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December 4, 2010


Blooms Brighten any room with amaryllis displays

Realtors offer more than house transactions Light up the neighborhood with holiday lights


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

December 4, 2010

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1255 3rd Avenue

2847 4th Street

Drastically Reduced-Colonial old world charm! $379,900 Suzanne Rodgers 303-541-1904 $1,398,000

BIG yard; total remdl; 5bdrm+! Martin Sugg 303-588-9441


1601 Great Western Dr., A-5, Completely finished, lite & brite unit! $149,900 Mary Colwell 303-775-7135




:30 N 11






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n Ope


n Ope



Location! Location! Backs to park! $319,900 Mary Colwell 303-775-7135

1305 Cedarwood Drive

1410 Whitehall Drive C

Very desirable 2-story on large lot ! $229,000 Craig Cowley 303-589-4009

Granite, ss, maple, hardwd-gorgeous! $189,900 Geri Oliveira 720-564-6041










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2314 Watersong Circle


Refinancing takes time, requires paperwork






n Ope


1143 Purdue Drive

2219 Sherman Street

1710 Sunlight Drive

Situated on Twin Peaks Golf Course $469,000 Terry Mulkey 720-564-6044

Great starter home. Good condition. Open plan! $199,900 Jerry Curry 303-541-1936

Well maintained-Stoney Ridge! $327,000 Dene Yarwood 303-808-0076









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13497 Darby Lane

4632 Portofino Drive

15182 CO RD 1

Magnificent 8 acre property!!! $2,450,000 Lois Purtell 303-541-1915

Beautifully maintained both inside and out. $274,900 JW “Buck” Buchanan 303-541-1909

Circa 1900 2-story farm house! $1,100,000 Jim Green 303-775-2553







R ice


1128 4th Avenue

1603 Sicily Drive

2114 Mallard Place

Charming historic Victorian-old town! $365,000 Craig Cowley 303-589-4009

Home has everything you are looking for! $387,000 Sibyl Liedtke 720-564-6046

Pristine 4BR,4BA home.3car. Kitchen update! $417,000 Jerry Curry 303-541-1936

791 Thornwood Circle

2469 Vale Way

LONGMONT 2522 Wedgewood Avenue

Ranch home near McIntosh Lake! $185,000 Craig Cowley 303-589-4009

2200 Mariner Drive

Attractive 5bd/4ba home near McIntosh Lake! $369,000 Martin Sugg 303-588-9441

816 Gay Street

Cute, remodeled 3Br.2Ba. Lg. yard, 2CDG! $269,000 Kathleen Spano 303-885-0876

633 Glenarbor Circle


On golf course, main lvl master! $378,000 Aggie Sobol 303-885-9806

Energy efficient home w/views! $208,000 Mike Moger 303-541-1920

Stunning Ranch-shows like a model! $449,900 Donna Jensen 720-564-6065

7915 Plateau Road

2398 Links Place

Soaring spaces in 5,000+SF home! $750,000 Mike Moger 303-541-1920

Parade of Homes 1st Place Winner! $1,575,000 Janet Raymer 720-564-6058

1767 WCR 20.5

944 Eichhorn Drive

Vacation at home. 4 acre stocked lake! $969,000 Jim Green 303-775-2553

ERIE 165 Commander Circle

Upscale custom ranch on 1 acre! $940,000 Martin Sugg 303-588-9441


Packed with upgrades! Move-in ready! $328,800 Dan Kingdom 303-588-1717

3927 Beasley Drive

Fabulous 2 story in Arapahoe Ridge! $280,000 Janet Borchert 303-263-3215

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303.776.3344 Wright-Kingdom, Inc.

Q: I am so angry with our “big box” nance for in a 15-year or 30-year loan program, how much it will cost with each lender. They talked my wife into a refilender (including the second nance loan modification back loan subordination agreement, in April, and we had done evwhich might cost you an extra erything they asked for yet $250) and how quickly they’ll they still haven’t modified be able to close. our loan. Refinancing takes time, but They were going to give us not six months. A good lender a fixed rate at about 5 pershould be able to refinance a cent, which with all the closloan in three months or less. ing costs would have made On the other hand, if you the loans APR at 5.25 percent. Ilyce Glink were doing a loan modification Well, after all these Tribune Media Services because you don’t have any equity or are under water, or bemonths the loan was still not cause you can no longer afford done and they finally said I your monthly payment, that can take six needed to give them a copy of the secmonths to several years to complete. ond mortgage note, but only gave me As a side, I continue to be astounded four days to get it to them or the deal and extremely disappointed at how long was off. some homeowners have been waiting for So, I said, “Fine, the deal is off,” even relief from their lenders, especially after though I got the copy to them as fast as the widely floated idea that if you made I could. (I thought since I was paying three trial payments, you’d be approved them the money for a refinance, they for a permanent loan modification. should be doing the work.) One final item: Some borrowers who At that point, I told the loan officer have adjustable rate loans are being surthat he needed to give me a better interest rate, like something below 4 per- prised as these loans adjust. Short-term mortgage interest rates are so low, some cent, so they offered me 4.25 percent borrowers are seeing reductions in their with a negative 1/8 point, which I did loan rates by 2 percentage points. While not understand, but they gave me five days to decide or the deal was off again. the adjustable rate feature may cause your I said forget it, and now I have the re- loan to go down this year or next, we don’t know how long we will continue to benefit sult of my 7/1 ARM which is 3 percent from these low interest rates. and will remain at that rate until next But if you plan to move or sell within July. the next several years, the lower interest Why should this process be so comrate throughout that time period may benplicated and take so long? We just efit you and you may decide to keep the wanted to get a fair deal and lock in a loan. But (and that’s a big but), if your better interest rate. It just seemed like loans are worth more than what your six months was too long to process a property is worth, you shouldn’t expect loan. the property to increase much in value A: I’m a little confused: Was it a refiover the next couple of years. If you sell, nance loan modification or just a straight you may still find yourself short money to refinance? close on your home. If you were trying to get a straight refiIf you are in your home for the long nance, you did well by waiting. Interest term and decide to keep the adjustable rates have dropped down further. But I rate loan you have, make sure you underwould look closely at refinancing sooner stand how it can adjust, what interest rate rather than later, and I would start shopis used by your lender to determine your ping around to other lenders. specific interest rate on your loan, when If you have a second loan, you will need your loan adjusts and how much your rate to get some paperwork on that, particularcan move up or down each time it adjusts. ly if you plan to keep a line of credit open. Ilyce R. Glink’s latest book is “Buy, Close, Move You also have to make sure you have In!” If you have questions, you can call her radio enough equity to refinance. show at 800-972-8255 any Sunday, from 11 a.m. If you shop around, you’ll start to get an to 1 p.m. EST. Contact Ilyce through her website at idea of how much you’d be able to refi-

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December 4, 2010


Holiday decoration is all in the preparation

Bright Blooms for Winter

By Sean Conway Tribune Media Services

’Tis the season for Hippeastrum! For those who don’t speak horticultural Latin, let me rephrase: ’Tis the season for amaryllis. The bulbs we commonly refer to as Amaryllis are actually a separate genus of the amaryllis family called Hippeastrum and are comprised of 70 to 75 different species and more than 600 cultivars. Once only available through specialty catalogs and garden centers, amaryllis bulbs are now available at grocery stores, mass retailers and even at drug store chains. Why the surge in popularity? The answer lies in the life cycle of the plant, and the ease with which anybody can grow this beautiful bulb. Amaryllis bulbs go through a growth cycle similar to the daffodil bulb. In the spring they send up green strap-like leaves, which feed the plant during its active growing period throughout the summer. During fall months, when days shorten, the bulb goes into dormancy and rests. In the wild, the ability to go into a dormant state helps the plant survive during periods of little or no rain. Growers of amaryllis bulbs are able to package and ship bulbs while they are dormant with little to no harm to the plant. Once planted and given water and light, the bulbs grow and bloom. Bulbs planted in mid to late fall will bloom in four to six weeks when grown in a sunny window. Begin by potting up your bulb in a clay or ceramic pot. Lightweight plastic pots may not be heavy enough to prevent your plant from tipping over when in bloom. Choose a pot that allows at least 1 inch of space between the edge of the bulb and the edge of the pot. Be sure your pot has a drainage hole at the bottom. Like most bulbs, amaryllis bulbs prefer well-drained soils or they will rot. I

Kristi Ritter Summer Stair

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Photos courtesy Thinkstock

use a well-balanced commercial potting mix as a base and then add a generous handful of sand to the mix to ensure good drainage. Commercially grown amaryllis bulbs come in a variety of sizes and it is best to choose the largest size bulbs you can find. The larger the bulb, the more flower spikes you will have on your plant. If you order your bulbs online, choose the jumbo size. Fill the bottom third of the pot with soil and gently place the bulb’s roots on top of the soil. Cover the bulb up to its rim, leaving the neck exposed. Water well with slightly warm water and place the pot in a sunny window. Water sparingly until the bulb begins to grow. This may take several weeks. During this period it is important not to over water or you run the risk of rotting the bulb before it has put out roots. Once your bulb begins to show signs of life, it will begin to grow rapidly. Most bulbs push up flower stalks first, followed by leaves. When the blooms have faded, cut the stalk at the base of the bulb and place the pot back in the window, keeping it evenly moist. After the bulb is done blooming feed it every two to three weeks with a well-balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. When spring arrives, place your plant outside in a shaded area after the danger of frost has passed. Most plants benefit greatly from a summer vacation outdoors, and amaryllis bulbs are no exception. Water and fertilize regularly until mid-September, then hold off the water until the leaves begin to turn slightly yellow. Once the leaves have begun to die back, place the bulb in a cool, dark location for another four to six weeks, and then repot in fresh potting soil and place it back in a sunny window for a repeat show just in time for the holidays.

Decking your halls is a sure-fire way to have a festive holiday. But decorating well doesn’t have to be stressful – check out these 10 quick tips. 1. Stay with one theme and style. It makes shopping for decor easier and makes your space feel professionally finished. 2. Let your nose know it’s the holiday season. For an aroma-filled extravaganza, place potpourri and scented candles near your entry and throughout your house. Or, better yet, bake some cookies shortly before guests arrive. 3. Choose two or three colors for your holiday palette, and keep it consistent. Multiple color palettes can be too distracting. Try silver, blue and white, or red, gold and brown. 4. Create an inexpensive family tradition that involves the kids. Purchase a ready-made wreath of greens, and gather items to decorate it. Use pinecones, ribbons, crystals, feathers, beaded garland or homemade paper snowflakes. 5. Give your space a different look and feel for this special time of year. Rearrange your furniture so the focal point becomes the fireplace or wherever you hang stockings. If you don’t have a fireplace, arrange the furniture to create the best layout for cozy conversations. 6. Colored lights can be costly if you change your color palette from year to year. Stick with white lights; they can be used with any color scheme. 7. Start investing in a collection – something that can continue to grow through the years and can be passed on to the next generation. Check out online auction sites for vintage decorations. 8. Use a lot of candles. Nothing makes a room feel warmer and more inviting than candlelight. 9. Bring the holiday celebration into every room. Kitchens and bathrooms are a great place to put smaller seasonal knickknacks. 10. The holiday season is definitely one time where “less is more” does not apply. Have fun and do it up big. – Courtesy Sienna Penik and Erin Oosterhouse on

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On the Cover By following a few simple cultivation steps, virtually anybody can coax beautiful amaryllis bulbs to bloom indoors in the winter. See story above. (Tribune Media Services)


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

December 4, 2010

Label, color code kid clutter Put labels on drawers and containers (remember, everything has its place) and – with color dots – code what goes in those boxes. For example, puzzles with green dots go in the “green” box. This can also be useful with siblings who may argue over possessions; give each his or her own color.– HGTV

Country of origin dictates style By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson Scripps Howard News Service

Dear Helaine and Joe: I bought a three-piece set – settee, rocker and armchair – from an antique store 11 years ago and paid $500. My husband and I tied the springs and reupholstered it. Could you divine its age, style and current value? Thank you. – L.G. Dear L.G.: This parlor set may have had a few more pieces when it was new. There may have been, for example, a mate to the armchair, plus two to four matching side chairs. Full sets of this type of furniture seldom turn up, and the fact that you have the matching rocking chair is a bit unusual because these were often separated out. The love-seat size of the sofa is typical of parlor furniture made at the turn of the 20th century. As mentioned, the three-piece set in today’s question was made circa 1900, but there is some debate as to how to describe the style. The wood appears to be mahogany. This observation is significant because it means this set could be English in origin. If England is the place of manufacture, it is proper to call this set Edwardian after King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria, who ruled after her death from 1901 to 1910. However, purists find it inappropriate to refer to an American-made piece of furniture crafted in this style during this time period as Edwardian, but they then struggle to find a better, more appropriate term. As for the insurance-replacement value, this parlor set should be valued in the $800 to $1,200 range.

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December 4, 2010

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


Light up the holidays

Source to all things Home & Real Estate!



• 5 Bedroom, 5 Bath • Eat in Kitchen, 42 inch kitchen cabinets • Hardwood Floors, Formal Dining Room • Backs up to Ute Creek Golf Course • 750 Sq Ft tiled cover patio


• Just what you wanted for Christmas! • Beautiful 3 Bdrm 2 Story in The Shores! • Remodeled Kitchen-Granite Countertops • Full Unfin Bsmt w/Garden Level Windows • Community Tennis/Swimming/Parks/Trails



• Martin Acres Original • 3 Bdrm, 1.5 Baths • 1152 sq ft All Brick Ranch • 12’x12’ Studio/Storage • Foothill Views


• 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths • FP in Family Room, Main Floor Laundry • Formal Living and Dining Room • Eat in Kitchen with Island and Pantry • Call Vonnie 303-589-9821

“I read that this is because of the recession; we’re not supposed to be bright and festive,” Brunette says. “But I don’t really buy that – I like multi colors.” And because I have multi-colored lights for my house and don’t want to feel hopelessly unhip, I agree with him. But there’s beauty in single color lights that capture the eye, if you know how to use them. The secret to getting drama with unvarying color is to mix bulb sizes. Tricking the eye into thinking they’re twinkling, the combination of large bulbs (size C-7) with smaller lights jazzes up icicle strands along gutters and branch lights on trees. For the illusion to have its best effect, match the colors. Get your trees into the spirit by wrapping them up in lights. For a professional touch, wrap evergreens in a spiral, and if



• 1.9 Acres • Spectacular views • Ranch style home • 5 bedrooms, 3 baths • Oversize, 2 car garage

Think beyond the house by lighting fences, trellises or pillars, suggests ALCC. Traditional items such as old children’s sleighs or wagons on the front porch sparkle with a bit of light. Then sit back, and enjoy the show. For more tips, check out the ALCC website at Carol O’Meara is a horticulture entomologist with the Colorado State University Extension office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Contact her by calling 303-678-6238 or e-mailing For more gardening tips, check out her blog at gardeningafterfive.word

At the “New Pru”...


• Charming 3 Bd 2 Story in Grandview Estates • Open Floor Plan, Tastefully Decorated • Spacious Kitchen, 42” Cabinets, All Appliances • 12x11 Loft makes Great Study/Office • Home Security System; Insulated, Heated Garage

doing several evergreens, be sure to wrap in the same direction in evenly spaced rows. Treat deciduous trees differently, since their limbs are bare. Run the lights along the branches to highlight their outline, instead of trying to make them a spiral.


• Country in Town Living • Nearly One Acre • 1,801 Sq Ft Brick Ranch • 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths • Lovingly Maintained

It’s All About You!


• 4 Bedrooms 3 Baths • Unfinished Basement • Cathedral/Vaulted ceilings • Walk in Closet • Central Air Conditioning

Rock Solid Since 1990!


RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES WWW.PRUDENTIALROCKYMOUNTAIN.COM An independently owned & operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

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HOME 49-158330

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When the tip of the week hit first, they were just this dull my e-mail inbox, I knew the white, but now the technology holidays were arriving. Sent by has caught up and they’re the Associated Landscape Conbrighter than incandescents.” tractors of Colorado, the subLED lights take less energy to ject line “What’s new in holiday run – up to 80 percent – and lights?” was enough to kick last an average of 50,000 hours, start my spirit, which had been instead of the 25,000-hour dampened by the long fall. lifespan of incandescent. And Carol O’Meara the nuisance of hunting for the The e-tip spoke of trends for Colorado State one burned out or loose bulb 2010, and offered tips for how University Extension that keeps the whole strand to make your yard light up the neighborhood. dark is a thing of the past with LEDs, which light up even if “Two things I’ve seen marone bulb is shot. Made from epoxy resin, keted this year are the LED and solar powLED bulbs are harder to break than the ered lights,” says Chad Brunette, president glass incandescents, Brunette says. of Thunderbird Designs in Denver. “LED lights are growing in popularity; though Currently, my home is in transition and they’re expensive up front, you’ll save mon- caught with half LED lights and half incaney down the road with them. They don’t descent. The result is a hodgepodge of get hot like incandescent lights, so there’s sparkle; the tree and lawn ornaments are less worry of hazard on trees and houses.” blasted out by the blaze of light coming off To get the most from your lights, go with the house. But each year we convert a few more strands, and our decor is slowly comLED, says Brunette, an ALCC member. ing out of the dark ages. “Solar powered Christmas lights are pretty dim; I don’t see that the technology is up to When getting ready to string up your it yet. But it will be, if given time. LEDs house, keep a few tips from ALCC in mind. were like this when they first came out; Multi-color lights are out; instead, single they weren’t as good as they are now. At colors of white and one other color are in.


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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

December 4, 2010

Why mortgage lenders want tax returns

Featured Listings 765 Shallot Circle

950 Granite






1043 Gay St

950 Granite

Saturday December 4th 11:00am – 12:30pm


By Marcie Geffner


Sunday December 5th 12:00pm to 2:00pm


511 Little Fox Ct.



3Bed/2bath/1Car Garage

4Bed/3Bath/2Car Garage

Cher Smith 303-809-9628

Janie Larson 720-937-2676

511 Little Fox Ct.

4109 Meining Rd.









Saturday December 4th, 11:00am – 1:00pm


1043 Gay St.



Saturday December 4th 12:00pm – 2:00pm



Sunday December 5th, 10:30am – 2:00pm



4Bed/4Bath/3Car Garage

With Water Rights

3Bed/2Bath/1Car Garage

Michelle King 303-591-3941

Christine Torres 720-320-1405

Yvette Pereira 303-834-5018

241 Mill Village Blvd.

311 Riverview Ct.

1755 Sunlight Dr.







Adorable Townhome over 2,300 sq ft. 3Bed/3Bath/1Car Garage

FANTASTIC new price! 3Bed/3Bath/2Car Garage

Custom Home w/huge finished basement 4Bed/5Bath/2Car Garage

Maryann Ellis 720-300-4909

Kirsten Davis 720-363-1783

Sally Grenier 303-475-4508

1982 Lochmore Dr.

726 Rodgers Circle

1163 Shelby Dr.







Spectacular Home with Upgrades Throughout! 5Bed/4Bath/3Car Garage

Gorgeous Ranch EZ Commute 3Bed/2Bath/3Car Garage

Custom Home with Mountain Views 5Bed/4Bath/6Car Garage

Judy Whitaker 303-829-0484

Sherry Ankrum 303-522-4228

Cheryl Melichar 303-817-6163

1404 Whitehall Dr. Unit E

1738 Judson Dr.

1087 Button Rock Dr.

Shopping for a home-mortgage loan? Prepare to hand over real proof of your taxable income. During the housing boom, lenders rarely required borrowers to provide copies of federal tax returns. But today, lenders often ask borrowers to turn over entire tax returns, according to Brad Blackwell, national sales manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. “Often people will think they can bring in the first two pages of the tax return, and what they need to bring is the full tax return and all schedules because a person’s full income picture is contained in the entire set of documents, not just the first two pages,” he says. Borrowers generally also will be required to sign a Form 4506-T, which allows the lender to retrieve a tax transcript from the Internal Revenue Service. Joe Metzler, a mortgage specialist at Mortgages Unlimited in St. Paul, Minn., says lenders use the 4506-T tax transcript to compare the borrower’s W-2s to his or her reported income. If the numbers match, all is well. If not, the lender will dig deeper. Why the sudden interest in borrowers’ tax returns? The short answer is that lenders are looking for income irregularities and evidence of loan fraud. In most cases, “all aspects of the tax return (will be) examined to determine what the borrower’s income is,” Blackwell says. That means the lender not only will look at reported income, but also at other items such as: • Unreimbursed employee business expenses: These so-called “2106 business ex-

penses” typically are subtracted from income, according to Julie Miller, a sales manager at Prospect Mortgage in Irvine, Calif. Examples include uniforms, union dues, mileage, expenses related to a cell phone used for business, marketing costs and training costs. • Rental-property income: This must be documented and shown on the tax return, unless the property was purchased in the current calendar year. In that case, the rent must appear on consecutive monthly bank statements, Miller says. • Business losses: These include losses incurred by a spouse’s business, according to Metzler. For example, suppose one spouse earns $100,000 per year as an employee. The other spouse has a business that generated a $40,000 loss shown as a write-off on the couple’s tax return. The lender will subtract $40,000 from $100,000 to yield a combined taxable income of $60,000. That might not be enough income to qualify. • Depreciation expenses: On the flip side, depreciation expenses taken on a home office, business equipment or other asset could increase a borrower’s loanqualifying income, according to Blackwell. • Capital gains: These also may be counted as income. The solution isn’t easy: Taxpayers need to “bite the bullet,” to use Ogilvie’s expression, and build up their taxable income for two years before they can qualify for a loan. Some may have to forgo deductions to which they believe they are entitled and pay more income tax so they can show more income on their tax return to qualify for a loan.

1023 Woodside Rd.







Luxury Condo w/mtn. view patio 2Bed/2Bath/2Car Garage

3547 Total Sq. Ft. Hardwood, Granite 5Bed/4Bath/2+Garage+RV

Wonderful Aries model 6Bed/4Bath/2Car Garage

Lorrie Cragg 720-839-4106

Ann Napier 303-775-5234

Christian Anderson 303-817-5934

551 Johnson St.

7439 Singing Hills Dr. #D

Charming Ranch in Popular Neighborhood close to shopping, parks, schools & golf! Clean & well taken care of thruout! Covered porch. Vaulted ceiling in fam. & dining rms. Nice kitchen w/ ample cabinetry. Private 3/4 master bath. 3rd bed could also be a study. Unfin bsmt. Oversized 3-car garage for your toys or hobbies. Great privacy fenced backyard w/ auto sprinkler system, patio & mature trees. Dog run area. MUST SEE!


1491 Cross Creek Ct.



Experience Isn’t Expensive...It’s Priceless







Bungalow style starter home 2Bed/1Bath/1Car Garage

Private corner location 2Bed/2Bath/1Car Garage

Pride of Ownership Lafayette Beauty! 5Bed/4Bath/3Car Garage

Lynn Stevenson 303-324-1891

Jeff Jorissen 720-352-2833

Cindy Montgomery 720-373-9235


BROKER ASSOCIATE Diane’s Direct Line:


836 Wade Road

2662 Beech Circle

Wonderful Ranch style hm. in sought BEAUTIFUL UPDATES! Quad Level in W. Lngmnt. 4 bed (1-Non after W. Longmont! Close to Golf Conf.), 4 Bath w/ 3084+/-tot.sq.ft. Course! 2 Bed, 2 Bath w/1091+/-

Remodeled eat-in kitch. w/ brkfst.

tot.sq.ft. Great Rm w/ vaulted ceiling, bar has NEW hrdwd flr., granite ceiling fan & frplc. Kitchen appliances cntrtop, tile backsplash, & light. incl. Master w/ ceiling fan & private fixtures. Fam. Rm. w/ vaulted

ceiling, wet bar &frplc. New porcelain tile in laun. rm. Flex space non-conf 4th bed or rec room in bsmt. Lg. 2-Car gar. w/ work area & cabinets. Encl. patio. patio & auto spr. Syst. on E. side of Priv. fenced bkyd w/ auto spr. home for shady evening enjoyment! system & priv. shaded patio! full bathrm. 2nd bedrm shares Jackn-jill 3/4 bath w/ attached laun.rm. Att.2-car garage w/ workbench & cabinets. Priv. fenced bkyd. with lg.



For Further Details Of These Listings And:

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December 4, 2010

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Some people believe that Realtors and reCongress for the 2010 tax year. A small al estate agents are the same thing. While it business owner may deduct not only the is true that all Realtors are real estate cost of medical expenses, but also the cost agents, it is not true that all real estate of the premiums paid. The corporate world agents are Realtors. has been pulling medical premiums out pretax for years. More than half of the 46 milAccording to the National Association of lion uninsured Americans are self-emRealtors, there may be an equal number of ployed, own small firms or work for small Realtor and non-member real estate agents. Realtors, in addition to subscribing to a Reemployers. This is not just a problem for altor code of ethics and continual memberDave Wagner the unemployed. Currently, more than one ship to local and state boards, are NAR Longmont Association in four Realtors are without health insurmembers. They are committed to not only of Realtors ance. transact real estate, but to contribute to and Other issues championed recently by serve with the largest trade organization in the country, NAR in Congress include H.R. 1105, that was signed standing at 1.1 million members. Lest one think they into law, and with it a declaration that, going forward, aren’t feeling the downturn, note that there are neither real estate brokerage or real estate management 300,000 fewer Realtors than there once were. can be classified as a financial activity that banks Many do not understand that when an agent works should be allowed to operate in. NAR helped restore at ERA, Prudential, Keller Williams, Re/Max, Coldwell National Flood Insurance, and influence real estate setBanker or others, they usually are only affiliated with tlement procedures (RESPA) allowing more “apples to the brand and its marketing tools, and are not emapples” comparison of lender quotes. Guidelines to ployed by them. In actuality, every agent pays both prevent predatory lending, underwriting, appraisal issides of their social security taxes, typically must find sues, loan modification, foreclosure and short sale istheir own health insurance, errors and omissions insues also had NAR involvement. NAR has been a surance, licensing, continuing education, subscriptions strong advocate for mortgage lending reform. Conand pay into some or all of the common expenses assogresses’ answer, however, would have severely impactciated with their own small business. There are also ined seller-financing in the initial draft of the legislation. dependent Realtor members within each board of RealNAR worked with a bipartisan set of members of tors absorbing the same. Congress to reduce the bill’s impact on seller-financing Where the “Realtors, more than that” statement and ensure that consumers would have this tool at comes in, is what makes the organization of Realtors so their disposal. As many know the Mortgage Interest amazing. As an organization, Realtors are in the top Deduction (MID) will be on the congressional chopseven nationally as to political action fundraisers, even ping block in January 2011, and Realtor professionals though each is self employed. Some have called it a will be there fighting to save it. Many believe that the “Realtor union” which is about like calling you and loss of such deductions sends the wrong message about me, members of the “Tax Payers Union,” except the home ownership, and further reduces discretionary inNational Association of Realtors may be better orgacome for a property owner. nized. Though not tax deductible, Realtors give to ReHence the value such a large and focused group can altor Political Action Committees because NAR fights have, as the arch over Yellowstone National Park says, for small business issues, and all individuals’ rights to “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.” own, use and transfer real property. When they win in Dave Wagner is the President of the Longmont Association of ReCongress, all types of small businesses win. altors. He can be reached at ERA Tradewind Real Estate at 303684-6356 or by e-mail at One of many examples is a NAR recent victory in

Winterize your pantry Article Resource Association

Summer is gone, and it’s time to prepare for the annual battle against the inconveniences of winter. While modern technology has minimized or eliminated many of winter’s challenges, some preparations are best left to a more traditional solution. Maintaining a well-stocked pantry was once a “life and death” issue, says Chef Bridget Charters, of The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Seattle. Charters, like many Americans, remembers her family pantry organized like a food library – neatly stacked and labeled cans and jars of meat, fruit and vegetables, stockpiled to provide sustenance throughout the winter months, and rotated for freshness and to minimize waste. Today, modern conveniences have made “out-of-season” a thing of the past. Maintaining a well-stocked pantry is an excellent way to manage your family’s diet; and by following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure you’ve made a responsible choice for your family and for your community. Charters recommends setting aside a dry, unlit area in your kitchen or basement storage area that is easily accessible. She recommends blanching your vegetables before freezing, freezing hearty soups in small containers, or “bullet freezing” chunks of rhubarb or whole tomatoes to add to your pantry. Charters also recommends: • Blanching greens and freezing in bags for soups. • Making vegetable soups to freeze. • Bullet freezing berries whole. • Making pesto and other sauces for freezing • Making freezer jams • Grating excess zucchini and freezing on sheet pans.


Hover Manor Senior Apartment Residence

cial Freedom Acquisition LLC, Amount: $68,623, Property: 350 Francis St, Longmont, Filed: 11/10/10 • Borrower: Deborah Soto & Shanti Hobbs, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $152,274, Property: 1065 Townley Cir, Longmont, Filed: 11/04/10

Washer/Dryer Hook-ups

ty: 1641 Amherst Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/10/10 • Borrower: Tod & Alicia Rieder, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $173,465, Property: 837 Collyer St, Longmont, Filed: 11/10/10 • Borrower: Glen Henry, Lender: Finan-

Washer/Dryer Facilities

• Borrower: Elsie McCleery & Deborah Wolf, Lender: Premier Members Federal Credit Union, Amount: $228,588, Proper-








1, 2

1, 1¾




In each apartment

A/C, D/W, cable ready, balcony or deck, carport, outdoor pool, close to shopping & bus stop.

Starting at $799


1, 2

1, 2




Full SIze in each apartment


Move-In Specials, senior and other discounts. Fireplace, pool & spa, 24-hour fitness, garages. Close to shopping.


$100 $200 $300

1,2,& 3 Studios


Short Term Available





Gas fireplaces, 24 hr. fitness center, heated pool & hot tub, A/C, business center, gourmet kitchens, detached garages. *On selected apartments.



3-bdrm. townhomes






1, 2, 3

1, 2





1, 2, 3

1, 2

Short Term Available





1, 2

1, 2




1401 Elmhurst Dr. • 303-772-9292 Victoria Inn

2400 17th Ave. • 303-772-4667 Ute Creek Apartments

Longmont, CO

1100 E 17th Ave. • 303-684-6821 The Shores

2450 Airport Rd. • 303-774-8000 Cloverbasin Village

630 Peck Dr. • 888-837-4912 Elliott Apartments

418 Emery St. Longmont, CO 80501 • 303-772-6452 Fox Ridge Apartments

3800 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80503 • 303-774-9944 Tanglewood Condominiums Senior Community

100 21st Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 • 303-774-0300




65 lbs limit Pets Neg.

Yes No

& rental available

Convenient location, pet friendly, garages available, 24-hour maintenance


In historic Longmont, large trees, quiet neighborhood on-site parking & storage. Close to RTD. Heat included.



Island kitchens, garden tubs, gas fireplaces, double balconies, two tone paint, gated community. Close to schools & newest community in Longmont.

Full size in each condo

W/D provided in each Condo

All utilities & cable paid, sec. bldg., elevator, W/D in every unit, transportation, social events. HUGE amenities package, quiet 55+ community. Call for incentives!


$50+ mo.

Other Amenities


Secure building, quiet neighborhood, meal program, transportation, utilities paid, appliances & cable TV included, 62 yrs & older; vouchers accepted.



# of Baths Lease Required


# of Bedrooms

Address Phone

Complex Name

• Borrower: Donald & Tracy Terrell, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $127,969, Property: 1814 Rice St, Longmont, Filed: 11/10/10

• Borrower: Sherri Blain, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $196,000, Property: 819 Martin St, Longmont, Filed: 11/09/10


Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive Ste. 467, Loveland, CO 80537.

December 4, 2010

Allow Smoking?

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Price Range


Reach over 44,000 Readers Each Week With Your Advertising Message. Call Your Classified Advertising Executive Today 303-776-7440

December 4, 2010

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


To place an ad, call 303-776-7440 or go to and place your ad any time of the day or night. Fax: 303-772-8339…email: Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Duplexes Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030


Apartments/ Furnished 4010

● 1431 STUART 2 Bdrm, 1 ba, large, comp. 2nd Floor, 1 bdrm, heat and remodel- WD, A/C, deck, water included, small pet N/P/S 2041 Meadow Dr. OK, $525/mo. RMG Realty $840 303-443-4308 (303)772-4466

✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ 1, 2 & 3 BDRM Apartment Homes The Shores Apartments, Hwy 66 & Airport Rd (303)774-8000 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

Starting at $645, some with Move-in Specials! Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

•1 & 2 BDRM ✭ $550-$675 FREE Heat 1060 17th Ave, Habla Espanol 720-327-8918

0 APP FEE: Winter Special! 1 bdrm $550 2 bdrm, $650 On-site pkng/laundry. A/C. Water & heat pd. Se Habla Espanol. (303)774-0593


1 Bd From $575 2 Beds From $610 Great Location Large Units Park Like Setting Ample Parking A/C & Pool


0 App Fee,1 bdrm, quiet, $545 Heat furn, A/C. No Smk/Pets. 303-775-7517



630 Peck DriveLongmont West on Nelson/Airport Rd 1 Bedroom 1 Bath as LOW as $690 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath as LOW as $799 3 Bedroom 2 Bath starting at $799 3 Bdrm Townhouses Starting at $1000

2036 ESTES LANE 2 bdrm, newly remod, off st pkng, $595. 303-485-0272. Se habla español.

● $179 * WEEKLY or ● $599 MONTHLY ✓ Perfect for visiting friends & family!

Apartments, your choice!

321 Quail Roadacross from Longmont Rec Center

1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS: Pool, air, laundry ✭Wtr, trash, sewer pd

2 Bath $731 2 Bath $844!

✓ Full Size Washer & Dryer Hookups ✓ Close to Bus lines ✓ Pets Welcome


New Extented Stay Hotel

EASTGLEN APTS 630 Lashley, Longmont

2 Bedroom as LOW as 3 Bedroom as LOW as


•1809 EMERY ST2 bdrm in 4-Plex, off st pkng, pet nego. Avail now, $650. (303)447-8988

QUAIL VILLAGE 303-485-0065

**Income Guidelines May Apply**

2400 17th Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80503




• FREE Washer/Dryer & Carport • Wood-burning fireplace • Large balconies/patios • Approved pets accepted • MTM leases available • Within walking distance of shopping, restaurants & RTD • On line leasing available • One bdr, 1 bath starting at $740 • Two bdr, 2 bath starting at $890


2 & 3 Bedroom Duplexes


1 & 2 BDRM Apt Homes Fox Ridge Apts Premier Gated Community. Pets NO lease, dep or credit chk OK! For Info & Specials Wkly/4-wk • 303-776-2185 Call (303)774-9944 • ALSO RV SITES AVAIL!

Apartments/ Unfurnished 4030

4060 Garages/Storage Houses Spaces 4070

I-25 & Hwy 119, Longmont exit 240. 303-485-0040 Bring ad to qualify. *Expires 12/31/2010 *New Guests Only*

2 BDRM W/D, DW, A/C, & garage. NE Longmont No pets. $625/mo & deposit 720-938-1559; 303-666-5546

2 BEDROOM, GAR, Fncd yd, D/W, W/D hkup, water paid. 472 Lashley. $750 + $750/dep. (303)638-9738

3 BDRM, 1.5 ba, off st pkng, N/P, W/D hkup, storage, $835/mo.Water paid. Gerald, 303-775-1598.

4 BDRM (conforming in fin bsmt) 617 5th St, Berthoud, pets nego. Call 970-669-0842




NICE! 2 bdrm, 1 ba, 1 car, w/d hkups, N/P/S, 0 App Fee-$100 off 1st 2 mos $795, (303)550-0002 Lg 3 bdrm, 2 ba, gar, water pd. No dogs. 303-682-2525 Horizon Place SUNSET GOLF AREA, 1 Bedroom- $545! 0 or 1 pet ok. Lg 1300 SF, 3 2 BDRM, 1 BA, W/D, frpl, 2 Bedroom- $645! fncd yd, N/P/S, $715/mo. Secure bldg, swimming bdrm, 2 ba, frpl, DW, stor 1828 Spruce. 303-772-5233 pool, A/C, on-site laundry. shed, fncd $860. 303-494-4115

INDOOR GARAGE & Commercial Storage 20x40x16 w/ 14x14 doors start at $300. 20x50x16 w/ 30 amp elect, man door & pwr door opener start at $425. Garage Storage LLC, 4070 Camelot Cir, located I25 Business Park. I-25 & Hwy-66. 970-535- 6074

Buy it ... Sell it ... Find it ...

Classifieds classified ads get results very, very fast! Call 303-776-7440


EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal and state Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

● 1018 SUMAC ST3 bdrm, 1.5 ba, $1100/mo. 303-775-0429 ask for Sean 10544 Sunburst, Firestone, 4 bdrm, 3 ba, 2 car, bsmt, fncd, frpl, A/C, loft, N/S. $1495/mo Jim 303-775-0163

Call PMP, 303-776-RENT 1836 EMERY ST- clean, large 2 bdrm, fncd yd, lawn care provided, W/D hkups, N/P. $675. (303)776-2924

Are You Home Shopping? HOME & REAL ESTATE WEEKLY

● 2030 COLLYER STREET 2 bdrm, 1 ba, W/D hkups, near bus stop. Newly remodeled, No/smoke/pet. $650. Call (303)588-8115

Boulder County’s Most Comprehensive Home and Real Estate Magazine Every Saturday in the

Mtn Views! 1 BDRM APT Quiet area, lndry, nr 23rd & Main. Sorry no pets, $575 2022 YEAGER DR- 950 SF, Top Realty, (303)931-6423 3 bdrm, 1 ba, fncd yd. No pets. $800+dep. 303-774-8239

Rent Me! Rent Me!

1 bdrm Lafayette Beauty. Move-in Special $645 Call PMP Today, 303-776-RENT

ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from $100/week. Utililties included. (303)931-7108


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


4080 Houses

● 1701 ADKINSON 4 bdrm, 3 bath, 2 story, 2 car gar, Lgmt. $1495. RMG Realty, 303-772-4466

2100 SF- Clean inside & out, Move-in ready. 4 bdrm, enclosed atrium, quiet culde-sac. $1300. 303-548-1091

● 2213 COLLYER- 4 bdrm 2 ba, frpl, fncd yd, 2 car gar, $1300/mo. Pet nego. Call Pennant, (303)447-8988

2424 Sherman, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car, A/C, lots of updating, quite cul-de-sac, $1,150/month. 970-532-2207.

December 4, 2010

4080 Houses

4080 Mobile Homes/ Office Space 4100 Retail Space 4135 Longmont Spaces 4090 Professional garden level 773 SQ FT- busy shopping Longmont 4 bdrm,

● 4 BDRM, 1203 SPRUCE2 bath, 2 story, NEWER 2 ba, fncd yd. 2 car gar. Old Town. Fncd, 2 car & $1350. (303)652-7884 RV pkng. $1195/mo. One month FREE rent! Sits above 2 bdrm unit. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466 Newer 3 bdrm, 3 ba home, 2 car gar, NW loc. No pets. $1450 303-514-3706. ● 547 MARTIN 2 bdrm, 1 ba, fenced yard, storage shed, pets OK, $850/month NICE 4 BDRM, 2 BA, 2 car, RMG Realty, 303-772-4466 2 stry, 1058 Ponderosa Cir. A/C, hdwd flrs, lg fncd yd w/ garden, shed. N/S, $1250 5 BDRM, 3 ba, 2 car, 4290 Avail 1/1, 303-772-5793 sf, 1505 Red Mtn Dr, fncd bkyd. $1495+ 720-891-6936

MOBILE HOMES for Rent $650 to $750, 2 & 3 bdrms. River Valley Village, (303)772-3240

Office Space 4100 2500 to 5000 SF- great views from 2nd level, ample parking. 2432 Main. 303-875-1345

715 HOVER RD- 3 bdrm, NW Longmont, 2 bedroom, 2.5 ba, 6 gar stalls, 3 horse 1 bath, garage, 1619 Ervine 500 to 2500 SF, can divide. stalls on 1.5 acre, all appl. Ave. $900/month + On site prkg, Good traffic $1400+dep N/S 303-828-0207 damage deposit. NS/NP, exposure. 303-523-3369 720-352-0993 ● 939 KIMBARK GREAT MASSAGE Central location, 2 bdrm, 3129 Lake Park Way, OFFICE FOR RENT. 1 ba, not fenced, workshop, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, 2 car, fncd yd, (720)280-9047 single garage, $875. frpl, $1200 + 303-709-6402 Pet OK. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466

3 bd, 3 ba, like new, master w/bath, deck, $1350/mo+ dep. Pet OK 303-903-1402.

Big Thompson Waltonia Landscaped 2 bdrm/2 ba, W/D, Hottub, N/S, 2-car heated gar. Min 6-mo lease $1500/mo. Dep reguired. Msg #435-619-0971

3 BDRM, 2 ba, patio, gar, spectacular country setting! $1200/mo. Sm pet Ok. Avail 12-1. 720-233-3708

FIRESTONE- 4 bdrm, 3 ba, 3 car, new carpet, gour kit, lg mstr, huge redwd deck, lg fam rm w/FP. $1425. (303)651-6635. 3 BDRM, 2 BA, total remodel, 2476 Sunset Dr, N/S, no cats, $1425. 720-273-5924 HOUSES 4,500 SF in Prospect New Town, Lgmt. 6 bdrm, 5 baths, $2,900. Avail Jan 1. Access to community pool. This beautiful home with great views has all upgraded features. Also would consider lease with option to buy. Call Laura or Dave at 303-882-6159. Serious inquires only. 4 BDRM, 2.5 BA, lg fncd yd, garden, sprklr, AC, schls 1411 Deerfield. $1600, reduced to $1295 w/good refs. Avl 12/1. 303-776-7528



2- 4 Bedroom Homes • 163 Grant • 19 Reed • 28 Reed • 1973 Carr Ct • 1513 Green Pl • 132 Telluride • 1012 Pratt St • 1240 Meadow • 1517 24th Ave • 1249 Whitehall Dr Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

5090 Longmont



BERTHOUD- 4 BDRM, 2.5 ba, 2200 SF, gar, fncd, near HS. $1250. 303-775-3331

Buy a home for

Do you qualify? Dedicated to your best interest, Longmont´s Terri Hatch of People´s Mortgage & Devin O´Branagan ERA Tradewind


Rooms For Rent

SEMI-FURN Rooms/Apts Wkly/mnthly from $100/wk Utils/micro/fridge inc (303)931-7108

255 WEAVER PARK CLASS “A” second floor office space for lease or sale. Common area, conference room, elevator, mountain views. 1 yr Free Rent!

without a classified ad? It’s not the success it could be. Be sure to call Classifieds before your sale.

Don Rulle, CCIM



A picture is worth a thousand words Try a color classified picture ad today! Call for details.


Real Estate

4130 Farms, Ranches Acreages 5050


Why rent?


Roommates Wanted 4120

$250/MONTHResponsible, clean M/F, Great parking, quiet. W. side, great area, golf Ground level. Four Seasons course, W/D, kit. $400+1/3 Realty, (303)875-1345 utils. 3-775-1144/3-772-8466.

● 2 HOMES- 2 bdrm, 2 bath ranch & 3 bdrm, 3 bath 2-story. Each w/2 car gar & unfin bsmt. $1000/each. (303)588-0703

3 & 4 Bedroom Houses

office space. 12 X 13 office, center, 1116 Francis St, w/additional private work $825. Alert RE (303)776-5156 space including small kitchen & bathroom,14 X 10 Conference room, total 600 sq. ft., $550/mo. 1714 Duchess Dr. 303-651-0304, X 0.

FSBO 3 BDRM, 1.75 bath, 1 car gar. 108 Forsyth Dr. $170,000. (303)435-3077

Vacation Properties


Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan Time Share Condo. Odd years w/ RCI service $1000 303-682-0121

WE BUY HOUSES! CASH or TERMS Close fast - any condition 303-817-6168 Let´s Talk

Convenience! I can place my ad when I want to.

Super mountain property for the relaxed lifestyle. 2+ acres of beauty, bubbling stream and wildlife. Lots of open room to expand this 2 bedroom, 1 bath charmer... $244,900

1333 S. BOWEN ST.

228 EMERY ST. Handyman Special! Turn of the century bungalow ranch home in Old Town has lots of potential! Check out the many possibilities here. $59,999 49-160329

LONGMONT 629303-772-7576 Terry St., Longmont ww REALTY click on Submit an Ad


LAKESIDE Custom Lots Only seven left! $125K-up. Invest now. Build later. Beautiful, quiet Victorian neighborhood. Rural livingcity services. www. Hugh Fowler 303-986-1606

Mobile/ 5130 Manufactured Homes/Spaces ´03 Mobile Home- 16x80, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, stor shed. $29,999. (303)772-4324

MOBILE HOMES ✭ BUYING/SELLING Local park needs used mob in Melody Valley. W/some homes. We´re buying! Big TLC it will be a gem! Sale! Many single & dbl Mostly hrdwd flrs on main wides. Fin avl, auto aplevel under some carpets. proval on owner fin homes. Lg kitch, din room. $179,000 Bad credit OK! Moves avl. 970-222-1473 ✭ 690-2725 or 690-3283 ✭

For You✭ WOW WHAT VIEWS! ✭Opportunity 4 Bdrm, 3 ba, 2 car bi-level 2.8 acres, water tap in & paid. Electric close, septic needed & Ish res irrig wtr. $100K, just SE of Berthoud. Call Mark Sullivan at ERA Tradewind (303)684-6335

2 ACRE LOTS WEST OF BERTHOUD. Great Views! $149,900. Fred @ Four Seasons Re, (720)494-2133.

Heidi & Helena buy houses! $ SAVE YOUR CREDIT $ 3 BDRM, 1 BA, new carpet, 303-725-8388 / 303-459-2711 W/D, carport, Lgmt adult park age 55+, 970-215-1819


Great location for employment, schools and entertainment! Cozy home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1 car garage. Some upgrades already done, and the handyperson can finish the improvements. Just $138,900

5090 Lots & Tracts 5100

06470344 2x8c

December 4, 2010 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive Ste. 467, Loveland, CO 80537.

Longmont • Ann Lillie from Donald Begalle, 3713 Yale Way, Longmont, $234,000, home • Stephanie & Benjamin Baldwin from Otis Dillow, 1416 3rd Ave, Longmont, $295,000, home • Erin White from Shirley Dygert, 114 8th Ave, Longmont, $167,000, home • George Peters from Fannie Mae, 716 Goss Dr, Longmont, $94,200, home • Barrett Odenbach from Jennifer Frank, 1601 Great Western Dr Unit G6, Longmont, $155,800, condo • Longmont City from Linda Kolby, 12136 County Road 1, Longmont, $260,000, home • Gregory Schlepp from Frank Nibley, 1900 Wasach Dr, Longmont, $475,000, home • Gloria Pantucci from Anna Woofenden, 225 E 8th Ave, Longmont, $78,000, home • Hare & Rama Thapa from James Young, 1008 Chokecherry Ln, Longmont, $235,000, home • Luis Maldonado from Bank America National Association, 108 Forsyth Dr, Longmont, $112,500, home • Gay Kuhlmann from Boulder Creek Shadowgrass LLC, 1534 Otis Dr, Longmont, $351,100, home • Jeff Henriksen from Richard Carstens, 8697 Portico Ln, Longmont, $1,100,000, home • Greg & Amy Payne from Fannie Mae, 603 E 4th Ave, Longmont, $93,000, home • Bradley & Melissa Agee from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 2848 15th Ave, Longmont, $175,000, home • Scott & Dorothy Dorman from Firstbank Longmont, 4501 Nelson Rd Unit 2103, Longmont, $124,000, condo • Apollos Hinshaw from Christopher Jones, 1637 Mount Evans Dr, Longmont, $171,500, home • Sharon Marietta from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 1170 Olympia Ave Unit 17f, Longmont, $199,000, condo • Stout Inc from Tri Global Development LLC, 121 E 9th Ave, Longmont, $145,600, home • Jenny Mitchell from John Carson, 1931 Red Cloud Rd, Longmont, $290,000, home • Clifford Rufenach from Stein Cass, 3581 Larkspur Cir, Longmont, $335,000, home • Donald Marvel from Guaran-

ty Bank Trust Co, 1379 Charles Dr Unit As, Longmont, $234,000, condo • Glenn Wilson from Martin Panega, 1311 Cumberland Dr, Longmont, $237,000, home • David & Carol Monhollen from William Patience, 1229 E 4th Ave, Longmont, $223,000, home • Sue Kachnic from Sendera Properties LLC, 1404 Whitehall Dr Unit 17H, Longmont, $188,000, condo Berthoud • Dennis Inc from Home St Bank, 1729 Wales Dr, Berthoud, $62,300, home • Timmy Phillips from Tyson Hull, 1737 Exeter St, Berthoud, $385,000, home Dacono • Margaret Dowling from Michael Mooradian, 4630 Sedona Ln, Dacono, $285,000, home • 52 LLC from Helen McMurray, 901 Carbondale Dr, Dacono, $200,000, home Erie • Caroline McKinney from Susan Honse, 112 Huntley Creek Ct, Erie, $144,900, home • Jared Nelson from Jeffrey Searing, 1246 Hickory Dr, Erie, $317,000, home • William & Mary Martin from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1125 Petras St, Erie, $326,700, home • Robert & Theresa Stjohn from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 537 Powers St, Erie, $400,000, home • Joshua Dillman from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1138 Mircos St, Erie, $308,900, home • Utpal Amin from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1120 Lasnik St, Erie, $357,900, home • Jill Anderson from Fannie Mae, 1647 Palmer Ln, Erie, $249,000, home • Shaun Hoobler from Fannie Mae, 1319 Stockton Dr, Erie, $214,900, home • Gregory Voss from Kevin Skeens, 1196 Hickory Way, Erie, $650,000, home • Beverly & Joseph Bertron from Six Point Erie Village LLC, 1111 Village Cir, Erie, $295,000, home Firestone • Jason Leapley from Glenn Tomchek, 11250 Dover St, Firestone, $217,500, home Fort Lupton • Perla Hernandez from Guadencio Flores, 1211 8th St, Fort Lupton, $127,500, home

Frederick • Colo Inc from Bl Leasing LLC, 4289 Commerce Dr, Frederick, $950,000, home Lyons • David Martin from David Janson, 616 Hickory Dr, Lyons, $80,000, home • Catherine Bonde from Lyons Glen LLC, 507 2nd Ave Unit11, Lyons, $238,000, condo Niwot • Lorene Cushman from Deutsche Bank Natl Trust Co, 8050 Niwot Rd Unit 22w, Niwot, $81,500, condo • Loren & Candace Donnell from Wellborn Ina M, 7177 Christopher Ct, Niwot, $388,000, home Foreclosures – notice of election and demand • Borrower: Ronald & Sheila Kelsey, Lender: US Bank NA F/K/A First Bank National, Amount: $62,991, Property: 320 S 3rd Ave, Ault, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: James & Janet Howard, Lender: PHH Mortgage Corporation, Amount: $252,140, Property: 360 Bunyan Ave, Berthoud, Filed: 11/19/10 • Borrower: Armando Miramontes, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC, Amount: $252,375, Property: 644 Munson Ct, Berthoud, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Cory & Marcy Braesch, Lender: HSBC Bank USA National Association, Amount: $516,990, Property: 2419 County Road 46, Berthoud, Filed: 11/23/10 • Borrower: Nicholas & Sarah Lundeen, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $191,616, Property: 4665 Wildgrass Pl, Dacono, Filed: 11/18/10 • Borrower: Sopheap & Luon Somkhit, Lender: Keybank National Association, Amount: $38,398, Property: 1101 Sunrise Cir, Dacono, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Robert & Audra Dunn, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $211,030, Property: 502 Sundance Cir, Dacono, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: Douglas Dalsbo, Lender: Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC As Servicer, Amount: $120,856, Property: 2800 Blue Sky Cir 2-106, Erie, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Danielle Richards, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $174,833, Property: 405 McClure Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/18/10

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

• Borrower: Guillermina Perez, Lender: Great Western Bank, Amount: $63,102, Property: 5905 Shenandoah Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Kevin Allen, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $104,554, Property: 158 Florence Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Robert & Reyne Messer, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $292,496, Property: 5975 Sparrow Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/23/10 • Borrower: Elva & Juan Garcia, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $238,814, Property: 800 S Broadway Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 11/18/10 • Borrower: Andres Castillo, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $141,111, Property: 358 Sunnyside Ln, Longmont, Filed: 11/18/10 • Borrower: Martha Van Wormer, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $99,065, Property: 1533 Kimbark St, Longmont, Filed: 11/18/10 • Borrower: James & Cheryl Beisel, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC, Amount: $269,633, Property: 1123 Columbia Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/19/10 • Borrower: James Morris & Marianna Lonergan, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $210,999, Property: 1826 Lashley St, Longmont, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Colleen Wadle & James Olson, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $177,580, Property: 2 University Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: David & Paula Hix, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $266,399, Property: 561 Peregrine Cir, Longmont, Filed: 11/19/10 • Borrower: Maelyn Madrid & Louis Garcia, Lender: PNC Bank National Association, Amount: $122,096, Property: 1332 Collyer St, Longmont, Filed: 11/19/10 • Borrower: Ronald & Carrie Olson, Lender: Firstbank, Amount: $124,019, Property: 831 S Terry St, Longmont, Filed: 11/19/10 • Borrower: Pamela Trepke, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC, Amount: $105,880, Property: 600 Mount Evans St, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: Gerardo Sifuentes, Lender: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, Amount: $199,404, Property: 1246 Fremont Ct, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: Robert Duran,


Lender: JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Amount: $242,300, Property: 1215 Reserve Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Thomas & Kathleen Forsyth, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $152,915, Property: 725 Hilltop St, Longmont, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Karen & Stanley Majorowski, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $223,890, Property: 165 Sunset St, Longmont, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Lisa Henry, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $173,433, Property: 231 River View Ct, Longmont, Filed: 11/23/10 • Borrower: Raul Pichardo, Lender: Federal National Mortgage Association, Amount: $235,559, Property: 106 Dawson Pl, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: David & Theresa Robinson, Lender: Beneficial Financial 1 Inc, Amount: $271,389, Property: 1920 Spruce Ave, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: Wendy & Robert Nelson, Lender: Federal National Mortgage Association, Amount: $203,895, Property: 806 Elliott St, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: Vicente Martinez, Lender: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, Amount: $178,000, Property: 1226 Autumn Ct, Longmont, Filed: 11/24/10 • Borrower: Abel Garcia, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $139,680, Property: 10407 Butte Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/18/10 • Borrower: Douglas Smith, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $187,112, Property: 5846 County Road 18, Longmont, Filed: 11/19/10 • Borrower: Wendy Layden, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $314,678, Property: 920 Mccalls Aly, Lyons, Filed: 11/18/10 • Borrower: Marla Williams, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $412,519, Property: 280 Dry Hollow Ct, Lyons, Filed: 11/22/10 • Borrower: Margaret Forbess, Lender: Citibank NA As Trustee, Amount: $168,006, Property: 866 Elliott St, Longmont, Filed: 11/05/10 • Borrower: Tiffany Morrison, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $166,134, Property: 742 Cameron Ln, Longmont, Filed: 11/10/10


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

December 4, 2010


3425 Gallatin

315 Cattail Ct



$69,240 Or Best Offer! Spacious 4 Bed, 2 Ba ranch home w/open

$249,900 25-149693


floor plan in the Longview Community. Front porch facing east, backs to open space w/mtn views from deck, AC & sky lights.



AV 00 S




Open Sat & Sun 12-4 W


1345 Bluemoon Dr.


Open Sat. 12-4




By Appointment Only








Longmont 3425 Gallatin • 303-502-5338 49-160522

Open Sat & Sun 12-4

503 Collyer Street

1403 Bluemoon Dr. Longmont




Beautiful Historical Old Town Property is a must see! 3 Bd/2ba, 2,713 sqft. See Details at:

Cory Dudley • Old Town Real Estate Co • (303) 776-4004


$239,000 Low-Maintenance Townhome, 1,559 sq.ft. 2 Bed + Lofted Study, 3 Bath, 2 Car Attached Garage. Built Green, Energy Star Rated

Historic Old Town Longmont



SW Longmont

Natasha Biggs - Blue Vista Sales - 303-652-7949

349 Eagle Court


Open Sat & Sun. 11-5 1538 Venice Ln

SELLER WILL PAY UP TO 3% OF CLOSING COSTS! 3 bed, 3 bath, 2200 sq. ft. See

Open Sat 1-3

Sandy Taylor/Keller Williams • 303-776-3200



Shadow Grass Park • • 303-776-3331

Be sure to come see this lovely patio home in Fox Hill. This 2 story home with finished basement is in lovely condition. Walk to the golf course. Owner will consider lease option. No HOA fees.

Gloria Wilson • RE/MAX Traditions • 303-775-8832



1756 SF 2BR + Study 2BA. Partial Basement, Corner Lot. 2 ½ Car Garage. Low Maintenance Community!

$305,000 Nicely maintained 2 Story with walk-out Basement. 3 bedrooms plus main floor office; 4 baths. Remodeled kitchen; 3 car garage. Outstanding views of entire front range.

1243 Hummingbird Cir.

$327,000 Get an additional $7,500 seller credit if closed before 2011.


3 Beds, 3 Baths, 2074 Sq Ft. Meticulously maintained by original owners, move in ready!

Kathryn Brantmeyer/Remax Alliance • 720-530-0055

Marty Quigley/ERA Herman Group • 720-350-7638 49-160524

MLS# 643382

Open Sat 1-3 612 Rider Ridge 49-160523

Open Sat 12-2

1296 Square Feet. 2 Bedrooms + Study, 2 Baths. Fully Landscaped, 2+ Car Garage. Low Maintenance Community!

Shadow Grass Park • • 303-776-3331

Get a full color picture of your open house, the open house hours, address, price and your name and phone number featured at the top of our popular Open House Grid!





ERA Herman Group/Quigley


$165,000 Longmont 229 Bross Unit A


Keller Williams/Willson


$199,600 Lafayette 765 Shallot Circle

11-12:30 Coldwell Banker Residential/Smith 303-772-7478



Boulder Creek Builders



$259,900 Longmont 1243 Hummingbird Circle 12-4

Blue Vista Sales/Biggs


$180,000 Longmont 1043 Gay St

10:30-2 Coldwell Banker Residential/Pereira 303-772-7478

$268,500 Longmont 349 Eagle Court


Keller Williams/Taylor


$199,900 Longmont 950 Granite


Coldwell Banker Residential/Larson 303-772-7478

$295,000 Longmont 1403 Bluemoon Dr


Shadow Grass Park


$239,000 Longmont 1538 Venice Ln


Boulder Creek Builders


$305,000 Longmont 612 Rider Ridge


Remax Traditions/Wilson


$249,900 Longmont 315 Cattail Ct


Remax Alliance/Brantmeyer


$327,000 Longmont 1245 Bluemoon Dr


Shadow Grass Park


$295,000 Longmont 1403 Bluemoon Dr


Shadow Grass Park


$365,000 Berthoud


Coldwell Banker Residential/Torres 303-772-7478

$327,000 Longmont 1345 Bluemoon Dr


Shadow Grass Park


$379,000 Longmont 503 Collyer St


Old Town Real Estate/Dudley


$379,000 Longmont 503 Collyer St


Old Town Real Estate/Dudley


$672,000 Longmont 511 Little Fox Ct


Coldwell Banker Residential/King


$1,398,000 Boulder


Wright Kingdom/Sugg


$239,000 Longmont 1538 Venice Ln

4109 Meining Rd

- Only 4 spots available per week on a first-come basis -

ONLY $49! CALL 303-776-2244 Location


2847 4th St




Visit to map your home tour 49-158974

Home and Real Estate Weekly  

A weekly publication focusing on the home and real estate

Home and Real Estate Weekly  

A weekly publication focusing on the home and real estate