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What a pleasure it is to present Time for Kids’ 2014-15 annual report. It’s our opportunity to mark a year of tremendous industry in which we have focused on the dual priorities of responding to the needs of our children today, and ensuring our organisation has the strength and sustainability to be able to respond to the needs of the next generation. This year, Time for Kids supported 351 children to ensure a happy childhood filled with enriching experiences and positive opportunities. We delivered support to a total of 138 volunteer care placements, in which 132 children were matched with individuals or families who spent regular time with them, developing long-term relationships that help our children to thrive. We provided financial and other aid to families doing it tough. Over 200 children received Christmas gifts donated by our supporters, to ensure they had a merry Christmas. And hundreds of children were provided access to community activities and events that brightened their childhood. We consolidated and built upon organisational partnerships, with a view to expanding our impact and improving efficiency in our service delivery. This is becoming an increasingly important strategic objective and one we consider critical to our long-term viability. Time for Kids is committed to ongoing innovation and change, to ensure we’re able to meet our future from a position of strength. Most pleasingly, we were able to continue to increase our partnerships with you, our supporters, donors and other stakeholders who provide the critical financial and other assistance that enables our work to be done. This year’s achievements rightly belong to you. On behalf of our children, their families and our volunteers, we give you our deepest thanks and gratitude.

Ben Scales President

Jennifer Duncan Chief Executive


VISION A bright future for every child.


Creating opportunities for children to achieve their full potential by providing volunteer care, enriching experiences and positive role models.

ABOUT US Time for Kids is a not for profit, early intervention service established in 1960 to prevent disadvantaged children from entering the juvenile justice system. Today, we continue to work with children and young people who experience various forms of disadvantage and are high in the risk factors associated with youth offending and other poor life outcomes. The Time for Kids program matches children in need with individuals and families who play a significant role in their life over many years, complementing and adding to our children’s existing family structures. In the relationships they form with our children, our carers become aunts and uncles, big brothers and sisters, providing positive role models and the practical and emotional support that enables our children to thrive. Through our unique program of volunteer care and support, Time for Kids opens a doorway on experiences and opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to our children. This builds our children’s resilience and capacity to respond positively to the challenges in their lives. It empowers and equips our children and young people to set alternative aspirations for their lives, and achieve them. Evaluation has shown our program to have a truly transformative effect on the lives of children and young people in need. In 2009, Time for Kids received a National Crime and Violence Prevention Award in recognition of the impact of our program on eliminating youth offending. Time for Kids also delivers a suite of supplementary support programs to our children, their siblings and those children on our waiting list. We work to give all children connected with Time for Kids what every child deserves – a childhood filled with love, laughter and positive learning that nurtures a happy and fulfilled adulthood. Time for Kids is governed by a volunteer management board. A small, professional staff group works in collaboration with hundreds of dedicated volunteers and carers to transform the lives of our children.



Every year, when we complete our annual reviews of our carer families, we ask them what it is that keeps them involved. This is what some of them told us this year.* I want to be involved in order to be a consistent source of support for Tom; to give him alternative experiences to the ones he has at home. Being able to watch Kylie grow has been fantastic – seeing her become more confident and comfortable in social settings is a great experience. The relationship between my children and the boys is incredibly trusting and strong – they’re a part of the family and will always be welcome in our home. Niall loves being the big brother to Jessie and James and taking the boys fishing – our older sons live out of home but often come to visit the boys on the weekends. My daughter is Jane’s best friend. She teaches dance and Jane loves going to classes with her. My son is getting older and isn’t always around when Jane comes to visit but when she does the first thing she asks to do is bake him a cake. We couldn’t imagine life without Catie. She’s family. We love her company and watching her grow – we’re so grateful to have her in our lives. We weren’t sure what it would be like to be part of Time for Kids, but the relationship that’s been formed between Ben and our family is fun and rewarding – our family is learning a lot too. I adore Tilly and love her like my own– I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. As long as Tilly wants me in her life, I’ll be there, helping her in working towards a bright future. Christy and Jason have stolen my heart – I only wish I could have more time to spend with them.

I was beginning to wonder whether I was making a difference in Kayla’s life – the visits are less frequent and I worried that the impact of our relationship with her was lessening. But last weekend I was reading a book during a visit and Kayla told me that she loves me. I realised then that we were in it for the long haul. The benefits from the program are mutual – spending time with Rose encourages me to keep having new experiences myself. I love being able to share happy memories of activities from my own childhood with Rose, through the things we do together. My son grew up with two of my previous Time for Kids kids. They are firm friends to this day and one was recently best man at my son’s wedding.

And last but not least, here’s a note that we received from one of our birth mums this year. She wrote to us out of the blue, to pass on her thanks for the impact that Time for Kids has had on her son’s life. We told you about Thomas and his placement in last year’s annual report, so this is something of an update. Thomas has benefited greatly from the time he has spent with his big brother and sister. He really enjoys their company and idolises big Thomas. The company is enjoyed plus he gets to play a variety of games, learns new skills e.g. cooking and craft, sports, outings, bricktopia and the airforce show, all sorts of good stuff. Plus he has good role models. Easter and birthdays are always acknowledged with a wonderful gift. We are so grateful and thankful for our wonderful couple. Thank you. Mum (Tanya) and Thomas PS: Thomas has had the opportunity to participate in things that he would normally not be able to do due to my poor health and low income. *All names in this annual report have been changed where required to protect our children’s privacy.

“ We love our time with Todd and being able to make such a difference in someone’s world”



EXTRAORDINARY In The ORDINARY The power of our program lies in providing our children with access to the everyday, ‘ordinary’ childhood experiences that our kids so often miss out on. Many of our children experience their ‘firsts’ with their Time for Kids families – first trip to the beach, first time being read a bed-time story, first time making cupcakes.

Here’s a list of the top 20 ordinary, extraordinary things our carers did with our kids this year...





Cooking at home

Trips to the beach

Parks and playgrounds

Going to the movies





Markets and shopping




Hikes and walks

Playing sports and being active



Visiting family and friends

Community festivals, fetes and events

Eating out

Holidays and getaways


Playing cards and board games


15 Art and crafts

17 18 19

Just hanging out at home

Reading together

Spending time in the outdoors



Visiting art galleries and museums


Playing in the garden 9



new children were referred, taking the total number of children referred for volunteer care to 253



total placements supported throughout the year

unique children were in active placement with volunteer carers throughout the year, an increase of over 17% on the previous year

15% 6% of our children came from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, an increase of 6% on the previous year


in Christmas gifts distributed to children in need, with an average gift value of $40 that’s over 200 gifts in total

of our children came from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, the same as last year


in Christmas food aid provided to our kids and their families and a total of $24,491 in emergency financial aid was distributed throughout the year, almost $10,000 more than last year


carers and mentors volunteered their time to care for a child in need





Ben came to Time for Kids when he was only three. He’d already spent his young life exposed to domestic violence. Ben’s mum moved frequently in order to escape the situation, but this increased the family’s social isolation. Ben was matched with Jade and Matt and their three children. Back then, Ben was clingy and quiet and struggled to maintain eye contact. He spent most of his first two visits watching the other children but too nervous to join them in their games. Ben hadn’t spent a lot of time around other people and didn’t have friends of his own. Before long, Ben developed a special bond with Matt and Jade’s youngest son and they’re now inseparable. Ben looks forward to his visits so much that Jade made a calendar for him to take home so that he can count down the days until his next visit. Ben is one of the family now and they can’t imagine life without each other.





2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


} TOTAL 83












9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22



Total %





Parenting Related



Financial Difficulty






Child Abuse/Neglect





Household Management


Physical and/or Sensory Disability


Mental Health






Domestic Violence



Parental Incarceration



Self Esteem/Confidence






Parental Separation/ Access/Custody






Behavioural Challenges



Substance Abuse



Cultural Differences









Developmental Delays








This year, our children attended a range of community events thanks to the support of Time for Kids and our sponsors. Time for Kids SALA Art Workshops Variety SA at the Adelaide Zoo Time for Kids and Qantas Lounge SALA exhibition launch Kidsflix Royal Adelaide Show Total Team Building bike give-aways Walking With Dinosaurs at the Entertainment Centre Harry Kewell Academy Masterclass Christmas Party for Special Children Ladies of Variety Christmas Party Clipsal 500, 2015 Ladies of Variety Easter Picnic 2015 Lavish Dance School Holiday Dance Class Variety Bash Launch Event Wallis Movies Ladies of Variety Hoyts Movies The Breakfast Club Time for Kids National Volunteer Week Event


THE OTHER THINGS WE’VE BEEN UP TO For over 55 years now, the focus of Time for Kids has been on matching children with volunteer carers who will spend regular time with them, developing long-term and lasting relationships that support our kids throughout their lives. Whilst this is still the most important work we do, it’s certainly not all we get up to in a year! Here are some other highlights from 2014/15 that we’re particularly proud of. • We got an opportunity to thank all of the wonderful people involved in Variety SA for their ongoing support of Time for Kids by being the guest speakers at the 2014 Variety Bash launch. Our Chief Executive, Jennifer Duncan, and one of our amazing carers, Megan Lamb, provided the words – but the children who joined us with their families and carers provided the colour and the fun in our presentation. • With the help of Estelle Chapple, art therapist, we held a series of art workshops for our children that were put on show for SALA 2014 at the Qantas Club lounge at Adelaide Airport. Our kids, their families and their Time for Kids carers all attended the exhibition launch and Qantas customers got to enjoy their artwork as displayed throughout the event from 15-24 August. • Thanks to the support of the CMV Foundation, we redeveloped the somewhat dull and dingy foyer that we inherited in our Enfield premises into a glorious, festive garden. We designed the look of our new foyer playground with our children in mind. From the toadstool seats to the child-height blackboard, we wanted to create an environment that our kids would know had been put together especially for them. • Volunteers are the life-blood of Time for Kids, so when we got the opportunity to be involved in two new initiatives impacting on volunteers we jumped at the chance. Our Chief Executive represented Time for Kids on the reference group charged with developing the new National Volunteering Standards and she also sat on a working group attached to the South Australian Volunteering Strategy. It was great to give back. • Child protection is everyone’s business. That’s why Time for Kids partnered with Act for Kids, and the National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) to host the 2014 South Australian Play Your Part Awards during National Child Protection Week.

• As a small organisation we know that partnerships are crucial for us to have big impact. This year, we continued our enormously successful partnerships with Act for Kids and Heartkids SA, with whom we share our premises at Enfield. We also started to build new partnerships with other child and youthoriented organisations in South Australia. We’re proud now to add Eddie Rice Camps, youth inc., and Kickstart for Kids to our growing list of formal program partners. • Just like our founder, Bill Scales, we’ve always had a commitment to building pathways for children and young people away from youth offending. This year, this commitment saw us sit on the Justice Reinvestment Working Group for SA and provide executive support to this group. We also played a lead role in hosting the launch of the latest book by our ambassador, Professor Mark Halsey, Young Offenders: Crime, Prison and Struggles for Desistance. • You might have noticed we’ve been communicating more! This year marked a new level of energy in our external engagement, as we got active again on Twitter, facebook and through our regular newsletters to volunteers and supporters. We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from us as much as we’ve enjoyed writing to you. Please help us to spread the word by sharing our news with your family and friends. • As part of our increased external engagement, the talented and generous Aaron Woods from Woodscannon redesigned our brand mark. By placing a heart in the middle of our new logo, Aaron encapsulated perfectly that love is at the centre of everything we do. • The generous support of the Morialta Trust allowed us to complete an extensive reprint of It’s About Time, our 50th anniversary book written by Di Maguire and Bunty Parsons. This book is now available from Time for Kids for the price of postage and handling only. Thanks also to the Morialta Trust we been able to invest in some targeted advertising and also had a suite of promotional materials developed, which we’re currently distributing around town as part of our ongoing efforts to recruit evermore volunteer carers. If you have somewhere that we could display a poster or give away some books, let us know!


VALUING Our VOLUNTEERS Since 1960, our volunteers have been the people who have sustained Time for Kids and had the direct and daily impact on the lives of and outcomes for our children. Every carer and mentor who has a child placed with them through Time for Kids gives their time, experience, support and care to a child without any expectation of payment. When our program is really working its magic, our volunteers become family for our kids and form relationships that continue over our children’s lifetimes. This unique aspect of the Time for Kids service has enormous impact for our children. It directly contributes to building our children’s feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. Relationships feel natural and our children know that they are loved. Volunteer carers and mentors are carefully assessed by the Time for Kids team, followed by a tailored matching process to ensure we’re providing the best support for each child’s social and developmental needs. Our volunteers are provided with training and ongoing support by the Time for Kids staff to assist them in providing the best possible care for our children. This year, we also introduced our ‘It’s Time for Carers’ networking evenings, to give our volunteer carers and mentors an opportunity to connect and share within a structured peer-support environment. In 2014/15 we supported 175 volunteer carers and 35 volunteer mentors to spend regular time with a child. On average, each volunteer carer spent around 430 hours and each volunteer mentor spent 70 hours in the company of their Time for Kids child over the year. That’s an astonishing 77,700 hours volunteered to care for children in need. How could we possibly place a dollar figure on the life-changing impact our volunteers have on our kids? The simple answer is, we can’t. But if we valued every hour of volunteer time at the nationally accepted hourly ‘value’ for volunteering of $27.50, that would equate to $2,136,750 in volunteer hours donated straight back into the South Australian economy to support our most vulnerable children and their families. And we don’t stop there. In addition to our magnificent volunteer carers and mentors, Time for Kids was also supported this year by over 20 ongoing volunteers on our board, within the office, and through our corporate volunteering teams. This year we thanked our volunteers for their involvement and support during National Volunteer Week, by hosting Vinh Giang (who volunteered his time) to put on an illusion show for our carers and their kids.


hours volunteered...

$2,136,750 in volunteer hours!



When Tori arrived at Time for Kids, she had already been exposed to years of violence and drug abuse in her early childhood, with very limited opportunity to undertake activities outside of the home. Five years ago, Tori was matched with Britanny and Ryan and has become so much a part of their family that she was flower girl at their wedding. Thanks to Britanny and Ryan, Tori now spends her weekends cooking, gardening, watching movies and spending happy times together. Britanny and Ryan have taken Tori on family holidays interstate, and provide regular help with transportation to school and appointments. Britanny and Ryan regularly speak to Tori in between visits about how she is and what’s happening in her life. They have given Tori the opportunity to experience different kinds of family relationships. Tori’s involvement in their lives, and theirs in hers, has strengthened her social development and provided her with a rich family network to support her throughout her life.



to Our supporters

We say it all the time, but that’s only because it’s true. We wouldn’t be here without our magnificent volunteers and the tremendous individuals and organisations who support our work. Thanks to our generous supporters, donors and volunteers Time for Kids raised $101,761 through fundraising, organisational and individual donations. In addition, a further $3,979 was raised through the recycling program run by Paul Southern and the Q Can Crew, in partnership with Qantas. $39,719 in income was raised through the 2014 Lionhearts Lunch. All monies raised through ticket sales, the Lionhearts auction and the raffle of wines donated by some of South Australia’s best wineries, went directly to funding support and placement for children in need. Special thanks to the Lion Hotel and Tim Gregg, who provide extraordinary support year after year to make the Lionhearts Lunch such a success. Lionhearts is now a fixed event in the Time for Kids calendar, with pre-registration possible by emailing us at info@timeforkids.com.au. Time for Kids recognises its donors and in-kind supporters for at least two years from the date of their most recent gift. Donors and in-kind supporters are thanked in the categories of: Platinum - $50,000 and above

In 2014/15 we thank our

Platinum supporters Variety SA: the Children’s Charity Department for Education and Child Development (Families SA) Department for Communities and Social Inclusion Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, Office for Youth

Coast FM Coopers Foundation David and Pam McKee Entrée Recruitment Ernst and Young Foundation Jarvis Walker Malcolm Matheson Matana Foundation for Young People Minter Ellison SA/NT Foundation Nova Entertainment

The Wood Foundation

Q Can Crew and the Qantas Foundation

Department of Social Services

Refined Real Estate

Community Benefit SA

Sisters of Charity Foundation


Springfield Help for Small Charities

Gold supporters Australian Medical Placements

Westpac Foundation

Bronze supporters

Australian Society of Orthodontists (Give a Smile)

Accolade Wines

Cops for Kids

Silver - $5,000 to $14,999

Aussie Home Loans

JP Media

Austbrokers Terrace

Bronze - $1,000 to $4,999

Lang Foundation

Badge Constructions

And, supporters.

Logic +

Ben Scales

Morialta Trust

Bendigo Bank - Norwood

Optus Community Grants

Bespoke HR

The Liquor Industry Charity Golf Day

Black Tie Marketing

Gold - $15,000 to $49,999

Wyatt Trust Silver supporters Caterpillar

Ann Saunders

Bridge8 Bunty Parsons CMV Foundation

Corporate Traveller

Universal Charitable Fund

Joan Lyons

Days Road Gospel Mission

Vinh Giang

Jo-Anne Deuter

Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (Energy sector)

Weber-Stephen Products

Joanne Foster

And our other supporters

Joanne Tramare

Department of Premier and Cabinet

A. Joaquim

Frank Seeley

A. Sheppard

Henry Michell

Adelaide Hills Council


Allie Umoff

Human Capital National

Amy Cooper-Boast

Inger Rice Foundation

Andrew Duncan

Jarvis Cars

Andrew Hogarth

Jason Beddow

Anthony Scotland

Jennifer Rotas

Annie Bachmann

Jobs Statewide

B. Harrington

John Brimacombe

Bernard Booth

John Dibben

Bluefruit Theatre

John Heard

Brian Johnson

Ladies of Variety

C. Heard

LEAF Foundation

C.A. Toh

Leed Consulting

Carley McBeath

National Australia Bank

Carol Tye

National Crime Check

Carol Kay

Nova Group

Clare Lindley

Optus Adelaide

Daliana Ruiz

Paul Russell

David Bleby

Peter Hall Chartered Accountants

David Motteram

Philip Scales Robert and Annabel Hill Smith Robert Marin Rural Bank Smartline Personal Mortgage Brokers

David Murdock Dorothy Shorne El Cabello Estelle Chapple Fran Wilsdon Francene Connor

Spence Club

G. Henshaw

St Peters College Early Learning Centre

Georgene Hancock

Susy Daw and MQM Business Consultants The Adelaide Crows Children’s Foundation

Georgina Hardy Google Adwords Grace Clothing Charity Helen David

The Carob Kitchen

Helen Sheehy

The Commercial Representatives’ and Agents’ Association of Australia Ltd

Helena Stone

The Grange Ladies Pobus Golf Club

J. Reeve

The Royal Agricultural Society The Salvation Army – Tea Tree Gully

Ian and Ann Leask J. Simmons Jacqui Seppelt Jan O’Brien Jennifer Duncan

Total Team Building

Jenny Terlet

Tracy Marsh Publications

Jeremy Schultz

Trevor Maundrell

We are also grateful to thank supporters of the 2014 Lionhearts Lunch

K. Morrison Kat Lynch Kay Haseloff Kidsflix (Arthritis Australia)

The Lion Hotel Brenton Ragless Brian Walsh

Knit 4 Charities

Andrew and Georgina Hardy, Petaluma’s Bridgewater Mill

Lavish Dance

Cardone’s Seafood and Grill

Leadership Solutions

David Dridan

Linda Doleman

El Cabello

Little Squirms Book Club

Jim Whalley and Melinda O’Leary

Liz Scarce Mandi Tyler Mario Trosti

Annette and Andrew Pearce, Lemontree Cottage

Marlene Wilks

Nathan Pretty and GoPro Racing

Marylou Bishop

Accolade Wines

Mattea Cardillo

Angove Family Winemakers

Melinda O’Leary


Melissa Foster


Michael Wilson

Dowie Doole

Michele Bonney

El Cabello

Nick Cardone


Niki Vincent

Heartland Wines

Novotel Barossa Valley


Mr Nice Guys

Hither & Yon

Oceania Impex

Hugo Wines

Olive McGabhann

Jim Barry Wines

One-shot Cleaners

John Duval Wines

Paul Flynn

Kangarilla Road

Paul Saturno


Penny Riggs

Longview Vineyard

R. Radden

Oliver’s Taranga

R.M. Fraser

Penna Lane Wines

Robyn Furniss

Petaluma Wines

Robyn Layton

Pindarie Wines

SA Power Networks

Rockford Wines

S. Nyberg-Bass

Samuel’s Gorge

Sam Parkinson

St Hallett

Shaun Mercer

Shaw + Smith

Shirley Tanner

Tapanappa Wines

Soal Sisters

Teusner Wines

Sully Detmold


Thomson Greer Lawyers

WD Wines

Timothy Pitcher

Wirra Wirra

United Way


Wash Rymill Weir, Oil & Gas Wilhelm Visser


OUR PEOPLE The Board… Ben Scales – President Ben is a CPA, General Manager and Company Secretary of Jarvis Walker, Australia’s number one fishing tackle wholesaler. He has extensive financial and operational management experience. Ben is the third generation of the Scales family to play an integral role in the leadership of Time for Kids, continuing the philanthropic tradition established by his grandparents and continued by his parents. Diarmid Lee – Vice President Diarmid worked as a commercial lawyer in Adelaide before working internationally as a management consultant. Diarmid returned to Adelaide in 2010 and now runs Leed Consulting, where he works in organisational development, facilitation and professional coaching. Olive McGabhann – Treasurer Olive is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. A highly experienced executive in diverse business environments, Olive has extensive experience in financial and legal disciplines and strong leadership and business re-engineering skills. Olive currently works in Financial Accounting and Compliance with the Department for Education and Child Development. Emma Slape Emma is General Manager at Turner Real Estate, a large independent agency specializing in residential property management and sales. She’s worked extensively in the areas of management, media and communication, training and development, strategy and government liaison. With many years’ experience in government and membership organisations, Emma holds a degree in journalism and an MBA with a major in Marketing from Charles Sturt University.

Niki Vincent Niki is the CEO of the Leaders Institute of South Australia and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the University of South Australia’s Business School. An experienced organisational and community leader, Niki sits on a number of boards and advisory councils. Niki completed her awardwinning PhD in psychology (adult development and leadership) at the University of Adelaide. In 2007, Niki received an Australian Leadership Award from the AusDavos Connection Future Summit and in 2005 was a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award. Aaron Woods Aaron is an innovative graphic designer, wine marketer and consultant with a wealth of professional experience. Currently, he runs the successful Adelaide graphic design company Woodscannon and recently co-established the Woods Crampton Winery, named one of the 10 Best New Wineries of 2014. Prior to this, Aaron has worked at Young & Rubicam’s Geneva office designing labels for French, Spanish, and Australian wines, and has also fulfilled the role of President for the South Coast Board Riders surf club. Our thanks also to Board members who retired during the year, Patrick Anderson, Melinda O’Leary and Paul Flynn; and additional members of sub-committees of our board, Sanjugta Vas Dev, Katie Inglis and Travis Adams.

Staff & volunteers Time for Kids’ carers and families are supported by a professional staff with decades of experience in child and youth development, family support, community development and not for profit management. Jennifer Duncan – Chief Executive Officer Sharee Borlace – Child and Carer Support Gabrielle Comey – Projects Caroline Gaston – Finance and Administration (from February 2015)

Patron & Ambassadors Our thanks to our patron, His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR, Governor of South Australia (retired August 2014). Thanks also to our ambassadors, Erik Thomson, Amanda Blair, Robert Hill-Smith and Annabel Hill-Smith, Jan Beasley, Monsignor David Cappo, Liam Gaunt, Alexandra Giles, Kingsley Hall, Professor Mark Halsey, John Heard, Michael Keelan, Melinda O’Leary, Rosalie Rotolo-Hassan, Peter Scales, Leigh Sexton, Josh Simons, Bronwyn Smith, Paul Smith, Mike Smithson and Mark Woodforde.

Lucy Seppelt – Intake and Assessment Cassandra Slack – Carer Recruitment and Support (from February 2015) Elizabeth Weeks – Executive Assistant (to February 2015) This year, our staff were supported by the following volunteers and students:

Thank you to everyone for their service to Time for Kids.

Estelle Chapple Rikki Cooke Anna Edwards Mariam El-Sayed Alisha Sopota Jessica Ross Cassandra Slack Sue Ward Fran Wilsdon Time for Kids was also supported by corporate volunteering teams from Minter Ellison and National Crime Check.




Max went to live with his great uncle after many years of being subjected to neglect, emotional abuse and suspected sexual abuse. When Max was eight, he came to Time for Kids. When Time for Kids matched Max with Shirley, he’d never experienced a positive relationship with a female. He struggled in noisy environments, was painfully shy and couldn’t make eye contact, let alone conversation, with adults. It took Max six months to say Shirley’s name. Thanks to Shirley’s love and perseverance, Max now shines in social situations. She’ll often overhear him chattering away to visiting family and friends. She’s taught him that it can be fun to try new things and to know that it’s okay to get some things wrong. The next big adventure? – a weekend in Melbourne to celebrate Max’s birthday. Shirley is enormously proud of how far Max has come over the three years they’ve known each other. She knows that Max simply needed a patient and caring person who would focus some special attention just on him – in Shirley, Max has that special person.



Do More

Community support has always been an important part of Time for Kids’ success for over 50 years.

Become a volunteer carer or mentor. Positive role models come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be for a weekend a month, or an afternoon a fortnight, regularly sharing your time with a child from a struggling family can make a world of difference to that child’s life. Our volunteers are provided with training and ongoing support from the Time for Kids staff and become part of a supported network of volunteers across South Australia. Volunteer at the Time for Kids office in addition to volunteer carer and mentor roles, Time for Kids welcomes volunteers who want to contribute to Time for Kids through a different role. Whether you’re interested in ongoing volunteering, or assisting us through a one-off project related to our work, there are a range of ways to contribute– whatever your area of interest or expertise.

Fundraising and donations Time for Kids is always raising funds to continue its work and meet the needs of those disadvantaged children who are referred to us. Many of our supporters are people who lack the time to become a carer but wish to contribute to a child’s placement within the program. To make a one-off or regular donation via credit card, visit our website at www.timeforkids.com.au and click on the ‘Donate’ button. To arrange a contribution by direct bank transfer, please call our office on (08) 8440 8500. Donations can be posted to us at Time for Kids, 275 Main North Road, Enfield. If you would like to be involved with one of our fundraising functions, or even arrange one of your own, we would love to hear from you. Time for Kids can help you with fundraising ideas, promotion and other support that you might need to get your Time for Kids fundraising off and running.

bequests Leaving a bequest to Time for Kids ensures your generosity will deliver lasting impact to the lives of disadvantaged children in South Australia. For advice about leaving a lasting legacy to Time for Kids through your will, please contact us on (08) 8440 8500 or email info@timeforkids.com.au

Get your workplace involved Business supporters can get involved in many ways, including: corporate volunteering days; support for annual activities such as our Christmas Gifting program; making us a charity of choice for your workplace giving program; hosting staff fundraisers; and supporting us through organisational and industry charitable funds.

Spread the word Time for Kids is always seeking to promote its work. You can follow us on Twitter and promote our tweets to your networks. You can like us on facebook and share our news with your friends. You can sign up to our general newsletter at www.timeforkids.com.au/news-and-publications/ and send items of interest to people you know who might share your interest and like to get involved.


HANNAH, CHERYL & JOHN Hannah was just a newborn when she was placed in her grandmother’s care as a result of her parents’ mental illness. When Hannah was referred to Time for Kids, she struggled to manage routines and boundaries and showed an overwhelming need to develop a meaningful connection with someone. Hannah was matched with Cheryl and John, who have cherished Hannah’s spirited nature whilst encouraging her to become open to new experiences. Hannah has since been taken into emergency care by Families SA as her grandmother was no longer able to care for her. Cheryl and John have provided Hannah with love and stability during this traumatic time, which has helped her to settle into her new living arrangements. Thanks to Cheryl and John, Hannah has the opportunity to experience a loving home environment and positive, family relationships. Visits with them provide Hannah with an escape from the stressors of everyday life, somewhere that she knows and loves – and where she is known and loved.





Formal assessment of child’s eligibility and complementary supports required.

VOLUNTEER MENTOR OR CARER Regular engagement/activities between child and carer. Child’s exposure to alternative approaches, experiences, learnings and opportunities than are available within the child’s birth family. Child’s exposure to alternative ‘ways of being’ than are modelled within their existing networks.

Volunteer matches best tailored to the needs of the child. Holistic supports provided to enable child’s ongoing placement.

Long-term, stable relationships established that support children throughout their lives.

Respite from the home environment, which can be stressful or lack nourishment for the child. Respite for parents whilst their child is being cared for.

Deep feeling of being cared-for by the child, due to the volunteer nature of the relationship. Expansion of the child’s understanding of the life options and pathways open to them, beyond the experiences of their birth family, changing life choices and outcomes. Child’s increased resilience and capacity for responding constructively to life challenges, utilising the support of their ‘Time for Kids family’. Reduced emotional stress for the child through regular break from challenges existing within their family. Time and opportunity for parents to address the root cause of individual or family challenges impacting on the wellbeing of their child/ren. Expansion of carers’ understanding of the circumstances of vulnerable families and an opportunity to drive positive social change.



Regular contact with volunteer carers in support of placement.

Information, support and referral in relation to family needs impacting on the wellbeing of the child.

Training, resources and advice on behavioural issues and the needs of children within Time for Kids. Early identification of and response to challenges within the relationship. Carers proactively informed on the needs of their Time for Kids child and how best to respond to these.

Delivery of emergency relief to low-income families in need. Informed supports and interventions, directly matched to the needs of the child and their family. Referral of families to other health and social support services.

Reduced financial hardship within the family, building their capacity to meet the material needs of their children.

Improved resilience amongst carers in responding to the challenges and needs of their Time for Kids child. Behavioural and developmental improvement for the child, supported through positive role modelling and informed assistance from their carer.

Families better equipped to respond constructively to the challenges of parenting, reducing the burden of emotional stress on parents and their child/ren and improving family outcomes. Holistic support to families across all areas of need that reduces burdens and stresses and improve child and family outcomes reducing the risk of family break-down resulting in children’s transition into alternative care.








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