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linen, voile and prairie collections

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Textile designer and artist, Tina Givens combines her passion for cloth, design and exquisite pieces of metal, stone and vintage finds. This combination of raw materials come together stitched with Tina’s imagination and her very own history. Growing up in southern Africa within a multicultural environment, heritage and the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. Tina offers a distinct signature in apparel and jewelry. Bringing an ethnic touch to Victorian layered strings of gemstones, antiqued metals, ancient African beads and religious pendants; And with an affinity for layering textiles, prints and garments, Tina’s artisanal combinations result in this eclectic collection. Textiles include linens and cottons and are pre-washed for a natural, earthy appearance. The raw edges are celebrated in both sophistication and organic style. Pieces are meant to be worn everyday in comfort and celebration. Each piece whether garment or necklace, is handcrafted both in the studio and in small seamstress shops in North Carolina. Each piece reflects a level of artistry and heritage bringing collectable pieces to market for the woman who expresses her individuality.

Browse through these pages and find whimsy, sophistication and artistry.


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SS 2013

linen collection Tina selects unique color combinations for her linen garment line with an affinity to a neutral base. Each piece is a classic silhouette to be layered with other linen pieces or color brights from her Voile and Prairie collections. Pieces are special in shape and form, raw edges and stitching. Contoured lines with curves and unique turns enhance the fall and drape of the linen, also bringing movement in every piece. Gloriously comfortable, soft and prewashed yet sophisticated all at the same time. Spring and Summer months embrace lightweight cloth in black, lemon ivory and rose pink. Styles are classic and celebrate a simplicity in design and construction.

simplicity slip & penelope shirt

evolution shirt vrille pant & blossom dress {back}

blossom dress {front} & georgina Shirt

linen collection line models 12/13

TG-L6015 Sarah TG-L6012 Ella

TG-L6013 Simplicity TG-L6014 blossom

TG-L6022 Diedre TG-L6023 Suzanna

TG-L6021 Skirt Pant

TG-L6016 Evolution

TG-L6018 Georgina

TG-L6017 Penelope

TG-L6019 Vrille

TG-L6020 Jane Pant

Beauty without expression is boring. Ralph Waldo Emerson

voile collection Lightweight cotton is opulent when layered and gathered. Worn year round pieces in the collection are beautiful as slips and layered under both linen and ‘raggedy ann’ collections. Each print is designed by Tina and each season brings new pattern and colors. A little trend thought goes into the voile color mix. Beautifully sewn garments again raw edges and loads of frills. Silhouettes include simple slips, long sleeve shirts, tunics and dresses. Spring Summer 2013 includes pinks. tangerine, grenadine and celadon from Tina’s Pagoda Lullaby fabric collection.

lucille slip front & back

lillian shirt voile frilly pant

lullaby tunic with slip slip

TG-L6023 Suzanna

voile line models 12/13 TG-V7057 Lillianshirt TG-V7052 Lucille TG-V7054 Slip Long TG-V7053 Slip

TG-V7058 Straight Shirt TG-V7059 Jane Pant

prairie collection With a vast collection of her own designed prints, Tina’s signature cotton group of Prairie dresses and pants are simply delightful. Inspired by a southern Texas prairie visit Tina again melded her love of pattern and design with a grouping of singature pieces. Somehow, ironically fitting into a current trend of pattern play, Tina’s eclectic mix of pattern and color combined with her clever silhouettes create, truly oneof-a-kind pieces. No two dresses are alike. They may follow a specific style like Champagne shown here, but fabrics, and unexpected pieces show up in the garments to create signature collector pieces. The stitching is beautifully designed to appear messy and uneven but works cleverly in a ‘sweet’ sort of way. Laundered and soft. Shows in specific color groups.


dress with jane pant

girly dress on left

with slip slip on right

lilliput dress

TG-P8621 Lilliput

TG-P8622 Prairie

prairie line models 12/13

TG-P8626 Fern

TG-P8624 Chloe

TG-P8625 Jane Pant

TG-P8620 Girly


TERMS We sell through stores and boutiques only. Store terms are credit card or money order at time of purchase. We build your order specially for you. Our team of seamstresses and jewelers work together to bring you your USA made Tina Givens collection. WHOLESALE We sell to established retailers with current sales license. This must be supplied at time of wholesale inquiry. Once we have established this, we will provide wholesale information. Including wholesale login for our online wholesale shop. Opening Order is US$1000. Apparel items come in multiples of 4, (we encourage interchanging fabric, color and sizes for your store); jewelry please order a minimum of 4 pieces, and accessories a multiple of 2 per style.

SIZE CHART SIZE PETITE S M A L L LARGE USA 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 EURO 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 BUST 34 35 36 37 38.5 40.5 43 45 47 WAIST 25 26 27 28 29.5 31.5 34 36 38.5 HIP 36 37 38 39 40.5 42.5 45 47 49 Most garments come in Petite, Small and Large as shown above. Garments are roomy and versatile. Comfortable to wear and able to fit several sizes. CARE Garments should be machine washed (or hand washed) on short/gentle cycle in cold water. Use a mild detergent. Either dry flat, but preferably machine dry on low heat. Just remove from the dryer and hang.

SHIPPING We ship both domestically and internationally. We will provide you with a final sales order with estimated shipping. Exclusive arrangements by area are allowed but stores must commit to an annual purchase amount. This varies by country and state. BACK ORDERS In the instance we have an item that is on back order due to fabric delay or manufacturing delays we will notify you as soon as possible. RETURNS We make every effort to ensure your happiness with our collection. If you find any defects in the garments please contact us within 5 business days of receiving the order. We will do everything to fix the problem and get you back to happiness! Once we have shipped an order to you, we will contact you to follow up and make sure the garments and accessories are as you ordered. Once you have had the order in your possession after 5 days, we will assume you are satisfied. We can not accept any returns once they are in your possession after the time allocated to inform us of any issues.

919•848•9400 To see more on Tina’s textile and craft world please visit, and stationery at • 919.848.9400 f919.573.9540 email: info @ © Tina Givens Design

Tina Givens Couture  

SS 2013 Apparel Look Book Linen, Voile and Prairie Collections

Tina Givens Couture  

SS 2013 Apparel Look Book Linen, Voile and Prairie Collections