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29/01/2014 22:22



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Welcome to the Time for Kids Annual Report for 2012-13. Our annual report provides an opportunity for reflection on the achievements of the past year as well as the continuing challenges ahead. I am proud to say that Time for Kids continues to deliver a transformative impact on the lives of hundreds of South Australian children every year, building better futures and helping break the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage that affects so many of our children’s families.

Some of the highlights from the year include: • Received 94 referrals of children to our service • Placed 75 children with volunteer carers and mentors • Recruited 196 new carers and mentors into the program • Raised over $40,000 through our fundraising efforts • Generated over $143,000 in other donations, all reinvested in service delivery. Despite our success in fundraising and income-generation, like so many not for profit organisations we continue to find ourselves in a challenging funding environment.

Demand for the charitable dollar remains high. We are thankful that Time for Kids has so many loyal and dedicated supporters and sponsors who assist us each year in raising the funds required to continue delivering this vital service for children in need. This year we farewelled our CEO, Jo Wickes. On behalf of the board, I thank her for her profound commitment and contribution to Time for Kids; we wish her well in her ongoing journey. I must also thank our wonderful staff for their professional and dedicated work, which was particularly evident during the period of transition following Jo’s departure.

In addition, we must thank the many volunteers who provided administrative assistance, as well as those volunteers who provide leadership to the organisation through our board of management. And last, but definitely not least, my biggest thanks goes to the extraordinary volunteer carers and mentors who are the very backbone of the work of Time for Kids, and have been since our inception. It is often that we say we cannot do our work without the help of our volunteers – in the case of Time for Kids, it is the absolute truth. Ben Scales President, Time for Kids

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13

29/01/2014 22:22

It definitely shaped who I am. It’s given me such compassion for other people, to see the best for people... It just makes me happy to think what I’ve made of this opportunity and what this could mean for others. Daniel*

We were established in 1960 as the Society of Sponsors, to prevent children from entering the juvenile justice system. Today we continue to work with children and young people who experience social isolation, economic and other forms of disadvantage and are high in the risk factors associated with youth offending. 4

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Through our unique program of volunteer carer and mentor support, Time for Kids opens a doorway on experiences, learning and opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable to our children. This builds children’s resilience and capacity to respond positively to the challenges in their lives. It also empowers and equips children and young people to set and successfully pursue alternative aspirations for their lives, as so many of our children have done over more than 50 years. Evaluation has shown our program to have a truly transformative effect on the lives of children and young people in need. In 2009, Time for Kids

Vision statement

How we work

Investing in our children’s futures.

• We work only with volunteer carers and mentors, who willingly give their time, care and support to the children and young people we work with.

Organisational mission

about us Time for Kids is a not for profit organisation that provides services to children and young people with a need for nurture, care, social activities and role models to support them in overcoming disadvantage.

our vision Positively impacting on the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and young people by providing resources, opportunities and care that enable them to thrive.

received a National Crime and Violence Prevention Award from the Federal Government and the Australian Institute of Criminology, in recognition of the impact of our program in eliminating youth offending.

Values and principles

Time for Kids is governed by a volunteer management board and operates with a professional staff that works in collaboration with our dedicated volunteer carers and mentors, to establish and maintain children’s placement within the program.

• Confidence

We provide services that assist children and young people to build: • Resilience • Self esteem • Resourcefulness • Sense of identity

•C arers and mentors are carefully matched with children and young people through tailored placements, to ensure that the relationship, support and nurture provided best meets the needs of all involved. • We foster strong and enduring relationships between our carers and mentors and the children and young people they support. • Our services are designed to be complementary to the other important relationships in the lives of our children and young people.

• Broadened expectations and possibilities • Diverse and inspiring exposure to the world • Psycho social development.

* Children’s names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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Oh, it was really good. Yeah, they were so welcoming and stuff. It was like a really good boost of confidence to be able to stay with them... It’s a bit…character building. Sam. 6

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Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 7 29/01/2014 22:23


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Volunteer mentor or carer providing regular support to a child

Professional support to the caring/mentoring relationship

Professional support to the child in their context

Outputs Activities

our services

For over 50 years, Time for Kids has been placing disadvantaged children with committed and capable volunteers who serve as an essential support for children who require additional care, resources, opportunities and experiences than are available to them within their existing family and networks. This simple but extraordinarily powerful preventative intervention is based on fundamentally the same theory of change that Time for Kids has implemented since 1960.

Professional referral of child with multiple disadvantage/risk factors Formal assessment of child’s eligibility and complementary supports required

Regular engagement/ activities between child and carer

Placement support through training, resources and advice to carers on behavioural issues and other needs of children

Information, support and referral in relation to family needs impacting on the wellbeing of the child


Our Theory of Change

Long-term, stable relationships that support children throughout their lives Families supported to respond constructively to the challenges of parenting, reducing the risk of family breakdown resulting in child’s removal into alternative care

Best volunteer matches tailored to the needs of the child Informed supports and interventions in partnership with referring agency, directly matched to the needs of the child and their family

Child’s exposure to alternative activities, experiences, learnings and opportunities than are available within their birth family Respite from the home environment, which can be stressful or lack nourishment for the child Respite for parents whilst their child is being cared for Deep feeling of being caredfor by the child, due to the volunteer nature of the relationship Expansion of the child’s understanding of the life options and pathways open to them, changing life choices and outcomes Child’s increased resilience and capacity for responding constructively to life challenges Reduced emotional stress for the child and associated risks for poor life outcomes Time and opportunity for parents to address the root cause of challenges impacting on family wellbeing

Early identification of and response to challenges within the relationship Carers proactively informed on the needs of their Time for Kids child and how best to respond to these Informed, capable and resilient carers able to respond to the challenges and needs of their Time for Kids child Behavioural and developmental improvement for the child, supported through positive role modelling and informed assistance from their carer Expansion of carers’ understanding of the circumstances of vulnerable families and opportunity to drive positive social change

Delivery of emergency relief to low-income families in need Referral of families to other health and social support services as required Reduced financial hardship within the family, building their capacity to meet the material needs of their child Holistic support to families across all areas of need to reduce stressors and improve child and family outcomes, including family preservation

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 9 29/01/2014 22:23

Total number of children referred and placed

Total dollar emergency relief distributed throughout the year


Total referred:





Total placed:







$2,000 clothing, shoes and other household items

$6,500 food vouchers

6 5 4 3

$2,500 fuel vouchers


$3,000 bills and other expenses

Total Spent $14,000 on children and families



















Total number of children maintained in placement Total number of children maintained in placement

10 9

Total number of carers in placement Total placed: Female



101 Carer



11 Two or More (Carer)

6 5

63 Mentor

4 3 2 1




TFK Annual Report Ć’2.indd 10-11







10 Age










1 Kinship Mentor 20 Kinship Carer

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 11 29/01/2014 22:23



Child & Family Referrals 35


*Other indicates indicates Anger/Aggression, Cultural Differences, Housing/Homelessness, Language, Loss/Grief, Parenting Related, Relationship/Marital and Unemployment.

26 Financial Difficulty

25 Domestic Violence

30 Ch ild A buse /Ne glec t


At a Glance

were referred to Time for Kids for placement with a volunteer carer or mentor



75 children were placed with carers or mentors and a further 105 children were supported in their ongoing placements

196 108 196 carers and mentors were matched with a child and a further 108 were supported in existing and ongoing placements

11% of children within the Time for

Kids program are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and

6.5% are from culturally and 12


TFK Annual Report Ć’2.indd 12-13

13% of eligible children referred


y ilit ab

75 105 matched



y od st u /C ss


linguistically diverse backgrounds

remain on the waiting list through unmet need, unable to be placed within existing resources

30 community events Children attended for free over 30 community events with their carer/ mentor and/or their birth family,

295 children received Christmas

gifts that they otherwise wouldn’t and

175 were assisted with Christmas food hampers


$14,000 was distributed in emergency relief support for families.

50 n olatio 50 Is

11 Ho He alt us eh h M ol en d t 1 a 0 8D M l La He ev c a 7S elo k l t o h ch pm fS oo 6P up en l/E are t p al du nt or al 6B D ca t el Se tio eh 5P a p av ys hy n a iou al ra sic tio al rI an ss n/ d u A es /o cc rS e en so ry D is

t en m e ag an

ks or w t e N


Se lf Es te em /C on fi e nc de







* ther 22 O

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 5513 29/01/2014 22:23


TFK Annual Report ƒ2.indd 14-15

The external evaluation of our program, undertaken by Dr Mark Halsey from Flinders University, found a strong positive correlation between the quality of our children’s experience within it and the fact that carers were volunteers. It directly contributes to building our children’s feelings of self-worth, esteem and confidence. Relationships feel natural, with our children seeing their carers and mentors more as extended family and friends – an extra person in their lives to spend time with and seek support from, uniquely for them.

In the words of one young person cited in the Halsey report, “The whole thing was good. I enjoyed going there a lot … before I went there I was in foster care a lot and I hated the way they treated me in foster care whereas this family was different. Like, they weren’t getting paid to look after me pretty much whereas in foster care they do, pretty well much…So going there, they were genuine people, they weren’t doing it for the money or anything else. They just wanted to help out a random kid.”


It is impossible to place a dollar figure on the value of changing a child’s life for the better, which is precisely what our volunteer carers and mentors do.



in care of their Time for Kids child per year and each volunteer mentor mentor will spend approximately


over the year in the company of their Time for Kids child.

Across the 105 ongoing placements supported by Time for Kids in 2012/13, comprising 94 carer and 11 mentor connections, this equals a huge 41,190 hours volunteered by an extraordinary group of South Australians to provide one-on-one support to disadvantaged children across the state.

94 + 11 = 41,190 carers



Every carer and mentor who has a child placed with them through Time for Kids is a volunteer who gives their time, experience, support and care to a child without any expectation of payment and often through a relationship that continues with the child into adulthood. This unique aspect of the Time for Kids service, which is unlike any foster or respite care service within South Australia, has an enormous impact for our children.

Carers and mentors set their own hours to be spent with their Time for Kids child, therefore these will vary over placements. However, on average, each volunteer carer carer will provide approximately


our volunteer carers

Volunteer carers and mentors are carefully assessed by the Time for Kids team, followed by a tailored matching process to ensure we are providing the best support for each child’s social and developmental needs. Our volunteers are provided with training and ongoing support by the Time for Kids staff to assist them in providing the best possible care for our children.

They treated me like their family, like I was their daughter…. It sort of felt like a dream childhood.


Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 15 29/01/2014 22:23

I can’t imagine my life without Veronica or my mother. It’s like I have the yin and yang of the ultimate person I’d like to be. It’s a very special thing I’ve been given. Grace. 16

TFK Annual Report ƒ2.indd 16-17

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13

29/01/2014 22:23

Thanks to our generous supporters, donors and volunteers Time for Kids raised $41,637 through fundraising. This includes the annual Lionhearts Lunch, and a further $143,493 in organisational and individual donations. These monies were in addition to the $297,410 in government funding and $121,663 in other funding that support the delivery of our service.

$121,663 Other



2012 saw Time for Kids, and the wonderful members of our fundraising committee, deliver another successful Lionhearts Lunch for business and community leaders throughout the state. All monies raised through ticket sales, the Lionhearts auction and the raffle of some tremendous wines donated by our generous supporters from amongst the wine industry in SA, went directly to funding support and placement for children in need. Special thanks to our local wine makers and the Lion’s Tim Gregg who provide extraordinary support to make each year’s Lionhearts Lunch such a success. Lionhearts is now a fixed event in the Time for Kids calendar, with pre-registration possible via contact with us.

$143,493 Donations



TFK Annual Report ƒ2.indd 18-19


Government funding

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 19 29/01/2014 22:23

our supporters Adelaide Central Market Accolade Wines Adelaide Crows Football Club Alexandra Giles Andy Foster Argo Investments Australian Hotels Association, SA Australian Society of Orthodontists Ben Scales Bridgewater Mill

Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Department of Social Services) Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Jarvis Walker


Samuel Watkins

Jim Barry

Parenting SA

Scales and Partners

Kangaroo Beach Lodges

Paul Fitzgerald

Seymour College

Kangarilla Road

Paul Smith

Shaun Mercer


Shaw + Smith

Ladies Probus Club of Modbury

Pembroke School, in memory of Duncan Falconer

Fitz Total Event Concepts

Leed Consulting

Penna Lane


Freemasons Foundation

Lion Nathan

Penny’s Hill Wines

Stirling Hotel

Future2 Foundation

Penny Riggs


Gemtree Wines

Liquor Industry Golf Day Charity Committee



Geoff Merrill

Liza Emanuele

Petaluma Wines


GJ Technology

Logic Plus

Peter Barry

The Highway

Glaetzer Wines

Lyndrea Fashion Events

Peter Lehmann Wines

The Lion Hotel

Goldman Sachs JB Were Foundation

Macquarie Group Foundation

Pewsey Vale


Me and Miss Jones

Philip Scales

Grace Clothing Charity

Wilderness School

Melinda O’Leary and Jim Whalley

Pindarie Wines

Griffin Hilditch Lawyers

Wood Family Foundation

Michael Wilson

Port Adelaide Football Club


Federation Trading

SmartLine Mortgage Advisers

Bunty Parsons

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Bunnings Hardware

dmg Radio Australia

Hardys Wines

Minter Ellison Foundation SA NT

Pulteney Grammar School

Channel Seven

Heartland Wines

Universal Charitable Fund

Dog Ridge Winery

Minter Ellison Lawyers


Variety SA, the Children’s Charity

Community Benefit SA

Dowie Doole


Morialta Trust

Robyn Layton

Coopers Foundation

Webber BBQ

Edge Foundation

Hesket Wines

Munro Property Group

Rotary Club of Adelaide

Crime Stoppers


Will Taylor Wines


Nova Defence

Rotary Club of Adelaide West

D’Arenberg Wines

Hill House Retreat

Wirra Wirra

Everglades Foundation

O’Leary Walker

Rotary Club of Eastwood

David Dridan

Hugo Wines


Families SA, Department for Education and Child Development


James Squire

Office for Youth, Department of Communities and Social Inclusion


Janz Tasmania

One Rundle Trading Co.

SA Attorney General’s Department



TFK Annual Report ƒ2.indd 20-21

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 21 29/01/2014 22:23

patron and ambassadors Our patron His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR, Governor of South Australia

Our Ambassadors Erik Thomson

Alexandra Giles

Bronwyn Smith

Amanda Blair

Kingsley Hall

Paul Smith

Robert Hill Smith

Professor Mark Halsey

Mike Smithson

Annabel Hill Smith

John Heard

Mark Woodforde

Jan Beasley

Michael Keelan

Monsignor David Cappo

Peter Scales

Liam Gaunt

Josh Simons

This year we also welcomed our newest Ambassador, Leigh Sexton, to Time for Kids.


TFK Annual Report Ć’2.indd 22-23

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 23 29/01/2014 22:23

board, staff and office volunteers


TFK Annual Report ƒ2.indd 24-25

Ben Scales, President

Andrew Bradley, Treasurer

Olive McGabhann, member

Ben is a CPA, General Manager and Company Secretary of Jarvis Walker, Australia’s number one fishing tackle wholesaler. He has extensive financial and operational management experience and is the third generation of the Scales family to play an integral role in the leadership of Time for Kids.

Andrew has a Masters degree in Economics from the London School of Economics. He has over two decades’ professional experience encompassing brokering, investment banking and working as a consultant for the Productivity Commission and KPMG.

Olive is a CA, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Olive has extensive experience in financial and legal disciplines and has worked across business reengineering, change management, market representation and property management.

Diarmid Lee, Vice President Diarmid worked as a commercial lawyer in Adelaide before working internationally as a management consultant. Diarmid now runs Leed Consulting, where he works in organisational development, facilitation and professional coaching.

Melinda O’Leary, member Melinda is co-founder, Corporate Services Manager and Advisory Board member of Nova Aerospace. A member of various not for profit boards, Melinda is a member of the Institute of Personnel Consultants and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. With her husband, Jim, Melinda has been a volunteer carer through Time for Kids since 2006.

2012-13 Staff Jo Wickes/Andrew Ormandy Chief Executive Officer

Whoever started the whole organisation, like I definitely would give props to them because of what they have done. I mean...yeah, it is really good …whoever started the whole organisation was definitely using their noggin!


Mia Clifford Operations Manager Lucy Seppelt Intake and Assessment Karolina Carr/Meagan Lo Children and Carer Support

Anne Linke Office Manager

Ally Cockrell

Lynne Kennedy Bookkeeper

Anita Scoleri

Office volunteers and student placements

Anne Vincent

Sue Ward

Amanda Stewart Alicia Campagnolo Heidi Lichtenberg Rolando Arrendondo

Alejandra Arredondo Salas Hannah Boden

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 25 29/01/2014 22:23

our community partners Time for Kids works collaboratively with a diverse range of community partners and is proud to be associated with the following organisations:

Child and Family Welfare Association of Australia (CAFWAA)

Australian Crime Prevention Council

Grandparents for Grandchildren

Australian Institute of Project Management Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)

Eastern Anti-Poverty Forum Eastern Region Youth Network Alliance (ERYNA) Foodbank SA

SA Mentoring Network SA Volunteer Managers Network Southern Volunteering (SA) The University of South Australia

International Association for Volunteer Effort

Volunteering Australia

Australasian Association of Managers of Volunteers (AAMoV) Bravehearts

Office of the Guardian for

TFK Annual Report Ć’2.indd 26-27

SA Council of Social Service (SACOSS)

United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child

North Eastern Anti-Poverty Forum


Children and Young People

Inner City Assistance Network

Mari Yerta Aboriginal Corporation

audited financial report

Volunteering SA & NT Youth Affairs Council of SA Time for Kids is an Alliance Partner of South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 27 29/01/2014 22:23

audited financial report


TFK Annual Report Ć’2.indd 28-29

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 29 29/01/2014 22:23

support time for kids Community support has always been an important part of Time for Kids’ success, since we were first established by William and Betty Scales in 1960. Become a volunteer carer or mentor Regularly sharing your time with a child from a struggling family can make a world of difference to that child’s life. Positive role models come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Our volunteer carers deliver regular, overnight respite care to their Time for Kids child


TFK Annual Report ƒ2.indd 30-31

once a month or once a fortnight. Alternatively, volunteer mentors provide regular time on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, for a morning, afternoon or full day with their Time for Kids child. Our volunteers are provided with training and ongoing support from the Time for Kids staff and become part of a supported network of volunteers across South Australia. Time for Kids regularly posts ideas on shared activities to undertake with your Time for Kids child via its Facebook page and in its newsletters. Staff are always available to help you with ideas and advice.

Volunteer at the Time for Kids office In addition to volunteer carer and mentor roles, Time for Kids welcomes volunteers who want to contribute to Time for Kids through a different role. Whether you’re interested in ongoing volunteering, or assisting us through a one-off project related to our work, there are a range of ways to contribute whatever your area of interest or expertise.

Fundraising and donations Time for Kids is always raising funds to continue its work and meet the needs of those disadvantaged children who are referred to us.

If you would like to be involved with one of our fundraising functions, or even arrange one of your own, we would love to hear from you. Time for Kids can help you with fundraising ideas, promotion and other support that you might need to get your Time for Kids fundraising off and running. Time for Kids is also fortunate enough to enjoy the support of regular contributors and donors, including those who lack the time to volunteer as a carer or mentor but would like to contribute to a child’s successful placement within the program.

To make a one-off or regular donation via credit card, visit our website at www.timeforkids.com. au and click on the ‘Donate’ button. To arrange a direct bank transfer or recurring contribution, please call our office on (08) 8362 6311 or email info@timeforkids.com.au Donations can also be posted to us at Time for Kids, PO Box 932, Kent Town 5071. If you are part of a local school or community group that undertakes fundraising on behalf of charitable organisations like ours, we are available to talk at events and gatherings.

Positive role models come in all shapes and sizes.

Bequests Leaving a bequest to Time for Kids ensures your generosity will deliver lasting impact to the lives of disadvantaged children in South Australia. For advice about leaving a lasting legacy to Time for Kids through your will, please contact us on (08) 8361 6311 or email info@timeforkids.com.au

Time for Kids Annual Report 2012/13 31 29/01/2014 22:23

72 Fullarton Road, Norwood, South Australia 5067 PO Box 932, Kent Town, South Australia 5071 P: 08 8362 6311 F: 08 8362 6711

@ www.timeforkids.com.au /timeforkids #timeforkids

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29/01/2014 22:23