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elcome to Our BerkshireGreen, your premier holistic resource for healthy living in Berkshire County and the surrounding area. I would like for you to think of this publication as your publication . . . as our magazine. My wish, with your help, is to create an ever-expanding unified network of holistic and environmentally conscious individuals, businesses, and services in our community. Our focus is Berkshire County, but we will include subject matter from outside of the area that we feel is relevant and will be of value. The concept of green, healthy and holistic living is becoming immensely popular now, to everyone’s benefit. Many of us have participated in this practice in one form or another for many years, but we are not all aware of one another, and the unique and valuable products, services, and information that we each have to offer. This magazine, our monthly networking events held at fine locations around the county, and our website at, will give us our chance to connect and grow.

We believe that the easiest way to achieve our common objective to promote holistic awareness is to collaborate and freely share information. With this in mind, we have chosen to place Our BerkshireGreen Magazine and our website under a Creative Commons License in place of a standard copyright. This Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License, sometimes known as the “free advertising” license, allows anyone to freely copy, distribute, and transmit the work, although it must be attributed in the manner specified by the author or licensor, and no one may use it for commercial purposes or alter, transform, or build upon it. Best wishes and good health,

Resource Guide Categories (include but are not limited to): Alternative Energy Animal Products & Services Apothecaries Art & Music Babies & Children Business Services Books, Bookstores & Publishers Classes & Workshops Classified Clothing Contests Coupons Dance, Exercise & Fitness Fitness Products Electromagnetic Fields Education & Training Environmental/Conservation Organizations Farmers’ Markets Farms Food & Cooking Food Stores - Co-ops, Markets & Health Friends of Our BerkshireGreen General Stores Gift Shops Green Building, Renovation & Landscape Design



Green Teams Health & Beauty Health Care - Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Acupuncture Aromatherapy Ayurvedic Medicine Chiropractic & Kinesiology Counseling & Therapy Craniosacral Therapy Dentistry Detoxification & Chemical Sensitivities Energy Medicine Herbalists & Herbs Homeopathic Medicine Life Coach Light, Color & Sound Therapy Magnetic Therapy Massage Therapy & Bodywork Neuromuscular Therapy Nutrition & Supplements Physical Therapy Reconnective Healing Reflexology Reiki Tai Chi/Qigong Therapeutic Touch

Traditional Chinese Medicine Trager Approach® Wellness Centers & Spas Women’s Health - Breast-feeding, Childbirth & Midwives Yoga Home & Garden Feng Shui Gardening Natural Home Cleaning Pest Control Health Information Centers In Business: Greening Up! Inns and Bed & Breakfasts Lifestyles & Perspectives Love & Laughter are the Best Medicine! Martial Arts Mind & Spirit Nonprofit Organizations Recycling At Its Very Best! Antiques & Collectibles Architectural Salvage Consignment Shops Surplus Building Materials Restaurants & Cafes Wine & Beer * We can create a new category

SAMPLE CONTENTS departments 2

letter from the publisher


getting to know us


directory of categories


our contributors


resource guide Berkshire County & the surrounding area

12 calendar of events & classified 13 contests 13 coupons! discounts! savings! 38 in business: greening up! Spotlight on green & holistic-minded businesses in our community 40 lifestyles & perspectives Personal experience of green & holistic living in our community 42 nonprofit organizations Spotlight on nonprofit organizations in our community 46 index of advertisers

features 9 kids with intestinal distress The natural approach to IBS, Crohn's & Colitis

11 15

working out in a winter wonderland


thoughts on green masonry


keeping more for yourself

33 34 36 43 45

cover illustration by Bonnie White email: website:

tools for success

In your holistic practice - Final chapters Fun winter exercise in Berkshire County Is masonry really green?

Restoring yourself with Chinese Medicine

stimulating wellness

Yoga and the secret of life

the agriculture of tomorrow Indoor gardening with sprouts

living in the postcard

A story about building a home in the Berkshires

community power in the berkshires

The collective power of grassroot organizations

3 minutes竏段mprove your life

Feeling better can be quite simple and fast


iracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. ~ Saint Augustine



2010 Media Kit Ad sizes • Sponsorship Opportunities • Rate card • Writing guidelines • Contract & Terms Independent Sales Representatives

Who We Are Our BerkshireGreen is a complimentary, quarterly holistic magazine and resource guide (also found on the web) focused on Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and the immediate surrounding area. We are a community-minded company dedicated to developing holistic awareness and creating an ever-expanding unified network of holistic and environmentally conscious individuals, businesses, and services in our community.

Content & Quality

Patty Strauch


We provide our readers with informative and insightful articles on every aspect of holistic living, including alternative and integrative health, natural child care, green building, alternative energy solutions, landscape design, natural pet care, organic products, and more. Each publication’s cover pays tribute to one of our talented local artists, and our alphabetical Resource Guide enable readers to locate the products, services and information they need … resources which they will in turn share with others. Our “In Business” department shines a spotlight on local businesses, our new Nonprofit department features .orgs in our community, and “Lifestyles & Perspectives” gives us the opportunity to get to know the heart of our community … its people. Finally, local contests add excitement and the Calendar of Events and Classified sections (soon to be exclusively on our website), make it possible for us to network with one another. The magazine measures approximately 8.5” x 11”. It’s printed with beautiful soy based ink on high quality FSC, Stewardship Council ( certified paper, made from trees grown in a responsible manner, containing a full 30 percent postconsumer recycled wastepaper.

Distribution Thea Basis


We currently print four issues per year starting with our special Mind & Spirit spring edition. Distribution dates begin on March 1, 2010 (March - May), June 1, 2010 (June - Aug), September 1, 2010 (Sept - Nov), and December 1, 2010 (Dec - Feb). We monitor and replenish each drop-off location monthly. We currently print and distribute 44,000 copies per year. Our readers can find our publication and your advertisements online at, at each advertiser’s site, and in many high traffic locations (please see listing on our website).

Why Join Our Resource Guide?

Sheri Biasin



ontact Patty Strauch at patty@OurBerkshire, 413-269-6119 if you want to find out more about speaking or hosting one of our monthly networking events. 3


• Simply said, we will bring you new customers! We offer businesses a cost-effective way to spotlight their holistic and earth-friendly products and services and reach the people who want to use them. • Complimentary listing in our online magazine at • A minimum of 44,000 issues delivered yearly throughout Berkshire County and the immediate surrounding area to a target market. • Green living and holistic awareness is growing rapidly. We carefully track and adjust our distribution route so that we can give our advertisers the very best exposure possible as the market changes. • Contests in every issue ensure that readers will look at each and every advertisement placed in our publications. Prizes are contributed by our advertisers, which can give you additional free exposure. • Each issue is designed as a resource to be kept for months/years after publication, making it possible for readers to see your advertisement time and time again and share this information with others. • Membership in our resource guide gives you the opportunity to speak at one of our monthly networking events.

Editorial and Artistic Opportunities Submission deadlines - Spring: Jan. 15, Summer: April 15, Fall: July 15, Winter: Oct. 15 Our BerkshireGreen is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License (unless otherwise noted), often called the “free advertising license”. Check out for more information.


We Welcome Submissions

e welcome submissions from writers (articles and tidbits), and illustrators (drawings, paintings, photographs) of every level of experience. We do not currently offer payment for accepted work, however this is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge, talent, and expertise while bringing our reader’s attention to your business. If your article (full page or spread) or illustration (for the cover) is accepted for publication you will be notified by e-mail of the publication date, and if you purchase an ad in our Resource Guide in that issue, we will give you a full color ad for the price of a comparable size black and white ad to thank you. All accepted submissions will also be placed in our website’s online library archive when it becomes active. Please include full contact information, a head shot (300 dpi, 525 pixels high), and a description of yourself/your work (writers 60 words, and cover illustrators 115 words) (which we maintain the right to edit) for your bio/credit for our magazine’s “Contributors” page, if accepted, if room is available.


Illustration Guidelines

e are looking for seasonal (not holiday) art for our cover and as filler around content. Please do not send original artwork. If you would like your work to be considered, please submit a copy of the piece in electronic format (300 dpi, 3300 pixels high). Acceptable formats: Adobe Acrobat (high resolution PDF), Adobe Photoshop (TIFF or EPS file), Adobe Illustrator (EPS files), or Adobe InDesign. Grayscale files for black & white, and cmyk files for color (uncoated paper). Publisher will not be responsible for the printing quality of any artwork that is not in compliance with our specifications. Note that copies sent by disk will not be returned and that we maintain the right to make size adjustments (cropping) as needed to make allowances for size restraints. Submissions should be sent by e-mail as an attachment to, or placed on CD or DVD and sent by mail (address on page 6) to Our BerkshireGreen, Inc. Please include contact information as explained at left.

Writing Guidelines - It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! #1 Content


e are looking for articles and “tidbits” that will inform, educate, enlighten, entertain, and inspire our readers. Write about something that you feel passionate about. Tidbits can include clips of information, quotes, jokes, original cartoons, recipes, short poems, etc. “Lifestyles & Perspectives” and “In Business” should be written in the first person. All other submissions should be written in the third person (preferred) or in the second person. An example of writing in the first person is: “I am holistic...” Second person: “You are holistic...” Third person: “He, she or it is holistic”. Articles must not be written as a thinly disguised ad. It is extremely important that all submissions take an optimistic viewpoint. If serious health or environmental concerns are discussed, we want positive alternative solutions offered. Our goal is to inspire, not depress, our readers.

#2 Length, Editorial rights

#3 Sources, Submit





ou may submit short interesting “tidbits” of information between approximately 25 - 400 words, or full length articles between 400 – 1500 words. If your article is more than 1000 words, we strongly suggest that you submit it as a shorter version as well (800 - 900 words), along with the longer version for the best chance of acceptance, as it may be used either as a single page or a full page spread. Articles will be printed under the appropriate category in our resource guide. e will not change the general context of your submission without permission, but we maintain editorial rights to reduce the article’s length if necessary, make small changes, and correct grammatical and punctuation errors. If we feel that further editing is needed, we will contact you for prior approval. Article photograph submissions must be copyright free and adhere to the specifications above.

lease credit any outside sources and attribute all direct quotes (including graphics and images). Plagiarism is a very serious offence and we will not knowingly print anything that contains plagiarized material. Make certain that you have the permission of everyone in your photo(s) to be published in our magazine. The author is liable for any claims made against the publisher/Our BerkshireGreen, Inc. as a result of the article content and graphics supplied to the publisher. ubmissions should be sent to, in electronic format either in the body of an e-mail or as an attached Microsoft Word Document (.doc), with no embedded graphics. We do not accept handwritten, faxed or mailed articles.

Upon notification of acceptance, please send this signed document to Our BerkshireGreen, Inc. by mail or fax. I have read, understand and accept the above terms and conditions, and give Our BerkshireGreen, Inc. permission to print the article and or/illustrations that I have submitted.

Signature: ___________________________________________________

Date of Acceptance: ___________________

Advertising Options in Our BerkshireGreen Submission deadlines - Spring: Jan. 25, Summer: April 25, Fall: July 25, Winter: Oct. 25


e offer display advertising space, classified ad listings, and exclusive sponsorship opportunities. All advertisements will be filed by category within our resource guide, and can be viewed by our readers on Our for no added charge. Our quarterly publication dates in 2010 are the first day of the month of March, June, September and December. Please contact one of our sales representatives for an ad insertion form, and ask about our designing services and fees. See our rate card at right for ad sizes and prices. Resource Guide category choices can be found on page one. All advertisement submissions should be sent electronically by e-mail to: Please also mail us a hardcopy version of your ad.

Acceptable format

for display ad submissions: All camera ready display ads and graphic materials submitted (photos, logos, etc.) must meet our specifications or shall be modified, including font substitutions where necessary, at the publisher’s discretion. Please make sure that your ad is the correct dimensions, 300 dpi or higher. No web graphics accepted. Acceptable formats for display ads and supporting graphics are: Adobe Acrobat (high resolution PDF file with all fonts & graphics properly embedded), Adobe Photoshop (TIFF or EPS files), Adobe Illustrator (EPS files), or Adobe InDesign. It is important to note that we require that PDF files must match the size of your ad (in other words, there should be no white space beyond the border of your ad). All fonts and supporting files must be included. Grayscale files for black & white ads, and cmyk files for color (uncoated paper).

Display Ad Guidelines:

We offer display advertising to businesses that sell at least one green/holistic product or service. Your advertisement must clearly reflect this. If you do not actually have a green product or service to sell to consumers, but your business is environmentally conscious and you wish to support green, healthy, and holistic living, please consider our sponsorship opportunities. All ads will be placed under the appropriate category of your choice within our Resource Guide, and in our online magazine for no added charge. Choose the category heading that you feel best suits your product or service (page one). If you do not see an appropriate category, we will be happy to discuss the possibility of creating a new one. Special Note: Coupon ads are only available to resource guide and sponsor advertisers.

Classified Ad Guidelines:

A Classified Ad listing is a text only ad that appears in the Classified Ad section of our Resource Guide, and can also be viewed by our readers in our online magazine for no added charge. The price is $1.00 per word for the first 25 words (minimum $25.00) plus .25 cents for each additional word. Add a box for $10. There is a 125 word maximum. The first few words are set in bold type for no extra charge and placed under a classification heading of our choice. Submissions must be typed and sent by e-mail or mail.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Green living and holistic awareness is growing rapidly. If your business is environmentally conscious and you wish to support green, healthy, and holistic living in our community, we are offering the following exclusive sponsorship opportunities:

• Magazine Sponsor w/website link - 1/8 page full color ad space (3.5” x 2”) placed on the inside back cover and includes a link to your company’s website on the home page of our website.

• Article Sponsor - 1/12 page full color ad space (3.5” x 1”) placed at the end of article of choice (with author’s permission).

• Nonprofit Department Sponsor - 1/12 page full color ad space (3.5” x 1”) placed at the end of our nonprofit department featured article. • Event Sponsor - please inquire • e-Newsletter Sponsor - please inquire

Friends Ad Guidelines:

Individuals and businesses that do not sell holistic/green products or services can support green, healthy, and holistic living in our community and this publication, by purchasing Friends of Our BerkshireGreen advertising space. Size, specifications, and pricing for this type of ad space is the same as our resource guide advertisement space. Friends ads are grouped together in their own category near the back of our publication. Consider placing an ad “In Memory of ”, “Dedicated to”, or other message of choice.

Advertising conditions: Publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising for any reason. Liability is limited to the cost of the ad space in which it first appeared for printed errors of the publisher’s responsibility, or if the publisher fails to print a paid ad for any reason. Advertisers are liable for any claims made against the publisher/Our BerkshireGreen, Inc. as a result of ad content supplied to the publisher. Publisher will not be responsible for the printing quality of any artwork or ad provided by the advertiser that is of poor quality, or that is not in compliance with our submission specifications, or for the printing of digital files submitted without hard copy proof. 5


Our BerkshireGreen, Inc.

P.O. Box 133, Housatonic, MA 01236 Phone: 413-274-1122, Fax: 413-541-8000 E-mail:

2010 Rate Card Payment for ad space for each issue must be received on or before the first day of the month prior to publication: Ad Submission Deadlines: Publication Date:

Jan. 25, 2010 March 1, 2010

April 25, 2010 June 1, 2009

July 25, 2010 Sept. 1, 2010

Oct. 25, 2010 Dec. 1, 2010

Plan A: Best value! Pay now in full for every ad space ordered and save EVERY issue! Discount rate chart below. 1x single

2x save 5%

Interior Pages (B & W)


● Twelfth Page: ● Eighth Page: ● Quarter Page: ● Half Page (horizontal): ● Half Page (vertical): ● Full Page:

3.5” x 1” 3.5” x 2” 3.5” x 4.5” 7.25” x 4.5”

$ 75 $ 205 $ 325 $ 560

$ $ $ $

3.5” x 9.25” 7.25” x 9.25”

$ 560 $ 930

$ 532 $ 884

1.75” x 1.75” 3.5” x 1”

$ 75 $ 135

$ 71 $ 128

$ 295

$ 280 $ 418 $ 670 $ 670 $1021

Interior Pages (4-color) ● No-clip Coupon (free graphics!) ● ● ● ● ● ●

Twelfth Page: Eighth Page: Quarter Page: Half Page (horizontal): Half Page (vertical): Full Page:

3.5” x 2” 3.5” x 4.5” 7.25” x 4.5” 3.5” x 9.25” 7.25” x 9.25”

....issue price

$ 440 $ 705 $ 705 $1075

each issue!

71 195 308 532

3x save 10% each issue!

Best value!

4x save 15% each issue!

$ 68 $ 185 $ 293

$ 64 $ 174 $ 276

$ 504 $ 504 $ 837

$ 476 $ 476 $ 790

$ 68 $ 122 $ 266 $ 396 $ 635 $ 635 $ 968

$ 64

$ 743 $ 743

$ 701 $ 701 $1186 $1186

$ $ $ $ $ $

115 250 374 600 600 914

Premium Pages (4-color) (full page includes 1/8” bleed)

● ● ● ●

Half - Inside Front Cover (h): Half - Page 1 or 2 (v): Full - Inside Front Cover: Full - Page 1 or 2:

● Full - Back Cover:

7.25” 7.25” 8.625” 8.625” 8.625”

x x x x x

4.625” 4.625” 11.125” 11.125” 11.125”

Sponsor Ads (4-color) 3.5” x 2.125” ● Eighth Pg Magazine Sponsor: 3.5” x 4.5” ● Quarter Pg Magazine Sponsor: ● Half Pg Magazine Sponsor (h): 7.25” x 4.5” 3.5” x 9.25” ● Half Pg Magazine Sponsor (v): 3.5” x 1” ● Article Sponsor: 3.5” x 1” ● Nonprofit Sponsor: Please inquire ● Event Sponsor: Please inquire ● e-Newsletter Sponsor:

$ 825 $ 825 $1395 $1395 $1395

$ 784 $ 784 $1325 $1325 $1325

$1256 $1256 $1256

$ 500 $1000 $1800 $1800 $ 295 $ 395

$ 475 $ 950 $1710 $1710 $ 280 $ 375

$ 450 $ 900 $1620 $1620 $ 265 $ 356

$1186 $ 425 $ 850 $1530 $1530 $ 250 $ 336

Plan B: Special savings if you sign a contract for ad space for 2 or more issues and pay as you go with a pre-authorized credit card that will be billed automatically at each issue deadline. Buy 2 ads (single issue price above) and get 5% off of the second ad, buy 3 ads and get 15% off of the third ad, buy 4 ads and get 25% off of the 4th ad!



Advertisement Size Chart

Full Page Ad - 7.25” x 9.25”

Half Page Vertical Ad 3.5” x 9.25” Quarter Page Ad 3.5” x 4.5”

Coupon Ad 1.75” x 1.75”

Eighth Page Ad 3.5” x 2”

Half Page Horizontal Ad 7.25” x 4.5”

Twelfth Page Ad 3.5” x 1”


Our BerkshireGreen 2010 Media Kit  

Media kit for Our BerkshireGreen Magazine & Resource Guide.