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The main house has approximately 11,000 square feet of living space.

COPPER Site-built copper collector boxes. Concealed gutters.

EXTERIOR TRIM Mahogany trim. Wood columns.


Clear v-joint cedar bulkhead with z-brace doors and rubber compression weatherstripping. Access stairs are 2" thick white oak rough-sawn planks.

Reclaimed brick and stone veneer. Lead coated & cast-iron drainage. Brush applied paint on all surfaces. Authentic shutter hardware.

PORCH Removable screen / storm panels for screen porch. Painted mahogany porch floors.

FRONT ENTRY 3/4” thick beaded clear cedar siding. Antique bluestone for front entry. 18” deep limestone door sill.


Remote AC condensers. Steam humidifiers. Cast-iron drains. Remote generator. Remote AV equipment. Closed-cell insulation.

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Multiple trim racks located throughout the entire home keep materials organized. Antique white oak floors with tung oil finish.

EXTERIOR DOORS Antique, leaded glass. Reproduction door hardware. Limestone & bluestone door sills. Brass / bronze interlocking weatherstripping. ‘Fine Paints of Europe’ was selected as the paint for the doors and shutters.

BREEZEWAY Antique light fixture. Mortar includes river stones. Fir v-joint ceiling with wax finish. Beaded, reclaimed rafters with pegs. Reclaimed brick flooring, acid washed. Clear maple v-joint wall paneling - painted. Custom punched steel floor and wall grilles.


The Breakers in Newport was the inspiration for this island table made entirely of chestnut. The double-action drawers provide access from both sides. The legs conceal wiring for receptacles.Â

2� thick stone island top. 18’ long beaded chestnut ceiling beams partially buried in plaster. Stainless steel backsplash and farm sink. Stone window sill over the kitchen sink.

FAMILY DINING Hidden stereo speakers. Reclaimed beaded rafters with traditional mortice and tenon joinery. Clear fir v-joint ceiling. (take note of the exposure shown on each board)


Beaded back cabinetry. Saw-tooth shelving supports. Soapstone and chestnut countertops.

REAR HALLWAY, POWDER ROOM, MUDROOM Clear maple v-joint wall paneling - painted. Site-built z-brace doors with antique hardware.


Hand-carved baluster. Antique handrail finish. Bronze floor grilles. Antique light fixtures. Hand-cut scroll detail on stairs.


A combination of wood, metal and plaster was used to assemble the beaded details found throughout the home. CNC cut templates ensured consistent curves.


Antique light fixtures. Mantel with integrated cabinetry and doors. Traditional picture rails. Book-matched stone surrounds on all fireplaces.


Antique bricks were resurfaced then burnt to enhance the character. River stone used in mortar joints. Traditional floor joinery.

Decorative hinges are installed after the painting has been completed to keep them protected from any imperfections. Paint is applied behind each hinge barrel during the installation to complete the process.


Cast-iron floor grilles. Antique light fixtures. Saw-tooth shelf supports for cabinetry. Paneled window and door jambs.


Hand-painted striped walls with glaze finish. Stone floor was laser cut and color dyed. Reclaimed furniture used as the vanity base. Antique light fixtures.


3/4� beaded corners run the entire length of the staircase. 10-step antique hand rail finish includes fuming, shellac, french polish and wax.

LIVING ROOM Flush, cast-iron floor grilles. Paneled window and door jambs. Hidden screens used on all windows in the home. Windows for this area of the home include traditional weights and chains. Windows have removable sash stops with visible oil-rubbed bronze slotted screws. (each pointing North)

Cabinetry is sent to production after detailed shop drawings are approved.Â

UPPER FOYER 1” thick walls are used throughout the home. 5/8” blue board and 3/8” plaster. Plaster grounds set with lasers were used on all of the windows, doors and paneling intersections. Using grounds and screeds would ensure that the walls and ceilings were straight, level and plumb. Concealed / hidden doors.

Wood moldings are positioned with lasers in all of the rooms. Itʼs especially noticeable when the room is later papered.

GREEN BATHROOM Cast-iron tub. One-piece marble tub deck. Glass enclosure with mitered corners. Custom painted tiles.

UPPER HALL Wall paneling is set flush with the plaster walls throughout the home. All woodwork has brush-applied paint.


One-piece sandblasted and wire-brushed marble shower floor. 2� thick routed stone vanity top. Antique nickel finishes.


Surfaces throughout the home are inspected and polished by hand to allow for a flawless eggshell paint finish.

Raised antique oak door saddles used for all bathrooms.

. Application of finish paint would commence only after the room is sealed and cleaned. This includes shutting down or restricting air vents to eliminate any dust contamination. The area is also lightly sprayed with water to ensure there is no trace dust in the air. Access to the room is prohibited until the paint is dry.!

HVAC duct openings are meticulously maintained and protected throughout the entire construction process from the day of installation, to the installation of the decorative grilles, to moving furniture into the home. !

BLUE BEDROOM & BATHROOM Chrome trim wraps the tiled bathroom walls and shower. Mitered glass corners on the shower enclosure.


Reclaimed interior doors, door hardware, brick fireplace surround and ceiling beams. Character-grade white oak was distressed on site using torches and hand tools.


Seamless stainless steel counters with integrated sink. Floor to ceiling subway tile. Discreet washing machine water lines, drain and valves.

Stain-resistant epoxy floor grouts used on tile floors throughout the home. Varnished maple laundry chute from second floor to lower level.

GYM The beams for the lower-level gym were acquired from both the trees on the property and from the home that was removed from the site. Decorative finishing and distressing was used so they would all match.

A rough-coat of plaster and round corners were used in sections of the basement to simulate the 'original' part of the home. (Although everything was built from the ground up)


Reclaimed brick wall. Antique white oak flooring. Reclaimed floor joists & rafters were used to make all of the cabinetry in this area.

The wine room includes a complete system for controlling temperature and humidity. Soapstone countertop and backsplash for the wet bar.

BARN Progress Photos

Mudroom Covered Porch Two Bathrooms Home Workshop Home Office Space Antique Car Storage Gathering / Play Room with Kitchenette

BARN MUDROOM Traditional milk paint was used for the millwork. Reclaimed beams. Staircase includes carefully selected antique oak material - used on balustrade, treads, risers and stringers. Horizontal clear maple v-joint wall paneling. Reclaimed interior doors & hardware. Antique brick floors.

HOME WORKSHOP Rough coat plaster walls and ceilings. Rounded plaster corners. Metal reveals for the plaster were used at the gables in lieu of wood trim. Wood walls are a combination of mushroom boards and reclaimed barn siding. Antique white oak flooring. Barn doors include reclaimed wood and antique glass.

HOME WORKSHOP Plaster dormer detail in the workshop.

PARTY / GATHERING ROOM Distressed fir beams & ceiling. Decorative finish.


The exposed foundation on the interior side of the garage was veneered with antique brick. Reclaimed timbers with pegs were installed on the walls and sills.

SITE WORK Progress Photos

Irrigation Stone Walls Septic System Formal Garden Drainage Systems Patios & Walkways New Underground Utilities Tree and Shrub Installation Grading and Sod Installation Driveway with Steel Edging & Native Stone

New plantings were excavated with compressed air to protect nearby roots from damage from machinery and shovels.

REAR YARD Reclaimed pavers for the patio are from Yankee Stadium. 11 workers are shown in this one photograph.

REAR PATIO Steel edging boarders the brick pavers.

FRONT PATIO Reclaimed antique bluestone.

MASONRY Additional distressing is underway here to match the time-weathered antique stone used in other areas.

Progress Photos  

Federal Style Residence | Peter Zimmerman Architects

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