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THE FLEX APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMME An exciting two year course for those interested in dance and wishing to develop the skills and understanding needed to be a member of a touring dance company. About The Flex Apprenticeship Programme The Flex Apprenticeship Programme is designed for people with a learning disability wishleading to furtherdance their interest in dance in andEngland would like to do so as part of a Onewho of the companies touring dance company. for artists with a learning disability are looking for new dancers,

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Benefits of the programme include: • Regular dance class and creative sessions • Opportunities to see more dance • Opportunities to travel nationally and perform

The programme runs for 2 years and there are up to 10 spaces available for new joiners each September. Aims of The Flex Apprenticeship Programme To provide a safe environment for members to explore and express themselves through dance related activity. To provide weekly sessions for all members to study contemporary dance technique, performance skills and leadership skills. To create & perform original material and to present this material regionally and nationally. To work with professional teachers, choreographers and artists. To provide skills, knowledge and motivation as a basis for future studies, training and career developments. To enable members to make a valuable contribution to society by raising confidence, self-esteem and learning to work successfully as an individual or part of a team. To develop members’ ability in Performing Arts.

About The Flex Dance Company The Flex Dance Company is a region-wide dance company for adults with a learning disability who devise, rehearse and perform new material as part of high profile event both regionally and nationally. The company currently has 9 members who have all agreed to work through until July 2011. The Flex Apprenticeship Programme is the ’feeder’ level for the full company. Members of the Apprenticeship programme work for 2 years to develop the skills required to hopefully become a member of The Flex Dance Company. Please note The commitment from TIN Arts is to provide 2 years of high quality dance training. There is no automatic place within The Flex Dance Company for those who have completed the apprenticeship training. Places are allocated on a range of criteria including progress made, availability along with other factors. The Flex Dance Company is based in Durham City and is managed with TIN Arts. Being a member of The Flex Apprenticeship Programme It is very important that all members understand that The Flex Apprenticeship Programme is a training platform to become a member of a professional dance company and consequently all members must work in a professional manner at all times. This includes when working in rehearsals, performing at theatres and doing simple things such as going to the shop at lunch times. We have a set of membership rules and guidelines will help us all to understand and achieve this. Who can join The Flex Apprenticeship Programme? The programme is for anybody aged 16 and above. All activity is adapted to meet the needs of the individuals and the programme aims to meet the social needs as well as developmental needs of all involved. You can only secure a place through ‘audition’. We hold open workshop sessions regularly and the dates of these can be found on either on our website or by contacting us directly. The programme is a ‘pay to attend’ activity. Most people can afford to meet the cost of attending through Direct Payments. That means that a person attending may have a direct payment to pay for their place on the course. The programme for September costs £49.88 per day per person and will take place over 1 day a week. This day will be on a Wednesday, 9.30am—3.30pm and we meet for 36 weeks in a calendar year. We also sometimes meet on different days when there is an opportunity to perform or see a performance as well as travelling away from our region. We always give advance notice of these alternative dates.

Who can apply? We are looking for both male and female members to join the programme. Previous dance experience is not essential but commitment and a hard working attitude are the ultimate attributes. The company are based in Durham and this is where all rehearsals take place.

Want to know more? Come along and join in one of our open workshop sessions. The dates will be posted on our website soon on the ‘NEWS’ section. Alternatively contact us directly for an informal conversation. If you are still interested after attending one of our open workshop sessions, you will need to complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form and we will invite a number of applicants to in an intensive ‘audition’ day in August. All enquiries should be made to Heather Downie by calling 0191 384 0728 or by emailing

Flex Apprenticeship Programme  

Information on the Flex Apprenticeship Programme from TIN Arts.

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