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2013-2014  Annual Fund

This Year’s Annual Fund Andrew Cutler, MD,

Project #1: $10,000

Youth Opera

NewGate Board Chair

Last year, the NewGate community generated more than $100,000 in contributions through the Annual Fund, the Community Foundation’s 36-Hour Giving Challenge, and special events (such as In the Pink). Thanks to you, NewGate has new computers, a security gate, science equipment, and some much needed repairs and beautification of our campus. If you have had time to read the school’s 2012 Annual Report, you will notice that the school has taken great steps to continue to balance

its budget by reducing expenses and carefully recruiting new students. This year, we continue to hold the line on all but the most necessary expenses. With your help, we can continue to fund special projects that are so important to NewGate. Our goal is $100,000, and we have provided four projects that we hope will pique your interest. Donate to one, spread your donation over sev-

eral projects, or let us decide where the need is greatest. Every donation matters, and we hope that you will continue to give generously and from the heart.

For 14 years, NewGate’s Annual Youth Opera has been one of the highlights of the school’s performing arts program. Under the guidance of the Interna-tional Youth Opera, NewGate’s elementary students completely immerse themselves for FIVE DAYS in the production of an opera.

Working within the framework of a youth opera, our students become active members of an event that compels them to push beyond their personal comfort zones. Much is at stake. Everyone has a role to play (sometimes several). Success requires incredible trust, sensitivity, cooperation, and respect. It is a group project by design, but the ‘real’ value is measured by what each child takes away from the experience The five days are a blur. By the night of the performance, children have learned the music and choreography; the costumes are ready; the scenery has been created; the programs have been printed; and the final dress rehearsal has occurred. NewGate’s upper school students are in place to manage the lights, speakers, and videography. The Glen Ridge Performing Arts Center is buzzing with nervous excitement

and filled to capacity. Finally, the auditorium darkens, the curtains part, and the first notes of music transport the audience to a different time and place. Miraculously, the myriad pieces have come together in just the right way. It is a moment of shared pride.

Library & Computers Project #2: $30,000

The annual cost to produce the opera is $15,000. If your children have already participated in this event, you know what it meant to them. If your children are too young, consider a donation to ensure that the experience will continue to be available to them when it is their time to shine.

They just don’t make school libraries the way they used to! Given today’s technology, purchasing reference books has become somewhat obsolete. Wikopedia has replaced encyclopedias. Literature can be read on tablets. Even magazines and newspapers are available online.

Playgrounds & Sports Equipment Project #3: $30,000

How does a school satisfy a research-based curriculum for the 21st century? The answer is: internet access; computers and tablets to access the internet; and subscriptions to online libraries, such as Questia and Student Resources Online Library System. The two online libraries referenced above provide a wealth of information for all of our students and faculty. .

Well, yes, it’s true that NewGate doesn’t have a football team, but we have very active children, who love the playground purchased with your donations, and we We would like to have a very active For the 30th straight year, NewGate remains provide more running team and undefeated on the football field! tablets, computers, sports program that and monitors to the hopes to branch out to inelementary and upper clude sailing, bicycling and school classrooms to field sports. Donations for maximize access to these more ‘big’ pieces of playonline resources and exground equipment and new pand our offering of onsports equipment would be line educational such a great gift for Newsubscriptions and softGate students of all ages! ware.

Project #4: $40,000

Science Equipment NewGate’s young scientists need more (and better) science equipment: microscopes, centrifuges, fumes hood, glass ware, anatomical models. If you have ever visited NewGate’s annual Science Fair, you know how much work our students put into their projects, and we want to give our children the tools they need to succeed.

With your help, we will bring exciting new opportunities to expand and strengthen our science program.

Project #5: $30,000

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme This year NewGate offer its first International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for our secondary students. This is the result of years of self-study and endless hours of work by our dedicated staff to develop and integrate IB’s rigorous requirements with the Montessori methodology. How does NewGate’s accredita- expect will attract more tion as an IB school affect stu- students and families from around the world who dents at all levels? want this very special The IB is recognized worldwide Montessori IB program for as a seal of excellence that we their children.

Project #6: $0,000


The good news is that this is already happening!

& Repairs

The more we are able to ‘grow’ the school with more great families, the more we provide new friends for our students, more educational opportunities, and the financial stability that will take NewGate to its next level of development and growth. And that is good for everyone! Teacher certification and annual IB dues costs the school $30,000 per year. Every year, NewGate is proud to provide a portion of its operating budget for need-based financial scholarships.

We love our cozy Ashton Road Campus but, just like our homes, it needs refreshing and repairs from time to time. We would love to have the resources to plant more shade trees, plant more butterfly gardens, and correct some

drainage problems that occur during our rainy season. In the classrooms, we would really like to perform a complete campus makeover by replacing the linoleum floors with wood. That would be beautiful! And there are always unex-

pected repairs(like the need for a new air conditioning unit) and unexpected opportunities (like a new utility shed) that are just part of the day-to-day reality of running a school. What a wonderful feeling it would be to have money reserved for capital repairs and improvements! We would like to invest $30,000 towards improvements and repairs and keep $10,000 in reserve to handle the unexpected.

Project #7: $40,000

Campus Security Our school campus should be a place of warmth and security. It is an extension of our classrooms, and we often refer to school as our children’s home

away from home. In the last year, we have taken steps to make our campus more secure by

installing security gates, special blinds for our classroom windows, and we have instituted a rigorous policy for identifying

campus visitors. This year, we would like to install security cameras and a tasteful (but secure) fence around the entire campus.

Our goal: $100,000 If you add up all of the projects on our wish list, our goal of $100,00 would not allow us to accomplish everything ... but it sure will go along way. Whatever you can give to help will be greatly appreciated and will be applied to the project of your choice.

Giving Form Please detach this page and return it to the school in the envelope provided. Enclosed is my/our gift/pledge of: ❑ $100 ❑ $250 ❑ $1,000 ❑ $2,500 ❑ $______ (Other)

❑ $500 ❑ $5,000

❑ My check is enclosed (payable to NewGate School). ❑ Please charge to: ❑ Visa ❑ M/C ❑ Discover ❑ Amex Please spread my pledge over ___ monthly payments of $______.

Giving is easy:

Card Number:____________________ Ex. Date:_________

>> Detach the next page, fill it out and send it to the office.

Name on Card:______________________ Billing Zip:______

>> Use PayPal to pay online using our secure website at >> Make a pledge and allow us to deduct smaller monthly payments until you have met your goal. >> Clean out your car and pockets and drop your loose change in the big glass jar located in the front office!

Donor’s Name: (please print)__________________________ Signature:_______________________________________ Please direct my gift to fund the following project(s): ❑ Opera ❑ Library/Computers ❑ Science ❑ Playground ❑ IB ❑ Security

❑ Beautification

❑ Wherever the need is greatest

❑ My employer has a matching gift program and NewGate needs to document my gift.

On behalf of the children of NewGate ... Thank You! Donate online at:

New Gate School 2013 Annual Fund  
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