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Education [Education]

Coweta schools set to open August 9


Coweta Living 2010-11



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he 2010-11 school year for the Coweta County School System will begin on Monday, Aug. 9. The full calendar for the 180-day school year – and web links to Coweta’s 19 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 4 high schools, and registration information – can be found at The Coweta County School System is led by Superintendent Blake Bass and the seven-person Coweta County Board of Education (Steve Bedrosian, Chairman).

A pre-kindergarten class – looking forward to attending Ruth Hill this year – tours the Butterfly Garden while visiting the school. Coweta Living 2010-11




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[Education] Coweta’s schools typically rank

approximately 500 students a year

wide range of academic and

over the last several years. The

schools in terms of standardized

extracurricular opportunities to

growth of the county throughout the

testing, and several Coweta County

meet the needs and ambitions of

1990s and 2000s led to the

schools have been named State

individual students. In addition to

construction of a large number of

Schools of Excellence and national

Advanced Placement and

new schools and facilities, most

Blue Ribbon schools, among other

specialized academic courses, and a

funded by a sales tax for education.


wide-range of athletic activities,

The latest major school project

Coweta County schools are

funded by the voter-approved sales

average overall SAT score increased

distinguished for outstanding art,

tax was Brooks Elementary School,

to 1516 in 2009, 7 points above the

humanities and career programs.

built in northwest Coweta in 2009,

Coweta County students’

national average of 1509 and 56

In addition to its regular

the construction of ninth-grade

points above the state of Georgia’s

academic program, Coweta County

campus buildings at East Coweta,

average of 1460. It was the second

Schools and the Coweta community

Newnan and Northgate high schools

year in a row that Coweta high

are pioneers in developing charter

in 2007, several school expansions

schools scored above the national

schools in Georgia. In 1999, a

and improvements, and the

average, and increases in student

partnership between the school

construction of the county’s

scores have come at a time of decline

system, West Central Technical

consolidated Central Office and

for state and national SAT averages.

College, and the local business

Student Registration Center at Werz

Similarly, Coweta County’s overall

community created the Central

Drive in Newnan.

averages on the state Criterion

Educational Center (CEC), a career-

Referenced Competency Test (CRCT)

and-technology based charter

scores are consistently above state

school. CEC was named a 2005

averages. In 2009, Coweta students in

National Model High School. CEC is

grades 1 through 8 had higher

the archetype for 25 Career Academy

average passage rates than the state

charter schools being built

in almost all of the 36 grade and

throughout Georgia – by far the

subject areas covered by the exam.

fastest-growing charter school

In 2008, Northgate High School was named a School of Excellence

The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts provides students and

in the top 20 to 25 out of more than

the community with a center of

1,800 public schools statewide.

accomplished artistic programs,

Arbor Springs Elementary School

including performances, local,

was named a 2007 Georgia School of

national and international gallery

Excellence, Arnco-Sargent

exhibits, and master classes with

Elementary School was a 2006

professional artists from outside the

honoree, and Jefferson Parkway

community. The Centre includes a

Elementary School was a 2005

999-seat, state-of-the-art


performance hall, recital and rehearsal space, and several visual

have provided the state of Georgia

arts galleries, and has become the

with three Teachers of the Year—

nucleus of an expanding fine arts

more than any other state school

curriculum in Coweta’s schools as

system—and 13 Coweta County

well as a center of community

teachers have been selected as a

artistic life.

semi-finalist, finalist or winner of

Though growth has slowed in

the Georgia Teacher of the Year

the 24,000-student school system,

since 1986.

Coweta County has still added

Coweta Living 2010-11

For more information about Coweta County’s public school system, visit, or call any of the system’s schools or public offices.

model in the state.

for Georgia’s 8th District, placing it

Coweta County is also proud to


Coweta schools strive to offer a

within the top 10 percent of Georgia

Superintendent and School Board 237 Jackson St., Newnan (770) 254-2801 Curriculum, Personnel and Business Offices 176 Werz Industrial Dr., Newnan (770) 254-2800 New Student Registration 176 Werz Industrial Dr., Newnan (770) 254-5551 School District and Bus Information Coweta County Schools Transportation (770) 254-2820 Centre for Performing and Visual Arts 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan (770) 254-2787



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Coweta Living 2010-11




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[Education] Jim Starr Rd

Happy Va lley



P T alm yr e on tt e oPete Rd Rd


Minix Rd



Shaw Rd

Brim er R d

d dR Hoo

Brim er R d

Tommy Lee Cook Rd



24 12 15 9



7 26 14 25 LaGrange St 3 29

18 20 11



23 19



28 13


21 10

Eas Sch tside ool Rd





1. Arbor Springs Elementary

7. Elm Street Elementary

12. Northside Elementary

4840 N. Hwy. 29, Newnan

46 Elm St., Newnan

720 Country Club Rd., Newnan

(770) 463-5903

(770) 254-2865

(770) 254-2890

2. Arnco-Sargent Elementary

8. Glanton Elementary

13. Poplar Road Elementary

2449 W. Hwy. 16, Newnan

5725 Hwy. 29, Grantville

2925 Poplar Rd., Sharpsburg

(770) 254-2830

(770) 583-2873

(770) 254-2740

3. Atkinson Elementary

9. Jefferson Parkway Elementary

14. Ruth Hill Elementary

14 Nimmons St., Newnan

154 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd.,

57 Sunset Ln., Newnan

(770) 254-2835


(770) 254-2895

4. Brooks Elementary

(770) 254-2771

15. Thomas Crossroads Elementary

35 Genesee Pt., Newnan

10. Moreland Elementary

3530 E. Hwy. 34, Sharpsburg


145 Railroad St., Moreland

(770) 254-2751

5. Canongate Elementary

(770) 254-2875

16. Welch Elementary

200 Pete Rd., Sharpsburg

11. Newnan Crossing

240 Mary Freeman Rd., Newnan

(770) 463-8010


(770) 254-2597

6. Eastside Elementary

1267 Lower Fayetteville Rd.,

17. Western Elementary

1225 Eastside School Rd., Senoia


1730 Welcome Rd., Newnan

(770) 599-6621

(770) 254-2872

(770) 254-2790

Coweta Living 2010-11



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18. White Oak Elementary 770 Lora Smith Rd., Newnan (770) 254-2860 19. Willis Road Elementary 430 Willis Rd., Sharpsburg (770) 304-7995 MIDDLE SCHOOLS 20. Arnall Middle School 700 Lora Smith Rd., Newnan (770) 254-2765 21. East Coweta Middle School 6291 E. Hwy. 16, Senoia (770) 599-6607 22. Evans Middle School 41 Evans Dr., Newnan (770) 254-2780 23. Lee Middle School 370 Willis Rd., Sharpsburg (770) 251-1547 24. Madras Middle School 240 Edgeworth Rd., Newnan (770) 254-2744 25. Smokey Road Middle School 965 Smokey Rd., Newnan (770) 254-2840 26. Alternative Middle School Maggie Brown School 32 Clark St., Newnan (770) 304-5930 HIGH SCHOOLS 27. Central Educational Center 160 Martin Luther King Dr., Newnan (678) 423-2000 28. East Coweta High School 400 McCollum-Sharpsburg Rd., Sharpsburg (770) 254-2850 29. Newnan High School 190 LaGrange St., Newnan (770) 254-2880 30. Northgate High School 3220 Fischer Rd., Newnan (770) 463-5585 31. Winston Dowdell Academy 1 Dowdell St., Newnan (770) 254-2870 Coweta Living 2010-11




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West Georgia Tech building as Mercer arrives in town By W. Winston Skinner undraising efforts are underway for

– in its current configuration – was

Central Educational Center in Newnan.

a Coweta campus

created last year when the state

for West Georgia

merged West Central Technical

College had its headquarters in

Technical College,

College and West Georgia Technical

LaGrange and served counties south

and Mercer

College. West Central had served

of Coweta. The school created by the

University will join

Coweta County and several counties

merger serves a larger area,

two other four-year colleges


West Georgia Technical College

The old West Georgia Technical

to the west. The school had

maintains several campuses

offering classes in Coweta

campuses in Carrollton, Waco and

throughout the region and offers a

County this fall.

Douglasville and offered courses at

wide range of technical programs. A

Coweta Living 2010-11



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[Education] stand-alone campus in Coweta has been a priority for several years and has become the focus of a major fundraising effort. “We had been trying for several years to get a new campus in Coweta,” said Malcolm Jackson, a Coweta resident who served on

In the University of West Georgia nursing lab are, from left, Monica Piasta, RN (lab instructor), and students Sabine Patterson, Brandy McGuire and Alex Washington. WCTC’s foundation board for

At a White Oak Golden K meeting are Lisa Johnston of CLICK with Golden K member Malcolm Jackson and Linh Wight, who shared her success story with literacy.

The Georgia General Assembly

several years. “Coweta was the

approved $8.5 million for the new

fastest-growing county in our

campus during the 2009 legislative

service area, and the only one

session. The new campus will be

that didn’t have a full-fledged

located on 38 acres of donated land at

stand-alone campus.”

Turkey Creek Road and Interstate 85.

Air Force Academy Cornell University Duke University Emory University George Washington University Vanderbilt University University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania University of Georgia Auburn University Georgia Technical Institute Mercer University Georgia Southern University of Alabama and many more. For a comprehensive list of college acceptances please go to our website.

Oh the places you will go… Congratulations to all our graduates!


Bus Service Available from Peachtree City, Newnan, Douglasville

Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ


Coweta Living 2010-11




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[Education] On the four-year

The technical school’s foundation

college front, Mercer

has mounted an

University is the latest

effort aimed at

school to make a

raising $5 million of

commitment in the

the approximately

local area. Mercer,

$10 million it will

which has its main

cost to build the

campus in Macon,

first phase of the

announced plans to

Coweta campus.

offer classes in Newnan

The state dollars

this fall. In December,

will build the allied

Mercer’s trustees

health services

approved offering classes in Newnan that

classroom building. Organizations or individuals who make major

At the University of West Georgia's Newnan Center are representatives of the university's nursing program and officials with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. From left are Kathleen Nowak, Cindy Epps, Kathryn Grams and David Kent.

will lead toward bachelor’s degrees and initial certification courses in early

financial gifts – $100,000 – can choose the name for

room. “We really would like the

childhood/special education and

the building with approval of the

community to feel like they own this

early care and education.

board of the Technical College

campus,” said Jan Alligood, Coweta

System of Georgia. Lesser gifts could

co-chairwoman for the major gifts

and Professional Studies will also

fund a named road or conference


begin a bachelor of social science in

Mercer’s College of Continuing

public safety degree, and there are plans for offering coursework leading

THE HERITAGE SCHOOL imagine the possibilities

* Competitive athletics, AA division, GISA * Individualized college counseling program * Extended day services * Bus service to selected areas * Foreign language instruction K-12 * Performing and visual arts programs * Classroom Smartboards and computer labs * 15 Advanced Placement courses offered

Call for a personal tour today

to a bachelor of applied science in human resources administration and development in Newnan in the fall of 2011. Melissa Seabolt, who works with students from this part of Georgia in her position with Mercer’s

The Road to Knowledge STARTS HERE! ›I\^`feXc9ffbj ›>ff[J\c\Zk`fef]>i\Xk=`Zk`fe ›Nfe[\i]lcMXi`\kpf]:_`c[i\eËj9ffbj ›>`]kj›9\jkJ\cc\ij ›N\Jg\Z`XcFi[\i ›Af`eFli9ffb:clY ›=I<<>`]kNiXg ›9ffbj$Fe$:Xjj\kk\]fii\ekfijXc\ ›>`]k:\ik`]`ZXk\j ›>i\\k`e^:Xi[j ›Kl\j[XpJ\e`fi:`k`q\e;`jZflekj

SCOTT’S BOOK STORE Dually accredited by SACS and SAIS. Serving students ages 3 through 12th grade.

2093 Highway 29 North Newnan, Georgia 30263 770.253.9898 46

Coweta Living 2010-11

)/Jflk_:flikJhlXi\#E\neXe#>8 ..'$),*$)0-' ÈPflicfZXccpfne\[`e[\g\e[\ekYffbjkfi\j`eZ\(0.-%É




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[Education] admissions office, said at a dinner at

Coweta County also has several

those who need basic education

Newnan Country Club for Mercer

private schools for students in

including literacy training and

supporters last year that some of the

kindergarten-12th grade. The

preparation for the General

“best and brightest students come

county’s first stand-alone charter

Equivalency Diploma exam.

from this area.”

school, Odyssey, will be gaining a

Certified Literate Is Coweta’s Key is

neighbor when Coweta Charter

Coweta County’s Certified Literate

Central Educational Center, a

Academy opens at Peachtree Baptist

Community program. CLICK

charter school of the Coweta County

Church near Senoia this fall.

sponsors and supports a variety of

Mercer will be offering classes at

Board of Education. Dr. Penny L. Elkins, senior associate vice

The Coweta community has also made a commitment to educating

programs aimed at improving literacy for Cowetans.

president for Mercer’s programs in the Atlanta area, said Mercer officials worked closely with Mark Whitlock, CEC’s chief executive officer, on the project. The Mercer project is the latest in a long line of alliances between CEC and institutions of higher

“Are you looking for a college that fits your busy schedule?” Brewton Brewton--Parker College is the Clear Choice!

learning. From its beginning, CEC


has combined traditional high school curriculum with vocational

Day, Evening & Weekend Classes Right in your own backyard!

courses taught by instructors from the local technical college. BrewtonParker College has also offered

Pursue degrees in:

classes at CEC. Brewton-Parker and


Mercer both were founded as Baptist institutions, though Mercer is no


longer affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention.


The University of West Georgia


has its own campus center in Shenandoah Industrial Park. West


Georgia’s local center offers a wide range of coursework, including a full-fledged nursing program. Central Educational Center is only one of many facets of the county’s public education system. Students from throughout the system have continued to gain

All classes held at:

honors and awards on the state and

Central Educational Center 160 Martin Luther King Drive (Office in Room 700)

national level. While the Coweta County Board of Education, like all Georgia school boards, has had to

Janie Lore, Site Director

respond to sharp budget constraints

160 Martin Luther King Drive

in the past year, the school system

Newnan, Georgia 30263

has been able to retain a full 180-day


schedule for students and avoided

BPC accepts transfer credits from:

Griffin Technical College West Georgia Technical College


A Georgia Baptist Institution

major staff reductions. Coweta Living 2010-11




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[Education] The new Grantville Public Library

Libraries filled with books, ‘sequestered nooks’ By W. Winston Skinner

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books.” Longfellow’s words bring to

Senoia. The City of Newnan operates

places where books are collected

the Carnegie Library on the

and organized – waiting on the shelf

downtown court square.

for readers to discover. In Coweta Todd Key appears as the Christmas Chimney Sweep during an appearance at the A. Mitchell Powell Jr. Library in Newnan.


Coweta Living 2010-11

Road and libraries in Grantville and

mind not only books but libraries,

Barbara Osborne-Harris, director

County, there is no shortage of

of the county library system, is clearly


proud of the system’s growth and

The Coweta Public Library

progress. Circulation at the libraries

System operates the Central Library

last year was 518,068. The system has

off Lower Fayetteville Road, the A.

199,214 books on its shelves, and

Mitchell Powell Library on Hospital

there are 62,427 library card holders.



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[Education] The library systemâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s budget is $1.9 million annually. A new library in Grantville is in the process of opening, and Senoiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new facility could begin construction as early as this fall. A fall construction start would mean â&#x20AC;&#x153;we would be open in late 2011,â&#x20AC;? Osborne-Harris said. Both new buildings will have 5,000 square feet of floor space. The Carnegie has anchored a downtown corner since it was constructed more than a century ago. After a $1.5 million restoration, the building â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which had been used as offices and courtroom space for years â&#x20AC;&#x201C; reopened as a library in September 2009. Amy Mapel, director, said the Carnegie is open weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The library has a local interest section, computers and Wi-Fi, periodicals and reading areas aimed at children, young adults and adults. The library also serves as the City of Newnan Store and is home to a wide range of regular programs. Public libraries, Osborne-Harris says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;are a

Quality child care and learning experiences

in a safe and

caring environment Â&#x2021; Serving children ages ZHHNVWR\HDUV


Pre-K program


PRQLWRULQJRI all classrooms

Â&#x2021; %XVHVWRDQGIURP local schools

Â&#x2021; Swimming pool


Â&#x2021; %HIRUHDQGDIWHU school care

Â&#x2021; 6XPPHUFDPS


mainstay of culture and learning.â&#x20AC;? Her goal is for patrons entering CPLS libraries to know they â&#x20AC;&#x153;are experiencing something special,â&#x20AC;? she said. Open -HIIHUVRQ3DUNZD\Â&#x2021;1HZQDQ*$

Coweta Living 2010-11




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The libraries of Coweta County offer programs for all ages. From left are Jaren Hill enjoying a family reading program at Central Library; Story time leader Dianne Oliver reading a tale to youngsters at the Carnegie Library in Newnan; and Raven Pollard previewing the children's books at the new Grantville Library as her grandmother, Lillie Smith, looks on. atriums filled with natural light, earth-

Recent programs for adults

books, but there are also

toned colors and natural woods help

included a presentation from

audiobooks, movies and

create a welcoming environment,

Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, talks

instructional courses on DVD,

inviting visitors to linger and enjoy

from bestselling authors and

music CDs and popular magazines

their time at the library.

interactive workshops for hobbies

available for checkout from CPLS

such as organic gardening and


The CPLS libraries have regular programs for children and teens.

geocaching. All the libraries have

Libraries also offer “the


Today’s School For Tomorrow’s World


Coweta Living 2010-11



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Above left, Kip Oldham and Brian Haun show a painting depicting the design for the new library in Senoia. At right, author Haywood Smith is introduced by Lesley Williams, adult services library associate at the Central Library. sequestered nooksâ&#x20AC;? Longfellow

Local libraries include:

GA 30263; 770-253-3625

praised. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Comfortable seating,

â&#x20AC;˘ Carnegie Library, 1 LaGrange St.,

â&#x20AC;˘ Grantville Library, 123 LaGrange

both inside and out, furthers the

Newnan, GA 30263; 770-683-1347.

St., Grantville, GA 30220 (soon to

goal of giving people an

â&#x20AC;˘ Central Library, 85 Literary Lane,

open at 100 Park Dr. in Grantville);

opportunity to slow down and take

Newnan, GA 30265; 770-683-2052.


a respite from their busy lives,â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;˘ A. Mitchell Powell Jr. Public

â&#x20AC;˘ Senoia Library, 70 Main Street,

Osborne-Harris said.

Library, 25 Hospital Rd., Newnan,

Senoia, GA 30276; 770-599-3537.

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