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COMBILIFT  22 Celebrating 20 years of innovation and successful partnership with James Latham TIMBER MERCHANT SOFTWARE  16


Equipment integration, direct interfaces and adopting digital business transformation

Why port and warehousing facilities are crucial aspects of the timber commodity supply chain

ECI Webinar

The benefits of an ERP over Sage/Xero/Quickbooks Is your existing accounting solution exactly what your business needed years ago? Generic software packages are perfect for those taking the first steps to modernise an established business. But as your business matures, you need systems and automation that are specific to you as a merchant. This webinar covers: Why having software specifically developed for merchants is key to the future of your business. How Spruce seamlessly manages purchasing, inventory management, customer service, and delivery – in addition to accounting. How Spruce can equip your accounts team with more powerful reporting, better visibility and time-saving automation. How an end-to-end solution like Spruce is the simple way to manage your business.

To watch the webinar go to | How business gets done.




News........................................................................................02 The latest news and views from across the industry.





Transforming Information Management................16 Kenny Doole, commercial director for the Turnkey Group, sees adopting smart manufacturing and automation as key elements of the digital transformation of timber merchants.

Changing with the Times................................................18 Over the coming months, the TTF will absorb and merge with TRADA, to become Timber Development UK. This is a fitting response to the carbon-challenged times we live in today.


COP26: what’s next for global change action?........20 With only a few weeks until the COP26 Summit takes place in Glasgow, all eyes will be on the nations at the Summit to progress with ambitious, achievable targets to tackle climate change.

Cover Story: Combilift......................................................22 Celebrating a long and successful working relationship, Combilift and James Latham have worked hard to introduce innovation and streamline materials handling and warehouse management.


The Port-centric Approach.............................................24


As the timber sector is under huge pressure with material shortages, Richard Parkinson, port director at Solent Gateway, discusses why your port and warehousing facilities are crucial aspects of the supply chain.

Timber Expo 2021 ..............................................................28 Timber Expo is back as a live event at the NEC this October retaking its place as the UK’s only dedicated timber trade show – what is on offer?

Make it a Natural Choice..................................................34 James Latham have been operating for over 260 years with a chain of facilities across the UK, we heard from Stuart Devoil, group head of marketing, about market developments and the timber merchant’s diverse product range.

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To improve transparency and efficiency across the timber commodity supply chain, a new service has been launched to help combat illegal logging and improve the industry’s reliability.

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Autumn 2021


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Government extends CE marked products deadline to 1 January 2023

The government has officially confirmed the extension of the

from some corners of Government back in July in presentations. There

deadline to end recognition of CE marked products by one year. This

still remain some concerns across the construction products industry,

means CE marked goods – including timber construction products –

amongst others, that even a year long delay will not be enough to fully

can continue to be placed on the UK market in 2022.

prepare businesses for this change.

Speaking about the changes, the Timber Trade Federation said: “We

“We should also acknowledge that regardless of the date, the

have known for some time now that such an extension was inevitable

fundamental position of government remains the same. Recognition of

due to delays to the Building Safety Bill, an essential part of the new

CE marking is ending, and businesses who wish to continue supplying

product safety regime which the UKCA mark will work in tandem with

construction products to the UK still need to implement the use of

– an issue we wrote about in July. So while this extension is welcome,

UKCA marking as soon as possible. This is the message that TTF has

many businesses will share our frustration about the approach taken by

been giving to members and their suppliers from the start.

government on this issue.

“While the additional time will be helpful in making this transition, it

“The main reason the government gave for the extension was the

remains important you take steps now to get your businesses and supply

impact of the pandemic on businesses. Of course this is true, but it was

chain on this journey. Earlier this year we published a guide to making the

true months ago. It is difficult to see the justification for the delay in

change to the UKCA mark, and our advice remains unchanged.”

communicating this extension to businesses. Our head of technical and More at 

trade policy, Nick Boulton, first saw some form of acknowledgement

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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dRMM’s Timber Beacon shortlisted for COP26

‘Timber Beacon’ is dRMM’s response to the collective brief of a

use of timber products is an easy way to help decarbonise construction,

unique global timber industry collaboration. The 25+ strong alliance

renovation, and the wider built environment. Wood both stores carbon

of innovators in engineered mass timber and wood-based products,

and substitutes for carbon intensive alternatives. We are also focused

global forest growth and development, is led by the UK Timber

on globally recognised good governance as the key to growing forests

Trade Federation and CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of

around the world.”

Woodworking Industries.

The ambition is to erect the Timber Beacon at COP26 in Glasgow,

“As world leaders discuss our global responsibilities and collective

UK in November, then take it on to London for the World of Wood

response to climate change during COP26, our message for the future will

Festival immediately after. Later plans include taking the Timber Beacon

be powerfully three dimensional: in wood there is hope. Timber Beacon

to the EU Parliament to continue advocating for policy change which

is a wayfinding object and storytelling device showcasing timber’s ability

acknowledge wood’s undisputed credentials as the only regenerative

to outperform other building materials in terms of carbon, strength, and

material that can deliver large scale construction.

beauty,” says dRMM founding director, Professor Alex de Rijke. Sponsorship is being sought to realise the full potential of this

Paul Brannen, director of public affairs at CEI-Bois, said “The global timber and global forest sectors see COP26 as the unmissable

project. To find out more, contact 

opportunity for policy makers to put into action what we already know

This initiative is supported by UK Aid, under the UK Foreign,

about nature-based solutions; global forests and wood products are

Commonwealth & Development Office’s FGMC programme (Forest

essential to averting catastrophic climate change, and increasing the

Governance, Markets and Climate).


Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


Tel: 0870 803 1877

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Wooduchoose helping to tackle nationwide timber shortage Devon-based company Wooduchoose Limited have utilised features of their wood products comparison website to help combat the nation shortage of timber. helps UK joinery and construction firms to source materials and share resources. Wooduchoose allows customers to connect and receive prices from multiple joinery’s and timber merchants, for any product made from wood. Customers can choose from a range on over 10,000 profiles or choose to use the made to match or bespoke joinery quoting wizard. At the core of Wooduchoose is the online supplier management system called Woodutrade, which allows timer suppliers and joinery’s to upload their own products and timber stock they have for sale. “During lockdown we saw a massive increase in three of our target groups,” says Paul Hayman, managing director of Wooduchoose. “Firstly home crafters were buying timber from our suppliers then selling their

suitable joinery’s and timber merchants, which have already been pre-

products via our portal. Architects were downloading more the free

approved, who can supply the product. The customer is then provided

technical drawings than normal for specification proposals, and home

an exact quote and time frame for their bespoke order by each supplier.

refurbishment and restoration companies were using our made to match service more.”

“Since lockdown has ended we have seen a lot more joinery firms signing up to Wooduchoose as a supplier,” adds Paul. “They like how allows customers to search for products, such

they receive pre-qualified leads from customers and also have an outlet

as architrave, sawn boards or planned squared edge, in any wood. The

to sell timber they have in stock. This helps with the timber shortage by

customer is given an instant indication of what the product could cost,

allowing joinery forms and construction companies to search the whole

as everything is made or cut to order and requires a bespoke quote.

country to find availability of the timber they need.”

The customers can then instruct Wooduchoose to search the country More at 

automatically, via the inbuilt artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to find

Moelven set to modernise sawmills Moelven has plans to modernise and develop capacity at Moelven Edanesågen AB and Moelven Valåsen AB. Overall, the group will invest more than SEK 600 million in the two sawmills in the years to come. “This is a major investment by Moelven. Both Moelven Edanesågen and Moelven Valåsen will be the sawmills of the future, and they will play important parts in the group’s work to ensure international competitiveness in the future,” says CEO Morten Kristiansen, Moelven Industrier ASA. Moelven Edanesågen will undergo a complete renovation of the entire production process from timber sorting, timber

digitalisation of the production process, also known as ‘The digital

intake, new sawline and new dryer with increased capacity. This will be

sawmill’. The investments we are now making are the continuation of

Moelven’s largest individual investment of all time, with a framework of

making the sawmill even more efficient, sustainable and profitable.”

SEK 450 million. The project will be completed in the first half of 2024.

Moelven Valåsen in Karlskoga is also increasing its capacity, and is

When finished, Moelven Edanesågen will have significantly increased

currently building a new energy centre that will be put into operation

production capacity.

towards the end of the year, representing an investment of SEK 60

“In Moelven we have always viewed the Swedish border as a county

million. Now Moelven is investing an addition SEK 185 million to further

border, albeit not during this pandemic,” adds Kristiansen. “At Edane,

develop the sawmill. This entails new investments in saw intake, raw

which is just across the border, we shall now streamline and modernise

sorting and sorting with camera technology, as well as a new sawline

production so that the sawmill can continue to supply the Norwegian

for small timber. When completed in 2024, efficiency and capacity at

and Swedish markets with climate-smart wood products. Moelven

the sawmill will be significantly greater.

Valåsen is our largest sawmill measured in terms of production capacity More at 

and turnover. It was here we initiated the pilot project with increased

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Travis Perkins announce new carbon target ambitions Travis Perkins plc, the UK’s largest provider of building materials and equipment, has announced a commitment to a new 1.5 degreealigned carbon target by 2035. This is consistent with the 1.5 degree pathway of the 2016 Paris Agreement to limit global warming. For Scope 1 and 2 carbon, which primarily applies to the decarbonisation of the Group’s fleet, this target will involve an 80% reduction and a net zero commitment to offset any remaining Scope 1 & 2 carbon by 2035. For Scope 3 carbon, this target will involve a 63% carbon reduction in the Group’s supply chain emissions by 2035, and primarily apply to the purchasing of goods and services: concrete products, bricks and plasterboard in particular, and the in-use emissions of goods sold: especially gas heating and power tools.

in a unique position to influence our supply chain and the wider UK

The announcement builds on the progress Travis Perkins has made

construction industry, so we are looking forward to working with our

to date by reducing Scope 1 & 2 carbon intensity (per £million sales) by

suppliers and customers to reduce our own carbon footprint while

45% since 2013. “Climate change concerns us all, and we are committed

driving better behaviours across the industry more widely.”

to leading on this agenda and to meeting the growing expectations

Travis Perkins will publish a carbon reduction roadmap with key

from our colleagues, customers, shareholders and the public to play

milestone targets later this year. This will include the transition of the

our part by setting challenging, but achievable targets,” explained Nick

company’s commercial fleet to low and no carbon options, and the

Roberts, CEO for Travis Perkins plc.

decarbonisation of its estate and engagement and commercial plans

“The decarbonisation of our business is part of our Building for

around the Group’s supply chain carbon.

Better framework, and one of the key areas we are focusing on to More at 

build resilience in the business. Beyond our own business, we are also

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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BSW Timber launches accredited installer scheme

The UK’s largest sawmiller and manufacturer of sawn timber

access technical support from the BSW team. They will receive local job

products has launched an Accredited Installer Scheme that offers an

referrals, giving them a competitive advantage as a trusted installer,

array of exclusive benefits to contractors across the country.

and expertise recommended by BSW.

The scheme allows landscapers, joiners and builders to benefit from

John Roberts, owner of Greentop Landscapes and Design, was

a wide range of services and support that will help to promote and add

the first member of BSW’s Accredited Installer Scheme, saying: “I’m

value to their business. Benefits include exclusive product training and

delighted to be a part of BSW’s Accredited Installer Scheme and it sets

automatic access to a rewards scheme, whereby installers can earn

the standard for the timber industry. It’s a great opportunity for us

money just for using BSW products. Installers will also have access to a

landscapers and it’ll help us to secure jobs in the future. The benefits of

personalised dashboard on the BSW website, allowing them to promote

joining the scheme are endless and I’m chuffed to be a BSW Accredited

their specialist services and gain leads for their business. Installers


will receive a comprehensive membership pack, which includes BSW product samples, literature and branded merchandise. The scheme is completely free to join and there are no monthly fees

Sian Moreton, AIS Project Manager and National Sales Manager, at BSW added: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to launch the new BSW Accredited Installer Scheme. This is something we have been

involved. By joining installers will gain insider access to BSW’s innovative

perfecting for a while now and we really believe that by working hand in

products and dedicated training for all BSW products, including

hand with all our fantastic installers as well as our network of suppliers

fencing and landscaping, and the IRO and Alchemy ranges. Ideal for

we can help grow all our businesses together. The new scheme is an

those working within landscaping, contractor and construction roles,

amazing opportunity for landscapers to grow their job opportunities

the Accredited Installer Scheme will see members listed as approved

all while gaining an in-depth knowledge and working with some of our

installers on the BSW website, and members will reap the benefits of

award-winning timber products.”

an exclusive rewards system – these reward points equate to money off The Accredited Installer Scheme is already live on and members can

with their local merchants.

sign up at 

Alongside their listing as an accredited installer, members can

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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The complete flooring system Use CaberFix D4 BBA approved for 42 days exposure*

Dirtproof, peelable protection* Highly durable, waterproof top surface withstands high site traffic and is non-slip The nation’s favourite P5 protected with an easy-to-peel film *When installed according to manufacturer’s instructions

Foaming D4 adhesive fills and seals joints

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Ayrshire sawmill creates 25 new jobs thanks to new forestry contract

A timber processor in Troon is creating 25 new jobs thanks to a new

in Scotland is used around the UK to support key critical sectors like the

contract awarded to them by Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS). The

housing market.”

contract supports the introduction of a third shift at Alexanders

The contract also secures the future of two Argyll-based forestry

Timber Design generating 25 new jobs at the Troon site they share

contracting firms, AMAC Harvesting Ltd and Gary Anderson Forestry

with sister business, Glennon Brothers. It also secures the future of

who fell the trees from the FLS site. Gary Anderson employs a local

two local forestry contracting firms.

team from Dunoon, specialising in steep ground harvesting, saying:

The new contract grants Glennon Brothers permission to fell

“This new contract appointment is incredibly important for our

diseased larch trees and spruce on FLS land near Cowal, Argyll and

business. The appointment safeguards our future, sustains our income

Bute. The timber is then hauled by local timber haulage companies to

and has made it possible for us all to continue living and working within

Sandbank Pier and shipped to the Glennon Brothers sawmill in Troon,

our community in Argyll.”

before being processed into a range of fencing and construction

Mick Bottomley, head of marketing and sales at FLS, added: “We

products. Stress-graded timber is then processed by Alexanders Timber

understand the importance of investing in Scotland’s rural communities.

Design, for use in timber frame house kits for the UK’s affordable

By keeping the timber processing local, we can safeguard local jobs and

housing market.

enhance sustainability. We have enjoyed a close working relationship with

Alex Murray, Forestry Manager at Glennon Brothers, commented:

Glennon Brothers and Alexanders Timber Design for many years, and we

“We are thrilled to be awarded the new FLS contract to fell larch and

look forward to extending our partnership to ensure ‘homegrown’ timber

spruce trees in Cowal, creating new jobs and securing others for local

supplies are delivered for the UK housing market.”

people. The contract is a welcome addition to Scotland’s expanding More at 

forestry industry, and ensures that timber grown and processed here

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Autumn 2021


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Accsys Technologies buy Lignia Wood Company ReSolve has announced the sale of the brand names, physical and intellectual property assets of Lignia Wood Company to Accoya Color UK Limited, a subsidiary of Accsys Technologies PLC. Accsys is the producer of Accoya® wood, an FSC-certified sustainable wood modified for increased performance and durability. Accsys plans to transform the Lignia site into their own production facility, focusing on colouring their core Accoya® acetylated wood products to create Accoya Color, and hopes to retain some of the existing staff. Accoya Color combines the benefits of Accoya wood with colour all the way through the timber. Chris Farrington, Partner at ReSolve, commented: “We are pleased to have completed the sale of the business and assets of Lignia Wood to Accsys. It is unfortunate that Lignia’s sales were adversely impacted by COVID-19 and it was unable to secure the necessary capital to survive in these challenging times. It is, however, rewarding to have found a suitable buyer that is able to make good use of the assets and

fit for us as we grow and evolve our product range with Accoya Color.

hopefully retain some of the skilled workforce.”

Throughout this process ReSolve has been an excellent partner,

Rob Harris, Chief Executive Officer at Accsys, commented: “We are

working with us diligently and professionally. They have been great at

delighted to have purchased the business and assets of Lignia, which will

making themselves available for support and communication to reach

enable us to significantly accelerate growth in our production capability

a successful outcome, both with us and with the people based on the

of Accoya Color to help us meet the demands for this product from the

site, fostering a positive environment that was critical to retaining key

market, and drive forward our growth ambitions for the business.”

individuals and greatly benefits the smooth integration of the operation

John Alexander, Accsys Group Sales Director and Business

into the Accsys family.”

Integration Director for the new Accoya Color facility, added: “Adding More at 

the equipment, assets and staff at the site in Barry, Wales, is a great

UK visit by ambassador helps promote Indonesian wood products

As part of their trip, the delegation enjoyed a visit of the Hanson Plywood warehouse where they inspected Indonesian Timber products.

(L-R) Mochamad Rizalu Akbar, Trade Attache, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Desra Percaya and Adi Winarso, Minister Councillor of Economic Affairs

In a bid to encourage UK timber importers to

the implementation of UK-Indonesia FLEGT-VPA

from both countries could provide regulatory and

increase their purchase of legal and sustainable

by seeking creative ways to increase supply

market incentives support as stated in the UK-

timber from Indonesia, a delegation from the

sustainability of legal and sustainable timber

Indonesia FLEGT-VPA “.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has visited

products from Indonesia and ensure that such

a number of manufacturers across the country.

high-quality timbers remain as the critical part of

premium quality timber products from Indonesia,

the UK industry’s supply chain”.

Pacific Rim Wood, who supply a number of

With FLEGT and legal and sustainable timber products at the top of their agenda - and led by

“Cooperation should be intensified to add

UK sales agents and representatives for

timber products to these manufacturers, helped

Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Desra

more value to Indonesia’s FLEGT certified timber

organise the visit. Managing Director, Shaun

Percaya - the delegation visited James Latham,

products and to replicate a similar mechanism

Hannan commented, “It has been an honour to

Hanson Plywood, Lambson Building Products and

with other forest and agriculture commodities.

host the visit, which has already been heralded as

Caravan manufacturer Willerby.

A holistic approach which involves all relevant

a major success in helping to raise awareness of

stakeholders is indispensable. Business and

Indonesian FLEGT licensed timber products as well

commitment to further strengthen the mutually

industry associations, as well as consumers and

as encouraging UK importers and stakeholders to

beneficial partnership between Indonesia and

NGOs, play a critical role in shaping perspective

increase their purchase of legal and sustainable

the UK. “We should seize the momentum of

and demand, while governments and parliaments

timber products from Indonesia.”

During his visit, the Ambassador reiterated his

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Arnold Laver supports Tingdene Homes through stock shortages









When an industry shortage of plywood threatened to compromise

construction of luxury offsite park homes. In Tingdene’s purpose-built

Tingdene Homes’ ability to deliver their customers’ dream homes

factory, customers’ homes are built to their exact specification under

with the efficiency and reliability they’re committed to, the team at

controlled conditions. Luke Wilkins, operations director at Tingdene

Arnold Laver Oldbury were brought onboard to co-ordinate a timely

said: “We have a great partnership with the Team at Arnold Laver. Terry

solution which not only put paid to Tingdene’s stock concerns but

is a key part of the Tingdene family and has been a great sounding

allowed them to invest in a long-term solution which has already

board for our design team and will find solutions to almost any timber-

saved the company an average cost saving of £200,000 per year.

related problem we have. Lavers understand our business model and

An industry-wide shortage of plywood (used in the packing and lining of park home walls) had the potential to delay Tingdene’s delivery

our business needs, which is hard to find when partnering with a timber specialist.

of homes and an alternative solution was required urgently. Tingdene

“An example of their dedication to supporting our business needs is

commissioned the support of Terry Palmer, regional director & category

their suggestion to us to invest in a CNC machine to groove our boards

manager for Decoratives & Sheet Materials for the Arnold Laver Group.

used for wall and ceilings, the investment alone has resulted in an

Working closely with the Arnold Laver supply chain network, a solution

average cost saving of £200,000 per year to the business. We previously

was proposed that not only enabled Tingdene to fulfil existing orders to

had the boards fabricated externally via Lavers, but the CNC machine

schedule but will also provide a more durable better-quality alternative

has been a fantastic investment leading to even greater cost savings.”

material for future works. More at 

Tingdene Homes Limited lead the market in the manufacture and

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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UK timber market at possible risk

Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) says that the UK as a whole – which

stores when trying to get timber for home projects. Pointing out that

currently imports 80% of its annual timber requirement – is far too

the timber market is set to become increasingly competitive in years to

vulnerable to fluctuations in the global market. But it also says

come – and with long lead time of 25-40 years in productive forestry,

that Scotland is well placed to mitigate that risk by stepping up its

Mick Bottomley suggested that the opportunity needs to be seized

commercial forestry sector.

now: “Transport and energy costs will increase; emerging economies

Homegrown grown timber makes up only around 33% of the

around the world will demand more timber and timber producing

UK market and while we are largely self-sufficient in fencing, there

countries may be required to use more of their own timber at home

is significant, unmet domestic demand for more structural timber

as they seek to meet stricter climate protocols and net zero targets.

and also pallet wood. Mick Bottomley, FLS head of marketing and

Sweden is recording the lowest stock levels in 20 years and this trend

sales, said: “Scottish-based timber manufacturers could potentially

is likely to be further exacerbated as current issues like wildfires, tree

triple production to meet current and anticipated future demand and

diseases and pests, exert additional worldwide pressures on the supply

produce a greater share of the remaining 67% of the market, that

of timber. The UK can attempt to compete for diminishing supplies on

is currently imported, predominantly from Scandinavia, Latvia and

the world market against growing economies such as China and India

Germany. There is also significant potential to expand Scotland’s one

or do something to mitigate its exposure to these forces, by planting

fifth of forested land area so that we can be more self-reliant in our

more commercial forestry now so that we are more self-sufficient in the

requirements for timber.”


Sawmills in Scotland and UK produce high quantities of pallet and

FLS’ sustainable management of existing productive forests aims to

fencing products but mainly produce construction timber, kiln dried

bring three million tonnes of timber to market every year. This year, FLS

carcassing that is used for roof battens, floor joists and studwork for

is planting 25 million trees and is further contributing to meeting the

partitioned walls.

Scottish Government targets by acquiring land for new productive and

Already this year prices have risen 30%, as housebuilders and

native woodland creation.

related industries struggle to secure supplies due to a huge increase More at 

in building activity, post-lockdown. This is even noticeable in the DIY

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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The World of Wood Festival for COP26

Tropical forest management © euflegtredd

GSK Labs © Michael Thomas

With the eyes of the world on COP26 in the first two weeks of November, the global timber industry is collectively hosting the ‘World of Wood Festival’ in London.


his six-week celebration of

climate change policy, the World of Wood

has created an alliance of over 40 separate

global timber and global

Festival will showcase the vital role that forest

associations, organisations, businesses and

forests takes place from 25

supply chains have on our climate in local and

campaigns representing global forest growth

October to 3 December at the

global environments, and feature innovations,

and development, engineered mass timber

Building Centre in Store Street in London,

design and increased carbon storage potential

and wood-based products from Indonesia to

online, and virtually.

of responsibly sourced timber from around

the Congo Basin, Australia, North America and

the world.

China. This initiative is also supported by UK

The COP26 climate talks will bring together heads of state, climate experts and

Devised and coordinated by the UK Timber

Aid, under the UK Foreign, Commonwealth

campaigners to agree coordinated action

Trade Federation and CEI-Bois, representing

& Development Office’s FGMC programme

to tackle climate change. Building on crucial

European woodworking industries, the team

(Forest Governance, Markets and Climate).

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Extraction and Sapele Sound Pavilion from ‘Conversations About Climate Change’ exhibition © Chris Jackson / Building Centre

Global action, global collaboration

David Hopkins, Chief Executive of the Timber Trade Federation

The World of Wood Festival

and a WOW Festival mobile augmented reality

Recognising that global action against

The WOW Festival will celebrate

app will be launched for the start of the festival.

climate change requires global collaboration,

international best practice and use its in-

The AR app will offer engaging interaction with

the the WOW Festival will celebrate the full

person and digital experience platforms for

six key messages and a virtual ‘Timber Beacon’: a

timber supply chain from different regions

discussion and knowledge-sharing to help

pavilion installation designed for the Festival by

of the world, governance and sustainable

strengthen forest governance and trade in

award-winning architectural practice and timber

management practices, as well as the

wood products globally.

advocates dRMM. “As world leaders discuss our

products that come out of these forests, their

Drawing attention from the increasingly

global responsibilities and collective response to

busy streets around Tottenham Court Road

climate change during COP26, our message for

in central London, the crescent outside

the future is powerful: in wood there is hope,”

Timber Trade Federation, said “COP26 is an

the Building Centre on Store Street will be

said dRMM founding director, Prof Alex de Rijke.

unmissable opportunity for policymakers to

home to the “Wood Passage”; an illuminated

put into action what the global timber and

sculpture from proHolz Austria which guides

that the World of Wood Festival is accessible

forest sector already knows; that nature-based

visitors through the journey from forest, to

both in-person and virtually. COVID is a

solutions are an essential part of the climate

tree, to house.

consideration, but we also want to reach as

uses, and applications. David Hopkins, Chief Executive of the

mitigation necessary. Global forests and wood

The Building Centre itself will host

David Hopkins said, “We have ensured

wide an audience as possible. Visitors will

products are crucial to averting catastrophic

exhibitions telling the story of global forest

be able to fully experience, explore and

climate change. We want to display the beauty

management with a focus on European, North

understand our messages in a fun, immersive

of timber, its role in the climate emergency

American, and tropical timber forests and

and memorable way whether they join us in

as a carbon store and to build global

production and twelve hybrid events including

real life or digitally.”

recognition that good governance and forest

keynotes speeches, debates, webinars and

management is the fundamental component

reports launches calling for policy change.

If you want to get involved, contribute or

for growing forests around the world”.

The Festival will also exhibit the Wood Awards

sponsor the WOW Festival, contact

shortlist as a celebration of the ultimate


The World of Wood Festival tells the story of how global forests and the wood products

expression of design in wood and responsibly

cycle is helping to avert climate change, is

sourced timber from around the globe, and will

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decarbonising construction, and supporting

host the winners ceremony later in November.


social, environmental and economic growth

The WOW Festival will be supported by

through governance in developing countries.

an event website www.worldofwoodfestival.

Within these three connected themes, one

org as a key resource and home for timber

key message prevails and remains more crucial

product, forests and climate information from

than ever: that wood equals hope.

the Festival’s supporters from all over the world,

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Autumn 2021


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Transforming Information Management

Kenny Doole, commercial director, Turnkey Group, sees adopting smart manufacturing and automation as key elements of digital transformation and increasingly central to the way that timber merchants now work.


ustomers across the timber

equipment or weighbridges means teams’

industry are making a

productivity increases and errors are reduced

significant shift in how they

by eliminating manual, often repetitive, data

use technology to achieve


and drive business efficiencies. Embracing

Historically, making investments in new

paperless processes underpins this move,

equipment meant trawling through up to

understanding how to utilise technology

a years’ worth of physical data sheets and

to directly interface with manufacturing

manually extracting relevant data. With

equipment, and automating repetitive tasks

modern systems operational teams can get

where possible.

instant access to data in a format to suit them.

Despite the rapid evolution of technology,

Furthermore, data analytics can be easily

some businesses are still antiquated in the

provided in the form of graphs and charts

way they approach data and systems. In an

giving businesses a snapshot of performance

ever-changing digital world, the need for

and allowing them to make rapid, informed

wholly integrated software systems that bring


together people, processes and technology has never been greater.

With a product such as the Turnkey Timber software, integrating XML feeds

Kenny Doole, commercial director of Turnkey Group

directly from the Forestry Commission (UK) Why integration?

& Coillte (Ireland) systems can advise the

Together, the use of smart manufacturing

Embracing digital transformation Digitisation can support all the areas

user of incoming deliveries. Electronic Data

and equipment integration can drive

Interchange (EDI) allows the system to then

of the timber industry from harvesting to

automation and data exchange. For example,

capture contract details, including map

sawmilling, timber sales, timber merchants to

having a direct interface to sawmilling

locations electronically from key partners.

co-products including biomass.

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Autumn 2021


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“The amount of time lost due to manual work outside of the old system was a huge issue for us. This also included the possibility of human error as we were making manual calculations and entering them back into the old system.” Liam Kearns, ICT Manager, ECC Timber Products Digitising processes provides a complete transparent document trail for a logs journey. Managers can see at any time where a log is and what processes it has been through from treatment to cutting to delivery. Previously handwritten labels would have been extremely time consuming and labour intensive to review – using unique bar coding and pack IDs gives instant traceability and batch information when needed. Designed for growth Not all ERP systems are equal. For example, Turnkey Timber has been designed specifically for sawmills, harvesting and timber sales. It encompasses all the financial and administrative functionality a business needs as well as specific operational and timber functionality. No one size fits all. Often companies compromise on software functionality and still need to use multiple solutions to fit their processes. Turnkey offers a suite of extensions that can be built onto a base system and they

vendors, and items more efficient. The key

can build tailored Apps to ensure users get

benefits 365 Business Central offers include:

the complete system needed to run a business •

effectively. The underlying platform for Turnkey Timber is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

• •

chart of accounts and standard posting groups that make the process of assigning default general ledger posting accounts to customers,

All-in-one software – view all your financials and operational data in one solution

On-premises or Cloud installation

Cloud Access – retrieve your data from any

Encrypted data back-up via Microsoft Azure

device, securely in the cloud

Integrates with Windows, Office 365,

Speed – from clever shortcuts to

Power BI, and PowerApps.

responsive pages, 365BC is lightning fast

Business Central – efficiency is built in as standard. The base configuration includes a

Microsoft 365 – seamless integration with

Ultimately finance teams get complete

other 365 products like Outlook and Excel

financial management including general ledger,

Scalable – 365BC is fully customisable and

workflows and audit trails, bank management,

can grow with your business at any time

budgets, deferrals, bank reconciliation, dimensions, fixed assets, and currencies. Operations teams can achieve operational

 Efficient Processes

efficiencies through the use of automation to streamline business processes. Inventory

“We went live with Turnkey’s operations module in May of this year,” says Pat Twomey,

or logistics managers, get information on

chief financial officer, GP Wood.

inventory turnover, analysis of inventory

“Due to COVID restrictions Turnkey had to manage this process remotely. All of the

movement, and much more. Turnkey Timber

Turnkey team pulled out all the stops to get the ‘go live’ over the line. Users are very

can help you with digital transformation and

pleased with the system as it is user friendly, errors are significantly reduced, and the

make your timber business more efficient

time involved in dispatching trucks has been reduced by half due to the introduction of

across your processes, streamline your financial

handheld scanners. We are live for three months across two sites and the system uptime

workflows, and remove siloed systems.

is 99%, which is well above our expectations.” More at 

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Autumn 2021


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Changing with the Times

The Timber Trade Federation is changing. Over the coming months, as it absorbs and merges with TRADA, it will become Timber Development UK. This is a fitting response to the carbon-challenged times we live in today.


ringing together those who specify timber for its

Goldsmith, Product

carbon storage and aesthetic benefits with those

Marketing Executive at

who supply it, the move to Timber Development UK


will help present a more cohesive case for timber the

allow the comparison of

COP26 climate conference approaches. Talk of reaching ‘net zero’

products across a range

carbon emissions is pervading every sector, bolstered by the COP26

of environmental factors,

conference. In the construction sector, the Construction Leadership

including their ‘Global

Council’s CO2nstructZero initiative Net Zero Business Champions

Warming Potential’

now numbers amongst its ranks companies like Saint Gobain.

through any greenhouse

“Sustainability is becoming one of our most important


as per ISO 14025 and EN 15804 + A1 Owner of the Declaration – MEDITE SMARTPLY Declaration number EPDIE-1 9-17 ECO Platform EPD no: 1019 Issue date 11th Novemb er 2019 Valid to 11th November 2024

EPD Programme - EPD Ireland Programme Operator Irish Green Building Council


gas emissions associated with their manufacture. They form

responsibilities,” says sustainability director Philip Pointon. “We know

part of the life cycle analysis (LCA) of a product, which comes under the

it’s important to everyone in the supply chain, from merchants to end-

ISO14025 standard.

users. Alongside parent company Saint-Gobain, International Timber has

“MEDITE SMARTPLY has EPDs available for products across our MDF

just set out its roadmap to net zero, which we’re confident we’ll meet in

and OSB range. They help you and your customers to choose the right

2045 – five years ahead of schedule. Besides efforts to become carbon

product, from both a practical and an environmental perspective. It’s

neutral in our own operations, we also aim to improve the sustainability

also important to understand that an EPD differs from a Declaration

of our supply chain. We do this by making it easier for contractors,

of Performance, which covers the product’s performance when in

developers and merchants to contribute to their own carbon efficiency

use. All our MEDITE SMARTPLY products are carbon negative when

goals by specifying carbon-neutral timber from sustainable sources.”

they leave our sites. Carbon is stored in the panels from the point of

Other TTF members are responding to the climate challenge

manufacturing and stays locked in the panels for the life span of the

and net zero targets in different ways. “The environmental impact

building they are used in.”

of products from all perspectives will become more of a feature in

Understanding the back-story of the products you sell in your

2022 and beyond as society looks to address the problems of climate

merchant outlet can give both you and your customers confidence

change,” says Jason Dodd, Director at Setra Wood Products. “The Setra

that it’s the right choice for the planet, as Keith Ainslie, Sales

Group is aiming to be climate neutral by 2030. Already, our electricity

Manager at James Jones & Sons, says: “We remain at the forefront

and 97% of the energy we use in production is from renewable sources.

of environmental innovation across all our product categories. We

We’re now taking this further. Recent research and development has

have been working on embodied carbon in timber products for over

resulted in a bio-oil, made from sawdust, which will form the basis of

ten years, allowing us to clearly demonstrate the net carbon storage

new renewable petrol and diesel fuels to replace fossil fuels.

credentials of our products. We are carbon negative in everything we

“From this autumn, Pyrocell, a new joint venture manufacturing

do and constantly seek ways to enhance our environmental credentials.

plant combining the expertise of Setra and refining company Preem,

As a Group we displace 38,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum with our

will start producing the bio-oil using from sawdust from our Kastet mill.

biomass plants, and through the funding of a windfarm.”

Biofuels emit 80-90% less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels.” Factors beyond the efficacy of the products in use are now coming into play, as builders and architects examine their environmental

The Federation and its members are changing with the times, and moving forward together to a more integrated, climate-beneficial future.

impact. “An increasingly important aspect of choosing the ideal product More at 

is the EPD or Environmental Product Declaration,” says Rebecca

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Autumn 2021


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Safety Storage Efficiency

Manage your Timber more safely and more productively using less space with Combilift’s materials handling solutions • • • • •

Safer product handling Optimised production space Improved storage capacity Increased productivity & output Enhanced profits Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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COP26: what’s next for global change action? With only a few weeks until the COP26 Summit takes place in Glasgow, it is expected that all eyes will be on the nations at the Summit to progress with negotiations and set ambitious, achievable targets to tackle climate change.


ow two years on from the last event, will this year’s summit achieve what COP25 could not? COP25 was tasked with

finalising the rules of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, particularly focusing on the rules of future international carbon markets and agreeing upon numerous financial matters. Overall, very few decisions were made at COP25 despite many hours spent negotiating and the Summit continuing two days longer than planned due to this. Businesses however, really shone a light on the event as they began to recognise their responsibility and the role they play in contributing to climate change, with many announcing their ambitious plans to decarbonise during COP25. These announcements helped to mitigate the frustrations many felt from the Summit’s outcome. It is hoped that COP26 will make more headway on Article 6, and deliver clear decisive action to reduce global emissions and make the changes needed to fight climate change.

What can we expect from this year’s COP26 Summit?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Adapt to protect communities and natural

scientific advice on staying within 2°C limit of

habitats around the world, to improve their

global warming. In preparation for the Summit,

resilience against climate change

nations are expected to have already submitted

To mobilise finance through developed

their updated NDC’s to the UN, at this point 110

countries delivering on the promise to

out of 197 nations have done so.

postponing COP26, the Summit, which is taking

raise $100bn in climate finance per year to

place this November is much anticipated, but

support developing countries

nations can come together to solve problems

To work together to agree on, deliver and

with devastating worldwide impact. This has

rise to the challenges of climate change.

inadvertently created a potential step change

what plans do the UK Government, as hosts, have to ensure its success? The Government’s

ambition is to lead from the front and position the UK as a global exemplar of climate change

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how

in how nations could work together to tackle In the run up to COP26, much like we

the challenges of the climate emergency.

innovation and action. In recent months there

saw with COP25, many large organisations

Without a doubt the pandemic has shown us

has been consistent announcements from

are making their commitment to reduce their

that health, wealth and environment are linked,

Government offering incentives and schemes to

emissions, and it is hoped that more will follow.

and that we must take care of our planet to

encourage both commercial and domestic users

The appetite for net zero from business is

protect ourselves from further climate impacts.

to take steps to reduce their emissions. These

certainly growing, with 4,660 organisations so

commitments have included funding for green

far having joined the Race to Zero campaign,

stage, there is growing public awareness of the

jobs, the introduction of green sovereign bonds

and 828 businesses with approved Science-

effects of climate change, and startling warnings

and research grants to accelerate the emergence

Based Targets.

that we are running out of time to take action

of renewable and carbon capture technologies. There are four main goals to be achieved at COP26, including: •

As global leaders prepare to take the worlds

Many developed countries have been

to protect ourselves from disaster. With high

putting their efforts into their own Nationally

expectations for what COP26 will deliver, this

Determined Contribution (NDC), a promise which

Summit will be potentially the most anticipated

each made in the Paris Agreement to reduce

and contested yet.

To secure global net zero by 2050, keeping

national emissions and adapt to the impacts of

the 1.5 degree global warming limit within

climate change. The NDC sets out how countries

More at 


should align their emissions-cutting targets with


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Introducing the new

TIMBERMEDIA.CO.UK Your source for all things Timber, with more news, features and resources. We’ve redesigned our website to give you a better experience – whether you’re a reader, advertiser, marketeer or work in the timber sector, Timber Media is for you.







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James Latham and Combilift – 20 years of partnership

Celebrating a long and successful working relationship, Combilift and James Latham have worked hard to introduce innovation and streamline materials handling and warehouse management.


or those in the timber sector, James Latham hardly needs

Innovators in their sectors

70 Combilifts in operation

Combilift is acknowledged for its

Two decades on, around 70 C4000 models

any introduction. With a

are in operation across all Latham branches,

innovative design philosophy, and Lathams

history stretching back over

and according to Combilift’s Tommy Cadden,

continues to be an innovator in its sector

260 years the company is now one of the

who been closely involved with the company

too, which has led to an expansion of many

UK’s largest independent distributors of

from the outset, over 165 trucks have been

of the company’s depots and consequently

timber, panels, and decorative surfaces.

supplied in all, which have a typical lifespan

the ongoing need for space-saving materials

of seven years before being replaced by

handling. “We consistently push the

throughout the UK and Ireland, Lathams

new models. “When we first started working

boundaries of materials selection,” says Piers

supplies its products to a broad range of

with James Latham they were considering

Latham. “From our origins in timber products,

customers, from contractors and merchants to

two electric 4-way reach trucks for indoor

panels and doors, to today where we are one

construction professionals and designers. The

operation and two counterbalance trucks for

of the most recognised suppliers of cutting

company has also been the recipient of many

outside use only at Hemel.”

edge materials technologies, including

Operating from twelve branches

major TTJ Awards over the years. When it comes to materials handling

Until the launch of the Combilift, this combination was then quite a standard

decorative laminates, veneers, thermoplastics and acrylics.” The Yate branch is an example of how

and warehousing – a crucial aspect of any

one, but as Company Director Piers Latham

business to get right – it is now exactly 20

explains: “We had nearly decided to go with

the Latham Group is addressing growth and

years since Lathams ordered its first three

this option, but were ideally looking for a new

progress. It is one of a number of new facilities

C4000 multidirectional forklifts from Combilift

way of working, and one that would maximise

designed with 9m high racking to make the

in June 2001 for its Hemel Hempstead site,

the footprint in our depots. After seeing the

most of every inch of possible space, following

starting a partnership that continues to

Combilift at a show at the NEC, the rest was

on from sites in Motherwell and Leeds. With

this day. The Irish specialist manufacturer

history. The combination of Combilifts and

a footprint of 53,000sq ft it has a current

was at the time just a few years old and

racking enabled us to be the first to go to an

storage capacity of 7,000m³ for its stock which

still a relatively small company, albeit one

impressive height of 8m in narrow aisles, and

comprises 70% sheet and panel products and

with big ambitions, and it has since enjoyed

of course the indoor/outdoor ability meant

30% hardwoods. A 10,000sq ft extension is

unparalleled growth in the global materials

we needed fewer trucks whilst achieving

planned for later this year on site to cope with

handling sector.

optimum operational versatility.”

expanding volumes.

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Combilift is acknowledged for its innovative design philosophy, and Lathams continues to be an innovator in its sector too, which has led to an expansion of many of the company’s depots and consequently the ongoing need for space-saving materials handling.

Hard working trucks The ten Combilifts on site are on the go

possible, which is in line with the general

Ongoing collaboration and customer

move in many countries towards greener


constantly on a 24/5 shift pattern, offloading

operation. Due to an upsurge in demand,

incoming deliveries, putting products into

over 50% of Combilift products that leave

customised products, the design of which has

racking and reloading for despatch to

the production lines in Monaghan are now

also been influenced by input from Latham

customers. Their 4t base capacity, with lifting

electric. For applications with high utilisation,

employees and depot directors, together with

capability of 2t to 9.4m enables them to handle

Combilift also offers the option of supplying

the level of after-sales service that we offer

diverse loads, which can be up to 4.5m long.

these trucks with GNB/Exide Tensor fast-

have enabled Combilift to continue to be the

They work in real guided aisles of 2520mm

opportunity profile batteries and chargers,

company’s preferred provider of handling

(for easy entrance, exit and quick travel within

and this was included in the specification for

equipment. This extends to recent new

aisles and reduced risk of product damage) as

Latham’s machines.

company acquisitions in Rochdale and Dublin,

well as in some free roaming aisles set aside

“There are numerous advantages to the

Tommy Cadden: “I believe that our

where a Combi-WR4 stacker truck and other

for the storage of 3m x 2m jumbo boards. For

electric trucks,” says Andrew Jones. “A major

easier and stable handling of these larger loads,

one of which is the quiet operation. This is

four trucks have been fitted with telescopic

appreciated by our neighbours, particularly

an important role in Combilift’s product

forks which measure 2050mm when extended.

when we are working during so-called

development, and this was the case when

These can lift 1900kg at 1035 load centre

unsociable hours (many Latham depots work

the first trucks were planned for Hemel. “This

to 7.8m. Other specifications requested by

24 hour shifts to maximise delivery capacity).

site was in essence a guinea pig,” says Piers

operations manager Reg Court and depot

There is enough juice left in the batteries after

Latham. “Combilift worked on our suggestions

director Andrew Jones and their team were

the night shift for the rest of the following

regarding various issues such as the position of

blue warning lights to alert pedestrians of

morning before we need to charge again.

the exhaust, the hydraulics, the cab size and also

an approaching truck, and a mast mounted

Any doubts we may have initially had about

incorporating cameras. Not all manufacturers

camera with an in-cab screen to ensure safer

performance compared to LPG power have

are willing to pursue such open and frank

handling for drivers when placing and picking

also been totally dispelled, and we look

dialogue, but this resulted in trucks that were

loads from the higher bays.

forward to delivery of the three new electric

100% fit for purpose and was a major reason for

models we have on order.”

adopting Combilift’s multidirectional concept

Embracing electric power

Drivers are equally happy with the electric

multidirectional forklifts are now in operation.” Customer feedback has always played

across the board. The people at Combilift are

models according to materials handling

great to work with as their ultimate aim is to find

electric Combilifts into its fleet – previous

manager John Bennett: “There is now a bit

solutions for our requirements. This has been

trucks at Lathams have been LPG powered

more space in the cab, and when you are

key to the long and ongoing partnership.”

– and four of its current fleet are electric.

working in hot weather, conditions are much

According to Piers Latham, all the company’s

cooler and more comfortable as there is no

More at 

replacement models will be electric wherever

heat emanating from the engine.”


Yate is also the first branch to introduce

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Autumn 2021


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The Port-centric Approach

As the timber sector is under huge pressure with material shortages, Richard Parkinson, port director at Solent Gateway, discusses why your port and warehousing facilities are crucial aspects of the supply chain.


imber handling volumes have grown at an incredible

business, so it’s a unique, cost-effective opportunity that we’re offering

rate in the last year, which reflects the fact that overall

in an optimum location which results in the avoidance of cargo having

construction activity is expanding at its fastest pace

to go through Southampton City Centre.

since June 1997. COVID-19 has put incredible pressure

Marchwood Port has been an MOD cargo post since 1943 and

on global supply chains and although the recent joint statement

only part-developed so there is much opportunity to use the capacity

from the Confederation of Time Industries (CTI) and Swedish Wood

available and until now, there has never been access to commercial

suggests the market will soon stabilise, there will be a surplus of

business. The bonus of it being an MOD site is the high level of security

softwood stock at UK ports due to driver shortages, demonstrating

for your cargo.

the need for suitable warehousing options which offer more than just commercial space.

The dedicated rail line is a relatively unique offering which allows you to load straight from vessel onto rail and move goods across the

The UK supply chain is facing a multitude of challenges including

UK through the national rail network whilst reducing the traffic on the

an ageing infrastructure, HGV driver shortages, record-high prices and

roads. In the current climate, it would also alleviate some of the stress

record low space availability on sea freight options, new rules in trading

associated with the current HGV driver shortages.

with the EU and a UK-wide shortage of warehousing capacity. However,

We know the volume of imports of timber are very high and

there are options available which could meet your needs more than you

the wood has already been pre-sold and allocated to customers,


but it being stuck at ports and unable to reach building contractors,

There are a number of things to consider when choosing your

merchants and manufacturers isn’t sustainable. The current shortage

warehousing and how hard it works for you as a business. At Solent

of 65,000 HGV drivers means a solution to help with moving the goods

Gateway’s 225-acre Marchwood Port on the south coast of England for

away from ports is vital for a problem which isn’t going to be fixed

example, not only do we offer 85 acres of storage with both open and

overnight. The rail connectivity takes you to the main line at Totton,

closed options, but we also have sea, road and rail access, and with our

which is currently accessed three times a day with scope for more. And

Freeport status, typical VAT and customs rules don’t apply. This makes

if you aren’t affected by the current driver shortages, we’re just 15

it cheaper and easier for many raw materials entering the UK, teamed

minutes to the M27 and M3 motorways. We offer many incentives for new business including the option

with simple planning rules which helps us as a port quickly build or adapt premises where needed. Marchwood Port will be one of the very

for you to take land from us and build your own bespoke storage

first Freeport tax and customs sites that has new space available for

facility, if our current facilities don’t meet your needs for any reason.

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Autumn 2021


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RACKING SYSTEMS DESIGN | MANUFACTURE | INSTALLATION Wickens is one of the largest manufacturers of specialised heavy duty storage solutions in the UK with over 40 years’ experience in the market. Our robust and reliable racking systems can help improve your site operation in the most cost-effective way. We offer a full Project Management service from the initial site survey, manufacture and installation to annual racking inspections and replacement parts.


01905 456780



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Our ROLO and LOLO capability means we’re able to accommodate a broad range of cargoes including large vessels at our docks. We’ve then got the unique facility to load straight onto our railway structure to move goods across the UK. So, whether you need support with high-priority, fast-moving freight or slower freight which needs short or long-term storage, we can support this. Whilst there is no silver bullet for the combinations of complex challenges we face, one suggested approach is to put port-centric warehousing at the heart of your UK timber distribution strategy. The portcentric model is very simple. Rather than transporting your timber hundreds of miles inland to primary distribution centres, the storage facilities are located close to, or within key ports with Freeport status like at Marchwood. By

committed to doing all we can to solve these and provide support to

doing so, you take costly, time-consuming links out of the supply chain,

those where we’re able to offer solutions.

replacing them with seamless, simple solutions from ship to doorstep. More at: 

Although every timber business will be facing similar challenges, we’re

 Knauf Insulation Unveils new Packaging Upgrade

Knauf Insulation has launched new packaging to make it easier

are more easily identifiable. The Earthwool® brand has been

to choose, use, transport and handle its high-performance, non-

phased out to simplify the branding structure, and a new brand,

combustible insulation products, and to further reduce their

Rocksilk®, has been introduced for its Rock Mineral Wool product

carbon footprint. The changes include new designs across the


whole range, an upgrade taking its industry-leading compression

The further upgrade of the compression technology on

technology to a 10:1 ratio, and new, more environmentally-

the Glass Mineral Wool range enables, on average, 15% more

friendly packaging.

insulation per roll and 25% more packs on each pallet for slabs.

“We’ve listened to our customers, but we have also been

“Space is always at a premium, whether in-branch, in a vehicle or

proactive, trying to pre-empt future needs,” said Vanessa Rae,

on site,” adds Vanessa Rae. “So we’ve pushed our industry-leading

marketing director at Knauf Insulation Northern Europe. “We know

compression technology even further. It means less handling and

how important it is to choose the right product for the application

transport, and more efficient storage for all our customers across

quickly, and move and store it efficiently, whether in-branch or

the supply chain. It’s another example of how you always get more

on-site. We also know that sustainability matters more than ever, so

with Knauf Insulation.”

we’ve taken these steps to reduce our products’ carbon footprint

These changes further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

further so customers can rely on us to help them tick the green

Enhanced compression means more product per truck, fewer

boxes for their projects.”

vehicles on the roads and less packaging is used per m2 of

The new packaging designs feature bigger and clearer product

insulation. Knauf Insulation is also introducing a new packaging film

names. Products are colour-coded into thermal conductivity groups

made from a minimum of 30% recycled plastic, and the new designs

consistent across the whole Glass Mineral Wool range, and essential

use less ink, which makes the packaging even easier to recycle.

features such as the Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification and More at: 

ECOSE® Technology, Knauf Insulation’s unique bio-based binder,

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Sawn, Planed and Glulam Timber

E-mail: Phone: 020 8916 2401 Web:

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Back with a Buzz

Timber Expo is back again as a live event at the NEC this October, retaking its place as the UK’s only dedicated timber trade show and one of the key highlights of the awardwinning UK Construction Week (UKCW).


t’s a welcome sight. After 18 months of being cooped up at home, unable to benefit from the serendipities of networking, making new contacts or discovering new products without having to spend hours trawling

online, the return of trade shows is being greeted with open arms by many in the timber industry. The rate of registrations for the first major construction event in two years has already got off to a record-breaking start, running at 22% higher than for the same period in 2019. Those who pivoted towards digital-first last March were the first off the starting blocks during lockdown. Now it’s the other way around – those who are prioritising face-to-face communication are gearing up to reap the benefits of a post-Covid business bounce. Two years’ worth of products, solutions and innovations There’s a lot to catch up on. Timber Expo was last held in 2019

Timber Expo is free to attend, with delegates able to share and update their technical knowledge and debate topical matters around

and since then there have been significant advances in key legislative

all the latest ideas and developments from across the timber sector.

areas around fire and life safety, net zero and post-Brexit trading, not

There will be many opportunities to network with both new and familiar

to mention huge strides forward in digitalisation and two years’ worth

faces and learn about the trends that are currently affecting the market,

of exciting new products and services for the sector. In recognition of

making UKCW one of the most important dates for the rest of this year.

the quality of its events, UKCW has won two major awards in the last year, scooping the Best Trade Show award from Exhibition News and

What’s on? Timber Expo is a dedicated area in the UKCW event which runs from

the Best UK Tradeshow award by the Association of Event Organisers. It is testament to the innovations, positive delegate experience and

5-7 October at the NEC in Birmingham. UKCW 2021 is expected to attract

sustainable procedures around events like Timber Expo. This year it will

more than 20,000 specifiers and buyers with at least 300 exhibitors

all be put into practice once again.

providing launches, demos and offers on more than 6,000 products.

Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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 The UK’s largest  timber showcase   FEATURING PAVILIONS FROM: Russia - Czech Republic - Germany


 in partnership with




Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Burger & Cie GRAD system


Baumann Sideloaders

Among the major UK brands at the show, PRO-TEK Flooring will

Products being put on show at Timber Expo will be relevant to a breadth of timber applications, including timber frame construction, sawmills,

also be introducing new products for the first time, with 28 new styles,

merchants, glulam, SIPs, CLT, fixings and fastenings, timber cladding,

including 12 herringbone patterns expanding its ever-growing range of

doors and windows, mouldings, skirtings and flooring.

designs. There will also be a state-of-the-art virtual showroom unveiling

Reflecting the interest in the booming UK market following Brexit,

from Hanson Plywood, the perfect platform for architects, designers

exhibitors at this year’s Timber Expo are not just from the UK but from

and specifiers to view all Hanson’s plywood products along with their

an increasingly diverse international market. These include Adkalis (a

accompanying technical data.

subsidiary of Groupe Berkem in France), one of the major players in the protection, treatment and decoration of wood materials, which is using

Spoilt for choice In addition to Timber Expo, there is much to see at this years’ event.

Timber Expo to promote its 100% organic microemulsion guaranteed to preserve wood’s natural state and longevity through bio-based materials. Burger & Cie, another French business, has an exclusive fastening

Each day has a topical theme, with day one focusing on sustainability, day two on diversity, equality and inclusion in construction, and day three

system on show, for use with timber decking and other timber

dedicated to major updates on quality, social value and building safety.

products. Its GRAD system has no screws, is invisible, reliable, and

UKCW’s long-established half-day summits on Quality and Wellbeing will

removable for the interior and exterior of buildings, revolutionising

also be scheduled during the show (you can add a ticket to these summits

how we fasten materials.

at the same time as registering for Timber Expo), along with the BMF’s

Baumann Sideloaders is coming over from Italy to promote its vehicles and machinery, including unveiling its newest 120v electric

Young Merchants Conference. Grand Designs Live is also running next to UKCW from 6-10 October and is free to attend from 6-7 October. Don’t miss the insightful line-up on the UKCW main stage, with

model, the ELX Plus – the first of its kind seen in the UK, perfect for handling timber or roof trusses, and with zero emissions. The ELX is

keynote talks and panel discussions from industry experts, commentators

the most compact machine of its type ever produced and features a

and disruptors. This years’ main stage, sponsored by COINS, will see

completely new chassis, battery and power train configuration. DHS

presentations by senior leaders from, among others, McKinsey, the

International from the Netherlands will be promoting its popular

Construction Products Association, CIOB, Willmott Dixon, Barratt Homes,

European Oak and Siberian Larch hardwood beams and boards, pine and

Bioregional, Grimshaw, the Sustainable Energy Association and the

spruce timber, and finished product wooden panels.

Construction Leadership Council. The COINS ‘Future of Construction’ series of seminars will be looking at how the last 18 months have changed the way we build and how that catalyst for change can now be used in a positive way. These sessions will cover updates in technology, procurement, sustainability, wellbeing and more. The pandemic saw a real rise in demand for digital transformation and the adoption of new technology. The Digital Construction Hub, sponsored by Procore, will feature more than 30 presentations and over 10 hours of learning. There will be a large Sustainability Hub, supported by the Renewable Energy Association, plus the Regeneration Hub, sponsored by Easy-trim, which will focus on social value and quality issues in construction.

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Autumn 2021


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Timbermark at Timber Expo Timbermark ID Systems Ltd will be showcasing its latest range of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers at this year’s Timber Expo.


rand new from Timbermark

an adjustable greyscale setting so that users

are the B30 and B80 handheld

can decide how light or dark they want their

devices from Zhuhai Bentsai

colour to be, optimising print quality and cost

Printing Technology in China.

per print. For the water-based ink cartridges,

The new products offer some exciting new

which are ideal for printing on timber, Bentsai

features for handheld TIJ printers.

have introduced a refill kit, so that one 42ml ink

Firstly, they come with a 1” printhead as standard (twice the height of the standard HP

cartridge can be reused up to 4 times. The new handheld printers will be on

downtime by offering easy maintenance solutions. Stitching up to 6 printhead together means Sojet’s Elfin VI printer can print over 3” or 75mm in height. The heads can be grouped

product), which is perfect for printing HT stamps

show and available for visitors to try out on

according to the user’s requirements, which is

on pallet blocks and bearers. The B30 machine is

Timbermark’s stand (M135) alongside the fixed

useful for sawmills running splits on a planning

ideally suited to this application (see image).

position printers from Sojet, which are suitable

line, or for printing across boards on a grading

for installation onto factory production lines.

line in several places. Single or 2-head versions

The B80 printer uses 4 of these cartridges to print characters and logos up to 4”

Timbermark’s Sojet range of printers are

are available for smaller designs. Timbermark has recently opened a

(100mm) in height. This high impact, high

already used by sawmills and panel factories across

resolution print is especially suitable for

the UK and Europe. Their super-sharp print quality

European subsidiary office to tackle the delays

packing cases. A guiderail is available to keep

can print bar codes onto end grain, or characters as

it encountered exporting to Europe post-Brexit.

all the printheads in perfect registration.

small as 1mm onto planed timber at speeds of up to

Orders from the EU – including the Republic of

300m/min. Like the Bentsai handheld devices, their

Ireland - can now be fulfilled from its subsidiary

ink cartridges carry an integral printhead limiting

office, based near Bruges in Belgium.

The second innovation, is to help users bring down the cost of ink use. The printers have

Crystal clear printing every time • Bentsai B30 handheld inkjet printer • Prints HT stamps, logos, date and batch data in high resolution • Prints one inch/2.54cm high


• Prints onto pallet blocks, bearers, packing cases and other packing materials • Prints onto fresh, rough-sawn timber • Print is waterproof once dry • Typically 5,000—10,000 stamps per cartridge • Refillable water-based black ink cartridges 0870 803 1877

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Autumn 2021


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Working with the Offsite Alliance, the Modern Methods of

Barry Goodwin, carpentry and joinery lecturer at Wigan-Leigh College,

Construction Hub will deliver three days of MMC and offsite construction

are both shortlisted, recognising their contribution to helping to educate

case studies. The Innovation Zone will also return and will be a huge draw

future generations on the importance and benefits of wood use. All will

for many, showcasing a collection of the most interesting and inventive

go forward to the final of awards scheme, with the winner announced at

products that have allowed construction projects to thrive and keep

3pm on 6 October on the UKCW main stage.

going through numerous lockdowns.

The UKCW Role Models awards scheme provides both personal and wider community benefit, including creating a public platform to


professionals of any age and background. And finally, at the end of a jam-

It’s not just about the products – Timber Expo is first and foremost about meeting, celebrating and being inspired by great people. With

packed day, attendees are invited to unwind, share experiences and chat over the day’s events at UKCW’s popular beer festival.

skills shortages and talent retention issues faced by many across the construction industry, a highly motivated group of experts are taking the

Free registration to UK Construction Week is now open:

lead to inspire the next generation, as part of the UKCW Role Model of


the Year awards. One entry badge gives access to multiple sections: Build, Modern

A total of 102 people from across all sectors of construction have been shortlisted as role models for the industry, with several

Methods of Construction, Building Tech, Timber, Civils, Energy and

representing the timber and wood industry. These include Barbara Jones,

HVAC, and Surface and Materials, as well as Grand Designs Live,

director at Strawworks, a world leader in climate change mitigation, that

which runs from 6-10 October and is free to attend on 6-7 October.

designs cement-free foundations as standard and promotes materials that store carbon for construction (straw and timber in particular), and

To get regular updates on the event, including safety protocols

Carl Benfield, the timber business development manager at Benfield ATT.

and new features, follow UKCW on social media using the hashtag

Andy Locker, lecturer of wood machining at Stoke-on-Trent College and

#UKCW2021. More at 

 Andrew Carpenter, CEO at the Structural Timber Association (STA), a returning partner at this year’s event: “UKCW is the perfect place to meet with

programme 2021-2026. The most sensible

direction of travel and the STA are particularly

other passionate professionals to learn

approach to this is to deal with both subjects

encouraged having received full RIBA support.

and discuss the most important industry

together, as they are inextricably linked. It

“One particular interesting piece of

issues and come together to create real

goes without saying, that any construction

work being carried out in the industry, is the

change for the future. In my forty-four

has to be wholly safe, but also it should be

Construction Industry Council’s CO2nstruct

years within the UK construction industry,

providing a zero carbon solution.

Zero Champions. Here, companies are being

never have I witnessed two topics that

identified as ‘champions’ when it comes

are dominating the sector to such effect. I

plethora of organisations to promote the

to their zero carbon credentials. From

refer of course to the global climate crisis

solutions to fire safety in accordance with

my position as a CO2nstruct Zero Board

and the Building Safety Bill.

the Building Safety Bill, as well as the obvious

member, I am suggesting the timber, steel

benefits of structural timber when it comes to

and concrete sectors need to agree a set of

organisations clambering for the use of more

net zero. It was two years ago that the Climate

metrics by which carbon can be measured,

structural timber in construction, and on the

Change Committee recommended the use of

so that clients, designers and contractors

other, people suggesting you shouldn’t use

more timber in construction and this advice

specifying materials, can compare like-for-

combustible materials in the external skin, as

has been promoted far and wide within the

like. This move has the backing of the CLC.

has been experienced in the London Mayor

Time for Timber campaign and in our dealings

We look forward to discussing these major

banning timber frame in his affordable homes

with industry bodies. Many support this

issues at Timber Expo.”

“On the one hand, we have many

“The STA is currently working with a

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Autumn 2021


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Timber Trader UK Magazine

Autumn 2021


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Make it a Natural Choice James Latham have been operating for over 260 years with a chain of facilities across the UK, we heard from Stuart Devoil, group head of marketing, about the state of the timber merchant market and what to expect from its diverse product range.


ames Latham operate from twelve distribution depots

Market pressures

throughout the UK & Ireland, and a number of other

Global demand for timber products is huge and the sector is being

locations that provide specialist services such as

widely affected by rising raw material prices and lower volumes – how

in-house machining and bulk direct timber supplies.

has Lathams dealt with the ongoing supply and demand issues? “The

As well as timber, the firm also offers a broad range of other

timber industry often has times when it’s difficult to source and import

products such as panels, decorative surfaces, laminates and veneers,

materials,” says Stuart. “This is among the worst periods the industry

alongside ‘advanced materials’ including solid surfaces, technical

has seen, especially when it comes to price volatility. In advance of

panels, acrylics and thermoplastics.

Brexit, Lathams set up a dedicated Supply Chain Team (SCT) which now

The whole business feels like a family. It’s an ethos helped by

sits at 11 people strong. We took the flow of materials seriously and it’s

members of the Lathams family working there, including chairman Nick

paid off. The SCT secured Advanced Economic Operator status for the

Latham, and the genuine pride that the team has in the history and

business. A mark of quality for imports and exports, it means that our

legacy of the business.

goods aren’t facing delays, significantly reducing any negative impacts.” Lathams has a huge range of products on offer to the timber trade

James Latham has: “probably the most comprehensive range of species, sizes and non-standard thicknesses available in the UK today.” What sets the

and since its acquisition of Dresser Mouldings, has seen a huge upturn in

business apart from other merchants? “The size of our depots, the breadth

cladding sales. “While we sell cladding in a wide range of materials, our

of stock we hold and our experienced staff set us apart,” says Stuart. “So

excellent relationship with Accsys Technologies means Accoya remains a firm

does our willingness to listen to customers and innovate to accommodate

favourite,” adds Stuart. “Not just for cladding, but many other joinery and

their needs. Setting up facilities like Lathams Direct Timber (LDT) is a good

landscape-led applications. From a panel perspective, we remain very strong

example. It provides customers with easier access to bulk hardwoods and

in plywood, OSB and MDF, right the way through to speciality products like

softwoods, offering landed stock direct from the port.

Valchromat which is the most requested sample from our website.”

“This means that products are readily available and clearly priced, without the need to worry about shipping and customs requirements.

See the quality for yourself For those interested in knowing more about the Lathams range, they

LDT offers popular varieties from all over the world including Iroko and Sapele (Africa), Cherry, Maple and Red Oak (North America) and

have two dedicated product specification showrooms – in London and

Jelutong, Meranti and Keruing (the Far East).

Manchester respectively – where the trade can get to know the products

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Autumn 2021


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Valchromat is the most requested sample from the Lathams website

better. “While we have two physical showrooms, Covid lockdowns forced us to look at other ways of reaching our customers,” says Stuart. “We’ve invested in digital tools that help us to take the showroom directly to customers, including virtual meetings and video content, to support people working remotely. Because our staff couldn’t interact with customers in person, we set up a central sampling function too. Anyone who has a video consultation or makes an enquiry via the website will receive samples, fully Latham-branded, within 48 hours.” While there has been an increase in interest in fire retardant (FR) products, such as SMARTPLY MAX FR B, Garnica Fireshield, and Sundeala FR, this has been overshadowed by the increase in demand for sustainable materials. Lathams is committed to supporting responsible forest management and

The London Product Specification Showroom

has a wide range of FSC and PEFC-certified material on offer. “Sustainability is critical to the future of construction and

to the forefront as people look for alternative solutions. We’ve

we’ve bolstered our compliance team because of our ever-increasing

seen a significant increase in enquiries from the general public as

focus on the topic,” adds Stuart. “As part of the TTF Responsible

garden rooms and such structures become more and more ‘the

Purchasers Scheme, we stringently vet all suppliers to ensure they

norm’. Although we can’t deal with enquiries such as this directly, the

meet environmental standards. In addition, we are currently working

merchant sector will benefit from this growth.

with a number of parties to identify and promote the use of timber in construction as a carbon storage strategy.”

“We’ve focused heavily on our product portfolio, adding exclusive ranges, high-performers and innovative materials to provide greater

What key market developments do Lathams expect to see for

choice. These include new cladding options, some exciting new décor

themselves and across the merchant and timber supply sector for the

ranges and even a super-sustainable panel product made entirely from

rest of 2021 and into 2022? “The merchant sector is well positioned

waste material – watch this space!”

for growth post-pandemic,” says Stuart. “Demand for materials is More at 

high and there is an opportunity to bring new, advanced products

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Autumn 2021


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Don’t Break the Timber Chain To improve transparency and efficiency across the timber commodity supply chain, a new service has been launched to help combat illegal logging and improve the industry’s reliability.


The security, productivity, and sustainability of

by Nature and iov42 plan to expand the service to accommodate other

international timber markets are too often affected by

forest and agriculture commodities across Preferred by Nature’s areas

corruption and the fragmented nature of the industry,

of expertise.

impacted further by outdated methods for information

gathering and verification. Timber Chain is a new service launched

What the platform can achieve

by Preferred by Nature and iov42 that will enable stakeholders

The Timber Chain modernises traceability away from labour-

across timber supply chains to improve efficiency, transparency

intensive processes to real-time, digital data recording. The service

and security through a secure blockchain application, storing all

standardises data capture, analysis, and reporting and grants access

information in one place.

to reports to relevant stakeholders, such as certifiers, regulators and

By combining blockchain technology, third-party certification, and market knowledge, Timber Chain modernises traceability: introducing

buyers. This streamlines the information gathering, collating, and verification process for organisations. With all relevant information stored in one location, Preferred by

real-time digital data recording, replacing traditional, paper-based processes which are labour intensive and often prone to human error.

Nature can easily access and verify that organisations are compliant

The Timber Chain service has been built to improve and secure

with certification criteria. This will reduce the need for certification

the interactions between all stakeholders across the supply chain

bodies to make individual trips to sift through an organisation’s paper

from forest to shelf. All data and claims are checked and certified

records to perform audits. Relevant certificates are issued and stored

by a reputable third party. All data is stored and secured by iov42’s

digitally, saving time and resources for both certification bodies and

distributed ledger technology, ensuring complete data integrity and

audited organisations. Only organisations with verified Timber Chain identities will be able

confidence by using blockchain – a system of recording information in a way that makes it impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. The new application was first piloted by Carl Ronnow, a global

to upload information to the service, though the information can be made visible to external parties specified by Timber Chain users. Adam Grant, Preferred by Nature’s Head of Market Development,

wood trader of over 30 years. Having appreciated the increased levels of transparency and security provided by the new platform, Timber

comments: “We are excited to evolve our services to real time,

Chain will continue to equip Carl Ronnow with a much improved and

immutable and transparent data controls offering ‘frictionless due

modern avenue to meet their commitment to providing comprehensive

diligence’ to all of our clients.” iov42 CEO Dominic von Trotha Taylor continues: “Timber Chain

due diligence to their buyers, supported by third party audits. Preferred

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Autumn 2021


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Do it the Wright way! Fire Retardant Treated Timber & Plywood 100% natural, non-toxic & bio-degradable

Approved decorative coating

Fire class B-s1, d0

DRF Class EN 16755:2017

For further information, please call, click or visit: WJ Group, 1A Main Street, Kirkburn, Driffield YO25 9DU T: 01377 796001 E:

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Autumn 2021


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is an excellent example of what is possible when two different industries come together to address a real world issue, in this case, the transparency, efficiency, and resiliency of international timber markets. Integrating our identity-centric, trust building technology with Preferred by Nature’s expertise in certification will establish a new standard for supply chain management. We look forward to expanding this service for a number of high-risk commodities.” The first user of the new service is Carl Ronnow, an international wood trader that has been certified by Preferred by

onto a secure digital database such as Timber Chain created by IoV42,

Nature against the LegalSourceTM Standard since 2016. Dick Anning,

and combining this with our Preferred by Nature’s LegalSource due

Carl Ronnow Environment Manager comments: “We at Carl Ronnow

diligence certification, we know that we have found a new avenue for

always look for opportunities to increase the levels of credibility and

meeting these goals.”

transparency to the due diligence information that we offer to our More at  

buyers. By committing to uploading all of this due diligence information

 Blockchain Vital to Stop Illegal Logging The timber industry is notoriously

chain try to do their best, it’s clear that

one of challenge and risk, says David

the whole industry needs to raise the bar.

Coleman, chief product officer, iov42,

There is opportunity for the timber industry

with complicated processes and complex

to embrace new technologies to increase

supply chains historically very difficult to

the effectiveness of combating this illegal



Any market built around the growing of

challenges of opaque supply chains is

weather, political volatility and the

harnessing the power of blockchain.

merging and disbandment of traders have

Blockchain contributes to increased

challenged the timber sector for a long

transparency and security through

time. But what impacts supply chains is

decentralisation, security, and immutability

the mismanagement of supply: a too-large

features. This minimises the risk of illegal

minority of trade bodies and global corps

timber activity and will instead promote

help to support a range of other sectors

who overlook fundamental flaws in their

accountable decision-making, providing a

and agri-enterprises overcome similar

production or supply chains. Some make

transparent audit trail of actions. This is why

challenges, with the value of blockchain

excuses, others ignore the problems, and

blockchain-powered solutions are needed:

innovations in this space expected to grow

few actively engage in malpractice. But the

they enable governments and organisations

to nearly £420 million by 2023.

actions of the few are actively harming the

to ensure regulatory compliance

majority, so how can we create a system

throughout the entire supply chain. They

industry from forest to shelf, blockchain

that rewards those doing the right thing?

also leverage cryptography to make sure

technology is far from the only change

records can’t be altered or deleted.

that must be embraced. But the level of

Responsible for losses of over $50 billion each year, it’s estimated that up to

One emerging solution to the complex

produce will face difficulties. Unpredictable

FSC is piloting new secure blockchain

David Coleman

Given the complexity of the logging

transparency and accountability it provides

30% of timber harvested annually across

technology specifically for their own

across the supply chain can be harnessed to

the world is taken illegally. And in a year

certification, with the goal of re-

incentivise better, more holistic behaviour

that’s seen the introduction of space

establishing trust, as its immutable nature

from participants, providing the end

tourism and virtual offices becoming the

means that it’ll be impossible to manipulate

consumer with reassurance that their

norm, there’s no reason why the timber

records on the database. Whilst these

purchase has been sourced responsibly.

industry should continue to be behind

solutions are geared towards the timber

Given the environmental cost to our planet

when new solutions are available. Needless

trade, they’re also a litmus test for other

if mistakes are made, it’s something we all

to say that whilst many across the supply

agricultural industries. Blockchain could

should be striving for, with no excuses.

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Autumn 2021


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The UK’s Number One Joinery & Furniture Manufacturing Event

4000+ New Products

500 Brands

You wood be mad to miss out on all of this at W Exhibition

6-9 FEBRUARY 2022 NEC BIRMINGHAM Register for a FREE ticket today by scanning the QR Code or visiting


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Flooring system choices for all applications from West Fraser Choosing the most suitable flooring system for a project makes an enormous difference to the quality of the finished floor; and will cut costs and save problems later. This is why West Fraser’s versatile CaberFloor system offers an advanced range of flooring products designed to fit all applications including new-build, replacement, domestic and commercial. Leading the field in the popularity stakes, CaberFloor P5 is the UK’s most specified moisture-resistant P5 flooring. The high-strength wood particleboard is ideal for domestic and most other floors and removes the need for intermediate noggins. The boards are moisture-resistant, stable, durable, easy to lay and, with a tongue and groove or square-edge profile, provide an excellent surface for subsequent floor laying operations. Some floors require more advanced solutions and, no matter the size or shape of the floor being laid, there are key questions to ask. Although not necessarily obvious, the first point to consider is whether the building’s roof will be in place. If the answer is no, the floor will need to withstand the elements. This is where CaberShieldPlus proves its worth as it is designed to allow building work to continue in all weathers. CaberShieldPlus is an advanced product that has all the inherent benefits of CaberFloor P5. In addition, it offers double-sided protection with a tough, permanent waterproof coating and is BBA approved for 60 days exposure. It is also a non-slip, safe working platform that withstands high site traffic. An alternative solution is CaberDek which is BBA approved for 42 days exposure. The P5 grade flooring has the advantage of a strong, waterproof and slip-resistant peelable film. It provides protection from the elements and construction mess and, when removed, leaves a clean, finished floor. The film is impact, puncture and tear-resistant to withstand high site traffic. CaberDek also provides 44dB sound reduction when used in conjunction with leading I-beam and insulation manufacturers. All three CaberFloor products comply with BS EN312 and are designed to be used with the CaberFix range of specially developed sealing and fixing products that include powerful adhesives and tapes. For example, CaberFloor P5 is best used with CaberFix Joint&Joist, an adhesive and sealant that will adhere to a wide variety of materials, creating a strong, silent, and flexible bond. Similarly, CaberFix D4 complements CaberDek and CaberShieldPlus. This adhesive bonds flooring to joists, T&G joints and seals exposed perimeter and edges to provide full BBA approval for up to 60 days exposure. Beyond the advantages and practicalities of using CaberWood MDF, the materials and processes used to manufacture the product offer the reassurance of being sustainable. Unsurprisingly, West Fraser’s range of board products is available in a wide selection of sizes to minimise waste. All timber used is responsibly sourced and FSC certified. The panels are manufactured in the UK from locally grown timber and are net carbon negative. Additionally, all of West Fraser’s UK mills have obtained the coveted ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. Samples of all West Fraser construction panels can be ordered on the website Head to the housebuilder page on the website to download a selection of tools including a fullyinteractive guide to all West Fraser products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your build. For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

Advertise with Timber Media’s Products & Services

For more information call Terry Hanlon on 01925 270093 or email

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Choose life, Choose wood

Go to and discover why wood is the only sustainable construction material…

Read more about sustainable forest management

Using timber tackles climate change

Using timber is good Using certified timber is wonderful

Contact Bergstraat 25 8511 Aalbeke Belgium

Calculate your environmental impact +32 56 43 33 00 +44 15 94 83 43 32

Committed to the cause

2021, whilst marking Timber Connection’s 30th year, also represents one of the most turbulent years of trading the timber industry has ever seen. Throughout the years we have been dedicated to ensuring you have a supply line you can depend on and we stand by that today. Timber Connection, a company you can rely on.

Better, connected.

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