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Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 1C

East Coweta High School

Student honors 2021

• East Coweta scholarships • Photos of top ten seniors • A letter from Principal Allen

East Coweta High School Student Honors 2021 Published by The Newnan Times-Herald Saturday, June 19, 2021

Photos courtesy of East Coweta and Rebecca Leftwich PHOTO BY REBECCA LEFTWICH

Honors night photos are available for purchase online at photos.times-herald.com

ECHS Valedictorian and Salutatorian Sun Moon & Minji Kang

Overcoming key to achievement BY SUN MOON

ECHS Valedictorian

All this for what? BY MINJI KANG

ECHS Salutatorian

G ood evening, f r iends, family, f acu lty a nd st a f f, d istin g u ished guests, and fellow graduates. Before I begin, I would just like to take a moment to thank the people who brought me into this perilous world of struggle, also known as my beloved parents. Jokes aside, Mom, thank you for putting up with me at my worst and always rooting for me and believing the best in me. Dad, thank you for working night and day, weekdays and weekends, to help me get to where I am today and for being someone who I look up to each day of my life. I ca n’t forget about my sister. Although I never said it, thank you for steering me away from stupid decisions whether it be academic or my terrible fashion sense. To the teachers of ECHS, thank you for truly caring about our success and going beyond the call of duty in your dedication to our students here. I know that I would not be standing here today without the continued support and encouragement from our teachers and staff. To all of my friends, thank you for making me look forward to waking up every morning. You guys mean the world to me, and I’ll never forget the memories that we made. Thou g h I ’ve re c eive d m a ny requests for shout-outs and namedropping, you guys know who you are and that I love you all. L astly, a huge shout out to the CDC for making this joint graduation possible and saving us the headache of deciding who was worthy of our five graduation tickets.

Just when I thought that writing the valedictorian speech was the last big thing I had to worry about, I wrecked my dad’s car in an epic train vs. car situation in late April. What a sudden turn of events, right? I won’t get into the details of how I got stuck on the train tracks, but I can say that my inattentivene s s a nd m i nd le s sne s s were the culprits. Getting stuck on the rails, trying to push the car out, calling the police, and the alarm blaring that the train was coming all took place in the span of only three minutes, giving me no time to think or stop the train. Thankfully, no lives were harmed and the only things that were dama ge d were my dad’s c a r a nd my ego, but I guess you could say that I’m on the same level with Superman on stopping trains, so that’s something. However, m isfor tu ne s d id not seem to stop with me. I cracked my brand-new Macbook screen and lost my airpods, thanks again to my carelessness. Although it’s been only a month since all of this happened, it seems as though it happened forever ago. I’ve learned that no matter how bad of a situation we put ourselves into, it will pass, and we will learn. At the time something bad happens we have no idea how to get th rou g h it , but then we do. We will look back and laugh at those memories because they will seem so insignificant. The reason that I shared the story of my most recent big mistake is because I believe how we handle

failures and struggles is what ultimately makes or breaks our lives. The failures in business are what brings better understanding of what needs to be done to be successful. The injuries in the gym are what e ve nt u a l ly le a d s a p e r s on t o a proper form and bigger pecs. The struggles of honest confrontation are what create respect and trust in relationships. Experiencing struggles is what allows for courage and perseverance to grow. The point is that achieving anything worthwhile is won by overcoming the associated unpleasant experiences. Cl a s s of 2 021, I w i sh I c ou ld say that life is going to go smo oth ly, but a s I got to k now better tha n others, there w ill a lways be tra in s a lon g the way. Just in the last four years, we survived and made it despite COVID19 and its Google Meet high school, the tor nado, hor r if y ing Tik Tok trends and drama, and cryptocurr enc y f r en z y. To wh at ever m ay come next, we will make the most out of it. It is an honor to graduate with such an amazing group of peers. I know that every one of us has what it t a kes to accomplish our goals because we have always gotten back up stronger and will continue to do so in the future. Best of luck to all of you in whatever your next step may be and keep in mind that only out of suffering do the strongest souls emerge. And for one last time, “If no one’s told you this morning, I love you and I always will.”

“Success is not key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” These are the words of the German philosopher Albert Schweitzer. Which path have you decided to take on for your future? Too of ten, people become overly focused on material gain, equating future money with future happiness and choosing their path for the f uture based on monetar y prospects. It's com monplace for i nd iv idua ls to be merely complacent with getting a GPA they consider high or going to a renowned college without asking themselves: “All this for what?” Of course, living through those dreadf ul yea rs of a ll-nighters a nd piles of homework have seemed like an eternity for all of us... and for some parents as well. We often forget what we are really passionate about and strive for some abstract version of “success” and neglect to realize that we must define success for ourselves. I urge you to define success on your own terms. To look for fulfilment and validation internally, rather than externally. To recognize how malleable the world is in your hands, and both that your journey and destination are solely your own. Take pride in the things you have earned and be humble in regards to the things you’ve been given. Finally, to all the graduates sitting in front of me, I hope that as we end this chapter of our lives, we are also ready to st a r t a new jour ney. I believe we can take our opportunity in the future to inspire, motivate, and overcome to change the world. Good luck to you all, and congratulations, Class of 2021!


Congratulations 2021


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2C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

ECHS Honors 2021 East Coweta High School Office 770-254-2850

400 McCollum-Sharpsburg Rd., Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277

Fax 770-254-2857

Dear Class of 2021,

When we face challenges, we have a choice of how to respond. Yes, the choice may be difficult as we experience exhaustion, frustration, sometimes even grief. But choice remains a part of our path and a part of what we can control. Instead of focusing on what has been lost, on the negative, choose to rise up. Just as many of you have already done with other life challenges, rise up and rise above. You have experienced tremendous frustration and loss since March, and it would be easy to remain focused there. But if you stay there, you won’t grow. You won’t rise up. Resilience is one of the most important traits a person can have. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Do you feel like you have faced any difficulties lately? What do you say, class of 2021? I know the answer to that. You have faced difficulties. Now overcome them and rise up. Resilience allows us to experience life challenges and turn them into growth, into a strength. Rise up and rise above this. This experience will make you stronger. This experience will prepare you for all you will face in the future. Because, I assure you, this pandemic is not your last challenge in life. More importantly, it is not your last chance to rise up and demonstrate your resilience. Keep growing and keep going even when it looks like you have an obstacle in your way. Use this historical experience to get ready to change the world. Because you WILL change the world. You are stronger because of what you have experienced these past few months. Here and in the future, see the opportunity in every challenge. And when you are not challenged, I encourage you to enjoy every moment. Everyone, enjoy this moment. You absolutely deserve this moment. You are an incredible class and an outstanding group of people. I have no doubt about the great things that are ahead for each of you. Also always remember, If no one has told you today, I love you and always will.

Sincerely, Stephen Allen Stephen Allen Principal Assistant Principals Stefanie Easterwood Dekima Leaphart Lee Heaberlin Monica Nelson Hap Hines, A.D Amy Westbrook Chad Kollert

Stephen Allen, Principal

Guidance Counselors Stacey Cooke Jennifer Ryals Allison Covington Emma Shelnutt Maranda Holmes Wendy Williams Jennifer Jones

ECHS community and school-based scholarships Margaret Harrison Abby’s Angels Scholarship Newnan-Coweta Historical Society Scholarship Ja’Kera Adamson Coweta County Farm Bureau Scholarship Makayla Wright Coweta County Farm Bureau Scholarship Ashlee Guy Coweta/Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Scholarship Jolie Femmes Civic Club Scholarship Aubria Leonae Foster Scholarship Minji Kang Coweta/Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Scholarship Katie Taylor Coweta Sports Hall of Fame Johnny Brown Scholarship Aamaria Bennett Delta Sigma Theta Sorority/Sandra Hoggs Hinton Scholarship Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Jolie Femmes Civic Club Scholarship Madelynn Lara

Patrons of the Centre Richard Brooks Fine Arts Scholarship Newnan-Coweta Art Association Arts Scholarship Lavinia Barron Rosenzweig Scholarship Chaelin Kim Harriet Owens Alexander Arts Scholarship Abigail Tew Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Ryan Barber Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Turin Antique Tractor Association Scholarship Colby Love Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Dr. Gary Howard Memorial Scholarship Rashida Lloyd Newnan-Fairburn Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Scholarship Kassandra Loughran White Oak Golden K Scholarship Ethen Bodruk Georgia School Counselor Association Emeliza Swain Award. Emily Haberman

Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship Caroline Owusu Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship Aubria Leonae Foster Scholarship AJC Cup Scholarship Catalina Gonzalez Newnan-0Coweta Public Safety Scholarship Marshall Hodges Newnan-Coweta Public Safety Scholarship Elizabeth Tinsley Rotary Cup Scholarship Sharese Williams NEWETA NANBPW Clubs, Inc. Scholarship Hannah Davenport Student Ambassador Impact Award (665 service hours) Coweta Citizenship P.E.O.Scholarship Amevi Gavitse Student Ambassador Impact Award (343 service hours) Emily Roy Pilot Club of Newnan, Inc. Scholarship

Newnan Shrine Club Scholarship Courtney Carrington Clothes Less Traveled Scholarship Montana Owens Georgia Bone and Joint Scholarship Kristin Kanaskie Alfred (Al) Brack Memorial Scholarship Sarah Lo Galbo West Georgia Technical College Board of Directors Scholarship Jakyra Brown Wi Band Civic Club Scholarship OUTSIDE AND INSTITUTIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS Isabel Alford, Kennesaw State University: Kennesaw’s Journey Honors College Great Book Cohort Scholarship for $1,000 Dillen Bertelsen, Auburn University: All Orange Scholarship for $3,000 per year/$12,000 over 4 years Leah Chambers, Auburn University: True Blue Scholarship for $5,000 Olivia Cook: J. Scott Taylor Allstate and Family Scholarship

Kenadie Cooper, Auburn University – Spirit of Auburn Merit Scholarship/J. Scott Taylor Allstate and Family Scholarship Eli Corley, Georgia Institute of Technology: Zell Miller Scholarship for $10,258 per year/$41,032 over 4 years; Pitney Bowes James L. Turentine Scholarship for $3,750 per year/$15,000 over 4 years Lindsay Eggen, Georgia Southern University: First year Housing Scholarship James Fussell, Kennesaw State University: Kennesaw’s Journey Honors College Great Book Cohort Scholarship for $1,000 Elijah Giusto, University of South Carolina: Academic Scholar Distinction Award for $15,048 per year/$60,192 over 4 years Ashleigh Griffin, University of Central Florida: J. Scott Taylor Family and Allstate Family Scholarship Natalia Gumbs, Chick-FilA Leadership Scholarship for $2,500 Continued on page 5C...

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 3C

ECHS Honors 2021

East Coweta


10 Seniors Zachary Ratliff, No. 3

“I plan to attend Georgia Tech in the fall and study Chemical Engineering.” Honors/Awards: Mu Alpha Theta, STEM, High Honors

Yunho Cho, No. 6

“I plan to attend Georgia Tech and study robotics and human interaction.” Honors/Awards: High Honors, STEM, Governor’s Honors Program (Engineering/Mechanical Design Major)

Gyeongtae ‘Sun’ Moon, No. 1 (Valedictorian)

“I plan to attend Johns Hopkins University in the fall and major in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Genomics. After that, I plan to either go to graduate school at Hopkins or medical school to become a geriatrician.” Honors/Awards: National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, STAR student (*Regional STAR student), STEM Academy, National Merit Commended Scholar, Science Olympiad, High Honors

Mary Miller, No. 4

“I’m going to the University of Georgia in the fall and plan to study Anthropology. After that, I plan to go to graduate school for a Ph.D. in the same or similar field. My goal is to work in historical research or preservation.” Honors/ Awards: GHP finalist (in Communicative Arts), National Honor Society, National French Honor Society, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM, AP Scholar with Distinction, High Honors

Shannon Ferry, No. 7

“I plan to attend the University of Georgia and major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After that I plan to attend graduate school to study Epidemiology and hopefully get a job at the CDC. ” Honors/Awards: STEM, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, High Honors

Minji Kang, No. 2 (Salutatorian)

“I plan to attend Georgia Tech and major in Biology. I want to get into Pre-Med and pursue cosmetology.” Honors/Awards: STEM Beta Club High Honors

Hyungjoon Jun, No. 5

“I plan on attending the Georgia Institute of Technology and study Computer Engineering. I plan to become a computer hardware engineer.” Honors/Awards: STEM, Beta Club, National Honor Society, High Honors

Summer How, No. 8

“I have committed to attend Georgia Tech in the fall. I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering (maybe on a premed track) and maybe minor in Chinese or Korean.” Honors/Awards: Beta Club, STEM, High Honors

East Coweta


10 Seniors

Grace Drew, No. 9

“I will be attending Georgia Tech in the Fall and major in Chemistry. My hope is to go on to medical school to become an Infectious Disease Specialist. My end goal is to work at the CDC and travel to third world countries in order to aid in disease relief and research.” Honors/Awards: National Honor Society, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM, High Honors

Ashna Patel, No. 10

“I am going to the University of Georgia and double major in Psychology and Biology with a Pre-Med intent.” Honors/ Awards: High Honors, STEM, Spanish National Honors Society, National Honors Society, National Historical Honors Society, Beta Club, Excellence in Foreign Language Award, AP Scholar with Distinction, Georgia Certificate of Merit, UGA Charter Scholarship

4C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

ECHS Honors 2021 East Coweta High School Class of 2021 *Honors **High Honors **Sun Moon, Valedictorian **Minji Kang, Salutatorian **Cassidy Lane Abbott Andrew Teagan Adams *Eric Lee Adams Jeffrey Avery Adams Latasia Tashia Adams Zachary Thomas Adams *Ja'Kera Shi'nice Adamson Alexis Aguirre Vazquez **Madyson Olivia Aho Christopher Alarcon-Salinas Andrew Cole Alford **Isabel Helena Alford Sadie Lucille Allen Jaqueline Almanza Daniela Anahi Alvarado Ochoa Martavious Demarcus Amie Kenyata LaShun Anderson Nicholas Scott Anderson Destiny Alexis Andrews Tiffany Renee Andrews *Sabrina Nicole Antrim Dalton Bailey Ard **Daniel Alberto Arellano Mackenzie Shea Armstrong *Makayla Sage Arnold Sierra Leigh Arnold *Campbell Blair Asher Emmaline Anne Ashley Joseph Frederick Ashley Thomas Kenneth Ashley **Sevy Shayne Avies Madison Elizabeth Axson **Kaylee Brooke Babb *Andrew William Bailey Nathaniel William Bambard Alexia LeAnn Banks Nickolas Exdale Bannis **Ansley Faith Barber *James Ryan Barber Zane Alexander Barnett Daniel Aidan Barreiros, Jr. *David Jordan Batke *Cooper Michael Battalio **Brett Barry Bauman Harry Trey Belcastro, III Alexa Grace Bell Dylan Lee Bell Brandon Matthew Bencale Aamaria Jacora Bennett **Cade Griffin Bennett Dre'on Jerrvell Bennett *Riley Catherine Bennett *Katrianna Maria Bergh *Dillen Elizabeth Bertelsen Trenton James Betts Emerson Grace Biossat Andruw Malik Birdon *Georgia Lea Bishop *Shelby Lorene Bishop **Adila Biswas Brandon Isaiah Blackburn Diamontae Artrell Blakes **Brooke Nicole Blalock Efrain Blanco-Vargas **Olivia Nicole Bodner **Ethen Gregory Bodruk

Jayden Lamar Bolton Zadniery Lee Borrali Cosme Katrina Diane Boscher *Jake Harrison Bourque Ottis Trenton Brady Shamarion Ja'Kiera Brazil Brittney Tamya Bridges *Myles Gregory Bridges Colin Brody Brightwell *Guadalupe Victoria Briseno *Benjamin Stanley Briskey Sean Paul Britt Jeran Conner Brook Lee Torrence Brooking Jakyra Lanise Brown *Keegan Carter Brown Raven Jovan Brown *Roslyn Nevaeh Ashont'a Brown *Trustin Mekhi Brown Xavier Ivan Brown Jamie Bryce Bryant Jamyiah Markeis Buchanan Ellis Mack Buford *Isabella Rose Burnworth **Lillian Breanne Burton **Caitlin Taylor Butts Colby Alan Butts **Andres Felipe Caicedo-Rubiano Tyler Cameron Cain Tyler Wallace Caldwell Elbert Li-trelle Calhoun, IV Kenyon Malik Cambrice *Santiago Camelo Perez Connor David Cameron **Skyler Anne Carder *Kaleb Tyler Carey *Jilleyn Grace Carlisle *Zachary Michael Carlton Usir Talah Carpenter **Courtney Caroline Carrington *Kiana Lashay Carter *Jose Eduardo Casas Hernandez Kyla Katherine Caswell *Evan Michael Anthony Cerniga **Leah Thi Chambers *Austin Thomas Chastain *Wyatt Anthony Chastain **Donia Chiciu Jacob Vester Childers **Yunho Cho Joyous Joanni Dennise Church Michael Joseph Cialone Cassidy Jane Clark *Jesslyn Diana Rebecca Clemens *Garrett Chandler Cochran Magdalene Lou Coe Trevor Sutherland Colburn *Hunter Lee Cole *Liam Tanner Cole Mario Javan Coleman Tranyce Lea Coleman *Kendra Elizabeth Colton Peter Michael Colvin **Jayla Tanea Connally **Kaitlyn Hope Conrey **Kennedy Faith Conrey Christian Danzell-Lamar Cook

**Olivia McKenzie Cook Jackson Garcia Cooper **Kenadie Christina Cooper *Evan Simpson Copeland *Alexis Mae Copley **Eli Chandler Corley *Vanessa Erica Countryman *John Michael Courtney Logan Anthony Courtright *Chaz Bradley Crawford Tyler Anthony Crawford Antwon Dwayne Cresswell Gilbert Clarke Croley Jordan Xavier Crosby Graham Flagler Cullen *Sean Andrew Culpepper **Joshua James Murray Daisy Christopher Gary Dalton Jermaine Kevon Daniel **Hannah McCay Davenport Hannah Isabella David *Andrew Manning Davis Jack Mason Davis Madeline Elizabeth Davis **Marie Reyann Davis *Matthew Miles Davis Antoine Denieral Dawson Mercedes Laray Dawson Twonyala Alise Dawson Morgan Leigh Dean Nia Monet Degree *Katelyn Leigh Denmark **Erin Elise Denton **Mary Jean Devereaux **Enelyn Diaz Perez Elaina Tyme Divido *Dylan Bradley Dorson Reginald Antwoine Douglas *Cheyenne Eve Dozier **Krista Ellen Dozier **Grace Elizabeth Drew *Chloe Anne DuCharme *Madison Elizabeth Duke Justin Myles Dunson Jameson Delmar Durrah, Jr. Kalli Faith Duvall Austin Durrell Eady *Joshua Lane Eason Brianna Renae Echols *Joshua Edward Eckhoff Ethan Joseph Edgar Brandon Niles Edge **Lindsay Jo Eggen Ava Marissa Ehrman Matthew Roger Eimer Kobe Adetola Luke Ekisola Derrean Dedrae Elder Kabryah Nyasia Elder Arissa Janiah Ellis *Hunter Logan Ellis Jeffrey Erik Ellison Peyton Olivia Epps Starlyng Esquea Hernandez *Elmer Jesus Esquivel-Perez *Evian Pierre Evans *Lacey Sage Evert *Sean Bryan Exler Matthew Cleveland Farha *Kevin William Federico *Alex Charles Felde Allison Noel Felton

**Kylie Dakota Ferguson **Shannon Elizabeth Ferry Jacob Allen Fields Ambra Laquandra Fife *Sanaa Aaliyah N'jeri Royal Findlay Christopher Brian Finstad Asia Alexis Floyd Howard Michael Joseph Foerster, Jr. Jalium Jiquez Ford Kaylee Savannah Forrest *Henry George Frampton Jakiah Amyia Frazier Jocelyn Elizabeth Fry *Tyrell David Fudge Dakota James Furr **James Blakely Fussell **Matthew Dean Gaillard Brandon Garcia **Nicholas Hayden Garcia Salma Yesenia Garcia Mary Isabel Garcia Garcia Melissa Hyacinth Garcia Garcia Luis Alberto Garcia-Vidal *Ashlyn Rayne Gardner Elizabeth Martha Garner *Jaxon Allen Garner *Jennifer Alyssa Garrett Austin Brandt Garrison Chelsea Rae Gause **Herniole Amevi Gavitse *Maddox Trey Gelband Matthew Ricky Gibson Robert Nolan Gilbert Danisha Monique Gills *Elijah Joseph Giusto Tatianna Renee Glass **Jeremiah David Goffe *Justus Isaac Francisco Gomez Catalina Nicole Gonzalez Cristina Guadalupe Gonzalez **Gisselle Maria Gonzalez Antony Bryan Gonzalez Murguia Adrianna Maria Good Amanda Marie Goodwin John Timothy Goodwin Adrian Nicholas Gordon Alexis Elizabeth Gordon *Philip Paul Kumar Gordon **Tyzhon Markell Gordon Gabriel Patrick Gray Jalen Dontavius Grier **Ashleigh Elizabeth Griffin *Averi Jade Griffin *Zachary Aron Grobard **Keelan Michael Eric Grooms Isabella Christine Gruber Nyla Nicole Gulston **Natalia Nijia Gumbs *Ashlee Janaya Elizabeth Guy Johnson Ha **Michael William Haase **Emily Bernadette Haberman Rachel Lynn Haller *Rachel Elise Hambley **Kayley Marie Hambrick David Allen Hamel, Jr. **Moriah Abigail Hamlin Nicholas Gavin Hammock Trinity Grace Hammock Noah Nathaniel Hanchard

Carlton James Hannah Kenna Diane Hannah Gabriel Scott Hanner **Madalyn Anne Haponski *Ryan Anthony Haponski Destiny Rose Haralson Joshua Jeremiah Harding James Alfred Harmon, III *David Andrew Harrill **Mal'kaya Lajess Harris Manya Nicole-Marie Harris **Margaret Elizabeth Harrison *Marcus Darnell Hart Eric Noel Haseley Kenneth Fitzgerald Hawk Joel Ricardo Haye Kamiyah Alyce Head *Alexis Taylor Healy Riley Todd Hechler **Meredith Ashley Hede *Amari Nicole Henderson Tyler Lee Hergesell Carolina Hernanz Sanchez Steven Patrick Hill Travisha Renese Hinton Celie MaKayla Hodge **Marshall Adam Hodges Aaliyah Danielle Hodo *Trinity Madison Holder Abigail Rebecca Holloway Lanora Rajean Holt Brendan Wyatt Horner **Heloise Fiona Morgane Houde Kyndal Taegen Hough Bryanna Marie Houston **Summer Elle How Hao Huang Hannah Leigh Hudgins Erica Theresa Deshawna Hudson *Nautika Tiyana Joshae' Hudson *Willow Noelle Huffman Joseph Jeremiah Hunter **Makaley Megan Hurd Kenneth Kyden Hurlburt Rishoun Mardrikus Ingram Robert Lewis Ivy, III Alexis Bragail Jackson Alfonso Jeremiah Jackson Amiya Alexis Jackson Ayesha Diana Jackson Emily Kate Jackson Xjavior Ayinde' Jackson JerMarkus Anson Jacobs **Sophia Leigh Jacobs **Emma Maurie Jacobson *Madison Taylor Jakicic Ryley Michele Jarvis Jaden Wilner Jean-Louis Callum Lawrence Jefferson Jazmin Jonea Jefferson Rashad Amar Jenkins Aleesha Denish Jenoure *Jenna Elise Jerrell Hans Fritz Jeudy *Caleb O'Brien Johns Alasia Kaylon Johnson Anaejah Tiyuna Johnson Cameron Alexander Johnson Courtney Danielle Johnson **Garrett Michael Jones *John Paul Jones

**Lily Kate Jones *Destinee Denise Jordan Harper Patterson Jordan Ana Isabel Josey **Hyungjoon Jun **Kristen Nicole Kanaskie *Justin Jerome Kantorczyk Kathryn Christina Karnegis Anna Colleen Keller Autumn Renee' Kendall *Emma Grace Kerscher Camden Gabriel Key Katelyn Shay Kilpatrick **Alex Chanho Kim **Chaelin Kim **Sarah Ye-Young Kim William Ha-Jun Kim Sydney Lee Kimbrough Arielle Jamie King Daniel Jamee King Kelley Ann King ShaKyra Kortae Ane' King *Sydney Nicole King Kathleen Annabelle Kirk Robert Keith Kiser, III **Evan Gabriel Knight Ily Evelyn Knight Joshua Alexander Knowles Gerald Scott Kolbuss **Theodore William Krajewski, III *Lauren Elizabeth Kuhne Morgan Kylie Lail Rickeria Nickell Laird *Kyle Hunter Laliberte Cole Patrick Landis *Madelynn May Lara Aaron Xavier Larkin Heaven Elaine Larson *Brandon Joseph Lavella *Angela Nhi Le Brianna Kathleen Lee **Gaeun Lee Bre'Anna Jasmine Renee Lester **Chase Alexander Lewis William Grayson Lewis **Zuri Selmer Limehouse **Amanda Lin Ryan Carl Little **Rashida Imani Gabriellemarie Lloyd Sarah Riley Lo Galbo Alexander Maclean Lockard *Alyssa Marinn Long *Aldhair Lopez Cruz Kassandra Antje Loughran **Colby Ryan Love **Cidney Alise Lovejoy Evan Conner Lynch **Tucker Robert MacDonald Abigail Grace MacDonell *Abigail LeAnn Madden Dominick Maldonado Delatrinidad Trevor Alexander Mann *Oscar Alejandro Manzanares *Alaina Christine Marett Jacob Stephen Hichos Martin Kolby Tyrese Martin Stephanie Martinez Pardellas Erik-Jon Martinez, Jr. Continued on page 5C...

East Coweta special recognitions HIGH HONOR GRADUATE DISTINCTIONS Ansley Faith Barber – National Honor Society Cade Griffin Bennett – STEM Adila Biswas – Beta, French National Honor Society Olivia Nicole Bodner – National Honor Society Ethen Gregory Bodruk – Beta Caitlin Taylor Butts – National Honor Society Skyler Anne Carder – National Honor Society Courtney Caroline Carrington – National Honor Society, Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Donia Chiciu – Mu Alpha Theta, STEM, Spanish National Honor Society Jayla Tanea Connally – Beta Kenadie Christina Cooper– Beta Eli Chandler Corley – National Honor Society,

Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Joshua James Murray Daisy – STEM Enelyn Diaz Perez– National Honor Society, French NHS Lindsay Jo Eggen – National Honor Society Kylie Dakota Ferguson – Mu Alpha Theta, Mock Trial James Blakely Fussell – National Honor Society, Beta Matthew Dean Gaillard – Mu Alpha Theta, STEM, French NHS Nicholas Hayden Garcia – National Honor Society, Beta Herniole Amevi Gavitse – National Honor Society Jeremiah David Goffe – Beta Gisselle Maria Gonzalez – STEM Tyzhon Markell Gordon – National Honor Society, Beta, STEM Ashleigh Elizabeth Griffin – National Honor

Society Natalia Nijia Gumbs – National Honor Society, Beta Emily Bernadette Haberman – National Honor Society, Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Moriah Abigail Hamlin – National Honor Society Madalyn Anne Haponski – National Honor Society Mal'kaya Lajess Harris – Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Margaret Elizabeth Harrison – Beta Marshall Adam Hodges – STEM Heloise Fiona Morgane Houde – French Seal of Biliteracy Makaley Megan Hurd – National Honor Society Lily Kate Jones – National Honor Society, Beta Kristen Nicole Kanaskie – Beta Evan Gabriel Knight – Mock Trial

Theodore William Krajewski – National Honor Society Gaeun Lee – National Honor Society, Beta, STEM Zuri Selmer Limehouse – National Honor Society Amanda Lin – French National Honor Society Rashida Imani Gabriellemarie Lloyd – National Honor Society Colby Ryan Love – National Honor Society, Beta, Mock Trial Emily Joy McDowell – National Honor Society Jude Robert McLaren – Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Brooke Nicole Merrill – National Honor Society Cooper Joseph Milam – Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Austin William Morris – Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Alexandra MosqueraLaTorre – National Honor Society, French NHS

Kaitlin Patricia Novak – National Honor Society Alicia Olguin-Macedo – National Honor Society, Beta, French NHS Miguel Angel Ortiz – National Honor Society, Spanish NHS, Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Montana Nicole Owens – National Honor Society, Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Caroline Owusu – National Honor Society, Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish NHS, Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Khushi Mukeshkumar Patel – National Honor Society, Beta, STEM French NHS Jonathan Tabb Pearson – National Honor Society, STEM Margery Grace Phillips – Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Kellen James Hynes Porter – National Honor Society, Beta, STEM John Tyler Ratzlaff – STEM

Kendall Marie Reed – National Honor Society, Spanish NHS Minjun Shim – STEM Faith Elizabeth Sloat – French National Honor Society Jacob Wade Tarleton – STEM Kathryn Lilly Taylor – Beta Abigail Reese Tew – National Honor Society, Beta Kieu Ngoc Phuong Tran – National Honor Society, Beta, STEM Evelyn Amayrani Valencia Garcia – STEM, Spanish National Honor Society Genesis Angeline Velez– National Honor Society, Beta Kyle Richard Waters – National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM Sharese Nicole Williams – Mu Alpha Theta, STEM, Spanish National Honor Society Continued on page 5C...

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 5C

ECHS Honors 2021 East Coweta High School Class of 2021 Continued from page 4C...

Jacob William Neece *Torah Ellen Rea Nelms Daniel Joseph Craig William Clelland Maslankowski Newlands Angelina Bella Masler **Julie Ngoc Nguyen Luke Dominic Mason **Kendall Jean Nicholson Deanna Leona Massey Damian Robert Nielsen Jakobe Alexander Mathis Dinari Maxwell Noble **Kaley Alessa Matthews *Preston Guy Nobles Kaliyah KeShae **Cathrine Natasha Nolan Matthews James Edward Nolan *Alondra Nicolle Maurit**Kaitlin Patricia Novak zen Rivera **Alexandra Langley *Michael Gavin McCarty Nowell *Alaina Tanay McClelland Jacqueline Christina Odor Cole Allen McCue Brandon Nicholas Oenick Luke Ryan McCullough **Alicia Olguin-Macedo *Trenton Nelson Jeronimo Orrego Cardona McDaniel **Miguel Angel Ortiz **Tyler Austin McDonald Joy Oyemwen Oviawe **Emily Joy McDowell *Jackson Alexander Paris Angel McGrady Owens **Donovan Kai McGregor **Montana Nicole Owens Ahmad Reginald **Caroline Ama-FrimMcGruder pongma Owusu *Tyler Maximillan Alexicia Cornila Padgett McKeen Khemet Alejandro Page **Jude Robert McLaren Charlie Malik Paige Duncan Scott Curtis Lee Paige, Jr. McLaughlin Brennen Chayse Parham Salvador Medina, Jr. Kamron Blaik Parham Jacob Paul Mendez Justin Micah Parker Nicholas Paul Mendez **Logan Kenneth Parker *Mariah Alexis Mendoza *Andrew James Parks Sebastian Menendez Kaylynne Janae Parks Mancilla **Ashna J Patel Tristan Sharod **Khushi Mukeshkumar Meriwether Patel **Brooke Nicole Merrill *Mollie Grace Peacock **Cooper Joseph Milam *Mason Tyler Pearcy *Austin Robert Miller **Jonathan Tabb Pearson Kaitlin Emani Miller Ashanti LiMiracle Peek **Mary Antoinette Miller Kennedy Lashun Peeples **Jackson Caleb Millians Brianna Danielle Pelaez **Haylee Grace Milligan Morgan Ella Pent *Ajay Riley Mills Naomi Yesenia Perez Chloe Michelle Mitchell Niurka Marie Perez *Daniel Andrew Mitchell Figueroa Jacob Chester Mitchell *Lisselotte Perez Ramos **Matthew Salet Moore **Graham Scott Peruski *Jacqueline Acosta Mora *Carmen Denise Brandon Morgan Pettigrew *Layla Jean Morgan Christopher Blake Nathan Wyatt Morgan Phillips *Sydney Erin Morgan **Hazaia Exevion Phillips Timothy James Morgan *Makayla Skie Phillips **Austin William Morris **Margery Grace Phillips Jesse Cole Morris Miracle Lennisha Phillips **Alexandra Teanna Sharbreka Phillips Mosquera-LaTorre Kailin Aleysha Phipps Hayley Elizabeth Mote Diana Alejandra Pichardo Thomas James Motley Montes *Kailey Ann Moye Anna Nicole Pichilingue

Corey Joseph Pinner Lane Paul Pino *Chloe Olivia Piper **Gage Cayman Pitchford *Ruby Anna Pittman Dawson Blake Poague Jadin Elizabeth Pope Jaslyn Diane Faye Pope **Kellen James Hynes Porter Aliyah Renee Potts Joshua James Price *Sarah Ann Proulx *Amelia Carol Ralls *Ethan Straley Ramey Brian Ramirez Nelson Ramirez **Paulina Del Pilar Ramirez Fernandez Lamar Zaccheaus Devon Rascoe, Jr. **Zachary Bryan Ratliff **John Tyler Ratzlaff *Haylee Breann Ray Logan William Ray *Veronica Raymundo Raymundo Mirna Adelia Raymundo Tzoy Qaadirah Lee Redwood *Brianna Nicole Reece **Kendall Marie Reed Michael Cruse Reed *Savannah MaLynda Reed Curtis Chrishunn Reese, Jr. *Millie Price Reeves Dominic Arthur Reid Joydan Diana Jerien Render Jayla Madison Renz Adam Mathew Reuter Ladarius Malik Rhodes Nadia Shania Rhodes William David Rice Emilio Andres Rios Rodriguez *Gabriella Danise Rivera DeAndre' Lamont Rivers, II **Kalie MaKenna Robbins Austin Daniel Roberts Slade Thomas Robertson Aidan Birch Robinson Grace Tyne Robinson Pierre Lamont Robinson, Jr. Melanie Robles Karcin Renee Rodgers **Shadya Elizabeth Rodriguez

Hyunsuk Roh Ian Haskmett Rojas **Sara Elisa Rosales *Kayla Elizabeth Rossi *Emily Rose Roy Noah Liam Royal Yaira Ruiz Zapata Megan Nichole Rump Kamari Anthony Russell Logan Hunter Russell Alex Chaz Saline Destiny Rayne Salter Alexander Sanabria Gonzalez Nicholas Andres Sanchez-Contreras Elijah Edward Sanders Matthew Elliott Sanders Luis Jose Santiago *Marissa Leeann Sargent **Anthony Aron Sargent, Jr. Ryan Jimmie Savoie Jasmine Amelia Scandrick Abby Mae Scarbrough *Nadia Joelle Kristine Schaaf *Steven Michael Schafer Paul Joseph Schwarz *Wesley Everett Scott Benjamin Ryan Seffrin Madison Leigh Sgubin Jason Isaiah Shane Madeline Avery Shaw Skylar Jade Sheha-McAlee Taylor Anissa Shepherd Jaylen Amon Sherman **Minjun Shim Sydney Loren Shoemaker Jackson Ward Shuman *Daniel Silva de Moraes **Isaac James Simmonds *Diljot Singh Kalen Elizabeth Singleton *Kalese Elaine Singleton *Tanner Martin Slater Faith Elizabeth Sloat *Jada Elizabeth Smathers Aliyah Mischelle Smith *Jackson Henry Smith Janiya Arie Smith Matthew Wayne Smith Noah Taylor Smith **Abigail Alana Sneve **Dylan Thomas Spelios Zachary Curtis Spettel *Luke Edward St. Laurent Jason Alan Steele A'sharra Elaine Stegall Alex Jakarius Stegall Chadwick Lee Stephens *Bailey Wren Stief Leah Brooke Stoker

Jacob Colby Enyeto Stolar Ethan Thomas Stone David Francis Stoughton, II *Kylie A'sdis Straube Cameron Michael Celest Strother Arieanna Charelle Strozier **Kya Raine Stutzmann Audrey LeeAnn Sugden Malik Deshon Sullivan Harleigh Alexis Sutton Makayla Brooke Swanson *Taylor Victoria Swords *Jarred Donovan Taber Miranda Grace Talavera *Allan Tan **Jacob Wade Tarleton **Kathryn Lilly Taylor **Jawuan Lavell Terrell **Camille Xin Xia Terwilliger **Abigail Reese Tew *John Howard Thamert Alexis Paige Thatcher *Taylor Lynn Thom *Eric Nathaniel Thomas Jordan Breanna Thomas Kourtni Mariyah Thomas Andrew Kyle Thompson *William Layne Thrift Trinity Skai Thurman Justin Christian Richard Timothy Daniel Tinoco-Valdez *Elizabeth Jo Tinsley **Clayton Walker Torregrossa **Kieu Ngoc Phuong Tran A 'Zhiya D' Asiha Traylor Dylan Kai Troncoso Emma Grace Turner **Kendra Alexis Turner Mekhi Amaree Turner Erika Eowyn Ulman **Landon Mark Underhill **Evelyn Amayrani Valencia Garcia Jennifer Danniela Vasquez-Lopez *Brookins Dole Vaughan Mia Tyler Vaughn Mya Tayler Vaughn Yaneris Vazquez **Genesis Angeline Velez Dylan Ross Vessell Christopher Villasenor **William Dallas Vinyard *Malayna Alexis Vizcarra SiNyahAmani Vizcarrondo Aughn'ae Brave Wag-

goner, II Jaahlayah Monet Wallace Tyler Harrison Wallace Jada La Trice Walton **Kailey Jane Walton *Seth Guy Wanner Taran Aniah Ward **Kasir Jalik Warren Julian Kade Washington **Kyle Richard Waters Makayla Brook Waters Jeden Walter H. Watson Kennedy Raye Watson *Madison Bailee Watson *Josie Gayle Wern *Haleigh Shea Werner Mason Paul Werner Michael Alexander West, Jr. **Sarah Grace Whitehead *Michael Sergey Whitlock Devin Chance Whittle Aaliyah Tanae Wideman *Macie Nicole Wiggins Robert Quinlan Wiley Dekel Tariq Williams Kaylin Jo Williams Quincy Travares Williams **Sharese Nicole Williams Shelby Saleen Ellen Williams *Zariah Dorothy Williams Alanda Aujunae Willis Alexis Gayle Willis *Isabel Victoria Willis Joshua Alexander Wilson Kennedi Allie Wilson William Troy Wilson **Joshua David Winkles *Kenedi MaKaye Wisenbaker Brooke Lindsey Woodlock Cortney Allyson Worth Isabelle Marie Worth *Makayla Janell Wright **Maris Cailyn Wright Athena Michael Wuertemburg Claire Victoria Yeager *JeeWoo Rebecca Yi *Mason Michael Young Mayanah Anaiah Young *Lydia Alexis Youngblood Bryce Daniel Zanine Alondra Nayeli Zapata Borrero Lorenzo Enoc Zapeta Vall *Elizabete Zirdzina Austin Mathew Zwilling

East Coweta special recognitions Continued from page 4C... Maris Cailyn Wright – National Honor Society, Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, STEM HONOR GRADUATE DISTINCTIONS Ja'Kera Shi'nice Adamson – National Honor Society Campbell Blair Asher – National Honor Society, Beta Andrew William Bailey – National Honor Society Isabella Rose Burnworth – Beta Jilleyn Grace Carlisle – National Honor Society Kiana Lashay Carter – National Honor Society Kendra Elizabeth Colton – National Honor Society, Beta, STEM Andrew Manning Davis – National Honor Society Madison Elizabeth Duke – National Honor Society,

Beta Ashlee Janaya Elizabeth Guy – National Honor Society Rachel Elise Hambley – National Honor Society, Beta Alexis Taylor Healy – National Honor Society Willow Noelle Huffman – National Honor Society Jenna Elise Jerrell – National Honor Society Justin Jerome Kantorczyk – National Honor Society Sydney Nicole King – National Honor Society Angela Nhi Le – National Honor Society Alyssa Marinn Long – French National Honor Society Gabriella Danise Rivera – Spanish Seal of Biliteracy Madeline Avery Shaw – National Honor Society Eric Nathaniel Thomas – National Honor Society, Beta

Madison Bailee Watson – National Honor Society JeeWoo Rebecca Yi – National Honor Society, French NHS Lydia Alexis Youngblood – National Honor Society SENIOR STUDENT AMBASSADORS Hannah Davenport Margery Phillips Kylie Straube Sabrina Antrim Samaria Bennett Brooke Blalock Ethen Bodruk Kiana Carter Kendra Colton Herniole Gavitse Natalia Gumbs Ashlee Guy JerMarkus Jacobs Jenna Jerrell Rashida Lloyd Jude McLaren Caroline Owusu Madeline Shaw Abigail Tew

Lydia Youngblood NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Cassidy Abbott JaKera Adamson Sabrina Antrim Campbell Asher Ansley Barber Riley Bennett Adila Biswas Brooke Blalock Olivia Bodner Lillian Burton Caitlin Butts Skyler Carder Jilleyn Carlisle Megan Carr Courtney Carrington Kiana Carter Carson Chambless Kendra Colton Eli Corley Hannah Davenport Andrew Davis Erin Denton Grace Drew Madison Duke Lindsay Eggen

James Fussell Nicholas Garcia Herniole Gavitse Tyzhon Gordon Ashleigh Griffin Keelan Grooms Natalia Gumbs Ashlee Guy Emily Haberman Rachel Hambley Moriah Hamlin Malkaya Harris Margaret Harrison Summer How Willow Huffman Makaley Hurd Taytum Jenkins Jenna Jerrell Lily Jones Sydney King Gaeun Lee Zuri Limehouse Amanda Lin Rashida Lloyd Colby Love Alondra Mauritzen- Rivera Emily McDowell Brooke Merrill

Mary Miller Haylee Milligan Gyeongtae Moon Alexandra Mosquera- LaTorre Kaitlin Novak Alicia Olguin- Macedo Montana Owens Caroline Owusu Ashna Patel Khushi Patel Jonathan Pearson Margery Phillips Kellen Porter Wesley Scott Madeline Shaw Taylor Swords Miranda Talavera Abigail Tew Taylor Thom Kieu Tran Genesis Velez Kyle Water Madison Watson Sarah Whitehead Abigail Williamson Maris Wright Jee Woo Yi Lydia Youngblood

ECHS community and school-based scholarships Continued from page 2C... lor Allstate and Family Scholarship Makaley Hurd, Berry Col- Jackson Millians, Univerlege: Academic Scholarship sity of Alabama Huntsville: Academic Scholarship for for $11,000; WinShape $17,700 College Program ScholarTorah Nelms, Tuskegee ship for $2,000 University: University’s Destinee Jordan, Martin Marshall Johnson Stinson Merit Scholarship for $19,594 per year/$78,376 Scholarship for $750 over 4 years Lauren Elizabeth (Eliza) Kendall Nicholson, GeorKuhne, J. Scott Taygia Southern University:

School of Music for Academics and Talent Scholarship for $3,000 Montana Owens, Young Harris College: Miller Scholarship for $22,000 Ashna Patel, University of Georgia: UGA Charter Scholarship for $2,000/$8,000 over 4 years Kendall Reed, Louisiana State University: Academic

Scholarship for $19,000 per year/$76,000 over 4 years; President’s Student Aid for $1,550/$6,200 over 4 years Camille Terwilliger, Auburn University: Academic Charter Scholarship for $11,000/Coweta-Fayette County Auburn Club Whupper Lee Endowed Scholarship for $1,500 Abigail Tew, Chick-FilA remarkable futures for

$2,500 Joshua Winkles, University of West Georgia: Leon Massey Honors Scholarship for $3,000 Maris Wright, Piedmont Newnan Hospital Volunteer Services Scholarship for $2,000 MILITARY COMMITMENTS United States Army:

Brandon Blackburn (Active Duty), Jose CasasHernandez (Reserves), Adrian Gordon (Active Duty), Joel Haye (Active Duty), Justin Kantorczyk (Active Duty), and Jacob Neece (Active Duty) United States Navy: Antoine Dawson (Retail Specialist) and Lisselotte Perez-Ramos (Logistics Specialist)

6C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

Are you considering moving to an assisted living community?

Why not Monarch House.

Even during the pandemic, the unique construction of Monarch House and its features allowed our residents to really never stop living the ‘senior life!’ A Letter from the Owner of Monarch House Assisted Living Monarch House has been coping with the COVID-19 virus by not only protecting our residents but also maintaining an active social program specifically aimed at keeping our seniors connected with each other and their families. With only 41 resident suites and over 25,000 sq. ft. of community space, it was that huge area of community space which allowed our residents to continue with the variety of daily activities during the pandemic allowing for social engagement that is so vital to the health of our Monarch House family. Our residents were able to use the many features of that community space – a 1950s vintage drug store diner, an intimate bar lounge, a salon, a library and rooftop patio gardens that surround a huge Solarium where residents nurture flowers, herbs & seasonal vegetables. Even with the COVID restrictions, our small family of seniors has continued to live life to the fullest ... in fact we never stopped. Our residents enjoyed ice cream socials, daily exercise classes set to music, pinball, skeeball, billards, daily matinee and evening movies in our theater with its huge screen, entertainers including singing groups, magic shows, art projects directed by local creative artists and literary readings by none other than author T.M. Brown. All of this has been an enormous benefit in keeping our residents engaged and it shows. And here it is in mid-May and family members are again welcome to spend time with their parents & grandparents in a safe environment that restores these vital connections. I am so very thankful that we have an outstanding staff of caregivers that have huge hearts and give loving attention to each and every one of our residents. Our Activities Director Dez Ross has boundless energy with a heart that is bursting with love for all of our seniors. Kaci Fowler is our resident nurse that attends to the individual health care needs of everyone. And overseeing all of this is our Executive Director Andy Brown. I jokingly like to say that I must be a genius to have brought Andy on in this important position. Andy always gives extra attention to the welfare of our residents and staff, and it shows. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to our Monarch House family!

While attempting to balance physical health and safety with emotional health was not easy during these unprecedented times, the Monarch House did just that! Thank you for providing my Mother (Lottie) with a healthier more fulfilling life in a family-like atmosphere. – Tammy Worsham

But, don’t take my word for any of this. Check out some of our family testimonials.

We rest easy knowing that Dad is in such a clean, cheerful environment where his safety and well-being always comes first. Monarch House has given us our lives back and has given Dad (Ray) an opportunity to flourish among folks his age. Thanks Monarch House. – Jenny Baker

Thank you to the Monarch House administration and staff for making the very best of the virus crisis we’ve all lived through the past 14 months. You have done a great job following government guidelines, while at the same time remembering our family members are human beings with individual needs. All the extra activities to keep the residents engaged helped to keep them healthy and happy. Posting on FaceBook helped me feel in touch almost daily. The rooftop lounge, greenhouse and garden really helped Mom (Carolyn) not feel so restricted. We love and appreciate you, every day! – Diane and our extended family

Call TODAY to schedule your personal tour!

299 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan GA 30263 678-552-9867

monarchhouse.net • Facebook.com/MonarchHouseALF

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 7C

Newnan High School

Student honors 2021

Newnan High scholarship recipients • 2021 Newnan High School graduates • Photos of 2021 honors graduates • A letter to seniors from Principal Chase Puckett

Newnan High School Student Honors 2021 Published by The Newnan Times-Herald Saturday, June 19, 2021

Photos courtesy of Newnan High, and Rebecca Leftwich PHOTO BY REBECCA LEFTWICH

NGHS Valedictorian and Salutatorian

More than conquerors



Newnan High Valedictorian

lass of 2021! Look at us! We made it! I feel like this past year has been a dream, and I am going to wake up on March 12, 2020, with everything as it was. It does not even feel like I am a senior, so it took me a while to start writing this speech. In fact, I procrastinated on it, which is not a part of my personality whatsoever. In fact, Mr. Akers named me the student “most likely to finish Mastering Chemistry before he had even taught all of the material” during the AP Chem Dundies, which, to my family’s surprise, did not mean that I had actually mastered chemistry. It was just that I finished our homework on the site called Mastering Chemistry before everyone else. Mr. Akers was simply making fun of me. All that to say, I am not a procrastinator, but I did with this speech. I wanted it to be perfect, in order to leave you all with a few profound and memorable thoughts. While we may be far from perfect, we were made perfectly for this moment in time. Our junior and senior years have been

nothing close to ideal, yet we made the most of it. I know you have heard tons of people say it, but you truly are some of the most inspiring and resilient people I have ever known. I am inspired every day to be a part of this class and this community. The class of 2021 reminds me of my favorite Bible verse that says, “No, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” That verse has gotten me through some hard days when I felt like I could not study anymore, when I felt like I could not spend one more day in quarantine, when I thought I could not take another look at our fractured, but not broken, community without bursting into tears. But we made it, and we are here at the Drake as conquerors, the class of 2021. With all that being said, I am going to miss being with you all every day, through the mundane, day to day life of high school. I will always look back on the football games, cafeteria lunches, and pep rallies with a smile, but what I will miss the most are the small moments many have already forgotten: playing ultimate frisbee in the park with friends; going on drives with the carpool karaoke microphone, music blaring, windows down; going to Dairy Queen every other day once we got our drivers’ licenses; making a vlog as Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth for AP Euro; TP’ing Ms. Lynch’s room, with permission, to make it look like a leprechaun visited for St. Patrick’s Day. I encourage you to look for these small, memorable moments throughout your life. These seemingly trivial memories will be silver linings that help you continue to conquer all the challenges that lie ahead. Thank you, class of 2021. I would not be standing here without each of you. I would like to thank my Lord for being my guiding Shepherd, my parents for pushing me to be my best, my sister for poking fun at me when I am being too serious, my friends for bringing laughter into each and every day, and my teachers and counselors for inspiring me to learn and grow. I am so proud of us. Congratulations, class of 2021! Go Jackets!

Honors night photos are available for purchase online at photos.times-herald.com

This too shall pass



Newnan High salutatorian

ood evening, class of 2021. I am honored and humbled to stand here before you all tonight. I first want to thank my parents, teachers, and counselors for the continued support they have shown me that has allowed me to be here in front of you all today. I also want to extend my deepest congratulations to all of my classmates and commend you for the strength you all have shown these past four years. When I was very young, I remember my father comforting me about a sadness that time has since erased from my memory. After he wiped away the tears that stained my face, he told me, "Sarah, this too shall pass." He did not have to elaborate on the phrase for me to understand its meaning: the fears and worries I was feeling in that moment would soon be washed out of my mind, like sand upon the shore. For some reason, I latched onto that phrase. As I grew older, I would write it on my hand and whisper it to myself when I was feeling nervous or sad. It brought me solace, knowing that soon I would no longer be feeling the pain I was expe-

riencing in that moment. Today, we are each confronted by the uncertainty of our futures. We all have fears about the challenges we will have to face – the mountains we will have to move and the valleys we will have to cross. When you face these struggles and sorrows, find comfort in the thought that this too shall pass. Your hardest moment will be just that – a moment. A blip on the radar. Everything, and I truly mean everything, will be all right. The other meaning of "This too shall pass," the meaning that I did not realize recently, is that the good moments pass just as quickly as the bad ones do. After all that has happened to our school lately, we have all been reminded that even the smallest pockets of joy are incredibly valuable, and they are often momentary. When we start our futures, we must treasure our happy moments, because we never know when they will fade away. Graduation marks an end and a beginning, and I feel the phrase "This too shall pass" epitomizes it. High school is over. All of those moments have passed, good and bad. As we all look to the future, we will encounter difficult obstacles that frighten us, but we must find comfort in the fact that time will heal those sorrows. At the same time, we must also treasure our times of happiness. Albert Camus, the French philosopher and author of one of my favorite books, “The Stranger,” said, "Men must live and create. Live to the point of tears." Like Camus said, live to tears. Each moment we have will pass, whether it is a moment of loss or a moment of joy. The time we have is precious, invaluable, and it must be treasured. Starting in this moment, I challenge you all to live with this in mind – that all the sorrow and struggle we will face in our lives will pass. We will be okay. But we cannot forget to cherish those happy times we have together as well. Live with passion, because life is short and nothing, no feeling, lasts forever. This too shall pass. Thank you.

8C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

NHS Honors 2021

NEWNAN HIGH SCHOOL 190 LaGrange Street • Newnan, Georgia 30263 • Phone 770-254-2880 • Fax 770-254-2797 NEWNAN HIGH SCHOOL 190 LaGrange Street • Newnan, Georgia 30263 • Phone 770-254-2880 • Fax 770-254-2797


190 LaGrange Street • Newnan, Georgia 30263 • Phone 770-254-2880 • Fax 770-254-2797 To the Class of 2021, To the Class of 2021, Congratulations to the Newnan High School Class of 2021! These are extraordinary times and we celebrate your extraordinary accomplishments! To all of our graduates and to the honor To the Class of 2021, Congratulations to theHigh Newnan HighweSchool Classyou of 2021! are extraordinary times graduates of Newnan School, commend on yourThese perseverance, positivity, and and spirit! we celebrate your extraordinary accomplishments! To all of our graduates and to the honor By your accomplishments you have demonstrated that you hold yourselves to the very highest Congratulations to theHigh Newnan High School Classyou of 2021! These are extraordinary times graduates Newnan School, commend on your and and spirit! standards. ofI congratulate those whowe have earned accolades by perseverance, demonstratingpositivity, a commitment to we celebrate your extraordinary accomplishments! To all ofhold our graduates and to the honor By your accomplishments you have demonstrated that you yourselves to the very highest excellence in the classroom. I also commend those who have been identified by our community graduates ofI congratulate Newnan Highthose School, commend you on your positivity, and spirit! standards. whowe have earned by perseverance, demonstrating a commitment to leaders for your academic and service awards andaccolades scholarships. You have earned these By your accomplishments you havecommend demonstrated that hold yourselves the very highest excellence in the classroom. whoyou have been identifiedtoby community acknowledgments by meetingI also challenges withthose determination, self-discipline, andour a strong work standards. I congratulate those who have earned accolades by demonstrating a commitment to leaders for your academic and service awards and scholarships. You have earned these ethic. You should all be proud of your accomplishments and the recognition they bring. excellence in the classroom. commend who have been identified by community acknowledgments by meetingI also challenges withthose determination, self-discipline, andour a strong work leaders for your academic and service and scholarships. You have earned these ethic. should allthe be first proud of yourawards accomplishments recognition they bring. In 1888You members of graduating class of Newnan and HightheSchool finished their high school acknowledgments by meeting challenges with determination, self-discipline, and a strong work education. In 1951 Newnan High School moved from the corner of Jackson St. and Temple Ave. ethic. should allthe be proud of your accomplishments and recognition they bring. In 1888You members graduating class Newnan Highthe School finished their high school to begin operationof on thisfirst campus. In 1972 theofcity and county school systems successfully education. 1951 Newnan High and School moved from the corner of Jackson St. andofTemple merged andInCentral High School Newnan High School became one. In March 2020, Ave. our In 1888 members of the first graduating class ofcity Newnan High school Schoolsystems finishedsuccessfully their high school to begin operation on this campus. In 1972 the and county world was turned upside down by a global pandemic. In 2021, Newnan High School and our education. 1951 Newnan High and School moved from the corner of Jackson St. andofTemple Ave. merged andInwere Central Highupside School High School became one. In March 2020, community turned by an Newnan EF 4 tornado that unleashed havoc throughout our areaour and to begin operation on thisdown campus. Inglobal 1972 pandemic. the city andIncounty school systems successfully world was turned upside by a 2021, Newnan High School and our across our campus. Yet through it all, the Newnan High School Class of 2021 stands before us merged and were Central Highupside School and Newnan Highthat School becamehavoc one. In March ofour 2020, our community turned anbold EF 4strength tornado unleashed area with the same faithful optimismby and with which you arrivedthroughout that first day on ourand world was turned upside down byit aall, globalNewnan pandemic. InSchool 2021, Newnan School and ourus across ourNow, campus. through High Class of High 2021your stands before campus. moreYet than ever we lookthe to your resilience, your strength, and tenacity to community were turned upside by anbold EF 4strength tornadowith that which unleashed havoc throughout ouron area with the same faithful optimism and you arrived that first day ourand hope as you step forward into a world in need of your leadership. Class of 2021, a tremendous across ourNow, campus. Yet through it look all, the Newnan High School Class of and 2021your stands beforetous campus. more than ever we yourimpressive resilience, your strength, tenacity heritage spanning three centuries is nowtomore because you are part of this legacy. with the same faithful optimism and bold strength withleadership. which you Class arrived that first day on our hope as you step forward into a world in need of your of 2021, a tremendous For one hundred thirty three years, confident young men and women have graduated from campus. Now, more than ever weislook yourimpressive resilience, because your strength, your tenacity to heritage spanning three centuries nowto more you areand part of this Newnan High School, and you are now among this impressive heritage. Students, youlegacy. are hopeone as you step forward intoyears, a world in needyoung of your leadership. Class of graduated 2021, a tremendous For hundred three men and have destined to make thirty a difference in thisconfident world. Never forget thatwomen you journeyed this pathfrom for a heritage spanning threeand centuries isnow nowamong more impressive because you areStudents, part of this legacy. Newnan High School, you are this impressive heritage. you are time reason. You matter. You have a purpose. And you are loved. So I challenge you one more For one hundred thirty three years, confident youngforget men and women have graduated froma destined makelife a difference thisthe world. youalways journeyed to live outtoyour just as youindid weeksNever after March that 26 and lookthis for path waysfor to give Newnan Highmatter. School,You andhave you aare now among this impressive heritage. Students, youmore are time reason. You purpose. And you are loved. So I challenge you one back to your world! Continue to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. destined makelife a difference thisthe world. forget that youalways journeyed a to live outtoyour just as youindid weeksNever after March 26 and lookthis for path waysfor to give reason. You matter. You havetoa do purpose. And you are loved. So I challenge you one more time back to your world! justly, lovewish mercy, The faculty and staffContinue of Newnan High School youand thewalk very humbly. best as you leave this place to to live out your life just as you did the weeks after March 26 and always look for ways to give face new and even greater challenges. Make this world a better place than the generations who back to yourand world! Continue to do justly, lovewish mercy, humbly. The staff of Newnan School youand theawalk very best Cougar. as you leave place to havefaculty come before you! Once a High Newnan Cougar, always Newnan I amthis confident face neware andprepared even greater challenges. Make this world better place than the success, generations who that you to move forward and that you will aexperience continued because The faculty and staff of Newnan School wish you thea very best as you leave this place to have come before you! Once a High Newnan Cougar, Newnan you are Newnan Strong! Congratulations! Now goalways change the world!Cougar. I am confident face neware andprepared even greater challenges. Make this world better place than the success, generations who that you to move forward and that you will aexperience continued because have come beforeStrong! you! Congratulations! Once a Newnan Cougar, Newnan you are Newnan Now goalways changea the world!Cougar. I am confident Sincerely, that you are prepared to move forward and that you will experience continued success, because you are Newnan Strong! Congratulations! Now go change the world! Sincerely, Dr. Chase Puckett Sincerely, Principal Dr. Chase Puckett Principal Dr. Chase Puckett Principal

One Team. One Community. One Newnan. One Team. One Community. One Newnan.

Newnan High community and school-based scholarships Angela Celeste Ayala Newnan Junior Service League White Oak Golden K Makenzie Skylar Barnett Can’t Never Could Julius Mancini Beavers Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Timothy Carroll Batten Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Indya Elise Bell Can’t Never Could Minnie Robinson Empowerment Fund William Gabriel Bowles CARE Scholarship Richard Brooks Fine Arts Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors First Baptist Atchison / Binion Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Reid Stanford Brass Homer & Lois Drake Mercer University Scholarship First Baptist Atchison Natalie Elizabeth Brauchler Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Megan Elizabeth Brenner First Baptist Atchison / Binion Anneslei Taylor Breyne Beta Club Scholarship Nathan Chance Brown Alan Jackson Scholarship Aubrey Quentize Carter Bob Sandlin Touchdown Club Scholarship Abigail Mae Cofield Jerry & Evelyn Single-

ton Future Educators Scholarship Coweta County Farm Bureau Newnan Utilities Lighthouse Lyandra Patrice Coleman Neweta Book Award Newnan-Fairburn Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship Lela Kaye Daniell Optimist Club Abby’s Angels Sarah Louise Dean 2021 Salutatorian National Certificate of Merit Finalist 2021 NHS STAR Student Davis Reynolds Fabre Rotary Interact Club of Newnan Margaret Mary Flanagan Can’t Never Could Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation Anna Lee Hand First Baptist Atchison / Cosper Braedyn Dixon Helms Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Ansley Caroline Hightower 2021 Valedictorian Beta Club Scholarship Kayla Alexzandria Jackson Can’t Never Could Keith Harden, MD Medical Scholarship Newnan-Fairburn Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship Megan Taylor Jackson Can’t Never Could Kingdom Connected Ministries International

One Team. One Community. One Newnan.

Imani Jani Jenkins Jolies Femme Civic Club Winfred Coates Johnston First Baptist Atchison Yates Charles Kelleher Bob Sandlin Touchdown Club Scholarship Reagen Keeli London AJC Cup Nicholas Whitlock Foundation Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Robyn Diane Long Lavinia Barron Rosensweig Scholarship First Baptist Atchison / Z.P. Barron Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship William Lee Lovett Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Carson James Luker Coweta Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Ida Lee Lunsford Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors Georgia Bone & Joint Pam Bell Memorial Scholarship Kaylen Leigh Madrey Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation Leah Danielle McCall Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Sandra Hoggs Hinton Scholarship Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Rihana Elizabeth Mursalim Richard Brooks Fine Arts Scholarship

Abigail Grace Reeves P.E.O. Georgia State Scholarship Natalie Louis Roberts Beta Club Scholarship Abbey Brooke Saunders AZ P.E.O. Citizenship Award Richard Brooks Fine Arts Scholarship Turner Solomon Scarborough Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Ava Elise Shoemake Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Andrew Willis Tripp Newnan Rotary Cup Coweta-Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Scholarship Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Ronald Lee Underwood Newnan Coweta Sports Hall of Fame Morgan Taylor Vaughn Kiwanis Club of Newnan Estelle Grace Whisenhunt Minnie Robinson Empowerment Fund Natalea Nicole Whitley Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation Coweta Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Abigail Joy Williams Master Works Community Chorale Vocal Scholarship Kingdom Connected Ministries Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Scholarship Alexandria Joy Williams Hunter Scarbrough Foun-

Nancy Enriquez-Hernandez has received the One UGA II Scholarship from the University of Georgia in the amount of $1,500 per year renewable for four years for OUTSIDE AND the total amount of $6,000. INSTITUTIONAL Davis Fabre has received SCHOLARSHIPS the Presidential RecogniAngela Ayala has received tion Scholarship from the an academic scholarUniversity of Alabama ship from the University Birmingham in the amount of North Georgia in the of $11,160 per year for four amount of $1,250 per year years for the total amount of renewable for four years for $44,640. the total amount of $5,000. Marissa Gleeson has Natalie Brauchler has received the Cosland, Davis, received Crimson Legends Scholarship from the Uni& Sherman Oak Scholarships from Samford Univer- versity of Alabama in the amount of $6,000 per year sity in the amount $18,300 renewable for four years for per year renewable for four years for the total amount of the total amount of $24,000. Tyler Green has received the $73,200. Nathan Brown has received Creative Minds Scholarship from Full Sail Univerthe Hodgson School of sity in the amount of $5,000 Music scholarship from the University of Georgia in the per year renewable for four years for the total amount of amount of $1,000 per year $20,000. renewable for four years for the total amount of $4,000. Emma Grunau has received the Merit Scholarship from Lela Daniell has received a Mercer University in the collegiate scholarship from amount of $19,000 per year the University of Alabama renewable for four years for in the amount of $10,000 the total amount of $76,000. per year renewable for four years for the total amount of Lillian Hall has received the Adiel Sherwood Scholar$40,000. Sarah Dean has received the ship from Mercer University Henry King Stanford Schol- in the amount of $24,000 per year renewable for four arship from the University years for the total amount of of Georgia in the amount $96,000. of $5,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of Continued on page 5C... $20,000. dation Scholarship Lillian Grace Worley Newnan Shrine Club Pilot Club of Newnan

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 9C

NHS Honors 2021

Anna Lee Hand

Abigail Mae Cofield

Ansley Caroline Hightower

Braedyn Dixon Helms

Braedyn Dixon Helms

Indya Elise Bell

Andrew Willis Tripp

Alexandria Joy Williams

Anneslei Taylor Breyne

Ida Lee Lunsford

Abigail Grace Reeves

Abbey Brooke Saunders

Aubrey Quentize Carter

Davis Reynolds Fabre

Imani Jani Jenkins

Julius Mancini Beavers

Abigail Joy Williams

Angela Celeste Ayala

Ava Elise Shoemake

Estelle Grace Whisenhunt

10C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

NHS Honors 2021

Kayla Alexzandria Jackson

Lillian Grace Worley

Megan Elizabeth Brenner

Kaylen Leigh Madrey

Makenzie Skylar Barnett

Margaret Mary Flanagan

Megan Taylor Jackson

Morgan Taylor Vaughn

Natalea Nicole Whitley

Natalie Louis Roberts

Reid Stanford Brass

Rihana Elizabeth Mursalim

William Lee Lovett

Lela Kaye Daniell

Lyandra Patrice Coleman

Natalie Elizabeth Brauchler

Sarah Louise Dean

Leah Danielle McCall

Timothy Carroll Batten

Nathan Chance Brown

Robyn Diane Long

Turner Solomon Scarborough

Winfred Coates Johnston

Reagen Keeli London

Ronald Lee Underwood

William Gabriel Bowles

Yates Charles Kelleher

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 11C

NHS Honors 2021 Newnan High School Class of 2021 * Honors ** High Honors Valedictorian: **Ansley Caroline Hightower Salutatorian: **Sarah Louise Dean *William Alfredo Johan Aboytes Elijah DeShawn Adams Jacie Lillian Adcock *Alexis Rachael Alderman Jasmine Laniah Alexander **Savanna Grace Alford Jaylin Elizabeth Amey Krislynne Joi Amie *Emily Cruz Anaya *Alexis Danielle Anderson Ashley Lauren Anderson Patrick McKinnley Anderson Angel Taylor Andrews *Sindia Vanesa Antunez Camacho **Jacqueline Ivey Arnold Christopher Travis Joseph Askew *Breanna Kortney Avery **Angela Celeste Ayala James Malika Baker Alexus Lanetta Barner **Harrison Walker Barnes *Maggie McCall Barnes **Makenzie Skylar Barnett **Shelby Grace Barrow *Wallace Vincent Bass *Harris Eldridge Bass Jordyn Ciera Bassett **Timothy Carroll Batten, Jr *Julius Mancini Beavers *Indya Elise Bell **Lesmy Berduo Gonzalez *Hayley LeAnn Bishop Johanna Yvonne Bland **Kathryn Renee Bloodworth Emory Luke Boone **Jessica Beltran Borjas **Lauren Taylor Borrelli Denzel Ramon Boston **Isabella Barclay Boston Dylan Jay Lamar Bovingdon **Emily Lucile Bowers Alexis Latrice Bowles *William Gabriel Bowles Alexis Rose Boyd Timothy Allan Bradley *Reid Stanford Brass **Natalie Elizabeth Brauchler Colin Keith Breedon Joseph Michael Breedon **Megan Elizabeth Brenner **Anneslei Taylor Breyne **Hunter Chance Broadwater *Travis Daniel Landon Brockway Gracie Jo Brooks Corey Rayshaun Brooks, Jr. Malayzain Cierra Broome *Gavin Shane Brown *Nathan Chance Brown *Savannah Cheyenne Marie Brown Thomas Aaron Brown **Madelyn Grace Buckley Timothy Brandon Bullington *Emily Michelle Burford *Spencer Timothy Cain Taitha Jade Calhoun Elvin Roberto Calihua De Los Santos *Jane Elizabeth Campbell Michael Presley Campbell Devin Michael Cantrell Francis Samuel Caputo, II *Emelyn Grace Carden Logan Anthony Carroll Paul Bradley Carroll *Demarcus Malik Carter Steven Lamont Carter

Brandon Isaiah Carter Aubrey Quentize Carter, III Kadie Sierrah Casey *William Tokuwasnin Caswell Alexis Adareann Chappelle Melony Elizabeth Charles Jayln Michael Clayton Renata Olandrea Shameka Clerk **Jada Brianna Clowers Alena Jade Cobb Alyssa Jaree Cobb Abigail Mae Cofield *Bradford Craven Cole Breanna Esther Rose Cole *Amari Ryann Coleman **Lyandra Patrice Coleman **Annika Satine Collett *Donte Lewis Colton **Mark Andrew Cook **Jacob Nathan Cooper Kaitlyn Victoria Corbett Corbett Michael Cornay Jose Manuel Cortes **John Carter Counts *Arlena Latricia Cox Autry Caraline Cox *Kathryn Grace Cox **Emma Catherine Cramer *Raiford Ellis Crews Kennadi Maria-Jarae Cruver Fiona Esperana Cruz Nathanial Joel Cummings *Bryson Matthew Dailey **Chancellor Christopher Daniel **Lela Kaye Daniell Lori Carolyn Darling *Caroline Ivy Darracott **Kierstin Bree Davis Johnathan Jemal Davison *Malika Elizabeth Dean *Ansley MorganDeCenzo Michael Richard DeGennaro **Ansley Grace Dennis **Brooke Catherine DePoi Dylan Robert Devane **Ella Grace Devers Nakayla Denise Dix Elijah Isaiah Dixon Makhi Danielle Dorsey Johnathan Duenas Anna Paige Dukes Brysen Trace Duncan Matthew William Duncan *Lydia Mae Dunn Malik Antione Dyer Mekhi Devon Dyer Aliyan Makai Patrice Earl **Kaitlyn Elizabeth Eason Malik Rashad Echols Rebecca Kaitlin Eddy Maylan Elizabeth Eldred William Gomez Elvira *Ethan Wayne Endicott Andrew Martin England, Jr. *Cristian SteveEnriquez Hernandez **Nancy Jaqueline Enriquez Hernandez Zasha Renee Ermac Diola Destini Mae Espinoza James Logan Etheridge Lacie Rayne Evans *Davis Reynolds Fabre Tyson Daniel Fah Grace Marie Fallon Cameron Isiah Favors *Jonathan Rafael Fernandez Quintana *Clayton Jay Fillers **Margaret Mary Flanagan Taylen Kalil Ford *Shelby Jaie Fore Roger Carlton Foster Aubrey Mason Frambes **Peyton Michael Gale Peyton Andrew Garner Ashanti Ja'illyan Gatlin Abigail Nicole Geter Autumn Leigh Gibson Cody Bill Gilbert Malcolm Thomas Gilbert *Annamaria Gilley

*Rosalie Blythe Gillis **Matthew Lawrence Ginn Emma Nicole Glass **Marissa Kait Gleeson *Diana Laura Elvira Gomez John-David Yates Goodall Levi Samuel Goodwin Tyler Matthew Green Leah Kinsey Greene Jacob Brice Gregory **Ansley Nichole Grier Kobe Lamar Grimes **Emma Grace Grunau Lester Yair Guzman Lillian Yoshie-Masuda Hall Tanajn Dion Hall **Anna Lee Hand Tori Dixon Handschuh Emma Grace Hannah Greyson Boyce Hanusiak **Jessica Lee Harrell *Caleab Xavier Harris Christian Anthony Harris Dane Alexander Harris **Finn Harris *Johnathan Anthony Harris **Joshua Perry Harris *Luke Hinton Harris *Ansleigh Tristen Hart Joseph Neil Haskin David Kyle Haywood **Braedyn Dixon Helms Donovan Landon Henderson **Melanie Ruby Hernandez Marilee Kathleen Hickman Christina Lamandria Hill **Ashley Lynn Hiller Daeja Monquie Hinton *Akira Malayasia Hodo Joshua Michael Holland Jonathan Emmanuel Holley *Destiney Aniya Hollimon Landon Bryon Hull Alina Joy Hutchens Quinn Brooks Inman *Manuel Alexander Irizarry Laquishiona MariontaToadijan Irvin *Conner Thomas Jackson Hadley Estelle Jackson **Kayla Alexzandria Jackson **Megan Taylor Jackson James Michael Jacobs Jonathan Henry Jarrard Amani Damarius Jenkins **Imani Jani Jenkins Kiersten Marie Jenkins Tynita Danesha Jenkins Eunice Jimenez *DeAngelo Jamal Johnson, Jr. *Emmy Lee Johnson *Jenna Magbet Johnson Jordan Alexis Johnson Sydney Anne Johnson **Anna Sims Johnston *Gavin Isiah Johnston *Winfred Coates Johnston **Jack Thomas Johnstone Jacob Collins Joiner *Jada Damya Jones Jana Kaitlyn Marie Jones Justin Tyler Jones *Kaylan Monique Jones Paul Vincent Kaiser **Omar Enrique Kanzler Matos *Brianna Nicole Keehn Desmon Tabell Keith *Charles Yates Kelleher *Ethan Chase Kelley Kimiya Sharda Kendall Hunter Brice Kendick Tishana Alyssia Key Samson Akram Khokhar **Lauren Addison Kilgore Ashlyne Aileen Kinney Jada Nicole Kirkland Jesse Konrad Kornegay Elijah Hunter Kosrud *Chloe Jean Kraft Amber Marie Kuhn Kristen Chase Landrum Chloe Elizabeth Lanier Katelyn Elizabeth Lavoie

Breanna Veronica Ledbetter **Dorien Andrew Lee Jasmine Halia Leosewski *Robert Brennan Lewis Antiliah Nuriah Lindsey Jarrett Douglas Linnenkohl Kaicie Aaliyah Lites James Austin Littlefield Hannah Marcel Loeper **Emily Catherine Joullian Lofton **Reagen Keeli London **Robyn Diane Long Monica Loughrey Matthew Jetson Lovett **William Lee Lovett Randy Lee Lower, III **Carson James Luker **Ida Lee Lunsford Andrew Brady Lynes Mills Carson Maddox **Kaylen Leigh Madrey **Michael Bruce Maginnis, III Ragan Alexis Mainor McKinsey Leeann Major *Rossie Michelle Maldonado *Madasynn Mae Malone **Cassandra Elizabeth Martinez Epifanio Landaverde Martinez Morgan Victoria Masters **Dorothy Grace Matthews **Leann Danielle McCall Edwin Alexander McCrary *Felicia Annabella McCraw Haley Leeann McCullough Alyssa Catherine McDonal Lashanti Sharaun McGinty Justin James McIntyre Camilion Tatejuana McKeithern Ashanti Diann McKenzie **Mary Jenna McKenzie **Drew Nixon McLendon Sydney Lynn McLeroy Isaiah Malik McNair Meredith Caroline Medlock *Esmeralda Medorio Rivera *Alana Lynn Merry **Lily Ruth Meuninck Cannon Andrew Miller Jamal Xavier Miller *Kasey Erin Miller *Alexis Rayne Millians *Gabriela Nicole Molina **Landon Andrew Moore Roman Alexander Moore Merideth Rhae Morphis Justin Eugene Morris, III Bryson Tyshaun Moss Jeremy Cain Mounts Connor Logan Mullins Mason Cole Mullins **Taylor Kate Murphy **Rihana Elizabeth Mursalim Tashonnona Renee Nalls **Caleb Bradley Nase *Dylan Cole Neal **Elizabeth Faith Neely **Hannah Grace Neely Madison Faith Neill *Mckenna Renee Nelms **a De'ja Chanel NelsonPorter Cru Averyn Newborn Joseph Mesa Nieto*Natalie Grace Nipper Aysjan Tatayana Nunnally Dawson Rae O'Connor Angilina Shay Oakes Landon Alexander Oglesby Zachary David Olmstead **Alexis Caitlin Oritz *Matthew Robert Osting *Elizabeth Grace Overstreet Patrick Jamaine Owens, Jr. **Bella Grace Parker Joseph Kyle Parker Kurt Allen Parks *Brittany Ann Christine Parrish

Santana Anthony Partee **Krish Mayur Patel T'anna Shamia Patridge *Jones Gambill Paulk Audrey Nicole Payton Nyterius Petty **Scott Bolman Pfahl, II Jaliyan Jordan Phillips Ashlyn Makayla Philpot **Kiersten Marie Place Phillip Ishman Porch, Jr. Rayleigh Skye Potts *Amber Elise Powell Christopher Stanford Prather *Kyron Jade Preddy Jackson Grady Priest Evan Eugene Quick *Allan Rey Quintana Brandon Reid Rasch **Jaime Renee Rechy *Ethan David Reese **Jada Carriana Reese *Abigail Grace Reeves Lachelsea Shumone Reeves David John Rembert Earl Rembert, Jr. Nickloas Jermaine Render *Madison Hope Riede Devonte Tayon Ringer **Natalie Louise Roberts Brian Austin Robinson JaTerriazDeBryant Robinson Isabella Ana Rodriguez Miguel Angel Rodriguez *Delaynie Madissen Rogers Fidelity Joyce Rogers **Emma Ke Ying Rosene Wade Anthony Rosene James Malik Rosser Kamran Lee Rosser *Omara Monyea Rosser Gage Alan Rowe **Uriel David Rubio Uribe Adam Michael Rush Keanna Brenae Rush *Tyler Mashawn Russell Hannah Lea Sailors Corbin Thomas Salazar Elizabeth Ann Salisbury *James Michael Salisbury **Christopher IsaacSanchez Avila *Steven Garrett Braden Sandlin **Andrea Monserrat Santos Lopez Jacob Dylan Sauls **Abbey Brooke Saunders *Emma Olivia Sayre Nicholas Allan Scales **Turner Solomon Scarborough Alexandre Thomas Scharko **Alexis Taylor Schult **Myla Imani Scott Timothy Jason Scott Xavier James Scott **Madison Grace Sellers Erica Nicole Setlock Logan Thomas Sexton *Lane Thomas Shelnutt Demi Rebecca Sherman Zakevian Kejuan Sherman Lila Rose Shirley *Ava Elise Shoemake **Gresham Douglas Shoemaker Alexander Jase Sigaloff Antavius Jarrod Simon Nakayla Lashone Simon *Arianna Soraya Sims Madison Amaya Small Breigh Ann Smith Jordan Jaheim Smith Kyleigh Marie Smith Melissa Chanta Smith *Monique Renee Marie Smith Riley Dean Smith Robert Westerfield Ray Smith **Russell Day Smith George Haley Spencer Phillip Carlton Spencer Micah Leo Spikes

Nicholes Ramal Spikes Colby Ryan St John Jamar Ty Jay Stargell Nicholas Jamal Stegall Derien Lamar Stepp Savannah Dianne Stevenson **Elizabeth Lyle Stinson Nazir Malik Strong Javajan Rechelle Strong **Collin Dale Swenney Kennedy Malese Tackett Dylan James Tapley Inayju'a Juamisee Teagle Rodreianna Jaquana Teagle Jonyka Ollie'via Tenney Breanna Aaliyah Tennie Damarcus Larentez Tennie Angel Nicole Thompson Brandon Marquez Tolvert *Elijah Michael Tomlinson Caleb Diamorea TorresCopeland Payton Adam Toth **Andrew Willis Tripp Abigail Makinley Truitt Katelynn Maggie Tucker Kayla Nicole Tucker Kayleigh Brooke Tucker Zachary Gage Tucker Michael Spencer Turner **Ronald Lee Underwood, III *Nezra Montibon Uy *Cameron Wayne Vandiver **Cole Wesley Vandiver Isabella Marie VanSant **Morgan Taylor Vaughn Amelia Cate Veal *Liberty Kian Vick Desmond Ty Von Sands Troy William Vos **Adam Lewis Wagner *Destinie Nicole Wakeman Christopher Mark Walker, Jr. Marcus Jemaine Walker, Jr. Evan Heath Wallace Emily Ann Waller *Jatera Marie Walters Nicholas Tye Landry Waskan William Alexander Landry Waskan **Gilliam Randolph Waters **Braydon Matthew Watts Collin Morgan Reese West *Jaylen Andrewn Whatley Emily Leigh Wheeler Danny Eugene Wheelous **Estelle Grace Whisenhunt **Amaya Nellisa-Louise White Jaren Collier Whitehurst Zion Tiese Fanning Whitfield Lataria Cytrallya Whitley **Natalea Nicole Whitley Ila Clare Whitlock Brian Austin Wilhite John Hunter Wilhite **Abigail Joy Williams **Alexandria Joy Williams Jyri Semaj Williams *Madison Jody Williams Marvin Lavelle Williams, Jr Samuell Hezekiah Williams ClayTodd Williamson *Amelia Michelle Wilson Jacob Allen Windom *Caleb Matthew Witmer Iyla Tamar Wood Jesiah Donell Woodard Jentel Harmoni Arie Woods *Kylie Marie Woolley *Lillian Grace Worley **Marlin Brooks Wortham **Matthew Henry Song Wright Treggie Kenyonus Wright Justine Danielle Wynegar Keith AveryYearwood Mary Grace Yearwood Jiayan Zeng **Katelynn Noelle Zeumer

Newnan High community and school-based scholarships involvement. This scholarship is $27,000 per year, Joshua Harris has received a renewable for four years, for the total amount of Football/Academic Schol$108,000. arship in the amount of Reagen London has received $77,500 per year from Furman University and the APA an academic scholarship from Cornell University in Sorority Scholarship and the amount of $70,331 per the NAACP Freedom Fund Scholarship in the amount of year renewable for four years for $281,324. $2,300 per year, all renewable for four years for a grand Robyn Long has received the Gamecock Traditions total of $310,000. Megan Jackson has received & Band Scholarship from Jacksonville State Univerthe Presidential Scholarship from Auburn University sity in the amount of $15,500 per year renewable for four in the amount of $16,500 years for the total amount of per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $38,000. Ida Lee Lunsford has $66,000. Jack Johnstone has received received the Jesse Mercer Scholarship from Mercer the Alonso Rollins ScholUniversity in the amount of arship based on academic $26,000 per year renewable performance, service, and for four years for the total

Continued from page 2C...

amount of $104,000. William Lee Lovett has received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy, with a scholarship in the amount of $450,000. Kaylen Madrey has received a Softball/Academic scholarship from Louisiana State University. Leah McCall has received the Second Century Merit Scholarship from Georgia State University in the amount of $3,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $12,000. Lily Meuninck has received the Dean's Scholarship from Drexel University in the amount of $14,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $56,000. Taylor Kate Murphy has received the Academic

Heritage Scholarship from Auburn University in the amount of $15,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $60,000. Aysjah Nunnally has received the Presidential Scholarship from Wesleyan College in the amount of $14,000 per year and a grant in the amount of $6,495 per year all renewable for four years for a grand total of $62,495. PJ Owens has received an Athletic Football scholarship from Kentucky State University in the amount of $4,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $16,000. Bella Grace Parker has received the J. Ollie Edmunds Distinguished Scholarship from Stetson

University in the amount of $69,810 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $279,240. Abigail Reeves has received the Presidential Scholar Founders Scholarship from LaGrange College in the amount of $16,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $64,000. Colin Swenney has received the Dean's Merit Scholarship from Georgia College and State University in the amount of $3,000. Adam Wagner has received the Charter Scholarship from the University of Georgia in the amount of $2,000 per year renewable for four years for the total amount of $8,000. CERTIFICATE OF MERIT

John Anderson Haden Archer Mason Buchanan Ansley McGuire Emily Moran Jenna O’Neal Kayja Collett Lucas Davis Madison Davis Connor Dotson Ava Gomez Sara Gonzalez-Gonzalez Malachi Gramme William Grote Sarai Landero Benjamin Oliver Sydney Parker Emma Phelps Christine Schulz Emory Walden Whitney Wallace Grant Weaver Emma Willingham Pichon Wimbley

12C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

Take it from us, live your life your way and you’ll be happy where it takes YOU.



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Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 13C

Northgate High School

Student honors 2021

• Scholarship recipients • 2021 Northgate High School graduates • Photos of 2021 honors graduates • A letter to seniors from Principal Ashley Wilkes

Northgate High School Student Honors 2021 Published by The Newnan Times-Herald Saturday, June 19, 2021

Photos courtesy of Northgate High, and Rebecca Leftwich PHOTO BY REBECCA LEFTWICH

Honors night photos are available for purchase online at photos.times-herald.com

NGHS Valedictorian Will Stephens and Salutatorian Cassie Huynh

High school, like life, is a journey


Northgate Valedictorian


ood evening! First, I want t o s t a r t of f by g iv i n g thanks. Thank you to my parents, Sid and Alicia Stephens and the rest of my family for their support throughout the years. Thank you to Coach Wilson, Coach Reeves and the entire cross country and track teams for being with me every step of my high school journey. Thank you to the Northgate faculty and the Coweta County Board of Education for making this graduation ceremony happen. And finally, thank you to my teachers and you, the Class of 2021, for your friendship and encouragement. High school, like life, is a journey. Class of 2021, we started our journey at Northgate just like every other previous class. We began as wide-eyed freshmen who had trouble navigating the school. A s s ophomor e s , we endu r e d another year as underclassmen. Then came junior year where our school year was suddenly cut short – no more hanging out with friends, no more sports and no prom. However, the real journey had only just begun.

We started our senior year like no other class in the history of Northgate High School. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to begin our senior year virtually. Instead of starting our senior year together at Northgate, we started the year divided by computer screens. After that, we slowly made our way back to campus, but were still divided into cohorts. And just as we were beginning to re-establish a sense of normalcy this spring, an EF4 tornado hit our beloved town. It’s safe to say that we have encountered many roadblocks on our journey this senior year. But however great the challenge, there was an opportunity for success because of our resilience and perseverance. Together, we navigated virtual school through the COVID pandemic. Together, we overcame the obstacles of being divided into cohorts. Together, we supported our neighbors in need by volunteering af ter the tornado and donating an abundance of supplies. And together, Class of 2021, despite everything that’s happened in the last year, we have found a way to celebrate our senior year, and that’s why we’re here tonight! High school, like life, is a journey. The challenges and roadblocks that we have faced in high school, and especially in our senior year, will prepare us for the challenges and roadblocks that lie ahead in life. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. s a id, “ The u lti m ate me asure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Class of 2021, we have stood Northgate strong during these times of adversity and prevailed through them together. Class of 2021, I cannot wait to see what we do next! Thank you!

There,s a difference only you can make BY CASSIE HUYNH


Northgate Salutatorian

ood evening ladies and gentlemen, parents and f riends, teachers and staff, and most of all, Northgate’s Graduating Class of 2021! It is my greatest honor to speak faceto-face to you all on this special day and NOT virtually. Sadly, I can’t blame all the errors in my speech on the wifi. Before I begin, I’d like to express a huge amount of gratitude for all of the people who helped make today possible. On behalf of all the students, I want to thank everyone sitting out in the auditorium and those who could not make it today. Thank you to the parents, families, and supporters who have helped us reach this milestone in our lives. Thank you and sorry to the elementary school and middle school teachers who retired after having our class. Thank you Northgate faculty and staff, administrators, teachers, and Principal Kesselring for finding a way to put up with us energetic high schoolers. I would also like to especially thank Ms. Ramsay, my friends, and my family for supporting me since day one, and last but not least, all of us – the students – deserve a huge pat on the back. Guys, today officially marks the last day of dress code. Honestly, at first, I had no clue what to write for this speech, and right now, I am still questioning what I wrote. When you have to present an essay you didn’t want with THE Abby Collins and THE Will Stephens plus having a terminal case of senioritis since eighth grade, the odds aren’t really in your favor. So, I did what I do best … procrastinated and then turned to Urban Dictionary for inspiration. What’s a salutatorian, you might ask? “The person who just missed being valedictorian by a few GPA points. A very miserable person indeed. Second place is just the first loser.” However, no one should be miserable today – maybe except for our parents’ wallets. We are here because we have worked extremely hard these past four years to walk across this stage as winners. High school has flown by, and I know that no other class can beat how crazy our four years together was. It was just yesterday when our middle school teachers kept

nagging us to sign up for classes, or else you would end up with aerobic dance. “This is the most important four years of your life,” they threatened. Then … oh boy. On the first day of ninth grade, some of us came in with the map of the school and our schedules as our home screens. As the year went on, we experienced the random snowstorm and the code red – we all remember that. Now, we all know that there really is a pool on the top floor of the ninth-grade building, and there IS a Northgate ghost here who I know is laughing at my speech right now. I honestly don’t remember what happened in 10th grade (short term memory loss, am I right?), but I do know that the calmness of 10th grade led us to the storm of 11th and 12th grade. Eleventh grade was truly memorable: crying down the hallways as we traveled from AP class to AP class (I formally apologize to the custodians), constantly signing up for the SAT and the ACT but each one getting cancelled, and working out with Chloe Ting to burn your quarantine “gain 15.” And here we are now, 12th graders ongoing to 13th grade. It was just yesterday when we all stepped foot into Northgate, already wanting to graduate. Today, we’re stepping out of Northgate and into a new chapter of our lives. We’re still young, so don’t be afraid to grow old. Don’t let the fear of the future paralyze you. Most importantly, get over the small stuff. Having fun is the most important thing in life. After all, nobody makes it out alive anyways, so you might as well have fun being happy with who you are. I’m almost done, so bear with me … Life’s shorter than I am, so don’t regret the choices you make. We’ve all gotten this far and accomplished so much, so I’m truly looking forward to seeing what this amazing class will achieve in the future. I know you all have forgotten most of what I have said and are blocking out my voice- trust me, I am, too. So, I’ll end with a quote from a world-renowned celebrity … Barbie. “Big or small, there’s a difference only you can make.” Congrats, Class of ‘21.

14C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

NGHS Honors 2021

N�thgate High School 3220 Fischer Road * Newnan, Georgia 30265 770-463-5585 * Fax: 770-463-4982

Class of 2021, To say we are proud of your accomplishments would be an understatement. You have persevered through unprecedented times and have remained resilient and steadfast. Your leadership and unrelenting positivity throughout your time at Northgate will be remembered by all. As you embark on your next journey we wish you all the best. We cannot wait to see the impact you make on this world. As Northgate alumni we know that this impact will not only be far reaching, but will help to uplift all of those around you.

Congratulations again, Class of 2021. You are always welcome in Valhalla. Go be great!

Asssh A hllleeey h yW Wiiilllkkkeeess

Mrs. Ashley Wilkes, Ed.S Principal

Northgate community and school based scholarships Emily Atwood $3,000 Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation Scholarship Austin Bomar $1,000 Coweta Association of Retired Educators Scholarship Abigail Collins $2,500 P.E.O. International STAR Scholarship $1,000 Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship P.E.O. Georgia State Scholarship Joshua Colton Coweta Fayette Trust Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship Kingdom Connected Ministries International Scholarship Logan Estes $1,000 Can’t Never Could Scholarship $500 Starburst Award Sydney Farmer $1,000 NGHS Band Booster Scholarship Angus Heatherman $1,000 Rotary Club of Newnan Rotary Cup & Scholarship $500 Eli Holland Scholarship Cassie Huynh $1,000 NGHS Beta Club Scholarship $1,000 Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship $1,000 Georgia Bone and Joint Scholarship $500 NGHS World Languages Scholarship Laura Kvidt $1,000 NGHS Band Booster Scholarship Ryan Ledford $3500 Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship Avery Longmeyer $3500 Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship Isabella Little FCA Wrestling – Georgia Wrestler of the Year Finalist

Sydney May $500 Starburst Award $250 Eli Holland Scholarship Madison Meadows $500 NGHS Air Force ROTC Scholarship Lam Nguyen $4,000 White Oak Golden K Kiwanis of Newnan Club Joe Adams Memorial Scholarship Jaylin Patterson $1,000 Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship $1,000 Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship Optimist Club of Senoia Scholarship Jordyn Patterson $3500 Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship $1,000 Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship $1,000 Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship $250 Neweta Club of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Incorporated Gertie Perdue Book Award Kingdom Connected Ministries International Scholarship Dion Reid $1,000 D’Tori Crawford Scholarship Conlan Ridgeway The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Cup Hannah Ross $2,000 Pilot Club of Newnan Healthcare Scholarship $1,000 Coweta Sports Hall of Fame Johnny Brown Scholarship Caroline Smith $2,500 White Oak Golden K Kiwanis of Newnan Club Northgate High School Key Club Scholarship Will Stephens $3500 Hunter Scarbrough Lead-

ership Scholarship $1000 Abby’s Angels Foundation Scholarship Erica Swansbrough Coweta Fayette Trust Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship Brianna Whipple $1000 Newnan Shrine Club Scholarship Brittany Williams-Covey $500 Chapter AZ P.E.O. Citizenship Award

a total of $9,000. Joshua Colton – Mississippi State University Old Main Scholarship for $13,500 per year for a total of $54,000. Amelia Davidson – Southern Adventist University Academic Scholarship for $6,000 per year, The Southern Union Scholarship for $3,000 per year and the Lightbearer Scholarship for $2,000 per year for a total of $44,000. Additional college/university Kailyn Eastman – Brigham Young University-Idaho Thomas scholarships Reagan Allen – Oglethorpe Uni- E Ricks Grant for $1,656 per year for a total of $6,624. versity Presidential Scholarship for $22,000 per year for a total of Sydney Farmer – The Chick-filA Leadership Scholarship for $88,000. $2,500. Logan Baker – Mercer UniverAugust Fruechtenicht – Midsity “Lamar Plunkett Scholar” Scholarship for $22,000 per year dle Tennessee State University Lightening Scholarship for for a total of $88,000 Shaylee Bortolazzo – The Savan- $3,000 per year for a total of $12,000. nah College of Art Design Achievement Honors Scholarship Madelyn Gober – Mercer University Adiel Sherwood Acafor $1,500 per year for a total of demic Scholarship for $24,000 $6,000. per year for a total of $96,000. Rylee Campbell – 2021 Olivia Harvey – Bama in Atlanta LaGrange College Presidential Legends Community Service Learning Scholar Scholarship Scholarship for $330 and Bama for $35,320 per year, total of in Atlanta Endowed Scholarship $129,280. Rachel Caylor – Utah State Uni- for $500 for a total of $830. Natalie Heath - University of versity Presidential Scholarship South Carolina Women’s Softfor a total of $47,000. ball Scholarship for $44,500 per Rebecca Caylor – Brigham year for a total of $178,000. Young University Heritage KaDasia Hunt – Jacksonville Scholarship for $5,970 per year State University Gamecock Sucfor a total of $23,880. cess Scholarship for $2,000 per Jasrah Chandler-Fuller – Meryear for a total of $8,000. cer University Academic Merit Scholarship for $16,000 per year Lauren Katzfey – Columbus State University Turner College for a total of $64,000. Abigail Collins – The University of Business Scholarship for $500. Madison Lumpp – Valdosta of West Georgia Leon Massey State University Softball ScholHonors Scholarship for $2,000 arship for $14,290 per year for a per year and the Emerge West Leadership Award for $1,000 for total of $57,160.

Garett Matthews – University of South Carolina Superlative Award for $21,850 per year for a total of $87,400. Autumn Moore – Auburn University Academic Charter Scholarship for $11,000 per year and Auburn University Blanchard H. “Buster” Stallworth Endowed Scholarship for $2,000 for a total of $46,000. Samuel Morgan – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Presidential Scholarship for $16,500 per year and the Men’s Business Excellence Scholarship for $5,000 per year for a total of $86,000. Amanda Price – Shorter University Alfred Shorter Scholarship for $16,785 per year for a total of $67,140. Josiah Quinn – Middle Tennessee State University Presidential Scholarship of $4,500 per year for a total of $18,000. Conlan Ridgeway – Auburn University Academic Heritage Scholarship for $15,000 per year for a total of $60,000. Hannah Ross – LaGrange College Fellow Scholarship for $17,000 per year for a total of $68,000. Brandy Solis Contreras – Jacksonville State University Gamecock Success Scholarship for $4,000 per year for a total of $16,000. Skylar Weeks – Savannah College of Art and Design Academic Honors Scholarship for $12,000 per year for a total of $48,000 Total of community scholarships: $56,500 Total of outside scholarships: $1,411,314 Grand total of scholarships: $1,467,814

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald —15C

NGHS Honors 2021

Abigail Collins

Avery Longmeyer

Angus Heatherman

Brianna Whipple

Austin Bomar

Brittany Williams-Covey

Conlan Ridgeway

Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS® congratulates all students on their accomplishments and its 2021 scholarship recipients!

Dion Reid

Emily Atwood

East Coweta

Emily Haberman Caroline Owusu


Ida Lunsford William Bowles


Jaylin Patterson Jordyn Patterson

16C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

NGHS Honors 2021

Erica Swansbrough

Jaylin Patterson

Lam Nguyen

Madison Meadows

Sydney May

Hannah Ross

Jordyn Patterson

Laura Kvidt

Ryan Ledford

Will Stephens

Isabella Little

Joshua Colton

Logan Estes

Sydney Farmer

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 17C

NGHS Honors 2021

Northgate High School Class of 2021 * Honors ** High Honors ¶ Technical Certificate Valedictorian: William McLane Stephens** Salutatorian: Cassie Huynh** Nathania Adhisty** Joshua David Aicher** Moyosope Arinola Aigebrua* Sidney Jaden Alexander Emma Grace Allen** Reagan Susan Allen* ¶ Lillyan Carol Anders** Dylan Tyler Anderson Malika Jamira-Amina Anderson ¶ Zach Anthony Ansley** Samantha Kaylor Atkinson Emily Nicole Atwood** Beaudin Hill Babcock Brandon Ian Bailey Brennen Ethan Bailey ¶ Haley Elise Bake* ¶ Carson Steve Baker Logan Jeffrey Baker** Virginia Claire AnnElise Baker* David Michael Balboa* Zachary Thomas Barberio* Zachary Lloyd Barineau* Keiana Michelle Barr* ¶ Maggie Scott Bartlett** Thomas Dylan Patterson Bassett Jillian Elizabeth Reese Bates** Mariya Shadae Beasley Gabriel Logan Bennett ¶ Madison Leigh Berni Leah Chantelle Birch* Caleb Kristopher Black Austin William Bomar* Kailyn Laine Borngesser Shaylee Ray Bortolazzo Blake Andrew Bouwman John Michael Brett Mackenzie Leigh Brittain ¶ Lydia Natasha Brooke Jackson Lee Brooks** Kolby Russell Broussard* Cam'Ron Jashun Brown Felix Arellano Brown Kerry Vaughn Brown Lyric Camille Bryant** Carson Paige Bullard** Emma Jamie Burdette** Jackson Allen Andrew Butz* Jordan Isaiah Byrd* Kylie Michelle Callocchio Rylee Grace Campbell** ¶ Chaston Khai Hoan Cao* Lauren Nicole Carlin** Caroline Brooke Carter** Kalin Makel Carter Aaron Penn Cawood Rachel Josephine Caylor** Rebecca Nicole Caylor** Bryan Cervantes Jasrah Divine Chandler-Fuller** Carlie Elizabeth Chastain Jalen Lindell Chatman Dai Wei Chen

Rachel Xiao-Yang Cheng** Victor Anthony Claps Vincent Connery Clark Shelby Jane Clemons** Johnathon Daniel Clifton* Ethan Daniel Coe Ariana Grace Coffman ¶ Abigail Rose Collins** Jayda La'miya Collins Joshua Perez Colton** Rebekah Ann Colver Eva Darlene Cook Grant David Cook* Justin Richard Cook** Karilyn Reese Cook* Alyssa Faith Cooper John Anthony Corcoran Azeria Marchelle Cousin Jeremiah Emanuel Cox Leigh Julianne Cox Cole Everett Cribbs Alexys Jade Crockett Pacey McKenzi Crockett Balmore Isaac Cruz Quinones Matthew Raymond Curtis* ¶ Sarah Jordan Cutts** Carl John Daehler Elizabeth Rachel Daley** Liam James Bradley Daley ¶ Brody Alex Daniels** ¶ Christian Abraham Davalos Amelia Grace Davidson** Madison Paige Davidson Adam Scott Davis ¶ Joseph Paul Debosky Jordan Alan Deese Kaylee Marie DeFluiter Dominic Augustino DeLucia* Seth Brentyn Derk Emily Michelle Devereese* Camren Allissa Devlin* Charles Thomas Dewey George Stewart Dillard, IV Harold Domineck, III NaRu Yakira Domineck** Teyonn Javarise Donaldson Riley Ann Doonan** Charles Anthony Dotson A'Mya Diane Doxie* Jayson Emanuel Dozier Christopher Williams Duarte Inarú Cristal Duarte Rivera** Karla Simone Dunbar Kalixta Easterwood** Kailyn Jennifer Eastman** Christopher Andre Edwards Robert Zane Edwards Preston Nathaniel Ellis* Mason Paul Ernhart Logan Harrison Estes* Jak Hadden Everett Brian Deron Exum, Jr. Angel Savannah Faillo ¶ Emery Claire Faircloth** Sydney Anne Farmer** Shelby Lee Farr Kelsey Antonious Favors, Jr. Anderson Grant Fisher** Joran Tanner Foster** Layla MoKai Frederick August Aaron Fruechtenicht** Elijah RahHim Gamble Eric Alberto

Gamboa-Lagunes Novalee Gabrielle Garcia Romero Emma Grace Gardiner** Jessica Beth Garner** Genna Elizabeth Gentry* ¶ Cole Parker Gerken* Kyle Aaron Gill** Blake Daniel Glancy Madelyn Kate Gober** Ashley Renee Goddard* Kevin Marino Gonzalez Parra* Savannah Ellen Gordon* Chandler Anthony Gossett* Erek Ajanni Graham Lucas Kenneth Graham* Devin Michael Greer** Shannon Rose Grimm** Mia Ann Griswold** Noah David Gullekson** John Kameron Guthrie Kayleigh Brooke Guthrie Mathew Remington Hankinson Michael Wilson Harland Halee Rae Harper ¶ Anna Elisebeth Harris** Kai Jevante Lavelle Harris Rose Joyanna Harris* Olivia Susan Harvey* Chloe Mae Hasting* Alyssa Victoria Haynes Natalie Ann Heath* Angus O'Grady Heatherman** Anna Rose Hennum* Diego H Hernandez** Emily Julia Hightower* Elizabeth Ada Hinely* Michael Christian Hoerger Megan Kathleen Hoffman Virginia Gwen Holbrook** Triston Joel Holden ¶ Stephanie Anne Holldorf** Aashari Sanye Hopper Shamaya Latrice Horn Cole Daniel Houston Layla Abigail Hudge Jazaria Ashari Hudson** Jameson Emmanuel Vaughn Hugh Hunter DeBron Hughes Noah Taylor Humphrey* ¶ Heidi Evelyn Hungerford KaDasia LaTera Hunt Ashfiq Jawad Islam* Thomas William Ivan Daniel Dale Jackson Riley Elizabeth Jenkins* Amiyah Shakira Johnson Matthew James Johnson Matthew Kentrell Johnson** Morgan Elizabeth Johnson Anthony Wayne Jones** Donovan Drake Jones** Hannah Marie Jones* Savannah Katherine Jones Anna Caroline Justice* ¶ Emily Elizabeth Justice* Ramisa Faizah Karim* Lauren Elizabeth Katzfey** Christopher Garrett Kelley Caitlyn Grace Kelly** Courtney Alexis Kelly

¶ Cristen Alyssa Kelly ¶ Lianna Ray Kemp* Zachary Kyle Kempf Taylor Lee Kent Andrew Scott Kerr* Jakob Corbett Kerr* Codi Ann Kiger Travis Michael Killgore, Jr. Steven Dax King ¶ Emily Grace Kinsey** Logan Michael Kirchbaum** Haylee Marie Kirkley** Alyssa Joyce Koch Alexa Kathryn Kronlein** Laura Grace Kvidt** Brandon Michael LaFond Kevin Ngo Le** Andrew Bowden Leach Ryan Hastings Ledford* ¶ Lily Olivia LeSeur Christian Francis Letourneau ¶ Alexander James Lilienthal* Cara Renee Lill* Audrey Elisabeth Lindley ¶ Preston John Lindros Isabella Marie Little* Meredith Clark Lodge** Mireille Sue Lofquist** Avery Elizabeth Longmeyer* Bryson Robert Longo ¶ Melissa Lopez ¶ Maria Alejandra Lopez Carrillo** Jorge Rigoberto Lopez Cruz Lane Bradley Love Ryan Harrison Loving ¶ Ellis Austin Lowery Madison McKenzie Lumpp Nicholas Valentino Malone Yessica Tiesha Malone Madeline Paige Mans** Kailey Noel Mardis** Julia Elyse Mathwig** Garett Cooper Matthews** Yohance Akil Matthews Sydney Kay May* Cameron John Maycumber Faith Danielle McClanahan LaKeshaun Michelle McClarity Jada Sweet McCombs Jaboris Terell McGhee Dalton Patrick McGowan* James Michael McLarty Lauren Louise McNeal* Madison Danielle Meadows Colin Patrick Medlen* Ronnie Dean Meeks Zane Bhavin Mehta** Mackenzie Paige Mercer** Benjamin Caleb Meyerson Kyndle Jamese Middlebrooks Ryan Alexander Miller Autumn Hartwell Emory Moore** Dessie Mckenna Moore Kyle Andrew Moore Lacy Renee Moore* Samuel Asa Morgan** Tyler William Morgan Bianca Nicole Morrissey* ¶ Sabrina Milan Mosto** Marissa Rose Mulley ¶ Logan Emory Mullins Jack Henry Myzhevych Jesús Merari Najera

Kevin Rashad Neely* Layne Kathryn Newton* Lam Thanh Ngoc Nguyen** Braden Luke Nixon ¶ Joshua Tyler Nooks** Samantha Grace Olvey** Leonard Shynas Outland Mason Antonino Parisi ¶ William Conner Parkman Nashantie Jaianna Parks MichaelAnn Brittain Patafio Trisha M Patel** Jaylen Jamaal Patrick Jaylin Alissa Patterson** Jordyn Marie Patterson** Delaney Wray Patton Haley Marie Patton Isabella Liani Payano ¶ Jayden Christopher Pennington * ¶ William Alan Pesch** Tanner Nathaniel Phillips Tavanh JonathanBurke Pittenger** William Taylor Poindexter** Morganne Yonta Poujol** Amanda Grace Price** Kaitlyn Grace Pruitt** Kirsten Renee Puc Josiah Scott Quinn** Monica AnnMarie Rackley Sarah Jane Rafter* Sydney Rae Ramthun Jackson Tyler Randolph* Jade Mun Rayman Christina Nicolle Reagan** Rebecca Paige Reams Jada Brooke Reaves Emily Ann Reed** Dion Jevontae Reid Robbie Dion Reid, Jr. Skylar Kaylei Reifschneider** Catalina Theresia Reisinger ¶ Christian Evan Reisinger* Triston Armando Renteria Anna Grace Richard* Sebastian Bailey Richardson ¶ Conlan Paul Ridgeway** Remington Thomas Riggins Jordan Ichiro Robertson Jenna Charlene Robinson Warren Elliott Robison** Laura Elizabeth Rodriguez** Nolan Michael Rogers Hannah Grace Ross** ¶ Lesly Liliana Rubio Gomez Andrea Lizbeth Rubio-Villa** Tristan Lee Rucker** Ana Grace Rudny Barrett Brant Ryan Ashlyn Christina Samples Jewel Elizabeth Sanders Gabriel Saray-Gonzalez** Brenna Claire Schexnayder** Hayden William Schulz** Melody-Joy Elise Scimeca* Ethan Thomas Scott Jenifer Nicole Sedgwick Mason Parks Shell* Graham Lovick Shepard ¶ Kayleigh Amelia Sherrod

Alexis Gail Shields Ashton Elizabeth Sims** Briana Nicole Singh Brandon Lee Smith Caroline Augusta Smith** Corbin Lane Smith* Gabrielle Lynn Smith** Holden Daniel Smith Jace Daniel Smith Joshua Rynard Smith Brandy Gisselle Solis Contreras* Troy Eugene Spivey, Jr. Elisabeth Joyce Spradlin** Luke Alan Staples Andrew John Stefan** Tia Marie Stephens* John Lawrence Stiles Marilyn Kaye Stone Cameron James Strahler, Jr. Kathryn Bell Strickland Robert Tucker Styes* Geraldine Andrea Suarez* Allen Chance Swafford Erica Ya Hao Swansbrough** Trevor Matthew Swenson* ¶ Khayla Marie Taylor Victoria Lynn Taylor* Cooper Allen Taylor Dillon Michael Terrell Ashanti' Tiara Nichole Thomas Dylan Michael Thomas* ¶ Jamarcus Trevor Thomas Ethan David Thompson Judah Scott Thompson Tanner Chase Thompson** Malcolm Jamal Tidwell Tyler LaSean Tisdel* Michael Blake Trammell Eric Luan Trinh* Daniel Aldo Troyano** Savannah Elizabeth Tucak-Webb** Jackson Lee Tutterow Jodi Elizabeth Tuxbury** Anthony Eugene Tynes, III Kyra Elaine Uys Megan Elizabeth Valentino** Valeria Berenice Vazquez Luke Dylan Vega** Kylie Brooke Vernon** Landen Carl Victer* Bayley Alyssice Wade* Camden Elijah Washington Gwendolyn Claire Wathen** Mackenzie Nicole Watt* Caroline Grace Webb** Skylar Makenna Weeks** Dustin Arthur Weir Hanna Lee Wessells** Brianna Marie Whipple** Austin Scott White ¶ Ty Daniel White* ¶ Wade Thompson Wiggins, Jr. ¶ Kiersten Taylor Williams** Brittany Brianca Williams-Covey** Collin Robert Wimer Ashley Lauren Woodie Sarah Mashelle Woodle Alissa Lynn Woods Quintan Lawrance Woods Sarah Nicole Yarborough Megan Elizabeth Yoder* Jacob Michael Zawacki**

18C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 19, 2021

NGHS Honors 2021

Northgate special recognitions GIFTED GRADUATES Nathania Adhisty Joshua Aicher Emma Allen Reagan Allen Lillyan Anders Zach Ansley Virginia Baker David Balboa Zachary Barineau Maggie Bartlett Jillian Bates Jackson Brooks Kolby Broussard Lyric Bryant Carson Bullard Jackson Butz Rylee Campbell Lauren Carlin Rachel Caylor Rebecca Caylor Shelby Clemons Johnathon Clifton Abigail Collins Eva Cook Sarah Cutts Liam Daley Brody Daniels Jordan Deese George Dillard NaRu Domineck Riley Doonan Inaru Duarte Christopher Edwards Emery Faircloth Joran Foster August Fruechtenicht Shannon Grimm Mia Griswold Noah Gullekson Anna Harris Rose Harris Angus Heatherman Elizabeth Hinely Megan Hoffman Virginia Holbrook Stephanie Holldorf Cassie Huynh Riley Jenkins Anthony Jones Donovan Jones Emily Kinsey

Alexa Kronlein Laura Kvidt Meredith Lodge Avery Longmeyer Ryan Loving Madeline Mans Garett Matthews Colin Medlen Mackenzie Mercer Autumn Moore Lacy Moore Samuel Morgan Lam Nguyen Samantha Olvey Jayden Pennington William Pesch Tavanh Pittenger William Poindexter Kaitlyn Pruitt Josiah Quinn Christina Reagan Skylar Reifschneider Anna Richard Conlan Ridgeway Warren Robison Laura Rodriguez Gabriel Saray-Gonzalez Hayden Schulz Ashton Sims Gabrielle Smith Elisabeth Spradlin William Stephens Ethan Thompson Tyler Tisdel Eric Trinh Daniel Troyano Jodi Tuxbury Megan Valentino Gwendolyn Wathen Caroline Webb Hanna Wessells Ashley Woodie Jacob Zawacki

BETA CLUB Lillyan Anders Emily Atwood Logan Baker Jillian Bates Kailyn Borngesser Jackson Brooks Emma Burdette Lauren Carlin

Caroline Carter Rachel Caylor Rebecca Caylor Shelby Clemons Abigail Collins Rachel Cheng Joshua Colton Karilyn Cook Sarah Cutts Emily Devereese Riley Doonan Kailyn Eastman Jessica Garner Madelyn Gober Shannon Grimm Anna Harris Angus Heatherman Anna Hennum Emily Hightower Stephanie Holldorf Cassie Huynh Anthony Jones Anna Justice Emily Justice Lauren Katzfey Emily Kinsey Haylee Kirkley Laura Kvidt Kevin Le Alexander Lilianthal Cara Lill Avery Longmeyer Kailey Mardis Julia Mathwig Sydney May Zane Mehta Autumn Moore Lam Nguyen Samantha Olvey Jaylin Patterson Jordyn Patterson William Pesch William Poindexter Morganne Poujol Amanda Price Emily Reed Conlan Ridgeway Warren Robison Hannah Ross Tristan Rucker Gabriel Saray-Gonzalez Hayden Schulz Ashton Sims Caroline Smith

Gabrielle Smith Brandy Solis Contreras William Stephens Erica Swansbrough Megan Valentino Gwendolyn Wathen Hannah Wessels Brianna Whipple Megan Yoder

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Nathania Adhisty Emma Allen Lillyan Anders Emily Atwood Logan Baker Jillian Bates Jackson Brooks Carson Bullard Emma Burdette Jackson Butz Chaston Cao Lauren Carlin Caroline Carter Rachel Caylor Rebecca Caylor Rachel Cheng Shelby Clemons Abigail Collins Joshua Colton Karilyn Cook Sarah Cutts Amelia Davidson Riley Doonan Kailyn Eastman Sydney Farmer Jessica Garner Madelyn Gober Shannon Grimm Noah Gullekson Anna Harris Olivia Harvey Angus Heatherman Anna Hennum Elizabeth Hinely Stephanie Holldorf Cassie Huynh Anthony Jones Lauren Katzfey Haylee Kirkley Alexis Kronlein Laura Kvidt

Gabriel Saray-Gonzalez Hayden Schulz Ashton Sims Caroline Smith Gabrielle Smith Brandy Solis Contreras William Stephens Geraldine Suarez Erica Swansbrough Victoria Taylor Daniel Troyano Jodi Tuxbury Megan Valentino Mackenzie Watt Hanna Wessells Brianna Whipple Megan Yoder

STEM GRADUATES Lillyan Anders Zachary Barineau Jackson Brooks Rylee Campbell Rachel Caylor Rebecca Caylor Justin Cook Angus Heatherman Anthony Jones Emily Kinsey Logan Kirchbaum Joshua Nooks William Poindexter Skylar Reifschneider Conlan Ridgeway Hayden Schulz William Stephens Megan Valentino

AP SCHOLARS Emma Allen Virginia Baker Jackson Brooks Carson Bullard Rachel Cheng Shelby Clemons Jonathan Clifton Justin Cook Sarah Cutts Riley Doonan Emery Faircloth Riley Jenkins Caitlyn Kelly

Emily Kinsey Logan Kirchbaum Alexa Kronlein Laura Kvidt Skylar Reifschneider Warren Robison Erica Swansbrough Megan Valentino Kiersten Williams Jacob Zawacki

AP SCHOLARS WITH HONOR Lillyan Anders Lauren Carlin Anna Harris William Pesch Tavanh Pittenger Christina Reagan Ashton Sims Gwendolyn Wathen

AP SCHOLARS WITH DISTINCTION Rachel Caylor Rebecca Caylor Abigail Collins Angus Heatherman Cassie Huynh Anthony Jones Zane Mehta Lam Nguyen Samantha Olvey William Poindexter Conlan Ridgeway Hayden Schulz Caroline Smith Gabrielle Smith William Stephens

CLASS OF 2021 OFFICERS Abigail Rose Collins, President Brianna Marie Whipple, Vice President Caroline Augusta Smith, Secretary Gabrielle Lynn Smith, Public Relations

Congratulations Graduates CLASS OF 2021

Georgia Bone and Joint Celebrates With You!