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C onnections December 10, 2010

Student Demonstation Night

SCIENCE FAIR ... NGFS students were very busy over the past few weeks, shifting from a production of Shakespeare to the Annual Science Fair, both of which were very impressive. For more Science Fair pictures, see page 2.

Student Demonstration Night was so much fun! Grandparents, parents, and friends came to see the work the students are doing in action. Although the materials look beautiful on the shelves, they do not mean anything if they are not used. They are used well at NGFS, and these nights allow friends and family to see how exciting they are to use. Adults were given a chance to learn everything from the countries and capitals of Europe to algebra using materials in the classrooms. Every adult came away having learned something new, and every student was thrilled to teach for the evening. More pictures on page 3.

NGFS Winter Festival Thursday - December 16 6:30 PM - Clark Road Campus

Model School of The Montessori Foundation 11011 Clark Road (SR 72) Sarasota, FL 34241

12.10.2010 NGFS Connections

If you missed the award-winning documentary, Race to Nowhere, we will be scheduling another showing and discussion in January. Watch for scheduling details.

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Science Fair

More Science Fair ...


12.3.2010 NGFS Connections

Fun With Classical Music! The Lower and Upper Elementary classes have been having a lot of fun this year exploring the richness and history of classical music. We began the year learning about the various instruments of the classical orchestra. We learned about each instrument, its instrument family, and its place in the classical orchestra, as well as learning to name and distinguish the instruments by sight and sound. We invited special guests, Susan and Jim Cavanaugh, to visit us for a hands-on string instrument presentation. We got to see the instruments in-person and try our hand at playing the violin, viola, cello, bass, and guitar. We started our journey into the world of Classical music by exploring the monophonic music (music with a single melody) of the Gregorian Chants of the Middle Ages, and then the polyphonic music (music with two or more melodies or melody accompanied by a harmony) of the Renaissance (1450-1600). We continued with the music of the Baroque time period (1600-1750), where we learned about the lives, times, and music of the composers Johann Sebastian Bach, George Friedrich Handel, and Antonio Vivaldi. We enjoyed listening to the life stories of these composers, drawing pictures to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto, singing along to Bach’s Minuet in G, playing musical bumps to Bach’s Badinerie, listening to Handel’s Messiah Oratorio, singing ‘Spring’ to the 1st movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and even dancing a Sarabande, a stately dance that was popular during the Baroque time period. In the coming weeks, we‘ll be learning about and having fun with the music of the Classical time period (1750-1820) and the lives, times, and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Winter Break

Adventure Camp Coach Dave’s Adventure Camp for Winter Break is back! Time’s running out to register. Winter break is just around the corner, so if you're looking for fun come join us for Adventure Camp! We board the bus at 9:00 am and return at 3:30 pm with a full day of adventurous activities. Get ready to hang out with your friends and Coach Dave for lots of good times. Call the office and reserve your spot now: 9224949

Dates: December 20th-23rd & December 27th-30th 12.3.2010 NGFS Connections


Have You Had a Chance to Take a Look at the November Issue of Tomorrow’s Child Magazine Yet?

More fom Student Demonstration Night

It is chocked full of great articles – many of which our talented staff at NewGateField School wrote. Not to mention the photos of NewGate-Field students at work! I had a few extra moments during this holiday to read and enjoy some of the articles myself. For those of you who have just started your child in the toddler or primary level and are relatively new to Montessori it is well worth your time to read “So You Chose Montessori” by Cathleen Haskins. In this article Cathleen describes two essential concepts for a successful Montessori classroom – freedom and self-discipline. She speaks of freedom in this way, “…freedom to naturally develop one’s full potential. Freedom is limited when it infringes on the rights of others or when behavior is rude or disrespectful. A free child, in the Montessori sense, is not undisciplined; rather she is developing inner discipline.” Through the freedom that is provided in our classrooms, children can, and do, develop self-discipline. The teachers carefully prepare the environment so that children can chose the work that interests and challenges them, can chose how long they work on a given activity, can chose to eat when they are hungry, and can chose to work alone or with others. As the children go about their daily activities, they not only learn the lessons that are provided but, more importantly, they are becoming self-reliant, confident, and aware of the needs of others as well as their own. There is another huge aspect of Montessori that Cathleen advocates in this article that I will leave to you to find out as you read her article and others in your copy of Tomorrow’s Child, a magazine for Montessori parents.

— Lorna McGrath, Associate Head of School

Got Paint? If you have any acrylic paint (house paint, deck paint) that you want to get rid of, we would love to use it in the art room to finish our “BIG” Europe project! Please send it in this week! 4

If you would like to volunteer this week, please come in. We would love to have you! Lower Elementary Art is Wed. at 1:00 & 2:00 and Upper Elementary is Fri. at 1:00 & 2:00. Please let me know via email @ AS ALWAYS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! — Mikayla 12.10.2010 NGFS Connections

NewGate-Field School Secondary Second Cycle Internships Our 2nd Cycle Students recently participated in their Internship Week. Thank you to the many Host Organizations to accommodating our students during this valuable learning experience. Internships at New Gate-Field School provide an opportunity for students to enhance their academic program with field experience related to their interests in a variety of settings. The School requires every student in the Secondary Program to successfully complete a oneweek internship each academic year. Internships support the mission and values of NewGate-Field School. Internships with practicing professionals provide opportunities to integrate practical community experiences with academic learning. Maria Montessori’s wisdom about the adolescent revolved around her observations of their need for meaningful work, involving both their physical and mental well-being. She also encouraged educators to get students outside of the classroom and into adult roles and appropriate experiences as much as possible during the adolescent years. Each student is to find a meaningful internship that presents him, or her, with an opportunity to take advantage of community resources and a chance to work with positive role models and practitioners. Students enjoy the opportunity to engage in a learning experience that enhances classroom learning and extends beyond the traditional four walls of the classroom. An internship is an excellent tool for testing out a career interest, giving students first-hand knowledge of a particular professional field. They observe first hand how skills relating to decision making, problem solving, teamwork, and technology are used on the job. Internships often provide younger Secondary Students with their first workplace experiences, giving them an opportunity both to learn in different settings and to see how much they can offer already.

12.10.2010 NGFS Connections

Student internship experiences: ■ Provide opportunities for students to develop skills in decision making and problem solving. ■ Show the benefits of teamwork and positive work habits. ■ Offer varied learning environments and experience in the community.

gives students a meaningful opportunity to try out possible professions. ■ Demonstrate the value of work and the rewards of accomplishment. ■ Insure a natural transition to college and later work experiences as a complement to the educational goals of NewGate-Field School.

■ Encourage professionalism throughout the NewGate-Field School Secondary experience.

— Kathleen Groskopf

■ Enhance career development; and

Thank You to Our Internship Hosts Vannessa Alvarez - Red Eye Entertainment - Yazmil Marufo Vivi Alvarez - NewGate-Field School - Tim Seldin Silvia Baeza - L Boutique Noah Buchman - Selby Gardens - Emily Lane Lisa Cesaroni - Toronto Montessori - Caroline Reid Ryan Coe - Dr. Tina Babiak, Dr Howard Fuchs, Laurie Lesser Dima de los Eros - Big Cat Habitat - Kay Rosaire Connor Dougherty - Super Sensitive Musical Strings - Jim Cavanaugh Kayla Garlick - Critical Care and Veterinary Specialists of Sarasota Dr Anne Chauvet Savannah Hillebrand - Legal Aid Society of Manasota - Linda Harradine Tori Miller - Gentle Storm Production - Alex Coe Beth Osborne-Schwartz - Dr. Adam Bright Elton Roberts - Manor Care - Patrick Eaton and NewGate-Field School - Lorna McGrath Hannah Voic - Sarasota County Government - Shirley Wittine Katya Young - New York Times Advertising - Rosemary Angeleri


NGFS Running Club Get your FREE Friends of Montessori Card and Support NGFS and Our School Community’s Businesses We have created an online directory for businesses and services run by parents and friends of the school! There is no cost of be included, and any of the businesses, restaurants, and organizations that you know are welcome to be included. In addition to listing your name and contact information, we suggest that each listing include a special offer for Friends of the School.

Some members of the NGFS running club, Coach Robin, Coach Annie, Braeden, and Teagan Allen recently ran in the Harvest Hustle. The race benefitted All Faiths Food Bank, providing food for those who need it right in our community. Braeden placed first in his age group and Teagan placed second in her age group. Annie placed 4th in her age group and Robin placed second in his! Congratulations to all! This weekend is the Sandy Claws Beach run at Siesta Key. The following Saturday is the Frosty 5k at Twin Lakes Park, which is conveniently located down the street from NGFS on Clark!

We will be giving each NGFS family and staff member a Friends of Montessori card with the school's logo. The idea is that when you present the card at a participating business, you will receive a specific benefit. Later, once we have enough restaurants, coffee houses, museums, stores, movie theaters, services, and other participating businesses, we will offer the cards for sale to friends of the school, much like the traditional dining guide books. The cards will be inexpensive ($20 a year). Since this is an international program for all Montessori schools, it should create some interesting savings when we travel and when people from other Montessori schools travel to SRQ. Please list your business (or a friend's business). Again, the idea is to both have a listing, and to encourage families and friends of the school to patronize your business. You can sign your business up and offer a special deal/discount to card holders online at: www.friendsofmontessori. com/newgatefield.


Warren Backpack Program: Begun in 2008 with the partnership of All Faiths Food Bank and the YMCA School House Link Program and the Sarasota County School’s Food and Nutrition Services, the Warren Backpack Program provides weekend food bags to students from low-income families that are at-risk for going hungry. Every Thursday, students at NewGate-Field help by packing these weekend bags of kid-friendly foods.

If you have photos or news to share, please send to 12.10.2010 NGFS Connections

New Coffee House Opening on Clark Road!

CafĂŠ Six is opening at NewGate-Field School

on January 4, 2011! CafĂŠ Six will be run by the sixth year NGFS students. They will be making the coffee, keeping track of inventory, balancing the books, participating in strategic planning, and running the business as a group. Samples will be available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday December 15, 16, and 17. from 8:15-9:15 am. There will be no charge, but tips will be accepted and will go into the 6th year class trip fund. Coffee, Tea, and Bottled Water will be available after the opening. Bagels, Hot Chocolate, other treats, and refillable mugs will be coming soon! Please contact any of the Upper Elementary guides with questions, ideas, or offers of assistance.

12.10.2010 NGFS Connections


Parent/Infant Classes! (for infants 4 - 6 months)

Orientation : (just parents) GRAND OPENING:

SATURDAY, JAN. 8, 2011 REMINDER $$$ Annual Fund $$$

$150,000 Matching Gift Challenge The Annual Campaign is off to a great start, and The Montessori Foundation has issued a challenge to the NGFS Community: The Foundation will match the community’s contribution dollar for dollar up to $150,000. Together let’s make this happen! Please return your pledge cards or donate online using our secure, online website: donate

Class: (with babies) Cost:

Thursday, January 6, 2011 7:00 - 8:00 pm Montessori Room Ashton Road Campus 5237 Ashton Road Sarasota, FL 34233 Mondays - Jan. 10 (6 weeks) or Wednesdays - Jan. 12 (6 weeks) 11 am - 12 noon $120


Space limited to 8 infants (& their parents). Reserve your space today. Call the office at 941-922-4949.

Hemang and Sanhita Sheth are collecting non-perishable foods for the All Faiths Food Bank. They have placed a box in the office, or you may hand goods to a teacher at pick up. The All Faiths Food Bank provides food for more than 32,000 people a day! Most of these are people who have minimum wage jobs that do not allow them to make ends meet, many are families.

The NewGate-Field School Model School of The Montessori Foundation An Independent, Montessori, College-Preparatory School

Please remember those less fortunate than ourselves, not just during the holidays, but all year. Hemang and Sanhita will deliver the goods in he box every Friday for the rest of the school year. Can we fill it each week?

18 months - 18 years


12.10.2010 NGFS Connections

Connections Dec 10, 2010  

This is the December 10, 2010 issue of Connections, the weekly enewsletter of the NewGate-Field School

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