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July 12-July 18, 2017

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Tyler Gillett born to compete “American Ninja Warrior” Tyler Gillett

East Coweta graduate advances to semifinals in hit television show


basketball and soccer,” he said. “I was more into jumping around and doing acrobatic stuff like tumbling.” His ability to do all that suited him well for his debut in ANW. Only three out of 30 competitors from the Daytona Beach regional advanced to the semifinals, and Gillett was one of them. In fact, on Monday’s show, he was the first to navigate the four initial obstacles, including the Floating Steps, the Rolling Pin, the Wing Nut, and the Broken Bridge. Failure on any of the first four obstacles would mean a wet plunge into a pool of water and his elimination from the competition. From there, he punched his ticket to the semifinals next month by scaling the 14foot, 6-inch wall and ringing the buzzer at the top of the obstacle. “It was really grueling, but I Area: 01654-02-16 Atlanta-Newnan LOCAL FLAVOR AMAZING LASH STUDIO am just excited I made it,” he Account #: 348945 Mail Week: 03/14/2016 Proof Release said. Tracking #: 3367122.INDD Now, his goal is to get past This ad is the property of LOCAL FLAVOR and may not be reproduced. Approve By: 03/01/16 Please review your proof carefully. LOCAL FLAVOR is not responsible fo the semifinals back in Daytona Brett Phillips any error not marked. Beach and advance to the finals Contact your Account Service Coordinator: phone: 3147490000 COUPON PLACEMENT MAY CHANGE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION in Las Vegas. Elizabeth Darrach email: The semifinals will be shown fax: 5E sometimeTeam: in August. 717-509-9265 Gillett’sphone: dream to one day email: compete on the show took shape seven ago when he fax:years 717-358-2533 watched an episode for the first Sales Rep: Marlene Scheepers time. “I told myself right then and Photo courtesy of the Gillett family PLEASE SIGN YOUR PROOF AND COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Area: 01654-02-16 Atlanta-Newnan Coweta County native Tyler Gillett celebrates getting through the five obstacles during his first appearance on “American Ninja Warrior. page Mail GILLETT, Week: ❑ 03/14/2016 Ad is 2 approved ❑ Ad is” approved with changes ❑ Ad is not approved make changes indicated

Some people grow up wanting to be a professional athlete, a police officer, a fireman or even a cowboy. East Coweta graduate Tyler Gillett set his sights on something a little more extreme—competing in NBC’s hit reality TV show, “American Ninja Warrior.” Gillett, who works at a local Jimmy John's sandwich shop, reached his goal, and there’s no stopping him now. During the Coweta County resident’s television debut June 26, he advanced to the semifinals during a regional competition that was held at the famous Daytona International Speedway. “It’s a dream come true for me,” Gillett said. Even though Gillett always wanted to test his skills against other ANW competitors, he had to get through a strict selection process, including filling out a lengthy questionnaire. He also had to submit a video. Gillett admits he was moved to tears when the producers of the show called to inform him he had made it and would have a chance to compete against other ANW hopefuls. “I have worked so hard for this, I got pretty emotional,” he said. “It was just exciting.” Gillett wasn’t a star athlete at East Coweta High School. AMAZING STUDIO “WhenLASH I was young, I tried all the typical sports, baseball, Account #: 348945 Tracking #: 3367122.INDD

This ad is the property of LOCAL FLAVOR and may not be reproduced. Please review your proof carefully. LOCAL FLAVOR is not responsible for any error not marked.

Brett Phillips

Camp Ogletree

State kills ATV park plans SIGNATURE

phone: 3147490000 COUPON PLACEMENT MAY CHANGE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION. email: LOCAL FLAVOR AMAZING LASH STUDIO fax: Account #: 348945 Proof Release Approve By: 03/01/16

Contact your Account Service Coordinator:

Elizabeth Darrach

Team: 5E phone: 717-509-9265 email:

Tracking #: 3367122.INDD

Brett Phillips

phone: 3147490000 email: fax: -



Area: 01654-02-16 Atlanta-Newnan Mail Week: 03/14/2016

This ad is the property of LOCAL FLAVOR and may not be reproduced. Please review your proof carefully. LOCAL FLAVOR is not responsible for any error not marked.


“My question is why — why would you pick the 717-358-2533 partTHE offax:FOLLOWING the Chattahoochee ASE SIGN YOURmost PROOFpristine AND COMPLETE INFORMATION: River in Sales Rep: Marlene Scheepers county, maybe even south❑ofAdAtlanta. I live approved with changes is not approved makeon changes indicated ❑ Ad isthis PLEASE SIGN YOUR PROOF AND COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Bush Head. I know how pretty is. I do not want approved ❑ Ad is it ❑ Ad is approved with changes ❑ Ad is not approved make changes indicated to see that destroyed by ATVs.” LOCAL FLAVOR AMAZING LASH STUDIO DATE



— David Barker


Area: 01654-02-16 Atlanta-Newnan Mail Week: 03/14/2016

Account #: 348945

Tracking #: 3367122.INDD

This ad is the property of LOCAL FLAVOR and may not be reproduced.

Approve By: 03/01/16 Please review your proof carefully. LOCAL FLAVOR is not responsible for Brett Phillips any error not marked. property that comes very close Contact yourto Account Service Coordinator: phone: 3147490000 COUPON PLACEMENT MAY CHANGE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION. a home. No trails were planned Elizabeth Darrach email: for that portion. fax: Team: 5E The Bush Head Shoalsphone: prop-717-509-9265 erty is located off Hwy. 34 West, email: a few miles from the Coweta fax: 717-358-2533 County line, and has frontage on Sales Rep: Marlene Scheepers the Chattahoochee River, at the namesake shoals. The state has PLEASE SIGN YOUR PROOF AND COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Individually applied eyelash extensions look owned the property for several so real you as your own. years but, until recently, there is notclaim approvedthem make changes indicated ❑ Ad is approved ❑ Ad is approved with changes ❑ Adcan had been no plans announced to develop it and open it as a park. DATE PRINT NAME A press release issuedSIGNATURE by the Our stylists are licensed cosmetologists using DNR announced the decision. pharmaceutical grade adhesives. Former Newnan Cougar, University of Georgia and current Los Angeles linebacker Alec Ogletree “The department has deterhosted a free footballalways camp for dreamed campers age 7of. to 17. Campers were put through several footballmined that due to constraints you’ve Get the eyelashes on the ability to expand the trail related drills. Olgetree is getting ready to enter his fifth season in the NFL.

By SARAH FAY CAMPBELL The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is backing away from a plan to create a network of all-terrain-vehicle trails on state-owned land in Heard County. The DNR was awarded a $1.1 million grant to build the trail network at the Bush Head Shoals State Park property. The grant was for motorized trails, and preliminary plans showed that approximately 14 miles of trails could be built on the 700-acre property. Approximately 200 acres of the property can only be accessed through a thin strip of

Proof Release


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2 Times-Herald Xtra   |  Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Times-Herald Xtra

No 2017 sales-tax holiday this year By KANDICE BELL Parents who are used to the annual tax-free weekend to multiply the bargains at back-toschool sales won’t be getting the tax break this year. The annual tax-free holiday is typically held right before the start of the school year and gives shoppers a break on clothing, footwear, various school supplies and even computers. State lawmakers did not pass legislation during this year’s General Assembly session to allow any 2017 tax-free

periods, which includes another sales-tax holiday in October on energy-efficient items such as air conditioners, dishwashers, insulated doors or refrigerators for personal use. Economists say the tax holidays merely give shoppers a bargain but do not make them buy more than they would anyway, so there’s no real economic benefit. But merchants in cities along the state lines argue they need the tax holidays to keep local customers from doing all their back-to-school shopping in the neighboring state during its

holiday. Rep. Lynn Smith, R-Newnan, was the first and original author of the energy-efficient holiday. “For several years, I carried both of the tax-holiday bills, but I’m not doing it anymore,” she said. “It has been funded on and off since 2008 when the downturn in the economy hit,” she said. Smith said in the end, the budget has to balanced and the needs of citizens become a matter of priority. “There’s just added pressure on the budget with state obligations for health care and

other formula-driven needs for our citizens,” she said. Newnan resident Dominique Reese has two school-aged children, but she said she plans to shop as normal. “I have always felt as though stores would raise prices on certain items to diminish the amount of savings anyway,” she said. “I don't do all of my shopping at one time, so it hasn't been very beneficial for me. I know it helps other people though, so I wish it would have continued.”

“There’s just added pressure on the budget with state obligations for health care and other formuladriven needs for our citizens.” — Rep. Lynn Smith


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there, I was going to compete on that show someday,” Gillett said. It wasn’t just a pipe dream for the ambitious 14-year-old. He was serious, and to show his friends and family just how much it meant to him, he began reconstructing similar AWN obstacles in his backyard. Over the years, he has adopted a serious training regimen that includes trips to the gym several times a week. He has also started working out with AWN alum Ryan Statis, who owns a facility in Atlanta. “It was good to get pointers

from him and know what to expect,” Gillett said. Gillett admits he couldn’t have made it this far without the support of his friends and family. “They have all been great,” he said. “My friends and family have been with me all the way.” His mother, Renee, has turned into one of his biggest fans. However, she is also impressed with the way the athletes support each other. “The American Ninja Warrior community is pretty close-knit,” she said. “That is nice to see.”

No matter what happens this year, Gillett wants to keep competing. “I think if that’s not your goal, you are wasting your time,” he said. In the nine-year history of the “American Ninja Warrior” reality-television series, only two athletes, Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten, have made it all the way to Las Vegas and tamed the course to earn the title of American Ninja Warrior. That’s the next dream for Gillett, who is going to do everything he can do to get there. Tyler Gillett navigates the “Wing Nut” obstacle. “I want to keep doing this as long as I can,” he said.

Photo courtesy of the Gillett family


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system, preliminary environmental and cultural resource survey and public comments, that the department will withdraw its grant application at this point in time,” the release states. “The department received public comment stating the property would be better utilized for other purposes and looks forward to working with Heard County to find the best use for this land when funding becomes available.” Support was strong among Cowetans, but it was a different story in Heard County. At a public meeting held in Franklin in May, Heard County residents and officials came out strongly against the plan. Heard County Sheriff Ross Henry expressed concern about the burden the park would place on the county’s emergency services, and many at the meeting said Bush Head Shoals was too pretty a place to put an ATV park. “My question is why — why would you pick the most pristine part of the Chattahoochee River in this county, maybe even south of Atlanta,” said David Barker at the meeting. “I live on Bush Head. I know how pretty it is. I do not want to see that destroyed by ATVs,” he continued. “I don’t think anybody in this room is against rafts, canoes and kayaks, a campground and a boat ramp,” Barker said. “But why destroy this place with ATVs and the noise?” The man who sold the land to The Nature Conservancy, which then sold it to the state, sent a letter strongly criticizing the ATV park idea. J. Rex Fuqua called the plans “environmentally irresponsible and embarrassing” and inconsistent with his intent in selling the property. County Board of Commissioners voted to ask the state to withdraw support for the park plan.

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to Good Works.” Hebrews 10:23-24 God is Good All the Time! American Must Stand With Israel! The W. Reece Payton Co., Inc.



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Wednesday, July 12, 2017   |  Times-Herald Xtra    3

Times-Herald Xtra

I. am. in. heaven. It’s fresh tomato season, and I made my first purchase on the square in Newnan on Wednesday. And my tomato purchases will continue until the last day of anyone’s garden producing a homegrown one they are willing to sell. My parents were the best when producing fresh produce. We lived on 30 acres and did not have a fence surrounding our garden. My father’s name was Darden, and they called their creation Darden’s Garden. We had lots of other yields from it: corn, okra, spring onions, butter peas, marigolds, and more. I remembered picking and shelling peas with my mother. My aunt came over to help and then received her gifts from the garden. Then mother, my aunt, and I went to the cannery in our county (although she used glass Bell jars). Later, mother boiled those jars in our house herself and sealed the goodies. Jars and jars of sterilized-

Tomato heaven “

then-sealed butter beans, corn, onions, tomatoes, okra cooked down in their own juices could be found in her kitchen cabinets just waiting for winter to arrive when potatoes would be added for vegetable soup. Don’t forget the cornbread. I couldn’t be the farmers my parents were, but I did try my hand with my first backyard garden on my 1.3-acre plot here in Newnan. I planted tomatoes and put up a fence around them to keep out our deer guests, but I guess it wasn’t high enough as our visitors would stick their heads over and nibble at their early morning breakfast. The next year I put up a higher fence and moved the produce farther away from the fence. That worked better. But trying to weed around the harvest in that chicken-wire fence proved difficult. Then I scaled back and only planted my tomatoes – Big Boy variety – in containers on my deck. That worked pretty well, and I even felt smug when a

I planted tomatoes and put up a fence around them to keep out our deer guests, but I guess it wasn’t high enough.”

Lee St. John

girlfriend wrote on Facebook about her disgust of deer somehow getting into her tomato plants even with all the armor surrounding her vegetable garden. I laughed and laughed that day she posted that fiasco thinking, “That won’t happen to me. I am smart. No deer is going to climb up my steps to my deck and eat my tomatoes. Ha, ha, ha!” The next morning I woke up to find that I didn’t have to worry about the deer eating my plants, but something with

big teeth shaped like rabbits’ choppers had taken a bite out of every one of my tomatoes. Since it wasn’t rabbits hopping up those 20-plus steps, I didn’t know what did. Somebody tell me. Raccoon? Whatever it was it (they) ruined with those teeth marks every ripe tomato that I was giving one more day until perfection. I got out of the tomato business and left it to the professionals. Although it would be nice to watch tomatoes sprout up on a daily basis, I just didn’t want to give those visiting my deck the privilege of snacks. Forage on your own. I feed birds in the winter, but I didn’t need a new pet taking the most

precious of precious tomatoes from me. So, with my cherished purchase from Wednesday’s downtown Farmer’s Market, I had my first tomato. In a sandwich? Nope. Not the first bite of the season: just a little salt, pepper, and mayo. And so it begins for a couple of months. Summer is here. Next time, we’ll discuss which mayonnaise to add. Besides the goodness of the fresh tomato, it’s all about the mayo, too, right? Lee St. John, a retired Coweta County high school English teacher, is the author of five humorous books and two audio books.

Explaining YMCA’s youth mission Shane Gann, executive director of the Summit YMCA, greets a fellow member of the Newnan Rotary Club after Gann’s speech June 30 about the Y’s service. The organization has 175 employees during the summer and will serve 2,000 youth sports participants, 3,000 in swimming lessons and 10,000 people altogether. Nearly one in every four children involved in Y activities benefits from some type of financial assistance because of need. Photo by Walter Jones


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4 Times-Herald Xtra   |  Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Times-Herald Xtra

Welcome to Senoia’s new manager Several dozen Senoia residents and business leaders braved the heavy rain June 29 to attend a welcoming reception for City Manager Harold Simmons hosted by the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce. A handful of local restaurants offered samples to the rain-soaked guests. Pictured, from left to right, are city Utility Clerk Amanda Edens and her husband Police Chief Jason Edens, Simmons and his wife, Kelly Simmons. Photo by Walter Jones

Mural completed in Greenville The latest addition to Meriwether County’s “Murals and Monarchs” tourism project is a wall-sized painting in the county seat of Greenville, part of a county-wide project to bring visitors using funds from various sources. Completed in early June, it joins a series of historic murals and butterfly gardens across Meriwether County in a project begun in early 2016. Historic murals have been painted by Hapeville-based artist John Christian in Warm Springs, Lone Oak, Woodbury and now Greenville. Next up, Christian plans to begin work on a mural in Manchester. According to Carolyn McKinley of Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce and the Together in Meriwether committee, Greenville’s mural is situated on the

building across from Hill Brothers Corner as travelers come into Greenville from LaGrange. The owner of the building agreed to absorb the cost for needed prep work, which took place in early 2017. A Greenville delegation met with the artist to offer suggestions for what would be included on the city’s mural, and a rendering was prepared. “A growing, healthy tourism industry is critical to creating a pro-business climate in Georgia by improving our quality of life, accommodations, transportation, arts and entertainment,” said Chris Carr, Georgia commissioner of economic development. For Manchester, the mural will go on the Mexican restaurant in the downtown area. “This will be the largest of the murals, and the exact composition

The recently completed mural in Greenville painted by Hapeville-based artist John Christian.

is still being finalized, but may include the mill (including the pond); a train engine (possibly depicted coming through the map); something representing Manchester High School; the President Theatre; Elliott Station; Bill Mathis; Stuart Woods; FDR receiving a milkshake from M.B. Guy, Jr.; Willie Holloway (first black police


chief) and the Rosenwald school,” McKinley said. Plans are for the Manchester mural to be completed by the end of June, according to the terms of a state tourism grant helping fund the mural project. In October 2016 Meriwether County received a grant through Economic Development from the Georgia Council for the

Arts for the Manchester mural project. It is part of Arts Council’s Vibrant Communities grant. Meriwether County was among 85 entities that received more than $298,000 in funding. “Georgia’s communities are filled with great art, inspired artists and bold visions for the ways in which local art can bolster economic devel-

opment efforts in our communities,” said Arts Council executive director Karen Paty. “GCA recognizes that a thriving arts community contributes immeasurably to economic and social vitality, and the Vibrant Communities grant is one of the ways in which we support the incredible work happening in our communities.”



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Vacation Property

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2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser $2,500

one owner, garaged good condition. Driven around Newnan. (770) 301-3043

2005 Chrysler 300 Touring

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WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017   |  Times-Herald Xtra 5

Cream color, clean interior, leather seats, new brakes, heated seats, new tires, 190k miles, single owner, non-smoker. Has remained in Newnan since original purc h a s e f r o m Southtowne in 2004. Missing passenger side molding trim. $4,500


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home improvement

Above & Beyond Carpentry EST. 1993


Crown Molding & Painting Kitchen, Bath & Basement Remodeling Custom Woodworking Doors & Windows Decks, Wood Rot Repairs

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home improvement

home improvement

home improvement

tree Service

newnan timeS-herald

manny the

BASSETT CONTRACTING Home Repair Services, Inc.

Specializing in: Painting & Remodeling Room Additions Plumbing & Electrical Screened Porches Garages Custom Decks Vinyl Siding Concrete Work Metal Roofs Hail Damanged Roofs

MIKE BASSETT 770-251-7455

770-318-5887 Licensed & Insured 32 Years of Service

handyman • home improvement & repairs • finished basements • electrical / plumbing • drywall / trim work • pressure washing • int. - ext. painting • all types of flooring • kitchen / bathroom remodeling • roofing / siding / gutters • windows / doors • decks /screen porch No Job Too Large or Small. Over 33 years experience. For your FREE Estimate call:



Home Remodeling and Handyman Services


Remodeling your dreams into reality. We specialize in your biggest investment. LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED Full references Senior & Veteran Discounts

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tree removal

stump grinding

Trimming, Chipping, Drop Only, Etc. Licensed & Insured Experienced Excellent References

Sharpsburg, Ga. call mike :


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16 days in The Newnan-Times Herald 28 days on 4 weeks in Times-Herald Xtra Plus, every advertisement will benefit from our new service, NTH Boost. We will post it online in the local business directory on our website, along with directions to your business and a link to your website. Additionally, the service will help raise your business’s position in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The more your ads run, the greater the search-engine optimization.

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16 Jefferson Street • Newnan, GA •

6 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017

20170712 xtra  
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