Exhibition Catalogue: Hua De Hua Hua

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Yu-Ting Chung

9 1b 1a 1c
10 Youmna Hazzaa 2

Emma Lisa


Concrete and Green & Parallel

4 & 5
13 Philippe Malaussène 6a 6a 6c 6b

Nikki Allford


Zine Table -

Hanaa Bawa & Yu-Ting Chung

8 Left-H&Y Right, below-Y

Hisham Echafaki


The Albury's

18 Enorê 11
19 Dohyun Baek 12b 12a 12b 12b
Alison Hui
14b 14a
Xinan Yang

Artists Bios:

Alison Hui is an East London based artist who renders her city-inspired observation in vivid and delightful details with vibrant colours on paper. Worked with free-hand drawing styles with lines and shade to explore the topic of code, identity and tribe. She is also involved in publications, art education and exhibitions to showcase her works and findings

Instagram: @ah.kunstwerk Email: ah.inkpen@gmail.com

Concrete and Green is a London based sound artist, who performs under the banner of Concrete and Green, who applies an interdisciplinary approach. He is recent alumni, of The University of The Arts London, where he acquired A BA (Hons) studying Sound Arts and Design, he is currently studying for a Master at Goldsmiths University in Sonic Arts. The genesis of his sound arts project Concrete and Green has developed through his interest in the creative use of field recording and experimental sonic art. As an Instrumentalist, his artistic interests are diverse, Edwin’s discipline also combines , sound design singing and song writing and gardening design.

Instagram: @concrete_and_green Website: concreteandgreen.com

Dohyun Baek (b.1994) is a London-based artist from South Korea. He studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2014-2018). He has been selected for awards including the John Moores Painting Prize 2020, Walkers Art Gallery in Liverpool and Chaiya Art Award 2023, Oxo Tower Wharf in London. His exhibitions include SANDCASTLE, APT Gallery, London, 2023; No Place Like Home, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, 2022; Being Neither Here Nor There, Deptford X Festival, London, 2022; Fair Art Fair Curator I, Unit 1 Gallery, London, 2021; 내 마음 별과 가치 , Salon de Art Gallery, Seoul, 2021; Art Must Go On, Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul, 2020; UK Young Artists City Takeover, Nottingham, 2019; ANGL Collective: Soft House, Deptford X Festival, London, 2018.

Instagram: @art_baek_ Email: artbaek8@gmail.com

Emma Lisa hopes to bring joy and happiness to peoples lives with her work taking you to higher levels of & consciousness through expressing her inner sense of freedom. She uses fabric as her main tool to express herself using natural dyes, organic fabrics and embroidery. The 2 shirts represent night and day a seemingly obvious everyday occurance which she feels is often overlooked. An inherent natural law of nature which represents the importance of duality. There is no light without darkness Both are different and opposing forces. One would not exist without the other.

Instagram: e.mmalisa Email: emma.johnson14@hotmail.com


Enorê is a london-based artist working with 3D technology to think through the entanglements between virtuality and physical embodiment. they work mainly with 3d printed ceramics, scanning and modelling. They're currently a resident at somerset house studios.

Instagram: @capirotices Email: enore.r@outlook.com

Hisham Echafaki is a self-taught painter and sculptor with a fascination for nature and the animal world. Working in oil, acrylic resin or clay, his work focuses on surrealist art with animals, in particular endangered species and examines the impact that humankind exerts on the environment’s fragile balance. The portrait series is inspired by the famous Italian fifties designs of Piero Fornasetti. The mostly monochrome dot style compositions are here uniquely reinterpreted as original circular paintings whilst celebrating the surrealist theme and poetic imagery that made these designs iconic.

Instagram: @hec.arts Email: hec.arts@hotmail.com

Nikki Allford is currently based at BV studios in Bristol, and has a Creamics Degree from Bath Spa. She regularly exhibits Nationally and Internationally.

Instagram: @nikkiallford_art Email: nnikki.allford2@gmail.com

Parallel is a SE London-based Dance Music producer Parallel takes inspirations from the different shades of Techno and Garage emerging across Europe in both his production and live sets.

Instagram: @parallel.pdf Email: niallrowley@hotmail.com

Philippe Malaussène When Philippe was small, if someone asked him what he wanted to do in life, his first answer was 'dessinateur' (drawing artist in french). Today the only drawings Philippe produce are made of polylines with AutoCAD. He still manages to find some opportunities to paint or sketch at times to times. His paintings exhibited at 'Hua de Hua Hua' are part of his biannual works. Philippe does not regularly paint, but for some unexplained reasons, always produces two new paintings each year. He regularly sketches on public transports, sketches which you will also be able to find at the exhibition. Philippe is also a passionate garden designer, and an eccentric plant collector . He designed the garden where the exhibition takes place, and dreams to push it further next year.

Instagram: @philippe_malaussene Email: Philippemalaussene@gmail.com


Xinan Yang ’s work deconstructs photographs through painting, integrating evocative narratives that revolve around self-reflection. As a memory chain, the paintings become an intimate and personally curated mnemonic archive, raising concerns about a miraculous memory space that is rooted in reality, as a means of positioning and understanding the represented self in a globalised world. Living outside her own culture has increased her awareness of the different types of dislocation. The concept of a perfect location is everchanging, and globalisation and the virtual realm have increased fluidity and uncertainty in identity and location. Dislocation is an inherent aspect of our lives and can be cultural, class-based, or emotional, and spatial dislocation. Creating paintings serves as a means to locate herself and integrate the disparate parts of her identity and experiences. The artwork has become part of the discourse of personal and cultural displacement, addressing the inherent uncertainty that is present in human existence.

Instagram: xinan_yang Email: xinan.yang@outlook.com

Youmna Hazzaa's ceramics journey is characterized by intricately handbuilding pieces that mirror the organic contours of mountains and the unpredictability of natural rock formations, in a way celebrating the origins of the material she works with. Fondly termed "punched pottery," her creations embody the untamed energy of her craft. Transported to the desert's rugged landscapes, Youmna invites viewers to discover the allure of the Earth's forces shaping landscapes, making her upcoming exhibition in Deptford an exciting opportunity.

Instagram: @umnaamr Email: youmna.hazzaa@gmail.com

Yu-Ting Chung born in Taichung, Taiwan, Chung Yu-Ting's works span multimedia artworks and films, writing and painting. She explores the multi-dimensional realm of imaging, and the innovative cultural landscape, drawing inspiration from Buddhist notions, particularly the notion of emptiness. She questions the boundless possibilities inherent in the contemporary sense of emptiness. With a background in Fine Art and an MA in Digital Direction at Royal College of Art, she has extended her presence in dynamic creative environments across London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Instagram: @tingchzy Email: tingchzy@gmail.com Website: tingendless.live


Curators: Yu-Ting Chung, Philippe Malaussène

Artists: Alison Hui, Concrete and Green, Dohyun Baek, Emma Lisa, Enorê, Hisham Echafaki, Nikki Allford, Parallel, Philippe Malaussène,

Xinan Yang, Youmna Hazzaa, Yu-Ting Chung

Catalogue Design: Yu-Ting Chung

Map Design: Philippe Malaussène, Varna Suresh

Poster Design: Yu-Ting Chung

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