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LONZA WOOD PROTECTION  24 Designing new construction timber preservative treatments with the future in mind GET BREXIT READY  27


Make sure you are prepared for the 1 January 2021 changes as the Brexit transition period ends

Beattie Passive on driving low carbon and Passivhaus design across the UK residential market

We make it better At Norbord we’ve been certified negative. But in a good way – we are net carbon negative. We remove more carbon than we emit. Our products help UK construction comply with net zero targets. Carbon negative. Positive future.


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The latest news and views from across the industry.

Artistic & Thermally Efficient .......................................12 Taylor Lane Timber Frame supplied and erected its 140mm preinsulated timber frame kits for the first phase of Acorn Property Group’s landmark development, Cubis Bruton in Somerset.

No. 2 Maidenhead Office Park.......................................14 A new two-storey CLT and glulam office extension at No. 2 Maidenhead Office Park is providing its client a competitive advantage in a difficult commercial lettings market.





Unique Homes for Bristol................................................18 The Bristol Housing Festival is featuring ZED PODS with its energy efficient and timber-based approach to building design as an important way to deliver sustainable living.

Showcasing Timber at its Finest..................................21 The winners of the annual Wood Awards were recently announced with the judges selecting six structures as the best of British architecture and design using timber for 2020.

Cover Story: Lonza Wood Protection .........................24 Low pressure preservative treatments have always been the preferred choice for protection of our construction timbers against the threat of decay or insect attack. A new construction timber preservative treatment from Lonza has been designed with the future in mind.

Get Brexit Rule Ready........................................................27 With the Brexit transition period soon to end, businesses trading timber are being urged to prepare for the many changes ahead of 1 January 2021.

Timber – a way to pass the airtightness test ..........30

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Robin Lancashire, timber frame consultant at BM TRADA, explains how timber frame can help to pass the airtightness test, while also cutting costs and carbon emissions.

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Focusing on the Future ....................................................34

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We speak with Beattie Passive about Passivhaus design and how important the standard is to sustainable homes and the UK’s net zero emissions targets.

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The Perfect Partner for the Timber Industry Manage your timber materials more safely, using less space and in less time with Combilift’s materials handling solutions.

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Winter 2020



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15% market drop for panelised modular building systems New figures from AMA Research are

work carried out on a production line, activity

intentions to substantially increase their use

forecasting that contractors’ output is

can be planned and monitored to ensure that

of offsite systems to build new homes.

expected to be down by 20% in 2020. As a

social distancing is adhered to.

“Timber frame systems is the largest

result of this downward turn, the panelised

“More importantly there is now a

sector, with a share estimated to be 70%,

modular building systems market will also

strong likelihood of an increase in the use

due to a larger supply base and extensive

experience a decline in 2020 as the two are

of volumetric and other types of offsite

usage in the Scottish housebuilding market

not mutually exclusive. This will result in a

construction method to help meet the

and self-build sector. Timber frame houses

drop of 15% decreasing the market value

chronic housing shortage, cope with the

can be built on average eight weeks faster

to £636 million. The panelised modular

lack of traditional construction skills within

when compared with traditional construction

building systems market in the UK was

the construction industry and help meet the

methods. A close eye will need to be kept

worth £753 million in 2019.

government’s pledge to be carbon neutral by

on how quickly the economy, and the


construction industry in particular recovers,

“Offsite manufacturing, including panelised modular building systems may

“Offsite construction, with open panel

however; there is now a glimmer of hope

recover faster as it is more conducive to

timber frame systems the most widely used

with the announcement from Pfizer of their

Covid-19 safety measures such as social

type, could very well be the solution to

successful initial vaccine trial. Over the next

distancing. The adaptation of the working

delivering much needed affordable homes

few years, the growth of this market will be

environment has been an easier transition

and to deliver them quickly. It is anticipated

greatly affected by how long the Covid-19

than a traditional construction setting, due

there will be a significant increase in offsite

pandemic lasts.”

to it being less labour intensive and requiring

production capacity with many leading

fewer personnel on-site. With all construction

housebuilders and RPRs declaring their

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020


More at  www.amaresearch.co.uk


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New Joinery Network resource live As the growth of The Joinery Network continues, a new website has been launched to support UK joinery manufacturers looking to manufacture PAS 24:2016 Document Q ready timber windows and doors. The new website has information on The Joinery Network’s range of fully tested, accredited timber windows and doors, Lignum. Owen Dare of O T Dare Joinery Consultants, and one of the founder directors of The Joinery Network, says: “We launched the new website to make it easy for joinery manufacturers to see the range of fully tested timber windows and doors that are available, exclusively, for them. “There is also lots of information on which tests our product range has passed. With this information, joinery manufacturers can choose the products they need, get licences for each product against each test result, and cascade the data to use as their own. This transparency means that both big and small joiners, offering a full or selective range, can fully comply with regulations without worrying about falling foul of the law. “Lignum is the exciting new window system for the timber window and door industry. Fully accredited and designed for UK homes, Lignum

selected our founder partners and affiliates to offer expertise through every step of the supply chain.”

is perfect for joiners as a low-cost entry system through The Joinery

The new website comes after the launch of the exclusive Lignum

Network licences. They also don’t have the expense of spending

range from The Joinery Network. Lignum is the first complete UK

upwards of £60,000 on testing products themselves as The Joinery

timber window & door system with full PAS 24:2016, Document Q, BS

Network has already made that investment. It’s an easy way for joiners

6375: 1. Document L1B, and Document M certification, available to

to show that their products comply with Building Regulations and win

joinery manufacturers.

more sales. Joinery manufacturers can also find information on each of More at  www.thejoinerynetwork.co.uk

The Joinery Network’s founder partners and affiliates. We’ve carefully

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Time for Timber campaign highlights net zero With the threat of missing critical

for Timber campaign has been founded with

environmental targets a very real danger

the express intention of challenging these

in the post Covid-19 economy, the Time

misconceptions within the financial and

Timber campaign commented: “We are at a

for Timber campaign has launched a new

insurance sectors. The campaign launched

crossroads in the UK and on a global basis:

drive that directly targets the financial

with a major advertising campaign at Bank

we need to act now if we are going to meet

and insurance sectors – one of the biggest

underground station, in the heart of London’s

our environmental obligations and timber

stumbling blocks in the path of sustainable

financial district. The bold move will see the

is the primary building material that will


hard-hitting campaign message dominating

help us do this. As well as being sustainable,

the advertising space within the station,

replenishable and easily recycled, the

reach net zero by 2050, combined with an

in a bid to kick-start engagement with this

adoption of timber within offsite construction

increasingly urbanised population, there is

important issue. A programme of webinars

and MMC techniques would have a profound

an urgent need to change how we build high

with financial sector media partners and a new

effect on the wider construction market

density and single-family housing. The obvious

whitepaper will follow, to begin strengthening

and a demonstrable reduction in the carbon

solution is using renewable, sustainable and

the dialogue between the timber construction

footprint of projects.

environmentally positive materials such as

industry, insurers and investors.

With ambitious targets set for the UK to

and Finance Association, Simon Howard. Andrew Orriss from the Time for

“This is in harmony with the Government’s

timber but, historically, the insurance industry

Underpinning the communication

has been unwilling to support such initiatives.

campaign is a groundswell of support that

emphasis on green initiatives, which clearly

Misconceptions around timber’s suitability as

is building throughout the industry, which

recognises that there is a need to create jobs

a major project construction material have

is showcased in a new Time for Timber

to avoid a financial downturn. But we should

meant that this versatile solution is considered

documentary. The film features compelling

be creating those jobs to ensure the green

a risk by many insurers and finance houses.

interviews with figures such as: British Green

transition happens as quickly as possible,

This basic misunderstanding of the facts could

Party economist, Molly Scott Cato, architect

to propel us towards net zero carbon – as

be jeopardising the future of the economy

and Chair of the Good Homes Alliance, Lynne

well as protecting communities from future

and the environment.

Sullivan, Technical and Innovation Director at

environmental and economic hazards.”

Bringing together leading voices from around the construction industry, the Time

Timber Construction Magazine

agenda of Building Back Better, with its

Barratt Homes, Oliver Novakovic and Chief Executive of the UK Sustainable Investment Winter 2020


More at  www.timefortimber.org


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If you care about something, you have to protect it Preservation & ďŹ re retardant treatments for timber

Protection from the elements

Your partner in timber protection Call 08000 886 032, email info@ptgtreatments.co.uk or visit www.ptgtreatments.co.uk Timber Construction Magazine Winter 2020 www.timbermedia.co.uk ď‚™ @Timber_Media 05


BoKlok gets NHBC Accepts approval BoKlok UK, the sustainable, quality, and low-cost home provider

NHBC is the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes

jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA, has received an official welcome

in the UK. NHBC’s ten-year Buildmark warranty covers c. 75-80 per cent of

to NHBC Accepts.

new homes built in the UK, currently protecting around 1.5 million homes.

Launched this summer, the NHBC warranty and insurance provider

NHBC is a non-profit distributing organisation with no shareholders.

for new homes in the UK, granted approval for BoKlok to ‘NHBC

NHBC’s, innovation manager, Richard Lankshear said: “Following a

Accepts’ — an all-inclusive, end-to-end service that helps to build

thorough review process we are delighted to welcome BoKlok to NHBC

confidence in innovative construction and also enables MMC systems

Accepts. An NHBC Accepts certificate is a way of demonstrating that

to be fast-tracked for NHBC warranty.

innovative products or systems have already been reviewed by NHBC

BoKlok is jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA, originated in the

thus reducing the risk of delays on site. NHBC Accepts will play a critical

Nordics and has now built more than 12,000 homes throughout

role in ensuring developers, manufacturers, lenders and consumers

Sweden, Finland and Norway. It launched its UK business early last year

have faith and confidence in MMC quality as the industry delivers more

and is on course to build over 400 homes throughout the South West of

innovative new homes for the country.”


Helen Robinson also recently has joined BoKlok UK as new

BoKlok homes are completed offsite in a safe and dry environment

general counsel. Helen was formerly a partner at Pinsent Masons LLP

using a smart and industrialised process. This enables high quality,

specialising in housing-led regeneration schemes and has worked for

low and predictable costs, and minimum waste. The homes are then

both public and private sector clients throughout her career. In her new

transported to the construction site for assembly with high quality IKEA

role as general counsel, Helen will continue to guide BoKlok UK through

products fitted throughout.

the highs and lows of the public sector regulatory framework, oversee

The completed homes are manufactured using BoKlok’s Flex

all legal transactions and provide legal and commercial support to the

UK volumetric timber frame system. As BoKlok uses wood as its

team. She will also be responsible for governance and compliance and

primary source material, carbon emissions are lower in comparison

managing BoKlok’s legal panel.

to the average amount of a newly built apartment or house. Other

Helen said: “I am really excited to join BoKlok and have the

environmentally friendly measures are included throughout all housing

opportunity to help shape such an innovative and progressive

developments, such as community air source heat pumps and water

organisation. BoKlok is at the forefront of the modular manufacturing

saving methods.

revolution and is forging great partnerships and building a really strong

Noel Sheehan, BoKlok housing delivery director said, “We are very

brand. They are rightly focused on delivering high quality homes at

pleased to have been given a seal of approval for NHBC Accepts. BoKlok

affordable levels and most importantly, building long term, sustainable

use quality materials and build with well-proven methods to ensure

communities. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the BoKlok team when

sustainable homes. We hope that this additional accreditation will

they were a client and am delighted to become part of the company.”

provide further confidence in our home development to our customers More at  www.boklok.co.uk

and the wider industry.”

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Big ‘thanks’ for Robertson Construction The Robertson Construction team behind the new Merkinch Primary School received a socially distanced ‘thank you’ from around 350 pupils and staff following the handover of the building. The new primary school, which was procured through Major Works – Scotland, part of the Scape National Construction framework for Highland Council, is the first primary school in the Highlands, and the largest school in Scotland, to be built using a cross laminated timber (CLT) frame. The extension to the original Merkinch Primary School building includes 14 new classrooms, ancillary teaching area, threeroom nursery, nurture rooms, a four court games hall and an external multi-use games area. All of the works were carried out whilst the school remained operational from

during these challenging times.” The school has been designed with the

thank you today from some of the pupils and staff and we look forward to continuing our

modular accommodation that occupied the

well-being of pupils and staff at its core. The

work in phase 2 as we refurbish the existing

former playing fields.

original school has served the local community

facility into new dining and community

in Inverness for over a century and the new


Jillian Kean, head teacher of Merkinch Primary School, said: “We wanted to take this

state-of-the art facilities are a welcome

opportunity, ahead of the October holidays,

addition to the community.

to come together and thank each individual

Councillor John Finlayson, chair of Education Committee, Highland Council,

Frank Reid, regional managing director,

added: “It is very exciting to see the fantastic

who has been involved in the extension of our

Robertson Construction, said: “We are proud

new school building. This will open up

primary school. The coronavirus pandemic

to have completed the largest CLT frame

opportunities for the school, its staff and its

has meant our young people, and the rest of

school in Scotland, much of the timber has

young people, who it is great to see, come

our school community, have had to adjust to

been left exposed and this has been proven

out yesterday to show their appreciation

changes within our school when we returned

to positively impact the learning environment.

for the hard work which has gone into its

from lockdown. The extension will not only

Merkinch is setting a benchmark for


provide us with extra space and facilities but

sustainable education facilities. It was an

will help us to focus on our school’s future

honour for the team to receive this personal

More at  www.robertson.co.uk

TTF & TRADA moving towards merger The Governing Boards of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and the

forward for timber in the UK. Bringing the two oldest, biggest names

Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) have announced

in timber together like this can only be good news. It will combine the

the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to align the

lobbying and communications power of the TTF with the technical

strategies and activities of each organisation with a view toward a

know-how, insight and design guidance from TRADA to make timber

merger of the two organisations. The MOU was signed on 6 October

the first-choice product for designers across the country. I’m looking

2020 and work has begun to conduct due diligence on both parties and

forward to working with Dave and other colleagues to make this a

propose a new operating structure for the merged organisations.

success from day one.”

Commenting on the signing, David Hopkins, chief executive of the

The two organisations will continue to run operations in parallel

Timber Trade Federation, said: “This is a strong positive step for both

under a common management plan for at least the first year before

our organisations and for the timber market in the UK. It has been

starting to merge activities, ensuring that no aspect of current member

fragmented for far too long. This will allow us to build a single supply

services is neglected or lost from either. BM TRADA, which has run

chain organisation representing all points from sawmill to importer

TRADA’s operations under a contract arrangement for the last 25 years,

to manufacturers through to designer, specifier and contractor. It will

is in discussions with the two organisations regarding the role that it

give timber a much more powerful voice in the market and at a political

will perform under the new arrangement proposed. Further progress

level, while enhancing services for members. The past year has been

towards these common goals will be announced in due course.

tough for everyone in our sector, but this announcement makes the All enquiries on this merger should be directed to David Hopkins at

future look far more positive.”

the TTF email  dhopkins@ttf.co.uk

Nick Milestone, chair of TRADA, added: “This is an historic step

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Look but Don’t Touch: The SICK SPEETEC® Speed and Length Sensor

BSW expands further into forestry sector

With the SPEETEC® non-contact sensor for speed and length measurement, SICK has added a compact, affordable, eye-safe laser surface motion sensor to its portfolio. The innovative SPEETEC® combines unprecedented affordability with precision surface measurement for production control and quality inspection tasks in timber processing down to a resolution of 4 µm. The SPEETEC® uses the Laser Doppler principle to work at speeds between 0.1 and 10 m/s to measure directly on the material with an accuracy of 0.1%, and a repeatability of 0.05%. The Class 1 eye-safe infra-red laser light eliminates the need for special guarding or safety measures required by many conventional velocimeters.

The BSW Group has acquired Dick Brothers Forestry Ltd, the UK’s

Typically, Return on Investment can be achieved in under 12 months, and the increased precision promises to improve yields by reducing giveaway on cut-to-length products, says Darren Pratt, SICK’s UK product manager for motion control sensors:

largest timber harvesting company. Established over 25 years ago and headquartered in the Scottish Borders, the business boasts state-of-the-art forestry equipment and market leading capabilities

“The performance and affordability of the SICK SPEETEC® will come as a surprise to many machinebuilders and manufacturers,” he said. “It therefore promises to automate in-line measurement processes for process control, quality checking, or cutting at levels of speed and accuracy that would not have previously been possible.

to harvest some of the largest and most complex forests in the UK. Dick Brothers represents a cornerstone acquisition for the BSW Group, strengthening its vertical integration of the timber supply chain and securing in-house harvesting capabilities for its forestry

“The SPEETEC®’s non-contact measurement principle means there is no danger of marking or damaging the substrate. There is no need for any marks or scales on the material itself. What’s more, unlike a measuring wheel which can deform over time due to abrasion with the material surface, the SPEETEC®’s measurement function cannot be impaired by wear, so maintenance and downtime is reduced.”

and harvesting management division Tilhill. Davy Dick, managing director of Dick Brothers, said: “We are delighted to be joining the BSW family. Whilst it is very much business as usual, we are excited to be working with the BSW team to continue the growth of the business and enhance the services we can bring our

Product testing has already shown the SPEETEC® to be reliable even when measuring materials with challenging, highly reflective, darkblack or uneven surfaces. SICK also expects to see it being installed to increase process speeds where rotary encoders or measuring wheels would be prone inaccuracy due to slippage of the material.

customers. We would also like to thank our previous owners, Faro Capital, for their support and investment in the business over recent years.” Tony Hackney, CEO of BSW, commented: “This is fantastic news for BSW. Dick Brothers is a business with strong heritage and fantastic

The SPEETEC® is easy to mount with generous mounting tolerances and a compact design. The rugged aluminium housing, measures just 140mm x 95mm x 32.5 mm. The SICK SPEETEC® can be set up in a matter of minutes and does not require any supplementary electronics to process the signal output. The Laser Doppler measurement is automatically converted onboard the sensor into TTL/HTL signals identical to those of an incremental encoder, so that they can be easily integrated into the machine control system.

prospects, and one that we believe will bring huge value to BSW. The acquisition enables BSW to become a streamlined stump to sawmill operation, utilising the experience of Dick Brothers to develop smart solutions to timber breakout from the forest and match to sawmill and ultimately customer demands. This places us in a unique position within the UK domestic wood supply sector.

Darren Pratt is offering 30-minute one-to-one online presentations and demonstrations to anyone who would like to discuss whether the SPEETEC® is right for their application.

“Whilst operations at Dick Brothers and BSW will remain largely the same, there will be a number of areas for our businesses to support each other. We look forward to working with the Dick family to grow the business as part of the wider BSW Group.” Tony added that it was important that the new acquisition also maintained and grew business

SICK (UK) LTD Waldkirch House 39 Hedley Road St Albans, Herts AL1 5BN Tel: +44 (0) 1727 831121 Fax: +44 (0) 1727 856767 info@sick.co.uk

with other players: “The sector is very interdependent and what might be one of our division’s customers might be another division’s supplier, so it is critical that Dick Brothers will retain the flexibility to trade across the industry.” More at  www.bsw.co.uk

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Radical home looks to timber and brick

A sinuous timber and brick ‘wall house’ by

Curvilinear double-height entertaining and

The external circulation strategy involved

Richard Parr Associates has won planning

living spaces merge in a flow at the elbow of

repositioning the entrance of the site further

permission on a green belt site bordering

the house, with accommodation transitioning

south and creating a service route bulwark at

open countryside and woodland, located

south and eastwards to progressively more

the boundary of the property.

two miles from the historic village of

private uses. The heart zone of family living

Knowle in the West Midlands.

space is hinged to the separate wing of

car parking will replace an environmentally

The 1,400m2 (15,000sq ft) house responds

The two-storey house with basement

entertaining space via an expressive cylindrical

inefficient structure with a passively oriented

to its site in contextually and environmentally

tower of top-lit vertical circulation. This

highly insulated building that harnesses the

derived forms that create a buffer from a

creates an arrival sequence heralded by a

thermal mass of its brick spine to absorb and

nearby road junction to embrace a sheltered

sculptural staircase and opening up to views

store heat through south- and east-facing

garden landscape. The project is rooted in

across the garden landscape.

glazing. Proposed renewable energy systems

a protective arm of brick wall that slopes

Internally, exposed timber structural

include air and ground source heat pumps,

upwards from the ground plane to form the

elements and vertical timber brise soleil to

mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and

north-west enclosure of the house, opening

glazed elevations will create a layered and

photovoltaic panels. Alongside the family zone

up to the south and east in an undulating

warm sequence of spaces to be further

the design includes an entertaining wing of

elevation of canted double-height glazing set

articulated with bespoke furnishings and

three guest suites and dedicated facilities for

within a structure of timber fins. The textured

cabinetry and modelled vertical circulation.

its social space; a service annexe integrating

buff-brick boundary is echoed in an organically

Richard Parr Associates’ design approach

utility spaces with staff quarters; spa and gym

rising and dipping roof landscape, which will be

has centred on making intelligent use of a

areas; and office space in a two-storey satellite

clad in red-toned zinc – traditionally articulated

large plot by integrating a house that creates


with standing seams – to reflect the red brick

its own sense of boundary and enclosure while

vernacular of the locality.

maximising south and east facing grounds.

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020


More at  www.richardparr.com


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Wood panels industry calls for clearer thinking on Renewable Heat Incentive An “astonishing £3.34 billion” of

made by administrations across the UK.”

taxpayers’ money has been paid by the

The report states: “In the longer term,

UK Government in Renewable Heat

the answer might lie in planting more

Incentive (RHI) payments over the past

trees. However, (this) offers no prospect

decade, a scheme which subsidises

of early relief — the benefits of planting

wood-burning while a potential shortage

over the next few years will not be realised

of wood is threatening the UK’s

until 2040-60. Forestry planting has been in

construction sector.

decline in the UK since the 1970s and that

These are key points raised in a

is the legacy the industry is now living with.

report commissioned by the All-Party

Inevitably, therefore, the biomass sector

Parliamentary Group on the wood panel

is currently — and for the next 20 years —

industry which represents the UK’s six

relying on planting which took place with

industrial plants producing wood-based

other purposes in mind, long before the

materials for the construction industry. The

RHI existed.”

report calls for an end to the RHI and warns

Selaine Saxby MP, who chairs the

that any future subsidy regime for biomass

All-Party Parliamentary Group and whose

“must be predicated on completion of a

North Devon constituency includes a large

comprehensive and robust assessment of

wood panel manufacturing plant at South

subsidy impact upon wood supply.”

Molton, said: “Wood is too important

The cost of RHI last year alone stood at

a resource to burn. That is the basic

more than £800 million. While the scheme

contention of those of us who are calling

closes to new non-domestic entrants in

on the UK Government to reconsider

2021 and domestic the following year, the UK Government is currently

support for the Renewable Heat Incentive before a crisis is created for

considering future subsidy arrangements following consultation. The

other users of our finite forestry supply.”

report points out that it takes 30 years to replace every tree that is

Alastair Kerr, director general of the Wood Panel Industries

chopped up into biomass pellets for burning and warns: “The UK wood

Federation and Secretary of the Expert Working Group for the Wood

supply is finite – and if wood is being burned for subsidy, it cannot be

Panel Industry, commented: “We have a successful industry providing

used in the construction industry as was the intention when these trees

high quality employment and with ambitions to invest and expand,

were planted.”

particularly in response to increased demand for housing. Increased

The six UK wood processing plants are located close to the forestry

use of wood in construction is also consistent with the Government’s

plantations from which their raw material comes. The report warns:

environmental agenda. All we are asking is for recognition from

“If the industry becomes dependent on imported timber (as is already

Government that wood is a finite resource and there is a conflict

happening), that rationale disappears.” Collectively, the six plants

between burning it as fuel with taxpayer subsidy and using it for the

directly provide more than 2000 well-paid jobs as well as many more

purposes intended when trees were planted. Security of wood supply is

indirectly and “are directly dependent on this issue being addressed by

now a major concern in determining our members’ investment plans.”

the Government.” It also asserts that “open-ended subsidy to burn a More at  www.wpif.org.uk

scarce natural resource is inconsistent with the Net Zero commitments

High quality media dedicated to the timber sector


Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



 @Timber_Media


Artistic & Thermally Efficient Image © Pete Helme Photography

Taylor Lane Timber Frame has supplied and erected its 140mm pre-insulated timber frame kits for the first phase of Acorn Property Group’s landmark development, Cubis Bruton in Somerset, comprising three and four-bedroom houses and two-storey apartment blocks.


evised by land artist Mark Merer, Cubis Bruton is

The Taylor Lane 140mm pre-insulated timber frame plus a

striking and architecturally innovative. Combining

continuous layer of 50mm insulation on the inside face achieves

sustainability and environmentally aware technology

an exceptional U-value of 0.15W/m2K. The added continuous layer

with compelling design, the properties offer flexible,

prevents cold bridging and improves the U-value enormously. This

future-proof living. Timber frame was specified because of its

level of thermal performance could not be achieved with masonry

ability to achieve the complex design, meet the stringent thermo-

construction without a negative impact on room size and build costs.

performance criteria and speed of construction. “Where possible, Acorn strive to use timber frame across all our

Design Challenges

developments,” says Robin Squire, regional managing director of

Cubis Bruton is unique, requiring complex design and product

Acorn’s Bristol Region. “We are aware of the environmental impact our

engineering. Large, open plan internal spaces with modern lines

industry has and try to design and build our schemes with sustainability

combine with a distinctive roofscape of geometric shapes, cantilevers

very much at the forefront of our minds in order to limit this impact.

and green roofs. The number of variations (up to three) per house

We take a fabric-first approach to our developments meaning we

type (x11), added to the timber frame design challenge. While 80%

look to ensure the envelope of the building is as energy efficient as possible by opting for methods like timber frame construction.” Due to the demands and design complexity of Cubis Bruton, it is highly unlikely that this scheme could be achieved using traditional masonry construction. The Hereford-based timber frame specialist also supplied and installed Posi-Joists, roof trusses, and structural and architectural steel. The complete package was designed and manufactured in-house.

Thermo-Efficient New Housing “Green features are employed throughout the development to ensure high-performing thermo-efficient new housing within a setting where enhanced biodiversity has been encouraged,” continues Robin Squire. “Timber frame construction has contributed to the environmentally sensitive nature of the scheme.”

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Winter 2020



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“Cubis Bruton arose from the community’s decision that while new housing was needed, it wanted housing that would respond to the subtle variety of an English medieval town, rather than generic cookie-cutter repetitions. The project started with extensive research, meticulously recording the fabric and ecology of the place, so that the finished development of 68 houses would sit lightly on the townscape and have its own identity.” Mark Merer, Land Artist of the properties featured flat roofs, several had sedum roofs. The weight of these affected the centre and size of the joists required. Taylor Lane utilised Posi-Joists as the engineered metal web joists can span further and bear additional load over standard timber joists whilst accommodating services. The contract also included a penalty clause if a room size was reduced. When a steel post encroached into the room on one unit where the first floor stepped back, Taylor Lane designed the steel post squarer so it would retreat into the wall structure. Additional strength was then designed in elsewhere in the building e.g. sheathing walls etc. More at  www.taylor-lane.co.uk

Grow your business with Timber Media Timber Media Ltd, publisher of Timber Construction magazine, is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new e-marketing service for advertisers. With over 4,500 timber industry business professional contacts, we can send your bespoke, solus e-newsletter to top decision makers in our industry... but be quick, the service is limited to one e-newsletter per week which will be mailed on a Monday to our mailing list. A second e-newsletter will be sent the following Thursday to engage contacts who opened but did not click the hyperlinks. You’ll then receive a statistics report for the two e-newsletters the following Monday.

All for a set price of only £500 (+vat) Our e-marketing service began at the beginning of February. To book your slot today email terry.hanlon@timbermedia.co.uk

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No. 2 Maidenhead Office Park Hutchison Kivotos Architect’s new two-storey CLT and glulam office extension at No. 2 Maidenhead Office Park has been designed to provide their client with a competitive advantage in a difficult commercial lettings market. Eve Dennehy explains more.


he new two-storey structure, which is formed of PEFC-

on sustainability and how they communicate with their workforce,

certified HEXAPLI CLT with glulam columns and beams

customers and the wider world. Growing consumer awareness

from French manufacturer Piveteaubois, was designed,

and strength of feeling about issues such as climate change and

supplied and installed by mass timber and hybrid

sustainability is also making its influence felt in the business world

specialist G-frame Structures. The extension connects the two wings

and having a timber office building is a way for companies to make

of the original 38,000sq ft office building by creating a welcoming, contemporary ‘heart space’ opening onto a generous landscaped courtyard that provides external work and social space. Internally, the CLT and glulam have been left exposed providing a complement to the original office space and resulting in a light-filled, calm atmosphere that is conducive to a sense of wellness. Working closely with structural engineer Michael Hadi Associates, the architect has designed both the fully

“It was important to create a building that would provide a differentiating factor for our client in the highly competitive commercial lettings market.”

refurbished existing building and the new extension to be highly adaptable spaces in order to meet the needs of incoming tenants. “It was important to create a building

James Johnson, Director at Hutchison Kivotos

that would provide a differentiating factor for our client in the highly competitive commercial lettings market,” says James Johnson, Director at Hutchison Kivotos. “Prior to Covid-19 there was a strong market at Maidenhead Office Park and

a positive statement and align with this agenda. It was a major

creating a unique, contemporary and flexible office space was vital to

consideration therefore that the extension should have a unique quality

meet the growing demand – particularly from young, tech and start-up

that would attract young start-up and well established companies

companies, for office space that reflects their company culture, ethos

alike – a place that could be showcased as part of a company’s external

and branding. We felt that a contemporary timber structure would

branding, as well as offering a comfortable and inviting workplace that

achieve this, as well as providing a space that would address the softer

fosters a sense of wellbeing.

needs of workers by creating a sense of wellness.”

Sustainability was a key driver for the architect and for their client

Businesses increasingly view their office workspace or HQ as an extension of their brand and ethical position, reflecting their view

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020

who manage a large portfolio of commercial assets, and this played a significant role in the specification of CLT and glulam as the main



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LAMWOOD engineered timber production : 50,000 m3/year. CAD-BASED MACHINING and cut to length service. DURAPIN Pine glulam offers the best protection for external structures : Use Class 4 pre-treated glulam guaranteed 20 years above ground. Can be used in Service Class 3. NATURALLY DURABLE Sapfree Douglas Fir or treated Douglas Fir can be used in Use Class 3.2 environments. SPRUCE GLULAM AND RIMBOARDS for timber frame manufacturers.

45000 001 052 745 SCR - egacoB-ne-strassE 04158 - 11103 SC - ecnerolF-etniaS - eéllaV aL tid-ueiL - SIOBUAETEVIP



FOR AN ELECTRONIC OR PAPER COPY OF OUR STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS CATALOGUE Timber Construction Magazine Winter 2020 www.timbermedia.co.uk  @Timber_Media 15 www.piveteaubois.com/en please contact : elisabeth.piveteau@piveteau.com +44 (0) 7821 807 788


structural materials. Using CLT reduced construction time and material

CLT is a fast, efficient and clean method of construction and

waste and, due to the lightweight nature of the structure, reduced

the G-frame team installed the superstructure within three weeks,

foundation loads which in turn has resulted in less concrete used. It

enabling first fix to commence as soon as the first floor had been

was also a key consideration to provide a high quality, low energy office

installed. This speed of construction was a significant benefit to

space and CLT’s airtightness properties ensure that the building will be

the overall programme, and minimised impact on the surrounding

energy efficient in occupation.

business community. No. 2 Maidenhead Office Park is currently

Crucially, CLT’s relative light weight was key to overcoming issues of

untenanted, but Post Covid-19 the flexibility and sense of wellbeing

access to the site which is via an old railway bridge that has strict weight

this office space provides will be increasingly important factors for

restrictions in place. The use of mass timber also helped to overcome

commercial tenants, giving opportunity for flexible working and social

the constraints of building within an internal courtyard, allowing


prefabricated elements to be lifted in using a mobile crane placed at More at  www.g-frame.co.uk  www.piveteaubois.com/en

the front of the building.

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Let´s build CO2 neutral Europes first CO2 neutral factory for flame retardant treatments of wood CO2 neutrally manufactured flame retardant wood products from Woodsafe Timber Protection. Investment in a new roofmounted solarplant at the Woodsafe factory ensures a peak power of 500 kilowatts and becomes Europes first CO2 neutral factory for flame retardant treatments. Woodsafe can now offer construction companies sustainable produced materials so they can build according to enviromental certification systems such as Breeam, Greenbuilding and Leed. ”We will achieve our sustainability strategy goals that Woodsafe will be self-sufficient for electricity. It is important for us to contribute for the UN:s sustainability goals in Agenda 2030, says Thomas Bentsson CEO of Woodsafe.”

Woodsafe Exterior WFX | Thermowood Pine

The world highest skyscraper in wood- Mjöstornet Norway.’ Credits to: Daniel Pesic, Woodsafe

Woodsafe Exterior WFX | Stained WRC shingles

Woodsafe PRO | The Forest

Credits to: Wingårds arkitekter

World Expo Dubai 2021, Swedish paviljon

Woodsafe Exterior WFX | Thermowood Pine Credits to: Daniel Pesic, Woodsafe

Woodsafe Exterior WFX | WRC shingles Credits to: Wingårds arkitekter

Flame retardant treated wood cladding and panels by Woodsafe Timber Protection, Sweden. Fire safety is more than just a fire class. Woodsafe is a certified manufacturer which holds typeapproval certificate, Certificate of Constancy of Performance (CE) according to EN14915, EN13986, WPA Benchmark approved treater, ISO 9001,14001. Our factory is carbon dioxide neutral (CO2) and developed for optimality, efficiency and development of new products in close cooperation with the best partners on the market. This is what we call ALL-IN-ONE by Woodsafe. Timber Construction www.woodsafe.com | +46 10 206 72Magazine 30

Winter 2020



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Unique Homes for Bristol The Bristol Housing Festival is investigating several innovative building types over a five year period. One of these features ZED PODS with its energy efficient and timber-based approach to building design.


he Bristol Housing Festival is running over five years and

rethink existing land use in central Bristol demonstrating new thinking

is being supported by Bristol City Council, Bristol and Bath

to help solve the housing crisis, whilst at the same time providing

Regional Capital, WECA and The Shaftesbury Partnership.

beautiful, low carbon housing.

It is acting as an incubator to road-test, in a real-world

scenario, both existing concepts and innovative solutions designed to

Drop In Units

accelerate the delivery of quality, affordable housing. These will include

September 2020 saw a ‘UK first’ take place as the 11 ZED PODS

exploring smart technology and offsite manufacturing. The Festival will

apartments were finally craned into place. The development will see

also highlight the ambition and work that is already underway in the city

the one and two-bedroom apartments built on a podium above the car

through partnerships, innovators, community groups and pioneers.

park in Chalks Road, St George. The development is being delivered in

A key housing project nearing completion is Hope Rise. This has been designed to be the first 100% affordable and zero-carbon housing

partnership with Bristol City Council, Bristol Housing Festival, YMCA and Bristol and Bath Regional Capital.

development aimed at creating a mixed tenure affordable housing scheme

The factory-built modular units can be erected within days and are

over the Chalks Road car park, adjacent to St. George Park, Bristol. It is a

designed to be zero carbon, energy neutral and have the lowest possible

pioneering environmental and socially focused development which will

running costs. Each unit is precision-made in a factory environment to

deliver much needed social housing in St George for young people in need

high environmental standards and comes with full BOPAS (Build Off-site

of affordable housing.

Property Assurance Scheme) accreditation. These ZED PODS are unique in

The project is being delivered by ZED PODs – the multi-award winning,

their approach to developments, by separating housing provision from land

eco-friendly and timber modular homes designer and builder. The modules

costs using air rights over car parks, thus making the development extremely

have been designed and detailed to be both highly energy efficient and

affordable. This removal of the ‘cost of land’ from the ‘price of housing’ could

Net Zero-Carbon in operation, to secure residents the lowest possible

see the use of the UK’s 200,000 city centre car parking spaces. This is also the

running costs. It comprises of nine one-bedroom homes constructed

first 100% socially-rented development of its kind in the country.

of cross laminated timber (CLT), book-ended by two two-bedroom

“We wanted to address key worker and affordable housing issues

homes constructed of light-gauge steel. This modular solution can be

without compromising on our values of sustainability and quality,” says ZED

demountable or permanent and delivers affordable living spaces above

PODS Operations Director Dr Rehan Khodabuccus. “We are very pleased

existing ‘carparks, garages, infills and hard-standing areas’.

that Bristol City Council has had the foresight to partner with us direct and

Providing affordable housing remains a fundamental issue for local

are so enthusiastic about the potential for more developments like this. We

authorities. The Hope Rise development will ensure that the support

have very much enjoyed working hand in hand with them to create what we

networks are in place for the tenants and is designed to increase tenant

hope will be a significant solution to the housing crisis and welcome their

interaction and neighbourliness. This innovative development will

open mindedness about innovations such as these.”

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Winter 2020



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From left to right: Julian Higson, Director, Housing and Landlord Services, Bristol City Council; Cllr Paul Smith, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Housing, Bristol City Council; Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor (Communities, Equalities & Public Health), St George West Ward, Bristol City Council; Dr. Rehan Khodabuccus, operations director ZED PODS; Ben Silvey, Director, YMCA Bristol and The Kitchen; Mayor Marvin Rees, Bristol City Council; Jessie Wilde, Deputy Project Director, Bristol Housing Festival.

OUR PRODUCT? PEACE OF MIND. OUR SERVICE? PIECE OF CAKE. When it comes to protecting your timber products in the low pressure market, Koppers PROTIM offers continued supply for the long-term.

Available Now

• Take advantage of a long-term, trustworthy supply of PROTIM products • For use on Use Class 1, 2 and 3 Coated timbers • Get in touch today

www.kopperspc.eu | kpc.uk.sales@koppers.eu |+44 (0)1628 486644 ™ Protim Solignum Limited trading as Koppers Performance Chemicals. Koppers is a registered Trademark of Koppers Delaware, Inc. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in this document, Protim Solignum Limited gives no undertaking to that eect and no responsibility can be accepted for reliance on this information. Information will be updated when the need arises. Please ensure you have an up to date copy. All products are produced by independently owned and operated wood processing facilities. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Koppers Performance Chemicals, Protim Solignum Limited, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1LS. Visit: www.kopperspc.eu, Email: kpc@koppers.eu, Call: +44 (0)1628 486644, Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757. Registered in England 3037845. © Copyright 2020.

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Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, added: “I am really pleased to see this

ZED PODS are fabricated by Impact Modular in their factory in

development come to fruition. It’s an exciting and yet practical approach to

Peterborough. The units come with the latest low-carbon technologies

addressing some of the housing challenges we have in the city and I hope we

ensuring ultra-low energy consumption and cheaper running costs. ZED

can see more of these sort of projects delivered in the near future. We have

PODS offer full turnkey service from design to completion and has a strong

to be thinking creatively about how we best use the space we have in the

pipeline of over 200 residential units from both public and private sector

city and not keep pushing people further and further out because they can’t

clients. ZED PODS have recently completed a keyworker accommodation

afford city house prices.”

scheme within 12 weeks (from contract to completion) during the lockdown

Jez Sweetland, Bristol Housing Festival Project Director, also added:

for a healthcare client. Following on from Chalks Road, ZED PODs are

“This was one of the projects that came about as a result of our five year

building homes for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust on a Flood Zone 3 land and

Bristol Housing Festival that started in 2018 which is all about trying out

Bromley Council above one of their car parks.

new ideas and re-imagining better ways to live in our cities. Our aim has More at  www.zedpods.com

always been to deliver tangible projects and so I am thrilled that the ZED PODS project is now actually a reality and that there are other projects in the pipeline.” This environmental and socially focused development will deliver necessary council housing in St George for young people in need of affordable housing and those at risk of housing crisis, including NHS workers. Bristol City Council, who purchased the ZED PODS development is now working with YMCA Bristol to seek tenants. “This development provides much needed affordable housing in St George for young people and we want to make sure we create a community here,” said the YMCA’s Ben Silvey. “That’s why we are now taking applications for four ‘community builders’ to move in when the site is ready in November. These will effectively be super tenants who are being asked to unite residents and encouraging them to get involved in their community.”

Stable, durable and 100% natural Brimstone® is a new breed of modified timber cladding sourced exclusively from British woodlands. Supplied by Vastern Timber. Specialists in British timber since 1904.

vastern.co.uk 01793 853281

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Showcasing Timber at its Finest The winners of the annual Wood Awards were recently announced with the judges selecting six structures as the best of British architecture and design using timber for 2020.


stablished in 1971, the Wood

timber design, craftsmanship and installation.

in person, making this a uniquely rigorous

Awards has long been the

This year’s Wood Awards has been one of

competition. This year, the usual judging

UK’s premier competition for

the few design competitions to go ahead

process had to be adapted, but the competition

excellence in wood design and

despite Covid-19. The independent panel of

persevered with the judges still managing to

judges always visits all the shortlisted projects

see each project.

aims to encourage and promote outstanding

Gold Award & Private Winner


This development of ten sustainable apartments sits on a prominent corner site. A mix of one, two, and three-bedroom units are set in two blocks that respond independently to the changing scale across the site. The user’s quality of life is at the heart of the design. The project was driven by two key considerations: how to resist standardised or default positions within housing design, and how to minimise the materials, embodied carbon and cost. Cross laminated timber (CLT) was used for the superstructure and all the internal walls and staircases. The CLT is exposed throughout, creating large, light-filled spaces and a comforting atmosphere. These volumes are detailed with white-washed ash floors. Delicate spruce strips form dropped ceilings in the hallways and bathrooms. The Gold Award is given to the winner of winners with Judge Jim Greaves saying: “Tikari Works have taken a gamble and done something very unusual and it’s paid off, the apartments are very popular.”

Location: London Architect: Tikari Works Structural engineer: Webb Yates Timber supplier: Stora Enso CLT subcontractor: Eurban 3-layer board: Binderholz Species: Austrian spruce

Commercial & Leisure


The Barn is Grade 1 listed medieval barn, originally built in 1403, was damaged by fire in 2003. At 210 feet long it is the longest barn in the UK. A third of the barn was re-built in locally sourced green oak. Large quantities of curved timber were selected for braces and tie beams. In total, 1400 f3 of oak was used. Extensive stone repairs were also needed. 95,000 Kent peg tiles were used to re-tile the old and new sections of the barn. The project was based on the fundamental principles of conservation: ‘maintain as much of the historic fabric as possible whist ensuring the building has a viable future use’. The barn and its surrounding areas are steeped in history and it remains fundamental to the local community. The judges admired the attention to detail and scale of the conservation project.

Location: Rochester Architect & client: The Heritage Design & Development Team Ltd Structural engineer: The Morton Partnership Main contractor, joinery & timber supplier: Dolmen Conservation Ltd Species: British oak

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Education & Public Sector

The Swimming Pool Hall is one of three linked pavilions comprising a new sports centre for the school. The building’s design has strong visual connections between indoors and outdoors to encourage physical activity among students whilst seamlessly connecting the old facilities. The form of the roof evokes a dynamic sense of movement in water. From outside, it sweeps down to respect the boundary with a Grade 2* listed building. Internally, it sweeps up to accommodate a viewing gallery. Curved glulam beams support cross laminated timber (CLT) roof panels with integral timber acoustic linings. The roof’s geometry and pale stained finish reflect natural top-light and artificial uplighters, eliminating the need for any light fittings above the pool. The flush pool edge and glazing on three sides allow views to the outside. Judge Kirsten Haggart said: “The different timber elements all have the same white-washed tone and co-ordinate perfectly with the reinforced concrete columns, creating a beautiful place which has an intimacy that most pools lack.”


Location: Wimbledon Architect: David Morley Architects Client: King’s College Wimbledon Structural engineer: Price & Myers Main contractor: Knight Harwood Timber contractor: B&K Structures Joinery: Suffolk and Essex Joinery Ltd Timber supplier: Metsa Group Ltd Species: spruce, pine, fir, larch (European)

Interiors This prototype staircase is part of a UK government funded R&D project to enable digital fabrication directly from BIM modelling environments. The stair rises three floors and is cantilevered from flush mounted stringers. The parts were CNC machined and assembled onsite using standard tools. The new platform developed during research allows designs to be defined parametrically, enabling the user to configure bespoke objects to specific requirements. Parameters such as height, width, depth and material thickness can be user controlled. Digital manufacturing is enabled directly from CAD or BIM software via the platform which enables faster fabrication, better pricing information and reduces errors and waste. Items can be locally fabricated through a distributed manufacturing network model open to any CNC enabled workshop. The process greatly improves construction efficiency, supports COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, increases the type and complexity of work undertaken by smaller site-based joiners and keeps the labour pool local.

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



Location: Bristol Staircase & joinery design: Future Joinery Systems Ltd Architect: CaSA Architects Structural engineer: Mann Williams Joinery: Silverthorne Joinery & Carpentry Digital fabrication: FabLab Cardiff, Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Art & Design Timber supplier: Hanson Plywood Limited Species: ash, birch

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Structural Award


The National Automotive Innovation Centre is the largest research and development centre of its kind in Europe. It can hold 1,000 staff and students working across design, engineering and research. Timber was chosen for its warm, natural feel within the industrial setting and its wellness and low carbon properties. The walls were assembled using a pioneering system of prefabricated, self-spanning timber and cross laminated timber (CLT) mega-panels that could be erected quickly. As one of the largest timber roofs in the world, the glulam CLT lattice structure unifies the many activities housed beneath a single umbrella. Primary and secondary joists are arranged on a diagrid, spanning onto supporting beams on a 15m grid. Each bay is slightly pitched above to create a nominal fall for the roof, tapered internally within each bay. The undulating soffit profile draws users through the space. Judge Nathan Wheatley said: “We are looking for a scheme that has challenged the engineer, where the concept has been delivered in spite of that challenge and where the resultant structure is in some way integral to the success (and architecture) of the building.”


Location: Coventry Architect: Cullinan Studio Client: University of Warwick Structural engineer: ARUP Main contractor: Balfour Beatty Joinery: B&K Structures Quantity surveyor, cost consultant & project manager: Rider Levitt Bucknall Timber engineer: engenuiti Timber supplier: Rubner Holzbau Gmbh, Ober-Grafendorf, Binderholz GmbH Species: CLT, spruce glulam (European)

Small Project This conservatory, built for an existing Grade 2 listed house, sits in a north-facing garden. The roof profile had to be pitched shallow to ensure that it sits below the existing adjacent boundary wall shared with the neighbour. The roof also needed to be well-drained. One solid piece of wood, enclosed by four seasons glazing units, forms the entire structure and acts the building’s envelope, structure, insulation and cladding. The diagrid frame is a combination of falls that are either short and steep or long and shallow. The pieces were all CNC fabricated and were light enough to be assembled manually onsite. The beam cross junctions were fixed without any glue or mechanical fixings. Each wood section is wide and deep which helps to emphasise natural light and cast shadows throughout the space. The judges were impressed by the light and airy garden room and were particularly interested in the process of design through to construction.

Location: London Architect: Tsuruta Architects Structural engineer: Webb Yates Main contractor: JK London Construction Joinery: Pracownia Wystroju Wnetrz Art Deco -R Timber supplier: Arnold Laver Species: Accoya (New Zealand), ash (Canada)

You can find more information on the Awards and full list of shortlisted projects and winners at: www.woodawards.com

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Winter 2020



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Protecting the Future of Construction

Low pressure preservative treatments have always been the preferred choice for protection of our construction timbers against the threat of decay or insect attack. A new construction timber preservative treatment from Lonza has been designed with the future in mind.


ndustrially applied preservatives provide an effective

“VACSOL 6118 is a BPR authorised formulation. This brings big

‘envelope’ of protection around general building timbers

environmental advantages to our treatment customers and to the

including trussed rafter and timber frame material

treated timbers they produce. We are supplying the new product in

as well joinery components. The Biocidal Products

a concentrate form that is easily diluted on-site ready for treatment,

Regulation (BPR) determines the active ingredients allowed in our wood

reducing our delivery CO2 footprint. Our BPR authorisation also means

preservative products. Designing, developing and manufacturing BPR

VACSOL 6118 is safe to humans, animals and our environment.

approved products requires a depth of internal knowledge and expertise

John Abbott, Lonza’s Sales Director, added, “We have developed

coupled with skilled resources to ensure that there is a long term pipeline

VACSOL 6118 for the future with novel and extremely powerful new

of products providing continuity of supply. Lonza Wood Protection enjoys

actives as well as an innovative and effective ‘booster’ technology to

that internal knowledge and its skilled resources are always committed

the VAC-VAC treatment process. The new product will bring wider

to developing next generation wood protection products.

solution strength options to suit specific components to be treated,

The future of construction timbers requires a low pressure

giving focused treatment uptakes that can help reduce treatment costs.

preservative that will not only meet BPR requirements but would bring

VACSOL 6118 is supplied as a clear product but we can also offer a range

an innovative and future-proofed system, environmentally advanced

a simple to use colour additives for identification purposes.

credentials, a new level of preservative performance and an operational

“This new generation BPR authorised VACSOL will be a step change

ease of use. That product is called VACSOL 6118 and it is now available to

in preservative protection for construction timbers ensuring that our

treatment companies in the UK and other European markets.

customers will face the future of wood preserving with ease and face an

Andy Hodge, Marketing Director of Lonza explains: “With the

ever-developing industry with a modern, competitive and safe solution.

continued change to our climates, the preservative protection of

We promised our customers a timely, future-proofed continuation for their

construction timbers from decay organisms is more important than ever

business. VACSOL 6118 delivers an exciting, innovative, real world result.”

and we are committed to developing real world and future proofed More at  www.lonzawoodprotection.com/eu

options for our customers. New VACSOL 6118 is a proprietary technology to Lonza, designed, developed and manufactured by our own teams. It offers a simple conversion process and individual customer set up managed by our engineering and field technical teams. Promotional assistance is also available through our marketing team.

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Get Brexit Rule Ready With the Brexit transition period soon to end, businesses trading timber are being urged to prepare for the many changes ahead of 1 January 2021.


rom 1 January 2021, all UK businesses importing timber

beyond just paperwork. As UK companies prepare for conducting due

from the EU/EEA and outside will be classified as

diligence for timber products imported from the EU mainland, this toolkit

Operators and are required to carry out due diligence

is aimed to also help new Operators to get on board and ensure that they

under the UK’s timber legislation, and vice versa under

have the minimum tools to deliver the requirements.”

the EU Timber Regulation.

As we went to press, the TTF updated and republished advice to help

The latest advice from the Foreign Commonwealth & Development

firms prepare for the end of the transition period. The ‘TTF Brexit Guide:

Office (FCDO) is when importing legally harvested timber, you’ll need to

preparing for 1 January 2021’ aims to support the UK timber supply chain

carry out due diligence and use a due diligence checklist to make sure

to prepare for new processes and challenges and includes:

you gather information on the timber – its species, quantity, supplier, country of harvest and how it complies with relevant laws, assess the

The introduction of Custom Checks on goods coming from EU countries

risk of timber being illegal by applying the legal criteria and mitigate any

The UK Global Tariff replacing the EU Common External Tariff

identified risk, by getting more information or taking further actions to

The need for most timber firms to complete Due Diligence

confirm the timber is legal.

The introduction of UK Conformity Assessed (UK CA) marking.

To help its members and industry as a whole, the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has launched a due diligence toolkit to help companies

These are significant changes, as the EU is the primary source of timber

importing and exporting timber and timber products better understand,

imports into the UK, and the introduction of new requirements such as

conduct and report due diligence under the EU/UK Timber Regulation.

Custom Checks will mean greater administrative burden for firms when

“With this free, interactive tool, timber firms in the UK are gaining a

importing from the EU. While most timber products will remain duty

fantastic new resource to undertake and report due diligence,” said David

free under the UK Global Tariff, firms should still check and familiarise

Hopkins, TTF CEO. “This is particularly important for those firms which

themselves with the Commodity Codes relevant to their products.

may find themselves facing an expanded set of obligations as we shift from EU Timber Regulation to UK Timber Regulation.

UK CA marking commences from 1 January 2021, and while manufacturers can continue to supply CE marked goods to the UK during

“As the UK exits the EU Single Market, businesses importing into the

2021, where they are using an EU Notified Body, they must prepare for

UK from the European Economic Area will need to carry out due diligence

the UK CA mark to become the sole UK requirement from January 2022.

confirming that the timber product placed on the UK market has been

European harmonised standards and UK designated standards will be

legally harvested to meet the UK Timber Regulations. This will be a

identical to begin with, however firms should also plan for a future where

change for many members, with Europe still supplying the majority of all

these may diverge over time.

UK timber imports. It will be important all our members ensure they have

“Regardless of whether a deal is signed the UK will see a fundamental

a due diligence system in place to identify areas of potential risk where

shift in the relationship with our biggest trading partner,” says David

illegal timber may enter the supply chain.

Hopkins. “When the UK exits the EU single market and customs union, it is

“There is a misconception that due diligence equates to paperwork

essential every business in the UK timber supply chain is prepared. Using

such as permits,” says TTF sustainability manager Xiao Ma. “While it is

this guidance, which is tailored to meet the needs of the timber supply

true, compared with non-tangible information, such as industry insight

chain, firms will be able to build a working knowledge of these changes,

and supplier engagement activities, paperwork is the most presentable

as well as be directed to where they can find detailed information. Make

type of input and output, but it is not the full package of due diligence.

sure you take the time to analyse how the end of the transition period

“The toolkit serves as a guidance for conducting due diligence and aims

may affect your business, use the TTF tools to get yourself on the right

to encourage companies examine their own existing procedure to ensure

path, and clearly communicate any potential issues with both your

key criteria, risk factors, stakeholder information, and mitigation actions are

customers and your suppliers to minimise disruptions.”

not being missed during their process. It also aspires to encourage better reporting of companies on the full range of their input and actions taken,

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020

The guidance is focused on providing information on Contract Documents, Logistics, Customs Entry, Finance, CE Marking, Plant Health,



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EUTR vs UKTR, Duty Rates, Commodity Codes,

Who they bought the timber from

businesses moving goods under the Northern

Trade Preferences, and linking to where firms

Who they sold it to (regardless of species,

Ireland Protocol. Businesses who sign up to the

product or country of origin), through

Trader Support Service will be guided through

evidence such as an invoice

the new processes under the Northern Ireland

Both traders and operators (importers) will

Protocol and can also use it to complete digital

be required to keep records for five years.


can find more.

Northern Ireland Protocol Businesses trading timber between Great

Britain (GB) and Northern Ireland (NI) are also being urged by the UK Government to take

In the same way as they do now, operators

More information on Brexit from the TTF

action to ensure they are prepared for the end

are required to exercise due diligence to

is at  www.ttf.co.uk/brexit-and-the-

of the transition period on 31 December 2020.

ensure that timber and timber products have


The Government has confirmed:

not been illegally harvested. The changes will be relevant to a range of businesses who use

• •

Due diligence checks will take place on timber

timber, including importers and operators,

flowing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland

exporters, those working in the construction

Due diligence checks will take place on

industry, furniture manufacturers, paper and

timber flowing from the European Union

pulp manufactures, and the forestry industry.

(EU) to GB and GB to EU • •

There will be no change to the way timber due

No new due diligence checks will take place

diligence requirements are enforced. However,

on timber flowing from NI to GB

failure to comply with the timber regulations and

No new due diligence checks will take place

enforcement ranges from warning letters, through

on timber flowing from the EU to NI.

to court cases, to an unlimited fine and up to two years in prison. Importers of timber from third

There will be no changes to the current

countries already have to carry out due diligence,

process for businesses importing from outside

except if they are importing from a country

of the EU and UK producers first placing timber

which has an operational Voluntary Partnership

on the internal market - they will still need to

Agreement (VPA) in place and that import is

carry out due diligence as before. To comply

covered by a forest law enforcement, governance

with their obligations, timber traders will be

and trade (FLEGT) licence.

required to tell the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS):

Timber Construction Magazine

The new free-to-use Trader Support Service will provide support and guidance to

Winter 2020



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IRO timber decking in driftwood white from BSW Timber

Timber’s Popularity Soars The huge increase in demand for timber decking and timber cladding has resulted in many retailers reporting record year turnovers, re-enforcing the fact that the nation is back in love with wood.


No one could have predicted 2020 or the way events

project. In a typical year demand for decking tails off after August and

have impacted each and every one of us. With severe

manufacturers use autumn to build stock for the following year. “Our

restrictions on travel and socialising, people have

members tell us that this has not happened this year and they have

turned their attention to improving their homes and

been kept very busy right into November,” says Janet.

outdoor spaces. Such spaces have become our havens – increasingly important for mental health and wellbeing.

According to Adam Pulfer, Sales and Marketing Director of Hoppings Softwood Products, decking is more popular than ever.

In the late 1990’s we discovered timber decking. Spurred on by

“We’ve been working 24/7 to fulfil orders from the stockists of our

celebrity gardeners and major retailers like B&Q helping to drive new

Q-deck products.” And according to BSW Timber’s sales and marketing

trends, demand for timber decking went from zero to a multi-million-

director Dave Chapman: “We’ve seen huge demand for all our decking

pound industry in just a few short years. Consumers had caught the

and cladding products this year, and this goes for our relatively new IRO

home improvement bug but for a short period, timber decking fell out

Timber range too… the indications are that the strong sales of timber

of favour, a casualty of its own popularity.

decking and cladding will continue in 2021 and beyond.” Can some of

Fast forward to 2020 and Janet Sycamore, director of The Timber

this popularity be put down to timber’s environmental credentials?

Decking & Cladding Association (TDCA) confirms that many of its

There are several industry campaigns promoting wood’s credentials

members have been working round the clock to meet demand with

as a sustainable, cost effective, low carbon product. Hopefully these

some retailers selling out within hours. So why now? Janet says that

messages are having an effect.

demand in the first half of the year benefited from the great spring More at  www.tdca.org.uk

weather and the decision to build a deck or add cladding as a lockdown

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Timber – a way to pass the airtightness test Robin Lancashire, timber frame consultant at BM TRADA, explains how timber frame can help to pass the airtightness test, while also cutting costs and carbon emissions.


eating air and allowing it to escape from buildings uses

As architectural details progress, the location of ducts, sockets

fossil fuels, produces carbon dioxide and costs money.

and pipes should be considered. These have the potential to act as

In winter, the air warmed by our heating systems flows

chimneys, often from rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, linking

up and out of cracks all around the house. It takes with

through floor cavities and drawing warm damp air into the roof space

it moisture, which can deposit in the fabric of the building, reducing

or through external walls. Reducing the number of such services that

the effectiveness of insulation and ultimately risking damage. We

penetrate the structure reduces potential air leakage routes.

don’t feel the warm air moving away from us, but we do feel the cold

Services and openings in the external wall envelope require a

air coming in to replace it. This cold air needs heating, and so the

particular attention. Duplex plasterboard with an integrated vapour

cycle goes on.

control layer eliminates the need to install the more popular choice of

Timber frame has a strong and successful airtightness history. We

a large roll of polythene as a separate air barrier/vapour control layer

can learn much from current practice in Canada and Scandinavia. These

but creates many junctions and penetrations which may be difficult

countries suffer extreme winter conditions and their choice of building

to seal. Beads of mastic applied into junctions improves airtightness,

systems must keep a gale of -30 degrees outside, while maintaining

but proprietary products may also be needed for sealing service

a comfortable environment inside – without using vast quantities of

penetrations. A separate service void on the inside of the external

carbon-based fuel. Countries that have championed the benefits of

wall allows an imperforate air barrier to be installed prior to service

airtight buildings for years are also those which favour timber frame.


This is not a coincidence.

Up the junction

Areas to consider

The junction where internal walls meet external walls typically sees the

Consideration should be given to airtightness when a building is

vapour control polythene installed to the external wall after all the timber

at concept stage. A complicated building shape with multiple levels,

frame has been erected. By installing a vertical strip of polythene into this

many corners, lots of external wall and awkward junctions will require

junction when the internal walls are erected, it is possible to lap polythene

greater care than a rectangular one with few openings. Integral

to polythene, creating a continuous air barrier to the external wall.

garages or rooms in roofs create a suspended floor at high level, again complicating and increasing junctions with potential for gaps.

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020

Junctions between floor joists and external walls are a well-known route for air leakage and it is extremely difficult to access these areas



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The only thing we put pressure on... is your timber. When it comes to protecting your timber products in the low pressure market, Koppers PROTIM offers continued supply for the long-term. • Take advantage of a long-term, trustworthy supply of PROTIM products • For use on Use Class 1, 2 and 3 Coated timbers • Get in touch today

Available Now

www.kopperspc.eu | kpc.uk.sales@koppers.eu |+44 (0)1628 486644 ™ Protim Solignum Limited trading as Koppers Performance Chemicals. Koppers is a registered Trademark of Koppers Delaware, Inc. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in this document, Protim Solignum Limited gives no undertaking to that eect and no responsibility can be accepted for reliance on this information. Information will be updated when the need arises. Please ensure you have an up to date copy. All products are produced by independently owned and operated Timber are Construction Magazine WinterPerformance 2020 Chemicals, Protim Solignum www.timbermedia.co.uk  @Timber_Media wood processing facilities. All other trademarks trademarks of their respective owners. Koppers Limited, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1LS. Visit: www.kopperspc.eu, Email: kpc@koppers.eu, Call: +44 (0)1628 486644, Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757. Registered in England 3037845. © Copyright 2020.



timber frame is erected and are a quick, easy way of improving floor zone airtightness. These wrap around the edges of floors at external wall junctions and lap with external wall air barriers both above and below the floor. Careless workmanship when installing services can mean that large or multiple holes are made through air barriers behind built in units, such as bath panels or kitchen cabinets. These are easy to hide from sight in a finished building, but they can contribute to enormous amounts of air leakage if not adequately sealed. These areas alone can cause failures in airtightness tests, so should be inspected for gaps prior to being closed in. Constructing a building to meet or exceed airtightness test requirements does not need expensive materials. It does however need good planning and details which allow airtightness to be practically achieved. With all trades from the erectors to dry liners and services installers understanding their role in maintaining an airtight envelope too, after a test failure. Whether floor cassettes are made in a factory, or the

it is possible to deliver a better quality, more energy efficient and

joists and deck are assembled on-site, care must be taken that joists and

comfortable building for the future.

blocking are assembled tightly and gaps between components closed. More at  www.bmtrada.com

Alternatively, breathable floor zone air barriers can be installed as the

 STEM HUB SHORTLISTED Opened in February 2020, the Eco Room at the Hawick Campus of Borders College has been shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Award for Excellence in Architectural Technology – small to medium category’ of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) 2020 Awards. The Eco Room is part of the STEM Hub, utilising a Passivhaus approach to ensure high-energy efficiency, making best use of new materials, super insulation, triple glazing and solar gain. Its Passivhaus design ensures airtightness and creates a space that is selfventilating. Using footage recorded from all stages of the build, virtual reality enables learners to immerse themselves in each aspect of the build and lets them see how different materials are used to maximise efficiency. Environmental monitoring and thermal imaging help to

“The building had to be testable at all times and this was

demonstrate how the methods used to build the Eco Room differ

factored in from the design stage with blower door testing

from more traditional structures. The principles of airtightness can

locations designed in, additional doors formed to allow testing

be exhibited using an airtightness testing kit, and training can be

of separate elements of the structure, removable sections of

provided on this to students and local businesses alike.

internal finishes such as un-screwable skirtings, and exposed wall/

“The shortlisting of the project for the CIAT awards is a great

roof junctions to inspect the performance of airtight membranes

recognition for the client’s focus and commitment to creating a

between differing materials and structural items. The building,

sustainable teaching facility,” said architect Stuart Davidson, who

though not ideally located for solar gains, was designed to

worked on the project. “Our aim from the outset was to create a

accommodate for this, with a simplistic mono-pitch roof with

structure that was cutting edge, asked questions on buildability and

parapet wall and additional high performance rooflights providing

renewable techniques. It fuses a number of specialist construction

solar gains partnered with automatic thermostatic controls to

techniques such as ‘passive slab’ floor, natural insulation and

ensure no overheating.”

breathable membranes to create a building which will be able to be More at  www.stuartdavidsonarchitecture.co.uk

monitored and educate for the long term.

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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EPL179 Natural Soria Oak

EPC035 Natural Vidoria Oak

Flooring for the future An international collection that you can make your own, EGGER announces the arrival of the new EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+.


aunching early 2021, the collection builds on the

opportunity to match flooring and furniture, with selected decors from

success of EGGER’s current offering, with upgraded

the EGGER Decorative Collection 2020 – 22.

products, on-trend decors, realistic textures and a new flexible CLIC it! installation system.

The PRO Flooring Collection 2021+ will use EGGER’s new flexible installation system CLIC it!. Featuring a multifunctional profile, the

For the first time, distribution customers will have access to an

flooring can be installed in three ways: plank-by-plank, row-by-row or

international pool of decors, offering freedom to

tapping. As well as easy installation, the new

create a personalised product offering tailored to

CLIC it! profile will offer enhanced protection

their needs. The collection combines state-of-the-art

from moisture ingress for up to 72 hours on

technology with trends from across the world, to

PRO Design GreenTec and PRO Laminate Aqua+

bring a market leading range of flooring to the UK.

products, which has been independently verified

Designed to meet the demands of both

using the NALFA Surface Swell Test.

private and commercial interiors, the wood-based

Sustainability has been at the heart of EGGER

collection comprises Laminate, Comfort and

since it was founded in 1961. All floorboards are

Design GreenTec flooring. Each have bespoke

manufactured using sustainably sourced, PEFC

benefits that contribute towards a safe, long-

certified wood fibres, from timber harvested

lasting, comfortable, yet functional floor.

from sustainable forests, and are 100% PVC-free

with no softeners or toxic dyes.

PRO Laminate is an all-rounder: easy care, hygienic and durable. Available with Aqua+

Craig James, UK National Sales Manager,

technology for areas that require water resistance. •

PRO Comfort is warm, soft and quiet. It uses

EGGER Flooring said, “Quality and style are EPL184 Cognac Brown Sherman Oak

perfectly matched in the new EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+. With access to over

specialist cork layers to maintain heat and

170 international decors in a variety of board

absorb sound.

types and formats, our customers will have the

PRO Design Flooring GreenTec is robust, water

freedom to create a bespoke product portfolio

resistant and eco-friendly. It has a class 33 and

to suit their needs.”

R10 slip rating so it is suitable for commercial

Craig continues, “Our extensive product

interiors that require a hardwearing floor.

range uses the latest trends and top quality

Hand-selected by EGGER’s team of experts,

textures to ensure the design aspirations of the

the new collection will offer the very best decors

end-customer can easily be achieved. We can’t

and textures, with a focus on the latest design

wait to share the full collection with the flooring

trends. This will include new woodgrains marble

market at the beginning of next year.”

and terrazzo decors. New for 2021 is the Interior Match decor package, which will provide the

Timber Construction Magazine

GreeTec EPD006 White Preston Oak

Winter 2020


More at  www.egger.com/pro-collection


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Low Carbon Living With Beattie Passive having long been an exponent of Passivhaus design in the UK, we asked them a few questions about the importance of the standard to the future of sustainable homes in the UK.


assivhaus is a fabric first approach to construction. By combining a highly insulated structure with limited to no thermal bridges, triple-glazed, gas filled Passivhaus

What has driven the recent Beattie Passive Norwich factory expansion and investment into Haus4?

windows and heat recovery ventilation, a very

“Our Haus4 range was initially designed as a high-quality, highly

thermally efficient and high-performance home is delivered. With

flexible solution to the UK’s homelessness problem. The worsening

a fabric first approach it is very simple and achievable to reach net

situation of UK homelessness combined with the greater impetus to

zero emissions with the addition of 2.5kw PVs and air source heat

get homeless people off the street in the wake of the Coronavirus

pumps for hot water.

pandemic, we have seen demand for our Haus4 range skyrocket. In order to facilitate this demand, we have expanded into significantly

The Passivhaus standard is still considered an expensive route to an energy efficient building – what can be changed to alter that perception? “Whilst it used to be the case that building Passivhaus required a higher initial investment than traditional build, a recent report by Derek Gough Associates concluded that in some cases it is actually cheaper to build Passivhaus than it is to build a traditional build. It is

larger premises and taken on an additional 70+ staff and have immediately begun work on 150 modular pods for clients across the UK.

The Haus4 range delivers both the exceptional performance of Passivhaus and the quality of a Beattie Passive build. How is Haus4 different from a standard Beattie Passive house build?

critical to look at the long term benefits and the lifetime cost analysis

None. Both the Haus4 product and a more ‘traditional’ Beattie

to really compare the costs and benefits of building Passivhaus, not

Passive build are built to the same high standard using the same

just considering energy savings but also the costs of maintenance and

patented timber frame build system, and are tested just as stringently

any future upgrade requirements of traditional build to achieve zero

upon completion, so in that sense there is no difference in quality


and performance. The difference comes in their purpose. The Haus4

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Exhaust Air

Extract Air

Supply Air


io n



can be connected and be

iv e

able to be easily scaled up, scaled

re w it h h e a t

down, relocated or mothballed to align with a client’s needs, and no


fast, flexible, high quality and easily relocatable units. Services

The Flying Factory is highly flexible,



associations and developers for

Factory on or close to their own site.


Ve n

the demand from councils, housing


range was developed in response to

H o u s e win


A irti g t n e s s h

specialist equipment is required

ready for occupation within

making it a very affordable

an afternoon. We are now

option. By being able to set up

expanding our modular range

a Flying Factory like this close

to apartments and houses.

to site means Beattie clients a l in s ula


can deliver studs and panels

ns al



ti o






Passivhaus design typically involves very high levels of insulation and an airtight building envelope. How is the Haus4 range delivering Passivhaus performance?

b ri d g e fr e e d


straight from manufacture to site, reducing or avoiding logistical challenges and transport costs. It

The five basic principles of Passivhaus

also provides an ideal base to support local supply chains and the training of local people in the skills of carpentry and construction.

“The Beattie Passive build system was designed from the ground up to be a system that could deliver to the Passivhaus standard by default. Our patented construction method provides a continuous insulation layer around the

The Haus4 units are designed to be fully demountable. What does that mean and how can that respond to future changing housing needs?

core of a timber framed structure, delivering a complete build system

“When the Haus4 home is needed elsewhere, it is a very simple

from foundation beams, ground floor, walls and roof. The Beattie

matter to disconnect the services, load them up onto a lorry via crane,

Passive build system is deliberately simple so that it can apply to any

and then move them to where they are needed next, where they can

size or shape of property, so that whether we are building a traditional

once again be connected to services and made ready for habitation

home on-site, or a modular built Haus4 unit inside a factory, the

within hours. These units are highly relocatable – our partner Creating

Beattie Passive system delivers every time. The modular manufacturing

Enterprise has moved theirs more than 10 times so far with no

process is exactly the same as our ‘traditional’ build process but has

structural damage – and relocatable housing like this is the perfect way

the advantage of being in a covered factory where efficiencies and

to respond to changing housing needs, as these units can either be

processes can be maximised. The performance delivered is no different

placed down as permanent homes in an area or can be placed down as

– we build to Passivhaus standard every time.”

temporary accommodation while other arrangements are made, and then moved on to where they are needed next. Our modular units can

Can Passivhaus housing be delivered at scale to improve the UK’s built environment generally? “Beattie Passive was founded on the basis that we wanted to lift the standard of building across the building industry, and we believe

be completely re-purposed. So for example our apartments blocks have been designed with 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats, but if the need arises these properties can easily be taken down, moved and repurposed into a 2 bedroom bungalows or house.

that partnering with organisations and enabling them to build our

Beattie Passive are currently supporting Cardiff Council to increase the supply of new, high-quality temporary accommodation to cater for homeless families in the city. How is the scheme progressing?

Passivhaus build system is the best way to truly deliver at scale. We are always on the lookout for partners from around the country to collaborate with and provide them with the skills and abilities to build their own Passivhaus standard homes. Through our Flying Factory partnership offering, we already have nine partners with their own Beattie Passive factories

“We are so far on track to deliver 58 new

delivering Passivhaus homes. We believe

modular homes ranging from studios to 1, 2

that partnering with more organisations

and 3-bedroom flats to provide temporary

who share our vision and values will

homes while a more permanent housing

increase awareness of and raise the profile

solution for these families is found. All these

of Passivhaus.”

units will meet the Passivhaus standard

The Flying Factory is essentially a mini

and are built for a 60+ year lifespan. Our

Passivhaus factory that allows Beattie’s

first scheme recently left the factory and

partners to become self-sufficient in

the next batch of these units is under

delivering their own Passivhaus-standard

construction in our factory and will be ready

homes. After training on how the system

to be shipped out in February 2021.

works and how to build it, Beattie helps More at  www.beattiepassive.com

their partners set up their own Flying

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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Now is the Time For Timber

Wraptite® airtightness solution provides huge benefits for Anglesey modular homes

With the threat of missing critical environmental targets a very real danger in the post COVID-19 economy, the Time for Timber campaign started 21 September, launching a new drive that directly targets the financial and insurance sectors – one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the path of sustainable development. With ambitious targets set for the UK to reach net zero by 2050, combined with an increasingly urbanised population, there is an urgent need to change how we build high density and single-family housing. The obvious solution is using renewable, sustainable and environmentally positive materials such as timber but, historically, the insurance industry has been unwilling to support such initiatives.

The superior airtightness performance of the Wraptite membrane from the A. Proctor Group is delivering huge benefits to both the in-factory and on-site construction of a series of new modular social housing for Anglesey Council. Wraptite is the only self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier certified by the BBA. Applied externally on the outside of the structural frame, Wraptite simplifies the process of maintaining the envelope’s integrity, as there are less building services and structural penetrations to be sealed. The high vapour permeability of Wraptite allows the substrate beneath to dry quickly and moisture vapour to escape, and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion. The self-adhesive nature of Wraptite means that it is easy to apply together with Wraptite Corners and the fact there is no requirement for mechanical fixings. Specialist contractor Kenton Jones was commissioned by the Isle of Anglesey County Council to construct the new homes using a high-performance timber frame system. Managing Director, Kenton Jones explains how Wraptite was key to achieving a quality airtightness solution which was suited to modular build. “After 10 years of building an open panel high-performance timber frame system, we moved to a factory insulated closed panel system which had the airtightness and VCL applied in the factory and simply taped on-site. This worked well when the airtightness layer was fully accessible before services were installed on site.

Misconceptions around timber’s suitability as a major project construction material have meant that this versatile solution is considered a risk by many insurers and finance houses. This basic misunderstanding of the facts could be jeopardising the future of the economy and the environment. Bringing together leading voices from around the construction industry, the Time for Timber campaign has been founded with the express intention of challenging these misconceptions within the financial and insurance sectors. The campaign launches today with a major advertising campaign at Bank underground station, in the heart of London’s financial district.

“In 2019 we built a new module factory and delivered our first set of modules early 2020, it was then we realised internal airtightness was going to be a difficult detail. When building modules that are fully factory finished internally but need to be craned together on-site to form the same dwelling both in a vertical and horizontal joint, we identified that there would be areas of the building which would remain inaccessible after installation on site. “

The bold move will see the hard-hitting campaign message dominating the advertising space within the station, in a bid to kick-start engagement with this important issue. A programme of webinars with financial sector media partners and a new whitepaper will follow, to begin strengthening the dialogue between the timber construction industry, insurers and investors. Underpinning the communication campaign is a groundswell of support that is building throughout the industry, which is showcased in a new Time for Timber documentary. The film features compelling interviews with figures such as: British Green Party economist, Molly Scott Cato; architect and Chair of the Good Homes Alliance, Lynne Sullivan; Technical and Innovation Director at Barratt Homes, Oliver Novakovic and Chief Executive of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, Simon Howard – among several other prominent names.

For more information contact www.proctorgroup.com

To find out more and to watch the Time for Timber film, visit www.timefortimber.org

Soprema Urges Specifiers to Upgrade from Greener to Greenest With Green Homes Grant Insulation and waterproofing specialist, Soprema, is urging specifiers to consider the sustainability of the materials they select for housing upgrade projects carried out under the Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme. The scheme allows home owners and landlords to apply for a grant of up to £5,000 per property to cover up to two thirds of the cost of home improvements that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Those on certain benefits can claim up to £10,000 to cover the entire cost of improvements. The scheme, which applies to home improvements completed by the end of March 2021, is expected to lead to a significant surge in uptake of internal wall insulation (IWI), roof insulation and external wall insulation (EWI) for solid wall properties. However, Soprema has raised concerns about the possibility that less green solutions will reduce the benefits of the initiative and result in additional environmental issues in the long term.

Shed loads of help from Norbord The Inverness branch of Men’s Shed has been busy restoring a former 1930’s pavilion in the grounds of Millburn Academy into a new home for the group.

Roland Jackson, commercial director of Soprema explains: “Any insulation installation will provide environmental benefits by improving thermal performance but the reality is that some of the materials commonly used are made from non-renewable and non-recyclable materials that continue a cycle of CO2 emissions and waste. While these products are acceptable for use under the scheme, both specifiers and home owners need to consider the goals of the Green Homes Grant and choose renewable, recycled and recyclable insulation materials. These solutions provide all the environmental benefits of improved thermal performance, without any of the negative environmental side-effects.”

Fundraising for the £115,000 renovation project had been hampered by the pandemic, but a donation of SterlingOSB Zero by Norbord from the nearby plant in Inverness enabled the group to re-open and get back to work! The renovation task on the derelict pavilion was so big that the local group could work on different parts of the building while still observing social distancing.

Soprema advises that a woodfibre insulation system, such as the company’s Pavatex range, provides the ideal solution for IWI and roof void insulation upgrades. Manufactured from renewable timber and completely recyclable, Pavatex provides excellent thermal performance, with options for plasterboarding or rendering, and is also naturally breathable for a comfortable indoor environment all year round. For EWI insulation upgrades, Soprema recommends the company’s XPS 500 insulation, which is a BRE Green Guide A-rated system, thanks to its use of recycled materials and 100% recyclability benefits.

The Scottish Men’s Sheds Association and the UK Men’s Sheds Association create resources to look after the wellbeing, health and education of members and never has this been more vital than during the pandemic as part of the battle against social isolation. Norbord’s portfolio of OSB products is a development of the most popular brand in the building and interior design industries and comprises SterlingOSB Zero 3, SterlingOSB Zero Tongue and Groove, SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions and SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix. They are variants of the popular precision-engineered OSB3 board; BBA approved and designed for humid conditions, it contains zero added formaldehyde.

There is just a short window of opportunity for home owners and landlords to take advantage of the Green Homes Grant but the impact of the scheme could last for generations. That’s why Soprema is urging specifiers to choose wisely by using insulation systems that will truly make properties greener.

To find out more about Norbord’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Dan Clarke – email daniel.clarke@norbord.net or download product brochures from the housebuilder page of the Norbord website: www.norbord.co.uk/housebuilders

For further information visit www.soprema.co.uk/en

Timber Construction Magazine

Winter 2020



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FOR TIMBER THAT KEEPS OUR FORESTS STRONG, ® CHOOSE FSC Our forests give us many things, including a huge variety of timber and timber products. FSC helps look after forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. So you can use timber, panels and other forest products while keeping our forests full of life. www.fsc-uk.org


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