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November 7, 2009

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Bringing Fall


First-time home buyer tax credit will be extended

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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009

DIY or go pro? Try stylish, sustainable fall interior design ideas

Fall’s Colorful Bounty Article Resource Association

When you think of the colors associated with fall, green doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Environmentally speaking, however, it should. There’s no better time than now to lessen your home’s impact on the environment and change the way you decorate and live. So, why not go green this fall? It’s not nearly as difficult to become earth-friendly as you might think. “From products that contribute to good indoor air quality to ones that truly reflect the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra, the number of affordable green interior decorating products has literally exploded within the past five years,” says Donna Schroeder, Dutch Boy color marketing and design manager. These days, you can find stylish, eco-friendly design elements for every room in the house. And, contrary to popular belief, going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for sustainability. The two can coexist

quite effortlessly. You can start simple by dressing your bed in luxurious sheets, throws and comforters made from fabrics such as rich, renewable bamboo or soft, organic cotton. Cover your floors with formaldehyde-free carpets constructed of recycled fibers or select a natural material, like stone, slate or even concrete. Then, hang energy-efficient window treatments with high insulation and shading properties. Don’t stop there. Spice up your tired sofa with a design-forward slipcover and throw pillows crafted from 100 percent recycled materials. Add bright recycled glass plates and serving pieces to your china cabinet. Buy furniture made from sustainably harvested wood or, better yet, visit local secondhand shops and repurpose. Or, look around your own home and see what you already have that can be adapted for a new use. You’d be surprised what a little creativity and some good old-fashioned elbow grease can do.

Kristi Ritter

If you’re looking to add bold, fun color, paint fits perfectly into this overall green scheme. It’s an inexpensive, effective and, most importantly, environmentally-minded way to change the look and feel of an entire room. Many paint manufacturers now offer coatings that contain few, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or vapors that are released from paint as it dries. Using paints formulated without VOCs, such as Dutch Boy’s new Refresh interior paint with exclusive odor-eliminating Arm & Hammer technology, takes your home one step closer to reducing your environmental impact while leaving your interior looking fresh, modern and filled with personality. Keep in mind that greening your home, inside or out, doesn’t happen in a matter of minutes or even overnight. It’s an ongoing process. The limit to how green your home can be is up to how willing you are to adjust your lifestyle. The choice is yours.

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Do-it-yourself home improvement projects continue to be popular. After all, it can save money and be satisfying. But not all projects should be DIY. There are a number of things to consider before picking up a tool belt. Home improvement experts recommend you ask yourself these questions: • Do I really have the skills and knowledge to take on this project? You may be able to install a light fixture, but that doesn’t mean you can put up drywall if you’ve never done it before. • Can I do a quality job? Some projects require more skill and experience than others. Make sure you feel confident in your ability to do a job you can be proud of. Poor quality work not only detracts from the look of a home, it can actually hurt the value. • Do I have the time to do this? Experts recommend that DIYers double the amount of time a project is supposed to take. Do you have that kind of time to invest? • Will I actually finish the project? Many homeowners start a project with great enthusiasm. But as time goes on and problems arise, the project gets overwhelming and often gets left unfinished. • Can I do this by myself? If your project calls for more than one person, do you have a ready assistant who has the time and the skills to help? • If the project requires permits, can I get them on my own? Some projects, or parts of projects, may require building permits. Call your local building authority to find out exactly what permits are required and how to get them. They can also tell you which aspects of the project require a licensed professional. • Do I have the right tools? If not, can you borrow or rent them at a reasonable rate. Trying to make-do with the wrong tools will hurt the quality of your project, and could hurt you. • What’s the real cost of doing it myself? It’s about more than just the supplies on a project list. Take into consideration things like gloves, safety goggles, tools you don’t own and your time. You may also want to figure in the damage factor – what it costs to do things over or repair damage done in the process. Will it really save you money? • Is it safe for me to do this? Lack of knowledge, experience and the right safety equipment can raise the risk of injury. If your home is older, it might contain hazardous materials like asbestos or lead-based paint. You should always have a professional do that kind of removal work.

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– Family Features

On the Cover Choosing colors for your home with a fall palette. See above. (ARA)

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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Winterizing checklist

Prepare your home for winter weather By Daelena Tinnin Longmont Times-Call

The frigid winter months can take a toll on your home. Heating bills go up, pipes may freeze and more time spent indoors can mean higher energy usage. Luckily, upgrades and simple do-ityourself projects can reduce winter energy costs and get your home ready for whatever the cold may bring. Before rushing to the nearest home or appliance store, homeowners should start by getting a home energy audit or analysis – this can be a do-it-yourself project or through a professional auditor. These tools help to determine the energy performance of the home, recommend ways to increase energy efficiency and estimate the potential savings with energy efficient upgrades. James Evig, sales manager at Budget Home Center in Longmont, recommends some quick and easy things you can do. “These are all things that any homeowner should be able to do,� Evig says. First, weather strip doors to keep the cool air out and the hot air in can reduce heating costs. Re-caulking doors and windows or using plastic coverings can also help to seal any cracks from wear and tear throughout the

year. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, reducing drafts can mean 5 to 30 percent in potential energy savings a year. Also, remember to replace your furnace filter. “You should replace your furnace filter at least twice a year,� Evig says. When furnace filters become dirty they reduce the energy efficiency of the home’s heating and air conditioning system. To help reduce heating bills, Evig suggests insulation. “Adding insulation to the attic is probably the easiest to do.� Insulation is also one of the most cost effective ways to improve home energy efficiency. A pre-winter home checklist could also include replacing some of those old appliances. In a typical home, appliances and home electronics account for about 20 percent of the bills. Chris Ramirez, who works in sales at Lynn Cunningham Appliance in Longmont, says Energy Star appliances are the way to go to reduce energy costs. Energy Star refrigerators, clothes washers and dishwashers help the environment and the bills. The City of Longmont Power and Communications and United Power offer rebates for Energy Star appliances and a new cash for clunkers style program on appliances will begin

late this fall. And don’t forget, using Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs save on energy costs and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. For some extra energy and time savings, homeowners can also clean their dryer vents to get rid of lint buildup which increases dry time and presents a potential fire hazard. “Some customers have told us it cuts the dry time by almost half, even with a load of towels,� Ramirez says. Clothes

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dryers are usually the secondlargest electricity consumer after refrigerators and reducing their annual operating costs could save energy and money during the winter months. As energy prices continue to rise, being smart and efficient about energy usage pays in more ways than one. Winter may not have officially started yet, but it’s never too early to get energy-efficient ready for the chilly months ahead.


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For more ways to get your home winter ready check out these tips from Precision Plumbing and Heating in Longmont. • Test your furnace before it gets cold, it should be tuned up yearly. • Protect your hot water system from possible freezing by adding propylene glycol. • Leave your heat on at 60 degrees if you leave home in the winter. • Turn off all interior valves for each outdoor faucet and open the outdoor faucet. • Remove, drain and store garden hoses. • Replace batteries in flashlights in case of power outages. • Test all smoke detectors, replace batteries and if possible install smoke detectors that are also carbon monoxide detectors. • Make sure your house number is well lit and clearly legible from the street. • Clean gutters several times – don’t wait until the end of fall. • If possible insulate any pipes and heating ducts that run through unheated crawlspaces or attics.

Weather stripping doors, top, is a great thing to do this time of year. Above, remember to switch out your furnace filter. Left, upgrading to energy efficient appliances will save you money. (Courtesy Lynn Cunningham Appliances)




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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009

Chandeliers add drama

Staging your home for sale

Family Features

Chandeliers aren’t just for grand ballrooms or even formal dining rooms anymore. They come in so many styles and sizes that they can add a touch of drama to any room in the house. Size matters when selecting a chandelier, according to Mary Beth Gotti, a lighting expert with GE Consumer & Industrial. She points out there is a simple way to make sure the fixture is not too large or too small for your room. Just measure the length and width of the room, in feet. Add the two numbers together and the sum should equal the diameter of the chandelier, in inches. In the dining room, however, a chandelier should be scaled to the size of the table, not the room. It should be no greater than the width of the table minus 12 to 20 inches, to prevent anyone from bumping into it. How high off the table should a chandelier be hung? “Typically, you’ll find them 30 to 36 inches above the top of the table, depending on the ceiling height,” Gotti says. Gotti suggests that lighting from a chandelier that beams directly down on your guests from above can cast unflattering shadows. The heat from bulbs directly overhead should also be considered. She offered these tips: • Avoid high wattage bulbs as they will increase the heat and can increase the potential for glare. • Consider decorative compact fluorescent decorative lamps to reduce watts and extend lamp life. • Try adding shades to chandelier candelabra bulbs or a wall dimmer to help control the light and set a comfortable mood. • For extra sparkle, consider installing small recessed downlights on either side of the chandelier. The right light in the right fixture will create the look you really want.

Use decorative bulbs in chandeliers, sconces, bathroom fixtures – anywhere the bulb is visible. With decorative bulbs, the bulb is just as dazzling as the light it creates. Superior halogen technology allows GE bulbs to deliver the highest quality of light that’s long-lasting and energy-efficient. Clear bulbs can provide glitter, but can also be sources of glare if exposed. Dimming can reduce glare and provide lighting flexibility or “scenes” for various events. Coated bulbs or coated compact fluorescent bulbs provide more diffused light, re-

ducing harsh shadows. Now that you have the measurement details and proper bulb selection mastered, the biggest challenge will be selecting among the dazzling fixtures available. Whether it’s a Mission-style fixture hanging in the den surrounded by quarter-sawn oak bookcases, a chrome fixture with geometric glass elements hanging in a modern master bedroom, or simply a junk-store find adding a splash of whimsy to a shabby chic apartment – chandeliers can be the crowning star of a room’s décor.

Tips for clearing the air in your home Control formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that evaporate at room temperature, giving off irritating fumes that cause asthma flare-ups. “Everything from the furniture you buy to cleaning solvents to paint may have formaldehyde and other kinds of VOCs with these off-gassing properties,” says Mike Tringale, director of external affairs at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. “Particle board or pressed wood is often finished or treated with some kind

of formaldehyde preservative.” These fumes dissipate throughout time, so don’t hesitate to ask furniture, carpet or flooring dealers to allow a product to off-gas for a couple of weeks or so before delivery. Consider storing it in your garage before bringing it into the house, and provide good ventilation in your home at all times.

Staging is the buzzword these days. When selling a home, it is suggested the home be staged for a better or quicker sale. The idea behind staging is to make the home look uncluttered and as professionally decorated as possible so it appears fresh and inviting to potential buyers. If the home is vacant, a professional stager will put furniture and accessories in to make the home more inviting. If the home is occupied, a stager can come clean up, straighten, add accessories and rearrange furniture to make the rooms open and appealing. Having a home professionally staged can cost a lot of money, but there are ways you can do it yourself. Let’s explore the possibilities. Start by “window shopping” model homes. Visit homes professionally decorated that are up for sale to see how the professionals do it. Check out the bathrooms and see how clean and inviting they are. Look at the kitchen to see what is being displayed, such as plants and homey cookbooks; and what generally isn’t displayed, such as small appliances and cutting boards. Notice how most model homes are neutrally colored and decorated. Neutral tones such as beige and tan are naturally appealing to the general public. If bold colors appeal to some people, pastels might appeal more to others. The bold aficionados will be turned off by the pastel colors and visa versa – hence, the neutral theme. When de-cluttering, be sure to remove some personal items such as extra family photos. An overabundance of photos on flat surfaces, shelves and walls can be over the top with buyers. Grooming supplies in the bathrooms also must go. Instead, display unused scented or fancy soaps, towels tied with ribbon, perhaps two or three candles on the edge of the tub. Place a variety of greens/plants in a few rooms; natural ones are best. If there are flowers growing in your yard, cut and display some in the house. The outside of your home is obviously the first thing people see. Check to be sure the house paint is in good condition. Also, the front door is essential when it comes to presenting a welcome facade, so be sure it is well painted and in good condition. Perhaps place a pot of yellow flowers by the door. Lastly, clean and well-manicured landscaping is essential. Be sure the house, both inside and out, is clean. Hire a professional cleaning company if necessary. The windows should be sparkling, the baseboards should be free of dust, and the shelves meticulously cleaned. If necessary, hire a cleaner to spiff up your house weekly to be sure that every open house is well received. These ideas might cost you a bit, but a well-staged home has been proven to sell quicker and get a better selling price than a home that is left in an unprofessional clutter. – Rosemary Sadez Friedmann


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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009

Tips for getting foreclosure deals

Keeping healthy plants Spider mite webbing on houseplants suggests humidity levels are too low. Mist the affected foliage and take steps to increase air moisture. A humidifier works well. Grouping plants together will also raise humidity levels. In addition, you can place pots on trays filled with gravel or river stones and water. The plants must sit above the water line and will still need watering. – The Washington Post 48-136778

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By Tracey C. Velt

Foreclosure. It seems like half the country is in it and the other half is trying to make a killing on it. The number of foreclosed homes staggers the imagination and with more adjustable-rate loans about to reset, the end is nowhere in sight. The crisis, however, provides the opportunity to purchase a house that was all but impossible for many to afford in the boom years. But there are many pitfalls and a hasty buyer can end up in a quagmire. With investors flocking to capitalize on discounted properties, good deals usually go fast. It’s unrealistic to think you’re going to get a pristine property in a prime location for 50 percent less than area comparables. But 20 percent under the neighborhood market is possible. If you’re a potential foreclosure buyer, the obvious place to start is price and condition. But there’s far more to it. Consider these tips to get your best deal. “This can happen two different ways,” says Sean O’Toole, founder and CEO of “The underpriced properties get a ton of activity and go quickly, but you can really get a better deal on an overpriced property,” he says. An overpriced property will generally get little interest and may sit on the market for a year or more. Therefore, when someone actually makes an offer, the bank may act on it quickly. “For the home buyer who’s up for the challenge, it can mean getting a property at less than market value,” says Aaron Lewis, broker/owner of The Lewis Team at Prudential California Realty in Turlock, Calif. He offers this example: “If the home is listed at $170,000 and needs $10,000 worth of repairs, take a look at comparable properties in the area. If the house would be worth $200,000 with the repairs done, then you’re getting a $200,000 property for $180,000 and that’s a great deal.” To move properties more

quickly, says F.F. “Chappy” Adams, president of Illustrated Properties, in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., “lenders are often making significant repairs, replacing major items or offering repair assistance.” That alone may make the home, once repaired, a good investment down the road. “A good neighborhood supports your home value over time,” Lewis says. How do you determine that? In addition to scouring the neighborhoods for well-kept yards, easy access to shopping and short work commute times, look at school scores, says Lewis. “A good school district will usually help housing hold its value over the years.”

“If you can purchase homes needing rehab work at significantly lower prices (than those homes that don’t need work), complete the work yourself and build instant equity, then you’re ahead of the game.” – F.F. “Chappy” Adams, president of Illustrated Properties, in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Check out the number of foreclosures in the neighborhood as well. “If there are a lot of homes in one neighborhood that are in foreclosure, be wary,” says Jim Mazziotti, broker/owner of EXIT Realty Bend in Bend, Ore. “Values may still be declining there.” Adams, whose company has a department that handles only bank-owned properties, says “Some lenders are favoring cash transactions over finance purchases and taking deeper discounts to sell the property.” If cash is not an option for you, it’s important to get prequalified for a loan so you can

react quickly once you find a home. You can look for the best interest rate by searching Bankrate’s mortgage rate tables, then contact the lender to get pre-approved. Particularly for a cash buyer, this strategy makes a lot of sense. “Make your offer at the end of a month, quarter or year,” says O’Toole. “Many times, banks will want to get deals closed and off the books. So, consider making a November or December offer and highlight the fact that you can close by Dec. 31,” he says. You can get a lower price simply because it works for the bank’s timing. Many times listing agents – who often get 20 or more properties from the bank to list at one time – simply don’t have the time or manpower to include every detail about every house in their online marketing. “An REO (real estate-owned) broker may run out to the house, take a look around the inside and snap a few photos of the outside, but they may not mention in the online listing that the home has a beautiful backyard and upgraded landscaping,” O’Toole says. It pays to do more than simply check out the property online. If the property meets your criteria for size, number of bedrooms and neighborhood, go see it in person. And, says Adams, “Always have a licensed home inspector check out the home.” With REO properties, go directly to the listing agent, who has the relationship with the bank asset manager, who approves or denies the sale. Or, find a real estate professional who works extensively in the foreclosure arena who will have more experience in bank-owned properties. The bottom line: When it comes to buying a foreclosure, home buyers need to throw emotion out the window and think like an investor. “If you can purchase homes needing rehab work at significantly lower prices (than those homes that don’t need work), complete the work yourself and build instant equity, then you’re ahead of the game,” Adams says.

m11/6/2009yTCkkritter November 7, 2009

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


Tackle allergens in the Punch bowl set worth plenty home By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson Scripps Howard News Service

Dear Helaine and Joe: Enclosed are pictures of a 14-piece punch bowl set. It is in perfect condition. I know it has been in my family since at least 1923 and perhaps before that. I plan to pass it on to my daughter and would like for her to know the insurance replacement value. Can you help me? Sincerely, G. H., Durham Dear G. H.: We receive a lot of questions about Nippon porcelain each year, but most of the items are rather ordinary, and in a declining market for this type of ware, not very valuable. However, the set in today’s question is quite beautiful and rather extraordinary. This set – and it is amazing that the entire set still exists in excellent condition – is marked with the letter “M” in a wreath with the words “Hand Painted” above and “Nippon” underneath. The story of Nippon porcelain starts in the U.S. Congress when the McKinley Tariff Act was passed in 1890. It required that all items exported to the United States be marked with the country of origin. The law went into effect in 1891 and at that time goods made in England were marked England, those made

in France were marked France, those made in Germany were marked Germany and so on. The Japanese chose to mark their export items with the name of their country – Nippon, and from 1891 to 1921 their porcelain wares were so marked. After that it became Japan or Made in Japan. The company we now call Noritake can trace its origins back to a trading company named Morimura-Kumi, founded in Tokyo in 1876. But it was not until 1904 that the Nippon Toki Kaisha Ltd firm was registered in Noritake, Japan. The 14 pieces mentioned in the letter are the two handled punch bowl, the base on which the punch bowl rests, and 12 cups without handles that are shaped something like saucer champagne glasses. Looking at the photograph, we do not see any wear whatsoever to the gold (which is remarkable) and the painted areas seem to show no signs of abrasion. There may have been a ladle at one time, but we doubt it. It is rare to find a Nippon Noritake punch bowl set completely intact, and we feel that the insurance replacement value is between $1,500 and $2,000.

Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson are the authors of “Price It Yourself” (HarperResource, $19.95). Contact them at Treasures in Your Attic, PO Box 27540, Knoxville, TN 37927. Email them at

Article Resource Association

If sneezing, sniffling and coughing are frequent sounds in your house, don’t worry, you’re not alone in trying to find ways to stop them. An estimated 50 million people suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies in the United States, costing Americans nearly seven billion dollars annually, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Asthma and allergy triggers – called allergens – accumulate in unexpected places throughout your home. Furniture, bedding, curtains, drapes and carpeting can each house dust mites, pet dander and outside allergens entering through the windows. Here are some tips from appliance manufacturer LG Electronics to reduce the number of allergens. • Use washable floor mats, and run them through the laundry once a week to remove small food particles. • Don’t let damp towels pile up as mold and mites can spread quickly. • Pet beds hold a lot of dander. Give them

their own sleeping area somewhere in the house that isn’t a bedroom. • Make sure your wash cycle removes allergens. • Replace your mattresses every 10 years, and vacuum them regularly. • Use washable slipcovers on couches if you have pets to help control pet dander. • Consider purchasing more products, including kids’ toys and table linens, that are machine washable. • Draperies can also harbor allergens. Use vertical blinds or other easy-to-clean window treatments instead. “While removing allergens like dust mites and pet dander in your house won’t cure your allergies, it certainly will help you protect your family by reducing their exposure to these asthma and allergy triggers,” says Mike Tringale, director of external affairs for AAFA. “By designing a special wash cycle that meets our standards, LG has created a tool that can help Americans in their efforts to reduce their exposure to allergens throughout the home.”

Trends that will make your kitchen cook Do you feel drab when dishing up dinner? Bored during breakfast? Here are some hot trends to spice up your kitchen. • Freestyle. Because we’re spending more time in our kitchens, there is a move away from the all-or-nothing “fitted” look of continuous counters. Look for more freestanding pieces of furniture or features with furniture-like qualities, such as a cabriole leg holding up

a kitchen counter. • Artistic upgrades. In the ongoing effort to customize kitchens, almost anything goes. Now range hoods are works of art, literally. Already beautiful as well as functional, hoods can now be customized with panels you choose. • Going green. Eco-friendly products aren’t going to go out of style anytime soon. And now there are more ways that you can

go green in the kitchen, too, from energy-efficient dishwashers to environmentally sound flooring options. • Asian fusion. With international style so popular at home, it’s no wonder that the Asian influence is still going strong. • refrigerator drawers and dishwasher drawers, and say hello to the microwave drawer. – HGTV

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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009

First-time home buyer tax credit will be extended Ilyce Glink Tribune Media Services

It looks like the $8,000 bet many existing homeowners made is going to pay off. Senate negotiators announced during the last week of October that they had come to an agreement on extending and slightly expanding the extremely popular $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit. The existing $8,000 credit will be extended until June 30, 2010, for contracts that are finalized by April 30. Homeowners who lived in their homes for five consecutive years throughout the past eight years, will get a tax credit of up to $6,500 as long as they finalize their home purchase contract by April 30 and close by June 30. Members of the Armed Forces who are on active duty for at least 90 days in 2008 or 2009 have until April 30, 2011 to claim the tax credit as either first-time buyers or trade-up buyers. To protect against fraud, you must be 18 years of age or older to claim the credit (a 4-year old had claimed the credit as a first-time

buyer because her parents already owned a home), and a HUD-1 settlement statement must be attached to the tax filing. Finally, the IRS will have greater oversight during the processing of forms, rather than waiting to audit them. The income limits for the tax credit have been raised to $125,000 for individuals and up to $225,000 for married couples. The $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit was due to expire on Nov. 30, 2009. Originally, the White House said it would be in favor of simply extending the tax credit for first-time buyers through the winter selling season, which is typically slower than the rest of the year. But the latest new home sales figures from the Commerce Department caught everyone by surprise: New home sales for September dropped a surprising 3.5 percent, to an annualized 402,000 sales for 2009. Economists were expecting new home sales to rise about 5 percent.

The new annualized sales figure is about the lowest on record. Up until the Commerce Department report, senators were arguing about whether an extension or expansion of the tax credit was needed. The cost, about $17 billion, is unpopular with some taxpayers who believe the federal deficit shouldn’t be inflated any more than it already is. But the Realtor, mortgage banker and home builder trade groups have been pushing Congress and the White House for months, arguing that without an extension and expansion of the $8,000 tax credit, existing and new home sales were destined to fall flat. The new home sales number seems to be the “magic bullet” senators and lobbyists were hoping to find. The deal, which had been in negotiation for weeks, came together quickly. In a press conference, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan said they “welcome efforts taken by Congress to extend the first time

home buyers tax credit for a limited period. This credit has brought new families into the housing market and contributed to three consecutive months of rising home prices nationwide.” Mindful that the IRS has testified that as many as 100,000 taxpayers have fraudulently applied for the credit, Geithner and Donovan urged Congress “to include strict measures to combat tax fraud and protect responsible homeowners.” While everyone is celebrating the extension and expansion of the $8,000 tax credit, don’t forget what it says about the U.S. housing market: It’s fragile and weak. Ilyce R. Glink’s latest ebooks are “Divorce and Your Finances” and “The Clutter Collector: How to Get Rid of Clutter Everywhere In Your House,” which are available at her Web site, If you have questions, you can call her radio show at 800-972-8255 any Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST. You can also write to Real Estate Matters Syndicate, P.O. Box 366, Glencoe, IL 60022 or contact her through her Web site,


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803 Sumner Street

MOUNTAIN VIEWS from this beautiful home on the park! Big kitchen w/ stainless apps, nice tile, granite island. Large master w/ sitting area, lux bath. Nicely landscaped yard w/ covered porch, sandstone patio. Walk to great schools. $529,000

PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP IS obvious in this beautiful home on an exceptional 90 ft wide lot in Old Town. Great light w/large classic windows, inclu. atrium doors from dining area to large deck overseeing the expansive back yard. Brick construction w/hrdwd on main lvl. Lrg fin. bsmt w/daylight windows & a separate ent. Lrg office downstairs could be 4th bedroom. Shows great! Don't miss it! $253,000

Maynard Team 720-564-6049

Marty Sugg 303-588-9441

1528 Naples Lane

1513 19th Avenue

1233 S. Terry Street

5093 Nelson Road

EXTRAORDINARY! In a private, wooded setting, this lovely all-brick Georgian has 5BR/4BA and rests on a spectacular .84 ac cul-de-sac lot adjoining creek/trails/ pond. Cherry/Corian kit, generous room sizes, hardwood flrs, 3G. $824,900

SW LONGMONT. 3 beds + loft up, Jack & Jill bath, nice views. Main floor master w/ 5 pc bath. Corian counters, woods in kitchen & dining. Surround sound & pre-wire for security. Fin bsmt w/ rec. room, ¾ bath, 13’x10’ office/work rm. Easy-care yard w/ apple trees. $359,900

WONDERFUL HOME with many remodeling projects completed, including a beautiful master bath, another 3/4 bath, much of the lighting, and much more. Spacious Liv Rm / Din Area has wd frpl & vaulted ceiling for open feeling. Covered patio is on the south side & very private. Den, 3rd BR & 3/4 bath are on separate lower level. $232,000

UPDATED FOUR BED, 2 bath home in great school district, one block from park! Updates including new double-paned windows, gutters, interior/ exterior paint, carpet, appliances, and more! Wood floors throughout main level. Spacious, fully fenced backyard! $204,000

GREAT LOCATION, FABULOUS SWEEPING VIEWS, 2.3 acres. Small ranch home-potential to update or expand. 2 car gar /artist’s studio. Horses, farm animals or organic vegetable farm! $330,000

Bonnie Burkhart 303-541-1902

Maynard Team 720-564-6049

Mike Moger 303-541-1920

Rachel Weinberg 303.541.1913

Donna Jensen 303-588-3603

2266 Mariner Drive

1523 Onyx Circle

6328 Waxwing Court

NIWOT MAGNIFICENT HOME IN NIWOT! Exquisite details, glorious views, stateof-the-art kitchen with Viking Prof. gas range, wood floors on main, front & back stairs, 5 Bd, 7 Baths, lg covered porch, beautiful landscaping. 5669 SF. $1,250,000 Barbie Rieger 303-541-1946 HIGH ON A HILL in Somerset Estates Views of the front range,plains, city lights and more. Recent update to the kitchen and the entire master bedroom . Hardwood floors entire main floor. Gracious living in this French Country Manor home. $1,895,000 Jerry Curry 303-541-1936


8318 Pawnee Lane

11040 Zion

.4 ACRE BUILDING SITE, BACKS TO GOLF COURSE WITH GREAT VIEWS of Long’s Peak. Site allows for a walkout basement. Easy access to I-25 & Hwy119. $219,900 Martin Sugg 303-541-1925

6014 Brigadoon Drive

QUIET AND SERENE LOCATION! End unit backing to Coal Creek, beautiful large trees & miles of open space. Dead end road w/no traffic. Loads of natural light. Living area fireplace. Great condition w/all appli. included. Great neighbors in small complex-no one above or below. Easy walk to Old Town Erie and new Rec Center and shops. Truly a unique opportunity! $169,900 Kate Kellet 303-541-1932 DRAMATIC 2-STORY WINDOWS in liv/din room. Fabulous kitchen open to the family room. Kitchen noon opens to deck, patio and beautifully landscaped yard. Excellent views! Full basement with 9 ft ceilings. $419,900 Aggie Sobol 303-885-9806

LAFAYETTE VERY RARE FIND! Wonderful home on ¾ of an acre! Privacy! Views of mountains from entire property! Prof land yard w/mature trees & tree house. Detached 3 car garage – perfect for workshop! Wrap-around sunroom w/views. 4 bdrms/2 baths. $460,000 Janet Borchert 720-263-3215 SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY to live in this beautiful 6 bdrm, 5 ba custom home in desirable Indian Peaks West! Great flowing flr plan w/many upgrades & custom features throughout. Great kit. w/solid granite counters, cherry cabinets, stainless steel appli. opening to spacious 2-story fm rm soaked in sunlight. Move right in! $849,500 Dan Kingdom 303-588-1717 4.77 ACRES w/fantastic full front range & countryside views includes: 4 BR 2 bath brick home, 960 sq.ft. metal outbuilding, silo, shed, small tree farm & orchard. 72 acres to the west and north is Boulder County open space. The property is subject to a conservation easement. Property does have a well but does not have a permitted septic system-being sold AS IS. $329,900 Rob Justis 720-564-6061

SUPERIOR ONE OF A KIND HOME! Upgrades incl. unique flr to ceiling stone fireplace w/custom mantel in fam. rm; extensive crown molding; plantation shutters; remodeled baths w/travertine tile & upgraded sinks; designer paint; Scottish stained glass windows in entry; newer carpet & exterior paint; updated fixtures, gourmet kitchen w/42” cabinets, slab granite & tile backsplash; fin. bsmt! $598,500 Mark Reuter 720-564-6016

LYONS WOW! COMPLETELY REDONE & STUNNING MODULAR HM. Brazilian walnut hardwood flrs, Kit w/all new cabinets, granite counters, SS appls, cozy breakfast rm overlooking pond & open space. 2 decks, 2 car gar, vaulted ceilings, 3 skylights, ceiling fans, custom molding on windows & doors, fresh paint- BETTER THAN NEW! . $79,900

Donna Jensen 720-564-6065

BREATHTAKING VIEWS OF MCINTOSH LAKE AND TWIN PEAKS Lovely 5bd/5ba/3car in The Shores. Grand Master Suite with fireplace and private deck. Theatre room in basement, all equip. stays. Park like back yard backing to Oligarchy. $700,000

Dene Yarwood 303-808-0076

FRENCH COUNTRY/CRAFTSMAN with huge yard backing to Conservation Easement. Mn flr master suite w/fireplacelrg walk in closet. Chef’s kit w/granite/stainless. Three beds up w/bths. Mn flr study/2nd flr loft. Garden lvl bsmt. Prof. landscaped w/water feature. Fabulous home! $1,095,000

SPACIOUS RANCH ON 1 ACRE JUST NORTH OF BOULDER. Open floorplan – large, remodeled kitchen is centered between family and living rooms. Huge 3 car garage plus shop. Beautifully landscaped lot with mature trees. Large deck and covered porch. Country living minutes from Boulder, Niwot, and County open space. $549,000

POSSIBLY THE BEST HOME SITE IN THIS PRICE RANGE, nearly an acre, corner location w/lots of room between this charming ranch & its neighbors. Turn this simple and comfortable ranch into your dream home. $448,500

Dene Yarwood 303-808-0076

Charlie Matzen 303-541-1903

Chuck Oppermann 303-541-1919

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE VALUE! Serious price reduction! Where else can you find a rock-solid built custom ranch w/panoramic foothill and Longs Peak views on 40 ACRES at this price?? Main level master, wall of windows in living rm., plenty of storage, separate 1 & 2 car garages. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Over 2500 fin. sq. ft. Come on up! $499,000 Gary Savarese 720-564-6001

BERTHOUD FABULOUS BUILDING SITE IN PARADISE VALLEY ESTATES. This 4.58 acre lot features wonderful front range mountain views and is just minutes from Lone Tree Reservoir and Carter Lake. Water tap and soil report are included in this price! Easy access to Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont and Boulder. Builder plans available to be purchased from Seller. $269,900 Janet Borchert 303-263-3215 43-135437

m11/6/2009yTCkkritter November 7, 2009

ent spot of the yard where they weren’t disturbed. Joy turned to horror when harvesting the first to ripen – it had been attacked from behind. Savaged beyond repair, the gourd had been completely hollowed out, as if the squirrel planned to use it for a diorama. Protection was needed and I opted for the second type of squirrel control: cages of small mesh wire. These worked well, the 1-inch mesh keeping the pumpkins whole. I grew complacent, believing the squirrel was thwarted. But the lull was just the rodent changing gears, popping up where I least expected it: in the garlic. Squirrels are known for their love bulbs. To protect them, we lay chicken wire on the ground under the mulch so the marauding mammals can’t dig them up. Squirrels and their ilk aren’t supposed to like garlic or any of the allium clan; this is why they’re recommended for areas where rodents are a problem. Chicken wire works in a bulb bed, but on a raised bed where other edible plants need room meant getting new ideas about management. I turned to the experts whose suggestion was: “place crushed garlic in the area to repel squirrels.” How helpful. We have a bushy-tailed Ratatouille pulling up garlic like it’s cooking an Italian meal, and the experts want me to peel and crush the cloves for it. Instead, I’m back to chicken wire, but temporarily. Stapled over the top of the bed walls, it will keep the thief from the garlic over winter, and be easy to remove in spring, when planting season – and round two of our struggle – continues. Carol O’Meara is a horticulture entomologist with the Colorado State University Extension office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Contact her by calling 303-678-6238 or e-mailing For more gardening tips, check out her blog at

Article Resource Association

A leaky, un-insulated garage door may not be an obvious culprit in rising monthly utility bills, but it’s worth a second look if you have an attached garage. Replacing an older garage door with a new, energy-efficient model can reduce energy loss through the garage door by up to 71 percent, according to a comparison study conducted by Clopay engineers. “Since attached garages typically share one or two common walls with the house, any hot or cold that travels through a door will ultimately affect the adjacent living areas,” says Mark Westerfield, director of product development for garage door manufacturer Clopay Building Products. “An insulated garage door can help stabilize temperatures in the garage to reduce heat losses or gains from common house walls.” Depending on the specifics of your home and attached garage construction, a well-insulated door can help keep your unheated garage 10 to 20

degrees warmer on a cold winter day. “That can have a significant impact on the comfort of family rooms or bedrooms located above or next to the garage,” Westerfield says. Homeowners who purchase an energy-efficient garage door now through Dec. 31, 2010, will not only save on their heating and cooling bills, they may qualify for up to $1,500 in federal tax credits, thanks to the new stimulus legislation. Certain criteria apply.

The Company That Sells!


“Always There For You”



There’s a squirrel in my yard that’s seen too much of the Food Network, turning into a four-footed foodie with kleptomaniac urges. We discovered this as odd things began happening, such as our tomatoes getting stolen. This isn’t so unusual; after all, squirrels love apples as much as humans do. Then my spouse called me out to the yard, and I knew we had a problem. There, deposited on a landscaping timber at least 20 feet from the garden, was a huge beefsteak tomato, partially gnawed and discarded. “What kind of a squirrel could lift that, much less carry it this far?” my spouse whispered, alarmed. “Just look at the size of that tomato, it has to weigh at least two pounds,” he said, Carol O’Meara eyes scanning the Colorado State fence line for a University Extension Godzilla-sized squirrel to appear, “I wouldn’t want to meet that animal on a dark night.” Worry tickled my mind as, for the next month, we discovered tomatoes strewn through the yard like eggs at Easter. Had the problem stopped there things would have been fine; there were plenty of tomatoes to share. But as the summer wore on the squash and melons fell victim to the rodent’s desire. Apparently the animal couldn’t tell when the fruits were ripe, so it nibbled on each and every one to see if it was ready – none escaped this dental delving. As the fruits grew they became battle scarred; skin closing over the early wounds. We convinced ourselves that eating squirrel-chomped squash was OK, if you didn’t look at the tooth marks on the rind. The search for squirrel control turned up suggestions for repellants, with either hot pepper or predator urine. Both need to be reapplied after every rain or irrigation, and hot pepper might cause the fuzzy thief pain; I didn’t want to hurt the critter or commit to such a time-intensive means for control. We tried to wait it out, but things turned ugly. The pumpkins were the hardest hit, possibly due to their growing in a differ-

Lower energy costs with an insulated garage door


3 Bedrooms and 1 Bath, Spacious Brick Ranch in Quiet Neighborhood. $175,000. Call Pat Connett 303-684-6305 Sat. 11 - 1

601 S. Bowen • Longmont •





Immaculate, Spacious & Competitively Priced! Beautiful Yard! 3 Bd,3 Ba, 2527 SF. with a Finished Basement. $219,900 Call Shelley Crews 303-775-8405

Incredible Custom Home W/ Majestic Mtn Views on 3.69 Ac., High End Finishes, Built Green & Zoned For Horses. 4 Bd, 4 Ba, 5555 SF. $900,000 Call Barb Bashor 1-888-895-0543 x86142

Sat. 1 - 3

Sun. 1 - 3

price reduced!


Squirrel control is a challenge for gardens

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

2132 Boise

Hostess: Leslie Lubovich • 3 bd/2 ba/2679 sf • $245,000/Niwot •303-591-6063 Stunning Ranch with open floor plan


6900 Peppertree Hostess: Troy Terry

4038 Arezzo Hostess: Troy Terry

• 4 bd/4 ba/2755 sf • $529,000/Niwot •303-956-6793

• 3 bd/3 ba/2420 sf • $289,000/Lngmt •303-956-6793

Custom Home on 1/2 Acre Lot, Mtn Views, Huge Deck, Wood & Tile Floors!

Fantastic Renaissance Neighborhood. Cherry Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appl. & Mtn Views!


m11/6/2009yTCkkritter 10

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009

Financially savvy custom kitchens Article Resource Association

One of the greatest qualities of custom cabinetry is that it is built to your exact specifications – finish, door style and wood species, with no detail overlooked. Using time-honored construction techniques such as mortise and tenon, each cabinet is handmade, allowing you to maximize storage space so every square inch of your kitchen is utilized properly and beautifully. With custom cabinetry, the possibilities are truly endless – take, for example, the different style options: traditional, transitional, contemporary, country, colorful, small and everything in between. When choosing a custom cabinetry line, it is important to work with a professional kitchen and bath designer who will be sure no detail is forgotten. Kitchen cabinets are available in three configurations – stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinetry is referred to as “off the rack;” the cabinets are mass-produced and many components are pre-assembled. The advantages of stock cabinetry are the low costs and low lead time requirements. The disadvantage of stock cabinetry is the limited number of style and design offer-

ings, making it the least flexible option. Semi-custom cabinets are manufacturerbuilt to fit your kitchen’s specifications. There are more options such as finishes and door styles compared to stock cabinetry; however, it is slightly more costly and the lead time is a bit longer. Custom cabinetry is “made to order” and is meant for you and you alone. Custom cabinetry offers superior quality and many finishes are applied by hand, ensuring consistency. Dovetailed drawers and hardwood components that are screwed and glued make for a sturdy, reliable cabinet. Custom cabinetry can also accommodate unusual spaces and floor plans. In comparison to stock and semi-custom, custom cabinetry is generally more expensive; however, often the price difference can be negligible. “Some consumers are not aware that they can achieve their dream kitchen, using custom cabinetry, for only 5 to 10 percent more than semi-custom,” says George (Butch) Achey, president of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry. “We recommend that consumers work with an authorized custom cabinetry dealer in order to maximize their budget and get fully-functional cabinetry with exceptional design.”







• Peaceful rural/urban on 1.2 acres • 4 Bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 story • Hardwood & tile main floor • Dramatic 2 story fireplace • Circular Stairs & gourmet kitchen

Look at dozens of homes in minutes at the comfort of your own keyboard. Check features, calculate financing, locate an agent and browse to your heart’s content.


Quick, convenient and only a click away... it’s that simple.


• Beautifully renovated throughout! • 4 bdrm, 2 story in The Greens • Upgraded SS appl/hardwd/tile • All new mechanicals/roof/paint • Custom Butler pantry/luxury mstr bath





• Fresh Exterior Paint • All black appliances included • Lots of hdwd flooring/new carpet • Near new furnace/roof/hot wtr htr • Great northwest location



• 3 bedrooms, 3 baths • Full, unfinished basement • Eat-in kitchen, Breakfast bar • Family room with fireplace • Main floor laundry



SAT & SUN 1:30-3:00: HOST: JIM BRADLEY 3610 KENYON LN, LONGMONT $249,900

• 4bd/3ba/1-owner • Flawless, walkout lower level • 2 huge fireplaces • All appliances included • Call 720-289-7113



• Quality Custom Ranch • Hickory floor/cabinets • 2 Gas Fireplaces • Mstr Suite w/Steam Shower & Soaking Tub • Nice Landscaped with Water Feature


Your Front Range


• Remodeled/Vinyl Siding • New windows with warranty • Gas cooktop/range-all appl inc • Storage shed/fully fenced • 1 car det garage/storage shed 47-136759

2413 REDWOOD CT, LONGMONT $309,000 CALL VONNIE 303-589-9821

• Semi-custom, 20 ft. ceilings • 4 Bedrooms, 4 baths • Finished basement • Formal dining room • Large, beautiful yard


• Majestic Views NW of Longmont • 4,830 Sf Ranch style home • On 3.87 Pristine Acres • 5 bedrooms, 4 baths • Quality Construction throughout

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m11/6/2009yTCkkritter November 7, 2009

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


ath s Re qui red Allo wS mo kin g? Pet s Wa she r/D r ye r Fa Wa cili sh e ties r/D rye rH ook Oth -up er Am s en i ties

Lea se



fB #o



ed r oom

ang eR Pric





Hover Manor Senior Apartment Residence 1401 Elmhurst Dr. • 303-772-9292









Secure building, quiet neighborhood, meal program, transportation, utilities paid, appliances & cable TV included, 62 yrs & older; vouchers accepted.

Victoria Inn 2400 17th Ave. • 303-772-4667



1, 2

1, 1¾




(in each apartment)

A/C, D/W, cable ready, balcony or deck, carport, outdoor pool, close to shopping & bus stop.

Ute Creek Apartments 1100 E 17th Ave. • 303-684-6821



1, 2

1, 2



Full SIze in each apartment


Move-In Specials, senior and other discounts. Fireplace, pool & spa, 24-hour fitness, garages. Close to shopping.

The Shores 2450 Airport Rd. • 303-774-8000


$100 $200 $300

1,2,& 3 Studios

1, 2




Gas fireplaces, 24 hr. fitness center, heated pool & hot tub, A/C, business center, gourmet kitchens, detached garages. *On selected apartments.

Cloverbasin Village 630 Peck Dr. • 888-837-4912



(& rental available)

Elliott Apartments 418 Emery St. Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-6452 Fox Ridge Apartments 3800 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80503 303-774-9944 Tanglewood Adult Rental Condominiums 100 21st Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 303-774-0300 Circle at Sunset 240 Sunset Dr., Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-0611 Circle at Lake Shore Apartments 3226 Lake Pkwy, Longmont 303-651-6221

(Short Term Avail.)




Yes Yes



3-bdrm. townhomes






1, 2, 3

1, 2



Pets Neg.




1, 2, 3

1, 2

(Short Term Avail.)





(65 lbs limit)

Convenient location, pet friendly, garages available, 24-hour maintenance In historic Longmont, large trees, quiet neighborhood on-site parking & storage. Close to RTD. Heat included.


Island kitchens, garden tubs, gas fireplaces, double balconies, two tone paint, gated community. Close to schools & newest community in Longmont.

All utilities & cable paid, sec. bldg., elevator, W/D in every unit, transpor(in every tation, social events. HUGE amenities unit) package, quiet 55+ community. Call for incentives!




1, 2

1, 2














Hot tub, swimming pool, granite bar tops, stainless appliances



1&2 bd lofts, Yes 2x2






Hot tub, swimming pool, granite bar tops, stainless appliances, vinyl wood flooring

If you are interested in placing an ad on this grid, call Classified at 303-776-7440. Copy change deadline for this grid is Tuesday by 2 p.m.

m11/6/2009yTCkkritter 12

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009

Call : 303-776-7440

Monday-Friday - 8am to 5pm 350 Terry Street Longmont, CO 80501

FAX : 303-772-8339 Online : Email : Deadline to place classifieds ad in Real Estate Liner Ads: Thursday 3pm Display Ads: Tuesday 3pm Apartments/ Unfurnished 0 APP FEE: WINTER SPECIAL, 1 bdrm $550. On site pkng/laundry. A/C. Water & heat pd. Se Habla Espanol. (303)774-0593

Apartments, Condos & Townhouses, Duplexes, Houses, Commercial, Retail etc...

Local & Out of Town Real Estate, Farms, Ranches, Acreages etc...

We accept cash, checks &

Apartments/ Unfurnished

Apartments/ Unfurnished

Apartments/ Unfurnished

• 1 BDRM $550 FREE Heat 1060 17th Ave, patios Se habla Espanol 720-327-8918

2 BDRM, 1 BA, $680/mo, only $250 deposit & 1st mo rent FREE! Gas & Wtr paid. 1433 Emery St. Se Habla Espanol. 303-678-6221

DACONO- Large 2 bdrm. $700/mo, incl sewer/wtr & trash. Lndry facilities avail. N/P. (970)420-1363

1 BDRM $575! Split deposit over 2 months! A/C, laundry. N/P. Top Realty, (303)931-6423

2 BDRM, A/C, laundry, 2 BDRM, 1BA near schools. Heat/wa pd. Off st pkng. DW, off st pkng. $625/mo. Avail soon. 1302 South coin op $675 N/S/P $100 off Coffman. (303)588-4228 1 & 2 BDRM Apt Homes Historic, 1 bdrm apt, $600/ 1st 2 months 303-829-5072 Fox Ridge Apts Premier mo, heat & water incl, off Gated Community. Pets street pkng. 303-772-6961. 2+ BDRM, 1 bath, west 2036 ESTES LANE OK! For Info & Specials side, W/D hkups, off st Call (303)774-9944 1 BDRM - Nice inside, pkng. Pets nego. $700 + 2 bdrm, newly remod, off st pkng, $595. 303-485-0272. W/D. All utils paid ~ $600. dep. Call, 303-507-8955 Se habla español. Avail Now. (303)817-8776 1 & 2 BDRM DELUXE ● 1-2 BDRM, new ba, A/C 321 QUAIL CORPORATE CONDOS, ● DW, lndry, off st. prkg 1 BEDROOM 1 bath2 bdrm, 2 ba, A/C, W/D full furnished. 303-588-0726. ● $625-$750 N/S 303-444-0501 1968 McCall. Heat/water included. Close to Rec Ctr. 430 sq. ft. Efficiency, extra kitchenette, prkg, rural pd. For 1 person. $525. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT. lg, FURNISHED efficiency, setting. $475/mo + dep. Dottie, 303-682-8802 1 person, micro, refrig, Pets ok. (303)775-8717 priv ba, prkg. Utils/cbl pd. 1st Month RENT FREE N/P/S. $125/wk, $125 dep. SUPER CLEAN 1 BD, about 550 SF, coin ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ 303-651-0412 Berthoud Townhomes lndry, Your choice, $460 DRAWING JAN. 15, 2110 AVAILABLE NOW! 1602 4th Street 2 BD, w/d hkp, new Qualify & sign a lease with 1 & 2 bdrms, $595 - $695. ✭ 2 Bdrm avail now- $695 paint/carpet, wood flr, PMP, be entered for Includes DW balconies & NO lease, dep or credit chk ✭ 1 Bdrm avail 11/10- $575 drawing of a BlueRay DVD 1851 Emery #1, #2 $655 laundry rooms. Contact Wkly/mnthly • 303-776-2185 MUST SEE! 2 BD, 1 ba, gar, w/d hkp, player! PMP Realty, Lynn at 303-859-0477 or • ALSO RV SITES AVAIL! No Pets. Non-Smoking. 2330 Wedgewd, $625 303-776-RENT. 303-859-0479. EHO Close to I-25, Hwy 60 & 287. Alert Realty 303-776-5156 Sherry, (970)222-0502. 2 BDRM APT BASEMENT APT. 3 bdrm, 2 BDRM, 1 BA, 1000 Sq Ft, PREMIUM, quiet, W/D, patio, lots of On-site strg/prkng/lndry. 1 ba, lrg kitch/liv, no pets, 1 BDRM, 2 Bdrm or 3 Bdrm util incl, quiet area. storage! No Pets. Heat inc, $695/mo. apartments available all $800+dep 720-256-7427 2041 Meadow Drive. Elliott Apts. (303)772-6452 over Longmont! 1 bdrm Avail NOW! $680/month. (303)449-1932 Check out the pet columns in $475, 2 bdrm starting at • 32 VALENTINE LN$550, 3 bdrm $750. classifieds for that special 1/2 Month´s Free Rent! For locations & details call NW Longmont- 2 BDRM, 2 bdrm in 4-Plex, off st companion you’re looking for. CLEAN 1 BDRM $550/$200/ PML Inc (303)772-5934 1 BATH + Bonus Room. parking, W/D, pet nego. dep in quiet area. 80 21st $650. (303)668-8946 $625. Pennant (303)447-8988. Ave. Se Habla Espanol! CLEAN 1 BDRM APT, 303-678-6221 $650/$200/dep in nice area. Bsmt, W/D hkups. 1816 Cambridge Dr. Se Habla CLEAN 2 BDRM near Espanol! 303-678-6221 downtown, laundry room, storage. N/P. $600+ dep. 1 BDRM ON APARTMENTS Call, (303)324-9922 COFFMAN $525. On-site laundry, A/C, off-st pkng. N/S. CLEAN 2 BDRM, • FREE EW Washer/Dryer h Avail now. (303)651-2881 W/D hkups, large yard. 720 & Carport Martin. $750. (720)371-4624 Move in by • Wood-burning fireplace th


Apartments/ Furnished

Apartments/ Unfurnished

1 & 2 bdrms

and receive

1 month FREE rent! Call or stop by for details & additional specials! 49-134916

Prices & specials subject to change without notice.


1100 East 17th Ave.


1 Bd From $565 2 Beds From $610 Great Location Large Units Park Like Setting Ample Parking A/C & Pool


November 30



mo cial spe

• Large balconies/patios • Approved pets accepted • MTM leases available • Within walking distance of shopping, restaurants & RTD • One bdr starting at $675 & 2 bdr now at $820! • On Line leasing available


2 Br, 2 Ba Now $795 2400 17th Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80503




Available Now!

without a classified ad? It’s not the success it could be. Be sure to call Classifieds before your sale.


Apartments/ Unfurnished CLOVERBASIN VILLAGE *LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE • 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Starting @ $626 • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath AS LOW AS $780! • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Townhouses Starting at $980! •Full Size Washer & Dryer Hookups •Close to Bus lines ***Income Guidelines Apply***

**We Accept Foreclosures** • Pets Welcome • 24/Hr Fitness Center • Prices subject to change

Apartments/ Unfurnished HORIZON PLACE 1 Bdrm- $550 2 Bdrm- $625 Secure bldg, swimming pool, A/C, on-site laundry. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT ✭✭Lanyon Park Apts, 2 bdrm, spacious, all appliances, laundry on-site, cats/no dogs, $625 Call mgr 720-494-7637 or Mock 303-497-0668

NEWLY renovated 1 & 2 bdrms, close to Boulder, Lake front & Mtn views starting at only $670. 3226 Lake Park Way 1-877-320-3305 NICE Place! 2 bdrm, 1 ba, laundry, pkng, patio, sm pet ok. $575. 303-581-9239.

630 Peck Drive, Longmont West on Nelson/ Airport Rd

NIWOT/ 1 & 2 BDRM´s 8050 & 8060 Niwot Rd, starting at $695. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT.


Thistle Communities Longmont Low rent & deposit 1 Bdrm starting at $550 2 Bdrm starting at $620 $200 off rent at move in on select units. 15 3rd Ave 303-651-9496 Se habla Espanol.

✭ LANYON PARK APTS Spacious 1 bdrm, range, refrig, dishwasher, laundry facility, cat negotiable, UNIQUE townhouse style, $525. On site 720-494-7637 2154 Dexter Dr, 2 bdrm, 1.5 Mock 303-497-0668 ba, balcony, laundry fac, $635 Mock 303-497-0668 LUXURIOUS 1 & 2 BDRMS or onsite 303-774-7550 •Hardwood flooring, •Stainless steel appliances, •Granite countertops, pool, •24 hour fitness center 2540 Sunset Drive ● 1-877-320-3313


EASTGLEN APTS 630 Lashley, Longmont (303)682-2943 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS: 2 bdrm savings thru Nov Pool, air, laundry Call for other specials. ✭Wtr, trash, sewer pd

Apartments/ Unfurnished

North Longmont, 1 bdrm apt, 62+ or disabled. Call for our specials. (303)485-5232

REDUCED RENTS 1, 2 & 3 BDRM Apartment Homes The Shores Apartments, Hwy 66 & Airport Rd (303)774-8000

ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from HAMILTON PARK APTS. $100/week. Utililties 1406 N. 4th St., Berthoud. included. (303)931-7108 Offers 1 bdrm for people 62 or older or disabled, with or without children. Rent SMALL 2 BDRM, mobile based on income. Now home in Erie. W/D, no accepting applications EHOP. 970-532-3725 or TDD pets, $650. 735 Kattell #115 303-980-1204 800-659-2656

VALUE PLACE FIRESTONE ● $549 MONTHLY New building. Furn studios, full kitchens, free utils, no lease. I-25 & Hwy 119, Longmont exit 240. 303-485-0040 *New guests only. Bring ad to qualify.

Commercial/ Industrial 1254 SHERMAN DR 2410 Sq Ft Indust space. $1400/mo. K-II Realty (303)775-1646 1500 SF- 936 MAIN ST Good visibility, overhead door, good for transmission shop. $1200/mo. 303-885-7617 1800 SF. Auto, auto paint, furniture stripping, welding, etc need not apply. 502 2nd Street, Unit 3, Berthoud 970-221-0997

30 X 40 SHOP with car hoist. Heated. $800 + utilities. Call (720)290-6354.

m11/6/2009yTCkkritter November 7, 2009

Commercial/ Industrial

Condos/ Townhouses

Condos/ Townhouses

Condos/ Townhouses

1 BDRM, 1 ba, off st pkng, no stairs, pool, BBQ, 225 E 8th. $575. Alert 303-776-5156

• 804 LASHLEY- 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath, W/D, gar, pets nego. $850. Pennant Investments, (303)447-8988.

TOWNHOME NE Longmont, 1875 Sq Ft, 2 master brdm, 3 bath A/C, bsmt, gar. No smk/pet. $1000. (720)320-9684

CLASSIFIEDS 303-776-7440 or visit

1 BDRM, 1 ba, off street AVAIL, Quiet 2 bdrm, 1.5 prkg. Pool, on-site laundry. bath, complete kitch, W/D 2 2 5 E . 8 t h . $ 5 6 5 / m o . hkup, priv patio storage, 303-916-1398 carport. N/S, N/P 333 23rd. $725 + $600/dep. (303)772-3152 / 303-532-6522 ● FREDERICK Versatile! 2 BDRM, 1.5 BA, carpet, Light industrial/office, 960 sf & 1920 sf, from $695 drapes, refrig, D/W, self- DESIRABLE 2 bdrm, 2.5 cleaning stove, central ba, fam room, near 66 & 303-857-8777 A/C, gas heat, W/D hkup, Main. No pets. $770/mo + fncd back yard, 2 car gar. $500/dep. (303)482-5439 No pets. $800 + dep. 1418 LOW COST auto service/ Kay St. 303-776-1287 or comm. High traffic loc. 303-747-2219. FOX MEADOWS $320K Broker. 303-828-3222 Great 2 bdrm, 2 bath, frpl, 2 BDRM, 1 BA in a 4-plex, W/D hookup, high ceilings, upgraded appliances & 980SF, balcony, upgraded appl´s, off st pkng. $695/ finishes. Reserved parking, pool. ● $825+ Utilities. mo. Small pet w/ dep. Valentiner & Associates. 720-334-0695

Commercial/ Industrial

(303)443-9342 45-135852

BUILDING FOR LEASE 2,250 sf office/shop space 3 OH doors/secure outdoor storage 907 S. Sherman location $1,800/mo $9.60/sf NN NN = $2.39

OFFICE SPACE 519 Main St. For Lease 800sf $12.00/sf + util

Mike McDonough


2 BDRM, 1 ba, new appls incl W/D. No smk/pets. 225 E 8th Ave. $675/mo + $675/ dep. App req´d. 303-678-8663

NEW KITCHEN & CARPET- 2 bdrm, 1 1⁄2 ba, W/D hkups, DW, gar, central A/C. $800. 1815 Donovan Dr. Avail 11/1. 720-841-7229.

2 BDRM, 2 ba, wheelchair accessible, home emergency sys, frplc, patio, ground level. No smk, pet SHORT TERM RENTAL nego. sr. $1700 303-775-4165. Unlock the door and unpack your suitcase. Full furn exec condo at Cen3 BDRM, 2.5 ba, warm charming, W/D, designer terra. Incl kit. Lux 3 bdrm, study, 2 ba, utils pd. finishes, gar & carport. Monthly or lease. $995/mo. 720-221-7678 (970)663-3820 3 BDRM Townhome, 1364 SF, W/D hkup, 2 ba, $250 TOWNHOMES FOR RENT • 1601 Great Western dep, $999/mo! 888-837-4912 • 640 Gooseberry *We Accept Foreclosures*

Call PMP, 303-776-RENT.


Duplexes ● 1332 SUMNER #1 2 bdrm in 4-plex, W/D hkups, off st pkng. $675. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466

1415 GAY- Longmont, 3 BDRM, 1.5 BA, fncd, 1 car 2 bdrm, 1 ba, hrdwd flrs, gar, $810/mo. Sec dep $850. int remodeled, great yd, 945 Atwood. 303-877-3687 W/D incl. Avl Nov 1st, pets nego. $950. (303)442-6569 3 BDRM, 2 BA, W/D, DW, 15th & Centen1640 METROPOLITAN nial $825 (303)651-2881 2 Bdrm, loft + study, 2 ba, 2 car, bsmt. Avail 11/1/09. $1300/mo. Jim, 303-775-0163

3 BDRM & 2 BDRM Duplexes available in Longmont with off st parking or garage, yard & more! 2 bdrms start at $695 & 3 bdrm for $895. 2 BDRM, 1 ba, fncd yd, Call PML INC @ unfin bsmnt. $730 + dep. (303)772-5934 for locations! 329 Emery Dr. 303-538-1903. 2 bdrm 1 ba, gar, fen´d yd, 253 E St Clair, avail 11/2. $875/$875/$875. 303-772-5642 Avail lg 2 bdrm apt, applcs, W/D hkups, priv w/ deck, offst prkg, $675. 303-775-2771


DUPLEXES! • 1453 Lamplighter • 1963 Meadow • 1444 Terry Call PMP for more details, 303-776-RENT.

2 bdrm, frplc, wd hkup, cov. patio, fncd, sprklr, oversized 1 car gar. $775 + util + dep. No pets/smk. Loveland (970)663-2438

Garages/ Storage Spaces INDOOR GARAGE STORAGE 20x40, 20x50. I-25 & Hwy-66. 970-535- 6074

Convenience! I can place my ad when I want to.

2 BDRM, 1 ba, gar, near park, 1358 Merl, $795 2 BDRM, 1.5 ba, gar, lg bdrm, 1844 Lincoln, $825 4 BDRM, 2.5 bath, carport, bsmt, 1900SF! 1734 Cambridge, $975 Alert Realty 303-776-5156

2 BDRM MOBILE HOME, clean, small quiet park. $550/month. (303)763-0732.

1702 LONGS PEAK, • 31 ANCHORAGE CTLongmont, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, 1/2 Month´s Free Rent! hw flr, fncd yd, near golf 4 bdrm, 2 bath, fam room, crs, $950/mo. 303-641-4767 fenced yard. $1275. Pennant Inv, (303)447-8988.

2 BDRM, 1 ba, attic, gar, pet neg, 235 Bowen, $875 2 BDRM, Lyons, 1 ba, cellar, 321 Seward, $900 3 BDRM, 1.75 bath, dbl gar, 1730 Linden, $1050 3 BDRM, 1.75 bath, 2Xgar, deck, 1500 SF, 1918 24th, $1100 3 BDRM, 1.75 ba, very nice! 3X gar, 1303 Monarch, $1150 Alert Realty 303-776-5156


6300 Clayton St 3 bdrm, 2.5 ba., Fredrick $1400 Angelo Enterprises (303)775-0429 ● 742 Independence, 2 story, 4 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car gar, new carpet, no pets. $1175/mo RMG RE (303)772-4466

AFFORDABLE Free computerized list of available properties in your price range and area. Pre-recorded msg. 1-866-651-5021 X 1040

341 S. RIDGE PL- $900/mo + utils, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, att 2 car, Front/back yd, big AVAIL 11/1. NICE! lndry rm w/W/D. Pets nego. Call Erin 303-668-5081 5 bdrm, 3 ba, big gar, big yd. Pets nego. $1450/mo + dep. 303-378-3014. 3 BD HOUSE BARGAINS!

• 831 S. Terry • 2226 Medford • 329 Sumner Call TODAY! PMP, 303-776-RENT. 3 Bdrm, 1 Bath, Garage $750 mo/utilities & deposit 528 Martin St Call 303-319-1345

BEAUTIFUL newer executive 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 3000 Sq Ft, $1650/mo. Call Fama at 720-494-0265 for walkthru @ 1709 Preston Drive. BRAND NEW Home in NW Longmont! 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 car gar. $1450/mo. Call (303)514-3706.

2 Bdrm, 2 ba., Beautiful Country Home, double gar. w/ shop, serious inquiries only, $1200/mo., 970-532-2497

3 BDRM, 2.25 BA, 2 car garage, frplc, wood floors, r e c e n t l y r e n o v a t e d . Frederick / Firestone 1877 Lincoln Dr, $1150/mo. • 730 Carbondale- Apt $525 • 5844 Canyon Way 303-859-7195

0 APP FEE! Clean 2 bdrm, large yard. $750. 720 Martin. 720-371-4624

Call PMP, 303-776-RENT. 3 bdrm, 2.5 ba, NW Longmont, 2 story, gas frplc, fenced, 2 car gar., ● FREE 1 MONTH RENT! $ 1 3 0 0 l e a s e + d e p . 2 story, 3 bdrm + den, 2 ba, 303-417-1290 2 car, AC, new carpet, fncd. Pets nego. $1175/mo. 946 GRANITE. RMG RE, (303)772-4466 3 BDRM, 2 ba, 1-1/2 acres. No smk. Niwot, $1500. A v a i l a b l e n o w . GIANT 6 bdrm on large (303)618-3510. corner lot, fncd. 740 E 4th Ave. $1350. (720)371-4624 3 BDRM, 2 ba, 1230 sqft, 2 car, 10x20 deck w/ awning, 8x8 shed, A/C. Mtn view Lake/Mtn Views on Lake 11153 Longview Blvd, $1050 McIntosh 2913 Breakwater, 4 bdrm/5 ba 4772 sqft, Longmont (303)776-9147 upgrades, $2400 720-470-7977


AMAZING custom 3 bdrm, 3 ba, brick ranch, w/ huge yard, office, garage, sunroom, D/W, W/D hkups, AC, storage, shed, on quiet culdesac. 720-203-3747 $1700/mo+dep 3 BDRM, 4 Bdrm & 4+ Bdrm now available. Homes have yards, garages, views and much more. Prices range from $995 to $1675. Call PML INC @ (303)772-5934 for more information and locations! ● 48 BAYLOR- 2700 Sq Ft, 4 bdrm 3 ba, stunning mountain view! $1600/mo. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466

06470344 2x8c


4 BDRM ranch. 1 acre. 2 car + RV gar/shop. Garden. $1750/mo. 303-651-2634

3 BDRM, 3 BA, quiet area, fenced back yard, near park at 44 Powderhorn Pl. $1200/mo + $1500 dep. 970-532-7719 click on Submit an Ad



3 bdrm, 1.5 ba, 1200 SF, new $0 APP FEE. Rent/rent to carpet/paint Lvlnd, $850 + own, 3 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car, $1050/mo. (303)485-9396 dep + utils, 303-772-7390

1432 Stuart St. 2 or 3 bdrm, 1 ba, WD hkps, garage. Wtr pd. 1 yr lease. $850/mo. 303-916-1398

2 BDRM, 1 bath, carport, 1346 Terry St, $715 2 BDRM, 1 ba, off st pkng, near park, 2016 McCall, $715 2 BDRM, 1 ba, garage, 212 E. St Clair, $725 2 BDRM, 1 bath, garage, 2036 Yeager, $750 Alert Realty 303-776-5156


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

4 BDRM, 2.5 BATH, Wolf Creek, 1259 Trout Creek Cir- kit w/center island, AC/sprklr system. No smk/pets nego. $1295. 303-772-8914 / 303-651-3354

NOW AVAILABLE: 3 bdrm, 2 bath home in rural setting. Finished family room in basement. 2 car garage. Dogs negotiable, no cats. 1 year lease @ $1200 per month. N. of Longmont. Sandy at KW Realty, 303-746-0345.

WHY RENT??? Get $8000 for buying 0 Down/0 Closing Call for details Ken or Tammy 970-663-5008

You may be able to buy a home with as little as $1,000 down & receive $8000 from the Government! Call Devin O´Branagan ERA Tradewind



5 ROOM prof office space. 820 sqft. 1245 Francis. High Owner will Finance visibility loc. $845/mo. 303-776-3150 or 303-776-6845


2, 3, 4 bdrm from $600-795 LOT INCLUDED! Low downpayment & Easy Credit. Qualifies for Tax Credit. Cash sale Discounts! Great Communities, Locations & Staff! Harmony Road 2500 Harmony Rd Pleasant Grove 517 E Trilby Rd

Beautiful rm to share, massage, esthetics, or like therapy, $2-250/mo 303-684-9790

CLASSIFIEDS 303-776-7440 or visit

Office Space

Lrg rm, bth, ldry, kit, N/S N/P Mature ind only. $450 + 1/2 utils. 720-494-4404

335 SQ FT in downtown Berthoud. $500/mo + dep. Available now. 970-532-2652. 500 to 2500 SQFT or individual offices avail. Good traffic exposure. 303-523-3369

M/F, SHARE big, beautiful house. $500 incl util. N/S, no pets. Avail now. Must see! Call 720-495-1485. M/F Share Lgmnt home with owner. No smk. Dogs ok. $450+util´s. 720-404-5680

OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 321 Coffman, Longmont 1600 sqft, $850-$1,200. Tenant finish avail. Call Jim at 303-776-2244 x209 or Anne x379

New home to share. Pvt ba & bdrm, strg in bsmt. 1 pet nego. $600/mo (303)641-2380

OFFICE SPACE For Rent Holistic wellness center. (720)280-9047 PROFESSIONAL Offices N. Longmont. 150 to 825 SF. Single & 3 office suite. All ground level, 2 entr, great prkg. 303-956-1141

Don Rulle, CCIM





Office Space 45-138130

255 WEAVER PARK CLASS “A” second floor office space for lease or sale. Common area, conference room, elevator, mountain views. 1 yr Free Rent!



Spaces from $250/mo. Receptionist services, kitchen, copier, fax and T1 internet service. Spaces from single offices to 2,500 SQ FT.

Old Town house with 3 rooms avail. 2 off-street spaces. I have 2 cats & I´m quiet & responsible. Avail now. Kathy (720)838-0277.


Ken or Keith Kanemoto

Ed & Keith Kanemoto




6 bdrm, 4 ba, $665,000 Main Floor Master, Blue Heron, 303-921-8557


Real Estate


Ranch w/ all appliances inc washer & dryer. New interior paint. South Longmont, 2 car, fncd backyard. Call for details!

Commercial Real Estate

CLASSIFIEDS 303-776-7440 or visit

FSBO on Lake McIntosh, $697,500, 2913 Breakwater, 4 bdrm/5ba 4772 sqft, lake/ mtn views, upgrades, fin walkout, realtor co-op, owner finance. 720-470-7977

2 BDRM, 2 ba, wheelchair accessible, home emergency sys, frplc, patio, ground level. FSBO $380,000 303-775-4165.


Retail Space 773 SQ FT- busy shopping center, 1144 Francis St, $825. Alert RE (303)776-5156

Visit our Showroom today.

• FREE Estimates • Cabinetry • Counter Tops • Experienced Designers • Installation Available 1575 Marshall Rd., BOULDER | 303-499-5811 Fax 303-499-5809 Showroom Open Tues.-Sat. 9am-4pm or call for appointment |

CLASSIFIEDS 303-776-7440 or visit

Mobile/ Manufactured Homes/Spaces


7 shares McIntosh; 6 shares Handy Ditch; 3 shares Highland Ditch; 60 shares CBT; 44 shares New Coal Ridge. Call Kevin @ 970-535-6074.

Old Town Niwot $331,900 3 bdrm ranch w/approx 1,107 sq ft on lg lot. Newer furnance, h2o heater, applcs, windows, paint & driveway. Wood floors, pellet stove, heated hobby rm. Jan, ReMax 303-817-9675

Ken Kanemoto



Real Estate Wanted

Custom Grand View Estates Ranch! 112 Grand View Dr, Mead CASH BUYER needs propHORSE PROPERTY 5 bed, 4 bath, 3900 sq/ft Two-story 2BDRM 2 bath erty. Fixer-Uppers pref. home. Incl all appliances. Finished Basement! GorLongmont Real Estate, geous Finishes! Fantastic With barn, stable & 2-car Joe Bennell, 303-485-6753 garage on 20 acres. Loc at Lot! $524,900 MLS#609406 Stephanie Iannone Niwot & County Line Rd. Housing Helpers of Boulder 6951 County Line Rd 303-641-7484 $1,500/mo. 303-464-8170


Mobile/ Manufactured Homes/Spaces

1222 HOVER RD.

Country Feel within the City Limits. Almost 1/2 acre, tree-lined entry lane close to everything. This 3 BR / 2 BA ranch has updated kitchen, cozy fireplace and lots of shade trees! Take a look for only $168,300

1 BDRM, 1 BA, 12x65, shows like new in beautiful, most desired park in Longmont. Price nego. Call Sharlene (303)377-1668


For Sale 1400 S COLLYER # 26 Ready to Move in 2 Bdrm 1-1/2 Bath, Fenced yard. $10,000. Call 720-252-4925

Clean & well kept 2 BR / 2 BA condo on 2nd floor close to the diagonal & campus. Community offers indoor pool, weight room, clubhouse and tennis courts. All this for only $169,900

* MOBILE HOMES * are sellling like Hot Cakes! We´re buying too! Many to choose from. Automatic 2 ACRE LOTS WEST OF approval on our OC Homes. BERTHOUD. Great Views! DBL wide sale! 970-222-1473 $149,900. Fred @ Four 970-690-2725 or 970-690-3283 Seasons Re, (720)494-2133.

Fabulous buy in Hover Acres for the handyperson! This quad level has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, fireplace, and rooms galore. Huge, private lot for the gardener at heart. $169,900




New 1008 sq. ft. ranch in Berthoud for $198,800. Large 22x36 garage, tile floors in baths, covered front porch, 9’ ceilings, tharp oak cabinets. Owner financing available to qualified purchaser. Call Leroy Gabriel at 481-8168 or at Centruy Humpal, Inc. 970-663-2400


629 Terry St., Longmont

Employment Opportunities

16,195 Sq Ft Retail/Showroom Bldg w I-25 Exposure 7,500 sq ft showroom – Lots of parking –2 overhead doors $1,099,000

Water Rights


APPLE VALLEY Lyons. 5 + acres, City water tap electric, natural gas on lot. $295,000. 303-931-8048.

540 Windom Peak Ln.

16,090 Sq Ft Industrial Bldg. on I-25 Corridor on 3.42 acres. A/C, sprinklers, 2 overhead doors $1,250,000

IMMEDIATE Debt Relief Stuck w/ a house you can´t afford or don´t want? We take over pmts/buy cash or terms. Foreclosure OK. 303-709-4784

Unlike Anything Else! The E Home by Clayton Homes 970-339-5500

Lots & Tracts Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Wanted


$ SAVE YOUR CREDIT $ 303-725-8388 / 303-459-2711

Frederick/Firestone/ Dacono

Rural Property • FORT LUPTON- 2 bdrm, 2 ba on 3 ac, pole barn, horse ok. $975 303-857-8777

Employment Opportunities

Condos/Townhouses Heidi & Helena buy houses!

QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD on Hilltop Dr in Longmont. Fem preferred. 2 rooms No SS# NEEDED! avail, $300 each inc utils, no dep. N/P/S. 303-684-8871 or ERIE DUPLEX +, price Homes available for immeslashed! Live/work $130K, diate move-in $800/mo! We 303-775-6368. owner/broker. 303-828-3222 accept TIN numbers for easy in-house financing ROOMMATES, share (OAC) 303-500-8797 house: Responsible, quiet, clean. Some storage. 10117 Own a home today with NO E Co Line Rd 1, Longmont. money down! You may 720-480-0856 qualify for the NEW Gov´t tax credit program. Bad credit, no problem! EZ in-house financing! 888-325-4901 HOUSE FOR RENT SEMI-FURN Rooms/Apts Frederick- 7475 Hickory Cr STOP Wkly/mnthly from $100/wk 3 bdrm, 2 ba ranch, fenced FORECLOSURE NOW! yard, all appliances, W/D, Utils/micro/fridge inc full unfin bsmt. 1400/mo. (303)931-7108 No Pets. Call (970)204-6612



1 BDRM AVAILABLE in a 3 bdrm, 2 bath home in Longmont. Avail now. $450/month inclu utils. 303-956-0326 ALL YOU NEED! Furn bdrm, W/D, utils pd. M 40+ n/s $475 303-833-0841

GROUND LEVEL Office space available in professional office building. 518 Sq Ft, 710 Sq Ft or 1228 Sq Ft. Call PML Inc for more info, (303)772-5934.

CALL NOW! 970-420-8488

Roommates Wanted

Employment Opportunities

ATTENTION REAL ESTATE BROKERS EB ROKERS We have space for a select few Real Estate Brokers in our office! For a confidential interview call


We Offer: • Longmont Class A Office Space • Traditional & Virtual Agent Models • Low Monthly Cost • Full Service Brokerage • Staff 7 Days A Week


Office Space


Mobile Homes/ Spaces

November 7, 2009


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly



m11/6/2009yTCkkritter November 7, 2009 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc.,

Longmont • Noah Chavez from Bank America National Trust, 1841 Cambridge Dr, Longmont, $170,000, home • Joseph & Lesley Spade from Daniel T & Margaret H Bau, 451 Thistle Pl, Longmont, $185,000, home • Tord & Sandra Vangbo from Becker Communities LLC, 1846 Wasach Dr, Longmont, $455,000, home • Jose & Gretchen Bolivar from Ryan & Tara Bonvillian, 1610 S Pratt Pkwy, Longmont, $192,500, home • Bradley & Rebecca Bearson from Centerra Homes Inc, 2023 Sundance Dr, Longmont, $541,900, home • Warren Franz from Brian W Cookson, 405 Long View Ct, Longmont, $360,900, home • Farren & Arlene Elwood from Nicholas J & Patricia A C, 6513 Ute Hwy, Longmont, $315,000, home • Manuel Andrews from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 609 E 5th Ave, Longmont, $147,000, home • Jayson & Cheryl Lucas from Larry P & Lisa C Gaffikin, 615 Allen Dr, Longmont, $385,000, home • Thomas & Janet Walker from Elizabeth Oliver Hart, 1617 Kylie Dr, Longmont, $192,000, home • Dara Kinsey from Investment Management Ben, 240 Cardinal Wy Unit B, Longmont, $119,000, condo • Anne Mauck from Investment Management Ben, 240 Cardinal Wy Unit C, Longmont, $155,300, condo • Lorri Wilson from Investment Management Ben, 1257 Hummingbird Cir Unit B, Longmont, $156,000, condo • Mary Rouse from Jonathan D Jargon, 2979 Bellmeade Way, Longmont, $325,000, home • Karl Bailey from Jeffrey T Miller, 1201 Autumn Ct, Longmont, $160,400, home • Janice Bradley from Greg & Amy Payne, 41 University Dr, Longmont, $214,900, home • David Jackson from George S Provopulos, 318 Sumner St, Longmont, $260,000, home • John & Carla Kociolek from Vicki J Rivers, 7415 Park

Lane Rd, Longmont, $435,000, home • Brian Mcardle from James A & Kamila K Schaue, 1296 Cumberland Dr, Longmont, $250,000, home • Nan Trust from Tommy & Anna Castilleja, 1018 Morning Dove Dr, Longmont, $280,000, home • Matt & Renee Dorris from Fannie Mae, 818 S Terry St Unit 84, Longmont, $144,900, condo • James Sharp from Verne P & Beverly F Berry, 545 Gay St, Longmont, $153,500, home • Jennifer Holderby from Deutsche Bank National Trust, 225 E 8th Ave Unit D8, Longmont, $49,000, condo • Verne & Beverly Berry from Fannie Mae, 1644 Deerwood Dr, Longmont, $239,900, home • Craig & Brandy Glasser from Paul A & Shirley A Gonzal, 2756 Charro Ave, Longmont, $354,000, home • Katherine Temple from Kris D & Rebecca L Hought, 3597 Larkspur Dr, Longmont, $269,900, home • Jdt LLC from K Venture Properties LLC, 1254 Sherman Dr, Longmont, $625,000, home • Elizabeth Smerek from Barry Lostroh, 2333 Water Cress Ct, Longmont, $185,000, home • Julia Hulling from Clinton J & Julianne C Si, 118 Dawson Pl, Longmont, $170,000, home • Vynckier Trust from William C & Lori Strecken, 1856 Lincoln Dr, Longmont, $215,000, home • Terry Purcell from Michelle F & Matthew A To, 7911 Countryside Dr Unit 132, Longmont, $103,000, condo • Shawna Vandyke from Tousa Homes Inc, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 5303, Longmont, $139,300, condo • Kathleen Nelson from Tousa Homes Inc Bankrupt, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 5101, Longmont, $150,900, condo • Carmen Carley from Tousa Homes Inc Bankrupt, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 5204, Longmont, $153,300, condo • Michael & Phyllis Stephenson from Tousa Homes Inc Bankrupt, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 5207, Longmont, $131,500, condo • Donald Nicoll from US Bank National Associat, 1400 E

9th Ave, Longmont, $170,000, home • Thomas & Meby Gibson from Earl R Bergland, 445 Dickson St, Longmont, $167,000, home • Richard & Camille Accountius from HSBC Bank USA National Tr, 2027 Creekside Dr, Longmont, $435,000, home • Edward Glery from Crystal M McMahon, 1326 Parker Dr, Longmont, $248,000, home • Pierre & Michelle Bourgeois from Jon & Carol Shankland, 802 Bluegrass Dr, Longmont, $240,000, home • Michael & Lora Noesen from Peter J & Amanda C Sutyak, 7101 Longview Dr, Longmont, $765,000, home

Berthoud • Deanna Ryen from Travis E & Carmen L Chamb, 2912 Martingale Dr, Berthoud, $295,000, home • David & Kimberly Kaufman from Bruce C & Cherie Carron, 2027 Burbank St, Berthoud, $311,000, home • Norman Pence from Diane L Melsheimer, 1085 N 2nd St, Berthoud, $175,000, home • Timothy & Tracy Lentz from Berthoud Development LLC, 1609 Hollyberry St, Berthoud, $385,000, home • William Woodward from Berthoud Development LLC, 1612 Hollyberry St, Berthoud, $250,400, home Dacono • Christopher Mansfield from Va, 315 Andrew Dr, Dacono, $175,000, home Erie • Richard & Heather Wetz from Brian C & Jill S Groark, 2000 Juniper Way, Erie, $377,500, home • Ben & Kierstin Ringle from Morequity Inc, 1461 Hickory Ct, Erie, $240,000, home • Tristan Cargnel from Joseph Wilson, 3155 Blue Sky Cir Unit 16-204, Erie, $145,700, condo • Johnny & Patricia Meyer from Brian & Laurie Bell, 1560 Alpine Ct, Erie, $534,000, home • Rachel & Loren Utterback from Morrison Homes Colo Inc, 119 Ortega Ct, Erie, $353,800, home • Matthew Lees from VRC Devl LLC, 1450 Blue Sky Way

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Unit 12-306, Erie, $148,000, condo • Stephen Sheeran from Wells Fargo Bank, 2800 Blue Sky Cir Unit 2-208, Erie, $121,500, condo • Matt & Leslie Schalk from Woodcrest Homes Inc, 2475 Vale Way, Erie, $410,000, home • Chad & Heather Fox from Dean F & Kathlene T Kampa, 839 Pope Dr, Erie, $342,000, home • Barbara Trust from Brian S & Dana L Besbris, 1337 Stockton Dr, Erie, $250,000, home

Estes Park • Christina Benight from Wesley C & Patricia C Haw, 507 Fall River Ln Unit A, Estes Park, $140,000, condo • Carol Trust from Richard H Wille Trust, 605 Park River Pl, Estes Park, $344,900, home • Jeanne & Larry Allen from Kingswood Homes Inc, 303 Curry Dr, Estes Park, $751,000, home • Wendell Stampfli from Williard L & Barclay W Sm, 2050 Sharon Ct S, Estes Park, $289,300, home Firestone • Eric & Tracy Lewis from Moriah Marketing LLC, 6347 Utica Ave, Firestone, $268,000, home • 12300 LLC from Shops Firestone LLC, 6050 Firestone Blvd, Firestone, $8,700,000, home • Clark & Deborah Misner from Journey Homes LLC, 5094 Rangeview Ave, Firestone, $343,900, home • Dustin Delpizzo from Pedro P Ojeco, 349 McClure Ave, Firestone, $149,000, home • Matthew Boeheim from Donald A & Deborah L Pali, 6277 Utica Ave, Firestone, $311,000, home • Heather Heasley from Greg A & Julia K Venette, 467 Hart St, Firestone, $212,000, home Fort Lupton • John & Ramona Welch from Brian P & Sherri J Bradle, 1150 McKinley Ave, Fort Lupton, $155,000, home • Samuel Humildadsandova from Rodrigo & Cynthia Ferman, 909 Stage Dr, Fort Lupton, $85,000, home • William & Jacqulyn Farner from Jesse Tijerina, 1998 Silverado Ln, Fort Lupton,


$250,000, home • Cody McFarlin from Bell Bros LLC, 1004 Pacific Way, Fort Lupton, $112,000, home • Jeremy Scott from Fannie Mae, 919 Dogwood Ave, Fort Lupton, $80,000, home • Ilia Becerra from Greg Portlock, 1209 Pacific Ct, Fort Lupton, $137,000, home • Spencer Anderson from Flatiron Mtg Lending LLC, 5546 Wetlands Dr, Frederick, $255,000, home • Jack & Aura Jones from Kdb Homes Inc, 6333 Ruby Hill Dr, Frederick, $290,000, home • Todd & Renee Howard from Gary Lynn Ciancio, 8138 Raspberry Dr, Frederick, $279,900, home • Ronald Douglas from Paul O & Melissa A Glover, 4853 Barn Owl Dr, Frederick, $290,000, home • Joann & Douglas Furst from William R & Sukie T Klas, 5381 Bear Ct, Frederick, $228,000, home • Jill Trust from Twin Sros LLC, 5510 Pinto St, Frederick, $275,000, home

Lyons • Kenneth Hill from Victoria S Nazarenus, 181 Stagecoach Trl, Lyons, $290,000, home • Catherine Smith from Joyce J Jones, 256 Main St, Lyons, $270,000, home Platteville • Elizabeth Sleeman from Andrew C & Jacqueline Mar, 16475 Burghley Ct, Platteville, $345,700, home Foreclosures – notice of election and demand • Borrower: Darren & Deanna Broes, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $207,123, Property: 3037 W County Road 8, Berthoud, Filed: 10/22/09 • Borrower: Debora Turner, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC, Amount: $175,173, Property: 500 Elizabeth St, Dacono, Filed: 10/22/09 • Borrower: Griffin & Wendi Yopp, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $209,507, Property: 4585 Sedona Ln, Dacono, Filed: 10/22/09

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Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 7, 2009


This Weekend’s

Open Houses Featured Homes



$245,000 Niwot

2132 Boise

$312,900 Longmont 1401 Galapagos





ERA Tradewind/Lubovich


1:30-3:30 Remax of Boulder/Boren


$324,900 Longmont 1644 Golden Bear Dr 12-2

Colorado Front Range Realtors


$339,000 Longmont 602 Emery St.

1:30-3:30 Remax Alliance/Koth


$529,000 Niwot



$1,060,000 Erie

6900 Peppertree

165 Commander Circle 1-4

ERA Tradewind/Terry Wright Kingdom/Sugg


Open Sat 12-2




1644 Golden Bear Dr Longmont


$324,900 Spacious 3Bd., 4 Ba. Patio Showhome. Many upgrades w/over 2900 Finished Sq Ft

Colorado Front Range Realtors, LLC • (303)589-1626 45-136896

Open Sat 1:30-3:30

1401 Galapagos

near the Ute Creek Golf Course



MLS# 611808

Phil Boren • RE/MAX Boulder (303) 441-5647

Open Sat 1:30-3:30









4038 Arezzo


ERA Tradewind/Terry


4 bedrooms + Office, 3 full baths, upgraded kitchen w/solid-surface counters, wood floors, vaulted ceilings, custom blinds & paint. For details, maps, and directions, visit

602 Emery St. Longmont

$339,000 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 study beautifully renovated kitchen w/ cherry cabinets & granite slab

Krista Koth • RE/MAX Alliance • (303)746-7316 45-138245

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