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JANUARY 10 - JANUARY 16, 2018

Activist from Afghanistan, back home to build bridges


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Local chef beats Bobby Flay; teaches top techniques to staff Chef Michael Walters brings world-class experience to Newnan restaurant

BY MELANIE RUBERTI Every day is a learning experience for the cooking staff inside the kitchen at Art & Jakes Sports Bar and Grill off Newnan Crossing Bypass. They’re studying under one of the top masters in the culinary field – Chef Michael Walters. “I’m in the building every single day. They can’t get rid of me,” Walters joked.

is enthusiastic while in the kitchen. “He’s very passionate about food,” Jones said. “It can be Asian, French or Italian cuisine. Michael has knowledge and background about each one and its distinct flavor. “He’ll halt an item leaving the kitchen because it doesn’t look right, doesn’t have the right height or color temperature,” Jones added.

“Every dish that comes through (this kitchen) has my name on it … every day I am on my ‘A’ game.” “Every dish that comes through (this kitchen) has my name on it … every day I am on my ‘A’ game.” Walters is not only the chef of Art & Jakes, but a co-partner in the business too. He defines the restaurant’s cuisine as “sports bar with fine dining flavor.” Walters and his staff create a variety of dishes from wings and nachos, to cedar plank salmon and stuffed shrimp with crab meat plus burgers, New York Strip steak and blackened lobster, just to name a few. B r i a n Jone s , gener a l manager and co-partner of Art & Jakes, said Chef Walters is not only talented but

Walters started his culinary career in Washington D.C., washing dishes at the infamous Watergate hotel. The hotel chef took Walters under his wing and taught him to use a grill. A short time later, Walters trained and worked under two of the biggest n a mes i n t he c u l i n a r y industry: Jose Andres and the late Michel Richard. His talent landed him g i g s where he co oke d fo r fo r m e r p r e s i d e n t s George H .W. Bush a nd George W. Bush. He also catered Chelsea Clinton’s 21st birthday party, plus



Art & Jakes Chef Michael Walters pan-sears shrimp for his unique take on shrimp and grits. Before coming to Newnan, Walters worked for renowned chefs such as Jose Andres, Michel Richard, Wolfgang Puck and David Burke.

Cedar plank salmon is one of Chef Michael Walters’ favorite Art & Jakes Chef Michael Walters shows off his dishes to prepare at Art & Jakes Sports Bar and Grill off the unique recipe of shrimp and grits. The dish will be Newnan Crossing Bypass. officially added to the restaurant’s menu in January.

Similar road names within the same subdivision will no longer be allowed under a new Coweta County ordinance. PHOTO BY SARAH CAMPBELL

County cutting down on confusing road names BY SARAH FAY CAMPBELL

Beaver Creek Lane. Beaver Creek Run. Beaver Creek Drive. Beaver Run Road. Beaver Court. Those five roads are in three neighborhoods in different parts of unincor porated Coweta. Under new rules approved by the Coweta County Board of

Commissioners, those types of confusing road names will no longer be allowed. Coweta’s ordinances already prohibit new road names that sound like existing roads elsewhere in the county, but the new ordinance puts a stop to the practice of having multiple streets in the same neighbor-

hood with the same name but a different road type — lane, drive, circle, etc. The ordinance also requires that the entrance road to a subdivision incorporate the subdivision’s name in some fashion. The changes apply to new


Welcome House reboot: New name, no house


More changes have come to Com mu n it y Welcome House, which serves local victims of domestic violence. The organization is now known as the Coweta Domestic Violence Resource Center, and the house itself is up for sale. A new website, cowetadom e s t ic v iole n c e . or g , h a s re cent ly b e come op er ational. The crisis line phone number remains the same — 770-304-0966. In October 2016, it was announced that Community Welcome House would no longer serve as a shelter for domestic violence victims. Instead, the focus would be on providing services for domestic violence victims so that they can stay in their homes and in the community. There were always services

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provided to the women staying at Community Welcome House, and many of those ser v ices conti nued a fter the organization stopped functioning as a shelter for women and children. T hen-Executive Di rector Maureen Coates said last year that Community Welcome House had seen a decline in the number of women needing a shelter but an increase in the number who needed resources. There was also a financial reason — operating the house cost approximately $30,000 a month, and there was no government funding. Coming up with that kind of money every month had long been a challenge. Right now, the massive house serves as an off ice for one employee, and space for a food pantry and other


2 Times-Herald Xtra   |  Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Times-Herald Xtra

¢ Nassery, immigrant from Afghanistan, back home to build bridges BY MADELINE SCHINDLER

Food Depot

Address in 2009.

Please visit our website at Earlier this year, Nassery “I received a lot of death threats in movedad tofor back to Georgia to be Download the Food Depot digital coupons closer to family. She said she Afghanistan because of the work I was doing and in store promotions!

Coordinator, program manager, public health and gender specialist, board member, conand how it opposed the Taliban’s ideology.” sultant, author. These are some of the many * OUR COST INCLUDES FREIGHT, STOCKING FEES, AND ASSOCIATED EXPENSES t it les Hom i ra Na sser y h a s held, but the title of activist is As a public health and gender governmental organizations the most important to her. Her specialist with The World Bank, (NGOs), Nassery provided civilactivism has led to death threats Nassery worked with “fragile ian aid and advocated for womat times, but Nassery’s comstates,” a title given to war-torn en’s rights and education for mitment to building bridges girls. countries or failed countries. between people remains strong. “Afghanistan has improved “Sometimes a state may not B or n i n K abu l , A fg h a n ibe in the midst of a war but still due to U.S. aid and work with stan, Nassery was 5 years old B o r n in Afgha nis t a n , H o mir a face emergency situations,” said the country’s government to when her family immigrated Nassery graduated from Newnan Nassery. “For example, Mozam- provide education for girls. It’s to the United States. Her fam- High School and is now back in bique and Bangladesh are con- not perfect. The Taliban are ily moved to Newnan, where Coweta County after work that sidered fragile states due to still there, but (Afghanistan) Nassery excelled in school and has taken her around the world, f looding a nd other natura l has improved some,” Nassery including back to her native land. graduated from Newnan High disasters. Economic instability said. She shared that while in School in 1979. may also qualify a country as a Afghanistan, she received many While in high school, Nass- in Afghanistan left a lasting fragile state.” death threats from the Taliban. ery made it her mission to edu- impression, shaping her career “I received a lot of death During her time with The cate her friends and classmates and outlook on life. World Bank, Nassery served threats in Afghanistan because about the country and customs “My grandmother was the in Rwanda, Mozambique, Pak- of the work I was doing and how of Afghanistan. fifth of six wives of my grandfa- istan, Sri Lanka, Eritrea and it opposed the Taliban’s ideolU.S.D.A. Inspected Boneless Skinless “I wanted them to see that ogy,” Nassery said. ther. Seeing (her) lack of rights Afghanistan. Claxton Fresh people from Afghanistan Quarterloin are and quality of life really upset In 2005, Nassery was invited After a decade-long career at just that: people,” Nassery said. me,” Nassery said. “I saw how The World Bank, she returned to attend the State of the Union After graduating from high women were so horribly mis- to Afghanistan to assist in the address as the special guest inspeccionado chuletas de cerdo Pechuga de pollo sin hueso sin piel school, Nassery attended U.S.D.A. the treated, especially after the countr y’s development a nd of then-first lady Laura Bush. University of West Georgia in Soviets occupied the Afghan social reconstruction. Nassery represented first-time Carrollton and then continued government. Seeing the oppresWorking with the United women voters in Afghanistan. her education at The American sion on a daily basis made me Nations, NATO, United States Add it ion a l ly, Na sser y wa s University in Washington D.C. want to change something to Agency for International Devel- also in attendance of PresiNassery’s brief childhood help other women.” opment (USA ID), a nd non- dent George W. Bush’s Farewell

considers the move to be “an early retirement,” and a new chapter. Nassery recently visited Ame Whitlock’s seventh-grade literature classes at Evans Middle School. She shared her personal experiences and discussed how life for children in Afghanistan compares to life for children here in the United States. St udents were act ively engaged during Nassery’s visit, asking questions about numerous topics such as education, government, social constructs, and customs. The visit with Nassery left an impression on the students, and several remarked what an inspiration she was for risking her life to help others. “What happens on the other side of the world does affect us,” Nassery said. “We have to maintain diplomatic relationships and through education (exchange students, study abroad programs, etc.). Additionally, the more we can create awareness of the diversity in Newnan, the better we become at communicating and building bridges.”

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roads only and do not a f fe c t e x i s t i n g r o a d names. The changes are meant to cut down on the confusion that similar road names can cause. Similar names can cause problems w it h emergency response, as well as voter registration a nd ma i l delivery. A few yea rs ago, Coweta put regulations in place to prohibit road names that are similar to existing roads, and set up a committee. Developers in Coweta, as well as cities, submit proposed road names for consideration by the committee and Coweta 911 before they are approved. Though the municipalities aren’t bound by the recommendations, so far everyone has followed the recommendations, s a id A rlene W h i senADDED AT hunt, assistant director of REGISTER! Coweta 911. “They have all been very understanding when I explain the reasons for name denials,” she said.


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storage, according to Sam Anders, chairman of the organization’s board of directors. Anders said the eventual goal is to house the resource center and the or g a n i z a t i o n’s t h r i f t store, New Beginnings, in the same space – prefe r a b l y i n d o w n to w n New na n . T he t h ri ft store’s current space on East Washington Street isn’t quite big enough for what the board envisions. “We’re rebranding the Com munity Domestic Violence Resource Center,” Anders said. “The mission and goals of the organization are going to stay the same.” “ We ’ r e l o o k i n g a t diversifying and being able to provide as many resources as possible for the community,” Anders said.

“God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: Who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.” ACTS 10:38

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018   |  Times-Herald Xtra 3

Times-Herald Xtra

Where are those sheriff’s cars headed? Driving around the county in marked cars, we know you see us. And we know you’re looking. Every second of every day that we are in our county cars and our uniforms, we are a reflection on our leaders we work with and for. With that being said, we are also a reflection on you. We are all in this together. We work for you. We work with you. This is our county, our community. We protect it. We are not warriors. We are guardians. We are trained, and more than willing, to do warrior acts if that is what it takes to protect what is ours. As we pass you throughout the year in our county vehicles, you may wonder where we are going. Are we heading to a call or are we just following you to make your commute as uncomfortable as possible? Given our call volume and manpower, 90 percent of the

time we are heading to a call. As of Dec. 12, these are some of the things we have been going to as you have seen us on the roads. When you have seen us on the road without our lights and sirens this year, we have responded to: 1,139 family disputes 1,183 non-family disputes 203 burglaries 1,519 assist motorists 1,580 assist other agencies – think any agency that may be dealing with a combative patient – fire and EMS – or a less-thancooperative person – DFCS 119 assaults 3,447 alarms 1,535 motor vehicle collisions 57 child/elder abuse calls 1,455 welfare checks – Grandmother isn’t answering her phone? No one has seen the neighbor for days or even when you just want the weird looking guy walking down the street checked on. 1,451 traffic complaints 871 thefts

CHEF WALTERS continued from page 1

nu merou s event s for Hollywood actors. Wa lter s e vent u a l ly moved to New York City and worked for David Burke at the renowned Park Avenue Cafe. In 2005, Chef Walters opened his own restaurant in Tampa, Fla. Each morning, Walters shopped for the day’s ingredients and wrote out the menus for lunch and dinner. He never duplicated the same meal twice, he said. Two years ago, Chef Wa lters put h is c u l inary skills to the test on national T V, when he appeared on the Food Ne t work s how “ B e at

Bobby Flay.” Walters did just that, w i n n i ng t he culi na r y battle against Flay with swordfish. “I had just worked with it two nights before the taping,” Walters said. “I didn’t have to look for any equipment or ingredients … I wasn’t worried at all … I knew I was going to beat him because I had so many good teachers in the past. They gave me passion and drive. I feel like I owed it to them to win. “I’ve done fine dining all my life,” he added. “I’ve worked a lot of places, but that’s what makes the food so good. You t a ke t he best of


5,036 suspicious person/car/ activity calls 99 stolen vehicles 105 sexual offenses 99 missing person calls 56 runaway juveniles 451 juvenile complaints 188 hit and runs 452 funeral escorts 452 fraud calls 240 entering autos When you see us on the road and our lights and sirens are activated, assuming we aren’t pulling you over, then time is of the essence and lives are on the line. Here is a list of some of the calls we have responded to this year code-3 – lights and sirens: 552 accident with injuries

everything you see and learn and incorporate it into your own flavors and dishes.” It’s the same valuable lesson he teaches his staff on a daily basis at Art & Jakes. Walters said he shows employees to not only prepare and cook food, but to take pride in every single dish they create and serve. “I show them that food has to have height and color … but I also teach the cooks and servers if something looks wrong, to ‘get the chef.’ That’s not acceptable,’” Walters said. “This is not the Sun Dial in Atlanta, but why can’t it be? It’s all about the mindset,” he added. “I might be just frying wings, but they’re going



& 2018

BUSINESS PLAN to be published in

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 A link to the Annual Report will be provided to approximately 1,000 Chamber members. Extra copies will be strategically included in member campaign packets, at Member Connect Luncheons and in new member packets. Plus, every ad will benefit from our service, NTH Boost. We will post your ad online in the local business directory on, along with directions to your business and a link to your website. Additionally, the service will help raise your business’s position in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing for greater search-engine optimization.

5 accident with fatalities 35 subject armed calls 22 armed robberies – either in progress or just occurred 50 assault with injuries 52 burglary in progress calls 45 cardiac arrest calls – We are often dispatched to these calls because we are already in our car and mobile, and can arrive on scene before Fire and EMS and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation 240 unknown trouble/problems – all 911 can get from the caller is an address and a bunch of screaming 161 family violence calls 99 fights in progress 23 gunshot/stab wound calls 148 psychiatric patient calls 240 suicide calls – threats, attempts, completed Calls for service that normally do not require an emergency/ code 3 response can always change based on the notes our dispatchers are putting in the screens. The above list is not a list of every type of call we have

to be the best wings in Newnan. David Burke told me once food leaves the truck and hits the back door, you treat it with love. Store it, season it, prepare it and cook it correctly.” Jones has also noticed a distinct difference in his kitchen staff. “The guys are putting up their dishes to take pictures of them,” he said. “They’re taking pride in their work, and the guests feel that through their food.” Walters hopes his passion for cooking will be passed on to his staff, whether they stay at Art & Jakes or not. “Cooking has taken me all over the world. I tell the guys, ‘It can take you anywhere – from Newnan to Beverly Hills,’” he said.

handled this year, but what we believe might be of interest to our community. We have worked through a hurricane this year and, a few weeks ago, a snow storm. This is a partial list of the calls this agency has responded to. This does not include the men and women who do the same for the cities of Newnan, Grantville and Senoia. This also does not include the men and women of the fire department and EMS. Those times you see our cars parked somewhere off to the side? We do our reports in our cars. We may be sitting there typing a report in between calls for service. No matter what we are doing, we are 24/7. If you need us, we are coming. If you are the reason someone needs us, we are coming. And we will find you. (Toby Nix is a local writer, guitarist and deputy sheriff.)

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16 Jefferson Street, Newnan, GA • 770-683-1707 •

4 Times-Herald Xtra   |  Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Times-Herald Xtra

Jan. 13 - Feb. 10


your guide for local upcoming events

13 NEWNAN Keep your Resolution 3-mile Hike

Jan. 13, 10:00 a.m., Free

Keep true to your resolution (or try something different) at Chattahoochee Bend State Park, 425 Bob White Way. Get your 10,000 steps in for the day with a 3-mile moderate hike to the river and back. Hikers can turn back at any time. Meet at the Visitor Center and bring your own water and snacks. For more information, call Chattahoochee Bend State Park at 770-254-7271.


American Military History Jan. 19, 2:00 p.m., Free

The Carnegie Library will host an American Military History lecture with Dr. Walter Todd. Todd has a Ph.D. in History but focuses mainly on American Military History. He has been a professor at The University of West Georgia as well as West Georgia Technical College where he is a faculty member in the history depart-

ment. He enjoys sharing his love for America’s past, present, and future through his teachings. The program will detail The Ironclads of the Civil War. For more information, call 770683-1347 or visit www.


Annual VFW Cookie Drive Jan. 20, 3:00 p.m., Free

This year's theme is “Patriotic Valentines – Your Best Homemade Cookies!” Let's send our love to deployed service members. Please note this year it is not about how many cookies we can send but about the best cookies we can send! (Pre-packaged by the 1/2 or full dozen in vacuum seal is appreciated.) VFW Post 2667 Newnan, GA, 130 Veterans Club Rd, Newnan. Bomber Girls LRC is a 501c3 organization. **Note it costs about $1 per dozen to ship; please consider donating for postage.


CAREing Paws Jan. 24, 3:30 p.m., Free

CAREing Paws, Inc. is a group of registered ther-

apy teams who are willing to share their special animals in order to bring joy and happiness to others. Lola, a registered therapy dog, and her handler, Ms. Pam, will provide a free 15-minute, private reading exercise for elementary and middle school-aged students at the Carnegie Library in Newnan. Registration is required; call 770-6831347 to register. For any questions, call or visit www.newnancarnegie. com


Newnan Robert Burns Scottish Heritage Weekend Celebration Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m.

A Scottish heritage weekend of activities to celebrate Newnan's ties to sister city Ayr, Scotland. Enjoy Celtic music, dance, food, drink and more. A not-tomiss lively event for the community! 2018 event hosted by Newnan-Coweta Historical Society, Newnan Theatre Company, Newnan Cultural Arts Commission and Order of the Tartan. Enjoy a Friday night stage show and after party at Newnan Theatre

Company; Saturday afternoon ticketed Whisky Tasting followed by a free Ceilidh Celtic Concert — both at The Cellar; a Saturday evening free Community Auld Lang Syne Sing A Long on the Court Square; and the ticketed annual Burns Supper and Dance Saturday night at the Newnan Historic Train Depot. Event tickets include: FRIDAY: • A Newnan Outlander Adventure Stage Show and After Party, Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m. at Newnan Theatre Company, 24 1st Ave. Tickets $20 (ages 12 and under $10) SATURDAY: • Whisky Tasting, Jan. 27, 3:30 p.m. at The Cellar at Firestone, 20 Jefferson St. Tickets $25. • Ceilidh Celtic Concert, Jan. 27, 4:30 p.m. at The Cellar. FREE. • Community Auld Lang Syne Sing A Long, Jan. 27, 6:15 p.m., Newnan Court Square, FREE. • Burns Supper and Dance, Jan. 27, 6:30 p.m., Newnan Historic Train Depot. Tickets $48. For more information go to, newnancowetahistoricalsociety. com, stop by NewnanCoweta Historical Society's McRitchie-Hollis Museum, 74 Jackson St., Newnan, GA 30264 or call 770-251-0207.


Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic Jan. 27, 9:00 a.m., $5- $25

The H.E.L.P. Spay/Neuter Clinic will host a low-cost vaccine clinic on a first come, first served basis. Flea and tick prevention medica-

tions will be available as well. Heartgard Plus is available as heartworm prevention for dogs. Canine vaccinations for rabies are $10; microchip $25, DHPP $10, kennel cough $10, leptospirosis $10, deworming $5- $10, heartworm tests $15. For cats, rabies vaccinations are $10, microchip $25, FVRCP $10, FELV $15, deworming $5- $10 and combo tests are $25. No exam fee. For the safety of all pets, dogs must be on leashes or in crates, and cats must be in crates or pet carrier boxes. The H.E.L.P. Clinic is located at 12 The Crescent, in Newnan. For more information, call 770-304-7911.

Box theater. For more information regarding the content of this show, email NTC's Artistic Director, Tony Daniel, at artistic-director@ , call NTC at 770-6836282 or visit www.


The Black Market Trust


The Kris Youmans Band at Vinylyte Records Brown's Guitar Mill Feb. 9, at 7:00 p.m.

Vinylyte Records, 28 South Court Square, Newnan.



Feb. 10, 7:00 p.m., $15- $20

‘We Found Love & an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines’

The Black Market Trust is a five member jazz band based in Los Angeles. Since the 2012 release of their all instrumental debut album “The Black Market Trust,” a milestone in the genre of gypsy jazz, the band has gone on to record two more albums, maintain a busy touring schedule, and have their music featured on TV shows. The band features the Django Reinhardt inspired gypsy sound of acoustic instruments, and infuses classics from the Great American Songbook with intricate vocal harmonies inspired by The Beach Boys, and other artists influential to the group. Their sophomore album “II” featured a Top Ten hit on the Adult Contemporary charts, a signature version of “Route 66.” The Nixon Centre for the Arts is located at 1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd. www.TheNixonCentre. net

Feb. 1, 8 p.m., $10

The Farndale Ladies are back! Flushed by their “successes,” the stalwart veterans of the Dramatic Society are poised to conquer yet another dramatic idiom: their current production sails the luxury ocean liner SS Farndale Avenue into the world of thirties musical comedy. The ladies prove that the age of elegance, glamour and enchantment is not dead… well, not quite. Circumstances almost beyond their control threaten to wreck the evening's entertainment, but the ladies and Gordon, in true Farndale form, soar above such mundane matters to present some catchy numbers and a stunning underwater sequence! The show will be presented in Newnan Theatre Company’s Black




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Wednesday, January 10, 2018   |  Times-Herald Xtra 5

Georgia Southern Transportation

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