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Stephanie Anderson, Artist A 1999 graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design illustration program, Stephanie has currently completed illustrations for three children’s books – Weaving the Rainbow, Sleepy Boy, and You and Me and Home Sweet Home, all published by Simon & Schuster Publishing. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. stephineanderson@ aol.com, www.stephanieandersonart.com

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February | March 2014


art, culture & entertainment

february -march event sampler

see more events or post your event for free at www.OurBerkshireCalendar.com MORNINGS @ MATRUSHKA PUPPET PLAY Date: Sat. Feb 1, 2014, 10:30am Place: Matrushka Toys and Gifts 309 Main Street, Great Barrington MA - (413) 528-4015 Price: Free Delightful puppet play for pre-K and toddler-age children presented by an experienced Waldorf early childhood teacher. www.gbrss.org

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Closed February & March Reopening April 1, 2014 presenting


Please join us for our Artist’s Reception on April 5, 2014 – 3 to 6pm Route 102 (Next to the Fire Station) South Lee, MA ● (413) 717-5199 Open Fri thru Mon 11am - 5:30pm 4

www.saintfrancisgallery.com www.facebook.com/stfrancisgallery

February | March 2014


RHYME TIME Date: Tues, Feb 4, 2014, 10:30am Place: Matrushka Toys & Gifts 309 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA - (413) 528-6911 Price: Free. Rhyme Time, a weekly dropin song and story circle for young children with a parent or caregiver. This event takes place every Tuesday, 10:30am, at Matrushka Toys and Gifts, 309 Main Street, Great Barrington. www. gbrss.org REV TOR'S DEAD OF WINTER JAM CELEBRATING THE MUSIC OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD Date: Thurs, Feb 13, 2014, 8pm. Place: The Garage at The Colonial, 111 South Street, Pittsfield MA - (413) 443-8084 Price: $10, $12 Since its conception in the mid-90s, The Rev Tor Band, led by singer and lead guitarist Tor Krautter, has become one of the most compelling and exciting acts on the blues and jam-band circuit. This show will be a midwinter celebration of the music of The Grateful Dead featuring a multitude of guest artists. Pulling inspiration from a variety of influences, Tor and his band have shared

the stage with members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Allman Brothers, and The New Riders of the Purple Sage. www.berkshiretheatregroup.org HOFFMANN BIRD CLUB MEETING/PRESENTATION "MEMORIES OF ALASKA" Date: Mon, Mar 3, 2014, 7pm Place: Berkshire Life Insurance Company, 700 South Street, Pittsfield MA - (413) 884-4961 Price: Free. HBC members share their trips to Alaska. www.hoffmannbirdclub.org LONI LOVE Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014, 8pm Place: The Colonial Theatre 111 South Street, Pittsfield, MA (413) 443-8084 Price: $35, $25 Loni Love is one of the most hilarious and lovable comics performing stand-up on the comedy club and college circuits today. Currently, Love is a regular panelist on E!’s hit show Chelsea Lately. www.berkshiretheatregroup.org REVOLUTION, PRESENTED BY PROJECT NATIVE Date: Sat, Mar 29, 2014, 7:00pm Place: Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, 14 Castle Street, Great Barrington, MA - 413-274-3433 Price: Free. We will be kicking off our 4th environmental film festival with a special screening of Revolution, an award-winning film by Rob Stewart, director of Sharkwater. Prepare to be inspired! Continuing his adventurous journey around the world, filmmaker Rob Stewart brings us Revolution, a full length feature film that is inspiring humans to change the world and save our planet. www.projectnative.org

wedding & romance special feature

ask the experts



he following is a compilation of various questions Diane and Jerrid Burdick of BerkshireBride.com have been asked throughout the years. BerkshireBride.com is a locally owned, fullservice wedding firm designed to “teach” brides how to get married in the Berkshires while supporting the local wedding professionals located in Berkshire County. BerkshireBride.com is more than a website; it’s an experience. If you have questions of your own, please email diane@berkshirebride.com.

Q: How many “tries” should I give a business I’ve been calling to book with before I call someone else?

A: Depending on the particular circumstances, if the initial phone call has not been called back within four days, you should try calling the business again and leave another message. If after three days you still haven’t heard, we recommend that you move on. Q: The jeweler for our wedding rings was absolutely amazing! How do we express our thanks to them?

Q: I just got engaged! Where do I start? Based on our own experience, we really appreciate it when A: Congratulations on your engagement! There are four major A: couples send a thank you letter, card, and pictures. The best way

components to planning your wedding that you will need to decide on very shortly after setting the date: ceremony location/officiant, reception facility (if not in same place as the ceremony), a deejay, and a photographer. These four major planning details are to be done first so that you secure the most important facets of your wedding. The professionals you choose are going to be working for just you on your wedding day. Where a florist can handle 11 to 12 weddings in a week, a photographer will only book themselves for you for that day. The same applies for your deejay. Making these four decisions first will really clear your head and help you to utilize your energy for other fun stuff like color palettes, invitations, food tasting, and so forth.

to say thank you is tell other people! If you write a stellar letter to the vendor highlighting specifics that you liked about them, those vendors will be able to put it out for other potential clients to see.


My fiance and I already have a child together. Can I still wear white?

A: Wedding dresses today mean so much more than the classic “purity.” They now represent hope and new beginnings. You can wear whatever color you want. If white is what suits you best . . . Go for it!

Q: What is the tipping etiquette for a wedding? Do we tip all the vendors whom we’ve received a service from?

A: You are not required to tip anyone on your wedding day! Our rule of thumb is to only tip when you have received exceptional service. Vendors that could be tipped are: catering managers (they work for hourly wages), deejays (only if they work for someone else), cake makers (if they have exceeded your expectations), and finally the limo drivers. Basically, you have hired these people to do their jobs. You shouldn’t have to feel as though you owe them extra when you have already paid them a substantial amount. Q: My fiance and I hate cake. Do we have to have it at our wedding?

A: You are not alone! We have had a lot of couples proclaim their dislike of cake. Couples are starting to think outside of the cake mold and are trying different things they actually like. For instance, one couple likes apple pie. Since their wedding was in October, they had pies for every table each on its own pedestal. It served as a centerpiece and a dessert that everyone could serve themselves. Another idea is cheesecake or individual cupcakes at each table. We’ve even seen weddings have cannolis and Italian cookies because the bride’s grandmother was Italian and their wedding theme was “A Taste of Italy.” Be creative! You are not bound by any wedding laws to have certain rituals or “traditions.”

Now available exclusively at

37 Years • Your Personal Jeweler

Allendale Shopping Center



February | March 2014


wedding & romance special feature

Featured Bride ~ CatherineBurt Cantin F

rom a young age, Tanglewood became one of my favorite places. Lucky for me, my parents have always had a taste for the simple yet beautiful things in life - music, exploration, and nature to name a few. Tanglewood was a place where all three beautifully intertwined, providing a magical and safe sanctuary. It was often that our family would pack a picnic and blanket, and hang out on the grass for a daytime rehearsal or an evening concert under the stars. My brothers LJ LoMurry & David Charles Sullivan, and I ran barefoot through the maze Fluid Frame Photography and climbed in the trees. Who would have thought that just 20-some years later, it would be in that very same maze where I would be swept off my feet through a romantic marriage proposal?

hop vines from my parents’ backyard in Pittsfield. Mark’s mom made every single candle that lit up the barn at Gedney Farm in New Marlborough for the reception that followed our wedding ceremony. Our support crew worked endlessly to create our dream day that would lead us into our future. Apparently, it does take a village. Lesson number three: The journey is the reward. The planning was an exploration back to our home state of Massachusetts as we worked together with a team of local vendors we are so grateful to have collaborated with. Wildflowers in Great Barrington created elegant bouquets of local herbs and flowers.

Lesson number one: It is a very cool thing when your best friend is also the love of your life. Let me back up. I met Mark (my now husband) while completing an internship in Los Angeles during our senior year at Emerson College. It took a cross-country trip to bring Mark, also a Massachusetts native, and myself together. It was early on that our families also fell for each other, and my mom and dad invited his family to spend our traditional Fourth of July celebration with us at Tanglewood. It was nine years and many plane rides later and yet another wonderful Fourth of July spent listening to James Taylor, when Mark got down on one knee with a ukulele and ring in hand, and popped the question through a love song that he wrote for me. It was mushy, sentimental, and all things that sappy movies are made of. Next up? Enjoying being engaged. Oh, and some planning. Since deciding on a traditional wedding versus eloping, we wanted a place that held sacred meaning for the two of us. That was Tanglewood. We then found out that Mark coincidentally grew up in Westford, Massachusetts, with the current event manager at Tanglewood (thank you, Sean). It was meant to be and the date was set. Lesson number two: If help is offered, take it. Embrace the talents of the people around you. Our wedding was a labor of love. Our buddy Mike hand-addressed every single invitation and place card. My two pals from LA, George Clinton and Christian Classen, helped me to modernize my mom’s wedding dress that I wore, while Mark wrote the music that we walked down the aisle to. We kicked off our celebratory weekend with a welcome party consisting of locally brewed beer from Green Lion Brewing Company (owned by my brother and his buddy). Guests snacked on fresh oysters that Mark’s dad brought from the Brewster Bay on Cape Cod where Mark spent his summers as a child. My parents made batches of wine and cheese for guests to enjoy. A friend designed canvas gift bags that displayed a hand-drawn map of The Berkshires, filled with some of our favorite things like Cape Cod Potato Chips, Berkshire Mount Spring Water, and a copy of Our BerkshireTimes magazine. Our dear family friend Jo Ann Atma Levitt so graciously married the two of us under handwritten wishes that our guests tied to an arbor covered in 6

February | March 2014


Ben Schaefer, Avenna Studios

The ladies had a blast getting ready together at The Old Inn On The Green with hair stylist Lari Manz and makeup artist Maria Pizzuro Cleary. The Lucky Five Jazz Band got the dance floor moving early on, and our friend and Massachusetts native, DJ Special Blend, spun music late into the night. From what I can remember, it was perfect. So, on that beautiful, crisp day in September, surrounded by the love, humor, and encouragement of 150 friends and family members from near and far (okay, that small wedding idea did not happen), the clouds parted and as the sun came out we said two words that meant everything, “I do.” I am grateful for all that my parents have given me, but learning how to love and be loved are most valued, along with the gift of Tanglewood and the ability to share in the spirit of The Berkshires.

~ Massachusetts native Catherine (Cat) Burt was born and raised in Pittsfield, MA. From a very young age, she was inspired by nature, art, staying active, and cooking with her dad. Her passion led her to to Boston, MA, to study journalism at Emerson College and finally back to the Berkshires to be wed.

wedding & romance special feature


Weddings at

Darrow School


o you have a flair for romantic ideas, sweet gestures, and spontaneity? The following are some simple romantic ideas that we hope will inspire you!  Surprise your partner with a romantic “getaway” weekend right here in the Berkshires. Many of the bed-and-breakfasts and inns in the area offer fabulous special deals and packages in February and March that include breakfast, dinner, and afternoon tea. Choose a destination with a little extra luxury such as a whirlpool tub and fireplace. Pack a light overnight bag and keep it simple so you can both completely relax and enjoy your time together.

Darrow School 110 Darrow Road New Lebanon, NY 12125 www.darrowschool.org 518-322-3657

Choose a setting of unparalleled beauty at historic Mount Lebanon Shaker Village.

 Write an old fashioned love note (on real paper) and include an invitation to dinner (somewhere with delicious food and romantic atmosphere like Chez Nous Bistro in Lee, MA). Keep your note short and sweet so you don’t put off doing it, and dab a little of your perfume or cologne on the paper right before you pop it into the mail.  Take a workshop or class together that you would both enjoy such as dancing, cooking, yoga, exercise, or photography. Make it a ritual to stop for tea or coffee before or after to extend your special time together.

Photo by Jane Feldman ’74

sweet romance

Queensboro Wine k Spirits Purveyors of fine, rare and hard to find wines and spirits from around the world.

(413) 232-8522

26 Main Street West Stockbridge, MA 01266


 Play hooky for the day (or half day) from work and go on an “adventure day” together at a nearby town. Have breakfast or lunch at a place you have never tried before, window-shop in stores that you have not shopped in before, and finish off the day with a special treat (maybe an ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s in Pittsfield, MA).

Artisianal Fine Wines, Craft Beers, Wide Selection of Liquor, Locally Made Cheeses Free Wine & Beer Tastings Every Saturday

ALL OCCASION CAKES Catering for Weddings, Office Parties & Special Events

 Have an indoor picnic in front of the fireplace or on your bed. Pick your favorite takeout so you do not need to do dishes, and plan to watch a romantic movie after dinner. Or, enjoy a special free wine and beer tasting together on Saturdays at Quensboro Wine & Spirits in West Stockbridge, MA.

413-443-5400 179 South Street Pittsfield, MA www.benjerry.com/pittsfield

 Do something thoughtful for your partner that you do not usually do. Even something small like making a cup of coffee will seem special if it is an unexpected kindness.  Reach out and touch each other. As obvious as that sounds, we often get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget how important, healing, and romantic touching your loved one can be. Start your day off with a caress and a kiss goodbye, and get reacquainted after work with an inviting warm hug or backrub at the end of the day.  If you or someone you know is looking for love but have not yet found it, consider using a reliable introduction service like Concerned Singles (see ad at right). You may very well meet the love of your life or at the very least a wonderful new friend! www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

February | March 2014


home, garden & landscape

exciting home & garden events! GET A JUMP-START ON SPRING AND SUMMER

building, and remodeling exhibits featuring thousands of ideas for the home and yard. Because this is the show that is produced locally by the Home Builders, you can have confidence knowing that this show represents many of our members and the people we do business with every day.

FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 2, 2014 OUTDOOR LIVING EXPO 50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA www.outdoorlivingexpos.com hat is Outdoor Living? It no longer means just a few folding chairs, a picnic table, and a charcoal grill. It means bringing all the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors. Homeowners are building stone patios with outdoor kitchens complete with large, permanently installed grills, refrigerators, work areas, and even pizza ovens! They’re also installing luxurious outdoor fireplaces or firepits to extend the season, and adding beautiful outdoor lighting to extend each evening. We are bringing in the best contractors and products in the region so our attendees can get fresh ideas for creating their dream outdoor living room and get that first breath of the season.


FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 2, 2014 CONNECTICUT HOME & REMODELING SHOW Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford www.cthomeshow.com s Connecticut’s largest and longest running Home and Remodeling Show, the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Hartford offers residents of Connecticut and western Massachusetts a one-stop shopping experience in home products and services. You will be able to find a wide variety of home improvement,

MARCH 12 -16, 2014 BOSTON FLOWER & GARDEN SHOW Seaport World Trade Center www.bostonflowershow.com he Boston Flower & Garden Show will return with the theme “Romance in the Garden.” Whether it’s in the fairytale elegance of a royal rose garden or the sleek and sexy site of a modern meet up, romance will blossom in this year’s landscapes and floral designs. Set to the backdrop of spectacular garden displays by cutting-edge landscape professionals and area nurseries, the 2014 show will feature hours of lectures and demonstrations by top garden writers, industry experts, and creative local chefs, a diverse and lively marketplace featuring thousands of plants and hundreds of the newest gardening products.




February | March 2014

home building, remodeling, financing, decorating, gardening, landscaping, and so much more. The largest Home and Garden show in New England for 60 years! Everything for the home and garden. Two buildings and an outdoor area. Over 600 booths. This year’s show will be held at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds in West Springfield, MA. For more information on the show, to exhibit in the show, or for sponsorship opportunities contact Tina Smith at (413) 733-3126 or tsmith@hbrawm.com.

MARCH 27-30, 2014 West Springfield, MA www.westernmasshomeshow.com isit hundreds of local and national vendors covering everything from



JULY 12 -13, 2014 PITTSFIELD GARDEN TOUR Pittsfield, MA www.pittsfieldgardentour.org njoy a fine selection of Pittsfield’s most beautiful gardens with an easily navigated self-guided tour. First obtain a ticket (passport), either before the tour or on the days of the tour (see website). Each garden is numbered and the ticket will contain a map showing you where each of the gardens is located. Upon arrival you will be greeted at the entrance by a volunteer who will stamp your passport with a rubber stamp unique to that garden. You need not attend the gardens in any particular order and you may attend each garden as many times as you wish during the two days of the tour. Usually the gardeners themselves will be on hand to answer any questions. Have fun and enjoy this lovely garden tour! The Garden Tour’s mission is to recognize and celebrate the beauty of Pittsfield by organizing garden tours of selected private gardens and public spaces; the monies raised are to be used for projects to enhance Pittsfield. (413) 443-1832, info@pittsfieldgardentour.com


home, garden & landscape

Celebrate Our Forty-first Year!

Wonderful Things

Largest Selection of Yarns and Unique Handcrafted Gifts in the Berkshires Gift Certificates Free Knitting Lessons Open Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5, Sun. 12-4

Harry and Debbie Sano 232 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230



Hartsville Design Woodworking (413) 274-1010 Kevin@HartsvilleDesign.com Kitchens • Baths • Offices • Entertainment Centers • Staircases • Furniture • Big & Small Jobs


y call


ned rated Ope And


Over 20 Years Experience In

Disaster Restoration


TECHNICIANS WITH OVER 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST Emergency Water Damage Remediation House Wide & Post Construction Cleaning ● Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Floor Maintenance ● Animal Debris & Odor Clean Up ● Sewer & Septic Clean Up Fire, Soot & Smoke Remediation ● Mold & Odor Remediation

ServiceMASTER of the Berkshires, ServiceMASTER of Columbia County, NY 3 Westview Road, Pittsfield, MA


We don't brag about Fuel Savings having the best windows, up to 50% our customers do it for us!" obtained by customers! “Very satisfied with replacement window installation." “Windows have proved to keep the house cooler." "Noticed extreme difference right away." "I used less than a half tank of oil!" "Gone are the rattles and the drafts." "Tremendous savings on fuel bills." The Empire State Building just got SERIOUS

413-445-5678 800-707-1441 • Licenced • Bonded • Insured

Morrison’s window glass technology

- energy efficiency higher than the rest!




The Empire State Building has gone GREEN because of a window energy retrofit technique to remove, weatherproof and replace all 6,514 windows to help the famous landmark reach its goal of reducing energy consumption by 38%. Exclusively sold at Morrison's.


674 North Street • Pittsfield, MA 01201

Licensed-CSL #051408 Registered-HIC #131832

www.morrisonshomeimprovement.com www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

February | March 2014


food & drink

for terrified cooks



ost cooking aficionados gravitate towards the complicated and exotic and yet, the popularity of the cooking channel notwithstanding, most people don’t know how to cook! But there are new brides and grooms, and those who will newly graduate in a few months and set up their own kitchen, who would love to be able to make a meal from scratch but find that most beginner cookbooks are boring and often depend on prepackaged ingredients. So I was delighted when I ran across a basic cookbook which was neither. For a start, I love the tone Jessica Seinfeld (yes, that Seinfeld) takes, assuring the new cook that “you can get creative here without fear,” or “Okay beginners, do this one and definitely do not be alarmed! ” One of the introductory chapters shows with clear pictures some basic techniques any cook will need, from zesting lemon to chopping onions, and when the recipe calls for the procedure she refers back to it. She also puts all this cooking mystique in perspective: After all, if her seven-yearold can make Shepherd’s French Toast, how intimidating can it possibly be? On

top of that, for recipes that need an extra page, there is a fold-out page so all the instructions can be seen in one glance. Most important of all: they are good recipes! Think about it: Banana-Date Bran Muffins (with no added sugar), Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (in four different ways, including yogurt and cumin), Hoisin Halibut (serious taste but seriously easy), and Slow-Cooker Lasagna (with no precooking noodles). I am especially in love with her vegetable and starch recipes since they tend to be the ingredient which intimidate most beginners. Roasted Asparagus with Lemon (lemon freshly zested), Oven Fries (parsnip, russet potato, and carrot fries), Minty Sugar Snaps, Summer Tomato Bruschetta, a Mexican Corn (with parmesan, cayenne, and lime), and Toasted Pine Nut and Cranberry Quinoa (no, this is not a difficult grain). There is nothing as soul satisfying as a home-cooked meal and it does not have to be complicated to be special. So go on, put on that apron, whip up something yummy. I promise you with this delightful cookbook you can. ~ Miriam Jacobs writes

about food at www.sandwichdiva.com.


Cross CrossCountry CountrySkiing Skiingand and Snowshoeing Snowshoeingwith withAmenities Amenities

lemon ricotta pancakes

Copyright © 2013 by Jessica Seinfeld from THE CAN’T COOK BOOK published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

the ingredients (makes 16 three-inch pancakes): ½ c. all-purpose flour | ½ c. whole wheat flour | 2 T sugar | 2 tsp. baking powder | ½ tsp. kosher salt | 2 large eggs | 1 c. low-fat or whole milk | ½ c. whole milk or part-skim ricotta cheese | ½ tsp. pure vanilla extract | grated zest of ½ lemon (about ½ tsp.) | 2 T unsalted butter (½ T +½ T + ½ T + ½ T) | maple syrup, for serving


tools needed:

medium bowl | measuring cups, spoons | grater/zester | whisk | large skillet |metal spatula

don't panic: ��Warm Warmupupbybythe thefireplace fireplace ��Enjoy Enjoydelicious deliciousmulled mulledcider, cider, hot hotchocolate chocolateand andfresh freshbaked bakedgoods goods ��Taste Tasteany anyone oneofofour ourwines winesforforFREE FREE Professionally groomed trails designed byby Professionally groomed trails designed Olympian John Morton. Olympian John Morton. Hilltop HilltopOrchards, Orchards, home homeofofFurnace FurnaceBrook BrookWinery Winery

Open daily 9am-5pm Open daily 9am-5pm 508 Canaan Rd/Rt 295 • Richmond, MAMA 01254 508 Canaan Rd/Rt 295 • Richmond, 01254 Snow conditions: 800-833-6274 / Hilltoporchards.com Snow conditions: 800-833-6274 / Hilltoporchards.com Check website forfor details of of fullfull moon snowshoe treks! Check website details moon snowshoe treks!


February | March 2014

Measuring, pouring the batter, and flipping the pancakes at the right moment is simple stuff. 1. In a medium bowl, measure and whisk together the flours, sugar, baking powder, and salt (dry ingredients). Add the eggs, milk, ricotta, and vanilla (wet ingredients). Grate the zest directly into the bowl. Whisk everything together (do not overmix). 2. Place your large skillet on the stove and turn the heat to medium. Add ½ T of the butter. Once it’s melted, swirl the skillet so the butter coats the bottom of the pan. Spoon in 2 T of batter for each pancake – space them a few inches apart because they will spread (a large skillet will hold four pancakes per batch). 3. Cook until bubbles on the tops of the pancakes start to pop and the undersides are golden, 1 to 2 minutes. Flip with a metal spatula, cook 30 seconds more, then transfer to a plate. Repeat with the remaining butter and batter (you may have to turn the heat down if the skillet becomes too hot and the pancakes start to scorch). Serve with maple syrup.


food & drink

BTW save room

French chef, American baker, real food

5pm dinner only, seasonal hours

150 Main St., Lee, Mass. 413.243.6397 cheznousbistro.com

Queensboro Wine k Spirits Purveyors of fine, rare and hard to find wines and spirits from around the world.

(413) 232-8522

26 Main Street West Stockbridge, MA 01266 Lenox Commons, 55 Pittsfield Lenox Road Lenox, MA 01240

Tel: 413.637.9777 www.jaeslenox.com


Jae’s since 1990

Artisianal Fine Wines, Craft Beers, Wide Selection of Liquor, Locally Made Cheeses Free Wine & Beer Tastings Every Saturday

Antichi Sapori

The authentic flavors of Pompeian brick oven cooking & grilling savored in an elegant rustic ambiance. Emphasis on local and organic products. Meats are antibiotic & hormone-free.

Beautiful Courtyard Dining

413.499.1192 Trattoria-Rustica.com 26 McKay Street in downtown Pittsfield. Dinner 5 p.m. (closed Tuesday)



February | March 2014


animal talk

non-anesthetic dental cleaning for pets CHALLENGING CONVENTIONAL VETERINARY PRACTICE by kristina dow


hen I took a temporary leave from my college coursework to work full time at a busy veterinary practice, my primary responsibility was radiology, but I also substituted as treat nurse, surgical nurse, and lab technician when needed, and sometimes I assisted in the exam room. But my favorite assignment was to perform dental cleanings under general anesthesia. Removing every single speck of plaque and tartar from every surface, nook, and cranny, and the transformation of a grungy mouth to spotless, was very appealing to my somewhat obsessive side. Non-anesthetic dental cleaning does not always allow the obsessive removal of every single speck of plaque and tartar from every surface, nook, and cranny of our pets’ mouths. Nevertheless, it is a valuable option for safely, responsibly, and humanely avoiding the risks of routine dental cleanings under anesthesia for our healthy pets, and, as well, for safely, responsibly, and humanely improving the quality of life of our pets with advancing dental disease who, for reasons of systemic illness or advanced age, are not good candidates for dental cleaning under anesthesia. In the past, veterinarians could (and often would) remove plaque and tartar from a pet’s teeth without using general anesthesia so long as there was no indication of advancing dental disease nor the need for extractions, and so long as the non-anesthetic procedure could be accomplished without overly stressing the pet. However, new American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation requirements are rapidly regulating non-anesthetic dental procedures out of existence, at least insofar as those procedures being performed on site at veterinary clinics and hospitals. Effective November 2013, the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats mandate general anesthesia with intubation for all dental procedures (including routine dental cleanings), and deem the cleaning of pet’s teeth without general anesthesia and intubation to be an unacceptable practice. Not surprisingly, the AAHA Guidelines are supported by generous grants from a number of entities with vested interests beyond the simple health and well-being of our pets, and whose “generous support” in a variety of areas holds great sway in any number of mandates and accrediting guidelines put forth by AAHA, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and individual state licensing and regulatory agencies. AAHA’s justification for its sweeping mandate on pet dental care is that “Techniques such as necessary immobilization without discomfort, periodontal probing, intraoral radiology, and removal of plaque and tartar above and below the gum line that ensure patient health and safety cannot be achieved without general anesthesia.” While I would certainly agree that intraoral radiology (x-rays) cannot yield acceptable results without the use of general anesthesia, I would vigorously contest the notion that plaque and 12

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tartar removal above and below the gum line cannot be humanely and acceptably accomplished without general anesthesia and intubation, and I would suggest that those who claim otherwise either have a vested interest beyond the simple health and wellbeing of our pets, and/or simply have never witnessed non-anesthetic dental cleaning procedures performed correctly. For my own part, I first witnessed non-anesthetic dental procedures being performed correctly about a decade ago when the holistic veterinary practice I used for my pets (and later worked at) brought in Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Veterinary Dental Service dental technicians several times a year to provide non-anesthetic dental cleaning services. It was amazing to watch. The Houndstooth technicians sat on the floor working quickly and quietly. Cats were gently swaddled in bath towels to both restrain and calm them during the procedure. Dogs were gently persuaded to lie quietly with their heads on the technician’s lap throughout the cleaning. No brute strength was applied. No raised voices were heard. There was no whining, whimpering, yelping, or growling. There was only the occasional insulted lashing of a cat’s tail, or the repeated thumping of a wagging dog’s tail. Nobody was stressed, hurt, or otherwise traumatized, and the results inside the mouth were truly impressive. Since that day, I have continued to work with Houndstooth, both as a pet owner and as a host location for their veterinarian-supervised clinics. What started out as a small pool of Berkshire County Houndstooth devotees has now grown, through little more than word-of-mouth advertising, to become an essential service option for pet owners and referring veterinarians from as far away as Boston, southern Vermont, western New York State, and southern Connecticut, into Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey. It is indeed an honor to be able to bring this essential service option to so many individual pet owners and referring veterinarians. Good dental health is of utmost importance for good overall health. Please visit the www.houndstoothpetdental.com website for more information on their non-anesthetic dental cleaning service, and please visit www.bensdotters. com to join the mailing list for notification of southern Berkshire County Houndstooth dental clinics. ~ Kristina Dow, BensDotter’s Pet, www.bensdotters.com. See Tina’s advertisement at right and on inside back cover. Editor's note: Providing raw bones (preferably organic) on a regular basis will also help clean your pet’s teeth in addition to providing them with a nice oral workout and many additional health benefits. See the April 2009 issue of Our BerkshireGreen magazine (www.OurBerkshireTimes.com) to read an excellent article by Kristina Dow about raw feeding your pet.

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CARING FOR PETS SINCE 1957 Your trusted source for quality foods and supplies.

february is national pet dental health month


o address the significance of oral health care for pets, the AVMA and several veterinary groups are sponsoring National Pet Dental Health Month in February.

Your trusted resource for raw-feeding information and advice.

The AVMA reminds pet owners that preventive dental care is always less expensive than oral catastrophes. Periodontal disease is the most common health problem that veterinarians find in pets, explains Dr. Douglas Aspros, president of the AVMA. Practicing good dental hygiene at home in addition to regular cleanings by your veterinarian is the most efficient and cost-effective way to extend your pet’s life, while keeping them comfortable and pain free.

BENSDOTTER’S PET 413-528-4940

While regular dental checkups are essential to help maintain your pet’s dental health, there are a number of signs that dental disease has already started. If you notice any of the symptoms below, take your pet into your veterinarian as soon as possible:


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• Bad breath - Most pets have breath that is less than fresh, but if it becomes truly repugnant, that’s a sign that periodontal disease has already started. • Frequent pawing or rubbing at the face and/or mouth. • Reluctance to eat hard foods. • Red swollen gums and brownish teeth.


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onderful Things, 232 Stockbridge Road,

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Located neatly within the Garden Gables Inn on Main Street in Lenox, MA, Lenox Petit Spa offers a variety of luxurious, healing facials and massages for woman and men. The Inn’s Director of Aesthetics, Erica Leopold, and her staff of licensed massage therapists can treat you to their signature Naturopathic “Natural Face Lift” Facial, their Naturopathic Men’s “Good Grooming” Facial, or their Environ Mini Corrective Treatments Facial just to name a few from their generous list of services. Special add-ons include Power Peels to soften fine lines and brighten dull complexions; Botanical Skin Brighteners to reduce sun damage and restore the glow of health; ViPrivate Treatment Room tamin K Eye Treatment to diminish dark circles and ease puffiness; “Happy Head” warm aromatherapy scalp treatment (a blissful scalp, neck, and shoulder massage with deep conditioning hair treatment); and “Happy Feet” foot and lower leg therapy that includes a warm herbal compress, along with relaxing, exfoliating, and hydrating massage. Lenox Petite Spa’s relaxing and rejuvenating massage menu ranges from a 25-minute tension-relieving Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage to a more intensive 50- or 80-minute Theraputic Deep Tissue Massage. You can also choose from Hot Stone, Aroma Stone, Sports, and Pre- and PostEvent Massages (perfect for the soon-to-be bride!), Sugar Scrubs and Wraps, and even a Pre- and Post-Natal Massage using Swedish techniques designed to help clients relieve some of the discomfort of childbearing. See ad at left.


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enish | rejoice simple power relaxation tips


r. Edward F. Group from the Global Healing Center, www.globalhealing center.com, recommends taking two minutes (especially before meals) to take nine deep breaths starting from deep in your belly all the way up through your upper lungs. He states that many people who have food allergies often eat in a sympathetic state (part of the autonomic nervous system that is activated during stress which reduces digestive secretions, speeds up the heartbeat, and causes contraction of the blood vessels). During this state there is a much higher chance that your body will treat the food you eat as a toxin, allergen, or threat, and initiate an immune response toward the food. Dr. Group suggests that if you suffer from food allergies (or stress in general) you can start performing the deep breathing exercises before meals and you should start noticing better digestion and fewer allergic reactions within months, creating a healthier and more beautiful you!


e have all heard that laughter is the best medicine, but maybe if you know why you will make a point of doing it more often. Mike Adams, better known as the Health Ranger, www.naturalnews.com, says your body manufactures chemicals based on certain needs and then distributes them throughout your body. When you laugh, you generate a wealth of healing and immuneboosting biochemicals. It also increases circulation, exercises abdominal muscles, and increases oxygenation of your body! www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

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Join us for c c School Tourc Days... x



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Tours at 9:00 & 10:00am M Wednesday, January 22 M Tuesday, February 4 M Tuesday, March 4 M Thursday, March 20


We are located at 21 Patterson Road in Lenox Dale, MA. To register, visit www.BerkshireMontessori.org or call (413) 637-3662. February | March 2014 www.OurBerkshireTimes.com

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the hollyhock dream

original story book by trice atchison, beth oakley, and jo valens


arly childhood teachers from the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School (GBRSS) have created an original story book, The Hollyhock Dream, about a girl and her little brother who venture through the forest in search of the flower that their mother dreams will make her well. The fairy tale debuted as a puppet play at the school’s Holiday Handcraft Fair in November 2013, and teachers will perform it again for the community at the Mason Library in Great Barrington on Saturday, March 15, 2014, at 11:15am. The Hollyhock Dream was written by teachers Trice Atchison, Beth Oakley, and Jo Valens. “We went to a workshop led by author and storyteller Nancy Mellon last spring and, as part of the evening, wove together a story on the spot,” says parentchild teacher Trice Atchison. “We were so inspired by the process, we decided to collaborate on a new fairy tale for our 2013 Holiday Handcraft Fair’s puppet play.”

Writing a new story allowed the teachers to consider themes such as how there can be more than one right way to a destination – sometimes with the least likely person leading the way; how benevolent help can show up during moments of confusion; and how the natural world is full of wonders, including plants that heal. When they finished the tale, the group decided to publish it as a storybook, with nursery teachers Jo Valens and Beth Oakley together illustrating the book with color pencil drawings. Jo Valens has previously illustrated The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book, The Waldorf Book of Bread, The Waldorf Book of Soups, and Tell Me a Story, a collection of nursery and kindergarten tales from Waldorf teachers around the world, to which she also contributed several stories. Trice Atchison contributed to and co-edited A Warm and Gentle Welcome, a collection of articles about Waldorf early childhood education.

When it came time to adapt the story as a puppet play, kindergarten teachers Somer Serpe and Michelle Kuzia joined the collaboration, making silk marionette puppets to represent the mother and children, along with a grandfather rod puppet of felted wool that can move with expressive gestures. Teachers brought the story’s animal friends to life, too, and created a puppet stage for the characters’ adventures using silk cloths and simple props. Michelle Kuzia composed two songs to accompany the performance and Veronica Horowitz, nursery assistant, joined in as a puppeteer. Feedback has been positive, according to the teachers, with children reenacting parts of the story in their free play and conversation, and parents mentioning that their children are asking for the story to be read again and again. The Early Childhood program at GBRSS is based on the simple yet profound concept that young children learn most effectively continued on page 18


education & workshops

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Menu of Services Public Computers and a computer game station for kids A wonderful, well-rounded collection of books for all ages and interests, plus friendly, respectful library services with a fine "listening ear" to patron suggestions!

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Unique world and traditional crafts for all ages "Ancient History Fairs" for children that include related books and hands-on arts/crafts Live music from local & distant musicians All-genre sessions for writers to gather, read and discuss works. Professionally led history, science, animal, and earth programs for families. Well-respected jugglers and storytellers. and so much more!


Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School

through imitation, imagination, and meaningful activity. Teachers strive to create a nurturing and rhythmical environment in which the young child’s senses, imagination, and awareness of self and others can flourish. This developmentally appropriate and secure beginning provides a strong foundation for later academic and artistic learning in the grades and beyond. Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School’s developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education for students from preschool through early adolescence starts with a warm welcome to learning in parent-child classes for babies and toddlers with a caregiver, two nursery (pre-K) programs for young children and mixed-age kindergartens. Early childhood classrooms are situated in their own building, equipped with natural playthings and surrounded by gardens, fields, and woods. Tuition for nursery and kindergarten programs is based on a sliding scale, and new early childhood openings are available as of January 2014. The Hollyhock Dream storybook, created locally in the spirit of giving to the community, is available at Matrushka Toys & Gifts, 309 Main Street, Great Barrington. Autographed copies of the book are also available through the school at 35 West Plain Road, Great Barrington. For more information, visit www.gbrss.org or call Tracy Fernbacher at (413) 528-4015, ext. 106.

Parent-Baby • Pre-K • Kindergarten 1st-8th Grade • Summer Program Waldor f Education in the Berkshires for over 40 years We educate our students to meet life with courage, impart meaning and purpose to their lives, and respond with creativity and integrity to the needs of the world. Our well-rounded, hands-on education prepares students for their choice of high school and college – and to reach their full potential.

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GBRSS EC teachers and creators of The Hollyhock Dream

community spotlight: pittsfield

pittsfield perspective



t is not often a community has the opportunity to watch and participate in events that will soon register as turning points in its own history. The much-reported Pittsfield progress during the last 20 years has hugely changed the perspective of many people. The legions of investors and community activists have long known the value of Pittsfield’s physical and personal assets. The setbacks sustained by our community since the days when General Electric began exporting jobs to Puerto Rico in 1970 certainly took their physical and emotional toll over the years. Everyone remembers the doldrums that encased downtown after GE left, the neighboring mall arrived, Jim Bouton was unappreciated, and England Brothers closed off a treasured chapter of legacy. The surrounding Berkshire communities all seemed to be able to embellish their identities by focusing on their unique attributes. Pittsfield had lost so much; it was difficult to get all the engines rolling forward together. That was yesterday. Today is different, very different. The years 2014 and 2015 will represent another significant turning point in the history Pittsfield has been writing about itself. Not only is this newly revitalized Downtown Pittsfield here to stay, it is poised to recapture its long-lost moniker “The Heart of the Berkshires.” Who would have believed 20 years ago that Downtown Pittsfield would develop a Dining Destination reputation? With more than 40 restaurants and cafes luring Berkshire residents and visitors back to downtown, it’s easy to see why optimism carries the day. Communities, just like individuals who populate them, revitalize themselves slowly. I’ve asked thousands of customers many questions about Pittsfield over the last twelve years since I opened Wild Sage on North Street. Some have said to me “Pittsfield will never be a Great Barrington,” referring to their successful, unique personality. I responded with “We aren’t trying to be Great Barrington. We’re just becoming ourselves.” In the beginning of any revitalization, there are new restaurants. We need to eat. Then there are artists. We need to create. Then there are adventurers. We need to explore. We all know the names of the multitudinous people who fit into each of these categories for Downtown Pittsfield over the years. We have given them acclaim and celebrated their achievements. When I first opened my store in 2002, all my customers told me Pittsfield had destination stores. What they meant was it was a one stop town. You needed a frame so you made a trip to see Anne Pasko. You were a skier so you visited John Kirby at Ski Fanatics. Then you went home. No browsing of shops back then. Today my customers will typically rattle off four or five shops they are also visiting. That’s perspective. Pittsfield citizens prepared well for this turning point in history by selecting their two most recent enormously qualified and committed mayors. Jimmy Ruberto was easily the most visionary, energetic, and accomplished mayor hired to change Pittsfield history. No column could possibly enumerate the impressive list of accomplishments shepherded by Jimmy and hundreds of hard working citizens to rebuild our city. The most

talented, enthusiastic, and enormously capable Dan Bianchi was well chosen as our newest mayor to succeed Jimmy and champion our hometown community. It’s a sunny day in Pittsfield. Creative energies are producing tangible and tantalizing results every day. New investors visit regularly to make their proposals on how they would like to participate because they know Pittsfield has a new perspective. It is no coincidence that there are currently seven new hotels preparing to open or currently applying for building permits between Pittsfield and Lenox. We are very fortunate that capable people are noticing Pittsfield’s developments and are eager to participate. This is not just a sudden stroke of luck. These investors have done their homework and they had to convince many smart, experienced, and practical people within their own companies that they are making wise financial decisions. Each of them has had to jump through hoops to acquire the funding to create their proposals and they intend to profit from their investments. We too will all profit in many ways as we participate in and enjoy the benefits of this latest 2014-2015 stage of Downtown Pittsfield's revitalization. Pittsfield is rapidly once again becoming the hometown community it used to be. This is not unique and it is not unusual. It is happening all across America. Hometown community life is the breeding ground for all that is good in life. We rebuild to provide fertile grounds for our children and future generations. If you have been involved during the last 20 years in Downtown Pittsfield, you know the pride. If you have planted the seeds of your life and your dreams, you know the satisfaction of becoming yourself. If you are reaping the benefits of your toil, you know others can do likewise. If you have not yet participated in this groundswell, it’s time to join. We each know where our heart is. We know if it isn’t where we want it to be. Every day of our lives we have a new opportunity to begin to put our heart in the right place. Downtown Pittsfield has been moving on this path with a very positive perspective for a long time. History will record that 2014-2105 were the days when Downtown Pittsfield truly reemerged as “The Heart of the Berkshires.” ~ By Jeff Winslow, Wild Sage (vintage store for the colorful collector), 333 North Street, Pittsfield, MA, (413) 447-7000. Learn more about Wild Sage on Facebook.


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health & wellness

heavy metals



hat exactly are heavy metals anyway? The term heavy metals is widely used as a group name for metals and semimetals (metalloids) such as mercury, lead, aluminum, barium, strontium, nickel, and cadmium to name a few, that have been associated with contamination and toxicity. Heavy metals accumulate in the body over time, building up in fat cells, bones, endocrine glands, and hair and are suspected of triggering or contributing to many symptoms and conditions like heart disease, thyroid problems, lowered energy levels and immune function, dementia, neurological conditions, autism, infertility, birth defects, damage to blood composition and vital organs, and more. The good news is that you can avoid and help remove a good portion of many of these unwanted metals from your body over time and minimize their impact on your health and wellbeing. The first step you may wish to take is to find a qualified professional to be properly tested. This is a topic in and of itself and worthy of significant research

before spending your money. Dr. Mark Hyman, a Functional Medicine M.D. located in Lenox, MA, and author of The UltraMind Solution, states that his experience has shown that a blood test will be positive if the heavy metal exposure has been recent, but if the exposure has been over a long period of time the metal will accumulate in tissues and bones. Taking a chelating agent will pull the toxins out of tissue and bone, then a 24-hour urine sample is taken, and the amount of toxins your body excretes will be measured. If heavy metals are found, your doctor may discuss the possibility of chelation thearpy with you (a procedure in which metals are removed from the body little by little with a series of intravenous or suppository administration of certain drugs). Any type of detoxification procedure should be done under the guidance of your doctor, but following are some smart, simple things you can do with your doctor’s approval where needed to reduce the amount of heavy metals in your body.

Allergies? Asthma? Psychiatric Wellness Alternatives At Hawkmeadow Farm

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Wood Smoke? Pet Dander? Tobacco Smoke? Dust? Pollen? Mold?

Living life well.


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Call now if you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home for an indoor air quality analysis!

Lux Guardian Air

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health & wellness

Avoid Heavy Metals When You Can  Do not have mercury amalgam (silver) fillings placed in your

mouth. If you already have them, find a qualified biological dentist through www.iaomt.org and have them safely removed. Be certain that your dentist uses a rubber dam, a sealed alternative air source such as oxygen from a tank (so you cannot breathe any inside air), and a high-volume evacuator, and covers your eyes and face to protect you from mercury dust and vapor. If these steps are not carried out properly you could wind up more toxic than you started. Also realize that braces and other corrective dental gear contain nickel (as can jewelry) that can present significant health hazards.

Naomi Alson

Embracing Change Life Coaching ~Hypnosis~NLP~EFT~

Lic. Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Guiding individuals out of their rut, to a place of joy and ease Control Anxiety~Lose Weight Reduce Stress~Manage Chronic Pain Stop Smoking~Increase Motivation

For general wellbeing … Feel your best!

Karen O. Lindstrom, Ed.S. Integrative Life Coaching 413.854.4520

at Lee Family Practice (413) 243-3223


 Most ocean and farm-raised fish tend to have high levels

of mercury. The larger the fish the higher the toxicity. Consider choosing smaller fish like sardines, and purchasing fish from safer sources such as www.vitalchoice.com.

 If you feel that you must use vaccines, avoid vaccines con-

taining aluminum as well as thimerosal, a mercury-containing vaccine preservative that is still widely used in vaccines including flu shots and those routinely administered to children. Thimerosal contains close to 50 percent ethyl mercury by weight. Don’t take anyone’s word for it – insist on reading the package insert.

 Minimize your exposure to aluminum by not baking or storing

food in aluminum cookware or foil or drinking from aluminum cans. Do not use antiperspirants, toothpastes, or antacids that contain aluminum. Many people do not realize that even “natural crystal” deodorant stones and sprays contain aluminum in the form of potassium aluminum sulfate (also listed as potassium alum). Most baked goods are made with aluminum baking powder (hard to believe, isn’t it!), so stick to home-baked products using aluminum-free baking powder.

Providing Holistic Primary Care, Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture & Medical Massage Ronald Stram, M.D. Founder and Medical Director 530 Main Street, Bennington, VT 05201 802-445-3152


BCBS, Cigna, MVP, Medicaid Accepted for Certain Services

 Read cosmetic and skin care product labels carefully and

purchase chemical and heavy metal free products. Also avoid titanium dioxide compounds and nano particles often included in products even when they are advertised as all natural.

 Install a quality whole-house and under-sink water purification system if you can. Access to truly clean water is one of the very best investments you can make for your health.

Dr. Kim Tripp

 Choose safer medical imaging tests. If your doctor suggests that you need an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) request that the test be performed at a hospital with state-of-the-art equipment that does not require the use of contrast agents made of gadolinium chelates (a highly toxic heavy metal injected into a patient prior to the MRI procedure to enhance the image). Heywood Hospital (www.heywood.org) in Gardner, MA, has the latest most sophisticated machine and was able to do an extremely high quality scan for me this year that would have required contrast elsewhere.

 Learn more about the impact that geo-engineering (better known as Chemtrails) is having on our health and environment right here in the Berkshires as well as around the globe. You can find out more about the heavy metals involved and what you can do about it through www.thrivemovement.com/human-geoengineering-chemtrails-and-haarp. Be sure to sign the petition.

Andrew M. Goldman, DO is pleased to announce that Kim Tripp, DO, PhD has joined the practice. Dr. Tripp was originally a patient of Dr. Goldman’s while she was the Director of the New York Botanical Garden. In 2007, Kim made the inspired decision to change her career and become an osteopathic physician. She graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011. She has now completed her required post-graduate training. Many of Dr. Goldman’s patients have already met Kim while she was training in his office. Those patients know how gifted Kim is and how much she will bring to the practice.

Now Accepting Appointments Great Barrington, ma 413-528-3334 | Sharon, ct 860-364-5990

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health & wellness

heavy metals CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21

Gently & Safely Detoxify Your Body  A highly recommended first step prior to any detoxification procedure, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, is to take one to two months to optimize your gut function, your nutritional status, and enhance your liver’s detoxification pathways. For more details search his blog at www.drhyman.com.  Work up a sweat. Exercise helps your body release toxins. Start your day with a brisk walk in sunlight to boost your immune system and get your blood pumping. An EMF safe infrared sauna can be very helpful to enhance the detoxification process, increase circulation, and help oxygenate your tissues. Be sure to start off very slowly with only a few minutes a day and work your way up to the recommended time.  Organic broken cell wall chlorella is a OurBerkshireTimes.com/Coupons

single-celled micro-alga that is noted for its natural detoxification abilities that can help bind and carry heavy metals out of the body.

 The herb cilantro, also known as coriander, acts as a natural chelating agent. Some experts say that you should have your amalgam (silver) fillings removed before eating this herb because it will remove some mercury from tissues and gums, and cause that mercury to be circulated in the bloodstream. If you wish to detoxify, check with your doctor and start with small amounts. Cilantro is said to mobilize aluminum, mercury, cadmium, and lead in the body, but to avoid re-absorption, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends taking chlorella 30 minutes prior to meals followed by the cilantro at the end of this time.  Take advantage of eating fabulous foods like apples that are rich in a very special form of soluble fiber called pectin, which helps to remove heavy metals from the body. The white pith from lemons also contains pectin that binds up toxic heavy metal particles, and garlic has been shown to have a protective effect against heavy metal poisoning.

mind & spirit

Sheilaa Hite

The Center for Practial Spirituality Sheilaa Hite, CHt, CLC, MSAA, is a natural clairvoyant and medium (with a 95 to 100 percent accuracy rate), tarot master, internationally acclaimed writer, speaker, teacher, and counselor, as well as an ordained minister. She is featured in Paulette Cooper’s book, The 100 Top Psychics in America, and is a favorite guest and consultant on radio and network TV, including NBC’s ground-breaking The Other Side, E! Television, and Entertainment Tonight. Sheilaa’s clients come from all walks of life and include celebrities, show business personalities, sports figures, politicians, homemakers, CEOs, students of all ages, business professionals, and members of the clergy and the military, as well as film studios, production companies, and corporations. Sheilaa says “My greatest motivator is knowing that we are meant to be happy – that our wishes, hopes, and desires 22


are meant to come true. This unique perspective enables me to provide practical solutions to both spiritual and worldly issues. I love my work, I love that I’ve been chosen to do it, and I love that I’m good at it. Helping people to be happy and feel empowered makes me happy. Life is a grand adventure and we are meant to enjoy and grow from the experience. My work is transformational, empowering, healing. My commitment is to assist and guide you to your birthright of joy, abundance, and remembrance of who you are.” You can purchase Sheilaa’s books and meditation CDs pictured at left, on Amazon or through her website at www.SheilaaHite.com. To schedule a consultation, contact Sheilaa at (413) 637-0085.


heilaa Hite Intuitive Counselor

Featured in Paulette Cooper’s directory, ‘THE 100 TOP PSYCHICS in AMERICA’

Tarot • Astrology • Palmistry • Psychometry Mediumship • Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy • Life Coach Consultations in Person, by Phone or Skype Classes, Parties and Events


“SHEILAA’s accuracy rate is 95-100%.” MANAGER



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An education for life.

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Do you want the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of?

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