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Art & Culture in the Berkshires / Visit us at www.OurBerkshireTimes.com Cover Art by Deborah Van Auten / www.vanauten.com

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At Stonehenge by Deborah Van Auten, Artist www.vanauten.com In Deborah Van Auten’s paintings, old world style merges with contemporary images in dreamlike worlds rich with symbolism. Her award-winning work is in many private collections and has been featured in prestigious publications worldwide. She has exhibited throughout the country, and is currently showing with Arden Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, where she also resides. To view more of her work, go to www.vanauten.com. Email deborah@vanauten.com.

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At Stonehenge (34” x 30”) by Deborah Van Auten www.vanauten.com

“Love is the most fundamental force of creation.” ~ Nassim Haramein The Resonance Project, www.resonance.is 3

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a jewel of a lake A LOCAL LAKE JUST WAITING TO BE EXPLORED / By Nina Anderson


ust across the Massachusetts border in Salisbury, CT, is a jewel of a lake dotted mostly with fishermen in putt-putts, a few water skiers and wakeboarders, early morning kayakers, and a dozen or so graceful sailboats enjoying the summer breezes. The Twin Lakes, Washinee and Washining, named for the two daughters of a Mahican chief, are connected only by a water passage under the causeway. Nothing much bigger than a canoe or a kayak can sneak under, so most of the boating is done on the northeastern lake. Since the majority of the shoreline is privately owned, there are only two places to put your boat in. One is the state boat launching access for cartop or portage boats, and the other is O’Hara’s Landing Marina, which actually has a ramp where trailer boats can launch for a fee. The best thing about this marina is the friendly folks who help you out and the yummy lunches served at the dockside restaurant. As a sailor, I was drawn to this lake because it is one of the larger lakes in the Berkshire/Taconic region, it is fairly open with great views of the mountains, and it gets good wind. While the marina rents pontoon boats, fishing boats, and canoes, they discontinued their sailboat rentals years ago

because they were tired of rescuing folks who capsized or ran out of wind. I decided to work with them to offer charters on my 21′ sailboat so visitors could experience the beautiful mountain sunsets from our comfortable minicruiser. Now landlubbers can get out on the water with power or sail, even if they don’t own a boat. Twin Lakes doesn’t have any public beaches although there is a members-only club that supports tennis and swimming along with some limited dock space. Even if you don’t want to venture out on the “high seasâ€? you can sit on the shaded porch at O’Hara’s and have a scrumptious grilled chicken sandwich or eat a super Sunday breakfast while enjoying the pristine view. I love sailing here, especially in the fall when all the red and yellow colors dot the shoreline. This is a great destination if you want to just zip over the state line from the Berkshires. Note that the sailboat pictured at left is for representational purposes only and is larger than the typical sailboat found on our local lakes.

~ Nina Anderson’s 21′ cabin sailboat is available for weekday, evening, and weekend charters. The publishers of Our BerkshireTimes Magazine can personally give Nina’s service the thumbs up! Contact Nashalla Sailing at (888) 217-7233, www.nashallasailing.com.

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.EW USED AND IMPORTED New â—? Used â—? Imported

Visit7E GO BEYOND us! Open 10-6 Mon-Sat

Free programs September through July

visit our website for listings ~ all are welcome

THE BAR CODE 413-458-5229

7ATER 3T 131 Water Street, Williamstown, MA

7ILLIAMSTOWN -! www.toonervilletrolleyrecords.com


Alternative Fuel and Fuel-Efficient Chauffeured Transportation Alternative Fuel and Fuel-Efficient Chauffeured Transportation

Top quality limo service with a minimal impact on the environment.

Serving the Serving TheEntire EntireNortheast

and Beyond! JFK, Boston, and Hartford, Northeast beyond! Albany, Anywhere, Anytime.

The Hotchkiss School 11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, ct 860.435.4423 | hotchkiss.org/arts 4

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JFK, Boston, Hartford, Albany, Anywhere, Wine Tours and Anytime.

Ride Shares Wine Tours and Available! Ride Shares available! 413-637-1224 www.tobislimo.com tobislimo@aol.com

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eumann Fine Art presents recent work by Don Wynn. In 1995, one of Wynn’s paintings was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for its Twentieth Century Collection. Mr. Wynn’s long and distinguished international exhibition record spans more than 50 years, and reviews of his work have appeared worldwide in many publications including the New York Times, Art News, Art International, and the New Yorker. Open 11-4 every Thursday through Sunday. www.neumannfineart.com.

SATURDAY JULY 9 North Becket Village

Food ● Fun ● Dancing 9am-4pm and 7pm-11pm

● Children’s Activities ● Cooking Demonstration ● Rock n’Roll ● Food & Beer ● Silent Auction ● Strawberry Shortcake



lease join us for a day filled with many free, fun family activities at the Becket Washington Community Fair. 9am-4-pm: Vendors, artisans, crafters, Smokey the Bear, Bowey the Magic Clown, book sale, Jacob’s Pillow performance, Kushi Institute cooking demonstrations, silent auction, Dream Away Lodge food sampling, and more! 7-11pm: Family-friendly evening provided by the Becket Firemen’s Association. Live music and dancing, food, fun, and a Beer Garden hosted by Wandering Star Brewery.



ATA’s (Community Access to the Arts) annual art shows, “I Am a Part of Art,” will take place at both the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts and The Clark Art Institute’s Lunder Center. The exhibits (dates listed at right) feature stunning and vivid paintings, drawings, and collages created by 100 CATA artists with disabilities, honoring their talents and expanding public perception of disability. All artwork for sale. Free admission to both exhibits. To learn more, visit www.communityaccesstothearts.org.

Nashalla Sailing


C Charter with Captain Nina on Twin Lakes, Salisbury CT 888-217-7233

ome join Nashalla Sailing this summer for a relaxing sail on beautiful Twin Lakes in Salisbury, Connecticut. Our comfortable, stable 21′ minicruiser holds up to four landlubbers and is accessed at O’Hara’s Landing dock. Captain Nina has been sailing for more than 50 years and will provide you with a fun afternoon or sunset voyage. Bring a picnic and your sunblock. Visit our website for details at www.nashallasailing.com, and call (888) 217-7233 to book your charter. Gift certificates available. www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

June | July 2016


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down by the river Down by the River


By Nicholas Dayal

Photo courtesy of the Laurel Hill Association of Stockbridge, www.laurelhillassociation.org


n Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where I grew up, there is a place that has borne witness to my progression from childhood to young adult like the height marks etched upon a kid’s bedroom doorframe. This place has many names among the people who know of it. “Park Street.” “The Bridge.” “Ice Glen.” “Laura’s Tower.” “The Bench.” “Down by the River.” And there are others. Park Street is a dead end street that is anything but dead at the end – off Route 7 by a Mobil Gas Station, there is a skate park, soccer field, and small playground on one side, and houses on the other – turning into a dirt parking lot at the base of two mountains, one big and one small. There are hiking trails up and along both mountains. Separating the two mountains is the Housatonic River, or the Housy. A river once untamed and beautiful (or so I imagine), once littered with booming paper mills, once deserted and polluted with PCBs, and now on the rebound to its most former of the previous conditions. With the melting of the ice in the spring, the river is fast and eager. In the summer, it is alive with fish, bugs, birds, visiting animals, and curious people. By autumn, it is framed in beautiful reds, oranges, and golden yellows, and in the winter, it sleeps. From the parking lot, to cross the river there is an old footbridge that moves up and down with each step, like a not-so-tight tightrope. My dad taught me how to fish off this bridge about 20 years ago. I was six years old. Last summer, I brought my nephew here to learn how to fish. He was six years old. 6

June | July 2016


At the end of the bridge, going straight, there is a dirt path that crosses over train tracks that I used to put pennies on when I was young. The path continues up Ice Glen, the bigger of the two mountains, splitting into two winding paths littered with big fallen trees. The right path ascends gradually until meeting a steep incline made of step-sized rocks that climb and fall through a canyon of giant boulders that, as a kid, I believed must have been similar to the ones Zeus walked up to get to the top of Mt. Olympus. The left path leads to a rusty old tower called Laura’s Tower, etched with initials paired together professing everlasting love. Whether or not these people remain together is unimportant, because for a brief moment these claims were true, and will remain forever stated. The top of the tower offers a sweeping panoramic view of the rolling mountains of Berkshire County and the distant mountains of upstate New York. I first climbed this tower in Mrs. Sweeney’s first grade class. I thought Laura was very lucky. Instead of climbing up Ice Glen or up to Laura’s Tower, at the end of the bridge going left there is a walking path made of wooden planks where there used to be only a hardly visible trail made from knowing footsteps. After about 20 or 30 paces, directly off the path to the left back towards the bank of the river, is a bench. At the edge of the bank there is a new short single-log fence. A small plaque on the bench reads “In Memory of Michael Ida and William Flynn. October 5th 2003.” I never knew Michael or William, but I will also never forget them. Perched roughly six feet from the river’s surface (during summer

art, culture & entertainment

tides), five or so feet from the edge of the Housy, Mike and Bill’s bench is angled east to west facing north allowing one to follow the movement of the river’s water. As you sit on the bench, the river runs past you, reflecting the movement of the sun, and the shadows of its descent. The water is clear, and shallow enough in areas to see the rocks and pebbles that form the riverbed and darting silhouettes of fish. From the bench, you can see the landscape of the opposite bank mirrored in the surface of the river: the muddy shore, a stripe of bushes higher up the bank, low-hanging branches reaching towards you, a body of twisted branches in the middle of the river, the tops of trees, and finally, the expanse of the sky reflected at your feet. Immersed in the heartbeat of the wild, you might hear the splash of running water, the chirping of birds, the whistle of the occasional train, the excited barks of two dogs meeting on the walking trail, the rustle of a growing wind, the crunching of footsteps both human and animal, the slight hum of insects, and the sound of a deeply exhaled breath. In fifth grade, this same bench is where I kissed Allie after school. I told her it wasn’t my first time kissing. But it was. This is also where I would meet friends before high school dances to drink whatever alcohol we “borrowed” from our parents, or got from an older brother or sister or whatever person in town could be “bribed” with a pack of cigarettes. We would also meet at the bench to smoke pot before school, or during school, or after school, or instead of school.



he Multicultural BRIDGE mission is to integrate community by promoting mutual respect, cultural literacy, and inclusion through training, fellowship, advocacy, and education. They promote mutual understanding and acceptance among diverse groups, serving as a resource to both local institutions and the community at large. Multicultural BRIDGE serves as a catalyst for change through collaboration, education, training, dialogue, fellowship, and advocacy. Our current school collaborations provide youth leadership training, family education and engagement, and many types of literacy courses. These courses range from reading and writing, financial literacy, and cultural heritage to health and mental health (mindfulness training) for grades K-12. BRIDGE is also a proud partner on opioid use and abuse prevention, and sex health initiatives with local partners. Our professional training serves the Berkshires and beyond into Boston, MA, Canaan, NY, and Burlington, VT. For current classes, training, and upcoming community events, visit our website www.multiculturalbridge.org. Facebook: Multicultural BRIDGE or Twitter: BRIDGE413. Please also visit our “On the Bridge” blog highlighting the diversity of the Berkshires. Email: Gwendolyn@multiculturalbridge.org

At 16 years old, sitting on the bench, I concentrated my nerves and solidified my relationship with the girl of my dreams, Jennifer. She answered my request not with words, but with kisses. I put my arms around her, she rested her head on my chest, and I knew that we would be together forever. Four years later, I met my friend Owen at the bench to share a bottle of Jameson after Jenny and I broke up. I was slumped over and Owen put his arm awkwardly around my shoulder and said, “I love you man. #!**’s only gonna get better.” With the passing of time the titan-sized boulders of Ice Glen have gotten smaller, Laura’s Tower isn’t as tall, and the footbridge crossing the Housy doesn’t look down on white rapids inhabited by sharks and alligators. However, the beauty of the place that goes by many names has magnified before my more appreciating eye each time I visit. And no matter where I go, I still think of Michael and William’s bench. And no matter how complicated life gets, or how complicated I perceive life to get, things are always simple and beautiful when I return to that lone bench. I usually go back home for one stated reason or another. But the unstated reasons are always the same. I miss my mom. I miss my cats. I miss my friends. I miss my house. And I miss sitting on the bench down by the river. ~ Nick Dayal is a writer and actor who grew up in Stockbridge. He attended Monument Mountain High School and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2013. Dayal currently writes and works in Berkshire County on a locally based web series called “I Miss Yesterday.”

BRIDGE – We Connect People Through… Cultural Competence Training Consulting Multicultural Presentations Youth Programs Workplace Language Classes

www.multiculturalbridge.org Strengthening Berkshire County’s Diverse Population With Programs at Foster Communication, Respect, and Pride Main Office: 17 Main Street, Suite 2 Lee, MA 01238 413-394-4029

Satellite Office: 313 Monument Valley Road Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-644-2372


June | July 2016


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awesome motorcycle tips By Pittsfield Lawn & Tractor


otorcycles are fuel efficient and fun. That’s not news percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury in a crash and three to anyone who’s ridden one. But neither is the fact that times more likely to suffer brain injuries than those with helmets, they’re also way more dangerous than a car. The cold according to government studies. Wear the right gear. Jeans, a T-shirt, and sandals are recipes reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in a car, according to the Insurance Institute for a painful disaster on a bike. Instead, you want gear that will for Highway Safety (IIHS). Still, many enthusiasts enjoy a lifetime protect you from wind chill, flying bugs and debris, and, yes, lots of of riding without injury. The key to optimizing your odds is to be road rash if you should slide out. For maximum protection, go for prepared and avoid risks. Below are some tips to help you stay safe a leather or other reinforced jacket, gloves, full pants, and over-theankle footwear, even in summer. on two or three wheels. Be defensive. A recent study by the University of South Don’t buy more bike than you can handle. If you’ve been off motorcycles for a while, you may be surprised by the performance Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research found that in of today’s bikes. Even models with small-displacement engines are collisions involving a motorcycle and a car, car drivers were at fault notably faster and more powerful than they were 10 or 20 years ago. 60 percent of the time. So, you need to be extra alert, especially in You might want one with an engine in the 500- to 750-cc range so this age of epidemic phone use and texting behind the wheel. Avoid bad weather. Slippery conditions reduce your margin for you can easily keep up with traffic on the highway. Invest in antilock brakes. Now available on a wide array of error. Rain not only cuts your visibility but reduces your tires’ grip on you need ride in the models, antilock brakes are a proven lifesaver. IIHS data shows that the road, which can make cornering tricky. If1548 W toHOUSATONIC S 1548 W HOUSATONIC ST motorcycles equipped with ABS brakes are 37 percent less likely to rain, remember that the most dangerous time is right after precipitation PITTSFIELD, MA 01201 PITTSFIELD, 01201 begins, as the water can cause oil residue to riseMA to the top. be involved in a fatal crash than bikes without it. Watch for road hazards. A motorcycle has less contact with the Hone your skills. As Honda’s Jon Seidel puts it, “There is (413) 443-2623 (413) 443-2623 pavement than a car. Sand, wet leaves, or pebbles can cause a bike to nothing we could say or advise more1548 than toW goHOUSATONIC find a Motorcycle ST in a spill. Bumps and potholes that you Safety Foundation (MSF) riding course in your area. That’s critical, slide unexpectedly, easily resulting www.PLT.com www.PLT.com absolutely critical.” An MSF course orPITTSFIELD, similar class canMA teach01201 you might barely notice in a car can pose serious danger when on a bike. Be ready to roll. Before each ride, do a quick walk-around the basics, as well as advanced techniques, such as 443-2623 how to perform (413) to make sure your lights, horn, and directional signals are working evasive emergency maneuvers. 1548 ST theTHINK www.PLT.com Check chain, orIT shaft, and the brakes. inspect Use your head. Yes, helmets are an emotional topicW forHOUSATONIC some properly. IFbelt, YOU THINK ITAnd LOOKS IF YOU LOOKS the tires for wear and make sure they’re set at the proper pressure. riders. But the facts show the risk. Riders without PITTSFIELD, a helmet are 40 MA 01201











Experience the all-new soul-stirring exhilaration the all-new Spyder F3. high-torque With a cruising riding position, high-torqu Experience the soul-stirring exhilaration of the Spyder F3. With aofcruising riding position, ™ Rotax® 1330 ACEsignature engine,Y-Frame personalized fit, you’ll and signature you’ll ride with a feeling of compl Rotax® 1330 ACE ™ engine, personalized fit, and design, ride withY-Frame a feelingdesign, of complete freedomof and confidence. The evolution of riding istohere. Visitfor CanAmSpyder.com freedom and confidence. The evolution riding is here. Visit CanAmSpyder.com register a test ride today. to register for a test ride t


® Experience the soul-stirring exhilaration of the all-new Spyder F3. With a cruising riding position, high-torque ™ Rotax® 1330 ACE engine, personalized fit, and signature Y-Frame design, you’ll ride with a feeling of complete

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riding has evolved. DEALER FOR A TEST RIDE TODAY.

riding has evolved. riding has e ®

© 2014 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP US Inc. Some models depicted may include optional

©2014 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP).safely. All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRPlocal logolaws are trademarks of BRPDon’t or Always ride responsibly Always observe applicable and regulations. drink and drive. ©2014 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All equipment. rights ®, ™ and the BRP logoand are trademarks BRP or its affiliates. In thereserved. U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP US Inc. of Some models depicted may include optional equipment. its affiliates. In the U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP Inc. Someand models depicted include optionallocal equipment. Always rideUS responsibly safely. Alwaysmay observe applicable laws and regulations. Don’t drink and drive. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t drink and drive.

Experience the soul-stirring exhilaration of the all-new Spyder F3. With a cruising riding position, high-torque


Rotax® 1330 ACE exhilaration engine, personalized fit, and Y-Frame you’ll ride with a feeling of complete Experience the soul-stirring of the all-new Spyder F3.signature With a cruising riding design, position, high-torque June | July 2016 www.OurBerkshireTimes.com ™

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for a test ride today.

riding has evolved.

riding has evolved.

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The Country’s Largest Display of Unique Slabs and Burls


erkshire Products, Inc., located in Sheffield, MA, was started in 1987 by Alan Zablonski, a former woodworking teacher. His love of working with highly figured and unique wood has resulted in their business having one of the largest selections of large natural edge slabs, burls, and unique figured lumber in the country. If you are looking for a special piece of wood for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, Berkshire Products has what you are looking for. Their specialty is wide lumber that is ideal for one-piece tables or countertops. They carry lumber up to 90” wide and 8” thick in both exotic and domestic species. They also have an excellent selection of figured woods, turnings, pine flooring, instrument woods, and mantel pieces. Lumber is air dried for up to three years and then finish dried in their custom-designed vacuum kilns. This method produces high-quality lumber that has little cupping or twisting. All slabs are then sanded, which gives customers a better idea of what the wood really looks like, saving them time and money. Berkshire Products is a full-service lumber business that offers custom sawing and milling. They offer shipping for most of their slabs. Visit their large lumberyard, showroom, and website, and let your imagination soar! www.berkshireproducts.com


Berkshire Products

Sheffield, MA 413-229-7919 BerkshireProducts.com



tef Fine Jeweler is now located in the scenic Berkshire community of Williamstown, Massachusetts. Featuring the work of Syrian-born Master Jewelry Craftsman Atef Bolos, the store offers an extensive line of brand-name pieces (also available online) alongside Atef ’s custom creations. Custom-designed jewelry gives you the opportunity to express your individuality and unique and personal style. If you are searching for something out of the ordinary, consider asking Atef to help you create a one-of-a-kind, individually designed piece of jewelry to celebrate a special occasion – an engagement, wedding, birth, anniversary, graduation – or just to say “I love you.” The custom process starts with you: your basic idea and preferences. From there, a piece of wax is carved into the likeness of the finished product, and gemstones are added. The design is then cast, finely polished, and precisely set with the highest quality jewels available. The final result is something beautiful, and best of all, something special and original to you. Atef has been designing custom jewelry for years, so stop in to take advantage of his experience and see your ideas become a reality – authentic wearable art that can be yours to cherish for generations to come.

“Service as good as gold”

brand-name jewelry & custom creations

 296 Main Street, Williamstown, MA ● (413) 458-7077

www.ateffinejeweler.com www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

June | July 2016


animal talk

Velvet Antler



wners of mature cats and dogs are increasingly looking beyond conventional treatments for chronic conditions in their pets, and they appreciate the opportunity for their veterinarian to offer them a broader range of options. They are also looking at wellness treatments to prevent illness and increase vitality. Velvet antler fits well into this range. As a natural therapy backed by robust research, this choice will appeal to many pet owners. This traditional Chinese medicine is a nutritional supplement made from the humanely harvested inner core of deer antler in the velvet stage of growth and is a beneficial addition to veterinary healing modalities, including remarkable results for joint problems and in mitigating skin conditions like alopecia. The history of antler as a medicinal substance stretches back thousands of years. Although the most well-documented ancient uses come from China and the Far East, other cultures from Northern Europe and Northern Asia to North America and ancient Rome have also benefited from the use of antler as a tonic and for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions for humans such as joint pain, kidney and liver problems, ulcers, gout, headaches, eczema, and low energy. In Asia they still love it as a tonic to relieve symptoms of menopause. The complex proteins and lipids found in velvet antler are thought to provide these health benefits, and continued research is confirming this. Although the main body of research and experience of velvet antler usage applies to humans going back more than 2,000 years, it is fitting that this knowledge is now being applied to the small-animal kingdom by forward-thinking vets. Deer velvet has been shown to improve blood cell production, an advantage in many secondary anemias. It is “often used to increase blood counts, particularly in cases of anemia induced by chemotherapy,” says TCM practitioner David Scrimgeour, LAc. Research has shown that long-standing wounds and ulcers also respond well to the growth hormone precursors in velvet antler, and which have been suggested as factors in healing wounds, mending bones, and helping with arthritic complaints. Velvet antler also has been shown to improve post-surgery recovery and when used for cardio conditions, the polysaccharides contained in the antler tend to reduce the clotting tendency of blood, and have a blood-thinning effect. This can contribute to improved circulation, reduced stroke risk, and improved cardiovascular health without the attendant side effects of currently popular drugs. 10

June | July 2016


Chow Chows, Pomeranians, Keeshonds, Samoyeds, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Miniature Poodles are predisposed to chronic hair loss and, with few exceptions, vets have had some remarkably improved dermatological cases with use of the deer antler. Therapies based on specially processed New Zealand velvet antler can provide a natural, holistic treatment to help relieve symptoms associated with joint problems caused by osteoarthritis in pets, as well as providing relief from pain and inflammation and increasing mobility. An uncontrolled trial by Mr. E. van Schreven, Veterinarian, South Canterbury, New Zealand, studying dogs with arthritis was carried out using placebos and velvet antler, and found a positive response in 84 percent of the velvet antler group and no response in the placebo group. “The velvet antler supplement appeared to increase the activity levels of all dogs, some of them exhibiting behaviors of their youth such as ball catching, jumping up in the car, etc.” Greg Dwyer, a minister and NLP Practitioner from Litchfield, CT, found the deer velvet saved his older Husky, who was always crying and whimpering. “My dog was in pain this February. At the most perfect time, Nina told me about velvet antler. Within three months, my dog was doing much better. I am so grateful she cared enough to educate me.” The dog seems to be free of pain and is walking much better. Not all velvet antler products are the same. The bioavailability (or absorption) into the body is dependent on the process by which the antler is manufactured. The product we use for our pets is made in New Zealand through a patented method where the molecular structure is changed to allow better bioavailability that allows assimilation of over 70 percent more than traditional deer velvet products. This is important to pet owners so they can get the results they desire. Velvet antler is a pet supplement definitely worth investigating more. Excerpted from the book The Efficacy of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice available from Amazon. For more information on New Zealand Velvet Agility pet supplement, or the proprietary veterinarian brand, call (888) 217-7233. ~ Nina Anderson worked for 35 years as an airline and corporate jet pilot. She is a Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Reiki II Practitioner, and an ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition. Nina is the author of 18 books on natural health including her new title, Think and Feel Younger. She blogs under the name of Anti Aging Lady, www.antiaginglady.com.

animal talk



hen times get tough, people have hard decisions to make about whether to feed their children or feed their pets. In most cases, the pets get sent to a shelter or rescue group, put to sleep, or maybe adopted out. That is why Pet Partners of the Tri-State Berkshires was created. We provide free pet food, reduced-rate spay and neuter, and assistance with basic veterinary care costs on a case by case basis. Your gifts and donations to Pet Partners will help pets and their owners right away!

Pet Partners of the Tri-State Berkshires

Provides … Food for needy dogs and cats Reduced rate spay/neuter Assistance with basic veterinary care costs Call Faith 518-781-0362 Call 413.229.8579 or 518.781.0362 or visit www.petpartnersberkshires.org

We are an entirely 501(c)(3) Nonprofit A division of Scientific Allianceall Forvolunteer Education (S.A.F.E.), a 501( c)(3) NonOrganization Profit Organization

raising awareness VOLUNTEER / DONATE / LEARN MORE


he mission of Animal DREAMS is to improve the lives and promote the humane care and acceptance of feral cats throughout Berkshire County and beyond. Through TrapNeuter-Return (TNR) the population of feral cats will become stabilized, with healthy cats and zero population growth. Through advocacy, education, and action, we raise awareness and activism among citizens, animal care professionals, local government, and the business community.

bensdotter’s pet

Advocates for Community Cats Celebrating10 10years years as Celebrating as Raising awareness through advocacy, education, and action. Champions forCommunity Community Cats Volunteer for ● Donate ● Learn more Champions Cats

413.528.1328 413-997-2287 413.528.1328

P.O.Box Box1073, 1073,Pittsfield, Pittsfield,MA MA01202 01202 P.O.

www.BerkshireAnimalDREAMS.org www.BerkshireAnimalDREAMS.org



Your trusted source for quality foods and supplies.


e never skimped on the quality of our pets’ food, and we always thought our pets were in pretty good condition, but then we adopted three hospice kitties and our veterinarian advised us to put them on a raw food diet. What a difference it made! Inflammatory bowel disease disappeared, diabetes went into remission, renal disease arrested, and debilitation gave way to playfulness. The hospice kitties gained new vitality and were thriving! So, we started raw-feeding all our cats, and our dogs as well. Coats darkened, brightened, and softened. Skin, ears, and anal glands cleared, and teeth and gums looked healthier. We witnessed so many improvements in the condition of our pets, brought about solely by raw-feeding, we couldn’t help but be impressed. Moreover, we could tell that young and old alike just felt better, with proof being fewer veterinary visits. At BensDotter’s Pet we offer lots of healthy ways to feed your pet, but raw-feeding is our specialty. Join the raw-feeding revolution! We’re here to show you how! See our website for more valuable information (and the inside back cover of this issue for a listing of events), and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

find us on find us on

Your trusted resource for raw-feeding information and advice.


Convenient Location with Ample Parking on Route 7 less than a minute south of Guido’s

Mon-Fri 10a-6p

Sat-Sun 10a-4p

www.bensdotters.com www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

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summer gift guide





Oakley Sunglasses / Stadium System

Oakley sunglasses offer glare protection with uncompromised clarity. A headache from glare can ruin your day. Golfers have to deal with this performance-killing distraction regularly, fishing sessions can be futile when blinding rays bounce off water and hide the keepers, driving in glare can be risky, and road cyclists know how glare can hide potholes and other dangers. Oakley sunglasses are your super-stylish answer to glare. Available in various shades and styles. Stadium System Retail Store is the source for everyone’s athletic and workwear needs. They offer their customers a large selection of equipment, accessories, apparel, and footwear. Visit Stadium System at 297 Ashley Falls Road, Canaan, CT. (860) 824-4300, www.stadium-system.com


The Good Glow, Get Radiant without the Rays / Face Haven

Be ready to create the hottest looks of summer with the Good Glow Collection by jane iredale! Blend together one of our four-color Bronzers to create a sun-kissed glow for any skin tone. Rose Dawn Bronzer - luminous pink/copper shades $44, Sunbeam Bronzer - cool pink/bronze shades $44, and Moonglow Bronzer - warm golden shades $44. Finish off the look and smooth and protect your lips with SPF 15 antioxidant-rich Flirt Lipdrink Lip Balm - peachy pink $15. Visit Face Haven at 323 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA. (413) 528-4053


Venetian Fruit Bowl / Campo de' Fiori

The Aged Venetian Fruit Bowl design has been so well received that it has appeared in numerous national magazine articles written about many of the most prominent floral designers across the country. And this shape, which comes in four distinct sizes, serves equally well as a planter, a centerpiece, and a decorative item. Come take a look for yourselves at Campo de’ Fiori, where the gardens never cease to delight our visitors. View our online store or visit Campo de’ Fiori in person at 1815 North Main Street, Sheffield, MA. (413) 528-9180, www.campodefiori.com / $18.75 – $72.50


Gelato, Sorbet, Ice Cream / Chocolate Springs

Treat your friends, loved ones, coworkers (and yourself!) to a delicious, cool, refreshing gelato, sorbet, or ice cream this summer. Chocolate Springs is a Europeanstyle chocolate and dessert café with decades of experience in crafting the finest handmade bonbons. Milk and dark chocolate, truffles, amazing ganache, and award-winning hot chocolate are made fresh every day using only the finest seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible. Visit Chocolate Springs Café in person at 55 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, MA. (413) 637-9820, www.chocolatesprings.com


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Dress Up Your Windows Window Treatments


Hunter Douglas ● Graber ● Norman Shutters Upholstery, Draperies, Fabric & Wallpaper

The Hummingbirds Are Here! Wild Birds Country Store

This beautiful faceted glass feeder will attract ruby-throated hummingbirds to your yard. We have a huge selection of items for your hummingbird sanctuary. This artistic handcrafted design is one of our collection of 26 different styles of hummingbird feeders. We even have a feeder that will allow hummingbirds to eat out of your hand! We have hummingbird chandeliers, swings, ant moats, poles, hangers, nectar, and brushes for cleaning your feeders. Come and see why we are your hummingbird experts. Visit Wild Birds Country Store at 783 South Main Street, Great Barrington, MA. (413) 644-9007, www.wild-birdstore.com / $41.99

Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas • Graber • Comfortex • Norman Shutter For all Your Decorating Needs Upholstery, Draperies, Fabric & Wallpaper

BerkshireFabric Fabric & Wallpaper Berkshire & Wallpaper 274 Wahconah Pittsfield, 274 Wahconah St.,St., Pittsfield, MA MA

(413) 442-4420 413-442-4420

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Don’t miss a single issue! Enjoy the convenience of home delivery with a year-round subscription. Our BerkshireTimes magazine is independently published, “locally grown” (in the Berkshires since 2009), and offers six print issues per year starting each February. We print on high-quality, gloss, 80# FSC certified paper with soy ink. Every vibrant living focused issue is read by locals and visitors alike, and is also permanently displayed and continuously viewed online on our website as well as on several national sites. Most of our editorial content is contributed by community members, and we welcome your editorial and artistic contributions. Share your passion! To subscribe, go to our website and press the subscribe button on the home page. (413) 274-1122, www.ourberkshiretimes.com / $5.95 per issue (billed in bimonthly installments via PayPal)

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Certified & Trained Technicians With More Than 15 Years Experience.

3 Westview Road, Pittsfield, MA

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My First Tree House /


built my first tree house when I was about six years old, right after I built my first birdhouse. I only had two short boards, some rusty nails in a can, and the little carpentry set I had recently gotten for my birthday. I chose a tree across the street in a vacant lot where we all played. It had two large branches that forked straight out on one side about 20 feet up. It was the perfect spot to start a tree house. The only trick was how to get up there. I don’t know where the idea came from. It could have been one of those old Tarzan movies or any number of places. Maybe I had seen Robinson Crusoe doing something like it. Anyway, there I was, six years old and climbing that almost limbless tree with one end of a rope tied around my waist and two boards, a hammer, and a can of rusty nails tied to the other end. I made it! But as soon as I got everything up there, I dropped my rope. At first I didn’t think much of it. I laid the two boards across the limbs and began nailing away. Suddenly and without warning the wind picked up and the tree swayed side to side. I let go of everything and down went my hammer, nails, and one of my boards. It probably only moved a few inches but it felt like several feet. I grabbed a limb and held on for dear life. When I looked down, what was only 20 feet before was now at least 200 feet away. A powerful sensation overcame me at that moment and told me that I was going to fall out of that tree and break my little neck. I saw my entire six years flash before my eyes in an instant! I don’t know if it was my mother screaming and crying, or the Holy Ghost, or all the neighbors crying, but something told me “don’t let go!” I hugged that tree so tightly that I can still smell its bark to this day. My poor mother! I’m not sure how long I was really in that tree, but my memory tells me it was quite a while before my dad got home from work. And it didn’t take him very long either before he convinced me that falling out of that tree wasn’t nearly as bad as what was going to happen to me if he had to climb up there and get me! So, I came down just exactly as I had gone up and I never went up that tree again.

Backyard Heirlooms Architectural Sculptures Functional Garden Art ` Tree Houses Custom Birdhouses ` Kid Scapes

525 Main Street Great Barrington, MA 413.528.3095 Follow us on Facebook Open Sat & Sun from 10am-5pm atbackyardheirlooms@gmail.com


June | July 2016


By Allen Timmons

But it didn’t stop me from building tree houses. I just learned from my mistakes as I got older. You ask, what did I learn from this experience? Several things. First and most importantly, the only thing worse than fear is more fear! Second, screws work better than nails when building tree houses. And last but not least, don’t ever get yourself into something you can’t get yourself out of! Making a living from your creativity has got to be one of the most satisfying experiences imaginable. I feel so grateful and so blessed to be a part of this life. I love what I do and I hope that you do to! ~ Allen Timmons, Backyard Heirlooms, Great

Barrington, MA, www.facebook.com/backyardheirlooms

Q & A with Allen Timmons Q: Allen, please tell us more about Backyard Heirlooms. A: I design and build one-of-a-kind custom heirloom-quality architectural sculptures. These include but are not limited to birdhouses, doll houses, playhouses, and tree houses. Q: How did you get started? A: I have been doing this since I was six years old, but it didn’t become my profession until the birth of our daughter in 1992. That first look into her eyes changed our lives forever! She and my wife inspired me to greatness, so that year I brought my work before the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and became the first state-juried member in their history in my medium. Q: What do you offer? A: I bring dreams to reality! I have a unique talent and ability that allows me to see very clearly my clients’ dreams and vision. I love working with them and helping make these various projects come to life. I offer 52 years of passionate experience in my craft plus 24 years as a professional. All my work is signed and dated and of the best quality anywhere in the world. Oh, and I love what I do! Q: What is your philosophy? My wife, Nancy, and I live a simple life. We’re blessed with many wonderful friends and every day we meet and make new ones. I believe that you get out of life what you put into it. We should never expect to receive more than we give and we should always be willing to give what we have. I am the richest man in the world! Q: How can our readers find you? Backyard Heirlooms is located at 525 South Main Street in Great Barrington, across from the Wainwright Inn. We’re open Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10 to 5pm and by appointment. (413) 528-3095, atbackyardheirlooms@gmail.com. I am also on Facebook and will soon have a brand new website.

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Sisters Used Furniture Small Shop, Big Savings!

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at our Sheffield location

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Always Buying! (413) 274-9900 Spring Hours: Thurs-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4 

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THE SMART SOLUTION FOR DOING LAUNDRY ● No Need for Detergent or Hot Water ● Makes Clothes Softer ● Warranty ● Clean Without Bleach ● Earth Friendly ● Whiter Whites ● Brighter Colors ● Made in the USA ● No Maintenance ● Better for Sensitive Skin

383 North Street, Pittsfield, MA ● www.aerusonline.com (413) 442-1544 | (413) 743-0985 | (802) 442-9560

In Business Since 1881

Hanging Baskets Planters Annuals Cemetery Boxes Geraniums • Perennials

In-season fruits & vegetables, Vegetable plants, garden accessories & more!



With Yankee Clipper Coupon Only. Expires 9/2

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Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, BPVS

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All the Fun Summer Stuff Your● Gazebos Yard ●Could For! Benches ●Ask Picnic Tables ShedsFun ● Swings ● Children’s Gym Sets All ●the Summer Stuff ● Gazebos ● Benches ● Picnic Tables ● Sheds Ask ● Swings ● Children’s Gym Sets Your Yard Could For! ● Gazebos ● Benches

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electric systems userdesigns, friendly, SBPVS incesolar 1985, recognized for are careful provencomponents componentsand andhigh highquality qualityworkmanship, workmanship, proven Sincesolar1985, recognized for careful designs, BPVS electric systems are user friendly, efficient and reliable.


MA LIC #'s HIC131996, CSL 73150

413-743-0152 • www.bpvs.com Member:Tel. American Solar Energy Society, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Solar Energy Avenue, Business Association New01220 England, 46 Howland Adams,ofMA Solar Energy Industries Association.

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, BPVS

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, BPVS 46 Howland Avenue, Adams, MA 01220

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ince 1985, recognized for careful designs, proven components andSelection high quality workmanship, Largest of Yarns BPVS solar electric systems are user friendly, and Unique Handcrafted Gifts in the Berkshires efficient and reliable.

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Open Mon-Sat 12-4Energy Member: American Solar Energy Society,9:30-5, Northeast Sun Sustainable Association, Solar Energy Business of New England, Harry and Association Debbie Sano Solar Energy Industries Association. 232 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230 (413) 528-2473 • www.wonderful-things.com www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

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he beauty and healing properties of crystals have been appreciated, recognized, and utilized by human beings for millennia. Ancient civilizations were generally more in touch with the earth and the natural world than we tend to be in today’s society. But a resurgence of interest in more natural and harmonious ways of living, health, and healing, has brought about renewed interest in the mineral kingdom in recent years. We know from basic physics that everything and everyone is made up of energy. Even what science used to believe were solid particles at the atomic level are actually now being recognized as energy. And what differentiates a human being from a tree or a car or a bird is the frequency at which each of those things vibrates, how fast or slow the energy that makes up those things pulses at the atomic or molecular level. It is somewhat like a heartbeat, but encompasses the entire being or thing. Crystals vibrate at specific frequencies that can be beneficial to humans as well as to animals and plants. When we bring crystals into our environment, whether it be in the home, office, garden, or even vehicle, the vibration of the crystals affects the vibration of all living beings in that environment: our family, animals, plants, even visitors. Generally, the closer the crystal, the more effect it has on one’s being. For instance, a crystal that emits the vibration of a healthy heart, when brought near one’s heart, may assist the heart in becoming more healthy, because the heart may begin to match the vibration of the crystal, and actually move into a more healthy state of being. The vibration of the heart begins to resonate with the vibration of the crystal. You don’t even have to believe in the healing aspect of a crystal to receive the beneficial effects. Crystals have a natural beauty that enhances just about any environment, and every time you look upon a beautiful crystal and appreciate its beauty, that can be positive and healing, in and of itself.

Selenite A great crystal for the home, or most any environment, is Selenite. It has a variety of natural forms, and is also shaped and polished into forms such as spheres, pyramids, and spirals. Selenite lights up any room, both physically and energetically. It has a chatoyance, a glow, when light hits it, that is quite beautiful. Energetically, Selenite can be very clearing of stagnant and negative energies in the home, as well as in one’s own personal energetic field, or aura. It can help to raise one’s personal vibration and the vibration of one’s environment, lending a feeling of crispness and positivity.

Shungite Another crystal that has been used for millennia for health and healing is called Shungite. It comes from one location, in western Russia. Shungite is made up of complex carbon molecules called Fullerenes, named after the visionary Buckminster Fuller, because 16

June | July 2016


they resemble the geodesic domes that he designed. They look similar to hollow soccer balls. Shungite is an amazing crystal. It somehow neutralizes the negative effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, and microwaves from ovens and cell phones. It is healing and vitalizing, and may be used to clean and vitalize drinking water. It has been used in Russia on a commercial scale to filter water since the 1990s. Shungite was extensively researched in the former Soviet Union, and proven to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healing! There is evidence it may have come from a massive meteor that created the lakebed where it is found. One variety of Shungite is shaped into different decorative and functional forms; another is more practical for personal use, and to clear and vitalize water for drinking and watering plants. It is an excellent stone for both potted and garden plants, physically as well as energetically.

Azeztulite An exciting and relatively new crystal discovery that has an exceedingly high vibration is Azeztulite. It is a form of quartz that can only be differentiated from regular quartz by its higher vibration. Azeztulite is a crystal for these times of rapid change, and the need for humanity to heal on many levels, so that we may create a more harmonious society and world. We all have issues to be resolved and healed, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. Azeztulite assists in healing on all levels, and as we resonate with it, it can assist in raising our vibration frequencies, and literally help to raise us to a whole new level of existence! It can be so powerful that balance and slow integration of the energies are recommended. Otherwise one may become overwhelmed with the high energy of Azeztulite. And the Azeztulite family of crystals is growing, as more varieties are being discovered. Crystals can be remarkable tools for change and healing, as well as lending beauty to our lives. Sometimes, a crystal can take one over a threshold, and assist in a seemingly miraculous change in health. Other times, slow and steady gets you there. If you are curious about crystals, take some time to explore the magical world of the mineral kingdom from a metaphysical perspective. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you experience. ~ Monark Crede has been a student and practitioner of alternative and complementary healing modalities for 25 years. He is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Society of Alternative Therapists, and the proprietor of The Crystal Butterfly - Healing Crystals & Therapies, located in the Renaissance Arts & Wellness Center in the Jennifer House Commons, 420 Stockbridge Road (Route 7) in Great Barrington, MA. (413) 717-8267, healingcrystalbutterfly@gmail.com. Follow him on Facebook and see his ad on page 23.

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Turquoise Citrine

Amethyst Shungite


Chalcopyrite - Bornite



Himalaya Gold Azeztulite

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food & drink

Grilled Shrimp with Tzatziki (CUCUMBER YOGURT DILL SAUCE) / From Guido’s Kitchen


uido’s Kitchen (Guido’s Fresh Marketplace in Pittsfield and Great Barrington), brings you this delicious dish that serves four. Grilled Shrimp with Tzatziki is perfect for an easy, light summer dinner or a nice traveling dish to Tanglewood. For more amazing recipes and valuable information, visit www.guidosfreshmarketplace.com.



For the Tzatziki Sauce

For the Tzatziki Sauce

1 cup Greek yogurt* 1 cup ¼-inch cubes European cucumber 3 tbs. chopped dill 2 tbs. fresh lemon juice

For the Shrimp

2 tbs. chopped shallots 1 tsp. chopped garlic 1 tbs. olive oil and more to brush grill 1 lb. uncooked large shrimp, deveined, tails left intact

Mix yogurt, cucumber, dill, and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper to your liking.

For the Shrimp

Preheat grill to medium-high. Brush grill with oil. Toss shrimp in chopped shallot, garlic, and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Grill just until shrimp are opaque in center, about three minutes per side.

*Greek yogurt is nice and thick and is available in zero, two percent, or full fat – your choice! If you use non-Greek yogurt (which has a higher water content), the sauce will still be delicious, but it will have a thinner consistency.

● Espresso ● Scones ● Hand Pies ● Soup ● 31 main street, stockbridge, ma 413.298.7271 ● info@sweetsavourymain.com www.sweetsavourymain.com


Wholesome ● Homestyle ● Delicious SoCo Ice Cream ● Local Free-Range Eggs Milk ● Liquor ● Beer ● Wine ● Pastries Lotto ● Post Office ● Fishing Bait Photo by John Phelan

Mon-Thu: 6a-7p ● Fri-Sat: 6a-8p Sun: 6a-4p

Route 71, North Egremont, MA (Near Prospect Lake)

Call (413) 528-4796


June | July 2016


food & drink


entrées available

D-e-e-licious! Tues-Sat dinner only • 150 Main St., Lee 413.243.6397 cheznousbistro.com

Pittsfield & Great Barrington, MA guidosfreshmarketplace.com


June | July 2016


Now or ng f i l l o r En 17 0 2 6 201 ion s s i m Ad

expl ore Engaged learning for children ages 15 months through 8th grade Call or visit online to schedule a tour. 413.637.3662 BerkshireMontessori.org

education & workshops


recently observed a Montessori teacher give a lesson on the water cycle. After the lesson, a nine-year-old sat with paper and pencil, sketching plans and designs. He’d periodically look about the room for supplies, sometimes checking in with the teacher to vet an idea, or talk with peers about what might work best. At the end of this exploration, he created a structure – complete with a hot plate, funnels, straws, measuring scoops, containers, sand, and water – that replicated the water cycle process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, surface runoff, and ground water. This student’s creation was impressive, and throughout his process, those around him offered help and celebrated his success. His classroom community allowed him to have an idea and see it through to completion. Bringing a vision into reality takes determination, perseverance, and a fair amount of focus. Ultimately, a supportive community is instrumental for success. Well over ten years ago, when The Montessori School of the Berkshires (MSB) was not much more than a sketch of an idea, so many people offered encouragement and validation. Our school environment has been changed as we have brought vision into reality. From our first Children’s House classroom of three-to six-year-olds, we’ve added our Elementary program, an additional Children’s House classroom, and (knowing that we needed more space for Adolescent and Toddler programs) we found our current site and built a 9,000-square-foot facility, which opened in 2010. We have always been looking beyond where we are: how to evolve, what’s next, what will be best for families, staff, and students. We find ourselves using our current space creatively

and to full capacity. For more than a year now, we have been going through a creative, in-depth process involving our board, facilities committee, staff, and parents to develop ideas for the next phase of MSB’s success. We are currently breaking ground on a 7,300-square-foot addition. This project will be executed in two phases, and completed by September 2017. Expansion Phase I includes a multifaceted adolescent classroom, additional office space, a library, visual arts studio, and interior renovations of the existing building. Expansion Phase II includes a multipurpose area, a performing arts space, an athletics field, and added parking. To fund this expansion and other strategic initiatives needed to take MSB from startup mode into maturity, we are launching “Go Beyond,” a comprehensive capital campaign to raise $2.95 million. We are thrilled to report that, thanks to the board and other early donors, we are 86 percent of the way to our goal, and will be raising the remaining $411,000 over the next five years. We are so grateful for a supportive community and the many people who have supported and who continue to support a vision of vibrant Montessori education in the Berkshires. ~ K. Meagan Ledendecker is the Director of Education at The Montessori School of the Berkshires. Meagan cofounded the school ten years ago with her husband, Todd Covert. You can find the most current information about this expansion and our “Go Beyond” campaign on our website, www.berkshiremontessori.org. www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

June | July 2016


home & garden

deliciously raw



s a beekeeper, I am always asked the question “Is your honey raw?” My answer is that the honey is pure, unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed, but I do place it through a coarse-screened mesh to remove parts of bees, comb, and wax. Some want all the pieces in it and only consider that raw. Some beekeepers will heat it but won’t go over 118 degrees so vitamins and enzymes are not lost (all enzymes are deactivated at a wet-heat temperature of 118 degrees). Healthy raw honey has a creamy appearance. Pasteurized, ultrafiltered, processed honey (which may contain detrimental glucose syrup, antibiotics, dyes, flavors, and flavor enhancers, in addition to the bees being fed sugar products) is far from the health-promoting powerhouse of its raw unpasteurized counterpart. Raw, honey is a unique and delicious blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants with many health-promoting attributes. It is normal for raw honey to contain particles of bee pollen and bits of propolis. Propolis is contained in many products we use, even teas for a sore throat or strained vocal cords, but its most important role is acting as the honeybee hive’s immune system. The bees fill holes and coat the hive with bee pollen and propolis to protect it from disease and cold. Raw honey has been used for thousands of years for burns and minor abrasions. There is a growing belief amongst natural health experts that raw honey from local flower and tree sources is extremely beneficial in treating seasonal allergies like

hay fever. Joggers, bicyclists, hikers, and athletes use it as a snack to receive a boost of energy. More and more people are eating honey before they go to bed because they find it relaxing. Parents are having their children use raw honey on toast, mixed with fruit, or just plain, rather than eating sugar. Honey is taken to relieve sore throats, coughing, and colds. In addition, speakers at the First International Symposium on Honey and Human Health presented a number of research papers about raw unpasteurized honey and the findings included that raw honey (from bees that were not fed sucrose) is filled with helpful friendly bacteria (six species of lactobacilli and four species of bifidobacteria); it may actually help promote better blood sugar control and improve vascular health; it boosts immunity and improves wound healing when applied topically; and its antibacterial, offers free-radical prevention, and can help lower high cholesterol. However delicious and healthy, honey is still a sugar and 60 calories a tablespoon, so it needs to be eaten in moderation.

Save the Date for a Celebration of Our Greatest Gifts “Children, Honeybees and Native Pollinators” Berkshire County Beekeepers and Bees Across Massachusetts present a celebration of our greatest gifts “Children, Honeybees and Native Pollinators” at Sheep Hill in Williamstown on July 16, 2016. Sheep Hill is presently the site of research being conducted by Bees Across Massachusetts, whose goal is community education while studying mites, pesticides, and poor nutrition that are contributing factors for honeybee loss. Presently in the project there are hives stretching 50 miles from Berkshire School in Sheffield to Sheep Hill in Williamstown following the Route 7 corridor. The first hive was placed at Berkshire School and senior Evan Liddy was instrumental in its placement with the school’s mission of providing an environment to help honeybees, butterflies, and native pollinators while planning pollinator gardens and planting a new orchard. The goal is to continue from Sheep Hill in 2017 and end in Boston with the final hive placement near the State House for another 130 miles. Beekeeper Russ Wilson started the project four years ago and believes it will take about eight more years to finish if all goes well. Camp Vision, a summer and after-school program through the Pittsfield Public Schools for visually impaired students in continued on page 24


health & wellness

for general well-being

Naomi Alson



For general wellbeing . . .


cupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that helps stimulate one or more points in the body to promote the flow of Qi (internal energy). Numerous studies support the use of acupuncture in reducing symptoms such as depression, facial pain, headache, peripheral neuropathy, lower back pain, nausea and vomiting, neck pain, postoperative pain, shortness of breath, chronic fatigue, hot flashes, and side effects caused by radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy, as well as infertility.

With specialized training in: ● Alleviating the side effects chemotherapy ● Infertility ● Herbal treatments ● Regulating the immune system

At Lee Family Practice, Lee, MA

(413) 243-3223  naomifalson@gmail.com



ing Lash, Somatic Movement Therapist, believes in the innate intelligence of the whole person. Ming provides an informed, safe presence, and listening hands and heart, to encourage relaxation, coherence, and wellness. Supportive therapies include GYROTONIC® exercise, creative movement, experiential anatomy, flower essences, and use of grounding and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field mat, for improved emotional and physical health and well-being. Classes and workshops available.

crystals and more!

THE CRYSTAL BUTTERFLY Healing Crystals & Therapies



he Crystal Butterfly – Healing Crystals & Therapies offers an abundance of beautiful healing crystals and handmade jewelry, from local to global, and a variety of original creations by local artists . . . natural rough and polished crystals, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, tote bags, pillows, clocks, collages, and more! Free crystal consultations. Explore the magical world of the mineral kingdom from a metaphysical perspective! Contact us at (413) 717-8267, healingcrystalbutterfly@gmail.com.

Healing Crystals & Jewelry Reiki & Crystal Reiki Sessions Holistic Counseling & Therapies ● Crystal Workshops ●

Monark Crede

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

● ●

Visit us inside the Renaissance Arts & Wellness Center 420 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA

413-717-8267 ● healingcrystalbutterfly@gmail.com www.facebook.com/thecrystalbutterfly



andelions (Taraxacum officinale) deserve more respect. For those in the know, they are revered for their medicinal and nutritious properties. Dandelion roots, flowers, and leaves are all edible (assuming they have been organically raised). They are a rich source of vitamins A, B complex, C, and D, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc. They can be juiced with carrots and other nutritious vegetables, placed in salads to add a tasty “bite,” made into soups as the French do, or into a delicious wine. Dandelions are the least bitter

when harvested in the early spring. And in traditional medicine, dandelion roots and leaves are used to treat liver problems, kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and stomach upset. And as if that’s not enough, many of us share the fond memory of being the recipient of a backyard bouquet of these cheerful flowers (the first gift ever given in total adoration) from our little ones. www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

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deliciously raw CONTINUED FROM PAGE 22

summer programs over the years along with their parents, grandparents, families, friends, school, and community. Berkshire County, has adopted a beehive at Sheep Hill that is being used in the research study. Sheep Hill was a chosen site thanks to Executive Director Leslie Reed-Evans and the camp’s mission to preserve, promote, and educate while providing responsible land stewardship for insects, plants, and animals and providing educational programs to schools and the community. The students from the Camp Vision Program will provide activities with braille, a tactile art project of a bee, guided hikes under blindfold to experience their world outdoors, and a discussion of guide dogs and technology. They want the public to participate in the project by marking drones from their hive so they can be followed through their life cycle in the project. More importantly, the students want to thank those individuals and organizations that have supported their

There will be demonstrations on making mead, candle making, and honey production, and observation hives with the different races of honeybees. There will be presentations for the more experienced beekeepers and also those thinking about becoming beekeepers. State Bee Inspector Ken Warchol will demonstrate a hive inspection evaluating mites, health, and honey stores. He will provide recommendations for summer management techniques in preparing the hive for fall and winter. Northern Raised Queens will be available through Queen Breeder Antoine Fahey and honey will be for sale to support Camp Vision and Sheep Hill. ~ Russ Wilson is a beekeeper in Berkshire County doing research on honeybee diseases, mites, pesticides, and poor nutrition, which are all reasons for our honeybee declines. He runs classes, presentations, and workshops through Bees Across Massachusetts. For information or to sign up, email beesacrossmassachusetts@gmail.com or berkshirecountybeekeepers@ hotmail.com.



ou may be afraid of hay fever season each year or suffer from frustrating food allergies and not know what to do about it. The Allergy Kit – the first treat-yourself-at-home kit – is a simple way to eliminate allergy symptoms for the entire family. Allergies have become epidemic, and we now know that many disorders and discomforts, like headaches, backaches, joint pain, and body aches, are often caused by undiagnosed allergies. But now you can build up your immune system by eliminating the most common food allergies and other irritants using The Allergy Kit.

The Allergy Kit is similar to other, very expensive treatments but our affordable kit has the added advantage of flexibility, privacy, and convenience in an easy, do-it-yourself treatment. Start feeling better and more energized, be more regular, have less bloating, fewer headaches, sinusitis, or ear infections. Get rid of cravings, fuzzy thinking, and memory loss. Start to feel alive again! If your kids or you suffer from ADD or ADHD, you will see a difference. The Allergy Kit could be the beginning of a new life and a new lifestyle for you and your family.

The Allergy Kit

No More Allergies, Guaranteed! The original Treat-Yourself-at-Home natural kit. Make the first step on your way to a healthier you. Visit our website and receive a free histamine vial with the purchase of a Premium or Deluxe kit. Use coupon code: FreeHist


(954) 667-6637 24

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r. Jay Wise and Dr. Casey Jones are proud of their gold restorations. While not suitable for every application, gold inlays and crowns are time-tested and have many advantages for restoring back teeth. It is the most conservative (less reduction of tooth structure) of any available crowns. Gold is biocompatible and hypoallergenic. Under heavy chewing pressure, gold is strong but not brittle – it will not break or cause the tooth to break. The “gold standard” . . . with regards to teeth, it is really true!



endy Streeter of Wendy Optical is a licensed optician with 25 years of experience fitting happy customers with beautiful frames and lenses in the Berkshires. Come in and see her fashionable summer styles. Progressive, single vision, high quality, and affordable frames in many shapes, styles, and colors. If you need your glasses repaired, cleaned, or adjusted you can expect excellent customer service. Located conveniently on Elm Street in Pittsfield, MA (next door to the Clip Shop).

DR . Dr.

J a y W i s e , D D S Casey Jones, DMD

33 Park street, suite 6, lee, ma 01238 ( 4 1 3 ) 2 4 3 - 1 2 2 2 • D r j ay w i s e d d s .c o m T h i s i s wh e r e h e alt h , b e au t y a n d we l l b e i n g b eg i n . T hat ’ s O Ur B u s i n es s .


Wendy is a licensed optician with 25 years experience fitting happy customers with beautiful frames and lenses in the Berkshires. REPAIRS | CLEANING | ADJUSTMENTS 56 Elm Street, Pittsfield, MA 413.445.5700 Wed-Sat 10am to 6pm




oldman/Tripp Osteopathic Healthcare offers traditional osteopathic medicine, a gentle, hands-on, noninvasive, yet powerful approach to healthcare based on the essential relationship in all living things, practiced by fully licensed U.S. physicians. Traditional osteopathic medicine works hand-in-hand with the essential biology and physiology of your unique body and clinical health to optimize your health and well being. By helping your body to restore and renew all the natural structural function throughout all of your body – from bones to muscles to organs to nerves to vessels and the connective tissue matrix that unites the anatomy of your body – osteopathic medicine helps restore and renew your own vital health and well-being in harmony with what nature has established as optimal human anatomy and physiology. The human body is one of nature’s most beautiful and intricate systems whose health and healing depends on the primary relationship of structure and function. Traditional osteopathic physicians are unique in practicing medicine based on this fundamental relationship from nature – a vital, comprehensive approach to your health that is unparalleled in today’s world of complex health challenges.

gol dm an / tripp osteopathic healthcare As osteopathic physicians, we use our comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to promote health and healing. We work gently with our hands to help your body restore optimal function – based on optimal structure – to help solve musculoskeletal problems and health issues of all kinds. As fully licensed physicians, we have all of the full and current medical pharmacopeia, nutritional science and medical training at our disposal. Your individual treatment may include a wide range of approaches, but is always founded on our gentle hands-on work. Andrew M. Goldman, DO, Osteopathic Physician Kim E. Tripp, DO, PhD, Osteopathic Physician www.goldmantripp.net Great Barrington, ma 413-528-3334 | Sharon, ct 860-364-5990


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Blue Light



lue light is everywhere. It has a wavelength of between approximately 380nm and 500nm, making it one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths. In its natural form from the sun, it has a healthy effect on your system. Researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University, and others have found that exposure to blue light during the day provides higher levels of alertness and reduction to fatigue, quicker reaction times, greater attention spans in performance tests, elevated moods, better immune function, and an increase in the feeling of well being. Artificial blue light from digital devices like TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, electronic devices, and energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting, however, is another story. We all love our screen time and the ability to use lights after dark, but did you know that the blue light emitted from these devices is harmful to your eyes? Studies show that prolonged exposure to this type of light may cause retinal damage and contribute to age-related macular degeneration, which can lead to loss of vision. Exposure to artificial blue light (including electronic devices as well as energyefficient fluorescent and LED lighting) may also disrupt your sleep pattern and cause digital eyestrain syndrome. The good news is that we can help. We are the Blue Light

Specialists! We offer several types of protection – Rhythm blue light reflecting glare-free coating available on most lens designs and materials, Blutech Lenses that have built-in protection, and Cobalt Clear protective lenses with no tint, available in standard and thinner lens options. ~ See our Facebook page and our website for

more helpful tips and information. www.berkshireeye.com

Come Visit Our New Location! Berkshire Eye Center is pleased to announce the grand opening of our new location at 409 Stockbridge Road (Route 7) in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Our new office will allow us to provide our patients with complete ophthalmology care. We will be doing comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens examinations, and testing and minor procedures on site. We will also have a full-service optical dispensary that carries a wide selection of designer frames and sunglasses as well as the most technologically advanced lenses. With the addition of Dr. Joseph Gold and Dr. Diane Singer, Berkshire Eye Center now has 10 qualified physicians and specialists. We are the leading ophthalmology practice in Berkshire County offering complete one-stop eye care. We look forward to serving you!

409 Stockbridge Road (Route 7), Great Barrington, MA ● Complete Ophthalmology Care ● Comprehensive Eye Exams

GREAT BARRINGTON 409 Stockbridge Road (413) 591-8452 PITTSFIELD 740 Williams Street (413) 445-4564

● Contact Lens Examinations ● On Site Testing and

Minor Procedures


● Full Service Optical Dispensary

2967 Route 9 Hannaford Plaza Ste 402 (518) 758-9276

● Wide Selection of Designer

Frames and Sunglasses ● Technologically Advanced Lenses

Grand opening of new location in Great Barrington, MA!


(413) 591-8452 ● www.berkshireeye.com 26

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what is seniors helping seniors? IT’S LIKE GETTING A LITTLE HELP FROM A FRIEND® / By Jane Apkin M.A. CCC-SLP

need us for anything from transportation to companionship for as little as one hour, one time, or as much as 24/7 support.


eniors Helping Seniors is the lowestcost, highest-quality, insured, licensed provider of nonmedical in-home care in Western Massachusetts. What makes Seniors Helping Seniors different?

We have no contract or minimum use requirement - Unlike most home care service agencies, we don’t require a contract from anyone using the service. Once the free initial assessment is complete, you can use us as you

Staff - We hire only active, compassionate senior care Providers who have an intrinsic desire to help others. These are people who might otherwise volunteer, but wouldn’t mind making a little money for their time and effort. Our Providers come from all walks of life; the one thing they have in common is a true desire to help. Match - We match each helper based on personality. We return to make the initial introduction at the start of service. Once we’ve made a good match, we work to keep the same Provider(s) on the case. This extra effort and personal attention fosters camaraderie and enhances the likelihood that our clients feel comfortable with the care Provider in their home.

In-home service by SENIORS for SENIORS ® No contracts, no minimums, & reasonable rates. Call Jane Apkin for a free in-home assessment.

It’s like getting a little help from a friend ® (413) 822-9988




e all know that sunscreen will help lower our risk of skin cancer and help prevent premature signs of aging. Sunscreen should be simple – apply it daily and you are protected. Unfortunately there are more issues to consider. Does it contain harmful chemicals? At Lenox Village Integrative Pharmacy we know that some sunscreens contain oxybenzone, which disrupts normal hormone production. If the sunscreen is “chemical free,” are the ingredients considered “nanoparticles”? Nanoparticles are so small that they can enter the body and bloodstream or can be inhaled in a spray. Is the sunscreen “broad spectrum”? In other words, does it protect from both UVB and UVA rays? At the current time, US regulations do not require

sunscreens to offer any UVA protection, but UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB, and will cause immediate suntan, not sunburn. UVA also generates free radicals in living skin, which contribute to skin damage, wrinkling, and skin cancer. Is our choice of sunscreen harming the environment? Several common chemicals found in sunscreen are harming the world’s living coral reefs. Between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers, scuba divers, and snorkelers into coral reef environments each year. Even more sunscreen pollution can reach coastal areas via wastewater discharges. Up to 10 percent of the world’s coral reefs may be threatened by certain chemicals found in most sunscreens. Many coral reef parks and swim-with-the-dolphins aquaparks now mandate that their patrons use only mineral-based natural sunscreens. So, what sunscreen passes all of these tests? Look at Badger products and their testing. www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

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Old Age – A Myth!



our fiftieth birthday arrived and guess who knocked on the door? AARP! Yup – now you knew you were “over the hill.” But, you still didn’t feel old, so what is that all about? If you made it through your fifties you had another milestone: sixty. And with that came the realization that your employer might be looking to boot you out in a few years. You hope this will not happen until you reach that magic age when the government starts paying you back all that money that they’ve been taking from you in the form of social security. Sixty is when you start looking harder at the gray hairs popping out and at the smile lines that seem to grow deeper in your face every month. During your sixties you find people laugh about your frequent “senior moments” and you find it’s harder to keep up with your younger running buddies. You notice your waist is a little bigger and the flesh under your arms waves in the breeze a little more, but you’re not old – are you? What causes aging? It all starts in the brain, and if the head can’t send the right message, the body doesn’t know what to do. Some of the problems you may get if you don’t support the neurotransmitters and brain health are brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, and hormonal imbalance. These are bad enough when you are forty, but in your sixties people will just say they are a condition of getting old and dismiss you. The first thing you must do to support this chemical interaction in the brain is to hydrate it with clean, filtered water unless you have a pure water source. To this water must be added back the trace minerals (preferably in ionic form) that the brain needs to send its messages to the body. This is a key ingredient in supporting good brain health and getting the right electrical messages to the body. Brain health also depends on a good supply of essential fatty acids, phospholipids such as phosphatidylserine, curcumin to stave off inflammation, and exercise. Learning new things such as a language, and memorizing and employing the use of brain games on the internet can keep those neurotransmitters firing. Another factor in accelerating aging are telomeres, the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect it, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides and act as a clock that signals cells to age. But you can help stop this process by activating an enzyme called telomerase. When human cells are exposed to telomerase it slows cellular aging, and allows cells to begin copying again. One of the ingredients


June | July 2016


that can help telomere regeneration is found in astragalus compounds. I actually started taking this and the big side effect I noticed is that it curbed my stress; that’s why I call it my happy pill (www.longlifenews.com). The astragalus and L-Theanine in this pill support serotonin, which is our feel-good hormone. Another factor in causing us to age is the reduction of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body. This is a naturally occurring substance that is secreted by the pituitary gland. As we get older, production gradually slows over time. The downside is that when HGH is delivered through injections, the body is flooded with too much HGH, which may cause the pituitary gland to stop secreting natural growth hormone. Homeopathic growth hormone forms (HhGH) are safer and more efficient because these small doses, when administered frequently, allow the pituitary gland to increase production naturally, which allows near complete absorption. Studies revealed that oral HhGH actually facilitated energy increase, weight loss, improved vision, increased libido, improved sleep quality, improved breathing, improved skin softness, and lowered systolic blood pressure. Yet another factor in aging is your thought process. How you think is how you act, but more than that, what lies in your subconscious can create pitfalls for you or keep you thinking old. Many of your beliefs about aging may have been programmed into your subconscious during childhood and carried forward to today. Realize that this picture can be changed if you really want it to. The premise is that something happened that caused your subconscious brain to respond in a way that your conscious brain may not be happy about (like being afraid of becoming a burden in your old age). A neurolinguistic practitioner (NLP) can help reframe that trigger response and either reduce or eliminate the unwanted reaction. If you have trepidation about going forward with your life in your seventies or eighties, maybe reframing the subconscious can help you move that wall or make it something you can now walk through. To get a free copy of Nina Anderson’s ebook, Think and Feel Younger, go to her website, www.antiaginglady.com, and click on the menu tab EBOOK. ~ Nina Anderson, SPN, is a Neurolinguistic Practitioner and is working with Eric Von Zon, DC, in Great Barrington, where she specializes in the analyses of health-related indoor environmental pollutants. She is the author of 18 books on natural health and is a frequent workshop leader.

mind & spirit


heilaa Hite Intuitive Counselor

Featured in Paulette Cooper’s directory, ‘THE 100 TOP PSYCHICS in AMERICA’

Tarot • Astrology • Palmistry • Psychometry Mediumship • Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy • Life Coach

JAN HEALEY, RN Palliative Planning Animal Communication Mediumship

Consultations in Person, by Phone or Skype Classes, Parties and Events


“SHEILAA’s accuracy rate is 95-100%.” MANAGER



(646) 284-5992 ● janhealey2@gmail.com ● www.janhealey.com

Join Us for a

Do you enjoy writing? Share your passion! Send in articles for consideration through www.OurBerkshireTimes.com.

Sedona & Monument Valley Odyssey October 2-7, 2016 “ . . . and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” Experience the perfect reminder that there is still accessible magic and wonder in the world.

Our Odyssey Includes  Unique Sedona Shaman Ceremony  Guided Meditations at Sedona’s Most Powerful Vortexes  Healing Ceremony at Monument Valley’s “Ear of the Wind”  Countless Serendipitous Wonders!

For More Information

For full itinerary, pricing, and more information, call (413) 637-0085, www.SheilaaHite.com.


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have you heard?



ccording to local sources, General Electric Company (GE) plans to dredge PCBs from the Housatonic River and has proposed to dump these extremely toxic manmade chemicals in various designated locations (some of which they have already purchased) in the towns of Housatonic, Lee, and Lenox. These sources state that once these designated toxic waste dumps are established U.S. legal waste sites, the dumps will become open game for other large corporations to dump their waste.

Are PCBs Really That Bad? PCBs are known carcinogens and there is no safe exposure level. PCBs are volatile chemicals (they become airborne and can travel miles from waste sites, affecting entire communities’ health and property values) that are known to cause cancer, motor skill and neurological delay in children, and thyroid disease, and disrupt healthy hormone functions. For more information about the effects of PCB exposure go to www.tinyurl.com/jxcfgw5.


June | July


What You Can Do • Please educate yourself and your neighbors about the risks of PCBs to your family and our community. • Go to the links below to find out more about the current situation in the Berkshires. • Read and sign the petition at www.nopcbdumps.com. • Know that local environmental groups and concerned citizens have the power to impact the EPA’s decision to hold GE to a comprehensive cleanup of the Housatonic River. • Contact local and state officials to oppose the PCB dumps.

For More Information, To Sign the Petition, Recent Articles, and Meeting Updates • www.nopcbdumps.com • www.facebook.com/HousatonicRiverInitiative • The Housatonic River Initiative: www.housatonic-river.com • The Berkshire Edge: www.tinyurl.com/zyeub4f • The Berkshire Edge: www.tinyurl.com/jmu5ncu • www.thebeatnews.org/BeatTeam/ge-pcbs

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BensDotter’s Pet Wellness Series A trio of free events you won’t want to miss! Hosted at BensDotter’s Pet in Great Barrington.

10:00am Sunday, June 12, 2016 Dr. Richard S. Patton PhD THE SCIENCE AND DOGMA OF PET NUTRITION

An education for life. Toddler Children’s House Elementary Adolescent Summer

10:00am Sunday, July 10, 2016

Now enrolling for 2016-2017 admission


10:00am Sunday, August 7, 2016 Kristina ‘Tina’ Dow BS A LAYMAN’S GUIDE TO RAW-FEEDING YOUR PET BerkshireMontessori.org

Weekly tours by appointment

(413) 637-3662

Rave Reviews! “As I stand in my new kitchen and bathroom, admiring the work done, I am extremely pleased! I want to thank Ray and Mike for the outstanding job done. Their expertise, craftsmanship, and professionalism was superb.” ~ Gloria “What a wonderful crew you sent to install our new windows and slider! They worked as a team with each crew member knowing his job and performing it efficiently with little disruption to our household. The men were professional, efficient, friendly, helpful, and responsive to requests.” ~ Bob & Stephanie “We are so pleased with our new windows from Morrison’s Home Improvement. They are energyefficient, well made, and beautiful! The office staff and the crew that did the installation are just like our windows . . . Top Notch!” ~ Claire


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