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ARXADA  18 The evolution of wood protection technologies and why they shouldn’t be overlooked during the specification process WOOD AWARDS 2021  20


Who has made the shortlist for this year’s flagship industry event?

Engineered UC4 glulam delivers the winning option for new Preparatory School

If you care about something, you have to protect it Preservation & fire retardant treatments for timber

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The latest news and views from across the industry.

12 Can the timber industries help solve the housing crisis? The APPG for the Timber Industries published a new report during the summer aiming to provide solutions to the UK’s housing and climate crises.

14 Historic Estate Gets Timber Pod Makeover The Shell Store on Hereford’s Rotherwas Industrial Estate lay derelict for more than 50 years. It is being brought back to life with the use of highly insulated and airtight timber pods.





16 Make it a Row House Using CLT and a wider sustainable approach, Manchester-based housing developer Urban Splash has unveiled its latest option for the next generation of modern living.

18 Cover Story: Arxada The evolution of wood protection technologies and why they shouldn’t be overlooked during the specification process.

20 The Finest in Timber Design The Wood Awards 2021 saw nineteen structures shortlisted as best in class. Here is a selection of this year’s highlights.

24 Accoya Pavilion Aims High More details on the Wood Awards 2021 shortlisted project The Built: East Pavilion in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that was designed by OGU Architects and Donald McCrory Architects.

26 Grand Entrance for UC4 Glulam A new school auditorium for Horris Hill Preparatory School, near Newbury, Berkshire, has been transformed using structural engineered timber and a Use Class 4 treated glulam portico.

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Winter 2021



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STA Responds to government’s net zero strategy The Structural Timber Association (STA) has welcomed the

“Naturally, as the STA we believe that timber is an excellent building

Government’s Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener, which places

material when used in an appropriate context and our objective is – of

a firm emphasis on reducing the embodied carbon of buildings by

course – to promote its many benefits. However, we firmly believe that

adopting more sustainable materials, such as timber.

this should be achieved by providing fact-based, unbiased information

Andrew Orriss, Chief Operating Officer of the STA, commented: “This

that supports informed specification choices. There is no one-size-fits

is an excellent step forward in policy, which we support wholeheartedly.

all solution and we recognise that there is space within the market for

It’s encouraging to see that the Government has listened to the many

all construction materials – indeed, we would welcome engagement on

industry voices that have been calling for regulatory guidance on

increasing the delivery of hybrid constructions. We believe this is the

embodied carbon and that the strategy intends to improve carbon

most pragmatic way of achieving the overall goal of significant carbon

reporting and explore maximum limits on future new builds. With the


construction industry contributing 39% of global carbon emissions –

“To that end, we’re working closely with industry stakeholders to

and with embodied carbon accounting for 11% of that total – it’s clear

forge stronger links and provide stability for those working in timber

that reducing the carbon footprint of the materials we use will have a

construction and have produced a series of guides and a white paper, to

significant impact.

provide a better understanding of the use of timber in construction from

“Recognising the enormous potential for carbon sequestration

a risk management perspective. Our online library contains a wealth of

that timber offers, it’s heartening to see that the Net Zero Strategy

documents, with information on all aspects of timber construction, from

also includes a commitment to developing a policy roadmap for

Building Regulations to best practice principles. It is a valuable resource

increasing the use of timber in construction. We welcome the proposed

which can assist those specifying structural timber for projects or provide

cross-government and industry working group, which will be tasked

technical support during installation on-site.”

with increasing public demand for sustainably sourced timber and More at  www.structuraltimber.co.uk

encouraging research into overcoming the barriers to timber uptake.

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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SO Modular expands team with four new hires ‘SO Modular, the timber frame construction specialist, has brought in four new members of staff, and

working in a similar role for WRW Construction. Morris is SO Modular’s new material planner. His responsibilities

promoted two, as it continues to expand its

include determining material specifications, creating and

fast-growing, multi-faceted, innovative and

maintaining inventory schedules and delivery changes

sustainable business. The company’s most recent

co-ordinating with internal departments. He joins the

appointments are Dennis Nelder, Kayleigh

company after five years working as a production co-

Westwood, Mark Hughes, and Nicholas Morris.

ordinator at a leading aircraft interiors manufacturer.

Nelder has taken on the role of Transport

The four new team members join SO Modular at its

Manager, following 15 years’ experience working

new 350,000sq ft timber and modular manufacturing

within the supply chain and manufacturing industry

facility in Neath, South Wales, as it gears up for the

for companies, including Celsa. Westwood is the

facility’s grand opening and a seven-fold increase in its

company’s new Technical Officer, with a remit

production capacity – following a six-figure investment

of overseeing production, monitoring shop

in new equipment. In addition to the four new hires, the

floor output, and improving processes. She is

company has also promoted timber frame designers,

responsible for ensuring the organisation’s

Jack Harding, and Andrew Mitchell, to Design Manager

audit compliance, including maintaining and

and Technical Manager respectively.

improving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Her role also includes hosting external

Charlotte Hale (pictured), Operations Director at SO Modular, said: “It’s great to be able to welcome so many talented

audits from various certification

and experienced new staff members to the SO Modular team,

bodies, including BOPAS,

as well as developing and promoting the people we already


having working at SO Modular. Each of them brings their own

Hughes takes on

unique skills to the company, and we are sure they will all play a

the position of Buyer

part in our continuing development, innovation and expansion.”

for the company, following 17 years

Transforming British Woods Since 2016

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021


More at  www.somodular.co.uk

It’s been five years since we launched Brimstone, our thermally modified British hardwood for cladding, decking and joinery. That’s five years of turning locally grown trees into high quality durable and stable wood, reducing timber imports and supporting our local woodlands. Available from Vastern Timber 01793 853 281 vastern.co.uk/brimstone @VasternTimberUK


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Stewart Milne offloads timber systems business Stewart Milne Group is selling its market leading timber systems

and Witney to keep up with the extremely strong demand. Increased

business to focus on investing in the growth of Stewart Milne

volumes have led to the creation of a third production facility in central

Homes across Scotland and Northwest England. The independent


housebuilder and manufacturer of timber frame for offsite

Stewart Milne Group’s CEO, Stuart MacGregor, added: “To keep

construction is capitalising on Stewart Milne Timber Systems’ (SMTS)

pace with demand, it’s clear that further investment in production

position as the recognised UK market leader by putting the business

capacity in both Scotland and England will be required. As a privately

up for sale at a time when the market is set to grow exponentially.

run, independent company, we need to prioritise where we invest

Demand for timber frame has been rising rapidly and its use is

in the future. Since reopening last summer, after the initial COVID

anticipated to double in the next five years to meet government

lockdown, we’ve seen record levels of activity in the UK housing sector.

housing targets. As housebuilders tackle the dual challenge of achieving

The strength of our business with its award-winning developments,

net-zero carbon targets and dealing with acute skills shortages, they

new homes range and record sales has enabled us to capitalise on these

are increasingly turning to modern methods of construction using

favourable market conditions and positioned us superbly for future

renewable sources.


Alex Goodfellow, Stewart Milne Group Managing Director –

“We have therefore chosen to divest our successful timber

Strategic Development, who is leading the sale process, said: “With the

systems business to increase investment in additional sites for Stewart

scale of the opportunity in the growing timber frame market, SMTS

Milne Homes. Using our considerable land buying experience to take

presents a highly compelling investment proposition. We anticipate

advantage of the development opportunities, we will invest in land in

attracting a high level of interest from potential buyers who will invest

the short term and concentrate on growing our homes business in the

in order to capitalise on that opportunity.”

longer term.”

Stewart Milne Group has been investing in SMTS’ product and More at  www.stewartmilnetimbersystems.com

manufacturing innovation and capacity at its factories in Aberdeen

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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New technical paper aims to ‘set the standard’ for measuring embodied carbon in timber construction This will prove useful for building designers,

“This paper seeks to help unify how

clients, and contractors when assessing the

we account for embodied carbon within

embodied carbon associated with buildings

timber buildings and structures so we can

and other structures, as well as product

better understand, measure, and address

manufacturers and suppliers in demonstrating

these emissions in order to reduce their

the carbon impact of their products.

environmental impact. Along with the

Charlie Law, Sustainability Director at

likes of Part Z and the Climate Emergency

Timber Development UK said: “The construction

Design Guide this paper seeks to help build

and built environment sector is responsible

understanding and drive forward low-

for nearly 40% of global CO2emissions, and

carbon construction, and set the standard

a significant proportion of this is through

for measuring embodied carbon in timber

embodied carbon accumulated within the


construction and manufacturing process. “Regulatory and professional focus has

Timber Development UK worked with Jane Anderson of ConstructionLCA to develop

for the past four decades largely focused on

this paper, the first technical paper from this

‘Assessing the carbon-related impacts

operational carbon, such as heating in buildings,

newly formed membership organisation which

and benefits of timber in construction

while embodied carbon emissions have been

is aiming to bring together the entire timber

products and buildings’ explains how to

overlooked – but this is beginning to change.

supply chain.

account for carbon in timber buildings and

Across the built environment professions there

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

is rising wave of awareness that if we are to

This paper is free to download from the TTF

by rigorously applying the latest British/

build to net-zero carbon we need to tackle how

at  https://ttf.co.uk/download/

European Standards.

we account for embodied carbon.


Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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Manifesto calls for greater use of wood to help prevent climate breakdown

To avert the worst effects of climate change, the global forest and

David Hopkins, chief executive of the Timber Trade Federation,

timber industries are calling on politicians to urgently support the

said: “As it stands the world is on track for catastrophic global heating.

scaling up of the use of wood in a new manifesto. The manifesto

We need to rapidly decarbonise. Yet we find many of the promises

‘Growing our low-carbon future: Time for Timber’, sets out the case

from government reliant on unproven technologies to prop up

for how we can make greater use of wood to transform our built

existing, polluting industries – this cannot be acceptable. The five

environment, which currently is responsible for approximately 40%

recommendations included in the report seek to rapidly scale up the

of global energy related CO2 emissions.

global forestry and timber industries and enhance the ability of the

Achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 requires construction to rapidly decarbonise whilst still meeting the needs of a growing urban

supply chain to minimise CO2 emissions across the lifecycle of any wood product:

population, the increasing demand for new buildings, and the urgent requirement to renovate existing buildings.

Wood is the only sustainable structural material which can enable a

Embed mandatory lifecycle assessments and embodied carbon thresholds within local and national building plans.

substantial decarbonisation of the built environment based on existing

Increase the use of wood within new build and renovation.

business models and proven technology, providing vast carbon sinks in

Drive the growth of the bio-based circular economy through

our rural areas and carbon stores in our cities.

sustainable public procurement.

Speaking at the launch of Time for Timber, Andrew Waugh of

Facilitate resource efficient use of wood and wood recycling,

Waugh Thistleton Architects said: “Wood and wood-based materials

especially collection and sorting in municipalities, and develop

offer solutions based on existing business models and proven

measures to gain access to post-consumer wood, an invaluable

technology. This is ‘carbon capture and storage’ in action now – with no further research or technological breakthroughs needed. Sequestration

secondary raw material resource. •

in the forest and storage in the wood is a win-win, as at the same time

Increase training to upskill workers and create new jobs to boost the development of a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

as we capture and store, we are also substituting for fossil fuel-based materials. And with multiple trees planted for each one which is

More at  www.cei-bois.org  www.ttf.co.uk

harvested, it is sustainable.”

 www.worldofwoodfestival.org

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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The complete flooring system Use CaberFix D4 BBA approved for 60 days exposure*

Weatherproof, tough, and safe* The nation’s favourite P5 protected both sides with a permanent waterproof coating Highly durable top surface withstands high site traffic and is non-slip *When installed according to manufacturer’s instructions

Foaming D4 adhesive fills and seals joints


Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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Lathams moves to address industry ‘lack of carbon understanding’ Timber and materials supplier James Latham has released a ‘carbon

It is a move that Campbell Skinner, senior lifecycle assessment analyst at

calculator’ designed to direct customers towards more sustainable

BioComposites Centre, argues is a positive step forward: “Companies have

products. Built in partnership with the BioComposites Department

used eco-labels before, but the approach taken by Lathams is really innovative.

at the University of Bangor, it is based upon detailed research into

For the first time that I’m aware, the confidence with which these footprints

the embodied and biogenic carbon impacts of the products that they

are presented is rated and placed foremost in the labelling. Latham’s

supply. The calculator covers just over 70% of the total Lathams

customers are being given a clear indication of the transparency with which

range and focuses on timber products. In time, it will also incorporate

suppliers are reporting their carbon footprints and this will surely nudge more

composite materials that were out of scope for the first phase.

companies towards independently verified reporting schemes, such as EPDs.”

Ewa Bazydlo, environmental manager at Lathams, said: “Reducing the

Ewa added: “We needed a mechanism to rank our products and make it

environmental impact of our buildings is one of the key issues of our time.

quick and easy for our customers to be able to specify more carbon conscious

However, the understanding around sustainability is not consistent across

materials. As a large distributor, we have the relationships with the supply

the industry. We’ve developed the calculator to help our customers to

chain, which improves our ability to source and analyse the relevant data and

better understand the sustainability of the materials they choose as well as

make recommendations. We hope that others in the industry follow our lead

the expected performance levels that they offer.”

and improve the transparency around these products so that we can work

The tool calculates environmental impact by looking at the carbon

together to reduce construction’s impact on the environment.”

footprint of products, from production through to delivery to Lathams

To complement the calculator and share some of the insights from

depots. It also looks at how much carbon is stored within the wood’s

their research, Lathams is publishing a ‘Think You Know Carbon?’ guide.

structure, known as biogenic carbon.

It will include an overview of the main issues in sustainability, a glossary

Each product then receives a rating from 1 – 4 (one being the highest,

of key terminology and steps that architects and specifiers can take to be

four being the lowest), based on the confidence that Lathams has in the

more sustainable in their designs. It will also include highlights of some of

data used for the calculations. The higher the score, the higher the quality

the most sustainable products Lathams stock, from manufacturers such

of the data points that have been reviewed, for example an audited and

as Accsys Technologies, which produce modified timber Accoya, and UPM

published EPD (Environmental Performance Declaration). Lathams will

Plywood, home to WISA® plywood products.

be adding the carbon data to all invoices, delivery notes, and other key More at  www.lathamtimber.co.uk/carbon-calculator-

documentation to increase visibility around this issue.

Tropical Timber Accord launched at COP26 A major new initiative to tackle illegal

in countries across the world where

deforestation and strengthen legal

the forests are an important economic

governance frameworks in tropical

resource, but at the same time, protect and

forest producer countries and within

support our climate change objectives.”

international timber supply chains has

Sheam Satkuru, director of operations

been launched. The Tropical Timber Accord

of the International Tropical Timber

was launched in the Blue Zone at COP26.

Organisation said: “Protecting and

Billed as a ‘call to action’ from the

growing our global forests cannot be left

global private sector involved in forest

to “one-sided” approaches, but must be

management and timber production

within a continual dialogue which supports

globally, the Tropical Timber Accord - ‘Global

sustainable production and shares the cost of

Forests need Global Governance’ highlights

enforcement. The tropical timber sector has

that strong, inclusive legal frameworks are essential for the sustainable

a key role in achieving the forest management and conservation goals of COP26,

management of tropical forests, which underpins all other climate policy

and this requires the private sector, governments and civil society coming together

ambitions. The paper proposes a new governance approach for the global

to promote governance and sustainable management of resources.”

tropical forest sector based on national standards within an international

David Hopkins, chief executive of the TTF said: “This is the first time that

framework. Crucially, it also proposes supporting an international secretariat

the global private sector of the forestry management and timber production

to administer and oversee the development of this framework.

industry has come together to speak with one united voice to advocate

Produced from a series of workshops with trade associations and

for greater global governance and enforceable legal frameworks in supply

businesses throughout the tropical production belt and facilitated and

chains and within producer forest countries. Now we need to start to put

led by the UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF), the Accord is supported by

some of the detail behind those pledges into action, with a far stronger

associations in consumer nations including China, Europe and the UK.

global legal framework governing the management of forests and the trade

Vel Gnanendran, climate and environment director of the Foreign,

through the supply chains.”

Commonwealth & Development Office said: “We really welcome this call More at  www.worldofwoodfestival.org/accord

to action that the TTF has facilitated. We have to be able to support growth

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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BSW Timber acquired by Binderholz BSW Timber, the UK’s major integrated

Endless LLP and the whole team for the

forestry and sawmilling group, was

support they have given us all at BSW.”

recently acquired by Binderholz. The deal

Following the acquisition, Binderholz

is subject to normal closing conditions

and BSW plan to undertake a significant

and approval from the Austrian

capital investment program in the sites

Competition Commission and UK

to increase capacity and broaden the

Financial Conduct Authority.

capabilities of the business.

Binderholz is a significant global

Aidan Robson, Founding Partner of

sawmiller and producer of value-added

Endless LLP, said: “We are proud of what we

products, including cross laminated timber,

have achieved at BSW in such a short period

glulam beams, solid wood panels, pressed pallet blocks, wood pellets and briquettes. The business has demonstrated a solid

and have enjoyed working with the BSW Pictured: Front – Alan Milne, Hans Binder, Tony Hackney, Reinhard Binder. Back – Aidan Robson, Gebhard Duenser, Matteo Binder, Ludwig Foildl, Ian Henderson, Gavin Adkins.

consistent growth, now operating in

team. We are delighted to be selling the business to such a good home in Binderholz who have such a strong track record of

Austria, Germany, Finland and the USA.

growth and a market leading reputation. We feel this acquisition is hugely

Under the leadership of CEO Tony Hackney, BSW will integrate with

positive for the BSW employees, its customers and the whole supply chain”.

Binderholz. “Our management teams across the business units remain and the

Tony Hackney continued: “We are very pleased to be strengthening our

whole team will be supported by Binder family and Senior management,” said

position in the value-added timber market by becoming part of the Binderholz

Tony. “The long-established name of BSW will remain and business will be as

family. The opportunity to enhance our supply chain and additionally widen

normal, with much greater opportunity to supply a wider basket of products.

our product offering is exciting. This represents another major milestone in

We will be enhancing our capabilities to further expand our capacity and grow

the growth of BSW and we are looking forward to drawing on the expertise

further in supply to all sectors,” added Tony.

and knowledge of the Binderholz team. I would also like to thank the Endless

“We are all excited and thoroughly committed to support the

LLP team for their huge support over the last years.”

business through a transitionary period under new ownership and have More at  www.bsw.co.uk  www.binderholz.com

demonstrated our ability to do this. I am very grateful to our previous owners

For independent guidance on your next project Ensure your timber decking or cladding is fit for purpose through design, specification, material choice and installation. Whatever the size of your project, TDCA can offer: - an accredited materials, supplier and installer database - impartial and expert help by phone or email - inspiration, through galleries and case studies - inspection & expert witness services - free downloadable resources including The Timber Cladding Handbook and The Guide to Hardwood Decking

email: info@tdca.org.uk visit: www.tdca.org.uk

ABODO finger-jointed Vulcan cladding with riven effect, from Glenalmond Timber

Timber Construction Magazine

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association is an independent, not-for-profit technical and advisory body. It was established to promote the materials, design and installation practices required to create good quality decks, associated landscape structures and cladding on buildings.

Winter 2021



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International Timber gives ‘grand design’ a sustainable larch makeover Larch with an innovative wood protection treatment, supplied by

the test of time and came with FSC certification, that led the couple to

International Timber, has helped husband and wife team, Dan and

approach International Timber for advice.

Nina Rowland build their sustainable, three-storey dream home

Initial requirements had been for machine or sawn finished timber, but

in Chichester. The waterside retreat comprises nearly 1000m of

the cladding and decking team at International Timber advised a textured

decking and over 6400m of cladding into the build, with SiOO-X

finished, which allows the grain of the timber to be showcased to best

wood protection treatment, to give the timber a long life and

effect, while retaining a smooth service. Bernie Roberts, cladding and

natural surface, with even colouration.

decking product manager who led the team at International Timber said:

Dan, an architect and Nina, an interior designer purchased the plot

“It has been a pleasure to work with Dan and Nina on this project and see

over two years ago, comprising the original 1930s house and a stagnant

how our traditional larch timber has helped bring warmth and durability to

pond, and set about creating a contemporary home that combines

their contemporary home. Larch is an excellent, timber to last a lifetime.

nature with eco-friendly design – a project that featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs in October 2021.

“Combining the wood with our innovative SiOO-X coating system, which accelerates the weathering process to provide an even, silver

Having worked with timber on numerous residential projects, Dan

finish, adds an additional versatility - as proven by the fact that the timber

knew that he wanted to incorporate the natural aesthetics of larch into

has also been used internally to provide a high-end, decorative finish

the design, alongside a coating system for additional durability. The

in the kitchen. All of our timber is sustainably sourced too, so the team

build’s environmental credentials were also a high priority, with the

always have a real sense of pride when they can see the product being

couple keen to prioritise natural products that were sustainably sourced

used in projects like this, which are focused on the minimising overall

alongside a range of innovations including high thermal efficiency,

environmental impact.”

passive ventilation and renewable energy to power their entire home. More at  www.internationaltimber.com/product/siberian-larch-2

It was this commitment to use timber products that would both stand

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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FOR TIMBER THAT KEEPS OUR FORESTS STRONG, ® CHOOSE FSC Our forests give us many things, including a huge variety of timber and timber products. FSC helps look after forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. So you can use timber, panels and other forest products while keeping our forests full of life. www.fsc-uk.org


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Winter 2021



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Can the timber industries help solve the housing crisis? Recognising that the UK must build more homes and reduce carbon emissions, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Timber Industries launched a new report aiming to provide solutions to the UK’s housing and climate crises.


itled ‘How the timber

Crucially, the recommendations call for a new

industries can help solve the

focus on whole life carbon emissions within

housing crisis’, it calls on the

the Building Regulations and the introduction

Government to support the

of thresholds for embodied carbon within

use of wood in construction through policy


and procurement, as well as introducing

It also urges the Government to give

legislation to regulate embodied carbon –

preference to low carbon materials and building

starting with mandatory, standardised carbon

solutions for all government projects, pointing

measurement on all government projects.

to the economic benefits that scaling up the timber and forestry industries would bring. Calls

The report makes a series of key recommendations devised to help the

are also made in the report for a more joined-up

Government reach its target of building 300,000

approach to working with the timber industry to

more homes per year, while also significantly

develop an industrial strategy that can align with

boosting the trajectory towards net zero carbon.

government policy.

Bring whole life carbon emissions

system, have created uncertainty in the market. Regulations for the

into building regulations and

construction industry must be based on science.

introduce thresholds on embodied carbon in construction Despite making up a large portion of

Give preference towards low-carbon materials and building solutions for all government projects

the construction industries carbon footprint,

One of the most powerful levers the government possesses to

embodied carbon emissions remain entirely

affect change is finance, yet it currently remains entirely untouched

unregulated. However, as the recent ‘Part

when it comes to reducing the emissions from construction. Using the

Z’ for Building Regulations from IStructE

weight of such preference, the government could support the rapid

reflects, there is already broad industry

development and scaling up of the timber and forestry industries along

agreement on a proposed framework for

with other low-carbon solutions to construction.

regulating these emissions. This proposal should be taken forward by MHCLG.

Work with the timber industry to develop an industrial strategy which can be used to align government policy

Take a scientifically consistent approach to building safety by recognising that cladding is not structure

A major issue encountered by the timber industry when working with government departments is the lack of consistency. This is

Since the Grenfell Tower fire, the government has rightly made

particularly problematic between building and climate regulations,

building safety a top priority. However, the regulations around

where wood in construction is being simultaneously discouraged and

combustible materials have not always reflected the realities of safe

encouraged. An industrial strategy specific to the timber and forestry

construction using timber, and instead of making a safer building

industries would help level up this important sector.

The report further highlights that while the Government has made building safety a top priority in the wake of the Grenfell fire,

report points towards an evidence-based

will enable us to build a more productive and

approach to safety regulations.

low-carbon housing sector. By levelling-up the

“We are at a vital junction,” says David

existing timber and forestry supply chain, and

the regulations around combustible materials

Warburton, MP for Somerton and Frome, and

making greater use of modern methods of

have not always reflected the realities of safe

chair of the APPG. “Where the imperative to

construction, we can deliver more quality homes

construction using timber. A fundamental

build more homes is converging with the urgent

– and we can do this sustainably and at pace.”

differentiation must be made between

need to reduce carbon across all of our markets.

cladding and structural elements, and the

Now is the time to put forward policies that

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021


More at  www.cti-timber.org


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Vacsol™ 6118 is a water-based low pressure wood preservative 4 Is metal free and VOC free 4 Suitable for Use Class 1, 2 and 3 (coated) joinery and construction timbers 4 BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) Authorised

FIND OUT w: trustvacsol.com e: timberprotectionadvice.ukca@arxada.com MORE

VACSOL Aqua 6118 is a BPR authorised product. Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Historic Estate Gets Timber Pod Makeover

Quattro Design Architects

The Shell Store on Hereford’s Rotherwas Industrial Estate lay derelict for more than 50 years. It is being brought back to life with the use of highly insulated and airtight timber pods.


s an ‘enterprise zone’, Skylon Park was keen to bring the

allow for curved walls and meet the structural, thermal, fire, acoustic and

building back into productive economic use. Following

airtight criteria. Building within a building also proved challenging on many

a £7.3 million redevelopment, The Shell Store is newly

fronts, including low ceilings; lifting heavy panels without cranes; distributing

refurbished into a modern business incubation and

materials and working in a confined area with other trades.

innovation centre. Andrew Manning Cox, Chair of the Hereford Enterprise Zone, said:

High Performance Solution

“The Shell Store offers exactly the sort of high-quality start-up and grow-on

To aid both the design and build process, the timber frame panels

space which Hereford needs to enable us to nurture the next generation of

were designed as small as possible. This helped create the curved walls

businesses. It offers high-spec working space at the heart of Skylon Park’s

and made the panels more manageable, which was critical given the

thriving business community and is surrounded by companies with national

restricted access. Taylor Lane employed top-hung Posi-Joists to achieve

and international reputations in the defence and security and cyber

the long spanning roofs of each pod. With any large openings or full-

technologies sector.”

height glazing, steel beams were installed to afford flexibility. The timber

Having played a considerable role in WWI and WWII, the building was of historical merit and considered worthy of retention. 2,500sqm of lettable

pods are highly insulated and airtight, achieving a U-value of 0.22 w/m2K, essentially acting as external envelopes within the building.

business space has been created within the existing building footprint,

“The approach to timber frame resulted in higher levels of energy

housed within insulated timber frame pods to retain much of the original

efficiency, lower carbon emissions and lower maintenance costs. At the

factory, including its iconic steel roof structure. Taylor Lane was tasked with

same time, the timber frame increased The Shell Store’s adaptability,

delivering seven single-storey pods, each differing in shape, size and layout.

durability, and resilience,” concludes Mike. The Shell Store was officially

The company worked closely with main contractor, Barnwood Construction.

opened by Robert Jenrick, former Secretary of State Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), earlier this summer.

Biggest Challenge

More at  www.taylor-lane.co.uk

“Once it had been decided that the building was worthy of retention,” says Mike Court, director of Quattro Design Architects. “The primary challenge was the limited clearance between the concrete slab to the underside of the steel frame. This heavily dictated the approach to design, servicing, and buildability of the interior spaces. The strategy considered a variety of approaches however, the most appropriate was the insertion of a timber frame within the open plan structure. Early subcontractor engagement was crucial, enabling value for money and buildable solutions to be tried and tested in mock-ups.” Using its 140mm timber frame system with 100mm rigid polyurethane insulation, alongside Posi-Joists and steel supports, Taylor Lane designed and manufactured the timber frame for each pod, in-house – just a stone’s throw from The Shell Store. The company then also managed the erection

Quattro Design Architects

of the kits onsite. The timber frame design had to work inside a building,

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Introducing the new

TIMBERMEDIA.CO.UK Your source for all things Timber, with more news, features and resources. We’ve redesigned our website to give you a better experience – whether you’re a reader, advertiser, marketeer or work in the timber sector, Timber Media is for you.







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Make it a Row House Using a sustainable approach and cross laminated timber (CLT) designs, Manchesterbased housing developer Urban Splash has unveiled its latest option for the next generation of modern living.


ow House is an entirely new typology from House by Urban

The new Row House homes will form the third phase of regeneration

Splash, and the company’s modern take on mews-style

at Port Loop and will stand adjacent to another phase of Town House

architecture. It was first revealed in the spring, with a

homes – 105 of which have already been created at the waterside site close

striking red façade on homes that are being created at

to Birmingham city centre. Chris continued: “In two short years, Port Loop

Wirral Waters in Merseyside.

has completely transformed: what was once a disused, rundown former

Now a brand-new Row House aesthetic has been developed by architects shedkm, with the homes at Port Loop featuring a striking

industrial patch of land, has fast become a vibrant, award-winning place in which hundreds of people now live, work and play. “The presence of pioneering cultural organisations like Civic Square and

grey profiled metal façade and signature oversized windows. House by Urban Splash delivery director Chris Shaw explains: “We continue to

Yard (MAIA Group) Art House, as well as green space – including the first Port

evolve our product portfolio, introducing new homes to the market to

Loop Park, South Loop Green – and our architecturally striking homes, have

help more people across the country live in brilliantly-designed houses

helped to rapidly establish this as one of the city’s go-to neighbourhoods.

and communities. After the success of our Town House family homes,

Our team on the ground can’t wait to show more people around.” There will be 15 new three-storey Row House homes at Port Loop,

and our Mansion House apartments – the first of which have sold out in Manchester – we have created Row House for customers who want

each with their own private garden terrace and access to a brand-new

something different again. We look forward to seeing it become a reality

residents’ garden, a concept which has been very popular with our

at both Port Loop and Wirral Waters.”

residents in the first phases. Both Row House and Town House homes

House by Urban Splash creates innovative, architect-designed homes

benefit from car parking spaces. The Row House prototype was developed using modern methods of

using modern methods of construction; it is owned by award winning property developer Urban Splash in partnership with Sekisui House, Japan’s

construction (MMC) in the House by Urban Splash factory in Alfreton, East

largest housebuilder, and Homes England, the government’s housing

Midlands, before being delivered to the East Float area of the Northbank

agency. Other shareholders include architect and TV presenter George

neighbourhood – a community that is being developed in partnership with

Clarke, and We Buy Any Car founder and tech entrepreneur Noel McKee.

Peel L&P at Wirral Waters in Merseyside. “Row House is the third residential typology in our award-winning

As with other House by Urban Splash homes, Row House is being created in the company’s factory in the East Midlands. There, homes will be

portfolio and comes from our experience in recent years in using MMC

precision manufactured to customer specifications, with buyers choosing

to create hundreds of sustainable, brilliantly-designed homes across

varying ground and top floor layouts. House by Urban Splash

the country,” adds Chris Shaw. “To date, we have completed our three

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The new Row House homes will form the third phase of regeneration at Port Loop and will stand adjacent to another phase of Town House homes – 105 of which have already been created at the waterside site close to Birmingham city centre. storey Town House homes and Mansion House apartments in places like Manchester, Birmingham, Salford and North Shields.” Hazel Rounding of Liverpool-based shedkm – also designers of the Town House and Mansion House products – added: “Row House is a pioneering new design for homeowners, featuring our most innovative thinking around modular layouts, with efficient internal space and open-up features that offer additional outdoor living space – a concept that will suit the needs of modern buyers spending more time at home. We are delighted to see them become a reality at the Wirral.” The first three storey Town House homes have also been delivered to Wirral Waters, with all the homes occupying a waterfront position overlooking East Float Dock, a stone’s throw from the River Mersey. Here, House by Urban Splash is creating a new quarter for Wirral Waters, itself a bustling new place for arts venues, shops and cafes all in a bustling future neighbourhood. Richard Mawdsley, Director of Development for Peel L&P’s Wirral Waters, concluded: “The arrival of these first homes at East Float is yet another significant example of progress at Wirral Waters. Together with the other developments along Northbank, we are creating a new mixed, sustainable neighbourhood – a community for all. These innovative homes will sit alongside new public realm, including pocket parks and dockside walkways, helping to support healthier communities with a focus on fresh air and active travel.” More at  www.urbansplash.co.uk  www.shedkm.co.uk

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The Evolution of Wood Protection Technologies

At the beginning of the year, Arxada launched Vacsol™ 6118 to help meet the evolving needs of construction timber product specification, with a focus on reducing the overall carbon impact of a project.


ater-based and both metal

Overall carbon impact of wood

effective long-term protection against fungal

and VOC-free, Vacsol™ 6118

protection for construction timbers

and insect attack for Use Class 1, 2 and 3

is a low-pressure preservative treatment that has been

Vacsol™ 6118 is a BPR-authorised, waterbased low-pressure wood preservative that

(coated) timbers. For Use Classes 1 and 2 it can deliver the desired service life of 60 years.

designed with clear consideration to reducing

provides an effective ‘envelope’ of long-term

the overall carbon impact of a project.

protection against fungal and insect attack

other water-based preservatives, other than

Independent bodies, including the Committee

around general building timbers and joinery

its performance, is that it is both metal and

on Climate Change (CCC), have reported that

components. With an innovative booster

VOC-free and has been formulated with a

favouring timber over high carbon materials

technology (known as ‘VAC-VAC’), it provides

focus upon recyclability and reuse of treated

What really sets Vacsol™ 6118 apart from

such as concrete and steel is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. More recently, at COP26 the important role that timber construction can play in the fight against climate change was showcased. With this in mind, wood protection technologies can often be overlooked during the specification process with the perception that they are very much like-for-like. However, like any

Vacsol™ 6118 contains advanced BPR approved biocides that allow minimum levels of ingredients to be used with maximum effect. At end of life, the treated timber can be re-used or recycled, in accordance with local waste regulations*

other product, treated timber needs to evolve with changes in the marketplace. This is why Arxada has developed Vacsol™ 6118.

* check local waste regulations, which can vary.

Winter 2021

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timber at end of-life. Also, looking at the

to partner in this evaluation, especially in

in reducing the carbon footprint of wood

overall carbon impact, Vacsol™ 6118 has been

homegrown CLT projects.

preservative transportation.”

designed as an easy-to-use concentrate that

Andy adds “At Arxada we are also looking

is diluted on-site to meet individual business

at how we can reduce the carbon footprint

For more information on Vacsol 6118™ and

requirements, helping timber treaters reduce

of the manufacturing process. Investment

the other wood protection technologies

their own carbon footprint.

in smarter manufacturing processes and

that Arxada manufacture visit

technologies is key to this. In addition, we

 www.trusttreatedtimber.com

Andy Hodge, marketing director for the EIMEA Wood Protection division, reveals that

are looking at more energy efficient ways of

there is ongoing product development to

transportation. The movement of Vacsol™

ensure that Arxada can help further reduce the

6118 as a concentrate was a great step

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

carbon impact of wood related construction projects. “Following the successful release of Vacsol™ 6118, we hope to launch a metalfree version of Tanalith™ high pressure wood preservative early in 2022. In addition, as a global wood business, our colleagues in North America have been working on a water-based industrial sealant technology. “LotusPro™ is a high-performance, mouldresistant coating for mass timber and other engineered wood that offers today’s mass timber products superior protection against moisture, staining and dirt pick-up, whilst not impacting the natural appearance of the timber. This technology is being evaluated for the European market and I welcome contact from any interested parties who would like

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The Finest in Timber Design The Wood Awards 2021 saw nineteen structures shortlisted as best in class. All those nominated were on public display at The Building Centre in London from 25 October – 3 December, as part of the exhibition World of Wood.


stablished in 1971, the Wood Awards has long been

installation. The independent panel of judges visit all the shortlisted

the UK’s premier competition for excellence in

projects in person, making this a uniquely rigorous competition.

wood design and aims to encourage and promote

Here is a selection of this year’s projects.

outstanding timber design, craftsmanship and



A former 1930’s furniture warehouse has been redeveloped into a

This practical family residence respects the outstanding natural beauty of

contemporary and adaptable office space that retains almost all the original

its surroundings and looks out over the Salcombe Estuary. Natural materials

structural fabric. The existing four-storey building has been extended sideways

are at the heart of the project. Geometry and materials are expressed in

and upwards using CLT panels and hardwood LVL beams. Conceived as an

different ways on different floors. Below-ground, the emphasis is on stone

open studio space, the new third-floor level has been designed to promote

and natural curves, from a curved bench and coat rail to curved doors.

collaboration featuring a flexible, column-free space with four rows of 10m long

Above-ground is straight, with timber and deliberately man-made materials

northlight windows. A vertical, lightweight CLT extension has been added to the

used. The owners’ expertise meant that the best quality wood has been

side of the building which complements the new sawtooth roof structure and

used, with timber supplied by his import company, sourced from Canada.

creates light-filled space for meetings, alongside a new stair and lift core, and

Yellow cedar tiles and cladding adorn the roof and exterior, while the

a new covered building entrance. LVL beams support the northlight windows,

upstairs floor is made from Douglas fir. The long, straight grain of the wood

while CLT panels to carry the sawtooth roof. The result is a considered and

has been deliberately exposed on all levels to show off its beauty. The typical

didactic expression of the building’s construction with expressed panel joints,

house plan has been inverted, with the main living spaces set above the

exposed lamellas, and undisguised connections, demonstrating the building’s

bedrooms. Other interesting design features include the eaves, which were

sequencing. Elsewhere in the building, new floor areas have been created using

inspired by thatched roofs, and the use of surplus roof copper throughout

a hybrid of steel and CLT, freeing up the existing structure to create open plan

the project. The large, open plan living space is flooded with light and

working areas, collaborative neighborhoods, and break out spaces.

features a glass and timber balcony above the lower-level entrance door.

Location: London Architect: Ian Chalk Architects Client: CSI Property Investments Structural engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel MEP engineer: Peter Deer & Associates

Main contractor: Conomar Building Services Joinery: Pearl Fit-out Wood supplier: B&K Structures Quantity surveyor: Exigere Species: spruce (Norway), beech (Europe)

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Location: Devon Architect: Adams Collingwood Architects Client & main builder: Mr & Mrs T Stone Structural engineer: Paul Carpenter Associates Joinery: Rozen Furniture



Wood supplier: Stones Marine Timber Landscape architects: Rathbone Partnership Species: Douglas fir, yellow cedar, Sitka spruce (Canada)

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A replacement was needed for the existing Guildford Crematorium which had

Leyton House sits on a narrow site at the end of a 1960’s terrace straddling

come to the end of its life. The new building and landscape were influenced

two Victorian streets. The potential of the infill site has been maximized to

by its range of visitors and the stages of grief they experience as they move

create a space to live and work that suits the client’s current requirements but

through and use the site. The scheme had to cater to modern grieving

has the potential to adapt and grow. The project is defined by its elemental

practices which incorporate informal and flexible internal arrangements,

nature. Internally, a palette of concrete, brick and timber softens it progresses

accommodate a variety of congregation numbers, and demand non-

from public to private space. Exposed timber construction and careful

denominational spaces. The building endeavours to soothe a mourner’s grief

detailing celebrate craftsmanship and limit the need for expensive finishes

with uplifting views and pockets of character spaces. Using walled garden

and linings. The house is composed of a brick plinth at street level with a

typology, masonry walls obscure internal and external spaces to those viewing

finely detailed timber frame structure above. Externally, the form is subtlety

the building from outside. A concrete band sets a solid and continuous datum

articulated across the site. Standard C24 timber joists are exposed internally,

above the folding wall. From this, spring two geometric timber volumes clad

which modulate light and create shadows. Natural wood fibre panels are

in zinc, which act as waymarks for visitors and announce the building’s two key

set between the exposed joists regulating the atmosphere and creating a

uses: chapel and crematory. An exposed, highly engineered glulam timber roof

soft acoustic. Street facing external windows are screened for privacy. Doors

structure offers clean, functional decoration within the chapel, which looks

and windows are made from Douglas fir to complement the external larch

out onto the courtyard, with additional natural light provided by a high-level

cladding. Larch board-on-board timberwork at first floor level is finished in

clerestory window. To provide intimacy, the catafalque and coffin sit under

white oil, creating a unified composition. A top lit timber staircase allows light

a lower canopy, wrapped in warm vertical oak board cladding. This feature is

to wash throughout the space. Bespoke birch plywood furniture and doors

extended into the chapel lobby, office reception area and external canopies.

have been designed to complete the first-floor master dressing room.

Location: London Architect: Ian Chalk Architects Client: CSI Property Investments Structural engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel

MEP engineer: Peter Deer & Associates Main contractor: Conomar Building Services Joinery: Pearl Fit-out

Wood supplier: B&K Structures Quantity surveyor: Exigere Species: spruce (Norway), beech (Europe)

Location: London Architect: McMahon Architecture Structural engineer: James Frith Ltd Basement construction: Abtech Basements

Basement Fit out, Ground Floor & First Floor Construction: Refab Build Ltd Windows & doors: Cambridge Joinery Ltd Wood supplier: Southgate Timber

First floor integrated dressing room joinery & doors: Grovecourt Species: Siberian larch, Douglas fir, WBP plywood

MAGDALENE COLLEGE LIBRARY Magdalene College Library is the first substantial

of the plan form, allowing the building to address

addition to the main college site in over 50 years.

the differently scaled garden space either side.

Built alongside the Grade I listed Pepys Library,

The interior spaces are created by a glulam and CLT

the new library is an arrangement of simple brick

structure, supported on load bearing brickwork

volumes with timber windows and pitched roofs

and populated with oak shelves and tables. All the

that echo the gabled architecture of the college.

key features are perceived as an interwoven set of

Interconnecting rooms lined with bookcases, reading

elements. Roof lights, columns, floor beams, shelves,

desks and galleries are arranged on a tartan grid

windows, desks, and balustrades form a coherent

between linking passageways. Three main reading

warp and weft throughout the space. The roof is a

rooms organise the principal circulation route, from

grid of timber lanterns with glazed gables separated

the three-storey entrance hall to a double-height

by wide internal gutters. The lanterns limit glare and

central reading room, up to a long single-height

overheating while bringing light into the plan. The

room at the top of the building. The stepping of

roof lanterns are supported by brickwork chimneys

these spaces in section is followed by the stepping

that provide fresh air circulation.

Location: Devon Architect: Adams Collingwood Architects Client & main builder: Mr & Mrs T Stone

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Structural engineer: Paul Carpenter Associates Joinery: Rozen Furniture Wood supplier: Stones Marine Timber



Landscape architects: Rathbone Partnership Species: Douglas fir, yellow cedar, Sitka spruce (Canada)

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THE WELCOME BUILDING RHS GARDEN BRIDGEWATER Sitting within the new RHS garden on the site of 154-acre Worsley New Hall, The Welcome Building is predominantly one open space that acts as a gateway to the gardens but also contains a visitor meeting and interaction point, restaurant, gift shop, offices, and educational spaces. The design is a horizontal composition that responds to a commanding horizon defined by the elevated canal and low-lying landscape, creating a linear strike in the landscape. All public elements are contained under a single overarching glulam timber diagrid, supported on structural glulam trees. The roof extends beyond the enclosure to the north and south, blurring the edge between building and landscape, where it turns up and down at its edge, responding to the location of entrances, expressing specific uses, framing views, and forming solar shading. The horizontal form is broken by projecting timber boxes that sit below the main roof line and house prescribed uses such as kitchens, WCs, Location: Manchester Architect: Hodder + Partners Client: The Royal Horticultural Society Structural engineer: RoC Consulting Main contractor: BAM Construction Joinery: Reds Joinery Ltd

offices, and classrooms. The timber forms extend east beyond the building

Wood supplier: Prowood Ltd, Stora Enso, Russwood Roof manufacturer/installer: HESS Timber GmbH Services engineer: Hoare Lea Species: Siberian larch (Russia), European spruce (Germany/Austria)

with a timber decking floating over a new lake. Externally, the roof is clad in vertical larch while the projecting boxes are clad horizontally. Glazed curtain walling spans between the ground and roof. Natural light permeates through larch louvres, or filters through the diagrid via two rooflights.

SANDS END COMMUNITY AND ARTS CENTRE The Centre replaces an older facility that stood in the vicinity but had been sold to enable residential development. The new Centre comprises a series of newly built flexible one-storey pavilions clustered around the refurbished Grade-II listed Clancarty Lodge. The pavilions feature a single pitch roof with tall clerestory windows, inspired by glasshouses that stood on the site in the 18th century. Massing has been subtly adjusted to create a slightly irregular, picturesque cluster in keeping with the landscape, and a new, welcoming entrance plaza. The internal spaces can be adapted to different uses and occasions through movable partitions. In the future, the Centre will also contain a nursery and café. On the side of the courtyard, deep eaves ensure effective shading from the sun and protect the inside from glare. Large scale CLT panels and glulam beams, which have been left exposed or stained green, have been used as the primary structural material. Location: London Architect: Mæ Main contractor: Neilcott Construction

Joinery: P.R. Boakes Ltd, Tom Graham Joinery Wood supplier: Egoin

Structural engineer: Elliott Wood Partnership Species: whitewood spruce


The Alice Hawthorn, Nun Monkton, North Yorkshire


Lockerbie Sawmill, Lockerbie, Scotland

The buildings judging panel is led by Jim Greaves of Hopkins Architects. The

David Brownlow Theatre, Newbury, Berkshire

panel includes Andrew Lawrence, Arup; Kirsten Haggart, Waugh Thistleton

Ibstock Place School Refectory, London

Architects; Nathan Wheatley, engenuiti; David Morley, David Morley Architects;

Kantor Centre of Excellence: The Anna Freud Centre & Pears Family

architectural journalist Ruth Slavid and Andy Trotman, Timberwright.

School, London •

Built East Pavilion, Belfast, Northern Ireland


Unfolding Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2021

As a not-for-profit competition, the Wood Awards can only happen with

1930’s Apartment, London

collaborative industry sponsorship. Major Sponsors are American Hardwood

Concrete Plinth House, London

Export Council, Binderholz and Carpenters’ Company. Other Sponsors

SNUG Home, Bristol

include American Softwoods, Timber Trade Federation and TRADA.

St John Street, London

Wooden Annex, London.

Timber Construction Magazine

More at  www.woodawards.com  @WoodAwards

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Let's talk about the wood house effect Cities are growing, and so are trees. With wood as a construction material, we can bring the forest to the city by building higher, lighter and stronger than ever before. By 2060, global housing needs to double, and emissions need to go down. When using wood as a renewable material that keeps growing back,a truly sustainable future of building is possible. And it all started with a seedling in one of our certified forests. We call this the wood house effect. storaenso.com/WoodHouseEffect

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Accoya Pavilion Aims High

The Built: East Pavilion in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was designed by OGU Architects and Donald McCrory Architects and celebrates the rich industrial heritage of the city.


uilt: East was the winning design in The Belfast Flare

Built: East Pavilion Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland Architect: OGU Architects + Donald McCrory Architects Client: EastSide Partnership Structural engineer: O’Connor Sutton Cronin Main contractor: Farrans Construction

competition run by the Royal Society of Ulster Architects. With cultural identity being a divisive issue, it was important to find cultural common ground shared across

the neighbouring communities. The site has a rich industrial history,

Joinery & wood supplier: BPJ Group Timber Distributor: International Timber Roof engineering and installation: Fabrite Concrete: Moore Concrete Products Species: Accoya

and the Belfast truss represents the area’s history of manufacturing ingenuity. Originally designed to make use of waste ship building timber, the Belfast truss also inspired the team to make careful use of resources. Many of the city’s largest factories had such a roof, including the Belfast Ropeworks which previously faced the site. Each element evokes memories of the area’s industrial structures. Rather than a nostalgic look backwards, it draws attention to Northern Ireland’s emerging construction innovation and contributes to the local economy. The pavilion is an assembly of three elements, each crafted in a local factory. Traditional craft skills combined with innovative technologies created bespoke building components that could be rapidly assembled on site. 1:1 scale prototypes were CNC produced to develop the design of each truss and joint. The entire roof structure was assembled in the factory before being dismantled and transported to site. The pop-up pavilion was constructed from sustainable and versatile Accoya®, supplied by International Timber, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of bespoke, sustainable timber and panel products, and their sister company, merchants JP Corry. Accoya is a highly reliable and durable timber which does not swell, shrink or distort, and can last in

Chris Upson, Director at OGU Architects, adds: “The design was our

climate for more than 50 years. It also has unrivalled sustainability, with

winning entry in a pavilion design competition run by the Royal Society of

FSC® and Cradle to Cradle Gold™ certification.

Ulster Architects and sponsored by JP Corry. The aim was to support design

David Hogg of International Timber said: “I’m so pleased that this

culture and emerging architecture practices in the city. It was fantastic to

brilliant project is being recognised at the Wood Awards. A lot of hard

see our vision come to life, and the result is a striking architectural asset to

work went into supporting the architects to select the most practical

Belfast that will be enjoyed by many for a long time to come.”

timber sections, balancing aesthetics and cost-effectiveness and the More at  www.internationaltimber.com

project went really smoothly.”

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Setting the timber standard.


Total solutions from International Timber

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internationaltimber.com info@internationaltimber.com www.timbermedia.co.uk

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Photo © Jim Stephenson

Grand Entrance for UC4 Glulam

A new school auditorium for Horris Hill Preparatory School on its rural campus near Newbury, Berkshire, has been transformed using structural engineered timber and a Use Class 4 (UC4) treated glulam portico.


he choice of materials for the new David Brownlow theatre at Horris Hill School was driven by three main concerns – context, sustainability and affordability. These were all delivered through the specification of a

primary structure made from PEFC-certified spruce cross laminated timber (CLT) and a specially treated pine external glulam portico from Piveteaubois, that frames the building’s primary entrance to the school. The theatre is an intimate performance space seating up to 160 people and the timber-lined interior provides an appropriate backdrop to the drama that will be enjoyed by both the school and wider community. Eurban were appointed as specialist timber engineers and subcontractors to carry out the design, supply and assembly of the new theatre’s CLT and glulam superstructure, after being approached by Johnathan Tuckey Design in 2016 for early specialist input on the engineered timber aspects of the project. A unique aspect of the building is the glulam portico. This ‘playful’ structure is taller than the building and echoes the diagonal lines of the red wood fibre cement cladding panels. It is a sculptural element creating a dramatic threshold to the new theatre. The building consists of 7.56m3 of UC4 impregnated pine GL24h glulam beams – both TANALITH and TANATONE treated – and supplied by leading French timber supplier Piveteaubois. The timber was treated and processed at Piveteaubois’ factory in Sainte Florence, France, before being shipped to site. The process used to produce UC4 treated glulam beams, firstly sees each layer of pine, moisture controlled before an initial high pressure TANALITH treatment to Photo © Eurban

UC4 requirements. The layers are then kiln dried in preparation for the glue

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LAMWOOD engineered timber production : 100,000 m3/year. CAD-BASED MACHINING and cut to length service. DURAPIN Pine glulam offers the best protection for external structures : Use Class 4 pre-treated glulam guaranteed 20 years above ground. Can be used in Service Class 3. NATURALLY DURABLE Sapfree Douglas Fir or treated Douglas Fir can be used in Use Class 3.2 environments. SPRUCE GLULAM AND RIMBOARDS for timber frame manufacturers.

45000 001 052 745 SCR - egacoB-ne-strassE 04158 - 11103 SC - ecnerolF-etniaS - eéllaV aL tid-ueiL - SIOBUAETEVIP



FOR AN ELECTRONIC OR PAPER COPY OF OUR STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS CATALOGUE Timber Construction Magazine Winter 2021 www.timbermedia.co.uk  @Timber_Media 27 www.piveteaubois.com/en please contact : elisabeth.piveteau@piveteau.com +44 (0) 7821 807 788


Photo © Nick Dearden

lamination process to create the finished beams. Once laminated, the glulam beams are given a further low pressure treatment with TANATONE to provide the required colouration. Finally, the beams are machined and cut to length according to the project design. This treatment means that structural elements can withstand harsh climates and provides a long-lasting solution for outdoor use in areas of high humidity. UC4 pine treated glulam is suitable for use in service class 3 applications and is guaranteed for 20 years for use above ground. UC4 treated pine has been used in France for decades, with Piveteaubois pioneering the impregnation of pine to UC4 in France with

Photo © Eurban

Photo © Jim Stephenson

the installation of its first autoclaves in 1984, to develop the use of softwood for outdoor

with and we are really happy to hear that the

use and timber frame buildings. Currently

staff and students love it as well.”

Piveteaubois treats over 120,000m3 of pine

The CLT and glulam for the theatre

The final handover of the theatre structure was in January 2020, when a team from Eurban returned to assemble the portico

products to UC4 annually under its DURAPIN

structure was delivered on three lorries from

structure. The CLT structure and external

flagship brand, including 10,000m3 of glulam.

Stora Enso and Pabst in Austria. The building

glulam portico sequestered about 100

was assembled on-site in just over five weeks.

tonnes and 5.5 tonnes of carbon from the

was the perfect solution for Horris Hill School

This reduction in site traffic compared to

atmosphere respectively and demonstrates

in terms of durability, aesthetics and its low

alternative structural materials, was a key

that the use of timber and offsite

maintenance,” says Elisabeth Piveteau-Boley,

consideration during the school term to reduce

manufacture of many of the components,

Director UK & Ireland at Piveteaubois. “It’s

pollution on surrounding roads and to reduce

delivers enormous climate benefits plus high

use for the portico is a great showcase for

disruption. The main structure was assembled

aesthetic appeal.

using UC4 treated glulam in the UK. It looks

on-site at the end of 2019 and was partially

fantastic and the finished building has real

handed over before the Christmas break, to

More at  www.piveteaubois.com/en

impact. It was a great project to be involved

protect the building over the Christmas holiday.

 www.eurban.co.uk

“Our DURAPIN UC4 treated pine glulam

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2021



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AXIL 3000 P+


Preserve wood natural state Bio-Based wood preservative solution Up to class 3.2 autoclave treatment BPR Approval Wide range colours available

Use biocides safely. Always read the labels and product information before use.

adkalis.com Timber Construction Magazine

adkalis is a subsidiary of Groupe Winter 2021 Berkem29

+33 (0)5 64 31 06 95 adkalis-export@berkem.com  @Timber_Media www.timbermedia.co.uk


Back on Track UK Construction Week (UKCW), the country’s largest built environment event, ended on a high after three days in October packed full of the latest innovations and products, networking opportunities and specialist seminars.


he first major live event of its kind since lockdown began,

Rebecca Walshe, marketing and media co-ordinator at Hanson

UKCW marked a turning point in the industry’s recovery

Plywood commented: “This year’s event was probably one of the best

post-COVID and provided insights into the future of the

years we have had in terms of engagement since we started attending the

built environment, including how progress is being made

show in 2015. Due to the pandemic, we had longer to plan, and with the

to tackle the big challenges around skills shortages, diversity, health

help of our new exhibition company we were able to create an innovative

and wellbeing, quality, safety and sustainability.

stand built from our own products that not only acted as an exhibition

The show was a great success and was attended by over 20,000 industry

stand, but also as a sculpture dedicated to our products.

professionals and 300 exhibitors showcasing more than 6,000 products,

“We had our specification advisor on the stand all week to promote

which included timber frames and panel systems, fixings and fastenings,

the Hanson RIBA Approved Plywood CPD and presented a sneak preview

timber cladding, doors and windows, mouldings, skirtings, flooring and

on how we target architects, designers and specifiers. We were also

more. There has already been strong interest from the timber sector to

advertising our new virtual showroom this year, and had the showroom

attend UKCW’s show in London in May 2022, and a record number of

loaded onto iPads on the stand.

exhibitor rebooks for UKCW at the NEC in Birmingham in October 2022. Timber Expo – the part of UKCW dedicated to timber construction, wood

“A lot of visitors either scanned the QR code on the side of our stand to view the showroom or used our iPads to view it. The response we received

products and related suppliers – saw particularly good footfall. This is the

was great: people were taking pictures, asking staff about the design,

UK’s largest showcase event for wood and timber in construction. It brought

engaging with us, and ultimately showing real interest in our products and

together opinion-shapers, decision-makers and product innovators across

work. Our stand then went on to win the award for the best open space

design, build and supply. Timber construction was also a high-profile topic in

stand! We are very proud and honoured to have won this award, it meant a

seminars discussing modern methods of construction and sustainability.

lot to us, and we will definitely be back showcasing at the show next year.”

Timber Expo exhibitors included Adkalis (a subsidiary of Groupe

Summarising this year’s show, Nathan Garnett, event director said: “This

Berkem in France), one of the major players in the protection, treatment

year’s show was an extra special one for me, and for many others that I had

and decoration of wood materials, which used the event to promote its

the pleasure of speaking to. We’ve had some really positive feedback and

100% organic microemulsion guaranteed to preserve wood’s natural state

I’m incredibly grateful to all our guests that attended and helped to make it

and longevity through bio-based materials.

the success that it was. Timber and the use of wood in construction is, and

DHS International from the Netherlands promoted its popular European

will increasingly be, a major player when it comes to the future of sustainable

Oak and Siberian Larch hardwood beams and boards, pine and spruce timber,

construction, a key theme of this year’s event. The use of wood materials in

and finished product wooden panels. Among the major UK brands at the show,

construction and the calibre and innovative nature of products in the sector has

PRO-TEK Flooring launched new products, with 28 new styles, including 12

made great strides over these last couple of years. It was fantastic to see some

herringbone patterns expanding its ever-growing range of designs.

of them in action at Timber Expo, as well as the high levels of engagement and

One of the most prominent exhibitors at the show, Hanson Plywood,

enthusiasm from visitors, all helping to really drive this change forwards.”

used the event to unveil its state-of-the-art virtual showroom, one of the first of its kind in the industry. Hanson won UK Construction Week’s ‘Best

To find out more about 2022’s events go to

Open Space Stand’ award with its innovative stand and use of space.

 www.ukconstructionweek.com

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New Directions in Wood At UK Construction Week 2021, WOODOLEX won the Best Innovation in Show Award for its unique Flexible Wooden Board (FWB) suitable for all types of interior decorative pieces.


K Construction Week 2021 saw

Best Innovation in Show Award a well-deserved

over 6,000 innovative products

honour for their hard work.

from over 300 exhibitors across the world. The Best Innovation in

The inspiration behind WOODOLEX came from the belief that builders and DIY lovers should be

Show Award is an annual prestigious award that

able to make and finish anything they wanted with

recognises innovation, design and excellence

a single easy to use material. After years of research

within the UK construction industry.

and development, WOODOLEX came up with its

With over 25 unique products, WOODOLEX

unique FWB that offers more options and makes

is changing the future in the wood construction

creating and finishing easy and fun. The material

industry. Made for builders, carpenters, the film

is also a time and money saver when carrying out

industry or DIY enthusiasts, WOODOLEX is a

complex projects. Unlike other wooden boards,

brand new approach to flexible MDF designed

the FWB requires zero prepping and takes only 10

make their own patterns using basic wood working

as a material for making various kinds of

minutes of heating to become completely flexible.

tools such as saws and drills. Profiled WOODOLEX

decorative elements. The material can be bent

It will also cool down and set in less than 10 minutes.

is available for builders and those who do not have

What makes WOODOLEX truly stand out is its

their own working tools. WOODOLEX designed

to its surface. It can thereafter be installed on

versatility and adaptability. All users have to do is to cut

its FWB to deliver a perfectly smooth finish. The

furniture, walls, ceilings and doors.

to length, heat up, bend to shape, fix in place and let it

material works with all types of paints and primers

cool. From plain to profiled WOODOLEX, builders and

and finishes as elegantly as is desired.

and shaped as desired by applying heat directly

WOODOLEX’s products are unlike anything the wood market has ever seen before. They are

DIYers have a variety of products to select from when

a true definition of innovation which makes the

planning a project. With plain WOODOLEX, users can

More at  www.woodolex.com


Bend Using Electric Heat Gun

Water Resistant

Eco Friendly



Flexible Wooden Board

0044 (0)20 8578 8978




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International Timber launches product visualisation tool

Good old British winter? Protect your project with West Fraser’s CaberDek flooring leading the pack CaberDek is one of West Fraser’s flagship quality flooring products designed to ensure that, whatever weather befalls UK construction sites, work can continue cleanly and safely. This is especially important with today’s tighter than ever timelines. It is made from the same moistureresistant particleboard as the standard CaberFloor P5 and features a protective non-slip film applied to its upper surface. In most new-build projects, the upper floors of a residential property are installed before the roof goes on, with the inevitable result that the new floor is left open to the elements for days or even weeks. CaberDek’s protective film prevents rain and frost damage to the new floor surface as well as providing a safe non-slip working surface for the construction team. CaberDek can be left exposed, and remains BBA approved for up to 42 days without risk of damage, provided it is correctly installed with West Fraser’s CaberFix adhesives. Even after the building is weather-tight, the floor surface remains protected while following trades, such as plastering and painting, come onto site. When work has finished, the protective film is simply peeled off to reveal a pristine particleboard floor ready for covering. CaberDek comes in easy-to-handle 2400mm x 600mm panels produced in thicknesses of 18mm and 22mm. Suitable for fixing to traditional sawn timber or engineered-timber joists, including metal-web joists, it can be fixed with nails, screws, and with West Fraser’s own specially-formulated adhesives.

International Timber has launched a new product visualisation tool, which enables customers to select, view and explore products in-situ to see how they might work for their projects. The tool allows users to plan and review a range of cladding and internal timber finishes with the aim of saving time and simplifying the specification process. The visualisation tool also allows the user to view cladding in various positions, both horizontal or vertical, next to a window or around a doorway.

West Fraser’s CaberFloor range is complemented by the CaberFix range of adhesives and tapes. The range consists of CaberFix T&G adhesive, CaberFix Joint&Joist adhesive and CaberFix Tape. CaberFix D3 is specially formulated to produce strong bonds between adjacent panels along the tongue-andgroove joint. CaberFix Joint&Joist is a high-strength polymer adhesive which remains flexible after curing and is designed to fix a CaberDek floor to the supporting joists. Replacing mechanical fixings, CaberFix Joint&Joist speeds up installation and produces a floor which is guaranteed free of squeaks and creaks. Its flexibility also contributes to noise attenuation, thus aiding in the floor’s conformity with Part E of the Building Regulations governing the passage of noise.

Paul Martin, Managing Director of International Timber, said: “This new digital tool, now available to use on our website, ensures that our customers can review our cladding range and make choices based on their required aesthetic with the ability to visualise online. “Customers can select from our horizontal or vertical cladding profiles along with our range of internal architraves and skirtings, and view in a species of their choice.” “They then have the option to save the model they have created, take a picture or send it through to our sales teams to provide them with a quote.”

To find out more about West Fraser’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email Daniel.Clarke@westfraser.com or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the West Fraser website https://uk.westfraser.com/housebuilders/

International Timber’s visualiser is now available to view at https://designer.internationaltimber.com/ For more information, please get in touch by heading to our contact page https://internationaltimber.com/contact/

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit uk.westfraser.com

UK visit by ambassador helps promote Indonesian wood products

As part of their trip, the delegation enjoyed a visit of the Hanson Plywood warehouse where they inspected Indonesian Timber products.

(L-R) Mochamad Rizalu Akbar, Trade Attache, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Desra Percaya and Adi Winarso, Minister Councillor of Economic Affairs

In a bid to encourage UK timber importers to

the implementation of UK-Indonesia FLEGT-VPA

from both countries could provide regulatory and

increase their purchase of legal and sustainable

by seeking creative ways to increase supply

market incentives support as stated in the UK-

timber from Indonesia, a delegation from the

sustainability of legal and sustainable timber

Indonesia FLEGT-VPA “.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has visited

products from Indonesia and ensure that such

a number of manufacturers across the country.

high-quality timbers remain as the critical part of

premium quality timber products from Indonesia,

the UK industry’s supply chain”.

Pacific Rim Wood, who supply a number of

With FLEGT and legal and sustainable timber products at the top of their agenda - and led by

“Cooperation should be intensified to add

UK sales agents and representatives for

timber products to these manufacturers, helped

Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Desra

more value to Indonesia’s FLEGT certified timber

organise the visit. Managing Director, Shaun

Percaya - the delegation visited James Latham,

products and to replicate a similar mechanism

Hannan commented, “It has been an honour to

Hanson Plywood, Lambson Building Products and

with other forest and agriculture commodities.

host the visit, which has already been heralded as

Caravan manufacturer Willerby.

A holistic approach which involves all relevant

a major success in helping to raise awareness of

stakeholders is indispensable. Business and

Indonesian FLEGT licensed timber products as well

commitment to further strengthen the mutually

industry associations, as well as consumers and

as encouraging UK importers and stakeholders to

beneficial partnership between Indonesia and

NGOs, play a critical role in shaping perspective

increase their purchase of legal and sustainable

the UK. “We should seize the momentum of

and demand, while governments and parliaments

timber products from Indonesia.”

During his visit, the Ambassador reiterated his

Timber Construction Magazine

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Read more about sustainable forest management

Using timber tackles climate change

Using timber is good Using certified timber is wonderful

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Calculate your environmental impact

genevieve@vandecasteele.be +32 56 43 33 00 dave@vandecasteele.be +44 15 94 83 43 32

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