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returns to Coweta $15 and are available online at draggingfordollars. The event raises funds for the local chapter of the Southeastern Assistance in Healthcare (SAIH), a nonprofit organization which provides assistance to patients and families of patients undergoing treatment for cancer. “We help with things like rent, utilities, child care and other extra things that many of us don’t think about that are needed when a parent, child or other family member is receiving treatment for cancer,” explained Michelle Kent, SAIH President. Each year businessmen, county employees and com-



Miss SAIH 2016, Anthony Jones, performs vocals in the pageant portion of last year’s contest.

It’s that time of year again, in which several local businessmen will don women’s clothing and participate in a womanless beauty pageant – all for a good cause, and, of course, for the community’s entertainment. T he f ifth a nnua l “Dragging for Dollars” event will be held at the Donald W. Nixon Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts on March 18 beginning at 7 p.m. Individual tickets are

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Former Waffle House waitress carries on By CLAY NEELY Two months after being dismissed from her job for firing a gun at three fleeing robbers, a former Waffle House waitress said she has no regrets. Last December, Heather Burkinshaw Stanley made national headlines for both the incident and subsequent fallout. Stanley’s story was picked up nationally by outlets such as Fox News, The New York Daily News and Inside Edition. Support for Stanley was mixed. While many commended her actions, others believed she was in the wrong to fire at the three fleeing robbers. Regardless, Stanley maintains she was acting in the interests of the safety of the employees and patrons of the restaurant and said she would do it again. Stanley was officially relieved from her position on Jan. 12 after receiving a notice citing a violation of the safety and security policy of Waffle House for shooting at the men. “That’s always what you want to do when the bad guy runs,” said Gary DeGeorge, owner of Atlanta Range and Ordnance in Newnan. “You want retaliation, but that violates one of the four rules of gun safety — to be sure of your target and what is beyond it.” While he didn’t necessarily support her decision to fire at the fleeing robbers, he sympathized with her situation, citing that no one wants to be a victim. After accepting an invitation from DeGeorge, Stanley completed a complimentary comprehensive firearms and safety training class at the range. “It was a really nice gesture,” Stanley said. Being fired right after Christmas was not the best time to be without work, she said. After being unemployed for nearly two months, Stanley is now working at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Fairburn. “I’m really happy to be working again,” she said. “It’s a few days a week, but it’s better than nothing and I’m really happy to be done with working overnight shifts. My kids are happier, too.”


The Tunnell family Yorkshire Terrier, known as “Max,” was stolen after escaping from his home recently.

Stolen dog dies after being reunited with family

By KANDICE BELL A local family is mourning the loss of their dog after the pet was stolen, recovered, then died a week after being reunited with owners. The Yorkie, Max, went missing from their home in Sharpsburg near East Coweta High School in mid-February. Patrick Tunnell, a criminal investigator with Troup County, said Max was an inside dog, but somehow was able to break loose that day. Tunnell said search efforts began as soon as he realized Max was not close by. “We went door to door and turned to social media,” Tunnell said. “We posted on every dog lost site. My wife sent flyers out to all the veterinarians and groomers in the surrounding counties. We had several volunteers that helped look for him. We were doing everything we could to find our dog. We first bought him from a breeder. He was tiny.” page 4 While he was standing on the road near their home with a sign offering a

reward for their p e t , Tu n n e l l said his neighbor told him she saw a wom a n pull to the curb of the Tunnell’s ya rd a nd ta ke the dog. After 24 hours, and almost giving up hope of finding PHOTO: CCSO M a x , Tu n nel l Amber Cheyenne got a call from Chunn was arrested Dorene Thompand charged with son, the owner theft of lost or mislaid of Pet Pa raproperty. dise on Greenville Street in Newnan, who had received an email of the flyer about the missing dog. A friend of Thompson’s purchased the dog from a family acquaintance. Thompson said the dog was brought in to be groomed shortly after being stolen, around noon.

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1 Xtra front



eta & beyond... inment in Cow arts and enterta Music, theatre,



Former Waffle House waitress Heather Burkinshaw Stanley displays her termination notice after she fired a gun at three fleeing robbers late December 2016. Despite the loss of her job and attention from the media, Stanley says she has no regrets about how everything turned out.

During her period of unemployment, Stanley created a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise $2,500 – an amount she believed would be sufficient to help support her family while she searched for a new job. In the end, she raised more than $8,000. “I was able to pay off a lot of bills and rent,” she said. “That really got us through a rough period." While Stanley said she was the recipient of criticism for her actions, she was also contacted by many people who offered financial and emotional support. “It was overwhelming,” she said. “We were very fortunate to have so much help from strangers during a difficult time.” **** Clay Neely:, @ clayneely

8, 2017

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ing breweries, includ mers sailed allow small consu A bill that would, to sell beer directly to Coweta’s Abide Senate Thursday. state through the

Cheers! Beer bill passes Senate

Local considenrsd penning secook children’s bo

Majo ad v r prepr er tis int the T im er s us Xt ra e s -Her e a t ld o re their ac children’s c u s born. publishing a tom h it Writing and as easy as ver, is not ers! inibook , howe on noted that,

s. And, announcement media and sent uncommon unique and in a world of ren, it wasn’t surprisBOWERS . Jacks d By MAGGIE n’t may seem imagined the book woul names for child friends were maggie@newna tially, she Jacks on ing that many of her ent Lynd a granddaughter’s be very simple. her resid r. bly write how nan of n New me a write would proba quite sure t to be spoke ed to beco “I thought I like ‘See Jane stumbled name, Maris, was mean neve r aspir very much she initia lly something ed it would In fact, when create a book for her aloud. said. “I figur same way. I on the to Jacks s.” ered idea the d upon the “I always answ s, like Paris,’ Jack- run,’” thing cute, just for Mari the , she considere gift nd Mari be some lty first grandchild evolved beyo would say, ‘It’s one day I thought, ‘I merely a nove Jackson’s idea n proje ct to be her son’s first child. son said. “The t a little girl 2 for , Jacka book abou meant only BOOK, page should write gran dmo thers Paris.’” Like most her fami ly’s named Maris who visits book was the news of one. She son shared for a children’s every idea with The ion s on socia l newest addit posted photo ls, emai sent

L FAY CAMPBEL By SAR AH .com to sell a limsarah@newnan breweries d would allow tly to consumers saile A bill that of beer direc recently with only two te ited amou nt Sena Georgia through the the Georgia . both by “no” votes Beer Whole85 is supported Senate Bill Guild and the Georgia er’s Craft Brew that sepaciation. -tier system ibutors, salers Asso long had a three , distr Georgia has ol producers allow more ities of alcoh to rates the activSome previous attempts met with oppo and retailers. producers have been by direct sales rs. can’t sell beer wholesale l breweries sition from tour s that nt law, smal Under curre but they can sell them go. Often, to rs, the to cons ume drun k on site and a bit to straight include beer s skip the tour and go the consumer up to a caseucers to sell in drinking. d allow prod r in bottles, cans, or SB 85 woul do to go – eithe ers who don’t wort h of beer ler” bottles for brew gia refillable “growing. of the Geor their own bottl h, executive director gia’s Geor that Smit said n, Martin ers Associatio time. nBeer Wholesal nue to change over conti t how to respo alcohol laws has always been abou system, not “The issue improve the nan changes that ” said Smit h, a New sibly make ls that tem,


, located in tainment studio


2016 PINEW

Fayet teville


16 Jefferson Street • Newnan, GA 30263


on 700 acres


ios expanding to Pinewood Stud industry in Ga. odate film

Pinewood Atlan

ta Studios is

a full-service

film and enter


page 4

open ing with the started film ooper said.


2 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2017

Cooling off the fitness fever By ALEX MCRAE Special to The Newnan Times-Herald



emails and flyers to local groomers and veterinarians when a pet is missing or stolen. Tunnell said he’s not sure if or when his family will get another dog, but they will continue to love on their 2-year-old Morkie, Rookie.

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Greens, 8 Ct. Corn on Smoked Deli March 19, 2017. Cob, 24 oz. Okra, 14 oz. Coleslaw Prices EffectiveSausage March 13 Bag through Quantity rights the reserved. NotCut responsible for typographical or pictorial errors. Sausage Hot Dogs Snackers Italian Green Beans, Sliced Salchicha de pavo Salchicha Salchicha or 10.25 oz. Bag Carnes frías

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A HIIT session includes bursts of “intensive” running, rowing, weightlifting or typing (not really). The goal is to exercise u nt i l you’re “ to o out of breath to carry on a conversation.” That “goal” concerned me. When Doc gets a little more age on him he’ll realize the last thing older people want to be “out of” is breath. I scanned a few more sites and got a few good tips. After I do a few session s of Nap - er- Ci s e I m ay act ua l ly t r y to move around a little. My research indicates that whet her you do k ickboxing or kick back on the couch, the two most important goals of any fitness program are stayi n g s a fe a nd s t ay i n g motivated. To stay safe, I recommend exercising within 50 yards of your local hospital emergency room. A s for mot ivat ion … Cover you r bat h room mirror with a picture of Yoko Ono. If that doesn’t send you racing out of the house, nothing will. Send your email comments to alexmmcrae@





U.S.D.A. Select Beef Bone-In

lb. Chuck Roast



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oz. Pkg. terball

totally transformed from greyhound to gruesome. Since I still make rare publ ic appea ra nces , I decided it was time to shape up. Just a little. And as painlessly as possible. Like any sensible person, I went straight to the internet. Google delivered millions of hits focused on “exercises for old people that won’t kill them.” Forrest Gump would agree that a Google search is like a box of chocolates— “You never know what you’re gonna get.” I got plenty of surprises. The first link I clicked on sent me to a dude calling himself Dai Emanuel. The name sounded exotic. He looked like a surfer. Dai’s picture featured white teeth and a deep tan. I didn’t judge. I’ve gotten good advice from

5 oz. Assorted Flavors

Boston Butt

shallow people before. I got about 3 inches down Dai’s website when I drew up short. It’s not unusual for these kinds of websites to feature quotes from well-known figures, but Dai’s site shared a bit of wisdom from Yoko Ono, widow of former Beatle John Lennon. Yoko? Yikes. I’d rather get fitness advice from Richard Simmons. If Yoko’s quote wasn’t enough to scare me away from Dai Emanuel, the a d ve r t i s e m e n t b e l ow Yoko’s quote did. It was head l i ned “6 Rea sons W hy Yog i s Shou ld n’t Smoke Pot.” Really. I left Dai in the digital dust and looked for articles written by normallooking people. I found one dude named Doc. He said the worst thing older exercisers can do is sit around the break room table at the senior center and swat balloons at each other. Doc said seniors should get out and GO as fast as they could. Doc is a disciple of High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. He swears a 15-minute HIIT workout does more good than 45 minutes of aerobics.


“He just seemed like a dog that was going to a new groomer and had a new owner,” Thompson said. T hompson i m me d iately contacted the TunU.S.D.A. Inspected nell fa mily a nd Ma x’s Pork new owner, noting that the timeline of events U.S.D.A. inspeccionado paleta matched. de cerdo Tunnell said he paid * OUR COST INCLUDES FREIGHT, STOCKING FEES, AND ASSOCIATED EXPENSES the owner nearly $300 to get Max back, which covered the owner’s purchase price of $60, a veterinarian and grooming bill. Tunnell said the dog is valued at approximately $1,500. Tunnell filed a report 5 lb. Bag with the Coweta County New Crop Any Size Package Florida Fresh Sher i f f ’s O f f ice a f ter r e c ove r i n g c opi e s of Red Potatoes Ground Beef de res molida fresco ea . Carne emails and text messages Papa roja paquete de cualquier tamaño between the alleged dog thief and the new owner. U.S.D.A. Select Amber Cheyenne Beef Boneless Chunn, 19, of Senoia, was U.S.D.A. Inspected Chuck Roast arrested shortly after the Pork report was filed and was charged with theft of lost U.S.D.A. inspeccionado paleta or mislaid property, a misde cerdo demeanor, according to lb. Lt. John Kennedy with the U.S.D.A. selecto diezmillo de res sin hueso Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. Chunn was released on U.S.D.A. Inspected 5 oz. a bond of $1,150 the same Quarterloin In Water or Oil evening. A court date for 3.8-5.7 oz. Pork Chops Chunn has not been set. StarKist Select Varieties In addition, Tunnell Chunk Light Knorr said his family accrued veterinarian bills totalling lb. nearly $5,000 when Max U.S.D.A. inspeccionado chuletas de later became ill. The dog cerdo suffered a bacterial infecU.S.D.A. Inspected U.S.D.A. Select Beef tion which spread into Any his Size Package Pork Boneless bloodstream and under- Fresh Baby Back went significant stress, Ribs according to Dr. Joseph 9.5 oz. R. Sprott at the Newnan 20 Ct. Assorted Flavors Animal Hospital on Baker

.A. Inspected sh Pork

mbo at nks icha

I was one quarter away from clea r i ng col lege but needed three more credit hours to graduate. I signed up for a psychology course that promised lots of lectures and no tests. The course should have come with complimentary aspirin. The lectures were painfully dull and as relevant to college kids as estate planning. One guest speaker was a psychologist who spent most of an hour telling the class we would never reach a true understanding of ourselves until we peeled away our “defensive outer shell” and discovered our “inner psychological core.” I haven’t thought about my “inner core” since. It’s the outer shell that’s caused most of my problems. Not my psychological outer shell, but the physical one. It’s looking worse by the day. A recent peek in the mirror conf irmed that over the last decade or so I hadn’t just softened around the edges—I had

Patrick Tunnell holds a sign on the road near his home in Sharpsburg offering a reward for a lost Yorkie, Max.

Road in Newnan. According to Tunnell, the veterinarians believe Max was exposed to the bacteria while he was Diezmillo de res molida missing. Max was put to sleep just days later, when veterinarians determined surgery was no longer an option for the sick dog. The family plans to sue Chunn in Coweta County Small Claims Court for .A. Select Beef eless U.S.D.A. Select Beef medical bills and other p Round costs accrued Boneless U.S.D.A. during the Shoulder Roast eak or lb. Swiss Max. Pack ack Steak ndon Broil searchlb.for Combo ola de res o corte london broil de res Bistec suizo sin hueso TunnellPaleta said he and his family are devastated, but want to turn the horrific experience into a positive one by initiating a program of sending a blast of

z. Pkg. S

The Times-Herald Xtra

36.4 oz. Pepperoni or Cheese DiGiorno

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2017   |  Times-Herald Xtra 3


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System check which will assess: Electronic load levelers and air suspension (if applicable). Electronic transmission/transaxle. Electronic fuel injection. Air bag system. Charging system. Seat restraints. Engine control computer. Instrument cluster. Security alarm system (if applicable). Body computer, traveler and EVIC modules. Brake system (and ABS sensors if applicable). Must present coupon at time of write up. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Does not apply to prior purchases. Shop supplies and dealer fees not included. See advisor for details. Exp 3/31/2017.


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4 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2017

The Times-Herald Xtra

MARCH Newnan ‘Rain Gardens’ March 15 | 10 a.m. | $0

Newnan ‘Godspell’ March 16 - 19 I 8 p.m. I $17 The Newnan Theatre Company presents “Godspell,” a play based on the gospel according to Matthew and written by the composer of “Wicked.” The performance features a troupe of eccentric and comedic players, including the character of Jesus who teaches his lessons in the modern age through parables, games, and tomfoolery. Tickets are $17 for adults, $13 for seniors, students and military, and $10 for children 12 and under. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at www. Showtimes are Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. The Newnan Theatre Company is located at 21 First Ave. in Newnan. For more information, contact the theatre at 770-683-6282. PHOTO: METROCREATIVEGRAPHICS

Pat Farmer, member of the Master Gardener Club, will be presenting “Rain Gardens” at the Carnegie Library. The program will include information on how to collect rain to help preserve gardens. Farmer will discuss how and where to build the garden, what plants to use, and the environmental benefits. For more information, contact The Carnegie Library at 770-683-1347. The library is located at 1 LaGrange Street in Newnan.


Newnan Shamrock Run March 18PHOTOS I 8 -COURTESY 11 a.m. I $10 - $40

Newnan St. PAWtricks Day Tales & Ales March 18 I 1 p.m. I $25 Abide Brewing Company will host “Tales & Ales” at 130 Werz Industrial Blvd. in Newnan March 18 benefitting the NewnanCoweta Humane Society. Both dogs and children are welcomed to attend the event, which will raise money for boarding and medical treatment for rescued animals in Coweta County. The event will include live music, food by Brickhouse Grille and Tavern, and plenty of fun and games – all in addition to a brewery tour, beer tasting and an Abide Brewery souvenir cup. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the time of the event. A silent auction of gift certificates and other items will be available for guests to bid on. For more information on this event, contact Pennie Fuqua at 678-859-2233 or Abide Brewing Company at

JEFF BISHOP The Newnan Junior Service League will offer the 11th Annual Shamrock Run March 18, beginning at 8 a.m. Registration is now available for the races which include the Leprechaun Dash and the 5K and 10K USATF-certified courses. The races will be chip-timed and managed by Orion Racing. The event is a fundraiser for Newnan-Coweta Angel’s House which provides a safe, nurturing home for teen girls in crisis. Awards are presented to winners and a St. Patrick’s costume contest will also be offered. For more information or to register, visit the Newnan Junior Service League online at

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The Times-Herald Xtra


MARCH Newnan ‘Lichtenbergianism’ Presentation March 24 | 2 p.m. | $0

Newnan Masterworks Chorale Honors Don Nixon March 26 I 2:00 p.m. I $15

Dale Lyles, author of “Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy,” will be visiting the Carnegie Library, located at 1 LaGrange Street in Newnan, to discuss a form of creative thinking known as “Lichtenbergianism.” Mr. Lyles will be speaking about how to procrastinate in a creative sense, his background, his studies of “Lichtenbergianism,” and his writing process. To find out more regarding this program, please contact the Carnegie library at 770-683-1347.

A Musical Tribute to the Vision of Donald W. Nixon will be held at the Donald W. Nixon Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts. The event will pay homage to the late Director and the man behind the founding and success of Coweta County’s priceless jewel. Composer Joseph Martin will work with students from the music departments of East Coweta and Northgate High Schools, who will also perform some pieces on their own. Admittance is $15 and can be purchased online at www.thenixoncentre. net or at the Nixon Centre box office during regular office hours and on the day of the concert.

Newnan Carolyn Barron Montessori School Auction March 25 I 6 p.m. I $0


Newnan Spring Art Walk March 24 I 5 – 9 p.m. I $0

The Carolyn Barron Montessori School, a private Montessori school in Newnan, will host an auction at The McRitchie-Hollis Museum, located at 74 Jackson Street in Newnan, on March 15 from 6 to 10 p.m. The event is an annual fundraiser benefitting the school, a local nonprofit organization serving children ages 18 months to 14 years. The evening will include live music by the Throwback Experience, appetizers and drinks, and guests will have the opportunity to bid on original works created by Montessori students. For more information, contact the museum at 770-251-0207.

The Art Walk is a celebration of local art, showcasing over 40 different artists. Many downtown businesses will extend their hours and offer complimentary tastings and hors d’oeuvres. Musical dance performances will be included this year by Southern Arc and Kyle Khan Dance Studios on the square. Free parking is available throughout downtown streets and in the City of Newnan’s public parking lots, located at 13 LaGrange Street, 25 LaGrange Street, 22 Jackson Street, 50 East Broad Street, 22 East Broad Street, and 41 East Washington Street. For more information on this and other upcoming events, visit or call 770-253-8283.

Newnan Society of Seven Art Sale March 28 I 5 - 7 p.m. I $0 Newnan’s plein air artist group, the Society of Seven, will offer the public a special art sale for one day only. The third annual special art market is held in honor of Mr. Gene Chesnut, who offered up his visually stimulating farm land for local plein air/outdoor painters for several years. The event will take place March 28 at the Donald W. Nixon Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts, located at 1523 Lower Fayetteville Road in Newnan, from 5 to 7 p.m. All proceeds from the sale will go to providing funding for art supplies for Title I Schools of Coweta as well as the Patrons of the Centre’s Educational Fund. There is no cost to attend this event. For more information, contact the Nixon Centre at 770-254-2787.



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6 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2017

The Times-Herald Xtra

Each year businessmen, county employees and community leaders in Coweta County dress in women’s clothing and put on their best impressions of ladies strutting the stage in a beauty pageant.

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and put on their best impressions of ladies strutting the stage in a beauty pageant. The contest is fashioned similarly to the traditional American pageant, sans the swimsuit competition. Each contestant will show off elegant attire, answer questions from a panel of judges and offer a talent performance. It is those performances, in particular, that are most entertaining, according to the event’s coordinator Katie Brady. This year, Brady noted that there will be a total of 11 contestants, down from the 15 community leaders that participated in the 2016 event. Despite fewer men competing, the organization is hopeful the evening will bring in significant funds. “We need people to come to this event and be generous,” Brady said, adding that the men are “really putting themselves out of their comfort zones to help raise money for financially struggling cancer patients.” Ticket sales are not the only avenue with which the nonprofit raises money. Locals are invited to visit the Southeastern Assistance website to make donations for their favorite participants. Each donation will count as a vote for that contestant and will go toward the overall People’s Choice Award presented at the end of the evening. The “popularity” of each participant can be seen on the SAIH website, as current donation totals are listed and updated online. Donation “votes” can also be made during the event. The 2017 participants include Newnan banker Brett Johnson, sponsored by C.S. Toggery; East Coweta High School educator Christopher Bolling, sponsored by Crain Oil Company; CTCA security officer and Coweta County Firefighter Rick Reeves, sponsored by Coweta-Fayette EMC; Northgate Assistant Principal Eric Fiske, sponsored by Rednexican; Newnan High School educator John Garner, sponsored by Infiniti South Atlanta; CTCA Chief Operating Officer David Kent, sponsored by Newnan Utilities; funeral director Ryan Kelly, sponsored by McKoon Funeral Home; software architect Ron Struempf, sponsored by Dry Cleaning Connection; Vice President of Home Care Services with Community Health Services Michael Leech, sponsored by Southtowne; Southern Arc Dance owner and instructor Paulo Manso de Sousa, sponsored by Southtowne; and Mike Provines of Ace Beer Growlers, sponsored by UBS Wealth Management. “We are very excited about the 11 guys participating and the companies who are sponsoring them,” Brady said. “We couldn’t do it without them.” New this year will be a video of highlights from past Dragging for Dollars events, Brady added. The video will play as the donations are counted. Judges this year will include Carole Anne Fields, Carl McKnight and Mark Whitlock. The SAIH organization was established in 2012 and serves Coweta and surrounding counties. The nonprofit is a branch of Assistance in Healthcare, a parent organization that began in 1983 when a group of volunteers at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois came together to raise funds to support patients and families. “We help patients receiving treatment at a variety of treatment centers – North Georgia Cancer Specialists patients, and those being treated through Piedmont as well as CTCA and other facilities,” Kent said. Kent explained that SAIH has no overhead costs, therefore all donations are directed toward patients and their families.


Rudolph Patterson III, sponsored by C.S. Toggery, offers his talent on banjo for the talent portion of the contest at the 2016 Dragging for Dollars event.

City insists on bump-out changes downtown By REBECCA LEFTWICH D r i ve r s h a ve c o m pl a i ned t h at some of d ow n tow n Ne w n a n’s curb extensions are too difficult to see and that hitting them has caused d a m a g e to c a r s t h a t ranges from blown tires to totaled vehicles. In response, the city plans to modify the problematic extensions on Jackson Street at Temple Avenue in addition to improving traffic striping on Jackson, beginning on Clark Street to help drivers better maintain lanes. “Drivers are failing to maintain their lane and/ or not seeing the f irst curb extension traveling towards town on Jackson Street,” said Michael Klahr, the city’s public works director. Tu r n i n g r i g ht onto Jackson Street from Temple Avenue has been a problem for many drivers as well. “Drivers are turning too sharp in a right turn a nd r un ning over t he curb extension,” Klahr said. To help draw attention to the extensions, also known as “bump-outs,” city workers placed a set of orange street cones a long t he edge a few weeks ago. “The cones have not been hit, which is a good

thing,” said city planner Dean Smith. In Ja nua r y, resident Jane Keith addressed the Newnan City Council, telling members she’d not only blown two tires but bent the frame of her car when she hit the bumpout while attempting to make a right turn from Temple onto Jackson in heavy traffic. A fter citi ng severa l other instances in which acquaintances had similar experiences, Keith asked the council to take action. “I just want to ask that you all review the situation there and do something,” Keith said. At the time, City Manager Cleat u s Ph i l l ips suggested re-engaging the design engineer to take a look at possible modifications. After subsequent meetings with Georgia Department of Transportation officials, the Downtown Development Authority and Pond Engineering – the original consultant for the city’s streetscape design, which called for the existing curb extensions – city staff brought a proposal to the Newnan Council at its February meeting. Council members approved the plan, and the city is preparing an engineered set of plans to present to the GDOT for

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• Attaching reflectors to the curb extensions •Def ining the travel la ne by add i ng wh ite lines and gored areas at Clark Street before the first curb extensions • Fully delineating the parking spaces along both sides of Jackson Street • Installing ref lective

Changes include: • Sh av i ng back t he bump-outs by two feet and increasing the turning space • Add i ng a sk ipped white line between the two curb extensions at Temple Avenue



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improve visibility, city officials say. T he crossing would not have a traff ic signal, but it would include a rapid f lashing beacon activated by pedestrians which would warn drivers of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

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An aerial overlay shows proposed changes to curb extensions, traffic striping and a possible crosswalk on Jackson Street in downtown Newnan.


Offer cannot be combined with letter jacket, team, school, or league discounts.

thermoplastic pavement markings • The city also is proposing a Jackson Street crosswalk at Temple Avenue. A “receiving” curb extension on the east side of Jackson will provide the shortest reasonable distance for crossing and




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8 Times-Herald Xtra   |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2017

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