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Hello… and Welcome to Transformational Wellness™ Let me begin by asking… Do you currently experience any of the following? Stress Patterns of failure Fear Insomnia Trauma Negative thoughts Moody behaviour

Unhappiness Anger Misery Sadness Tension Loneliness Worry

Anxiety Money worries Low self esteem Lack of confidence Depression Sabotaging thinking Fatigue

Rest assured…you are not alone! When it comes to dealing with the consequences of these emotional states, you – like many others – may have sought answers through traditional methods, or you may have read countless books or scoured the Internet for that one possibility that could change your life....

Consider your search to be over… My name is Terri Bowman, and as a Neural Therapist I have helped people like you to live happier, more rewarding lives far sooner than they ever thought possible through my Transformational Wellness™ programs. “I’ve seen everyone, done everything…and when I walked out after seeing Terri for the first time, my wife could see that I had my smile and life back again”. Allan Kidd, Legal Assistant Here are some of the emotional benefits you can expect from your Transformational Wellness™ sessions. • Eliminate negative thoughts, negative thinking, fear, doubts, worries and insecurity. • Embrace each day with a renewed sense of optimism and positivity. • Experience greater confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and significance. • Begin to live life with clarity, certainty, focus, happiness and contentment. • Experience inner peace as you disconnect to living in the past. • Feel stronger and more empowered in dealing with life’s challenges and disappointments Plus so much more.… “I felt a complete transformation in my thinking, in my beliefs, in my attitudes, and in my overall level of happiness”. Peter Hopkins, Golf Professional

Transformational Wellness™ offers immediate results. Of the clients surveyed, 98% experienced up to an 80% reduction in all emotional states after their first session. You can therefore be confident that from the moment you leave your session you will experience a fresh new start to the way in which you think, feel and respond to life. “After my first session I was blown away. I had a clear head for the first time ever… it was amazing”! Nathan Cain, Real Estate Agent The Transformational Wellness™ Signature Program is delivered in three parts. Part One helps your brain to eliminate all the emotional connections that cause you to dwell on the past. Part Two retrains your brain to prevent it from reverting back to your old memory patterns and past negative experiences. Part Three assists your brain to release all the emotional memories that prevent you from coping with modern day emotional stress. The whole process is very simple. At your initial consultation I take a detailed personal history covering the areas of your life that represent current struggles in your life. After I have assessed your history, you’ll then lie back in a comfortable chair, listening to relaxing music through headphones. Whilst you enjoy this relaxing time, I’ll activate the Transformational Wellness™ process that will create emotional and mental change in your brain. At the completion of your session you will immediately experience the emotional state of Inner Peace.. It will be reassuring for you to know that of all the clients recently surveyed, there was conclusive agreement that their first Transformational Wellness™ session was enjoyable, relaxing, non-threatening, and life changing. The common feedback: “I’m looking forward to my next session”. “What we loved about our sessions is that we felt so relaxed, peaceful, refreshed and ready to embrace life’s challenges”. Don and Jan Milne, Property Entrepreneurs Transformational Wellness™ offers a range of services for children, teenagers and adults. “After 3 short sessions with Terri, my son went to school all day, without a tear. He engages and plays, eats, sleeps and is genuinely happy”. Ann Bannerman, Solicitor

Your Next Steps You owe it to yourself to live life to your fullest potential. To take charge of your life starting today, call us at 1300 884 348 to discuss how we can help you make the changes you need to make in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Nathan Cain

I just want to let you know what a difference your treatment has made in my life. Before seeing you I was about to quit my job. I was depressed and ready to give up on life. I had sunk to a new low, falling back into the same ‘old’ pattern I have every few years of my life. I have spent the last 4 years searching for answers, spending well over $200,000 on personal development, seminars, treatment, travel and coaching and yet I was still in the same place…only more in debt and worse off as the so- called ‘answers’ still didn’t achieve what I needed. After my first session with Transformational Wellness™ I was blown away. I had a clear head for the first time ever, it was amazing! As time went on I was still up and down, but with each visit getting better and better. I am now more motivated, I am attracting business, I am connecting with people better, I am loving my life, I am more connected with my family, I am less stressed and worried, my anger is almost gone and my frustration is down to next to nothing, I can’t believe all of this in just 4 short weeks. I am more than happy to have people call me if they are a little unsure as to how Transformational Wellness™ can benefit them. I know how hard it is in today’s world to find the real help you need… and trust me I have done a lot of programs and read a lot of books. So if you want to change your life you must see Terri at Transformational Wellness™. Thank you so much Terri, I really appreciate your work, your caring nature, all your help and support. You really care about me and I can feel it each time we speak. Nathan Cain (with passion for life again) 0433 00 44 99 My 5 year old boy now sings the line from the song “I’m a walking talking miracle”! For 2½ years I tried to persuade my son into attending school. Every day and night he would cry, disengage, and shut down with fear and anxiety. All this would present in the physical symptoms of vomiting, lethargy, refusal to eat, hysterics, and endless sleepless nights. His fear and anxiety can be traced to witnessing countless incidents and the fallouts from his older sister’s bullying at school. This left him believing and telling psychologists that school was a bad place where bad things happened to you. After three short sessions with Terri, he went to school all day…without even a tear. He now engages and plays, eats, sleeps (all the things we usually take for granted)and is genuinely happy. He is now thriving like every child deserves too, and is no longer restricted by his fears and anxiety. Terri has made that difference! Ann Bannerman, Solicitor

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