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Award-winning photo by Arya Vishwanath

Student’s vacation snap wins photography contest PHOTOS SUBMITTED BY JUNE HARRIS

Mason Hinesley’s team banner can be seen above hundreds of supporters gathered for the recent Autism Speaks fundraising walk in Atlanta.

Local supporter offers thoughts on Atlanta autism walk By MAGGIE BOWERS On a recent Sunday morning, hundreds gathered in Atlanta to raise awa reness a nd f u nd i ng to help improve the lives of those across the U. S. diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorder. Each participant, many of wh ich ca l l Coweta County home, attended the world’s largest autism fundraising event benefitting autism research and support, on behalf of a friend or loved one. June Harris of Newnan walked for Mason, who joined Harris,

condition. Autism refers to a broad range of developmenta l disabilities characterized by c h a l len ge s with social s k i l l s , re p e t itive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, according to the orga n i z at ion’s website , Funds raised at events such as the recent Atlanta walk are dedicated by the Autism Speaks organization to advancing further research into the cause of

“I could feel the love and care from all.” along with his parents, at the event on April 20. The Atlanta event, held at Tu r ner Field , i s one of several sponsored by Autism Speaks, an organization founded in 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child diagnosed with the

autism along with more a nd b e t ter t re at ment s . The group also hopes to i n c r e a s e a w a r e n e s s of autism spectrum disorders and increase the range of support and resources for families of children diagnosed with the condition. Harris arrived at Turner Field i n At la nta on t he morning of the event and m e t 9 -ye a r - o l d M a s o n and his family before the walk. Harris offered her thoughts about the event she shared with her special friend.

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A snapshot by a 14-year-old from Sandy Springs claims the top honors at a juried photography contest sponsored by the NewnanCoweta Historical Society. Arya Vishwanath was on a family vacation over spring break when she snapped several photos that she later turned into her teacher for a class project. He submitted the best to the historical society’s Simple Pleasures: the Nature Show photography contest, and the judges selected two of hers for display at the organization’s McRitchie-Hollis Museum. Arya and her parents were among the roughly 30 artists represented at a reception where last year’s winner, Julie Wynn, announced the judging. Wynn, an Alabamabased photography instructor, chose Arya’s for its vivid colors. “We took lots of pictures, and our teacher submitted them,” Ayra said. The winning shot was taken after a rain and captured the contrasting clouds and colors of the soil. The aspiring veterinarian used a consumer Cannon camera with the 35mm lens that came with it, not even relying on a tripod and extended shutter exposure time. The annual contest required that no manmade object be in the photograph. “That is very difficult to do,” said Jessie Merrell, the society’s curator. The reception wrapped up a month-long exhibit of the contest entries. The fall version of the contest will feature everyday simple pleasures, which can include man-made objects and people. Many in the past were of children, Merrell said.

Piedmont Healthcare expands locally and across state By MAGGIE BOWERS Added services are close to coming online at Newnan’s comprehensive hospital, thanks to various construction projects nearing completion and a partnership agreement due to be finalized soon.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital expansion

Mike Robertson, CEO of Piedmont Newnan Hospital, recently announced several improvements in the works for the nonprofit health care center on Poplar Road. The addition began with an expansion of conferencing rooms, including one adjoining the local hospital’s imaging reception area. Other projects currently underway incorporate an expansion of the facility’s catheterization laboratory along with the addition of an interventional radiology suite. “This is an exciting time for Piedmont Newnan,” Robertson said. “Providing high quality, patient-centered care close to home is a top priority and has a positive impact on both the patient and their page 4 family.” According to the hospital’s Communications Specialist Nicole Dillon, the

Coweta County has a higher-thanaverage rate of complications related to obstructive heart disease, with over 30 percent of local adults being obese, inactive, or having high blood pressure, according to Piedmont. These specialized services in heart care will serve to further promote the hospital’s goal of allowing patients to seek treatment close to home.

facility’s latest additions will include top-of-the-line imaging equipment and advanced treatment of percutaneous coronary intervention. PCI is a non-surgical procedure used to treat narrowing of the coronary arteries. Narrowing, or stenosis, is most commonly found in patients suffering from coronary artery disease. “The interventional radiology suite will be located on the first floor near the emergency room,” said Dillon. “Construction is underway, and we expect the addition to be completed at the end of July.” The expansion of the catheterization lab, Dillon added, will begin shortly after the IR suite. Interventional Radiology (IR) is a subspecialty of radiology that uses minimally invasive, imageguided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases. The imaging technology to be included at Piedmont Newnan will allow specialists to find and treat a variety of diseases in nearly every organ system without the risk of major incisions. “It is anticipated that the cath lab will be completed in October, at which time the hospital will begin offering PCI,” Dillon said.

Piedmont Medical Plaza In addition to Coweta’s nonprofit community hospital, the city of Newnan is also home to Piedmont Medical Plaza. The complex for non-emergency medical treatment was created with a focus on cancer-related services and includes medical oncology, radiation oncology and support services such as the Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center. Construction of a new, $1.2 million breast center is currently underway at the plaza, according to Dillon, which will provide easier access to cancerrelated services and advanced technology for breast cancer screening. “Navigating health care can be a challenge, especially for breast cancer patients,” said Robertson. “We will 1 Xtra front



now be able to offer 3-D breast imaging technology.” In addition to imaging, the center will provide screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and stereotactic and ultrasoundguided biopsies. The breast center is expected to be open to patients in June.

Piedmont Healthcare Piedmont Healthcare, a nonprofit organization which currently includes a system of seven hospitals and just under 100 Piedmont-affiliated physician practices, has recently announced negotiations to create a partnership with Columbus Regional Health. Two hospitals, a cancer center, an urgent care center and several physician practices would be included in the arrangement, making Columbus Regional Piedmont a hub for clinical services in Southwest Georgia, according to a recent press release from Piedmont Healthcare. “We share a commitment to highquality, patient-centered care with Columbus Regional and welcome this

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Saigon for 369 t Hospital in lates at the 3rd Field auditorium during the ol triage nurse , who was a an High Scho at the Newn Donna Rowe -69, speaks s. days in 1968 History Serie of the NHS installment

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said “My mother I to me when for was leaving onna, Vietnam, ‘D u do, whatever yo ht rig is at do wh me and come ho safe.’”

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page 4


ghte r of the Row e, a Dau lutio n Med al Revo first Ame rican ient and the of Honor recip into the Georted woman induc Vete rans Hall LY tary By CLAY NEE m Mili 000 gia one of 265, clay@newn ned home Vietof Fam e, was the in Wright retur served en, women who “Big City” BrianNewnan to play an eveOf thos e wom – to th nam War. from Nashville music at the Wadswor ed activ e duty try coun of 11,0 00 serv ground.” Eight – ning April 15. “boots on the s – were killed in of Lamar and Auditorium son the is d all Army nurse Wright, who of New nan, graduate ht duty. had of Wrig has line gia the and Geor Cathy High School . end up in the ? How from New nan se for more than 18 years “How did I Fame of rans Hall of got the his pilot’s licentry music is a pass ion Military Vete had painted the one who that sinof the world, cts, misI end up being did Play ing coun released albums and Dan Rathers he’s , drug addi former did Medal of Honor? How as outs ht’s, ened drop Wrig DAR e, a us as “That happ website. try ees,” said Row d for 369 through his at the en?” Rowe said. classic coun gles by happ thing fits, all draft red serve right inspi the nurse who Wright was e Haggard, Waylon Jenany good because I did Field HosArmy triage his Vietnam that . So when -69 at the 3rd heroes like Merlge Jones, and shared s right time in just set the days in 1968 would have doneaccepting on. “Let me try tune nings and Geor Army nurse pital in Saig d of “real” coun honors, I’m ht.” personal bran I accept these y wom an that serve d record straig Newnan High School ly. Serie s, with Newnan. deep in Wrig ht’s fami recent Spea king at them for ever the Vietnam War.” stage at the g NHS Hist ory andruns of ic the anddurin she of worth me Mus le took the husb story whom with as part e says the ar-old Carlis concert held at the Wads a Nashville people with The Wrights, re brother Adam and sister 11-ye And while Rowat the right time ” Wrigt Rowe said the ated, “clean, honest g n- Big City Brian 15. educ wife duo, featu Wright’s uncle is New April her “right thin told 1,00 0 time s served were Auditorium non. been ed his Shan , the d have be told in-law and faithful.” years old, form until that timecoun- coul t other people, hers will Instil folJackson. r player at 21 trave Alan guita air t an’s of ian “We were, up abou augh this ties self-t rtain t milit ary at the Smithson menks, Wright, a ever since. ht in a recen With the unce for decades best educ ated to war,” Rowe said. ember 11 attac clip from a docu the music explained Wrig put in a featured I was ois, lowing the Sept and has been playing se it fits or sounds cool,” try had ever UH-1 Iroqu in Vietnam, up. tute 2001 rhyme becau an icon triage nurse ed ll, opened for rfect.” irst band in y on the Bell


16 Jefferson Street • Newnan, GA 30263

2 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017


LEFT Nine-year-old Mason Hinesley, diagnosed with autism at the age of four, attended the Autism Speaks fundraising walk in Atlanta with a large group of supporters including, from left to right, Hilary Wray, Daniel Hammett, Mia Wray, Pat Eisenmann, Carson Hinesley, Cindi Sargeant, Vicki Spradlin, Morgan Cawthorne, Marlene Collins, June Harris, Carol Hinesley, Brady Stewart, Jeremiah Stewart, Kaylee Robertson, Andy Hinesley, Tyler Hughie, Mason Hinesley, Mike Forbus, Andrea Hinesley, Beth Stewart, Adam Stewart, Jan Teasley and Kristy Williams.

AUTISM Continued from page 1

"The morning was a crisp one with a slight breeze and was overcast. It was perfect for a walk – a special walk for Autism Speaks. Several passengers were riding the bus, which carried participants from the parking area to event. Excitement er upted as the tents and canopie s c a me i nto v iew from the bus windows. M a son stood up a nd announced, ‘You have now arrived at Mason's Mission!’" Ha rris ref lected on the support for Mason and other participants. “I could feel the love and care from all. We were ready to walk for

Mason a nd t he ma ny ot hers w it h aut i sm ,” s he s a id . “ O u r te a m was excited to be there and to offer support to Mason and this great cause.” Mason was diagnosed wit h autism at four. More recently, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, or seizures. This secondary diagnosis is not uncommon in children with autism. Yet Mason continues on. His parents, Andy and Andrea Stewart Hinesley, say that despite epilepsy, he has never mis-

placed his sweet spirit and excitement for life. His outgoing personality is contagious and he is loved by everyone he meets. “This year we walked for Mason. After arriving home, I was told that Mason said to his parents, ‘I will never forget this day. Thank you,’” Harris said. For more i n for m ation on Autism Speaks, and how to participate i n nea rby f undra ising events, visit www.

Carson Hinesley, left, waits patiently with his brother Mason, right, before the Autism Speaks walk held in Atlanta in April.


PIEDMONT Continued from page 1 opportunity to increase access and enhance care across Southwest Georgia,” said Kevin Brown, president a nd CEO of Piedmont Healthcare. “... We are thrilled to start working on a partnership with an organization that shares so many of our values.” T he potent i a l pa r tnership was announced on behalf of Columbus Regional one year ago, according to that medical organization’s president and CEO, Scott Hill. Hill said the “strategic partnership” will best serve area patients and community members. Fo r m o r e i n fo r m a t i o n r e g a rd i n g P i e d mont Healthcare, or for more on services offered locally, visit

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Another reason for outdoor burn bans By ALEX MCRAE


Guests visit a Fayette County artist’s studio during the annual SHAST event in 2016.

Fifth annual Southern Hands Artist Studio Tour expands The Southern Hands A r t i s t S t u d i o To u r (SHAST), held in Fayette County for the past four years, will now expand to include studio and guest artists in Coweta County. A r t i st s i n t he Sout h Metro area and those in Fayette and Coweta who do not have studios are eligible to showcase and demonstrate art at participating artist studios in both counties. The deadline for artists in all counties to apply for participation in SHAST is May 30. SH AST was started by local ceramic artist Andrea Boswell to educate the public about the creative process and to inspire future a rt-

ists. T he tour a llows guests to visit the open studios of participating artists for a behind-thescenes glimpse of how they make their unique creations. Visitors are also given the chance to participate by creating with clay, painting, making ornaments or even learning the art of weaving. Artists will also offer works for sale during the tour and those who offer private lessons will offer information and sign-up opportunities. More than 15 artists are already signed up to participate in SHAST and the tour will include a variety of mediums such as painting, fused glass,

weaving, ceramics, jewelry, woodturning, fabric art, photography and mixed media. The annual tour is held in the second weekend in November and attendance is free and open to the public. Guests are provided a map of participating studios and may begin the tour at any studio. Refreshments are provided at some participating studios and several local restaurants and sponsors will offer special discounts to touring guests. For more i n for m ation on how to apply for SHAST or for more on the event visit www.

The current home came with new neighbors and a new varmint. T he neig hbors were fine. We got along and still do. The varmint was a different deal. I’d had countless wildlife encounters in other homes, but a dose of disc ou r a gem ent— or g u n powder—kept most at bay. T h is bad boy was different It was a possum. It was the first one I’d ever gotten close enough to evaluate. We got to know each other a little too well. Mostly because he came by almost every evening to scavenge food out of the cats’ dishes on the back deck. He was bold about it. W hen he showed up I could tap on the glass door to the deck and he’d just look and blink and keep eating. If I stepped onto the deck he looked and blinked twice and froze. If I got within five feet of him, he hissed and bared his teeth, but trotted off. He came several nights a week. He made life miserable for the cats and they made life miserable for me. I wasn’t armed at the time and called a friend for possum removal tips. He said what I needed to do was trap it and turn it loose in the next county so it couldn't find its way back. I told my friend I didn’t have a possum trap. He said, “I do. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” He was. He whipped out a Havahart trap and set it on the trail the possum had carved out under some bushes. Three days later, the possum was in the trap. He wasn’t happy. When I got close he’d go all bug-eyed and snarl and snap and act like he was possessed. I didn’t want to transport him in that con-

dition, so I let him simmer. A couple of days later, he had slowed down some. In fact, he looked dead. I poked him with a stick and he wasn't. By then, I had a different problem. I didn’t want the possum nagging me and the cats, but I'd gotten so used to it I didn’t want to hurt it, either. I took the trap—complete with possum—to a brushy area at the edge of the yard and opened the trap door so it could leave. It lay there as if dead. Even a poke with a stick didn't make it stir. The next day it still seemed dead, but I caught him breathing lightly. On the third day the possum rose from the cage and fled. I never saw him again, but I’m glad I didn’t have the heart to hurt him. A m e r i c a n h u m or i s t Will Rogers once said, “I never met a man I didn't like.” Will Rogers never said that about a possum. Possums don’t have an upside. They are smelly and nasty and make evil

faces and gobble the vegetables right out of your garden. Mine was a mess, but I’m glad he got away. I’m even more glad I didn’t use another method of possum removal that just hit the news. Authorities said a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, man had a possum problem, too. He didn’t try to trap it. He had heard possums didn't like smoke so the man lit a pile of brush in his front yard, hoping the smoke would run off the possum. Sure enough, the fire started and the possum f led. But not because it hated smoke. It ran to escape the ensuing fire, which gutted the possum burner’s house. The smoked Pennsylvania possum hasn’t been back. I hope it’s happy. People say possums are stupid. Based on this story, some homeowners aren’t so bright, either. Send your email comments to: alexmmcrae@

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4 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017

The Times-Herald Xtra

Ashley Graham is a woman with curves but don’t say plus-size By ALICIA RANCILIO, Associated Press Ashley Graham may have curves, but she hates the term plus-size. “Does any woman really just come in and say, ‘I’m a plus-size woman’? Maybe as a defense mechanism or maybe as a way to kind of cope with fitting into society but ... I just think it’s divisive. I think labeling and putting a name on women in certain categories because (of) a (size) number inside of their pants isn’t really getting us any farther in life.” She made it into the mainstream when she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 issue. That led to other opportunities, including the cover of Vogue magazine and a gig as a judge on “America’s Next Top Model.” Now Graham has written a memoir, “A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty & Power Really Look Like” (Dey Street Books).

She talked about her role models, achievements and critics in a recent interview with The Associated Press. Associated Press: You’re an advocate for healthy body acceptance. How is the fashion industry responding? Graham: The fashion industry is into it. (Laughs.) I think what’s really great is the fashion industry has really said, ‘You know what, we’re about inclusion right now.’ We’ve had the body era. We’ve had the waif era, now here we are in the inclusivity era and it’s race, it’s age, it’s gender, it’s size. AP: You’re known for your curves but you’ve been criticized for photos where it appears that you’ve lost weight. What do you say to that? Graham: My weight is going to go up and down but, also, nobody can dictate what I’m doing. I’m a true size 14, I’m happy with my body, nobody has dictatorship over who I am.

AP: You also write in your book about fashion and curvy girls and how hard it is to find great clothes in bigger sizes. Graham: I don’t know who’s making those clothes. I’m ready to come out with a line of clothes that’s affordable, that’s for all sizes. The beauty of being a curvier girl is that we’re all shaped so differently. But it’s sad because I really think there’s a lot of designers who do go up to a size 22, 24 but buyers are not buying them because they don’t think we’re gonna come in and buy it. So, it’s a vicious cycle, and I don’t know where it starts and stops ... all I know is I’m talking about it and there are some designers who have been very open. Prabal Gurung is one who put curvy girls on the runway. Christian Siriano and Michael Kors, too, so it’s happening. AP: You have a stylist and you know designers. Have any said they won’t dress you? Graham: I haven’t experienced first-

hand negative feelings of designers not dressing me because of my size, but if I did ... you’d hear about it. (Laughs.) AP: You also are a believer in vision boards, which are supposed to help people focus on specific life goals. Graham: Vision boards are so important. If it’s not even an actual vision board up in your room, then write down what you want. There’s really something about getting it out and putting (it on) paper or a corkboard or whatever your thing is. I’m not a DIY girl whatsoever. It’s really for me to be able to see something before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning to remember what I want, but also to say, you know what, let god’s will be done and hopefully this works out. I had Sports Illustrated on there, I had Vogue on there. It took me a couple years for the whole vision board to happen, but here we are.

Venice Biennale taps artistic angst amid rising nationalism By COLLEEN BARRY, Associated Press With nationalism on the rise, political engagement is central to the artistic dialogue at the Venice Biennale, the world’s oldest contemporary art fair, opening Saturday. From the main show, “Viva Arte Viva,” curated by Christine Macel, to 87 national pavilions in the Venice Giardini, Arsenale and throughout the historic city center, artists are contemplating the world around them and giving a voice to under-represented populations. Macel said artists “are able to respond to this moment of complexity” even if art “should not be reduced to politics.” The show runs through Nov. 26. Here are some highlights.

Europe’s refugee crisis. One film explores how the Dutch self-narrative papered over the difficult assimilation of mixed-race children of Dutch and Indonesian parents after Indonesia’s independence. Artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh discusses the issues in three short films. Because the children entered the country smoothly as Dutch citizens, vast differences in their experiences have been overlooked, from those who were abandoned by their white fathers and impoverished, to the wealthy, well-educated arrivals who still found barriers to assimilation.

Visitors can engage with the migrants — for many a faceless, nameless category repeated on the news — maybe pitching in, maybe asking their stories. Eliasson says being a migrant is not an identity, but a condition. “What we see is ourselves,” Eliasson said. “The migrants are a little bit like actors in a play. Fair enough. But I am doing it on the condition that they are volunteers. They are given a subjective space, they are not being objectified.” An immigration lawyer and psychological counselor are among 90 volunteers participating. The project aims to help the migrants learn skills, and build self-esteem, while exploring a platform that could be repeated in other contexts.


BREXIT MELANCHOLY Phyllida Barlow’s show of sculptures for the United Kingdom’s pavilion titled “folly” isn’t about overtly about politics, but that did seep into the work as the Brexit campaign raged around her. “As I was making the work, I began in April, before the refer-


Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson’s “Green light” is an onsite workshop where 100 migrants create lamps lit by green bulbs from simple materials.

The Dutch pavilion examines the Netherland’s self-image as progressive and tolerant, which has been put to the test during


endum, I had this sense of unease, melancholia really, about this idea of occupying the British pavilion and what it means to be British ... when it’s leaving Europe and I feel I’m European,” Barlow said. She said the mood permeated her sculptures, which while robust “show fragility, and a sense of things being uneasy.”

HUNGARIAN UTOPIA For the Hungarian pavilion, artist Gyula Varnai discusses the “viability and necessity of utopias” in his show titled “Peace on Earth.” He uses many defunct communist symbols, including a reproduction of a large neon Peace on Earth sign from a building in Hungary, to a rainbow made of 8,000 pins bearing Cold War-era symbols. Curator Zsolt Petranyi said they asked themselves “is it true, that we can just speak about dystopias, that there is not any positive vision? “ He realized that technology

has become utopia’s stand-in, “covering the deeper problems of today. Wherever you go, from China, to Africa, to India, if there is a new kind of television, a new kind of whatever, everybody is celebrating it.”

ILLEGAL JOURNEYS With cinematic tableaus, photographer Tracey Moffatt recreates scenes of “journeys, secret journeys, illegal journeys,” in a series called “Passages” for the Australian pavilion. The opening photograph features a mother grasping a child seen through a fog looking out over the sea. “The baby is squirming. The baby will leave her. She might be giving the baby away for her passage. There are many scenarios,” Moffatt said. While the scenes bring to mind modern-day migrants, Moffatt said “for me it is old fiction. A fake old film. It is a celluloid that I claim I found in a vault.”


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Newnan Tea with Lynn May 18, 3 - 5 p.m., $0 Enjoy an afternoon learning about hat styles, history, and the etiquette of wearing hats. State Representative Lynn Smith, who donated a collection of almost 500 hats and hat boxes to the Newnan-Historical Society, will share her vast knowledge of this popular past fashion. Some of the hats donated by Rep. Smith came from her own family members and others were collected from a variety of sources. The event will be held at the McRitchie-Hollis Museum, located at 74 Jackson St. in Newnan. For more information or to reserve a spot, call 770-251-0207.

Peachtree City Touch A Truck May 18, 5-8 p.m., $0

facing serious medical conditions. Donors must bring an ID card or driver’s license or two other forms of identification. Donors must be 17 years of age (16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health. The event begins at 2 p.m. at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, located at 2021 Redwine Road in Fayetteville. Make an appointment by visiting or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

Newnan Doug Kees at The Cellar May 19, 8 p.m., $ no cover Joi n loca l musicia n s Doug Kees (lead guitar, vocals), Patrick Thompson (bass guitar, vocals) and Jerry Lee (drums, vocals) for an evening of music in downtown Newnan. The Cellar, a full service bar and restaurant, is located at 20 B Jefferson Street in Newnan. No ticket purchase necessary. For more information about the venue, call The Cellar at 770-683-6328.

Children can touch and climb on more than 10 trucks and rescue vehicles used in construction, police and fire and other fields. Donations will benefit HeroBox, a foundation based in Peachtree City that supports deployed members of the military and Newnan veterans. The event will be located at Fashion Design Exhibit at The Avenue shopping center, located Lillian Gardens at Ga. Hwy. 54 and Ga. Hwy. 74, in May 20, 10 a.m., $0 Peachtree City. For more information on this event, call 770-486-6587, ext. 2 Fashion design students of the or email AvenuePeachtreeCitySales@ You ng A r t i sts of New n a n a nd Coweta County will offer a Fashion Design Exhibit at Lillian Gardens, located at 83 Greenville St. Fayetteville in Newnan. Students will present Red Cross Blood Donation designs and offer a proposal simiOpportunity lar to that given to a possible client. May 19, 2 - 7 p.m., $0 The design class is offered weekly The American Red Cross will by founder Bette Hickman at the host several donation opportunities Harriet Alexander Art House. For in May in honor of Trauma Aware- more information on this event, or ness Month. Donors of all blood to learn more about Young artists types are urged to give for patients of Newnan and Coweta, contact

instructor Bette Hickman at 770251-3795 or visit

By SARAH FAY CAMPBELL Coweta County will be seeking state and federal funding for operational and safety improvements to Poplar Road. Getting the road project “programmed” by being added to the Tra nsportation Improvement Program by the Atlanta Regional Commission is the first step in a long process to access state and federal funds. The Coweta County Board of Commissioners voted to file a grant application with the ARC for $16.9 million for the project. Coweta County would be responsible for a 20 percent match. The ARC is currently accepting applications for the 2017 TIP project solicitation. There is approximately $200 million available for fiscal years 2018 – which begins July 1 – to FY 2021. The proposed improvements wou ld r u n from just ea st of Newnan Crossing Boulevard all the way to Hwy. 16. The plan is not to four-lane the road, but to ma ke other improvements to improve traffic flow and safety. T he improvements a re intended to help accommodate increased traffic that is expected once the new Interstate 85 interchange at Poplar Road opens.

The intersection with Mary Freeman Road will likely need longer turn lanes, and improvements will need to be done to the intersection with Parks Road, sa id Tod Ha nd ley, Cowet a’s director of transportation and engineering. There may need to be some changes, such as long turn lanes, to the intersection with Hwy. 16. Handley said he also anticipate s s a fet y i mprovement s such as shoulder widening and guardrails. The funding would pay for preliminary engineering, rightof-way acquisition, utility relocation and construction. There’s no guarantee that the funding will be awarded, and the project will be several years off. The Poplar Road interchange is set to open in 2019.

In other meeting business: • The commissioners approved the use of various county roads during the Tour de Cure bicycle ride June 3 and a benefit ride by the Southside Cycling Club on July 8. Commissioner Tim Lassetter said he wanted to ask the cyclists to “stay single file and not try to take up half a road.” There have been some groups that are great about that, he said. But other times, “constituents

12th Annual Memorial Day Remembrance and Festival May 29, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., $0

Newnan Sweetbay Backlight Mountain Festival May 26, 7 p.m., $10 The Alamo in Newnan will host the first Blacklight Mountain Festival, a music event featuring young, talented local music artists including Sweetbay, All the Rest, Christian, The Life we Bury, Debra, Gabe Neal, and Cougarlove. The event, which includes a $10 cover charge, will be held at 19 W. Court Square in Newnan. For more information, contact The Alamo, a full service bar and music venue, at 770-2541474 or visit online at


The city of Senoia will celebrate the 12th annual Memorial Day Remembrance and Festival, followed by f ireworks at dark. The event will include a parade, a showcase of military vehicles, activities for children, and food vendors. The parade begins at 2 p.m. and features the 116th Army Band. Parking will be available at the ball fields on Howard Road. This event is sponsored by the Senoia Downtown Development Aut horit y. For more i n formation, please contact DDA board members Ga i l Dow n s at 7 70 378- 6627 or Suzanne Helfman 770-599-8182.


Hooch Hike and Paddle

Pickin’ in the Park and Fun Day

May 27, 8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., $12

June 3, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., $10

C h at t a ho o c he e B end St ate Park, located at 425 Bobwhite Way in Newnan, will host Hooch Hike and Paddle May 27 beginning at 8:15 a.m. The event will allow participants the “best of both worlds,” a 5.5-mile hike up the Riverside Trail to the boat launch. From there, the group, led by a park ranger, will break for lunch. Then, all will have the opportunity to join in for a paddle back down the Chattahoochee. Boats will be available to rent, or participants may bring their own. Call 770-254-7271 to register for the event in advance. Participation is $12 with a $5 parking fee. Paddle boats may be rented from the park for $30.

County hopes to improve Poplar Road


The town of Centralhatchee will host its first Pickin’ in the Park, a day full of events on June 3 beginning at 9 a.m. Events will i nclude a super v i sed bou nce house set up i n t he ba l l f ield in a fenced area, a 5K and Fun Run hosted by the Heard High School Touchdown Club, and a music event that will begin at noon. Tickets to attend the music event are $10 and will offer performances by David Davis & the Warrior River Boys, Homegrown Bluegrass, Lard Bucket, Brush Fire, Pickled Hollar, and Americana Express. For more information on this event and for vendor opportunities, contact Centralhatchee City Hall at 770-854-5801.

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call me and say ‘Hey, they’re blocking half the road,’” he said. “Their safety and the safety of all the citizens traveling our county roads are important to all of us.” • The commissioners approved a resolution of support for a roundabout at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 29 North and the proposed Mad ras Con nector project. The Georgia Department of Transportation has determined that a roundabout will be the proper solution for the intersection when the Madras Connector road is built. Phase one of the road will come off Herring Road and have a bridge over the railroad track, and will intersect Hwy. 29 at the fire station in Madras. Phase II, which may be built at the same time, will go from Hwy. 29 to Happy Valley Circle. • The commissioners awarded a contract to Blount Construction Company to do road repair on 7.484 miles of county roads a nd subdivision streets. T he roads will get a “full depth recla mation” treatment a nd t he work will be funded with Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax dollars.

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