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Issue 07 | April 2013

Marks & Spencer raises its green credentials with Cheshire Oaks store China’s voracious appetite for timber driving illegal trade SVEZA: The world-leader in FSC-certified Birch Plywood American Hardwoods: The sustainable alternative DANZER strengthens its presence in the Gulf PLUS Timber industry news, new products, exhibition previews and listings and more


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FROM THE EDITOR Issue 07 | April 2013


Oaks store tials with Cheshire raises its green creden Marks & Spencer driving illegal trade appetite for timber China’s voracious Birch Plywood eader in FSC-certified SVEZA: The world-l alternative able sustain oods: The American Hardw Gulf its presence in the DANZER strengthens , news, new products PLUS Timber industry listings and more s and exhibition preview





Cover photo: Marks & Spencer Cheshire Oaks store

Editor’s comment


pril is an important month for the regional timber industry as the annual ‘Dubai WoodShow’ exhibition takes place in Dubai during this month. Firmly established as the only event for the industry in this part of the world, the show this year will see the participation of over 300

exhibitors from more than 40 countries and will offer a platform for the global timber industry to meet in the UAE, which is firmly established as a timber trading and wood-processing epicenter. It is

Issue 07 | APRIL 2013

only fitting that Timber Design & Technology is the official GCC Media Partner of the expo and in this issue we take a look at some of the key exhibitors taking part at the event.

Timber Design & Technology Magazine Director Andy MacGregor +971 55 849 1574 Marketing Director Eric Hammond +971 4 455 8400

Sustainability remains a key issue for the entire industry yet the majority, mostly those not in the timber industry, fail to realize that wood is probably the only true sustainable and natural building material. Our sustainability feature looks at Marks & Spencer and its global eco and ethical programme - Plan A - which is effectively demonstrated through its Cheshire Oaks store. The store has been designed to be the most carbon efficient, premier M&S store to date and has been built in line with Plan A, which aims to make M&S the world’s most sustainable major retailer. Also referred to as a ‘sustainable learning store’, the aim is to ensure that around 60 percent of the eco features featured in Cheshire Oaks will become standard spec for M&S stores. The EUTR, Lacey Act and Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill have all been approved and are

International Sales Director James Hamilton

at varying stages of implementation. However, in order to truly be effective, they need to be enforced

Editor Tony Smith

Asia and fuelling conflict. According to the report, China is the world’s top importer of illegal timber

International Representatives Rabia Alga AntExpo Org. | Turkey +90 216 541 0390

verifiable results in the long run.

Elias Aggelopoulos Med Expo | Greece +30 210 2931011

and universally adopted across the globe. A new EIA report argues that China, which is the world’s largest consumer of timber, is driving a growing illegal trade that is stripping forests in Africa and with the trade worth about USD 4 billion a year. A response from the Chinese government was issued after the report was published but the overall consensus remains for clear action to be taken with The issue also features several established players including the likes of SVEZA, the global leader in FSC-certified Birch Plywood and the DANZER Group, which is represented in this region by INTERHOLCO AG. The former is currently supplying significant quantities of film faced plywood across the region and in markets such as Iraq whilst the latter has opened a veneer sales division in the region - again an indication of the health of the timber trade in this region. Further, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has partnered with the magazine to publish a special Middle East supplement that highlights the increasing demand for American hardwoods and the potential for further growth with thermally-modified American hardwoods opening up new possibilities for suppliers and specifiers.

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Marks & Spencer raises its green credentials with Cheshire Oaks store Plan A is the company’s eco and ethical programme which aims to make M&S the world’s most sustainable major retailer

17 MARKET REPORT China’s voracious appetite for timber driving illegal trade, says EIA report


‘Appetite for Destruction: China’s Trade in Illegal Timber’ highlights China’s lack of action against illegal logging

24 THE SOURCE SVEZA: The world leader in FSCcertified Birch Plywood SVEZA and Strongwood to take part in Dubai WoodShow 2013

27 AMERICAN HARDWOODS American Hardwoods: The sustainable alternative


47 show PREVIEW 8th Dubai International Wood and Wood Machinery Show Dubai WoodShow to take place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 - 11

52 PROFILE DANZER strengthens its presence in the Gulf DANZER, a leading global timber company, which operates in the Gulf region through its subsidiary INTERHOLCO AG, has increased its offerings by opening a veneer sales division



Preview of the upcoming exhibitions

60 SHOWTIME INTERVIEW interzum 2013 to debut new, futureoriented structure

p7 Latest News

Q&A with Markus Majerus, Communications Manager for Koelnmesse GmbH

p56 Showtime April 2013 |


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Brazil to survey Amazon rainforest The Brazilian government has announced that it plans to undertake the huge task of recording an inventory of the trees in the Amazon rainforest. The Forestry Ministry said the census would take four years to complete, and would provide detailed data on tree species, soils and biodiversity in the world’s largest rainforest. The last exhaustive survey was carried out more than 30 years ago and in that time the rainforest has become increasingly threatened by logging. The move follows a commitment made by the Brazilian government in 2009 to reduce deforestation in the Amazon by 80 percent by the year 2020. According to the government, in 2012 the destruction of the Amazon rainforest reached its lowest level since monitoring began more than two decades ago. However, ministers have stated that they would be able to act more effectively if they had more accurate data. “We are going to come to know the rainforest from within,” said Forestry Minister Antonio Carlos Hummel. Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said it would help the government to formulate environmental policies. She added: “In international debates about climate change, for example, we will know how much forest we have and what state it is in. We’ll also discover species, and gain knowledge about species becoming extinct, as well as information about the distribution of the forest and its potential economic use.” Brazil’s national development bank said it would contribute USD 33 million to the project. The last detailed survey of the Brazilian Amazon was carried out in the 1970s, and its results published in 1983. Forestry Minister Hummel said partial results would be published yearly, as it progressed.

International raid targets illegal timber trade Interpol has announced that it has arrested nearly 200 people in a wide-ranging international operation against illegal logging and the trafficking of timber. The three-month effort spanned 12 Central and South American countries, which resulted in USD 8 million (GBP 5.2 million) worth of timber being seized. According to Interpol, the illegal logging trade could be worth up to USD 100 billion globally. Interpol said officials had checked lorries, ships and containers, as well as retailers and individuals, seizing a total of 50,000 cubic meters, or about 2,000 lorry-loads, of illicit timber. More than 100 people remain under investigation. Illegal logging is a serious problem as it has also been linked to a rise in murders and corruption, as criminal groups move into remote forest areas. The head of Interpol’s environmental crime programme, David Higgins, said the raid, dubbed ‘Operation Lead’, was just the first step in the organization’s fight against the illegal timber trade. He said the international nature of the trade made prosecutions difficult, but that in the long term Interpol would try to help countries apply the law in a more uniform manner. Higgins also pointed out that co-operation between forestry officials, customs and border agents and the police would be crucial to fight timber trafficking. Over the past years, dozens of anti-logging activists have been killed in Brazil in attacks believed to be linked to their activism. In Colombia, police say illegal and rebel groups are increasingly turning to illegal logging as a source of revenue. And in Venezuela, there have been clashes between indigenous groups and loggers who have invaded their land.

8 | April 2013


Bright future for Hardlam

An engineered wood product that utilizes logs destined for

Hardlam is a laminated veneer lumber produced from rotary

woodchips is shaping up as a vital factor in the return to

peeled veneer, with the individual veneers glued together. The

profitability of Forestry Tasmania. With the forest peace deal

concept was developed two years ago by FT managing director Bob

seeking to reserve 504,000 hectares of native forest from

Gordon and export manager Sandy Chen who developed a proof of

logging, Forestry Tasmania is confident its new laminated

concept with Chinese manufacturers. Forestry Tasmania technical

hardwood innovation Hardlam, will be a much sought-after gap to

analyst Matt Wood said early feedback had been encouraging.

the high-quality logs that had been used for decades to produce sawn timber. Hardlam, currently processed in China, has a number of

“The reaction has been 100 percent positive. We are very optimistic about the potential of the product. People are falling over themselves asking us how soon they can get it. We have

qualities that will satisfy both consumers and entrenched critics

taken it on the road to Sydney and Melbourne. Everyone is very

of Forestry Tasmania’s practices. It utilizes small-diameter low-

excited about it and on the back of that we have had a lot of

grade logs that would normally be used for woodchips, it is

follow up and secured some larger orders. We have started to

made from Tasmanian hardwood forest timbers and possesses

sell small amounts to wholesalers who want to spend more time

exceptional strength and durability, and is incredibly versatile

looking at the product and on some of their own market testing.

and can be used in a range of applications.

It is an exciting product that ticks all the boxes and is a really

The product has already captured the market’s attention; JAWSARCHITECTS partner Scott Verdouw predicts a bright future

good news story of value added sustainability,” said Wood. Matt said Forestry Tasmania has spent the last three months

for the innovation. Prominent Tasmanian furniture designer

working on a business plan to support the development of a

Linda Fredheim also delivered glowing praise, saying many

mill to produce Hardlam in Tasmania. He added that much of

other Tasmanian furniture makers were genuinely excited by its

Hardlam’s appeal was its versatility and flooring was one use

strength and beauty.

for which Forestry Tasmania saw Hardlam having huge potential.

“We think it’s a fantastic product that we’ve been trying to get into a couple of buildings. The fact its quite a stable product and can be machined up reasonably quickly means you can use

In addition, the cost of Hardlam compared very favourably with traditional timbers such as Tasmanian Oak. “Right now we are using regrowth logs, which gives us a lot

it in a number of different ways. It has a huge advantage over

of hardness and stiffness for items such as table tops,” said

traditional timber because you can get it in different sizes. We

Wood. “We can start with wide boards that you just can’t get in

like the fact it uses so much raw material, there’s a lot less waste

Tasmanian Oak. Tas Oak will always have its market and uses but

and you can use wood that otherwise would have been chipped,”

Hardlam will certainly start to fill those gaps where larger end-

said Scott Verdouw. “I think it has a positive future and the

section boards are becoming harder to find. Pretty much if you

people I’ve shown it to do as well.”

can peel it, you can put it into this product.”

April 2013 |



Nearly half the timber from Mozambique to China is illegal

Forty-eight percent of the timber making its way

Mozambique has placed 22 of its 118 commercial tree

from Mozambique’s forests to Chinese companies

species under partial bans, meaning these so-called ‘1st

was harvested illegally, according to a new report by

class’ species must be processed in Mozambique before

the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), which

export, which means more revenue and jobs for the

blames the problem on widespread corruption and poor

country. However, the EIA believes much of the timber

governance. Illegal logging cost Mozambique, the world’s

being smuggled into China was of these 22 species.

fourth least-developed country in the world according to

Illegal logging deprives locals of a hugely important

the UN, USD 29 million in tax revenue, says the report.

natural resource, including injuring biodiversity, erosion

The EIA went undercover both in Mozambique and China

buffers, watersheds and other ecosystem services. In

to expose the scale of the forest crime.

addition, illegal logging often occurs in tandem with other

“Despite recent commendable efforts by the

organized crimes, such as drug and human trafficking.

Mozambican Government to control the illegal trade in

The EIA has called on Mozambique to immediately ban

timber to China, our investigation uncovers how high-

log exports and kickstart a number of investigations into

level politicians, in league with unscrupulous Chinese

the illegal trade, including taking a look at corruption by

traders, continue to not only breach Mozambique’s

forest officials, police, customs agents, and corporations.

export and forest laws but are now putting pressure on

At present, around half of Mozambique is still under

the sustainable yield of Mozambique’s forests,” said EIA

forest cover.

forests campaigner Chris Moye.

EIA also says that China should prohibit importing

“In 2012 the Mozambican Government registered

illegal timber, something the U.S., Australia, and the EU

260,385 cubic meters of log and sawn timber exports

have already implemented. However, it’s unlikely China

to world markets, including China, while China alone

will stop importing illegal wood anytime soon. Another

registered 450,000 cubic meters of log and sawn timber

report by the EIA also found that China was the world’s

imports from Mozambique,” the report reads. “The

largest importer of illegally-logged wood, estimating

189,615 cubic meter discrepancy is made up almost

that in 2011 the country imported at least 18.5 million

entirely of logs smuggled out of Mozambique by Chinese

cubic meters of sawn timber, 86 times that taken from


Mozambique (see page 17 for more).

10 | April 2013


European space agency to track forests worldwide Furniture production Interiors Cologne

The future starts here.

Irish forestry company Treemetrics has just signed a USD 1 million (EUR 800,000) deal with the European Space Agency to monitor forests all over the world. Treemetrics provides a 3D laser scanning system to accurately measure the height, straightness, taper, and volume of the trees in a section of forest. The European Space agency hopes to combine the latest satellite data with Treemetrics’ ground-based forest information. At present, 2D satellite images provide a bird’s eye view of huge areas of forest. Treemetrics uses this data to spot missing trees, which may indicate disease or illegal logging, and to determine where ground scanners should be most urgently deployed. Making the whole process cheaper and more efficient means that owners of smaller forests can start using the technology. There are sound reasons for better tree tracking. “Timber demand is set to double over the next 30 years. People need wood for shelter and heat,” said Enda Keane, CEO, Treemetrics. “Forests are also a vital ecosystem in which 90 percent of the world’s mammals live.” Currently, forest measurement is done manually by a forester who uses calipers to measure the radius of a sample of trees. But with Treemetrics’ technology, a 3D laser scanner emits laser pulses that bounce back from objects in the area, gathering millions of data points over a 30-meter radius of forest. Those data points are then used to construct a 3D model of the trees. Better measurement means that fewer trees can be cut while maximizing value. Treemetrics claims that its system can reduce


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measurement costs by 75 percent. If there is one thing foresters hate doing, it’s cutting trees. Keane should know, since he worked as a forester himself for 10 years. He says that 20 percent of the value of forests worldwide

Save time and money ! Register and buy your tickets online.

(or approximately 10 billion Euros) is lost annually due to inaccurate knowledge of the quantity or quality of the timber available before trees are harvested. The system is now used in forests in Ireland, Norway, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Treemetrics’ business model is software as a service, where users are charged per

Koelnmesse GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany Phone +49 180 5 077 050, Fax +49 221 821-99 1210

hectare of forest. Keane says the company has no direct competitors. Treemetrics is based in Cork, Ireland, has 15 employees and has received USD 1.87 million (EUR 1.4 million) in private and government funding.

April 2013 | 11


Marks & Spencer raises its green credentials with Cheshire Oaks store Plan A is the company’s eco and ethical programme which aims to make M&S the world’s most sustainable major retailer


ast August Marks & Spencer (M&S) opened its new Cheshire Oaks store, which is its greenest

and biggest store. The store has been built in line with the company’s Plan A programme, which aims to make M&S the world’s most sustainable major retailer. Designed to be the most carbon efficient, premier M&S store to date with an architectural and design strategy that addresses several areas of sustainability at once, the store has been built with the latest in sustainable building

BREEAM Excellent rating (Retail 2006)

technologies and practices, some of

for the shell and fit-out. According

which are firsts in retail.

to the company, the store was built

M&S Cheshire Oaks is the second

using innovations to reduce the impact

biggest M&S store, and the biggest that

on the planet and addresses several

has been built from scratch. With over

areas of sustainability including water,

151,000 square feet of selling space

energy, waste, biodiversity, community

over two floors or the equivalent of

and materials. Timber Design &

nearly 11 Olympic-sized swimming

Technology takes a closer look at some

pools, the store will feature the very

of the sustainability measures in place.

best and most extensive range of M&S products, giving customers thousands


of shopping options, as well as a large

The building fabric has been

Food hall and two M&S Cafés, with

carefully selected to reduce energy

seating for around 430 customers.

consumption and environmental

More importantly, it has also created

impact. M&S is the first retailer to use

over 350 new jobs and includes

Hemclad® panels in the external walls

placements for Marks & Start, which

and to use 100 percent FSC glulam

provides employment opportunities

timber in its roof structure. Over

for disadvantaged groups.

1,400 m3 of 100 percent FSC-certified

By considering the environment

glulam timber has been used in the

through every aspect of the store

roof and first floor structural decking

design and build, M&S have been able

and this timber has sequestrated

to create its biggest greenest store to

approximately 2,000 tonnes of CO2

date. As such, the store has achieved a

or 100kgCO2/m2 of floor area. It is

12 | April 2013

Image © Marks & Spencer

Image © Marks & Spencer


Project Team Developer/Contractor: Simons Group Ltd Architect: Aukett Fitzroy Robinson Building Services: Sustainable Design Solutions Ltd (SDS) Refrigeration consultants: Oaksmere Structural Civil Engineering: AECOM Project Manager: David Evans Project Services Ltd. Quantity Surveyor: Gleeds BREEAM Assessor: AECOM Sustainable Development Group

important to note that the project has obtained FSC certification with 99.5 percent of the timber provided from FSC-certified sources. The store features the use of hemp and lime external wall panels (Tradical® Hemclad®), which have excellent insulation properties to comparable brick and block building materials and also absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Further, 2,600 Image © Marks & Spencer

m2 of Hemclad® panels have been used in the external walls to give a U-value of 0.12W/m2K and saving around 360 tonnes of CO2 emissions. In addition, the project features a 100 percent recycled aluminum roof, fermacell dry lining board and 40 percent recycled floor tile.

Carbon Operational energy is predicted to be 30 percent lower and carbon 35 percent lower than a peer store on account of several factors. The store maximizes natural light via north lights and clerestory glazing with fully dimmable lighting to the sales floor and with integrated daylight control. LED lighting has also been used in the car park and external spaces. Improved insulation and thermal mass has been achieved by partially sinking the building in the ground with earth mounding around the perimeter. A biomass boiler and heat reclaim is predicted to deliver 70 percent Image © Marks & Spencer

of heating demand whilst ‘free

April 2013 | 13


cool’ air is delivered to sales floors via displacement air columns and below ground air distribution ducts. Significantly, 100 percent of the electricity is supplied via a green electricity supply contract. A Carbon Manager has also been appointed to undertake a life cycle evaluation of Cheshire Oaks, as well as to quantify total carbon reduction in addition to monitoring the store’s energy efficiency and investigating any deviations from the energy plan.

Water Committed to reducing water consumption across all of its Image © Marks & Spencer

stores through the implementation of efficiency measures and a holistic approach to water use and


90 percent of this plywood has been

landscaping, the M&S Cheshire Oaks

Throughout the construction of the

donated to community causes, amongst

store features a number of water

M&S Cheshire Oaks building project,

which was the refurbishment of a local

efficiency measures. Foremost

zero waste was sent to landfill

arts venue, the building of a scout

amongst these measures is the

and 87.5 percent of all waste was

group’s hut and various local school

harvesting of rainwater, which is

segregated on site. Responsible

and charity projects. Efforts were also

predicted to displace 25 percent of

management of resources and a tight

made to reduce the amount of newly

the store’s main water demands. An

focus on waste reduction were crucial

quarried stone used in the building

80,000-liter underground tank that

to diverting a massive 1,168 tonnes

of the store with 60 percent of the

collects water from the roof of the

of waste from landfill. Nearly 55,000

crushed stone coming from alternative

store will serve the green wall, staff

tonnes of soil and clay that came

sources such as demolition waste

and customer toilets.

from the initial excavation work has

from a local crushing facility. Lime

also been re-used in a variety of local

stabilizing ground below the building

urinals, dual flush W.Cs, sensor taps

projects, such as the reopening of a

and car park also helped reduce the

in addition to water meters and leak

municipal golf course, leveling of a

quantity of concrete required in the

detection measures. As part of its

new equestrian centre and capping of

foundations by 25 percent.

Sustainable Urban Drainage strategy,

a contaminated quarry and a MOTO-X

an urban ditch has been transformed

Park. Materials including pallets,


into an attractive swale feature and

cable drums, oaks logs and glulam

The landscape plan has ensured

228 trees have been planted to help

beams were set aside and advertised

Cheshire Oaks is a more biodiverse

minimize flash flooding by slowing

on Freecycle, Gumtree and Recipro

site with a wider number of species of

down rainfall runoff and absorbing

for members of the community to

plant than in the original landscape.

permeating ground water. The project

collect and use.

Encouraging local biodiversity was key

Other measures include waterless

also features permeable paving in parking areas.

Over 2,500 plywood sheets were

to the entire build process, informing

used to protect the store’s ceramic

the landscape design, the appearance

floor during the fit out and nearly

of the store and even the translocation of the local Great Crested Newts. M&S have installed the largest and most varied ‘green wall’ at Cheshire Oaks - covering the majority of the south elevation of the car park. Made up of two innovative systems, the green walls are not only visually impressive but also help to protect the car park from the elements, trap particulates from car exhausts, give thermal and acoustic insulation and provide a natural habitat for birds and other wildlife. The living wall covers 300 sqm in total and contains 30 species of plants - all selected by ecological recommendation - which are watered automatically through a rainwater

Image © Marks & Spencer

14 | April 2013

harvesting system.

20 - 23 May 2013

Dubai World Trade Centre

For more information about exhibiting as part of the Kitchen & Bathroom and Surfaces & Finishes sections of the INDEX International Design Exhibition 2013, contact Yan Wang, Project Manager: Tel: +971 (0)4 438 0355 Fax: +971 (0)4 438 0357 Email:

Other sectors include:


Image © Marks & Spencer

As well as protecting two mature oak

Westfield Stratford City in September

trees on site, M&S have planted 228

2011. They are part of M&S’ Plan

new trees, which have the potential to

A and aim to build a strong bank

absorb some 800 tonnes of CO2 by the

of knowledge and experience in

time they reach maturity. Significant

sustainable building practices,

pre-construction ecological works

which benefit the environment and

have also been carried out including

neighboring communities. Speaking at the opening of the

searching for bats and nesting birds, and surveys for water voles whilst

store, Marc Bolland, Chief Executive

enhancements to the swale and wild

of Marks & Spencer, said: “Cheshire

flower planting will encourage flora,

Oaks is a special store as it is all here, under one roof for the first time - the

insects and amphibians to the area. A total of 9 swift boxes have been installed in concealed locations on

Image © Marks & Spencer

Marc Bolland, CEO of Marks & Spencer

very best of M&S. This is also our greenest ever M&S store and we call it a ‘sustainable learning store’ as

the building and a further 6 bird boxes have been added in perimeter

build process. At present, the store

around 60 percent of the eco features

hedgerows in addition to over 20 bird

employs 500 people, of which the

featured in Cheshire Oaks will become

and bat boxes that have been installed

vast majority were newly created

standard spec for M&S stores.”

at local primary schools. The Gabion

and 70 roles were allocated for

walls located in the swale, around the

the Marks & Start programme.

building and in the service yard are

As part of the build process,

free from mortar and cement and full

M&S also committed funds for a

of crevices that make perfect homes

highways scheme to revamp the

for a variety of insects and plants

area, thereby improving junctions,

and insect houses made from the FSC

crossing, cycle ways and footpaths.

timber hoardings and log piles are a

In addition, further money was

great addition to the wild garden area.

donated towards town centre

Travel & Access

improvements. M&S also ensured that 50 percent of the value of the

M&S’ sustainable construction

project construction spend was in

programme also looks at how customers

the North West and 12.5 percent

travel to and from its stores. As such,

in the local area. As a result, the

the store features electric car charging

whole project eventually achieved

points, travel information point, a cycle

a score of 38 out of 40 in the

lane and 100 covered cycle stands, and

Considerate Constructors Scheme,

staff showers. In addition, the company

which is a national initiative

is also contributing annually over the

designed to encourage best practice

next 10 years towards improvements to

beyond statutory requirements.

the existing bus services.


Plan A Cheshire Oaks is the third of M&S’

Creating good relationships with the

Plan A Sustainable Learning Stores,

local community was an integral

following the opening of Ecclesall

part of the M&S Cheshire Oaks

Road, Sheffield in April 2011 and

16 | April 2013

Marks & Spencer Cheshire Oaks,Ellesmere Port: - Premier store carrying the full product catalogue and second largest M&S store in the world - Site area: 525,192 sq ft - Gross Internal Area: 209,068 sq ft - Net sales area: 148,865 sq ft - Sustainable learning store, BREEAM Excellent rated (Retail 2006) and M&S’ most carbon efficient - Designed to be more resilient to climate change through its materials, landscaping and water strategy - First retailer to use Hemclad® panels in the external walls and to use 100% FSC glulam timber in its roof structure


China’s voracious appetite for timber driving illegal trade, says EIA report ‘Appetite for Destruction: China’s Trade in Illegal Timber’ highlights China’s lack of action against illegal logging


ccording to the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), China’s insatiable appetite for timber is driving a growing illegal trade that is stripping forests in Africa and Asia and fuelling conflict. The EIA report ‘Appetite for Destruction: China’s Trade in Illegal Timber’ states that China is the world’s top importer of illegal timber, with the trade worth about USD 4 billion a year. The numbers are a cause for concern given that Interpol estimates the global trade in illegal timber to be worth more than USD 30 billion. The EIA has released its report to highlight China’s lack of action, in contrast to major trading partners

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such as the U.S. According to the report, China’s role as the world’s biggest timber trader means that further progress against illegal logging depends on the nation taking measures to exclude illicit timber from its market. In the past, academic research and NGOs such as WWF and Global Witness have revealed the existence of illegal trading networks in central Africa,

The EIA report ‘Appetite for Destruction: China’s Trade in Illegal Timber’ states that China is the world’s top importer of illegal timber, with the trade worth about USD 4 billion a year

Burma and Russia leading directly to

China’s Timber Deficit Currently the world’s biggest importer, consumer and exporter of timber and wood products, demand for timber and wood products in China for domestic consumption or re-export as processed wood and paper products has soared during the past 15 years. China’s rise as a vast manufacturing hub has also included the rapid expansion of its wood processing industry - a six-fold

Chinese ports or cities. However, with

The truth is that China has become

increase in gross domestic product

the publication of this report, direct

the leading importer, consumer and

since 2002 has generated huge wealth,

blame and responsibility is being

exporter of the world’s timber. Given

prompting a rising demand for wood

directed to Beijing and to holding public

that its own forests provide less than 40

and paper products within the country.

enterprises and local government. The

percent of its needs, the gap between

In fact, China’s consumption of wood

report goes on to state that China is

domestic supply and demand is set to

products had reached 371 million cubic

at the center of a vast global traffic in

grow. Timber Design & Technology takes

meters a year in 2007 and is expected

illegally logged timber that is destroying

a closer look at some of the key findings

to grow, at current rates, to 477 million

entire swaths of forest around the

of the report.

cubic meters by 2020.

world. It also reveals just how China’s appetite for wood has grown in the past decades as a result of consumption by the new middle classes, as well as an export-driven wood industry facing growing demand from major foreign furniture and construction companies. Unlike the U.S., the EU and Australia, which, under pressure from public opinion, have adopted legislation banning illegal timber imports, China has made no such move. The government has only signed bilateral agreements with the U.S., Europe, Indonesia and Burma, the benefits of which have yet to be demonstrated.

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For more than 110 years, the National Hardwood Lumber Association has been serving its members and the industry by creating and maintaining a uniform system of grading rules for the measurement and inspection of hardwood lumber. The NHLA rules created in 1898, are now the standard employed worldwide. Our standard means integrity – look for the NHLA logo.

TRADE WITH A MEMBER. For membership information please contact John Hester at +1 901 399 7558 or email


The growth of China’s wood manufacturing sector began in 1998 despite Government-imposed strict logging controls following floods in the country. With domestic forests incapable of meeting the growth in demand, a gaping timber deficit emerged, one that today poses a direct threat to global forests. Despite commendable efforts at reforestation, which have led to an increase in the country’s forest cover, domestic supply can at best meet only 50 percent of the wood and paper industry’s required raw materials. Further, demand was expected to continue growing at around 8 percent a year, which meant that the deficit between demand and domestic

raw material imports such as logs and

imports between 2000-09. From log

production had risen to 150 million

sawn timber as opposed to higher-

imports in 2000 of 13.6 million cubic

cubic meters per year by 2010.

value finished and semi-finished

meters valued at USD 1.6 billion,

products such as plywood. In general,

China’s imports by 2011 had more than

Development and Reform Commission

China relies heavily on timber imports

trebled by volume to 42 million cubic

warned of the wood deficit reaching

for both hardwood and softwood

meters worth around USD 8.2 billion.

150 million cubic meters and called

logs and lumber, in both tropical and

China imported around 30 percent of all

for policies such as boosting domestic

temperate species.

logs traded worldwide in 2011.

In 2006, China’s National

production to close the gap. However,

China’s huge and growing demand for

Sawn wood imports have also risen

it continues to grow and in 2009,

raw logs has dominated the country’s

significantly in recent years, reaching

domestic supplies accounted for only

timber imports throughout the past

38.8 million cubic meters (RWE) in

38 percent of consumption. To bridge

decade, with an average 33 percent

2011. Two countries dominated 2011

the gap, China has become the world’s

of its log consumption being met by

lumber imports - Canada supplied

biggest importer of wood products. In 1997, it imported 35 million cubic meters of wood products; by 2009, it reached 113 million cubic meters. Demand in China is now being felt around the world as the number of countries from which it sources wood increases.

China’s Wood Products Imports According to the EIA, China imported around 180 million cubic meters (Round Wood Equivalent, or RWE) of wood products, worth USD 9.3 billion. This represents a 28 percent increase over 2010 volumes and a three-fold increase since 2000. Composition of the imports demonstrates China’s role as a processing centre, with the bulk comprising round logs, sawn timber wood chips and pulp for paper manufacture. China has also registered a dramatic increase in combined paper, pulp and wood chips imports, from 37 million cubic meters (RWE) in 2000 to nearly 98 million cubic meters (RWE) in 2011, accounting for 53 percent of total wood product imports. Imports of timber products (logs, sawn timber, furniture, plywood and other products) have also risen rapidly during the past decade, with China’s trade policies promoting increased

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In 2006, China’s National Development and Reform Commission warned of the wood deficit reaching 150 million cubic meters and called for policies such as boosting domestic production to close the gap

meters of wood products valued at

meters (RWE) of timber, followed by

Despite a lack of reliable data on

plywood and wood panel shipments

China’s domestic consumption of wood

worth USD 3.26 billion and a volume

products, the report argues that as the

China’s total wood products exports

of 16.5 million cubic meters (RWE). The

country becomes wealthier, its demand

have increased nearly seven-fold in

remainder was made up of a wide array

for wood is rapidly rising. According to

the past decade, from around USD 5

of wood products, including flooring,

the report, when previously confronted

billion in 2000 to USD 34.2 billion in

mouldings and joinery.

with concerns about imports of

12.3 million cubic meters (RWE) and Russia 10.2 million cubic meters (RWE), followed by America, Thailand and the European Union. Interestingly, as the share of lumber imports from low risk countries in China’s top 10 suppliers has risen to 59 percent in 2011, the share from high-risk suppliers in the top 10 decreased to 41 percent. However, due to a sharp overall rise in imports, supplies from high risk sources actually increased by 4.1 million cubic meters (RWE) to 15.4 million cubic meters in 2011.

China’s Wood Product Exports

2010, which is equivalent to a volume

The major markets for these exports

USD 5 billion, and a further 2.4 million cubic meters of paper sector products worth over USD 1.3 billion. Japan was China’s third biggest export market in 2010, importing 4 million cubic meters of wood products valued at USD 2.1 billion, and a further 2.1 million cubic meters of paper sector imports valued at USD 920 million.

China’s Domestic Timber Consumption

illegally logged timber, Chinese officials

of 71 million cubic meters (RWE) of

include America, the EU, Japan and the

responded by claiming most of the

timber products, pulp and paper. In

Middle East. In 2010, the U.S. remained

wood was re-exported as finished

terms of products, wood furniture is

China’s biggest market, importing 11.9

products and that China was merely

by far China’s biggest export category

million cubic meters (RWE) of wood

a processor, with most of the value

by value, with 2010 sales of USD 15.8

products valued at USD 7.7 billion, and

accruing in end markets such as the U.S.

billion, using 19 million cubic meters

a further 2.99 million cubic meters of

However, this is no longer the case as

(RWE) of timber. The second largest

paper sector products worth USD 1.5

China is now a significant end market in

category is paper, with exports of USD

billion. The U.S. was followed by the

its own right.

9.57 billion, using 23 million cubic

EU, which imported 8.48 million cubic

The construction sector is the biggest driver of increased domestic wood product consumption in China. Given that 36 million new affordable homes are due to be built by 2016 under the Government’s five-year plan, the increase in construction and home ownership is spurring a rising demand for a range of timber products such as flooring, furniture, panels and plywood. Domestic wooden furniture sales grew from about USD 10 billion in 2006 to around USD 29 billion in 2011, which was equivalent to 84 percent of the value of China’s total wood product exports for the year. Deutsche Bank estimated in 2007 that only 16 percent of the country’s wood products output was destined for export, with the remainder consumed domestically. Further, other sources have estimated domestic consumption at similar proportions of between 75 - 85 percent of overall production.

China’s Illegal Timber Imports The EIA report concludes by stating that as China has risen to become the world’s biggest importer of timber products, it has also emerged as the leading destination for illegally logged timber, especially logs and lumber. Give that illegal logging and wood smuggling are by nature clandestine and criminal

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activities, an exact quantification of the volume of illicit wood entering China is challenging. However, by combining material flows with rates of illegal logging in source countries, credible estimates can be made. For instance, a 2009 study found China had the highest total supply and use of illegally harvested timber worldwide, consuming between 39 - 69 million cubic meters (RWE) of illegal timber in 2008. With these estimates representing 37 - 66 percent of China’s 2008 imports of 104 million cubic meters (RWE), applying these percentages to China’s 2011 imports of 180 million cubic meters (RWE) implies that between 68 - 120 million cubic meters of imports may have been illegal.

to ensure supply from some of the

in recent years, China has to date

worst illegal logging hotspots in the

resisted this leadership role, opting

that 20 percent of China’s wood

world. Historically, large volumes of

instead to present such policies as

imports in 2008 were of illegal origin.

illegal timber imports into China have

‘unsuitable’ for its circumstances.

Applying this percentage to 2011

been re-exported as finished wood

China’s emergence as the world’s

imports suggests China might have

products to consumer markets in

second biggest economy also

imported around 36 million cubic

America, the EU and Japan. However,

means that the country is playing

meters (RWE) of illegal wood products

China’s rapidly growing domestic

an increasingly high-profile role

last year, worth USD 6.9 billion.

consumer market is currently the main

in global political and economic

absorber of illegal timber imported

change. With such power comes

into the country, and without action

responsibility, and it essential that

will be the chief driver of illegal

the country acts decisively to cut

logging worldwide in the future.

illegal timber out of its path towards

Another 2010 study also calculated

Tackling China’s Illegal Timber Trade The EIA report categorically states

While other leading economies

economic growth. And so, the fate of

done virtually nothing to curb illegal

have instituted clear and principled

much of the world’s natural forests is

imports, while putting in place policies

prohibitions on illegal timber trade

in China’s hands.

that the Chinese Government has

RECOMMENDATIONS The Government of China should: - Institute a clear legal prohibition on imports of illegally logged timber - Place responsibility for eradicating China’s illegal timber trade in the hands of a formal coordinating body comprising senior officials from the Commerce and Foreign Ministries, as well as the State Forest Administration (SFA) - Ensure timber trade associations (both private and those under Government agencies) provide clear information to Chinese importers on laws regulating timber production and trade in all countries from which China imports wood - Support the inclusion of threatened timber species in the annexes of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). A clear place to start would be to support proposals from Thailand, Vietnam and Madagascar for the inclusion of key rosewood and ebony species in CITES Appendix II in March 2013 - Show respect to trade partners by reciprocating export controls placed on their timber products, such as log and sawn timber export bans - Revise the voluntary guidance provided to Chinese companies operating overseas to make it mandatory - Institute laws that criminalize corruption or bribery

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of foreign officials by Chinese companies, in line with anti-corruption legislation instituted in the UK and the U.S. - Ensure that bilateral agreements on illegal logging, such as MoUs, are made meaningful through firm action - Maximize the potential of existing MoUs and ‘ bilateral agreements on illegal logging and trade to help China transition to legal timber procurement, manufacturing and export, so as to ensure ongoing exports to newly regulated markets such as the US, EU and Australia - Eliminate the role of state-owned enterprises in procuring imports of illegal timber into China Timber producing countries exporting to China should: - Clarify forestry and timber trade laws to all export markets, particularly China - Adequately implement laws regulating forestry and timber trade, through improved law enforcement The EU and U.S. should: - Ensure that the implementation of the US Lacey Act and EU Timber Regulation with regard to timber products imported from China is robust - Use existing bilateral dialogues with China to promote trade in legal forest products


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The world leader in birch, SVEZA, offers a variety of products including, Interior and Exterior Birch plywood and Film faced Birch plywood Image © SVEZA

moisture from penetrating and

logistics for its clients. Founded

provides resistance to abrasion,

in 1997, the company has a rich

aggressive environments, fungus

history and its skilled workers have

and mold. In addition, edges are

learned their craft from family

sealed with water-resistant acrylic

tradition work at its facilities. Further,

paint. This type of plywood is widely

SVEZA uses the most advanced

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of plywood is not recommended for

construction. Apart from a smooth

drying lines from RAUTE (Finland);

exterior trim.

surface, a wire mesh surface is also

clipping lines from Schelling and

available, which offers slip protection,

Holzmann (Germany); surfacing-and-

a high-quality construction material

and so can be used as flooring in

jointing equipment from Hashimoto

with high durability and moisture

vehicles and scaffolding.

(Japan); and sanding machines from

Image © SVEZA

SVEZA Exterior Birch Plywood is

resistance. Through its use of a

Steinemann (Germany).

special glue, the plywood maintains

Production capabilities

its performance under conditions of

SVEZA annually produces over 1.2


high humidity. It retains its shape and

million m3 of wood board including

Working with SVEZA has several

resists deforming and can be used in

920,000 m3 of plywood and 310,000

advantages. The company is able to

both interior and exterior applications.

m3 of particle board. The company’s

supply a wide product range of high

mills are located in regions that

quality plywood. More importantly,

is high-quality plywood with special

are naturally rich in birch woods,

SVEZA is able to ensure a stable

film. The laminated surface stops

thereby enabling it to offer ideal

production of large volumes, with the

SVEZA Film Faced Birch Plywood

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Q&A with Maxim Kolenko, Head of Sales to Asia and Africa, sveza

Image © SVEZA

Image © SVEZA

possibility of extra orders in order to

2013. As such, the certificate confirms

cope with unanticipated increases in

that SVEZA’s products are processed

demand. The company also offers its

from legally harvested timber,

clients assistance in developing an

derived from controlled sources. More

individual solution through a personal

importantly, wood of unknown origin

manager who is able to respond to

is not used in the production and

requests, help with purchase portfolio

shipment of SVEZA products.

planning, order status monitoring,

The company has a history of care

and supply information about

for the environment and observes

special offers. As a global leader in

the highest environmental standards

birch plywood, the company also

and principles in the rational use of

offers optimal logistics due to the

natural resources. This is extended

convenient geographic location of its

to its production as well wherein the

production mills.

company builds its processes and use

Environmental Credentials SVEZA is FSC certified. The

resources with total efficiency so as to minimize waste.

company has successfully passed

SVEZA in the Middle East

the annual FSC chain of custody

SVEZA is represented exclusively in

(CoC) certification audit, which was

the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait by

conducted by an independent auditor

Strongwood. Confident of the demand

- GFA Consulting Group. Based on

in this region, the company will be

the results of the audit, which was

participating at the Dubai WoodShow

performed in October 2012, its FSC

2013 with a view towards highlighting

certification has been renewed for

its various products at the show.

SVEZA is a global brand. Could you tell us a little bit about your sales to the Middle East and the outlook for SVEZA in this region? The Middle East is considered by SVEZA as a promising developing market. SVEZA was barely known in 2008 in the Middle East when I joined the company. My task was to create the market for SVEZA in the Middle East especially for its film faced plywood. I believe that today the SVEZA name is well established in the market but of course there is much to do in the coming years. Figures are usually self-explanatory. In 2012 SVEZA sold about 5,000 m3 of plywood to the Gulf countries, which is 30 percent higher than in 2011. In addition, we also supplied more than 3,000 m3 to Lebanon and Jordan, which represented a 15 percent increase over 2011 figures. Further, we sell more than 1,000 m3 of film faced plywood per month to Iraq, which has recently grown to become one of the major export markets for our company. What range of plywood does SVEZA sell in the Middle East? We sell mainly film faced plywood which is widely used in construction projects thanks to our distributors. At the same time, I am trying to develop the sales of exterior birch plywood in the region. This type of plywood can be used for interior decoration, flooring and furniture production. We believe that interior birch plywood will find its customers in lasercutting and furniture industries. What can you tell about agency cooperation between SVEZA and Strongwood? Strongwood was nominated as our agent for UAE in 2010. Since that time our agency cooperation has brought nice results. Today this partnership covers the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Our joint participation at Dubai WoodShow this year shows that we are eager to develop our cooperation and increase birch plywood sales in the Gulf region.

Image © SVEZA

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Sound forestry practices lead to quality wood products. AWP continues building a strong timber reserve while producing the finest hardwood products and practicing total utilization of the forest resource.

Recognizing that resource is the key to the future. PETERSBURG, WV 304.257.1082 路 WWW.ALLEGHENYWOOD.COM 路 ALLEGHENY WOOD PRODUCTS


Expert opinion

Building a case for American hardwoods in the Middle East F

or American hardwoods, the Middle East has been a great success story, showing

consistent growth in demand for the past fifteen years or so, even weathering the Global Financial Crisis. AHEC’s market development programme in the Middle East began in earnest in 1999 and, since then, we have seen markets develop considerably. One example is the UAE, which is now a timber trading and wood processing epicentre, not to mention an architecture and interior design hub for much of the Gulf region and many markets way Image © AHEC

beyond. At the same time, demand for US hardwoods across the rest

Roderick Wiles, AHEC Director for Africa, Middle East, India and Oceania

of the Gulf has risen steadily, while countries in the Levant and North Africa have evolved in to major timber consuming markets. Total exports of American hardwood lumber and veneer to the MENA region reached a value of USD

Today, the United States is the number one supplier of temperate hardwoods to the Gulf and, as if to prove this, we see American species being used in a wide range of new projects

86.54 million in 2012, marking an 18 percent increase over the previous

auditoria and meeting rooms, the

American red oak. The number and

year. We anticipate that demand this

soon-to-be-opened Sofitel The Palm,

standard of entries is expected to be

year and in the immediate future

displaying substantial quantities of

even higher this year and we look

will prove to be even stronger, as

American ash in its rustic Polynesian-

forward to presenting the award on

the region’s construction sector

styled interiors and the new Emirates

16 September in Dubai.

has already started to bounce back

A380 terminal at Dubai International

from the downturn seen four years

Airport, boasting no less than 1.6

to focus on promoting new technology

ago. Today, the United States is the

kilometers of First and Business Class

offered by the US hardwood industry,

number one supplier of temperate

lounges in American black walnut.

such as thermal modification. This

hardwoods to the Gulf and, as if

With all this work in mind,

In the coming months, we also plan

relatively simple, but carefully

to prove this, we see American

AHEC will be a major sponsor of

controlled heating process applied

species being used in a wide range

the Commercial Interior Design

to a select few American hardwood

of new projects, including hotels,

Awards for the third time this year.

species effectively turns non-durable

restaurants, retail outlets, villas and

The category, Outstanding Use of

interior timber in to a material that

even schools and universities, such

American Hardwood in the Middle

can be used outside and even in high

as Al Bateen Secondary School, Zayed

East, attracted a lot of entries in

moisture environments. With the

University and the upcoming New

2011 and 2012, with Hakkasan

current vogue for timber cladding

York University, all situated in Abu

Dubai by Woods Bagot picking up the

and decking, as well as exterior

Dhabi. Other noteworthy projects

award last September for its unique

timber structures, we hope to see

include the Qatar National Convention

form and structure that used timber

American hardwoods featured in an

Centre, which features five US

beyond a 2D cladding scenario,

even wider range of applications in

hardwood species in its theatres,

while also highlighting the beauty of

the region in the near future.

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Market Outlook

Exports of U.S. hardwoods to the MENA region reach USD 86.54 million in 2012 Red oak, ash, white oak, walnut and tulipwood make up the majority of exports to the region

Image Š AHEC

30 | April 2013



otal exports of U.S. hardwood lumber and veneer to the Middle East and North Africa

(MENA) region reached USD 86.54 million for the year 2012. Shipments of American hardwood lumber reached a value of USD 62.41 million and a volume of 89,964 cubic meters, marking an increase of 19 percent and 18 percent respectively over 2011. In addition, direct shipments of U.S. hardwood veneers to the MENA region during 2012 reached a total value of USD 24.10 million, rising by 17 percent in comparison to the previous year. In general, exports to the region increased significantly for the year on account of a substantial increase in demand for American hardwoods in the UAE, Turkey, Jordan and Pakistan. The statistics have been released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and show that the UAE, in value, was the number one destination for U.S. hardwood lumber for 2012, with total shipments reaching USD 11.62 million, rising by 14 percent in comparison to the previous year. Turkey emerged as the second most significant destination Image © AHEC

with the value of shipments reaching USD 9.62 million and marking an increase of 68 percent over 2011. In volume terms, Pakistan has emerged as the number one buyer in the region, taking 16,056 cubic meters of American hardwood lumber for the year, which equated to USD 8.63 million in value terms. These numbers mark increases of 133 percent and 170 percent respectively over 2011. Roderick Wiles, AHEC Director for Africa, Middle East, India and Oceania, said: “Demand for American hardwoods in the MENA region is poised to remain strong this year

Significantly, increases in exports of U.S. hardwood lumber and veneers were seen in most markets across the region including for the first time in recent history, direct shipments of U.S. hardwood lumber to Libya and Iraq

UAE (USD 2.54 million). According to Wiles, fair growth in the economic sector and a significant movement towards recovery from the global financial crisis has seen the entire region stabilize, which is evident in the overall increase in exports across most markets. “Given the on-going political and, therefore, economic uncertainty in Egypt, imports for timber products as a whole have been impacted negatively. However, the demand for American veneers remained strong and imports to Egypt actually grew

as well. The majority of importers continue to acquire and maintain

demand for American hardwood

by 10 percent in 2012. Significantly,

large stocks of American hardwoods,

lumber in Saudi Arabia (USD 7.79

increases in exports of U.S. hardwood

driven by the renewed surge in the

million), Egypt (USD 4.49 million),

lumber and veneers were seen in

construction sector. While significant

Jordan (USD 4.49 million), Lebanon

most markets across the region

increases were seen in the volume of

(USD 3.29 million) and Qatar (USD

including for the first time in recent

shipments of ash and walnut to the

2.06 million). In terms of value,

history, direct shipments of U.S.

Middle East and North Africa in 2012,

the biggest increases in exports of

hardwood lumber to Libya and Iraq.

red oak still accounted for 29 percent

U.S. hardwood lumber were seen

With demand expected to remain

of all exports of American hardwood

in Oman (238 percent), Qatar (149

strong through 2013, we remain

lumber to the region. In addition

percent), Algeria (474 percent) and

committed to our outreach programme

to ash and walnut, the other major

Jordan (50 percent). With respect to

in the Middle East with a view to

species exported included white oak

U.S. hardwood veneers, the biggest

interact with the major players in the

and tulipwood.”

markets were Egypt (USD 10.22

region and to further promote the

million), Turkey (USD 6.91 million),

many positive attributes of American

Lebanon (USD 2.96 million) and the

hardwoods,” concludes Wiles.

A closer look at other markets across the region reveals strong

April 2013 | 31



American hardwood industry endorses EU Timber Regulation aimed at eradicating illegal timber trade Seneca Creek Assessment demonstrates EUTR conformance with U.S. hardwoods


he American Hardwood Export

agricultural crops but including wood

varies between sub-national regions

Council (AHEC), the leading

and derivative products) ‘taken,

or between concessions within those

international trade association

possessed, transported, or sold’ in

regions. Under EUTR, the importer’s

for the American hardwood industry,

violation of any relevant foreign or

due diligence system must ‘provide

has announced its support and

state law.

access to documents or other

endorsement of the EU Timber

Roderick Wiles, AHEC Director for

information indicating compliance

Regulation (EUTR), which came into

Africa, Middle East, India and Oceania

of those timber and timber products

effect on March 3, 2013 and aims to

said: “A key strength of the EUTR is that

with the applicable legislation’. No

eradicate illegal timber trade within

while it establishes tough sanctions

specific requirements are established

the EU. The EUTR imposes mandatory

for any failures in due diligence, it is

for the types of documents and other

requirements on companies that ‘first

flexible on the mechanisms by which

information most appropriate to meet

place’ forest products on the EU market

legality may be demonstrated. This

this obligation. However, they must

to implement a ‘due diligence system’

responds to the reality of complex

be of appropriate quality, credibility

to minimize the risk of illegal wood

international supply chains and

and scope to allow the EU importer to

entering the EU. Any such company

highly variable regulatory systems in

determine that a timber product is of

failing to demonstrate due diligence,

timber supplying countries. It does not

negligible risk in terms of illegal supply.

or found to have placed illegally

impose unnecessary new controls on

harvested wood on the EU market, is

suppliers in regions where the existing

conformance is satisfied through the

subject to legal sanction. Significantly,

legal framework is effective and also

comprehensive ‘Assessment of Lawful

the EC Guidance on EUTR has approved

doesn’t require European regulatory

Harvesting & Sustainability of U.S.

the Seneca Creek Assessment as the

authorities to capture or monitor

Hardwood Exports’ commissioned by

basis for EUTR conformance with U.S.

individual shipments to ensure they

AHEC and undertaken by Seneca Creek


are legal. Instead it focuses on ensuring

Associates, a team comprised of well-

As the representative trade

that EU timber importing companies

regarded and independent analysts

association of one of the world’s

have effective management systems

and experts in the field of U.S. forest

largest hardwood exporting industries,

to reduce the risk of trade in illegal

policy and forest certification. The

AHEC has a considerable stake in

wood. By doing so, it builds on existing

Seneca Creek team compiled detailed

eradicating illegal wood from trade. A

due diligence systems that have been

information on the scope, effectiveness

major concern for AHEC is that neither

applied by responsible European

and enforcement of federal, state, and

the value nor the reputation of legally

traders for many years.”

local regulatory programs across all

harvested products is undermined in

EUTR requires that the EU importer

In the case of U.S. hardwoods, EUTR

the U.S. hardwood producing states.

world markets by competing products

is able to identify for every product

The Seneca Creek assessment remains

from illicit sources. As such, AHEC

group the ‘country of harvest and,

the only comprehensive sector-specific

has been a leading supporter of the

where applicable, the sub-national

and peer-reviewed study to quantify

EUTR, through membership of the

region and the concession of harvest’.

the risk of any wood being derived

U.S. Hardwood Federation, of the U.S.

Information on origin beyond country

from a controversial source, including

Lacey Act Amendment of May 2008.

of harvest is required only in those

illegal harvesting, in line with both the

This makes it an offence within the

circumstances where the EU importer

FSC Controlled Wood standard and the

U.S. to possess any plant (excluding

judges that the risk of illegal harvesting

PEFC Chain of Custody standard.

32 | April 2013


process to prepare an FSC Controlled

5 years, meetings with European

demonstrates that there is less than

Wood National Risk Assessment for the

Commission and EU Member State

a 1 percent risk of any illegal wood

United States. As such, the EC Guidance

officials, and close analysis of the

entering the U.S. hardwood supply

on EUTR indicates that credible third

EUTR and supporting documentation.

chain. This result emerges from the

party studies like the Seneca Creek

This guidance can be downloaded at

robust institutional framework for

assessment, and independent sources

hardwood forest management in the

such as the FSC Risk Register, where

“The EU now needs to move

United States, which combines clear

these demonstrate negligible risk of

forward and commit sufficient

and fully enforced property rights,

illegal logging in specific regions or

resources for consistent

multi-generational family forest

for specific product groups, are an

communication and effective

ownership, respect for the rule of

appropriate form of documentation

enforcement of EUTR. It is clearly

law, and a strong civil society. All U.S.

for EU importers to meet their legal

a very significant challenge to

trading companies are also subject to


successfully roll out a complex and

“The Seneca Creek study

the rigors of the Lacey Act, further

While EUTR places the due diligence

untried piece of legislation across tens

mitigating any perceived risks that

obligation firmly on the importer,

of thousands of operators in the EU.

may be associated with sourcing U.S.

AHEC has prepared specific guidance

However, if properly enforced, EUTR

hardwood products,” added Wiles.

for AHEC Members to ensure that

should play a major role to level the

U.S. hardwood exporters are fully

playing field for responsible suppliers

together with recent analysis of other

briefed on the EUTR obligations and

of timber into the EU. The EUTR is

data sources such as the Transparency

therefore better able to assist their EU

also an opportunity for the wood

International Corruption Perceptions

customers. AHEC’s robust response to

industry to move beyond fire-fighting

Index, the FSC Global Risk Register

the EUTR is part of a much broader

negative publicity surrounding illegal

concludes that the United States is low

strategy by the U.S. hardwood industry

logging and to build more proactive

risk against all 4 FSC Controlled Wood

to demonstrate real sustainability.

communication efforts demonstrating

criteria established for legality. This

The guidance has been prepared

the strong environmental credentials

conclusion is currently undergoing

drawing on active participation in the

of wood compared to non-wood

further review as part of the on-going

process to develop EUTR over the last

materials,” concludes Wiles.

Drawing on the Seneca Creek study,

April 2013 | 33


Case study

Renovation of Monument Woudestein at Rotterdam Erasmus University American red oak brings warmth and light to brutalist architecture of the seventies


rasmus University Rotterdam is a research University and internationally recognized for

its high quality teaching. In 2007 the University launched a master plan to modernize and increase the capacity of the Woudestein campus. A master plan was drawn up to re-organize the layout of the University and separate the built up zone of the University from a greener zone with open spaces for students to enjoy. Located at the heart of the University campus, Monument Woudestein is a cluster of buildings representative of stark concrete brutalist architecture of the sixties and seventies. As part of the master plan, a renovation programme of these historic buildings of Monument Woudestein was commissioned to Gerard Frishert in 2004. Erasmus University had expressed its wish to improve the buildings without compromising their original character. As a result, Frishert’s restoration maintains the original simple design, making use of the large windows that allow natural daylight to sweep Image © AHEC

through the building, brightening up the stylish interior, which now features red oak ceilings. When Monument Woudestein was originally built, the ceilings and walls were a combination of grey concrete and dark wood strips, which created a gloomy atmosphere. The re-fit of the ceilings was therefore a key objective of the renovation. Working closely with Derako ceiling suppliers for guidance, Frishert chose to replace the old ceilings with the warm tones of American red oak.

34 | April 2013

Image © AHEC

Image © AHEC


Project Details Renovation Architect: Gerard Frishert BNA/BNSP Client: Erasmus University Main Contractor: Breijer BV Wooden ceiling supplier: Derako International NV Glasswork: GBB Final completion date: September 2012 Construction period: 2008-2012 Gross floor area: 18,000m2 Final budget: EUR 40,000,000 Images: John Lewis Marshall Image © AHEC

Image © AHEC

Image © AHEC

Image © AHEC

April 2013 | 35


Image © AHEC

The first of the buildings to be

In September 2012, the University

study corners have been built in the

renovated was Building A in 2009.

re-opened the renovated C building,

main hallway with bespoke benches

The building comprises all the offices

which includes two auditoriums:

where students can work in between

for the university professors as well

the larger auditorium seats 450

lectures. The warm tones of the red

as the main University auditorium

students and the smaller 350 seats.

oak ceilings contrast beautifully with

(Aula maxima). Some 3,500 m² of red

The C building can host up to 2,300

the muted grey tones of the concrete

oak ceilings were installed, including

students attending different lectures

sections. The area is brightened even

exterior ceilings under the main

or seminars. Over 3,000 m² of

more by two striking glass artworks

covered passage ways. The 15 x 70

American red oak solid wood ceilings

designed by Gerard Frishert to

(mm) solid red oak slats are clipped

were installed both indoors in the

enhance the original architecture.

onto a metal carrier system, which

main hallway of the building and

can be easily dismantled to access

outside under the overhangs of the

programme, the C building on Campus

technical installations underneath.

main buildings and the auditoriums.

Woudestein looks as crisp and modern

The ends of the slats are connected to

The entrance to the Monument is

as it was in 1970! A new Student

one another by pre-tooled tongue and

hugely enhanced by attractive red

Pavilion is currently being built which

groove connections. The grooves on

oak strips that follow the different

will act as a focal point in the middle

the back of the slats have fixing pins.

sloped angles of the overhangs

of the campus. The entire renovation

This method of connection guarantees

under the auditoriums creating

and new build master plan is

a durable and clean butt joint.

intricate patterns. Inside, numerous

scheduled to be completed by 2016.

Image © AHEC

36 | April 2013

After this extensive renovation

Image © AHEC



Thermally-modified hardwoods: An opportunity for America’s temperate species I

n many temperate climates, timber

improve both the dimensional stability

clad buildings, decking, external

and the decay resistance of wood by

wooden structures and wooden

permanently altering its chemical and

windows are not just fashionable,

physical properties. By processing wood

they are the norm, In recent years,

produced from America’s well-managed

however, the trend for timber in these

hardwood forests, thermally-modified

applications has spread further afield,

US hardwoods provides an affordable

including to the Middle East. While

and environmentally-friendly alternative

timber is not a preferred material for

to certain hardwoods that might be

windows in the region, projects going

illegally harvested from endangered

or plank flooring made from heat-treated

up today are featuring wood in many

tropical rainforests.

hardwood lumber may be a solution to

other applications, such as shade

The thermal modification process

growing the available market for solid wood flooring.

structures, gazebos, bridges, decking

limits the ability of the wood to absorb

and outdoor furniture. In the Gulf, there

moisture, so the product is more

is now demand for significant volumes

dimensionally stable and less prone

furniture manufacturers to produce

of both tropical hardwood species and

to cup, warp and twist with changes

wooden outdoor furniture made from

pressure or chemically- treated softwood

in relative humidity. This increase

thermally-modified hardwoods and offer

species, offering high performance in

in dimensional stability significantly

it as an alternative to traditional species,

external applications. However, growing

extends the service life of applied

such as teak. In principle, heat-treated

environmental awareness and stricter

finishes, reducing maintenance costs.

hardwood furniture could be made from

environmental regulations are forcing

The thermal modification process also

lower-cost species, such as ash, red oak,

developers to look for timber from

removes those nutrients in wood that

tulipwood and soft maple. While this

sources, which have a proven record

would otherwise provide a food source

lower-material cost furniture might not

of sustainable management and low

for insects and wood-destroying fungi.

take market share away from teak, it

environmental impact. The process of

As a result, the end products do not

could win significant market share from

thermal modification (also known as

contain any toxic chemicals to improve

metal and plastic furniture.

heat treatment) is now able to provide

longevity and performance.

temperate hardwood species with

There is also an opportunity for

Heat-treated hardwoods also offer the possibility to produce more specialized

the requisite durability and resistance

Opportunities for End Use

to decay that was, traditionally, only

Thermal modification opens up

looking for something unique in their

offered by tropical hardwoods. Whilst

tremendous opportunities for

homes. For instance, heat-treated wood

the concept is not a new one, thermal

manufacturers of wood products. The

has been used to replace tiles on a

modification today is an industrial

improved moisture resistance and

shower floor. In Europe, heat-treated

process, using painstakingly developed

dimensional stability of thermally-

wood has also been commonly used in

technology and it truly represents a new

modified hardwoods make them an

spas for sauna benches because of its

opportunity for American hardwoods.

excellent option for wood flooring in

durability and low heat transfer.

Thermally-modified hardwoods

spaces where solid wood flooring has

wood products for those consumers

Homes with decks, balconies and

traditionally been ruled out for reasons

patios are also potential spaces for heat-

The thermal modification process, a clean

such as contact with water. Whilst,

treated hardwoods. Composite decking

and energy efficient technology, uses

engineered wood floors have been

products tend to be commonly specified,

high heat in a controlled atmosphere to

substituted in many of these areas, strip

however treated softwoods or cedar are

38 | April 2013


also used. Heat-treated hardwoods have the potential to replace both, particularly for those building on the waterfront. The thermal modification process also sequesters carbon within the wood, giving the end product a rich brown color. The appearance and uniform coloration rival that of many tropical hardwood species and its color alone may be enough to win over end users, as has been the case with numerous furniture manufacturers around the world who are just discovering this material for the first time.

Green credentials While the use of heat and, therefore, energy consumption may draw criticism from environmentalists, the end product does indeed deliver on the environmental claims it makes. In a comparison between heat-treated lumber and chemicallytreated lumber, a recent Life Cycle Assessment conducted in Europe found that the former had about the same carbon impact on the environment as the latter, primarily because thermal modification relies on heat. However, heat-treated lumber is ‘greener’ than Image © AHEC

chemically treated lumber because of the lack of chemicals used. Furthermore, in the case of American hardwoods, thermallymodified lumber can be also be positively differentiated in the marketplace due to the long history of good forest governance and management practices in the U.S hardwood industry. Thermally-modified American hardwoods may also be the first truly green lumber resource that performs better and costs less than alternative products developed to replace wood.

Market potential and the future The potential for thermally-modified American hardwoods is certainly promising, both in established markets as well as in developing ones. Somewhat limited availability may be a constraining factor for the immediate future, but this is changing very quickly, as producers adopt the technology across the United States, Canada and also in Europe and Asia. As the product becomes better known, it is anticipated that its potential as an alternative option in exterior applications or in wet environments will be exploited widely. Its consistent rich brown color, its dimensional stability, resistance to decay and its environmental credentials all point to it being one of the most exciting new products the wood industry has been Image © AHEC

able to offer in recent years.

April 2013 | 39


Species Focus

American Hardwoods

Image Š AHEC

he hardwood forests of the


The Sustainable Resource

processing industry, which depends

eastern United States contain

The American hardwood industry,

upon this resource, is the largest

a wide range of temperate

which dates back to the first European

producer of sawn hardwood in the

hardwood species, which have been

settlers, has a wealth of experience

world. In recent years, the U.S. has

managed for commercial and non-

in processing the native hardwoods

substantially increased exports and

commercial purposes since the turn

of North America. The U.S. hardwood

through careful management of its

of the 20th century. Hardwoods from

resource is mainly located in the east

forests, the United States is growing

America offer specifiers, manufacturers

from Maine in the North to the Gulf of

more hardwood each year than it

and end-users around the world

Mexico in the South, and westwards

harvests, ensuring reliable and long

a great variety of color, grain and

across to the Mississippi valley.

term supplies. As the world faces

character; from the warm, darker

America also has more temperate

up to environmental change, with

tones of walnut, red alder, elm, cherry

hardwood species than any other

sustainability the watchword for

and red oak to the lighter hues of

region of the world.

natural materials, the good news is that the net volume of hardwood

white oak, maple and ash. Many of

Few other countries can boast

these species also have interesting

the success America has had in the

growing stock in the USA has increased

color contrasts between the sapwood

sustainability of its hardwood forests.

from 184,090 million cubic feet in

and heartwood, with species such

Due to the intensive application of

1953 to just under 400,000 million

as hickory, sapgum and tulipwood

Best Management Practices (BMP),

cubic feet in 2007 (Resource Planning

displaying exciting color variation

the hardwood forests of America

Act Assessment 2007).

within their heartwood as well. Most

support a vibrant healthy stand of

of the species can be used for a

timber, as well as a large and diverse

for independent assurances that U.S.

wide range of applications, from fine

wildlife population, clean rivers and

hardwoods derive from legal and

furniture and cabinets to internal

streams, and a host of recreational

sustainable sources, the American

joinery such as doors, stairs and

activities. The last 80 years of

Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has

panelling. The physical properties of

improved forest management

published an Assessment of Lawful

some species, such as the oaks, hard

and state and federal regulations,

Harvesting and Sustainability of U.S.

maple, ash, walnut and hickory make

together with greater silvicultural

Hardwood Exports. This report was

them ideal for flooring. An important

understanding and public desire to

prepared by independent consultants

factor for manufacturers is that both

conserve forests, have resulted in a

and peer reviewed. The research

veneer and solid lumber are available

dramatic recovery and renewal of the

provides confirmation of the legal and

in most species, ensuring a good match

American hardwood resource.

sustainable status of U.S. hardwood

for any project.

40 | April 2013

The hardwood sawmilling and

Responding to increasing demands

forest management.


Physical & Mechanical Properties Specific gravity (12% MC)

Average weight (12% MC), Kg/m3

Average volumetric shrinkage (Green to 6% MC), %

Modulus of Rupture MPa

Modulus of Elasticity, MPa

Compressive strength (parallel to grain), MP

Hardness, N

















































Hard maple








Acer rubrum








Acer macrophyllum








Quercus rubra








Quercus falcata








White oak
























Soft maple

Red oak

Lawrence Lumber Company Inc.

Our Hardwood concentration yard in Maiden, NC is near Highway 321 and Interstate 40 where we process quality kiln dried Appalachian Hardwood lumber in these four species Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar and Ash. We: • sell kiln dried Red and White Oak in 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses; Poplar in 4/4 through 12/4 thicknesses; and Ash in 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses. The grades of lumber we sell are No. 2 Common and better. P.O. Box 750 Maiden, NC 28650 • We are now a direct importer of African Mahogany lumber and can Tel: (828) 428-5601 Fax: (828) 428-5602 furnish you with kiln-dried 4/4 - 8/4 thicknesses of this species. website: • have 800,000 board feet per charge of dry kiln capacity counting our For Appalachian Hardwood lumber sales contact Steve Staryak at new predryer/dry kiln and five dry kilns. We also have two fan sheds totaling 500 MBF capacity. (828) 428-5601, or email him at Green lumber vendors please contact Steve Leonard at (828) 446-0845, or • have dedicated employees with many years of experience who are getting your orders prepared to your exact specifications. email him at • inspect our lumber after kiln drying. • offer many services like export prep, mixed truckloads, container loading, dipping our lumber in ISK Biocides’ chemicals, S2S, SLR1E, and width sorting. • process and sell 18 to 20 million board feet a year of the lumber species we deal in.


April 2013 | 41


American Red Oak Quercus spp.

American Walnut Juglans nigra

American White Oak Quercus spp.

General Description

General description

General description

The sapwood of red oak is white to light

The sapwood of walnut is creamy white, while

White oak is similar in color and appearance to

brown and the heartwood is often a pinkish

the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate

European oak. The sapwood of American white

reddish brown. The wood is similar in general

brown, occasionally with a purplish cast and

oak is light colored and the heartwood is light

appearance to white oak, but with a slightly less

darker streaks. Walnut is usually supplied

to dark brown. White oak is mostly straight

pronounced figure due to the smaller rays and

steamed, which darkens the sapwood, but

grained with a medium to coarse texture, with

a more porous end grain structure. The wood is

a very unique look can also be achieved by

longer rays than red oak. White oak, therefore,

mostly straight grained with a coarse texture.

leaving it natural. The wood is generally straight

has more figure.

Other Common names Northern red oak, Southern red oak

Distribution & Availability

grained, but sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive and decorative

Other Common names

figure. The dark heartwood will lighten in color

Northern white oak, Southern white oak

as it ages over time with exposure to UV light.

Widespread throughout Eastern USA. The oaks

Other Common names

are by far the largest species group growing in

Black walnut, American walnut

the Eastern hardwood forests. Red oaks grow

Distribution and availability Widespread throughout Eastern USA. The white oak group comprises many species, of which about eight are commercial. Very widely

more abundantly than the white oaks. The red

Distribution and availability

oak group comprises many species, of which

Throughout Eastern USA, but principal

about eight are commercial. Excellent availability

commercial region is the central United States.

as lumber or veneer in a wide range of grades

One of the few American species planted as

Physical and mechanical properties

and specifications. Red oak is often classified

well as naturally regenerated. Reasonable

A hard and heavy wood with medium bending

according to growing regions and marketed as

availability in both lumber and veneer.

and crushing strength, low in stiffness, but

Northern red oak and Southern red oak.

Physical & Mechanical Properties

Physical and mechanical properties

available in lumber and veneer, in a full range of grades and specifications.

very good in steam bending. Its good overall strength means it is increasingly being used

Walnut is a tough, hard timber of medium

by architects and designers in structural

The wood is hard and heavy, with medium

density, with moderate bending and crushing


bending strength and stiffness and high crushing

strengths and low stiffness. It has a good steam

strength. It is very good for steam bending.

bending classification.

Working Properties

Working Properties

Red oak machines well; nailing and screwing

Walnut works easily with hand and machine

reacts with iron, galvanized or copper nails

is good although pre-boring is recommended,

tools, and nails, screws and glues well. It holds

are recommended. Its adhesive properties

and it can be stained and polished to a very

paints and stains very well and can be polished

are variable, but it stains and polishes to a

good finish. It performs best when dried slowly,

to an exceptional finish. It performs best

good finish. The wood dries slowly and care

reducing the opportunity for degrade such as

when dried slowly, reducing the opportunity

is needed to avoid checking. Due to its high

splits and warp. It has a high shrinkage and can

for degrade. Walnut has good dimensional

shrinkage, it can be susceptible to movement

be susceptible to movement in performance


in performance under variable moisture

under variable moisture conditions.

Main Uses

Main Uses

Working Properties White oak machines well, nails and screws well, although pre-boring is advised. As it


Furniture, cabinet making, architectural

Main Uses

Construction, furniture, flooring, architectural

interiors, high-class joinery, doors, flooring,

Construction, furniture, flooring, architectural

interiors, internal joinery, stairs and mouldings,

gunstocks and panelling. A favored wood for

joinery, exterior joinery, mouldings, doors,

doors, kitchen cabinets, panelling and coffins. Not

using in contrast with lighter colored timbers.

kitchen cabinets, panelling, railway sleepers,

suitable for tight cooperage. Red oak can vary in color, texture, characteristics and properties according to the growing region. It is therefore recommended that users and specifiers work closely with their suppliers to make sure the wood they order is suited to their specific needs.

42 | April 2013

timber bridges, barrel staves and coffins.


American Ash Fraxinus spp.

American Cherry Prunus serotina

American Hard Maple Acer saccharum, Acer nigrum

General description

General description

General Description

American ash is similar in appearance to European

The heartwood of American cherry varies from

The sapwood is creamy white with a slight

ash. The sapwood is light colored to nearly white

rich red to reddish brown and will darken on

reddish brown tinge and the heartwood varies

and the heartwood varies from greyish brown to

exposure to light. In contrast the sapwood is

from light to dark reddish brown. The amount of

light brown, to pale yellow streaked with brown.

creamy white. Cherry can be supplied steamed,

darker brown heartwood can vary significantly

The wood is generally straight grained with a

to darken sapwood or left unsteamed. The

according to growing region. Both sapwood

coarse uniform texture. The degree and availability

wood has a fine uniform straight grain, smooth

and heartwood can contain pith fleck. The

of light colored sapwood, and other properties,

texture, and may naturally contain brown pith

wood has a close fine texture and is generally

will vary according to the growing regions. For

flecks and small gum pockets.

straight grained, but it can also occur as ‘curly’,

example, Southern ash lumber will be faster grown and contain more sapwood and therefore, a

Other Common names

higher percentage of white color, but compared to

American black cherry

Northern ash, it has a more open texture and grain.

Other Common names

Distribution and availability

‘fiddleback’, and ‘birdseye’ figure.

Other Common names Sugar maple, black maple

Found throughout Eastern USA, but main

Distribution and availability

commercial areas are Pennsylvania, Virginia,

Eastern USA, principally Northeastern and

West Virginia and New York State. Although

Lake States. A cold weather tree favoring a

cherry accounts for less than 2 percent of

more northerly climate. Widely available as

Distributed throughout Eastern USA. Good

the growing hardwood resource, it is widely

lumber and veneer. The higher quality grades

availability as lumber and veneer. The lumber is

available in a full range of specifications and

of lumber are available selected for white color

often classified according to growing regions and

grades as both lumber and veneer.

(sapwood), although this can limit availability.

Northern ash, Southern ash

Distribution and availability

marketed as Northern ash and Southern ash. It is sometimes separated for color and sold as

Physical and mechanical properties

white ash (sapwood) or brown ash (heartwood).

The wood is of medium density with good

American ash can comprise a number of

wood bending properties. It has low stiffness,

commercial sub species and is available in a

medium strength and shock resistance.

wide range of grades and specifications as

Figured maple (birdseye, curly, fiddleback) is generally only available in commercial volumes as veneer.

Physical and mechanical properties The wood is hard and heavy with good

lumber and veneer. Note that white ash is the

Working Properties

commercial name for Fraxinus americana.

Cherry is easy to machine. It nails and glues

resistance to abrasion and wear. It also has

well and when sanded, stained and polished,

good steam bending properties.

Physical and mechanical properties

it produces an excellent smooth finish. It dries

strength properties, in particular its high

Ash has very good overall strength properties

fairly quickly with moderately large shrinkage,

Working Properties

relative to its weight. It has excellent shock

but is dimensionally stable after kilning.

Hard maple dries slowly with a large

resistance and is good for steam bending.

Working Properties

Main Uses

shrinkage, so it can be susceptible to movement in performance. Pre-boring is

Furniture and cabinet making, high-class

recommended when nailing and screwing.

Ash machines well, is good in nailing, screwing

joinery, kitchen cabinets, mouldings, panelling,

With care it machines well, turns well, glues

and gluing, and can be stained and polished to

flooring, doors, boat interiors, musical

satisfactorily, and can be stained and polished

a very good finish. It dries fairly easily with

instruments, turning and carving. The subtle

to an outstanding finish.

minimal degrade, and good stability means

range of red tones found in the heartwood

there is little movement in performance.

have made this species very fashionable for

Main Uses

many high end applications.

Flooring, furniture, panelling, kitchen cabinets,

Main Uses

worktops and table tops, interior joinery:

Furniture, flooring, doors, architectural

stairs, handrails, mouldings, and doors. The

interiors, high class joinery and moulding,

hard wearing properties and tight smooth grain

kitchen cabinets, panelling, tool handles, sports

make this species ideal for high traffic flooring

goods and turning. A versatile, good-looking

applications, such as theatres, concert halls,

wood, offering great value for a wide range of

gymnasiums and basketball courts.

joinery and furniture applications.

April 2013 | 43


American Soft Maple Acer rubrum, Acer saccharinum

American Alder Alnus rubra

American Tulipwood Liriodendron tulipifera

General Description

General description

General description

In most respects the wood of soft maple is very

Red alder is almost white when freshly cut

The sapwood is creamy white and may be

similar to that of hard maple, although due to its

but quickly changes on exposure to air to

streaked, with the heartwood varying from pale

widespread growth it may be more susceptible

light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge.

yellowish brown to olive green. The green color in

to regional color variations. Generally the

Heartwood is formed only in trees of advanced

the heartwood will tend to darken on exposure to

sapwood is greyish white, sometimes with

age and there is no visible boundary between

UV light and turn brown. The wood has a medium

darker colored pith flecks, and the heartwood

sap and heartwood. The wood is fairly straight

to fine texture and is straight grained. The size of

varies from light to dark reddish brown. The

grained with a uniform texture.

the sapwood and some physical characteristics

wood is usually straight grained. The lumber is generally sold unselected for color.

Other Common names Red maple, silver maple

Distribution and availability

Other Common names Red alder, Western red alder, Western alder

Distribution and availability West coast USA, principally the Pacific North West, where it is the most common commercial

will vary according to growing regions. The wood has many desirable characteristics and is suitable for a wide variety of important uses. Tulipwood is not a poplar (Populus) and has many superior properties. However the tree resembles the shape of the European poplar, hence its name in the USA.

Wide distribution throughout Eastern USA,

hardwood. Available in a range of grades

Other Common names

however, Pacific coast/big leaf maple (Acer

and specifications as both rough lumber and

Yellow poplar (USA), tulip poplar (USA), canary

macrophyllum) grows exclusively in the Pacific

dimension stock, although veneer production is


Northwest. Availability is improving as demand

more limited.

increases in export markets.

Physical and mechanical properties

Physical and mechanical properties

Distribution and availability Widespread throughout Eastern USA. Widely

Red alder is a relatively soft hardwood of

available in a full range of standard lumber

Soft maple is about 25 percent less hard

medium density that has low bending strength,

thicknesses. Excellent availability as lumber and

than hard maple, has medium bending and

shock resistance and stiffness.

veneer. Tulipwood is one of the largest trees

crushing strength, and is low in stiffness and

in the U.S. forest and can produce very wide

shock resistance. It has good steam bending

Working Properties


Red alder machines well and is excellent for

knot free. It represents around 9 percent of the

turning and polishing. It nails, screws and glues

standing hardwood resource, which ensures

well, and can be sanded, painted, or stained

continuity and volume supply to export markets.

Working Properties

and long specifications, which are relatively

Soft maple machines well and can be stained

to a very good finish. It dries easily with little

and polished to an excellent finish. It glues,

degrade and has good dimensional stability

Physical and mechanical properties

screws, and nails satisfactorily. It dries slowly

after drying.

A medium density wood with low bending, shock

with minimal degrade and has good stability

resistance, stiffness and compression values,

which means there is little movement in

Main Uses


Furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, interior

Tulipwood is very strong for its weight and is

mouldings, turning, carving and kitchen

ideal for laminated beams and structures.

Main Uses

utensils. Widely used by furniture industries

with a medium steam bending classification.

Furniture, panelling, interior joinery,

around the world, its color makes it an ideal

Working Properties

kitchen cabinets, mouldings, doors, musical

substitute for cherry.

A versatile timber that is easy to machine,

instruments, and turning. Soft maple is often

plane, turn, glue and bore. It dries easily with

used as a substitute for hard maple or stained

minimal degrade. It has very good dimensional

to resemble other species such as cherry. Its

stability and has little tendency to split when

physical and working properties also make it a

nailed. It takes and holds paint, enamel and

possible substitute for beech.

stain exceptionally well.

Main Uses Construction, furniture, interior joinery, kitchen cabinets, doors, panelling, mouldings, edgedglued panels, plywood (USA), turning and carving.

44 | April 2013


American Hickory & Pecan Carya spp.

American Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis

American Basswood Tilia americana

General description

General description

General Description

The hickories are an important group within the

Yellow birch has a white sapwood and light

The sapwood of basswood is usually quite

eastern hardwood forests. Botanically, they are

reddish brown heartwood. The wood is

large and creamy white in color, merging into

split into two groups; the true hickories, and

generally straight grained with a fine uniform

the heartwood, which is pale to reddish brown,

the pecan hickories (fruit bearing). The wood is


sometimes with darker streaks. The wood has

virtually the same for both and is usually sold

a fine uniform texture and indistinct grain that

together. The sapwood of hickory and pecan is

Distribution and availability

white, tinged with brown while the heartwood

Eastern USA, principally Northern and Lake

is pale to reddish brown. Both are coarse

States. Reasonable availability, but more

Other Common names

textured and the grain is usually straight but

limited if selected for color, i.e. red birch

Linden, American whitewood, American linn

can be wavy or irregular.

(heartwood) or white birch (sapwood).

Distribution and availability Eastern USA, principal commercial areas are the Central and Southern states. Readily

is straight.

Increasingly found in export markets, although

Distribution and availability

volumes produced may limit sizes and grades

Eastern USA, principally the Northern and Lake


States, where there is reasonable availability as lumber and veneer. Lumber is produced in a

available, but more limited if sold selected

Physical and mechanical properties

for color as either red or white hickory or

The wood of yellow birch is heavy, hard

pecan. For export, lumber may be limited in

and strong. It has very good wood bending

the higher grades and available mainly in

properties, with good crushing strength and

Physical and mechanical properties

thinner stock.

shock resistance.

The wood is light and soft with generally low

Physical and mechanical properties

Working Properties

The density and strength of the hickories will

The wood works fairly easily, glues well with

vary according to the rate of growth, with the

care, takes stain and polish extremely well,

Working Properties

true hickories generally showing higher values

and nails and screws satisfactorily where

Basswood machines well and is easy to work

than the pecan hickories. The wood is well

pre-boring is advised. It dries rather slowly

with hand tools making it a premier carving

known for its very good strength and shock

with little degrade, but it has moderately high

wood. It nails, screws, and glues fairly well

resistance and it also has excellent steam

shrinkage, so can be susceptible to movement

and can be sanded, stained, and polished to a

bending properties.

in performance.

good smooth finish. It dries fairly rapidly with

Working Properties

Main Uses

The hickories are considered difficult to

Furniture, internal joinery and panelling, doors,

machine and glue, and are very hard to work

flooring, kitchen cabinets, turning and toys.

with hand tools, so care is needed. They hold

range of thicknesses, specifications and grades, although volumes may be limited.

strength properties and a poor steam bending classification.

little distortion or degrade. It has a fairly large shrinkage but good dimensional stability when dry.

Main Uses

nails and screws well, but there is a tendency

Other Information

to split so pre-boring is advised. The wood can

Often sorted for sap (sapwood) or red

mouldings, interior joinery and musical

be sanded and polished to a good finish. It can

(heartwood). When sorted for color, the FAS

instruments. An important specialized use is

be difficult to dry and has a large shrinkage,

grade will allow a 5-inch minimum width.

Venetian blinds or internal window shutters.

which may affect stability under variable

Paper birch is a much softer textured birch

moisture conditions.

species, which is lighter in color, with scattered

Other Information

brown flecks and should not be confused with

Often produced in 9/4 (57.15mm) thickness

yellow birch.

for venetian blinds. Pin knots and light brown

Main Uses

Carving, turning, furniture, pattern-making,

Tool handles, furniture, cabinetry, flooring,

mineral streaks are a natural characteristic and

wooden ladders, dowels and sporting goods.

not considered a defect.

Hickory is increasingly being exported for flooring, for its attractive rustic look and hardwearing properties.

April 2013 | 45

American red oak Hakkasan Dubai, Executive Architects: Woods Bagot

Natural Selection. American Hardwood.

Each kilogram of U.S. hardwood product stores the equivalent of 1.835 kilograms of CO for as long as it remains in use.

For more information visit: Follow us on Twitter


Preview 8 Dubai International Wood th

and Wood Machinery Show


he 8th edition of the Dubai WoodShow is set to take place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 11 this year. With over 300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries expected to take part, the show remains the leading exhibition in the region that offers a chance for the timber industry to meet wood and woodworking professionals and develop ideas for increasing

the range and quality of business and learn about new techniques and sources of supply. As a must-attend event for anyone who is passionate about wood, the exhibition is the UAE’s largest convention for distributors, suppliers, interior designers, furniture manufacturers, carpenters, wholesale traders and retailers, building material manufacturers, construction suppliers and project developers. The exhibitor profile for the event include the latest products and innovations in MDF, plywood, hardwood, softwood, veneers, timbers, parquet, laminates, finished wood merchandise, paper products, as well as wood machineries and related products and services Timber Design & Technology throws the spotlight on some of the exhibitors at the show this year.

American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) Stand N1 At the Dubai WoodShow, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry, will be hosting a pavilion that will see the participation of nineteen U.S. hardwood lumber and veneer exporters under the banner of the American Hardwood Pavilion. AHEC’s participation at ‘Dubai WoodShow 2013’ is aimed at promoting American hardwoods in the face of increasing demand for timber across the GCC and wider Middle East region. The American Hardwood Pavilion will serve to highlight the variety of American hardwood species while also throwing the spotlight on the benefits of the value-added processes undertaken to supply such a high quality and high yielding raw material. Representing the committed exporters among U.S. hardwood companies and all the major U.S. hardwood production trade associations, AHEC runs a worldwide programme to promote American hardwoods in over 50 export markets, concentrating on providing architects, specifiers, designers and end-users with technical information on the range of species, products and sources of supply.

Farlin Timbers FZE Stand J-1A Farlin Timbers FZE, a subsidiary of the globally renowned Farlin Group of Companies, is a leading supplier of timber in the Middle East with a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability among its partners. Dedicated to excellence and customer service, it is little wonder that they are the trusted partner of choice for a wide variety of products, including timber logs, sawn timber, plywood, MDF and panel products from across the world. Farlin Timbers is an integral part of the Farlin Group of Companies - the Singapore based multinational that provides superior quality materials to diverse industries globally. A 24-year legacy of experience has helped forge the Group as a highly successful global organization with a turnover in excess of USD 1 billion and a reputation of integrity, honesty and reliability in the international market. With offices across the world committed to unparalleled service and competitive value, the Farlin Group is an outstanding choice of all building materials and energy sectors needs.

April 2013 | 47


Baillie Lumber Stand N-2G Baillie Lumber is one of North America’s largest hardwood lumber manufacturers, distributors and exporters, providing hardwood logs, hardwood lumber and proprietary grade hardwood lumber products. Founded in 1923, Baillie has grown from a regional supplier of American hardwoods to an international hardwood manufacturer that can ship hardwood lumber to any region of the world. Today, Baillie is a leading provider of hardwood logs, hardwood lumber and proprietary grade hardwood lumber products with hardwood manufacturing facilities that are spread north to south in the eastern United States. The company owns and operates several sawmills and concentration yards, which are conveniently located near the principal North American shipping routes and seaports. In addition, Baillie also maintains relationships with several partner mills and suppliers in the U.S. and internationally, which supplement its own hardwood manufacturing capabilities thereby giving the company a breadth of specie availability unmatched by other hardwood manufacturers. The main species that the company currently supplies includes white oak, red oak, hard maple, soft maple, walnut, cherry, ash, poplar, African mahogany, genuine mahogany, and sapele.

Lawrence Lumber Company (LLC) Stand N-3E Lawrence Lumber Company is a 28-acre hardwood concentration yard located in Maiden, NC at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. Built in 2000 by the Gori family of Rome, Italy, Lawrence Lumber utilizes state of the art technology for their Appalachian hardwoods to produce 18 million board feet per year. The company offers Kiln Dried Red Oak, White Oak, and White Ash in 4/4 through 8/4 and Poplar in 4/4 through 12/4, all 2 common and better qualities. In addition, ship and dry lumber is also available upon request. Load to load, Lawrence Lumber is committed to ensuring its customers receive the finest quality lumber that enables them to get the best yield out of the products they are manufacturing.

Chabros International Group Stand J-6 Chabros is a leading producer and supplier of wood and veneer and a distributor of a wide range of interior and exterior products that have been specified and used in major high-end projects throughout the Middle East for over 40 years. With an aim to cater to the innovative needs of woodworking professionals, architects & interior designers as well as contractors, Chabros has established overseas production units and distribution points throughout the Middle East Region, targeting businesses that are in search for quality products and exceptional service. In addition to its strong regional presence, Chabros is always devoted to expand its range of products to provide original and fresh design solutions to the market. The company has been in business since the early 1960s, and has evolved to become one of the largest distributors of Wood & Veneer, Parquet & Decking, Marquetry & Mother of Pearl. Chabros has also added a line of services to its current product offerings including veneer stitching & pressing, sanding, veneer finger jointing, parquet and exterior decking installation as well as teak yacht decking.

48 | April 2013


Dubai WoodShow Seminar Following on from the success of the ‘Timber Legality’ seminar organized at the Dubai WoodShow 2012, the next edition will play host to a full-day seminar where relevant issues that play crucial roles in the wood and woodworking machinery industry will be presented and discussed by experts. The seminar on timber and its use in the GCC will benefit participants, both exhibitors and visitors, immensely as it presents the right platform to learn more about timely issues and to discuss their impact on industry businesses and related areas of interest. A panel of expert speakers will present and discuss topics such as ‘UAE Standards and Specifications’; ‘Wood Utilization in the Gulf’; ‘Dubai Green Building Codes’; ‘Introduction to Green Building Core - LEED GA’; ‘LCA for Wood’; ‘Innovation in Sustainability’; and other related topics. The speakers have been selected from a host of different organizations including the UAE Society of Engineers; the Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology; American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC); Dubai Municipality; and Dubai Central Laboratory amongst others.

Wemhöner Surface Technologies

Wemhöner first exported presses to countries outside Europe in the

Stand L-2B

1950s, pioneering the opening of formerly sealed markets in Eastern

Technology, quality, and innovation have been the three pillars in the

Europe and Asia. Today, Wemhöner is among the top providers

success story of Wemhöner over more than 85 years. Traditionally

of presses and panel line equipment for wood and non-wood

linked with the wood based panel industry, the furniture industry

products on account of its ability to observe and respond to market

and their suppliers, Wemhöner, which was founded in 1925, employs

changes whilst also pacing its technological advances. Through

around 250 people who produce machines and equipment for value

careful planning and solid craftsmanship, Wemhöner has proven its

adding of wood based panels. Today machines and machine lines are

continued expertise and knowledge and has established itself as a

produced on a production area of more than 12.000 m².

firm technological leader.

April 2013 | 49


Strongwood Stand J-1C3 Strongwood is an international trading company providing construction materials solutions to meet a wide range of specifications and requirements. The company set up its office in

Date: 9-11 April 2013 Venue: Halls 6, 7 & 8

Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the aim of supplying softwoods, plywood, MDF for use in construction in the Middle East. Since then, it has rapidly grown to become a leading supplier of softwoods, hardwoods, plywood, MDF to the UAE and wider Middle East region as well as to global markets.

Location: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center Timings: 10:00- 18:00

As the agents of SVEZA, the world’s largest producer of Birch plywood, the company’s participation at Dubai WoodShow 2013 will serve to highlight SVEZA’s Film Faced Birch Plywood - a high-quality plywood with special film. The product has a laminated surface that stops moisture from penetrating and that provides resistance

Exhibition Size: 14,000+ square meters Expected Visitors: 10,000+ specialized trade visitors

to abrasion, aggressive environments, fungus and mold. Further, its’ edges are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint. This type of plywood is widely used in the construction industry in formwork systems for cast-in-situ construction.

PVS International Stand J1BA PVS International is a global leader in the supply chain management of wood products. Guided by a philosophy to provide quality and sustainable wood, it is a leading supplier to major industries including construction, packaging and furniture manufacture. PVS International operates in 8 countries and employs over 150 people worldwide. The company established its first office in Singapore in 1992 for the purpose of sourcing Malaysian hardwoods for use in construction in the Middle Eastern markets. Since then, it has grown to become a leading supplier of logs, sawn timber, wood panels and other finished wood products worldwide. With purchasing offices located in China, Malaysia, Brazil and Romania, the company has developed its proprietary supply chain management system where quality control and timely deliveries are given the utmost priority. By constantly opening new markets and discovering alternate sources of supply, PVS International has made significant progress towards achieving its goal of becoming a global trader. United Agencies is the exclusive worldwide sales representative for PVS International. It began with the aim of creating a comprehensive sales network for construction materials in the Middle East and has grown since then to include Africa, Europe, the Indian Sub-continent and South America. What makes United Agencies unique is its strategy to only tie up with suppliers on an exclusive basis to avoid any inter-agency competition within any particular market.

50 | April 2013

Expected Exhibitors: 300+


DANZER strengthens its presence in the Gulf Image © DANZER


ANZER, a leading global

hardwood products. Customers

and innovative product, ‘DANZER

timber company, which

around the world are being served

LINEA’, made from real species. The

operates in the Gulf

from a total of 21 sales offices.

result is that the customer gets

region through its subsidiary

DANZER employs some 2,200 people

a consistent high quality veneer,

INTERHOLCO AG, has increased

worldwide (

cut to size. ‘DANZER LINEA’ has

its offerings by opening a veneer

DANZER uses modern techniques,

an excellent yield, compared to a comparable rift cut veneer.

sales division. DANZER specializes

employs highly skilled people and

in the manufacture of decorative

runs eco-friendly operations to keep

real wooden surfaces, logs and

the impact on the forest as low as

second product, ‘DANZER FIGURA’.

sawn timber from high-quality

possible. Forest areas are being

Figured veneer is costly and often

hardwoods. The company ethos is

prepared for generations to come

hard to get. Only a few veneer logs

one of quality and reliability and this

and DANZER provides its employees

exhibit a highly decorative figure

comes through in every aspect of

with education, healthcare, technical

but DANZER has developed a new

the business. Everything they do is

and managerial training programmes

process that secures a consistent

designed to satisfy their customers.

as well as logistics in order to favor

supply of fine figure across a wide

rural development and enhance

variety of species reducing cost and

customer service.

offering better supply.

The company is represented in Europe, North America, Africa

DANZER have also developed a

Through the opening of a new

DANZER has also been present in

manages its own forests and forest

veneer sales division in the Gulf

the Gulf region for quite some time

concessions, operates veneer plants

region, DANZER now offers a

through INTERHOLCO AG (IHC), which

and sawmills, and runs production

consistent supply of high quality rift

is a subsidiary of the company. IHC

plants for the manufacture of

cut veneer at a competitive price.

was founded by DANZER in 1962.

technical and 3D veneers. The

This is often challenging but DANZER

The company has its head office in

various sites process primarily

has developed a reliable and cost

Baar, Switzerland, and the company

regional timbers into high-quality

effective solution with its new

has extensive experience with Africa

and Asia. DANZER sustainably

52 | April 2013


DANZER Facts & Figures Business units - Veneer - Lumber - Timber - Specialty Division (Vinterio & 3D-Veneer) Market position - One of the largest producer of FSC Certified African Logs & lumber - Largest producer of decorative veneer worldwide - One of the top ten producers of hardwood lumber in North America and Africa Staff and operations - Approx. 2,200 employees - 4 veneer factories, 1 Vinterio factory, 1 3D-Veneer factory, 2 sawmills, 21 sales outlets - 2.9 million acres (1.16 million hectares) of well managed forest concessions in Africa (certified according to the FSC-standard). - 48,000 acres (20,000 hectares) of well managed forests in North America Europe - 2 veneer factories, 1 Vinterio factory, 1 3D-Veneer factory - 7 sales outlets North & South America - 2 veneer factories, 1 sawmill - 11 sales outlets Africa - 1 sawmill - 1 sales outlet Asia - 2 sales outlets


April 2013 | 53


and manages its own concession in the Republic of Congo with 1.2 million hectares of FSC certified forests. Since its formation the company has continuously developed its market position for African logs and lumber. Sapelli, Sipo, Bossé, Tiama, Iroko, Wengé, Afrormosia, Tola and Khaya / Acajou make up the large majority of the IHC product range. Customers include manufacturers of flooring, windows, stairs and terrace decking as well as importers and boat builders. In its industrial operations at the sawmill level, modern working Image © DANZER

processes are being used so as to offer a wide range of products. Logs are available in a lot of various qualities, lumber in random and fixed dimensions, strips, decking, laminated and finger jointed products. In addition, pre-drying capacities and modern kiln-dryers guarantee the regular supply of large volumes of Image © DANZER

KD lumber. IHC is also able to give

Image © DANZER

its customers high quality finished

Through the opening of a new veneer sales division in the Gulf region, DANZER now offers a consistent supply of high quality rift cut veneer at a competitive price

customers, IHC today has created

being close to the forest resource,

customers receive a calculable and

presence in the region and thanks

IHC accumulates lots of experience in

consistent raw material, helping

to its very professional partner,

procurement and production, which

them to reduce their production and

IHC is able to offer top quality,

enables it to service its customer

material cost.

light steamed and pre-planed

products at very competitive pricing, taking advantage of the decreasing availability of Asian species and using African species that adapt well to end user needs, thereby answering the markets call for higher quality lumber. With its office set-up in Bahrain, IHC stays close to its customers and is able to respond to the growing GCC markets. While on the other hand

requirements. IHC’s personal and

By studying the whole industrial

a network of highly respected partners for the worldwide distribution of their products. IHC has created new possibilities in terms of sourcing new species from North America and has also partnered with ABALON Hardwood, a reputed supplier of Beech, a few years ago with an aim to increase its

German and Austrian Beech lumber

daily contact to its production helps

process and discussing with the

across the whole of GCC. Today, 13

customers to have direct access to a

end-users, IHC tries to reduce waste

various grades of Beech lumber and

reliable and consistent raw material

to a possible minimum. For example,

FSC certification are available on

source. They can buy specific grades

the company initiated the production


and products needed and take

of finger-jointed and laminated

advantage of the existing logistical

scantlings directly in Congo/Africa.

working with its sister companies

set-up. IHC customers can also profit

With this new production line, more


from the recognized product quality,

value is being added and timber is

FOREST PRODUCTS, which allows the

which is guaranteed by a well-

getting more competitive again in

company to source white oak, red

organized grading concept based on

comparison to other construction

oak, cherry, walnut, maple and ash

clearly defined grading standards. As

materials used.

from the best areas thereby enabling

such, end users and local importers are easily able to use and resell

Given its transparent sales strategy and support for key

In North America, IHC is

the company to offer consistent quality and quantity. Confident of even more growth

delivered products.

in this region, DANZER will be

While IHC constantly modernizes its production processes, the

participating at the upcoming Dubai

overall yield from the forest until

WoodShow 2013. Its participation

the finished product improves

will allow it to throw the spotlight

considerably. This helps customers

on some of its new innovative

save a lot of time during their sorting

products and also presents an opportunity to talk to the company’s

and production process and increases massively their own yield. As such,

54 | April 2013

Image © DANZER

highly trained specialists.

DANZER Your reliable partner within the decorative veneer and hardwood industry

Interholco AG Your trusted partner for certified legal and sustainable hardwood with decades of experience in procurement and production. Sawn timber, deckings, flooring, fingerjointed products in Afromosia, Iroko, Sapelli, Wenge and many others.

DanzerVeneer When You‘re looking for consistant product quality and large variety of species look to Danzer to help you find a best-fit- solution We work with you to meet your specific projects needs – and to exceed your expectations.


t us at: ease visi


Innovative Hardwood Company Benoit Moreau Phone: 009 73 (0)39 710 630


Danzer Middle East Mahdi Amroussia Mobile: 009 71(0)56 34 998 70 Phone: 009 71(0)44 30 05 42

1, 2013 April 9-1 th O1 oo Hall 8 | B


Top Industry

Exhibitions coming up This season

FOREST AND WOOD 2013 FOREST AND WOOD 2013 is being organized in order to promote the identification of regional and international enterprises working in the sector, as well as to stimulate business development for these enterprises and to increase their sales volumes. The exhibition offers an opportunity for enterprises to position themselves in the sector of forestry and timber by advertising themselves and their new production and services, as well as by showcasing

Forst Live 2013

their achievements in various aspects. The exhibition aims to stimulate sales and production as it attracts a significant number of visitors that are potential clients of the participating enterprises.

Forst Live takes place in Offenburg, Germany and is one of

The show this year is expected to host over 100

the leading exhibitions for forestry technology, wood energy

exhibitors focusing on woodworking machinery and cutting-

and biomass. Over the course of three days, visitors can

edge technologies for the industry. As a leading event, the

experience the entire path of wood - from harvesting in the

exhibition offers a platform for specialists representing

forest and processing to use as fuel. In addition to focusing

the forestry and other related sectors to establish business

on forestry technology, the show also places importance on

relations, offer professional consultancy, and evaluate the

renewable energies. The show is aimed primarily at decision

industry and recent trends. The exhibition will take place

makers in the forestry and agriculture, construction and

alongside the 17th Garden and Floristry Exhibition (GARDEN.

municipal economy, timber crafts and energy industry as

FLORA 2013) and the 10th International Exhibition for

well as interested end consumers.

Agricultural Industry and Infrastructure (RIGAAGRO 2013).

The show features practical demonstrations on machinery and equipment involved in forestry and renewable energy technologies. Experts in this field get the chance to educate those interested in forestry, and also get to communicate amongst themselves on ideas and new techniques that can help better their work. Over 260 exhibitors are expected

Date: 12 - 14 April Venue: International Exhibition Center Location: Kipsala, Latvia Expected Attendees: 18,000+ WEBSITE:

to showcase their offerings in the areas of forestry, timber industry, renewable energies and the general outdoors. Displays will include mobile sawmills, tree stump grinders, woodworking machines, wood splitters, lifts, crane splitters, mobile sawmill


technology, saws and wood chip heating systems.

Date: 12 - 14 April Venue: Exhibition Center Offenburg Location: Offenburg, Germany Timings: 09:00 - 17:30 Expected Attendees: 25,000+ WEBSITE:

TECHNOMEBEL is Bulgaria’s largest specialized exhibition for materials, woodworking machinery and equipment, and furniture manufacturing and will showcase novel technologies and techniques for woodworking and furniture production in addition to a variety of materials, fittings, accessories and improved chemical products for the surface treatment of wood. The exhibition is divided into two main categories: materials and accessories for the furniture industry; and machines and tools for woodworking, furniture production, plus technologies for the woodworking and furniture industry. The exhibition is being held in parallel with the WORLD OF FURNITURE exhibition focusing on end customers and examining new trends in interior and furniture design. As such, this will ensure both experts and the general public are able to witness everything for the furniture industry in one place. According to the organizers, the interest of Bulgarian and foreign companies in the exhibition has remained constant in the last few years - 85 percent of the exhibitors in the 2012 edition were repeat exhibitors.

Date: 23 - 27 April Venue: Inter Expo Center Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Expected Attendees: 23 - 26 April (Tuesday - Friday) 10:00 - 18.30 and 27 April (Saturday) 10:00 - 16:00 WEBSITE:

56 | April 2013


TEKHNODREV Far East 2013


TEKHNODREV Far East is a leading exhibition focusing

gulfBID 2013 is the seventh edition of the annual

on technology, machinery, equipment and tools for

exhibition for the construction industry in the

forestry, logging, woodworking and furniture industry.

Northern Gulf. The event is home to nearly 200

More than 80 participating companies from Russia,

exhibitors representing the core sector of the

Austria, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, China, Finland

construction industry, allowing the specification

and other countries in addition to over 7,500 visitors

of a huge range of products and services,

are expected to participate at the 2013 edition. The

including building and construction, water

exhibition is also a part of the TEKHNODREV All-

technology and environment, heating, ventilation

Russian Network of Woodworking Exhibitions, which

and air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance,

gives manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for

glass and metal, bathrooms and ceramics,

timber companies the opportunity to demonstrate

marble and machinery, and construction plant,

their goods in all regions of the country.

machinery and vehicles.

As a leading event, the exhibition will allow

For exhibitors, the show represents an

exhibitors to demonstrate state-of-the-art examples

opportunity to talk to clients en masse, raise

of equipment for logging, woodworking and furniture

their presence in the marketplace, showcase

industry; create a business platform for manufacturers

products and services, and establish their brand.

and suppliers of equipment, for experts and investors;

Strategically located in Bahrain, the show will

and extend inter-sectoral and inter-regional relations,

provide exhibitors with unique access not only to

whilst promoting related technologies, equipment

the rapidly growing building and interiors sectors

and timber processing tools in regional markets.

within Bahrain but also to Kuwait, Qatar and

The exhibition will also play host to the ‘Far Eastern

Saudi Arabian markets, all of which are easily

Forestry Congress’ - a highly topical program of

accessible by road.

presentations, workshops and displays.

Date: 24 - 27 April Venue: V.I. Lenin Stadium Location: Khabarovsk, Russia Expected Attendees: 7,500+ WEBSITE:

Date: 7 - 9 May Venue: Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center Location: Manama, Bahrain Expected Attendees: 6,000+ WEBSITE:

April 2013 | 57



The show provides a unique and dynamic platform for buyers and suppliers to make contacts and drive future developments in Qatar’s multi-billion construction sector. In

Every two years, about 90,000 wood specialists from around

addition, exhibitors benefit from massive exposure to premier

the world attend LIGNA HANNOVER in Hannover, Germany

regional agents, dealers, buyers and distributors. To maximize

to witness the latest from the world’s leading suppliers of

the number of exhibitors, trade buyers, business developments

plant, machinery and equipment for the forest and timber

and opportunities, Project Qatar 2013 will be held concurrently

industries. Regarded by most as the ultimate benchmark

with Energy Qatar 2013 (the first Energy and Electricity show

event - the fair where new products are launched and new

for Qatar); Qatar Stone Tech 2013; and Heavy Max 2013.

trends are set - a similarly strong turnout is expected this year, despite the difficult economic conditions affecting some regions. Leading companies from industry and the skilled trades are fully represented among the exhibitors given that no other trade fair manages to convey the process chain of wood machining and processing as fully as LIGNA. According to the organizers, LIGNA 2013 will put the

Date: 6 - 9 May Venue: Doha Exhibition Center Location: Doha, Qatar TIMINGS: 16:00 - 22:00 expected attendees: 45,000+ Website:

spotlight on key global megatrends such as sustainable, intelligent production; highly customizable manufacturing systems; and flexibility-enhancing solutions for all levels of industrial operations. Key innovation drivers such as surface technology, lightweight construction, wood-based bioenergy systems and window production technology will also be presented as standalone display categories in addition to a range of exhibits that is unmatched in its depth and diversity. Other hotly anticipated displays include the latest integrated control systems and multi-functional production technologies and the broad range of woodworking exhibits that comprise the ‘Handwerk, Holz & mehr’ showcase.

Date: 6 - 10 May Venue: Hannover Exhibition Center Location: Hannover, Germany TIMINGS: 09:00 - 18:00 expected attendees: 90,000+ website:

Wood Guangzhou 2013 The second Guangzhou International Wood & Wood Products Trade Show (Wood Guangzhou 2013) will be held at the China Import & Export Fair (Pazhou Complex) from May 9-11, 2013. Following the success of the first edition, which was held in March 2012 and attracted more than 118 exhibitors and over 8,000 trade visitors, the organizers are confident of exceeding these figures in 2013. Given that the Guangzhou International Wooden House & Wooden Structure Fair and the Guangzhou International Wood Plastic Composites fair are being concurrently held with Wood Guangzhou, the event serves as the perfect platform to tap into the Chinese market. The exhibition will showcase wood products, logs, processed wood, panels & boards and related materials. Not only is China one of the world’s largest producers of wood

Project Qatar

furniture and wood flooring but it also has a tremendous domestic demand for wood. As such, the exhibition will aim to bring together wood dealers, furniture manufacturers, window and door manufacturers, decoration and designing

Project Qatar celebrates its tenth anniversary as a leading

companies, and other professional buyers with a view

international trade construction, building, environmental

to encourage trade and further develop the wood and

technology and materials exhibition. The event attracts key

woodworking industry in China.

buyers and industry leaders looking for the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the art equipment available on the market. Firmly established as Qatar’s most important exhibition for highlighting the latest products and services needed for the fast growing construction sector in the country, the show has become a must-attend event for regional and international industry professionals.

58 | April 2013

Date: 9 - 11 May Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou Complex) Location: Guangzhou, China expected attendees: 8,000+ Website:


International surfaces and flooring brands confirm their participation at INDEX 2013

INDEX International Design Exhibition is shaping up for another

existing wood flooring collections by Kährs of Sweden, of which

successful edition. The Middle East and North Africa’s largest

they are the exclusive representative in the UAE and Middle

and longest established interiors and design exhibition - now

East. Sarah van der Loo, Marketing Coordinator from Nordic

in its 23rd edition - will take place at the Dubai World Trade

Homeworx comments: “Nordic Homeworx has been exhibiting

Center from Monday 20th till Thursday 23rd of May 2013.

at INDEX for several consecutive years. We were very happy

Architects, interior designers, contractor specifiers, industry

last year when this sector was launched at INDEX. We look

professionals and consumers will be able to see innovative

forward to exhibiting new Kährs wood flooring in the Surfaces

surface materials, decorative paints, flooring, parquet, marble

& Finishes Sector at INDEX 2013.”

& ceramics, metal and glass finishes and natural stone finishes products in the upcoming INDEX 2013. INDEX will cover under one roof all interior and exterior

Wickham Hardwood flooring, another international leader in wood flooring is exhibiting at INDEX for the second time with the larger stand. With products ranging from

designs sectors and, occupying 20,000 sqm of exhibition space,

unfinished floorboards to varnished hardwood flooring, the

will be organized in seven product-specific show sections.

company has come to play a major role in today’s market

INDEX Surface & Finishes is one of the popular sectors of

and has earned worldwide recognition of its products.

INDEX. After a successful launch in 2012, INDEX Surfaces

Wickham Middle East Flooring will be showcasing its

and Finishes 2013 is proud to announce that leading surfaces

popular collections: Domestic floor collection, Cottage

and finishes brands have confirmed their participation.

collection, Exotic home collection and Mountain home hand

The confirmed exhibitors include: Bluewater Wood Alliance

scraped collection.

Inc, Unicasa Industria de moveis S/A, Politorno Moveis Ltd,

Coating and decorative flooring is another emerging trend in

Exclusive Acrylic Middle East Industries LLC, Apex Gulf

the surfaces and finishes sector. Al Zubaidi Modern Decorative

Enterprises LLC, Artificier Collection, Sanco-Katsieris Bros SA,

Systems will be showcasing the latest finishes from Armour

Galaxy Trading, Finmat Trading Co LLC, Anpa srl, Better World

coat and a new product from France - Senideco. Al Zubaidi

FZE, Preferred Specialist Services LLC, Nordic Homeworx LLC,

Modern Decorative Systems comments on this year’s INDEX:

MIR di Zanin, Rolando e C., Johnson Tiles, Centro Grafico DG -

“At INDEX you will find everything you need for surface design,

DG Mosaic, Berry Floor - Al Ameemi International LLC, Avant

new creativity and modern interior decoration. INDEX is the

Enterprises L.L.C., Al Zubaidi Modern Decorative Systems LLC,

one stop-shop for these products.”

Altaeco Srl, Al Fajer Establishment, Alawali Floorings, Omni Decor, Timberwolf, and Muraspec - Omnova. Johnson Tiles, UK’s leading manufacturer and importer of

Another leader in the modern decorative flooring is Preferred Specialist, which will be exhibiting at INDEX for the first time. Preferred has been offering new and exciting

ceramic wall and floor tiles, will be at the show for the 3rd

alternatives to conventional flooring and surfaces. The

consecutive year. Commenting on the company’s participation,

company will be showcasing three key products at INDEX this

Darren Clanford, Johnson Tiles Creative Director, said: “INDEX

year: Decorative Resins, Crystal Inlay and Polished Concrete.

always gets a big tick on our exhibition calendar, it’s a great opportunity for us to truly demonstrate our creative capabilities and forward-thinking approach to modern surface design. It gives us the perfect platform to reveal our latest products and up-coming trends in a stimulating and exciting environment.”

Date: 20 - 23 May Venue: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center Location: Dubai, UAE website:

Nordic Homeworx LLC will be showcasing their new and

April 2013 | 59


interzum 2013 to debut new, futureoriented structure



n 2013, the world’s biggest trade

exhibitors will be coming from outside

brand awareness. But a leading player

fair for suppliers to the furniture

Germany. The biggest contingent will be

can often also be a smaller company

industry and interior finishing will

from Italy, closely followed by Turkey

that makes its mark with a high degree

be continuing on its successful course.

and Spain. There will be joint booths

of innovativeness or simply with a

interzum will have a new, forward-

from Brazil, Italy, Romania, Turkey, the

good instinct for trends and design.

looking structure: instead of being

USA and Vietnam. All in all, 155,000

interzum is unrivalled in terms of

divided into seven segments as in

sqm of hall space has been allocated

the number of market- and trend-

the past, the world’s leading fair will

to interzum 2013, a slight increase as

leading companies who present their

focus on just three areas: ‘Materials

compared to the previous event.

innovations for furniture production

& Nature’, ‘Function & Components’ and ‘Textile & Machinery’ in order to provide a clearer structure for visitors and exhibitors alike. Timber

03. What are the main objectives for this year’s edition?

and interior finishing at the event. That makes interzum the top venue for the sector’s decision-makers and the leading international business and communication platform for the

Design & Technology talks to Markus Majerus, Communications Manager for

The attractiveness of what’s on offer

entire furniture suppliers industry. In a

Koelnmesse GmbH, ahead of the show.

is crucial for the quality of any event

nutshell, interzum is the leading trade

and a decisive factor when it comes to

show for the global industry. We want

drawing a large numbers of visitors.

to consolidate and enlarge on that

Trade shows are particularly successful


01. In retrospect, what were the major achievements of the 2011 edition of interzum?

when they succeed in depicting and reflecting markets and developments

04. Are there any events such as awards, seminars and workshops at this year’s edition?

With 52,400 trade visitors from 147

with the greatest possible clarity.

countries, interzum - the leading

Companies who are leading players in

international fair for suppliers to

their markets also play a particularly

the furniture industry - grew by 13

important role in that. This leading

percent as compared to the previous

function is by no means restricted

Besides offering a spectrum of exhibits

event in 2009. The internationality of

to the size of the company; it also

that is undoubtedly unique anywhere

the visitors, which has traditionally

entails leadership in relation to a

in the world, a top trade show must

always been high anyway, also showed

certain niche or trend, in terms of

also create added value for visitors

a significant increase in 2011, growing

emotional aspects or a high level of

and exhibitors, i.e. for the entire

by no less than 24 percent. With the last edition of interzum, Koelnmesse thus very clearly underscored its position as a beacon for the furniture industry and created the precedents for a promising future; now, two years later, those precedents give us a very good basis to build on.

02. How will this year’s event be positioned? At this point we can already say that 1,480 exhibitors from around 60 countries will be showcasing their new products at the next interzum - that’s about 50 companies more than in 2011. Approximately 70 percent of the

60 | April 2013



sector. One way to do this is to take the bigger picture into account and thus generate fresh impetus. This is why we are always injecting new topics into the interzum mix - with our three piazzas, for instance - and are particularly keen to enhance the event’s appeal for architects and designers with formats like ‘innovation of interior’. Within the halls, three central piazzas will be providing further information: the piazza in Hall 6, i.e. in the Materials & Nature segment, will be dedicated to the latest trends and product developments in the fields of decorative finishes, wood-based materials, veneers and Image © INTERZUM

solid wood. In Hall 4.2, interzum will again be underscoring its creative potential and showing architects,

& Nature’ segment, anybody who’s

designers and developers new

anybody in the finishes sector will be

applications in the special innovation

represented. In this segment too, we’ll

of interior exhibition. In Hall 10

be welcoming a few new customers,

(Textile & Machinery), there will be a

following Egger’s return to interzum in

large demonstration area presenting

2011 after an absence of 18 years. All

the production of leather covers for

the printers will be there too. We’ve also had a first-time registration from

car seat modules. This involves setting Image © INTERZUM

up a realistic representation of a

the Kronoswiss Group, which will be represented in its entirety at this year’s

textile production line especially for the exhibition. Nothing like this has

materials, design and technologies at

event for the first time. In addition,

ever been done at interzum before.

two different fairs. What’s new this

we’ve also been able to attract new

In addition to all that, the seventh

year is that interzum will be held from

exhibitors from the veneers sector,

edition of the competition for the

13th to 16th May and therefore - in

which has become increasingly difficult

‘interzum award: intelligent material

contrast to previous years - take place

in recent years: Fritz Kohl will for

& design’ will be demonstrating the

after LIGNA.

instance be taking part again after

significance of the suppliers industry when it comes to the development of contemporary design. The award is presented to innovative products that combine above-average functionality with premium quality.

05. How does interzum aim to be different from other trade fairs?

06. How many visitors and exhibitors are likely to be there at the fair this year? What percentage of them are repeat exhibitors and how many of them are new?

many years’ absence. In the textile segment we’ll be hosting a new event: the ‘Textile Production Line’.

07. What - in your opinion - are the major trends for the timber industry at the moment?

We’re expecting 1,480 exhibitors,

One megatrend that is continuing to

which would be about 50 more than

conquer the interior world is nature

in 2011. That’s how it looks on the

- one of the key themes right now.

In Germany, we’ve adopted a

exhibitors’ side right now - which is

This passion for all things ‘green’ is

different path as compared to the

better than at the same point two

being reflected not only in decorations

rest of the world - I don’t know

years ago. On the visitors’ side, around

and accessories but in the choice of

of any other region in the world

53,000 visitors from 147 countries

the materials used for the furniture

that does things in a similar way.

attended interzum in 2011 - and more

as well. Due to this strong demand,

Normally, trade shows for suppliers

than 60 percent of them journeyed

manufacturers are very definitely

to the furniture industry and fairs

to Cologne from other countries. I am

focusing on the emotions associated

for wood processing machinery take

certain we will equal that figure again

with the phenomenon. Natural,

place at one and the same event. In

this year - in fact, I’m confident we will

untreated, authentic, honest - those are

Germany, the separation of the two

surpass it.

the buzzwords right now. And by the

topics works very well - certainly also

As for the second part of your

way: one-offs from nature are always

because we collaborate very closely

question, we recently restructured the

unique and individual. No oak table

with our colleagues who organize

segments. On the fittings side, i.e. in

is exactly like another. Its owner has

the LIGNA trade fair. Overseas

the ‘Function & Components’ segment,

something exceptional and special that

visitors are particularly keen to

we were already able to welcome all

comes with a genuine growth story –

seize the opportunity of getting a

the major players to Cologne back in

and not a synthetic, mass-produced

comprehensive overview of what

2011, and they will now be joined

industrial product. The timber industry

the market has to offer in terms of

by Salice as well. In the ‘Materials

will have to adapt to that.

April 2013 | 61


EXPO Calendar INDEX 2013

Dubai WoodShow


9th - 11th April Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center Dubai, UAE

7th - 9th May Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center Manama, Bahrain

20th - 23rd May Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center Dubai, UAE

Forst Live 2013

GreenBuild Expo

12th - 14th April Exhibition Center Offenburg Offenburg, Germany

8th - 9th May Manchester Central Manchester, United Kingdom

Woodprocessing Exhibition


Wood Guangzhou 2013

12th - 14th April Prince George Civic Center Prince George, Canada

9th - 11th May China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou Complex) Guangzhou, China


21st - 24th May Palace of Sports Lviv, Ukraine DreMA 16th - 19th April Polznan International Fairground Polznan, Poland WIC Annual Woodworking Industry Conference 23rd - 26th April Marriott Phoenix Tempe Tempe, Arizona - USA woodworking-industry-conference.cfm TECHNOMEBEL 23rd - 27th April Inter Expo Center Sofia, Bulgaria TEKHNODREV Far East 2013 23rd - 27th April Inter Expo Center Sofia, Bulgaria TEKHNODREV Far East 2013 24th - 27th April V.I. Lenin Stadium Khabarovsk, Russia tekhnodrev-dv/index.en.html Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo 3rd - 4th May Erie County Fairgrounds Hamburg - New York, United States Project Qatar 6th - 9th May Doha Exhibition Center Doha, Qatar LIGNA HANNOVER 6th - 10th May Hannover Exhibition Center Hannover, Germany

62 | April 2013

interzum 2013 13th - 16th May Cologne Exhibition Center Cologne, Germany Euroexpofurniture 2013 13th - 16th May V.V.C Moscow, Russia

22nd - 24th May Minsk Expo Minsk, Belarus

ElmiaWood 5th - 8th June Bratteborg’s Estate Jonkoping, Sweden Asturforesta 20th - 22nd June Armayán Mountain Tineo, Spain



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Timber Design & Technology Middle East - April 2013  

The only magazine for Timber industry professionals published in the Gulf region.

Timber Design & Technology Middle East - April 2013  

The only magazine for Timber industry professionals published in the Gulf region.