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The Case Holiday Chronicles

Once upon a time in a land far, far away two souls were destined to meet amidst the bits and bytes of HP-land. Gazing over free donuts and sealing the connection during a women’s soccer match, the fairly tall tale screeched to a sudden halt when their 3 princesses took command of the empire.              

First it was just one toy but the plastic arsenal soon piled up so high you could not walk upon the hard wood floors without donning your knightly armor lest a Lego be impaled upon thy sole. Now those days are sorely missed as the mess has moved from toys to technology and our imperial kitchen island looks like our own version of an Apple Genius Bar. Now our girls bravely take on the task of tackling the technology battles of their elders.      


It was with great elation when my heirs split hairs about cleaning the castle as their gift for the holidays. The stately island was spotless, the floors were free from Labrador and Retriever fur, smudges were Windexed and rugs were Dysoned. What more could a mom queen want? It lasted for a full 3 splendid minutes, ahhhh.

Alas 2 royal pains are now out of the castle during the Idol FOX hunting season leaving the youngest heirhead to tend to the pooches in the land. And whilst King Douglas is on his merry boondoggles expeditions to iControl his territory I am left to shoot my royal subjects with a cannon Canon. Indeed our regal territory slowly resembles our early years but at what price? Time waits for no one so we make it our majestic mission to build a rich history and ensure our princesses have an abundance of experiences to prosper in their own land to start building amazing traditions of their own such as a coronation ceremony, balancing on the horizon and riding unicorns.  

Sami's Coronation,  Danielle  Walking  on  the  Horizon  and  Alli  riding  her  unicorn  


It is with great excitement when our progeny is assembled within our palace walls for the holidays. To commemorate the moment we seize our grand guitars for our annual royal portrait. To our deLOLight this year the King and Queen emeritus joined in our festivities and royally rocked some classics. We whole-heartedly decree this to be a year of great ambition, fortune and good health. It is our wish that all yee merry men and women go forth and have a prosperous and joyful year so that you may bring forth great adventures to share in your own Instagram storytelling with us through the days ahead.

And they lived happily Ever After

Celebrating the  Wisdom  of  Two  Aunts  -­‐  Aunt  Marion  (88)  and  Aunt  Evelyn  (90)

The Case Chronicles  

A year of tradition, exploration, graduation, vacation, elation and education.

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