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Photo Scanning Process How many of us have boxes of photos sitting in closets, drawers, and attics collecting dust? Or what’s worse is having those photos degrade overtime and lose their original color and quality? I can preserve your cherished photos by scanning the prints and provide them to you on a CD or memory stick. By digitizing your photos not only can you organize your family history now you can create new items that you weren’t able to before including coffee table books, DVD slideshows and more. Scan up to 1000 photos to a CD for only $199.95. Photos can be as small as a wallet size (about 2.5x3.5) and no larger than 8x10. After the first 1000 scans each photo is $0.15 for each additional scan.

How do I get started? • First, sort all your prints in the order you would like them scanned. All photos must be removed from any album they are currently in; I cannot be responsible for removing them from a sticky surface and possibly damaging them in the process. If you do not place them in the box to me in any particular order I may group your prints by size and scan them in that order. • When placing your images in the box to ship, rotate each photo as follows: For vertical images with people make sure heads are on the right side by rotating the photo clockwise one time. For horizontal images, make sure the photos are upright with the faces looking at you. Or I can rotate your images for Tina Case Photography | tinacasephotography@yahoo.com | 408.621.6431 Prices Subject to Change

you, at an additional charge of $50.00 per 1,000 prints. • Gather your prints in a box. You can use your own box or stop by the US Post Office where they provide a variety of different size boxes in their flat rate service. Scan Add-Ons • Color Correction of your images can be done for an additional $50.00 per 1,000 prints. I highly recommend this service, as it can greatly improve the look of your photos! • Order a 4x6 print of each image for only $0.30 each when ordered at time of scanning. All images must be printed for this low price to apply. • Photo Restoration - I can remove unwanted elements in photos, bring back contrast in extremely faded images and add color to BW images. I will email you a quote and when I get approval, you will be charged a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the restoration charges. Please put your specific restoration instructions on a post-it note attached to each image. • High Quality Press Printed Hard Cover Photo Book - $99.95 per 1,000 images. Pages are double sided and bound in a hard cover book with 25 images per 8½"x11" page. Image rotation is complimentary with an order of the Photo Memory Book. Additional copies of the same book are $39.95 per 1,000 images. • Proof Sheets - 10x13 sheets of thumbnail images of your photographs. Your choice of 12, 24, or 40 images per page, $5.00 per sheet. • DVD Slide Shows t.b.d. Frequently Asked Questions about Photo Scans • What will the resolution be of my scanned photos?
 All photos are scanned at 300 dpi at the original prize size. A standard 4x6 usually is about 1 to 1.5 MB in size. These scans are ideal for sharing with others through Flickr, Facebook and other social media. Tina Case Photography | tinacasephotography@yahoo.com | 408.621.6431 Prices Subject to Change

• Can you scan my photos at a higher resolution?
 Yes, I can also scan at a higher resolution. I can scan at 600 dpi at the original print size. Larger scans are considered custom and can't be done in this product range. If you want to make large, poster size prints, this is the only option • What is included for the $199.95 price?
 ONE-300 dpi scan of each of your prints up to 1,000, on a CD. • How much will I be charged it I order less than 1,000 prints at one time?
 I still charge the fee of $199.95 which is my minimum size order. Therefore if you order less than 1,000 prints at a time, the total charge will still be $199.95, plus my additional charges as indicated above for add-ons, if ordered. If you don’t have 1000 photos see if someone else in your family has prints they can include to add up to 1000. • How long will it take to complete my scanning order?
 I will scan within the first week of receiving your order. Depending on your additional products, I can complete an order in two to three weeks. If I anticipate a delay due to schedule conflicts I will notify you. • Can you restore images or fix small flaws?
 Yes, I can fix your images beyond color control. Please note that the images for restoration need to be clearly marked with a post it note. This service also requires additional prepayment for the digital artwork. • Can I get my images scanned in a specific order?
 Yes, I can do that. Simply sort your prints in the order you want them scanned, and make sure to clearly indicate that this is the order you would like them to end up on the CD. • Can you scan my tiny photos too?
 The smallest photo that can be included is wallet size which is 2.5x3.5. Anything smaller will have to scanned at $10.00 per scan. • What happens if my pictures are curled or bent?
 Any photo that is excessively bent or curled will not be scanned. All photos must be able to lay reasonably flat when stacked with other photos.

Tina Case Photography | tinacasephotography@yahoo.com | 408.621.6431 Prices Subject to Change

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