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Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 1C

East Coweta High School

Student honors 2020

• East Coweta virtual awards • Photos honors graduates • A letter from Principal Allen

East Coweta High School Student Honors 2020 Published by The Newnan Times-Herald Saturday, June 13, 2020

Photos courtesy of East Coweta Bob Shapiro, and Rebecca Leftwich Honors night photos are available for purchase online at photos.times-herald.com

We are lights BY HOPE HAZELTON ECHS Valedictorian

Good morning, seniors, teachers, and families. Before I begin, there are several thanks I need to give, first and foremost to God, who is before all things and holds all things together. To my Mama, Papa, and brother, who taught me love from the beginning, and always embraced and supported who I am. To Mr. Young, Mr. Sewell, Mrs. Bowles, Madame Poling and Madame Barber, Mrs. Byrnes, Mrs. Milam, Mrs. Pater, and Dr. Pompeo, who have not only been impactful teachers in my life, but who are also people I aspire to be like. When I first learned I would be delivering this year’s valedictorian address, I was daunted by the task. Though I’ve always enjoyed public speaking, I found myself fretting over every little thing that could go wrong. Would I stumble over the words? Would I tear up in the middle of the speech? Would I be able to find the right things to say? Now, after everything that has happened in the past two months, those fears seem oddly mundane and distant. I almost miss them. They were a part of normalcy, just like braving the Brantley intersection or, if you’re like me, feeling anxious about finding a parking spot at EC in the morning. It’s strange to say goodbye, especially when the end of our time in high school arrived unannounced and unanticipated. When I think about the current situation, the word “overwhelming” is the first to come to mind. Ironically, that same word harkens back to a special memory. One night in late December, I found myself compelled to step onto the back porch, into the cold and darkness. No coat, no socks. Biting wind. It was something that ought to have been miserable; however, my eyes wandered upward. It was a clear night, and the sky was speckled with stars. I looked straight up, into the expanse. It was so...vast. Beneath it I became aware of just how small I was, and for a moment I marvelled at the fact I wasn’t crushed. The sensation was overwhelming, but there was no panic. Instead, I felt peace in my heart, as though the great expanse

had wrapped itself around me and cradled me like a child. Today, as we face something immense, I recall that peace. Even in darkness, our spirits can find calm, comfort, and certainty. Be stubborn. In times like this, a smile is a victory. I think there’s something to be said for the human spirit. It endures. It comes out of hardship stronger than it was before. Class of 2020, I encourage you to keep your head up. Though we may be entering a world that is different, there are some things that cannot be altered. For one, the world is ripe with beautiful things. You can find art in everything you see. Music in everything you touch. As we graduate and prepare to enter adult life, I implore you not to lose a child’s sense of wonder. There’s power in it. Just as there’s power in the love of those around us, in togetherness. These are other things that will not be changed. Our time at East Coweta will be something I always treasure. These past four years have been filled with learning and growth, but also with little moments I’m sure many of us, myself included, initially took for granted. Like waving hello and goodbye to our teachers. Hearing Chief Allen tell us he loves us during the morning announcements. Cheering on our teams and chanting with our band. Laughing, and crying, at the Echostage shows. Cramming for a test with friends at lunch. Group hugs, group prayers. These memories are precious. They hold a special place in the core of experiences that makes us who we are, and that made us ECHS. Today is the start of something new. It may not look or feel the way we expected, but that in no way invalidates all that we’ve accomplished to reach this moment. The time has come for us to gather up everything we’ve learned, and take our first steps into our futures. Though the next big adventure is always an exciting prospect, there’s a certain melancholy to leaving our adolescence behind. A common piece of advice offered when someone is feeling sad is to let go. I say hold on. Hold on to the friendships, the silliness, the days that were special, the days that were ordinary. Hold on, and be at peace. The memories won’t abandon you. Class of 2020, the world is a dark place right now. Together, bound and strengthened by our time as high school students, we are lights. Thank you.

Grow from the ashes BY JOSHUA WHITE ECHS Salutatorian

Graduation Speech, Social Distancing Edition, take 459. The number one thing we’ve learned as students at ECHS is that the hallways are too narrow. The most dangerous place at school was the Longstreet-Brantley intersection during class change. Now, the hallways are empty and have been for months. An invisible, sinister threat lurks in the hallways: COVID-19. March 12 was a normal Thursday, and then, suddenly, on Friday the 13th, school was gone (spooky). What I miss most about school is the people. Sitting with my friends at lunch. Cracking jokes in the middle of English class (to the dismay of Mrs. Byrnes). If you were dual enrolled like me, class continued at home. By the time this speech airs, I’ll have had 8 math classes, which is way too many for any sane, reasonable person. When solving math problems, there are a variety of approaches. Often, you can plug something into a formula and use logic to get the correct answer. However, some problems are not as straightforward. You have to throw metaphorical spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. Real life problems are a lot like that. Sometimes there is a logical answer, but as humans are famously illogical, sometimes there is a lot of pasta on the floor. When you are trying to make decisions, there’s a lot of information out there, and not all of it is true. As our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, once said: “Not everything you read on the internet is true.” There are real consequences to believing in misinformation. For example, some people believe there is a link between vaccines and autism. Although this has been discredited by multiple scientific studies, some parents still skip vaccinating their children. Vaccination has eradicated measles in America; however, cases are occasionally brought back in from people who

have travelled abroad. Specifically, in 2017, a Minnesota community with previously high vaccination rates listened to misinformation and stopped getting the MMR vaccine. This led to an outbreak of measles, 65 cases. Although there were no deaths, the research of Dr. Michael Mina, an professor of epidemiology at Harvard, says measles causes the immune system to “forget” diseases it has already fought. What I am saying here is that we need to listen to science, because when we don’t, people get hurt. With a global pandemic lurking, it is important, now more than ever, to listen to science, and the science says to stay inside and away from people when possible. So what do you do when you are staying away from people? Do you use social media or play video games all day, only stopping for food and bathroom breaks? Yeah, me too - wait I accidentally said the truth - NO No don't do that. While it seems like we have nothing useful to do, we can better ourselves. For example, I’m learning how to cook. Last week I made some hamburgers with homemade buns for family dinner. Not to flex but they were pretty tasty. Next time, I’m making spaghetti with homemade garlic bread. Here’s the part of my speech where I thank people. Thank you mom and dad, without you, this speech wouldn’t exist. My dad taught me how to read and my mom kicked my tail for 4 nights straight trying to get me to write this speech. Thank you to my teachers, it’s very hard to be salutatorian without being taught. Specifically, I’d like to thank Mrs. Bowles, Mrs. Milam, Mr. Young, Mme Barber, Mrs. Byrnes and Dr. Pompeo, you were some of the best teachers I’ve had. I’d also like to give a shoutout to all the nerds I hang out with, you know who you are. Class of 2020, we were born around 9/11 and are heading out into the world during a global pandemic. Certainly, our school year ended unexpectedly. It may seem like this year went up in smoke, but here’s some science for you: the ashes of a forest fire serve as ideal fertilizer for new growth. So out of the ashes of the pandemic comes our future. College, Jobs, Families, a chance to make a difference. So take your spaghetti and throw it at some walls.


Congratulations 2020


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2C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 13, 2020

ECHS Honors 2020

East Coweta additional scholarships BRAYLEE MARSTON: Abby’s Angels Scholarship JOSIE BATCHELOR: Coweta County Farm Bureau Scholarship TOMAIYA STAFFORD: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Sandra Hoggs Hinton Scholarship; Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship; Lavinia Barron Rosenzweig Scholarship; LOGAN FRADY: Johnny Brown Coweta Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship; Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Leadership Scholarship

MILITARY COMMITMENTS/ RECRUITS National Guard: Corey Bridges, Jessica Calderon, Deserae Herrera and Nicholas Neese. U.S. Marine Corps: Bridget Black, Caden Cassise, Colton Morrill and Sherman Storey. U.S. Army: Matthew Baena, Elmer Berganza, Zach Faulk, Jade Gregory, Cristo Olea Gonzalez, Quinton Hill, Anastasia Lamb, Leah Stambough and Dana Strickland. U.S. Navy: Christopher Floyd, Roland Gray, Lillian Huffman, Cheyenne Oberly and Nicholas Walker.

VICTORIA BEIL: Coweta-Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Scholarship; White Oak Key Club Scholarship; Hunter Scarbrough Foundation Leadership Scholarship; Rotary Cup; AJC Cup; Cole Croteau Memorial “Soles for Cole” Scholarship JAISON RENDER: Jolie Femmes Civic Club Scholarship; NEWETA Scholarship MEGAN HENLEY: White Oak Golden K Kiwanis Club of Newnan Scholarship

MERCER UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS Caison Byers: $19,000 Jamyah Combs: $19,000 Alexander Couch: $22,000 (engineering) Kyla Hudson: $26,000 (Jesse Mercer Scholarship) Jose Laso: $22,000 Amber Ridenhour: $19,000 Nytasja Sanders: $19,000 Caroline Zueck: $26,000 (Jesse Mercer Scholarship) JACKSONVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS (Renewable annually) Zane Feltman: Gamecock

AALIYAH PHILLIPS: Wind Beneath My Wings Scholarship SIENA MIYAMURA: Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship CAROLINE ZUECK: Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship TREVION SINKFIELD: Orchettes Civic and Social Club Scholarship; Andre Jackson Memorial Initiative Literature Grant MORGAN CARR: ADK Luta Williams/Joann Underwood Scholarship; Jim Nations Senoia

Optimist Club Scholarship; Samuel T. Morris Scholarship/Rotary Club of Senoia; Clothes Less Traveled Scholarship; Newnan-Fairburn Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Scholarship; Dr. Gary Howard Memorial Scholarship RACHEL BEAUMONT: Coweta Association of Retired Educators Scholarship TIA INGRAM: Georgia Bone & Joint Scholarship; Pilot Club of Newnan, Inc.; Greater Jehovah Baptist Usher Board

Scholarship JOANNA BOBAN: Student Ambassador Impact Award; Kiwanis Club of Newnan Key Club Scholarship AMELIA MCINNIS: Student Ambassador Impact Award HAYDEN HASKINS: Newnan Shrine Club Scholarship LACEY LOGGINS: Alfred (Al) Brack Memorial Scholarship SOPHIA STEADMAN: Georgia Citizenship P.E.O. Scholarship SAVANNAH MOS-

LEY: Georgia Citizenship P.E.O. Scholarship ASHLYN WHITE: Wi-Band Civic Club Scholarship ARTHER BALL: Wi-Band Civic Club Scholarship MERCEDES MITCHELL: Wi-Band Civic Club Scholarship JOLEECIA GRESHAM: Coweta Citizenship P.E.O. Scholarship CHLOE TOMLINSON: West Georgia Technical College Board of Directors Scholarship

$2,500 Sadie Buckalew: Auburn University Academic Charter Scholarship, $44,000 (four years) Morgan Carr: University of Georgia CAES Scholarship, $1,000; Chick-filA Leadership Scholarship, $2,500; Knights of Columbus Scholarship, $1,000 ADDITIONAL Logan Frady: East GeorACADEMIC gia State University CorSCHOLARSHIPS rell Scholars Program, Kaitlynn Alford: $20,000 (four years) Oglethorpe University Evelyn Gamble: ChickPresidential Scholarfil-A Leadership Scholarship with Recognition, ship, $2,500 $92,000 (four years) Kylie Grover: TrinVictoria Beil: Univerity Western University sity of West Georgia President’s Scholarship, Leon Massey and UWG $6,000 Opportunity Scholarship, Megan Henley: Univer-

sity of West Georgia Presidential Scholarship, $16,000 (four years) Madison Hole: Berry College Academic Scholarship, $80,000 (four years); Berry College Competitive Award, $8,000 (four years Jessica Hutchins: Georgia Southern University Honors Program/Presidents’ Scholarship, $500; On-Campus Housing Scholarship, $3,600 Jackson Irvin: Young Harris College Sharp Scholarship, $76,000 (four years) Ivey Thomas: Presbyterian College Academic Scholarship, $88,000 (four years) Jessica Kauffman: Wof-

ford College Merit Scholarship, $76,000 (four years) Nicolas Peterson: Piedmont College Presidential Scholarship, $64,000 (four years) Hannah Rolls: University of Georgia Charter Scholarship, $8,000 (four years) Keegan Rich: University of New Orleans Provost Scholarship, $16,000 (four years) Tyler Roberts: Watkins College of Art Merit Scholarship Award, $19,200 (four years) Hannah Schwartz: Auburn University True Blue Scholarship, $22,000 (four years)

Grant, $1,000 Olivia Fields: Gamecock Grant, $1,000 Jacob Gabriel: Gamecock Pride, $2,500 Madison Lecuona: Gamecock Pride, $2,500 Caroline Lively: Gamecock Pride, $3,500 Brookelyn Still: Gamecock Spirit, $2,000

Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 3C

ECHS Honors 2020

Aaliyah Phillips

Braylee Marston

Amelia McInnis

Caroline Zueck

Arther Ball

Hayden Haskins

Joanna Boban

Joleecia Gresham

Josie Batchelor

Logan Frady

Megan Henley

Mercedes Mitchell

Ashlyn White

Jaison Render

Lacey Loggins

Morgan Carr

4C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 13, 2020

ECHS Honors 2020

Savannah Mosley

Rachel Beaumont

Tia Ingram

Tomaiya Stafford

Sophia Steadman

Siena Miyamura

Trevion Sinkfield

Victoria Beil

East Coweta High School Class of 2020 *Honors **High Honors **Valedictorian: Hope Elizabeth Hazelton **Salutatorian: Joshua Caleb White Gabriel Godfrey Abdul Elijah Kiewan Adams Kendall Lee Adams *Olivia Danielle Adams Jadie Renae Adkins *Lillian Alice Agan Jamari Marcione Alford **Kaitlynn Wryn Alford Karretha Levette Alford *Matthew Alexander Allen Nathan Christopher Allison Ava Nour Al-Ostta **Ainsley Marie Alrutz George Junior Alvarez Ortega Christian Anton Andersen Alazia Armani Anderson **Carrie Kathryn Anderson Casey Raye Anderson Emonnee Deserae' Anderson **Maxfield Brennan Anderson Spencer Thomas Arambula-Farrar Dalton Levi Arnold Treindya Chynasia Arnold Angelina Victoria Arvelo Taylor Mason Aubuchon Ekpenyong Anthony The Austin Jamell Lancell Austin Matthew Joseph Baena *Cierra Nicole Bailey *Christina Nicole Baker Arther Zachariah Ball *Jarel Jordan Ball Natasha Alexia Barrett *Josie Danielle Batchelor *Elizabeth Grace Battaglia **Rachel Louise Beaumont **Katherine Bedolla *Edward Timmothy Beechler **Victoria Denise Beil Harry Trey Belcastro **Jakim Rashawn Belton Riley Grace Benkert **Mallory Ann Bennett **Destini Alaya Benning Elmer Alexander Berganza *Katrinna Maria Bergh Landon John Berry Timothy O'Neal Berry Jared Stephen Blackburn Aalirah Gierra Blackshear **Bridget Renee Blalock *Brian Justin Bland **Reagan Franziska Bloedt Camren David Boatright **Joanna Varghese Boban Christopher Daniel Bodiford *Sydney Brooke Boggs *Anna Joy Bolden Zadrac Jeynnel Borrali Cosme *Sydney Michele Bowden **Zoee Charidan Alexsa Boyd *Branden Robert Boykin Mi'Reya Ayanna Boykin *Hunter Riley Bradberry Madison Lynn Brathwaite Emma Kate Brannon *Mackenzie Leigh Brawner Corey Jordan Bridges *Katherine Faith Brimer Thomas Hamilton Britt Jada Nicole Brock Corey Rylin Brooks Dalton Wyatt Brooks Baylee Grayson Brown *Mai Christine Brown *Gwyneth Hudson Bryan **Sadie Jewell Buckalew Ashley Elizabeth Bullington Austin Ryan Bunn *Lily Michelle Buquoi *Jamil Amir Burch Alivia Eden Burgess *Jacob Allen Burgess Ni're Gabriell Burroughs Davin Lee Burton

Mary Blythe Bush *Romari Anthyvious Malik Bush Chyanne Jonten'ea Bussie Caison Leigh Byars Joseline Caballero Oscar Andres Caballero-Ibanez **Jessica Yannette Calderon Morgan James Callahan *Ashleigh Elizabeth Campbell Elsy Valezka Canales **Taylor Christina Caprio Elijah James Carman **Morgan Catherine Carr **Andrew Reid Carson *Caleb William Cashion Caden David Cassise Destiny Leila Castillo Skylar Cheyenne Cato Victora Angel-elina Cayetano Emiliano Cazares Alejandro Cervantes Sebastian Stephen Chaffin *Allison Marie Chase Jeffery JB Lee Cherry Adrianna Lea Cialone Ty Owen Claman **Ethan Michael Clark Marcus Aurelius Clark Hunter Trace Clay **Jackson Wicker Cliett *Faith Kehuan Clifford Hunter Maxwell Cluelow Cameron Parker Cobb Madeline Grace Cobb *Brett Houston Cody Devin Adair Coffey Rachael Ansley Cole *Sera Elizabeth Cole *Ariel Rae Collie Ravin Gabrielle Collie Jordan Leeanna Colson Piercston Jamal Colton Skaydasia Prencise Colton *Noa Christine Colvin **Jamyah Janise Combs *Bryce Ethan Conrey **Ethan Langford Copeland Isaiah Walter Copeland *Alison Arlet Cortez Vidal Kailee Nicholl Costley **Alexander Edward Couch Preston Hunter Couch *Alyssa Marie Countryman Abigail Renee Cox **Aileen Margaret Cox *Kaylie Paige Crammer Malcolm Sterling Craven Zeremiah O'Myri Crayton **Braelin Elizabeth Creel Donnie James Criswell Lauren Nicole Crowley Lindsey Michelle Crowley *Jordyn Marie Crumbley Sugheyth Monserratt Cruz Georgie Zaven Keli'i Dalman **Shaleah Jendayi Daniel *Deven Jabril Daniels-Holmes *Emily Rose Darnell **Jordan Elizabeth Darrow Aunnia Shakalien Davenport **Jaylia Janae Davis Monderrius Terrez Davis Sean Paul-jacob Dejesus Michele Valentino Del Vecchio *David Andrew Deligne Ashton Cain DeLoach Monye' Simone Demps Demetrius Daquan Dennis Elizabeth Gale DeRocha Riley Thomas Dettmering Zachary Hunter Devlin Denny Arnulfo Diaz *Marisa Grace Diaz Elijah Kolt Divido Benjamin James Donnelly Kyle Lester Dorsett *Makhiya Brianna Dorsey *Mikayla Kaeteas-Ari Douglas Alyssa Lee Downey McKenzie Ruth Drake *Noah Clark DuCharme

**Erin Daley Duckwall **Mckenzie Murphy Duffessy **Ansley Lynn Duffey *Hunter Blake Duncan Teresa Lynn Duncan **Anna Katherine Durden Joshua Caleb Eason Brianna Daniella Eichman Jaliyah Alexis Elder *Keva Iralyn Elder Christian Jordan Elliott *Angel Samone Emory Diana Escobedo Huesca *John Clarence Escosio Alexis Chavez Estudillo Brendon Philippe Exler Zachary Austin Faulk *Jose Edgardo Feliciano **Tyler Mackenzie Felmet *Zane Samuel Feltman *Olivia Sinclair Fields *Victoria Ann Fisher Halel Fleming Sarah Elizabeth Fletcher Jared Matthew Flowers Christopher Ellis Floyd Tanner Quinn Floyd Kate Sarah Foley Lilly Alexandra Fouty Deja Jakia Fowler *Logan Avery Frady Kylie Jo Frazier **Jeremiah Jacob Freed *Alycia Cheyenne Freeman Anna Claire Freeman Rebekah Lacey Fryer *Evan James Fuller Kailee Marie Fuller Bethany Gayle Furbush Jacob Daniel Gabriel Colby Scott Galladay *Evelyn Lee Gamble Keshun Ikaiyus Gamble *Sean William Gannon Lidia Isabel Garcia Jordan Murray Gardenour Madison Revona Garrett *Hannah Victoria Gazan **Devin Clement Gelband Hannah Marie George Marissa Eilleen Gilbert Shelly Alyssa Giles Jana Denise Gills Matthew Giraldo *Logan Maxwell Goddard Cyrus Isaiah Enrique Gomez Arturo Gonzalez Taina Vanessa Gonzalez Timothy Dale Gonzalez *Valeska Colindres Gonzalez Dylan Hayden Goodman Trent Goodnight Denali Remell Gordon Shunra Nathaniel Gordon Sophia Rose Gordon Tytiona Ladejah Gordon Hannah Grace Granauro Ashlyn Asharia Gray Natravious Malik Gray Roland Jamez Gray David Vincent Greco **Madison Renee Greenberg Jade Evon Gregory *Joleecia Elizabeth Gresham *Milon Isaiah Greubel *Nicholas John Grimaldi **Kylie Ann Grover Simon Guan **Ansley Grace Gunter **Nancy Abigail Gutierrez Tyviona Zamoria Hall *Da Eun “Sophia” Han *Alice Sophia Handweker Vel Handwerker *Kinsley Olivia Hannon Kristopher Bazil Hardin Oscar Adriel Hardin *Andi LeAnne Hardy **Kyle Robert Harkabus Brendan Reid Harris Caleb Lamont Harris *Dreanna Wesley Harris *Eric Niwann Harris **Mizuki Carl Harvey James Hayden Graham Haskins

*Christian Nathaniel Hatzo Madison Alexandra Elizabeth Hauser Anthony Jerod Hawes **Jerome Nesean Hawes Kelsy Brooke Hayes Laycia Marshay Hearn **Mackenzie Raye Heath Daniel Joseph Hemphill Desmond Jamal Henderson Justyn Kyle Henderson Sylvester Lou'Anthony Henderson **Megan Leah Henley **Deserae Lane Herrera Abigayle Rose Hill Avery Braden Hill *Bailey Madison Hill Myquel Lashae Hill Quinton Marcelus Hill Madison Logan Lindsey Hinton

Savannah Grace Hitchens *Antino Montae Hogan **Madison Isobel Hole *Kaela Elisabeth Holland **Lauren Anne Hollenbeck Joshua Christopher Holm *Randi Danielle Holmes Devan Jeremiah Holston Courtney Angelique Hopkins *Jacob Colton Howell **Kyla Nicole Hudson Irving Alberto Huendo Verdusco *Lillian Hope Huffman Aniyah Deshae Hunter Christopher Kayne Hunter **Oran Logan Hurst **Brianna Marie Hutcheson **Jessica Lauren Hutchins Steven Ngoc Huynh *Tia Sarai Ingram *Jackson David Irvin

Garrett James Ivey Christian Joseph Jackson Jebrandan Alex Jackson Quinton Markeith Jefferson Michelle Renae Jennings *Alison Kenly Jezek Yuselmi Cruz Jimenez Eric Jimenez Bonola **Emily Claire Jimerson Anaejah Tiyuna Johnson Ciera Anne Johnson Hailey Shay Johnson *Konner Liam Johnson Timothy Elijah Johnson Nicholas Martin Johnston Adrianna Nicole Jones Adrienne Michelle Jones Destiny Lynn Jones **Isaac Spencer Jones Sebrashia Dominique Jones **Tucker Emilio Jones **Jessica Mae Kauffman Continued on page 5C

s n o i t a l u t a r Cong

Class of 2020

Integrity + Experience = Matrix • W. Kirby Arnall, CLU • Rick O. Mercer, AAI • Otis F. Jones III, AAI • Lori Wray, AAI • Gary L. Wright, AAI • Hanson R. Powell, AAI • Mark Sanders, Agent

77 Jefferson Parkway (Newnan Branch)

3111 Hwy. 34 East

(Thomas Crossroads Branch)



Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 5C

ECHS Honors 2020 East Coweta High School Class of 2020 continued **Jordan Christopher Kenty Benjamin Torres Killingsworth **Min Hyuk Kim Natalie Michelle Kirby *Khobe Mikah Knight *Caroline Louise Korner **Yoshinobu Caleb Koyama Cameron Michael Krass **Carly Jean Krauth **Madalyn Jeanette Kreher Michael Alexander Kreher **Stephen Daniel Kupfer Summer Elise Lacy David Owen LaGuardia Anastasia Paisley Lamb *Joseph Andrew Lanave Gabriel Justin Langston **Jose Rafael Laso Karah Jade Lassetter Tyler Terrell Lathon Kyrsten Faith Law Madison Marie Lecuona Amanda Summer Lee **Sunyoung Lee Travis Hunter Lee Grace Keegan Lehmann Alyssa Tiuanna Leon Noah Mikhael Ray Lester **Ava Caroline Lewis *Dylan Robert Lewis *Peyton Alexandria Lewis Terrance Maurice Lightner David Matthew Lindler Luke Anthony Lindsey Orville Tamu Lindsey *Kayla Marie Linenger **Taylor Jordan Litteral **Caroline Elisabeth Lively **Landree Ashton Livermore **Walter Rashad Lloyd *Madison Grace Lo Galbo **Lacey Lynn Loggins **Jordyn Temple Lohr Brooke Rosalee Long Dane Alexander Long **Melody Gabriela Lopez **McKenna Marie Lowin Zavion Andres Lucero-Fulmore Jose Fernando Luna-Alcala *Juan Carlos Luna-Alcala *Hannah Mae Suzanne Lyle **Sara Elizabeth Susan Lyle *Marcus Joseph Mack Austin Steve Wayne Maddron Jake Patrick Madison *Chelsea Makayla Mahone Dylan Maldonado De La Trinidad **Zachary Edward Maleski-Becker **Elijah Allen Maples Carlos Edward Marabotto **Jazmine Alicia Marno Kyle Elonzo Marshall **Braylee Anne Marston Matthew Elliott Martin Savannah Judith Martin Willie Frank Martin, V Ezequiel Martinez Pardellas Edwin Adan Martinez-Rivera Shannon Mariyah Marx *Grace Dianne Mask Elena Jonay Masler Lazaro David Mateo Marta Elena Mateo Raymundo Christina Rose Matherne *Virginia Morgan Mathis Jailen Najii Matthews Austin Tyler McCawley **Victoria Marie McClain Harrison Lee McCoy Sarah Grace McCullough *Abigail Grace McElmurray Brittany Laurren McElroy Cheyenne Taylor McElroy **Madelaine Lucy McGeehan *Amelia Grace McInnis Bryce Jared McKelphin Parker Alan McLain Logan Chris McRae *Joshuah Henry Medders Edgar Eduardo Medina **Lillian Bynum Meeker **Samuel Jon Mejeris Nicholas Paul Mendez Fernando Menendez Mancilla Justin Blake Meredith **Kayleigh Alexis Metcalf Aaliyah Pamela-Chance Meyers Hanna Faith Miller Maxwell Jeb Miller Caleb Ahmad Mitchell Eric Keyshawn Mitchell Mercedes Nicole Mitchell **Siena McKay Miyamura *Ashlee Cori Moore Christepher Kentrel Moore Benjamin Anthony Morgan Claudia Shea Morgan John Hunter Morgan, II Colton Frank Morrill *Isaiah Noviello Morrison-Crutchfield *Azaree Denise Morsell Shayla Amani Morsell Joshua Isaiah-Xavier Morton **Savannah Faith Mosley *Rakiyan Deondre Moss *Aubrey Christine Moye Michael Garrett Moye Jacob David Mullet Savana Gail Murphy Rachel Jennings Muse Rigon Musliu

Mohammad Loay Mustafa Yujeong Na *Nicholas Caleb Neece *Natalie Nichole Nelson Isabella Grace Nerowski Shane Alexander Nesbitt Owen Lain Neuner Hayley Payton Newberry *Thanh Tuyen Nguyen Jason Cabot Nix, Jr. Joseph Michael Nozaki *Amelia Grace Nuckolls *John Ethan Oakley *Cheyenne Rachal Oberly Junyeong Oh Cristo Francisco Olea Gonzalez Ashley Taylor O'Neal *Haley Elise O'Neal Lincoln Riley O'Neal *Justin Thomas O'Regan Carlos Eugene Osgood, Jr. Armando Ovando **Dawson Kyle Pace Joseph Tanner Lane Pace Curtia Lee Paige Jacey Lee Rochelle Palmer Kamron Blaik Parham **Paul J Park Younghwan Park Emma Rose Parker Karnarious Artez Parker Hezekiah Leondrez Parks Tristan Michael Parmer Makayla Keara Partridge **Melissa Patino Caleb Dane Patrick Kirsten Marie Patrick *Tiffany Lee Pedersen *Darrin Demetrius Pendleton *Kaylah Elise Penson-Amey Yolanda Rose Peralta Samuel Christian Peres Millinia Marinia Perez Terrell Jarod Perkins **Nicholas James Peterson Justin Nicholas Peychaud Aaliyah Noelle Phillips Abigail Ryleigh Phillips **Jamayla Alexis Phillips **Leanna Nicole Phillips Molly Katherine Phillips Marc Anthony Phipps *Christopher Curtis Pitt **Brooke Lauren Pittman Ivey Rayann-Marie Pitts *Shelly Victoria Poe **Lauren Olivia Poole Camden O'neal Pope *Samantha Riley Post **Natalie Anais Poulter *Vanessa Darlene Pracharn *Leslie Helen Pratt **Derrick Sheldon Pugh **Madison Isabella Punchard Sarah Michelle Pursley Christina Waleshka Quinto Rayvon Jamar Ragland **Kazi Taufi Rahman *Megan Isabelle Rainey **Michayla Margaretha Ralich Hannah Rae Ralls *Camille Sunita Ramdial Wilson Ramiro Ramirez

Marley Ann Ray Payton Alexander Ray *Christiana Valentin Raycheva **Derek Thomas Raymond Rori Morgan Redmon Shamarcus Montreal Reese Shalin Makhyia Reeves Trinity Lasha Reid Ethan Sean Renaud *Jaison Gregory Robinson Render Haven Joseph Renz **Katelyn Noelle Revoir Jasmin Reyes **Keegan Michael Rich *Iris Ruby Richardson Michael Anthony Richardson, Jr. Samuel Isaac Ricker **Amber Marie Ridenhour **Sara Michelle Ridge **Jayland Isaiah Rivers Keri Marie Robbins *Tyler Patrick Roberts Jakita Renay Robinson Jana Gabrielle Robinson Ashley Angelina Robledo Tomas Andres Robledo Maritza Lucas Robles Connor Scott Roche Hunter Lee Rock Christopher Rodriguez Lamboy Melanny Rojas-Velez Javontae Leon Rosser *Roy Lansford Roughton *Quinn Davis Roycroft **Kaley Lorine Rupnow *Aidan Michael Rush Cameron Bo Saavedra **Nytasja Akira Sanders **Breanna Gwen Schaefer *Timothy Mathew Schaefer **Britney Lee Schreiber *Hannah Elizabeth Schwartz *Jerel Elom Searcy Tyriq Ahmad Semper Gabrielle Simone Seroy Alexius Shandreil Sewell Michaela Riley-McDonald Sharpless Kayla Marie Shedd Iyshekia Sheree Sherman Kyle Parker Sherman *Jordan Riley Sherrer Katelyn Abigail Shumake Gabriella Silva de Moraes Kayla Claudia Simmons *Julius Medgar Sims **Trevion Marquez Sinkfield Louis Gregory Skinner Tahbia Jehlani Skinner *William Thomas Smathers Aaron Bradley Smith Ananda Amori Smith *Brianna Jo Faith Smith Brysen Uriah Smith Chloee Sha'Nell Smith Daniel Christofer Smith Eric Isaiah Smith *Hailey Savannah Smith **Jacob Nicholas Smith Javon Keshard Smith *Julieanna Nicole Smith


Class of


Historic Downtown Newnan


Kenneth Lucas Smith Madison Kylee Smith *Owen Wesley Smith *Savanna Sarah Louise Smith Shelby Lauren Smith **Sydni Abigail Smith Taniyah Renee Smith Taylor Soteria Smith Travion Jaliq Smith Karina Soto **Madeline Elizabeth Sparks Ethan Jeremiah Spelios **Corinne Lindsay Spetrino Sumaiya Renae Stafford **Tomaiya Monae Stafford Leah Ann Stambaugh Katelyn Orion Stapler Cameron Tyre Stargell Iyanah Samone Starks-Thomas **Sophia Hawley Steadman Elijah Parker Steerman Courtney Breann Stephens Takera Shykayla Stephens Madison Myla Stevens *Dej'a Symone Stewart **Madison Claire Stewart *Brookelyn Nevada Still Charles Kerrington Still Anna Kate Stinson *Sherman Patrick Storey Dixie Leigh Stout Dana Danielle Strickland Katherine Victoria Strickland Brandon Cole Stroud Casey Le'Shae Stuckey Malik Justice Surpris Jessica Elise Sutton Jona Earhart Swain Chase Lee Swilley Mariam Aicha Tahta Quantorrius Deamond Talley William Gary Tansey Marquis Lequence Tart *Makayla Tamia Tassin *Alex Jeffrey Taylor *Caleb Michael Taylor *Payton Morgan Taylor Niasyia Leatrice Teagle *Ansley Jamya Terrell Asia Jakia Terrell *Moneria O'Cedrion Terrell **Katherine Alex Teteak Alexis Rayne Thacker Thanh Minh Thieu **Ivey Taylor Thomas Kevin Tyrone Thomas Zachary Harrington Thomas

Chloie LaMornee Thomas Mack Geneva Ann Thompson Jake Austin Thompson **Zoey Rae Thompson Lonnie Blackshear Thurman Carson Tyler Tibbits Tempestt Keturah Tidwell Alexander Darmarcus Tolbert Rashid Khaalig Tolbert *Chloe Victoria Tomlinson Gerardo Arturo Torres Teveon Makel Townsend Ty're Marqez Townsend Cade Major Treadwell *Kaleb John Michael Trotter *Alexis Morgan Tucker Aaron James Turner Weslee Summer Upchurch *Bailee Michelle Vallery *Dirk Coleman Varenas **Sneha Suresh Vasnani *Emily Grace Vick *Kaylee Marie Walczak Anna Patricia Walick Kameron Dion Walker Makala Chante Walker Marshay Kentron Walker *Nicholas Lee Walker Phillip Wallace, III Matthew Connor Wallin *Andrea Magdalena Walters Cassie Layne Ward Jordan Jamal Ward Matthew Luke Warren Bradley Alan Watson Alexandera Siegbeh Weah Carissa Rose Weber Jager Blake Weddington *Isabella Jordan Weitkamp Jordan Koby Wells Victoria Grace West *Michael Isaac Westenkirchner

Antwon Marcus White Ashlyn Saurie White **Ian Leraan White Jamil Rashad Whitelaw Cody Hunter Whitlock Sarah Zhongxue Whitney *Ethan Lee Whobrey *Makenzie Anne Wiggins Haleigh Taylor Wilburn Jordan Dewayne Wilcox-Jackson *Kaylee Elizabeth Wilder Ernest Ralph Williams, III Keith Larry Williams, III *Rachel Camille Williams *Samuel Blake Williams *Zoria Geraldine Williams Jordan Kalilah Wilson *Katee Scarlett Wilson Levi Matthew Wilson Kalope Matthew Wingo *Jacob Tyler Wolfe *Ayanna Jurnee Womack Denisa Zdena Wood Matthew Cole Woods **Elizabeth Marie Woodson Haleigh Renae Wooten Nayia Destiny Worrell *Aniston Elizabeth Wright Heather Olivia Wright Samiya Lynell Wyatt Andre Ambilla Wynn, Jr. Shun Xiao Xiang Ye Maison Carlos Yearwood Jacob Lawrence Young Nicholas Owen Young *Tristan Darnell Young, II *Christopher Isaiah Youngblood Paz Danae Zavala Gomez **Tania Abigail Zavala Rodriguez **Caroline Elizabeth Zueck

Commencement ceremonies to be held in July Live graduation ceremonies will be held on high school campuses for those who wish to participate – as circumstances allow – for 2020 graduates and family members, as follows: • East Coweta High School – Friday, July 31 (ECHS campus, Garland Shoemake Stadium)

6C— The Newnan Times-Herald   |  Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 7C

Newnan High School

Student honors 2020

• Photos of scholarship recipients • 2020 Newnan High School virtual awards • Photos of 2020 honors graduates • A letter to seniors from Principal Chase Puckett

Newnan High School Student Honors 2020 Published by The Newnan Times-Herald Saturday, June 13, 2020

Photos courtesy of Newnan High, Bob Shapiro, and Rebecca Leftwich Honors night photos are available for purchase online at photos.times-herald.com

Be the hope



NHS Valedictorian

ello Newnan!! First, I just want to thank ever yone who has led me where I am today! Thank you to all the teachers who have taught me throughout the years. Thank you to my family who have supported me and seen me go through all my phases. And Finally, Thank you to all the friends I have made along the way who helped shape me into who I am today. I could not have made it without all the support I received. So thank you. I have been blessed. Sitting here now looking at the endless possibilities of the future spread out in front of us, I often become overwhelmed. Most of us have already been overwhelmed by the choice of choosing a college. I definitely was. At the beginning of my senior year, the only two colleges I had even thought of were Georgia and Georgia Tech. But that quickly changed. I spent months visiting schools, researching each one and constantly reorienting my views and finding new options. I narrowed down where to apply, worked hard on the applications and freaked out as I sent them in. I waited anxiously for each response, dissolving into tears at the nos and grin-

ning wildly at the yes. In the end, I did not get accepted into my first choice, but I do not regret dreaming big. I am happy to know that I tried my hardest for what I truly wanted. That is all you can control: your effort. So I am happy with Georgia Tech because I know it is where I am meant to go. I have hope that my experience at Tech will lead me on a path to a greater future. My path may not be what I had originally envisioned, but I know that through hope, effort, and the support of others, I will be able to persevere and make the most of it. My entire college process was one of uncertainty. I did know where I would end up. Making the final decision was freeing, to be done with that period of uncertainty. However, I am moving right into another. I do not know my major or my future career. I don’t not know my roommate or where I will be living, but most glaringly, I don’t know if we will even be on campus in the fall. We were born into a period of uncertainty, and we are graduating in another time of uncertainty. I have one thing to hold onto in all of this. We have one thing: Hope, a feeling of expectation for something or anticipation for something better. I found my way through my college search with the help of my family and the encouragement of my friends and teachers. I relied on them as a reminder to look forward past what was right in front of me and into the bigger picture. I may not be certain about the future but I can be certain of the support of my friends and family. That gives me hope. Yes, it's cliche and yes, a lot of times it doesn't seem like enough. But hope—with a little bit of effort—has helped me get through my uncertain times. I hope that hope can help you too. Uncertainty only has as much power over you as you give it. Uncertain times call for new solutions and fresh perspectives. They call for forward thinking and adapting. I know that our class can be the leaders into this future. We get to be the hope for others, so find your hope and be the hope for someone else. Thank you Newnan for helping my class grow into the people we are today. We graduated. Congratulations Class of 2020!

Seize the day



Newnan High salutatorian

ood evening everyone, thank you for watch ing New na n High School’s first ever virtual graduation. My name is Zach Quick, and I am proud to be able to speak to you all today, regardless of the fact that I’m on a screen. But fear not, I have been prepared for this moment since my fifth grade year at Atkinson Elementary, reading from a teleprompter for the Tiger News Network. The past four years at Newnan High School have meant so much to me, all the way from the first day I stepped on campus as a freshman, with mine and everyone else’s voice sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks, to March 12th, the last day that I didn’t know was my last, when most of us sounded more like the Allstate guy. The Class of 2020 is unique. We are unique in a way that no other class has ever been or will ever be. We are the last class to have students born during and after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Even though we do not remember that day, the course of our lives were shaped by it. Our class, more than any other, knows what it’s like to be faced with obstacles that seem impassible, but we always find a way through. In our lifetimes, we were

introduced to heightened security at airports and schools, MUCH more rigorous requirements to get into college, and a society that demands perfection in such uncertain times. Our perseverance was tested by what we have endured in the last several weeks, but we have endured. No obstacle has ever truly stopped us. As a class, we are used to being thrown a curve ball or two, but that has prepared us for the future and whatever comes next. Especially now, when we don’t even know what tomorrow will bring. If we have learned anything, I would say that it would be to seize the day and persevere, no matter what cards we are dealt by the game of life. Horace, the Roman poet, has often been credited with the phrase “Carpe diem." and it typically comes to mind when people say seize the day. But the quote that seems to fit our situation the best is from the mind of Mahatma Gandhi. He said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I could not think of better words to describe what the class of 2020 has had to do. Not everything has gone our way, and that is an understatement, but because of what we’ve been through, we are now more prepared than any other class that has ever graduated from Newnan High School. We’ve had to learn to make the best of every single day and keep learning with new challenges constantly thrown at us, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has made us come together as a class because we can all relate to how the next person feels. Little things like our favorite class or the way we like to dress can no longer separate us. We all have the ability to make the best of what life throws at us, and nothing we could ever learn in any classroom is as important as that. I want to thank every student in the Newnan High School’s class of 2020. You have all had an impact on my life whether we’ve met face to face or not, and I admire you for being able to persevere in times like this. I hope I have had the same effect on you. Thank You. GO NAVY. And always remember to SEIZE THE DAY.

8C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 13, 2020

NHS Honors 2020

Newnan High Honors • GRACE SMITH: Newnan Rotary Cup • ZACHARY QUICK: U.S. Naval Academy appointment • JESSE AWUAH: Continental Societies • CADE BARKER: Alan Wood Scholarship • BLYTHE BATES: Andre Jackson Education Memorial Initiative, Pilot Club of Newnan; Wi-Band Civic and Social Club; Greater Jehovah Baptist Church Usher Board Bookship Award. • MIYA BLETH: Cougar/Cornwell Scholarship; Atlanta Journal Cup. • AARON BROWN: Kahlil and Joshua Royston Memorial Scholarship; Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship • WESLEY CAMPS AVILES: Newnan Utilities Lighthouse Scholarship • ABIGAIL CHITWOOD: Lavinia Barron Rosenzweig Scholarship; Central Baptist Church; Fuller-Atchison First Baptist Church Newnan Scholarship • KENNETH DUDLEY: Can’t Never Could, Inc. Scholarship; Newnan-Fairburn Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship • MICHAELA FULLER: Georgia Bone & Joint Scholarship; Kiwanis White Oak Golden K Scholarship; Kenneth

• •

• • • • • •

B. Shaw Scholarship, Unity Baptist Church; Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship HALEIGH GREEN: Coweta Association of Retired Teachers Scholarship; Kingdom Connected Ministries International, Inc.; Newnan Optimist Club Scholarship; Julia Barber French Club Scholarship; Distinguished Young Women of Coweta County Scholarship KAYLEIGH HAMMOND: NewnanCoweta Public Safety Foundation, Inc. MADELINE HORTON: Lynn R. Smith Service Above Self-Interact Club Scholarship; National Honor Society Red Cross Blood Drive Scholarship EVA INOSTROZA: P.E.O. Citizenship Award ANA JAP SONERA: NHS Beta Club Scholarship JACE JESSUP: Bill McGuire Spanish Club Scholarship APRIL LINDON: DAR Recognition Award ELISABETH LOFTON: Kiwanis Club of Newnan; Distinguished Young Women of Coweta County GRACE MANNING: Kingdom Con-

• •

• • •

nected Ministries International, Inc.; Winslett Family Mercer University Scholarship ANASTASIA MATTINGLY: Alpha Delta Kappa Emily Sealy Scholarship; Newnan-Coweta Historical Society Scholarship; Distinguished Young Women of Coweta County ALLYSON MCKOON: Alan Jackson Music Scholarship EMORY PALMER: Coweta-Fayette EMC Melissa Segars Scholarship; Nicholas Whitlock Leadership Scholarship LAURYN ROLAND: Alpha Delta Kappa Evelyn Singleton Scholarship; Can’t Never Could, Inc. Scholarship; Jerry & Evelyn Singleton Future Educator Scholarship NATHAN SCHAAB: Abby’s Angels Scholarship PARKER STANHAGEN: Keith Harden, M.D. Healthcare Scholarship JASMINE STEVENSON: Kahlil & Joshua Royston Memorial Scholarship; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Lucille Greene Book Scholarship; Distinguished Young Women of Coweta County YARI TLAPA APOLONIO: Newnan Junior Service League

• MEGAN TRAVALIGNE: Andre Jackson Education Memorial Initiative; West Georgia Technical College Book Award • KENYATTA WARD: Kahlil & Joshua Royston Memorial Scholarship; Walter Homer & Mary Lois Drake Mercer University Scholarship; Coweta Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship; Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship; Bob Sandlin Touchdown Club Scholarship; Omega Psi Pi Fraternity, Inc. Scholarship • ASHLEY WILLIAMS: Andre Jackson Education Memorial Initiative • CATHERINE YEAGER: Farm Bureau Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship • MIKAYLEE BONNER: Joiles Femmes Civic Club; Neweta NANBPW Clubs, Inc. Scholarship • MEGAN DAVIS: Newnan-Coweta Public Safety Foundation, Inc. • ANTERIOUS GOULD: Kahlil & Joshua Royston Memorial Scholarship; Wi-Band Civic Club Scholarship • TRISDON HAM: Newnan-Coweta Board of Realtors • KAYLAN LEWIS: Khalil & Joshua Royston Memorial Scholarship • JUSTIN WALLACE: Newnan Shrine Club Scholarship

Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 9C

NHS Honors 2020

Aaron Brown

Anastasia Mattingly

Abigail Chitwood

April Lindon

Allyson McKoon

Ana Jap Sonera

Blythe Bates

Ashley Williams




Cade Barker

Catherine Yeager

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Elisabeth Lofton

Emory Palmer




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JACK PEEK’S SALES 576 Main St | Palmetto | 770-463-3156 www.jackpeekssales.com

10C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 13, 2020

NHS Honors 2020

Eva Inostroza

Grace Manning

Jasmine Stevenson

Jace Jessup

Kenyatta Ward

Kenneth Dudley

Megan Travaligne

Haleigh Green

Grace Smith

Jesse Awuah

Lauryn Roland

Michaela Fuller

Kayleigh Hammond

Madeline Horton

Nathan Schaab

Miya Bleth

Newnan High additional scholarships Abigail Chitwood: Truett-McConnell University Sanz School of Music Vocal Choral Scholarship ($32,000/four years) Allyson McKoon: Hugh Hodgson School of Music ($2,000) Ana Jap Sonera, Georgia State University Achievement Award ($1,000) Arthur Rutledge: J. Robert and Hazel B. Eubanks Scholarship ($135,720) Bailey Barnett: K Pamplin Award ($4,000) Connor Bailey: Mississippi State non-resident tuition scholarship

($122,000) Cade Barker: Coweta Community Foundation Service Team Award ($500) Emory Palmer: UGA Charter Scholarship ($8,000) Zack Johns: Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship ($20,000) Grace Manning: Mercer University Academic Merit Scholarship ($76,000) Jackson Barnett: Alderson Broaddus University athletic scholarship ($42,000) and Presidential Scholarship ($32,000)

Jennifer Jarvis: Baldwin Wallace University Trustees Scholarship ($96,000) Jesse Awuah: Alpha Phi Scholarship/West Georgia Pharaoh Education Foundation ($2,000) Malena Powers: Housing Award ($1,000) and Music Department Award ($800) Kenyatta Ward: Mercer University Scholarship ($80,000) and Partners Scholarship ($2,976) Kirsten Hall: LaGrange College Dean’s Scholarship ($80,000) Lauryn Roland: Presidential Scholarship ($89,480); Shorter

Chorale Scholarship ($4,000) and Music Department Scholarship ($2,000) Mimi Royal: Presidential Scholarship ($68,504) Paxton James: Oglethorpe University Presidential Scholarship ($96,000) Quinterrius Bowles: Academic Merit Scholarship ($40,000) Robert Lee: University of California-San Diego Shores Scholarship ($119,000) Samuel Frederick: Cross country scholarship ($10,000) Mary Beth Headley: University

of Central Florida scholarship ($215,828) Steven Moore: Southern Leaders Program Scholarship ($1,000) Zachary Quick: U.S. Naval Academy scholarship ($450,000) Joseph Bruce: Young-Harris College scholarship ($76,000) Stephen Abbott: University of Alabama Presidential Scholarship ($104,000) Grace Smith: National Merit Scholarship ($2,500) Megan Travagline: West Georgia Technical College Board of Directors scholarship ($300)

Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 11C

NHS Honors 2020

Parker Stanhagen

Wesley Camps Aviles

Zachary Quick

Yari Tlapa Apolonio

Newnan High School Class of 2020 Nakaya Patrice Carter Xzavier Michael Ray William Castleberry **Valedictorian: Grace *Rocio Castro Dominguez Taylor Smith *Duncan Dwayne Cheeves **Salutatorian: Zachary David Allen Cheney Gordon Quick **Abigail Rose Chitwood **Stephen Garrett Abbott **Ansley Henrietta Christian *Austin Anderson Adams **Justin Matthew Adcock Jordan Ahmard Chunn Christopher David Alan Yuliana Nisallat Aguilar Cleveland Lopez *Alissa Brianna Alderman *Tucker Jase Cobb Caleb David Coffey Jai Hassan Alexander **Maranda Kaitlyn Alford Jesse Dale Cole Austin Douglas Collins Anna Katherine Allen Dylan Matthew Collins **Thaddeus Luke Allen **Richard Thomas Collins Jonathan Taylor Alvarado Jayla Iyana Colton Natalie Aide Alvarado *Katie Lauren Cook Chyna Tyina Amey *Haylee Marie Costarelli Kaylin Lanier Amey Tynesha Shuntae Cox Sharon Lenee Anderson Hannah Pressley Currence Kierra Jashun Andrews Malik Devonte Curtis **Harmon Michael Kaella Olivia Daly Anguilm *Alexis Leigh Daniel Monika Aristilde Tre'von Anthony David **Misae Kimber Armijo Ethan Joshua Davidson Jalandis Rondrez Arnold *Destiny Ann Davis Jamare Isiah Arnold Megan Alexis Davis Shakayla Letrica Arnold William Joseph Davison *Zoe Chyanne Arnold Iyana Alyce Delaleu Makayla Brianne Seth Wayne Denman Arrington Kathrine Lissette Diaz Brayden Miles Ashline Leon *Jesse Awuah *Michael William Azelton *Zackery Robert Dingler **Matthew Lamar Zachery Michael Badgley Dorrough *Connor Douglas Bailey Maliya Zykeria Capri James Malika Baker Doss Marcus Lastat Banks **Madison Danielle Malik Jordan Barber Doughty *Cristian Cade Barker **Kenneth Shea Dudley Jacinta Diacheka Barner Makaylie Dawn Dudley **Bailey McKaul Barnett **Brice Albert Dumas *Jackson Cline Barnett **Allison Grace Duncan *Blythe Cheyenne Bates *Trevor Lewis Duncan Margaret Rose Bates Marti Paige Dunn Zeta Arie Becker **Caleb Nathaniel Dutton Justin Tyrese Bell Malik Rashad Echols Tyhogany Osheonna Bell Tyler Lee Edwards Reco Tarvaris Bellamy Destiny Monique Benning Naomie Neekole Eldridge Kaleb Shane Estes Courtney Claire Benson *Kaylyn Gabrielle Benton Andrew Joseph Fannin Anquavious Jermaine Jaden Mykell Berry Favors Kobie Luigi Bervaldi **Mason Salvator Bervaldi *Antavious Tramaine Favors Logan Alexander Bishop Jaylen Omarion Favors Michael Adrian Bitar **Raymond Jackie Seth Garrett Lee Black Feckoury **Miya Breanna Bleth Josiah Sione Felila Mikaylee Marie Bonner *Kaitlin Coleen Fenninger Quinterrius Armond Omarion Dantaz Florence Bowles *Rylee Camille Florence Jacob Allen Bowman Shuntiana Alicia Florence Tryston Brytt Boyd Michael Christian Foster *Issachar Elijah Brantley Shelby Morgan Fowler *Jameela Elyse Britt **Samuel Gray Frederick Christian Maximus Paul **Michaela Marie Fuller Broach *Carolyn Deanna Gaines Madison Gracie Lee *Jaden Rose Gancasz Brockway D' ondre Eduardo Garcia Kerrhyn Ariel Brooks *Brittany Alexandria GarCamden Jacob Brooks rett Zackery **Aaron Joseph Brown Cameron Fredericus Gates *Asia Meon Brown *Demetrius Lashonne Benjamin Alexander Gates Brown **Carter Aaron Gatland Joseph Seth Bruce Justin Nakai Gay Morgan Alexis Bruce Eric Jamal Geter *Abigail Rose Bruner Tahj Kylyn Geter Sierra Aleigha Bryant Cody Bill Gilbert *Madeline Elizabeth Daniel Bonner Gilbert Buchanan Gracie Elaine Gilmore Clifford Lamar Burston Miracle T'daja Glenn Nicolas Ta Caldwell *Dean Joseph Goad Zebadiah Sidney Camp Jonathan Davis Goins **Wesley Robert Camps Jimena Maria Gonzalez Aviles Pulido Amelita Canseco-Jimenez *Arissa Brianna Goolsby Brandon Lee Carroll *Rachel Nicolette Gordon Aisa Lashaun Carter Anterius Jamal Gould Dadrian Rashard Carter **High Honors **Honors

Matthew Alexander Gould Samuel Eugene Grant **Haleigh Camille Green **Carson Mayes Greene *Caeden Matthew Greer **Nicholas Taylor Grier *Breckin Joseph Griffin Kendall Ryan Griffin Zechariah Troy Griffin *Luke Alan Griffith Alexis Rene'a Grinder *Junling Guan Haley Ann Guarnera **Kirsten Montana Hall *Trisdon David Mackimzie Ham *Kayleigh Grace Hammond *Callie Elizabeth Hand Cameron James Hand Taylor Brooke Haney **Jaden Elijah Hannah *Bailey Christine Hanner De'Jah Monae Hargraves Jacob Christopher Harmon **William Franklin Harper Ainsley Gail Harris *Ernest Jamarius Harris *Sara Elizabeth Harris Tristan Dwayne Harrison Joseph Dion Hart Jonathan Tyler Harvey *Alexis Morene Hawkins Dacey Makalah Hay **Mary Elizabeth Headley *Miranda Rose Helton *De'Srial Martha Ann Henderson

Deonna Bianca Andrea Hendricks Tyler Lawson Hendrix Addison Leigh Henson Keri Faith Henson Kevin Santiago Hernandez **Cassandra Dawn Herrera Monica Patricia Herrera Vittini Travion Martez Herring *Olivia Nicole Hessler Marilee Kathleen Hickman *Hailey Jon High Kyle David Hill Terrance Donte Hill Amanda Belle Hinesley Andrew Shane Hobby Nyjah LiNai Hodo Isabella Kaylea Holcomb Rachel Elisabeth Holewinski Malachi Arelious Holt Chloe Denise Horn **Madeline Elizabeth Horton Austin Lee Houlton *Ansley Nicole Houston *John Bryson Houston Shiquita Rena Howard **Hannah Katherine Hudson Shanlee Madison Hughes Sheaden Mckenna Hughes Yane Ashanti-Lee Hughes Markell Stenson Hunter Genaro Ulises Hurtado *Brianna Kiara Huston

*Eva Marie Inostroza *Christian Jashun Jackson **David Edward Jackson Dyasia Oshayana LaDiamond Jackson Hadley Estelle Jackson James Anthony Jackson *Marcus Lee Jackson **Paxton Beckett James **Ana Sofia Jap Sonera **Jennifer Elizabeth Jarvis **Jace Dean Jessup **Jaxon David Jessup *Tyashia Keshea Jimpson **Aidyn Matthew Jinks **Gary Zachery Johns *Carly Jean Johnson Chaelynn Marie Johnson Jeffery Anthony Johnson *Lindsey Michelle Johnson Meagan Elizabeth Jones *Tegan Brianna Jones Jeremiah M'kaylop Jordan Hunter Wayne Keith Tristan Phillip Kendzierski *Jade Ann Marie Kies JaVontae Vantres Quartermain Kimbrough Madilyn Corrin Kozar Alec Filippo Lanci *Ethan Parker Lane Daysia Brion Langford Riley Renee Larson **Jordan Reese Lay Madisyn Olivia Leake *Keniah Shiann Lear *Jacob Ken Levi Ledford Datiah Jarnae Lee **Robert Evan Stone Lee

*Kaylan Michelle Lewis Anna Ruth Lichty **April Dane Lindon **Elisabeth Jane Lofton *Anthony Ray Lowe Skyler Star Luna Andrew Brady-David Lynes **Grace Elizabeth Manning **Sydney Antonia Marriaga Marina J'Nee Martin **Mary Grace Martin *Rosa Maria Martinez Solis *Jack Franklin Masonheimer Alexandria Leigh Massengale Elizabeth Marie Massengale Cyan Mache Massar *Janette Enriquez Mata Terra Michelle Mathers-Phillips **Anastasia Alexis Mattingly Jarrett Dylan McClain *Keeana Mahala Renee McCreery *Darren Patrick McCulloch Katelyn Michelle McCurry Cortney Trevonne McDowell Continued on page 12C

The staff and volunteers of the Coweta Cities and County Employees Federal Credit Union congratulate the graduating class of 2020! We make personal, car and other types of loans. Membership may be easier than you think. If you work for any of our groups: Coweta County, Coweta Co. Board of Education, City of Newnan & Grantville, Newnan Utilities, NuLink, RESA, Newnan Nursing & Rehab, or are an immediate family member of someone who is — you can join. Decisions are made local!

Newnan-Coweta Board of REALTORS ® congratulates all students on their accomplishments and its 2020 scholarship recipients! East Coweta Siena Miyamura and Caroline Zueck

Newnan Aaron Brown and Trisdon Ham

Northgate 43 JEFFERSON PARKWAY P.O. BOX 71063

NEWNAN, GA 30271-1063

770.253.2273 WWW.CCCEFCU.ORG

Imani Githae and Emily Hogg

12C — The Newnan Times-Herald |  Saturday, June 13, 2020

NHS Honors 2020 Newnan High School Class of 2020 continued Taylor Alexis McGinty *Emma Faye McGuffey **Allyson Kate Mckoon *Jackson Copeland McLendon *Grace Kemper McLeod *Mary Grace Mcmahon *Deyja Danura Melson Iyonna Latrice Melson Ashton Scott Millard Jorge Millares Lara *Joshua David Miller Madolyn Nicole Miller Dulande Montrey Mitchell Jacob Taylor Mobley Mason James Montgomery Morgan Danielle Moody Ahmad Zahir Moore Catelyn Diane Moore *Morgan Dianne Moore *Steven Warner Moore Gabrielle Marie Morgan Jake Andrew Musgrave Jarrett Wayne Musgrave Nickolas Elijah Myers Ryan Timothy Myrick Keobounton Isaiah Nary Jamuriel Santrez Neal *Caitlin Marie Nelms *Ansley Elizabeth Newman Sydney Blair Newman Nya Mardasia Newson Antonio Michael Nunnally Patrick James O'Connell *Jadyn Lynette Olson *Zahria Tajanae Owens **Emory Livingston Palmer Kristin Savannah Parga Jesse Ryan Parker **Jackson Conner Parnell Kira Elizabeth Patisaul **Charles Noble Patterson Pamela Haylee Patterson Austin Zacary Payan Shelby Lynn Peace Iantha Aquamarine Pedersen-Taylor Eric Daniel Pena Miranda *Alyssa Marie Perkins **Zoie Simone Perry

Kimarie A'Shonte' Petty **Terenia Jordan Phillips Rachel Terriyunna Philpot Emery Lane Pierce Joshua Dale Pierce Lucas Reid Pittman **Malena Claire Powers **Aubrey Mae Presley *Christopher Mark Proctor Caleb Michael Ragland **Christopher Michael Rasku Raymond Matthew Rauchle Simon Lawrence Ray *Brennan Matthew Rayburn Seth William Reid Khristiana Niasha Render **Gabriel Saul Reyes Garcia **Andrew James Richardson Noah Preston-eugen Richardson Leslie Danielle Ricketts *Robert Joseph Riddell Percy Nikolas Rivera Austin Drake Roberts Tyler Austin Rodgers Davis Scott Rogers **Lauryn Grace Roland Charles Dean Rondorf Jacob Kenneth Rondorf Montavious Stephaun Rosser Alana Lee Roth *Catherine Suzanne Royal **Mimi Elizabeth Royal Joshua Malik Royston **La'javion Jarkeil Russell **Arthur Jared Rutledge **Victoria Lanelle Sacasa Michael Orion Sadeghi Wendy Yared Salinas Mercado **Justin Rodrigo Sanchez Jackson Robert Sanders **Nathan David Schaab *Kathren Elisa Schlichting *Breanna Elizabeth

Schwab Skylar Montana Schwoerer Jacob Harley Seals Thomas Miguel Shaw **Grace Anne Shay **Hayley Danielle Shelnutt **Parker Andrew Shelnutt Joseph Barron Sherrer Rachel Echo Lynn Shoemake Malik Isaiah Simmons Alexis McKaylee Sims Zariya Inez Singleton Alexis Danesha Smith Andrew Tyler Smith Cassandra Faith Smith Jordan Alexandra Smith Jorden Merkal Smith Samuel Mason Smith Tana Elizabeth Sobczak *Emily Marie Spencer Jackson Reed Spivey **Michael Wayne St. John *Parker Elisabeth Stanhagen Mya D'anna Stevens Reginald Jerard Stevens *Jasmine Tayonna Stevenson James Ray Story **Molly Elizabeth Stretch **Maelynn Clare Strickland Vanessa Jade Strom **James Nixon Swafford Aundrea Kazmir Tarbunas Elizabeth Lin Taylor Gracie Lyn Taylor Tristan Luke Taylor **Robert Brayden Theiss Jacob Ray Thomas Jessica Lee Thomas Evianna Karleona-Natique Thompson Santia Shamara Tigner **Yari Tlapa-Apolonio **Michell Andrea Torres Gutierrez Robyn Keely-Ann Toth *Megan Ruth Travagline

Sydney Marie Troyer Trenton Malik Truitt Beverly Jeanine Turner Christopher Michael Ulinski Miguel Angel Urena *Veronica Valdivia Reyes *Mackenzie Jade Vaughn Angel Vazquez Andres Gabriel Vazquez-Reyes Jared Macolm Waful *Precious Nykiria Walker Justin Jermain Wallace Nina Marie Wallace *Abigail Marie Ward **Kenyatta Ward Finlay Kane Warner De'von Dimier Washington Taniya Leundra Washington

*Anniston Sara Wheeler Braelin Maria Wheeler **Grant Maurice Whitaker Dexter Bernard Whitehead Kaitlyn Brianne Whitlock Aaron James Whitney *Christopher Mark Whitney Lukas Mark Whitten **Caroline Faith Wiglesworth Kalynn Savannah Wiles *Alice Marsh Willems *Ahdoni Diaz Williams **Ashley Brittany Williams Calyria Lucinda Williams D'Angelo MauriceTashawn Williams Destiny Tatyana Marie

Williams Jasmine Lashay Williams Ryan Bishop Williams Ziqueria Tashonna Williams Riley Cole Willingham Carlton Wesley Willoughby Mikalah Kierra Wilson Christian Tyler Winske **Daley Lena Wittmeyer Grayson Wade Woods *Thylr Jun Woods *Ta'nyah Kenyae Wright **Benjamin Caswell Wyant **Catherine Emma Yeager **Justin Vincent Young Jackson Kenneth Youngblood

Commencement ceremonies to be held in July Live graduation ceremonies will be held on high school campuses for those who wish to participate – as circumstances allow – for 2020 graduates and family members, as follows: • Northgate High School – Wednesday, July 29 (NGHS campus, Henry Seldon Field) • Newnan High School – Thursday, July 30 (NHS campus, Drake Stadium) • East Coweta High School – Friday, July 31 (ECHS campus, Garland Shoemake Stadium)

THANKS FOR BEING A BRIGHT SPOT! In all our years, we’ve never seen a graduation like yours. And, we love the creative and good-humored way you celebrated it. You make us proud.

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2020 Newnan’s Only Life Plan Community wesleywoods.org/newnan

2280 North Highway 29 Newnan, GA 30265 770.683.6833

Saturday, June 13, 2020 | The Newnan Times-Herald — 13C

Northgate High School

Student honors 2020

• Photos of scholarship recipients • 2020 Northgate High School virtual awards • Photos of 2020 honors graduates • A letter to seniors from Principal Ken Kesselring

Northgate High School Student Honors 2020 Published by The Newnan Times-Herald Saturday, June 13, 2020

Photos courtesy of Northgate High, Bob Shapiro, and Rebecca Leftwich Honors night photos are available for purchase online at photos.times-herald.com

Expect the unexpected

The most profound lesson BY LUKE HANKS


Northgate Valedictorian

ood evening everyone. It’s hard to believe I have to give my valedictorian speech in front of a camera and not on the field. But I guess unconventional times like these call for an unconventional speech. And so here we are, celebrating one of the greatest days of our lives through a screen. Amazingly, screen or not, I can still feel the energy of the class of 2020. Before I begin, I have to extend a thank you to my parents, friends, the staff, and my God. Your support is invaluable. Thank you for everything. I know what a lot of you must be thinking. I’d say most of you, like myself, are pretty upset at the current situation. You feel robbed of what was to be. Some of you are indifferent. And still, some of you would rather be anywhere else than listening to me speak right now. And that’s okay. But I know one thing we are all sick of hearing about: COVID-19. So let’s forget about it. You pretend we’re at the real graduation, I’ll tell you some things that I learned from high school, and it’ll be great. The most profound lesson Northgate taught me is to cherish and live in the present. One of my favorite quotes about this is from The Office. Andy Bernard says, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” Now, it’s not a bad thing to look forward to the future, but if we are always waiting for what is to come, life will pass us by faster than we realize. Enjoy every moment; they are all “the good old days”. If I could give one piece of advice to my freshman self, it would be to treasure the next four years. We all know they go by way too quickly. There is value in the present moment. I also discovered the value of having an open mind, and that it is okay to be wrong. Northgate introduced me to wide groups of people that are about as different as people can possibly be. I also took a variety of classes where, surprise, I had a lot of wrong answers. Both of these experiences showed me that I don’t know everything and that I can learn something from everyone. I feel that one

of the best qualities we can have is to remain teachable, always. I learned the importance of forming strong relationships. There is nothing better than a group of friends that you can count on. Whether it be Saturday morning ultimate frisbee with the boys, 6 A.M. practices with the cross country team, or doing too much talking and not enough writing in the back of Dr. Sowerbrower’s class, good friends will make life that much easier. I argue that our capacity to love and connect with others is the most powerful part of being human. Finally, I learned how important it is to have a balanced life. You might find this ironic coming from a valedictorian, but there is so much more to life than school. Don’t neglect your social life, family life, mental health, and your physical health for work or education. And don’t do the reverse of that either. If you want to have a truly happy life, you have to tend to every part of it. You know, I used to think this speech was supposed to be super inspiring and motivational. With COVID-19, those feelings quadrupled, and it made me pretty nervous. After a while, I finally realized, frankly, that I know anything I say will be lost in time. A memory. My grandfather used to tell me, "pursue the steady course". Each of us have our own course complete with its own ups and downs, positives and negatives. Each of our experiences will be unique, and you have to be your own motivation as you live them. I know each one of you has limitless potential. As Thoreau put it, we are standing at “the meeting of two eterntities”. It is up to you how you want to spend your next eternity. How ever you spend it, remember your path is just as important as everyone else’s. Whatever you choose to do or choose to be, your role is invaluable. And just like that, I’m done lecturing you. I want to thank each one of you for making high school the best four years of my life. The Class of 2020 is not special because of this unexpected virus but because of our character and our strength. Congratulations to you all, you deserve it.



Northgate Salutatorian

reetings to all the friends, family, teachers, guests, and N o r t h g a t e ’s G r a d u a t i n g Class of 2020 for attending this extremely special ceremony. It is an honor to speak to you all this morning/afternoon/evening albeit the unforeseen circumsta nces. To begin, I would like to give my immense gratitude to all those who have made this ceremony possible. Tha n k you P r incipa l Kesselr ing and all of the Northgate staff for guiding us through these past four years, as well as Superintendent Dr. Baker, as they all have been working diligently to provide us seniors w ith the closest sembla nce to a graduating season as possible. Also, to the families here today, including my own, I would like to thank you all for providing us with unconditional love and support as we enter a new stage of our lives. Lastly, to the Class of 2020, congratulations! A s the world continues to spiral around us, we can at least take this one moment to sit down and realize that we’ve officially made it. I am going to essentially summarize my entire speech, advice, words of wisdom, or whatever you wou ld l i ke to c a l l it i nto th re e words you’ve probably heard before: expect the unexpected. A few weeks ago we were told that prom had been cancelled, a few months ago we abruptly had our last day at Nor thgate, a year ago being a senior was on the tip of our tongue, a nd a few ye a r s a go we wa l ke d the halls of Northgate for the first time. At that time we had no idea what to expect, we were just curious eyes that wandered the posters of the classrooms because we had no real plan or direction. And it almost seems as if we have come full circle since in the past three months the world stopped and lost its own direction. So what I would like to say is that there is change constantly surrounding us, and we will never know when it is going to hit us, especially in the future. We could have the image of our ideal lives perfectly mapped and planned,

but there will always be the smallest detail that will deviate. So no matter how cliche it sounds, always expect the unexpected. Now that the next stage of our lives is upon us, this proverb will probably hold much more mea ning. Life is excellent at pulling us i n d i re ction s we never thou g ht p o s sible , go o d or bad , a nd now that we will be heading off on our own, it’ll feel all the more aggressive. We should be reminded that the changes in our lives are precursors to growth, and that everything happens for a reason. Just like how failure breeds success, and weakness highlights strength, change builds growth, and we should all expect major changes in our lives soon. Therefore, the message I’d like to send is a simple, yet important, one. Prov ide yourself w ith faith and hope during these times of change, because they are guaranteed to shock you. And whether it brings you to the lowest you’ve ever been, keep faith that life will surprise you and lead you to somet h i n g m a g n i f ic ent . A nd i f t h i s change blesses you with everything you’ve ever wished for, hope that it will never leave you. Although I cannot explain why this year has been so crazy, I can at least try to connect it back to my speech, and I would say that it is a reflection of what the life ahead us awaits: lots of uncertainty, but we have to power through anyways. And we will power through. Our class has endured a lot, and we will take this strength with us as we move on with our futures. I have no doubt that all of you will achieve greatness and success; high school has only been a stepping stone in the climb to our goals, and as we leave it behind I wish you all luck a nd for titude. It is a n honor to graduate with you all today, have hope and always expect the unexpected. Congratulations Class of 2020! Thank you.

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NGHS Honors 2020

Northgate High Honors LUKE HANKS: 2020 Coweta County Region 3B STAR Student; Georgia Scholar Award; National Merit Finalist Recognition ANDREA MANCIA: Georgia Scholar Award; DAR Good Citizen Award JESSICA WHEELER: Can’t Never Could Scholarship; University of Alabama Birmingham Blazer Gold Scholarship (48,000, four years); University of Alabama Birmingham Soccer Scholarship ELISSA LOTTER: Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship; NGHS Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica; NGHS Beta Club Scholarship; Emily Sealy Alpha Delta Kappa Chi Chapter Scholarship for Future Teachers; The GEORGIA CERTIFICATES OF MERIT (Class of 2021) Rachel Caylor Cassie Huynh Hayden Schulz Rebecca Caylor Anthony Jones Caroline Smith Abigail Collins Alexa Kronlein Gabrielle Smith Elizabeth Daley Laura Kvidt William Stephens Noah Gullekson Lam Nguyen Gwendolyn Wathen Anna Harris Samantha Olvey Caroline Webb Stephanie Holldorf William Pesch Kiersten Williams GIFTED GRADUATES Catherine Ahn Abigail Boylen Annie Copeland Tristan Avera Joshua Brandon

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Cup NOAH HILL: Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship NATHANIEL TROEMER: Dale J. Krach Memorial Scholarship IMANI GITHAE: NGHS Air Force ROTC Scholarship; Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship; Greater Jehovah Church Usher Board Scholarship; Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship ETHAN FARMER: NGHS Air Force ROTC Scholarships STEPHANIE REINA: Coweta County Farm Bureau Scholarship EMILY HOGG: The Joe Adams Memorial Scholarship, presented by the Michael Corbitt Sydney Bakken Corina Bronzi Summer Davis Eric Ballard Ryan Brooks Haley DeWitt Amy Bell Tyler Brunson Reid Fagerstrom Laurel Blackadar Kaley Clarke Alan Fehn Carissa Bogan Sara Copelan Jeremy Fields Devon Fleener Joshua Harris Cameron Johnston Samuel Folsom Tyler Harrison Autumn Jordan Elizabeth Frazier Avery Haynes Malcolm Jordan, Mahle Gangi Andrew Head Morgan Kieffer Dale Goins Noah Hill

White Oak Golden K Kiwanis of Newnan Club; Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship; Newnan Coweta Board of Realtors Scholarship JULIANNE WOOD: The Northgate High School Key Club Scholarship, presented by the White Oak Golden K Kiwanis of Newnan Club AMANDA WALTERS: Optimist Club of Senoia Scholarship JONATHAN WOOD: Theta Lambda Lambda, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Thomas Jefferson Foundation Scholarship; Coweta Association of Retired Educators Scholarship THOMAS COMTE: Coweta Fayette Trust Melissa Segars Memorial Hannah Kim Luke Hanks Emily Hogg John-Robert King Brody Harlan Angel Jaimes-Flores Alaya Laleh Mary Lemberg Autumn Moody Natalie Pitts Olivia Lugo William Morris Anna Poole Hunter Macek Kira Neola Ethan Power Fionna Magee Caleb Nguyen Jace Pruitt James Magrath Logan Payne Emily Ray Andrea Mancia Tyler Peoples Mary Richardson Logan Matthews Kendra Phillips Michael Roth Meagan Ryan Megen Stone

Scholarship; NGHS Academic Bowl Scholarship SAM FOLSOM: Coweta Fayette Trust Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship; Eli Holland Scholarship HANNAH SUTHERLAND: Coweta Sports Hall of Fame Johnny Brown Scholarship KALEY CLARK: Kingdom Connected Ministries International Scholarship MARY RICHARDSON: Kingdom Connected Ministries International Scholarship ANNE MINICK: NGHS World Languages Scholarship MADISON HART: NGHS Beta Club Scholarship KAITLYN SMITH: StarAmanda Walters Elizabeth Seitz Hannah Sutherland Grace Warren Reese Sevigny Mason Takvorian Joshua Warren Brandon Shaw Bryan Torres-Quiroz Jason Waryold Morgan Sisk Annabell Trimmer Stephanie West Benjamin Sleigh Nathaniel Troemel Jessica Wheeler Ethan Stamper Samuel Waldron Logan White BETA CLUB GRADUATES Emily Adamczyk Carissa Bogan Cassandra Chahalis Autumn Aeschliman Alissa Bolinger Kaley Clarke Tristan Avera Joshua Brandon Thomas Comte

Burst Award NICK STOWERS: StarBurst Award SARA REED: Pilot Club of Newnan Healthcare Scholarship ANNA POOLE: Newnan Junior Service League Scholarship; Alpha Delta Kappa Ruth Witcher Scholarship for Future Teachers; Abby’s Angels Foundation Scholarship MAHLE GANGI: NGHS Journalism and Creative Writing Scholarship BRODY HARLAN: Lavinia Barron Rosenzweig Scholarship for Advancement of the Arts MARKADAN MOORE: D’Tori Crawford Scholarship JACOB WOODRUFF: West Georgia Techni-

cal College Local Board Scholarship ALEXIS HANNAN: Eli Holland Scholarship EDWARD CISNEROS: Eli Holland Scholarship KATHARINE WISENBAKER: Rotary Club of Newnan Rotary Cup & Scholarship PEYTON SHEPARD: Troup Coweta Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. TYSHIRA ANDERSON: Chapter AZ/P.E.O. Coweta County Citizenship Award OLIVIA LUGO: Chapter AZ/P.E.O. Star Scholarship LOGAN WHITE: Newnan Shrine Club Scholarship

Sydney Bakken Sydney Bruce Annie Copeland Amy Bell Emily Cain Kaniya Davis Grace Benson Rylee Campbell Haley Dewitt Laurel Blackadar Madison Cathey Aidan Digby Christian Dyer Elizabeth Grant Mailey Horne Kenzie Ellsworth Gabriel Hankinson Cameron Johnston Ethan Farmer Luke Hanks Malcolm Jordan Clariza Franquez Maddie Hart Brooke Jordan Callie Frazier Emma Heatherly Hannah Kepes Hope Futral Noah Hill Morgan Kieffer

Madelyn Gober Emily Hogg Addie Koehl Ashley Lewis Logan Matthews Anna Poole Ellisa Lotter Anne Minnick Mary Richardson Olivia Lugo Markaden Moore Mary Katherine Riordon Hunter Macek Caleb Nguyen Michael Roth Fionna Magee Gabe Page Megan Ryan Alexis Mahon Logan Payne Kyle Scruggs Andrea Mancia Chris Pinaud Elizabeth Seitz Reese Sevigny Renee Strack Nate Troemel

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NGHS Honors 2020

Alexis Hannan

Amanda Walters

Anne Minick

Brody Harlan

Emily Hogg

Jacob Woodruff

Ethan Farmer

Jessica Wheeler

Anna Poole

Andrea Mancia

Edward Cisneros

Elissa Lotter

Imani Githae

Hannah Sutherland

Jonathan Wood




Kaitlyn Smith

Kaley Clark


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NGHS Honors 2020

Katharine Wisenbaker

Mahle Gangi

Nick Stowers

Logan White

Markadan Moore

Luke Hanks

Madison Hart

Mary Richardson

Nathaniel Troemel

Noah Hill

Peyton Shepard

Olivia Lugo

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NGHS Honors 2020 Northgate High School Class of 2020 **High Honors *Honors **Valedictorian: Luke Joseph Hanks **Salutatorian: Andrea Michelle Mancia **Emily Rose Adamczyk **Autumn Reese Aeschliman **Catherine Ahn Ashley De Jesus Alaniz-Gonzalez Kelly Reed Allen *Kellsi Darla Elizabeth Altman Quindarious Jermon Amey Tyshira Shamia Anderson Caleb Larry Arnold Hailee Faith Attaway *Tristan Lane Avera Emely Victoria Avina Emmalyn Kate Babcock Chase Dylan Baker Henry Clay Baker **Sydney Nicole Bakken Emily Kathleen Balboa Andrew James Baldwin Eric Tyler Ballard *Patrick Jakob Barberio Joanna Marie Barbier Talin DeAnna Barrett **Emily Abbigail Barton Audrey Renee Baxter Abigail Nicole Beckom *Amy Marie Bell **Grace Elise Benson Darryn Mitchell Bergeik Nathan Riley Bill **John Christopher Bilton *Sean Stephen Binek **Laurel Camille Blackadar

*Jesse Ezekiel Blissett **Dalton Garrett Blue *Seth Joseph Bochy Dikai Corda Boddie **Carissa Faith Bogan *Alissa Rose Bolinger Isabel Breanna Bood **Abigail Elizabeth Boylen Alexis Jade Brandon **Joshua Landiss Brandon *Addison Dale Bray Allison Grace Bright **Corina Faith Bronzi Leilani Nunes Brooke *Ryan Matthew Brooks Courtney Lee Brown Isabelle Catherine Browne **Sydney Nicole Bruce *Morgan Lee Bruner Tyler Matthew Brunson Hunter Gage Burdette *Brandon Michael Burgess *John Paul Sposaro Burgueno Garrett Stephen Burton Madison Alexa Byrd *Emily Cheyenne Cain *Robert Paul Campbell **Seth Garrison Canada Raul Pena Cantu Clayton Scott Carroll Colton Augustus Carroll Donovan James Cash Trenton Walker Cason **Madison Leigh Cathey *Cassandra Rita Chahalis Mariella Lourdes Cimadevilla Edwin Gustavo Cisneros

continued from page 14C James Magrath Brandon Shaw Hannah Sutherland Dori Van Skike Peyton Shepard Mason Takvorian Sam Waldron Amelia Smith Jordan Tilley Thomas Walters Kaitlyn Smith Bryan Torres Amanda Walters Grace Ann Warren Kate Wisenbaker Jason Waryold Julie Wood Jessica Wheeler Julianne Wood Lexi Whiddon Alexis Woodruff Logan White Macy Woodruff NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Officers: Alissa Bolinger, Hannah Kepes, Amanda Walters, Logan White and Kate Wisenbaker Members: Emily Adamczyk Alissa Bolinger Kaley Clarke Tristan Avera Abigail Boylen Thomas Comte Sydney Bakken Joshua Brandon Annie Copeland Amy Bell Sydney Bruce Isaac Corbitt Grace Benson Emily Cain Kaniya Davis Laurel Blackadar Seth Canada Haley DeWitt Carisa Bogan Madison Cathey Aidan Digby Christian Dyer Hope Futral Noah Hill Reid Fagerstrom Mahle Gangi Emily Hogg Ethan Farmer Imani Githae Mailey Horne Mary Kathryn Ferguson Elizabeth Grant Gabriel Hankinson Samuel Folsom Luke Hanks Tanner Hughes Clariza Franquez Madison Hart Nichole Ilagan Elizabeth Frazier Emma Grace Heatherly Cameron Johnston Autumn Brooke Jordan Olivia Lugo Kelsey McCurry Malcolm Jordan Hunter Macek Walter McReady Hannah Kepes Fionna Magee Emily Moore Morgan Kieffer

Markaden Moore Addie Koehl Alexis Mahon Maria Muhammad Ashley Lewis Andrea Mancia Caleb Nguyen Elissa Lotter Logan Matthews Gabriel Page Logan Payne Elizabeth Seitz Mason Takvorian Christopher Pinaud Reese Sevigny Jordan Tilley Anna Poole Morgan Sisk Nathaniel Troemel Mary Richardson Amelia Smith Leah Vazquez Mary Kathryn Riordan Kaitlyn Smith Sam Waldron Meagan Ryan Gracie Storey Amanda Walters Kyle Scruggs Renee Strack Thomas Logan Walters Grace Anne Warren Kate Wisenbaker Stephanie West Jonathan Wood Logan White Julianne Wood Evan Wilson Macy Woodruff STEM GRADUATES Catherine Ahn Tyler Harrison Kaitlyn Smith Corina Bronzi Cameron Johnston Mason Takvorian Thomas Comte James Magrath Nathaniel Troemel Mary Ferguson Andrea Mancia Samuel Waldron Samuel Folsom Maria Muhammad Logan White Gracie Ford LoganPayne EvanWilson Luke Hanks Christopher Pinaud Jonathan Wood Michael Roth AP SCHOLARS Annie Copeland Anne Minick Renee Strack Mary Ferguson Gabriel Page Bryan Torres Gracie Ford Tyler Peoples Annabell Trimmer Gabriel Hankinson Michael Roth Nathaniel Troemel Emily Hogg Kaitlyn Smith Samuel Waldron AP SCHOLARS WITH HONOR Hannah Kepes John Robert King Logan Payne

Cruz Colby Daniel Clark Khalis Elon Clark **Kaley Lynn Clarke James Edward Clason Sarah Elizabeth Coffman Richard Ian-Joseph Cole Jamonta Shannon Coleman *Cooper Lee Collins MacAuthur Jeremiah Colton **Thomas Kelley Comte Jackson Wright Conner Myles Malik Cook *Sebastian Alexander Cooper Adam Gregory Cope *Sara Katherine Copelan **Annie Elizabeth Copeland *Michael Isaac Corbitt Jeremiah Emanuel Cox Tyler Ryan Cranston Emelyn Hope Creason Kayleigh Marie Crook Kevin Jadiel Cruz-Garcia Giovanina Patricia Curry *Kaniya Desirae Davis *Summer Leanne Davis Nicholas Robert DeBease Benjamin James DePastino **Haley Maree DeWitt *Aidan Jay Digby *Jayden Nichole Dinwiddie Megan Catherine Doody Jeremiah Isaiah Dotey Callie Lane DuBose

Alexander Javier Ducoulombier John Paul Dunphy **Rachel Amanda Duyck *Christian Thomas Dyer KC Joseph Eanes Madison Brooke Edwards **Mackenzie Marie Ellsworth Evan Emory Eskew *Mallory Brooke Eskew *Reid Pratt Fagerstrom Jordan Nicole Fairbanks *Ethan Luke Farmer *Alan August Fehn **Mary Kathryn Ferguson Nicholas Paul Ferrante *Jeremy Thomas Fields Jr. Andrew Michael Fincher *Bradley Craig Fishburne **Devon Michael Fleener **Samuel James Folsom *Gracie Elizabeth Ford Sarah Autumn-Bailey Franklin **Clariza Yamilet Franquez **Elizabeth Callaway Frazier Camden Taylor Freeman Haley Renee Frey Lenny Atzin Fuentes Luke William Fugate *Hope Elizabeth Futral **Mahle Amelia Gangi Jacob Avery Garcia Erik John German Erin Lynn Germann *Colby Ray Gillard

*Imani Gathoni Githae Abigail Rose Glover Dale Grace Goins Victoria Nicole Gonzales Maria Jose Gordillo *Anthony Aaron Graham **Elizabeth Berry Grant Austin Tyler Gratzer Kaija Hope Graves Julie Elizabeth Greer Journey Alexis Guillory Megan Rose Hagert *Francisca Elizabeth Hainley *Ethan Robert Hall *Hanna Lynzi Hall Kamryn Renee Halpin *Kennedy Sara Halpin Haegan William Hamby Keirra Aspen Hammond **Gabriel Lunn Hankinson *Alexis Nicole Hannan **Brody Dean Harlan Gena Elizabeth Jinhui Harper *Joshua Lucas Harris *Tyler Brantley Harrison *Tillman Jordan Harsey **Madison Louise Hart *Avery James Hayes *Avery Nicole Haynes Andrew Keith Head **Emma Grace Heatherly Olivia Faith Hedden Matthew Gage Heitshusen **Kathryn Eileen Henry *Giovi Hermansyah **Alexander Herrero

Grace Warren AP SCHOLARS WITH DISTINCTION Thomas Comte Christopher Pinaud Samuel Folsom Mason Takvorian Luke Hanks Joshua Warren James Magrath Logan White Andrea Mancia Evan Wilson NATIONAL AP SCHOLARS Samuel Folsom Luke Hanks OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS Emily Adamczyk: Mercer University Billington Sanders Merit Scholarship – $23,000 per year, four years. Sydney Bakken: Berry College Academic Scholarship – $20,000 per year, four years. Alissa Bollinger: Ave Maria University Softball Scholarship – $5,000 per year, four years. Joshua Brandon: Samford University Crossland Scholarship – $15,000 per year, four years. Samford University School of the Arts Scholarship – $1,00 per year, four years. Samford University Davis Scholarship – $2,000 per year, four years. Allison Bright: Jacksonville State University Band Scholarship – $3,000 per year, four years. Jacksonville State University Gamecock Pride Scholarship – $2,500 per year, four years. Kaley Clarke: University of West Georgia University Ambassador Scholarship – $5,500. Annie Copeland: Georgia Pacific Foundation Scholarship – $2,000 per year, four years. Christian Dyer: LaGrange College Tower Scholarship – $14,500 per year, four years. LaGrange College Grant – $6,150 per year, four years. Ethan Farmer: University of North Georgia U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship – $39,600. Elizabeth Grant: Gordon State University Soccer Scholarship – $4,000 per year, four years. Francesca Hainley: Walsh University Brothers of Christian Scholarship – $13,000 per year, four years. Walsh University Women’s Lacrosse Scholarship – undisclosed amount. Kamryn Halpin: Lee University Grant – $3,600 per year, four years. Lee University Volleyball Scholar-

ship – $5,000 per year, four years. Brody Harlan: Reinhardt University Academic Scholarship – $8,500 per year, four years. Reinhardt University Honors Scholarship – $1,000 per year, four years. Reinhardt University Musical Theatre Scholarship –

$7,000 per year, four years. Luke Hanks: Brigham Young University Heritage Scholarship – $5,970 per year, four years. State of Georgia PAGE STAR Program Scholarship – $400. Tyler Harrison: Berry College Academic Scholarship

Stephanie Reina

Thomas Comte

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Tyshira Anderson


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NGHS Honors 2020 Northgate High School Class of 2020 continued Zachary Stephen Hicks Nicholas Kenneth Hill **Noah Beacham Hill **Emily Michelle Hogg Sloane Sandra-Linda Holley Patrick Tanner Holmes *Mailey Grace Horne Keslie Rose Hornsby Deborah Reann Howard Grayson Tyler Hucks Sierra Catherine Huey *Tanner Marshall Hughes Stephen Paul Hurtgen *McKinley Tate Hutcheson Aaron Binh Huynh Jeremiah Thai Huynh *Nichole Francine Ilagan *Emily Nicole Ivany Jacob Timothy Ivester Rilandria Danielle Jackson Krislyn Marie Jacobs *Angel Jaimes-Flores April Kathryn Jernigan Katelyn Dianne Jersey Cole Erik Johanson Shane Byron Johnson **Cameron Mason Johnston *Autumn Brooke Jordan Christian Lawrence Jordan **Malcolm Elijah Jordan Aidan James Joyce Chandler Paul Joyce *Cyrus Roosevelt Kelly Ashley Nicole Kent **Hannah Isabella Kepes *Branden Scott Kerley Christian Thomas Kerlin **Morgan Grace Kieffer *Honey Beth Kilgore Aaliyah LaShaun King *John-Robert SparrowKing Abigail Rose Kingston Kyle Lee Kinnison **Lillian Pearl Kirk Katelyn Taylor Kirkconnell Huter Kashala Americus Kizzie Peyton Michael Klimetz Evan Anthony Knight *Addie Amelia Koehl

Kristina Marie Kornacki *Alaya Dyani Laleh *Laura Pate Lampl LaDeja Monèt Lancaster *Crystal Danielle-Elvy Larry Joshua Ryan Lea *Mary Ann Kathryne Lemberg *Ashley Nicole Lewis Justin Chase Loggins Ronnie Kade Loggins Thomas Leon Loggins Jr. Austin James Long Justin Wayne Long **Elissa Christina Lotter Clayton Austin Lovett **Olivia Ann Lugo Hunter Kilpatrick Lunsford *Hunter Alexis Macek DeMarcus LaRentis Mack **Fionna Sue Magee **James Patrick Magrath Jr. **Alexis Marie Mahon Kayla Marie Maresca Connor James Marshall Daija Niyelle Matthew Hood **Logan Starr Matthews *Kelsey Ashton McCurry Gannon Riley McDermott Colby Daniel McElwaney Kyli Michelle McFarland Tyne Lynn McKnight *Kristophe Ovaneo McLeish **Walter Joseph McReady Cooper Shelton Minichowski **Anne Minnick Autumn Star Moody *Emily Grace Moore *Markaden Je' Marh Wayne Moore Sasha Noel Morawietz William Trent Morris Caitlin Nichole Moss Adam Clare Mowers **Maria Muhammad Meagan Skyler Mulvany *Kira Barto Neola *Kaden Marc Newman **Caleb Reese Nguyen

Stanley Nguyen Isabella Marie Nouryeh Nicholas Tyler Olson Cody Braxton Orr Conley Osbourne Ostrowski *Gabriel Joseph Page Xayruz Karina Palomino Ampuero Ethan Robert Panter Ninoska Yanin Pascua Fernandez Alina Guadalupe Patino Baez **Logan Cole Payne Hannah Elizabeth Peace Hannah Faith Peacock Nicholas Ryan Pelletier **Tyler Phillip Peoples *Shadiyah Sandra Barbara Percival Kendra Grace Phillips Evan Charles Pickelsimer *Marli Michelle Pickford **Christopher David Pinaud Ashley Lashun Pinson Natalie Elizabeth Pitts Sydney Katherine Pokryfky **Anna Grace Poole *Sierra Shevelle Potter *Toby Shane Potter Luke Allen Powell Ethan Robert Power Olivia Georgeanne Privett Karson Reed Proctor **Jace Morgan Pruitt Madison Olivia Przybylski *Jake Riley Queen Emily Grace Ray *Sara Michele Reed Morgan Hunt Reese **Stephanie Nicole Reina Jacob Adam Reiter *Skydeijah Zi'Meria Render Hunter Joseph Rensink *Ricardo Reyes-Pena Jr. Blake Almon Rhein Megan Kristine Ribau **Autumn Wynn Richardson *Mary Elizabeth Richardson

**Mary Kathryn Fay Riordan Zachary Samuel Rodriguez Beaneth Yarid Rosales **Michael Robert Roth *Areaun Myja Russell **Meagan Brooke Ryan Joseph Wiley Sanders Mason Michael Sanderson *Colin Joseph Schmits Megan AnnaLeigh Schram Madison Paige Schroeder *Amy Marie Scobee Michael Chase Scott **Kyle Thomas Scruggs Christian Miles Searcy Justin Riley Sedgwick **Elizabeth Ann Seitz **Reese Skyler Sevigny Zachary Clay Shadix *Maxwell Lawrence Shaughnessy **Brandon Scott Shaw Deven Glen Sheats **Peyton Simone Shepard Logan John Shortt Jamarius Krishna Singh **Morgan Elizabeth Sisk *Benjamin Thomas Sleigh Keelen Donnell Sloan **Amelia Kasi Smith Cameron Anthony Smith Emma McKenzie Smith **Kaitlyn Jorja Smith Maliyk Smith Ethan Mark Stamper *Hunter Richard Stanton Addison Gabriel Stender Aidan Charles Stender Jah'rel Skylar Chase Williams Stephenson **Mabel Grace Stephenson Megen Ashley Stone **Grayson Elizabeth Storey *Nicholas Alan Stowers *Renee Strack **Hannah Grace Sutherland **Mason John Takvorian Jayana Ariel Tandy Lamarcus Rashard Avery Tatum Dalton Robert Thomas *Rachel Ryan Thomas




*Rachel Marie Thompson Tanner Dalton Thonen *Jordan Elizabeth Tilley Isabel Elizabeth Tirado Deven Mikel Toney **Bryan Alan Torres-Quiroz Caleb Drake Towry **Annabell Rose Trimmer **Hannah Phuong Trinh Jeanna Renee Triplicata **Nathaniel Alexander Troemel Stephan Adamandios Tsirnikas *Sarah Grace Turi Charles Evan Underwood *Genesis Anahi Valle Franquez **Dori Ann Van Skike Hayden Everett Vance *Leah Yarentzy Vazquez Dakota Allyn Vetterick *Elliott Lee Vickery Dillon Kaevon Wade Walton Scott Wade **Samuel David Waldron *Tymberly Garland Walker **Amanda Lynn Walters *Thomas Logan Walters Tyler Humphrey Walters *Luke Cohen Ward **Grace Anne Warren *Joshua Bruce Warren

**Jason Daniel Waryold **David Edwin Watson *Jarred Alexander Watson Amy Elizabeth Webb Abbigail Justice Weimer **Stephanie Marie West **Jessica Ashley Wheeler *Alexis Rose Whiddon Justin Keith White **Logan Christopher White Evan Paul Wilkins Ryder Addison Willard **Caleb Gabriel Williams Kiara Ariane Williams Tommy Cole Williams **Evan Michael Wilson Bailey Madison Wingo Stephanie Danielle Winkles **Katharine Dai Wisenbaker Dawson Curtis Witt *Blake William Wolfe *Jonathan Matthew Wood **Julianne Nicole Wood **Caytlin Lynn Woodall Jacob Tyler Woodruff **Macy Faye Stahlman Woodruff Dylan Lee Wright Landen Keith York Damion Demetrius Young Jr.

Commencement ceremonies to be held in July Live graduation ceremonies will be held on high school campuses for those who wish to participate – as circumstances allow – for 2020 graduates and family members, as follows: • Northgate High School – Wednesday, July 29 (NGHS campus, Henry Seldon Field) • Newnan High School – Thursday, July 30 (NHS campus, Drake Stadium) • East Coweta High School – Friday, July 31 (ECHS campus, Garland Shoemake Stadium)