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Managerial Finance for State Owned Enterprises

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Business Finance Managerial Finance for State Owned Enterprises

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This is an easy-to-follow, lively, fun-toattend course that will take you from zero or little understanding of finance, to competent financial literacy, which you’ll be able to apply easily at work. ‘’Fill-in-theanswer’’ text is supported by real life case studies and group discussions.

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This course is specifically designed for state-owned enterprises and is directly linked to the PFMA. You’ll compile the Income Statement, link this to the Balance Sheet, calculate the return on assets, and critical working capital ratios, to know how businesses succeed or why they fail. You’ll compile budgets for future cash-flows, cost-centres and variance reports. You’ll understand the key aspects of the PFMA and its implications to how you conduct good business. And finally complete the programme with an exciting fun business game, putting your learning into practice.

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Measures Profitability and Costs Measures the effect of irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure Explains the role of the internal audit Describes how to manage the company’s assets Measures how to maximise return on state assets Highlights the role of the supply chain Covers the applica on of the PFMA and the Treasury Regula ons Links the shareholders’ compact with State Owned Enterprises

Why should we provide this programme to our employees?

Benefits to employees • A sense of personal empowerment through improved understanding of the enterprises finances • An enhanced sense of personal responsibility and ownership for the financial performance of the enterprise • The ability to par cipate in financial discussions around the performance of the enterprise Why Amecus Finance Training Courses? • The development of a financial At Amecus, our belief is that all employees of vocabulary which employees will be able an enterprise should be financially literate. to use with confidence We show the impact that each employee has on the profitability, efficiency and Benefits to the enterprise financial performance of the enterprise. • Employees will understand how to The knowledge is empowering as we show the measure profitability, efficiency and employees how they, in their own right, can performance, what these measures mean make a difference to business performance. and how they relate to each other We create a vocabulary of finance that allows for financial conversa on and the understanding of organisa onal financial goals. The key outcome of our interven ons, from an organisa onal point of view is enabling a culture change to one that is focused on financial performance in which each employee understands his immediate impact.

Crea on of a culture change to one in which employees have a clear sense of responsibility for their contribu on to the financial performance of the company Communica on to employees is enhanced through the common language of finance Awareness for the need for a culture of customer service is created in every employee Through the awareness of and understanding of waste, costs can be be er controlled and reduced

About Amecus •

Amecus was established in 2004 as a company specialising in business finance training.

We are SAQA accredited with FASSET, and our courses are fully unit standard aligned and accredited.

We are a BBBEE Level 3 Contributor

Our clients include 6 of South Africa’s State Owned Enterprrises, top na onal and interna onal manufacturing, mining, retail companies.

Who will benefit • • • • • •

Managers of budgets, cost-and-profit centres of Public En es Engineers and produc on managers Human resources and training managers Administra ve and inventory managers Finance department staff Paterson Bands D and Upper C

References for Amecus Finance Training Program • •

The Business Finance Game At the end of the course, delegates will play a game - see the game board, in which they will revise the en re content of the programme as they manage their finances and apply what they have learned in a compe ve game.

Programme Delivery •

Training is presented in-company by one of our well-qualified instructors.

“Prac cal and useable. Exactly what we needed” – Procurement Manager, Telkom ‘’Excellent! The finance programme was very useful. In total 11 programs were presented in our company and the feedback from all of them was very posi ve.’’ Training Manager, Transtel “I never knew that finance was so easy and could be so easily understood. Thank you, this has helped me so much”. – Regional Manager, SA Post Office

The Amecus PFMA Finance Suite

Middle and Senior Managment

Managerial Finance for SOEs

Supervisory Management

Opera onal Finance for SOEs


Financial Freedom

Contact us: Amecus Corporate Governance (Pty) Ltd +27 (0)21 674 2372 P.O. Box 44733 Claremont, 7735 Cape Town

Amecus is a Level 3 BBBEE Contributor and is SAQA accredited with the Financial Services SETA

PFMA Managerial Finance  

Managerial Finance for State-Owned Enterprises

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