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Spanish I Winter 2013 Instructor


Eduardo Herrera MSED


Mailing Address PO Box 11036 Portland OR 97211


Course Description: Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages in the U.S., and it's also one of the easiest to learn! Get the basics of speaking Spanish in this fun, interactive class. This class will be focusing mainly on improving conversation skills.

Text: Spanish Now I. Additional Readings will be provided each week.

Course Objectives: Communication: 1.1 Interpersonal Greet and introduce themselves to others Ask how others are Provide others with the correct numbers of or for things Ask and provide others the date or day or day of the week Talk about the weather 1.2 Interpretative Read and listen to information about appropriate greetings introductions. Read a story in the present tense Listen and watch a video about different activities Read about recreational activities and news of different countries Read information of general interest in Spanish language media 1.3 Presentational Present information of a specific topic using what was learned in the course to the whole class Culture 2.1 Practices and Perspectives Discuss outdoor activities and popular places to relax with friends 2.2 Target Culture Acquire information about current events through Spanish language sources Comparisons 3.1 Language Talk about new vocabulary through the recognition of cognates • Compare: Spanish and English infinitives; construction of negatives between English

and Spanish; expressing agreement or Disagreement in English and Spanish; 3.2 Culture • Compare: places where teens gather to spend free time; the selection of news stories in Spanish language media sources to those in media sources in English Latin dances in the United States 4. Communities Locate local groups of foreign language Spanish speakers and native Spanish speakers

Online Homework Students are expected to revise the course website, respond to questions by the posted date and time and then respond to other students and the instructor. Appropriate responses make a substantial contribution to the assignment. Do not simply create phrases such as “ Me gusta eso” or “¡Buen trabajo! Rather, add new ideas of your own, include quotes from your peers and comment on them, comment on why you find a particular idea intriguing. Be creative!! 1. This is not a self-paced course. It is designed on a weekly format and to be successful you will need to practice the exercises and material given in the class. 2. Discussions require frequent checking and participation. Check them regularly. Stay current and up-to-date. Replies posted late will not become a part of the discussion and will likely be missed by other participants. Discussions cannot be “caught-up” once others have moved on. Monitor discussions for responses to your own posts and be prepared to post follow-up messages. 3. Your success depends upon your ability to master course content. 4. Because this is a non-credit class, your schedule can be quite flexible. This does not mean, however, that there is less work than in a credit class. Courses at PCC carry an expectation of 4 hours of homework for every hour in class. This equates to 8 hours/week.

What You Can Expect of Me as Your Instructor: 1. When you email me, I will respond within 48 hours (usually much faster). If you send me something, I will respond with a “Got it” email. If you do not hear from me, check to make sure I received it. (Assignments submitted on the class website should show you when they have been posted successfully). 2. Open communication and instructor availability are critical to the success of a course. Talk to me or email me any time you have questions. If you need to talk by phone, my number is 360-773-9110. Please email me to let me know you are trying to reach me by phone and I will arrange an appointment to talk. 3. Please email me anytime you are confused or unclear on instructions. I will respond quickly. If your question would be of interest to others in the class, I will post my responses on our course announcements page. 4. I will do my best to respond to assignments with feedback within a week. I will be preparing class materials each week as well as monitoring discussions and assignments. Having course materials available on time will be my top priority, but I will move as quickly as possible on feedback.

Class Assignments and Expectations: Note: When you e-mail me any correspondence, please include, in the subject heading of

the email, the text “SPA I assignment” or “SPA I question” so that I know your email is associated with this class. I am inundated with e-mails, and this will ensure that I recognize your message as high-priority. 1. Read assigned articles, explore resources assigned weekly, practice the vocabulary and be prepared to actively participate in our weekly class. 2. Complete your weekly assignments on time and following instructions. 3. Complete a final Presentation using the content learn in our class.

Grading Activity % Grades (%) A 93-100 Participation in class (with evidence that readings and assignments were completed) 25% A- 90-92 Completion of all assignments 50% B+ 88-89 Final Presentation 25% B 83-87 B- 80-82 C+ 78-79 C 73-77 C- 70-72 D 60-69 F below 60

Class Schedule (subject to change – see course web site for updates) Week Topics 1st lesson Introduction Course overview Introduction La Casa Una Escuela La Ciudad Los Alimentos Lectura ¡La televisión es muy importante! The noun and the definite Article (Singular) Games Stories Songs 2nd lesson Todo es Rápido en la ciudad The noun and the definite articles Games Stories

Songs 3rd lesson El cumpleanos de Joselito The Present Indicative Tense Regular AR Conjugation Games Stories Songs Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 4th lesson La Carta Misteriosa The Present Indicative Tense Regular ER and IR Conjugation Games Stories Songs Games Stories Songs Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 5th lesson ¿Conoce usted historia? Simple Negative Interrogative Words El Trabajo de La Mujer es Fácil The indefinite Articles Un, una, unos, unas Sí señor, yo hablo español An introduction to Hispanic culture in America Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 6th lesson Vamos a un país tropical Cardinal Numbers 1-31 Time, Days, Months, dates, seasons Games Stories Songs Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 7th lesson

Asi es la vida Irregular Verbs of the Present Indicative Tense Games Stories Songs Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 8th lesson Una Excursión por la ciudad Uses of the preposition a Games Stories Songs Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 9th lesson ¿De quién es este hueso? Games Stories Songs Games Stories Songs 9th lesson ¿De quién es este hueso? Games Stories Songs Games Stories Songs Presentations from Students: Topics: Latin America 10th lesson Final Presentations Due Individual Final Presentations from Students.

Spanish I  

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