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Sayre, left, and Shea Henley released their first music video this week with help from Country Music Television (CMT) programming.

Country music duo from Newnan releases music video on CMT BY MAGGIE BOWERS

Despite being raised in a family of musicians, Shea and Sayre Henley didn’t quite expect to be making a post-college life together in Music City. Nor did the brother and sister from Newnan dream of releasing their first professionally recorded video single as a country music duo on none other than Country Music Television. But as of this week, the pair said they’re excited to announce to the world that their mutual dream of making music has begun, ready or not. “Of course, music has always been a part of our lives,” said Sayre, the younger sibling and female vocalist of the music duo known simply as Henley. “But Shea was always into rock, and I preferred country and pop.” Sayre was determined, however, to bring her brother – five years her senior – to her side of the music divide and convince him to work together to create something they could both enjoy. As Shea completed college in Texas, Sayre was concluding her senior year at Northgate High School in Coweta County. Her plan was to meet her brother in the Lone Star State and make music with him while working toward her own degree. “I told Shea country music-loving people love the family thing and that we should write country music together,” Sayre recalled. The two had already been working toward that shared goal, as Shea would often write in the modern country music style his sister enjoyed, lending a hand in projects she was involved in back at home. “He really wasn’t that hard to convince,” Sayre said with a laugh. “He started writing immediately.” The then-19-year-old made her way to Texas, and the two began writing music together and performing popular country-inspired songs on YouTube for friends, family and a growing fan base. “They were always really close a nd ra rely foug ht w ith each other as kids,” said Sheri Henley, mother of four, including Shea and Sayre. “Shea has always been very protective of his little sister and would do just about anything for her.” The brother and sister combo became well-known in Nor th

Texas, and it became clear to the family and friends that the two had that “something special” together. “We came together and discussed it, and we decided to strike while the iron was hot,” Sheri explained. “We helped them leave Texas and move to Tennessee. We wanted to get them to Nashville – to get Sayre on the scene while she was in her twenties.” The duo was introduced to a manager and producer, both family friends. And the rest, as they say


What’s your musical Guilty Pleasure? “I am going to have to find a guy that will be okay with me stull loving Justin Bieber for the rest of my life” — Sayre

Shea Henley admits that his secret listening pleasure is music icon Celine Dion


Seen in a 2015 family vacation in St. Maarten, the Fernander family celebrates Neil’s 50th birthday. From left are Justin, Ashley, Brenda and Neil Fernander.

Woman sentenced in double vehicular homicide BY CLAY NEELY

Two families described the raw and permanent outcomes drunk driving has caused in their lives. In Coweta Superior Court, the families of Neil Fernander and William Johnson listened as Katie Renee Pyles pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, failure to stop at a stop sign and open container. In a non-negotiated plea on April 12, Judge Travis Sakrison sentenced Pyles to a 30-toserve-25 years sentence for her role in the deaths of Fernander and Johnson last summer. On June 20, 2016, Johnson was a passenger in a truck driven by Pyles when she ran a stop sign outside Moreland, colliding with the

truck of Neil Fernander, who was traveling south on Highway 154. Pyles, 32, was the only survivor of the crash. At the time of the crash, Pyles was found to have had a blood alcohol content of .157 – nearly twice the legal limit. Before she was transported to the hospital, Pyles allegedly told rescue workers she had been drinking and was sorry. Inside the courtroom Wednesday, it was standing room only as the many friends, family members and associates of the two victims waited to see if justice would be served. Speaking to the court, the family members of Neil Fernander described in vivid detail the seemingly endless brutality of their continued


Coweta’s population expected to increase by 30,000 in next 10 years


The population in Coweta will increase by 30,000 people within the next 10 years, according to data presented at the Pancakes & Politics Breakfast on Wednesday morning at the Newnan Country Club. Chris Clark, president and CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, provided legislative insights from the session as well as moderated the panel by Coweta delegation members – Sen. Matt Brass, Rep. Lynn Smith, Rep. Josh Bonner, and Rep. Bob Trammell. Rep. David Stover was not present. Clark said the Georgia chamber tracks data to know what is in store for the state. Coweta’s current population is 140,000, but with the 30,000 population increase, the 0-24 age bracket will grow by eight percent, according to Clark. “Schools must be ready,” Clark said. “This growth is lower than rest of metro region, with the exception of Fayette County.”

Clark said the 25-44 age bracket will grow over a quarter in Coweta, which is higher than the expected growth for Atlanta. The 45-64 age bracket will grow by 11 percent, and retirees will increase by 64 percent, which will impact health care, social services and the workforce. “There are 42,000 people employed in Coweta, and 10,000 of those jobs will have retirees within the next 10 years that will have to be replaced,” Clark said. “We will need to concentrate on keeping people and replacing them. In seven years, Coweta will need 6,000 more health care workers. There will be a big need for health care, which is why it’s important to recruit and retain young employees.” Clark said the aging senior population in Coweta is higher than the rest of the region. “Great change is happening here, as long you manage it,” Clark said. Turning his attention to the recently



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2 Times-Herald Xtra |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2017

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Sayre, left, and Shea Henley released their first music video this week with help from Country Music Television (CMT) programming.

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The duo a g re e d t o to the music video for the first full week, according to Sayre. After that, The professional band, s he a nd he r br ot he r prov ided by CM T, is w ill beg in to ma rket nothing short of unbe- the video on their own, lievable, Sayre said. The gaining fans by sharp r o c e s s b e g i n s w it h ing the video across all Sayre and Shea offering a music and social media rough vocal performance platforms. U.S.D.A. Select Beef “Then for Boneless the accompanying U.S.D.A. Selectwe Beef will get back the studio and record TopThe Round band. musicians lis-lb. in Boneless lb. Swiss Steak herSteak v ide o ,” s a id ten U.S.D.A. to the duo sing, and a not U.S.D.A. selecto bistec de res suizo sin hueso selecto bistec de cañada de res sin hueso in a matter of hours, the Sayre, who said the proba nd w ill complete a cess will include working with CMT represenrecording for the song. “It’s the singing that tatives. “We will keep takes the longest,” Sayre going with this song, s a id . “ S o m a ny out- push the video on our side factors like weather own, cut a new single can mess with vocals, and start looking for a and it can ta ke some record deal.” According to Sayre, time to make our best Fresh watching the video for recording.” Diezmillo de res molida o en hamburguesas paquete deallow cualquierCMT tamaño all-access

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the first time brought a recording studio,” Sayre as the opening band for U.S.D.A. selecto bistec U.S.D.A. selecto sense of pride she boliche neverde resrecalled. “ We made a a famous bistec country de desayuno music expected. recording for the senior group. “Or maybe Shea and “ I t i s a m a z i n g t o cheerleaders and footknow that this is your ball players at Northgate I w i l l b e he a d l i n i n g music, not a cover… this – I was just reminded of our own tour,” she said. is something you cre- that the other day. It’s “Definitely we will have ated together,” Sayre so cool that people rec- a record deal.” According to Sayre, explained. “We are still ognized us in this video just doing what we love, a nd remember things though Shea almost certainly envisions the two but on a new level. like that.” “Our musical experiFor the next single, performing on stage for U.S.D.A. Inspected U.S.D.A. Inspected ences together and with Fresh Sayre Bone-Insaid she and SheaFreshlarge crowds, when she U.S.D.A. Inspected Butt Cubed have always been Center sees the future, she imagfamily mayCut be trading places,Boston lb. Pork lb. Pork Roast Porkshe Cutlets ines gathering forlb. music fun,” added. withChops Shea performing U.S.D.A. inspeccionado bistec de cerdo machacado U.S.D.A. inspeccionado chuletas de centro de cerdo con hueso U.S.D.A. inspeccionado paleta de cerdo S a y r e d e s c r i b e d the lead vocals and Sayre awards. “ I ’ve a lways b e en how she and Shea sang singing harmony. backup at intimate per“Shea may also play so excited for the first formances led by their drums on the next sin- music award show we parents – both former gle,” Sayre said. “He is an get to attend,” Sayre said with a laugh. “Just to be professional musicians. incredible drummer.” As for what lies ahead, surrounded by artists “The first time Shea and I made recordings Sayre said she knows in and know that, even in of music, we were in five years she still will be a small way, we are one the my dad had performing. She said she of them – that would be 16 oz.garage Pkg. Portions ortions Sea Best Lb. amazing.” it will be on tourShank converted into a home 4 hopes

is history. Once in Tennessee, Shea a nd Say re were a s k e d t o k e e p mu m about the recordings in the works. The intention of their manager was to have the pair pull back a bit and let fans wonder what the siblings were up to. Then Henley would return a short time later with a bang – their first single – a music video and a spot on CMT. Sayre said even though the wait was a bit frustrating, it was worth it. “ When f r iend s a nd fans asked, we just let them know that things 30-40 Ct. Fresh Frozen en Sugardale Superior Farms arms Fresh Medium were in the works,” she EZ Peell Tilapia Smo Smoked Pork American said. “We couldn’t post lb. Ground Lamb lb. Shrimp ea. ea. lb. Fillet Spare Ribs Ham YouTube covers or post U.S.D.A. Inspected U.S.D.A. Inspected U.S.D.A. inspeccionado costillas medianas de cerdo Carne de cordero molida Camarón facil de pelar Filete de tilapia Jamón ahumado songs we were writing. Quaterloin Fresh We just kind of dropped e ve r y t h i n g we we r e U.S.D.A. inspeccionado chuletas U.S.D.A. inspeccionado paleta de cerdo de cerdo doing.” * OUR COST INCLUDES FREIGHT, STOCKING FEES, AND ASSOCIATED EXPENSES A f ter some time in the dark, friends, family, fans and even former classmates from Georgia expressed their excitement after CMT released Henley’s first single and music video, “As Young as We Are” on Tuesday. “... a fresh and conAny Size Package temporar y sound and Red Fresh #1 Yelow style, perfectly summed Ground Beef Squash Pears up w it h t hei r si n g le de res molida fresco lb . Carne lb. Calabaza amarilla lb . ‘As Young as we A re,’ Peras rojas paquete de cualquier tamaño an anthem to carefree U.S.D.A. Select youth... ’” country radio Beef Boneless U.S.D.A. Inspected commenter Samantha Sirloin Beef Stephens wrote of the Cube Steak Tip Roast release Wednesday at “... encouragU.S.D.A. Inspected U.S.D.A. Inspected U.S. ing us to take chances, Quaterloin Fresh m a ke m i st a ke s , even lb. lb. stock up a few regrets. B ecause they k now U.S.D.A. selecto punta U.S.D.A. inspeccionado bistec U.S.D.A. inspeccionado chuletas U.S.D.A. inspeccionado paleta de solomillo de res de res machacado that’s part of the stories de cerdo de cerdo and the memories that never grow old.” U.S.D.A. Select U.S.D.A. Select Beef T-Bone Beef Boneless The recording, featuring Sayre as lead vocalSteak Chuck Roast ist and Shea as guitarist 3 oz. and back-up vocalist in addition to a professional Select Varieties 6 Pack 15 oz. band, is available at a lb. Select Varieties lb. Maruchan Any Size variety ofPackage online music Select U.S.D.A. Varieties Select U.S.D.A. selecto bistec U.S.D.A. selecto diezmillo Kool-Aid de res con hueso de res sin hueso sitesFresh including Ground Spotify, Beef Eye of Luck's U.S.D.A. Select Beef 45 oz. Bowl 12 oz. 8 oz. Chunk or Shredded iTunes, Amazon Music 7.5 oz. Buttermilk Essential Everyday Dutch Farms Homestyle U.S.D.A. Inspected Breakfast and $ 99 orEssential $ 63 3/$Cut Dutch Farms $ 66 Assorted Everyday Margarine American Fresh Center Claxton Fresh The music video was Cheese Biscuits Spread Cheese Singles Boneless Whole Frying created and produced by Pork Chops Chicken the Country Music Television network as part of the CMT Artist Discovery Initiative launched lb. lb. in 2015. The program U.S.D.A. inspeccionado chuletas connects Pollo entero cerdo sinselecto hueso bistec millo de res molida oindependent, en hamburguesas U.S.D.A. 3 oz. 7.25 oz. de centro debistec 16 U.S.D.A. oz.bolicheselecto de res paquete de cualquier tamaño de desayuno 4.2-5.3 oz. unsigned music artists 128 oz. Essential 16 oz. Varieties Selected Varieties 6 Pack Assorted Flavor ¢ 23 15 oz.Gallon $Select99 $ 12 with CMT talent repreSelect11.5 Varieties oz. Magic Stars, 11.8 oz.$ Cocoa Crunchies, Red Diamond Chobani Dutch Farms 12.2 oz. Frosted Fruit Rings or Apple Dapples, Maruchan SunnyEveryday D Brewed Tea Yogurt or FlipEssential French Onion Dip sentatives who help the 4 lb. Select Varieties 12 Double Rolls 12 oz. Crispy Rice Cereal, 18 oz. Corn Flakes, Select Varieties 12.5 oz. Honey Nut Toasted Oats, Dixie Crystals latest promising musiKool-Aid Everyday Scott 20 oz. Raisin Bran or 15 oz. Frosted Flakes Luck's cians launch a career. Sugar Essential Every Day With the help of proCereal gram agents, Shea and S ay re h ave re c orde d five songs in a process Sayre said is likely not U.S.D.A. Inspected U.S.D.A. Inspected as lengthy asSelect most Fresh Bone-In Fresh U.S.D.A. Beef would U.S.D.A. Inspected Center Cut Boston Butt imagine,Boneless but that is “def- lb. Cubed 1-1.12 oz. lb. lb. lb. Pork Roast lb. Pork Swiss Steak Pork Cutlets 32 oz. Chops 20 oz. 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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2017 |  Times-Herald Xtra 3

The Times-Herald Xtra

Homicide From page 1 existence without him. “It was like a bad dream,” sa id w ife, Brenda Fernander. “Only we wake up every day and find it is all very, very real." Brenda, along with children Ashley and Justin Fernander, recalled the immediate and longterm fallout of losing Neil. Both children were entering into new chapters in their lives at the time. Justin had begun a new job after graduating college, while Ashley had just moved into her first apartment. Father’s Day was the last normal day of their lives, according to Ashley. The following day, when the siblings received phone calls to return home, they knew something was wrong. Because of the serious nature of the mysterious phone call, Justin immediately called his father. “We talked three to four times a day every day,” he recalled. “I always called Dad when I needed someone to talk to." When b oth ch i ld ren reached their grandparents’ house, they were informed of the loss of their father. In the wake of the tragedy, Ashley moved back home to live with her mother. All three testified of suffering from recurring nightmares, anxiety and the fear of losing each other. Each day is spent trying to comprehend life without Neil, according to Brenda. "We clung to each other as that was all we had – 296 days of grieving takes a toll on a body," she said. Ashley will no longer have a father to walk her down the aisle when she

gets married. Justin will no longer go into business with his father, and Brenda will never experience what kind of grandfather Neil would have been. “He was a generous man with a big heart whose Christian foundation ruled his life,” she said. “His life revolved around his family and helping others.” Because Fernander was an organ donor, 32 people were recipients of his generosity. “Whoever got his heart got a big one,” Brenda said. “Even in death, with nothing left to give, he could still give life to someone else.” Members of the public safety community in Meriwether County where Fernander served as a volunteer firefighter also emphasized his selfless nature. Former Deputy Sheriff Jason Ritter spoke of Fernander’s dedication to ensuring members of the community received topnotch care. “It’s not about the thousands of miles he put on his personal truck, but the countless drops of sweat that came from his forehead,” Ritter said, “He shared tears with other families who were suffering, and our community has lost a true pillar. We can get more firefighters, but we can’t replace Neil.” The second victim in the wreck, William Johnson, also left behind a family who is torn without him. Pastor David Johnson, William’s uncle, conducted his nephew’s funeral service. As the season turns to Easter, the message of forgiveness was present.

“She (Pyles) should be sentenced but forgiven,” he said. “Living without Will is hard enough without the bitterness of holding a grudge. God has forgiven us. She needs to pay, but love conquers all.” Pyles’ attorney, Jermario Davis, empathized with those who were affected by his client’s actions and echoed the sentiments of Pastor Johnson. “If you carry the grudge and hate, it only makes the pain worse,” he said. D av i s p a u s e d f o r a moment, and emotionally confessed the loss of his own grandfather in a car crash. Knowing the pain caused by the accident, he emphasized that only forgiveness helped him push past the grief. “ We se e her (P yle s) and only get a snapshot of who she is – a person who killed two people,” he said. “But she’s a victim of alcohol abuse who also lost her mother. It’s unfortunate she didn’t seek treatment, but she didn’t get in a car hoping to kill two people.” Davis asked the court for mercy on his client, citing her willingness to take full responsibility for her actions. Pyles tearfully addressed the court and the families seated in the jury box. Speaking without a prepared statement, she emotionally described her own experiences from the wreck, and her ongoing remorse. “You have lost a husband, father, best friend and one of my great friends,” she said. “Nothing I can do will bring them back and no matter what, I have to live knowing I did that. “I would have traded place s w ith them i n a heartbeat.” P r ior to sentenci n g ,

Move Better. Feel Better.

LIVE BETTER. Move Better. Feel Better. Move Better. Feel Better.

consequences.” McMu r r y a s ke d t he court to impose a sentence that ref lected their loss and to send a message to other drunk drivers in the community. Sakrison acknowledged the extremely emotional circumstances of the case. “Everything about this is tragic,” Sakrison said. “The justice system is not equipped to give you what you want or need. It doesn’t right wrongs or comfort victims and defendants. It’s only a process that closes this chapter.” Citing Pyles’ previous history with alcohol abuse, S a k r ison den ie d f i r stoffender treatment in his sentencing. “There is a lot of discussion of forgiveness and mercy, but that’s not my role at the end of the day,” he said. “ The prev ious

Assistant District Attorney Kevin McMurry reminded the court of Pyles’ two previous alcohol-related arrests. In April 2015, Pyles was involved in a single-vehicle car crash where investigators later revealed her blood alcohol content was .136. The following spring, while on bond for the crash, she was arrested on a disorderly conduct and obstruction charge. Several weeks later, she was involved in the fatal crash. “These victims leave a legacy,” McMurry said, indicating to the standing room audience inside the courtroom. “This was entirely avoidable, and she should be held accountable,” he said. “These are not families who are bitter and hateful, but they believe in

arrests should have been a wakeup call that could have saved other people’s lives.” Following the sentencing, Brenda said the Fernander family had been prepared for this day and ultimately say they believe justice was served. Brenda said they were grateful for the district attorney’s office and that a “slap on the wrist” sentence was not an option. According to Brenda, Neil often said, “If anything ever happens, I hope you have my back.” “It won’t bring them back, but there’s some closure in knowing we were their voice and had their back,” she said. “We knew it was in God’s hands, and we can say we did our part.” **** Cl ay Neely: cl ay@, @clayneely

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Survey is sour on “Sweet Home” Feeling stressed? Buy a snow shovel and call U-Haul. Then move to Minnesota. According to a recent study by, Minnesota is the least-stressed state in the nation. This one is a head-scratcher. Until now, my top three impressions of Minnesota were cold, colder and frozen solid. Who knew it was so laid back? But before you swap your sandals and tank tops for snowshoes and parkas, chill out. Think it over. Maybe while you’re strolling with the Minnesota snowbirds along the sugar-white sands of a Gulf of Mexico beach. To be fair, Minnesota’s ranking as least-stressed state has nothing to do with weather. The study measured four areas of potential stress: Work-Related Stress, Money-Related Stress, Family-Related Stress and Health & Safety-Related Stress. Seeing Minnesota at the top of the “leaststressed” list was surprising, but the state at the bottom was shocking. According to this study, the most-stressed state in America is Alabama. As they say in Alabama, and everywhere else below the Mason-Dixon Line, “That ain’t right.” Between school and work, I spent 12 years in Alabama. I've never met nicer people or lived in a friendlier place. The survey may have reflected a recent surge in the state’s anxiety level. Over the past year, blood pressures soared statewide as Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley fought to keep his job after being caught with his ideals—and his pants—down during an affair with former top “advisor” Rebekah Mason. Bentley resigned the week before Easter. Bama blood pressures dropped like a rock. The only surprise about the Bentley affair was that it drew so much attention. Lowrent shenanigans in high political places are almost routine in Alabama. For instance: Just two months before Bentley’s resignation, former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was released from prison after serving time for bribery—while in

office. Back in 1993, former Gov. Guy Hunt was forced to resign after being convicted of felony ethics violations. Hunt’s term was completed by Jim Folsom Jr., whose papa was the legendary “Big Jim” Folsom. Big Jim was governor of Alabama from 1955 to 1959. His political career officially ended in 1962 after a failed gubernatorial race against George Wallace. Political experts say Folsom’s campaign ran off the rails during a live TV appearance on election eve. Big Jim was so drunk he couldn’t name all his children—even though they were standing next to him on the stage. Haters would call these Alabama politicians sleazy. I prefer “colorful.” As for natural beauty, Alabama has mountains, beaches, lakes and only one nuclear waste dump. Need culture? Alabama’s musical legacy includes country music supergroup Alabama, R&B legends the Commodores and country music’s first megastar, Hank Williams, who probably wrote “Cold, Cold Heart” after dating a Minnesota ice maiden. The three founding members of Lynyrd Skynyrd hailed from Jacksonville, Fla. Their top-selling hit is “Sweet Home, Alabama.” And… according to the real estate analysts at Estately, Alabama has the third highest number of barbecue joints per capita in the entire U.S.A. Minnesota is where Spam is manufactured. Maybe Minnesota’s stress level would be higher if the survey had included “AthleticRelated Stress.” The best way to measure this one is to schedule a football game between the Minnesota Gophers and Alabama's Crimson Tide. If the final score leaves Minnesotans not just stressed, but bruised and battered from head to toe, they can make it all better by putting some ice on it. Minnesota has plenty to spare. Send your email to alexmmcrae@gmail. com







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From page 1 completed legislative session, Clark said he “felt it was a successful session, but maybe not as successful as we had hoped for.” He explained, “We went in with proactive, achievable goals.” Clark said 300 bills were tracked for the the session, with the usual number being 230. Tax bills were prevalent, and the main issues that were addressed were legal environment improvement, critical issues in health care and issues with schools’ achievement levels in Georgia. Clark said a bill passed to protect the boards of nonprofits and banks from “frivolous” lawsuits. Tax incentives for people who wa nt to build or renovate businesses in downtowns was also passed. Clark cited downtown Newnan as being an important “hub in the community.” A taxation bill was introduced that came out of the house for sales tax regarding online merchants. Bonner said the bill will level the playing fields for online merchants and brick-andmor ta r stores that a re competing. Clark talked about the film industry and how it positively affects Coweta and Fayette Counties. Clark said most post-production of films filmed in Georgia is done in Los Angeles.

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“Bills were introduced to encourage productions to do their music and postproduction of films in Georgia,” Clark said. He said more films may be coming to Georgia because of the recent abolition of film tax incentives in Texas. Legislation to help chronically failing schools in the state was also developed. Coweta has only one chronically failing school, which is Ruth Hill Elementary, according to Brass. Brass said Coweta County School Super intendent Steve Barker stated the system is doing everything it can to help the school. Brass was a co-signer of Senate Bill 3, an education bill, that he hopes will pass next session. “The biggest part of it was going to be on the accreditation side,” Brass said. “When you come out of high school, you’re credited in certain area. So when you walk on job site, you have something that backs up qualifications.” Clark described Coweta delegation as having “seasoned and freshmen members that work together.” Smith, who is also the chairman for the Natural Resources & Environment

Committee, worked to protect private property rights when it comes to stream buffers, a strip of land adjacent to a stream that cannot be disturbed. “What troubles me in the state of Georgia, is the emotional argument gets one a lot,” Smith said. “What we’re not seeing are private, property rights and we’re walking all over them.” Trammell, who is also the vice chair of the House Democratic Caucus, said he focused on making Georgia more military-friendly. “Military bases are important to Georgia,” Trammell said. Tramell said he toured military bases in Georgia to talk to commanding officers and generals to see what their needs were. This session was Bonner’s first year. He said he spent time learning how the process works, but did sign a bill to update adoption laws. The bill did not pass the Senate. “The bill would have updated the adoption laws, which haven’t been updated in about 15 years,” Bonner said. “In the state of Georgia, it takes longer than most states to adopt a child. We have more than our fair share of children who need to be adopted. I hope it progresses the next session.” The next session will begin in January.

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APRIL Newnan Spring Taste of Newnan April 20 I 5 - 8:30 p.m. I $0 The popular Taste of Newnan event has returned just in time to celebrate spring. The family-friendly Main Street Newnan event is hosted twice annually along the square in downtown Newnan and the entire community is invited to sample menu items from restaurants and caterers throughout the county all in one place. More than 40 vendors are expected to offer sample menus at the event with items available from one to three tickets each. Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased on the day of the event at ticket booths located at each corner of the Newnan square. Tickets can also be purchased on the morning of the event at select stores including C.S. Toggery, Ace Beer Growlers, Dragonfly Running Co., Let Them Eat Toffee, Gillyweed and Wilwood Trader. For more information regarding this event, contact Special Events Coordinator Paige Deweese at 770-253-8283.


Working the grill for Meat N’ Greet during Taste of Newnan’s Spring 2016 event are Matthew Willitts and Ansley Wilson.

Newnan ‘Grain Power’ April 20 I 2:30 p.m. I $0 The Carnegie Library, located at 1 LaGrange Street in Newnan, will host “Grain Power” on April 20 beginning at 2:30 p.m. The event, a presentation on the health benefits of milling fresh grain, will be given by Yesterday’s Kitchen 4 Today’s president, Marsha Thadison. The event will focus on offering healthier ways of cooking using natural and traditional tools and resources. It will also include instructions on how to soak and store grains, as well as a discussion on the topic of gluten. Thadison will bake and provide samples of waffles to audience members. For more information regarding this program or to make a reservation, contact the Carnegie Library at 770-683-1347.

Sharpsburg Arts & Crafts Fair April 22 I 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. I $0 The Sharpsburg Arts & Crafts Fair returns to Coweta for a full arts market weekend. The festival will be held at the Old Town Sharpsburg Recreation Center located at 105 Main Street. Handmade crafts and fine art created by local artists will be available for sale on Saturday April 22 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday April 23 from 12 to 5 p.m. For more information on this event, visit


Senoia Optimist Club members (from left) Karla Sowell and Pat Veneziani sell Taste of Senoia tickets in the Senoia Masonic Lodge in 2016.

Senoia Spring Taste of Senoia April 23 I 1 - 4 p.m. I $0

The Senoia Optimist Club will host the Taste of Senoia. Enjoy delicious food along Main Street prepared by local restaurants. Donated items for a raffle include items from Senoia Zombie Maps, Senoia Welcome Center (T-shirt and cap), and a gift basket from The Woodbury Soap Shop. Tickets will be available at City Hall, the Masonic Lodge, and at the corner of Main Street and Seavy Street. Visit any of our Main Street Retailers to purchase tickets for special raffle items. Free parking available downtown.

Newnan Great American Cleanup April 22 I 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. I $0 Keep Newnan Beautiful will host a local event in celebration of the Great American Cleanup. This event is in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful and will take place starting at Newnan’s City Hall, located at 25 LaGrange St. The theme of the upcoming cleanup event is “Clean Your Block,” and Keep Newnan Beautiful volunteers will be tackling roadside litter at five different in-town locations. To volunteer for this event or for more information, call 770-253-8283 ex. 1., or visit

Newnan Family Earth Day April 22 I 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. I $0 Newnan Carnegie Library and Children Connect will partner to present Family Earth Day at Greenville Street Park as part of Georgia Cities Week. Event sponsors and vendors include Bubbles and Brushes Family Fun Art Center, Monkey Joe’s, The Half Shell restaurant in Newnan, and Sweet Sensations. Join the city for fun for all ages. For more info regarding this event, visit www. cityofnewnan. org

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Surplus School Bus Sale

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The Coweta County School System will accept sealed bids on 32 surplus school buses and 4 other surplus vehicles starting Thursday, April 20. Sealed bids on the buses will be opened at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 27. A full list and description of the vehicles (including VIN numbers) are available on the website, under “RFP Advertisements.” The vehicles are available for inspection beginning on April 20 at the School System’s Transportation Garage at 105 Cofield Road in Newnan, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. All bids must be received by the school system at 105 Cofield Road Newnan, Georgia, on or before the time of the bid opening at 10:00 a.m. on April 27. To be accepted, responses must be submitted in a sealed package marked “Bid for Surplus School Buses” and must contain the corresponding VIN number of the vehicle(s) referenced in the bid(s). The school system reserves the right to refuse bids. Winning bids must be prepared to pay at the time of the bid opening (or) must be paid in full by Thursday, May 4, by cash, money order or certified check. For more information, call the Coweta County School System Transportation Office (Keith McCullough or Judy Gresham) at 770-254-2820.

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