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Beach Wedding

Dresses Consider These Simple Rules Beach weddings are just perfect for some couples. There's no arguing about who to invite, no getting delayed at the airport for your honeymoon because you're already there and no one else to worry about apart from yourselves. Beach weddings have so many plus points it's easy to see why more and more couples go this route instead of having a traditional wedding. Since your wedding is no longer traditional, your wedding dress shouldn't be either. Many brides struggle with finding the perfect beach dress or find the perfect wedding gown for them only to realize while it was perfect for them it wasn't perfect for the beach.

Neil Simmons

To make sure you have the perfect beach wedding dress follow these simple rules:

Consider the Length of Your Dress

A traditional bridal dress generally hits the floor and has a train. This isn't going to work on a sandy beach. If you still want a long dress make sure it stops around your ankles. This will help keep you cool as well as not getting in the way when you walk along the beach and getting stained by the sand. Depending on your style and your personal preference it's perfectly acceptable to wear a shorter dress on the beach, if you want to show of you legs opt for something above the knee if you feel like your legs aren't worthy of being shown off then try a calf or ankle length dress.

can see what's going on. In fact its better not to buy dresses with ruffles or layers and sand likes to find a way into these nooks and crannies and you'll never get it out before you head back to your hotel.

Consider the Conditions

Consider the Dress Material

If you know that the beach that you're getting married at is known to be windy, you need to consider the effect this will have on your bridal gown and your hair. An ankle length dress could prove difficult to walk in if the wind keeps wrapping itself around your legs. If you've got any layers or ruffles then the wind will constantly catch these and you don't want to spend your wedding ceremony pushing ruffles back down so you


Coastal Wedding

If you're getting married on a beach, and if you're getting married somewhere sunny and hot, the last thing you want to do is overheat and sweat all your make up off on your wedding day. Choose fabric like cotton, chiffon or silk to keep you cool, these fabrics are also light and thin so wedding dresses created from these fabrics are easily transportable. But remember along the Central Coast it can often be cool and foggy.

Consider Getting it There if Traveling

If you've tried on traditional wedding gowns in the bridal shops, then you'll know that there's no way that a dress like that is going to fit into your suitcase. Plus do you remember how heavy they are? Just think of the excess baggage you'll end up paying. Your beach ceremony dress should be made from light thin material so it's easy to transport.

These are just a few things to think about before choosing a beach wedding dress. For more information about beach weddings head over to my blog at Wedding And Gems Directory. By Kerrie Giles

The Wedding Planner! He had charisma, charm & an impressive portfolio The wedding planner was hired on the spot by San Francisco couple Melinda Engelman and Todd MacKaben (yes, he’s my brother-in-law). The couple had recently gotten engaged and they were ecstatic about plans for a romantic beach wedding in Santa Cruz.

Engelman, a 25-year-old marketing coordinator from San Francisco, wanted to handle most of the wedding details, but she wanted that go-to expert for the big day. Smooth and professional (and with great references), the wedding planner seemed the man for the job. (The name of the wedding planner is being withheld because he has not been charged with a crime.)

“He sounded like he knew what he was talking about. We liked him enough, but he made it sound like we needed to do stuff really quickly. He was just being really aggressive,” Engelman said. The couple


Coastal Wedding

was getting married July 3 in Santa Cruz, and the wedding planner scared them into thinking all the hotels and vendors would be booked for the busy 4th of July weekend. They were forced to act fast.

After meeting with the wedding planner and drafting a preliminary contract, Engelman’s parents, Bill and Betsy of Santa Cruz paid $2,000 so the wedding planner could take care of some preliminary details, which included $575 to secure a beach permit for the ceremony and $600 to cater the couple’s engagement party.

Little did Engelman know, the person with all the credentials would disappear with the $2,000.

The trouble began when the wedding planner was a no-show on the day of the engagement party. Repeated phone calls, emails and texts from Engelman and

MacKaben were fruitless. The guy had vanished without following through on any of his promises. (When checking with the city of Santa Cruz, Engelman discovered he had not attempted to secure a beach permit.)

Tales like this are all too common in the world of weddings. Eager, excited couples are often the victims of scams, whether it’s a planner who takes the money and runs or the dress shop that closes without handing over the bridal gown. Brides are easy targets-they make most (let’s face it, all!) of the planning decisions, and they’re eager to cross items off their to-do lists.

“It’s a very stressful time. Brides are juggling so many things at once. It makes them an easy target for somebody who’s trying to scam,” said Steve Weisman, professor at Bentley University in Massachusetts and author of “The Truth about Avoiding Scams.”

Neil Simmons

Last year 3,171 wedding service-related complaints were reported to the United States Better Business Bureau. Complaints were filed against 999 bridal shops, 518 wedding photographers, 256 wedding consultants, 222 wedding supply and service companies & 1,176 limousine services.

So what’s a bride to do? Here are some guidelines. Always use credit cards.

Never wire money, using cash and checks also aren’t the best form of payment. Scams can be reported to credit card companies, which will reimburse customers and try to track down the scam artist. Luckily, Engelman’s parents used a Visa credit card and all their money was reimbursed. “Never wire checks. When you wire money, it is gone forever,” Weisman said. “It’s just like giving someone cash.”

Get everything in writing.

“Definitely a contract is number one,” Karissa Paxton, owner & lead planner at Coastside Couture in Santa Cruz said. “It has to be super solid.”

The contract should include all the details about what the vendor should provide and a timeline for when everything should happen. There should also be dates for payments and the possibility of refunds.

Keep Records.

Jot down dates and times of conversations with wedding vendors and keep all written correspondence. “It’s best to keep a paper trail electronically or otherwise,” Sally Treadwell, communications director for, an online dispute resolution company said.

Always check with the local Better Business Bureau or State’s Attorney’s Office.

Engelman and MacKaben didn’t check before hiring the wedding planner, but they filed a report with the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley and the Santa Cruz Police Department after the scam.

“We urge consumers to check on every company before they do business with them. They can see if a company is accredited, find out how many complaints they have had within the past three years and how the company handled them. If the consumer is not happy with the report a company has, we can look for an accredited business in the same industry that they may wish to contact,” Erin McCool, spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley said.

Research any vendor you are considering contracting.

A simple search online using the name of the person or company and also the word “scam” might find past complaints or incidents, Weisman said. Just because a company has a great website doesn’t mean it’s legit. Check out references from past clients.

Paxton said she looked at the website of Engelman’s wedding planner and it “didn’t look legit.” None of the pictures on the site were credited and he didn’t have a lot of credible information about past work. “There are just like stock pictures on there. Those are like a dead giveaway,” Paxton said. A vendor should be licensed, insured and have an impeccable reputation. “Santa Cruz is a small community. It’s easy to call around,” Paxton said.

Many reputable wedding planners belong to the Monterey Bay Wedding and Event Professionals, which was formed three years ago because professional wedding planners in the area “were tired of losing business to people who say I have a camera, I can photograph your wedding or a wedding planner who might be starting off because she planned her own wedding,” Paxton said.

Word of mouth and recommendations from friends are the best forms of research. “Get recommendations from friends rather than review sites, which can be helpful but are easily gamed by savvy businesses and their buddies,” Treadwell said.

Take a deep breath and remember it will all be OK.

Scams happen, but there are plenty of good vendors. ”This guy totally screwed all of us wedding planners in the area,” Paxton said.

After the wedding planner fiasco, Engelman & MacKaben found a reputable wedding planner, Brie Robideaux with Woodworm Party Store in Santa Cruz, who has exceeded their expectations. ”I got very lucky that I met the perfect person after my horrible experience,” Engelman said.

Luckily, Engelman contacted Robideaux in plenty of time to pick up the pieces. “It helped to have such a calm bride because it could have been a lot worse,” Robideaux said. “We basically just started over and basically just created aspects that will create a really fun event.”

When something like this happens, Robideaux stressed the importance of realizing everything will work out. “I don’t think this should deter you from trusting wedding vendors & coordinators,” Robideaux said. “Just know it’s never too late to start over.”

By Kristy MacKaben

Countdown to…“I Do!” She said YES! So what’s next?

10-12 months prior to “The Day”

(Or as soon as you get engaged): • Announce the engagement • Arrange a meeting with both families • Choose a wedding date and site • Discuss the wedding budget with both families & those involved in the wedding • When using a wedding planner get recommendations & begin the interview process • Search for reception sites based on the wedding budget and theme • Shop for the bride’s wedding gown

7-9 months before

• Choose a wedding party: the Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bride’s Maids and Groomsmen • Establish your bridal registry • Order the wedding gown • Select a caterer and decide on the reception dinner menu • Select the wedding colors • Shop for bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen tuxedos • Hire a wedding photographer and videographer • Choose the florist and floral colors • Book the wedding music, soloist, and music for the reception • Order the wedding cake • Look for wedding rings

5-7 months before

• Order the wedding invitations • Arrange for transportation • Schedule your hair stylist • Put together a guest list • Look for & book your honeymoon destination • Order the wedding rings

2-4 months before

• Mail out invitations with RSVPs • Arrange for the rehearsal dinner • Have the Groom and Groomsmen fitted for tuxedos


Coastal Wedding

• Meet with musicians and soloist to select ceremony and reception music • Order the bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts • Order your wedding cake • Order your wedding favors and place card holders

5-8 weeks before

• Select Beautician for bride’s makeup and try on the headpiece • Make any alterations to your wedding dress • Call the County clerk’s office for requirements to get the marriage-license • Review insurance information for any needed changes

2-4 weeks before

• Confirm all the details with musicians, florist, caterer, photographer, videographer and other services • Select the final seating arrangements • Provide caterer a final count of wedding guests

1 week to go

• Pack for your honeymoon • Assign simple tasks such as transporting all reception & ceremony items • Review the Best Man’s wedding toast

1 day before

• Have the planner reconfirm details such as transport arrangements, flowers, music, cake delivery, photography, etc. • Take a deep breath… you’re almost there. • Go to bed early.

On that Special Day

• Before you leave for the wedding, take time to thank your mother and father, the bridesmaids & all other attendants for their help and support and give them their gifts. • After the I Dos, relax and have fun with all your friends & family it's your big day!

After the Honeymoon

• Send out your thank-you notes with a reference to the gift. • For the caterers, entertainers, florists etc. that provided good service, write them a thank you letter praising their professionalism. • Close the wedding book and begin the rest of your lives!

Neil Simmons

Weddings take time to organize. For most of us it’s the most time consuming and complex event we will ever attempt. Here is a comprehensive list of activities and the time lines necessary to have a successful and memorable wedding. The two of you are entering into a lifetime partnership so don’t hesitate to share these responsibilities with your future spouse.


Creative & Unique Are you trying to pick the perfect wedding favor for your guests? This can be a real challenge! However, the wedding favor is an important part of the overall planning of the wedding. It is the one thank you gift that you will give to your wedding guests and one of the most lasting objects that they will have to remember your wedding.

Your Wedding Theme

The first thing that you want to consider when picking a unique wedding favor is the theme of your wedding. For example if your wedding has a beach theme, the wedding favor will be very different then a fairy tale themed wedding. Take into consideration what the theme of your wedding will be. If you have not decided on a theme yet it is best to choose one before picking the wedding favors. This way you won't waste money on favors that you find later don't fit well with the theme.

Your Personality

The second thing that you should think about before choosing a unique wedding favor is your personality. The wedding favor is something that will evoke memories of you and your special day in your guests minds. So you do not want something that does not fit well with who you are. For example if you never drink then giving a special wine bottle topper is probably not the best wedding favor for you.

Consult the Groom

The groom is your equal partner in the wedding and should be consulted when


Coastal Wedding

planning your wedding favor. Try and get some ideas of what he likes and dislikes. The decision should ideally be a mutual one and not just a decision made by you alone.

Make Your Own

Often the most creative and unique wedding favors are ones that you make on your own. Wedding favors that are bought at stores or even online tend to be mass produced and therefore by definition are not very unique. If you want something that is truly unique and original then often making or assembling your own favors is the best choice. You can easily find the raw source materials to make your own unique wedding favors at a local craft shop or online and then put them together yourself. This is really just the assembly part of the project but it will still give that personal and unique touch to the favor. For example you could buy a basket and fill it with unique soaps or candles.


If you have the opportunity to personalize the wedding favor by adding small details like the date and location of the wedding or the guests name this will make the favor more unique and individual. This can easily be done without adding a great expense to the favor using your own home computer and some cardstock paper.

As you can see it is pretty easy to come up with a ton of fun and unique wedding favors that will delight your guests and create a fun long lasting memory of your special day.

Neil Simmons

Wedding Favor Ideas


Featured Bridal Items & Services Creative Confections, Jewelry & Styling 8 Hoffmans Bakery

Hoffman’s Patisserie in downtown Santa Cruz creates Flavorful Cakes and Elegantly Crafted European and American original traditional recipes. Since 1984 we have been baking award winning cakes using the finest ingredients: pure natural flavors and fine domestic and imported chocolates.

Hoffman’s is your wedding cake specialist. Our bakers devote a considerable about of time to insuring that your cake will taste delicious. We want every cake to be a culinary masterpiece. Please call 831.420.0135 for a consultation appointment so that we may give you our complete attention.

9 Crown Catering

Let us cater to you. Celebrate your special day or event with Crown Catering, the premier local caterer that focuses on making your dream day dishes fabulously delicious. Let us take care of all the details, we deliver the flavor and style right to you. We offer a large variety of scrumptious appetizers, full courses and buffet style cuisine. Beverage service allows you to order your favorite champagne, beer, wine, sprits and refreshments. Wedding cakes and pastries unique to your style made and served or delivered right to you. Please call 831.566.1425 or visit"

8 Hammond Glass Engraving & Gifts

in Aptos adjacent to the Bangkok West

At Hammond Glass you will find the largest selection of toasting flutes in the county, along with an array of bridal party accessories and gifts to make your wedding day unique and memorable. Serving the needs of brides since 1981, our artists/engravers complete all of our elegant work on site to your custom specifications. Let us help you create one of a kind mementos for your special day. 831.475.8019  continued on page 14


Coastal Wedding

 continued from page 12

9 Ferrari Florist

Ferrari Florist has been exceeding customers' expectations since Dave Ferrari started the business in 1946. A long time downtown Santa Cruz business, it was moved in 1989 to mid county as a result of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. Sharon and Mike Richardson purchased the business in 2005; at the same time relocating it back to downtown where it started.

We are a full service business for any of your floral wedding needs and will deliver to all of Santa Cruz County as well as anywhere in North America and worldwide with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 831.460.7000

8 Bridal Veil

Ivy Lane Design's products combine the grace and spirit of old traditions with cutting edge design, resulting in a collection of bridal accessories that complement today's wedding styles. Shells and sand are incorporated into this natural, textured paper collection. Seashells on matte satin, trimmed with tulle and twine make this pillow and basket a perfect compliment. Available in ivory only. Stop by at Bridal Veil today to order your perfect Wedding Gift. 831.476.6777

9 Mark Areias Jewelers

The wedding band is your eternal promise to each other to be worn every day for the rest of your lives. Its beauty and permanence should be as unique as you are. What better way to show your individuality and love than designing your own wedding band? Mark Areias Jewelers will help you create a one-of-a-kind handmade ring, to your specifications. You can add special decorative finishes or stones along with our quality craftsmanship in your choice of platinum, 14K or 18K yellow or white gold. Our manufacturing flexibility ensures that no bride or groom has to settle for what’s in our showcase. Together we can make your dream ring come true. 831.6882799, 831.624.5621

8 Revive Spa - BioSlimming Wraps & Home Treatment Kits

An absolute revolution in body wraps this French product is only found in luxury US spas and is a garanteed success! It targets cellulite, fat, burns calories, firms and tones in only one treatment. It's simply one of the strongest professional slimming wraps available. Get a wrap from an experienced therapist or buy take home products to get into the dress!$60/wrap & $70 for home gel system. 831.633.6019


Coastal Wedding

6 Tri County Trophy & Engraving

Tri County Trophy & Engraving is a one-stop shop for all your Bridal and Groomsmen engraving. We have a wide selection of gifts and custom items that can be tailored to your special day. We are your custom engraver for your toasting flutes, champagne and wine bottles and any other idea you can come up with. Come see us and you will be amazed! 831.728.8098

6 Freedom Bakery & Confections

In addition to delicious and beautiful wedding cakes, we also offer unique wedding favors. Put your monogram or photo on our delicious Photo Cookies or Chocolates! We print directly on our shortbread cookies using NO rice paper, available with or without icing. Our chocolates are made with 100% milk or dark Belgian Chocolates, also available in lollipops. You and your guests will love the taste and uniqueness of these delicious treats! Receive 20% OFF when you order gifts and favors online at 831.722.5223 (Promo code: CWSPRING11 Exp: 6/30/12).



Neil Simmons

Perfect Outdoor Wedding Tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding There's something magical about an outdoor wedding. Being surrounded by nature as you say your vows can make your day even more special. Whether you're thinking of holding your event at a neighborhood park, at a favorite garden, or on the shoreline of a local lake, there are some important things to keep in mind so your day is perfect no matter what.

Many couples choose outdoor weddings and receptions because the event can be highly customizable. Additionally, the venue provides the opportunity to save money because you can rent everything you need. Many rental businesses have Certified Event Rental Professionals on staff that are trained to help you choose the right rentals to plan your outdoor wedding without a lot of stress.

1. Tents protect from all types of weather

Making sure you and your guests are comfortable is very important, and renting tents is the easy way to add comfort and protection to your outdoor wedding space. During hot summer months, tents protect from the harsh sun. If Mother Nature decides to be testy, tents can protect from rain and minor wind issues. The rental store can usually help provide insight into the type of weather to expect for the time of year you're getting married,


Coastal Wedding

and can give advice on any extras you may want to order. From simple open-air tents to options with flooring, fans or air conditioning, you will find the right one for your dream wedding.

2. Customize with the ideal decorations

A tent provides a blank canvas, and from there you can create the atmosphere you desire. First decide on your vision. Are you thinking a casual outdoor event, or something more formal? How about a color scheme or a theme you'd like to follow?

Next, prioritize the most important elements. For example, if you want a formal, ocean-themed wedding, you might want to rent chandeliers for inside the tents, along with a fountain for the centerpiece and blue linens and sashes for the tables and chairs. Almost anything you can imagine can be rented, saving you time and money.

3. Decide on the right food options

Serving food and drinks in an outdoor environment takes a bit of extra planning. Be sure to interview caterers who have experience working outdoors with tented events and are familiar with the area where you'll be getting married.

An experienced caterer can help ensure that cold foods stay cold and hot ones stay

warm so that guests have an enjoyable meal. If you're planning to provide the food yourself, make sure to rent the appropriate equipment to keep food temperatures safe. To make food prep easier, consider renting a portable kitchen if the facility doesn't have an option for you to use.

4. Plan for a seamless experience

Unless you're planning a backyard wedding, most of your guests will not be familiar with the event space. Clearly mark any areas where guests might get confused or lost. For example, use signs to tell guests where the tents are located and provide luminaries and strings of lights on pathways to the bathrooms or parking facilities.

Being able to hear well can also be an issue outdoors. Rent speakers for the ceremony & be sure to have the proper music equipment for the reception. Remember, most public outdoor spaces have noise ordinances, so check with the city to see about any restrictions or permits you may need.

Planning an outdoor wedding can be easy and affordable when you utilize a rental service. Remember to plan ahead and give your local rental store as much notice as possible so you can get everything you want for your big day.


Neil Simmons

Rich Harvest Colors For Late Summer Weddings Every season has its own unique flavor and color palette. The lazy days of late summer have a distinct mood that is different than the feeling of early summer. As summer slides towards fall, the colors that you use for your wedding can get deeper and richer. Here are some suggestions for the best colors for a late summer wedding.

Time of true & pure colors

If spring is a time of pastels, then early summer is a time of true and pure colors like sunshine yellow and a lively pink. As the summer months really heat up, the ideal colors are vibrant and bold. Bright orange, fuchsia, and hot pink are the name of the game for a July wedding. But in the waning lazy days of August as the days begin to grow a little shorter and fall is in sight, it is time to think about introducing some rich colors into your wedding color scheme. The colors should walk that line between the bright of high summer and the rich colors of the autumn leaves.

Nantucket red

A wonderful color to use for a late summer wedding is a sun washed Nantucket red. This is the color of red canvas that has spent the summer baking in the hot sun. It is not a red that has faded to pink or the true red of Christmas; Nantucket red is a dusky relaxed shade of red that is ideal for a warm


Coastal Wedding

August afternoon. It has a classic appeal that is right at home in the beach, at a yacht club, or even under a tent in your own backyard. It pairs beautifully with a crisp nautical navy blue for a classic combination that is unbeatable.

think about bringing your colors in with Swarovski crystal bracelets for your bridesmaid gifts. Make up your own mix and match set of bracelets made with Swarovski crystals in your colors for your bridesmaids to have fun stacking.

Sunflower yellow

Muted purple

Another terrific late summer color is a rich sunflower yellow. In fact this late summer flower would be the perfect thing around which to design your wedding. Minisunflowers make excellent additions to the bouquets and centerpieces. They are bold, cheerful, and have the perfect coloring for a late summer wedding. A simple sunflower motif would make a lovely embellishment when done in letterpress on the top of the wedding invitations. The sunflower yellow can be mixed with a few deep brown accents for a more sophisticated design scheme, or with a peppy red and white gingham check for a great picnic atmosphere.

Deep sunflower yellow can also be a nice choice for your bridesmaid dresses, as long as it is a color that will be attractive with the coloring of your particular set of attendants. Tone it down by layering in a deep brown sash. Alternately, you could try the reverse: a deep brown dress with a sunflower yellow sash. If done in a summery fabric like a cotton faille, it would be a great choice for any late summer wedding. You can also

A muted purple is another color that is excellent for a late summer wedding. Think of the dusty purple of wildflowers, perhaps used in combination with a sage green. This is a fantastic color palette that fits nicely between the brightness of the early summer and the darker fall hues. Certainly you would want to plan your bouquets and centerpieces around these tones, but they would also be fantastic for the table linens and bridesmaid dresses, as well.

Have fun, play around, and experiment with different colors and unique color pairings to come up with your own perfect palette for your late summer wedding. Look for tones that have a depth and richness to them, while retaining a hint of a sun-kissed effect, and you will have a winning color scheme for your wedding design. Call us at for help with your wedding jewelry or gift needs. Swarovski crystal bracelets can be custom made in your wedding colors for perfect bridesmaid gifts.

By Guy Antonelli

Mother of the Bride All gowns featured here can be found at Bridal Veil


Friday Evening Weddings Why are they gaining popularity? Why Brides and Grooms Loved Friday Weddings

We were intrigued by the growth in popularity of Friday Evening and Friday Night Weddings. So, we set out to interview these Friday brides and grooms to learn from their experiences.

Less Stress

Most agreed that they were less stressed than if they had a weekend wedding. In summary, they did not arrive at their wedding tired because it was an evening event. Preparations such as hair and beauty do not have to start early in the morning. So, neither the bride nor the groom needed to rush or panic. They could sleep in to be at their best, rested and relaxed even though all admitted to being at least a little nervous and very excited.


Coastal Wedding

Wedding Discounts & Special Deals

Friday brides and grooms said that they saved a substantial amount of money without sacrificing or compromising their dream wedding.

The experience of Friday couples indicates that wedding vendors and professionals are in less demand than on weekends. Therefore, many offer discounts. This is something you should consider if you are planning a wedding on a budget

Vendors and service providers are often more willing to negotiate their prices and add benefits to generate business on their otherwise slow day. Interviewing both bridal couples and vendors, they agreed that in many instances the savings realized are often greater than 25 percent.

One bride told us she was amazed to discover that Saturday evening weddings can run almost twice the cost of a Friday evening wedding. With the cost of weddings today, this is quite a large sum.

These are some incentives that were offered or negotiated. • Additional time at no additional cost. Example: three hours of service get 3. • A free wedding album, a free video, a free CD, 25 copies of the wedding CD at no charge. • Bride’s bouquet at no charge with Flower arrangements & bridesmaids bouquets. • Free dessert table from the caterer • Free baked goods from the wedding cake baker

Choices & Availability

In addition to discounts, Fridays give you more choices!

Brides and grooms who wanted to hire specific vendors, only to find out that they were booked, had no problem securing their services for a Friday wedding.

Some of the couples were outright overjoyed to find out that not only did they have the vendor of their choice for their wedding. But they saved money and got extra benefits too.


One of the concerns that brides & grooms have is whether a Friday night wedding will cause their wedding guests inconvenience.

They also appreciated being able to end their workweek with a celebration, relax, have a drink, stay as late as they wish, while knowing that if they feel groggy next morning, there is still Sunday to get things done!

A Friday wedding did not pose a problem to local guests. Generally, employers had no problem allowing employees a few hours or even a full day off on the last day of the workweek.

We were also told that those coming from afar are usually close friends and family. Whether for a Friday night or a weekend wedding most prefer to use the occasion and plan a mini-vacation. To save money, they usually choose to fly in on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when flight fares are lower on most airlines.

So, attending a Friday evening wedding gives them time to spend with family and friends and enjoy each other, and if necessary, fly home on Sunday to be back at work on Monday morning.

Some told us that they could book, pay for a block of rooms to host out-of-town guest for a complete weekend, and still save weekend wedding costs.

Note that if you plan a Friday night wedding you ought to send a save the date notice just as soon as you secured your wedding date and location. Follow with invitations at least 2 or 3 months before the wedding, so there is enough time to make special arrangements like time off from work, planning a trip, booking a flight, etc.

Destination Weddings

Friday weddings are perfect for destination weddings.

One couple told us that their guests could not thank them enough for scheduling the wedding on Friday allowing everyone the weekend to tour, shop, participate in local activities & have fun, before returning home.


Some brides and grooms liked having the two weekend days to visit with their out of town guests and close friends and family before leaving for their honeymoon.

Others were grateful to begin their honeymoon on Saturday rather than Sunday.

See you on Friday! By Nily Glaser


Wedding Hairstyles For any girl their wedding day will be the most important & planned day of their life, something that will be remembered forever & takes months of careful planning.

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is that the bride looks her best and stands out from everyone else. As a bride you will want everything to be perfect and to achieve this you will need to spend many many hours making sure everything is just right!


Coastal Wedding

The wedding dress is probably the most important item of clothing a woman will ever wear and purchase. To finish off the perfect look the wedding hairstyle must be something that compliments the dress as well as make the bride look and feel fantastic! When choosing your wedding hairstyle time is really very important, make sure you have done this well in advance so you

can have a trial and make sure you like how it looks. Remember, sometimes when you see something in a magazine and love it it may not necessarily suit your wedding dress, on the other hand something you never have considered may look perfect. Most salons will offer free trials or charge a small fee to spend some time discussing what would suit you best.

Neil Simmons

If you have already chosen your wedding hairstyle then it is always worth having a look around to see if there are and additions or accessories that will compliment it. There are so many accessories available that will make a subtle but noticeable enhancement. The length of your hair could limit the wedding hairstyles available to you, however if you fall in love with one but your hair is not long enough then you could always have hair extensions added, however this could prove costly.

Always try at least 5 different styles before you decide on the final one, many brides choose a style they would never have thought of because when you see a style you like on someone else it may not look as good on you, or a style you would never have thought suited you could look fantastic. Try and choose at least 5 wedding hairstyles that are completely different so you know you have tried different styles and can walk away knowing you have the perfect

wedding hairstyle that suits your face and compliments your dress.

As tempting as it might be never show your husband to be your wedding hairstyle, not only is it considered bad luck but it will spoil the over all effect when he sees you walking down the aisle. Vicki Churchill owner of


Neil Simmons


Location Coastal WeddingSite Map Along Highway 1 LONG BRANCH SALOON & FARMS




Coastal Wedding





Neil Simmons

Merging Finances Why you should discuss your finances now

Couples heading to the altar have a lot to think about. Planning a wedding is no small feat, but, as many people will tell you, planning for your life together beyond the big day is even more important. While thinking about the future is definitely exciting, you should also be sure to have a discussion with each other about topics like buying a home, merging your finances & managing debt. If both of you have relatively low debt - or better yet, no debt - you should talk about the steps that you need to take to keep your finances in good order. Living debt-free is a great goal to have as a couple, and doing so will eliminate one of the major stressors of any marriage.

Having a frank conversation about your finances now can help prevent future marital conflicts about money. Consider these points for discussion with your fiancé. Keep the tone of your conversation kind

and understanding - it's easy to get aggravated, but that won't help anything in the long run.

• Should we combine our finances after getting married or keep them separate? • What kinds of purchases do you think it's appropriate to make with credit cards? • How will we budget for major expenditures, like cars, vacations or home repairs? • Who will be responsible for paying bills? • Are you open to seeing a financial advisor or having an outside party prepare your taxes? • What is the total debt load between the two of us and how will we address it?

When it comes to debt, make the conversation realistic, but optimistic as well. It's important to ask tough questions like why you got into debt and what could happen if you don't deal with the situation. Those answers can help paint a clearer picture of how you're going to start paying down your debt.

But to give yourselves something positive to work toward, ask what living debt free would mean to each of you - or to you both, as a couple. Maybe it means you'd be able to afford the home of your dreams or take yearly vacations - those answers can be the inspiration that keeps you working toward being debt free.

Using a tool like Debt Wise, from credit reporting agency Equifax, can make the process easier to manage and enable you to get out of debt faster. Using the information that the agency already has from your credit card companies and other lenders, Debt Wise automatically prioritizes your debts into a plan designed specifically for you and updates as you make progress. Not only can it help you tackle your debt faster, it can also help you save on interest charges - giving you even more financial room to achieve your goals. For more information, go to


Your Fairy Tale Wedding The day you’ve dreamed of your whole life has arrived. The love of your life has proposed! Now the work begins…planning the perfect princess wedding. There are so many things to think about: afternoon or evening wedding, finding the perfect dress, type of food, type of music, how many attendants, etc. We all have fond memories of the Royal Wedding that took place in April. The handsome groom, the beautiful bride, that dress! Why can’t your wedding be the fairy tale wedding you really want?

Once you’ve picked the perfect date and the perfect location, finding the perfect wedding dress is next on the list. Your wedding dress can be whatever you want it to be. If you’re not sure what you want, looking through bridal magazines to get an idea can help or you can jump right in, go to your local bridal store, and starting trying on dresses. The perfect princess dress should have a train. Make sure it can be bustled after the ceremony is over so you can visit with your guests and dance without worrying about it. Before you buy, check out the different kinds of bustles. An American Bustle has the train pulled up in one spot and tacked to the waistline of you

dress. It is a lovely look as it has the train falling into beautiful layers. A French Bustle has the train tied from underneath the dress and presents a beautiful look as the train terraces down the back of the dress. Every princess deserves a dress with a beautiful long train! Another must have for a perfect princess dress is lace. The dress pictured here is a perfect dress for a fairy tale wedding, a beautiful long train, fitted in a classic style, and lots of lace. This is a look that will be popular for generations. The dress pictured can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola.

Once you have decided on a dress, it is important to decide on which type of transportation in which you will arrive to your wedding. A limousine is always a popular choice, but how about something different? Since you are the princess for a day, you should consider arriving in a horse and carriage. This is a stunning and romantic way to showcase the beautiful bride as she arrives for the most special day of her life. Most carriages will hold not only the bride but her attendants as well. You could even have the driver wait and take you and your new husband to the reception site, if it is not at the same place as the wedding. Santa Cruz Carriage has carriages available and will provide transportation throughout Santa Cruz and Monterey and the greater bay area. What better way to complete that princess wedding you have always dreamed of?

Cathe Race


Coastal Wedding



All bridal dresses featured here can be found at Bridal Veil


Flower Girls Fashion All flowergirl dresses featured here can be found at Bridal Veil


Coastal Wedding


Fashion All bridesmaid dresses featured here can be found at Bridal Veil


Lovely Garden Style Weddings Gardens are very special places to hold a wedding. There is nothing quite like the soft romance of a wedding in a garden. Whether your wedding will be in an actual garden, or if you just want to have a garden style wedding indoors, there are many ways to make your event beautiful.

You can hold your garden style wedding indoors or outdoors. Certainly, the theme will take less creativity if the event is held in a garden. But if you have chosen an inside venue, you can still make the garden theme come to life by bringing the outdoors inside.


Flowers are the highlight of a garden style wedding. For a soft and feminine look, choose a coordinated color palette for your flowers that you can carry through into the


Coastal Wedding

rest of the wedding. Ideas include pale pink with ivory and hints of celadon green, or shades of lavender, lilac, and purple. Some of the most romantic flowers include: lush garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and iris. Flowers for a garden style wedding should be loosely arranged in a beautiful vessel, such as footed urns. Avoid any centerpieces that are too modern or structured.

To enhance the theme of a garden, use flowers all throughout your venue. Go beyond the basic bouquets & centerpieces; think about accents like floral wreaths and garlands on doors. You can also tuck a single bloom into the napkin at each place setting. Flowers such as gardenias look wonderful floating in a shallow dish of water, and would be a great way to freshen up the powder room.

Dresses & Gowns

The bride and her attendants will want to carry the romantic garden style into their attire. This is not the time to put your bridesmaids into sensible black column dresses. Instead, look for bridesmaid dresses that tie in with the colors of your flowers, such as soft pink, celadon green, or lavender. Also those colors are flattering to almost any complexion. Dresses in fabrics like organza or chiffon would be perfect.

For the bridal gown, look for equally romantic styles. A garden style wedding dress should be soft, feminine, and very pretty. A very trendy or modern gown would look out of place. Look for fabrics that float, such as the same organza or chiffon that your bridesmaids are wearing. Romantic floral details will make your

Food & Favors

Serve food that enhances the garden style of the wedding. Dainty appetizers like cheese puffs and cucumber sandwiches served with lemonade or champagne punch would be a great place to start. For the main meal, use plenty of seasonal fresh vegetables paired with lighter proteins like chicken or lamb. Stay away from dishes that are heavy, such as those covered in rich sauces.

The favors can also tie in with a garden theme. You could give your guests tiny trees to plant or packets of seeds. Wildflowers and heirloom tomatoes would be good choices for seeds. Another option for favors would be jars of homemade jam or chutney. If you prefer to

make a donation in lieu of favors, you could give to the Arbor Day Foundation.

Having your wedding in a garden or creating the feel of a garden inside is a wonderful style for your wedding. There is nothing quite so beautiful being wed surrounded by the bounty of nature. Whether you are blessed with a green thumb or not, you may find that a garden style would be perfect for your wedding.

Neil Simmons

gown stand out. Accents that relate to a garden would be especially nice, like embroidered vines or fabric flower elements. Finish the bride's ensemble with romantic pearl bridal jewelry. A nice piece of bridal jewelry would be drop pearl earrings that will swing when you move.

By Bridget Mora


Neil Simmons Neil Simmons


Location Coastal WeddingSite Map Monterey



Coastal Wedding



Moss Landing REVIVE SPA


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Regional Styles For many years, California wines have been closely linked with deep flavors, high alcohol content, and more than just a hint of oak combined with forward fruit. Both of the white and red California wines tend to be slightly sweet in comparison to their European predecessors. Surprisingly, this never really bothered or affected the California wine trade. Most Californians were quite happy with their simple, off dry wines and hadn’t even tasted their European counterparts until quite recently. California wines and Italian wines differ immensely. While the California wines are a natural produce of the geographical region, Italian wines are the product of extensive cultivation, both by the public and by the winemakers. In the world of fine wines and wine connoisseurs, European wines are definitely a class apart. However, California wines have evolved and progressed quite a bit. There are two major wine producing regions in California: The Central Valley region and the San Francisco Bay coastal region. Some of the best quality grapes are grown in Santa Clara, San Benito Valley, Sonoma and Livermore, with Napa Valley not far behind. Famous for its sweet wines, the San Joaquin Valley is where most of the Californian wines are produced. Affordable and well fermented, the wine traders are consistently introducing newer and finer blends of table wines, while still managing to maintain reasonable rates. California is so capable of producing excellent quality and high volume wines because of the varying climate throughout the state.

During the 19th century Gold Rush period, many of the settlers planted grapes together with their other food crops. Once the European settlers made California their home, they took the help of the settlers to graft the grapevines. Thus emerged a stronger growth and bond between them, profiting the trade. With the onset of prohibition, winemaking for a profit ceased, with the exception of those who made sacramental wines only. One of the main advantages of being in the California winemaking industry is the accessibility of modern technology that aids the growth of


Coastal Wedding

fine grapes. Reverse osmosis and spinning cone columns have taken the place of straining the grape juice through cheesecloth, to get rid of all the impurities.

Many aficionados have been arguing about modern technology causing the ruin of the terroir of traditional wines. Terroir, in French, means taste of the earth. It is referring to a feeling someone should get when they sip wine for the first time, how they should be able to taste and become a part of the local culture as well as the history of the wine,

which blend into a single flavor. Experts claim that technology drains the distinctiveness out of wine and replaces it with a near sterile flavor, resulting in little or no memories of the experience at all.

Technology has certainly created a market for inexpensive, flavored wines. European wines are uncommon, since they focus on a few wine varieties and not on mass production. The wines produced are of superior quality but are also expensive.

The wide range of wines available, evidence the true success of the wine industry, proving that the wine industry is indeed flourishing.

Neil Simmons

Hawaiian Orchid Wedding A Hawaiian Orchid wedding is a beautiful, romantic, and even magical wedding that is fun to prepare. The orchid is a unique flower that, in nature, can be found in a variety of colors and shapes. Planning your wedding and using Hawaiian orchids as the main theme will give you many options for decorations, wedding cakes designs, attire, food, your announcements and other paper products.

Starting with the invitations, which should be sent 4 to 6 six weeks prior to your wedding date; you can create the atmosphere for your Hawaiian Orchid wedding. The invitation is the first hint at what type of wedding your guests will be attending. Whether you plan on an informal Hawaiian Orchid wedding set outdoors or as a large traditional church wedding, the invitations can say it all. The invitations can be embossed with unique outlines of orchids, have orchids imprinted on the background, or just have unique silk orchids attached to the invitation. The

invitations should state according to who is hosting the wedding, what, when, and where. If the couple themselves is hosting their own wedding, it should be worded accordingly.

We, (the name of the couple with brides name first) request the honor of your presence at our wedding. The wedding will be held at (complete address), at (time of wedding) on (the date of your wedding). The last line could state that the reception is to follow or you could also include a reception card if the party will be at a different location.

Once you have decided on your wedding invitations, it is now time to plan the decorations, food, wedding attire, etc. for your Hawaiian Orchid wedding. When it comes to decorations, you will have to decide if you would like an arch. This can be a very romantic addition to any wedding. You can create a magnificent arch with the help of silk orchids, baby’s breath,

and ferns. You can even color coordinate the arch along with your own bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids nosegays. Using orchids and other Hawaiian decorations such as leis will give your wedding a tropical feel perfect for the California coastline.

Food at your Hawaiian Orchid wedding is also very important. Whether its an hors d'oeuvres style or a full dinner the Hawaiian luau is the perfect companion for the Hawaiian Orchid wedding. You can also have a lot of fun designing your cake to that theme. Have fun planning your Hawaiian orchid wedding and enjoy the beauty, romance, and magic that this day will bring.

Detailed information about Orchid weddings can be found at


Bride’s Name: ______________________________________ Groom's Name:_____________________________________

Ceremony Location: ________________________________ Street Address: _____________________________________ City: ___________________________State: ____Zip:_______

Reception Location:_________________________________ Street Address: _____________________________________ City: ___________________________State: ____Zip:_______ Phone: _____________________________________________ Date of Wedding:___________________________________ Ceremony Time: ____________________________________ Reception Time:_____________________________________

Rehearsal: _________________________________________ Date: __________________________Time: ______________

Rehearsal Dinner: __________________________________ Location:___________________________________________ Time: ______________________________________________

Officiants or Celebrants: ____________________________ Parents of the Bride: ________________________________ Parents of the Groom: ______________________________ Matron/Maid of Honor: _____________________________ Best Man:__________________________________________ Bridesmaids: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone:

Ushers/Groomsmen: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone:

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Flower Girl: _______________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________ Ring Bearer: _______________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________

Readers: Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________

Ceremony Music/DJ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Comments: ________________________________________ Wedding Coordinator/Consultant: Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Other: _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Neil Simmons


Coastal Wedding


Cost Estimate

Actual Cost

Reception Site

Service Fees ______________________________________________ Rentals __________________________________________________ Food ____________________________________________________ Drinks ___________________________________________________ Cake ____________________________________________________ Decorations ______________________________________________

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

Bridal Dress ______________________________________________ Tuxedos _________________________________________________ Veil/Headpiece ___________________________________________ Jewelry (not wedding ring) ________________________________ Shoes ___________________________________________________ Garter ___________________________________________________

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

Hair _____________________________________________________ Makeup __________________________________________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

Photographer ____________________________________________ Videographer ____________________________________________ Photo Albums/Guest Books ________________________________

_________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________

DJ/Bands/Vocalists _______________________________________



Bouquets ________________________________________________ Boutonnieres _____________________________________________ Corsages _________________________________________________ Ceremony/Reception, Centerpieces, etc. _____________________

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

Limos/Rented Autos, etc. __________________________________ Guest Transportation ______________________________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

Bride’s Wedding Ring _____________________________________ Groom’s Wedding Ring ____________________________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

Announcements/Wedding Invitations _______________________ RSVP Cards/Thank You Cards _____________________________ Calligraphy ______________________________________________

_________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________

Ceremony Location Fee ____________________________________ Officiant’s Fee or Donation _________________________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

Gifts for Wedding Participants _____________________________







Floral Decorations









Capture the Moment New Trends in Wedding Videography Contemporary wedding films are becoming a must have for couples across the nation. Many brides and grooms are looking for something more creative than a traditional wedding video, and cutting edge videographers are offering couples many innovative options from stylized wedding trailers to “Trash the Dress” videos.

Numerous technological advancements in recent years have made it possible for videographers to produce wedding films as slick as Hollywood’s finest. But just as Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg have different styles, so do contemporary special event videographers. For example, local videographer, Richard Grover of Grover Films often uses a cinematic approach. He captures events of the day and edits for cinematic effect and mood with the goal of creating a “movie-like” quality in the final wedding film. Another videographer might prefer a journalistic or documentary style of editing. The most important thing for couples to remember is to choose a professional whose style matches their own.

Along with the creative new styles emerging, there are also a wide variety of custom videos being offered. By becoming familiar with new trends and the different


Coastal Wedding

types of videos offered, you will be able to choose how best to preserve and share your special day for years to come.

Custom Video Options

Engagement Video One new trend in the pre-wedding process is the addition of engagement videos. These usually consist of a short video of the couple spending time together, being themselves in a fun and beautiful location. They are a great opportunity to get to know your videographer and get comfortable behind the camera. They are very flexible, individualized and can be as simple or extravagant as the couple desires. Commonly props and multiple locations are used to add interest and personality to the shoot. Often based on an interview of the couple telling how they first met and fell in love, what they are like together and what their plans are for the future. This footage is then edited together with romantic footage or a re-enactment of their story.

Love Story

Invitation Video/Save the Date

An invitation video can be shared online or mailed with the invitation. Usually these

videos consist of a short clip of the couple (or their parents) inviting guests to their wedding. Some couples find this option more personal than traditional invitations. Typically very openended, these short films can consist of anything from a music video to a story about the bride and groom. They often involve props, multiple locations and even friends or family.

Concept Video

Same-Day Edit Footage from the wedding day is edited on site, creating a highlight film (2-5 minutes) that is projected onto a large screen to share with guests towards the end of the reception. Same-Day Edits are the perfect way for everyone to see behind the scenes of the wedding day.

Trailer/Highlight Video Often a 3-5 minute film of the day’s main events. These films vary depending on the style of the videographer, some highlight quotes and moments from the day, while others focus on creating a cinematic feel. Trailers can be stand-alone videos but are commonly packaged together with a short or feature length film. Highlight films are becoming a must have because couples are able to easily share them with friends and family online.

Danielle Gillett Celes te Du ran

Short Film A more in depth look at your wedding day, short films tend to be 10 to 20 minutes. Like an extended trailer they are a highly edited, stylized and condensed version of the whole day.

Feature Length Film Including the full day’s events these videos tend to be 45 to 90 minutes. Feature length films can incorporate highly edited sections of film with documentary style full length sections from the wedding day. With this video you can watch the ceremony in its entirety, listen to the speeches and watch the first dance. Trash the Dress Filmed after the wedding, a Trash the Dress

often features the bride “trashing” her dress. In some cases the couple gets wet by playing in the ocean or a lake or gets dirty while having fun together. For many newlyweds it is a chance to just relax and have fun, revealing their true personalities away from their wedding day. Couples usually select locations and settings that reflect their individual interests and lifestyles. Favorite locations range from the beach and ocean to downtown shops and deserted railroad tracks. Unlike the name implies, most dresses are not truly destroyed, and usually show no more wear and tear than is generated on a typical wedding day.

In keeping up with the latest trends videographers are taking their art to a new level of excellence. They don’t just put the camera on a tripod and let it roll. They are artists, cinematographers, directors, editors, audio specialists, and visual effects artists with a goal of producing a beautiful finished product that fits each bride and groom. So take a new look at wedding videography and find a professional to turn your special day into a lifelong treasure.

Rose Sniatowski -


Neil Simmons

Poolside Weddings Relaxed & intimate surroundings for the small wedding

Instead of going to the beach for your wedding, how about a backyard wedding… next to the pool? Just think, no sand, no unpredictable waves or wind or some kid with a surfboard wandering into the middle of your ceremony. There you are in intimate surroundings with family and friends. If it’s an evening wedding, just imagine romantic lights or candles gently floating on the water lending an air of magic to the ceremony.


The pool sets the tone for a relaxed outdoor wedding. You can make your poolside wedding as simple or elaborate as you wish, and flowers, candles and table decorations set the mood for your big day. Your menu can also reflect the aquatic feel of your poolside wedding.

The pool will serve as your focal piece with weddingappropriate decorations such as floating flowers or rose petals in the pool. If it’s an evening wedding, place dozens of floating candles in the pool for some soft, natural light and a romantic look. If the pool isn't at your home, make sure to get permission. You can also place large, brightly colored floral bouquets in plastic vases (never have glass bottles, cups, glasses or vases


Coastal Wedding

near a pool) around the pool. Flowers in shades of blue, orange, pink and yellow will complement the pool's light blue color. For table centerpieces, choose an aquatic theme. Fill plastic bowls with colored water that matches your wedding colors, and float lights or candles. For a floral centerpiece, use bright, tropical flowers.


A poolside ceremony and reception is informal so use a variety of furniture styles to create a unique and inviting gathering spot for guests. High-top cocktail tables with bar stools for guests to enjoy tropical cocktails. Outdoor lawn furniture such as wrought-iron sofas with brightly colored cushions or Adirondack chairs can create seating areas for your guests. For an afternoon wedding, have umbrellas on the pool deck to provide shade. If hosting a dinner, use banquet tables with brightly colored linens for dinner after which they can be moved so there's room for guests to dance.

Just make sure that everyone understands… No Swimming!

Coastal Wedding Site Directory The perfect wedding deserves the perfect venue. The Central Coast has many marvelous locations that offer complete services to help make this the most memorable day. Neil Simmons




A lifetime of happiness begins with that perfect day! Let us help you plan one of the most important days of your life. The Hilton Santa Cruz / Scotts Valley is the answer to all your wedding needs. As you enter our lobby, you are greeted by hand painted murals, a copper chandelier and the soft sounds of the marble waterfall. The walk up our spiral staircase to the Forest Room for your banquet creates an inviting mood for all your guests. This is just the beginning of where you will find the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary, here at the Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley. Our Wedding Arbor is located outside in a unique setting, which is the perfect background for your wedding day. You will be surrounded by nature’s wildflowers and majestic redwoods as your vows are said in front of the people that matter most‌your family and friends. Our chef-created California cuisine menu has many choices to please even the most discriminating palates. Our professional and friendly staff will be happy to customize a menu to fit your individual needs. With 154 oversized rooms and 19 grand suites, you can enjoy your first days as husband and wife in complete luxury. All our rooms have television with cable, high-speed internet access, a refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, and king or queen beds, so you can be sure all your guests will be comfortable during their stay. Relax before and after your wedding day. You and your guests can unwind in our heated pool and whirlpool spa, with breathtaking views of our beautiful natural surroundings.


Coastal Wedding

STREET 6001 La Madrona Drive CITY Santa Cruz, 95060 CONTACT Catering Director PHONE 831.440.1000/1.888.445.3010 LEAD TIME Anytime SEATING up to 250 DANCE FLOOR Yes CATERING Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley or Licensed Caterer (Service Fee applies) BAR ON PREMISES Yes ON-SITE ACCOMODATIONS Yes HANDICAPPED ACCESS Yes

STREET One Chaminade Lane CITY Santa Cruz, CA 95065


With breathtaking views of Monterey Bay and 300 acres of native woodland, Chaminade is a historic resort that offers the luxury, comfort and dining excellence that will create a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. Special occasions at Chaminade create lifelong memories Experience Chaminade’s true natural beauty… For your ceremony, choose our Spanish-inspired Courtyard Terrace that features a babbling fountain with an ocean views backdrop, or enjoy dramatic views of rolling wooded hillsides and the ocean on the horizon from the Sunset Patio.



Let us attend to the details… Chaminade offers complete catering packages to make the planning process as smooth and effortless as possible. Along with convenient wedding packages, we also offer 156 luxurious guest rooms for all your guests, a complete Day Spa for the entire wedding party and an abundance of recreation and dining opportunities here at Chaminade.

STREET 1 Seascape Resort Drive CITY Aptos CONTACT Social Events Department PHONE 831.662.7140 WEB



Seascape Beach Resort, set on the bluffs overlooking the Monterey Bay, is an elegant setting for a perfect wedding. The oceanfront property combines the comfort of a beach home with the luxury of a resort. For your ceremony, “The Bluff” is a fabulous expanse of lawn flanked by a romantic cypress grove overlooking Monterey Bay. The Seascape tradition is to “escape” to the beach for unforgettable photos! For your reception, the Resort has banquet rooms to comfortably accommodate a lavish, large scale event or an intimate gathering. Experienced Staff will assist you in selecting the perfect space, menu and decor to meet your needs.

To make planning easy, the Resort offers multiple wedding packages that include a choice of menus to delight your entire party. For your out-of-town guests, Seascape offers special rates for their luxurious accommodations. Choose from some of the Monterey Bay’s finest ocean-view suites-each with a private balcony, fireplace and kitchen. The panoramic ocean views, sunsoaked beach and fresh sea breezes at Seascape Beach Resort— will provide an incredible atmosphere and unparalleled ambiance for your “event-of-alifetime.”





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Find Amazing Coastal Wedding Locations


PHONE 831-429-5512 WEB Neil Simmons, is a local photographer who specializes in weddings from budget to fine art. With his eye for finding things extraordinary, he will capture your day just the way you wanted. With over a dozen packages to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone. You will find affordable engagement portraits available as well, perfect for gifts or display on your wedding day. Full resolution digital negatives are included in all packages. Visit for more details or just simply call for an appointment.

Coastal Wedding Magazine is a locally owned & operated publication Times Publishing Group, Inc. has been publishing for over 20 years and we are approaching our 14th year of publishing Coastal Wedding Magazine. Brides, grooms, and their families on the Central Coast look forward to this magazine for ideas, advice, and local businesses that serve the bridal venue. Please let our advertisers know when you use them that you appreciate them and their presence in Coastal Wedding Magazine.

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Cocoanut Grove (contact: Sally or Annie) 400 Beach Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Guglielmo Winery (contact: Colleen Fawcett) 1480 East Main Avenue Morgan Hill, CA Highlands Park (SC County Parks) 8500 Hwy 9 Ben Lomond, CA 95005 Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley 6001 La Madrona Drive Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Jardines de San Juan 115 Third Street San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 Long Branch Saloon & Farms 321 Verde Road Half Moon Bay, CA Quail Hollow Ranch (SC County Parks) 800 Quail Hollow Rd Felton, CA












Balesteri’s (contact: Susie Balesteri) Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, 10520 York Road Monterey, CA 93940

Bittersweet Bistro 787 Rio Del Mar Blvd. Aptos, CA 95003 Blackhorse-Bayonette 1 McClure Way Seaside, CA 93955 Chaminade Resort Spa (contact: Shannon Norfleet) One Chaminade Lane Santa Cruz, CA 95065


Aptos Village Park (SC County Parks) 100 Aptos Creek Road Aptos, CA 95003






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Varies 15/200


35/60 75/500

35/140 25/230


45/90 10/150



ph: 831.454.7956 email:

ph: 831.454.7938 fax: 831.454-7940 ph: 831-655-3700 e-mail: website: ph: 831.662.9799 / 831.662.9779 email: ph: 831.899.7271 email: ph: 800.475.5600 / 831.465.3452 email: ph: 831.423.2053 fax: 831.460.3334 email: ph: 408.779.2145 email: ph: 831.454.7956 email: ph: 831.440.1000 / 1.888.445.3010 fax: 831.440.1111 ph: 831.623.4466 email: ph: 650.726.3117

d s le ity s itte ion lab e pac nge ent g ed vai abl Ca dat erm ble y Ra l le n d l A i i o a P s i l r em n a s i e r v h m r e m t i v g c e a o O o t s i o i ssib t r u n A n r v t a l e i m o i e i a P q o r l P A t C a c t o i R l n i e e t r e c c c r i l x i R n c a A a o d at al x. se eM oho Re Ma n tA ce rF Fac /B Flo mi ap oor eC gV Ma Alc -Tim or igh ran in/ rso hol dic lity ce tC Pre sid doo kin o n u t o t O n n n n./ r r i s d c u u n Mi er Pe a a Y e l a aF ci e eL ad O In H D B P A O O M In Ev Ov P

Sunset Center (contact: Michelle Edmundson) San Carlos St. at 9th Ave. Carmel By The Sea, CA 93921 Valencia Hall (SC County Parks) 2555 Valencia Rd Aptos, CA

Seascape Resort (contact: Social Events Dept.) 1 Seascape Resort Drive Aptos, CA 95003 Sesnon House at Cabrillo College 6500 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab 100 Shaffer Rd. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

River House (contact: Cricket) 200 Holiday Lane Ben Lomond, CA 95050












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Neil Simmons

Coastal Wedding Summer/Fall 2011  
Coastal Wedding Summer/Fall 2011  

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