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The Arts [The Arts]

Coweta’s vibrant arts scene offers something for everyone By Elizabeth Richardson

ewcomers to Coweta County will find themselves in a community that values and celebrates the arts with a variety of programs, exhibits and artistic offerings year-round. The Newnan Community Theatre Company has been providing Newnan with live theater for over 30 years. NCTC is the city’s only live theater, according to Managing Director Dave Dorrell. The theater presents an average of 12 productions a year, and of those approximately eight are major productions. The company puts on at least one big musical annually. “Our Christmas show is generally a big, community-friendly event requiring a larger cast and more volunteers,” said Dorrell. Auditions are held about 10 weeks prior to the opening of a show.


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East Coweta student Sophia Santos performs for Charles Wadsworth, who accompanies her at the spring 2010 Master Class at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts.

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[The Arts]

Kelsi Adams practices her song during rehearsals for a past STAR production at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts.

The audition process, according to Dorrell, is “pretty relaxed” and intended to welcome people of all ages – depending on the production. “We try to do shows for all ages,” said Dorrell. NCTC does some productions that dictate all-adult or all-children casts. Actors auditioning for a play are generally asked to prepare oneminute dramatic and comedic

NCTC’s production of Lee Blessing's Down the Road, above, included Sarah Jordan, Trey Stephens and Scott Pollak. At right, George Bailey (Chad Davis) explains to the people of Bedford Falls that their money is not really in the bank in NCTC’s production of It’s a Wonderful Life.


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[The Arts] monologues. They will likely also read from the script. When

Wadsworth Auditorium. “The Wadsworth Auditorium, on

auditioning for a musical, the person

Jefferson Street in historic downtown

will be asked to sing a number.

Newnan, features a 625-seat

Every summer, NCTC offers a Drama Boot Camp for kids. Younger

dance recitals and the like to be held within the walls of the Art Deco building, according to Snider. “The auditorium may be

auditorium, renovated dressing

reserved for civic gatherings,

rooms, and excellent acoustics,” said

concerts, visual performances and

kids are separated

community shows,” said

from the older kids as


they meet Monday

The Newnan

through Saturday.

Cultural Arts

“During the week,

Commission is planning

participants learn all

to offer a series of

aspects of theater and

concerts of different

put on a show on

musical genres to the

Saturday,” said Dorrell.

public in the future. The

Kids get to write

addition is sure to

scripts, practice

anchor the auditorium’s

memorization, work

status as a vital part of

on sets, learn about

the arts scene and a

stage makeup, practice

favorite performance

improvisation, learn

venue for the

choreography and then

Charles Wadsworth

act out short skits at the week’s culmination. Dorrell said the company hopes to offer additional camps during school breaks. For the person who wants to get

community. For more

Newnan Public Information Officer

information or to rent Wadsworth

Gina Snider.

Auditorium, contact the Community

The auditorium is located in the 1939 Newnan Municipal Building

Development Department at 770254-2358, ext. 228.

shared by the Newnan Police

There is no better place to meet

involved with NCTC but doesn’t

Department. It was renamed

other artists or share your own work

want to be on stage, Dorrell says

Wadsworth Auditorium in 1998 to

than the Newnan-Coweta Art

there’s always plenty of work to be

honor Charles Wadsworth, a world-

Association (NCAA).

done backstage with costumes, set

renowned classical pianist who grew

construction and lighting. Interested

up in Newnan.

volunteers don’t have to have

Wadsworth founded the

experience, because the company is

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln

happy to offer training.

Center and has directed Spoleto

“We are always looking for

Festival USA’s chamber music series

volunteers,” said Dorrell. “For people

for more than 30 years. Since 1990,

who enjoy going to the theater, this

Wadsworth has performed annual

is the perfect opportunity to

concerts in Newnan.

volunteer to be an usher or work the

In addition to the city-

concessions area and then come see

sponsored, annual Wadsworth

the show for free.”

Concert, the building is rented an

For more information about the

average of seven or eight times a

The non-profit local group has





Newnan Community Theatre

year by outside groups. Schools and


Company, visit

churches most frequently make use


of the facility, with the busiest rental

Another popular venue for performances in Coweta County is

months being May and June. It’s not uncommon for concerts, E-MAIL:

President Barbara Kelly ~ 770-251-0873

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[The Arts]

Newnan-Coweta Art Association member Eunice Nichols was among the artists participating in this spring’s Courthouse Show in Newnan. been in existence for over 40 years and continues to “encourage and aid artists to produce original works of art of every type and character” and to “furnish the auspices for the display of such works in Coweta County and elsewhere.” The association supports the arts in Coweta schools through annual donations and scholarships to high school students pursuing the arts in college. Membership packages are available. NCAA holds monthly membership meetings throughout the year at the Harriet Alexander Art Center on Hospital Road, and at least two art workshops are


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Newnan High student Katie Turner exhibited her creative sculptures at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts this spring.



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[The Arts] scheduled each year. There is a

Visual Arts.

paintings and sculpture.

weekly “paint in” at the Harriet

Since its opening in 2004, the

Alexander Art Center. Members

48,000-square-foot arts center on

stage is equipped with lighting and

regularly exhibit their work at

Lower Fayetteville Road in Newnan

sound that are controlled from

venues throughout the county,

has provided many opportunities for

booths at the rear of the theater.

including Newnan City Hall and

local students to see and experience

There are also lecture halls at the

Espresso Lane coffee

The theater will seat 999. The


shop in downtown Newnan. The NCAA hosts an annual juried member show featuring paintings, sculptures, carvings, turned wood and other artwork, nearly all of it for sale to the public. The group also maintains a directory of

Student dressing

There is no better place

rooms include restrooms,

to meet other artists or

to hang costumes and

share your own work than the NewnanCoweta Art Association.

showers and ample space clothes, as well as rows of dressing tables with lighted mirrors. There is a “star” dressing room for a visiting performer. The facility also has a “green room” – with

members who offer art

real green walls – where

classes. NCAA

performers can wait for

memberships are available for

their time to go on stage, visit with

students, families and individuals.

the arts, and it has also provided an

friends or be interviewed by

For more information or to join, visit

increased focus on the arts in the



Supporters of the arts know one

For more information on

The front lobby area at the main

upcoming events or renting the

of Coweta’s finest cultural resources

entrance is an art gallery. Several

venue, call 770-254-2787, or visit the

is the Coweta County School

other spaces in the building also

school system’s Web site at

System’s Centre for Performing and

lend themselves to the display of

The works of nationally known Plein Air artist W. Perry Austin are among those which have been exhibited at the Centre in Newnan.

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