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Staying on course Whitton, 13, adds series title to impressive list of accolades in 2013 By CHR IS GOLTER MANN

Carson Whitton, 13, is congratulated by Greg Powers and U.S. Kids Georgia director John Godwin after the Lee Middle School student won the Atlanta Fall Series Championship. Whitton won four out of nine events including victories at Orchard Hills and Newnan Country Club.

A 13-year-old boy can fill his free time with an endless variety of activities, some productive, others not nearly as much. More often than not, Carson Whitton spends his free time on the golf course. And from his results over the past year, they’ve been quite worthwhile. Now if on ly t h is w i nter would hurry up and get to next spring already. “I hate that it gets dark so early, because I can’t get out there as much now,” said Whitton, who can be found regularly on the course at Canongate-on-White Oak during the year. “I’d rather be playing golf than anything else.” That fervor has produced quite a year in competition for U.S. Kids Golf beginning with his first hole-in-one on a 169-yard par-3 during its Desert Shootout tournament in Arizona. Most recent ly, T he L ee

Middle School eighth grader clinched a championship in the 13 year-old boys division of the organization’s Atlanta Fall Series, winning four of its nine events including a season-low round of 74 at Orchard Hills Golf Course. Along with the series title, Whitton now has earned an exemption for a return trip to the U.S. Kids European Championship next summer, having played in his first event in Scotland this past May as one of just four Americans out of 50 players in his division. “My goal was to get back to Scotland this year,” he said. “I didn’t start the season well, and had a couple of bad scores. But that’s OK. I played consistent.” For Whitton, taking good days with the bad has been both a balancing act and a learning experience, one that hopes to make him a better player while on the cusp of reaching both the varsity level in high school and taking the next step to a highly competi-

tive 14-17 age group. Along with his 74 at Orchard Hills this fall, which included a 34 on the back nine in a strong finish, Whitton won fall series events during back-to-back weeks at Newnan Country Club and at Mystery Valley in Lithonia with rounds of 78 and 77 respectively. The tournament at NCC, wh ich was a ma keup of a rained out event, trumped the Georgia-LSU football game for Whitton, a diehard Bulldogs fan, who hated to miss out on seeing a victory in Athens. “I’m glad I stayed,” he said. “I wouldn’t have won the season.” His only finish outside the top-two came with an 87 in the series opener only to bounce back immediately for the win at NCC while averaging a score of 78.7 over his f inal eight tournaments. “I’ll ta ke it,” sa id W hitton, who is next headed to a


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Make-Yo ur- O Ham and wn Sides ➤


Environmental Club on an annual Rivers Alive trip, a favorite activity for many. From left, Bennett Souter, Elizabeth Abercrombie, Lindsey Kee, Chase Copeland, and Annie Hass.

Newnan High teacher sets a ‘green’ example in the classroom By Celia Shortt

Newnan High School teacher Lindsey Kee is making a difference at Newnan High School and in the lives of her students. Kee is teaching sustainable environmental principles and how to leave as small a footprint on Earth as possible. "I consider myself lucky to be able to come here each day and teach a curriculum that I truly believe in, while also supporting an amazing group of students," said Kee. "I was actually an Earth Science major in college and have tried my best to leave the smallest footprint I can on this Earth. I truly do have my dream job, and it's wonderful to be able to practice what I preach." Kee supports her students and others at Newnan High School through her Earth Science, Environmental Science, and AP Environmental Science classes and the Environmental Club, which she founded. "I started our Environmental Club in 2007 to promote recycling within our school," she said. "We are a school with over 2,000 students and over 200 faculty members who produce a lot of waste! I wanted to educate our students and staff on how easy recycling is and give them the opportu-

nity to participate in the act of recycling." Since then, students, teachers, school employees, large companies, and small businesses have joined in to help the club in its quest to recycle and reduce waste. Elizabeth Abercrombie is a senior at Newnan High School, an active member of the Environmental Club, and a student in Kee's classes. She is involved with the club because she wants to help make the world a better place. "In the Environmental Science class, Mrs. Kee made me realize how much damage people do to the Earth, but you can do so much to make it better," said Abercrombie. Malcolm Rhodes is another s t udent who h a s le a r n e d about the damage people can do to the Earth and ways to change, and even reverse, the deterioration. "I knew the Earth was bad environmentally," he said. "In the [environmental science] class, Mrs. Kee shows us how to narrow down the air quality and how recycling helps the environment." R hodes said Mrs. Kee showed the class different areas of the world, pinpointing

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Holiday ham and savory sides Family Features Holidays are a time filled with family, friends and — perhaps most impor­tantly — feasts. Traditional holiday menu items have the power to evoke warm memories of holidays past while continuing to bring people together year after year. For many, the center of that coveted holiday table would not be complete without a sweet and savory spiralsliced ham. What holiday spread would

be w it hout a plet hora of del ic io u s side d i s h e s to a c c omp a ny a nd c omple ment t he mea l? W het her you prefer ham with notes of honey, nuts or fruit, make su re you r di n ner table boasts a variety of options that enhance its delectable flavor. L ook for recipes t h at incorporate both traditional and unexpected ingredients for a holiday menu makeover. Doing so will keep guests pleased with familiar favor-

ites, yet pleas­a ntly surprised with the new variations. Savory side selections I f you’re look i ng for a savory side that spotlights the distinct flavors of the season, butternut squash is an excellent choice. W h ite Bea ns with Bacon and Butternut Squash is a perfect blend of savory, sweet and salty. Serve it with your favorite ham in a variety of glazes such as Honey, Ca ra mel Apple or Pecan Praline for a taste of tradition. For more great

recipes, visit www.smithfield. com. A potato dish is also a must for many holiday spreads. Break away from mundane mashed potatoes and gravy with this recipe for Smashed Bacon Ranch Potatoes. Family and friends will line up for seconds when they get a taste of the ranch dressing and smoky bacon combination. Or, try this recipe for Green Bean Corn Casserole for another new twist on a classic holiday favorite.

Three ways to make ham leftovers delectable

For many, the best part of the holiday meal awaits them in the fridge the next day. If you find yourself with a kitchen still stocked for a holiday feast, here are some easy ways to turn delicious ham into a flavorful meal with just a few extra ingredients:

Pizza: It seems that nothing pleases a child — or a parent, for that matter — more than pizza. Simply place mari-

nara sauce, cheese and cubed ham atop broiled French bread or English muf­ fins for a crunchy post-holiday lunch.

Pasta salad: Whip up a cool classic you can nibble on all week long. Prepare your favor­ite whole-wheat noodles, then mix in cubed ham, your favorite cheeses, diced toma­toes, spinach and a generous pour of creamy Italian dress­ing. It’s an easy meal in just


Sandwiches: Try taking the standard ham and cheese sandwich to a new level with uneaten goodies from your cheese platter. Fill leftover artisan rolls from your holiday fare with sliced ham. Experiment with your favorite cheeses and place on the grill for a gooey, crunchy bite.

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Newnan “EVERY CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD!” Newnan Theater Company December 18-22 8:00 p.m.

Instead of performing Charles Dickens’ beloved holiday classic for the umpteenth time, three actors decide to perform every Christmas story ever told -plus Christmas traditions from around the world, seasonal icons from ancient times to topical pop-culture, and every carol ever sung. A madcap romp through the holiday season!

Info: 770-683-6282

palmette ball

Newnan Coweta Historical Society December 31 7:00 p.m. This event is our annual fundraiser for the general operating fund for NCHS, as well as a children’s interactive museum! The black tie event will be filled with live music, food, drink, and much more. A champagne toast counting down to the New Year will cap off our festivities for the night.

Info: 770-251-0207 www.newnancoweta

senoia yoga classes for adults Coweta Public Library Senoia Branch December 19 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Senoia Branch offers free yoga classes geared toward beginners, but all are welcome regardless of experience. Classes led by Donna Owens. Mats are provided, wear comfortable clothing. Registration is required.

1. Fancy tie 6. *Amanda Bynes wore a blue one in court 9. A woman at Harvard after 1977 13. Star Wars attacker 14. Big time 15. Artillery burst 16. Rhino relative 17. Brit. fliers 18. E.T., e.g. 19. *New prince of Cambridge 21. *Leno's successor 23. And not 24. Dispatched Sugardale 25. What hernias do 28. Yamaguchi's court 30. *Football HOFer, ______ Jones, died 35. Web ____ 37. Butcher's cut 39. Eye _____ 40. Truth alternative Limit 4by Hansen's disease 41. One affected With $10 or 43. Deuce topper More Order 44. Be in harmony 46. Urban legends, e.g. 47. Kitten's plaything 48. *Kind of care U.S.D.A. Select 50. Rich soil 52. French "lake" 53. Place to moor a boat 55. Gourmet mushroom 57. Female peafowl 60. Jewish village, historical 63. Elks' hangout 64. Augment 66. Fear-inspiring 68. MPH 69. Bull's mate 70. Sheep-like 71. Hibernation stations 72. *Kourtney and Kim 73. Cause aversion

77 Smoked Ham



68° Beef 48°

1 7






21 3 Boston Butt $ 74 Premium Kids Cereal . . . . . . . . 2 Ice Cream $ 81 Raisin Bran Cereal . 2 $ 66 56 oz. Pkg. Aluminum Foil Select Varieties


Half Ham 1 ¢ Pudding Mixes . . . . . . . . 71 Pies ¢ Gelatin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 $ 66 Fully Cooked $


20 oz. Box


22.6 oz.


Classic Decaf Ground 33.9 oz.


Gravy Mix



— Joe Stowell

Celebrate Christmas!

America Must Stand with Israel! The W. Reece Payton Co., Inc. 770-301-7012


to advertise

Dole Pineapple ea.

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a few

StoneB Center ridge Early Le earns q a uality r rning ating

Lim With More

Fru Baske


Small...$9. Med...$13 Large.$16

Shank Portion




6 oz. Bag Ready Pac

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Culinary Circle

6 Ct.

Mayfield Selects Skippy

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Small...$9.98 ea. Med...$13.98 ea. Large.$16.98 ea.

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Golden Flake

Topping . . . . . . . .Asst. . . .Flavor Asst. Flavor 32 Bag Ready Pac 6 oz. Bag Ready Pac Chips Chips Edwards Spinach $ Garden Salad

1/2 Gallon, Asst. Flavor


5 oz.

Cool Whip Frito-Lay’s

30 oz.

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Cole Slaw



4 lb. Bag

Florida Oranges

3 lb. Bag




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32 Pk., 16.9 oz.



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Fresh Frozen Microwave Popcorn 14 oz. Lime,3Orange, Lemon or Grapefriut Bleach lb. Bag

15 oz.

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Pint . . . . . . Grape Jona Gold 250 Ct. Compressed Pack Tomatoes Apples Mardi Gras

Mayfield Plates orFresh Trays


5.6 oz., Select Varieties


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Large Traditional Pizza Peppers Lemons




5530 A Bells Ferry Rd.

¢Turnip$or 38

1355 East West Connector





5530 A Bells Ferry Rd.

1355 East West Connector


3030 Bankhead Hwy

4 Lb.

Sugar....................... CARROLLTON 1004 Bankhead Hwy.


Raisin Bran Cereal Large


Slicing 12 Ct. Classic Decaf Ground Tomatoes

$ White 21



12 Ct.

Food Depot


5 oz. In Water

Douglasville Hwy



Veterans Hwy

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NEW LOCATION! All Brands 1250 Tech Dr

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3030 Bankhead Hwy

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Peanut Butter

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2985 Villa Rica Hwy


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6642 Hwy 85

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$MONDAY15 STORE HOURS ARE THROUGH SUNDAY 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM 6-9.5 oz. Shopper’s Value Nabisco Crackerfuls ¢

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WARNER ROBINS STONE MTN 18 oz. Creamy or Crunchy Suite 100 - 5741 Rockbridge Rd.

1004 Bankhead Hwy.

FD 121613- Page 8

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2203 Swanson Watson Blvd

Suite 100 - 5741 Rockbridge Rd.



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or Dark Brown or 10X



e Sho East Gat Sugary Sams 29 oz.

Gr ei


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6169 Hwy 278

14-15.2 oz. Cut or French Style Green Beans, Whole Kernel or Cream Style Corn 9.75 oz. BeefAM & Cheese or Sweet PeasSTORE HOURS ARE MONDAY THROUGH SUNDAY 7:00 – 10:00 PM Snausages



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2 199 87 1 85 1 1 73 14 Broth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Plates or Trays . . . . . . 1 $ 50 $ 11 Energy Drinks $ 58 Mexican Tortilla Broth 2 Napkins . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 ¢ $ 35 Sugar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 ¢Snawsomes . . . . . . . . . 2 $ 48 $ 54 Cut Yams . . . . . . . . . . 1 Dog Snacks . . . . . . . . 2 180 Maple Crossing

6525 Hiram Douglasville Hwy

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Cranberry Sauce





Tr a


rive 16 oz., Asst. Bullsboro D

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MARIETTA MCDONOUGH MONDAY a.m.Shells - 10:00 p.m. • SUNDAY 9:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. Corn on THROUGH the CobSATURDAY 8:00Pie Deep Pie –Shells


Albacore Tuna

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Chicken of the Sea

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Frozen Vegetables Whip Topping Prices Effective December 16 through December 29, 2013. Quantity rights reserved. Not responsible for typographical or pictorial errors. 7.5-15.10 $ oz. 67 Value $ 99 Value Food Depot Hamburger Coca-Cola .......... Nabisco 3 Ritz $ 49 Shopper’s $ 29 $ 29 Shopper’s Cat Food ................ 6 Peanut Butter ...... or Hot Dog Buns Hwy 5

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Welch’s We will be closing Sparkling Grape Ju Fresh Fresh Large Sliced Shopper’s.......... Value T omato Sauce . . . . . . Broth . . . . . . . . . . .Fresh . . . 8 oz.Frozen the store on 10-10.5 oz. 5 oz. ACWORTH AUSTELL AUSTELL CARROLLTON Jalapeno Fresh Fresh Bunch Large Frito-Lay’s Golden Flake White 30 oz. 14.5 oz. Can, Select Varieties 32 oz. Slicing 32 Pk., 16.9 oz. Tuesday, Asst. Flavor Peppers Pineapples PikNik Asst. Flavor Collards Lemons Niagara Tomatoes Hunt’s Swanson Mushrooms 2 Liter Bottle Chips Mayonnaise Chips Purified DOUGLASVILLE DOUGLASVILLE FAIRBURN W DUBLIN Tomatoes . . . . . . . . . . . Dec. 24, 2013 Mexican Tortilla Broth .......... $ 02 $ 79 $ 19 $ 72 20 oz. 16 oz. Light or Dark Brown or 10X ea. ea. lb. at 6pm. lb. ea. 1.25 Liter Bottles Food Depot Domino LITHONIA MABLETON LAGRANGE MARIETTA ¢ We will be closed Giant White Bread .. Sugar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coca-Cola ................ 12 oz. Medium or Hearty Homestyle Egg Noodles 6 oz. Can, Original or Chedd 11.2-19.2 oz.,NEW SelectLOCATION! Varieties or Yolk Free Homestyle Ribbon 29 oz. 20 oz. 2 Liter Fanta Flavors, Mello-Yello, Mr. Pibb, REX French’s SMYRNA Pop•Secret on Wednesday, NORCROSS $ 78 RIVERDALE Mueller’s $ 23 Barq's Root Beer, Seagram's Or Minute Maid Sugary Sams Food Depot ¢ Pepperoni $ 48 French Fried Onion Popcorn or $ 17 ............... 12.3 oz.Pasta Buttermilk, 20 oz.Microwave Cheese, Drinks .................... 15 oz. Dec. 25, 2103 for 14 oz. Lime, Orange, Lemon or Grapefriut Bleach Cut Y ams . . . . . . . . . . Wheat Bread . . . . . . Lasagne or 12 oz. Lasagna Combination Homestyle16oroz.Blueberry 32 oz. Reg. or Crinkle Cut 8 Ct. Giant Ajax ¢ STOREGreen Mueller’s $ 25 HOURS ARE MONDAY 28 oz. Original or Seasoned Italian Green Beans or Asparagus SpearsTHR Dish Liquid . . . . . . . . . . Christmas Day. Pasta . . .32 . .CONYERS . . .Bottles . . . . . . . COVINGTON Essential Essential Essential Everyday Essential Everyday Everyday 29 oz. Sunshine Everyday Beans & Potatoes ACWORTH AUSTELL AUSTELL CARROLLTON CARROLLTON DALLAS PRICES EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 16 THROUGH DECEMBER 29, 2013. QUANTITY R Powerade Single oz. ¢ 6.2-8.8 oz., Select Varieties 10.75 oz. Chicken or Mushroom 12 oz. Can, Select Varieties Fresh Fresh Bunch Sports Drink ..... Uncle Ben’s Campbell’s $ 04 Carnation We .will resume $ 03 Cut Fries CornDOUGLASVILLE on the Cob DUBLIN FAIRBURN Waffles Bites Long Grain & Ready Ric Cream Soups ...... Pineapples Collards Evaporated FOREST MilkPARK . . . . FORT VALLEY Pizza DOUGLASVILLE FAYETTEVILLE GRIFFIN 12 oz. Jar, Select Varieties 14.5 oz. Can, Select Varieties regular hours on¢ 12-54 Select Varieties 24 Pack, .5 Ct., liter Bottles Heinz Swanson Vanity Fair or Dixie $ $ 69 50 Gravy . . . . . . . . . . Broth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dasani Wat er......NEWNAN NORCROSS Plates, Bowls or Cups Thursday, LITHONIA MARIETTA MCDONOUGH MABLETON ea. LAGRANGE MARIETTA ea. 15 oz. 32 oz., Select Varieties 10-36 Ct., Select Varieties Hunt’s Swanson $ 96 Assorted Chinet Flavors Cups, Bowls $ 96 Dec. 26, 2013.


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with your customers


page 6 for details !

$ 68 92 Ice Cream . . . . . . . . . 4 Vegetables . . . . . . . . . 1 91 $ 36 $ 90 $ 79 Pecan Pie 4 $. . . .05 $Vegetables 15 $Southern 02 Asst. Pizza . . . . . . . . . . . 5 $ 79 $ 19 $ 72 ¢ $ 98 $ 88 $ 98 . . . . . 11 $1 2 7 238 $ 98 $ 38 $ 98 $ 98 2 2/$ 1 1 2 1 1 1 $ 98 49 2 $ 81 1 2 3 Rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 3 $ 36 1 Vegetables . . . . . . . . . 2 Vegetables . . . . . . . . . 3 $ 77 $ 78 00 71 2 $ 23 $ 2 2 . . . . . . . . . $243 or Cheesesticks 1. . . . 2 $ 96 Vegetables 2 70 $ 20 Vegetables . . . . . . . . . 2 ¢ 29 $ 25 $ 2 87 7 Frozen Biscuits 1 ..... 3 $ 11 ........ 2 $ 61 $ 04 .2/$ $ 38 18 Biscuits $ 38 $$198 7 ¢ . . . . $3¢27 2/ $ 98 $ $7498 Vegetables ¢ $ 03 Cheese 1 1 1 98 88 1 1 Rising Pizza 2 ¢ 1 $ 48 3 42 78 Natural 1 ¢$ 19 $ 06 $ 69 Vegetables ......... 2 1 99 65 73 1 $ 18 Reduced Fat Ice Cream . 4 We Have cates $ 96 Potatoes . . . . . . . .Gift . . . Certifi 2 71 ¢ $ 67 $ 96 $ 12 83 1 1 Coca-Cola 3 $ 99 $ 73 Available For The Holidays! V egetables . . . . . . . . . 2 Cut Fries . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Novelties . . . . . . . . . . 1 ¢ $ 11 $ 15 $ 58 90 2 ¢ 88¢ 2/78 $ 38 $ 1 78 ¢ Coca-Cola $138 $ 18 2/$ 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 98 1 $235 99¢ 79¢ 99 8 oz., Select Varieties

10-10.5 oz.

9.75 oz. Beef & Cheese

changing places.”

he 8th the Oldiannual Cru



Fruit Baskets

15.25-20 oz. Can, Select Varieties


Small...$9.98 ea. Med...$13.98 ea. Large.$16.98 ea.

Florida Pasta Crowns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oranges

“The stunning point of Christmas is that God considered my needs and the worth of my relationship to Him to be sufficient cause to go through the trauma of



Chicken of the Sea

14 oz. Can, Jellied or Whole

Fruit Baskets


MaryBroccoli B’s Southern Mueller’s

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Matthew 1:23

$3 35 4


20 Fresh 16 oz.Ct. Lasagne or 12 oz. Lasagna

Newnan, GA

5 oz. In Water

Limit 4 With $10 or More Order

Pasta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

90 Millard Farmer Ind. Blvd.


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Chamber’s website at www. Nom i nations must be returned to the Chamber by Jan. 10, 2014 via mail, email:, or fax: 770-253-2271. The 2014 Citizen of the Year Gala Reception will be held Feb. 7 at the Coweta County Fairgrounds, 275 Pine Road, south of Newnan. The event is being hosted by the four Kiwanis Clubs in Coweta County, including Newnan, White Oak Golden K, Coweta County and Grantville. Tickets are $25 for a dinner buffet beginning at 6:30 p.m., with an opportunity to greet all the nominees preceding announcement of Coweta’s 2014 Citizen of the Year. To purchase a table for eight guests, for $200, call 770-2537147. Table seating may be purchased until Jan. 24. Individual tickets may be purchased at the Chamber office, SouthTowne Motors on Bullsboro Drive and from any Coweta County Kiwanis Club as well as select businesses in downtown Newnan. Individual tickets may be purchased through Jan. 31.

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The 2014 Coweta Citizen of the Year Selection Committee is accepting applications. The applications for this prestigious title must be in written form. T h e pu bl i c i s e n c o u raged to nominate individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership and citizenship within the community, as well as those who have demonstrated exemplary vision, civic pride and a strong commitment to a better Coweta. Nominees should live in Spiralhis/her Sliced Coweta Sugardale County and activities should be centered in Coweta County and the surrounding area. Selection will be based upon leadership and performance in multiple areas of community service over a period of years. Nominees may be individuals from any walk of life, and Limit 4 there are no requirements or With $10 or restrictions relating to gender, More Order age, race, religion or ethnic origin. Nomination information and the application forms are available at the NewnanU.S.D.A. Inspected Coweta Chamber of Commerce, 23 Bullsboro Drive, 770 -253 -2270, a nd on t he

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013   |  MyConnection 3

Community Connection

And so it begins It is December. Not groundbreaking news for most of us, but it’s a whole ot her matter to t he Little Black Dress. For her, it is the releasing of her inner being. December means Christmas and Christmas to the LBD means, well, decorating. We, the SONS of Thunder and myself, have been known to hide the dogs when she brings out the spray paint. Spray paint at Christmas? Whatever for, you ask? Don’t bot her, t here’s no telli ng. Sometimes she just wa nts to change the “main” theme color. Yes, that could include


animals. I have steadfastly refused to start the whole Christmas countdown until we actually hit December. I think November doesn’t get its fair shake, especi a l ly now w it h t h at whole Gray Thursday thing going on Thanksgiving Day. One year she somehow convinced me to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. My con sta nt compla i n i ng for days afterward led her to forget the whole early start thing. The first “we need to bring the boxes down” comment always elicits groans from

the SONS. Said task involves cl i mbi ng up ver y r icket y stairs into the attic. Said attic is either freezing or burning up, depending on the weather outside. A nd t hen t here a re t he boxes of Ch rist ma s st u ff. Despite hav i ng a rat her robust attic, boxes are stacked one upon a not her a nd i n every corner. Unfortunately, the entire attic is not floored — only 2X4’s spaced the requisite building code distance

The perfect present W hen Ch ristmas rolls around, most of us think about toys and gifts and parties. Some of us even think about baby Jesus. But we try not to think about problems. Maybe we should. After all, problems have always been part of the Christmas story. Even the part you haven’t heard about. This episode isn’t in the Bible, but you know it happened … “Joseph?” “Yes, Mary dear. What is it? “Have you ever ridden a donkey for ten days while you’re about to birth a baby?” “No, my dear.” “It’s very hard.” “Yes, dear. I’m sure it is.” “But you know what’s even harder, Joseph?” “What, dear?” “R iding a donkey for ten days while you’re pregnant and having to GIVE BIRTH IN A BARN because your husband didn’t reserve a room at the inn! So here I am with that stupid donkey and then those creepy shepherds wander over with their stinky sheep, and don’t get me started on those three old guys who rode over on the camels.” “But dear… ” “But NOTHING! This was supposed to be a blessed event! I feel like a display in a petting zoo.”

“I’m sorry, Mary, but what’s done is done and I can’t change that. Just tell me how I can make it better.” “You can promise that as long as we live, we will never, EVER have a pet.” “Of course, dear.” T h is expla i ns why Jesus never had a dog or a cat. And it reminds us guys that Christmas can be treacherous if you aren’t careful. I just experienced a similar Christmas situation, except it didn’t involve the Virgin Mary, Joseph, Jesus, wise men, shepherds or a donkey. My problem was horse-related. The inventors of “My Little Pony” dolls have come out with a new line called “Equestria Girls.” They are “My Little Pony” dolls that adore horses. My granddaughter wanted s e ve r a l . T h e b u y i n g w a s divided among solvent relatives. I was told to purchase “Pinkie Pie” and “Rarity.” No problem . I slogged through the stores for hours, snagged my loot and came home feeling great. It was truly a “M ission Accomplished” moment. My wife the super shopper asked how I did. I said, “Great,” and took a nap. A few days later, A ngela asked to see my selections prior to wrapping and delivery. What she saw wasn’t exactly what I

ALEX mcrae thought I bought. I had found the “Pinkie Pie” doll with no problem. In fact, I found two. They looked completely different. Both were labeled “Pinkie Pie” but one was a sweet little girl and the other resembled a junior high streetwalker. That was bad. Things got worse when Angela pointed out that instead of getting the “Rarity” doll, I had purchased the “Rarity” horse the doll rides. In other words, I bought three dolls instead of two and two of them were wrong. An extra trip to the store awaits. Joy to the world. Angela was kind about it. She said that while I wasn’t much of a “shopper,” I was a fabulous “buyer.” I told her I didn’t have the shopping gene. A few days later, I found out I was right. A recent news item said years of research had finally proved that the brains of men and women are wired in totally different ways. This makes the two sexes excel at totally different things. Guys are good with maps, tools, TV and sports. Women excel at everything else, including

are in the outer regions. Yes, you have to be quite careful you don’t miss the 2X4 and go through the ceiling. Why yes, the LBD has done just that in years past. Why so many boxes? Good question. They include what we’ve collected over nearly 20 years, as well as her favorite things from her parents, whose collection rivaled her own. Each year, we say we are going to consolidate. Each year, we somehow add more boxes. I am losing the battle. But the decorating commences. Each boy (and yours truly) has his own tree with his own special ornaments. We have a wedding tree — and yes, just what its name

i mpl ies — decorated w it h items from our wedding. While she loves decorating, at times she can become slightly, shall we say, tense. This comes to the forefront when one of the SONS actually touches one of the boxes holding the “sacred, sacred” things. One simply does not touch said “sacred, sacred” box. A c t u a l ly, it ’s a b o ut fo u r boxes, each one packed into another one until you finally open the last one and the Hallelujah Chorus starts singing or something. Anyway. I come home and there’s a myriad of empty boxes stacked at the bottom of the stairs leading to the attic. I ask, quite sweetly, the

LBD if she’d like me to get the boys to move them up to the attic. My dad once gave me a piece of advice. It was along the lines of “what is actually said and what someone wants to hear are not always the same thing. Listen carefully.” What The Dress heard was “why haven’t you moved the boxes.” As she had been decorating all day and was somewhat tired, let’s say it took me quite a while to make her believe I said what I actually said. It is slowly coming together. I might get my house back by Christmas Eve. That is, if she can get all the fru-fru items on the main tree to poof properly.

thinking and shopping. What a relief. And better shortcomings, I realized that In other words, my bad buy- yet, after the gentle way my the best Christmas gift of all is ing habits weren’t my fault. wife dealt with my shopping a good excuse for failure.

Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church 3 Village Road • Newnan, Georgia 30265 Phone: 770.253.1888 •


H O L I DAY M A S S S C H E D U L E FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Sunday, December 22 5:00 pm Vigil Mass, 9:00 am and 12 Noon Mass Nursery is available at both Sunday Masses

CHRiSTmAS EVE - Tuesday, December 24 6:00 pm Children’s Vigil Mass with Liturgical Dance (Nursery is available) midnight mass at 12:00 with a Musical Prelude and Liturgical Dance at 11:30 pm CHRiSTmAS DAY - Wednesday, December 25 10:00 am Mass FEAST OF THE HOLY FAmiLY - Sunday, December 29 5:00 pm Vigil Mass, 9:00 am and 12 Noon Mass Nursery is available at both Sunday Masses mARY, mOTHER OF GOD - Wednesday, January 1 5:00 pm Vigil Mass (December 31) and 12:10 pm Mass

Directions: Located off Hwy 154 and Ebenezer Church Road, near the Library and Central Park Soccer Fields. Turn right just past the Fire Station onto Literary Lane. (Church will be in the horizon.) Turn left at Robinson Lake Road and right at Village Road. Address may not appear correctly on some older GPS systems - use Fire Station #12’s address of 45 Ebenezer Church Road, Newnan, 30265.

Thomas Eye Group Welcomes Dr. Paul Patel Paul Patel, M.D. Board Certified Ophthalmologist Cataract Surgery

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Vidya Phoenix, M.D.

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4 MyConnection   |  Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Community Connection

green Continued from page 1

each place’s level of air pollution and how it affects the people living there. Those simple facts have encouraged Rhodes to live differently. Rhodes now recycles at his home and is working to encourage recycling within the company he is currently employed after school. Kee describes Rhodes as a “big help with recycling” at the school. Sen ior Ja ke Morga n joined Environmental Club after taking one of Kee’s classes. “I enjoyed learning to be more aware of our world and how we can protect it,” Morgan said. “That is why I joined the club.” His favorite part of the extracurricular group is helping to manage the recycle bins and clean up the campus and the community. “It just makes us feel good when we’re doing stuff, like we’re doing our part,” said another senior, Carson Vaughn. Vaughn is one of Mrs. Kee’s students and another active member of the Environmental Club. Since its inception, the club has continued to grow a nd i ncor porate more elements. L oca l busi nesses a nd l a r ger compa n ie s h ave donated various types of recycling bins the club now has scattered for use all across the school campus. Another cherished activity of the Environmenta l Club is the ca ring of an organic garden, “Cougarcopia.” The garden is located at Newnan High School and is operated by students and club members. “So far, we’ve had bountiful summer and fall crops, and it’s been awesome to see my students and club members pitch in and cre-

Martin Pate displays his painting for Coweta Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. The painting is used as the artwork for this year’s annual Christmas card fundraiser for the Ferst Foundation.

Pate-designed Ferst Christmas Cards on sale By Bradley Hartsell

Over the past few years, Martin Pate has become a predominant figure in Newnan’s art circle. Pate has been com m issioned on numerous occasions to create art for the NewnanCoweta Historical Society and the U.S. Parks Department. And for the fourth time, Pate has designed the annual Coweta Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy Christmas Card. The cards are a fundraiser for the Ferst Foundation, an organization promoting childhood literacy by donating books monthly to participating families. “I was drawn to this project for two reasons. One is the subject matter, which sounded fun — Santa on top of the courthouse — and I just could not resist that,” said Pate. “The other reason is that I feel reading is so important for children.” “I was an early reader and remember how much I loved adventure stories and history. ‘We Were There’ was a favorite series of mine. Any-

thing that got my imagination going. Children should be read to and encouraged to read as much as possible,” he said. Janie Lore is appreciative of Pate’s eagerness to work with the Ferst Foundation and sees the artist and the organization as a perfect match. “Martin Pate has become an important partner for the Ferst Foundation, and his artistic talents are enjoyed by many in Coweta,” said Lore. This year’s artwork is a depiction of Mary and Joseph approaching the stable on a dark, snowy night. The point of view is of Mary and Joseph looking at the stable, seeing a warm light emitting from the barn. The 5x7 cards will be available throughout the holiday season and come with blue envelopes which feature a drawing inside by Pate of Santa Claus watching over a child in a treehouse. One card is $5, eight cards are $28, and 48 cards are $140. To purchase a Christmas card, go to www.cowetaferst. org or ca l l Ja n ie Lore at 770-253-9598.

A Year In Review iew v e R n i Year # .

ay, January Wednesd

>:K %MP:L:R ; MA ?;H H

2, 2013 —

As the year draws to a close, we look back on 2013 with our special commemorative edition.


# $"


ades er 2 dec t f a d ie identif remains Human


to come. “I would love for our campus to be waste free, and I truly believe that it can be,” she said. “My ultimate goal of the

club is for my students to leave here and incorporate environmentally sustainable principles that they have learned here into their future and educate others.”

find it  f irst

Dead’ ‘Walking r fo y ll a loc resumes Filming




Corner Arts Gallery 14 Jefferson Street Newnan, GA 30263 678-633-5705

The Pink Hanger Consignment 3339 Hwy 34. E., Suite H Sharpsburg, GA 30277 770-683-3164


Newnan-Coweta Magazine 16 Jefferson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-1576


Savannah Court Personal Care Home Community 27 Belt Road Newnan, GA 30263 770-251-6639

The Newnan Times-Herald 16 Jefferson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-1576

Newnan Luxury Rental Homes Houses, townhomes, apartments 770-683-1221 or 770-683-1199




R. DuBose Jewelers (Formerly R.S. Mann) 5 Greenville Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-4713

TNT Antiques & Auction 18 East Hwy. 16 Newnan, GA 30263 678-469-3224 or 404-933-5627

Carolyn Barron Montessori School 195 Jackson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-2135




Jack Peek’s Sales, Inc. 576 Main Street Palmetto, GA 30268 770-463-3156

Wedowee Marine Jet Boats, Outboards, etc. 21130 Hwy. 431 Wedowee, AL 36278 800-780-2045

4 Shoe Repair If the shoe fits - Repair it 1003 Hogansville Road, Suite B LaGrange, GA 30240 706-884-4180



Morgan Jewelers In House Stone Setting & Repair 14 N. Court Square Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-2720


Lynn’s Bookkeeping Service For all your small business needs Palmetto Area 770-755-8046

Infinite Realities Toy Store 11B Church St. Grantville, GA 30220 Find us on facebook!




Pick Up and Go Movers Rates start at $75/hr. Residential & Commercial Licensed, insured, bonded 678-923-9954

Golden Touch Maid Service Newnan, GA 706-977-6700 Find us on Facebook!

Coweta Medical Center F.D. Bass, M.D., F.A.C.S. 32 Jackson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-251-5597

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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. by the U.S is fined lth and Coaters al Hea r 20 l Scout Occupation inistration afte ers of Gir coats for ■ Memb 135 Safety Admwere noted. 22 collect irman of violations doa h Georgia wn, cha ment Troop on Overcoat. Bro nd id nan gra ■ She ■ Dav Operati Develop and Cousin is ual County in a meeting ann th Science ter unveils Sanford ■ You Coweta 25th es y Cen stat m at supal for the g Jr. Technolog bile planetariu and Authority, community d marsh rtin Luther Kin mo ater forming the planne its new that gre Dr. Ma uld go to tre for Per ade. r, the Cen s. port sho rgia Technical Day par second yea Humane ■ For the nd magazine ith, Visual ArtCoweta County West Geo pus. -Coweta es cam n Army n Sm rgia Tre ■ Newnanks to find hom ■ Eight honored by the t College l Salvatio red Geo te Rep. Lyn are wor Studen of ■ The locater announces er names Sta as one of the 100 Society mals rescued from schools ice Off ent r’s ns. an, Cen emb Governor’s t for high stud for 30 ani l on New Yea Georgia Service ections in Dec R-Newn mil men luential the 201 Achieve a puppy kettle coll ,736. Most Inf Noise,” filmedin t during gives , opens ■ “Joyful achievemen term. Eve. totaled $52tine traffic stop Foundation – ool Newnan e. the ove rpa ss ent ■ Charter nt – of $11, 294 ■ A rou 201 1 sch partly in leads to of hway 154 . Departm gra nationwid the Hig . Dep artm ent n on Interstate 85 65 pounds of ■ The U.S a second nan Community theaters Lion announces es in th from U.S e bet wee d ation of page 2B king souJan uar y 2012 stor ang Foo n, fisc loo rch ■ to the New pany for its n Ja two con See of I-85 traf fic. In . Com close its a new inte A view 1948 Joh Theatre marijuana Jenkins is re- her plans to roval to oun d ed on the l. County. at nor thb tion give s app y 154. ■ Cynthia or pro-tem by tria play bas Coweta Powder murder for may City Tra nsp ortaDrive and Highwa NuTech e 1991. ■ Nu Wallace for a Blueprint elected Newnan sing sinc employBullsboro eagues on ■ Plans Communities been mis County l plan coll ncil. nd on ■ Cowetarease in health Successfu reland are Cou ains fou in Mo inc d man rem rgia s. Hu see Roa Geo ible ■ study in ees by the deduct n e-to-Arnco announcedcy. Welcom identified as An copays and cles,” had ConservanFat Boy Chroni on April are Berry’s. Berry ■ “The lly, is released Margaret filmed loca DVD.


ate something that we all can enjoy and even benefit our community,” said Kee. Kee is pleased with the Environmental Club and has high hopes for it in the years



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Wednesday, December 18, 2013 For advertising information call



Tuberculosi parents need s: What to know see page






R 30, 201


• ISSU E 213 • 1 SEct IoN, 14 4P PAGES

Lady Vikings look to upset area rival in state semis see page 8

• 50 cEN tS

Grantville OK drug testing fors Below new hires the Fold

Coweta fa stest-grow jobs pumping ing county economy in

Service sector


By W. Wins Looki ng winston@newton skinner at the 2013 about 370 over the crowd of — economic Break fast Forecast ber of busine including a numter for at ss B the west of West Georgthe Unive rsity officia ls from and government ness a nd u s i - from 2010-2013, Georg ia region Coweta economy ecosmith said. — smith t esday ’s "We’r e still ia on tu is strengthenin "Wha nomic resea said he can Count y 62 percen Cowe ta Coun exper iencin . ple are feeling rch addin t kinds of jobs are g, and some tell peot to 85 percen at West Georg g? Well, pain here, we in the g econo better about fastest-grow ty is now the at t of jobs but we’re region. closel y studieia vice jobs," he it’s mainly sermy than the ing count not they were the region. Cowe t a said. While y in the two point we were a past s term often two years. trends in year or years ago,” makes people the the highe Cou nt y h a s h ad "i can just the those of those were that," he said. smith said st job growt count ies. feel fast-fo od speaking in think region — worke rs, “the also h in the from Dr. Willia two messa ges the Camp during the smith’s comm servic e 4.45 region us Ballro includ es Center m “Joey” past om on the has Smith on the count ents centered smith of of promise lots ing and higher the fast-g row- werepercent job growt year — UWG in Carrolmain campus ies of h. there over field. -paying medic declines Carro ll, lton. in gover nmen Doug las, Cowe ta, three years,” t he next two al jobs, .74 percen Haral son, to Pauld ing he "some of t, and manuf t and Polk. the region said. turing these servic the Cenacare not low-pa has seen “posit e jobs vice , 2.96 percent, but growt h in the ying job ive emph sernumbers increa jobs," employment levels” servicasized . in recen smith percent. sed 7.68 t years e jobs have grown from,

Born in 1905, Richardson dies at 108



By W. Wins

winston@newton skinner

Bessie eudor a Dooley ardson, 108, richwho had lived newnan since in day in atlant 1995, died Fria. r icha rdson , who was teleph one a opera tor Zedella perfor spending befor e years ms early in te in the evenin t nnessee, as a farm wife g at the live died at serenity Hospice. oak music a native Fest. of Count y, te t nnessee, Maur y richa son was born oct. 16, 1905,rdCharl ie irving to Doole Frances Luella y and she had outliv scott Dooley. ed all nine her sibling of s. she marri By saraH Fay CaMP richardson ed Joel Davidson sarah@ BeLL on in 1924. they Christmas eve lived for on a farm in the Bigbyyears saturd ay community ville — and night was a chilly day in Maury Later the richardsonsCounty. concert, but — for an outdoor to Columbia, moved that didn't an enthu t te siastic crowd stop in both placesnn. enjoy ing from , Bessie richthe inaug ardso n was ural Live oak Music know n for Fest. the the daylon g concert, held

Music festival ho raises funds fornors Whitlock, scholarship Photos

by sarah


page 2

ACA questio website is ns, su keep naviga es busy in Cow tor eta

By BraD

Ley bradley@newn HartseLL

Many peopl their option e want to know the openin regulations. s under the new g month of ment for “a lot of insur ance enrollpeopl under the offere d need federa l afford inform atione say, ‘i just Care act ffforda on obam able ble acare. has with websit not been smooth, who, What is it?’” said scott, e bugs plagui in addition rollout. to fieldin ng the seemi ngly ga natur ally, phone calls endle ss string of this on a daily has led to does many more basis, one-on quest ions answers than and provid -one consultation for s es public Coweta Countconsu mers, with tions presentation. nykit y being no excep- informin order to get as much ation out as navigator a scott, excha nge possib scott said le. for Cowe she ta said she’s been gettinCount y, eral overviews provides genand tons of health g “tons a nce of insurexper iencincalls” from people under a nd t he m a rketp lace the websi g proble ms with cally, the new aCa. specif te. imailed paper For some, she’s cation scott is provid ing eduand aware applications ness for what for option s are availa ble amon g

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Recipe Connection

White Beans with Bacon and Butternut Squash Yield: 4 servings • 2 tablespoons olive oil • 4 slices Smithfield bacon, chopped • 1 pound diced butternut squash • 1/2 cup onion, chopped • 1 teaspoon kosher salt • 1/2 teaspoon pepper • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg • 1/4 teaspoon curry powder • 1/2 cup chicken stock • 2 cans cannellini beans, drained and rinsed • 2 cups fresh spinach, stems removed and chopped

Heat olive oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add bacon to skillet and cook for 5 to 7 minutes or until crumbly; remove from skillet, drain on paper towels and reserve 2 tablespoons of drippings in skillet. Add butternut squash, onion, salt, pepper, nutmeg and curry powder to the skillet; saute for 5 minutes; add chicken broth to the skillet, reduce heat to medium low, cover and cook for 5 additional minutes or until butternut squash is tender. Add beans and spinach to the skillet and cook for 3 minutes or until all vege­t ables are heated through. Sprinkle with reserved bacon.

Smashed Bacon Ranch Potatoes

Green Bean Corn Casserole

Yield: 4 servings • 1 1/2 pounds Yukon gold potatoes, cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces • 4 to 6 slices Smithfield Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon • 1/4 cup bottled ranch dressing • 2 tablespoons buttermilk or whole milk • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar • Salt and pepper

Yield: 8 servings • 1 bag frozen Frenchstyle green beans • 1 cup celery, chopped • 1/2 cup sour cream • 1 can cream of celery soup • 1 can corn, drained • 1 green pepper, chopped • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated (or more) • 1 sleeve butter crackers, finely crushed • 3 tablespoons melted butter

Cook potatoes in boiling, salted water until very tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Drain; return to saucepan and mash coarsely. Cook

bacon in a large heavy skillet over medium heat until browned; drain and crumble. Pour off drippings from skillet, leaving cling­ing particles in skillet. Add potatoes, salad dressing, buttermilk and vinegar to skillet; stir until well blended. Cook, stirring constantly, until hot. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Holiday Spiral Sliced Ham with Honey Glaze Yield: 14 servings • 1 Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham with Honey Glaze Preheat oven to 325°F. Remove packaging; reserve liquid. Place ham cut-side dow n on la rge sheet of foil in roasting pan, pour reserved liquid over ham and wrap with foil. Warm ham in oven for 10 minutes per pound. Do not overheat. Remove from oven, let sit for 5 minutes before glazing. Heat glaze packet for 15 seconds in microwave. Hold packet with oven mitt, cut corner off packet and pour into bowl. Stir well and spoon over ham. Let ham sit for 5 minutes before serving to allow glaze to melt over ham.

WHITTON Continued from page 1

K ids Regiona l event t he weekend of Dec 20-22 at PGA National in West Palm Beach, Fla. Parents Darrell and Rhonda rarely have to worry about where their son is, or his motivation toward the game. “The thing about Carson is we take him to the golf course and we drop him off and he plays and he practices,” said Darrell, whose face often is recognized with his auto repair business, Crossroads Automotive. “I used to be Darrell Whitton. Now I’m Carson’s dad.” Whether it’s the range, the practice green or the course, Carson admitted he spends one or two hours for at least two to three days a week during peak seasons at the club, mostly looking for “some friendly competition.” “It’s good for him to be self motivated,” added Rhonda. It’s a long way from where their son started three years ago when Carson was encouraged by his grandfather to pick up a club for the first time. The younger Whitton equally remembers an eye-opening experience during his f irst youth event at Chateau Elan, one that ranked close to being a bit overwhelmed with his initial rounds overseas in Europe while playing in East Lothian, Scotland. It included an introduction to the bump-and-run method used to combat balls from either coming up short of the green or getting stuck in the heavy rough. “That was crazy. They play bump and run there. The first ball I hit on a par three came up about 50 yards short of the green,” Whitton admitted. His caddy for the U.S. Kids European Championship was a 19-year-old Scottish national who helped provide an introduc t ion to h a nd l i ng such hazards. “He was a 2-handicap, but he was a soccer player,” said Darrell. “Their physical education over there is golf.” Carson, who gets course management advice from pros at White Oak as well as swing coach David Schreyer locally, will have a chance to get plenty of rounds in prior to his next trip to Scotland. He’ll play with East Coweta High’s JV squad in the spring while also trying to work toward earning “stars” at events to help gain entrance to competitive youth tours including the American Junior Golf Association for 14-17 year-olds. Right now, though, just some regular sunshine would suffice for Whitton, who will turn 14 at the beginning of the new year. “I can’t wait,” he said.


I-85 at Bullsboro Drive 770-253-3995

Preheat oven to 350°F. In large mixing bowl, combine first 7 ingredi­ents and place in prepared 13-inch by

9-inch casserole dish. Combine crushed butter crackers and melted butter and spread over top of casserole. Bake for 45 minutes or until hot and bubbly. Note: Add 1 cup of diced ham and 1 cup of shredded cooked chicken to this recipe to make a main dish.

6 MyConnection   |  Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Community Connection

Will Smith headed to Milwaukee following trade By CHRIS GOLTERMANN

For the second time in his short professional baseball career, Newnan native Will Smith is trading one majorleague organization for another. This time, the 6-foot-5 southpaw is changing leagues as well. Smith, who first became an ace pitcher at Northgate High School, was traded as part of a one-for-one swap between the Kansas City Royals and the Milwaukee Brewers which will land him with a National League franchise for the first time since being selected in the seventh round of the 2008 MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Angels. It also puts him closer to starting in Turner Field when the Brewers make visits to Atlanta. "I'm excited about it,"he said during a recent conference call. "It's not that the Royals didn't want me. It's just that Milwaukee wants me more. I'd like to think it's a good move.” The vote of confidence in the 24-year-old left-hander from Brewers general manager Doug Melvin was enough to warrant sending 32-year-old outfielder Norichia Aoki back to Kansas City as the other half of the trade. It gave the Royals the potential leadoff hitter they desired in the offseason in exchange for Smith, who made tremen-

Caught in a logjam of pitchers in Kansas City, Will Smith was a valued commodity to the Milwaukee Brewers and GM Doug Melvin.

dous strides in his second year in the major leagues despite being asked to switch from his previous role as a starter to the bullpen. "Will Smith is someone we have liked for a couple of years now," Melvin said in a statement. "We had the cha nce to acquire a big physical lefthander we feel can be a part of our staff. We could not walk away from the opportunity."

Melvin may have seen as much potential in Smith as the Royals did in Aoki considering Milwaukee only had one lefthanded pitcher on its roster last season. After starting the year at Triple-A Omaha as a starter and making the first of seven trips to Kansas City to open a doubleheader at Cleveland on April 23, he transitioned to a relief role. He made his final return to

the majors and put together one of his best stretches of the season while finishing with a 2-1 record and a 3.24 ERA in 33 1/3 innings pitched. One of his return trips from Omaha to Kansas City began with a relief appearance against Atlanta at Kauffman Stadium, having grown up a fan of the Braves pitchers, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. Smith’s statistics in 2013 also included 43 strikeouts to just seven walks. His highlights included a 4 1/2 inning appearance in a comeback win over Seattle, where he struck out eight and allowed just one hit on a bloop single. Adding to a fastball that averaged 91 mph last year, Smith improved the usage of his slider while throwing less curveballs and very few changeups compared to his rookie season. "Out of the bullpen, it boiled down to 'I need to get this guy out ... now,' " Smith told the media. "That's why I kind of got more confidence in my slider, 'I can't leave this hanging, I've got to throw it.' It turned into being a good pitch for me." Melvin has already informed Smith to be ready to compete for a spot in the Milwaukee rotation. "I'm excited to get a shot back at the rotation," Smith said. "I've always enjoyed starting; I've done it basically my whole career. ” Shortly following the 2013

Solution to puzzle on page 2

Health Insurance Exchange

Family raises money for boy born without ear By Bradley Hartsell

By the time Jaylen Rosser was five years old, he had undergone multiple surgeries, all a result of being born at only 20 weeks. At birth, Rosser weighed merely 1 pound, 2.3 ounces and was fighting for his life. Si nce Rosser was born severely premature, his head was unable to develop fully in the womb. This left the tiny infant with only his right ear and several other complications, including a collapsed lung. As an infant, Rosser was hospitalized for the first six months of life, undergoing open heart surgery soon after birth. At age three, Rosser underwent brain surgery, followed later by reconstructive jaw and mouth surgeries at age five. The surgeries performed on Rosser during his childhood worked toward saving his life, but those that remained, such as the reconstruction of a left ear, were deemed cosmetic in nature. Medically, leaving Rosser without a left ear poses no threat to his overall health, but

his family knows the harm to his self-confidence has already been done. Rosser’s biggest fans are his mother, Lakina Smith, his father, James Rosser, his grandmother, Wanda Betts, and his aunt, Rosemary Meriwether. Together, his family understands that, despite the blessing of life and health, Rosser’s confidence is very important. “He’s been bullied basically his whole life,” said Wanda Betts, Rosser’s grandmother. Now 14 and an eighth-grader at Renaissance Middle School in Fairburn, Rosser mostly has a positive attitude, but still finds difficulty in venturing out in public for fear of teasing. Rosser’s family knows if there are any problems with bullying, the school’s faculty is quick to take action, but at this sensitive age, Rosser is simply ready to get a new ear and improve his appearance. Rosser’s family has been hosting fundraisers to cover the surgery for Rosser. The elective procedure is expensive, but the family knows it’s more than vanity they are raising money for.

All major carriers direct - Shop rates & apply online WWW.GAHEALTHCOVERAGE.COM

(770) 253-9283 Request Quote: 5 LaGrange Street • Downtown Newnan

“We want to make this happen for him,” Betts said. We want to do this for him so he can feel good and be okay.” “I’m ready for this to be over,” Rosser said. “I’m so happy that it’s happening.” Family members are continuing to secure the funds to ensure the surgery is a go. For Jaylen Rosser, there’s no limit to the work his family will do to see that he gets Photo by Bradley Hartsell every chance in life they feel he Jaylen Rosser anxiously awaits his deserves. upcoming surgery for his left ear.

al i c pe S ay d i l Ho

joy to parents Charles and Kay Smith, knowing their son will only be a short drive from home when Milwaukee comes to Atlanta. Ironically, Atlanta opens the season at Milwaukee for the first of three games at Miller Park. “The fact Milwaukee comes to Atlanta, that's a good feeling to have your mom and dad sitting in the stands,” Smith told reporters.” My sister [Charlsie] can come, too, so I'm excited about that part."

season, Smith reiterated to the Times-Herald that “playing in the major leagues” is the long-term goal regardless of his role on the pitching roster, even after seeing his Omaha teammates capture both Pacific League and TripleA championships. “If I have a uniform on and I'm in the big leagues I'll be happy,” he told reporters. “As long as we're winning, everybody will be happy." Closer to home, the news of the trade may have brought

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Northgate, Whitewater open subregion play a ay

Eaton: Plant Vo V gtle expansion progressing

see page 7

see page 3

SA ATU TU R DA AY Y,, O Y OC C TO B E R 5 , 20 1 3

SA ATU TU R DA AY Y,, O Y OC C TO B E R 5 , 20 1 3

T o graduate fro Tw f m Coweta DUI Court see page 3

Small business ow o ners fe f el pinch of refo f rm fo Editor’s ’ note: This is the third ’s installment in a continuing n ng series by The Ne N wnan TimesH rald on the fe He f deral Aff Affo ffordable Care Act and what it means fo f r Coweta area residents and businesses.


Peachtree City. y y. didn’t make any immediate need to worry about it. tive fo f r them to subscribe to our ff red health insurffe As an employer, Smith cur- moves. He relies on info f rmation fo H i s c o m p a n y c u r r e n t l y company-offe rently staffs ff roughly fo ffs f ur to six fr f om his insurance agent. Aft f er offers health insurance, but ance through Blue Cross Blue ft Christopher Smith is the employees at each location. everything he had read or heard it’s not a popular item with his Shield. We have a lot of single guys who fe f el like they don’t ow ner of t h re e Va lvol i ne When he first learned about on the news, Smith concluded employees. Instant Oil Change locations t he passage of t he federa l that because he has less than “We We’re not paying minimum W — one in Newnan and two in Affordable Care Act, Smith 50 employees on staff he didn’t wage, but it’s still not cost effe ff cffe HEALT L H, page 2 LT


What's In Your Pocket?

Man victim of drive v -by ve b by


Motives of two suspects unclear

Special effects whiz provides explosive excitement


A man was injured in a drive-by shooting late Friday and was transported to the hospital by helicopter. The man was believed to be playing basketball with a group by a small church around the 90 block of West Washington Street, said Lt. Eddie Attaway with Newnan Police Department. Police are currently searching fo f r two unknown suspects who drove by and fired into the group just befo f re 6 p.m. fo One man was hit in the stomach and was fo f und on the f ont porch of a home across fr the street when public safe f ty fe personnel arrived. He was shortly transported to Atlanta




The victim of a shooting on West Washington Street was transported to a hospital in Atlanta by helicopter late Friday.

by helicopter, which landed in are unsure of the vehicle or the Westside Plaza shopping type of weapons used in the center around 6:30 p.m. shooting at this time, and are According to Attaway, y police still interviewing witnesses. y,


Three Cowetans help carry on a holiday tradition

4th armed robbery suspect arrested

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MyConnection Sudoku Puzzle


Covenant Needs Drivers!



th g i r s at that’ d e c i r p m e used it

Drivers Trucking




Wednesday, December 18, 2013 | MyConnection 7

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Live-in companion wanted for independent, elderly woman. Room, utilities, and small salary paid to the right candidate. References requested. 770-251-3729


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Need some fast cash? Don’t put it in the attic, sell it in the classifieds! 770-253-1576

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