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Dance City— Advanced Training Programme

Providing focused training in Contemporary Dance for young people

Durham Foundation Training Programme

What is the Dance City—Advanced Training Programme? The Dance City— Advanced Training Programme is an intensive dance training programme open to students age 13-17 from across the North of England that show an exceptional talent and potential in dance based in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Durham Foundation Training Programme is one of a number of outreach foundation programmes across the North East supporting local gifted and talented dancers aged between 7 and 13 years of age who have been identified as having a potential to excel in dance and who may wish to graduate on to the Advanced Training Programme once they reach the age of 13. Where is it based? The Durham Foundation Training Programme is based in Durham City and is delivered by local arts development company TIN Arts. Who are TIN Arts? TIN Arts is one of the leading arts development companies working in the North East. We have a vast amount of experience of working with young people through dance and we also work in partnership with arts agencies and organisations to create, plan and deliver creative dance and arts programmes to all regardless of age, gender and ability. Who leads the activity? All of the training on the Durham Foundation Training Programme is delivered by Tess Chaytor, creative director of TIN Arts. A graduate of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Tess performed and toured with Third Theatre and Sidewinder Dance Company before returning to her native North East in 1999 to set-up TIN Arts. Up until 2005, Tess delivered the Foundation Strand in Newcastle before starting the new Durham based programme in 2006.

Where and when does the course take place? Classes always run on a Friday evening. They take place at Shakespeare Hall, North Road, Durham, DH1 4SQ. The class starts at 5.00pm and finishes at 7.00pm. How much does the course cost? A 2 hour weekly session costs £3 (payable in a block of 10 weeks at the start of each term). This is a subsidised rate as funding has already been raised to support the overall costs for running the programme. What happens on the course? Every class starts with contemporary technique. This is followed by repertory work (learning set phrases) and creative workshops (where participants are encouraged to find new ways of creating original movement). Often the created movement is used as part of creating new pieces to be performed. Classical ballet technique will also be studied. The Durham Foundation Training Programme perform once a year at Dance City in Newcastle, every Spring at The Gala Theatre in Durham, and often get invited to other platforms throughout the North East of England. Who is the course for? Anybody aged 7—13 can join the course. This is normally through an audition process. The course is designed to support young peoples potential therefore it is not essential that you have danced before. We are looking for high levels of commitment, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. What should I wear? All participants should wear appropriate clothing for dance. Contemporary technique is practised bare foot. What if I want to know more? Contact Tess at TIN Arts with any questions or enquiries. TIN Arts Shakespeare Hall North Road Durham DH1 4SQ Tel: 0191 384 0728 Email: Website:

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