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WINTER 2019/2020 www.timbermedia.co.uk ISSN 2517–26X (PRINT)

CONNECTING THE MARKETPLACE WoodScanner.com is a ground-breaking digital business-to-business marketplace that openly connects buyers and sellers in the timber market / 18 THE YEAR AHEAD


Looking at timber supply in 2020, from Brexit to bark beetle / 16

Why legality is fundamental to responsible forest management worldwide / 35

Wat er Eco - -based Frien dly


02 News

22 Transport & logistics

The latest industry news

08 In demand How recognising expert installers can boost demand for merchants


11 Woodland Carbon Guarantee Late last year, the Government launched the £50 million scheme to help boost tree-planting rates in the fight against climate change but who can apply?

14 Branching out


Last year Maelor Forest Nurseries Holdings Ltd was acquired by BSW Timber. Its managing director Mike Harvey outlines its visionary expansion plans

16 The year ahead


Nigel Buckley-Ryan, UK sales director at Södra Wood Ltd, looks at timber supply in 2020, from Brexit to bark beetle

21 Timber waits for no man

David Hopkins, managing director of Timber Trade Federation, talks about clearing the mists of Brexit


27 Going mobile A fully automated mobile rack system has reduced customer waiting times for a wood wholesaler


29 Stocking up Alternative solutions to cantilever racking for keeping stock organised

30 As easy as ERP K8 software is supporting growth at Terry Howell Timber & Builders’ Merchant


32 Illegal deforestation Alison Hoare, lead researcher at Chatham House, talks about tackling the global issue of illegal deforestation


35 UK timber & logging Why legality is fundamental to responsible forest management worldwide

The importance of keeping supply chains moving postBrexit

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Sales Director: Terry Hanlon

Artwork: Pete Awad

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MATERIAL HANDLING SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR INDUSTRY Combilift is the leading supplier of customised handling solutions with guaranteed improved storage capacity, safer product handling and increased productivity.

+353 47 80500

Winter 2019/2020

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Top prize for forestry student A Scottish School of Forestry student has been awarded the Savills Forestry and Sustainability Award after producing an outstanding land management plan as part of his degree. Sandy Davidson, 24, who is in the fourth year of the University of the Highlands and Islands’ BSc (Hons) in Forest Management, works as an assistant woodland officer with Scottish Forestry. He proposed a strategy for the future management of a fictitious Inverness estate, which identified current land uses, their strengths and limitations. He went on to propose an integrated land management approach to increase the sustainability of the estate, while maintaining the important areas of productive agricultural land, forestry, historical conservation and recreational areas. The plan targeted management in areas likely to Amanda Bryan, head of the Scottish School of Forestry, Sandy Davidson, and Ewan Reid, associate director in the Savills Forestry team.

deliver highest impact and identified opportunities to improve engagement with local communities. Sandy, who grew up in North Uist in the Western Isles, said: “I was very surprised to win this award, but also very pleased as

“As our forestry business continues to grow within a highly dynamic

I feel really passionate about sustainability. Land management has a huge

sector, Savills is encouraged to see talented graduates like Sandy tackling

part to play in addressing some of the major challenges we face in Scotland

the question of holistic land-use.”

and around the world, particularly regarding the major issues of climate

Amanda Bryan, head of the Scottish School of Forestry and programme

change and biodiversity loss. While our exercise was entirely theoretical, I

leader for the BSc (Hons) in Forest Management, said: “Sandy is incredibly

think it was a good way to get students to think of ways we can adapt our

passionate about sustainable land management, so it’s wonderful to see

current land use models in order to improve overall sustainability. Being

him rewarded for his work in this way. The Scottish School of Forestry is

recognised for my work by a company like Savills is really special.”

proud to work with industry to provide opportunities for students, from

Savills’ forestry experts provide consultancy advice on commercial

awards like this, to site visits and guest lectures. Savills consistently support

forestry and woodland management. The company awarded its inaugural

our work at the Scottish School of Forestry to educate, mentor and inspire

prize last year to reward high-achieving students after forming a close

the next generation of foresters and land managers.”

industry partnership with the Scottish School of Forestry.

The Scottish School of Forestry at Inverness College UHI is the principal

Ewan Reid, associate director in Savills Forestry team, said: “This

institution for forestry and arboriculture training and education in Scotland,

type of critical analysis is central to modern forestry. Our clients, from

offering a range of qualifications from access level programmes through

community groups to private landowners, need to be able to optimise the

to honours degree level. It’s also the only UK provider of undergraduate

benefits derived from their properties.

higher education in forest management.

Acquisition for James Latham James Latham has acquired the market

Established in 2009 and

leading specialist timber and cladding

delivering a variety of innovative

processor, Dresser Mouldings.

solutions for applications across

The move will enable James Latham, which

numerous sectors, Dresser specialises

has had a long-standing business relationship

in the processing and vacuum coating

with Dresser, to increase its offering in

of bespoke timber products, the

processed timber, developing specialist

production of timber mouldings and

products for the specification market.

other specialist timber machining.

Dresser Moulding’s managing director, Bill

Andrew Wright, managing

Gunn and production director, Steve Addison,

director of Lathams Limited said: “This was a

in product and business development in what

will continue to manage the business, working

strategic decision which will allow us to develop

is becoming an important market sector for us,

closely with Lathams Limited director and

our existing timber moulding, cladding and

whilst helping to maintain quality control and

group timber director, Andy Duffin, to develop

timber coatings business.

customer service levels, as well as securing our

their joint strategies.

“It will also enable us to continue to invest

Winter 2019/2020

02 www.timbermedia.co.uk

supply line.”


MPs call for Government focus on timber industry A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Timber Industries

reducing carbon emissions. The timber industry will provide skilled jobs,

(APPG), highlights the key role timber industries can play in helping

it can deliver sustainable and affordable homes and it should be at the

the Government meet its targets for housebuilding whilst working to

forefront of addressing the climate emergency we face.

achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“Housebuilding should be part of an environmental revolution that

The report argues that using timber in construction is key to

is firmly integrated into our net-zero emissions targets. Using timber

meeting emissions targets and urges the Government to implement the

will lock carbon within homes for generations and is considerably more

recommendations of the Climate Change Committee by increasing the use

environmentally friendly than other core building materials such as

of timber in construction.


A long-term spending commitment, reform of Right-to-Buy and building

Roy Wakeman OBE, chair of the Confederation of Timber Industries,

regulations that encourage innovation in construction are amongst the

added: “We know there is capacity in the industry which can be unlocked with

recommendations to Government made in the report.

the right policies, regulatory framework, and partnership between the public

In order to meet the skills requirement needed to build more homes, the

and private sectors.

report recommends that Government should place an increased emphasis

“By bringing together experts from across the timber supply chain – all

on construction apprentices and invest in developing construction courses,

the way from the forest to the finished house – we will be able to make an

bringing together skills development with technological solutions.

even greater contribution.”

Martin Whitfield MP, chair, APPG, said: “This report addresses an important dilemma governments have: increase housebuilding whilst

The report follows a UK-wide inquiry the APPG launched to explore how the timber industry can contribute towards solving the housing crisis.

For the road ahead... BPR AUTHORISED PRODUCT


Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Winter 2019/2020

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James Latham factory welcomes namesake youngster for tour When six-year-old James Latham kept spotting his name in giant letters on the side of lorries and buildings during family trips, he was understandably dumbfounded and asked his Mum and Dad why. To help explain the mystery to his inquisitive son, Dad, Stephen, a teacher in St Helens, Merseyside, had the bright idea of contacting the nationwide timber and panel products distributor on Twitter to ask if James could visit one of their branches, and the team at the Leeds site were more than happy to oblige. The Latham family, comprising Stephen, mum Claire, James and younger brother Thomas (aged two), who live in Widnes, were invited for a VIP tour where James junior got to see his name everywhere! On arrival at the 66,000ft2 state-of-the art distribution site, James, who is a pupil at Lunts Heath Primary School, and his brother

boys were very excited about as they got to sit

never forget. They were very excited about

in a real one during their tour.

today and both had a wonderful time, but

But the real highlight of the visit for

particularly James, who now says he would

were given specially made high-visibility

James came when he got to sit in one of the

jackets for their tour and received a goody

distinctive purple and green lorries with his

like to own a factory when he grows up.”

bag of promotional items, all appropriately

name splashed across the cab and trailer.

the original James Latham, who no doubt

emblazoned with the James Latham name.

Stephen Latham thanked their hosts for the

had the same kind of ambition and vision

They were also presented with a miniature

day saying: “This has been a truly amazing

more than 260 years ago when he set up his

forklift truck, supplied by Combilift which both

experience and one which our boys will

business in Liverpool.

Maybe he will follow in the footsteps of

TDCA and TTF join forces The Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA) and The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) have joined forces under a partnership agreement aimed at strengthening the market for timber cladding and decking. The partnership will focus on specifier and buyer education to raise awareness and confidence in the timber cladding and decking sectors. The move aligns with TTF’s plans to focus on market-facing educational activities. A series of TTF working groups are looking in depth at cladding, flooring and engineered wood products sectors. Output from these groups aims to issue guidance on avoiding risks, setting standards and timber species and specification – the TDCA’s knowledge and experience will provide a vital contribution. Janet Sycamore, director of operations at TDCA, said: “Our directors were strongly in favour of a strategic alliance with TTF, recognising the benefits of expanding the reach of TDCA to a wider audience. Initially

between TDCA and the WPA and the three bodies will work together on

the agreement was to help TTF implement a programme of education

projects of mutual interest whilst still maintaining their individual identities

for timber cladding, but we also aim to include decking under the same

and operating as independent trade bodies.

arrangement. We are excited by the opportunities that working together will bring.”

David Hopkins, managing director of TTF, said: “The partnership with TDCA, who are recognised industry experts, brings significant benefits

Both organisations have existing agreements with the Wood

and widening opportunities to TTF, WPA and our respective members. The

Protection Association (WPA) and this new collaboration creates a strong

knowledgeable and experienced TDCA team can provide the resources to

triumvirate working on behalf of the timber trade

achieve TTF’s current objectives on both cladding and decking”.

The partnership will work similarly to the agreement currently in place

Autumn 2019

Details of their first joint venture will be released soon.

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Partnership working Laura Dee KTN, Andrew Duncan UHI, Ewan Robertson Tilhill Forestry, Ewan Bowditch UHI, Peter Whitfield, Ian Hayward KTN.

Tilhill Forestry will be working with both

during tree harvesting operations, and maximise

always been at the heart of research and this

the University of the Highland and Islands

the high value sawn timber product cut from

partnership offers the opportunity to address

(UHI) and Innovate UK on a new Knowledge

these logs at the sawmill.

a key issue in forestry, as well as integrate and

Transfer Partnership (KTP). Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a

Dr Ian Heywood, Innovate UK, knowledge

develop interdisciplinary skillsets – we look

transfer adviser, North Scotland said: “Investing

forward to bringing innovation experience to

UK-wide programme that has been helping

in innovation is a key indicator of an ambitious

both our students and own research.”

businesses to improve their competitiveness

and forward-thinking company and it is a

and productivity through the better use of

pleasure to be working alongside the academic

new UHI researcher and Knowledge Transfer

knowledge, technology and skills that reside

team from the UHI and the North of Scotland

Partnership associate to look at the improved

within the UK Knowledge Base, for the past 40

KTP Centre to support Tilhill Forestry deliver this

use of data in the forest to mill supply chain. The


exciting project.”

project will be looking to recruit an associate to

The purpose of this partnership is to

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership serves

Tilhill Forestry will be working with a

lead on this work.

develop and deliver “Trees to Timber Mill”

to meet a core strategic need and to identify

(TTM), a digital end-to-end logistics solution

innovative solutions to help the business grow

Peter Whitfield said: “We are very much looking

that will deliver process efficiencies, improved

through improved quality and operations.

forward to working with UHI and KTP teams.

reporting and reduced supply chain costs in the

Dr Euan Bowditch, UHI researcher – forestry

Tilhill’s business development manager

The partnership will take place over two years

timber trade with a unique decision support

and social-ecology said: “Inverness College

and is a really exciting opportunity to give Tilhill

system enabling the company to both optimise

UHI (Research) is very excited to be working in

Forestry a chance to better utilise the wealth of

the standing timber crop’s conversion into logs

partnership with Tilhill Forestry. Innovation has

data available to us as a business.”


Winter 2019/2020

Tel: 0870 803 1877

05 www.timbermedia.co.uk



UK Forest Market Report reveals another robust year The average price of commercial forestry on the market rose 23% over

As the wider societal and environmental values that should be assigned

the last year to £11,478 per stocked hectare (ha), according to the 21st

to woodland through carbon, water quality, flood mitigation and biodiversity

edition of the UK Forest Market Report.

start to be recognised, it is expected that this market sector will attract a new

The report, produced by Tilhill Forestry and John Clegg & Co, outlines

class of environmentally-minded investor. Although prices have not risen as

a positive outlook for the “robust” market in its annual analysis and

quickly as the productive conifer market, they still compare favourably and

commentary on the forestry and woodland sector and highlights its

many remain more affordable for the smaller investor.

“powerful attraction as an investment asset”.

The report concluded: “We can expect an unsettled few years ahead

Peter Whitfield, business development director for Tilhill Forestry, said:

both politically and economically. In this environment, we can see the value

“We have seen a continued upward trajectory in average forestry values,

and security of real assets that continue growing regardless of political

which rose by 23% over the past year. However, it must be stressed this is

uncertainty. This, along with a continued political support for forestry, aligned

a volatile figure which is in part a reflection of the excellent quality of the

with a new impetus for woodland creation driven by growing climate change

forests which came to the market this year. Deviations in the quality of

concerns, makes us optimistic about the future.”

properties sold distort the comparison and, if we were to compare like for like examples, we would probably see something closer to a 1012% rise. That said, there is clearly a genuinely strong uplift in the market.” Figures show a 21% increase in the total value of the market, which amounted to £126.5m. A

We can expect an unsettled few years ahead both politically and economically. In this environment, we can see the value and security of real assets that continue growing regardless of political uncertainty.”

total of 69% of properties sold above their guide price with 14% of properties selling at more than 150% over guide. The average size of a sold forestry property decreased to 136 ha (from 196 ha in 2018) and the average cost amounted to £1.56m. A selection of properties came to the market, attracting a wide variety of investors, according to the report. In Scotland, where 78% of recorded sales took place, five properties sold above the £5m mark and 15 properties below £500,000. Fenning Welstead, director at John Clegg & Co, said: “Our report for


2019 shows that forests have continued to rise in value. With the softening of timber prices this year, it might be thought that forest property values should follow suit. This is not happening and we believe that this is a direct reflection of the trend towards renewable resources and a move to a low carbon economy. “We believe the rise in land values reflects a desire to have such a fundamental asset as part of an investment portfolio. Ownership offers opportunities for alternative land uses; for example, renewable energy and commercial forestry crops are a popular blend. Additionally, with a potential carbon tax in development there is the possibility of an annual income for sequestering carbon.” Much has been said about the ability of tree planting to help mitigate climate change and this will no doubt be a driver of future policy. The report suggests that interest in establishing new forests is high, yet despite

NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Timber Products Contact Specialist Consultant, Fiona Hamilton for more information

government statements, it is really only active in Scotland. Scotland exceeded its own new planting target of 10,000 ha this year, with 11,210 ha of new woodland, and appears to be on course to do so again in the 2019/20 planting year. 85% of new planting took place in Scotland in 2018/2019. The continued strength in the mixed woodlands market is also demonstrated in the report, which comprised 44 properties, representing

Tel. 01234 826450 Email. fiona.hamilton@srsuk.com web. www.srsuk.com

about 2,250 acres offered with a total guide price of £9.252m. The total selling price was £9,603m, around 4% over guide.

Winter 2019/2020

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Limitations Walling. Roofing. Hoarding. Anything. Structural building or just about everything you can think of, our new generation of OSB3 is as strong as ever, in dry or humid conditions, and now has zero-added formaldehyde – for safer working and greener homes.

SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 SterlingOSB Zero T&G SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix SterlingOSB Zero SiteCoat SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions

The UK’s No 1 producer of engineered wood panels

Winter 2019/2020

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In demand

Composite decking brand Trex has continued to grow in popularity

Sarah Francis, product manager at Arbor Forest Products outlines how recognising expert installers can boost demand for merchants


019 saw the demand for decking

audience which helps drive demand and build

amongst homeowners continue to

their business further.

grow, with more people choosing to

One of the key activities in our calendar

But how does this impact merchants?

adapt their current homes to fit their requirements rather than move house.

It was also a year where climate change became

parties to ensure positive developments. is the Arbordeck Awards which gives us the chance to speak directly to both installers and

Increased demand As the TrexPROs become more in demand,

merchants to educate them on products and gain valuable feedback from them, as well as

a huge global talking point, resulting in more

they rely more on their local merchant to

being a great opportunity for TrexPROs to both

requests for eco-friendly decking products,

have the products they need in stock when

showcase their work and speak to suppliers.

such as Trex composite decking.

they need them. Even the traditional ‘decking

Made from up to 95% recycled materials

season’ is becoming less relevant to demand

and technology that means it won’t rot or split

for materials, with our TrexPROs regularly

and will never need to be oiled or painted, Trex

receiving business throughout the year.

has become a popular choice amongst those conscious of their impact on the environment.

TrexPRO Simon Thomas Carpentry, whose

Shared knowledge Not only do we see the importance of developing relationships between merchants and TrexPRO installers – who we identify and

project was named as ‘Deck of the Year’ at the

qualify as potential scheme members – but we

annual Arbordeck Awards in 2019, works on

understand the value of training; which is why

so do those who are experts in installing it.

decking projects year-round which means that he

we invest heavily in training for all elements of

At Arbor Forest Products, we recognise the

relies heavily on his local timber merchant to be

the supply chain.

importance of specialist installers because high

well-stocked on the decking products he needs to

performing decks need high performing deck

fulfil his jobs, regardless of the time of year.

And as Trex continues to grow in demand,

builders. This is why we actively support the TrexPRO scheme launched by Trex in 2018: it recognises and advocates certified installers

alongside a Trex employee from the company’s

Developing relationships Installers can’t afford to wait for products to

and provides a unique support package to help

come into stock. This means it’s essential for them

to grow their businesses.

to develop great relationships with their local

Installers are able to join the TrexPRO scheme for free following assessments of

We host dedicated TrexPRO events for installers hosted by a Trex representative – often HQ in the USA. Arbor Forest Products has also created numerous resources for installers such as ‘how to’ videos and brochures on installation. And for Trex stockists, we offer dedicated

merchants and ensure they work as a partnership

training which includes features and benefits of

when planning jobs and ordering products.

the products, best practice for installation and

their work by a Trex representative and they’ll

Fortunately, at Arbor Forest Products we

receive Trex marketing materials to help them

offer a ‘Warehouse on Wheels’ service, which

The potential for shared knowledge and

discuss the product and colour options with

helps the relationship between TrexPROs like

resources between TrexPROs and merchant

their clients.

Simon and their merchants. It’s not only a more

stockists can only serve to further strengthen

environmentally-friendly solution to delivering

relationships and customer satisfaction, and

page on the Trex website where they can

stock, but it also means that we’re able to deliver

as the TrexPROs’ success continue to grow,

showcase project images, contact details and

multiple-product orders when a merchant needs

so does the demand for their merchants to

customer reviews, making it easy for end-users

them, and in the exact quantities required.

provide them with the materials they need.

All Trex installers get a company profile

to select the best Trex decking installer for

At Arbor Forest Products, we work hard to

a practical demonstration.

If you have any installers who are eligible in

them. This is a fantastic opportunity for the

close the loop between installers and merchants

the TrexPRO scheme then get in touch with the

Trex installer to showcase their work to a wider

and our team is in regular contact with both

Trex team at Abor Forest Products.

Winter 2019/2020

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Ready for whatever life throws at it Sustainable beauty. Unbeatable versatility. A sustainable softwood modified to match the performance and long-lasting natural � beauty of tropical hardwood, LIGNIA is the pH-neutral timber choice for construction – with the versatility and strength to perform indoors and out. Learn more about LIGNIA today from our UK distributor, Timber Connection. lignia.com

Winter 2019/2020

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FOR TIMBER THAT KEEPS OUR FORESTS STRONG, ® CHOOSE FSC Our forests give us many things, including a huge variety of timber and timber products. FSC helps look after forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. So you can use timber, panels and other forest products while keeping our forests full of life. www.fsc-uk.org

®F000231 FSC

Winter 2019/2020

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Woodland Carbon Guarantee Late last year, the government launched the Woodland Carbon Guarantee, a £50 million scheme to help boost tree-planting rates in the fight against climate change but who can apply for the fund?


he Woodland Carbon Guarantee (the Guarantee) is a £50

The Guarantee application and auction stages must be completed

million scheme across England to encourage farmers and

before any trees are planted. If you are a woodland owner who is thinking

landowners to plant more trees and create new woodland in

of expanding your woodland by planting new trees you can also apply,

return for payments as those trees grow.

but you will only be able to apply for the new section of woodland.

It aims to help accelerate woodland planting rates in order

to permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and therefore help combat climate change. The Guarantee gives land managers in England the long-term financial

Do I need an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in place before I apply for the Guarantee? The Guarantee process allows for the design of the woodland to be

income they need to invest in carbon sequestration – the process by which

modified after an application has been approved so it isn’t necessary to wait

trees lock up and store carbon from the atmosphere.

until all of the planning and EIA processes are complete before applying for the

Successful participants will be offered the option to sell Woodland Carbon Units to the government over 35 years, at a guaranteed price, set

Guarantee. In fact, applying early can be helpful to understand whether a project will be financially viable before committing to the detailed design processes.

by auction, providing new income for land managers who help businesses compensate for their carbon emissions. The Guarantee provides successful applicants with the option to sell the captured carbon from their woodlands in the form of verified

Can I apply for the Guarantee at the same time as other woodland grants? Yes, woodland creation applications don’t need to be agreed in order

credits called Woodland Carbon Units (WCUs) to the government for a

for you to apply for the Guarantee, but they should be part of your thinking

guaranteed price every five or 10 years up to 2055/56.

when putting together the funding package for your project – especially

Forestry and climate adaptation minister Zac Goldsmith said:

if support through the Guarantee is critical for the viability of your project.

“Woodland creation is an excellent way to help combat the effects of

Further information about the support available for woodland creation is

climate change.

available here: www.gov.uk/guidance/create-woodland-overview

“By supporting farmers and land managers who decide to invest in tree-planting, we are making sure we tackle climate change through nature-based solutions and – as part of our 25 Year Environment Plan – help leave the environment in a better state than we found it. “The Woodland Carbon Guarantee means that now, more than ever, there is no reason to delay planting trees.”

Can I apply for the Guarantee if I’ve already applied for other woodland creation grants? Yes. Guarantee applications may be made alongside applications for other woodland creation grants (e.g. Countryside Stewardship, the Woodland Carbon Fund or the HS2 Woodland Fund) provided that any other

Below, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, answers some key questions about the Guarantee.

contracts were signed by the landowner after 29 October 2018. If for example, you have already completed a Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation application and you signed it after the 29 October 2018,

Who should apply?

then it may be possible to plant trees either in the current or next planting

The Guarantee is designed to support woodland creation projects

season; however if you haven’t currently started the Countryside Stewardship

that wouldn’t be viable without the additional support that the scheme

application process then it may take a couple of years before planting can

provides and is aimed at landowners and farmers who are thinking about

begin. In addition, Guarantee applications can only be submitted for projects

planting new woodlands.

registered with the Woodland Carbon Code after 29 October 2018.

Winter 2019/2020

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The world leader in timber preservation technology Protim





DELIVERING HIGH QUALITY TIMBER SOLUTIONS FOR DECADES FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit: www.kopperspc.eu Email: kpc@koppers.eu Call: +44 (0)1628 486644 Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757 Protim Solignum Limited, Fieldhouse Lane Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1LS Protim Solignum Limited trading as Koppers Performance Chemicals. Koppers is a registered Trademark of Koppers Delaware, Inc. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in this document, Protim Solignum Limited gives no undertaking to that effect and no responsibility can be accepted for reliance on this information. Information will be updated when the need arises. Please ensure you have an up to date copy. All products are produced by independently owned and operated wood processing facilities. All other trademarks Protim Solignum Limited, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1LS. Visit: www.kopperspc.eu, are trademarks of their respective owners. Koppers Performance Chemicals, Winter 2019/2020 12 www.timbermedia.co.uk Email: kpc@koppers.eu, Call: +44 (0)1628 486644, Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757. Registered in England 3037845. Š Copyright 2018.

by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers Of Wood Preservatives Protim Solignum Ltd Marlow, Buckinghamshire

FEATURE: WOODLAND CARBON GUARANTEE Can I apply for the Guarantee if I already have a woodland / I’ve already started planting trees?

What is the maximum amount of money I can receive?

No, projects will not be eligible for the Guarantee if you have started

The maximum amount of money that you can receive is based on

planting or other on-site work has started before you have received an

the number of carbon units that are included within the application

offer of a Guarantee contract after a successful bid in an auction. If you

(which is in turn based on the size of the proposed woodland and

already have a woodland established, you can’t apply for the Guarantee

factors such as the species choice and the management regime) along

but if you are considering extending your woodland you may be able to

with the guaranteed priced agreed through the auction process. The

apply for the Guarantee on the new trees you are thinking of planting.

guaranteed price is index-linked for the period of the WCaG contract.

Your woodland will still need to meet the requirements for UKFS and

What is the average price of a woodland carbon unit?

have the relevant Environmental Impact Assessment completed.

When will I get my money?

Landowners currently report selling carbon units upfront to private

The Woodland Carbon Guarantee provides you with the option to

companies for between £5 and £15 per WCU. If you want to sell your

sell your captured carbon in the form of verified carbon credits, called

WCUs to the government via the Guarantee, the online auctions will be

Woodland Carbon Units (WCUs), to the government for a guaranteed

used to agree the price at which the WCUs will be sold to the government

price every 5 or 10 years up to 2055/56. WCUs produced after 2055/6

– this price may be higher than the current open market price.

can be sold privately but will not be purchased by the government

Can I apply for the Guarantee if I live in Scotland but have already signed up to the WCC?

under the Woodland Carbon Guarantee.

Can I get any money from selling carbon units sooner than every 5 to 10 years?

No. Decisions on how to support domestic woodland creation are devolved to each of the three countries. The Guarantee has been

The Guarantee is not a grant scheme which pays for planting trees

developed by Defra and FC to cover England and the support for

up front, it is designed to provide a longer-term income stream with

woodland creation provided within Scotland and Wales is a matter for

income options available every 5 or 10 years until 2055/56. However, the

Scottish and Welsh ministers.

Woodland Carbon Code allows for carbon to be sold in advance of the trees

What does the timeline for the scheme look like from start to finish?

growing, in the form of unverified carbon units called Pending Issuance Units (PIU). Unverified PIUs typically sell for a lower price than verified WCUs but they do provide an option for an early return if this is desirable.

When you can actually plant will depend on what stage you apply to

The sale of PIUs is not covered by the Woodland Carbon Guarantee

the Guarantee, and whether you intend to also apply for other support such as through the Countryside Stewardship

Key steps for applying for the Guarantee 1. Identify some land for planting. Guarantee applications must be linked to

can be downloaded from the Woodland Carbon Code website.

that you wish to set aside for woodland.

The guarantee provides you with the option to sell your carbon to the government for the

4. Register for the Woodland Carbon Code.

this and either keep the carbon yourself or sell it

Once you are satisfied that your project

privately through the open market. The decision

is worth pursuing, you will need to

as to whether to sell the carbon to government

register the project with the Woodland

is taken when the carbon is verified every 5 or 10

for the Guarantee doesn’t require a final

Carbon Code. This can again be done

years. You can choose a different option at each

woodland design plan, but it does require

through the Woodland Carbon Code

verification point and full details of the terms and

the landowner to have a reasonable idea

website. You will need to create an

conditions are contained in the WCaG contract.

of what types of woodland they wish to

account on the Markit Registry and then

establish, and how it will be managed

add the details of your project.

2. Decide what you wish to plant. Applying

(thinned, non-thin, clearfell, continuous cover etc.) in order to calculate how much carbon it will sequester.

5. Apply for the Guarantee. Once you have calculated how much carbon your woodland will produce, and registered it with the

3. Calculate how much carbon the

Woodland Carbon Code, you can apply

woodland will sequester. The

for the Woodland Carbon Guarantee. An

Woodland Carbon Code provides

application form can be downloaded from

tools for calculating how much carbon

the Woodland Carbon Guarantee website.

will be sequestered by a woodland. The Woodland Carbon Code Carbon Calculation Spreadsheet and Guidance

When do I decide if I want to sell my credits to the government or to the open market?

guaranteed price but you can chose not to do

a specific project and area(s) of land so the first step is to identify the fields or land

Woodland Creation Grant.

6. For more information on the Guarantee, visit gov.uk

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Branching out for the future In July last year Maelor Forest Nurseries Holdings Ltd was acquired by BSW Timber. Its managing director Mike Harvey talks to Timber Trader’s Michelle Gordon about securing the future delivery of homegrown trees and expanding into Scotland


aelor Forest Nurseries Holdings Ltd, located in Wrexham, North Wales, produces an extensive range of commercial forestry and native broadleaf species, marketing almost 30

million trees a year to customers throughout the UK and Europe.

Originally established by the Forestry Commission in

around 1919, the nursery was sold into the private sector in 1976, undergoing a number of changes in ownership until going into administration in 2004. It was taken out of administration by private shareholders, who sold the business to BSW Timber last year. “The forestry industry has grown significantly in the last 10 years, with the plantations that were planted in the 70s and 80s coming into harvest,” said managing director Mike Harvey. “When you add to that the new planting levels in Scotland and the intended targets by various UK governments to increase planting levels, as well as the importance of timber to the future in mitigating climate change,

The aim is to produce thousands of stock plants for VP production from a single embryo/seed, using somatic embryogenesis, which allows the large-scale reproduction of genetically identical plants without the troubles associated with cuttings and seeds. Research and development is important for a strong forestry sector for

we reckon that we are looking at an expansion in the market of 30 to 40%

the future, said Harvey. “If we are going to really mitigate against climate

over the next few years in terms of planting levels and supply.

change within the timeframes that we need to then we need to be planting

“For us to maintain market share that would need significant

now, with confidence, material that can be used and locked into construction

investment and also investment in another site. So, it was a good time

etc and also material where we can identify its disease resistance,” he added.

for the private shareholders to pull out and a major player to come in and take that forward.

Also, in response to climate change, Maelor is trialling hybridising Sitka Spruce with other spruces which have a have a history of being

“The plant supply in the UK has been quite tenuous and to get a significant player into the private sector is quite important for sustaining

grown in warmer climates. The investment from BSW Timber will enable Maelor to drive that

plant production. There is a strategic need for investment in the future, for

forward and produce plants with desirable qualities such as straightness

the sake of the industry as a whole.”

and stiffness, or a resistance to disease and pests.

In addition to securing the future delivery of homegrown British trees to the UK forest industry, the acquisition will enable Maelor Forest Nurseries Holdings Ltd to progress with its expansion plans. “We are developing sites in Scotland and we are increasing

Protecting against pests and disease is vital for a successful future said Harvey, and Maelor only sells British grown trees. “The biggest vector for pest and disease in the UK has been the importation of live plant material from the continent and Ireland but the UK

production,” said Harvey. “We have invested in new laboratories and seed

has got the benefit of being an island surrounded by sea and we should be

facilities at the nursery so there is quite an increased investment plan both

using that to maximum benefit for biosecurity,” said Harvey.

here in Wales and, intended for Scotland.”

“We know that to try and stop importation of plants to garden centres

The company plans to expand into Morayshire, bringing an additional 5 to 10 million plants into the supply chain annually.

etc is a tough ask but for forestry and woodland planting it is not such a big ask and environmentally that is the biggest risk. If you get diseased trees

“Scotland is where the biggest market is, it is where new planting is taking place and our existing customer base is largely in Scotland,” explained Harvey. “Wales unfortunately hasn’t seized the opportunity and

going into someone’s garden it can be contained once it is identified but once it goes into the wild and the forest environment that is more difficult. “We, as a nursery, stopped some years ago from handling any trees

the Welsh Government hasn’t delivered on planting and we don’t see much

from any other nursery, as if you buy a tree for another nursery and it

future in Wales really. There has been no encouragement where we are

imports trees then you are exposed.

currently situated in Wales and it has been extremely disappointing.” The nursery is also heavily involved in the scientific research associated with the production of improved tree stock with enhanced

“I think the more direct line there is between the growing nursery and the plantation, the stronger the resilience to imported pest and disease.” The future certainly looks bright for Maelor and for the wider market

genetics at its state-of-the-art onsite laboratory which was established

and for Harvey that lies north of the border, where it will continue to

with the help of world-renowned tissue culturist and tree breeding

scale that growth to match market demand and focus its efforts on

expert Dr David Thompson.

further research.

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Brexit and bark beetle: what they mean for 2020 timber supply

Excess stock brought in ahead of the original 1 April Brexit deadline, continuing uncertainty around Brexit and challenges posed by bark beetle attacks throughout central Europe all contributed to a collapsing of timber prices in 2019. The knock-on effect in 2020 will be a price recovery of sorts and the potential for some timber shortage and supply delays, says Nigel Buckley-Ryan, UK sales director, Södra Wood Ltd


With the good intention of having landed stock

If we end up without a reciprocal compliance framework in place,

available to customers ahead of the original and

any timber landing from Europe will be treated as if it came from

ultimately unmet 1 April Brexit deadline, the market

outside the EU. This means that customs clearance could take up

was saturated with an excess of landed softwood. This,

to seven, or perhaps even 10 days. Should this happen, EU-sourced

coupled with ongoing challenges posed by bark beetle

timber would have to be stored by importers pending paperwork,

attacks (and the need to fell and process affected wood as quickly as

which will increase demand for space and appropriate facilities to

possible), led to over-supply and price reductions.

maintain products in premium condition.

How will this play out?

from non-EU countries and, as a vertically integrated business – all the

Fortunately, Södra already has several years’ experience importing

Well, one thing is for certain: many timber importers – reluctant to

way from owning the forests to manufacturing and UK distribution –

put themselves in another situation whereby they may lose money –

we are well placed to cope with Brexit challenges. Similarly, operating

are unlikely to prepare for the UK leaving the EU in the same way they

three British dock storage terminals

did ahead of 1 April.

offers some flexibility to adjust

On the other hand, the persistence of the bark beetle means that

stockholding. This provides a

the yield of logs being harvested has fallen due to a deterioration of

buffer against potential customs

quality. The market will likely feel the effect of this soon, particularly


the market for C24 construction timber, which could be impacted by a

Bark beetle explained

tighter supply scenario. Both Brexit and the bark beetle may therefore cause timber

Bark beetle is a common

shortages and supply delays. This could pose a challenge for some timber

and potentially devastating

and builders’ merchants, especially as demand for construction timber

pest which tunnel, under bark,

throughout Europe remains high. So, let’s take both issues in turn.

cutting off the supply of food and water the tree needs to survive,

The “B” word

eventually killing a tree in as little as

Brexit may well come with a change to frictionless imports, which could have significant business implications. Not least, construction

two to four weeks. Bark beetle attacks on spruce throughout central Europe

sector workflow. Merchants are largely reliant rely on next-day supply

proliferated during the summer, with the situation becoming

on demand, so they will need to be sure that their timber importer

serious in several places in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

has enough landed stockholding, storage resources and the necessary

Damaged logs need to be harvested as soon as possible, which can

infrastructure in place to maintain continuous supply and overcome

have a knock-on effect on production.

any customs delays.

At Södra, we combat bark beetle by strictly maintaining best

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FEATURE: TIMBER SUPPLY Looking ahead There’s no doubt that the timber industry is going through a challenging time at the moment. Continuing demand coupled with a potential shortage of supply pays testament to that, which is why the timber supplier you choose now will pay dividends in the months

At Södra, we combat bark beetle by strictly maintaining best practice forest management, including ensuring that the number of trees growing is appropriate for the acreage; that the right trees are being planted in the right place; and carrying out responsible, regular thinning.” practice forest management, including ensuring that the number of trees growing is appropriate for the acreage; that the right trees are being planted in the right place; and carrying out

and years to come. Those suppliers with a proven track-record of

responsible, regular thinning.

sustainable timber supply; end-to-end control of their supply chains;

We never use any form of chemical deterrent but instead lay traps

and a commitment to building long-term partnerships with their

and attract bark beetle with endorphins typically released by a tree

customers will be the ones that win out. Now, more than ever, those

in distress. This helps us to not only exterminate the bark beetle but

who partner with trusted, reliable timber supply partners will be best

learn more about their activity so that we may better plan ahead.

placed to understand and plan for the possible challenges ahead.

Södra Wood Ltd – the UK distribution arm of Swedish-based timber supplier, Södra – is one of Great Britain and Ireland’s leading supply partners of sustainable structural timber and engineered wood products.

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Connecting the marketplace WoodScanner.com is a ground-breaking digital business-tobusiness marketplace that openly connects buyers and sellers in the timber market. Its founder and managing director Andrew Ferguson explains how it can help to boost your business


oodScanner, which was launched in June last year, is an

experience and not very intuitive and I just thought there must be

online platform targeting merchants and importers, and

something better.”

aims to provide a simple and efficient way to acquire timber products.

Once he started to carry out market research it quickly became apparent that both buyers and sellers were frustrated by the old and

The timber industry is one of the most volatile

markets with prices and stock fluctuating daily and the model was developed to provide a new channel for assessing product availability and cost options.

inefficient manual processes. “When speaking to suppliers they would often say that their biggest problem was that their customers didn’t even know what they stock,” explained Andrew. “They know what they know because the

“As a timber buyer, keeping on top of these

rep tells them that or because they have bought that product

fluctuations can be extremely labour intensive:

for the last however many years but they don’t know that

spreadsheets to update, phone calls to make, prices

you are now stocking sleepers or scaffolding boards.

to cross-reference from your trusted, but limited,

“In the past people liked to ring around and business was

group of suppliers. If you’re a timber seller, the

done over a cigar and brandy but the newer people coming

traditional way of sharing your stock availability

into the industry prefer to quickly look on their phone or a

and special offers with clients is, similarly, no light

website and see if a product is available and make a decision

load,” said Andrew Ferguson, managing director of

and, of course, it is much easier to do it this way.

WoodScanner. “The time is ripe, therefore, for an

“Sometimes you just don’t have time to ring three or

evolution in the industry.”

four people, or the person that you usually buy from is on holiday or unavailable and you can’t speak to anybody else.”

Where did the idea come from?

So how does it work?

Andrew has worked in the timber sector for 34 years and spent 28 years running his company

The aim of WoodScanner is to increase that visibility

Beaumont Forest Products, which he sold to

and cast transparency over product variety and availability,

the Grafton Group in 2014, going on to work as

while highlighting new trading opportunities. It also moves

timber director for the group prior to setting up

away from the static PDFs and product lists that have


traditionally been used in the sector.

“I always thought there was a lack of

It allows buyers and sellers to connect and interact and

visibility and transparency in the industry,” he

offers intelligent search features which enable buyers to

explained. “It just felt really odd that when you

quickly find and compare selected options.

looked around the timber industry, in terms

“Basically, it is like Skyscanner or Auto Trader,” said

of technology, it was pretty poor and pretty

Andrew. “You filter your search and it will list what you are

low level. You would go on people’s websites

looking for, so the more information you put in, the more

and they were very static in terms of the user

defined your search result will be.

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COVER STORY: WOODSCANNER “We wanted to replace that static PDF with a live stock platform, so a seller has the ability to control their stock 24-7, 365 days a year.� The platform is free for timber buyers to use and it always will be. You just need to set-up an account to start comparing and connecting. Timber sellers won’t be charged to list their products until they are 100% happy with the service. After that they will be charged a small listing fee that gives them entry to the digital market. The goal is to make it cost-neutral for sellers – a timber community and marketplace that enables better business. “We had to build a website for two audiences – the buyers and the sellers – and that has been the challenge,� said Andrew. “We have spent a lot of time with these guys trying to get it right for them.�

Are you a timber buyer? Once registered, timber buyers can quickly and easily compare product options on WoodScanner from a wide range of suppliers, comparing the market in

The aim of WoodScanner is to increase that visibility and cast transparency over product variety and availability, while highlighting new trading opportunities. It allows buyers and sellers to connect and interact and offers intelligent search features which enable buyers to quickly find and compare selected options.�

seconds for the best deal. Simply select what type of timber you need and, in seconds, WoodScanner lists available stock in real-time, along with full specs and price options. “As well as cutting out the legwork, many buyers tell us they’ve connected with timber suppliers that they have not had access to before, expanding their business network and fulfilling stock requirements and customer

use as you wish. It is never off sick, it reduces on travel expenses and

orders with greater visibility,� said Andrew.

you are always in the game.

Are you a timber seller?

“We would never say, put all of your stock on our website, you choose the inventories that you wish to display. It follows that if you have got

If you’re a timber seller, WoodScanner gives you access to a whole new community of timber, roofing and builders’ merchants who you can

stock that you want to move there is an opportunity, or if you have got

build relationships with, enabling you to connect with new prospects 24

something new and you want to tell people about it you can do that.�

hours a day, seven days a week.

The future

You’ll get a listing in our Directory, so you

The WoodScanner model is still in the early stages of

can showcase your business, as well as access to a simple dashboard where you can easily upload the


stock and inventories that you want to display. You

development and Andrew is keen to work with the sector


to create a service that works for everyone.


!#* -.


will also have the unique ability to instantly adjust






Sellers have 24-7 access to the site and can add










     , , "



For example, if you listed material for ÂŁ10 in the





" )+ 27;  !' %






" )+ 27;  !' %




#%"  -!"#)







" !! )+ 27;  # ' %

stock and manipulate prices at the touch of a button.



" #" -!#$)






“We want to unravel all of the little things that people



-!#$) 3 -!#)

#" '3 (*!,










"!  % -!$)

 ! !  ! !











&%" "!




#""" -!"#) " ' %! -!$) ! -!#$) -!#)



" '3 !





“The site is not fully mature yet,� said Andrew.





























































prices to reflect market conditions any time you

























" )+ 27;  !' %








" )+ 27; # %








" )+ 27;  %











want and make the user experience as smart as











possible. We are continually working on the website with our developers and we are reacting to the



industry feedback. This means the site is constantly

ing is a ground-break WoodScanner.com a simple, lace that provides ketp mar B2B tal digi ee way to rent and hassle-fr efficient, transpa ucts. acquire timber prod  $!


morning, you could log in and change that price to ÂŁ11


at lunchtime without having to repost the item.


Adding value

being reviewed and updated to deliver the platform the timber industry wants.� WoodScanner started off with a handful of staple categories, and these have gradually been increased with five more added in December.

While WoodScanner offers a different way of

A further four categories will be launched in

engaging with the market, the idea was always that it would supplement existing networks rather than replace them. It aims to enhance businesses without the time-consuming admin of the traditional analogue systems that the industry is used to. “We don’t want to be disruptive,� said Andrew. “We just see

February in time for the decking and cladding season, and further categories such as hardwood to be added later in the year. “We want it to be a tool that will give some extra bandwith in the marketplace,� said Andrew. “It will never replace what has gone before

WoodScanner as an additional business channel rather than a

but it is here to enhance that and add value for both our buying and

replacement. It is almost an additional salesman for you, that you can

selling community.�

For more information about WoodScanner, you can call 0203 926 5555, email us at info@woodscanner.com or visit www.woodscanner.com

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If you care about something, you have to protect it Preservation & fire retardant treatments for timber

Protection from the elements

Your partner in timber protection Call 01777 709855, email info@ptgtreatments.co.uk or visit www.ptgtreatments.co.uk

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Timber waits for no man Andrew Hunter, sales manager at Peel Ports London Medway, talks about the importance of keeping supply chains moving post-Brexit


lthough the details are still being worked out, the results of the

customs controls and procedures are efficient and meet EU benchmarks

General Election at the end of 2019 mean that, barring some

to safeguard goods passing through the international supply chain. This is

truly remarkable circumstances, Britain will be leaving the EU in

something Peel Ports has already secured across our port estate.

2020. We can reasonably expect that Brexit will create significant disruption for all industries and forestry is no exception – as it

stands, 92% of British softwood imports come from the EU. The number one concern for businesses looking to survive the

However, that’s not the only thing that needs to be considered. Firms also need a partner who is constantly investing to improve services, and one that has the right geographic mix of sites to accommodate all sorts of requirements.

turbulence of Brexit is making sure supply chains remain as stable and seamless as possible – particularly for construction companies who rely on timber being readily available to help them address the growing UK housing shortage.

Peel as a partner At Peel Ports, we’re constantly looking to future-proof supply chains by investing in new and better services for customers. We provide everything from stevedoring to storage, reprocessing to dispatch, at five of our sites

Building for the future

across the UK and our multi-modal connectivity gives us excellent links to

For all the predictions of Brexit Blues, the year ahead is set to be a

motorway, rail and sea networks, maximising water transport and minimising

big one for construction and new builds. Wales, South West England, and

use of roads. All of this combines to give customers a more efficient,

Greater London are all expected to do particularly well, with growth rates of

cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to quickly get timber

7.1%, 4.4%, and 3.5% forecast for each area respectively.

anywhere in the UK.

In large part, this is due to the government’s aspirational target of

As part of our commitment to the sector, we have invested £40m into

building 300,000 new homes a year by 2025, a figure which presents a

the development of our Wellmarsh site at Peel Ports London Medway,

major opportunity for construction firms, provided they can still access the

transforming the former Thamesteel site into flexible storage and purpose-

materials they need to meet demand.

built logistics facilities – in particular for timber. Today, Medway handles

Timber, already a vital building material, is set to take on an even more prominent role thanks to EU legislation mandating that all new buildings be built to “nearly zero-energy” standards from January 2021, rules which are

consistently over 1 million tonnes of bulk forest products a year, boasting 50 acres of custom-built timber storage. Elsewhere, at the Port of Sheerness, in addition to the long-standing

expected to still be enforced post-Brexit. Timber is the obvious choice to help

timber treatment facility we have managed on behalf of one of our

meet these goals, given it is a natural, renewable, low-carbon material. On

customers, we’ve developed a new custom-built 26,000 sq.ft. timber

top of this, it’s readily available, economically viable, and versatile.

treatment facility, a 12,700 sq.ft. covered storage area and 10-acres of open storage. Plus, thanks to government investment in additional lorry parks,

Removing the supply chain dead wood All of this means that, however Brexit shakes out, demand for timber is likely to carry on growing. When demand rises, supply

we’re in the process of developing facilities to handle timber through trailers (i.e. through Roll on, Roll off shipping) should the need arise. Leaving the EU was always going to entail challenges, but the economy

chains can become strained and so

won’t stop with Brexit. The future is Timber shed at the Port of Sheerness

manufacturers and retailers need

looking bright for British construction

to take steps now to ensure theirs

and Peel Ports is the ideal partner to

continue to operate smoothly when

help forestry firms take advantage of

Britain does leave the EU.

this opportunity. We already have a wide

The first step is to work with a

range of purpose-built, forestry-specific

trustworthy partner – someone with

solutions, and we’re going to carry on

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

investing in making improvements to

status, who can guarantee business’

help navigate a post-Brexit world.

Winter 2019/2020

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Clearing the mists of Brexit? Artist Henri Matisse once defined happiness as a ‘good day’s work…illuminating the fog that surrounds us’. In the case of Brexit, that fog still hangs like a persistent haar, or sea fret, as it’s known in some parts, over our timber importing sector


By David Hopkins, managing director, Timber Trade Federation here is little chance as yet of clearing those mists, with so

become ‘Operators’ (instead of their current status as ‘Traders’). This

much still needing final clarification as regards to customs

change will encompass a vast majority of Timber Trade Federation

documentation, phytosanitary checks, the possible knock-on

members and those builders’ merchant chains who conduct their own

effects at ports, and the consequent potential for interruption

timber importing activities. It will have immediate impact on their due

to construction supply chains. With over 90% of the timber

diligence procedures.

used in the average British home coming in from the EU, and with

Under UKTR, Operators must collect and demonstrate much more

the extent of Britain’s own timber resources being singularly unable

detailed due diligence procedures. They are obliged to ensure there

to replace more than a proportion of that volume, we are still living

is ‘negligible risk’ of illegally harvested timber entering their supply

through ‘interesting times’.

chains. In the case of Timber Trade Federation members, under the

The slogan ‘getting Brexit done’ heralds only the first stage in

TTF’s Responsible Purchasing Policy, Operators must also submit their

a concentrated period of unsettled markets which will consume

due diligence actions to independent third-party audit, ensuring that

business minds throughout the remaining months of the year.

customers can continue to buy ‘Timber you can Trust’.

Politically there are moves afoot to persuade the government that

Attempting to ameliorate the administrative burden of extra

the transition period should be extended, to give more time to reach

customs documentation for importers bringing in wood from the EU,

a deal. However, the government’s astrolabe has its course firmly

the government launched a £16 million fund in October 2019. This is

set upon exiting on 31 December this year. It is still entirely possible

to help companies to train their staff in creating and processing the

that the UK will leave the EU at the end of the transition period this

millions of additional customs declarations that will be needed, and in

December in a ‘no deal’ scenario. The Timber Trade Federation is

creating any necessary IT systems. Transitional Simplified Procedures

therefore continuing to advise members to prepare for this distinct

(TSPs) for Customs were also launched last year by HMRC, with the


aim of enabling companies to clear their goods through customs

We issued our latest guidance document on a no deal Brexit

and, essentially, to pay any duties latterly found to be needed after

in October and that advice still largely stands. With the EUTR now

the importation process has completed. The impact upon companies

already adopted into law as the UK Timber Regulation, in a no deal

in handing these extra transactional flows through their financial

situation, timber importers bringing wood in from EU countries will

accounts remains uncharted waters.

Winter 2019/2020

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FEATURE: TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS With the integrated nature of today’s construction supply chains,

Yet there are lanterns shining brightly through the mists of

the process of Brexit in our own and other industries is analogous to

Brexit, albeit they are few and far between. The focus provided by

unpicking and reversing our role in the industrial revolution. As many

a transition period ending in December, plus a government focused

more customs officials and agents will also be needed, deal or no deal,

on returning value to communities which ‘lent’ it their support in

HM Treasury and HMRC also launched a new UK Customs Academy

December’s election, may power up the house-building market for

last August, to train up thousands of new officials. With the UK being the second largest timber importer in the world behind China, they will have their work cut out, especially in the bigger timber importing ports in Hull and in Scotland. The UK is also a significant destination for timber and wood products

The slogan ‘getting Brexit done’ heralds only the first stage in a concentrated period of unsettled markets which will consume business minds throughout the remaining months of the year.”

from the Republic of Ireland. It still remains to be clarified by government exactly how the border with Ireland, as an EU country, will work going forward. Another patch of mist still to clear is EU nationals’ perception of living in the UK post-Brexit, and whether they will see a more welcoming and better economic future back in the EU. The

the best part of another year. Some construction indices are already beginning to head upwards with this in mind, following a slump in December. Our TTF UK Softwood Conference, at which merchants and

construction industry and its supply chain is acknowledged as a major

suppliers come together to discuss the global state of trade, takes

employer of EU citizens’ labour and the Federation of Master Builders

place on 4 March in London. Exploring changes in demand, policies

amongst others have been keen to stress this to government. The

on housing and regional variations across the UK, plus issues of

members of the Freight Transport Association are perhaps a less

climate change, competing materials and the China-America trade

visible yet vital element in the supply chain, without whom the timber

war, will enable our members and their merchant guests to be as

sector could not provide merchants with their just-in-time deliveries.

well prepared as possible for whatever lies ahead. As novelist Joseph

The FTA recently revealed that there are 343,000 EU nationals working

Conrad once put it, ‘it is not the clear-sighted who rule the world.

in British logistics firms, and currently more than 53,000 vacancies to

Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog’. We look

be filled. They warn that the loss of yet more drivers could “see vehicle

forward to exploring with readers that ‘warm fog’ pervading this year

movements and the supply chain as a whole come to a standstill”.

of sea change in our economy.

Never miss a good deal

Register for free today!

In a click, WoodScanner connects you with the very best timber suppliers. See availability of stock in real-time, compare a variety of products, and discover the best price options for your business.

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THE DANZER WORLD 80 Countries, 200 species, one partner

Danzer is a leading quality hardwood supplier with in-house production facilities in many parts of the world. Founded in 1932, Danzer is a third-generation family business producing lumber, sliced veneer and innovative value-added wood timber products for decorative purposes. Danzer products are ultimately used in many high-quality joinery, furniture, interior and external architectural, automobile and yacht interiors and numerous other high class applications. YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER FOR CONSISTENT QUALITY The global Danzer operation embraces the whole supply chain: from sustainable forest management, sawmilling and lumber sales to the manufacture and sales of veneer and other hi tech speciality surfaces. This allows Danzer to directly manage a consistent quality at all stages. SAY WHAT YOU DO - DO WHAT YOU SAY - PROVE IT! Danzer continuously invests in modern technologies and processes to ensure optimal use of hardwood – a precious resource – and keep waste to an absolute minimum. Wood is a sustainable natural material. The company adheres to strict due diligence procedures when it comes to procuring its hardwoods. Danzer is FSC® Certified (license FSC-C022523) and PEFC™ certified (PEFC logo license PEFC/1637-165) for applicable products. Danzer UK’s NEPCon LegalSource(TM) certificate demonstrates that their due diligence system conforms to EUTR requirements. Ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders: Danzer are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with various international non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and local social project groups. In doing so, Danzer always pursue the goal of keeping debates objective and finding steps toward constructive action. The aim is to help people find their own way. Working together not only with the local residents, but also with NGO’s, we all learn how to support and promote sustainable development. With its Sustainability Reports Danzer underlines this commitment. The reports are written according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting guidelines. They cover the business years 2014-2016. The reports feature extensive data and examples from around the world that collectively capture some of Danzer’s key sustainability efforts and impacts. The reports serve as a baseline for discussions with stakeholders and future improvements.

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ADVERTORIAL DIVERSE AND EXTENSIVE UK STOCKHOLDING Being part of a global hardwood specialist, Danzer UK draws on an extensive in-house manufacturing and procurement network worldwide; this gives access to a reliable supply of a large variety of the world’s finest and responsibly sourced timber products. At the same time, a deep knowledge and thorough understanding of local customer needs and business practices lets Danzer UK offer products and services tailored exactly to local market needs. Specific programs are being run for individual customers. Products are available both from UK stock and direct from one of our manufacturing facilities.

INNOVATIVE NEW WOOD SURFACES Danzer 3D-Veneer as showcased on cover page. allows for the design and industrial production of organic wood shapes. Danzer 3D-Veneer ushers in a new era in wood design: while bending wood was previously restricted by narrow parameters, the introduction of 3D-Veneers opens up completely new possibilities. Danzer now have implemented hundreds of 3D-Veneer projects in a range of industries, including the furniture and automotive sectors.

Danzer Freeform is an industrial process that adds metal inlays to wood surfaces. Until now only possible through painstaking handcraftsmanship, or restricted to straightforward linear patterns, Danzer Freeform technology now makes it possible to create veneers with inlays in virtually any shape. Decorative elements, typographical details and even logos can now be added to wood surfaces quickly and at reasonable cost. Danzer’s technical capabilities are now so advanced that there are virtually no limits to the type of inlays that we can produce. Industrial production methods deliver additional cost efficiencies while opening up a wide range of potential uses.

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++ 44 (0) 1621 851002 Visit our website:


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Going mobile Karl Pichler has shortened the length of time that customers are waiting for its products after modernising its storage with a fully automated mobile rack system


o improve availability of goods and to

well as wooden floors, terraces, and facade

create more space for a wider product

solutions. The goods were previously stored

be assembled on mobile bases; in addition,

range, wood wholesaler Karl Pichler

in fixed racks but these did not provide

there is a single sided cantilever rack at each

has modernised its storage with a

enough space for the growing range of

end, in effect a frame for the mobile racking

mobile rack system from OHRA.

products. Furthermore, the company was

system. Each of the mobile racks is 34 metres

looking to increase the inventory of the

long and close to 11 metres high. To reach

storing 130 lorry loads of wood panels. Each

individual items to ensure better availability

the required load capacities, each of the 35

of the four double-sided racks possesses a

of the goods.

columns is built from IPE450 profiles – the

The new storage provides space for

storage capacity of up to 750 tonnes – at a

It was decided to replace the old storage

OHRA supplied four cantilever racks to

strongest profiles in the OHRA range: They

dead weight of 720 tonnes. The assembly

system with a fully automated mobile

enable a load capacity of 19.2 tonnes on 13

of the racks on mobile bases is particularly

racking system from OHRA. Unlike racking

storage levels. In total, every mobile row

space-saving while access to the stored

installations bolted to the floor, it only

of racks, provides a storage capacity of 750

items is nonetheless fast and gentle on the

requires a single aisle to reach any storage

tonnes – at an empty weight of 720 tonnes.


location and only opens two shelving rows

Karl Pichler serve the markets of South

With the new racking system, Karl

when access to a storage location is required.

Pichler’s customers can now access a wider

Tyrol, Trentino, and North Tyrol in Italy via

Thus, Karl Pichler can do without non-

range of products at shorter waiting periods

four locations with a product range that

productive rack aisles while still accessing

– on the same footprint as the previous

comprises wood and wooden materials, as

goods quickly and gently.

storage design.

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making the transition to a

ZERO CARBON WORLD Join 27,000 industry influencers and shapers with the power to change the future of the built environment.

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ACT NOW Get your ticket and be part of the industry’s catalyst for change


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Stocking up Steve Wickens, managing director at Wickens, outlines some alternative solutions to cantilever racking for keeping stock organised


t’s no secret that in order to run a timber yard operation smoothly and

Racking installation is also an important part of the process and should

efficiently, stock must be kept in an organised manner to allow quick

be completed by a team of qualified racking Installers, who would ensure

and easy access to all products at all times. It is also paramount to store

that the racks are assembled correctly and in line with the installation

the products in a way that will reduce any potential for damage and the

method statements and site safety requirements.

costs that are associated with this.

Yet there are quite a few other elements that should be taken into

When considering the best racking system for the task, most timber or

account. For example, the concrete foundation that the racking is installed

builders merchants would choose cantilever racking, which is an ideal and

on must be able to withstand the combined load of racks and stock and, of

well-proven solution for storing timber packs.

course, should be level.

“Cantilever racking is indeed the most popular product for timber

Considering all of the factors, organising a yard to achieve the most

storage,” said Steve Wickens, managing director at Wickens, “but there are

efficient and cost-effective operation can be quite daunting but, if done

alternative solutions available for other timber-based products, such as

correctly, the benefits are there for all to see.

storage systems for fence panels or vertical racks, which can be used for

Steve said: “Wickens will firstly listen to our customers to understand

easy picking of lighter timber sections. The possibilities are limitless really

their priorities and develop a solution that delivers improvements in

as we offer bespoke systems, which are designed and manufactured to

profitability and to their organisation as a whole.

fulfil a customer’s needs.”

“For over 40 years, we have manufactured and installed products

He confirmed that most projects require an individual, tailored approach

ranging from single bay timber racks to long runs of racking with roof

to get a full understanding of the customer’s expectations and ultimately

canopies and complete rack clad buildings at numerous timber yards across

to ensure that the storage system is suitable for a particular application, fits

the country. In short, we do understand the industry requirements very well.

within the available space and is offered at a competitive price. “There are many elements to consider when purchasing racking and we

“We are a family business with a client base ranging from small independent timber merchants to multi-site blue chip corporations. All

prefer to visit a site prior to designing and manufacturing any racks. Stock

of our racks are designed and manufactured by highly experienced and

volume, product dimensions, available floor space and site restrictions are

qualified staff at our purpose-built facilities in Worcester. So, if you have a

clearly the basics to consider, but there are other very important factors

storage need, or would like some advice, please contact us, we are more

that must be kept in mind when specifying a racking system.”

than happy to offer our expertise when needed.”

Undoubtedly, racking safety is one of the most important considerations. Racking systems must be specified correctly to prevent overloading and the appropriate load labels should be clearly visible. Regular inspections ensure that health and safety requirements are met and that the racking will last for many years. “We prefer looking after our customers’ projects from the initial site visit to design of a storage system and installation,” said Steve. “This allows us to ensure that the storage solutions we offer to our customers are not only robust and safe but, most importantly, are fit for purpose.” The racking specification can be affected by the loading method and the forklift parameters, such as the truck’s maximum reach or the truck’s bed height, if it is a side-loader. By neglecting these details, racking efficiency may be reduced and some storage levels might be inaccessible.

Winter 2019/2020

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As easy as ERP

Craig Mayor, managing director at Terry Howell Timber & Builders’ Merchant, explains how the implementation of K8 software will support the company’s growth strategy


ccording to Craig Mayor there aren’t enough words to

from our sales figures will enable me to keep my finger on the pulse

describe the changes he expects the implementation of

of the business,” he said. “And to have total visibility of all of our stock

K8 software will make to Terry Howell Timber & Builders’

within the system will be a massive benefit. We run a complex business

Merchant, an independent, family-run business

and buy in huge volumes of timber. We’ll be able to accurately track

Accepting that it will entail a huge transformation in

it as packs get broken down and the timber is moved around the

the working practices of many of his team, he believes the benefits,

business to make different products. I’m also looking forward to the

in terms of visibility and accuracy across all business processes, will

ability to manage and monitor our trade accounts more efficiently and

far outweigh any initial challenges caused by the introduction of a

accurately, particular in terms of pricing and credit control.”

modern ERP system.

Mayor has already created a new website for the business which

Terry Howell operates five manufacturing, treatment and retail

offers customers delivered or collected on-line sales. “We may

sites across South Wales. When Mayor was brought into the business

integrate this with K8 but that will be a project for the future,” he

to manage a planned expansion strategy, he found he had joined a

said. Similarly, he’s keen to adopt other digital solutions offered by

company with a reputation for offering exceptional quality, service

KCS such as the ePOD app, which would process deliveries by the

and value for money to a very loyal customer base. Two thirds of the

company’s fleet of 16 vehicles, but these developments will follow

business focuses on selling timber to customers such as shed and

implementation of the core package.

fence manufacturers, with much of the timber components being

The 73 staff at Terry Howell may have to make some initial

hand crafted. The company also takes a sustainable approach to

adjustments to their working practices, but Mayor is confident the

manufacturing, with all waste wood recycled in biomass boilers used

reward will be a successful and sustainable future for a business already

to dry wet timber.

established through its expertise and great customer service.

As is common in the timber industry Mayor also discovered sales transactions and stock control were managed using entirely manual processes. “Orders, even full lorry loads, were being phoned in and taken down using pen and paper,” he said. “Stock control relied on physical inspections, people’s ‘guestimates’ and hand-written notes. I knew this approach was unsustainable if we were to successfully achieve our plans for growth.” Mayor considered three ERP solutions before making his choice. “We chose K8 because of how its functionality is geared to our type of business, particularly around trading timber, but also because of the expertise of the individuals from the KCS team who presented it to us,” he explained. Stock control and reporting are the areas in which Mayor is anticipating the biggest changes. “Having a suite of reports produced

Winter 2019/2020

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Improve efficiency and reduce costs across your business Kerridge Commercial Systems providing business management software to the timber industry.

Source Effectively

Stock Efficiently

Sell Profitably

Service Competitively

+44 (0) 1488 662000 | hello@kerridgecs.com | www.kerridgecs.com

Your business. Your way.

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Fighting for the future of forests Illegal deforestation is having a devastating global impact but what can be done to tackle the issue? Alison Hoare, lead research fellow at Chatham House talks to Timber Trader’s Michelle Gordon about improving forest governance


llegal logging is a global issue with far-

Alison Hoare is a senior research fellow of Chatham House, with expertise in

reaching environmental, financial and

international forestry policy, forest governance, and natural resource use and trade.

social implications and everyone working

She has also conducted research on sustainable investment standards, infrastructure

within the timber sector has a role to play

and climate change.

in tackling the issue. Conservative estimates suggest that

it accounts for at least a third of tropical deforestation, but it is in reality probably

She has previously worked with a range of environmental and forestry organisations, undertaking research, policy analysis and project management. She has a BSc in botany from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in ethnobiology from the University of Kent.

much higher, said Alison Hoare, lead research fellow at Chatham House, and the situation is escalating.

While illegal deforestation is not confined to a particular corner of

“It has got worse because of the growing pressure on land and high demand on land, in particular for agricultural use and that has created a much stronger incentive to clear forests,” she said.

the globe, it is more of an issue in certain parts of the world. “It is everywhere but clearly it is much more prevalent in countries that have poor governance so where you have got unclear or complex

Hoare originally trained as an ethnobotanist, undertaking research

laws or lack of transparency and weak institutions,” said Hoare. “That

in Malaysia, and her focus and interest is very much on forests, natural

environment combined with the very strong economic incentives that

resource governance and climate change.

exist to deforest, means that you are much more likely to see illegal

While the impact of deforestation on the global climate has been well-documented, it also has a huge impact on local climate, in terms of local temperatures and rainfall and loss of biodiversity, which can

deforestation and decisions being made on a very short-term basis or for the benefit of a small elite.” She believes that, while more ambitious policies to reduce

have a knock-on effect for agricultural systems. Replacing forests with

deforestation are key, there needs to be a shift in perspective in many

plantations can also have a negative impact on the resilience of local

countries to a more forest-sensitive approach to development, which


must be backed by further improvements in governance, and financing.

Winter 2019/2020

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FEATURE: ILLEGAL LOGGING “There is still a need for better awareness of the benefits of

they have been doing to try and improve governance and legal

forests, so not just in terms of their global good, for the global

compliance in the sector. The findings from this are due to be released

climate, but also for the countries themselves in terms of the various

in February.

economic benefits they can bring and their ecosystem values as well.

Chatham House also compiles and shares information online, as

Those need to be given much greater recognition so that the decision

well as supporting debate and discussion amongst the international

makers in countries try and integrate forests more in their decision

community, and its annual conference, focused on forest governance

making,” explained Alison.

and illegal logging, will be held on the 13th and 14th July.

“Secondly, and linked to that really, there does need to be much more

While a great deal of work has been done, there is still much

and further progress in improving the governance of the land use sector,

more to do, and as the impact of climate change becomes ever more

so much better legal frameworks and stronger institutions to support

apparent, time is of the essence.

better decision making about land use.” Illegal logging also impacts on the timber

It is everywhere but clearly it is much more prevalent in countries that have poor governance so where you have got unclear or complex laws or lack of transparency and weak institutions.”

sector, reducing timber supply and causing reputational damage, due to the assumption that the harvesting of tropical timber is responsible for large-scale deforestation. And the sector itself has an important role to play in tackling the issue, from

Alison Hoare, lead research fellow at Chatham House

communicating the economic and livelihood benefits of sustainable forest management, to ensuring transparency from suppliers, so that they are confident in their supply chain.

Chatham House will continue to drive forward with its work to

Hoare has been working on the issue of illegal deforestation for around 10 years, supporting efforts to improve governance of the

engage the global community in tackling the issue. “We will be continuing to work on how to improve forest

forest sector and land use sector through looking at different policy

governance, so looking at what types of interventions are helping

options both at the global and national level.

countries to establish more sustainable forest sectors and also

She has recently worked on a project monitoring and analysing forest governance in 19 countries around the world to look at what

looking at what role Europe and the big consumer countries have in supporting that,” said Hoare.

How do you Identify your Timber Products? Do you have CE Marks on your Timber Products? Do you use Colour Coding for Stock Rotation? Dura-ID Solutions specialise in identification solutions for challenging environments, and our timber labels and tags can help your business save money and time. Whether you need pre-printed stocks, or would like to control identification on-site - we can provide, labels, tags and in-house print solutions so you can take back control. Weather & UV Resistant Labels

Thermal Transfer Printers

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Printer Service Contracts

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Dura-ID Solutions Limited info@dura-id.com www.dura-id.com

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s a l e s @ n p s t r u c t u r e s . c o . u k | ww w.nps t r uc t ur e s .c o.uk | +4 4 ( 0 ) 1 2 8 2 8 7 3 1 2 0

BBA CERTIFICATION FOR RCM PRODUCTS – QUALITY GUARANTEED! RCM are delighted to announce that three further products have successfully achieved the prestigious BBA accreditation. Through extensive testing RCM have secured BBA approval for its Supertech Weatherboard, Multipurpose sheathing board and Renderflex render carrier board. The BBA - British Board of Agrement was initially set up back in 1966 by the government of the day. Today the BBA is an independent body, which provides extensive and independent testing of products designed for the construction industry. BBA accreditation supports today’s government by being an independent voice within the construction sector. Only products which meet the highest specifications will receive BBA approval as ‘fit for purpose’, bringing great reassurance and ultimately maintaining quality in the construction industry. RCM offers a wide portfolio of building boards and facades, with its popular A1 noncombustible Y-Wall fibre cement building board having already achieved BBA accreditation a few years ago. Recently, RCM applied for BBA accreditation for three additional products and after having undergone rigorous testing, an approval was achieved for all three. RCM are highly delighted with this prestigious outcome, confirming the outstanding quality of their sheathing boards, render carrier board and weatherboard façade. The latest BBA certifications pertain to three of RCM’s popular products:

About RCM

CPD Seminars

RCM are a market leader in providing innovative products and solutions designed and tested to meet the demanding needs of construction. Specified for use in external façades, fire protection, acoustic, airtightness and decorative applications, RCM’s extensive portfolio has been installed on many of the UK’s largest projects.

• • • •

Established in 2004, RCM is a major supplier of complete through wall solutions to the UK construction industry. Supplying specialist building boards, façades, breather membranes and airtightness solutions, RCM offers a fully integrated approach to the building envelope whilst delivering on time and budget.

Firstly, Multipurpose, RCM’s A1 non-combustible, cellulose fibre cement building board. With its excellent strength, weathering and mechanical properties it is the perfect choice for multiple applications, especially for buildings over 18m. Secondly, Renderflex, RCM’s A2-s1,d0 fire rated cellulose fibre cement render carrier board, offering excellent strength, weathering and stability properties when used in conjunction with polymer renders. And finally, Supertech Weatherboard, a simple to install, fully ventilated cladding system, which has an appearance similar to that of traditional timber cladding but the durability and strength of cellulose fibre cement. The importance of an independent certificate demonstrates commitment to quality and is further proof of RCM responsibly operating in line with industry best practice and management systems. “We are very proud of achieving the acclaimed and trusted BBA certification for our products. This accreditation will further bring great reassurance to our customers and highlight the high-performance and reliability of RCM’s products. It also enables us to give confidence to architects, contractors and designers to specify and install the RCM range of materials, whether the product is being used on its own or forms part of an overall solution, both in internal and external applications. We believe that the BBA certification will open up new opportunities for RCM and help us to break into new sectors and markets. We look forward to ongoing business growth and the opportunities which will present themselves.” (Ian Quinton - Managing Director, RCM)

Winter 2019/2020

For those interested in finding out more, RCM provides informative CPD sessions including a guide to materials, applications and specification considerations for building boards, internal and external linings and rainscreen façades, covering: What a specifier needs to consider Board materials and benefits Board applications Work on site

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For more details call 0800 612 4662 or email info@rcmltd.biz


What are we buying? The FSC explains why legality is fundamental to responsible forest management worldwide


egality is fundamental to responsible

placing timber or timber products on the EU

of ‘operator’ and ‘trader’, coined within the

forest management worldwide and

market for the first time must be able to show

EUTR are also used within the UKTR. However,

ensuring compliance with relevant

that they have been legally harvested and

under the UKTR the ‘operator’ would be the

legislation is therefore a key principle of

exported. All timber and timber products with

organisation that first places timber on the

forest sustainability certification. Whilst

a FLEGT licence automatically comply with the

UK market (as opposed to the EU market). The

forested countries may have rules to manage

EU Timber Regulation. Those implementing

definition of a ‘trader’ would also change from

ownership and harvesting rights, the level of

EUTR due diligence procedures can also use

a company that buys or sells a product already

enforcement of these rules varies across the

FSC certification as a key element of both risk

placed on the EU market to one who buys and

globe. For this reason, several governments

assessment and mitigation.

sells goods already placed on the UK market.

UK domestic policy

products to the EU or EEA, may need to supply

have adopted legislation for timber legality. Timber legality legislation is currently in place in several countries, including the USA, the EU and Australia.

Those exporting timber and timber The UK Government’s Timber Procurement

documentation about the source and legality

Policy (TPP) is mandatory for all central

of their timber, so that EU and EEA-based

government departments, executive agencies

customers can meet the EUTR due diligence

and non-departmental public bodies in England.

rules. Exact requirements post-Brexit will, of

The EU’s Forest Law Enforcement,

Devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales

course, depend on any deal that is agreed.

Governance and Trade Action Plan (FLEGT),

and Northern Ireland have issued their own

established in 2003, sets out a programme

policies and guidance. Evidence of legality and

of actions that forms the EU’s response to

sustainability can come in two forms: category A

the problem of illegal logging and the trade

or category B. FLEGT licences, FSC certification

differs greatly around the world and much

in associated timber products. The EU FLEGT

and Programme for the Endorsement of

deforestation is carried out legally. The EUTR’s

Facility supports its implementation with a focus

Forest Certification (PEFC) certification are all

environmental and (certain) social requirements

EU legislation

Forest certification Legal protection of forests and trees

do not go beyond the ones laid down in national

The EU’s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Action Plan (FLEGT), established in 2003, sets out a programme of actions that forms the EU’s response to the problem of illegal logging and the trade in associated timber products

legislation. FLEGT implementation also focuses primarily on fighting illegal logging. Forest certification, however, goes beyond legality. FSC certification seeks to ensure environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. In order for a forest to be FSCcertified, logging must of course be legal but in addition (and not exhaustively): trees that

on Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs).

accepted as category A evidence. Category B

are harvested must be replaced or allowed to

VPAs are legally binding trade agreements

evidence refers to all other forms of evidence,

regenerate naturally; rare animals and plants and

between the EU and a timber-exporting country

this evidence can vary greatly and is judged on a

the rights of indigenous people to use the forest

outside the EU. Currently, Indonesia is the only

case-by-case basis.

must be protected; workers must be properly

country that can issue FLEGT licences for verified legal timber products it exports to the EU. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) strongly

trained and kept safe with the appropriate tools

Trading timber after Brexit The UK finalised a Statutory Instrument, the

and equipment. FSC will continue to support the

supports the VPA process and FSC certification

‘United Kingdom Timber Regulation’ (UKTR) in

implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan,

can help VPA acceptance and realisation.

November 2018, which aims to ensure that the

EUTR and similar legality legislation. Working

provisions of the EUTR will be operable after the

together with timber legality legislation, FSC

(EUTR) was introduced in order to prevent

UK leaves the EU. This indicates that all timber

certification contributes a valuable mechanism

illegal timber and timber products entering

imports, including those from the EU, will have

to help achieve sustainable procurement

the EU market. Since its implementation, those

to undergo UKTR due diligence. The concepts


Ten years later, the EU Timber Regulation

Winter 2019/2020

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Using CaberDek with CaberFix X-Treme Tape in winter What is CaberFix X-Treme Tape? CaberFix X-Treme Tape is a tape designed for use with CaberDek chipboard flooring in cold and wintry conditions.

The trade magazine for timber merchants, saw millers and timber importers

Is this installed in the same way as the standard CaberFix Tape? X-Treme tape can be applied in the same way as CaberFix Tape – applying it over the joints of CaberDek film and over the boards’ exposed edges on the perimeter to create a waterproof chipboard floor deck. When would CaberFix X-Treme Tape be used instead of the standard CaberFix Tape? The standard cloth tape, CaberFix Tape, is made with an adhesive that has reduced performance at temperatures below 8°C. CaberFix X-Treme Tape should be used as an alternative in colder conditions for optimum performance. What properties make CaberFix X-Treme Tape so good for cold conditions? It contains a super strong acrylic adhesive that has a high initial tack and will not crack in extreme weather conditions, keeping the board waterproof. CaberFix X-Treme Tape works in extreme temperatures as low as -21°C. Though it does not bond to ice, X-Treme Tape bonds well in damp conditions, displacing water, and its scruff resistant properties means it won’t lift with foot traffic. What tests have been done with X-Treme Tape? X-Treme tape has been tested on-site by house builders during extreme frost and ponded boards. It has also been tested at BBA for long-term immersion.

For all Timber Trader UK magazine and online advertising enquiries contact Terry Hanlon on  01925 270093

Will the CaberFix X-Treme Tape still result in a BBA-certified floor? X-Treme tape is covered by, and has been tested by the BBA. When installing CaberDek chipboard flooring the tape must be used in conjunction with CaberFix D3 glue in the T&G joints, and CaberFix Joint&Joist glue to bond the board to joists to receive the BBA certification. Correct installation ensures CaberDek will be protected from weather, moisture and construction mess up to 42 days whilst retaining its BBA guarantee, after which the film can be peeled away leaving a clean chipboard floor ready for carpets or laminate. For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit www.norbord.co.uk

Please send all your Product PR to terry.hanlon@timbermedia.co.uk

Grow your business with Timber Media Timber Media Ltd, publisher of Timber Trader UK magazine, is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new e-marketing service for advertisers. With over 4,500 timber industry business professional contacts, we can send your bespoke, solus e-newsletter to top decision makers in our industry... but be quick, the service is limited to one e-newsletter per week which will be mailed on a Monday to our mailing list. A second e-newsletter will be sent the following Thursday to engage contacts who opened but did not click the hyperlinks. You’ll then receive a statistics report for the two e-newsletters the following Monday.

All for a set price of only £500 (+vat) Our e-marketing service begins the first week of February. To book your slot today email terry.hanlon@timbermedia.co.uk

Winter 2019/2020

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Hands on

At Timber Connection we go the extra mile to understand our customers’ needs. Our hands on approach allows us to appreciate your individual requirements so that we can supply the grade and specification of timber that works for you.

Better, connected. www.timberconnection.co.uk

Sole distributors for LIGNIA and LIGNIA Yacht within the UK and Republic of Ireland and designated supplier of LIGNIA Yacht to Europe.

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Timber Trader UK Magazine Issue 7 Winter 2019/2020  

Timber Trader UK Magazine Issue 7 Winter 2019/2020