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Sports Supplements


“Keep your kids out of hot water, put them on ice”


2 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Get Noticed By Brad Buetow

Want To Play Prep School, Midget AAA, Junior or College Hockey?


oming May 18-20, 2012, Texas and Oklahoma hockey players have the opportunity to show off their talent at the 8th Annual Junior Placement Showcase. JPS hockey showcase will be at Apex Arena in Denver and will start on Friday, May 18 and will end on Sunday, May 20. Attending and participating in JPS hockey showcase will be coaches and GM’s from Midget AAA, Prep School, Junior A, and College (Division I-III) programs from the United States and Canada. Last year there were over 60 programs involved at the showcase. These coaches/GM’s will coach behind the bench and provide informational sessions to players and their parents regarding their respective programs during the weekend. Director, Brad Buetow, stated that he believed there was a need for this hockey showcase so that Texas/Oklahoma athletes could be noticed and further advance their hockey careers. Brad has had over 20 years experience as a head coach at the University of Minnesota, United States International University, and

Colorado College, was name “Coach of the Year” 5 times (both in the collegiate and professional levels), played professional hockey, and has been director/ coach for 9 years in Colorado Midget AAA programs where he has placed over 75 players in Junior A and over 40 players in Division I-III college programs. “I know Texas and Oklahoma has great potential to move players on to other programs so they can accomplish their lifelong goals of getting a quality education and continuing to play hockey. That is the sole purpose of JPS!” In addition, many players from previous JPS camps have received offers from various programs throughout the US and Canada. According to Brad, attending JPS is like attending over 60 individual camps, thus saving money and yet maximizing player’s exposure. Information regarding JPS can be found online at or you can email Brad Buetow at ■

Brad Buetow is the Director of Junior Placement Showcase. He is also a coach and former professional hockey player.

JPS – Hockey Showcase 92’ - 97’ Midget AAA, Prep, Jr A, College Div I-III • Denver, CO (APEX Arena) MAY 18-20, 2012 • 60 Coaches/GM’s in attendance • JPS is like attending 60 team selection camps • 4 Games & Information sessions (Midget AAA,

Prep, Junior A, College) George Gwozdecky – Head Hockey Coach, University of Denver WCHA ‘At the University of Denver was are proud that 33% of our hockey team is comprised of players from the state of Colorado and therefore I am supportive of any opportunity that gives hockey players from our state a chance to develop and receive the exposure to the Junior A hockey coaches as well as college hockey programs.

Kevin Hartzell – GM/Head Coach Sioux Falls Stampede USHL “Brad Buetow, Director of JPS, was my college coach when I played at the University of Minnesota and I feel that with Brad’s contact JPS is one of the top exposure camps for juniors, prep, midget, and college scouts. We will enjoy coming out and feel it is very worthwhile. Coach Buetow, JPS Director, has coached in Division I College for 20 years, scouted and coached in the pros for several years and with his network he has helped my career immediately.”

Brad Buetow has played and coached at the highest level of NCAA Division I college competition and knows what it takes to Dean Blais – Head Coach University of Nebraska-Omaha CCHA play at this level. Some of Brad’s former players who are cur- “We are looking forward to scouting players out of the JPS rently playing at the University of Denver.” showcase. The competition is excellent and there will be several scouts/coaches from all the junior A/B and college levels.”


Jon Bonnett – Assistant Coach Colorado College WCHA “I believe Coach Buetow is one of the hardest working youth coaches/recruiters in the country. Brad is well connected and visible within the hockey community. Brad is motivated to develop and expose local and non-traditional hockey area players to Midget AAA, Juniors and NCAA Hockey. This camp is the first step.” Pete Sauer – Head Coach/GM Aberdeen Wings “Excellent showcase! JPS exposure showcase really puts kids on the radar for future hockey opportunities. I will be attending it along with other NAHL coaches.”

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 3


For the Good of the Game

The Home Stretch By Keith Andresen


o those of you who have emailed and called asking where I have been the past couple of months I say thank you for actually noticing! Aside from the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays I was busy getting engaged to the love of my life. While my bride to be is not involved in the hockey community…at least until she met me…she does love the game. She is now immersed, not only into the Dallas Stars, but also the Stars Select squirt team I help coach. Having her around makes everything else I do much more rewarding. Anyway, enough about me, it’s time to get back to work. The Holidays have come and gone and the final months of the youth hockey season are upon us. Every team wants to win but success can’t be measure by wins alone. While winning is important it’s not the only measure of success. If you base your team’s success on a number of key values, skills and emotions you’ll find that, win or lose, the players will feel good about their efforts. FUN: I don’t care if you’re part of a recreational team or a highly skilled travel team you must have fun. Coaches should strive to make sure every practice and game includes fun drills and positive

feedback. Players should come to every session with a positive attitude and a team-first mentality. Parents should show support of the coaches and players and stay away from making comments that could impact the team in a negative way. Every member of the team must be committed to work together. WINNING: Don’t let anyone tell you winning is not important. Any of you who have read my articles of the past several years may think that I don’t care about winning but that’s not the case. I wan to win as much as anyone. Over the many years I have coached I have found that unless you’re playing at a very high level your success should not be based solely on winning but instead on the “ingredients of winning”. Winning is a byproduct of skill development, talent, teamwork, positive attitude and hard work. I think the ingredients should be the focus and the winning will take care of itself. If your team doesn’t win, but you are still committed to the ingredients of winning you’re season will still be a success because you have learned some valuable life’s lessons. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: To me this goes hand in hand with

4 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

fun. Overcoming life’s obstacles can be difficult, however there is no question in my mind that a positive attitude can help you overcome most obstacles. Players, parents and coaches that come to the rink with a positive attitude are more fun to be around. Players are easier to coach, coaches are better teachers and parents are more supportive when everyone remains upbeat. Remember, it’s easy to stay positive when everything is going your way. The true test of any person, or team, is how they react when things are not going well. TEAMWORK: The team is always more important than the individual. Over the course of a long season we sometimes lose focus of our goals. While it’s important to have individual goals in everything we try to accomplish we have to remember that team success is the ultimate achievement. Whenever you attend a practice or a game ask yourself “what can I do today to help my team”. I don’t care whether you’re a player, coach or parent you will have an impact on your team. Make sure the choices you make are in the best interest of the team. HARD WORK: I believe hockey is a basic combination of talent, luck

Keith Andresen, Senior Director, Hockey Programs Dr. Pepper StarCenters Dallas Stars Hockey Club

and hard work. Of the three, HARD WORK is the one thing that can most elevate your game at any particular moment. Talent is a combination of the gifts we are born with and our ability to recognize those gifts and develop them over a period of time. Luck, a good bounce here or there plays a part in any sport, However, it’s HARD WORK that can have the greatest impact on you’re game TODAY. How many times have you heard the phrase, “the best talent doesn’t always win”? In order to finish your season strong, work hard every chance you get. You can have all the talent in the world but without combining that talent with a good work ethic the talent will never be fully realized. No matter where your team is in the standings or how far you advance in the playoffs remember that you are part of a team. FUN, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, TEAMWORK and HARD WORK will make a huge difference in your contribution to your teams push to the finish. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your season! ■


Danny Krivenko is a Defence #12 for Team Houston-PW Team Houston vs Grapevine Wolves.


Neil Juanillo #14 - Dallas Stars Selects-Euless (SQ).

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 5

Kim Tinkham (1957 - 2010) Ice Times Magazine is dedicated to the memory of Kim Tinkham. Kim lost her brave battle with breast cancer Tuesday, December 7, 2010. Kim was a hockey mom, wife, youth hockey enthusiast, and editor and publisher of Ice Times. She will be greatly missed.

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Ryan Nicks (Aces Squirt B) at face-off!

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6 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Shane Weatherly (Alliance 01 – LaMere team) in a game vs the Houston Wild. Texas Aces #59 Reilly Tuer.

Marcus Ice Hockey had their alumni game on December 19th for players from 1999 to 2010. 40 players came out and played in front of a packed Polar Ice.

Marcus also held a coat drive to benefit CCA of Denton - over 184 coats and blankets were donated and delivered to CCA of Denton.




Texas Success by Scott Tinkham


Reality check: Thousands of kids have played youth hockey in Texas since the Dallas Stars moved here from Minnesota and only a handful have been drafted into the NHL so parents lets be realistic make sure your kid is having fun and learning life lessons. Also hooray for the little guys with the big hearts I would take 20 of them on our team. After all, you know what they say about chicken salad. Austin is tied for number one in the country in points with 33. He leads the country in goals with 20. They have played 20 games, about halfway through the season. Austin also has 5 shorthanded goals on the season and is number 1 in that stat also. Colgate is in 2nd place right now in the ECAC. Please see the information below and let’s support one of our very own Home grown Texas Hockey players, Austin Smith.

just got word that Texas’s own Austin Smith needs our help getting votes for the Hobey Baker Award. I have known Austin since he was a bantam, he played on the Dallas Storm and the Alliance Tier I U16 team with my son Garrett. Austin was the smallest kid by far on both teams but his heart and his competiveness were extra-large (he has grown quite a bit since). The thing I loved most about him was that he was a sore loser, not in the sportsmanship meaning but in the fact he hated to lose, he was very unhappy and it ruined his day when his team lost. As you may know I coach at the U18 tier I level and some of you are aware that this year we have a guy who is literally the smallest guy on the team but like Austin he has the biggest heart. Very interesting.

Hobey Baker: The Legend Lives On by Bill Esposito


t isn’t easy to set down Hobey Baker on paper. You get the idea that people just won’t believe what you write about him, he was that good. It is as though he were created by an author of romantic, rather than realistic, attitudes. And indeed he did inspire his Princeton classmate, F. Scott Fitzgerald, to bring forward Allenby, the football captain of “This Side of Paradise,” for many the greatest novel of America’s post-World War I period.

Baker was a player who continually brought a crowd to its feet, whether he caught the puck on the end of his stick, or picked an enemy punt out of the air. He was not, it was written, a showman, but he did everything with a sense of showmanship because it was natural to him.

The Hobey Baker award is given out once a year to the top National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s ice hockey player. Hobey Baker Memorial Award Criteria Candidates must exhibit strength of character both on and off the ice. Candidates must contribute to the integrity of the team and display outstanding skills in all phases of the game.  Consideration should be given to scholastic achievement and sportmanship.  Candidates must comply with all NCAA rules: be full time students in an accredited NCAA college or university; and complete 50% or more of the season.

To VOTE for Austin go to: Austin Smith

8 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Texas Aces Fall Round-up Pee Wee Silver Champions.

Jack Hauswirth (McKinney Lightning PeeWee - Mauer)

Scotty Edwards (Wolves PeeWee A) taking a sharp turn.

Dustin Parman Bay Area Hounds - Houston, Texas.


Tx Jr Brahmas Pee Wee coached by Brad Aho getting ready for game.

Patrick Faulkner - Birdville Hockey Club JVG

Roger Bissonnette (Alliance U16 AAA - Fry).

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 9


Kyle Carpenter - Dallas Stars Selects Midget Minor AA - Aucoin.

Roger Bissonnette (Alliance U16 AAA - Fry).

Tyler Jensen (DJHA PW A) and Taylor Ball (Wolves PW A) rushing for a puck.

Brenden Cain - Dallas Oilers and Jesuit Varsity goalie.

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10 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Alek Conan - Allen Americans Midget Minor AA ‘95.

Kendall Horn (McKinney Lightning PeeWee A)


Texas Aces #19 Bronson Adams fighting for a loose puck.

Joey Trazzera (Jr Brahmas PeeWee A).

Justin Tiao (Wolves Squirt B)

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 11


Helping hockey families with their next move. FO




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12 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!




Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 13


— 2012 — SPRING – SUMMER









Led By NCAA Division 1 Alumni With 3 NCAA National Championship Appearances






Visit For More Information

14 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Jack Hauswirth (McKinney Lightning PeeWee - Mauer)

Christopher Dusek (DSEHC Tier 1 12U).

USA Hockey and the NHL would like to invite you to register to host a Try Hockey for Free Clinic on Saturday, February 18, 2012, as a part of the 5th Annual Hockey Weekend Across America. It is our hope to have 200 associations/rinks host a Try Hockey for Free clinic for kids ages 4 to 9 on this date. This is a nationwide initiative to celebrate the game at all levels and introduce young kids to youth hockey for the very first time. Host sites are required to provide: one hour of ice, several volunteers (on-ice help, check-in, marketing, and help getting participants dressed), and equipment (helmet, skates & gloves) for all participants. In support of this event, USA Hockey will provide each host site with 40 jerseys, 40 goodie bags, customizable artwork, USA Hockey event sanctioning, online registration and management tools and one-on-one support to assist in making the event a successful one. In addition, if you register to host a Try Hockey for Free Clinic prior to Thursday, December 15, 2011, you will be entered to win 24 sets of OneGoal gear! For more information on hosting a Try Hockey For Free Clinic, please contact your Program Services Director. 888-878-8465

Kendall Parker (Wolves Squirt B) makes a save

2011/2012 Planned Events Jan 28 .......................TAHA Winter Meeting (Dallas) Feb 10-12 ................................States Tier I & Tier II (TAHA Host in Dallas) Feb 17-19 .. USA Hockey Weekend Across America Mar 1-4 .....................................Districts Tier I (CO) Mar 2-4 ........................Districts Girls/Women (AZ?) Mar 5-7? .......Texas Cup Gold HS Champs (Dallas) Mar 16-18 ............................. TAC Boys/Girls (TBD) Mar 21-25 .................. Nationals High School (SLC) Mar 23-25 ...... Texas Cup Silver HS Champs (TBD) Mar 28-Apr 1............. Nationals Tier II Girls (Dallas) Mar 28-Apr 1...................Nationals Tier 1 & II Youth (sites vary) Mar 30-Apr 1.....Nationals Women A/B/C (site TBD) Apr 6-10 ..................Nationals Tier I Girls (site TBD) Apr 13-15 ...........National Disabled Hockey Festival (Dallas) Apr 13-17 ....... Americas HS Showcase (Pittsburgh) Apr 27-29 ...........State Adult Tournament (site TBD) May 2-6......................................... RMD PDC (SLC)

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 15


Sports Supplements

By Luke Beltrand The vast world of sports supplementation can be a confusing and tough world to try and wade through all the marketing and the science. Supplements can be extremely valuable to recovery and increased sports performance. I am hoping to give you some more information so you can make better informed decisions. First thing we need to know is that supplements do not have to be FDA approved or regulated by the USDA, this means that they DO NOT have to list what is actually in their supplements if they do not want to. Now a majority of companies will honestly list there ingredients and nutrition facts because it is not in their best interest to provide false documents which could come back and bite them. Regardless this still poses a problem as we MUST know what we are putting in our bodies especially for our athletes looking to play college hockey. Even something as simple as high caffeine levels before a drug test can make an athlete ineligible for the NCAA because it is a banned substance and considered a stimulant, therefore we must be very careful! When looking

for a supplement we want either product’s that are NCAA tested and approved banned substance free or companies that get their products certified that what is in the containers is actually in there, that way we can pull up the NCAA list of banned substances and verify whether or not the supplement is for us. With Supplements we need to remember that that is all they are, supplemental to our current diet. Supplements should never replace real food but be in addition to real food to help make up for nutrition deficiencies as our workload usually requires an increased caloric intake especially of certain foods. Supplements also usually tend to be a cheaper more concentrated form of food products. For example one serving of a protein shake can vary from .30 cents to $1.00 a scoop whereas a serving of steak could cost $3.00 dollars . Below is some general info, please feel free to contact me or one of my trainers at info@ for more information and guidance on Sports Supplements.■

Luke Beltrand is a Former Collegiate Hockey player and Current Manager of Crull Fitness Valley Ranch. Luke is Certified as a Certified Fitness Specialist through the Cooper’s Institute and Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. Luke is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for over 40 local Hockey Teams..


Joint Support

• Make sure that it is non-gender-specific. • Adding a multivitamin is a wise decision. This is not a substitute to a healthy diet, but a second line of defense to ensure that your body is getting everything that it needs nutritionally to perform and recover.

• A good joint formula is excellent for preserving and rebuilding cartilaginous tissues, tendons, and ligaments surrounding joints.

Creatine • Your body’s supply of phosphocreatine is used for short bursts of energy. • Supplementing creatine monohydrate increases phosphocreatine stores. • This increases one’s anaerobic threshold, strength, and muscle mass.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’S)

Glutamine • Is the most abundant amino acid found in muscles. • Helps repair muscle tissue damage from strenuous activity.

Whey Protein • Breaks down quickly to help muscles recover from strenuous activity. • Provides the body with extra protein that one may not be able to get from food alone. • Allows for optimal recovery from resistance training.

• BCAA’S are the building blocks of the body. • Some amino acids are needed in larger amounts than what is provided in any protein supplement. Protein is made from BCAA’S. They provide the body with all the essential amino acids needed to recover from strenuous activity that a protein supplement may not always give you.

16 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


In honor of Coach Robert “Boots” the The Alliance Bulldogs 10U team presented a commemorative jersey and team photo to his wife Susan and son Bobby.  You are missed Coach Boots. Cheers, Melissa Schembri


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 17


Texas Bulldogs Head to Canada! By Cindy Weatherly


he Alliance Bulldogs LaMere 2001 Squirt team traveled to Ottawa, Ontario to participate in the 2011 Bell Capital Cup Tournament which was held the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The boys were excited for a week of hockey in Canada and the possibility of snow for the holidays - they experienced both! The Bell Capital Cup tournament is in it’s 11th year, hosting close to 500 Squirt and Peewee teams from Canada, USA, Germany, providing international competition. In addition to the tournament games, the players participated in a tournament hosted All-Star game and a skills competition. The Bulldogs faced top local AA teams in the tournament including the Oakville Rangers, Kanata Blazers and the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven and competed well with them. While the Bulldogs record was 0-3, the

games were close and fast, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The team representatives for the All Star game included Eric Freudigman, Ace Kuhn and Evan Riddle. The boys played aggressive and made a difference in the outcome of the game. Evan Riddle was the goalie in net for the shootout and his efforts secured the team win in overtime. After tournament play, a friendship game with one of the local Ottawa teams was also on the agenda and the coaches, players and families all took part enjoying the rare opportunity for Texans to play hockey outside in the snow. The Locals hosting and participating in the tournament were very welcoming and hospitable to their southern neighbors and the boys can’t wait until the next trip up north for more hockey and snow! ■

Coach Steve Lamere & Coach Jay Mccall with the Kanata team who invited us to their “pond” for some good old fashioned pond hockey!

Coach Jay having the boys pick their teams..the old fashioned way!

18 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Back: Shane Weatherly, Damien Christiansen Middle: Matthew Murray, Jack Alexander, Sam Alexander Front: Ryan Whittaker Not pictured: Noah Schembri

Neil Juanillo #14 - Dallas Stars Selects-Euless (SQ).

“I’ve been reading Ice Times since my son Neil was featured in your “My First Goal” section. Your magazine is beloved by many hockey players and parents I know. I wish you and your family the very best this holiday season. I hope that you continue the magazine for as long as you possibly can. Your family’s dedication to hockey contribute greatly to the explosive growth of hockey in the region. More power to you, Sir.” Sincerely, Arnold Juanillo

OKC Oil Kings Bantam AA Defenseman Logan Hinton Soars to the Play.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 19




or the past two years, I have lavished upon my HS team an early Christmas present. On the last practice before the holidays we have a shinny tournament.  Hockey at its purest. It’s really pretty easy to get going.  I just lug two homemade wooden shinny goals and a handful of pucks to the rink and that’s it. Please allow me a brief digression.   There is nothing like the sound of the puck hitting those goals; auditory comfort food.  Weird, I know.   But that “thwumpa” makes me feel like I’m on a pond again.  It’s, Rockwellian. On the polar opposite of that spectrum, usually near the end of our seventy-five minutes, there is another noise that sucks the jocularity out of the air like a nuclear-powered Hoover™.  It’s more a whiny caterwauling: “Coach, it broke again!”   You see, had I paid attention to Mr. Preddlestrap in 7th grade wood shop, perhaps these simple four-sided shinny boxes could stand for the entire session.  For Pete’s sake, my dad was a craftsman; one would have thought some of the artisanary would have leaked into my genome, right?  Sadly, I can’t find the right angle of two pieces of wood even if twenty Preddlestraps were hovering over me, reminding me what a pencil necked, low–...never mind. While beneficence would appear to be my motive, truth is I have an ulterior purpose. You see, shinny is a game of creativity and finesse.   Think you can just blast slappers from distance through the little two foot wide by four inch high gaps? You’ll have about as much success as a federal budget bill has getting through Congress. Got ideas about attempting nuthin’ but end-to-end

Jacob White of the Bay Area Hounds defends his goal.

rushes when you’re playing in just thirty percent of the rink, with five other guys? That’d be about as easy as Justin Bieber convincing us he’s a vocalist accomplie. Shinny is about puck movement, creating space, inventing stuff.  In other words it’s the art of hockey.  Time and space are minimized.  Imaginative play making is the order of the day.  There’s no reason to be shackled by the strictures of the routine. The first year I did this I was a bit anxious.   I wasn’t sure a) how the kids would react, and; b) that they would get it.  But from the moment I threw the first puck into the playing area they ran with it.   By the end of the night — alright, by time my goals fall apart — I am witness to a level of creativity rarely seen in a “real” game.  Kids who normally blast passes blindly all over the ice are feathering pucks through their opponent’s legs.   “Yutes” who dare not puck handle are dangling like Datsyuk.  Most importantly, they are laughing all the time and building confidence in their skills.   Even more satisfying are the people around the rink.   Kids and adults line up at the glass; at first curious the becoming fully engaged.  I see some of them moving their hands in the air explaining how that last tape to tape, give-and-go worked.  They’re enjoying it almost as much as my guys (they’d enjoy it more if they were on the ice...nudge, nudge, say no more). I also love the comments from parents and coaches about how much fun it was to watch our boys...having fun.  Which now confers upon me the right to throw down the big cliché.  Ready?  Isn’t that what it’s all about – fun?  Happy new year! ■

Mark Dyslin has been coaching youth sports for over 15 years and coaching youth hockey since 1999. He is currently one of the coaches for St. Mark’s Junior Varsity Hockey Team.

The 6th annual Dallas Stars’ Dr Pepper StarCenter Mini-Mite Festival was held December 18th in Farmers Branch. Over 60 Mini-Mites participated in multiple ½ ice scrimmages.  With face painters, balloon artists and goodies for every participant.  The event is free and part of the DPSC Mini-Mite program each holiday season.  A new semester of Mini-Mite hockey begins in January at each Dr Pepper StarCenter location.

20 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


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Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 21


Texas Aces #4 Grant Kelly.

22 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

Grant Clewis - Allen Americans Midget Minor AA ‘95 looking back for the pass.



Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 23

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at or call 214-432-3131 ext. 225

Ice Times Magazine January 2012  

The only amateur hockey magazine that supports the growth and success of amateur hockey in Texas and Oklahoma.

Ice Times Magazine January 2012  

The only amateur hockey magazine that supports the growth and success of amateur hockey in Texas and Oklahoma.