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01| The solid Lenotec woodpanels as used in De Kamers.

01 | DETAIL CHOICE Choice 02| The solid Lenotec woodpanels as used in De Kamers. In the first assignment our detail analysis focused on the details of the Laminata glass house in Leerdam and De Kamers in Amersfoort. With the second being the detail I’ve chosen to design the university giftshop. Wood experience The principles of the original detail focus on the experience of wood. Mainly because the building functions as a gathering space for the surrounding community it needs to welcome a wide range of people. Important in the concept is to create space that not only gives people a sense of warmth and nature, but also a place with which they can easily connect. Wood answers these needs. The use of wood in the detail is further enhanced by giving it full structural responsibility in the building. Partly because the architect wanted to design his building as an arrangement of building blocks the choice was made to use solid wood as main construction material. Secondly ist became possible to easily achieve a homogenous transition between roof and wall, and thus enhancing the experience of the “box”. The design of the giftshop focuses on this concept.

03 | 3d rendering as shown in the previous report

04| The “box” concept as visible in this preliminary scale model.

05 | The original detail as designed by the architect;

02 | CONCEPT Space Trees, shadow, peace, concrete and a sense of isolation are some of the words which came to my mind when I sat down between the university auditorium and the Dommel. The location serves as a transition space between the northern university and the further to the south positioned campus entrance. With the University auditorium to the east and the dens green belt in the west. The space feels relatively narrow. People on bikes pass continuously throughout the day, but there are peak moments between college times. The bike path follows the curves of the Dommel. Concept By placing the giftshop in line with the walkway surrounding the auditorium it is possible to see the shop from a long distance. After college people passing the walkway see the shop and are invited to enter. The connection with the Auditorium is essential. By letting the giftshop rest on the walkway edge on one side and hitting the ground on the other a direct connection is made along the with of the area. The volume lies on the building, it makes a connection without directly integrating with the building, it stays detached. A second volume crosses the first beam. Flanked by four trees this box looks out over the campus terrain. The bike entrance lies right in front of these trees. Instead of keeping it closed the entrance will be stretched up to the bike path to generate a more open entrance. This line of thought results in two interacting rectangular volumes. Each volume responds to its respective line of sight.

In principle the concept consists on two crossed wooden boxes. Each one connecting to their own respective lines of sight. Together they form an independent object which manages to stay in balance by leaning on the Auditorium walkway.

03 | POSITIONING As mentioned earlier the giftshop consists of two rectangular volumes. The first rests on the auditorium walkway and ensures a smooth transition to the lower ground level. Entrance, toilet, installation room and shop space are placed here. The second volume contains the main shop space, office and counter. Difference in colour, texture and cladding scale is used to enhance the individual character of each volume. In principle the volumes show two very different ways of utilizing wood in a building facade. The dark volume’s cladding consists of narrow rough sawn drop siding boards. A Norwegian oil based paint is used to ensure sustainability. Rough and narrow is replaced with smooth and broad in the second volume. Here the cladding consists of Multiplan. These 26mm thick laminated timber panels mimic the solid wood texture found in the interior spaces. A single third texture is used for the window framing’s secondary finish. Hot dip galvanised steel sheets cover the aluminium framework and bring a uniform but patterned ending of the two “box” volumes. Together with the glass they create a division in the window framing that reflects the use and function of the interior spaces. The glass is directly aligned with the walkways while the closed steel sheets to the left or right represent the interior furniture. The materials and experience of the become clear on the rendering directly to the this text. On the right page it is possible to positioning of the design within the university

giftshop right of see the campus.

The rectangular volumes are not placed in exact north-south or east-west direction. When people close the disctance to the building they will continuesly get a new perspective of both volumes. Drawing scale 1:1000

04 | EXTERIOR EXPERIENCE The relation of the giftshop with her environment is shown in these renderings. Each rendering shows the shop from one of the important lines of sight. Directly to the right we can see the giftshop from the auditorium walkway. Because the volumes are not placed exactly on the east-west orientation it is possible to see more depth in the giftshop from the walkway. Big text to the side of the entrance clearly shows the function of the building. On the right page it is possible to see the interaction of the design with the surrounding trees. The light coloured volume uses the existing lines of sight between the trees to place itself in a lookout position over the entrance area of the university.

Right: The delicate balance of the design is continuously experienced when people pass the building.

Solid wood crosspanel walls are used to create the construction of the building. The walls can be produced in sizes up to 16 meters long and 4 meters high. The giftshop used wall panels of 4 meters high as large beams. These beams support the cantilevers in the building. Steel strips and special screws are used to connect the different elements. The dark sloped box volumes has extra support in the form of two underlaying beams that translate the load to the foundations.

05 | PLANS AND ELEVATIONS Right: 3d sections and respective floor plan 1:50





06 | SECTIONS To enhance the “box� experience in the sloping dark volume a glass floor construction keeps the total wood construction visible for the visitor.

SECTION 1 1:50

The office is located at the north side of the light Rectangular volume. In this way daylight intake is maximized without ever having problems with direct sunlight.

SECTION 2 1:50

07 | INTERIOR EXPERIENCE The renderings show the key concepts of the design. Windows on the ends of each volume support the line of sight experience. Structure, texture and depth is created by solid wood cross-panel walls. Glass flooring ensures a clear distinction between volume “floor� and walking path and is accentuated by the lights in the interior space. Main furniture is placed to one side of the shop space to enhance the experience of length in the design. Directly to the right we can see the hallway directly after entering the giftshop. From this hallway we reach the central of the design (rendering right page) with the counter to the right (when entering space)

Directly to the right we can see the line of sight to Vertigo, the depth enhancing furniture placement and open office at the counter. On the right page it’s also possible to see the sides of the solid wood walls. Thus construction and materiality are easily recognisable in the interior.

08 | 3D DETAIL The 3d detail shows the connection of both rectangular volumes. In comparison to the detail of De Kamers the choice has been made to only use solid cross-panel walls. Lignatur floor elements are not used as they lacked structural capabilities. The result however is an detail that combines wood in a relative easy way.

Water drain, integrated in insulation.

Steico Universal insulation Floor heating system; WTH floor heating, wood casette system.

Spax wood connection screws

Rough-sawn timber cladding; drop siding board

Solid crosstimber panels; lenotec.

Iroko support beam Laminated multiplan drop siding boards.

Aluminium drainage profile Hot-dip galvanised sheet metal

09 | 2D DETAILS 2d details 02 till 05 can be found on the following pages.

DETAIL 01 1:5

DETAIL 02 1:5

DETAIL 03 1:5

DETAIL 04 1:5

DETAIL 06 1:5

10 | SOURCES Images; 01,02,04 | Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten (2010). 09-03-10 Rest of images is own production. Renderings are generated with 3d studio Max 2010, mental ray renderer. General; Het Hout Blad (2007), Cultuurhuis de kamers Amersfoort. Een droom, een gebouw, Rotterdam, Media Business press, blz 8, 26-06-2010; Floor heating system, 25-06-2010; Solid crosspanel timber, 25-06-2010; Multiplan panels CAD underlayer university terrain

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