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MARCH 13 - MARCH 19, 2019

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Aretha Franklin didn’t just sing about respect – she also lived it. “The Queen of Soul once said, ‘We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It's our basic human right,’” said Tori Domineck, one of several Madras Middle School students who read from their “My Legacy” essays at the school’s annual Black History Program Monday. The theme of the program was “Building Drea ms a nd Leaving a Legacy,” and Domineck talked about making the principle of respect part of her everyday life, especially at school. “In a world so divided but still con nected you should never take someone’s respect for granted,” she said. “Showing everyone respect can cause a positive butterfly effect.” Madras students took the lead on the program, from the Eagle Ambassadors who passed out programs and showed visitors to their seats to speakers and musicians who presented portions of the annual assembly. It’s the kind of leadership Eduardo Sanchez said he and his fellow students are expected to demonstrate. “Demonstrating leadership



Actors in Madras’ Black History Program skit, “Legends of Legacy,” include front, from left, Jordan Tandy, Nolan Smith, Karsten Favors, Aareon Walker, Yalena Alford, Arlethia Daniel and Du’Nya Lewis; back, TJ Ware, DeAnna Stewart, Isabel Robinson, Kenedi Nelson, Radaesia Williams and Kristen Searcy.

King: There is ‘one human race’ BY JEFFREY CULLEN-DEAN

his meth habit. In a town the size of Summerville, Buckley said his eventual descent into the Klan in 2015 was “a natural progression.” Along with the rampant availability of drugs like meth and watching a society seemingly more politically polarized than ever, the former soldier said he felt forced to choose a side. "I was a force for good once until I came home and was forgotten about,” Buckley said. "I immersed myself in drugs, self-pity, and shame. A soldier with PTSD and drug Dr. Alveda King visited Newnan to speak about racial unity at an event hosted by Ave Maria Academy held at The Newnan Centre. King is the daughter of Alfred Daniel Williams King, a former pastor of Mt. Vernon First Baptist Church in Newnan. He served from 1959 until the early 1960s, before moving to Birmingham. He died in 1969. When she was a child during the civil rights movement, King’s Birmingham home was bombed. She said after both the bombing and the death of her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she wanted to hate someone – but her family told her to forgive. “I was taught not to blame everything on skin color but not say I’m color blind,” she said. “Because if you are color blind, then you can’t see the injustices done.” King began her talk with a video titled, “We’re Not Color Blind,” which featured still images of herself, her father and her uncle. “We’re not separate races. We’re not defined by our skin color, our eye color, how tall we are or how sharp we are,” King said. “It’s the blood, one blood. We are human, we are human beings.” King is an evangelist and the director for Civil Rights for the Unborn, an anti-abortion organization. “Having a baby doesn’t keep a lady from accomplishing things,” King said. “It’s an incredible power to birth another human being.” From 1979-1983, King served as a representative for the 28th District in the Georgia House of Representatives. She wrote several books and is a singer, having released an album in 2005. “Everything we do should be Godinspired. I was reading in the Bible about God giving the gifts to the carpenters, artists and artisans,” King said. “See, the gifts are going to come to us. What we do with them is on us. So a lot of these folks who are doing


KING • 3


Heval Mohamed Kelli and Chris Buckley share an embrace at a recent speaking event. The two will share the Wadsworth stage on Sunday, March 10, to speak about their experiences in recognizing and overcoming prejudice and finding unity in the midst of division.

‘An American Story’ highlights understanding, overcoming racism BY CLAY NEELY A lmost a yea r a fter Newnan hosted a standoff between neo-Nazis and counter-protestors, representatives from two different cultures will square off again, but under entirely different circumstances. On Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m., Army veteran and former K K K member Ch r is Buckley will share the stage at the Wadsworth Auditorium with Heval Mohamed Kelli – a Kurdish refugee from Syria who arrived in America days after 9/11 and ultimately graduated from the Morehouse

School of Medicine. These two friends will speak about their personal experiences in recognizing and overcoming prejudice and finding unity in the midst of division. Buckley's journey began in Cleveland, Ohio. As a child, he said he was prone to routine beatings from his father, who suffered from substance abuse issues. He eventually joined the military as a high school junior. During his tour of the Middle East, he covered himself with a multitude of tattoos, including one of the most

prominent images on his forearm – the word “Infidel” in Arabic. It was there he developed a long-running distrust and hatred of all things Muslim. After three deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, he returned home following a Humvee accident that left him with a broken back and an addiction to painkillers. When the doctors eventually cut him off, he started buying drugs on the street to help himself cope. His addiction deepened, and soon he was spending hundreds of dollars a week on

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addiction doesn’t make a good combo. “Their recruiting tactics – they’re good at what they do,” he continued. “It’s not just the meth, it’s anything you want. It doesn’t matter – it’s a criminal organization and they’re all about drugs, money and power.” Buckley was even featured in a 2015 Netflix documentary – “KKK: T he Fight for W hite S u p r e m a c y.” I n t h e movie, he’s seen talking about his loyalty to the white race and even showcases his son wearing KKK clothing. “It’s easy to follow through when you’re high,” Buckley said. “I’m not making excuses for what I did, but with the hurt and pain I was dealing with, it was so much easier to respond with that.” Throughout this time, his wife Melissa didn’t like the person her husband had become. The final straw came when she was returning from s hoppi n g at a lo c a l Walmart when she was confronted by three African-American women who took issue with the Confederate flag painted on the family truck. “They said, 'I know who you are and what your husband does,’” Melissa recalled. “I said, “Ma’am, I don’t hate you. This isn’t me, and I can’t help with my husband does. This is the only vehicle we have,’ but it didn’t really matter. I told Chris people are attacking my family to get to him. We didn’t choose this life.”


In her quest to extricate Buckley from the Klan, she Googled “How to help get a family member out of a hate group.” The first result was for a ma n na med A rno Michaelis. A recovered Nazi skinhead-turned-Buddhist, Michaelis has built a national reputation as a “warrior for peace” and runs an informal underground railroad for racists who want out. “I needed someone to reach out and show him the love he wasn’t getting and wasn't loving himself,” Melissa recalled. For several months,

Michaelis and Buckley argued and talked until event ua l ly t he decision was made to leave the Klan. It wasn’t an easy group to walk away from. He was eventually freed from the Klan, but not before a ceremonial “going-away beating” on a secluded dirt road by several members. “I was very aware of the rules and process of leaving the Klan,” Buckley recalled. “I got assaulted and licked my wounds.” Now out of the Klan, Buckley still battled his addiction to meth and ultimately caught a felony possession charge. For him, it was time to get serious about a new life. As part of his rehabilitation, Buckley began working at The Haven – a community outreach program in LaFayette, Ga. The Haven acts as an emergency shelter, helps people learn about assistance with utilities and bills, and provides substance abuse counseling. “There’s nothing we do here that we can’t do on our own,” Buckley said. B o t h B uc k le y a nd Melissa ag ree – T he Haven has been a gift from God, where for the last two years, Buckley has emerged himself in the day-to-day operations “That place saved his life,” Melissa said. "God put it there for a reason. If he’s not at home, he’s there.” After seeing the great progress Buckley was making, Michaelis wanted to take it to the next level and introduce him to another friend – Heval Mohamed Kelli.


Last year, The Washington Post told the story of Buck ley’s journey that eventually led him to meet Kelli – a Muslim refugee who arguably personifies the American Dream. When Kelli was 12, he and his family f led Sy r ia for Ger m a ny before being granted asylum in the United States in 2001. Only 10 days after 9/11, the family arrived in Clarkston, an Atlanta suburb that is home to one of the country’s biggest refugee communities.

Upon a r r iv i ng i n America, Kelli didn’t speak English but forged ahead as a dishwasher at a Mediterranean restaurant before graduating from Clarkston High School, Georgia State University and, eventually, from the Morehouse School of Medicine. Kelli is finishing a cardiology fellowship at Emory University. In the year since The Washington Post feature, Kelli said he and Buckley have remained friends a nd c ont i nue working together to find new ways of eradicating hate and misunderstanding. “You understand why some places a re fertile ground for extremists,” Kelli said. “I’m not a Christian, but Jesus did it like that – going to towns where people didn’t like what he was about, but eventually listened to him and understood. That’s how we all should be.” The two have even explored creating an outreach program to help people suffering from hate, racism and division. Buckley said he’s been immersed in 12-step programs as a recovering addict. “Why can’t someone rewrite it to deal with hate?” Buckley asked. Audrey Spragins, a m em b er of Ne w n a n Presbyterian Church, recently floated the idea of having a panel discussion of faith featuring members from different religions. She reached out to friend and filmmaker Erin Bernhardt, who is nearing completion of a documentary on Kelli’s adopted hometown – Clarkston. When Spragins learned about the story of Kelli and Buckley, things immediately took a different turn. With the events from last year’s rally still fresh for many, Spragins said it seemed like a great fit. “It (the rally) wasn’t the motivating factor, but I can’t say it didn’t have an impact,” she said. “You never know what kind of feedback you’ll get with something like this, but it’s been overwhelmingly positive so far." The March 10 presentation is free and open to the public.


Du’Nya Lewis as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Lewis appeared in a skit and later sang with the Madras Chorus.


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and showing enthusiasm every day, every hour and every minute of the day is key here at Madras,” he said.“I have one goal to accomplish, and that is to stay positive and always put your mind to something you love. I believe it’s my mission to ensure happiness to everyone around me, and treat them with respect and empathy.” Cora Sims said being a foundation for other people to build on is her ambition, and her volunteer work outside of school has taught her the importance of being kind to others. “We rely on the fact that even when all hope is lost, there is always someone there,” she said. “My values of compassion, dependability and loyalty help me to be that foun-

dation for the people that need me. I have seen firsthand how just one simple act of kindness and compassion can rebuild a person’s life from top to bottom.” Student James Paige introduced the program’s keynote speaker, attorney Nathaniel Smith, who encouraged students to consider ways they can help better society. “Your legacy starts now,” Smith told them. Several students performed in a skit called “Legends of Legacy,” with some depicting influential African-Americans in history and in the present day. Karsten Favors appeared as Smith. Other students participating in the skit were Jordan Tandy, Nolan Smith, Karsten Favors, Aareon

Listen In..

Walker, Yalena Alford, Arlethia Daniel, Du’Nya Lewis, TJ Ware, DeAnna Stewart, Isabel Robinson, Kenedi Nelson, Radaesia Williams and Kristen Searcy. OtherMusic was a large part of the program, starting with members of the Madras staff singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Guitarist Collin Dover paid tribute to Chuck Berry by playing Johnny B. Good. Both the Madras Band, under the direction of Christal Wagner, and the Madras Chorus, under the direction of Erin Walton, contributed their talents as well. The Ladies of Distinction Dance Squad – Bailey Atkinson, Addison Eastman and Jamya Rivers – added a visual element to the music.

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The weekend’s main event is the annual Friends of Wadsworth Concert, being moved to an earlier start time of 7 p.m. Returning as concert director is talented soprano, Courtenay Budd, of Newnan. She continues the tradition created by auditorium namesake Charles Wadsworth


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Wadsworth Weekend 2019 Thursday


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this without a full relationship with Jesus Christ are miserable.” King said if a child is asked what they want to be when they grow up, they will give five different answers, but when as they grow older “the


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Next, King said to try to examine the other person’s perspective and understand their side of the argument. “Cover that with a whole lot of prayer,” she said. “Then you come back together and you’ll

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March 16, 7 p.m., Free A benefit concert for Christian City featuring the Southern Crescent Chorale, the Masterworks Chorale, and East Coweta High School’s Chamber Choir will be at Flat Creek Baptist Church, 161 Flat Creek Trail, Fayetteville. Donations are requested for Christian City’s children and family programs.

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and the gifts recede. “They still have the gift but are not using it to glorify the giver of the gifts,” she said. “That has to be taught.” During her talk, King sha red a met hod for

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Benefit Concert for Christian City

history of the 1939 auditorium bearing his name. The screenings will be followed by a moderated panel discussion highlighting personal accounts of Wadsworth’s influence and impact on the arts in Newnan and around the world. Tickets are available at the Friends of Wadsworth ticket outlets. For more information, email or call 770-253-2682, extension 236.


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Carne de res fresca molida lb. paquete de cualquier tamaño Carne de res fresca molida documentary produced by Jonathan paquete cualquier tamaño and Maggiede Hickman relating the

March 14, 7:30 p.m., Free

Newnan’s Friends of Wadsworth Concert is expanding for 2019 into a weekend of events to celebrate the 90th birthday of of world-renowned pianist and chamber music champion, Charles Wadsworth. Thursday night, the Wadsworth Auditorium will host a free public screening of documentaries relating to Charles Wadsworth, including “Chamber Music Man,” produced by South Carolina Public Television, and “The Wonderful Wadsworth,” a



as she again brings a lineup ea of internationally known artists to her hometown for the 2019 festivities. The group of internationally known musicians includes violinist ea Chee-Yun, clarinetist Todd Palmer, cellist Yves Dharamraj and pianist Erika Switzer. Budd, CheeYun and Palmer toured with Wadsworth and have performed at past Newnan concerts. Concert tickets are available at Friends of Wadsworth ticket outlets. For more information, email newnanleisureservices@ or call 770-2532682, extension 236.

than you were before.” King said that people are racist because they believe people have i n herent d i f ferences based on the color of skin. “Skin color is an idol. Skin color is a demon, but

we walk around in it,” King said. “But wrestle with yourself like Jacob wrestling with an angel. Then we just become a human race. Then racism begins to go away.”

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Pathways Center will be opening its new Behavioral Healthcare Crisis Center (BHCC) on Hospital Road this spring. The new facilities will provide 24/7 services to both children and adults. Pathways Center is looking for Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s), Licensed Counselors, and Healthcare Technicians. Full time and part time opportunities are available. Pathways Center provides initial and ongoing training; free supervision for those seeking licensure; a competitive benefits package; and opportunities for professional growth. Pathways Center is a National Health Service Corp (NHSC) Provider, which allows licensed clinicians to apply for federal assistance with educational expenses To apply, please email your resume to Any question can be sent to For more information, please visit Pathways Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

We build your dreams! We are a local, veteran owned & operated company that is licensed & fully insured. We specialize in exterior & interior carpentry needs of all shape & sizes; from trim & cabinetry to decks & fences.



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J. Veitch Construction Custom Homes Additions Garages Remodeling John 3:16

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• home improvement & repairs • finished basements • electrical / plumbing • drywall / trim work • pressure washing • int. - ext. painting • all types of flooring • kitchen / bathroom remodeling • roofing / siding / gutters • windows / doors • decks /screen porch No Job Too Large or Small. Over 33 years experience. For your FREE Estimate call:




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Remodeling your dreams into reality. We specialize in your biggest investment. LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED Full references Senior & Veteran Discounts

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Coweta Landscaping and Design 770-899-1173 *678-633-5267

Facebook page Coweta Landscaping & Design http://www.CowetaLandscapingDesign.Com * Sodding All types of sod * Grass seeding *Soil preparation machine * Top soil * Dirt * Retaining walls Stone and Timber walls * Drainage Soultions All types * French Drains* Bobcat Grading * Land Clearing * Trenching * Hardscaping Patios* Pavers * Flag Stone * Landscaping Tear outs and New Landscaping * Dump Truck service * Gravel Driveways * River Rock Creek beds * New Mulch *Stones* Stone Steps * Landscaping Designs * excavating Services * Laser Transit service * Spring Clean ~ ups *Underbrush removal * Plants and Shrubs All types * Trees

Free Estimates . Locally owned and operated Here only in the Newnan Area . Pictures and References . We offer so much more call us today. Free Estimates. We Warranty our Products and our workmanship .

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Trimming, Chipping, Drop Only, Etc. Licensed & Insured Experienced Excellent References

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