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KERRIDGE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS Examining how the role of ERP systems are changing / 14 FOCUS ON BRITISH TIMBER


Why demand is high for homegrown timber / 17

Innovation is at the heart of this year’s UK Construction Week / 34

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The latest news and developments from the sector including a partnership to support structural timber businesses across the UK to innovate and grow; a new non-executive commissioner appointed to Forestry Commission England and Södra investing in an additional CLT facility at Värö


Ian Church, managing director of Snows Timber, talks about leading a management buyout and becoming the “Amazon” of the timber sector



Tony Pey, head of product marketing at Kerridge Commercial Systems, examines how the role of an ERP system is changing


With home-grown softwood supplies set to peak in the next decade, the UK is likely to become more dependent on imports. Owen Davies of FSC UK explains why credible certification is more important than ever


The chief executive of Grown in Britain talks about the growing interest in British timber and the importance of innovation in driving its use




Savills’ latest spotlight shows UK forestry plc is in rude health, with sawmills and processors keen for product


Companies that overlook top quality fall protection training do so at their peril, says Phil Rashbrook, European training manager for fall protection at MSA Safety



Uncertainty around Brexit and an ever-increasing demand for highquality, sustainable timber means it’s never been so important to get to know your timber supplier says Södra Wood’s Nigel Buckley-Ryan


Finding the right storage solution for wood can be challenging but Smart-Space, a Midlands-based business that specialises in constructing instant buildings, could have the answer


An innovation advisory board made up of construction clients, contractors and consultants is shaping how innovation is placed at the heart of this year’s UK Construction Week.

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PARTNERSHIP TO BOOST INNOVATION Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and the Structural Timber Association (STA) are joining forces to support structural timber businesses across the UK to innovate and grow. The partnership will build on the existing relationship between the two organisations, formed through several key collaborative projects that CSIC has already supported, with both the STA and its member companies CCG, Stewart Milne Group and Scotframe. It will create a strategic relationship between CSIC, an industry-led, demand-driven innovation centre linking businesses, universities and Stephen Good, CSIC chief executive with Calum Murray who is managing director at CCG and also a member of the STA board

the public sector in collaboration to support increased innovation and productivity and the STA, a UK-wide trade body that represents over 600 timber businesses, from manufacturers and suppliers to designers and

to groups of construction businesses to help them innovate and grow. “CSIC already undertakes a range of activity relevant to the structural

installers. It will deliver a supporting programme of activities and provide

timber sector, such as being an associate partner in Offsite Solutions

numerous benefits for STA members, including:

Scotland and funding numerous collaborative projects with STA member

• A series of innovation events for the timber sector, hosted at CSIC’s

companies. Formalising our existing relationship with the STA will offer greater opportunities for structural timber companies to participate in

Innovation Factory. • A discount on use of CSIC’s Innovation Factory, which provides access to state-of-the-art equipment including an offsite cell and CLT/glulam vacuum press, as well as training and seminar spaces for up to 120

innovation activity and collaborate with client bodies, supply chain partners, public sector and academia.” Alex Goodfellow, vice chair of the Structural Timber Association added: “Innovation has always been at the heart of the structural timber sector and

people. • Support for STA members to understand the benefits working with BIM

our alliance with the CSIC is testament to the very progressive and forwardthinking approach of our industry. Along with championing and supporting

can bring, and how to adopt BIM working.

innovation, our partnership will also ensure that products, practices and

• Events and communications support. Stephen Good, chief executive at CSIC, said: “CSIC is keen to develop

new buildings are robustly tested, and performance is well understood and

partnerships with organisations like the STA whose objectives align with our

evidenced to maximise the benefits of technically advanced timber systems

own, because we know that by collaborating, we can deliver greater support

and offer assurances to clients and end-users.”


stakeholder engagement on an international

Peter Latham as one of three new non-executive

level, to the role.

commissioners to Forestry Commission England. The three-year appointment commenced on 1 April 2019. A former chairman of PEFC UK, Peter

The Forestry Commission (FC) is a non-ministerial Government department established almost a hundred years ago with a Great Britain-wide remit. In 2013, Natural

is currently the chair of the Programme for

Resources Wales took over most of the

the Endorsement of Forest Certification

FC’s functions in Wales, and the Scottish

International (PEFC), a director of Association

Government will take over FC’s functions in

Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux

Scotland this year. So, the focus of the Forestry

which was established as the National School

(ATIBT) and a trustee of the Commonwealth

Commission’s work is now primarily in England.

of Forestry in 1969. These newly-appointed

Forestry Association.

Peter Latham

The other appointments were Jennie Price,

commissioners will play a key role in establishing

a former CEO of WRAP and Sport England and

a strong, sustainable future for the organisation,

Plc, he will bring his extensive knowledge of the

Liz Philip, a former principal of two agricultural

as it lays the foundations for the next 100 years

timber industry and experience of successful

colleges, including Newton Rigg in Cumbria

of forestry in England.

Previous CEO and chairman of James Latham





SÖDRA INVESTS IN CLT FACILITY AT VÄRÖ Södra, Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, has invested in an additional CLT facility at Värö as it aims to become a leader in the Nordic region. “Society’s driving forces for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are strong, and the interest in sustainable construction is growing in the market. A higher rate of timber construction is playing a key role in the growing bioeconomy. It is also an important step in our mission to process the wood raw material delivered by our 52,000 forest-owning members,” said Lars Idermark, president and CEO. Södra Building Systems’ comprehensive offering includes building systems and products such as building components and fasteners, as well as new digital services to simplify and gain better control over the construction process. The focus is on driving the development of timberbased solutions in the construction and residential sectors. “With our technical and digital solutions for both production and finances, we are now creating the conditions for next-generation construction. We will be offering a complete product portfolio to the

“Two production lines will create both delivery reliability and

market, enabling us to grow together with our customers and partners,”

flexibility for our customers. Södra’s total production capacity for CLT

said Jörgen Lindquist, president of the Södra Wood business area.

will eventually be about 140,000m³ per year, equivalent to 5,000

The new facility will be established at the combined plant in Värö,

apartments. We are now creating opportunities to make a climate-

where Södra’s first CLT facility has already been co-located with Södra’s

conscious choice in the housing market,” said Jörgen Hermansson,

pulp mills and sawmills.

president of Södra Building Systems.





LIGNIA WOOD COMPANY ADDS TO LEADERSHIP TEAM Modified timber manufacturer LIGNIA Wood Company has made three high-profile appointments to its leadership team, strengthening its capabilities ahead of global expansion. Dale Warren, Anthony Carroll and Chris Palmer join LIGNIA as purchasing manager, senior technical sales executive and production manager respectively, as the company announces that its 50,000 sq ft manufacturing plant has been commissioned for production and distribution.

Dale Warren, Anthony Carroll and Chris Palmer

In his new role, Warren, who has 35 years in the trade under his belt, is responsible for the acquisition of sustainable timber globally and the

LIGNIA, which recently announced a sole distribution agreement with

development of relationships with FSC-certified plantations. Carroll, who has worked in the timber world since 1991, is highly

Timber Connection for the UK and Ireland, produces sustainable timber

experienced in dealing with high-end commercial and residential build

for the construction industry and for yacht decking. The wood starts out

projects involving timber and has developed and presented numerous

as FSC-certified softwood which is modified via a unique process into a

CPD training courses for architects and designers. He will be developing

hard-wearing wood with all the properties of traditional hardwoods. Hans Ng, CEO of LIGNIA, said: “Securing the services of these

UK and European markets for all of LIGNIA’s product range. Palmer joins LIGNIA with 39 years’ combined experience in manufacturing having worked for global brands such as Sony and

three outstanding specialists is going to have a significant impact on our business as we gear up for UK trade and global exports. “Since our commercial launch, we have made significant progress in

Bosch – and carpentry and joinery, the field in which he began his professional life. A green belt in Six Sigma and highly experienced in lean

terms of business growth and are taking increasingly large orders from

manufacturing, he is responsible for the manufacturing team at LIGNIA’s

our distributors. It’s great to see the best people out there in the timber

state of the art plant in Barry, Wales.

and manufacturing world wanting to join our exciting venture.”

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SR Timber trading director Shaun Revill joined business leaders to

“When I mentioned the case of battens, Mrs Morgan quite rightly asked

tell Conservative MP Nicky Morgan about the stark realities that

the question about when regulators are being pushed to enforce standards,”

businesses are facing as the uncertainty around Brexit continues.

said Revill. “The reality is that they’re not as robust as they should be. British

The group – which included the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), a high street bank and leading business figures – spoke to Morgan at the event at Loughborough University and expressed genuine concern

Standards have been developed for specific reasons – such as the quality of materials – and they should be adhered to, Brexit or no Brexit.” When asked what contingencies businesses around the table had

about how Parliament and the government are handling what the MP

taken to plan for Brexit, there was a very clear divide between FTSE

described as a “political and constitutional crisis”.

companies and businesses such as SR Timber.

Revill was quick to tell the MP for Loughborough about the case of

“The CBI said that some of the largest businesses were spending

SR Timber, which is a leading importer of timber products and the UK’s

more than £100m to prepare, and their boards were spending up to 80%

largest importer of roofing batten, including its flagship Premium Gold.

of their time planning,” said Revill. “If we did that, we wouldn’t have a

He said that that since the Referendum in 2016, he has faced constant questions from suppliers – in particular those in SR Timber’s

business left to run.” Reflecting on the event, Revill said that it was a great opportunity

supply chain in the Baltic states – asking what’s happening in the UK. He

to meet other businesses who import and share experiences around the

also said that the continued uncertainty over Brexit means his suppliers

challenges of importing.

are themselves under pressure because the UK is their largest market. “There are rumours swirling around Europe that the UK will grind to a halt in the days and weeks after Brexit – and this is making our

“Given the timing – just a week before the UK was supposed to leave the EU – and the fact that there’s so much uncertainty out there, it was a very constructive meeting,” said Revill. “Mrs Morgan listened to our concerns and did give us reassurance

suppliers understandably very nervous,” said Revill. “Mrs Morgan was quick to point out that the civil service and

that the government had quietly gone about putting lots of things in

government departments have lots of plans and contingencies in place,

place ready for the UK leaving the EU; it’s just a shame they haven’t been

but the group criticised the government for not promoting this and not

more vocal and reassuring, and given businesses more certainty.”

communicating this better to countries in the EU.” The group discussed the example of transportation costs of distributing materials once they arrive at UK ports and many of the businesses said they had faced rising costs – which they had to absorb because they couldn’t pass them on. They also discussed how, since the result of the Referendum in 2016 was announced, the value of the pound had plummeted against other currencies and this had driven up costs, which again, businesses around the table said they were struggling to pass on to their customers. Revill took the opportunity to highlight the issue of British Standards. He told Morgan about the case of roofing batten and how there has been a rise in the amount of roofing contractors either knowingly using materials which are non- compliant with current British Standards, or are unwittingly purchasing materials that are counterfeit, in order to save money.



Shaun Revill and Nicky Morgan MP


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ARNOLD LAVER OPENS UP DEPOT TO STUDENT MEMBERS OF IOC and educating the supply chain for timber. We are in a knowledge business, and it’s vitally important to pass that knowledge on to the next generation, whether they be future timber merchants, carpenters, joiners or furniture makers.” The IoC is rolling out it programme of ‘City Hubs’ across the UK during 2019-20, starting with colleges in London, on Tyneside and in Lancashire. The hubs link student members of the Institute with currently practising and retired IoC members, who can act as mentors to those beginning to develop their careers. The hubs also encompass potential employers and representatives from six timber sector bodies including TTF, all with an active interest in skills and wood industry careers. IoC member, London City Hub organiser and Building Crafts College tutor Andy Mayes, said: “Our students learn National timber merchant Arnold Laver opened up its Borehamwood

wood science as part of their training. Seeing the sheer variety of timber-

Depot to 30 students on fine furniture-making, carpentry and joinery

based and wood products now available enables them to envision creative

courses at London’s Building Crafts College.

new futures for themselves and for their customers.”

The group are all student members of the Institute of Carpenters’ (IOC) London ‘City Hub’ and the visit, facilitated by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), is part of ongoing cooperation between the TTF and IOC, helping new entrants to the timber sector from across the supply chain to understand the diversity of timber-based and wood products now available. TTF member Arnold Laver has been a staunch supporter of moves to promote careers with wood over many years. Its managing director Patrick Guest said: “It was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and interest shown by the students. “It behoves us all to do what we can to create bridges and share knowledge throughout the supply chain, and to promote careers using our sustainable, renewable material.” Nick Boulton, technical & trade director at the Timber Trade Federation added: “We are pleased to play a role in connecting


He has worked mostly in Scotland and north England and for the last

has joined the investment and

five years was involved in the development of a new forest management

property team at Tilhill Forestry,

business with a previous employer. During this period Booth developed his

based in its Central Scotland office in Dunblane.

business unit through the successful sourcing of new clients and delivery of projects to meet their objectives.

Booth is a chartered forester with more than 10 years’ experience in managing a range of forests for a wide

Senior investment forester, Bruce Richardson said: “We are delighted to have Sam join our team at this very busy time in the forestry market. He brings with him tremendous experience as a forest manager having worked extensively

portfolio of clients representing private, estate and the corporate and

with private and institutional clients across Scotland and England and is well

institutional sectors.

known and respected across the industry through his work with FISA (Chair of the

He has an in-depth knowledge of the management and appraisal

Worksite management working group) and as a regional committee member of

of commercial and amenity forests and draws on his management and

the ICF. Sam will be based in our Dunblane office, providing additional capacity to

appraisal experience to advise clients on investment opportunities.

help Tilhill’s client’s source and acquire forestry properties across the UK.”
















TRUST IS BUILT Experience you can trust. Founded over 30 years ago by a group of timber and building materials dealers, Spruce was built specifically for your business. Spruce’s point of sale and business management solution reduces costs and simplifies your processes, helping you profit and grow.

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ECi, ECi Spruce, and the ECi Red Box logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.





NEW NATIONAL SALES MANAGER FOR NORBORD Norbord has appointed Sanjit Dosanjh as national sales manager for the UK & Ireland. A former national product manager and

Speaking about his new role Dosanjh said: “We are asking lots of questions so we can understand our customers better, but also

national sales manager at Kingspan Insulation

their aspirations. I see our BDMs as brand

UK, Dosanjh is well-versed in the needs of

ambassadors and the type of people our

housebuilders and builders’ merchants. He will

merchant customers want to meet and engage

head up a team of seven Norbord business

with. For me, it’s all about relationships and

development managers across the UK.

helping the merchants to achieve their goals”.

ROOFING MILESTONE FOR NYTIMBER required to spend much less time working at height. As demand from national housebuilders has increased, the company has created 10 new jobs to increase capacity and expects to add another 10 manufacturing employees before the year is through. NYTimber, part of the National Timber Group, introduced the NYTRoof system in 2013, joining its range of off-site manufactured timber products such as spandrel panels and trussed rafters, which it supplies to housebuilders, construction companies, developers, and local builders. Managing director Nick Kershaw said: “The housebuilding industry is embracing off-site solutions to realise efficiency gains, and NYTimber is in a great position to continue to provide support and capacity. NYTimber has supplied its 4,000th NYTRoof, following a series of contract wins from some of the UK’s largest housebuilders.

“Many companies are leaving behind supply and fit models that no longer make economic sense when the product can be delivered in

NYTRoof is a room in the roof panelised system that is NHBC approved and has Robust Detail Accreditation. It comprises gable and

kit-form and fitted by local tradespeople. NYTimber also provide training and on going support for site, as well as a crane-off service. “NYTimber entered the market for pre-fabricated roofing solutions

party spandrels, and pre-insulated cassettes, which replaces attic trusses. The NYTRoof dramatically increases the speed of build and saves time,

early and has built a fantastic working relationship with national

money, and reduces risk exposure to construction workers, who are now

housebuilders that I hope can continue to grow.”

NEW CEO FOR KEBONY Norman Willemsen has been appointed as chief

Last year marked the beginning of an

executive officer of Kebony, a global leader in the

exciting chapter for Kebony with the launch

production of sustainable modified woods.

of a new production facility in Belgium and

Willemsen has a track record in spearheading

sustained investment in its international

success for complex and challenging businesses,

expansion. With impressive growth recorded in

as well as significant experience in developing and

all key markets and exceptional development

implementing multi-channel strategies.

across Germany, France, Scandinavia and the

Throughout his career he has worked with international organisations across a wide range of industries, from packaging through to

US, Kebony achieved the strongest sales record in its history at the end of 2018. Willemsen said: “Kebony is a great company

construction. Prior to joining Kebony, Willemsen

with exceptional people and a powerful

held various senior leadership positions for

heritage; I am honoured and excited to work

“Norman Willemsen’s arrival follows a rigorous

Armstrong World Industries – a global leader

with an organisation that shares my beliefs and

selection process carried out by the Board.

in the design and manufacture of innovative

passion for growth. As evidenced by Kebony’s

Norman has a wealth of experience and is

commercial and residential ceiling, wall and

2018 company results, I very much look forward

perfectly placed to maximise Kebony’s success;

suspension system solutions, where he played a

to further developing the company’s bright and

he will make an excellent leader for this company

pivotal role in delivering Armstrong’s continued

successful future.”

and is the right person to help us achieve our long-

growth and development.


Thomas Høegh, chair of Kebony added:


term strategic vision.”



SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED Snows Timber, previously part of The Bradfords Group, recently announced the completion of a management buyout, led by managing director, Ian Church. He talks to Timber Trader’s Michelle Gordon about becoming the “Amazon” of the timber sector


radfords and Sons acquired Snows Timber of

The appointment of Ian Church as managing director

Glastonbury, a small coal and wood merchant, in

in 2017, marked a real step change for Snows and Church

1985 growing the company over the years with

continues to lead the evolution of the company, having

further acquisitions to improve its supply chain

recently completed a management buyout, alongside


Craig Willoughby, supply chain director, and Adam Cray,

Today It has an annual turnover of £38 to £40

million and employs 150 – 200 people, importing more

finance director. “After a strategic review by the Bradfords group,

than 150,000 cubic metres of sawn softwood yearly

Snows parent company, they decided to part ways with

and processing and distributing more than 1,000 timber

the business and the team of directors expressed an


interest to complete a management buyout,” he explained.





Going forward, we are aiming to build a very

increase capacity for the picking and milling of

customers. It enables us to create a truly agile

strong and stable enterprise and capitalise

products and refurbishing and redesigning its

business and to continue investing in the areas

on our new-found independence in the

Mansfield Distribution Centre to increase stock

that really need it. In our customer service

marketplace that our buyout has given us.

holding and milling capacity.

“This is great news for us and for Snows’

proposition, we aim to be the very best in our

“Snows is a completely independent business

The drive for greater efficiency has also

sector. What excites us the most is the fact we

and now, our owners have full management over

seen the company become the first in the UK

are now truly independent.”

all investments made in the business meaning

to introduce the Routyn routing and scheduling

we can put investment into the areas that need

system, allowing it to deliver the same volume

processor and distributor of timber and timber

it most. For example, we have already started a

of products with 25% fewer vehicles covering

products through its Andover and Mansfield

new training course for our colleagues and we are

10% fewer miles.

distribution centres and the national sales office

looking at how we can get more productive in our

at Pury Hill Business Park, Towcester, has now

mill operation at Mansfield.”

Snows remains a national importer,

And Church has no intention of stopping there with a five-year plan to drive future growth through a more responsive supply chain,

become the company’s new head office.

Church has already led on significant

The Glastonbury head office and

investment within the business in recent years

greater use of technology and faster lead in

distribution centre was sold to Sydenham’s in

positioning its primary manufacturing and

times including the introduction of a 24-hour

February 2019. As part of the sale agreement,

distribution operation ready for growth.

delivery model.

Snows cannot trade in the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset for a period of 12

This has included introducing double

“Significant work has already been

shifts at its Glastonbury distribution centre to

done in transforming the business to date, but management considers there to be a

months, starting on 1 March 2019.

number of real prospects to leverage Snows

The management buyout was not without its challenges for Church and the team but they

differentiated proposition, technical expertise

are pleased with the final outcome and are now

and established relationships to bring profitable growth in a number of targeted

looking forward to building on their mission

areas,” explained Church.

to be the first-choice timber supplier for all

“We have an aspiration of being

independent and regional merchants.

the ‘Amazon’ of timber and being able

“No divorce is ever easy but this one went as well as it could have

to offer next day delivery. Everything

done,” said Church. “The Bradfords

from stock holding, to our service

group wish was that the Snows

proposition is being examined to

business was sold to its management.

achieve this.”

L-R, Ian Church, Adam Cray and Craig Willoughby





DON’T BE RESTRAINED BY YOUR ERP! Tony Pey, Head of Product Marketing at Kerridge Commercial Systems, examines how the role of an ERP system is changing. It’s still the engine that drives a business – but now also has to sit well in the new technology landscape


RP solutions have expanded over the years to encapsulate many core

greatly enhance customer service. They’ve led to a move away from the traditional

business functions including sales, finance, procurement, manufacturing,

practice of updating an ERP system ‘after the fact’, to the immediate updates that

logistics and marketing. Due diligence on your part is therefore required to

new digital solutions offer. Consequently this is creating a new way of working as

understand the breadth of available standard functionality that’s offered –

apps that work in both on-line and off-line mode, in a showroom, yard or warehouse,

not only for your current business needs but also to support your growth

will enable your team to undertake tasks such as picking, receipting goods or building

ambitions in the future. Study any potential partner’s roadmap – it may not be

an order anywhere in your premises on a smartphone or tablet. This type of app

relevant to you now but it will give you a good indication of where you may be able

effectively allows your staff to ‘take technology to the job’, rather than having to

to take your business in the future. Avoid bespoke elements to a solution unless

retrospectively update an ERP system after doing the job manually.

absolutely necessary, as these can restrict your options for upgrades and moving your

Digital transformation is also revolutionising the way deliveries can be managed.

platform forwards in the future. Be mindful too that you will be partnering for the

Historically an ERP system could only be updated once customer orders had been

long term so a good cultural fit between you and your ERP provider is essential.

delivered and paperwork returned to the branch. Any problems encountered on the

While all of the above continue to be crucial aspects

delivery run were then resolved. Today, the trend towards the use of mobile delivery

in the choice of a solution to manage and record

apps across all industry sectors, and in the consumer environment, means that

your business processes, today you should also

customer service expectations and standards are being reset. Your customers

ask if a solution can support your business’s

will therefore also expect any problems with their deliveries to be dealt with

digital transformation. The emergence of

immediately. Of course this is only possible if the technology used by the

web and mobile technologies is leading

driver can be integrated with the ERP system and the right people are

to the implementation of solutions for

notified as soon as the problem is reported. An ERP system that offers

specific business areas that have the

‘interoperability’ with this type of app will give timber companies another

potential to drive greater efficiencies, to

way to differentiate themselves in this new digital age.

improve internal communications and

In the future, enhanced communication and customer service, as well as more efficient working practices within a timber operation, will all depend upon its ERP system’s ability to co-exist with new mobile technologies. Therefore its ability to integrate with them is key and a challenge that software providers are currently facing. It’s also important to appreciate the need for your staff to be supported if this type of new technology is adopted within your business. For example, eBusiness creates a significant opportunity for us all but it also creates many challenges. The new working practices initiated by the increased integration of mobile apps and online technologies can be a daunting experience for many individuals. Whilst adopting new methods of working and communicating will come more naturally to the millennial generation, it is not a given and change management needs to be a core part of a timber company’s digital transformation plan. Essentially however we’re describing a way that businesses can take advantage of cloud computing to better analyse and utilise their ERP data - to better service the business and its customers. I therefore recommend you choose

In the future, enhanced communication and customer service, as well as more efficient working practices within a timber operation, will all depend upon its ERP system’s ability to co-exist with new mobile technologies.


an ERP system that’s ready to embrace all the opportunities this new way of working represents, because those who are ready to adopt these new digital technologies will be the ones poised to steal a march on their competitors.



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FOR TIMBER THAT KEEPS OUR FORESTS STRONG, ® CHOOSE FSC Our forests give us many things, including a huge variety of timber and timber products. FSC helps look after forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. So you can use timber, panels and other forest products while keeping our forests full of life. www.fsc-uk.org

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THE RISE AND FALL OF BRITISH TIMBER The UK is one of the least forested countries in Europe and with home-grown softwood supplies set to peak in the next decade, we are likely to become more dependent on imports. Owen Davies, forest standards manager at FSC UK explains why credible certification is more important than ever


he UK forestry and forest product sectors have had much to say in recent years about an impending dip in home-grown softwood availability,

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, multistakeholder organisation established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

with combined availability from the

private and public forest estates in Great Britain expected to peak around 2027-31 and then

structure of UK forests. Many in the sector, such

Forestry Society report covering England and

decline, according to the Forestry Commission.

as Confor, continue to call for increased planting

Wales points out that the benefits of new

of productive woodland.

planting will only be realised slowly, and much

Some have attributed at least part of this dip to Forest Stewardship Council

Current GB softwood availability forecasts

could be gained by bringing more existing woodland into management (RFS, 2019).

(FSC) certification requirements for species

assume that private sector managers will

diversification, but an earlier UK-level forecast

maximise production, but hardwood forecasts

based on like-for-like restocking predicted a

take into account evidence of current

certified timber going to sawmills has remained

slightly earlier peak (in 2022-26) and dip before

management (Forestry Commission, 2018).

relatively constant, varying from 66 to 77%

FSC even existed (Whiteman, 1991)

Timber availability could be higher if more

between 2008 and 2017, according to the

woods were managed.

Forestry Commission.

In reality, trends in timber availability are largely the result of changes in new planting rates over the years, and the consequent age

While there is rightly a great deal of emphasis on new planting, a recent Royal

Through all this, the proportion of FSC-

Despite assertions to the contrary within the timber sector, the FSC-certified area in

The UK remains one of the least forested countries in Europe. We need to decide right now whether we want more and better managed forests.” Owen Davies, forest standards manager, FSC UK




FEATURE: BRITISH TIMBER the UK continues to expand slowly and, at

in UK forests and that timber imports do

managed forests. Whatever the future holds,

1,635,543 ha in February 2019, is now at its

not contribute to deforestation or forest

FSC will be there to ensure that our woods are

highest level in a decade.


managed in ways which are environmentally

Recent growth has been in private forest

The UK remains one of the least forested

appropriate, socially beneficial and economically

management group schemes. In February, the

countries in Europe. We need to decide

viable, to achieve our vision of Forests For All

combined area of 16 group schemes, with a

right now whether we want more and better


total of nearly a thousand members, was over 454,000 ha. Anecdotally, more forest owners


are waiting to join group schemes when they are ready to start timber harvesting. So, in about ten years’ time there will be

Confor (2017). Planting the Future: How trees can deliver for our economy, environment

a peak in home-grown softwood availability,

and society. Confor, Edinburgh. Available online at http://www.confor.org.uk/media/246544/

followed by a sharp decline. A peak in hardwood


availability will come about 15 years later. Even if we start frantically planting new productive

Forestry Commission (2018). Forestry Statistics 2018. First release.

forests right now, they will not mature in time

Available online at https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/tools-and-resources/statistics/forestry-

to smooth out these peaks and troughs, while


bringing more existing woods into management is only likely to affect hardwood availability. For a time, then, we will become even more

RFS (2019). Bringing Woodland into Management: The missed opportunities in England and Wales. Royal Forestry Society, Banbury.

dependent on imports than we currently are –

Available online at https://rfs.org.uk/media/552717/woodland-management-missed-

bearing in mind that we are already the second


largest net importer of forest products in the world, according to the Forestry Commission. At FSC UK, we believe that FSC certification will be more important than ever,

Whiteman, A. (1991). The Supply and Demand for Wood in the United Kingdom. Forestry Commission Occasional Paper 29. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh. Available online at https://www.forestry.gov.uk/PDF/FCOP029.pdf/$FILE/FCOP029.pdf.

to ensure both that standards are maintained



everaging technology to streamline business

Here are 10 benefits you receive from an

processes is key to running an efficient

integrated software solution:

and profitable organization. Cloud-based

1. Balanced stock levels that meet market

stock management software integrates

demand while minimising tied-up cash.

all business data, accurately accounting

2. Smarter predictive purchasing capabilities,

for and communicating information across all

including how much product will sell, when

business functions. Industry-specific technology

it will sell, and when replenishment will be

is an essential part of ensuring the right stock


is purchased and stocked. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with key suppliers also makes the purchasing process easy and efficient. The number of companies without a robust stock management system in place is shocking: 46% of SMBs either don’t track stock or use a manual method. (Source: Wasp Barcode) Integrated software systems offer many options to improve the purchasing process, including automated ordering and the ability to order stock based on past POs. Technology can also improve the special-order process, reducing employee frustration

3. Streamlined processes created by eliminating redundant tasks across business functions. 4. Increased productivity as a result of reducing time-consuming, manual stock management 9. Visibility into current stock levels, including

tasks. 5. Real-time information tracking of stock levels, seasonality, and market demand, leading to more accurate purchases and improved cash

profit-eating dead, broken and out-of-season stock. 10. Stronger profitability through a more perfect calibration of stock to business needs.

flow. 6. Accurate stock costs and product counts offer better analysis of business performance. 7. Analytics and reporting tools that quickly

Purchasing and stock management are two functions that can be made time- and resourceefficient through advanced technology and

and satisfying customer needs. For businesses with

identify important stock and sales trends,

documented processes. Businesses, particularly

multiple locations, some software systems offer

allowing for continuous improvements, and

SMBs, should fully tilise the best practices and

consolidated purchasing options which assess the

reduction of slow-moving SKUs.

software that enable them to optimize their

needs of the entire enterprise, improving efficiency

8. Better understanding of when variable stock

and maximizing volume discounts for the business.

levels are necessary due to seasonal or

All these capabilities will improve stock turns, reduce

fluctuating demands, product promotions, and

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costs, and ultimately impact the bottom line.

business cycles.

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resources and profitably grow the organization.



SUSTAINABILITY STARTS AT HOME It has been six years since Grown in Britain launched to support the UK’s woodlands and promote British-grown forest products. Michelle Gordon caught up with its chief executive Dougal Driver to talk about the journey so far and the pressing need for more innovation


rown in Britain is an independent, notfor-profit organisation which launched in 2013 to support UK woods and forests and assure timber products through its certification scheme.

The concept of the organisation was born

out of the social movement which followed the setting up of an independent panel by Government to advise on the future direction of forestry and woodland policy. While its core business is to assure the homegrown supply chain of forest products, increase demand for and visibility of homegrown timber and stimulate supply to increase management of the UK’s woods, it has still maintained its social connection with society. The UK is second only to China in the volume of wood that it imports, bringing in a staggering £7.8bn of timber each year and yet several million tonnes of softwood yield and tens of millions of tonnes of hardwood yield are left unharvested in our woods and forestry every year. “We believe that there is more timber to be had from our woodlands in a sustained

material locally rather than importing from outside of the UK. “We never really question whether it is

The Grown in Britain scheme covers the entire timber supply chain from seed to store and provides assurance that the products containing its label are homegrown.

way but the more you press that supply chain

better to get milk from the farm in Dorset and

the more essential it is to ensure that it is

or whether it is perhaps a little more sustainable

Grown in Britain certified so that buyers can

to buy lamb from Wales rather than New

don’t just quote homegrown and self-assure

be absolutely sure of the provenance,” said

Zealand and yet we import timber from all over

their supply but actually make sure that it has

Grown in Britain chief executive Dougal Driver

the world without really questioning its carbon

got the logo on it and is certified through our

adding: “Both Government and big business

footprint, which is ironic given that it is made

supply chain,” explained Driver.

need our independent assurance as part of

from carbon,” he added.

any homegrown pledges in their procurement

“Local ticks so many boxes. There are

“We are pushing to make sure that people

“However, Grown in Britain is now also focused on improving infrastructure and

massive benefits to the planet in buying local

investing in manufacturing and processing so

from supporting local jobs and improving

that more value-added and engineered products

environment, it supports local jobs and the local

economies to increasing management of our

can be produced in the UK to supply the

economy, said Driver and Grown in Britain has


increasing demand for timber in construction.”

policies.” Buying British is not only better for the

produced a new infographic highlighting the

Grown in Britain is working on the issue

“There is enough sawmilling capacity in

with its model procurement statements for

the UK to cope with a reasonable increase in

public bodies and the private sector, but it is a

demand,” he said. “But what we don’t have are

woodlands provide cleaner air, reduce flooding

question of being much more explicit around

the CLT and glulam plants that can be seen

and enhance wildlife habitats. Not to mention

branding the supplies that are British, said

all over the continent. So, the ability to make

the reduced carbon footprint from sourcing


innovative mass timber products is lacking

many benefits of using homegrown timber. Aside from creating jobs, managed





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FEATURE: BRITISH TIMBER in this country and we could also do with a

products and homegrown substitutes for widely

thermal modification plant or two.”

used tropical timbers.

“Issues such as climate change tend to be

“We are putting whatever resources we can

There is a tendency to import value-

Year Environment Plan. put off but we at Grown in Britain are saying now is the time to be serious about this,” said Driver.

added and engineered products rather than

into innovation for the future , in partnership

developing them here from British timber

with over a dozen major companies and

but with a growing population and increasing

research institutes, and encouraging procurers

at the very top end and the Government are

demand for wood, not to mention Brexit there

to realise that that is the way forward, not to

very interested in what we are saying now and

is a real opportunity for the UK to develop its

import all of that mass timber but to look to

they are waking up to the Grown in Britain ‘call

production of value-added products.

homegrown sources,” he explained.

to arms’.

“The supply chain starts with public policy

“Obviously, Brexit favours homegrown but I would never just say switch all supplies because

We believe that there is more timber to be had from our woodlands in a sustained way but the more you press that supply chain the more essential it is to ensure that it is Grown in Britain certified so that buyers can be absolutely sure of the provenance.”

we can never be self-sufficient given the myriad of pressures on land use. This is where it comes back to the innovation side of things and making more from what we can self-supply, and what I do see as a benefit of Brexit is that we have the ability to respond through perhaps more direct Government intervention.”

Dougal Driver, chief executive, Grown in Britain

“We have this dearth of secondary added value innovative processing for our timber, we import it all, and hopefully there will be an start to look at it and support it.”

“This is something we have been saying to

As interest in British timber increases

investment regime that comes through that will

Grown in Britain is continuing to have

Government for six years and we are now ready

conversations with Government and to push

to ensure that the evolving geo-political climate

Driver and so Grown in Britain has set up a

its message and with the climate change crisis

drives rhetoric into action and that we invest in

comprehensive research and development

rising up the agenda, the Government is starting

processing to reduce imports, add value to our

programme to look at Cross Laminated UK

to sit up and listen including specific references

own supply chains and bring all our woods and

timber, thermally modified homegrown

in both the Clean Growth Strategy and the 25-

forests back to life.”

Research and development are key said















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RESPONSIBLE LEGAL & SUSTAINABLE SOURCING Wood is the most versatile and sustainable raw material available on the planet. Naturally equipped with exceptional functional characteristics, it is also beautiful. With infinite choices available, there’s a wood option for every taste, budget and need. Making wood part of the places we live, work and play contributes to the health and well-being of all of us, and our environment.

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SPOTLIGHT ON UK FORESTRY UK forestry plc is in rude health, with sawmills and processors keen for product according to Savills Spotlight on UK forestry


he latest Savills spotlight on UK forestry has revealed that softwood

The total value of the UK forestry investment market in 2018 increased

timber prices rose nearly 30% in 2017 and just under 50% over 2018,

to £118 million, up from £112 million in 2017 – 14% above the medium-

due to increased demand.

term average of £99 million per annum.

“When asked why, the easy answer is to say that it is due to

the weak value of Sterling, but in reality that was largely priced

in over 2017. The actual answer lies in the fact that both global and UK

Supply was down by 19%, but overall market value up by nearly 6%, meaning a 30% increase in average value per gross hectare. The increased market value was against a backdrop of falling supply for

timber supply should be considered relatively finite as replenishing global

the second year in a row with a gross area of 14,750 hectares traded, some

timber resources is unlikely to be able to keep pace with fellings,” said

18% below the medium-term average.

James Adamson, head of forestry investment UK, rural, energy & projects

Contraction in supply coupled with increased market value led to a strong increase in the average price per hectare to £8,066 per gross hectare.

at Savills. “This combined with mounting pressure to limit climate change will

Savills’ analysis shows that within the area traded, 10,678 hectares was

provide strong friction to expanding the global timber harvest further into

productive forest, giving an average price per net productive hectare of

the natural forest resource. Finding a balance between not over exploiting

£11,142, up from £9,300 per net productive hectare in 2017.

our domestic timber resource with the ability to upscale domestic production

The recent period of inflation can be seen as a bit of a market correction

is also limited, meaning from a supply standpoint, timber deliveries are

for what was an undervalued commodity explained Adamson who says that

relatively unresponsive to increasing demand, and therefore open to

prices are never right or wrong. “Whether or not prices continue to rise will depend on long-term

demand-led price inflation.” Hardwood values are also increasing, but not at the same pace, perhaps

macro-economic factors,” he said. “There will always be seasonal or annual fluctuations and the price of some forest products has softened over the

rising 25-30% over two years.

last quarter. But forestry is a long-term business and we shouldn’t be overly

The report shows that demand for UK forests is continuing at unprecedented levels but the market remains constrained by lack of supply

concerned by short-term movement, when the medium to long-term outlook

which Savills believes is unlikely to change over the medium term.

is for strongly rising demand.”

“The demand for all timber – UK or otherwise – is increasing due to the

Concerns have been expressed within the sector that an asset bubble – a

rising global population creating demand and the increasing utility of wood in

run-up in prices fuelled by demand, speculation and exuberance – is forming

direct and processed applications,” said Adamson.

but Savills believes that this is unlikely.

“50% of global wood usage is woodfuel, which is a repetitive use

“While the market is definitely being stimulated by a clear supply-

creating constant demand. Furthermore the benefits of wood in construction

demand imbalance and there is a degree of speculative pricing going on, the

and other applications continues to drive demand from both existing and

nature of forest growth underpins the asset in two ways,” says the report. “First, biological growth is immune from property market cycles, so it

new sectors. “Another new driver is sustainability – whilst there is an overarching

provides investment stability. Second, the productive potential of timber

desire to increase global forest cover to help combat climate change, there

properties will improve as timber prices rise, effectively underwriting rising

is an increasing recognition that well-managed productive woodland is a

capital values, and we do not think the top of the cycle has been reached yet.

sustainable land use model and therefore we can achieve both a better

“We would, however, caution the sentiment that high forest returns are

ecosystem balance and still produce valuable timber, and valuable land uses

normal. Investment performance has been spectacular but relies heavily on

tend to be more resilient.”

capital movement not income yield.”




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HOW FALL PROTECTION TRAINING DELIVERS WELLBEING AND BUSINESS BENEFITS Companies that overlook top quality fall protection training do so at their peril, says Phil Rashbrook, European training manager for fall protection at MSA Safety, a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of industry-leading safety products


hil Rashbrook has been educating


right decisions while working at height. Armed

people about working at height and


with this confidence, people working at height

confined space access in the industrial

In a nutshell, it is teaching people

should feel empowered to thoroughly and

sector for 12 years, having previously

comprehensively how to work safely at height,

accurately assess their surroundings for safety

spent 20 years in mountaineering.

which includes so much more than simply

risks, ask questions and raise potential safety

He explains why investing in fall protection

showing them how to put on a harness, for

concerns with their site or safety manager.

training is a must for safety conscious

example. Quality training should implement

employers responsible for the safety of those

a holistic approach, with a focus on both

value of keeping training fun and engaging.

working at height.

theoretical and practical training.

In my experience, if you enjoy training you

Benjamin Franklin once said: ‘an

Theory may include, for instance, an

Something that is often forgotten is the

will learn and retain more information. An

investment in knowledge always pays the best

overview of legislation and best approaches,

enjoyable experience generally helps to

interest’ and, according to the Association

including comprehensive risk assessment

nurture a positive change in attitude.

for Talent Development, companies offering

processes, the technical aspects of working

comprehensive employee training have a 218%

at height and additional emergency

important. If possible, it’s best to train people

higher income per employee than companies


on their own site. This makes training lifelike

that do not.

It’s then a case of putting that knowledge

The location of the training is really

and realistic and therefore more relevant

The benefits of quality training are

into practice. This could include the fitting of

to them. The best providers should always

obvious, yet it is often overlooked. It should

harnesses, knowing which lanyards to select

offer bespoke training that is tailored to each

be an essential part of any business, especially

and how to use them, and generally ensuring

business’s unique environment and work

when employees are working at height

that the correct fall protection equipment is

scenarios. This can be achieved by a provider

and faced with potentially significant risks.

being used in the right way.

with a vast wealth of experience across a wide

Unfortunately, fall protection training remains

One of the most important by-products of

array of sectors. If it is not possible to carry out training

largely unaudited and not all providers offer

quality training is improved confidence, both

top quality training – and that is what’s needed

in knowing the limitations of the equipment

on site, then the next best option is a state-

in order to add real value to your business.

and how to use it properly, and in making the

of-the-art training centre with both indoor




HOW MERCHANTS CAN ADD VALUE – PLANE AND SIMPLE Specialist hardwood importer C Blumsom’s managing director Mark Price said, “The versatility and speed of the Cube inspired us to offer our customers 1-hour milling. This has been taken up by small builders, DIYers and even contractors companies working in London who ‘need it now’ and can’t wait for their usual supply, and is a great addition to our range of services.”

Timber merchants are now able to add value by producing PAR material to special sizes on demand. With the most basic of training, foursided planing with Weinig’s Cube Plus has never been so easy. Day-to-day, you need machinery that is both robust and simple to operate. The Cube Plus delivers precisely this for easy planing up either to customer order, or to replenish stock quickly. Over 120 of Weinig’s easy-to-use four-sided planers have been sold in the UK. The latest Cube Plus makes this simple processing machine a must-have for every timber supplier and outlet, with national builders’ merchants Jewsons and Buildbase the latest to take advantage of the simplicity of the Cube Plus. Weinig UK managing director Malcolm Cuthbertson says, “The Weinig Cube Plus is a

neat, inexpensive piece of kit that has become an indispensable workhorse of every modern timber facility. Anyone can use a Cube; simply enter the finish size onto the screen and the lasers assist positioning. Then you simply push timber into the planer. Ease of use, health and safety features and flexibility all come together in Weinig’s Cube”.

Alsford Timber installed the 100th Weinig Cube in the UK at its main branch in Erith, Kent; home to the company’s timber mill and production centre for its 19 branches across the South East. Roy Stevens, timber support for Alsford Timber said, “We need to make sure our machines are being used in the most efficient way possible. Having the Cube Plus means that we don’t tie up our moulders just for four-sided planing. It helps us work more efficiently and it is so easy to use, operators can start using it within a matter of minutes. We are really pleased to have Weinig’s 100th Cube in the UK at Alsford Timber.”

Exceptionally simple setting is supported by automatic adjustments, and the MoulderPreView (MPV) green and red lasers clearly show exactly how much will be planed off before the timber goes through. The Cube Plus creates straight, dimensionally accurate, 90-degree right-angled workpieces in a single pass. New features for the Cube Plus include a 10-inch touchscreen, improved chip extraction, noise reduction, and the EasyLock knife change system which enables the operator to change knives without dismounting the cutterhead.

Weinig Expo UK - Innovation Centre for Manufacturing Excellence The UK has a brand new centre of technical excellence. Located in Abingdon, Weinig Expo UK is an innovation centre for manufacturing excellence, which houses more than 20 of the latest machines from the global leader of solid wood processing machinery and systems. Weinig, sister company Holz-Her, and modern classical machines from Hofmann offer practical solutions to timber merchants. Contact sales@weinig.co.uk or call 01235 557600 to arrange your tour and discuss how you can add value to your timber. For more information, visit www.weinig.co.uk

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facilities which are protected from inclement weather, and outdoor facilities with multiple applications. ADDED BENEFITS FROM QUALITY PROVIDERS There is, unfortunately, no overall auditing

The location of the training is really important. If possible, it’s best to train people on their own site. This makes training lifelike and realistic and therefore more relevant to them. The best providers should always offer bespoke training that is tailored to each business’s unique environment and work scenarios.” Phil Rashbrook, European training manager for fall protection at MSA Safety

or governing body for this type of training. Businesses operating in the work at height arena therefore need to be able to trust that their training provider can offer the expertise,

of training are being realised. Importantly, quality training also helps

your employees and helped motivate them to become safety ambassadors for your business.

knowledge and experience to cover a wide array

with the creation of safety ambassadors who

Follow-up support is likely to be minimal, if it

of eventualities and applications.

spread their safety knowledge throughout their

exists at all, and the provider is unlikely to offer

company. Employees who complete engaging,

the valuable bespoke, tailor-made training that

additional benefits, such as assistance with

comprehensive training can go back to their

sufficiently meets your unique needs.

developing and implementing rescue plans.

workplace feeling empowered, and able to

Investing in a top-quality training

These crucial plans outline how to rescue

competently relay all that they have learnt.

programme delivered by an experienced

Typically, with top quality training comes

specialist provider will undoubtedly not only

people in the event of a fall from height. It is a legal requirement for businesses to have rescue plans in place for those working at height, and

A SOUND INVESTMENT IN TRAINING When choosing the right training partner

bring tangible business benefits but improve the general wellbeing of your workforce. Our aim at MSA Safety is to help make

legislation recommends that businesses should

for your business, it is important to consider all

be capable of dealing with this and not be

of the above because you cannot put a price

the world a safer place by providing people

reliant on the help of the fire and rescue service.

on the safety of your workers. While it may

with high-quality training. In doing so, we

be cheaper to use a less experienced and less

offer businesses the peace of mind that their

quality training provider. After initial training

expensive provider in the short-term, there are

employees leave us feeling better informed and

has been delivered, a provider should offer the

of course long-term disadvantages.

well prepared to work safely at height. If you

Follow-up support is a key feature of a

option of return visits and continued support, including site audits to ensure that the benefits


You may not have the assurances that the training you have bought has really reached


invest in the best training available, you too will find that peace of mind.


Designing the Future with Sustainable Timber Ask your suppliers for PEFC-certified wood products

Discover more at www.pefc.co.uk 28



PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Photos: Oporkka/iStock, Fausto Franzosi/PEFC Italy

PEFC: Your assurance of responsibly sourced timber


WHAT ADDED VALUE DOES A QUALITY TIMBER SUPPLIER PROVIDE? Uncertainty around Brexit and an ever-increasing demand for high-quality, sustainable timber means it’s never been so important to get to know your timber supplier and what they can do for you says Nigel Buckley-Ryan, UK sales director, merchants at Södra Wood


imber merchants need consistent quality, supply continuity and

More practically, suppliers can help merchants get the most out of

dependable delivery. This is a given. But in uncertain times they also

the products they’re selling. This could include, for example, advice on

need a dependable long-term partner that takes the time to get to

how best to store and care for timber, manage temperature and humidity,

know them and their needs. Timber suppliers should be much more

protect timber from the weather, be savvy with storage, and properly

than just a timber supplier. They should offer additional support and

rotate stock. Good suppliers can also help merchants recommend, sell or

facilitate long-term sustainable partnerships that deliver the very best timber

market products with staff training, various marketing materials, high-

solutions for merchants and their customers. I believe this starts with open,

quality product imagery or support with exhibitions, trade shows and

honest conversation.


It is mutually beneficial for merchants to let their suppliers know what their plans are as early as possible. Suppliers need to understand their customers’ plans and ambitions for growth. What stock do you have?

WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? Knowing what added value your supplier can offer and whether they’re

What stock do you need? Which products do you anticipate needing more

a reliable supply partner begins with an understanding of where their

of? Armed with this knowledge, suppliers can tailor their offering to help

timber has come from. Is it sourced from responsibly managed forests?

merchants achieve their goals.

After all, healthy forests mean a quality timber supply. Does your supplier

While the continued supply of EU timber to Great Britain and Ireland is

implement a systematic approach whereby high conservation values and

not threatened, now more than ever, merchants who talk openly to supply

increased production work hand in hand? Are they investing in research

partners will be best-placed to understand and plan for the possible changes

and development to improve the health of their forests? The timber supply

afoot. Some merchants preparing for life after Brexit, for example, are

process should be transparent, and information should be easily accessible.

stockpiling goods. This is fine and of course at the discretion of the individual

While these details may at first seem somewhat far-removed from the

merchant, but the earlier suppliers are involved in the conversation the better

end-product that ends up in your yard, collectively they directly translate

the service will be.

into the reliable supply of quality, sustainable timber that’s so important for builders’ merchants and other timber buyers.

ADVICE AND GUIDANCE Suppliers should be forthcoming with advice and guidance throughout their relationship with merchants. This comes from suppliers having an in-depth knowledge of the global market, what’s happening in the world and how this may impact

It is mutually beneficial for merchants to let their suppliers know what their plans are as early as possible. Suppliers need to understand their customers’ plans and ambitions for growth.”

the timber industry. Only then can suppliers have candid conversations around issues such as price

Nigel Buckley-Ryan, UK sales director, Södra Wood

and the numerous factors that influence price.




WoodScanner.com invites new partners to register on groundbreaking website

WoodScanner is a real time digital business-tobusiness marketplace that will openly connect members (buyers) with our partners (sellers) providing a simple, efficient way to acquire timber products. The timber industry is one of the most volatile markets with prices and stock fluctuating daily. This online platform has been developed in response to a demand for a new channel to assess product availability and cost options in the marketplace. Our research has also signalled a need for progressive solutions with buyers and suppliers frustrated by old and inefficient manual processes that have cost implications and deny market visibility. WoodScanner will cast transparency over product variety and availability allowing sellers to engage with more buyers and buyers to view more sellers. We will provide intelligent search features allowing you to quickly find and compare your selected options.


The WoodScanner Marketplace is freely available to all timber and builders’ merchants, who subscribe and qualify to join our membership. This will allow an “open” connection for buyers with the industry’s top supplying brands. We will help our members by providing access to the wide portfolio of options available. They will view “live” stock and price comparisons across multiple product categories in a transparent environment. Members will also have the ability to configure their own preferred marketplace searches, to further improve and speed up procurement decisions. “WoodScanner’s Marketplace will do all of the hard work for you,” said website founder, Andy Ferguson. “When researching prices and product availability, you can check Marketplace daily to ensure you are getting the best prices and that you don’t miss selling opportunities. You can do a quick check on WoodScanner from any location on multiple devices.”

Bringing you FSC® 100%

Tropical Hardwood

from Guyana

• Greenheart • Purpleheart • Basralocus

• Tatabu • Kabukalli • And more…


Marketplace is available to all timber importers, manufacturers and producers who subscribe and qualify to join as our partners. This will allow an “open” connection with buyers from the building and construction industry’s top merchants and suppliers. We will provide dynamic advertising opportunities and create real time enquiries for partners to sell their products. Additional support will be provided via marketplace analytical data so that you can easily monitor what has been bought and sold across multiple product categories in different locations. “The WoodScanner marketplace will deliver efficiency and scale whilst also providing clarity and opportunity,” said Stephen Sabine, managing director of MBM Forest Products. “We anticipate that it will offer the added benefit of buyers being able to access our total product portfolio. We recognise the need for a digital business channel to create awareness and vision to both sides of the buy-supply community.”

To register visit www.woodscanner.com

www.mcvantage.com 30





Wood is a demanding commodity to store and finding the right storage solution can be challenging but Smart-Space, a Midlands-based business that specialises in constructing instant buildings, could have the answer


air-insulated PVC roof.

nvironment is everything in the timber

Midlands-based business that specialises

trade, especially where production and

in constructing instant buildings – both

storage need to sit side-by-side. Housing

temporary and permanent. These are made

Jeanette Corner said: “Our business is all about

for the equipment needed for the various

of lightweight, modular frames in a number of

supplying high-quality timber products and

processes involved in the timber sector

build options, depending on the application.

offering cladding solutions. We work with

throws up a number of vital criteria. Add to this

They are particularly quick to install and

market leaders Sikkens and Mighton and are

the importance of how your timber is stored and

flexible enough to accommodate even the

factory-approved timber coaters. We also offer

you can end up with quite a lengthy checklist.

most challenging of sites.

specialist and bespoke timber mouldings, all to

For all its strength, versatility and beauty,

Smart-Space has recently completed

Mike England Timber’s managing director

the highest specifications and augmented by high levels of customer service.”

wood is a demanding commodity. As we know,

the construction of a timber processing and

storage temperature has to be constant and

storage facility for Mike England Timber at

regular. Condensation is its enemy. Humidity

its headquarters near Preston, Lancashire.

storage racking as well as the compressors,

levels are therefore also key – ensuring that

The new building is a relocatable 10-metre by

dust extraction, sanding, texturing, vacuum

wood doesn’t shrink or warp as it adapts to

32.5-metre structure, with 40mm insulated

coating and brush coating machinery required

changing levels. Maintaining good air flow

steel-cladded walls, a 5-metre by 5-metre

for the its timber coating, texturing and drying

is another consideration. Decay, bowing or

electric roller shutter door and a double-layer,


The company’s new instant building houses

discolouration as a result of poor storage are big issues. Having the ability to rotate stock easily and keeping supplies accessible is important. The different sizes of timber and its general unwieldiness means that it needs space – lots of it – without building supports obstructing its transit or access. Factoring in all the difficulties and essentials for any business unit is a challenge

We have experienced significant growth over the last few years in our traditional markets and have since expanded into the outdoor buildings and leisure sectors. This new facility enables us to shorten our lead times and take on more business.” Jeanette Corner, managing director, Mike England Timber

relished by the team at Smart-Space, a





One of the joys of the Smart-Space solution is that the light and airy atmosphere doesn’t have windows, therefore avoiding the potential problems of direct sunlight whilst retaining a pleasant, bright, working environment.”

One of the joys of the Smart-Space solution is that the light and airy atmosphere doesn’t have windows, therefore avoiding

facility enables us to shorten our lead times

attitude of the entire team, the quality of the

and take on more business,” explained Corner.

solution and the excellent aftercare have all

Smart-Space works hard to create exactly

been remarkable.” The scope and versatility of the Smart-

the potential problems of direct sunlight

the solution that their clients need. Unusually,

whilst retaining a pleasant, bright, working

wherever possible, it sources everything from

Space buildings means they have been

environment. Its double layer PVC roof means

within the UK; and employs its own installation

successfully used in a large number of sectors

it can maintain a constant temperature with no

teams, meaning that everyone who works

– from school halls to railway workshops and

condensation. The wood is not only stored in

for the business has a thorough and genuine

car showrooms to storage to name just a few.

the right conditions but by having a vast space

understanding of the build requirements.

Understanding timber storage and workshops

with no upright supports it can be moved,

“Smart-Space mirrors our own business

is now an established part of the portfolio of

accessed and processed comfortably, safely

in many ways,” said Corner. “The response to

building knowledge they’ve gathered over the

and efficiently.

our initial enquiry, the positive and friendly

past 35 years.

One of the main attractions of the types of building supplied and constructed by Smart-Space is the speed at which they can be installed – from clearing the ground through to a fully operational space that has lighting, heating and power, along with any other requirements. They are usually completed within just a few days creating a really efficient solution. Mike England Timber’s building was operational within eight days, start to finish, with the team working within a constrained space around ongoing operations. Mike England Timber considered a more permanent building but decided on this more cost-effective way of creating the required space in a much shorter timeframe, without any loss of building integrity. “We have experienced significant growth over the last few years in our traditional markets and have since expanded into the outdoor buildings and leisure sectors. This new










INNOVATION AT THE HEART OF UKCW 2019 Innovation and new advisory board shape theme for disruptor products and technologies at UK Construction Week 2019 UKCW - Seminar at the Timber Focus Theatre © UKCW


n innovation advisory board made up

cohesion. This celebration of ingenuity is needed

of construction clients, contractors

to stop the race to the bottom created by placing

and consultants has met to shape how

cost ahead of all else.

innovation is placed at the heart of this year’s UK Construction Week event in


“Other industries have gone through major changes thanks to disruptors. Construction must be next. The Minecraft generation is making its

ROLE MODELS Following a successful inaugural year in 2018, the UKCW Role Models initiative is also back for 2019 and has had quadruple the amount of submissions. The role models are chosen from all parts of

way into the workplace. They have never known

the industry, identified as inspiring people who

projects, products and technologies being

life before smartphones and have totally intuitive

have a strong story to tell and can help to attract

pitched for a new Innovation Zone, sponsored

digital skills that need to be put to good use.

others into similar roles.

by the Construction Innovation Hub.

Modern Methods of Construction that seem

It will also assist in scrutinising the latest

They also act as mentors. Last year’s role

alien to some just look like blindingly obvious

models have been out visiting schools and

Bryden Wood, Mace, TfL, The Princes’ Foundation

common sense to them. These are exciting times

meeting young people to encourage them into

and Castle Planning will decide what will appear

and UKCW intends to do all it can to support

construction as a rewarding career. They have

in the Innovation Zone and will also choose the

future innovations coming into the sector.”

also been promoting equality, diversity and

Arbiters from Willmott Dixon, Luton Airport,

inclusion in construction.

winner of UKCW’s Innovation Award 2019 which will be announced on the second day of the show. Nathan Garnett, UKCW event director, said:

PACKED AGENDA UK Construction Week is the UK’s largest

The shortlist of 98 role models has been released, and the overall winner will be announced on 9 October.

“We are embarking on a period of rapid change,

construction event. Last year’s show was

and construction is ideally placed to capitalise

attended by 34,012 delegates, featured 350

on the new tech revolution. Everyone would

speakers delivering 300 hours of content, and

opportunity to speak at UKCW on the main

love to claim their product, project or solution is

more than 650 stands covering over 70,000

conference stage and will take part in a student

innovative, but it’s the specifiers and clients who

square metres providing launches, demos and

initiative, including a new Careers Resource

should judge these things. We are extremely

offers on more than 10,000 products.

Centre where young people and those interested

grateful for their support in vetting what is truly innovative at this year’s event. “By creating this zone in partnership with industry, and the award, we are planning to

Now in its fifth year, UKCW will return to

All shortlisted role models will be given the

in entering the industry can meet with the

the NEC in Birmingham once again on 8-10

role models and with a range of professional

October 2019.

membership bodies.

It is free to attend and consists of multiple

promote a wide range of new ideas of relevance

sections: Build, Building Tech, Civils, Energy

to many markets. It’s also a message to the whole

and HVAC, Surface and Materials, and Timber.

construction supply chain that fresh thinking and

It also features the newly launched Concrete

always been its free CPD programme. This

new technical solutions are available right now

Expo (8-9 October only) and Grand Designs Live

year there will be more than 150 hours of CPD

to boost quality, speed, sustainability and social

(9-10 October only).

content available. The programme will take on



SEMINARS AND TALKS One of the biggest draws to the show has



Panel discussion at the Timber Focus Theatre © UKCW

a different theme for each day of the show, tackling fire safety, health and wellbeing and sustainability. There will be a dedicated timber programme of talks organised in association with TRADA. The backdrop to these talks will be a timber installation designed and built by internationally renowned Kinetech design, specialists in folding flexible design. Other seminar spaces around the event will deliver bespoke content, including the Digital Construction Hub, Surface and Materials Hub, and Offsite Theatre – just some of the 20 features in UKCW 2019. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES The social side is also being promoted. Networking doesn’t have to be formal – it can be carried out in the VIP Lounge or in the more relaxed environment of the Beer Festival. Thanks to its success last year, Rockaoke is back on the Wednesday night to help break the ice. There will be live music, street food and the Gin and Fizz bar also on hand to help visitors mix and mingle during the three-day show. UKCW Role Model 2018 Arleta Andreasik-Paton and Role Model nominee Sophie Lydia Smith © UKCW

“We hear time and time again that organised meetings and chance encounters at UKCW have created valuable new business for visitors,” said Garnet. “If you work in the construction industry, it’s a must-attend event due to the calibre of the

If you work in the construction industry, it’s a must-attend event due to the calibre of the attendees which it attracts.”

attendees which it attracts. The bulk of visitors are senior managers, 85% are authorised to spend, there are over 34,000 trade buyers under one roof working on more than 471,000 live projects, making UKCW a £50 billion-pound market place. It makes sense to register for

Nathan Garnett, UKCW event director

UKCW and to meet your market in person.”

Presentation at the Building Tech Live Digital Construction Hub © UKCW



Beer Festival 2017 © UKCW


CaberWood MDF – the legend continues

Norbord’s CaberWood range of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), the longest standing portfolio on the market, is one of the most versatile. The resulting board is tough, easily worked and ideal for a mind-boggling range of building applications – from skirting boards, architraves and mouldings to furniture and fittings. Norbord boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges of MDF products currently available with key features and benefits of the board including finish, routing capability and screwholding. Five grades are available from the basic lightweight general purpose grade, CaberWood MDF Trade, to the top-of-the-range, CaberWood MDF Industrial, a hard-working, deep routing, moisture-resistant product with uniform density all the way through the board. Also available is CaberWood MDF Pro, CaberWood MDF Pro MR and CaberWood MDF Trade MR. Each designed for a specific range of projects, the five products in the CaberWood MDF range offer unbeatable quality and legendary performance. For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit www.norbord.co.uk

Quick and easy container loading with the Combi-CSS Combilift’s latest innovation, the Combilift Container Slip-Sheet (Combi-CSS), is designed for quicker and easier mechanised loading of long products into containers compared to using a combination of forklifts and manual labour. The 30,000 kg capacity Combi-CSS is a low, free-standing platform with a dual-directional motor-driven pulling mechanism, on which a steel sheet rests. A full load of product can be prepared on the sheet which is then guided into the container ensuring safe loading without any risk of product damage. A 20’ container can be loaded in just three minutes. When fully loaded, a hydraulic rear barrier gate swings across the container opening and is locked in place. This holds the material within the container while the metal sheet is slipped out from underneath it.

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