, symptoms because of the effect it’s having on your nerve system. You may have already had this diagnosed on an MRI and thought that there is little that can be done about it. That’s a major problem: bad information, because in the right hands, a lot can be done for you. To end the misery caused by Bulging DISCS, you must have the right information. Pay close attention because I’m going to destroy some important myths and give you the facts. MYTH: Bulging DISC problems will just “go away” with some rest. FACT: If you are dealing with leg pain, then you must seek help from a Bulging DISC specialist immediately. If left untreated, the problem can lead to permanent nerve damage - and lifelong pain. MYTH: Pain is the only problem associated with Bulging DISC problems. FACT: In severe cases, this problem can lead to the inability to control your bowels, bladder and sexual potency - leading to embarrassing situations. MYTH: You must take pain medications to deal with Bulging DISCs. FACT: Drugs like muscle relaxants, pain killers, narcotics, antidepressants, and anti-seizure medications have serious potential side-effects and do not cure Bulging DISCs. MYTH: “I must have done something wrong to damage my DISC.” FACT: Physical work or simply sitting at a desk for long periods can lead to Bulging DISCs. Accidents and trauma can also be the culprits. Pregnancy can cause damage. DISC bulges can happen to anyone - including super-fit celebrities like Tiger Woods, Sylvester Stallone, and British Olympic medalist Ian Wynne. MYTH: Stop exercising and get several weeks of bed rest to let the Bulging DISC recover… FACT: Staying active can help to relieve the pain and prevent the pain from getting worse. Staying inactive in bed could be the worst advice - based on a recent study in the Netherlands. MYTH: DISC Bulges or herniations require surgery. FACT: No! There’s been a huge breakthrough in the treatment of Bulging DISCs.

MYTH: “There’s nothing anyone can really do. I’m just stuck with this for the rest of my life.” FACT: With the correct treatment from a healthcare professional who specializes in Bulging DISCs, you can find relief from the core cause - and the symptoms. MYTH: Getting a Bulging DISC properly diagnosed is expensive. FACT: Not true. Dr. Carl McAfee in Weatherford is currently offering an initial consultation with one of their specialists for just $29. Dr. Carl McAfee, D.C. is a Bulging DISC Expert in Weatherford. This procedure does not require a hospital stay and, in most cases, you’ll be able to continue with your normal daily activities with little interruption. The focus is on finding - and correcting - the original cause of the Bulged DISC. According to Dr. McAfee, “We use a specialized digital x-ray motion study analysis to precisely diagnose the cause or your Bulging DISC. This means superior, longterm results for most people.”


Because the treatment is non-surgical, safe, and easy, most patients report relief from their pain and associated symptoms early in the process. Take the Next Step - END the Suffering … Initial Consultation Just $29. The first step is to secure a thorough examination with Dr. Carl McAfee, DC. Call 817-594-0281 to schedule this article (CODE: 02HOOPLA2018) and they will happily reduce their usual consultation fee of $275 to just $29! Only 100 reader consultations are available at this exclusively discounted rate. Call them now and get a full and thorough examination to pinpoint the cause of your problem for just $29. The normal cost of such an exam is $275, so you will save $246! Call them now at 817-594-0281 and cut out or tear out this valuable article and take it to your appointment. You’ll be on your way to safe, lasting relief ! You can even call on the weekend and leave a message on their answering machine to secure your spot, and they promise to return all calls. During the week, staff can be very busy helping patients, so if they don’t pick up straight away, leave a message. Quote this special discount code: 02HOOPLA2018.


Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

nCrossword Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Snide remark 5 Waikiki wiggle 9 Small sample 14 Burn soother 15 Part of CPU 16 Rack up, as debt 17 Fireplace fodder 18 Unwritten reminder 20 Vile smile 22 NAREB member 23 See eye to eye 24 Staircase part 25 School session 28 Disparage 30 Chocolate source 31 Dog-scolding word 34 Pickup shtick 35 Eye site 36 Putting up with 38 Abandons 39 Cease and ______ 40 Cheesy sandwich 41 Turn red, maybe 42 Full range 43 Phony sort 45 Mideast bigwig 46 Tropical tuber 47 In the ___ of (amongst) 51 More than a few 53 Geologic period 54 Haitian, for one 57 Folklore fiend 58 "Not ___!" 59 Knowing about 60 Feudal estate

























16 19

24 28


n Hometown




by Margie E. Burke

(Puzzle solution is on P. 12.)

April 2018









39 43

42 45



46 51

Arleen Atkins knows how to please her grandkids at springtime gatherings – Blueberry Salad Delight.

















Copyright 2018 by The Puzzle Syndicate

61 Gabbana's partner 62 Must-have 63 Pedal pushers DOWN 1 Modeler's wood 2 Word with tag or string 3 Daltrey of The Who 4 Be suitable for, old-style 5 Droning sound 6 Precise 7 Family history 8 Reach, as a goal

9 10 11 12 13 19 21 26 27 29 30 31 32

Pinball error Mark up Golfer's tally Egyptian boy king Before, to a sonneteer "Is that ___?" Pragmatic one Threadbare Bullwinkle, e.g. Fabric fuzz Halloween wear Policeman's shield At right angles to ship's keel

33 Ouster 35 Brazilian soccer legend 37 Water pill 38 Barren 40 Glacial deposit 43 Presidential grant 44 Sucker deal 46 Gymnast's goal 48 Stray calf 49 Rock fragments 50 Shrinkage, to a retailer 52 Wall climber 54 Bunch of bills 55 It may be inflated 56 Sign of approval

Arleen Atkins delights family with this favorite Blueberry Salad Delight 3 oz package blackberry-flavored gelatin 3 oz package raspberry-flavored gelatin 2 cups hot water 8 oz can crushed pineapple, undrained 21 oz can blueberry pie filling 1 cup pecans, chopped 1 cup sour cream 8 oz package cream cheese, softened ½ cup sugar Dissolve gelatins in water. Stir in pineapple, pie filling and pecans. Pour into a 9x13 inch tempered glass pan. Chill until firm. Combine sour cream, cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Spread cream mixture on top of gelatin; cut into squares. Yield: 10-12 servings.

Send us your recipe! Have a recipe to take to summertime cookouts and picnics? Share your hometown favorite by writing Hoopla at PO Box 305, Weatherford, TX 76086. Email us at seniors@hooplamagazine.com.

Novem April 2018

Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Adults 55+

nSUDOKU Sudoku

Sew Sassy


Difficulty: Easy

2 3

Mother, daughters take road trip Why wait for Mother's Day? Sisters Marsha Corlley and Yvonne Wolfsen couldn't wait to load up their car and their mother, Evelyn Mathis, for a quilter's dream roadtrip to Missouri Star Quilt Company in Missouri. At the urging of their friends, the trio (known as Sassy Angel Longarm Quilting) blogged about their trip and sometimes left fellow quilters in stitches.




Sisters Yvonne Wolfsen and Marsha Corlley hit the road with mom, Evelyn Mathis

April 7 at 8:16am 路 Weatherford Sassy Angel goes to Missouri Star! Day 1 of trip: 8 a.m. - loaded up and on the road. First stop: Sunny Street in Weatherford.

April 7 at 10:44am 路 Thackerville, OK Sassy Angel road trip - Stopped in Gainesville to go to quilt shop. They were having a parade for us! Unfortunately, the road in front of the quilt shop was closed for the parade, so we left! On to Oklahoma City. Waved at WinStar Casino as we went by. I'll throw my money into fabric!

April 7 at 1:34pm 路 Norman, OK Had to plug my phone in. Mom said I shouldn't be talking on the phone so much. I told her I was blogging and asked if she knew what that was. She said it was talking when you don't know what you're talking about!

April 9 at 3:53pm 路 Cameron, MO Sassy Angel MSQC road trip - First shopping day at MSQC. Please see our GoFund Me page (LOL)! Loved shopping and looking, had baked treat at Hamilton Baking Co, lunch at Js Burger Dive, made it through five shops, and had a lovely surprise when we saw Jill DeMoss and her husband there! And got to meet Jenny Doan, founder of MSQC [pictured below, second from left]!





Difficulty: Easy



2 81

E cont 81 to m num ea box2 the



5 3

6 4 2 88 5 3 2 6 1 3 5 1 4 8 5 (An 3 8 w 5 4 3 9 9 2 5 6 1

Copyright 2018 by The Puzzle Syndicate Copyright 2017 by The Puzzle Syndicate

Directions: Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must also contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3 by 3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9. (The puzzle solution is located on P. 12.)

n Weatherford Whatsit Solution to Sudoku:

8 7 5 Solution to Sudoku: 6 3 4 1 2 9 5 4 7 6 3 1 2 9 5 3 6 1 7 2 8 2 14 8 6 4 3 8 2 1 9 5 65 3 8 1 7 4 9 6 5 4 92 7 9 5 2 6 1 8 3 47 2 7 81 1 7 6 5 3 8 9 4 9 5 6

1 5 6 7 4 3 8 9 2

8 9 7 3 4 2 1 4 7 8 9 3 5 2 6 5 2 8 4 7 6 3 1 9 Look familiar? Where have you seen it? The reveal is on P. 12. 6 3 9 1 2 5 4 7 8

9 2 3 6 1 8 7 5 4

4 8 7 5 9 2 6 3 1

3 9 8 4 2 5 1 6 7

2 1 5 3 7 6 9 4 8


6 7 4 9 8 1 5 2 3


Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

n Neighbors We’ll Miss Leola Edna Lawrence, 98 April 17, 2018 Floyd Ralph Hendrick Jr., 81 April 16, 2018 Mary Tedford, 90 April 14, 2018 Joe O'Farrell Bishop, Sr., 89 April 12, 2018 William "Bill" H. Cantrell, Jr. April 12, 2018 Marvin Jack Hawkins, 89 April 9, 2018 Linnie Lorraine Walker Corbin, 87 April 9, 2018 Rita Amaro, 82 April 9, 2018 Jimmie P. Cornelson, 75 April 8, 2018

Hidden Object Contest yields no winner Have you ever hidden an Easter egg so well that nobody could find it? We have. There were no correct answers submitted in last month's hidden object game, but if you'll look very closely, you'll find the hidden Easter egg on P. 3. We promise to make this month's a little easier. This month's winner will receive free admission ( for a carload) to Brazos Drive-In Theatre in Granbury. To enter, search for the hidden frog (like the one pictured at right) in this issue. Submit your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of where you saw the hidden frog to Hoopla, P.O. Box 305, Weatherford, Texas 76086 or e-mail seniors@hooplamagazine. com. The drawing will held May 15.

Robert Garvin, 71 April 4, 2018 H.D. Story, 81 April 3, 2018 Ricky Riedel, 57 April 2, 2018 Gary Elders, 69 April 2, 2018 Althea M. Connally, 87 March 31, 2018 James Addington, 59 March 31, 2018 Kenneth Patrick, 83 March 30, 2018 Maxine Chadick, 82 March 28, 2018 Lois Thompson, 86 March 24, 2018 Donald Alvis Cline, 82 March 24, 2018 Lewis Ellis, 82 March 24, 2018 Melba Miller, 86 March 23, 2018 Mary Grady Dykes, 92 March 22, 2018

Holmes Gold & Diamond Exchange

We Buy Estate Jewelry • Vintage Men’s Watches • Gold, Silver, Diamonds

817-304-2990 602 S. Main, Suite 300 Weatherford, TX 76086 holmesgoldand diamondexchange.com

April 2018


Difficulty: Easy

2 3

7 2



3 9

4 2 8 2 6 If you guessed the Weatherford Whatsit on P. 11 5 1 4 8 is from the Bobby's Barber Shop sign on Dallas Avenue, you're right! 5Solution to Crossword: 4 3 9 2 COURTESY PHOTO

B A R B H U L A T A S A L O E U N I T I N C LCopyright O G S2018 by M The E N T A L N O Puzzle Syndicate S N E E R R E A L T O R A G R E E R A I L T E M A L I G N C A C B A D L I N E P O T A A B I D I N G D E S E R D E S I S T M E L T D P O S E U R G A M U T E M I R T A R O M I D S E V E R A L E P O O G W E S T I N D I A N O N T O F I A G A I N N E E D F E D O L C E





Solution to Sudoku:

8 9 7 3 4 2 1 5 6

1 5 6 8 9 7 4 2 3

2 3 4 1 5 6 7 8 9

9 6 3 7 2 5 8 4 1

5 1 8 4 6 3 9 7 2

4 7 2 9 1 8 3 6 5

7 2 1 6 8 9 5 3 4

6 8 9 5 3 4 2 1 7

3 4 5 2 7 1 6 9 8


Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

April 2018

It’s all about balance: Seniors embracing yoga by Colton Lawrence Parker County Senior Center Seniors in Parker County are embracing the health benefits of yoga. Classes may be found locally at churches, gyms, private studios and at the Weatherford Senior Center. National Institute of Health studies suggest that “practicing yoga (as well as other forms of regular exercise) might have other health benefits, such as reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and may also help relieve anxiety and depression.” Megan Hamilton is an RYT certified yoga instructor who has completed training in several different environments, including the completion of Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors at Duke University. She teaches “Stretching to Strength,” chair yoga classes at the Weatherford Senior Center two times a week and says the class size has grown significantly over the past two years. “Our class can be up to 25 seniors and our average age is 76,” says Hamilton. She says watching improvement of seniors with debilitating issues, such as arthritis, pain and limited mobility, is gratifying. While newcomers may be reluctant to embrace this ancient practice, Hamilton says that, af-

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga!” -- Megan Hamilton, RYT certified yoga instructor

husband was an intelligence officer in the Army and they had the opportunity to live overseas in Germany for six years and Japan for two. After her husband passed, Truex followed her eldest son to Weatherford in early 2000 and has been visiting the Senior Center since 2009. Earlier this year, Truex happened upon a chair yoga COLTON LAWRENCE class taught by Hamilton. “Yoga has really helped Eveline Truex, 92, practicing chair yoga at the Weathme, keeping my back straight and helping me to erford Senior Center breathe properly and giving me the energy I need ter a class or two, most of the seniors she instructs to keep myself moving," she said. Truex attends chair yoga classes twice a week become hooked on the health improvements. and credits yoga with helping her live on her own “There is no minimum ability level for yoga,” Hamilton says. “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!” and care for her dog, Freckles, and cats. Hamilton has seen similar outcomes and beOne of the beneficiaries of “Stretching to lieves yoga helps seniors live independently. “AgStrength” is Eveline Truex, a 92-year-old Weathing is inevitable,” Hamilton says, “but attending erford resident. Born in Germany in 1925, Truex’s family moved to the United States. Over the course yoga and other mindful movement classes helps to of her eventful life, she has lived through the Great minimize or delay the negative effects so often asDepression, World War II and the Korean War. Her sociated with becoming older.”


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Nov. 27-Dec. 2


Nashville Dollywood Biltmore Mansion from

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• Tasmania • New Zealand

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Feb. 18, 2019

12 nts from SYDNEY AUCKLAND, N.Z. Great route!

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April 2018

Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Adults 55+

Waltz Across Texas


A Monthly Guide To Nearby Events and Destinations


New Braunfels Americana Music Jam May 20, 2018 1281 Gruene Rd

May 4-26

Texas State Railroad Summer Excursions

Kerrville Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show May 24-June 24 Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, 228 Earl Garrett Ennis National Polka Festival May 25-27 101 N. Main Street West Fredericksburg Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival 2018 May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018

Check website for schedules and packages. www.texasstaterailroad.net

Kerrville Annual Texas Masters of Fine Art & Craft May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018 2033 Sidney Baker


Fredericksburg Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show May 18-19

789 Park Road 70, Palestine, TX 75801

Corsicana 20th Annual Corsicana AirSho May 19, 2018 Municipal Airport, 9000 Navarro Road


General Office – Open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Cleburne Cinco de Mayo Celebration May 4-5 Hulen Park, 201 W. Westhill Drive Denton Cinco de Mayo May 5 321 E. McKinney Street Fort Worth Mayfest May 5 6115 Camp Bowie Boerne Tacos & Tequila with Wade Bowen May 5 531 FM-3351 North Hauptstrasse Quiltfest May 5 100 N. Main New Braunfels Wein & Saengerfest May 5 Main Plaza Downtown Paris Uncle Jesse's Big Bass Fishing Tournament May 5 Pat Mayse Lake Seabrook Keels & Wheels Concours d'Elegance May 05, 2018 - May 06, 2018 2425 E. NASA Parkway

Stonewall Lavender Festival at Becker Vineyards May 5-6

San Antonio Armed Forces River Parade May 19, 2018 Arneson River Theatre

Waxahachie Scarborough Renaissance Festival May 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-28 2511 FM 66, Exit 399 A on I-35 E.

San Marcos Dirt Dauber Festival May 19, 2018 - May 20, 2018 905 Valley View West Rd.

Marble Falls MayFest May 9-12 Johnson Park

Orange Deep South Racing Boat Races May 19-20 Sabine River, City Ramp, 1000 Simmons Dr.

Abilene Western Heritage Classic May 10-13 1700 Hwy. 36 Glen Rose Lonestar State Dulcimer Society Glen Rose Festival and Championship May 11-13 1019 NE Barnard St Grapevine 1860s Baseball May 12 Nash Farm, 626 Ball Street Greenville Audie Murphy Day May 12, 2018 600 I-30 East Addison Taste Addison May 18-19

Bandera Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters May 26 High noon and 2 p.m. Bandera Visitors Center, 126 SH 16 S. Fredericksburg USO-Style Memorial Day Hangar Dance at the Hangar Hotel May 26, 2018 Fredericksburg WWII Pacific Combat Program at the National Museum of the Pacific War May 26, 2018 - May 27, 2018 Glen Rose Memorial Day Weekend Band Bash May 26, 2018 1019 NE Barnard St Granbury Memorial Weekend - A Memorial Salute May 26, 2018 - May 28, 2018 201 E Pearl St Lewisville Fiesta Charra May 26, 2018 101 Parkway Drive Port Arthur S.A.L.T. Club Memorial Classic Fishing Tournament May 27, 2018 - May 28, 2018 900 T.B. Ellison Parkway, Pleasure Island Fredericksburg Memorial Day Program at the National Museum of the Pacific War May 28, 2018 Event planners and visitors bureaus may call 817-894-1822 to be considered for publication, or email seniors@hooplamagazine. com.


Hoopla: News and Entertainment for Parker County Residents 55+

April 2018

Morningstar in Aledo Downsize your life, upgrade your style with Rendition Looking to downsize in a community offering small-town atmosphere and easy access to big city fun? Wake up to Morningstar in Aledo. This master-planned community is nestled between Interstate 20 and Interstate 30 and features many beautiful homes, as well as a one-of-a-kind amenity center, resort-style pools, acres of open space along a winding creek, miles of trails and a community amphitheater next to cascading lakes and waterfalls. Rendition Homes has created a variety of fresh new home designs which can be viewed by visiting Morningstar, located about a mile north of Interstate 20 on FM 3325. Downsizing never looked so good!


n Morningstar by Rendition Homes • New homes offered from the mid-$200s to the $400s • Floor plans 1,800 square feet to 4,000 square feet • Minutes from shopping, dining, hospital • Furnished model home open 7 days a week at 15045 Chipwood Drive in Aledo • Call Brooke Hemminger, (817) 717-1766


This spacious living room by Rendition is full of natural light and features a stone fireplace which can be added to any floor plan.


The 1,824-square-foot Arpeggio is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath that can be customized to fit your needs.


Rendition's open concept floor plans at Morningstar feature modern kitchens with adjacent full-size dining rooms and living rooms

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