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December 4, 2013


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Teachers work smarter at Arbor Springs Two elementary instructors plan learning collaboratively to help their students By Celia Shortt

Cristy Fogle and Dr. Page Tarleton both have a different kindergarten class at Arbor Springs Elementary School in Newnan, but rather than work alone, they plan collaboratively to make the best possible learning experience for each student in their respective classes. “ You just bu i ld on each other,” said Fogle. “When you close your door and you go in your classroom and you teach on your own, you make your job 1,000 times harder because you get your best ideas from other people.” Fogle a nd Ta rleton have found co-planning provides a healthy and friendly competition for them both. “The friendly competition is so good because we don’t do it because we’re really competitive — like mean about it,” said Tarleton. “We do it because we don’t want one kid getting a benefit that everyone would be able to benefit from.” “And just by doing it together, we’re bouncing ideas off each

other,” finished Fogle. “A nd it ’s rea l ly work i ng smarter, not harder,” added Tarleton. “Because really the first person gets the kinks out and the second person just rolls with it.” Fogle and Tarleton use this system to create an environment in which each student can succeed and thrive. “We expect ever y k id to achieve their potential,” said Fogle. “For us to really do what we’re doing, we have to set up a room that allows every kid to move at their pace and be as challenged as much as they can.” “We don’t have unreasonable expectations,” said Tarleton. “But we expect the most from our kids, and they just soar.” Fogle and Tarleton make the kid’s activities quick and different, but supportive of the same topic — math, phonics, language arts, etc. They also make their students an active part of their learning. “They (our students) get to pick things that are important to them,” said Fogle. “The kids

are getting to work at their [individual] level.” Fogle and Tarleton also seek and encourage the parents of their students to communicate and be involved in their child’s learning. Both teachers contacted all parents within the first two days to report something good about their child. “The first two days of school we call every family and we have something awesome to say about their kid because that draws them in to say, ‘Hey, she’s gonna work with us. She’s not only going to call for bad stuff,’” said Tarleton. “We do love our families,” added Fogle. “We value our families.” “Your parent is your best ally,” added Tarleton. “If they’re on your side, and you have a great relationship, then that kid could move mountains.” The two teachers have had 100 percent participation in parent-teacher conferences. In the spring, the teachers will hold a special conference in which students will lead parents in the meeting, highlight-

ing what they’ve learned and improvements they’ve made throughout the year.

PhotoS By Celia Shortt

ABOVE: Mrs. Fogle works with Brayden Smith during class. LEFT: Kendra Lopez-Perez, Caden Oglesby help each other learn letters and sounds. BELOW: Matthew Davis, left, and Bradley Vanderwater help each other read.

T h e p a re n t s a l s o e nj oy and appreciate the way both Fogle and Tarleton run their classrooms. Symony Griffiths has worked with Fogle often, as her three youngest children have been in her class. Her youngest found difficulty adjusting to kindergarten, experiencing behavioral

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Healthy Family Meals a hurry!

The Turner-Nolen-Fanning home at 122 Greenville St. will be featured on the Tour of Homes.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital Auxiliary hosts 26th Candlelight Tour of Homes Piedmont Newnan Hospital Auxiliary will host its 26th Candlelight Tour of Homes Dec. 6 from 4-9 p.m., highlighting five homes in the historic GreenvilleLaGrange district in Newnan. Among the homes featured will be the Turner-Nolen-Fanning home at 122 Greenville Street. One of the first homes to be built by a female architect, this 1906 home is an example of an early Craftsman design. Dr. William Turner owned one of the first automobiles in Newnan, and the high step-in, drive-through portico on the front exterior gave him easy access: the height of the step matched his horseless carriages’ running board. His family owned this unique home until 1952, when it was sold to Col. Neil Nolan and his wife, Spennie. They created a beautiful garden behind their home and built a tennis court. The present owners, John and Nina Fanning, have enjoyed the home for the past 18 years. They enjoy entertaining in their historical but comfortable home, and their hospitality extends out back to an arbor-covered patio, a fishpond with a waterfall, and a pool and pool house. The tan brick, two-story home features the technique of half-timbering in both the exterior and interior. Elements of this design are seen throughout

the house, including the built-in window seat by the living room fireplace, the bay areas and fireplaces in the dining room and den, the dark, heavy-ceiling beams, the built-in dining room cabinet, and more than a thousand leaded glass window panes. Among original items in the home are a hanging chandelier and shades in the living room. In the kitchen, a set of cabinets from the original butler’s pantry is still in use. A dome-shaped leaded glass light over the main sink and a brick wall in the kitchen all provide authenticity to this unique kitchen, with its extra tall counters and island. The home, decorated in a Southwestern style, displays an abundance of Native American art and textiles. Welcoming visitors to this home is a 7-foot tall wooden Indian called “Chief.” A special feature in the den is a Southwestern landscape mural on the walls, frieze, and ceiling which blends stunningly with the creative simplicity of the unique early 20th century design.

LaGrange St. • Bryant-Christiansen home at 108 LaGrange Street. Proceeds from the event will be directed toward a $150,000 pledge for the establishment of a Healing Garden at Piedmont Newnan Hospital on Poplar Road. This unique garden and water feature will be located to the right of the hospital’s front entrance with views from the chapel. It will serve as a refuge of beauty, peace, and serenity for the community, patients, and staff, said auxiliary members. Tickets for the annual event went on sale Nov. 8 and may be purchased at the Piedmont New na n Fitness Center in downtown Newnan, the Coweta County Visitors Center at the historic courthouse in downtown Newnan, Branch and Vine at Ashley Park, The Poplar Shop at Piedmont Newnan Hospital and Collectors’ Corner on Highway 34 East, Sharpsburg. Tickets and information, including sponsorship opportunities, are also available from Auxiliary members or by callOther homes featured on ing the Auxiliary Off ice at 700-400-2380. the Dec. 6 tour will be: Tickets purchased in advance • Reese-Umberger-Wright are $15. On the evening of the home at 85 Greenville Street. event, tickets may be purchased • North-Rosenzweig-McCoat any of the homes on tour for ndichie home at 141 Greenville Street. • Cook-Healy home at 84 tours, page 3

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es the Healthy recip ve! family will lo ➤


Beef Tacos

Fun favorites with a ‘trim’ twist Making the decision to eat better doesn’t mean you have to stock your fridge exclusively with carrot sticks and lettuce leaves. T here a re plenty of healthy and delicious meal options that will have your taste buds cheering. Fill up your fridge How many times have you raided the fridge, only to eat the first thing you could find? Arrange your fridge so everything at eye level is packed with nutritional benefits. The top shelf is prime space for fresh fruits, berries, vegetable sticks, string cheese and hard boiled eggs. Keeping lean proteins on hand is another way to take proactive steps towards creating healthy meals. Lean proteins, like the protein found in soy, can help families feel fuller longer and can also help lower the chances of childhood obesity.

Pick the perfect protein During dinnertime, entrées featuring beef, pork or chicken are often the star of the plate. However, m eat proteins can supply your recipes with unwanted saturated fats and cholesterol. I n stead of a sk i ng you r family to forego their favorite meat dishes, try swap­ ping out meat proteins with meat alternatives, using soy protein. Soy is a high-quality vegetable protein that is easy to incorporate into your family’s diet. It can support muscle strength and is an especially good choice for managing healthy weight for the entire family. Meat alternatives provide the taste, texture and nutrition that meat lovers want, without all of the saturated fats and cholesterol. Look for great flavor matches like ground pork, Italian sausage, ground chicken, crab and

ground beef. Quick, easy and delicious have to be a part of every family’s meal on busy weekdays. Breakfast Burritos are sure to be a family favorite. Simply fill tortillas with Italian sausage, eggs, cheese, salsa and fresh herbs for a hot, tasty start to your morning. Another sure crowd pleaser is Beef Tacos. Just swap out traditional ground beef for g rou nd beef a lter n ative and spoon your favorite taco ingredients into soft or hard shells. Homemade Beef Sloppy Joes are equally as easy to make. This recipe is a tasty way to get your whole family fed and out the door in time for evening activities. Once you’ve picked the perfect recipes and filled your fridge with lean proteins, like soy protein, eating well will become a healthy habit the whole family will love.

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Nominations open for Coweta 2014 Citizen of the Year

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1. Bug hitting windshield, e.g. 6. Presidents' Day month 9. Party barrels 48 oz. 13. Moonshine 14. Grassland 15. Beyond normal limits 16. _____ Boo Boo 17. Opposite of nothing 18. It has front and rear seats 19. *Misfit elf dentist 21. *"It's a Wonderful Life" star 23. Unopened tulip 24. Oliver Twist, e.g. 25. White wine and cassis 28. ___ _ good example 30. Sect follower 35. "National Velvet" author Bagnold 37. Earth's neighbor 39. Some on a shorter one than others 40. Windmill blade 41. Top dog 43. Attached to a wheel 44. Magazine's special feature 46. *"A Christmas Story" leg ____ 47. Capital on the Dnieper 48. Vital15.7 Lb. Mesquite or 16.6 Lb.necklace Regular 50. Cleopatra's 52. Chester White's home 53. Strip of wood 55. *"__ Be Home For Christmas" 57. *It happened on 34th Street 61. Show off 64. Acid in proteins 65. Ides month 67. Holy See loyalist practicing different rites14.4 oz. Honey or Cinnamon 69. Closely watched on Black Friday 70. Before prefix 71. ___ Domingo 72. Old World duck 73. *Astaire's character in "Holiday Inn" 74. Clear the blackboard

City of Newnan Christmas Parade December 8 3:00 p.m. It'll be a Winter Wonderland for the 2013 Christmas Parade! The parade will start on Greenville Street below Salbide Street and follow Greenville Street into downtown, left onto North Court Square, left onto LaGrange Street and then continue to Newnan High School where it will disband.

Info: 770-253-8283

Central Library December 11 5:00 p.m.

Robin Pressley-Keough of Animal Adventures will arrive in her finest Hogwart’s attire, complete with her Nimbus 2000. She will bring along a variety of exotic creatures not all that different from what you’d expect to find in the pages of your favorite Harry Potter book.

Info: 770-683-2052

senoia light up senoia

Light Up Senoia, the town's popular annual holiday event, includes music, entertainment, food, Santa's Workshop and lighting of the town's Christmas tree. The Festival of Lights Parade will begin at 5:30 p.m with wanta and Mrs. Claus arriving just in time to be the grand finale.

Info: 770-703-2636

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“I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30 “I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord.” Psalm 116:17 “As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him: rooted and built up in Him, and established in the faith as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.” Colossians 2:6-7 Thanksgiving is not a day, but rather an attitude of the heart!

America Must Stand with Israel! The W. Reece Payton Co., Inc. 770-301-7012




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year’s s in last e. Senoia’ featured barbecu “oldies” and restaucandy and merchants of the many wn from are a few all day. downto Pictured be open a 50/50 ngs,” playing gs rants will , door prizes, and fun Mustan to be the “Musta ‘50s Awards g, food 3 p.m. The noon to music from the will be g, shoppin downtown drawin Filkins, perform the Senoia The vehicle cookand Charlie back cook await at will ’ to ng the event. the ‘70s. will be tion contact s. Churn Cruisin is $20 and emceei will event. or informa The Varsity favorite ade tion fee will he 8th annual registra 8 a.m. Dash plaques all-time For more at 770-599-9155 -8182. Car Show 250 cars ing their will offer homemfood the Oldies ng to downbegin at ed to the first at 770-599 al Gail Downs show will ‘N Scoop and addition n e helfman be returnifall. be present This year’s Suzann hawaiia older. ed. this ice cream, Sept. 1987 and register s will provide to cars cakes, cotton spontown Senoia will be heldAlways vendor be limitedinment will be n. The ice, funnel The event to 5 p.m. shaved show Enterta 11 a.m. of Newna will 28 from event, the car Toyota by inment from sored d enterta a popular and visitors 2013 feature t . draws entries Georgia Scott Sargean all over Guys,” “The Car

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ary 9, 2013 ay, Janu Wednesd 18, 2013

33. Speck in the ocean 34. *Famous lampooner on Christmas vacation 36. Owner's acquisition 38. Idiot, Yiddish 50Patriots' Ct. Red orDay Bluemonth 42. 45. Phone companies 49. Indian dish 51. *Agreement to assume Santa's identity 54. Dangle a carrot 56. Relating to the moon 57. Physics calculation 58. Mosque V.I.P. 59. Agitate 60. All over again 14.7-15 oz. bitter Beef oroldMini Beef Ravioli, 61. *Santa's brother Spaghetti W/Meatballs or 62. Columbus' vessel Spaghetti & Rings W/Meatballs 63. Makes lace or Macaroni & Beef 66. Exist 68. Corn site

1. "Be quiet!" 2. *"Winnie the ____ and Christmas Too" 3. Like a famous Ranger 4. Tart 6.7 Lb. system organ 5. Immune 6. Strip the skin off 7. Slippery reef dweller 8. Model-building wood 9. Acknowledged or recognized 10. Tropical tuberous root 11. Its seed yields gum used as thickener 12. Email folder 15. Utilitarian 20. Swelling from accumulation of fluid 22. Clinical twitching 24. "On the _______" or in a belligerent 15.5 oz. mood 25. *He was left home alone 26. Silly 27. Between shampoo and repeat 29. ____ tale 31. Pipe problem 32. Yellow rides

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18 nominate the returned to the Chamber by It is time Coweta Citizen of the Year for Jan. 10 via mail, email – info@ 15-20 oz. Peaches, Pears or 2014. The Selection Committee, or is ready to receive applications Fruitfax – 770-253-2271. Cocktail In Juice or Syrup for this prestigious title in writThe 2014 Citizen of the Year ten form. Gala Reception is planned The public is encouraged to for Feb. 7 at the Coweta Fairnominate individuals who dem- grounds. The event is hosted onstrate outstanding leader- by the four Kiwanis Clubs in ship and citizenship within the Coweta, including Newnan, community. White Oak Golden K, Coweta Nominees should live in and Grantville. Coweta County with his/her Tickets are $25 for Gala Dinactivities centered in Coweta ner Buffet beginning at 6:30 and the surrounding area. Nominees may be individu- p.m. To purchase a table for als from any walk of life with eight guests, for $200, call 770no requirements or restrictions 253-7147. Table seating may be on gender, age, race, religion or purchased until Jan. 24. Individual tickets may be ethnic origin. Information and applica- purchased at the Chamber tion forms are available at the office, SouthTowne Motors on Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Bullsboro Drive and from any Commerce, 23 Bullsboro Drive, Coweta County Kiwanis Club 770-253-2270, and on the Cham- as well as select businesses in ber’s website at www.newnan- downtown Newnan. Individual tickets may be N o m i n a t i o n s m u s t b e purchased through Jan. 31.

2600 Hwy 1 38



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Wednesday, December 4, 2013   |  MyConnection 3

Recipe Connection seasoning • 1 tablespoon ground cumin • 2 cups canned black beans • 1 jalepeno, diced • 6 to 8 hard or soft taco shells

Breakfast Burrito Makes 6 burritos • 2 tablespoons of canola oil • 1 lb Italian sausage • 4 eggs • 1/2 cup green onion, chopped • 2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese • 6 to 10 flour tortillas

• 3/4 cup salsa • Sour cream (optional) In non-stick sk illet, heat canola oil. Saute Italian sausage and break up as you cook. Cook until golden. Add whipped eggs, green onion, salt and pepper. Cook eggs through. Sprinkle with cilantro and cheddar cheese. Fill tortillas with egg mixture, spoon salsa over filling and wrap.

Beef Sloppy Joes Makes 6 • 3 tablespoons canola oil • 1 lb ground beef • 1 medium onion, chopped • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1 cup zucchini, chopped • 1 cup mushrooms, sliced • 3/4 cups green pepper, chopped

• 1 (16 oz) can tomato sauce • 1 teaspoon basil, dried • 1 teaspoon thyme, dried

Beef Tacos

Heat oil in large skillet. Saute ground beef, onion and garlic over mediumhigh heat until browned. Add zucchini, mushrooms and green pepper. Simmer uncovered until most of the liquid has evaporated.

• 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil • 2 cups yellow onion, diced • 2 tablespoons fresh garlic • 1 lb ground beef • 4 tablespoons taco

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problems. Griffiths said Fogle was not afraid to try something new to help her daughter succeed. “I did not know teachers like her existed,” she said. “I felt like we were a team.” Melissa Casablanca is the special education program specia list for t he Coweta County School System. Her husband, Jose Casablanca, is the principal at Smokey Road Middle School, and their son, Alex, is a student in Dr. Tarleton’s Class. “She is truly a godsend,” she said. “She is the most dynamic educator I have ever met. She goes above and beyond and knows how to reach the kids and keep them motivated. We a re t h ri l led A lex ha s had her for his kindergarten experience.” To foster parental involvement, Fogle and Tarleton send weekly newsletters and comments on each student’s learning, as well as hold learning celebrations. “Sometimes we invite others in to be a part of us and feel like a community, and other times to see their learning and what they’re doing,” said Fogle. “So you hope they’re getting that full picture of the classroom — who the kids are, but also what the standards are.” Everything that Fogle and Tarleton do in the classroom goes toward educating their students and what their expectations are for their students and their future after the classroom. “We want them to leave us with a toolbox of knowledge,” said Tarleton “So, they’re not looking to an adult to always say, ‘help me,’ added Fogle. “(That) they are independent thin kers. When you leave here, I don’t want you (the student) to be able to do something because my teacher told you to do it.”

tours Continued from page 1

More samples of what tourgoers will see and learn: • The North-RosenzweigMcCondichie Home, 141 Greenville Street, reflects the result of the railroads bringing wonderful homes on Greenville Street to Newnan.” Present owners since April 2013, Steve and Donna McCondichie are excited over their renovation of this grand old Greenville home. It will make its debut at the 2013 Candlelight Tour of Homes. • Reese-Umberger-Wright home, 85 Greenville Street. Dr. J.T. Reese, a prominent Newnan physician, not only built an opera house on the Court Square, but he also erected a f ive-room Greek Rev iva l “cottage” i n 1856 adjoining his pharmacy building. Dr. Reese and his wife, Cornelia, remodeled their stately home in the 1880s using the popular Italianate style, adding a second story. • The Cook-Healy Home, 84 LaGrange Street, was built in 1910 by Sam Cook and represents an example of a transitional period between the ornate Victorian architecture and the emergence of the simpler Craftsman style. • The Bryant-Christiansen Home, 108 LaGrange Street, is a Normandy-style beige brick bungalow, built in 1941 and enlarged over the years with the addition of a master suite, a winter room, a sun porch, a new garage, and a completely remodeled kitchen.


I-85 at Bullsboro Drive 770-253-3995

Makes 6 to 8 tacos

Add olive oil to saucepa n over med iu m heat . Add onion and saute for 2 to 3 minutes until clear but not brown. Add garlic. Add ground beef. Saute for 1 to 2 minutes. Add taco seasoning and cumin. Increase heat to medium/high and continue browning ground beef until outside is crispy. Add black beans and reduce heat to medium. Add jalepeno. Serve with your favorite taco shells and toppings.

4 MyConnection   |  Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Community Connection

Creswell, Standing TALL Ex-Lady Indian prepares for final year of college softball after overcoming childhood ailment By EMILY GROOMS Special to the Newnan Times-Herald Growing up, playing sports was as much a part of Rebecca Creswell’s everyday life as it has been now as a senior member of Truett McConnell’s softball program. But at age 1 2 , they were nearly taken away forever when taking what seemed to be routine soccer physical. That’s when doctors told her that she had a severe case of scoliosis and quite possibly may never play organized sports again. The Newnan native and former East Coweta High softball standout had a 53-percent curve in the bottom half of her spine and a 47-percent curve on the top. The prognosis was dire, with the need to operate immediately due to the potential for her organs to be starved for blood. In a 10-hour procedure doctors fused two rods to her spine to increase her height two inches. “The day I found out that I had scoliosis was one of the lowest days of my life,” Creswell said. “It was completely unexpected. I had all the checkups at school, my back never hurt, and there were never any warning signs. One day I went in for a normal soccer physical and my life was changed forever.” While recovery involved a seven month process, it was equally tough for relearning a grueling position like catcher Her straightened back forced her to become mechanically perfect. “I have to hit and field correctly because that’s the only way my back will work,” she said. “W hen you play catcher, you have to have the ability to roll your shoulders and block balls in the dirt. I had to learn to physically overcome this obstacle and retrain my body; but with great coaches and a lot of practice, I was able to over-

come it.” At East Coweta, Creswell played first, catcher and even pitched at times, while contributing in trips to the 2008 Class AAAAA state finals as a junior and a return trip to the GHSA Elite 8 as a senior. For a menta l aspect, t he ordeal had a positive effect on Creswell in more ways than one. “It made me tougher,” she said. “I’ve learned so much having to go through this challenge, and I’m thankful for every day that the Lord allows me to step foot on the field. I have learned to play every game like it’s your last, because for me, it almost was.” Creswell has played on the Truett-McConnell College softball team for four years, and in 2013 her teammates successfully nominated her for the National Intercollegiate Athletic Association’s Character Award. Last season, she appeared in 25 of the Bears’ 41 games, including 11 starts. “Creswell is the type of person who puts the needs of others before herself,” said head softball coach Jenni Shepard. “She always goes above and beyond what is expected as a teammate, on and off the field. She’s a woman of faith who plays and lives life with a lot of heart. I’ve enjoyed watching her mature and grow into the person she is today.” Creswell said one thing she will always take with her is the lessons she learned in overcoming adversity. “In life, and in softball, you are going to be presented with challenges,” she said. “It’s how you respond and act in those moments t hat def i ne what kind of person you choose to be. Having scoliosis surgery allowed me to see God’s bigger plan for my life, and I would never go back and change that.” The seven months of recovery, in which Creswell was tutored from home through most of her seventh grade year, certainly tested her faith.

Rebecca Creswell, seen pitching for East Coweta during the 2008 season, was told at age 12 that she might never play organized sports again.

“I was angry, hurt, and confused. How could God give me these talents, gifts, and abilities and then just let me waste them away?” Creswell said. While recovering, Creswell satisfied her social interaction by attending church. “Before that, I played softball ever y weekend, sometimes playing two tournaments in a single weekend. Needless to say, I believed in God, but didn’t go to church or have any other fellowship other than hanging out with my softball teammates.” It was during that time that Creswell realized that her priorities had to change from what they had been. “My eyes were finally opened to how I had literally been worshiping softball and, right then, I knew something had to change,” she said. As her physical strength grew, so did her strength in her faith. “I can honestly say that the reason I went from barely being able to walk, to back out on the field, running bases and catching pitches, is all from the will of God. When I tell most doctors that I still play softball, they look at me like I’m crazy, but I just tell them that God has allowed me to play, and until he takes it away, I’m going to give him the victory and all the glory in everything I do.”

Open House

find it  f irst

Your connection to local businesses



Corner Arts Gallery 14 Jefferson Street Newnan, GA 30263 678-633-5705

Newnan Luxury Rental Homes Houses, townhomes, apartments 770-683-1221 or 770-683-1199

Sells Properties Coweta County Rental Homes 770-301-8786 or 770-583-8864


Savannah Court Personal Care Home Community 27 Belt Road Newnan, GA 30263 770-251-6639



TNT Antiques & Auction 18 East Hwy. 16 Newnan, GA 30263 678-469-3224 or 404-933-5627


Wedowee Marine Jet Boats, Outboards, etc. 21130 Hwy. 431 Wedowee, AL 36278 800-780-2045

Cookies and spice and all that’s nice! Visit us and pick up some great resources for yourself or a senior loved one. Learn about respite, adult day care and senior living options. Refreshments served.

25 Newnan Lakes Blvd • 770-253-8444 w w w. b e n t o n h o u s e . c o m

R. DuBose Jewelers (Formerly R.S. Mann) 5 Greenville Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-4713

LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES Vining Stone 211 Stewart Road Sharpsburg, GA 30277 770-252-6336 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC



Saturday, Dec. 7 th 11 am - 1 pm

to advertise please call 770-253-1576 or email

Lynn’s Bookkeeping Service For all your small business needs Palmetto Area 770-755-8046


Jack Peek’s Sales, Inc. 576 Main Street Palmetto, GA 30268 770-463-3156

MAIN STREET NEWNAN Find us on Facebook!

Morgan Jewelers In House Stone Setting & Repair 14 N. Court Square Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-2720

The Pink Hanger Consignment 3339 Hwy 34. E., Suite H Sharpsburg, GA 30277 770-683-3164

Strong Arms In A Truck 4046 Sharpsburg McCollum Rd. Newnan, GA 30265 770-304-5961

Golden Touch Maid Service Newnan, GA 706-977-6700




Newnan-Coweta Magazine 16 Jefferson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-1576 The Newnan Times-Herald 16 Jefferson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-1576


Roscoe Roofing & Gutters Free Estimates Will Davis 770-328-0589


Carolyn Barron Montessori School 195 Jackson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-2135


4 Shoe Repair If the shoe fits - Repair it 1003 Hogansville Road, Suite B LaGrange, GA 30240 706-884-4180

TATTOOS & PIERCING Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery Custom, Upscale Tattoo Shop 48 Main St., Senoia 770-599-6782


Coweta Medical Center F.D. Bass, M.D., F.A.C.S. 32 Jackson Street Newnan, GA 30263 770-251-5597

Advertise Your Business Today! 770-253-1576

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- Power Moon Roof - Rear Vision Video Camera - 19” Polished Wheels

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4355 4355 Jonesboro Jonesboro Road Road Union Union City, City, GA GA


866-344-1011 866-344-1011 4355 Jonesboro Road

Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 12/15/13. Must have approved credit from Lincoln AFS. Union City, GA See dealer for qualificationsAutoNation and complete details. 1

866-344-1011 4355 Jonesboro Road Union Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 12/15/13. Must have approved creditCity, from GA Lincoln AFS. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 12/15/13. Must have approved credit from Lincoln AFS. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. AutoNation 866-344-1011

Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 12/15/13. Must have approved credit from Lincoln AFS. See dealer for qualifications and complete details.

Ford Lincoln Union City

Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 12/15/13. Must have approved credit from Lincoln AFS. See dealer for qualifications and complete details.

Previously Gene Evans Ford Lincoln

4355 Jonesboro Road, Union City, GA

866-344-1011 866-201-5653

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Another rite of passage ‘Forward, the Light Brigade!’ Was there a man dismay’d ? Not tho’ the soldier knew Some one had blunder’d: Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do & die, Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. Weapons — in this case, an arrow — were handed to each boy by their father. The boys, in turn, handed their moms a single rose. As each boy was called forward, they threw their old scarves into the fire. Their new leader presented them with different colored e pa u le t s , si g n a l i n g t h ei r advancement in rank. T he boys a re becom i ng men. Okay, so in this case there weren’t 600, on ly 10. A nd it wasn’t into the valley of Death, but rather down the hill. And no, no one died.

It was Crossover. A ceremony we have tweaked — not twerked — over the last couple of years. We — the dads — were pretty impressed with what we put together. It was a rite of passage. An initiation into a new world, so to speak. Yes, the Webelos II of Pack 47 were now officially members of Boy Scout Troop 47. Truth be told, most of the parents of the graduates were happiest that there would be no more Pinewood Derby. That annual contest where dads took a block of wood and tried to cut it into something resembling a race car. And then the moms, after demanding said dads go to the hospital to stitch up X number of nearly sawed-off fingers, would decorate said block of wood into something. T he boys a re becom i ng men. Tradition holds that after


the ceremony the former cub scouts — now boy scouts — join the older scouts and sleep down at the scout area. No more sleeping with mom and dad. They are now scouts. The ceremony itself at the battleground, er ... campsite, started late. Traffic was bad, the time change meant it was darker than normal. By the time the rite of passage and t he fol low i ng celebrator y feast were over, it was really late. And really, really cold. So instead of pitching tents, several parents just blew up their sleeping pads and slept in their SUVs. And I called “foul.” I realized this was car camping, but that definition does not include actually sleeping in a car.

One of the rules our troop has is no electronics. Cell phones a re col lec ted a nd kids can call home at night, but nothing else. Yeah, that always works. You can always tell some kid(s) are violating that. You’ll see a bunch of kids huddled together. Very, very quiet. You walk up and they are watching some video or game or whatever. A nd we give the speech about no elec t ron ics a nd whatnot and threaten loss of

ial c e Sp y a lid Ho

of the most important principles a person can have, both in life and in sports,” said Bell. “And it definitely falls in line with cooperative values. Coweta-Fayette EMC is proud to support this teamwork-centered initiative.”

before the adults are lining up to get their turn to charge up various cell phones. Or they head to the car to use the cigarette charger — or to catch up on the latest football scores. This is not the intent of camping, I try to explain in a huff. I’ve had enough. I brought books to read. Now if I can just find a charger to juice up my e-reader.

2F or T

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he Pri ce



Celebrating 148 years of editorial

East Coweta High awarded for sportsmanship To celebrate good sportsmanship, Coweta-Fayette EMC recently honored East Coweta High School with the 201 3 Georgia High School Association’s (GHSA’s) Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award. Mary Ann Bell, Coweta-Fayette EMC’s Vice President of Marketing, presented the trophy honoring member schools that ex hibited outsta nding spor tsm a n sh ip du r i ng t he 2012-2013. “We are thrilled to present the Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award to East Coweta High School,” said Bell. “This school’s students, spectators and teammates have continually exhibited good sportsmanship and character, both on the field and in the stands.” Introduced in 2006 and sponsored by Georgia’s electric cooperatives and the GHSA, the Cooperative Spirit Award promotes sportsmanship at competitive events and honors the conduct of not only student athletes, but also that of fellow students, parents, coaches and spectators. “Good sportsmanship is one

limb if said electronics rule is violated again. And all the parents agree and wonder why their kids can’t just enjoy the outdoors one ti me w it hout electric stimuli. What is our world coming to, we ask. Can’t we just focus on God’s incredible creation and not on getti ng a not her ach ievement unlocked? You learn quickly in the woods that cold air zaps battery life. And it’s not long

and advertising excellence in Coweta County.

Coweta-Fayette EMC is a con su mer- ow ned cooperative providing electricity and related services to over 74,000 member accounts in Coweta, Fayette, Heard, South Fulton, Clayton, Spalding, Troup and Meriwether counties.

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Eaton: Plant Vo V gtle expansion progressing

Northgate, Whitewater open subregion play a ay

see page 3

see page 7

SA ATU TU R DA AY Y,, O Y OC C TO B E R 5 , 20 1 3

SA ATU TU R DA AY Y,, O Y OC C TO B E R 5 , 20 1 3

T o graduate fro Tw f m Coweta DUI Court see page 3

Small business ow o ners fe f el pinch of refo f rm fo Editor’s ’ note: This is the third ’s installment in a continuing n ng series by The Ne N wnan TimesH rald on the fe He f deral Aff Affo ffordable Care Act and what it means fo f r Coweta area residents and businesses.

BY CLAY A NEELY AY L LY Peachtree City. y y. didn’t make any immediate need to worry about it. tive fo f r them to subscribe to our CLAY AY@ AY Y@NEWNAN.COM ff red health insurffe As an employer, Smith cur- moves. He relies on info f rmation fo H i s c o m p a n y c u r r e n t l y company-offe rently staffs ff roughly fo ffs f ur to six fr f om his insurance agent. Aft f er offers health insurance, but ance through Blue Cross Blue ft Christopher Smith is the employees at each location. everything he had read or heard it’s not a popular item with his Shield. We have a lot of single guys who fe f el like they don’t ow ner of t h re e Va lvol i ne When he first learned about on the news, Smith concluded employees. Instant Oil Change locations t he passage of t he federa l that because he has less than “We W ’re not paying minimum We — one in Newnan and two in Affordable Care Act, Smith 50 employees on staff he didn’t wage, but it’s still not cost effe ff cffe HEALT L H, page 2 LT


What's In Your Pocket?

Man victim of drive v -by ve b by


Motives of two suspects unclear

Special effects whiz provides explosive excitement


A man was injured in a drive-by shooting late Friday and was transported to the hospital by helicopter. The man was believed to be playing basketball with a group by a small church around the 90 block of West Washington Street, said Lt. Eddie Attaway with Newnan Police Department. Police are currently searching fo f r two unknown suspects who drove by and fired into the group just befo f re 6 p.m. fo One man was hit in the stomach and was fo f und on the f ont porch of a home across fr the street when public safe f ty fe personnel arrived. He was shortly transported to Atlanta




The victim of a shooting on West Washington Street was transported to a hospital in Atlanta by helicopter late Friday.

by helicopter, which landed in are unsure of the vehicle or the Westside Plaza shopping type of weapons used in the center around 6:30 p.m. shooting at this time, and are According to Attaway, y police still interviewing witnesses. y,


Three Cowetans help carry on a holiday tradition

4th armed robbery suspect arrested By WES MAY A ER AY

suspect we were looking g fo f r,,”

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Coweta’s Greatest Generation




The Newnan Times-Herald spent over a year highlighting the stories of surviving local World World II veterans in a project called “Our Greatest Generation.” This award-winning series presented the stories of over 120 local men and women and was a favorite of readers young and old. Since the series ended, we have had countless requests to reproduce this collection of stories so they may be preserved for future generations and enjoyed time and again in their entirety.

• General & Cosmetic Dermatology • Skin Surgery • Mohs Micrographic Surgery • Skin Cancer Screening

We are pleased to announce the entire series has been published in a limited edition hardcover book with 288 pages that tell the stories and feature photographs of these proud men and women.

We would like to welcome

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Published by Fiona Zwald M.D.

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Airline Careers

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Trainees Needed!

SC Train can get you certified and ready to work! No experience Covenant Train and needed! Job PlaceNeeds Drivers! ANNOUNCEMENTS Work for Us! ment after online trainTruck Drivers are in De- Professional, focused ing completed. HS / mand! Great benefits, CDL training available. Diploma / GED & PC / stability, and earning C h o o s e c o m p a n y Internet needed! p o t e n t i a l ! T h e a v g . driver, owner operator, 1-888-748-4126 t r u c k d r i v e r e a r n s lease operator, or lease 150 Auctions $700+/wk.*! No CDL? trainer. 16 Day training avail! 877-369-6712 www.CentralTruckDrivWelding Call Today! Advertise N. GA: 866-494-7434 Careers Your Auction or S. GA: Hands on training for In over 100 newspa866-557-9244 career opportunities in pers for only $350. Train *DOL/BLS 2012. Your 25-word classiTo be a Professional aviation, automotive, fied ad will reach more Truck Driver through m a n u f a c t u r i n g a n d Drivers: than 1 million readers. Primeʼs Student Driver more. Financial aid for Call Jennifer Labon at Run FB with WTI. Be Program. Obtain your q u a l i f i e d s t u d e n t s . the Georgia Newspa- home through the week Commercial Driverʼs Li- Housing available. Job and weekends. Start cense, then get paid placement assistance. per Service. Call AIM: up to 28% plus fuel bo- while training! 770-454-6776 877-205-1779 nus. New equipment. 1-800-277-0212 B C B S . E x p e r i e n c e needed. LP available.



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'12 Silver/Blue HarleyDavidson Ultra Limited. 2,900 miles. Over 5 years left on warranty. Lots of accessories. 20k. No test rides.



TO OUR READERS All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at this number: 1-800-669-9777. The toll free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800927-9275.



MyConnection’s Sudoku Puzzle


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Small Home & Mobile Homes Starting at $100 per week. Newnan & Luthersville. Safe areas. Low deposit required 770-927-9276



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FOR RENT: 3 BR, 2 BA Apt. 444 Jefferson St., $695 1 BR, 1 BA Apt 444 Jefferson St. #7, $495


24HR info: HOURS: Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM 770-253-2300 office: 770-683-4807

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Used Car & Recreational Vehicle Ad Special


• R E A L E S T AT E & P R E - O W N E D A U T O S / T R U C K S , E T C . •







Kenmore Front Loading. Purchased 7-18-13 New. Only used 2 months. $399 Cash.

Averitt offers fantastic benefits & weekly hometime. Paid training, recent grads w/a CDLA & drivers with limited experience. Apply online at:


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Rent-to-Own Hogansville

102 Marshall 2 BR, $475 No dep. or credit check




50% OFF

Houses, townhomes, apartments All price ranges! As low as $525 770-683-1221 or 770-683-1199

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2013 Service Directory Concrete

Home Improvement


manny the

concrete service, llc

“When we leave....’s finished!”

slabs • patios sidewalks • driveways

pool decks tear out

/ replace


30 years in business! Call for a FREE Estimate! Gene King


handyman • home improvement & repairs • finished basements • electrical / plumbing • drywall / trim work • pressure washing • int. - ext. painting • all types of flooring • kitchen / bathroom remoddeling • roofing / siding / gutters • windows / doors • decks /screen porch No Job Too Large or Small Over 33 years experienced For your FREE Estimate call:

Home Improvement

NewtonMore construction

Home Improvement



WATER Source Service, Inc.

Water Heaters Service & Repair

Lawn Sprinklers Service & Repair

Water Leaks Detection & Repair

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Backflow Install & Testing

“The Single Source For All Your Plumbing Needs”

Over 30 years experience Locally owned and operated / Fully licensed and insured

F&F Ornamental Iron

Licensed • Insured

painting by bobby davis since 1979



exterior residential

• Rotten Wood Replacement • Sheetrock Repair • Pressure Wash • Water / Fire Damage • Fences

• Sun Rooms & Screen Porches

Call Jason for a Free Estimate!! 678-859-8492

Tree Services


• Interior/Exterior Painting & Staining

• Specializing In Customer Service

Call Will: 770-328-0589

and more!

Specializing in: Gates, Rails, Handicap Rails

Call today for reasonable rates! Top Quality Work free estimates!

770-328-8936 or 770-599-6382


Tree Services

2013 Service Directory


n c lanto expert

tree removal stump grinding Trimming, Chipping, Debris Removal, Hauling Licensed & Insured Experienced Excellent References

call mike:


Restoration • Installation Customized Iron Works

• Tile Showers, Floors & Back Splashes

• Outdoor Living Spaces & Masonry




J. Veitch Construction, Inc.

• Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Financing Available

senior & veteran discounts

Ornamental Iron

• New Homes & Garages

5” & 6” Gutters Metal or Shingle Roofs Siding • Windows Doors • Decks

free estimates

Home Improvement


Licensed & Fully Insured (Ask For Proof)

Excellent references available by request

CERTIFIED ARBORIST ON STAFF • Trimming • Removal • Stump Grinding • Dump Trucks • Complete Clean-Up • Professional Tree Climbers

• 20 Days in Print • 30 Days Online • 4 Weeks in MyConnection


FREE ESTIMATES 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Storm damage & Insurance Claims Serving Coweta/Fayette Surrounding Areas


To advertise in The Newnan Times-Herald Service Directory, call 770-253-1576 or email:

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