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WHEELS OF STEEL Local DJ D-Mil spins globally


Clean out and cozy up your home for the fall


A Beautiful New NeghborhoodNow Open in Lak Emo

abundance of open space villas with hoa lawn care & snow removal public & private trails connect to parks

walk to sunfish & lake elmo regional parks stillwater school district #834 across from lake elmo elementary

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CONTENTS SEPTEMBER ’20 As students head “back to school” this month, we celebrate the Class of 2021 in our special Standout Scholars feature. Happy fall!


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Wheels of Steel Woodbury DJ D-Mil spins globally.


Singing with Spirit

Spirit Song Choir focuses on the community.


Helping Hands


A spotlight on two of Woodbury’s fantastic foundations.

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A Case for Cleaning

Clean out and cozy up your home for the fall.


Standout Scholars Meet some of this year’s best and brightest.


4 | SEPTEMBER 2020

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from the ED ITOR


Dr. James Erlandson

Where visiting the dentist feels like visiting a friend. Inside our practice, you may forget you’re at the dentist. We love to laugh and have fun, while still providing high-quality care customized to meet your needs. You’ll feel among friends here.

Always accepting new patients!

Until next time,

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Standout Scholars WHEELS OF STEEL Local DJ D-Mil spins globally


Clean out and cozy up your home for the fall


Dr. Marc Roehrich

bove my writing desk is a whiteboard calendar, one that I erase month after month to fill in the new dates and events. As I erased the month of August to fill in September deadlines and dates, I felt excited about what the new season brings; the crisp air, the chance to bring out my favorite sweaters and jackets once again, the leaves changing from green to red and orange. I felt reminded of the coziness of fall, the new autumnal scents, the sound of crisp leaves underfoot. So, as we enter this new season, feel refreshed and prepare yourself, the kiddos, your home and pets for the joy to come. This month in Woodbury Magazine, I help do just that—provide expert tips and research to help to empty out your closets, clean out the garage and storage space, and prepare your home for the inevitable cold front that’s about to hit (page 20). Writer Follow us ! Vivian Shinall provides three cute and crafty activiSee what we’re doing behind the ties that will keep the kids busy (page 9). Shinall also scenes and around town! rounds up a few local apple orchards, so you can get woodburymag.com your fill of apple picking, delicious apple treats and Woodbury Magazine more (page 39). @wburymag @woodbury_mag Also in this issue, we welcome back our annual Standout Scholars story—showcasing this year’s best and brightest graduating seniors from Woodbury and East Ridge High Schools, and New Life and the Math and Science Academies (page 27). And, coming in as one of my favorite stories this issue, editor Renée Stewart-Hester and I round up some of our favorite Minnesota State Fair recipes from local grocers Lunds & Byerlys and Kowalski’s Markets (page 44). Because who didn’t miss those pronto pups and the array of Midwestern-flavored brews? While you’re preparing your home for the cold and reminiscing on the flavors of the State Fair, don’t forget to take in all that fall has to offer. As Wallace Stegner once said, “Another fall, another turned page.”

6 | SEPTEMBER 2020

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CASE STUDY: As their family is growing, Matt and Emily knew it was time for a little more space...

[ VOL. 16

NO. 5 ]


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“Angela and her team helped us find a great home. They took the time to understand our desires and showed us some great options. Her knowledge of the market helped us negotiate a great purchase. Her team was tireless in helping us sell our current home, arranging over 40 showings in 2 days and securing a great price and closing date for our sale! She knew how to get maximum value. The whole process was extremely smooth; when the sign in the front says Angela Sadat Group, you can be confident you have the right agent working for you!” –Matt and Emily

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CUSTOM ONE CARES ABOUT WOODBURY At Custom One Homes, giving back is one of the core values. "We strive to not only cultivate relationships with our clients, trade partners, and collaborators, but establish connections to our community," says CEO and Founder Todd Polifka. "In 2016, we started Custom One Charities because we saw an opportunity to support and improve the lives of young people in the Twin Cities east metro, " adds Todd. "We’ve been fortunate to raise funds and donate to nearly 20 other local philanthropic organizations that serve a broad spectrum of needs such as medical conditions, time of need help, academics, athletics, and mental health support."

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In 2020, WCF was one of four partners for Custom One's inaugural Gala, The Mix. Custom One Charities awarded $15k to the Foundation from the event. “Our goal is to improve the communities in which we build in and help with growing today’s youth, " says Todd. "With the partnership and support of Woodbury Community Foundation, we believe we can do that much better.” Money raised will help fund WCF Community Grants that promote youth development and Woodbury Thrives teen mental health initiatives.

"Our goal is to improve the communities in which we build in and help with growing today’s youth"


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Falling for Crafts Get creative with these family-friendly fall crafts.


s the great outdoors transforms into vibrant fall colors, you and your family may begin to feel an itch to get creative. More time inside may also require activities to keep kids busy. Whatever your motivation, we’ve curated a list of fall crafts to help channel your inner artist.


If your kids won’t eat their vegetables, they may as well put them to use! Get out some fall-colored paints and draw out a tree trunk and some branches on a piece of paper. Then, wet the top of the broccoli in the paint and dot it all over the branches for an abstract leaf effect. LEAF PAINTING

Feeling cooped up? Go on a walk and collect some leaves, then paint one side of each leaf with reds, oranges and yellows. Press each leaf onto a piece of paper for a beautiful leaf collage. PAPER PLATE PORCUPINES

With summer barbecuing season over, it’s likely you have some extra paper plates laying around. Fold a plate in half and glue the two sides together in the middle. Then, paint both sides of the plate with browns and golds. With the folded side at the bottom, cut out the silhouette of a nose and snout. Cut the ribbed top of the plate along the indentations about an inch deep, leaving the head you’ve cut intact. Draw an eye, nose and smile on each side and you have a spiky friend that looks great on the refrigerator. —Vivian Shinall




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How Exercise Can Save Your Life Fight sickness through exercise.

As we continue to face off against COVID-19, let’s focus on fortifying your body for battle by boosting your immune system. For the next three issues, we’ll explore how exercise, nutrition and managing stress combine to fight sickness.


Studies show that regular exercise improves immune function. When you challenge your body through exercise, dramatic changes for the good take place. This is especially true with resistance training, or “lifting weights,” because your body responds in an unrivaled way by producing immune-specific proteins that make you far more capable of fighting off disease. Every time you work out hard enough to break a good sweat you are improving your current state of health. This is a factor that gets little attention but prepares you for battle in the event you are invaded by COVID-19 or another attacker. Exercising five days a week has been shown to reduce the risk of getting an upper respiratory infection by about 50 percent. And makes symptoms about 40 percent less severe. So regular exercise greatly cuts the odds of getting an infection in the first place, and helps you avoid having a tough time if you do get sick. Consistency of exercise is critical, because only over time does your body adapt when challenged again and again. It’s known as a “summation effect,” causing immune cells to reprogram as they “learn” to generate additional viability to handle the demands of exercise.


Regular exercise has been shown to …

• Increase number and health of T-cells, a huge deal in fighting viruses such as COVID-19.

• Bring on an anti-inflammatory response and antioxidant state. (Research suggests this is enhanced as body fat percentage is reduced, but exercise-induced reduction of inflammation is documented regardless of BMI.) • Enhance effectiveness of vaccinations (older adults, especially, show greater antibody production after “getting a shot” if they exercise regularly). • Lower levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which naturally boosts the immune system.

JILL STRAND and CHRIS RADKE are owners and certified trainers at UpLift Guided Fitness in Woodbury. upliftfitness.com // 651.209.6778


• Improve and speed up circulation of all key immune cells.

10 | SEPTEMBER 2020

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Orthopaedic Specialists


New Location: Woodbury, MN 215 Radio Drive Woodbury, MN 55125

The Pursuit of Happiness

Optimism will find its way around. We’re experiencing times when it’s easy to feel swept up and overwhelmed by the news, a pandemic and divisions in the wider society. The country feels bruised and charged; and while it’s important not to ignore suffering, it is also important to utilize facts to reset reality, in order to not succumb to a loss of optimism—which can lead to hopelessness and chaos. How do we get our cup filled and lean into the learning, without a glass half full of negativity? It is difficult to not focus on fear versus working hard on having a sunny outlook— recounting what we actually do have. The state of being content, in every generation, inevitably disappears, so how do we grab onto those fleeting joys daily? Our outlook on life shape our involvement in our community, with our family, work, school, neighbors. If we try harder on the latter; would not the world take care of itself? Whether optimism is coaxed by another’s thoughtful gestures or if some are just blessed with the magic of nature and nurture to see each day as a blessing, practicing optimism gives us faith that all will work out in a given situation, as it often, yet certainly not always, does. Being optimistic is contagious. So is pessimism. In a world that cannot stop talking 24/7, invite in compassion and love. Don’t let others tell you what you don’t have. If we incorporate enough of our joyous moments in our lives and hit pause when they come, appreciating all that we truly have, we may figure out what our founders truly meant by our individual rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


is the campus marketing director at Woodbury Senior Living. In her column, she shares observations and wisdom about aging and senior living in our community. woodburyseniorliving.com

shrinerstwincities.org  612-596-6105


with a new home this season. Give us a call! EWING & HRASTICH REAL ESTATE TEAM

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Bark at Me

Turns out, Fido is craving a raw diet. A dog requires variety and balance in their diets. Types of diets include dry kibble, wet dog food, slightly cooked human-grade food and raw pet food. Research continues to show humangrade and raw pet food is the most beneficial for our dogs overall health. Affordability can influence what food we give our dogs. If a dog rejects food, he may not like it and/or he may know it is not good for him. Listen to your dog to help determine the best food for him.


DONNA CHICONE is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker and advocate for dogs. She lives in Woodbury. You might find her engaged in pet-assisted therapy work. superpetparent.com

I have read the research and know raw pet food is best for my dog, but I cannot afford it, nor do I personally feel comfortable going from kibble to raw. What options do I have?

There are a growing number of pet parents who feed their dogs raw pet food and most pet food stores carry it in frozen and freeze-dried forms. Staff are usually knowledgeable and can help you understand how to prepare and feed your dog raw. If cost is a factor, I suggest two options. First, slightly cooked human grade could be ground turkey, hamburger and chicken with tuna, sardines, salmon or any other protein. Second, if you must feed kibble, supplement with some fresh protein like the ones mentioned. No matter what diet you choose to feed your dog it is important to supplement with dog-friendly fruits and vegetables in a moderate amount. Experiment a bit and your dog will let you know what he likes.


Autumn Bruschetta

Fine tune your fall palette with tasty, autumnal bruschetta. overgrown herb pots. To bridge the gap between summer and fall, I switch out the tomatoes with local apples, like SweeTango or Honeycrisp, to make an easy appetizer. It helps me dive into the new season, say goodbye to summer and creates a longing for comfy sweaters and afternoons all snuggled up in my cozy house with my dogs.

AUTUMNAL APPLE BRUSCHETTA Chop two crisp, tart apples, such as SweeTango or Honeycrisp, into small pieces and toss with six leaves of fresh basil, roughly chopped, three tablespoons of raspberry vinegar, and one tablespoon of toasted walnut oil. Set aside for 20 minutes. To serve, slice a baguette into rounds, brush with toasted walnut oil and pan fry in a skillet until golden brown. Spread a little fresh chèvre goat cheese on each slice and top with a spoonful of the apple mixture. For a caramel apple-like twist, replace the chèvre with a slice of Gjetost, a Norwegian cheese found at specialty markets.

AMY GOETZ is a FoodE Expert for Lunds & Byerlys Woodbury. She helps customers with recipe ideas, teaches cooking classes and plans events. She writes about food and recipes. lundsandbyerlys.com


In September we say goodbye to the warmth of summer and bountiful tomatoes, and hello to crisp, tart and delicious apples. Some dishes, like tomato and mozzarella bruschetta, seem to shout, “It’s summer!” Especially when tossed with copious amounts of fresh basil, which can bring to mind my tree-surrounded deck with its overflowing tomato plants and

12 | SEPTEMBER 2020

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| D E PA R T M E N T S

Wheels of Steel Woodbury DJ D-Mil spins globally.


BEING ABLE TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY by doing what you love is the dream—and for longtime Woodbury resident David Miller, known to Twin Cities electric dance music fans as DJ D-Mil, that dream has come true. Growing up on the east side of St. Paul, Miller was inspired by his six-years-older brother Jim, a break dancer with the local street group Wild Style in the

1980s. Jim exposed Miller to music by hip-hop pioneers Run DMC, the Fat Boys and others. In the early 1990s, Jim died by a car accident, but Miller kept his memory alive by fulfilling his brother’s passion: music. Growing up, between his mother and brother’s record collection, Miller says, “We had a lot of music in the house. In 1996, when I started DJ’ing at parties, I had a really good vinyl collection.” He increased the collection

14 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 14

8/4/2020 1:57:19 PM

From Mexico to Canada, David Miller has DJ'd shows across the world, and has opened for Billboard Hot 100 artists.

Banking that fits your life. Our full line of e-banking products allows you to stay home while staying connected. Transfer funds, pay bills, even make deposits from your phone. For our business customers, we offer Cash Management products to help manage your finances without leaving your office.

with weekly trips to record stores to buy newer music. His first paying gig as a DJ was at a nightclub near the University of Minnesota campus, at age 19. Miller started getting his friends to show up to gigs and gradually built his following from there. Plus his ability to read a crowd and give them what they want helped him gain traction. Eventually, radio gigs helped him go further and he gained a regular spot on KDWB, Beat 96 and, currently, Go 95.3. Over 25 years, Miller has used two Technics 1200 turntables, a Pioneer mixer and a MacBook Pro laptop. At the beginning, he would haul as many as a dozen crates of records to local gigs, but today he sources all of his music digitally. The music is transmitted to the two turntables, allowing him to do the scratching, blending and other essential “tricks” of a DJ’s repertoire. Miller says he knows what a crowd enjoys by being in diverse environments. “I can walk into any room, read the room and get the dance floor poppin‘,” he says. He also DJ’s for weddings, corporate functions and other private events. He mainly focuses on funk and hip-hop, but also mixes in rock, R&B and reggae. In recent years, he’s scored by networking and landing opening spots for major touring acts including 2 Live Crew, Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia, Bone ThugsN-Harmony, Twista, Khalid and Talib Kweli. He’s done spring break tours in Mexico and has sold out shows at the legendary Bora Bora beach club in Mexico, as well as shows in the U.S. and Canada. Miller and his wife Kelly, plus their three kids, K, Max and London, have lived in Woodbury for 17 years. But looking to the future, Miller says, “[I want to] continue to showcase the art of DJ’ing, on radio and in clubs, presenting DJ’ing at the highest level.”

We bring banking to you.

lakeelmobank.com • 651.777.8365 Stillwater • Lake Elmo • Oakdale Member FDIC



Online Instruction!

Get Ready. Get Set. Go Back to School.

Offering In-Center or @home, online instruction

Does your child have the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school? We make it happen. Our expert instructors teach each child individually, using customized learning plans to help students thrive in the classroom and in everything they do! Contact us today to get started. Mathnasium of Woodbury 651-409-MATH (6284) mathnasium.com/woodbury


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The Spirit Song Choir brings joy to Woodbury through community events.

Singing with Spirit


MARY REIMANN has spent over 30 years of her professional career as a music director. When she stepped away from that role in August of 2019, an intriguing pattern began to form. “I had a number of people approach me—what was interesting was it was five separate people—and they all approached me with the same idea to start a community choir that is ecumenical and drawing people from a variety of faith traditions,” Reimann says. “With the first few I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a really interesting idea for the future.’ But by the fifth one I thought, ‘Okay,’ and started really paying attention to this idea,” Reimann says. She reached out to two friends, plus

someone who had pitched the idea. The four drew up a list of people they thought would be interested and began calling folks up. “That was a Thursday, so by Monday we had over 60 people saying yes, they wanted to do it,” she says. While exciting, this also far outstripped Reimann and the other’s expectations, she explains, “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, we’ve got something rolling, what do we do?’” This began another serendipitous pattern of the choirs’ needs being met internally, through the broad ranging skillsets of its members. One of the founding four reached out to a connection she had at Woodbury’s


Spirit Song Choir focuses on the community.

16 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 16

8/4/2020 1:57:23 PM

Let Southview make your event memorable for you and your guests! Saint Therese Senior Services, who was willing to host Spirit Song’s first rehearsal. “They were very supportive, we got an affirmative right away,” Reimann says. With the momentum of the choir picking up, the group quickly realized they’d have to form a nonprofit to cover the costs of purchasing sheet music and build a website to direct traffic. Luckily, two members with expertise in the respective fields volunteered their services. “Everything we’ve needed has shown up when we needed it,” Reimann says. This has allowed the choir to focus on the needs of the community. From nursing homes and senior living facilities to churches and community events, the Spirit Song Choir looks to serve others. For the residents of the memory-care unit at Woodbury Estates, this means visiting on Wednesday mornings to host a sing-along. Songs like You Are My Sunshine appear to have a rejuvenating effect on many in the unit. “A lot of these songs tap into deep memories from their past in a way that just talking with someone doesn’t,” explains Reimann. With more than 100 members, Spirit Song Choir rehearses at Saint Therese in Woodbury every Thursday from 7–9 p.m. Find out more about upcoming events and concerts at spiritsongchoir.org.

239 Mendota Road East, West St. Paul | 651.451.6856 | www.southviewcc.com

happy hair, happy life ! The Salon is excited to treat you to a day of luxury! We offer a rejuvenating experience with full service spa offerings customized to suit your needs. From haircuts, coloring and extensions, to henna brows, dermaplaning and facials, we offer a full spectrum of services for you. Our team of experienced, passionate and knowledgeable professionals are eager to make your day!

SPIRIT SONG CHOIR spiritsongchoir.org Spirit Song Choir 1815 Radio Dr Suite J, Woodbury, MN 55125 | 651.340.8446 | thesalonmn.com WOODBURYMAG.COM | 17

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CCEFS volunteers serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Hands WOODBURY IS KNOWN FOR BEING A TIGHTKNIT NEIGHBORHOOD, and that’s all at the hands of

you—the community. But there’s several nonprofits in Woodbury that give back and help to strengthen the community as well, including the Woodbury Community Foundation and the Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf (CCEFS).



Named “Friends of Woodbury” in 2003, the Woodbury Community Foundation began with seven concerned citizens who had the goal of purchasing a piano for the newly built Central Park. After several other community needs were discovered, the group expanded and established a community-focused nonprofit foundation. “We raise money to give it back to the Woodbury community for three reasons,” says Roger Green, board chair. First, to grow philanthropy, “We want Woodbury to be known for its generosity,” he says. The foundation teach-

es and promotes philanthropy, through the community grants program, which raises money for food insecurity, youth development, public safety, and health and wellness, as well as partner funds. The foundation has additional programs, including the Woodbury Citizens Academy, training future volunteers, the Non-Profit Round Table and Woodbury Thrives, which connects volunteers to organizations to promote health across the community. The foundation also partners with the City of Woodbury and the Woodbury Lions Club. The second reason, Green says, is “to meet needs … [and] to create connectivity.” The Woodbury Community Foundation took the lead in emergency grants during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have been doing COVID-19 emergency grants for Woodbury, and have given away close to $40,000 to several local nonprofits serving the most adversely impacted [communities],” Green says. Individual donations, as well as


A spotlight on two of Woodbury’s fantastic foundations.

18 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 18

8/4/2020 1:57:25 PM

a grant from the Minnesota Council of Foundations, contributed to this funding. And after the death of George Floyd, Green says the foundation is developing plans to address racism in the community. He says, “We feel very strongly that food insecurity and the many other issues we address in our work are all a result of racial inequality in our community, and we want to explicitly draw that out.”


A Quick Study On What We Do Best. SIMPLE STUDENT LOANS • Easy Online Application & Approval • Zero Origination Fees • Flexible Repayment Options • Borrow up to $75,000

In 1983, seven local churches formed together to address local hunger, and so began the CCEFS in the basement of Woodbury Lutheran Church. Apply online at CCCU.STUDENTCHOICE.ORG. “During our first year of operation, CCEFS served about five families per week, at a time when Woodbury’s popuCCCU.COM lation was around 6,000 people,” says executive director Jessica Francis. (651) 225-2700 The mission is to supply nutritious food to the community, engaging in the fight Private Student Loans only available to undergraduate students pursing a degree at an approved college or university. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and terms are subject to change at any time without notice. Rate reduction may be available when payments are applied automatically. against hunger. CCEFS provides dairy, Other restrictions may apply. $5,000 minimum with maximum loan amount of $75,000. City & County Credit Union membership required. Insured by NCUA. meat, fresh produce, hygienic items and more to the community. The food shelf also offers a mobile food shelf for seniors, CCCU_StudentLoan_TO_7.20_4.625x4.875.indd 1 7/6/20 Wildcard Wednesday grocery rescue and free produce fairs. The program is now headquartered in Oakdale but continues serving the Woodbury community. Francis says, “Last year, through our food market alone, we served 356 families from Woodbury, including 526 children … [and] 39 homeless families.” Since the onset of COVID-19, Francis says the number of people served has more than doubled. “We’ve changed our services to serve many more people than we had previNEW ROOTS ously,” she says. CCEFS now hosts large scale food distributions at Oltman in South Woodbury Middle School in Cottage Grove, the Washington County Fairgrounds and Doctor-owned, locally loved East Ridge High School.

5:02 PM

50+ Locations, including Woodbury, Lake Elmo & Cottage Grove Bailey Road Now open!

WOODBURY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION woodburyfoundation.org Woodbury Community Foundation

7774 Hargis Pkwy Suite 104 (Next to Jerry’s Foods)

CHRISTIAN CUPBOARD EMERGENCY FOOD SHELF ccefs.org Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf


Trusted dentist for the WOODBURYMAG.COM | 19

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Ensure that your designated study space—perhaps a spot in the kitchen—has all of the necessary tools, such as a few books, pencils and pens, and desk tools.


20 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 20

8/4/2020 1:57:27 PM



FOR CLEANING Clean out and cozy up your home for the fall.


he fall season present all kinds of challenges. First, back-to-school season, next, play dates, study sessions, Halloween, Thanksgiving. It seems fall is the busiest time of the year for some—prepping for what new obstacles will approach your kids and family, the holidays and daily life in between. So, instead of waiting until springtime to freshen your home, start now and make fall the new spring cleaning. Here’s a fresh look at your new seasonal ritual.

written by Hailey Almsted

PREPARING FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR If you have children, fall may just be the busiest time of the year. You’re working on organizing yourself and your home for the approaching cold, but also purchasing school supplies and reorganizing workspaces for the kids. Minimize the back-to-school stress by setting up an organization station in the entryway or mud room to store backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes and jackets.

photos by Tate Carlson


0920WOD.indb 21

8/4/2020 1:57:28 PM



Give each child their own station, labeled with names, so there’s no fighting over space. Every parent knows the risks of prepping outfits, meals and backpacks in the morning, so relieve the morning stress by preparing ahead of time. Help your kids organize their backpacks and homework, prepare lunches and snacks and update the family calendar (a must for busy parents!) the night before. To be extra proactive, utilize a clothing organizer to lay out a week’s worth of outfits so there’s no fussing in the morning. Implement these changes, and mornings will be

• To steam clean your microwave: Fill a microwave-safe bowl with one cup water, two tablespoons white vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, (or squeeze juice from lemon, lime or orange slices). Heat in the microwave (on high power) for five minutes, then let it sit inside for an additional five minutes before wiping the inside clean. • To clean your windows: Wait for a cloudy day to refresh your windows—if it’s sunny, the solution will dry too quickly, leaving streaks. First, remove dirt and dust with a duster or vacuum. Don’t hold back on cleaning solution, spray generously and use a microfiber cloth to dry windowpanes. (For a DIY glass cleaner, combine two cups water, 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle.) • To clean tile grout: Mix 3/4 cup chlorine bleach with one-gallon water. Wearing rubber gloves, use a stiff brush to

apply the solution. Let sit for several minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. Be careful to not splatter the liquid on yourself or surrounding surfaces—and clean up right away if you do. For a less powerful, bleach-free cleaner, combine equal parts baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until it forms a paste. Apply to the grout, let sit for several minutes, scrub and rinse.


Investing in all the right cleaning supplies will do the hard work for you. Be sure you have everything on hand before the cleaning day because even the smallest things can put a damper on your day. Here’s a few outside-thebox options. • Baking soda • Hydrogen peroxide • White vinegar • Essential oils (eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender and tea tree are great for cleaning!) • Microfiber cloths • “Eraser” sponges • Latex gloves • Stiff/bristle brush

a walk in the park. To ease evening anxiety, create a designated study space. A small, unused corner of the kitchen may work well—but dining rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms can get the trick done. Consider converting kitchen cabinets into a small homework desk, which can be easily hidden behind closed doors when not in use. Open shelving works wonders when it comes to a study space. Add a few books (cooking, décor, etc.), desk tools, pencils and pens, and you’ll have a crafty new desk.

22 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 22

8/4/2020 1:57:30 PM

Maximize your closet space by storing in-season items only. Any out-of-season pieces can go into labeled bins, packed away until the season comes back around.


0920WOD.indb 23

8/4/2020 1:57:31 PM

Start your pantry organization by tossing all expired foods—spices, baking and canned goods included. Gather your containers and label them for easy finding.

24 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 24

8/4/2020 1:57:32 PM

advertise with

WOODBURY MAGAZINE FOCUS ON SAVING (AND CLEANING) SPACE Storage space can be a make-or-break when it comes to organizing, so ensure that you have all the room you need. First, start by getting rid of clothing, shoes and accessories that aren’t needed, or simply things you never wear. Sort through your own closets, the front closet and the kids closets to clear out unworn bathing suits, sandals, shorts, rain jackets and dresses—you’ll have fewer items to store for next season. To maximize space—and save time!— only store in-season items in your closets. Store out-of-season goods in labeled bins, and pack them away until the next season rolls around. Bring out your sweaters, scarves, jackets and boots, focusing on vertical space to store these larger items. Cascading hangers, folding methods and drawer dividers are additional space savers. Saving kitchen space is every chef ’s dream come true. Now’s the time to sort through the pantry, cleaning supplies, food storage containers and more. Toss out all expired foods, including spices, baking goods, and canned or boxed goods. Label containers of pasta, cereal, snack foods and canned goods. Sort through food storage containers, making sure all lids and containers are there. If you have more than you need, toss or donate these items. Prepare for the cold weather by neatly

packing up patio furniture. Keep cushions in labeled bins and cover furniture frames. Clean the deck and weatherproof or add a new coat of paint if need be. Clean out and organize the garage— after all, you’ll need space for all the labeled bins, outside furniture and your car once the snow falls.

GET AHEAD OF THE HOLIDAYS It never hurts to get ahead of the holiday stress. Begin sorting through your holiday decorations, clearing out overused or broken décor and move decorations to an accessible spot so there’s no scrambling to get everything up and out. Resist the urge to overspend on gifts and meals, and start looking ahead to holiday budgets and written goals. Begin sorting through children’s books and toys to make room for new ones to come. If guest rooms are used as storage space, begin clearing out any unnecessary items as early as possible. Not only will this be a lifesaver the weekend before your guests arrive, but you’ll be able to focus on pressing matters, such as setting out fresh linens, dusting and vacuuming. After clearing the clutter, ensure that all light bulbs (and night lights!) are in working order, make bathroom supplies (i.e. toilet paper) easy to find and make the bedroom and powder room comfortable for guests.


Contact Brooke Beise

612.548.3208 brooke.beise@tigeroak.com



Community Directory!

See all that your community has to offer. woodburymag.com WOODBURYMAG.COM | 25

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Our business


understanding yours.

Raise Your Expectations

Brian Whitemarsh Vice President, Commercial Banking Officer NMLS 1053166 (651) 200-4022

ID 405612

26 | SEPTEMBER 2019

0920WOD.indb 26

8/4/2020 1:57:34 PM



Meet this year’s best and brightest.

Woodbury’s class of 2021 is busier than ever, juggling classes and clubs with sports and jobs. But they all have their favorite things, too—favorite memories, subjects, people and actors— and things that might just surprise their peers. We sat down with a few of Woodbury’s rising seniors to find out a little bit more about their life inside, and outside, the classroom. written by HAILEY ALMSTED photos by TATE CARLSON


0920WOD.indb 27

8/4/2020 1:57:34 PM

28 | SEPTEMBER 2019

0920WOD.indb 28

8/4/2020 1:57:36 PM

Elroi Yonatan

Donor Egg IVF

In Vitro Fertilization

East Ridge High School Donor Egg IVF

Woodbury Magazine: What has been your favorite (and most challenging) class? Elroi Yonatan: I recently started to like science, especially chemistry. But also, English and orchestra. My hardest class … They all have challenges, but one that particularly stands out is pre-calculus. You look at it, and it’s not even math! WM: What accomplishment are you most proud of ? EY: My improvement from freshman and sophomore year to now. My GPA was not good whatsoever, and now I’m averaging a [high 3.0] GPA in junior year, the hardest year. WM: What is one thing your peers may not know about you? EY: Well, I’m quite an open book. I don’t keep things hidden, so I think everyone knows the real me. WM: Who’s your favorite actor? EY: Tiffany Haddish, who represents my Eritrean culture, or Octavia Spencer.


WM: What could you not live without? EY: My headphones. I need music … It leads me. And my mom. WM: What advice would you give to your younger self? EY: Sometimes you just have to keep quiet … I talk too much … I need a filter, because I don’t have one and I say what I want to say. WM: What’s your favorite high school memory thus far? EY: I usually sing the National Anthem for the sporting events … I once forgot the words, but it was a great experience because now I know what it’s like to be humiliated. The next day was horrific, but it was funny. I look back and laugh it off. WM: What are your post-high school plans? EY: My dream school is the University of Minnesota. I’m not sure what I want to study, but I want to be a boss and start my own company.

Track and field, speech, debate, color me beautiful, black student union, board member of link crew, student council, philosophy club, ski club, prom and homecoming committee, diversity club, German club, Africa club and more.

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LGBT Family Building

LGBT Family Building

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Egg Donation Program

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And So Much More...

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MD, in StateJacques of the P.ArtStassart, Laboratories Jani R. Jensen, MD & Phoebe D. Leonard, MD

Experts who care Woodbury and Edina. and experts you can trust. Experts who care State of the Art Laboratories in and experts you can trust. Woodbury andAT Edina. FIND US State of the Art Laboratories in

www.rmia.com Woodbury and Edina. 651.222.6050 FIND US AT

www.rmia.com 651.222.6050


0920WOD.indb 29

8/4/2020 1:57:37 PM

Natalie Freisinger

Woodbury High School

30 | SEPTEMBER 2019

0920WOD.indb 30

8/4/2020 1:57:38 PM

WM: What has been your favorite (and most challenging) class? Natalie Freisinger: I’ve found a lot of fulfillment in my AP studio art class. One of my favorites, and most challenging, is AP language and composition. It’s demanding if you try to get the most out of it. WM: What accomplishment are you most proud of ? NF: Having aptitude in speech. WM: What is one thing your peers may not know about you? NF: I can sail a boat—I don’t actively do it, but I know how to. WM: Who’s your favorite actor? NF: One of my great inspirations is Gilda Radner, one of the original cast members for Saturday Night Live and one of the first women to be hired in that field. WM: What could you not live without? NF: Access to art and media, different films and shows. WM: What advice would you give to your younger self? NF: Stop wearing clip-on suspenders. It’s not a good look. WM: What’s your favorite high school memory thus far? NF: Participating in national speech tournaments, and seeing my friends excel in speech and win huge tournaments. WM: What are your post-high school plans? NF: I’d like to go to college in New York or Chicago and study writing for film and television, and filmmaking. Writing for Saturday Night Live would be the peak job.

Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes your business! Become a member of the Woodbury Chamber and grow your business network! New members joining by November 1 will have their administration fee waived. Register online at woodburychamber.org/member/newmemberapp or by calling 651.578.0722


Musicals and plays, speech, National Art Honor Society and National Honor Society.


0920WOD.indb 31

8/4/2020 1:57:39 PM

Owen Kuckler New Life Academy

32 | SEPTEMBER 2019

0920WOD.indb 32

8/4/2020 1:57:41 PM


WM: What has been your favorite (and most challenging) class? Owen Kuckler: Biology, sophomore year. It was really fun and interactive. My most challenging class was AP calculus; it was a lot of new concepts and different things thrown at me. WM: What accomplishment are you most proud of ? OK: Getting the three-sport athlete award, which means you participated in sports during all three seasons. Also, getting greater than a 4.0 weighted GPA. WM: What is one thing your peers may not know about you? OK: I play guitar—electric and acoustic. WM: Who’s your favorite actor? OK: Steve Carrell. WM: What could you not live without? OK: Music. I listened to it a lot, it helps me focus, and gives me a clear mind. It’s also fun to play.


No insurance? Ask about our Smile Saver Plan. No worries. PATIENT APPRovEd & NEW PATIENTS WELCoME More reviews online at www.artsciencedentistry.com


WM: What advice would you give to your younger self? OK: Always try to look on the positive side and that mentality is a large amount of life. Go into something with a positive attitude, and that can change the way you view everything. WM: What’s your favorite high school memory thus far? OK: When our school took a mission trip to Cabo, Mexico. It was fun to be in a different country with my friends, but also eye opening to see how different life is down there.

Excludes periodontal treatment George J. Kinney, Jr DDS, Renee M. Kinney, DDS, Thomas J. Musser, DDS

WM: What are your post-high school plans? OK: I want to go to a four-year college to study business or marketing.

ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS: Soccer, basketball and baseball.

651.739.1894 • www.artsciencedentistry.com 1000 Radio Drive, Suite 240, Woodbury WOODBURYMAG.COM | 33

0920WOD.indb 33

8/4/2020 1:57:41 PM

Abigail Musherure

Math and Science Academy

34 | SEPTEMBER 2019

0920WOD.indb 34

8/4/2020 1:57:42 PM

Greg Foote Jewelers

Personal Jewelry Services

All in stock es Seiko watch 50% off. WM: What has been your favorite (and most challenging) class? Abigail Musherure: Political science. It was really fun because I got to learn more about the systems in America, mass incarceration and things that pertain to my community. The most challenging class was AP biology. WM: What accomplishment are you most proud of ? AM: The around the world theme dance at our school, put on by Africa club. It was to encourage people to show different parts of their culture in clothing and music. I helped to plan the dance.

Jewelry for All Occasions Jewelry and Watch repair done on the premises

651.227.7324 1075 Hadley Ave. N, Suite 100, Oakdale, MN 55128 gregfootejewelers.com • footeprints@q.com

Mon. through Fri.: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM Other times by appointment

In times like these, let me put your mind at ease.

HYOUNSOO LATHROP A name that is hard to say but easy to trust

WM: What is one thing your peers may not know about you? AM: I love to read. WM: Who’s your favorite actor? AM: Cynthia Erivo. WM: What could you not live without? AM: I couldn’t live without my family. My parents and my three siblings—my older sister, who is my best friend, and my two younger brothers. WM: What advice would you give to your younger self? AM: To work hard and devote yourself to things you’re passionate about.

"Out-of-this-world amazing!" "Momma bear" "God-send"

WM: What’s your favorite high school memory thus far? AM: The first time Africa club put on a dance for the talent show. The practices were fun. WM: What are your post-high school plans? AM: I’m interested in medical school. Also, political science and design.


Varsity volleyball, student council, National Honor Society and vice president of Africa club.

COLDWELL BANKER REALTY Operated by a Subsidiary of NRT LLC

HYOUNSOO LATHROP, REALTOR Cell: 651.233.8527 HLathrop@CBRealty.com www.HyounsooLathrop.com



0920WOD.indb 35

8/4/2020 1:57:42 PM

Anita Chetty East Ridge High School

36 | SEPTEMBER 2019

0920WOD.indb 36

8/4/2020 1:57:44 PM

WM: What has been your favorite (and most challenging) class? Anita Chetty: I took pre-AP chemistry and AP chemistry, freshman and sophomore year respectively, and those two classes have made me want to do something in pre-med and chemistry. AP language and composition was one of the hardest to take because of the timed essays. WM: What accomplishment are you most proud of ? AC: I feel very accomplished that I’ve established a great group of friends who are my support system, and my family is so supportive. WM: What is one thing your peers may not know about you? AC: I guess this will be the big reveal … In middle school, I had one of the biggest K-Pop phases.

Dr. Dan Ehrmanntraut, DDS

We are a family dentistry practice and have been serving the community for over 30 years.

Services Include: • Preventative • Restorative • Cosmetic • Invisalign Braces

Dr. Steven Setterstrom, DDS


651-739-7888 | 7582 Currell Blvd Suite 210 | Woodbury, MN 55125

Love Woodbury Magazine?

WM: Who’s your favorite actor? AC: Cole Sprouse. WM: What could you not live without? AC: My tennis racket. It’s become such a big part of my life, since I started in elementary school. WM: What advice would you give to your younger self? AC: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there more, and make connections with friends and teachers, whoever you interact with, because they’ll help you throughout your entire high school career and beyond. WM: What’s your favorite high school memory thus far? AC: My friends and I have this tradition, whenever we get the chance, we go to Jerry’s Foods and hang out. It’s a collection of memories. WM: What are your post-high school plans? AC: I want to do something in the medical field, hopefully pre-med track with a major in biochemistry or neuroscience. I’m also interested in public health.


Community FTC robotics team, captain of the JV tennis team and a dog adoption specialist at the Animal Humane Society.

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PLUS Submit story ideas to

Woodbury Magazine

Visit us online for even more about Woodbury. woodburymag.com


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8/4/2020 1:57:45 PM

We’re honored to celebrate some of Woodbury’s senior care heroes


At Saint Therese, our highest priority is safeguarding the well-being of everyone. That’s why we’re home to a team of professionals who remain dedicated to providing safe, unconditional care for seniors. We’re simply blessed by their unwavering support and commitment, especially during these uncertain times. These individuals are our heroes— doing everything they can to make every day extraordinary for our residents. We invite you to become acquainted with our heartfelt team and see our beautiful senior living community.

651.209.9100 • sainttherese.org

38 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 38

8/4/2020 1:57:46 PM

on the Town


For parents, fall memories are incomplete without apple orchard outings. With fall upon us, here are three local orchards for you and yours to enjoy the crisp taste of fall while creating memories to last long after the season has passed. —Vivian Shinall

AAMODT’S APPLE FARM Aamodt’s specializes in delivering fall nostalgia, while also taking a sustainable approach to farming. Orchard-goers will enjoy apple picking, hay wagon rides, a goat farm, wine tasting for adults at St. Croix Vineyards and for kids: rides on a tractor pulled kiddie train called the Honeycrisp Express. Owned and family-operated since 1948, you won’t want to miss these time-tested and perfected apples. 6428 Manning Ave., Stillwater; 651.439.3127; aamodtsapplefarm.com

PINE TREE APPLE ORCHARD Boasting 25 different apple varieties, you’re sure to find your favorite flavor at Pine Tree Apple Orchard. Beyond apples, visitors are invited to enjoy decadent treats from the famous Pine Tree Homemade Bakery, which offers a wide selection of pies and other treats. Be sure to check their website for a plethora of fall activities, including scenic wagon rides, a corn maze, pony rides and the Taste of White Bear Lake, a food and wine tasting event. (Apple picking is not offered.) 450 Apple Orchard Road, White Bear Lake; 651.429.7202; pinetreeappleorchard.com

AFTON APPLE ORCHARD This orchard is a kid’s wonderland, offering many different activities for family fun. Take a ride on the cow-themed kiddie train, test skills in the 15–acre corn maze, feed goats at the petting zoo, go on a hayride or enjoy slides and multiple different play surfaces to get all of that energy out. Pick your own apples from Honeycrisp to Zestar and attend the annual Apple Fest, held September 26–27, October 3–4 and October 10–11. 14421 90th St. S., Hastings; 651.436.8385; aftonapple.com



0920WOD.indb 39

8/4/2020 1:57:48 PM



10 Accelerated Global Connections Talks Live Broadcast

So much time in quarantine may have your professional skills feeling a bit rusty. Business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs alike can attend this monthly seminar to polish up and learn alongside peers in the business world. All ages. Free. 5–7 p.m. joinagc.com


2, 16 Cruisin’ on the Croix Car Show


or the third year in a row, Waldmann Brewery is celebrating Oktober Fest in style. With fresh pretzels, a biergarten, outdoor grilling, live music, special Oktoberfest brews and more, this will be an Oktoberfest to remember. Tickets are sold at the entrance only, so be sure to show up early. All ages. Tickets $2 for attendees ages 5–20 (Free on Sun.), $5 for attendees 21 and up. September 18–20, noon–7 p.m. each day, and 25–27, times vary each day. Waldmann Brewery, 445 Smith Ave. N., St. Paul; 651.222.1857; waldmannbrewery.com


1 Vegan Recipe Swap

Are you vegan, transitioning to vegan or just curious to try out a more sustainable diet? This virtual event hopes to build community, asking participants to share their favorite vegan recipes, cookbooks, blogs and YouTube channels. The event is open to all who’d like to listen and learn more, but if you want to show off your latest vegan creation, you can prepare a dish beforehand to show over the call. All ages. Free. 6:30–7:30 p.m. info@exploreveg.org; exploreveg.org

5–11 9/11 Virtual Climb/Run/Walk

Help spread awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder through this event that commemorates the first responders who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. The goal is to either run five

miles or walk three miles to represent the 110 floors and 2,071 stairs those first responders climbed. This virtual event can be done alone, with family members or within your community. All ages. Free. Sept. 5, 8 a.m.–Sept. 12, 11 p.m. 651.207.3945; runsignup.com/races

7 Mystery Book Club

In need of a thrilling read? Join the Hennepin County Library for a virtual book club meeting. For September’s meeting, the group will be discussing The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey. Participants can request a curbside pickup of the book or access the title through the library’s e-book collections. Those who register will receive a link to the virtual meeting 24 hours before the meeting takes place. All ages. Free. 6:30–7:30 p.m. hclib.bibliocommons.com/events

4 Fandango Summer: Outdoor Music Series

Enjoy the sounds of Mark Joseph and American Soul at the socially distanced live music series. All are welcome at the Keg and Case patio and park. Craft beer and food will be sold at the event, and local Keg and Case vendors will be in attendance. All ages. Free. 6–8 p.m. Keg and Case Market, 928 W. Seventh St., St. Paul; kegandcase.com

5 Twin Cities Water Lantern Festival

Enjoy a wondrous night of lights at the Twin Cities Water Lantern Festival. With food trucks, music and a lantern launch, this event is perfect for the family. Decorate your own lantern, then watch it float away with hundreds of others! All ages. Prices vary. 4:30–9 p.m. Phalen Park Beach House, 1400 Phalen Drive, St. Paul; waterlanternfestival.com

12 Out of the Darkness Walk: Twin Cities

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will host its annual walk to raise awareness and support for those


All Hail the Ale

Car enthusiasts mark your calendars for a road trip to the east metro. This free and fun event will take place in the St. Croix Valley area. The Cruisin’ on the Croix Car Show welcomes all makes and models of classic cars and even newer style collectables. Make it an outing and support the variety of small local business surrounding the beautiful riverfront. All ages. Free. 4–9 p.m. Lowell Park, 201 Water St. N., Stillwater; 701.261.7889; cruisinonthecroix.com

40 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 40

8/4/2020 1:57:49 PM

who have lost a loved one or have struggled with suicide. This organization’s goal is to raise money for creating educational programs, investing in research and supporting survivors. All ages. Free. 8:30 a.m.–1:30pm. Como Park Pavilion, 1199 Midway Parkway, St. Paul; minnesota@afsp.org; afsp.org/twincities

12–13 St Croix Vineyards Grape Stomp Festival

Get your feet moving with friends and family as you stomp grapes into wine! Prizes will be awarded to the grape stompers with the fanciest footwork. Enjoy food trucks, wine, free tours and live music all weekend long at the St Croix Vineyards Grape Stomp Festival. All ages. Free. Noon–5 p.m. 6428 Manning Ave. N., Stillwater; scwines.com/events


13 Don’t Miss The Boat 2020

How could a night of live entertainment, a fashion show, food, silent auction and casino tables be made even better? Put it all on a boat, of course! Hosted by the Mac Greeman Foundation, this sixth annual St. Croix boat cruise hopes to benefit cardiac health awareness and safety to the community’s youth. All ages. General Admission $59.98, see website for more pricing information. 4–7 p.m. St. Croix Boat & Packet Co., 525 S. Main St., Stillwater; macgreeman.org

23 Evening for Educators

Calling all teachers! This event is exclusively for K-12 educators, offering them after-hours access to the Walker’s new exhibition, Designs for Different Futures. Beyond enjoying unique and thoughtprovoking art, participants will take part in art making and gallery activities and will even enjoy a free drink. Open to educators only, who may bring one additional guest. Free. 5–7 p.m. Walker Art Center, 725 Vineland Place, Mpls.; walkerart.org

Due to the fluidity being experienced in the current environment, please note that some events/dates and even some business operations may have changed since these pages went to print. Please visit woodburymag.com for updates.

The pandemic is changing everything. But it’s not stopping the fight against cancer. When you give to the Cancer Kids Fund at Children’s Minnesota, you help local families keep fighting. Your gift supports everything from unique therapies to life-saving research to mortgage and rent relief during a time when more families need your help. Your gift today is more important than ever.

This September, you’re invited to Shine Bright for Cancer Kids by donating online or shopping with participating businesses. childrensMN.org/shinebrightforkids


0920WOD.indb 41

8/4/2020 1:57:49 PM


Stars On Broadway 5

Aspire Music Academy and Open Door Community Theatre presented Stars on Broadway 5: Heroes & Villains in February 2020. Directed by Lori Sager, the show featured the best of Broadway, including 70 songs from more than 30 musicals.

TO VIEW MORE PICTURES from these events, as well as others, visit woodburymag.com. TO HAVE YOUR EVENT CONSIDERED send date, time, location and contact information to woodburymag@tigeroak.com.

42 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 42

8/4/2020 1:57:58 PM


It’s more than just a cookie... it’s preparing me for my future.

cookiecart.org WOODBURYMAG.COM | 43

0920WOD.indb 43

8/4/2020 1:57:59 PM


Love A Fair

DON’T POSTPONE EATING OR DRINKING YOUR STATE FAIR FAVORITES. Make no mistake, millions of Minnesotans, who are committed to the annual late summer pilgrimage to St. Paul (techPHOTOS BY TATE nically Falcon Heights), CARLSON love the Minnesota State Fair—right down to the last deep fried whatever on a stick or sugary confection money can buy. So when the announcement was made that this year’s great get-together was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, we shared in the state’s collective, “Gosh, darn it!” (Or, maybe, we all uttered something with a bit more vinegar and a lot less sugar.) Regardless, let’s do what Minnesotans do, and make do. We might not be able to put a Tilt-A-Whirl in the backyard or have music favorites perform on our personal grandstands, but, by golly, we can cook! With the help of Rachael Perron, culinary and branding director at Kowalski’s Markets, and Amy Goetz, FoodE expert at Lunds & Byerlys, we put together a short list of state fair-inspired recipes for you to enjoy at home. BY HAILEY ALMSTED AND RENÉE STEWARTHESTER


Use Lunds & Byerlys medium roast Columbian coffee. For authenticity, use a Vietnamese drip filter, and drop it right into a cup with 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. Stir to combine, and pour over ice.


3 Tbsp. Granulated sugar 3 Basil leaves 15 Blueberries 3 Tbsp. Freshly-squeezed lemon juice Water Ice

Put sugar, basil and blueberries in glass measuring cup, and muddle. Add freshlysqueezed lemon juice, and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Fill a tall glass with ice, and strain the blueberry mixture over the ice. Pour 3/4 cup of water through strainer into the glass. Stir to combine, and garnish with a sprig of basil and a few blueberries.

BUFFALO CHICKEN NACHOS (Kowalski’s; Inspired by 2019 State Fair’s The Hot Hen)

6 oz. Barbecue-flavored potato chips ¾ lb. Shredded rotisserie chicken, warmed gently in the microwave ⅓ cup Prepared Buffalo wing sauce (or to taste) 1 tsp. Kowalski’s pure maple syrup (or Kowalski’s pure honey) 1 cup Kowalski’s queso blanco dip ¼ cup milk ½ cup (about 3 oz.) creamy blue cheese crumbles (such as St. Pete’s Select), plus more for garnishing to taste Diced tomatoes, thinly sliced green onion and pickled jalapeño peppers, to taste for garnishes

Split chips between three serving dishes; set aside. In a medium mixing bowl, combine chicken, Buffalo sauce and syrup; stir to coat chicken evenly. Set bowl aside. In a microwave-safe dish, heat queso and milk until very hot (about two minutes). Stir in blue cheese to melt. If necessary, return queso to microwave, and heat in 15–30 second increments until cheese is almost fully melted. Stir. Top chips evenly with chicken, and drizzle with blue cheese

“I love State Fair food. My favorites are always the World’s Best french fries and Mouth Trap cheese curds—both drenched in ketchup. I hate to deep-fry food at home, so this is my one chance per year to get my fix.” KOWALSKI’S RACHAEL PERRON

“Ooh ... I love the deep fried cream cheese-stuffed olives. I always get the pork chop on a stick. That’s tradition for my daughter and me. The Porchetta pig wings from Mancini’s. I’m a sucker for the deep fried Twinkies. I have to get a Pronto Pup or two at the stand by O’Gara’s. Fresh lemonade always hits the spot, too. Now I’m hungry!” AMY GOETZ OF LUNDS & BYERLYS

44 | SEPTEMBER 2020

0920WOD.indb 44

8/4/2020 1:57:59 PM

LUNDS & BYERLYS 7050 Valley Creek Plaza; 651.999.1200; lundsandbyerlys.com Lunds & Byerlys @lundsandbyerlys @lundsandbyerlys


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46 | SEPTEMBER 2020

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queso. Garnish nachos with tomatoes, onion, jalapeños and more blue cheese crumbles to taste.


(Kowalski’s; Inspired by 2019 State Fair’s Carolina pit-smoked brisket tacos) 1 pkg. Dole sweet kale chopped salad kit, dressing and mix-ins reserved for another use ½ cup Shredded brussels sprouts 3 Tbsp. Seasoned rice vinegar 1 ½ tsp. Sugar 12 (6”) Kowalski’s flour tortillas 1 lb. Kowalski’s signature lightly smoked, fully cooked pulled beef, warmed gently in the microwave 7–8 oz. smoked Gouda cheese (to taste), shredded Kowalski’s barbecue sauce, to taste

Combine kale salad mix with brussels sprouts, drizzle with vinegar and sprinkle with sugar. Toss salad to combine; let stand for 15–30 minutes. On a nonstick griddle heated to medium-low, warm tortillas a few at a time until hot and just beginning to puff, turning once (about a minute total). Remove tortillas from heat and keep warm. If necessary, coarsely chop or pull beef into bite-sized pieces; serve warm beef in warm tortillas topped with cheese and kale salad mixture. Drizzle tacos with barbeque sauce, and serve immediately.



¼ cup Unsalted butter, softened 1 Tbsp. Fresh herbs of your choice, chopped ¼ tsp. Grated lime zest 8 ears Minnesota grown sweet corn Sea salt, ground Black peppercorns, ground

Combine the first three ingredients, and refrigerate for several hours. Peel the husks off each ear of corn except for the layer touching the kernels. Remove silk, and pull remaining husks back up over corn. Soak corn in cold water for about one hour before grilling. Grill corn over medium heat, covered, until kernels yield gently to pressure (8–10 min.), turning each ear a quarter turn every two minutes. Carefully remove husks; serve with herb butter and salt.

ORDER FOR PICKUP! If you want to satisfy some summertime cravings but prefer to steer clear of your kitchen, local retailers sell some items available at the Minnesota State Fair. Let’s face it. Thousands of Minnesota State Fair goers put destination Sweet Martha’s Cookies on their agenda. Don’t despair. Sweet Martha’s frozen cookie dough is sold at select Kowalski’s Markets, Lunds & Byerlys, Cub Foods and local retailers. In addition, Kowalski’s also offers: Ellsworth cheese curds Untiedt Farms Minnesota-grown sweet corn (State Fair supplier) JonnyPops Izzy’s ice cream Thelma’s ice cream sandwiches

Lift Bridge beer and root beer Sara’s Tipsy Pies (also at select Lunds & Byerlys) Kiki’s Salsa (State Fair award winner) North Fork Muenster cheese (State Fair award winner) Giant pickles (sticks sold separately!) Short rib burgers Footlong hot dogs __ ANSWER THIS: Q: The Minnesota State Fair is said to be the birthplace of what deep-fried item? A: Deep-fried Twinkies on a stick—and speaking of sticks, it’s believed that there are at least 80 other variants of stickbased foods at the fair.


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People & Families by Manjinder Kaur Papial

Evening at the Lake Manjinder Kaur Papial snaps a scenic shot at Carver Lake Park. AN EVENING EXPLORING CARVER LAKE PARK


prompted this photo, Biking at Carver Lake, from Manjinder Kaur Papial. “My daughter wanted a picture of her on this beautiful path, although I didn’t expect to capture it from the back it turned out really well,” says Kaur Papial. Although she works as a project manager at Microsoft, Kaur Papial says that photography is her passion. It’s a hobby that takes up much of her free time. “I love taking photos of children, photos that tell a story, and beautiful moments,” she says. To take the photo, Kaur Papial used a Nikon D810 with Nikkor 70–200 mm lens. This allowed her to capture a truly stunning scene in which her daughter is illu-

READERS’ CHOICE Calling all voters—the polls are open from September 9–30 to vote for your favorite photograph. The winner will be crowned as the “Readers’ Choice.” Vote now at woodburymag.com.

minated by the afternoon sun, while the sunlight path stretches ahead—tall trees on either side. “My favorite part of the image is the sunlight filtering in through the trees. As a photographer, I love capturing the light and I think this photo does it well,” says Kaur Papial.

48 | SEPTEMBER 2020

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to the market

10112 POWERS LAKE TR AIL $875,000

# 1 R E A L E S TAT E A G E N T I N M I N N E S O TA A N D W O O D B U R Y F O R K E L L E R W I L L I A M S

6 1 2 - 9 8 7 - 6 8 3 5 • K I M @ K I M Z I TO N . C O M W W W. K I M Z I TO N . C O M

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