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Financial Freedom

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Benefits to the Company Financial Freedom

This brand new programme is aligned to unit standard 119913 - Use a personal budget to manage own money. It is aimed at junior members of staff who need to understand how to manage their own personal finances. In addition, debt management is discussed as well as the protection of rights afforded to consumers in terms of the National Credit Act.

The focus of the programme is to help employees to manage their own finances in order to aid them in their life planning both to their own benefit and the benefit of the company.

Benefits to the Employee •

The risk of employee indebtedness Companies whose employees are in debt suffer from: • Poten al the and fraud • Absenteeism and low morale • Reduced produc vity • Employees who are afraid to answer the phone • Staff turnover as employees leave to cash in pensions

Programme Contents Module A: My Salary Module B: Expenditure Module C: Compiling a budget Module D: Debt Module E: Savings The Financial Freedom Game

Risks to the company from financial strain of employees are reduced Useful complement to employee wellbeing programme The skills of understanding a personal income statement and budget are equally applicable to business financial literacy, and we draw the parallel Employee produc vity through employee stress reduc on

Employees gain financial skills directly applicable to their lives By learning to control their finances, their stress levels are reduced Employees gain an understanding of the need for financial planning and cost control Employees will understand the finances of their company be er which will improve their sense of belonging

Outcomes: What you will learn • • • • •

How to understand income and expenses What the deduc ons on your payslip are How to manage your debt and compile a rescue plan How to compile a household budget How to plan your savings and save for a goal

• • • • • • •

Understand your changing financial needs over me • Understand Decisions around buying major items Understand consumer rights under the Na onal Credit Act • Understand debt counselling and how it works Methods of saving and planning for the future • Financial risks with medical aid, general insurance and life insurance Guarantees personal financial literacy •

Who will benefit Junior members of staff - Pa erson • Lower C bands • All B bands • All A bands

The Financial Freedom Game At the end of the course, delegates will play a game - see the game board below, in which they will revise the en re content of the programme as they manage their finances and apply what they have learned in a compe ve game.

Programme Delivery Designed for train-the-trainer in house presenta on

About Amecus Amecus was established in 2004 as a company specialising in business finance training We are accredited with FASSET, and our courses are fully unit standard aligned and accredited We are a BBBEE level 3 contributor and are a 60.5% Black Owned Business Our clients include top na onal and interna onal manufacturing, mining, retail and state-owned enterprises

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Financial Freedom

Contact us: Amecus Corporate Governance (Pty) Ltd +27 (0)21 674 2372 P.O. Box 44733 Claremont, 7735 Cape Town

Amecus is a level 3 BBBEE Contributor and is SAQA accredited with the Financial Services SETA

Financial Freedom Brochure  

The Amecus Financial Freedom Brochure

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