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Nuggets specialises in interactive learning and development workshops using unique and exciting techniques that challenge traditional methods. Beverlie Wilkinson Director



About two years ago I realised I was no longer a person but a brand. Martha Stewart

Setting the scene What shadow do you cast? What memory do you want

everyone to have of you and

what do you leave in the room. Be happy with the shadow that you cast and the memory that lingers in people’s minds.

We have an impact on everyone we meet and we are choosing how that is deployed.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Personal Branding

Assertive Behaviour

Communication Toolkit

Influencing Skills This programme is split into five short workshops.

Effective management always means asking the right question. Robert Heller

Developing emotional intelligence Self awareness

Welcome and Introductions

What Shadow Do You Cast?

experience by using the golden

impression linking to the Professor

Describe your character/skills/

circle, from the book ‘Start With Why?’ by Simon Sinek.

Introducing the Elements of Emotional Intelligence • Self Awareness • Motivation

• Self Management • Social Awareness

Creating a consistently good first Albert Mehrabian statistic and

providing the first practical steps to self awareness.

Drawing your own Johari window on how much of your character

you show to others and identifying where you have blind spots.

• Relationship Management

Read the Signals

Examples for each and self

scenarios as to where you have

reflection as to where your current strengths are.

Sharing with each other real

read non verbal indicators that have told you more than the verbal. Calibrating the whole person.


• To understand the five main principles of emotional

intelligence, and how they

can be applied and measured

What will you gain?

• Developing good self awareness • Recognising blind spots

and action planning around improvement

• Tracker of your development of the five main areas of emotional intelligence

Personal branding Workshop overview

Welcome and Introductions

Frame of Reference

the table for delegates to select

product quirks or services they

Famous brands will be laid on

and then introduce themselves by explaining their connection to the brand.

What Does Professional Really Mean?

Two teams will draw a professional

Brands are known for certain deliver, and when they make a change there is an outcry.

The theory will be explained

using a famous brand and then

individually every one will create a

frame of reference for themselves.

Doctor and the other an

Compelling Story

then be to allocate their entries to

uncovering your personal brand,

unprofessional Doctor. The task will the model by Harvey Coleman on promotional success criteria.

By answering the 7 questions on see what picture is evolving.


• Creating your own compelling story on what you are about

What will you gain?

• Creating a frame of reference

around your own personal brand

• Exploring the word professional

and promotional success criteria

• As an individual have a personal brand story

Assertive behaviour Self management

Welcome and Introductions

The 4 Behaviours

the 8th Habit, introduce themselves

understand what each of the

Using Stephen Covey’s model from by explaining how they currently

manage (Heart/Body/Mind/Soul): • IQ

what do you do mentally each

week? (read the newspaper etc)

• EQ

how many times do you see

Card sort exercise as a team to behaviours look like verbally and non verbally: • Passive

• Passive Aggressive • Aggressive • Assertive

friends & family in the week?

Practical Assertion Tools

what do you do physically

assertive and what can you

• PQ

each week?

• SQ

when do you take time to

contemplate on the week?

When do you need to be

use to ensure that you come across empathetically and yet still make your point.

We will skills practice the 3 line strategy:-

1. I understand/I realise 2. I think/I feel

3. I need/want/would like


• Understanding your own behaviour patterns and

getting the balance right

for responsible assertion

What will you gain?

• Clear view of what confidence looks like to you

• Learning to say what you mean and mean what you say

• Understanding empathetic responses

Communication toolkit Social awareness

Welcome and Introductions

Powerful Questions

be used to introduce each other,

better than ‘tell to get better’

The headlines from pre-work will explain why they were ‘hooked’ as a reader.

Asking for anything is always

response, scenarios shared with powerful questions.

Good/Bad & the Ugly


email etiquette, the group will

or constructive use the

There are so many examples of categorise them into the headings the good/bad and the ugly.

7 C’s Checklist for Written Communication Clear

Purpose & goal

Concise Stick to the point

Concrete Make the message land Correct No spoilers Coherent Logical flow

Complete Call to action Courteous Be polite

Whether it be positive

mnemonic ‘SBI’ situation/ behaviour/impact.


• Being aware of how your message is received and

selecting the best form of

communication and techniques

What will you gain?

• Getting a message across

succinctly and confidently

• Checklist for written communication

• Powerful questions

• Giving and receiving feedback

Influencing skills Relationship management Welcome and Introductions

Being Savvy

known to you or you know of and

influence your organisation

Choose a key influencer whose is explain your choice.

Understanding the areas that (team exercise using post its):

• Business savvy – the numbers

Influencing Skills

• Organisational savvy –

influence, where do you rate

• Contextually savvy – what

Looking at the key skills to yourself out of 10. • Rapport

• Questioning

how things get done

is going on in the world that impacts your company

• Listening

Levels of Influence

• Decision/Closure

it is interesting to see where

• Benefits

Using the same post-it notes, they sit in the levels of an organisation:

• Core people processes • Culture and people • Delivering strategy • Shaping the future


• How to influence at all levels

and in different environments and being aware of the skills required and practising to

improve all your relationships

What will you gain?

• Rating your skill level on influencing

• Being savvy in all areas of work • Skills to have meaningful connections beyond just networking

Interactive learning & development using accelerated techniques that incorporate colour, sound and creativity.

Nuggets brings learning to life making it a

motivating, memorable and collective occasion.

ake m e W rning lea ick! st

By bringing your ďŹ ve senses into play we stimulate the brain to increase the ability to learn.

We offer personal and management development

workshops using accelerated learning techniques that incorporate colour, sound and creativity:

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