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December 5, 2010




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December 5, 2010

Longmont Times-Call Publication


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Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

5 Evoke holiday memories 6 Get your kids moving with toys 8 Gifts for guys of all ages



10 Create alternative wreaths 12 Youth gear up for hunting and fishing 14 Wrap up a bottle of wine

26 Plan an adventure this holiday

15 Potted plants offer holiday beauty 16 Ski and snowboard gifts

28 Gifts for everyone in the family 8

31 Gift cards are a great option

17 Keep gifts on hand for last-minute giving

32 Mega Toys highlight top picks

18 Embark in gracious giving

33 Local holiday happenings

19 Stay in the holiday spirit 20 Whip up the latest kitchen gadgets


21 New kids music keeps them grooving

Kristi Ritter Specialty Publications Editor, 303-684-5275

21 Hottest holiday toys

Summer Stair Specialty Publications Associate Editor, 720-494-5429

22 Decorating for a trendy holiday

Contributing Writers Lauren Feighery and Anna Taylor

23 Plan a family game night 24 Don’t forget your furry friends 25 Bake up holiday goodies



On the Cover James Evig shows off some of the great tool selections from Budget Home Center in Longmont. Photo by Paul Litman Design by Cyndi Adam Check out our digital edition at

December 5, 2010

Longmont Times-Call Publication


Gifting holiday memories based on scents, traditions Article Resource Association

Some say that the spirit of the holidays isn’t what it used to be. This year, when you’re making your gift list, think of gifts that inspire treasured memories and create new ones for the future. By giving the gift of memories, you’ll be bringing the true spirit of the holidays back to your celebrations. The holidays are a time of traditions, from the food that graces the tables to the movies you watch each year to the places you travel to meet family and friends. Rather than running from store to store picking up the latest gadgets and fads, take a few moments to plan out your list based on memories that you’ve shared with each person to whom you’re giving a gift. Use these ideas as inspiration for giving holiday gifts with a hint of nostalgia. Holiday Scents Whether it’s the smell of baking cookies that takes you back to wintry days spent in Grandma’s kitchen or the spicy

fragrance of cinnamon that brings to mind sipping spiced apple cider around the fireplace, at this time of year, it’s no surprise that smell is the sense most closely tied to memories. Bringing back those memories can be as simple as lighting scented candles from the Yankee Candle Co. The true-to-life fragrance in classic candles like Balsam & Cedar, Christmas Cookie or Sparkling Cinnamon – or even new scents like Holiday Garland or Winter Wonderland – can transport you back to cherished experiences of the past. Holiday Movies Gathering together to watch holiday movies is a cozy and festive way to celebrate the season, but it can be difficult to get everyone together at the exact time that a movie is going to be aired on television. And the true classics of the season aren’t played in theaters. Give a gift of a group of holiday movie DVDs that have stood the test of time and you’ll bring back memories of past holiday


movie get-togethers, as well as passing on the tradition to the next generation. Scrapbooking Photos are one of the best ways to take a quick glimpse into the past. With digital photography’s rise in popularity, the old photo prints of the past often languish in a closet, mostly forgotten. Give them new life by creating a scrapbook of holiday memories, incorporating old photos, holiday cards and letters.


Old Portraits Everyone treasures the house they grew up in, even long after they’ve moved away. To bring back the memories of growing up and holidays in your first home, commission a portrait of the house you grew up in. It can be created from old photographs, and it makes a wonderful gift for siblings and parents. It’ll be the perfect conversation piece at your holiday celebration.


Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Skuut Balance Bike, $99.99 at Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe.

Radio Flyer Inch Worm Ride by Radio Flyer, $64.99, Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe.

Get Kids

Moving Hot toys this season keep kids active By Anna Taylor Photos by Paul Litman Longmont Times-Call

Oball, for all ages by Rhino Toys, $9.99 to $12.99 at Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe.

With the variety of new toys and sports gear on the market, why not give your kids gifts that get them up and active this holiday season? Betty Quigley, experience coordinator at Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe in Boulder, says there is a variety of toy options that support active play for all ages. For Infants Quigley says that movement should be stimulated starting at the infant age. “Anything from reaching to pulling to kicking... really anything that stimulates the senses.” For children in this age group, Quigley suggests items such as Oballs, which are great for grasping, or the Sassy-Seat Bouncer, which develops leg muscles. Also, activity mats can stimulate a child’s senses and encourage movement at this stage in development. “We have our yoga mats, they have their activity mats,” Quigley says. For Toddlers Moving into the toddler age, fine motor and gross (movement) skills are being developed. “We start to get into the riding toys with this age group,” Quigley explains. Activity walkers are popular at this age because they stimulate development, as well as provide fun activities for children. “They are sturdy enough for a 1 year old to get up and push and they have toys attached to the front and sides,” Quigley says. Scooters and bikes without pedals are also great choices because they develop coordination and balance. “Children learn to balance without the

Wooden Toddler Truck Activity Walker By ELC, $59.99 at Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe.

pedals and they don’t need training wheels,” Quigley says. For Older Children As children get older, many begin to get interested in participating in team and individual sports. Gifts that encourage these types of activities are always great to keep kids active and support their interest in competition. “Soccer, baseball and football are huge in the Longmont area so these types of items will be big sellers,” says Mike Rosasco, store manager of Sports Authority in Longmont. Many basketball hoops and soccer goals on the market can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs. Adjustable gear is a good investment for a growing child because the size can be changed to suit their changing size. “Some of our smaller hoops are scaled down for kids 5 and up,” explains Rosasco. These hoops and goals can be raised or expanded as the child gets older. Many of the boots for snowboarding and inline skating are also adjustable so as your child grows they can conform to fit their needs. You can also purchase beginner sets that feature these adjustable boots for children and come with bindings and the board.

December 5, 2010

Give yourself or a loved one the

beautiful and healthy legs in time for the holidays! gift of

Plasmacar by Pla-Smart, $69.99 at Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe.

Golf Set by Tommy Armour, includes six clubs with bag, $129.99 at Sports Authority.

it depends on that particular child’s motor skills and it varies from child to child,” she says. Other outdoor toys such as hula hoops, pogo sticks and the Super Skipper are all items that support active play time while not falling into the traditional sports category. “It doesn’t just have to be traditional sports, the main thing is to just get them moving,” Quigley says. Overall, the main idea is to give your child gifts that not only stimulate fun, but also keep them active. “The key is to find what your child is interested in and look for toys and activities that get them moving related to that,” she suggests. On the same note, Rosasco suggests that parents see how their child likes an activity before investing in an entire set of gear. “Parents can get a single golf club, take their kid out to the driving range and see if they like it before buying an entire set,” he explains. With the vast array of new toys and sports gear on the market, the options are endless for gifts that get your kids moving while still fitting their interests.


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Preventive and Diagnostic Testing • Ultrasound Heart Scans • Virtual Colonoscopies • Lung Scans


For All Ages While many of the toys have an age they are geared toward, Quigley says many toys can be suitable for a variety of ages. Items such as plasma cars and scooters are great for ages 3 and up and develop a child’s balance. “You can’t really give some of these toys an age because

Let our highly specialized physicians and medical support staff restore beauty and your vein health with minimally invasive treatments for varicose and spider veins: no surgery, no hospital stay, and virtually no downtime. Our experience makes yours that much better.

Longmont Times-Call Publication


Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Books, Gadgets, Sports, Tools & More

Gifts for Guys By Lauren Feighery Longmont Times-Call

Shopping is supposed to be fun, relaxing and something to look forward to, but your holiday gift list might say otherwise. You wrote your list with starry eyes and are ready to find the perfect gift that will show your loved one you know them better than they know themselves. Women shouldn’t be too difficult to buy for, but the men on your list might be another story. Don’t spend hours racking your brain around gift ideas or trying to blatantly question your guy what he wants. Instead, stick to a department and go from there. Ask yourself what he enjoys most – technology, the outdoors, books or sports. After you’ve decided a general area you want to go, start looking at the hot new gifts this season. The Book Worm Guy These gifts are for the guy who likes to cuddle up to a book and read in his spare time. Lois Moger,

sales manager at Borders in Longmont, says the new e-Readers will be a hot new gift this season. An e-Reader is a portable electronic device for downloading books and come in various prices and brands with extras ranging from music capabilities to wireless Internet. Thinner and lighter than a book, it’s ideal for your book worm guy if he wants to read several books without having to lug them around. Some new books for your man this season include, James Patterson’s “Cross Fire,” Stephen King’s “Full Dark, No Stars” and George Bush’s “Decision Points.” Laurie Clark, merchandising supervisor at Borders in Longmont, suggests finding out your man’s hobby. Look through the books he already has. Most men gear toward history, biography, sports, political and mystery type books, Moger says. Some mystery authors to watch for are Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell and Clive Cussler who are popular authors among men.

Left: The Sony Reader Pocket Edition Digital Book is great for readers who don’t want to tote all of their favorite books. Above top: The Insignia Infocast is used for Internet, photos and videos. Above: The Amphibx Waterproof Armband holds medium-sized music players and is waterproof. (All photos courtesy Best Buy)

Sports gifts from K and D’s Sports Memorabilia in Longmont vary greatly depending on your guys interests. These gifts here include an autographed helmet and leather team wallets. (Lauren Feighery/Times-Call)

Some accessories he’ll love in addition to the books and e-Readers include bookends, calendars and globes, perfect for brightening up his reading area. The Gadget Lover If your guy is always on his iPhone, browsing the Internet on his music player and mesmerized by the new flashy buttons on the latest HD screen, he needs the newest gadget. If this is the case, your guy is a gadget lover, and you’ll have no problem finding him a hot new gift. Check out these new gadgets which you can find in the 2010 Best Buy Look Book. The latest trend with gadgets is making sure they’re multi-use. The more your gadget can do the better, such as the Insignia Infocast. This new item has an 8-inch touch screen LCD used for Internet, photos and videos. The fun thing about gadgets is you can blend his loves into one gift. If your guy likes swimming, but wants to listen to music at the same time, he can. The Amphibx Waterproof Armband holds medium sized music players and is completely waterproof for up to 12 feet of water. The Sports Guy Sometimes you question if he loves his team more than you. He’s in the seats rooting on his beloved players whenever possible or glued to the game on TV. Ken Dahl, owner of K and D’s Sports Memorabilia in Longmont, knows what makes the sports guys tick. “The first thing with men is they don’t usually go out and buy it for themselves. For example, with the autographed helmets, they’ll put it in the basement or workplace to show off to their friends and value it on a personal level, but it’s usually their wives who buy it for them.” Dahl says once you know their team, it’s easy to find a gift, and if you know their favorite player, even better. Hot new sports gifts this season include framed team picture collages, autographed helmets and team leather wallets, according to Dahl. Autographed sports memorabilia will make a great gift and collectible for your sports guy.

The Grill Guy If your handy guy is more into making steaks than cabinets, look into grills and grill accessories. Seasonal, outdoor living and specialty items specialist Bruce Ramp, of McGuckin Hardware in Boulder, suggests magnetic grill lights for the hard-core griller. “It’s going to start getting dark around 5 p.m. now, so the grill light can make a great gift,” Ramp says. If you’re looking for a grill, Ramp says the three-burner grills are the most pop-

Longmont Times-Call Publication


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Craftsman Auto Hammer from Ace Hardware, $89.99. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)

This DeWalt cordless drill from Budget Home Center retails for $218. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)


Downtown Longmont

418 Main St. 303-678-7069

Parking Out Back Mon -Fri 9-6 | Thurs: 9-7 |Sat: 9-5

Pay For The Product, Not For The Package

The Fein Multimaster is a great multi tool available at Budget Home Center for $319. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)

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The Handy Guy You have a handy guy if the faucet’s leaking and he finds an excuse to upgrade the sink to a heavy-duty extensive project. Gifts to look for this season for your handy man are upgraded tools. What style tools should you get him? “Men seem to be attracted to stainless steel and black, opposed to things that look more delicate. Chrome is very big,” says Kirsten Pellicer, vice president of Ace Hardware in Longmont. Pellicer suggests going for the gadget-type tools. “It’s more about taking tools and amping them up, gadgeting everyday items that have already been around,” she says. Pellicer expects the Craftsman Auto Hammer to be popular this holiday season among men. It drives the nail into the wall without any manual hammering. Not only will your guy enjoy his automatic hammer, but your walls will thank you. At Budget Home Center in Longmont, tool department employee John Phillips, says the Fein Multimaster is the new generation of interior outfitting and renovation. With an oscillating movement and user-friendly accessories, the Multimaster is a versatile, high-precision specialist tool that can sand wood, cut, strips floors and even removes grout, Phillips says. The Makita impact driver is another must-have for guys who want all the latest tools. Phillips says this three-speed tool provides the user with precise fastening control for a wide range of applications. And if you’re needing that versatile cordless drill for general use around the home, Budget offers an entire line of DeWalt cordless drills giving your guy an option for every type of job. When picking the right tools for your guy, “take a visual inventory of his tools. If he truly is a handy guy, look for quality such as lifetime warranties and maybe take a guy along with you for advice when shopping,” Pellicer advises.

December 5, 2010


caramel apple awarded to the first 50 guests December 11th & 12th!

ular ones to check out, but if your guy already has the newest latest grill, Ramp advises buying him a smoker for that next step. Even with his grill and smoker, it’s cold outside and your handy guy might need something to keep him warm. A popular item to buy is a freestanding heater, Ramp says. Since your determined handy man will be outside no matter the weather, a little warmth can make his experience more enjoyable.

will go to the Longmont Humane Society.

11am-9pm Sun.- Thurs. 11am-10pm p Fri. & Sat. For the grill guy, give him a magnetic grill light, $14.99, top left, that will allow him to grill at any time of day, or a lighter, $34, top right, for instant flames. Available at McGuckin Hardware. (Lauren Feighery/Times-Call) Grilling Utensil Set, includes tongs, turner and fork in a convenient carrying pouch. $19.49, Ace Hardware. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)

1087 S S. H Hover Rd Rd., 303-682-5680 Longmont, CO Your one-stop shop for BOTH Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory & Cold Stone Creamery!”


Longmont Times-Call Publication

Wreaths made of peppermints, marshmallows and gumdrops, opposite page, are a fun alternative to make for the holiday wreath tradition. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)

December 5, 2010

A Touch of


Alternative wreaths give a new look to the holiday tradition By Anna Taylor Longmont Times-Call

Wreaths are a standard decoration when it comes to the holiday season, but if you’re tired of the typical holly or evergreen hanging around your house, making your own wreath can add a touch of liveliness and fun to your home. Using items that aren’t typically associated with traditional wreaths, such as gumdrops or marshmallows, gives the standard decoration a playful touch. Plus, these wreaths are great projects to do with the kids and to give as gifts. For the base of your wreath there are a multitude of options to choose from. If you want to make the wreath completely edible, Alice Jackson, the floral designer for Michaels arts and craft store in Longmont, suggests using decorating icing or fondant which both dry extremely hard. “You can get the pre-made decorator’s icing which makes it a lot easier,” Jackson explains. “Just make sure you don’t use grocery store icing which has more oil and stays wet much longer.” You can also pick up circular bases made of styrofoam or wire. For styrofoam bases, it’s important to chose the density based on what you will be attaching to them. “The more porous the styrofoam is, the less sturdy it is,” says Peggy Carlson, assistant manager at Hobby Lobby in Longmont. Therefore, the heavier the items that are being attached, the more dense you want your base to be. Jackson also suggests using wire bases for molding cereal treats around to form an edible base or attach healthier fare like dried fruit. “For a more natural snack for parents who don’t want their kids to have a lot of sweets, you can slice up apples and oranges and dry them,” Jackson suggests. Once you have your base you need to choose what type of product will serve as the actual wreath. For softer materials, such as gumdrops or marshmallows, you can easily attach them to the base with picks. Carlson suggests using either metal floral picks or wooden picks that have wires attached to the ends. This allows you to wrap the wire around the item and stick it into the base. Carlson prefers using the picks with wires because you can attach the candy while keeping them edible. Carlson also says if you don’t want to buy floral picks you can use toothpicks instead. Regardless of what type of pick you use, to attach the candy simply stick one end of the pick into the base and the other into the candy. You can either arrange the colors of gumdrops in a pattern or attach them so the same colors are not repeated next to each other. For the marshmallows, choose to use all the same size or get a variety of small and large marshmallows and arrange them randomly. There are also a variety of colors to choose

December 5, 2010

from at grocery stores, although simple white works just as well. For harder materials, such as peppermints, the picks with wires that Carlson suggested are great, although glue also works to attach the candy to the base. “You could use a tacky glue or a low-temp hot glue gun,� she explains. “With a glue gun you just need to be careful that it does not get too hot and melt the foam.� There are also glues made specifically for foam which can be found at local craft and hobby stores. Jackson also suggests using icing or melted chocolate if you intend for your wreath to be eaten rather than purely decorative. The chocolate and icing act as a glue once they dry and harden and are therefore a great way to attach candy items to the base. To ensure that your wreath lasts, there are a variety of sprays and sealers that can be used. The length of time that the wreath will last will vary depending on the item you make it from, but floral sealers and clear acrylic sprays are available to help your wreath hold up. Of course if you use a sealant the wreath is no longer edible, but it will last much longer through the holidays. For a nice finishing touch to your non-traditional wreath, you can either tie your own bow with ribbon or buy a ready-made one. You can either attach the bow using glue, a pick or by tying the ribbon around the base. Regardless of the items you choose to create your wreath, making your own nontraditional wreath is a fun, creative gift for friends and loved ones or simply a lively touch to bring to your own home.

Longmont Times-Call Publication


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Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Adventure! Gear up your youth for hunting, fishing or archery By Kristi Ritter • Photos by Paul Litman • Longmont Times-Call Following in the footsteps of inspiring adults, young boys and girls are often eager to learn how to hunt, fish, bird watch or shoot archery. While the thrill of having a fish bite the end of the line or hitting the target during a round of archery is enough for any youth to get excited, before they can begin, there is some gear they’ll need. Dale Klotz, assistant store manager at Murdochs in Longmont, says the store has seen a steady increase of people interested in hunting and fishing, and that includes the youth that often follow suite behind their adult teacher. While the department offers a variety of items from binocu-

Left moving clockwise: Carhartt flannel-lined bibs for youth, $32.99, Murdochs. Lucky Bums camoflauge gear line exclusively for kids. Short sleeve T-shirt, $19.99, Murdochs. Tasco waterproof binoculars, $15, Murdochs. Redington fishing vest for youth, $29.99, Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop. Zebco kids fishing rod, $12.99, Murdochs.

lars to BB guns to knives and ammunition, Murdochs’ goal is to continue building the selection as people inquire about something new they’d like to see. In addition, a full line of clothing, boots, gloves and more makes sure the sportsman is dressed for the part. For youth specifically, a full line of binoculars will give them the leg up on spotting the items they’re vying to see. Youth fishing poles will keep them in the right sized gear for catching a fish, and either camouflage or hot pink BB guns (specifically for the girls!) will let them practice shooting at targets. For the right clothing gear, a specific line of camouflage gear for youth by Lucky Bums will keep them out of sight and ready to hunt. And of course, a full line of Carhartt jackets, pants and more will keep youth warm while enjoying the activity. If it’s fishing that your youth is interested in, youth fishing programs are an option in Longmont through the Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop. Dick Shinton, who heads up the youth fishing programs, says youth are enthusiastic about the sport and learning the tricks of the trade to fly fishing. In a spring offering from February through March, Shinton says the shop offers a program in conjunction with Trout Unlimited specifically designed for kids. The sixweek program designed for kids age 8 and older teaches youth how to tie flies, identify entomology, catch and identify bugs at the river’s edge and even learn how to cast a rod. “It’s a great experience working with kids,” Shinton says. “By the time we get through a six-week session, those kids are our friends.” In its fourth year, the kids fly fishing program is limited to only 12 kids, so it will fill up fast. Shinton suggests those interested call the shop to get on a notification list after the first of the year to apply for the program. Youth archery leagues are

December 5, 2010

725 8th Avenue, Longmont 303-774-4777 Recreation Services













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FIRESTONE 6140 Firestone Blvd



Longmont’s newest children’s consignment and resale store!

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brilliant years

Shop Kids Resale & Consignment S 900 S. Hover Rd. Longmont

Mon.-Fr: 10am to 7pm Sat: 10am to 6pm Sun: 11am to 5pm M



Learn more about Archery in the Wild’s offerings by visiting its website at Also check out Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop and their events and classes online at www.laughinggrizzlyfly

Come Save With Us!



BOULDER 303-449-2626



- Public Skating - Learn-to-Skate Classes - Hockey - Skate Rental/Sharpening - Birthday Parties/Group Outings


Top: Youth 25-pound bow, $189. Bottom: Youth bow with accessories, $349. Archery in the Wild.


Create Holiday Memories for Your Family at the Longmont Ice Pavilion

Marlin Cowboy by Crosman, Lever Action BB Rifle, $39.99; Pumpmaster 760p Special Edition BB/Pellet Rifle by Crosman $59.99; Pumpmaster 760 BB/Pellet Rifle by Crosman $39.99. Murdochs.

another option in Longmont that youth can get involved with. Archery in the Wild in Longmont will get your youth set up with the right gear needed to hit the target. Dustin Wild from Archery in the Wild says the great thing about youth bows are that they are adjustable. When fitting a youth to a bow they look for the draw length based on how long the child’s arm is. Getting fitted in the perfect bow and accessories is an option at Archery in the Wild, but youth can also rent bows at the shop to make sure the sport is one they’re interested in. Wild says some youth that come in to use the indoor archery range are following in their father’s footsteps, but there are some who just want to learn the sport on their own. “It’s a real individual, yet competitive sport,” he says. Archery in the Wild offers Saturday morning youth archery as part of the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program, which is designed to teach archery to young people through a series of classes taught by a certified archery instructor or coach. JOAD can take kids to tournaments region wide. Youth can also reserve the indoor shooting range at Archery in the Wild as part of a club activity or party for others to learn the sport. So whether your youth is interested in hunting, fishing, archery or another outdoor sport, there are a lot of goodies you can find to wrap up under the tree for them this year.

Longmont Times-Call Publication


Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Wrap up a bottle! The holidays are a great time to wrap up a bottle of wine to give as a gift, take to a party or enjoy among friends. With affordable options like those below, sipping on a glass of wine can be just delightful! – Kristi Ritter

1 CHILENSIS RESERVA PINOT NOIR TYPE 2009 red wine from Chile FLAVORS Rounded elegant tannins, vibrant and intense blueberry and cherry

aromas. PAIR WITH Prime rib and ham GET IT AT Twin Peaks Liquor, Longmont

PRICE $12.99

2 LOUIS JADOT MACON CHARDONNAY TYPE white wine from Burgundy, France FLAVORS Citrus and white fruit flavors that dance across the palate, oak

influenced creamy undertones leading to full body, varietal fragrance, refreshing and crisp finish. PRICE $10 to $12 PAIR WITH Turkey and pork GET IT AT Fox Creek Liquors, Longmont

3 PARDOS MALBEC TYPE 2009 red wine from Argentine FLAVORS The dense red color of this wine gives a full and rich fruit taste of

wild berries and black currant. PAIR WITH Red meat GET IT AT Sportsman Liquor, Longmont


4 PINE RIDGE CHENIN BLANC-BIOGNIER TYPE 2009 white wine from California FLAVORS Bright acidity, luscious pear and melon flavors and layers of spicy

floral and grapefruit notes. PAIR WITH Seafood and turkey GET IT AT Twin Peaks Liquor, Longmont

PRICE $12.99

5 LA CREMA MONTEREY PINOT NOIR TYPE red wine from California FLAVORS Aromas of fresh strawberry and plum are immediately apparent,

as well as hints of earth. PAIR WITH Chicken, turkey and lamb GET IT AT Liquor Land, Longmont

PRICE $20.99

6 SCHMITT SÖHNE REISLING TYPE white wine from Germany FLAVORS Luscious peach and apricot fruit flavors with a well-rounded

middle that is soft and rich. PAIR WITH Turkey, fish and chicken GET IT AT Sportsman Liquor, Longmont


7 BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR TYPE red wine from Burgundy, France FLAVORS Earthy, cedar flavors in a light- to mid-bodied wine that offers

cherry and raspberry fruit flavors and subtle spice accents. PRICE $14.99 PAIR WITH Turkey, ham, appetizers GET IT AT Fox Creek Liquors, Longmont

8 KENDALL JACKSON VINTNER’S RESERVE CHARDONNAY TYPE white wine from California FLAVORS Bursting with tropical flavors

such as mango, papaya and pineapple, this medium-bodied wine explodes in your mouth with flavors of green apple and pear intertwined for a nice balance. PAIR WITH Chicken, turkey and ham PRICE $14.99 GET IT AT Liquor Land, Longmont Paul Litman/Times-Call

December 5, 2010

Longmont Times-Call Publication



Think ‘inside the pot’ for gifts By Sharon Naylor

Holiday gifts bring joy, and few presents make gift recipients as happy as fresh flowers. Long winter days and evenings can drain a person’s energy, and vibrant, sweet-smelling roses, jasmine, lilies and other winter blooms light up the pleasure centers in the recipient’s brain, brightening the home and counting among the most adored presents of the year, especially if you choose the right vase the recipient can use again. A twist on the potted flower gift is the gift of bagged or potted flower bulbs. Each bag of a dozen or so earthy bulbs contains the promise of spring’s return, brilliant color and blooms to be cut and displayed in the home. Beyond the eco-fabulous virtue of local flowers and bulbs, today’s holiday gift givers say they fulfill the highest priority: They’re inexpensive. According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, two-thirds of American consumers say the economy will affect their holiday budgets, and the average holiday

gift budget is down 3.2 percent this year per shopper. That makes the ultra-affordable flowers or bulbs a top choice for affordable and crowd-pleasing gifts. But before you give what looks like a vase full of dirt – explaining that there’s an exotic flower bulb buried in there, so water twice a week and wait – keep in mind that you can make your floral gift look as if you spent three to five times your actual outlay, and invest a bit of personal effort in the presentation. A successful gift is always given with a bit of creativity and personal attention, so here are the top tips for giving flowers or bulbs as holiday gifts this year. • Give potted flowers rather than bouquets. Bouquets are nice, but if you’re going to a holiday party or family holiday dinner, the host or recipient would have to stop what he’s doing, find an available vase, cut the stems and put them in water. • Choose a simpler pot. Skip the neon-colored, patterned, glazed or “busy” flowerpots and select instead a neutral color or one that you know suits the recipient’s home color scheme.


Santa's Pampering Prevention and Detection Just Got Easier. CColon l cancer iis 90% curable bl when h ddetected t td early but many people don’t get adequately screened. Our VIRTUAL COLONOSCOPY scan provides fast, easy, minimally invasive screening to detect colon cancer in the earliest stages. VIRTUAL COLONOSCOPY is endorsed by the American Cancer Society and costs can be covered by Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s).

Is it time for you or a loved one to be screened? Do it early. Do it virtually. Do it now. Preventive and Diagnostic Testing • Ultrasound Heart Scans • Virtual Colonoscopies • Lung Scans


Bring in this ad and receive 20% off any scan.

(720) 494-4777

Thinkstock of foil paper in your chosen shade and wrap it around the base of your pot. • Winter’s in-season flowers: amaryllis, anemone, bell of Ireland, buttercup, camellia, Casablanca lily, cosmos, daffodil, forget-me-not, holly, jasmine, narcissus, orchid, poinsettia, rose, stargazer lily, star-of-Bethlehem, sweet pea and tulip.


The Gift of Health

1551 Professional Lane, Suite 155, Longmont

• Go with glass. Visit your local craft store to get a pretty, deceptively inexpensive glass vase in a circular or square shape, for less than $3 in many cases. • Dress up plastic pots with fabulous foils. Garden centers and supermarket floral sections may have these shiny wraps affixed on their flowerpots already, but it’s quite easy to take a sheet

We have...

Package Gardener’s Integrative Massage Gardener’s Customized Facial

$9900 Expires 12/31/10

Additional Packages Available Ask!

Under the Mistletoe Package Gardener’s Integrative Massage Deluxe Spa Manicure Deluxe Spa Pedicure

$14500 Expires 12/31/10

Packages Not Valid With Other Offers or Discounts Including SpaFinder, SpaWish, SpaWeek or SpaBoom Gift Certificates.

303-774-2541 600 Airport Rd. • Building C Suite D, Longmont

Oodles of ORNAMENTS Gobs of GARLAND Racks of WREATHS Tons of TREES Bunches of BOWS Rolls of RIBBON Loads of LIGHTS Cartons of CARDS Stacks of STOCKINGS Masses of MENORAHS Dozens of DREIDELS Plenty of POINSETTIAS Crates of CANDLES and so much more!

mcguckin hardware 2525 ARAPAHOE

• In The Village • Boulder •

(303) 443-1822


Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Riding the Snow Skis, snowboards make great gifts By Lauren Feighery Longmont Times-Call

The crisp mountain air glides past your cheeks, your vision is slightly distorted with fog building up in your goggles, your lips are chapped and your legs move with the skis or board as if they’re one. Riding down the mountain can feel mystical, almost dream-like with all your senses absorbing the mountain. What better way to help someone experience the mountain than buying them the gear to do so? Waking up to a snowboard or ski-shaped gift could make someone’s holiday season. Whether you’re purchasing gear for a first-timer or an experienced skier or snowboarder, Dennis Meeker, manager at Christy Sports in Boulder and Tyler Winograd, marketing director of Boulder Freeride at the University of Colorado in Boulder, suggests answering these questions before buying gear. Ask yourself which side of the mountain they want to be on. “Do they like to ski more bumps or a more challenging terrain?” Meeker says. You’ll have to pick your gear accordingly.

Also, how many days a year will they ski or snowboard? You might need to spend the extra money for high quality gear if they’ll be hitting the slopes every weekend. Lastly, what mountains do they ski? Each Colorado mountain has different terrain. Find out their mountain of choice and tell the store specialist. “Ask yourself those questions before buying a ski (or snowboard), it’ll help direct you to which one to buy,” Meeker says. “Try to get as much personal information as possible before buying it (the skis or snowboard),” Winograd advises. “Most people say they don’t care what their skis or snowboard look like, but they really do, at least I do.” Find out their personal style and level of expertise. Beginners need shorter, stiffer gear for easy turn access and more advanced riders can use the flexible longer gear, Winograd says. Get your loved one something they’ll use and enjoy this winter. Gear could jump start his or her ski or snowboard adventure or accelerate them to the next level. Not only will they use your present, but every time they look down while gliding down the mountain, they’ll think of you.

SKI TYPES If you’re not sure what cut, make or style of gear to buy, check out these suggestions from Jeremy Halan, employee at Christy Sports in Boulder, and Dennis Meeker, manager at Christy Sports, for the specifics on ski and snowboard types.

Frontside Mountain Ski offers a narrower waist, quicker turning capabilities and a more flexible framing for turns and speed. Best for skiing bumps and fast turns, specific for the front side of the mountain. Backside Mountain Ski has a wider framing under the foot with slower turning capabilities and stiffer framing for gliding on fresh snow. Best for skiing deep snow and slow turns, specific for the back side of the mountain. All Mountain Ski gives a medium frame width under the foot for average turning capabilities at medium speeds with a flexible balanced frame. Best for multipurpose functions with backside or frontside skiing. Left: The men’s K2 Recon frontside ski, behind, and women’s Roxy Snazam all mountain ski. Right: The men’s Ride Society UL directional twin, traditional chamber snowboard, behind, and the women’s K2 VaVa Voom true twin, flat deck snowboard. (Lauren Feighery/Times-Call)

TYPES OF SNOWBOARDS Three Side Cuts • True Twins have the skinniest part of the frame in the center with two screw holds in the center of the frame. Cut style is for switching directions from goofy to regular. • Freeride Shapes have the skinniest part of the frame closer to the bottom and wider at the top with screw holds lower on the frame and a long nose at the top. Cut style is for keeping the same direction and riding in heavy snow. • Directional Twins have wider to skinnier frames from top to bottom with screw holds a little lower than the center of the frame. Cut style is for switching directions with the ability to float through deep snow. Four Bottom Shapes • Traditional (Camber)’s are good for hard packed snow with more edge control. The four corners of the board will always touch the snow. Bad for tricks, park or deep snow. • Flat Deck’s (No Camber)’s are good for tricks and landing on boxes for smooth landings. Corners of the board will not always touch the snow. Bad for powder, because there isn’t as much grip on hard packed snow. • Powder Rocker’s have the nose and tail drastically bent off the snow with a smaller turning radius. Good for floating on deep snow and backcountry skiing. Bad for sharp turns and fast speeds. • Rocker Camber Combo’s are pre bent in the middle of the frame with a teeter totter appearance. You’ll experience less back leg burn. This cut works in park and powder conditions moderately well. Bad for specific park or powder riders only. Some brands may use different names for cuts, but these are the basic cuts for all snowboards.

December 5, 2010

Be prepared with standby gifts

Longmont Times-Call Publication



By Chandra Orr

Oops! You didn’t know you were swapping gifts ... until the other person showed up to the party with a present in hand. No problem. You planned ahead and have a well-stocked selection of standbys, little presents that say “I care” when you need a gift in a hurry. “Though I don’t believe that reciprocal gift giving is always necessary, there will be times when you want to acknowledge someone at the holidays. The best standby gifts are useful and tasteful – and just personal enough,” says Deanne Marie, author of “Gift Giving for Busy People.” As there is with all presents, there’s an art to selecting standby gifts. Remember that it’s the thought that counts – “thought” being the key word. “If you give a gift that’s inappropriate, it draws attention to the fact that not only did you not care but also you tried to get by with it,” says Teri Gault, co-author of “Shop Smart, Save More.” Standby gifts should be thoughtful and appeal to a range of recipients while retaining an air of the personal; think general, not generic. “Stick to classic and basic but special,” Gault says. “A cashmere scarf fits the bill. Even if you have one, you always need a spare while one is at the cleaners.” It’s classic because it’s a scarf, and everyone can use an extra scarf in the winter. It’s basic if you choose a neutral color, such as beige or black. It’s special because it’s cashmere. “Instead of running out at the last minute and looking for something at full price, you can buy intentionally when things are on sale,” Gault says. “Because I plan ahead and keep my eye open for bargains, I can usually spend less than $20 on gifts that would otherwise cost $60 or more.” Aim to have about five standby gifts in reserve. Any leftovers can serve as backup birthday presents in the coming year. Look for items that everyone can use, and steer clear of home furnishings, clothing, scented items and wine. “Anything for décor is risky,” Gault says. “Perfume scents are just about the worst thing you can buy, as that is a very personal preference. Clothing must fit, and the style can also be quite personal.” Your standby arsenal might include a clever kitchen gadget, a handsome desk clock, a classic refillable lighter for the fireplace or grill, a fancy high-powered key chain flashlight or holiday music. “Wrap the gifts beautifully so they’re ready to go, but be sure to put a sticky note on the bottom to identify what’s inside,” Marie says. “Keep them in a gift


Stock up on classic, practical presents for holiday gift-giving emergencies. Refillable lighters for candles, fireplaces and grills appeal to a range of recipients, but skip the scented candles, which may offend those with allergies. ( Zippo)

drawer or under the tree – and keep one in the car just in case. When the opportunity presents itself – either you receive an unexpected gift that you’d like to reciprocate or you’re moved to give someone an unexpected gift – don’t stress over your selection. Standby gifts are not meant to be the most amazing, meaningful gifts ever. They’re tokens of appreciation and gratitude.” The standbys may not hit it out of the ballpark, but with the right delivery, they will show you care.

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Ziex ZE-912 Purchase 3 in-stock Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires and receive the 4th FREE. Offer valid December 1 thru 31, 2010. Savings off regular price in-stock Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires. In-store installation required. Not to be combined with another offer on same product and not to be used to reduce outstanding debt. No cash value. Offer good at participating stores. Offer valid December 1 thru 31, 2010. See store for full details.


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Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Soar Like A Bird...

A Week of Holiday Events in Longmont Friday, December 3rd thru Saturday, December 11th

Exhilarating Glider Rides

Limit One Per Family. Must Purchase by 12/31/10. Flight Must Be Within 1 Year. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Allow 5 Working Days for Gift Certificates By Mail

Includes the Tree Lighting Ceremony, Holiday Parade of Lights, Longmont Lights in Roosevelt Park, Holiday Ice Show, Fireworks, Downtown Merchants Open Houses Reindeer Dash, Downtown Entertainment and more!

1stt 1000 Resespponsnsess Onlly! R k M t i S i

CALL 303-747-6301 NOW!


Makes An Awesome Gift!

Spectacular soaring in a state-of-the-art s self-launching self launching glider with a 76 7 ft wing span. Departing from D Vance Brand and Airport. p

Presented by: Longmont Downtown Development Authority and the City of Longmont Community Services Department.

‘TIS THE SEASON… to save time shopping so you can enjoy the holidays… and we’ve got you covered. From designer fashions, to home furnishings, to power tools, it’s all here under one roof! Come visit our national and specialty retailers this holiday season!



Art & Soul* • Bath & Body Works • The Buckle • California Actors* C.J. Banks • CellAXS* • Claire’s Boutique • Colorado Nepal Country Buffet • Crocs Footwear* • Crystal D’llusions* Daisy Mae Accessories* • Day by Day Calendar Diamond Wireless • Dillards • Fabric Zoo* • Footlocker • GameStop GNC • GOAL Academy* • Gymboree • K & D’s Helmets* Kay Jewelers Kiwi* • La Cabana* • Lenscrafters • Mastercuts Maurices • Nail Elegant • Pac Sun • Payless Shoes Picture Us Portraits* • Piercing Pagoda • Pretzelmaker Quick View • Samuel’s Jewelry • Sears • Sunglass Hut • TCBY Trade Secret • United Artists • Victoria’s Secret • Vivi Nails Zale’s Jewelers *Local Specialty Retailer

Christmas Petits Fours from Swiss Colony are carefully selected with the richest butter cremes paired with moist cakes, all topped with intricate decoration. (Courtesy Swiss Colony)

Reveal the secrets of

Gracious Giving

Article Resource Association

A great gift, given in a way that tells the recipient how much he or she is valued, respected and wished well, is the essence of the holiday spirit. Decades ago, when the rhythm of life seemed more sedate, gift-givers probably had more time to invest in considering a gift and shopping for it. Today’s hectic pace, however, can make gift giving a challenge, even for the most dedicated giver. You can recapture the grace and thoughtfulness of a bygone era this holiday season with a few tips from the gift experts at Swiss Colony. • Food is a classic holiday gift. It can be personal (such as the recipient’s favorite holiday cookies), or broad enough in appeal to satisfy a group with varying tastes (such as a box of chocolates for a family or office mates). “People love food gifts at the holidays because they’re timely, seasonal and can be shared with family and friends,” says Becky Henke, vice president of Swiss Colony’s food division. “Classic holiday goodies and nostalgic treats are appreciated because of the thought and the gift itself.” • A gift is a warm and touching way to say “thank you.” The holidays are a time for celebration, but also to express gratitude – to those you love and also to those with whom you enjoy a professional relationship, whether it’s the babysitter or a client. • Play the thoughtful host and ensure your guest room is well stocked for the holidays. In addition to all the necessities, don’t overlook the niceties, which

The Ho Ho Ho Tower reaches new heights with a tower of goodies including cheeses, candy buttons, butter toffee, pretzels, nuts and more. (Courtesy Swiss Colony)

should include a modest yet cherished token that guests can enjoy while they visit, or take with them when they depart. “A food gift is welcome any time of the year, but never more so than during the holidays,” Henke says. “Not only does the gift itself delight with its flavor and sense of indulgence, the timeless thoughtfulness of gracious giving will leave the recipient with warm memories long after the holidays are over for another year.”

December 5, 2010

Longmont Times-Call Publication


Rein in holiday spending Planning,

By Chelle Cordero

There are some who approach the holiday season with trepidation. Instead of visions of sugarplums, they have visions of massive bills to pay and headaches. Face it; considering our current economy, the majority of us don’t go into the season with those big fat holiday savings clubs anymore. Most of us put our purchases on credit cards and worry about the bills “next year.” It’s especially tempting when stores offer deals, such as “pay no finance charges now” and instant rebates that are nowhere near what we are actually spending. This kind of destroys some of the joy of the season. “For many families, holiday shopping has gotten way out of whack. Time to rein it in and go back to concentrating on the joy of family time together,” says Jo Bittof, management development coach and cofounder of Solutions (www.actfinancially .com), helping people improve their financial health. Bittof recommends shopping with cash. “Avoid credit card use,” she says. “Unless you are positioned to pay off credit cards in full when the bill comes, think twice before running up debt. Finance charges associated with credit card debt are hefty indeed. Consider this. You charge $1,000 to your credit card for holiday expenses. The interest rate is 18.9 percent. You plan to pay a bit more than minimum each month, say, $30 a month. It will take almost four years to pay off these charges, and that’s assuming you have no other charges on the card, thus more principal and interest. For that $1,000, you will have repaid about $1,410. Now that’s costly!” Denise Winston, a financial educator and an expert on how to save money and time, has a foolproof system for shopping with

budgeting help limit undue stress

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cash. • Place gift recipient’s name on outside of envelope. • Jot down a few gift ideas for recipient on envelope. • Place allocated budgeted cash inside envelope. • When you make a purchase use cash inside envelope. • Jot purchase price next to gift idea on the outside of envelope. • Place receipt inside envelope. • If you find a lower-priced item, purchase it and return previous purchase. A few inexpensive gift giving ideas from author Marcia Brixey, who wrote “The Money Therapist: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Healthy Financial Life,” include: “Use family pictures to design a personalized calendar. Be creative and decorate the dates for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. “For the people with iPods, purchase iTunes gift certificates so they can download their favorite music.

“Give a gift certificate for a day of yardwork, housecleaning, window washing or car washing. This is a great idea for elderly parents and grandparents. “Give a gift certificate to spend a day together doing whatever the recipient chooses. Many people appreciate the gift of time with their loved ones more than something store-bought.” Homemade crafts and baked goods are also longtime favorites for remembering somebody on the holidays. Though you’ve got to be extra-careful to keep it out of the same circle of friends, many experts claim that there is nothing wrong with regifting unwanted gifts that you’ve received. If you get caught short without a gift for someone who gave you one, make sure that you write a nice thank-you note afterward; or you can avoid being a sole recipient with a few wrapped “emergency gifts” on hand, such as inexpensive fragrant candles, desk accessories or boxes of chocolate. If you are part of a large family or in an office situation, consider holding a “secret Santa.” Instead of having everyone buy a gift for everyone else, you toss your names into a hat and each person chooses one recipient to concentrate on. A hip twist on the old holiday tradition, Elfster is an online secret Santa gift exchange organizer. In a recent survey, it determined that 95 percent of people have participated in a secret Santa or another type of group gift exchange and that 90 percent either have already participated in or will be participating in a gift exchange online. “There is more interest than ever in secret Santa programs from consumers and also retailers, who are recognizing that consumers are looking for a more cost-effective holiday experience,” says Peter Imburg, founder and CEO of Elfster.



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PACKING SUPPLIES at participating PostNet Centers. One coupon per Some restrictions may apply.

ST. VRAIN CENTRE 1067 S. Hover St, Unit E Longmont, CO 80501 Tel: 303-651-9893 E-mail:

Open Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm, Sat: 10am-3pm


Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Kitchen Gifts Give those who love to cook anything from green gadgets to easy cooking utensils Longmont Times-Call

gifts that are out of the ordinary or that can make everyday cooking simpler.

Shopping for the family cook can seem impossible, because their kitchen is already well stocked with everything imaginable. But don’t let that stop you. Kirsten Pellicer, vice president of Ace Hardware in Longmont, says the trick is finding those

From environmentally friendly gadgets to oneof-a-kind items to those that just make life easy, the following gift ideas from Ace Hardware and Cayenne Kitchen in Longmont are sure to be loved in the kitchen once unwrapped this year.

By Summer Stair

Everyone should have a little Le Creuset in the kitchen. Start the collection for someone with this affordable honey pot. $24.99, Ace Hardware.

Give quality craftsmanship with this new design from Shun Ken Onion. Set includes 8-inch chef knife with display stand. $212.50, Cayenne Kitchen.

Preserve mixing bowls are stylish and eco-friendly. Made from 100 percent recycled plastic, these reusable bowls are even dishwasher safe. $25.95 for a set of three, Cayenne Kitchen.

This RSVP Endurance Potato Ricer makes mashing potatoes a cinch. $36.95, Cayenne Kitchen.

Make serving dinner easy with a tortilla warmer. $10.99, Ace Hardware.

Boil eggs the easy way with the Food Pod. Made from silicone, this handy gadget also has a hook that hangs from the pot while in use. $14.99, Ace Hardware.

Make your own soda at home with Soda Stream. The eco-friendly gift allows you to be kind to the planet while being healthy. Set comes with machine, reusable bottle, carbonator and a sample kit of flavors. $99.99, Ace Hardware.

Every cook has the standard spatula and spoon, so spice up their collection with the RSVP Tango round spoon and long spatula. $7.95 each, Cayenne Kitchen.

December 5, 2010

Discover inspiring BERNINA gifts this holiday season

Kids music keeps the beat moving Special to the Times-Call

Take it Outside Just as the family needs a pick-me-up, The Okee Dokee Brothers, who are originally from Colorado, have delivered their newest collection of energetic songs called Take it Outside. This new collection of music captures one full day of childhood, from waking up for a little Bluegrass for Breakfast to hitting the hay at night with Sweet Dreams. Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing blend a little bit of country, quite a bit of bluegrass, and add in pop and funk influences for good measure. Check out more of their music at www.okee Swimming in Noodles Jim Cosgrove has released his new collection of energetic original songs, Swimming in Noodles. With a shake


visions of sugar plums? Sew a purple party dress and so much more with the BERNINA 3Discover Series.

of calypso, a pinch of rockabilly and a whole lot of heart, Cosgrove’s music inspires families to pack a picnic full of joy and dance the day away. The high-powered sound of Swimming in Noodles marks Cosgrove’s first collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Tor Hyams. Jungle Gym Jungle Gym, the newest CD from family music star Justin Roberts, is a collection of 12 new original songs taking listeners on a journey through the iconic moments of childhood. It’s an often funny and rocking ride: from magical moments sailing on a moonlit cardboard box, through the temporary trauma of getting lost, to the anticipation and wonder of a school fire drill. Roberts masterfully crafts intelligent and engaging story-songs about everyday childhood life in such a way that anyone at any age can relate to them. His colorful lyrics paint portraits of experiences that are formative to every child. Check out more at www.justinroberts

HOT HOLIDAY TOYS Every child wants the popular toys for Christmas. Each year parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles head to the stores in search of those sold-out items and must-have gifts. So what gifts are bound to be snatched from toy store shelves this season? Here are a few that kids are bound to be requesting. • Moon Dough: Moon Sand is a popular molding product that doesn’t dry out. The trouble is, it tends to be messy. Moon Dough is a less sticky version that’s easier on clean-up. • Tickle Me Elmo: That loveable Elmo is back in an ‘extreme’ version. He laughs, tells jokes and rolls to the ground in fits of laughter. Elmo can even get back up to a standing position. • “Twilight” Action Figures: Based on the popular “Twilight” saga, these action figures are bound to be the next collectibles for kids who love “Bella,” “Jacob” and “Edward.” • Furby: Furby is back, probably as a result of the popularity of last year’s

Longmont Times-Call Publication

Zhu Zhu pets. This incarnation of Furby can react with true emotions thanks to new technology. • Furry Frenzies: Also banking on the popularity of Zhu Zhu pets is Hasbro’s version of electronic pets. These creatures can interact with one another and scurry around playsets, which are sold separately. • Dance Star Mickey: In Elmo-like fashion, this doll dances, talks and moves. Kids who are enamored with all things Disney certainly will be requesting their favorite mouse. • Extreme Micro RC Helicopter: This infrared helicopter is the smallest on the market and can dart and fly around inside or outdoors. • Star Wars Force Jedi Trainer: This toy uses brain wave technology and measures how kids concentrate. Players follow the directions to make their way toward Jedi master. – Metro Services

Where Sewing Begins and Quilters are Inspired.

2001 North Main Street, L Longmont (303)485-6681 •

inspiring BERNINA gifts this holiday season


Give Your Kids The Gift Of Sound... Protect your children’s ears with Kidzsafe earbuds and headphones. Kidzsafe safe volume technology helps prevent noise induced hearing loss. Compatible with all iPod, Zune and other MP3 devices, as well as portable CD and DVD players, Kidzsafe headphones give the same high quality frequency and response found in full size headphones.

LONGMONT 1515 N Main St. Ste. 15 303-776-8748

BOULDER 4800 Baseline Rd. Ste. E108 303-499-3900


Gift Ideas Drum Kits

with Stool & Cymbols


Portable PA from


Guitar Packs from


More Specials at 464 MAIN ST., LONGMONT 303-772-8500 • 1-800-574-5990 • Mon-Thu 10-8, Fri & Sat 9-6, Sun 12-5



Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010 HG2-158571

Get festive with decor, even on a small budget Article Resource Association

We are all watching our wallets closely as we begin to prepare for Christmas. There are children, parents, siblings, friends, teachers and a host of others for whom we need to purchase gifts. And you’re likely planning to throw at least one holiday gathering that involves large quantities of food and drink. Then there are your holiday decorations. If you’re like most homeowners, you were planning to pull out the lights, ornaments and adornments that you’ve been using for the last couple of years. But what if you could have new decorations without the expensive price tag? There are creative, cost-effective ways to spruce up your existing decorations with the season’s trendiest colors without breaking the bank. Here’s a look at some inspired holiday project ideas.

Postal Station Hours Monday– Friday 8 a.m.– 5:30 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m.– 2 p.m.

Make your Interior Merrier Your Christmas tree sets the stage for the holiday theme and feel of your home. Refinishing ornaments is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your look. Grab a couple of cans of spray paint from your local craft or hardware store, such as Krylon’s indoor/outdoor paint in colors like satin jade, Catalina mist or blue ocean breeze, to create an entirely new color scheme. Remember, though, that your newly transformed ornaments can be used for more than just your tree. You likely have clear glass vases and bowls hiding around your home. Bring them out and add the painted ornaments to create a clever centerpiece on your kitchen table or in a guest bathroom.

Inexpensive terra cotta pots can easily be transformed into glowing accent lighting for your coffee table, fireplace mantel or buffet. Spray the pots and bases with metallic spray paint and just add candles. To add even more sparkle to your decor, accent fresh greenery and pine garland with glitter spray. Combine with the terra cotta pots for a distinctive centerpiece. Spice up Outdoor Festivities While you could always default to last year’s strings of lights and inflatable Santa and reindeer, why not add some more color and distinctiveness to the outside of your home? Instead of the white icicle lights that have adorned your house for the last couple of years, break out those colored lights buried in that dusty box marked “lights of Christmases past.” Red, green or even blue will help you expand your holiday color palette. The trees in your front yard were meant to hold more than just lights during the holiday season. Jazz them up with oversized Christmas ornaments painted in complementary colors to your new lighting scheme. Don’t forget the front door and windows. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve accumulated a number of wreaths throughout the years. Dig them out of the back of your attic and spruce them up with some spray paint. You can also add new cost-effective embellishments like pinecones, ribbon or silk flowers. These “upcycled” wreaths will add warmth to the outside of your home.

December 5, 2010

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Longmont’s INDOOR FLEA MARKET 1201 S. Sunset St. Longmont, Co 80501 303.776.6605 Open M,W,F,S: 9am-6pm • Tues & Thur: 9am-7:30pm

OVER 90+ DEALERS! 鵷 Items & Gifts for Ages 0-99 鵷 NEW & USED FURNITURE

Breathe life into game night H appy Holidays Article Resource Association

Looking to bring the family together for some fun this holiday season? All that’s required are favorite games, some snacks, and most importantly, a commitment to dedicate time to family fun. “Family play time is so important,” says Ellen Harter Wall of Disney FamilyFun magazine. “When you’re playing with your kids, everyone is focused on the here and now, not thinking about school or work. A regular game night gives family members something special to look forward to, encourages healthy competition and often results in laughter, making it a perfect way to end the day.” Once a game night is established, it’s fun to give it a makeover once in awhile. “Mix it up a bit,” Wall says. “Our readers often share ways in which they bring creativity to new levels by making game preparation, play time, and even clean up more fun for everyone.” One of the easiest ways to breathe life into a game night is to invest in some new games. LEGO recently introduced a variety of board games that offer something different: the ability to build and customize the games themselves. LEGO Games allow players to construct them before playing, use buildable dice and change and adapt the rules as they see fit, making a different game each time. Games range from Minotaurus, a race-through-the-maze game, to Creationary, which is like playing charades with LEGO bricks, to Pirate Code, a strategic puzzle game. “Games that offer options for customization are a good fit for families with kids at different ages,” Wall adds. “You can change the rules to fit your family.” A fun way to keep track of those rules is to create a Game Night Notebook. Simply cover a plain note-

Set rules in advance

Whether it’s your house or a neighbor’s, getting the kids to help pick up at the end of game night doesn’t have to be a struggle. Disney FamilyFun shares the following tips from its readers. • Make a house rule that says the winner owns clean up time. • When setting up a board game, place it on a sheet or tablecloth. When you’re finished, gather the edges and pour the contents back into the box. • Don’t use your salad tongs just for leafy greens – hand them over to your kids to use as a game piece pick-up tool. It may take longer, but they’ll have more fun. • Toss out tattered boxes and store playing pieces in clear plastic pouches.

book with fabric or felt, then decorate it with stickers or pipe cleaners. “The notebook is also a great place to jot down high scores and record favorite bits of conversation and memories.” Not into crafting yourself? Choose from literally thousands of lovingly handmade items on Etsy. Whatever your method, the simple tip is to think about ways in which to document and remember your family’s play time. With the basics covered, up the game night ante with a neighborhood progressive game party where each family is responsible for hosting a game stop at their home. “Choose games with group play options and clear winners,” Wall says. “You can prep the snacks or call it potluck, and consider increasing the fun with a game night kit as a prize for the highest scoring family.”

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner banquet rooms available.



from Platteville’s Best K ! Kept Secret


Double Tree Restaurant 970.785.2238

Hwy 85 • P Hwy Pllatt latt ttev evil illle, il le CO 8 806 0651 06 51

Sunday Mon-Thurs Fri-Sat

6:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Ron R. Hogsett, Owner • 452 Main St., Longmont • 303-651-1125 Mon. - Fri. 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Sat. 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. HG1-157678


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December 5, 2010

Don’t forget your

Furry Friends As you’re wrapping gifts to be placed under the tree this holiday season, don’t forget that your furry friends will love to join in the celebration by ripping open a package – or at least play with the new toy once you open it! Here’s a glimpse at some new toys that will have them occupied for hours, or new beds that will give them a cozy place to rest. – Kristi Ritter

By Hyper Products, the Flying Series of slingshots for dogs are great and durable, including this flying fish with squeaker. $10.99, Murdochs.

From Dog Casino, these interactive games for cats and dogs challenge them to be quick in their thinking. With the removal of the bone, the drawer pops open to reveal a treat. $25 to $60, Four Paws in Longmont.

F.Y.D.O. Bagel Beds will keep your pets cozy and comfy. These custom made-to-order beds come in a variety of fabrics and colors and are ready in less than two weeks. Prices vary, Four Paws in Longmont.

The Happy Moppy from Nylabone is available in two sizes. $12 to $19, Four Paws in Longmont.

The Kong kickeroo for cats is a wrestling catnip toy. $6.99, Murdochs.

Dog beds and sleeping pads will give your pets comfort. Varying sizes and prices, Four Paws in Longmont.

Dog blankets will keep your pet warm during the winter. With a range of sizes from 12 to 32 inches, these blankets are waterproof and washable. $25.99, Murdochs.

December 5, 2010

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Stir up some giftable holiday goodies Family Features

It’s true – the kitchen is the heart of the home. Ever notice how people always gather there? Whether baking treats, making dinner or spending time with family and friends, the kitchen is my favorite place to be. Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like sharing some homemade goodies with friends and neighbors. I love giving creamy, chocolaty fudge to folks – it’s always a hit and it’s so easy to make. I have a new cookie recipe to share this year, too, and I’m excited about it. These lemon cookies have just the right amount of bright, lemony flavor that balances beautifully with the white morsels in every bite. And dipping them in the melted morsels not only adds more of that great taste, it makes them pretty, too. I hope you have as much fun as I do baking and sharing your favorite recipes this holiday season. You can find even more giftable goodie recipes at www.VeryBestBaking .com.

Very Best Fudge 3 cups granulated sugar 1 can (12 fluid ounces) NestlĂŠ Carnation Evaporated Milk 1 /4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine 1 /2 teaspoon salt

4 cups miniature marshmallows 4 cups (24 ounces) NestlĂŠ Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels 1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Line 13-by-9-inch baking pan or two 8-inch-square baking pans with foil. Combine sugar, evaporated milk, butter and salt in 4- to 5-quart heavy-duty saucepan. Bring to a full rolling boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Boil, stirring constantly, for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in marshmallows, morsels, nuts and vanilla extract. Stir vigorously for 1 minute or until marshmallows are melted. Pour into prepared pan(s). Refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm. Lift from pan; remove foil. Cut into pieces. Store tightly covered in refrigerator.

Premier White Lemon Cookies 1

/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups (12-ounce package) NestlĂŠ Toll House Premier White Morsels, divided 1 teaspoon vegetable shortening

2 cups all-purpose flour 1 /4 teaspoon salt 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened 2 /3 cup granulated sugar 1 /4 cup grated lemon peel

Combine flour and salt in small bowl. Beat butter, sugar, lemon peel and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until fluffy. Add flour mixture just until blended. Stir in 1 cup morsels. Divide dough into four even pieces. Gently shape each piece into an 8-by-1-inch diameter log. Wrap logs tightly in wax paper. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or until firm. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Unwrap logs; cut each log with serrated knife into 16 slices, about 1/2-inch thick. If necessary, reshape edges of cookies. Place 2 inches apart onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake for 13 to 14 minutes or until edges are set. Cool for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely. Line baking sheets with wax paper. Microwave remaining 1 cup morsels and vegetable shortening in small, uncovered, microwave-safe bowl on medium-high (70 percent) power for 1 minute; stir until morsels are melted. Dip top half of cookies into melted morsels. Place on prepared baking sheets. Refrigerate for 20 minutes or until set. 156320 156 156318 32 320 20 0

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11 0 2 ay, D r’s a e Y 11 a.m. a. Official Official start w e N


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la o P SStart/End tart/Endd at

EErie i CCommunity itt CCenter. t An accomplished sculptor, Dr. Schmid’s bronzes will be in galleries in 2011.

“The anti-aging breakthrough of the decade.� WebMD on Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation HG2-158040

Erase wrinkles, smooth texture and even pigmentation with Matrix Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation and save up to $400!

ycle Ride c i B ily

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 10-11 am registration, $20 per rider or $40 per family Benefits PolioPlus

1, 5 andd 15 mile routes.

At least 1 mile m must be completed to be eligible for Polar Bear 100 Degree Challenge.

Noon-1 p.m. Complimentary food and drinks for returning riders. Free T-shirts to participants.

Bicycle safety inspections and bicycle registration with Erie Police Dept.

Riders can decorate them as a unique memento.

To qualify, please schedule and prepay by 12/31/10.

Sponsored By: Institute of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Peter M. Schmid, FAACS, FAOCOOHNS       1305 Sumner Street, Suite 100, Longmont (303) 651-6846

Louisville Cyclery TREK Bicycle Store For more information visit the Erie Rotary Club website:


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December 5, 2010

Tandem jumping is offered at Mile Hi Skydiving. (Courtesy Mile Hi Skydiving) Far right: Joe Hart, owner and pilot of Longmont Hot Air Balloon Company, lifts off from the west side of Vance Brand Municipal Airport in July 2009. (Paul Litman /Times-Call)

Give the Gift of Adventure By Wendy McMillan Longmont Times-Call

Ask any Who down in Whoville, the best life has to offer can’t be confined to boxes and bags, but you may just be able to fit some of it in a scrapbook. The gift of adventure can take countless forms, fit any tastes, and, you may be surprised to learn, can fit into many budgets. Memorable and unique experiences can offer a touch of daring, a sense of romance and lessons in skill. What’s more, here in Longmont we’ve got access to some of the greatest. Rocky Mountain Soaring Rocky Mountain Soaring pilot and owner

Marc Arnold with his state-of-the-art Stemme S10-VT motorglider. Arnold is the owner and pilot of Rocky Mountain Soaring, which operates out of Vance Brand Airport in Longmont. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)

Marc Arnold spent his childhood flying with his father, a WWIIP-38 Combat Fighter Pilot. On his 16th birthday, Arnold earned his own pilot’s license, and has since become qualified as an airline transport, jet and glider pilot, and a competitive sailplane pilot. When it comes to passion for flight, nothing comes close to Arnold’s pure joy soaring in a glider. Now, for the first time, Arnold is offering the opportunity to experience this unique splendor of taking to the skies here in Longmont. Based at Vance Brand Airport, Rocky Mountain Soaring flights range from 30 minute tours to 1.5 hour long cross-country adventures. The highly advanced Stemme S10-VT glider ensures that clients are treated to a superior experience than typically afforded by commercial gliders. Allowing for side-by-side seating of pilot and passenger, “the Stemme is the Lamborghini of the air,” Arnold says. Earning his living flying charter jets for a living, Arnold offers flights to the public as a labor of love. “My greatest joy comes from introducing others to this extraordinary experience,” he says. “There is nothing like it.” For this first season, he is offering a special deal, discounting his local area tour flights to $99 if purchased by Dec. 31. Schedule/purchase: Call 303-747-6301 Pricing: From $125 (30 minutes) to $295 (90 minutes or more) Holiday Special: Treat someone to a 30-minute local area tour flight (typically $125) for $99 by purchasing prior to Dec. 31. Flights may be scheduled for up to one year from purchase. More information:

Longmont Hot Balloon Company “The city of Longmont, named for its beautiful views of Longs Peak, is one of the best areas in the world for ballooning,” says Joseph Hart, owner of the Longmont Hot Balloon Company. “We have incredible mountain scenery, no major airports and fewer restrictions on flying over open space than in neighboring areas.” Ballooning is full of thrilling contradictions, exhilarating and peaceful, romantic and daring. Operating year-round, the Longmont Hot Balloon Company offers flights of approximately one to one-and-a-half hours, typically recommended during the morning depending on the season, due to afternoon surface heating. In addition to the stunning scenery and freedom of soaring, the balloons offer guests a little extra pampering, too. Flights, which can typically ascend to approximately 2,500 feet above ground level, may include champagne and other drinks, as well as continental breakfast. The Longmont-based company is committed to providing unforgettable experiences for all. Flights vary tremendously with each season and occasion. In addition to offering romantic two-person, as well as group flights, the company caters for just about every momentous occasion, including wedding, birthday, proposal, sunrise and anniversary flights. Schedule/purchase: Fill out the online reservation request form at; or call 877- AIR-COLO or 970-785-2054. Pricing: Starting at $200 per individual adult within a group of up to four. More information:

December 5, 2010

Mile Hi Skydiving In business since 1995, Mile High Skydiving Center is Colorado’s topranked, largest skydiving facility, making more than 35,000 annual jumps. From the novice to the professional, skydivers can choose from a range of options. For the firsttimer, a Tandem Fun Jump offers the adrenaline-charged experience of body flight with the safety of a nationally licensed tandem instructor guiding freefall from 18,000 feet above sea level, approximately 130 miles per hour. Experienced skydivers also enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and choice array, whether interested in freestyle, freefly or flying the Mile Hi Swoop Park. Located on the west side of Airport Road off St. Vrain Road, Mile Hi is the only full-time skydiving facility in operation within 100 miles of the Boulder-Denver area. The center boasts numerous amenities in addition to its array of exciting flight experiSkydiving is a great gift for those seeking an ences, including a smooth 100-acre adrenaline rush. (Courtesy Mile Hi Skydiving) grassy span for comfortable landing, as well as indoor packing and training areas, indoor bathroom and showering facilities, a full time gear store and more. Schedule/purchase: Call 303-702-9911 Pricing: $199 cash special for tandem (additional charge for credit payment) More information:

Even Santa Needs A Break Now and Again.

Beatrice Hover Assisted Living Residence Announces


Let us take care of your loved one, so you can take care of YOU! Call us today to learn more.

Beatrice Hover Assisted Living Residence 303-772-9292 • 1380 Charles Dr, Longmont


SAVE 15 $

ON ECOPOWER OIL CHANGE WEST LONGMONT 2310 17th Ave., (303) 772-4900 EAST LONGMONT 1646 Pace St., (303) 772-4800 WINDSOR 1231 Main St., (970) 686-0588 Good for oil change using up to 5 qts EcoPower motor oil. Price valid for most vehicles. Special filter charges may apply. Valid only at above locations. Not valid with other offers. Expires 1/31/11. VEP15


Your Holiday Tradition Begins Here! Presented by:

A Free Event!

Includes the Holiday Parade of Lights, Longmont Lights in Roosevelt Park, Santa’s Workshop, Holiday Ice Show, Fireworks and more!

December 10th & 11th 5pm to 8pm

Living Center

“A Rehab and Skilled Nursing Facility”

Recreation Services: 303-651-8404

1800 Stroh Place





Sponsors: HG2-157818

“The Choice of Longmont”


Are you providing at-home care for a loved one?

Wishing you joy and happiness this holiday season!


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Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Family Gift Finds Presents for anyone on your list under $25 Whether you are buying a gift for a nephew or looking for something unique to give your sister-in-law, don’t look any further. Several shops in Longmont have just what you are looking for at the right price. Check out these budget-friendly gifts – all priced under $25. – Summer Stair

For the Decorator Tii Collections assorted stars are a perfect gift for anyone, but especially for a family member who loves to decorate. $2.38 to $22, Real Deals.

Don’t Forget Baby Don’t forget the little ones in the family! Assorted Christmas socks are sure to spice up any holiday outfit. $5.50, Encore Home Styles.

Get Organized! Help a loved one become organized with the Card Cubby. $18, Lillian’s.

Treat the In-laws Whether it’s a mother-in-law or a sister, pamper those you love with these relaxing gifts. Relaxation pure soy wax candle, $10 to $20. Body spray in lavender and grapefruit, 4-ounce bottle $6. Available at Magic Fairy Candles.

Versatile Wallets These funky, small wallets are an ideal gift for any girl. $23.95, Adorn Home & Gift Gallery.

Give Inspiration Let someone know you are thinking about them with these colorful metal inspirational bracelets. $17.95, Encore Home Styles.

December 5, 2010

Longmont Times-Call Publication

For the Wine Lover This vintage wine barrel plaque is unique and affordable. $11.44, Real Deals.

Teen Style This fun jewelry round from Natural Life can be used to hold trinkets when traveling or just at home. $10.95, Adorn Home & Gift Gallery.

Personalize It This beaded picture frame from Ihi is perfect for Grandma. Include a personal photo and you’re set. $18.95, Encore Home Styles.

Give Your Man a Shot For the men in your life try something a little different, such as these shot glasses from Lolita. $12.50, Encore Home Styles.

Any Size Fits Give the gift of jewelry no matter the size. Stretch rings are fun and imaginative. $12, Lillian’s.

Unique for Kids This little matchbox mouse will give your child something to play with, while making their imagination soar. $21.95, Adornables.



Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

For the Girl Traveling Temptations Give a loved one the gift of style while traveling. Sofia Bellina travel cases are perfect for a short or long trip. $6 to $9, Lillian’s.

Give the special women in your life these fun gifts from Curly Girl, water bottle, $22.50 and mug, $18.95. Available at Encore Home Styles.

A Blast from the Past

Down Country Spice up a loved ones kitchen with a collectible black and white chicken. Medium chicken pictured here. $18.49, Real Deals.

It’s Practical

Bring out the kid in your grandparent with these old-time favorites from Mountain Man, Peanut Brittle ($6), Cut Rock Candy ($4), Scotty’s Pure Sugar Peppermint Sticks ($1.95), Gourmet Butter Caramels ($8.50), Lemon Drops ($3.50), Necco Wafers ($1.39), Strawberry Bon Bons ($4.50), Maple Nut Drops ($5.75), Seasame Sticks ($4), Jelly Beans ($3.75), Boston Baked Beans ($4.25) and Black Licorice Twists ($4.75).

This nail kit from Glam is not only practical, but stylish. $23.95, Adorn Home & Gift Gallery.

Toddler Times Pull alongs from Sevi Friends will get your little one moving. $21.95, Adornables.

Healthy Connotations This little rubber watch, is a light-weight comfortable waterproof watch made of high quality Tourmaline infused silicone and will help keep anyone balanced. $20 to $23, Lillian’s.

HOLIDAY AYeaason December 5, 2010

By Sharon Naylor

When you give a gift card as a holiday present, you give more than a $25, $50 or $100 present of the recipient’s choice. You give a guilt-free shopping spree. In these tough financial times, going out to restaurants, getting a mani-pedi and going to the movies might be rarities in a family’s budget, so your gift card lets the recipient enjoy these treats without worry. That perk has replaced the whole “gift cards are impersonal” debate that has made holiday shoppers think twice about giving those pretty plastic gift cards to loved ones on their shopping lists. Today’s gift givers know how much they themselves love getting gift cards and checking out at a favorite store with a big $0 balance owed, and they know how blissful it is to buy clothes online at a retailer they couldn’t otherwise afford without that generous gift card letting them shop to their heart’s content. Jack Bouchard of Philadelphia brings up a great point: “I think gift cards for clothing places are the way to go. It saves from the issues of buying something that someone won’t like or something that doesn’t fit. For me, a gift card to Kohl’s is a great one. Especially this year as I was preparing for a job search and new career, it paid off huge!” First Data, a consumer survey agency, reports that gift cards were a $24.9 billion industry in 2009, with a flurry of gift card purchases occurring during the last shopping days of the holiday season. Many gift givers took advantage of e-gift cards that allowed them to instantly send gifts online without paying for shipping or hassling with gift wrap; many of these e-gift cards even were sent on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. According to digital gift card incentive company CashStar, Christmas Eve was the highest-selling day of the year, with a stunning 39 percent of online gift cards being purchased and sent after 6 p.m. Eastern time. Dollar values of gift cards were up 7.3 percent, and the number of gift cards sold was up, as well (by 6.7 percent), compared with 2008 figures. Here are the most popular types of gift cards: • Restaurants: Your gift card to a pop-


Tis The Season For Great Shopping!

Bring this in for $10 off a $40 purchase! (expires 12/31/10) 333 1st A  


ular restaurant allows ™ HG2-157969 the recipient a fabulous date 2 days a week . 2 good to be truee night on you. A side category of restaurants is bakeries, where your recipient can pick out an indulgent cake or cupcakes. • Bookstore: The recipient gets the latEach Additional $ est hot novel, Blu-ray Disc or CD release Game Only $6 HOLIDAY HOURS: or that e-reader he or she has been wantOpen Everyday 2 LEVEL LASER TAG ARENA ing for so long. from 12/18 to • iTunes: The recipient can pick out 1/2/2011 except  CAFÉ  GROUP RATES fresh, new hit songs for iPod play during for Christmas commutes, workouts and more. Even  BIRTHDAY PARTIES  ARCADE GAMES Mon-Thurs: teens say this is a can’t-fail gift for them. Noon-8pm  BASKETBALL  DODGE BALL Fri & Sat: • Home improvement stores: Whether Noon-9pm 401 Denver Ave., LOVELAND your recipient’s home is new or old, he Sun: Noon-5pm or she needs to keep the place in work970-663-9999 Open New ing order and the garden pretty, so gift Years!! cards to The Home Depot and Lowe’s are among the most appreciated. • Beauty salon: Give the gift of a guiltfree mani-pedi, facial or eyebrow shaping to an overworked mom, a stressedout grad student or a busy bride-to-be; your gift will be a hit. • Supermarkets: Lindsay Contreras of Brick, N.J., says, “In this economy, I appreciate (gift cards to) food stores and things I can really use. Now that I’m a mommy, I really don’t look for gifts for me. Stretching the dollar these days is most important!” • Clothing stores: Job hunters appreciate your help in getting that great interview outfit. One big trend in gift card giving is staying local, supporting small businesses in your hometown by giving their gift cards out as presents to nearby friends and family members. Supporting your town’s small businesses helps your community thrive, which is an extra perk to giving those guilt-free gift cards to everyone on your list. Can’t afford higher-value gift cards? A fabulous holiday trend right now is to purchase three or four small-value gift cards ($10 to $20, for instance) to local You can always come in and enjoy Longmont Boulder a sit down meal at either location. beauty supply stores, garden centers, at Prospect at One Boulder Plaza We also deliver so call your 1920 S. Coffman St. 1801 13th St. beauty salons, supermarkets, pet stores closest location for details. 303-485-6988 between Canyon & Walnut and movie theaters, and include them 303-442-RIBS (7427) among your recipients’ stocking stuffers.

L oveland L aser Tag Fun Center 7 LASER TAG for 1st Game


Gift cards top your holiday shopping list

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We Cater for any size

group up to1,500


Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

Mega Toys Popularity, creativity rank high in top toys this season Special to the Times-Call

This holiday season, MEGA Brands wants to make sure kids receive the hottest and most creative toys. Here is a list of top toys to help parents and grandparents choose the best toys for their young ones. Dragons Universe – Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer Age: 6 and older, $49.99 On a planet isolated in time and space, the soldiers of the Alliance are under attack from the Predavor dragons. They have come for Power Cores, the energy source of the Predavor’s life and the Alliance’s machines and weapons. This is the Dragons Universe. Enter an exciting, dynamic and buildable universe with a rich story and breathtaking Adventures on designs. The classic warrior Misty Island versus dragon style of play has grown up and moved ahead into a world filled with new technology and weapons. With each side having everything to fight for, it’s up to you to decide who will reign victorious. What will you choose? The decisive battle has erupted. Two ultimate Predavor Dragons, Bloodclaw and Deadeye, go face-to-face against the super heavy-weight Alliance Warbyrd, equipped with multiple missile launchers, dual built-in flight controllers and landing gear, and light and sound effects. The Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer buildable set includes one Alliance General and two Troopers with shields and weapons, as well as two exclusive Dragons with buildable, removable weapons and Power Core in chest.

Color Blanks

Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship Age: 1 and older, $29.99 Little swashbucklers will absolutely love having a pirate ship of their own by claiming the Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship as their

flagship vessel. This multi-dimensional playset allows little pirates to sail about the Seven Seas with a pull-along pirate ship that plays a magical buccaneer tune. It also transforms into a secret pirate hideout when the crew needs shore leave and to hide treasure from other brigands. The secret quick-release trap door keeps the treasure safe from thieves; as they step on the floorboard, it quickly releases and sends the brigands tumbling down to a holding cell. With all of the accessories a little buccaneer could ever ask for: a catchy tune, a crew, a real working cannon, a friendly shark and a treasure chest, the PullAlong Musical Pirate Ship offers many options for hours of adventure and fun for your little captain. Adventures on Misty Island Age: 3 and older, $49.99 The No. 1 preschool toy brand, Thomas & Friends is now available for young children through Mega Bloks, the No. 1 choice of preschool building blocks. With Thomas & Friends, children enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story. The all-new sets feature an incredible attention to detail and allow kids to construct their own Thomas & Friends world in new heights. Based on the movie Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue, Thomas and James must travel through the mysterious mountains of Misty Island. Build and rebuild to new heights as Thomas and James race on unfamiliar tracks from sea level to high up in the mountains. Take Thomas and James through eerie tunnels to get to their destination. This set includes fun accessories

Pull-Along Musical Pirate Ship

such as a lake break-through barricades and rock slides. Adventures on Misty Island is a super-sized playset that will delight every Thomas fan. Color Blanks Age: 6 and older, single pack: $4.99, double pack: $9.99 Lift your child’s creativity to new heights with Color Blanks. Color Blanks allow your child to engage in creative fun by designing their own plastic characters using stickers, mini markers and more. Using a blank canvas, you child can create their character, play with it or display. This activity set features one or two collectable, poseable, plastic figures, various colorful stickers and mini markers. Your child can create their own endless world of Color Blanks by collecting all six figurines.

Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter

December 5, 2010

Longmont Times-Call Publication


Jesters provides entertainment

Help animals this season with the annual Holiday Canned Pet Food and Supply Drive.

Remember furry friends this season The Longmont Humane Society will have its annual Holiday Canned Pet Food and Supply Drive Dec. 1 to 31. The humane society is in need of canned cat food, clay (non-scoopable) cat litter, canned dog food, dry dog biscuits, cat toys, fleece pet beds, paper towels, Clorox wipes and window cleaner. Check the website at for the society’s wish list. Canned goods can be placed under the Giving Tree in the lobby of the Longmont Humane Society at 9595 Nelson Road.

Longmont Theatre Company gets into the holiday spirit Laugh, cry, gasp, groan and thoroughly enjoy yourself at Longmont Theatre Company’s performance of “A Christmas Story” by Jean Shephard at 513 Main St. See the show on Dec. 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 at 7 p.m. or on Dec. 12, 18 and 19 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10. For reservations or more information, call 303-772-5200 or visit www.longmont

• “Scrooge,” a perennial favorite, will play Dec. 13 through 30. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m., with curtain at 7:45 p.m., except on Dec. 19, 24 and 26 as show times vary. Come and enjoy this classic musical version of Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.” Dinner and show admission is $32 for adults, $30 for students and seniors, and $23 for children 12 and younger. Show-only tickets are also available. • The Jesters School for the Performing Arts will present “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Dec. 4 to 23. The show features the Herdmans – badly behaved children who go to Sunday school for the first time. Admission is $5. For reservations, call 303-682-9980 or visit

Boulder Symphony set to perform Enjoy a Christmas concert by the Boulder Symphony on Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, 1421 Spruce St. in Boulder. Gregory Walker on violin will present Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5. Maestro Devin Patrick Hughes conducts the orchestra in Rimsky-Korsakov’s Cappricio Espagnol, Sibelius’ Finlandia and English Folk Song Suite by Vaughan Williams, clos-

Jesters Dinner Theatre will once again present “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” from Dec. 4 to 23. This show is a classic as the Herdman children are at it again stirring up ruckus in the Sunday school class. (Courtesy Jesters)

ing with a holiday sing-along. For more information about Boulder Symphony events, visit www.boulder

Enjoy theater at the Denver Performing Arts Complex • The heart-warming classic of “The Christmas Carol” returns this year with original songs, ghostly chills, laughter and warmth as the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by the spirits of his past, present and likely future. Shows

run through Dec. 24 at varying times. Tickets start at $35. • This holiday season, also don’t miss the “Blue Man Group.” Known for comedy, music and technology, the “Blue Man Group” is an intensely exciting and wildly outrageous show. This performance will run Dec. 7 to 19 at varying times. Tickets start at $20. For full details on these shows at the Denver Performing Arts Center and more, call 303-893-4100 or visit

Celebrate holiday sounds with Longmont Chorale Longmont Chorale along with the Cathedral Brass Quintet will present the holiday favorite My Spirit Rejoices on Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at Niwot High School, 8989 Niwot Road. Tickets cost for the event is $16 for adults, $14 for seniors and $12 for student. For more information, call 303-6517664 or visit

Celebrate with the Hoverhome and St. Vrain Historical Society The community is invited to tour the Historic Hoverhome, decorated in a Let Heaven and Nature Sing theme. Mrs. Claus will arrive for the event. Cider and cookies will be available, as well as live piano music. No reservations are required. Tour donations for adults are a minimum of $10, and children younger than 5 are free. Small believers, accompanied by an adult with a letter addressed to Santa Claus can visit for free. Tours are available Dec. 11, 12, 18 and 19 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Hoverhome at 1309 Hover St. For more information, call 303-7747810.

Tara Performing Arts High School students warm up with handbells. From left, Adelin Bayless, Hanna Koppelent, Maya Ward, Cameron Coupe and Dylan Perito. (Courtesy Shelby Healy)

Voices, handbells to be heard at Candlelight Festival Mark your calendars now for an evening of choral and handbell music at the 17th annual Tara Performing Arts High School’s Christmas Candlelight Festival. Set for the weekend of Dec. 17 through 19, the school is known for its festival where the community can sing along with carols and enjoy seasonal music by candlelight. This year’s program features Haydn’s Missa Cellensis in C, Mariazellermesse. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students, seniors and children. The concerts are set for Dec. 18 at 5 and 8 p.m., Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. and Dec. 20 at 5 and 8 p.m. at the Columbine Unity Church, 8900 Arapahoe Road in Boulder. For more information, call 303-4404510 or visit

Denver Zoo Lights is an annual tradition that runs from Dec. 11 through Jan. 3. (Courtesy Denver Zoo)

Light up the night at the Denver Zoo The Denver Zoo will host its 20th annual Zoo Lights, where wildlife meets wildlights Dec. 11 through Jan. 3 from 5 to 9 p.m. Denver Zoo Lights displays millions of sparkling lights on more than 38 brilliantly-illuminated acres of lights, featuring glittering trees and animated animal light sculptures. Holiday entertainment, music, warming stations and refreshments make this event an annual family treat. Admission for the event is $8 for ages 12 to 64, $6 for adults 65 and older, $4 for children 3 to 11 and free for those 2 and younger. For more information, call 303-376-4800 or visit


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December 5, 2010

The Denver Botanic Gardens turn into a winter wonderland of lights through Jan. 2. (Courtesy Denver Botanic Gardens)

Winter blooms with festive botanic gardens display

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See the Denver Botanic Gardens both downtown and at Chatfield transformed into a wonderland of lights. Blossoms of Light returns for another season of spectacular displays of more than 1 million colorful lights will be draped throughout the gardens, illuminating the plants, trees and hardscape features. And, in an effort to save more energy and a step toward sustainability, more lightemitting diodes (LED) lights will be added. Enjoy romantic kissing spots under mistletoe and the popular HoloSpex glasses that turn the lights into 3D shapes. Special seasonal entertainment, including bell choirs, and carolers and dancers, will perform on select nights either strolling through the gardens or on the indoor stage. Guests can also enjoy warm drinks and delicious seasonal food while strolling.

Blossoms of Lights runs nightly through Jan. 2 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. At the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, guests can wander through a forest path decorated with more than 1 million colorful lights at Trail of Lights. The Chatfield location rests along the Colorado foothills, lending a spectacular display for lights, a children’s play area with a treehouse and a restored 1880s homestead that will be decorated in a charming Colorado country Christmas motif. Additionally, there will be an ode to antiques with an antique tractor and Model-T display. Vendors will be onsite with warm drinks, tasty treats and food. Families can also opt for a hay ride through the trail for $5 per person. Tickets for both Botanic displays of light are $9.50 for adults, $7.50 for students and seniors, and $6.50 for children age 4 to 15. For more information, visit www.botanicgardens .org.

Celebrate New Year’s with a bang Welcome the arrival of 2011 with Denver’s New Year’s Eve fireworks show on Dec. 31 at 9 p.m. and midnight. The first show will entertain families and others looking for an early celebration, while the midnight show officially marks the start of the new year. Both shows are identical and are launched from sites along the 16th Street Mall. Come enjoy this free celebration to ring in the new year. For more information, call 303-5346161 or visit www.downtown Downtown Denver is a fireworks spectacular on New Year’s Eve. (Courtesy Downtown Denver)

December 5, 2010


Longmont Times-Call Publication


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Longmont Times-Call Publication

December 5, 2010

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